North Carolina Newspapers

One Dollar a Year
NO 11
J Public ()pinion.
- w t
Vigilance the Price.
StlJfc-al IUvrtVr.
Monroe Moilf have orgaiiued to
show Hut prohibition will prohib
it. They are Ahtinz bliud tigers.
Thai U eseclleiit. Vigilauce is Ihe
price of law cuforcciucut.
The biggest Trust.
The biggst trust on the earth is
the uewpairr trust. It trusts ev
eryUxly, get cussed fur trusting,
mistrusted fir cussing, and if it
bust fur trusting gets cukvhI fur
Taking Courage from J. P.
The country seems to take fresh
heart liecause Pierpont Morgan
predict good times with plenty of
money. I hd tne count ry ever uewr
of Mr. Morgan when he was having
any other kind uf a time or when
he didn't wed murage room for hi
casht v
Time for Carter to Do Thing.
CluaiMa Slalr.
Carter Harrison break the rec
ord. For a fourth lime he has
Ih--d elected mayor of t'bieago, and
in this victory he defeated aUiut
all the iullucncea that could lie
massed against him. There i
doubtless room for much improve
liient in the Windy City' uiunici
pal allairs, and if Harrison is
'IxKiking Onward" now is the
lime for him to pay strict utteution
to bitsiueNt and "do thing."
The Best Investment-
f..irrr'mail Jlin H. Small.
Our piHiple must rvalue that
while it is their duty to pay taxes
for the protection of their life and
pruerty, it is their Kt ill higher
duly to" pay taxes fur the educa
tion of theirehildrcn. They should
liclieve that it is the inalienable
right of every child to demand and
receive the liencfitsof an element
ary cducutiou, at least, and that
the most profitable investment of
the body politic, ia the tax fund
invested' in the bruins and capa
bilities of children.
True and Statesmanlike.
Columbia stata.
"Honor, courage, integrity, de
votion to principle, and the faith
ful performance to duty are just as
essential to the greatness of a free
jK'ople as courage and self sucrince
are to the success of a lighting
ariuv. 80 Htiiil thu. William ('a-
iissistuut secretary of
war, in mi iiddiw delivered on
tshiloh batllclield lust Mouday. It
is Hie truest, must statesmanlike
utterance that ban recently emana
ted fioiu anyone connected with
the administration.
U It Worth While?
BlUL-al Riwr.liT.
Ik- sure that the paper that you is worth the reading. The
remliiiL' is a greater consideration
than the price. One simmiiIs three
pent In money for n Hecorder, two
dollars in energy ami leu, perhaps,
in time and evesiubt. The que-
lion Is not. Is it worth the price?
but is it woith whllet Many a
man la throwing away dollars
worth uf lime on two cent papers
h-cause they are cheap. Man,
they are the costliest things in the
world! A paper that doe not In
at met and uplift, but rather runs
through a man' mind iu and out
again la exceedingly dear at any
Would Sell Two of Them.
Charll; I'till.lrm.
The ireiitlciiien w ho opposed the
Watts law fogged almost with tears
that legislature do not discriminate
in favor of the town againt the
country by depriving the latter of
the irlnrlous privilege ot miming
whiskey and giving that privilege
to the former. It turns out mat
there are live hundred and thirty
Mills iu North Carolina, and of this
number hardly thirty, we dare say,
are in the towns. And so It watt
discrimination with a vengeance.
All good men, however, will re
joice in Mich discrimination. It
means that from four' to live hun
dred of these infamous dens will
leave the State or go out of busi
' lies, for the average town has too
iiiauv level headed business men in
it to nllow a filthy whiskey still to
come in and poison its atmosphere.
If a man is too blind to so sec that
a "hell kettle" (as preacher Little
calls the distillery) is an nnmitti
euted curse, the strong arm ought
to come in and protect him from
himself. This particular feature
of the Watts law ia praise worthy
and we bone it will be rigidly eu
forced. We are delighted for once
thai a town mav have by law wbat
is denied the country. It may be
aaid the.' stills w ill all move to
town. Not much. "Well," you
say, "look how they are Hocking to
Hamlet and Hoffman." It i re
Twirls! that a Northern man, be-
milled bv Hauling advertisement,
rode all the way from Philadelphia
to see Hamlet and Huffman, with a
view to investment. After having
visited Itoth places be is said to
Imve remarked that if he owned
11 unlet. Hoffman and Hell be
would sell Hamlet and Hoffman.
S rtngtli and vigor come of
rood food, duly d'gested. 'Force,
a ready-in s -rve wheat and barley
Ij )J. itld n burden, but sustain,
pourishes, invigorates."
From Over the SUte. COOLEST OF llitM ALU
II Villi f..rm-r t.tlturo
1 aierchant uf Winston, has brru sent The Young Bank Defaulter of
to an insane hospital in New Yurk.
Mr. Kill will I renieiuhrrcd a
the man who made cuutiuuuua at
lark Uhu lisirict Attorney A.
E. Holton. I
la I'ulk count v, Iu a section'
lanla kept Hit Nerve whenDiJ
covered. The young Atlanta bank ofiieer,
who Mule !:!, . 12 from Hie
Caudal t'llv ISauk was a pelted
The Executive Committee of the
Anti-5ahn league Issue a
Call to the Men and Women of
the State.
The f..rabl. n.-s of conditions us we desire.
tcratiou; and (2 1 That ll will make
way ultimately for prohibition.
We n-.M-t to euufnai that we fair
thai there may be citie in our
Slate iu which au abrupt change
flout tin-om-u saloon to prohibition
could not l sucpcMsfully made
Iu such cities the
savinns. Loon and Trust Go..
in 1'
is iilf Kiiiii. i-ull l.i the hii-u diis nsiiry is Ihe i.taclical hall way
,.r - olv II.. r,Ms.iii-il ..f v..rili l'.r..lii.a t., sleli. We rcMe tfullv recoiuwend
kouwaaslhe'HUikcoruer," Wil jaisi! f , (H, a(1, K, that Bir,nM.nilv.-s"f..r battle agaiiuj that the fneudsof prohibition lake
liam audSulomontiortlou . llwo Ij,,,,,,,. ,10 HgM years "hih'ltliv tuilii. their am ieiit and re tin ."etioii up aud trial u ac
ouug men ol me name oi i . mM ,,.. ;,. ,,.
auibushetl and U4 Liuu timueil . . . i..... -,i,bsi
ht a . .... n J
in rn "i iii imiiiii.
ou the pretext that they mhi"
reward which bad tteen ollertsl for!
morsi-b-Ks , m mv. cnliug to ll.eir kuowieuge oi con
Public s.-ulim. nt ag linsl Ihe sa dili.-ns in their citiesor towns ami
l...i. is ir.i... r limn it has ever that a eoiir khall lie d. ler
li.ivw Im.ii ia lih-h rulU-r. Klin- Im It i. rM-i.i.iiiymt liv ull mi. lli inin -il uikin. evrrv man who up
tioMieira recapture, be having, H,.laims he ssnt !,,"ui,-o as Ihe chief s..uri-c of Ihe the s:.hK)ii svst.m shall give
lliey uecluml. escapca in.ui jail in e , n,,Hl,. lim-ne ,rink evil-au cv il of the gravest j it hearty MipM.rt.
Madison eon nt v. in this Stale. The
four men, according to the story
told by Ihe 1 1 year old daughter
ol the dead uiais who witnessed
Ihe dectL lay iu ambush U-hiud a
log aud Bred when the uusiispect
ieg man started to work in his
lield. ( ue of t he ( iordun men w ho
fired the fatal shot is iUotsl assay
ing that he had killed two finer
looking men Ihantiusnell, and had
escaped puiiishineiit. and that he
could easily get out of this tumble.
Noi.e of Ihe men have as jet been
While ou her way home near
Itiltmore, Wednesday afternoon,
Miss Ague CainpU-ll. librarian ol
A.sheville, was attacked by a lie
gro, w ho drew a pistol, roblssl her
of her w atch and purse, aud I lieu
T. S. Kollins of Ashevil'.e, son-in-law
uf Senator pritchard, and
his law partner, was elected at
UrceiislMiro Tliuimlay lo succeed
Jud'e Pritchard as chairman of
the IJepublican parly of the Slate.
A blast was made at the liar
ringer gold mine, II miles from
Albemarle, a few days ago, which
uncovered uoarU containing gold
amounting lo more Ihuu el.iKMi.
The mine promises lo lie a very
rich one. It is ocrated by the
Whitney Reduction Company.
A dispatch from Henderson says:
"One policeman shot three times
in the stomach, another shot iu the
chest, und a negro shot to death, is
the result of a row here last night,
over a scat at the show. The ne
gro took a rt'served seal ami was
ordered by the police to move over
to the side act apart for the negroes.
He refused and had lo lie loreibly
removed. After the show was over
he walked up to Policemen Hob
ertson aud Crockett anil oegan
slusiting. liola-rtson and Crockett
returned the lire, killing tbe negro.
ItohertKon is seriously wounded.
Crockett's wound is not dangerous."
Row Over the Spirit ol Henry Ward
Yoikvlllv (S IM Kniiilrrr.
l!ev. Dr. Isaac X. Funk of New
York claims lo have walked and
talked with the ghost of Henry
Ward Iteecher Inst week, and lii'v.
Or. Isaac M. llablemanof the First
liaptist church of New York told
his congregation very emphatically
lust Suiiilav morning that Kev. Or.
Funk is a liar. It seems that both
the reverend uentlemeii are spirit
nalists. Or. Funk liclieve in both
trmul and bad soil its and Or. liable
man holds that as only evil spirits
atna-ur lo men after death, Or
Funk lied beciinse it is impossible
that Ihe spirit of Henry Ward
Heecher could have been evil
A Great Sensation.
There was a big sensation In
Lecville, Intl., when W, H. P.rown
of that iilace. who was cxiMTted to
die, hud his life saved by Or.King's
New Oiseovery for t iiusuiiipllon.
He writes: "I endured Insufferable
agonies from Ashina,biit your New
Oiseovcrv gave ine immediate rc
lief and soon thereafter affected a
comiilete cuw." Similar cures of
consumption, iiiictimonhi, bronchi
tis and crin lire numerous. It's the
w-erlrs remedy for all throat and
lunsr troubles. Price fltle. and 1
Guaranteed by F.iiglish Drug Co,
Trial bottles Ire
country Urni: 1 his may well la' ie
.;cv '. A I.inni man who tries
to keep up with Atlanta society aud
run a midct dairy farm at the same
lime will m-cd t ndi a luink and
a rich lunik, loo lo meet ull the
demands liHin him.
Hon. Hoke Smith, one of the
dim-tors was sent for as soon as
the defalcation was discovered. Mr.
Smith says he has never seen so
is;kI a inau as Sims. The Journal
'lie was ulisolute the coolest
man in the Imiik. said Mr. Smith,
aud never once did he lose his nerve
or Hindi under the trying ordeal
he underwent.
"How much are you short,"
tiuallv u.sked Mr. Smith.
1U tveen o:I,imhi ami :l.oiMl.
responded Sims, w ithout a tremor
in his voice. Those present knew
that Sims was short alsiut l.ou
but thought that Ihe discovery ol
this shortage had caiwd him to
lose his mind, and that he was
razy when he said be was short so
great a sum.
How do you know tnai you
are short that amount!' Sims was
"Itecause it w as necessary for me
to know how much 1 was short in
order lo keep dummy notes m
uder lo 'doctor' my liooks, and to
balance. I have never lulled to
balance, and Mr. Ik Saiissiire found
me oiil v fourteen cents out of hul
. . , . i i ..
amv wtieii lie cxaunueii my i"'s.s.
I had to keep an account of my
shortage iu order to keep you peo
ple from discovci ing me, was
Sims reply.
How long has this liceii going
on, Sims wasaskcu.
(Hi, uhotit eight years, he
"ever once unl lie imicn oriose
his self possession. He was as cool
a man us ever faced such a sil na
tion, lie was tar unit away ine
cisilcst man in that iihiiii Unit
night," Kiid Mr.Smilh. "Such iron
nerve ill the Cur of such a charge I
never saw. lie did not move a
muscle, but proceeded to sit down
and go over his book with the ex
aminer, pointing out his every
hange, his every defalcation, Ins
very forgery."
character and greatest proM.rtions;
aud enlightened i-ilieua are con
vinced by painful exerieuc that
thr saloon is the worst of the sev
eral forms of Ihe liquor traffic.
Moreover, the lxililual leaders
have gruw n weary uf Ihe inll leiice
We exisi-t that chs-tions w ill lie
calhsl iu every city and tow u iu
which saloons now exist. We
would here remind Ihe opHneuts
uf I he saloons that Ihey must get
up a ietitioii of one third uf the
pialitied voter and mat tinny
oflhesahMiu iu iMililical lite, and; da notice of the election must he
fed to horses
and mules, marked improvement
will be seen after the hrst tew
dose. There is no doubt about it.
The Powders, acting directly on the
digestive organs, first thoroughly
cleanses Ihe stomach and bowels,
correcting all disorders, and men
good healthy appeMe conies nai
urallv and surely. It is the most
powerful tonic and appetizer on
the market to-lay, ana wnen om.c
used horsemen will have no other.
Ashcraft's Powders produce tnai
silky sheen of coat and hair so
admired by horse fanciers. The
Powders fatten but never Dioai.
Always high grade and put up
in doses never in bulk.
By the use of three or four doses
a week your horse or mule will
not be subject to colic or any dis
ease of the stomach and bowels.
-I hut an l T
. n .u ihln ami hail a
bl.nxl lla thai waa eau.Oit; lha bair lo
anno oft I I a 0 '"" "" d"" " h"
and tot hint lllfllT. Th aj.ule lnrv"
lr,,m Ihe tttUw do ud Oia animal l"'d
IlJ...lhr.ratr. Tha (ffiifral baallll
r lha (rrnrrvi nrana
f l'l l Mia
( lha p..w.lra and ha waa aian aimi-ia
did lonlt and. apluarr.-:.C.fllKl!S,l.irj-an.
Mann. N. C " .
Ask for Ashcraft't Condition
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Vicious Convict Hangs Himself.
Hn sifi. Sm i-II l'rhrltilh' lllwTVi-r.
Vance Spiver, the one armed
convict who was yesterday sentenc
ed by the (iovernor lo Ik- hanged
on M.iv I tit li. committed suicide in
his cell iu the county jail here last
night about eight o'ebsk, by cut
ting his throat from ear to ear with
a short piece of iron which he pul
led from the bottom oi ins suoc.
Spiver was serving a term in the
lieiiitentiary lor miinsiuiigiiier
when he murdered a fellow con
viet last NovenilsT. He win tried
at the Deeeinlicr term of the Crim
inal Court and found guilty of mur
der iu the lirst degree and sen
tenced to be hanged ill January,
but his attorneys, Messrs. Harrison
& Alston, took an uppenl lo tne
Supreme Court. The Supreme
Court affirmed the decision of the
lower court, mid the Governor
yesterday fixed the date of the
hanging on Jiay nun. n a inn
kuown until yesterday but that the
(iovernor would commute to the
u.nleiiee to lift) iliilirlsonnieiit, us
Sniver's attorneys have been hard
at work securing H-titions for this
nurnose. but their efforts proved
iinsiiecsslul. The supervisor of
the penitentiary, m well as the
iailer. says .that Spiver was one
uf the most desperate characters
they had ever had iu their charge.
He came near killing anoiner con
viet about four years ago, when
he was at the Northhampton
fui in. He nnd the convict had
some words, w hen he grabbed
knife find plunged it tolhe hilt in
his comrades' temple, lliepnysi
raus sav that If the blade hud Urn
un fdirhtli of mi inch longer the
blow would have proved fatal
Spiver waaainan of vicious temper
and would have revenge on an
one whom he thought hud wronged
him. No longer than last week he
came near putting out the eyes of
a ueirro confined input with mm.
All the prisoneisare iiiruisueu wiiu
a preparation, which cont uns a
large ainoiit of poison, to destroy
vermin; the negro, who was routin
ed In another cell had beeu teasing
Spiver about his seutenee, who
had prepared for his revenge. He
dissolved the poison in a cup of
water nnd when the negro came
around the next morning to assist
the iailer in feeding Ihe prisoner,
Spiver em plied the contents of t he
pud in his face. Kv chance he
ilosed his eye, but Ihe poison took
all Ihe skin off the lids as well as
his face. No disposil ion litis liecn
mado of Ihe remain, and if no
one calls for them he will lie buried
at the county home.
are ready lo join iu an effort to de
slroy it. On the whole, therefore,
the condition of public sentiment
is most auspicious.
Again, the ignorant black vote
having Ini-ii eliminated, the sa
loon's mM' iu voting, as they have
iu the past, large nninls rs uf ig
iiorant negroes, iscastdoan. while,
ou tbe other hand, Ihe intelligent
and honest classes uf the colored
race w ho yet have the ballot have
made it rule of voting against the
chief enemy uf their weakei breth
ren the saloun. Of I iiger sig
nificance, however, is Ihe tact that
the white rati' feels at liberty to
take up this question now. after
long yearsof waiting and suffering,
and they lake it up with Ihe de
termination to settle it und settle
it right, and if need lie of clusising
officers uf the law who will enforce
their will when once it has Ihtii
Again, under the new act of the
lieuenil Assembly known as the
Wults Act there are three changes
that make decidedly for the tem
perance cause.
First, the saloon nnd distillery
are excluded 1 1 mil Hie eouuiry (us
I i-it-ts. That is. evasion and de
struction of municipal prohibition.
such ns has Is-en accomplished by
setting up saloons just outside of
prohibition towns mid cities is
now rendered impossible py a
sweeping statute.
Second, elections may is- Held id
any time of year, not w ithin ninety
days of a (Mililical election. Form
erl'y the local option elections ha' e
lieeii limited lo the moiilli id .May
in which many cities uinl towns
hold municipal eh ct ions and these
have often served to muddle the is
sue. .sow i lie issue may is- pie
senfed without any complications
Third. We may have choice of
prohibition, saloons, or distilleries
or dispensary.
These are decided advantage!
and should encourage every citizen ;
who has the welfare of the Com
monwealth at heart to go readily
into this campaign ngaiust the sa
loon. I'l it Is- observed that tbe new
act diN'S not go into effect until
Inly 1, ItMi.'k This accounts for
the fact that we look for I ho elec
tions not to occur earlier than Sep
tember or OctolsT of the present
year. Hut this is not the only rea
sou. We me of opiuioii that this
campaign must la1 commenced im
mediately. We must work tnor
mighty nnd earnestly, and six
months is none too long a nine.
We cannot afford to take chances
in n matter so grave. Freiiieiitly
o lose an election will menu a set
back for ten years.
We expect that iu every com
munity there will lie discussion ol
the dispensary ipicstioii, and we
take it, therefore, as the part of
wisdom to declare our position
now. We are first of all opposed
to the saloon system. It is recog
nized as the worst form of the li
... ii..
iiior tratne. v e are, sccouun,
for prohibition. It is
as the only really desirable treat
ment of the Iniuor traffic. II in any
community the argument shall be
made for a dispensary, let it ne
based upon the understanding that
u dispensary i favored only on the
two grounds, namely ( 1 1 I mil h is
an improvement upon the saloons
giving protection to the rising gen-
Ore ii i
i- .! I
r t: i
i -..
tiy of
N mil Cjioliua.
WOODMAN, SPARE THAT TKI'C Officers: E. B. Rcdw inc. Prcsidcut; J. M. Bolk, Vice-Prea.;
T. II. V7oh, Cashier.
J. M. Bc!k. A. W. Heath. A. J. Price, J. I. Orr,
. Lcc, Dr. J. E. Eubauks, R. B. Redwino,
J. V. Bivcns, J. Z. Green.
I.:;N- or mi. ull
.-ii '
,M-,fVr C !tl..iri
-lina!i. - 11' ai t.
1..U. H H-.I a
-,. an U.
ukt . a."l ,! ik r . i
lui at l,ali harm i-l
.i I It r-.t -
English Drug Company
To Cure a Col J In one Day
Tale Lnisde UrouiuOjiniue Tablets.
All diuttl-la refund Ihe Diuury if it
fsilitotfttre. E. W. Grove's t!(ua-
ture it od each tios. ) ceut.
Like the .running brook, the
red blood that flows tlirouch
the veins has to come from
The springs of red blood are
found in the soft core of the
bones called the marrow and
some say red blood also comes
from the spleen. Healthy bone
marrow and licaltny spleen
are full of fat.
Scott's Emulsion makes new
blood by feeding the bone
marrow and the spleen with
the richest of all fats, the pure
cod liver oil. .
For pale school girls and
invalids and for all whose
blood is thin and pale, Scott's
Kmulsion is a pleasant and rich
blood food. It not only feeds
the blood-makinc organs but
I'ives them streneth to do
their proper work.
Sena lor Ira aaiaple.
rarl Mrm, Sew York.; alltnwrtata, .
giveu. It isol llicliigiicM iuiMn
am that Ihe friends of (eiiier
ance prM-eel imnietliately to or
ganize immediately in every town,
and that they select officer and
committees that arc capable of wise
ly and v igonuisly conducting the
campaign. Au organization form
ed i.ow will lie able to do ita best
work iu the summer and fall. Th's
contest is wholly local. It presents
the iisiM-ets of a general warfare,
lint each election is a battle iu it
self. The work w ill not lie done.1
cannot lie done, from headquarters
at K.ilcigh. It must be done by
the local organizations .Nothing
short of a hand lo hand canvass of
cci v voter should la- aimed ut iu
every tow u and city.
The l-Aceutive Committee has
called a letnereiice convention for
Inly ',. The object of such a con
vention is mutual encouragement,
to forward the campaign, to
st leu-then the movement ull along
the line: to elect lield men, etc.
If condition seem ripe for this
meeting, we shall have it. If not,
the character of our movement le
ing local, we shall not fear not to
have it.
It is proposed to supply the de
mand tor literature and for speak
ing, and it is exiected that sufli
ciciit fund will Is- contributed to
pay expenses. We shall rely upon
the press of the State no little, but
we shall also prepare a distinctive
campaign literatim-. We hear
ami now call for volunteer cam
paigners, promising th travel
ling expenses We already have
Ihe names of some of the Stale's
leading men and we expect the
(lower of the Commonwealth to join
in the great buttle far Moial Su
premacy. The movement is iiou deiioiniiiii
tional. It npH'als to all good men
and voiiien. It is non partisan. It
ill sift the men in nil parties. It
is a movement in the name of Hod
and Humanity against the saloon,
and in it should gathered the full
moral strength ol our good oin-
,1. W. llailey, of llaleigli, has
been chosen malinger of the cam-
naiirn. Let every organization
report to him the mimes of its I 'res
ident and Secretary. U- persons
proposing to organize freely advice
with him. Also send lo nun nppll
cations for literature, speakers, iu
loi'iimtions. contributions etc.
Finally, we appeal to all good
men and women heartily to give
themselves to this holy cause.
111.- curse of the siloon
wL-imwn too well too well. We
are verily in danger of growing
so used to it and its terrible work
ili . I we will fail to apprehend Us
awful proportions It is the source
of ninety per cent of crime,seveiit.y
livn tier cent of pauperism, ami
almve fifty per cent of insanity.
ri'lie first two Items arc Pascu up
tin. leiiort of the isiireau oi ist ics of Massacliuset t s for 1 !
and the third is based iijmju another
ollicial investigation in that State. )
Tuese facts are submitted in re
mind the indifferent that the ones
lions that we are raising is the
must serious finest ion that can Ik-
raised in America, nnd that the
honor evil is au evil that calls for
the concern of every man that loves
his follow man. his lioil and conn
try, his home and his children. We
Iml the friends of our cause to greei
iim eonilict with a cheer, to face
the old discouragement w ith over
eoniiiiL' faith and .eal lsirn ot de
sni-riiif- necessity, lo cive them
selves to this cause freely, and
throiiLhoilt the struggle to reckon
upon the cominerilig leadership of
Him Whose we are and Whom we
serve, for Whose will and glory
shall endure what we sliall en
dure, and iu Whose Name we shall
Kcspcetluliy SUPiniueu,
N. 15. Ifliol'tillTos, Chin.,
T. N. Key,
,1. W. ll.tll.KV,
I. C. III. At it, Treiw.,
,1. A. Oatkh, Cor. Sec'y.,
J. t). Atkishox,
J. I. Johnson,
F.xecutive Committee.
Ily J. W. IUii.f.y, Manager.
Tl' l,l famlltur liv.
U tfl-r, au.l -i.-ait
Ai -.r a-t Vr t'.l -. a
AimI a..n!.k I Ih.'ii H. a tl .(.-all
K.-tlman f..f.-i.r no -lr..4,
I ui ii.ti ttaroi u .m.l 1-.--.
Ob -IM-.' Ola! at?.-!...
V. I. .-,! ..t.i.- -ki,--'
hpH a hllr
I il fc'fat.-fui ,
In a!l Ok ir a-ti-liniif j.t .
If. !.. -1-i.t laii 'I ,
M ai.-iti. r ki.-a air Ii- i.
M, faltirf ,rMI ao haii.1.
l-'t.riovr Oil f.iii-li Itaf.
Iful kt 0al .iil ial .laiHl
Mv hrt iniie- r-aiii-l i-lna
il.iM-a-liiv tMrk.xi.l foiixl'
ll.-r- -litil thr k.i I.O.I -ttiif.
An.l -III! Hi, l.-n-n.- I. ml.
4 ,1.1 in-,-' O.. -l.tini -oi: l.'a,.-'
Iml wiMMlmati. Ii-ai' III.- -nit '
H iuW a Iimii.I Ml'.
Tin II -hull hurt tl i...
(lreat Gun Explodes.
IVn.arila r la 1-t-liatrli.liili.
disastrous explosion occurred i
ou the battleship lowattslay, while
the vessel was ul large! practice in
tlu-Culf. The forward port 1'.' inch
gnu burst from the premature ex
plosion of a shell, 1-' feel of tin-
piece outside the till li t iM'llig de
inolishfd. Three men Were killed
and five injured, two seriously.
The men killed and injured were
ou Ihe second, or gun deck, at mess.
Three piece of the exploded gun.
each weighing over a ton, passed
lownward through the spar deck.
falling ui the men at mess in
stantly killing three men. All ot
the men were horribly undiluted.
I'he heavy missiles after passing
through the gun deck continued
down to Ihe (bird deck where Ihey
ime in contact w it la the urnion-d
fleck, the heavy steel stopping
them, thus saving the engineers
anil firemen w ho were at work Im--
ow. Although the np-r flecks
were crowded w ith men no one
there was seriously injured.
Robbed the Crave.
A startling incident is narrated
by John Oliver of I'liiladelphia as
follows: "1 was iu au awful condi
tion. Mv skin was almost yellow,
. . . i
eyes sunken, tongue coaieo, pain
continually in back and sides, im
apietite, growing weaker flay by
dav. Three physician hail given
me up. Then 1 wasadv isctl to use
'.lectrie Hitler; to my great ,oy.
the first IsdUe made a derided im
provement. 1 continued their use
for three wceksiimliim now a well
man. 1 know they robbed tbel
grave of another victim." No ouej
hoiild tail to try them. iMiiy
cuts guaranteed, at F.nglish Ki ng
Mr. Stevenson Iladly Burned. (111 i il-u-li.Mli.
illui F.. Stevenson, former vice-
president of the I'nileil States lost
Ins hair and moustache ami re
reived painful burns on his lace.
head anil hands (mlay, while trying
to extinguish a lire in his home.
The fire started iu a liedrooni.
When Mr. Steveiisoh rushed into
the room the curtains were in a
blaze. Without calling aid he at
tacked the Haines. In a moment
the hair on his head went up in a
miff of smoke. The lire then sei.ed
his moustache and blistered bis
face. Then Mr. Stevenson called
for heln. He retreated liefore the
tlame caught his clothing.
loss to the house was l,000.
Iitiiti i ti ':tl a:. I I'li - r
Mtl.t. anJ aline l:.-i-u t . .1 a ..
lfsui-s teilit: ;iti . i.i !i
iiiiiiiiri j anJ private i-ot
IUis. a:. I real-- fi-ai 1
Aull.uiui-J t-v Uw I ' a-1 a-
Call en-fpl jc ll usl I ! : .(. a:
111 trust nialli ra ti e r ,; .iny w
lar Hi etiu ti ll.i m ' m ti, !'
::it-dii& 1 hi tils 1 lililn;i I-' i-
ami al It.t- .aair ln.e m-i-uh i oij
mj1,o t tu check at
Atts a atjeiil ivt
v.) I. if( is 1'aiJ.
;s (-! i.. !n ,Jual.
I pr'.peltv.
. ut 1. A.l i.iiiisliaiot, tJuaiJian, Acut, etc.
i ,:i i.i! !!..u i ehitilt-.
ili 1 1 . o;m. m. y u i' It member of Hie
rni.i in pljt in- in lis thai tie. By this
1 i:t I y tl..- i-' riMl.t ot tlieu own couoael
-rat1 it-.-i iim! i!ily.
KuJ uses or i;imi ml.-f l!n pay in, m- ut ik !-. i'i otlier vbiigaueas.
l-rmlj niuiiey at all lout-.- ,111 appimi-J st-futity ir on U11J.
MjLi s IhiuOs lot it:, . is. ::J in iiinniial . 1 civil juJi. ul iroceediiiK.
Saving Haul, featme -, in mi ..11 an. tor taving a pcialty.
fioi uies. loans I 1 1 in.eii- at.-.! will 611 1 lt.i.'orlS fur tiiofe destnug to
lenj nioney.
with the wants of our customers,
we open up the new spring sea
son. What you need, when you
need it and at the price you can
iiooroc Hardware Gomoau's BiiQQles,
Weber Waoons,
Gloc anil Luton Cotton planters,
Oliver chilled and Vulcan Plows,
SHerwin-Killianis Paint.
Many a well-meant, well planned attempt at bread-making is
wrecked on the shoals of poor l!our. Cheap flour Is bad flour Its
low price is the maker's excuse for the inferiority ol his product.
(lfod bread is not hard to make- Mull the voyage is over when you
get good flour- Whiter, stronger, sharper, purer flour than ours can
not be made- Therefore we caution you to ask for the "GOLDEN
KOI)" and "" brands. These brands are sold at the low
est price (or which really first class flour can be sold and IU prlca Is
the.highest you need to pay in order to get the best. Beware ol bad
flour and short weights. Our quality and weights are guaranteed.
rletidGrsoii Roller Mills Goiiipanu.
J. E. HENDERSON, Manager.
Makes a Clean Sweep.
There's uolhing like doing a
thini thoroiiuhly. Of all the snivel
yon ever hriinl of Hucklen's Ami
ca Salve is the U-st. It sweeps
nwsy nnd cures burns, sores, cuts,
hriiisf-s. boil, ulcers, skin crop
tions and piles. It's only '2.V. and
guaranteed to give satisfiu-tion by
Knglrsh nrng o.
Ilring ma your scrap Iron. J.
D. Parkr.
A Thoughtlul Man.
M. M. Austin of Winchester,
Intl., knew what to do in the hour
of need. His w ife had .such mi nil
usual case of stomai'li und liver
trouble physicians could not help
her. He thought ot and tried Hi
K bur's New Life Tills and Hhe got
relief at once and was finally cured.
Only '.!. ut English Hrug tVs.
Confederate Veterans' Reunion.
The annual reunion of the I'tiited
Confederate Veterans' As-toeialion
will lie held in New Orleans May
l'. HM;k
l-'tir this occasion the SealHiard
Air Line Hallway will sell tickets
at the rate of tine cent per mile for
distance Iraveleil.
Tickets will In- sold May Hi to'.'l
inclusive, and for trains arriving
111 JfW iirieillis is'ion- mwiii "i
May Tliey will Im- good to leave
New Orleans until May '.'.
An extension ol the linal limit
to June 1.1 ran lie had by deposit
ing the ticket with Jlr. Joseph
Kichardson, special agein, ac or
leuns, not later than May 21, and
paying a fee of M cents.
Numerous interesting suie irips
over an extensive area nave ms-n
arranged for, at the rate of one
fare, plus 2i cents, tor llic round
The Sealstard Air I .ine readies
New Orleans from the Nortli and
Virginia awl North Carolina points
via Atlantn, with untune uiuij
train service, the same route oeing
followetl frtmi points in Soulti
Carolina and lieorgia on the Sea-
lioard Air Line betweeu llamtct
and Atlanta.
8. W. Pakham, Agent
wrmrnfrnnnniiTiii u i nTmiim imiinTITirnmriii lining
i A. LEVY. i MKS. A. LEVY.
"Fotce,H also atreiiKth
health, at Bruner & Huey's.
Come to see me for chewing
tobacco, smoking tobacco, cigars,
etc S. R. Doster.
Calf at Henderson & Hudson's
(or Fleischmann'i Yeast, received
(resb every day.
Who Will Lead
Ttys Spring?
Why A. Levy, of course. He always
does. If you will notice the great work
going on at his store you will see that he
is opening up the finest stock of
Dry Goods,
Clothing and
ever brought to Monroe. He has Just come back from the
big Northern rtarhe;s and his goods are now rolling In on
every train. The Indies In town and country are Invfed to
come In and inspect our fine lines of dry goods and v-ollnery,
all that the prettiest material and the mot skillful fingers
tan do for vou. And as for clothlnz everybody knows that
Levy's "High Art Clothing"
Is the best for fit and wear sold In America to-day. All that
our friends and customers need to do to get suited with the
Jv.t trnnd and carrv off the fnest bartairu In any of our
lines of goxls Is to come to our store.
" t f
: x i
! t
i 1
' in
uekwmm 'J' w-s14'--

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