North Carolina Newspapers

Telephone No. I.
Tuesday. April 14. 1901.
I Mr. J. E. Lilllr. vim has hern
1 sunVring with r b-auul ikiu cu loug.
ha poor to Mot Sj.rinpi,
Mr. V. 1. SimiMiu rame boai
IH W. A. Mourt of Saufunl
gprut Friday iu Mourur.
Mr.. Irrne Marsh of Mantbvillr
K-ul soiiiWiuie iu loa n 14 evk.
Mrs. T. V. if of lilmville in
vUiting Mrs. IS. K Kolwiw.
Mm. J. (J. Covington is visiting
her sister, Mrs. II. K. Harrier, at
Knoivil!, TYiiii.
Misslvah IUi;l.y uf MiindivilU
M-ut yeMertlsy with Mi Bright
Kev. I). A. Suitler went to Coir
rorcl Katiirtl.iv t neml a wwk in
a uieeliui: with Kev. Win. Talliert.
Mr. Kulrt. Viiirli-tet of Char
lullf, an ulil ritien of Monroe,
xjM-ut Siinilay in loa n.
Mrs. K. V. Krooks left Fril;iy for
her old home in Kerucrsville to
itit her iiareiit.
Kev. II. M. lixon of Met'oll',
H. '.. is in MonrM. He came to
see Mrs. Johu K. SiiupMou.
Mr. S. X. I.iles of Joneslioro hits
wen vUiting his nmtliiT and other
relatives in the eounty. Mr. I.iles
left I'liiou comity iu 1SS1.
The Savings, I-oau & Trust Com
jiany hiw put in its large new safe.
It is a burglar and iiie proof one
and has a tiiue lock.
Kev. 1. A. Snider and Kev. C5.
O. Wilboit will liegin a protracted
meet i nn at Monroe N-eoncl ikiptna
church on the :lrd Suuday ut eleven
The ladies of the Methodist
church are preparing to give an
entertainment ou the uiglit of the
J till for the U'lietit of the parsou
iigo fuud.
Kev. tieo. II. Atkinson and Mr.
K. A. Morrow left this morning to
utteud the Mef klenluirg 1'i-esliy-tery
which meets in the loth Ave
nue church in Charlotte.
Mr. T. Ice lilaud of (ireenville,
X. C, iigent for "Kuvitii," the new
fiiiitilaiu drink, was iu town Fri
day. See his ad. of Kuvita in this
Mr. Martin I'livclt reNirts hav
ing cut a pine tree last week on
Mr. J. W. Hiiixin's land near
low ii, from which he out sixstts-ks,
1'.' feet each, and two cords of wood.
Mr. C. II. Hichardsou attended
the M'ssiou of the ennui lodge of
the Hoy l Arcanum at Wilson last
week. He reported II good session
and alsiut forty members present.
It's Stiiire M. C. Austin now.
lie ipmlilied as n justice of the
peace Thursday. He w ill admin
later the law with justice mid good
Mr. liaudolph Kedfeam lost his
little liujrgy Imrse, w hich bus been
so serviceable to his family for so
long, last Saturday. She was IS
years old, and Mr. Kcdleuru mid
"his people feel as if they had al
most had u death iu the family.
Mr. L. L. (in t n nud Miss Fm
ina Maish, daughter of Mr. J. !.
Marsh, were nian ied last Wednes
day evening lit the home of the
bride's parents in Mursliville town
ship. Kev. W. V. Honeycutt olli
cialed. "If there istlnit string of wagons
in here next fall with cotton lit ten
cents, I'nion county icoplc will ls?
in luck." said Sherilf Horn, hs he
IcHtkccl dowu the line of wagons
from the wiiiire to tlio guano house
one clay last week.
The Baptist church here extend
ed a unanimous call Sunday to Kev.
Mr. Watson of Gastouia to become
its pastor on the retirement of lr.
A. M. Croxtou, utHiut June first.
It is not yet known that he will
The Young People's Missionary
Society of the Methodist church
will meet immediately after prayer
meeting next Wednesday evening.
All inemliers tire earnestly recpiest
cd to be present, as business of im
portance is to lie transacted.
Mrs. John R. Simpson, who has
lieeu very ill for some time, was
thought to be some better this
morning. Her brother, Ir. II. C.
Walkup, who left this county 21
years iigo for Florida, where he has
won great reputation as a physi
cian, is w ith her.
Home of the people in the neigh
Isirhood of I'liion church iu Luiics
Creek had a mad dog hunt one day
last week A strange clog came in
and bit several dogs, and eight of
them were killed in one sully.
That is the way to treat them w hen
there nre any suspicions w hatever
that (hey have been written.
Mr. T. J. Williams of east Mon
roe township was married last
Tuesday evening to Miss Kmimi
Marsh at the home of the latter'
father, Capt. A.T. Marsh, in Alex
ander con nt v. Mr. illiams is a
good and well-to-do farmer,
and has many friends and neigh-
bora who wish him much happiness
in his new relation.
We are requested to say that the
election for the Mount l'rospect
Graded School is to delerniiue
whether a tax, to be not less than
15 cents on the 100 of property
and 45 cents on poll, nor more than
50 fentson proierty and 1.50 on
t''I, shall lie levied. Of course,
, iere would be no larger levy thun
would bo necessary to ran the
Henry Covington, an old darkey
well known about town, died Fri
day at his home on Mr. liaudolph
Kedfearn's premises. He had been
a servant lu Mr. Kedtcnrn's family
almost constantly since the war.
Henry was au honest, faithful,
bumble niau aud bad the respect
of the white people. He was once
worth some property, but lost it
by going security for some mem
bers of bis race.
INSTALLATION SFRVICE. yur eng-mrnl and wilh y..ur f or Mayor and AUrrmcn.
Death of Capt. L, A. W. Turner,
taut. I. A. W. Turner, a well
kuovuritiraof Mouroe, was found The New Pastor of the Presbyte- l,art em-cmra-e punctuality on
dead lu bed last Thursday nioruiug.
l-oplc ft punctuality -on ymr U suggest the lukH
rian Church formally Installed. 1 ..J.' . ,, , o ming elect i..u:
' r ' " For Mavor X.
for uiaor and aldermen iu the
mother, Mrs. J, K. Sinipm.
Mr. & M. Howie of Saady Kidge
township has beeu appointed a no
tary public, and today UalilW lie-
fore the clerk of the court.
Mrs. T. Ik Itrowu of MeColl, S.
I., la at ber father Hi Monroe, to
see ber brother, Mr. 1-miimt Slew-
Cards are out aiiiMitim-iug the
marriage of Mr. Kmsily Wilsou
tirirtin to Mim Klla Williamson.
April TMh, at balf past m-veii, iu
the rreobyterinn chinch.
Mr. Frank Kichardson of Chcs
trrtield county and Miss Fearl
tinffin, daughter of Mr. X. W.
tiriflin ol Monroe, were married at
the bride's home here Sunday,
Kev. M. A. Smith ofticiating.
U..I.: o . . i. . iue uiseoverv ! ins Ut-aiu was
"".""T " I- .. .i..Ki ...... -. ..-..I...... i w mcre--in . . .
aiia i NixKii ii.iii u i iai 4,
and the UmIj was Jet warm. At l' T,IW" i"'"' " del il endeavors I,. s,h
o'cl.s k he had Is-eu awake, ami on Tlie new pastor of the Monroe ! his Uii k and ride hiiu to de;iih.
receiving a drink f Water from I'rrshvtrriau cliureh. I.Vv. Ceo. II. I would i.t ihsibt but you
a memU r of the family, remarked Atkinson, was formally installed as will need a biile rantioii
that he felt as if be could go to the church's isior in a very inter particular. IU- careful, lor ex -.-.
sleeii. He hail Is-eli Mlllerin;: Mme ;estmg and solemn c-eremonv last j even in activity. III otcnloiug s.uie
lime with rheiiiuatisiu. but no such Thursilay liicht. Nice priutetl pn
term inalion of his lite had at any srams were distributed throughout
time been feared. " ;lhc congregation, which aslurgt.
i u accsnint of the ulwnce of the The new church presented a pretty
ditvased's sou, Mr. Frank Turner, ;pcaraiiee. lr. .1. K. Hosei toii
who lives in Texas, the funeral was or t liariotte preaclic the Ht-rmon;
uot held until Sunday. Mr. Turner lr. S. M. Smith of Columbia de
having arrived Saturday night, i livered the charge to the astor.
The Issly was embilmeil by Mr. J. 'and Kev. J. A. Iiorritee of Char
W. I-im'y of Mr. T. I. I'lllon's ,l"tte made an address to the con
undertaking department. The fu Igregalion regarding its duty to the
ncral was held ut 1 1 o'clts k Sun-1 pastor. The choir rendered Is an
day, by Kev. M. A. Smith, and liful and most appropiiatc music,
was attended by a large uuiuber of The two most interesting and vul
wsiple. " liable parts of the service were the
Capt. Turner was Wn iu Cam 'addresses by I r. Iloweitouand Hr.
den, S. C t7 yiiirs siK". Comiiig'Smilh. We tpiote lr. Howeilon
to Mtuiore iu Is.Vs, he married Miss! part only. He pn ached from
M. M. Houston, daughter of ihelJercmiuh :S:I.: "And I will ulu
late Hugh M. Houston, and lived 'you pis ors aecsirding to Mine
here continuously exevpt for the I heart, which shall fssl yon with
four yeais which' he spent on the. kuo ledge and underst.inding."
battleliclds of Virginia. He was The seiuioii was a splendid pn-seu-
among the first volunteers, and ; latum of the scriptural relation ol
liothnig could le said
The county Itoard of Kducation
met iu regular quarterly session
yesterday, but owing to the very
bad weather there was no at (end
auce from the outside and the ine.n
Is-rs bad no smt-ial business to
transact. Au order was made to
sell l'iu Hook school house, in
Vance township, it U-iug one of
the consolidated school. The
chairman of the board was author
ied to execute a deed to the prop
erty on which the colored graded
school is located to the town of
Monroe, the object U-iug to get the
school w ithin the low u control so
that the graded school trustees cau
mil the colored school.
Between the Acts.
triilav evening in I lie oix'ia
house the graded school will give
the plav, "Ketwocii the Acts.
Follow ing is the cast of characters:
Hick Comfort, Mr. Iiiiloii; George
Merregale, I'rof. S. J. F.vcrctt:
Alexander Meauderi Dick's uncle ),
Mr. Cunningham; Harris (Com
tort's new servant , Mr. 1'urker:
Miss Clementina .Meander ( Hick's
aunt), Miss Kdith Comfort
(Dick's wife), Miss Line; Sally
(Mr. Meander's maid), Miss Og-linrn.
Tickets on sale at Fnglish Drug
c o. Admission, i.t cents; reserved
seats .'!." cents; childreu HI cents:
all the graded school IU cents.
List Takers and Assessors.
The following list takers and as
season were unpointed for the dif
ferent townships, the tirst named
in each case Is-iug the list taker:
Lanes Creek It. F. Tin ker, A.
F.. Kiishing, Sanford Smith.
Unfold -J. C. Ijiney, T. ('. Kit
banks, 11. F. Kichardson.
Jackson It. T. Sistaie, W. 1
XitIv, W. J. Mctiuiit
Saiidv Kidge (. W. Sutton, J.
I). Hemby. W. II. Howie, Sr.
Vance J. F,. llriKim, L X. 1'ivs
son, D. J. Hembv.
Gcsise Creek W. G. Uing, I. A.
Clout. A. W. McManus.
New Salem lliinni T. Itaucoiu,
I'. .1. C. Klir.1, M. C. Austin.
Marshvillc Fred W. Ashcmft,
A. K. Kdaid., .1. D. Marsh.
Monns M. L. Flow, J. W.
Iliveus, J. M. Fuirley.
Card From Mr. Stevens
To the Kditcii' of The Joiu nal:
I desire to s:iy, tlinuigh your
pa iht, that I desire to devote inv
entire time to the study and prae
tice of law, and therefore w ill not
be a candidate for mayor. The
nature of the otlice requires me to
give considerable time to its duties
and I prefer, as 1 stated, to give
i,i y whole time to the law. I de
sire ty any turt tier, I leel very
gmtenil for the honor which they
have conferred on me.
It. I- Stkvkns.
For nay or and Aldermen,
To the citizens of Monroe,
suggest the following tickets.
For Mayor: J. I). McKue.
For Alderman:
1st Ward, S. W. Farhaiii,
2nd Ward, T. C. Collins,
.'Ircl Ward, I.. It. Helms,
4th Ward, G. H. Lee,
At Large, Davis Ariiilleld.
There is no question as to
attitude of these gentlemen upon
questions of morality. Their suc
cessful managements of their owu
affairs shows their capability to
manage the city's affairs.
For Mayor:
It. V. Houston.
For City Aldermen:
1st Ward, J. K. Slack,
2nd Ward, W. K. Morgan,
.Ird Ward, J. C. Sikes,
4th Wurd. J. K. Kuglisli.
At large, Davis Armtield.
Fifty Votiikk.
A Statement.
It having been circulated that
some of the inemliers uf the Itoiird
of aldermen privately scut tele
grams to Mr. It. F. llensley at Hal
eigh saying that, while they bad
signed as members of the board
asking for the expansiuu bill, they
privately did not desire it to pass.
On being asked as to this rcort,
Mr. Itcasley stated emphatically
that it was uot true, aud that there
had been no such thing done and
he would so make ullidavit, if it
were necessary or desired.
Fair play.
iii.i.... i....i..i- ...
bung out the p:elor as doing every
thing. Now, I need ii. .1 li-ll ..u. i
fir y.iii are aware that I have Mid
in y.itr hearing, that It is not
for the p .xlur to do every thing. I
would not co so tar as to say that
he should not do an thing, but be
shoul I not douiivthiug that could
S. t IglHirn.
For Aldermen:
1st Ward -J. F- Stack.
2nd Ward T. C. Collins,
-iid Waid-I. II Helms.
Ilh Ward-G. S. Ia-t.
At luige- Davis Armliehl.
M v '"l t Uy.
(ict Vour .1ones W orth- 1
We ate selling a ta
of I.t;ibe's Sais-p.:tiila- na.e'.)
. I cs I r "J cents. N i t
hi' believe that this
pir Hi C'intair.s tur as much
g i.'d nieJirine to the bi ttle as
U- as well done bv s..iue m.-ml-r of n' ,,m S-"apn ''
the cmgn-galioiii The nior.-you We knti that nociiinn
cing.t .Mirn.iigiv-iii..iitoi.s'il,.- can put in a sjrsjpatilla one fa'l
l tier lli.-ni. Ki not make the th ; j imtity id as expensive drug
mistake of l-ing the first one in a we put in I.atrcbe', allow :
everything, but anything that is different orchis brl. re cu ta
duty, do it gl.ol
individually aud
ill givater
testimony of his qualities as a sol
dier than that he wilh elected cap
taili of Coiiiiauy A. 4Mb Xoilh
Carolina regiment. This was one
of the fighting regiments of the
Southern army, and in all its eon
llicts Capt. Turner bore a gallant
part. His love for bis comrades
ami their memory grew wilh each
year of his life, and nothing gave
him greater pleasure than toattend
their reunions or to talk over the
days of their struggle.
The deceased is survived by live
children and a devoted w il'e.
Democratic Primary Called.
The liemis'iatic executive com
mittee met on April nth, with the
following uieiiils'i's present: V. C,
Kedwiiie, J. F.. Stac k. It. A. Mor
row, mid .1. D. McKae. The fol
lowing business was transacted:
K. A. .Morrow w as elected chair
man and J. D. McKae secretary.
A primary for the nomination
of mayor and commissioners was
called to lie held Friday, April 17,
from I to H o elm k.
A majority of all the votes cast
will Is- necessary to nominate.
Such as are i.nt nominated in
this primary w ill run in a second
one, to Ih lielcl .Mi. inlay, April jo,
from 1 to S o'clock. In the second
primary all names w ill le dropped
except the two getting the highest
vote lor each otlice iu the first pri
All white Ih'inocrats who will
support the muniiuvs ol the pri
mary are invited to participate.
I he voting place w ill he the
court house, and the following
poll holders were appointed: L.
. Williamson, G. D. Iliooui, .1. ('.
Fletcher and C. X. Simpson.
There will be one box to receive
the votes for Mayor and one for
There will lie a Hireling al the
pulling place ut four o'clock on
Friday to elect a new executive
K. A. MulMiinv, Ch'iu.
D. Mi li ve, Sec.
Irish Potatoes.
Eight or ten barrels of Irish
potatoes, cheap. Any kind you
want, (or seed or eating purposes.
Come to see me before you buy.
S. R. Doster.
A big package of "Force" at
Druner & Huey's (or fifteen cents.
Strength and vigor are in it.
Card from Mr. Milliard.
To the Denioerratie Voters uf
city of Monroe, X. C. :
Iu view of the fact that our K-
ecutive Committee has called the
city primaries to lie held on Fri
day tin1 1 itli lust., pist three clays
hence, and the further fact that I
desire to lie perfectly frank with
Von in regard to my position upon
ill questions that me involved in
this election, without the rppor
tiiuity to see you each personally.
fake this method ol publicly
stating my platform more fully thai:
it appeared iu the last issue ol I Ins
paper, liv planks us follows:
1st. Ihoruugli acquaintance on
the part of the mayor with nil the
city's nll'airs and the application of
the most approved business metli-
ids to the same with a view to
milking the city power plant self
snppiiiling without increasing rents
for water or lights, aud reducing
the necessary running expenses of
the city government to the smallest
figure consistent with conservative
progress and the strict enforcement
of all laws and ordinances w ithin
the jurisdiction of the mayor.
2. 1 he rigid enforcement of our
liquor laws as they now stand until
the people shall declare by their
votes alter the 1st day of July,
1!(KI, whether thev want prohibi
tion, bar rooms or a dispensary and
then to carry out their w ishes with
equal vigor.
lltl.llFl.t. Hil.l l.vUI.
For Aldermen.
We suggest the following ticket
for Alderimiii of the city of Monroe
in theeoming primary Friday from
one to eight o'clock:
1st Ward, A. f Monroe,
2nd Ward, W. F. .Morgan,
:inl Ward, J. C. Sikes,
4th Ward, J. M. lihiir,
At Large, Davis Armfield.
Many Citi.f.xs.
Economy Ticket for Mayor and
Aldermen of Monroe.
For Mayor, A. M. Crow ell.
For Aldermen:
1st Ward, C. X. Simpson,
2nd Ward, T. C. Collins,
,'tid Ward, L It. Helms,
4th Ward, Geo. S. Leo,
At Large, Henry A. Shute.
Not a CanJidate.
To my friends who have sug
gested u.y name for ulderman for
2nd ward, I w ill slate that I am
not a candidate for the otlice; but
most heartily thank my friends for
suggesting my name for the place,
ltrapect fully,
A. W. BiciciKiw.
, Try some of those nice encum
ber pickles at S. R. Poster's.
Second crop Virginia Irish Po
tatoes, fur eating or planting, 8o
cents per bushel. Crow Bros.
pastor and eoplc. ".lesus flu it.
saul lr. Ilowrrton. "is the source
aud foundation of the pastoral rela
lion and I shall briefly oiut your
pastor to Him ami call the utteu
lion of the eongregul ion to their
duty. Christ is the one uuiveisal
pastor, to whom all devotion is dm
the one ever present, lb-said: -
am the gissl Shepherd and know
My sheep.' Fvery pastor, or under
shepheid, is such only by upoiiit
incut and as he is given authority
by the Great Shepherd.
" "I will give you pastors accord
ing to My heart.' and His wold is
their food ami w hen an under shep
herd turns away from the food, no
matter how elegant his diction or
eloquent his periods or popular his
manner, he is not Icccliug the llock.
The under shepheid has not only
to preach the gospel lo the faithful,
but lie must heal that vvlncli is
brolieu, look up those who have
been ht ill the darki.'C' and to
protect his people from I he dangers
that threaten, no matter if it Ih to
the extent of sacrificing his ow n
life, us has lieeu necessary iu times
past. Ileiuust coiul'oit lliem when
thev are passing through (he shad
ovvs. but no vvoids except those of
the Great Shepherd cau heal.
"Sometimes I he pastor ischanged
or goes to God. but .lesns fhri.-t
never changes his pastoral relation.
The Good Shepherd lov es 1 1 is sheep
as a people, as a llock, by name,
aud w atches over I hem. The eter
nal love cd' Christ is the source ol
all love between pastor mid people.
This love is something new unci
strange to any thing we hav e fell
hcfoie. This love must come id'
close union with God and constant
prayer. It pains the pastor when
one goes astray. The olliee of pas
tor is the gill of God, ami the pas
lor is here by the guidance of the
Holy Spirit, and the Chief Shep
herd has out him here. This t u t
'keeps the pastor from mere prol'i s-
sionalisiu ami the congregation
fioiii nine formality.
Love him as a servant of his
Master; he stands here lo w in you
closer to his own Lord and Master,
and should he usurp the place ol
his Master, ami the people begin to
worship his gilts and popularity,
these become a danger ami a hind
Dr. Smith's address was a gem.
I'.y eniirtcsy of Miss Margie Wil
liamson, who took it iu shorthand.
The Journal is uble to give it iu
full. Dr. Smith said:
"It is w ith peculiar pleasure, my
voting brother, that I have accept
cd vour invitation to be with yon
this evening. There are very spe
cial reasons that make it n peculiar
pleasure. I could not avoid the
thought, lis I w as coining this nun n
ing, of the time about eight years
ago in the month of August, when
I was in the city of Xew York, a
telegram came to mo ut II o'cloc k
at night uiging me to come as l isl
as I could lo the city of Columbia
in order tube in time to conduct
your funeral. I think this is sonic
thing very peculiar and I believe it
to be providential. It must have
lieeu, util I hav e no doubt but that
it was a divine net of providence
that yon have liecn spared for this
"It is a very peculiar pleasure
for me to see you here alter so long
it period of prep. nation, loi- you
have had what 1 would call extra
ordinary preparation forlhiswoik,
and I leel that there is something
more of au omen in connect ion w ith
your installation than falls to the
lot of most ministers. Certainly,
I have no doubt but that the most
of your friends w ill Is- evpi-cting a
great deal of you in this, your lirst
pastorate after such long ami care
fill preparation.
"Dr. llowerton has spoken to
you along the line that is most ma
ierial, and he has anticipated w hat
I would be expected to say to you,
but there arc some homely truths
that nre very needful, ami le ssons
that I hope you will not learn, at
least from experience. I will men
tion some ol those things, begin
uiug w ith the least important.
"1 noticed this morning ou the
train, right opposite inn, a gentle
man whose countenance impressed
me very much, and I was struck
ith how vacant it was; I roulii uot
fell at tirst w hat was the matter.
Hut I uot iced thai ho hud his mouth
njM'11, and I thought to myself there
is n lesson. It ts a great disail vant
age for n man to have his mouth
Iihi uitich open. A man w ho keeps
his moil Ih open is almost sure to
get his foot iuto it. I think it was
Mr. Spurgeon who said, 'It is a
very good thing to have a deaf ear
and a blind eye.'
"Among the little things that
are important, I would emphasize
punctuality. Always be punctual
to your appointments. Always he
on the hour. Be punctual with
plainly your
ly, -i filially
"1 remember years ago, when I
was a Uiv. my father used In visit
j, Va.. every summer and
take uie with him. As you are
aw a iv, the irginia .Military Insti
line is siluatisl there.
chii f attraction there for me. aud
on my return home I org.iiii-d a
military company of small boys,
and they very naturally elect rd me
captain of the company. Now. it
hapH-ned that a Ii ieudof my father
had given me a very soiioiuus
viiindiiig ibiiiit. to which I was so
much attached that it was a great
struggle to decide w hether to com
mand the company or the
drum, and I finally compromised
by doing both. I want to say to
you, my young brother, be content
to comiimid your company and do
not insist i. n licating the drum. j
"A not her fhiug, my young broth -1
er, renicuilH-r that while you are
bishop you are not the only one, for'
I lioticve we have five ami yon are
sixth, and I now enjoin upon you'
to stand as far as you can Im-IiiimI
your session. Put y our session to
the front anil in all things throw 1
all the responsibility on them that
you possibly can. Always abide
by the decision of your ruling eld
ers. putting lliem lictwccu you and 1
your congregation; but if in a mat
ter ut conscience von should cliller-
from thrill, the time has come for
you lo separate from your church. ;
I he I'resbyferiaii church, as
you have heard this evening, com
bines the pulpit and the pastor.
They area unit and you cannot dis
pense w ilh either. Do not Ik i
tempted to lie a good pastor and '
neglect your pulpit. You must
visit your people aud Ihey w ill at-
tend vour preaching, but hot unless
you have something worthy of then- j
hearing. Sometimes there are nth- ;
attractions to till a house, but ,
unless you are faithful iu your pul-
pit work you cannot hold your!
congregation. jour success cle j
peuds upon the way you study. ;
When 1 say study, I mean study, i
1'hiiik over what you are going to;
say. II you keep on studying a
subject the words w ill grow, nud if
you go dow n deep enough you w ill .
get something fresh and clear as
when boiing an artesian well. I he j
i. -at trouble with most ministers
is that they do not bore their sub
jeels enough, Itnre your subject, !
or you have got to bore your eon-
gregation, aud it is a great ileal
belter to bore your subject.
I w ant you to take care of your i
health. You are familiar with the'
i hi I provcrn, svxv jii;xs in kimi
t "l'ni:i.. You cannot be Ion care
fill, and your success depends very
largely on your good health. Do,
not do your work Satinday ul'lcr !
noon and Saturday night. Most j
miiii-teis serin to think that Mon
day is their holiday, but I think it :
In Iter to take Saturday instead.
Go for a long walk into the country
nid spend a good part of Saturday
with nature ami w ith God. Then
go back home, eat a hearty supper i
mil go to lied uf a seasouaole hour
Sal in day uighl. If von go to your
pulpit after a sleepless night w ith I
your eyes swollen and hall awake
and do not go to sleep, the proba
bility is that the congregation w ill.
Make il a point to go to your pul
pit in the morning as fresh us pos
sible, tie! up Suuday morning ut
your usual hour, or if any thing a
little earlier as you have gone to
bed earlier, cat breakfast and spend
the interval between then and time
for service entirely alone, thinking
of what you are going to say, and
w hen you enter your pulpit your
lace w ill shine, though yon may not
know it.
"You have a convenient and com
modious manse line, and you luck
but one qualification of living a
bishop, and I do not think you
will lack that very long. Anna
I llcaddiiai'lers 1
for Gents 1
the las! niie, spen t t ji pel
C-.'iit of cost id prepat.itl ill III t.-1 O
pensive advertising an J ntadjj
same at io cents to 1 1 i n. (iocd
medicine, like most other good.?,
things, is expensive, and to con-!?
r tide is not 4
vmre you that our article is
It 11. il.e c li-Mi nu dicine we tell von what !
' ' 'A
in 1.. If you don't kn, vv an)inuie X
tlvn then th in you d'J before ask :
a doctor what he thinks of a com-' j
ir:a'in 01 nut r 11 ipianiuiis 01
Iron and Potassium I slides, an ex
cellent 11 11 Id laxative and a vege
table liver regulator combined in
me medicine. Pol we ever mis jo
: represent a medicine to you' It
after trviiiR it you thuik we mis
represent this one, ask fur your
'money back. If you need a spring
medicine l.atrobe's is it.
I.M.I.Isll I ki . Co.
Clotl ling'.
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Also youths' and boys' new cuts and
weaves. Neckwear, all the colors of the
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!
For men, women and children. See all
lines HERE before you buy ANYWHERE.
tio to Flow's stole fi r kraut at
id cents a gallon.
Special Notices.
Advertisements will he nisi-llt j in
llos column at the pi ice of one cent a
wotd, Ciisli in advance.
TDK People's Mutual Life hiMiianre
ComC'iiiy is iiuw ii-dJy fur hu.-i
nes$. Wiite to or call on K. YV. Lein-
DOK SAI.K Franklin thief colt-4
Vears uM.
J. I). I'tltcli.
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tliuirh street Desiialile loca
tion. Apply to t. F. Lowe.
one iiriuKiin; uus au. we win
c.ive one Mums Almanac for 1903,
win th in cents . First come hrst nerv
ed. The W. J. Kuli;e to.
ANTKD A few dozen Innr.e tur
key ru. Will pay a coml price.
II. 1.. Price. Price' Mill, N. t.
TO the 1
Rive 1
lutte, N. C, will he iu Moiune, nt
1 lie lilourratf r, on I li;irsd,iy, Apiii
ijrd, ful une day only, lbs practice
is liuiili'd to the Eye, Far, Nose ami
1 Inuat.
CAKKVvveiythiiiK yuu have iu oh!
Icon to J. I). I'al krr,
RI.MF.MHF.K you can ci I the henl
firth meat ut J. I). Talker 111.11
ket. I'bonr No. oa.
ON account of the reunion at New
(Mlraus May loth to .':nd, tin
S A. I., will sell round tiip titkith
for 515.30,
GO to the Star tafe fur a nice lunch
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CF.F. S.
O your garden
seed aud teed po-
F"tl ii'l'TuN tt M
I t.i-r
Ottilll 'ij.'ill
t llf.fl. !t'tt..t,.l.-.- t
I I'ttlllllil.lIC
'I MOM - J. I'UU K.
f K M AM'K
Ivy ft. It Mi HI 1X1' lll-t'lf 11
maxnr-if Mi-tiriH . -ul.jti-l In Hit
I'iiiothiIi' itrimnrt .
1 ln nliy unntmiM'' tin
tiiiiy'ir uf M.ciirm-. nl.jtrl
Jirnimrj', if on I- In M.
-ll'xltll.itl' f' 'I if the
cii''c f"l
If ll llllN'Ol'lt
.1. M. KAIKI.KV.
I hT ''V Htiii'ifiin'' nn -'lf a i-iiinliilalf f-T llti
nttipe of liiltwr f tin- I ill -.f M. ill rut-
Tin- Mun h.Mli.h-'.l IKKI'KI.I till I.I. Hl.
Hill M SXiK
I ln rt'''V Htiii'(ini-i' nn "t If n i jincli-tnt.- f.-r
M..lir.w. -ut... .1 th,. l. ni
m I AU4- priinarv . A M 1 K 1 11.
I iirrr hy mtimu'ifr tu --lf it ininli'lttlf fur I lie
iIIUt o( fitUoll vtfliflicr .f Ihv Im 11 Mntirtv
I, r. ItH KHT
hlH 1 u KIN H Mi, Mr K
! In-if li HttiiMtiiK-t tn M!f it f Biiili'lntf f,r tin
ttllitf of collMii firflifrit Mnirof
i. .i "Rim K,l I
City Tax Sales.
Bv Iriiif of tin- 4'llv Tn v I.i-I- In my hant
f Xjtee ts Lee.
lllinilllll llll!,IIIOlii.".i!i:i'illlir
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Safe, But Progressive and Liberal.
A tnoilern bankiiii; hoiisc with every facility for the prompt anJ
careful hatiilliej,' of all htisinis.-..
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carry it home, .ti p sit your savings ami pet interest on them.
iii.iioiMiiiiiiiHiinii iH.-iiiiiMiiiiuiiiiitiii inn iiiiiii luiuiiuiiniiijiiultuai
I Painting as it Should be.
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ft .- ...
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h, ( .r tli
...... . .1 ... . ... p . ....,..- - j ,,.
111 tMvMitiL'. lull a iiiarnni otw ih i
IlKUV llSt'l'lll.''
(iooJ Irish Potatoes.
We have some nice second crop
Virginia Irih Pot.itoes, good fur
eating or planting, anil will sell
them for 80 cents a bushel.
Crow Hkos 'ftl .li nit Ihc r,. r llM-rroii mvt-UMu
ihf c., ..f h- .tin- Mi.- nn "f
I Mill -.11 nt nit.ii. auction, nt tin t'oiirl limit1
.too, Ml M.M...K..UI
Monday, the 4th dny ot May,
I'tirp of .MitI I Hf the tn.o ihii
riv I'V tin- iM-tith iiHiu.i't lwo.
i illl IhII'I- till" It l"t i'l.'IHitli.' lo
IIMHIf.t tt til.- olllHifllt tllt ll
iitinn. it:
j MK. I lhlt. TA X h tt
' I1o.Il-,. J ll . lull
nn, I ivi t' nrnrii Mh'i
rrnM.-II.M I. in nr Mtl.-r w k. it
ll.'fi.ton. H-uni.l . I lot nt, n M-r otl.- tl
I . minon.l. W T 1 l"t N HfUot -ttv.l . :i t
MrtUlirt. IV A. I (( htlHfV Bt.'ltiM- tHL'
If uti r- n.t tml.l iM-f-'ii' .Ut ! wlllt
..(. tin' lol will I' fulil for 'it-1i - tmnl
W. 1. HtiW IK.
t'lH. f Of I'ollfN- Htl.l
April i, iwa. t ity r "liwior
A new lot just received of:
Sash Pins,J
Brooches, at 25 cts.
Hat Pins,)
Waist Sets, Necklaces, Lockets, CulF
Muttons, etc. A bit; lot of Watches,
Chains, Hinjjs, Ktc, just, in at the very
lowest prices.
Jeweler, Monroe, N. C.
Drink Euvita,
The new (ountain drink that is just the thing. It makes you
4 leel Ron.I, because it banishes all your troubles, ami makes
you kI.uI you ate living. Euvita is non-alcoholic and non
4 slinnihtiiiK. It is one of the greatest digestion aiders on
earth. You can eat what you want and as much as you want
and never be troubled with indigestion if you drink Euvita.
It is not a drug, but a pure wholesome beverage, and equally
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drinks health. Don't fail to give it a trial. Five cents, at
C. N- Simpson, Jr.'t Soda Fountain.
I 1 vJSm??
Tlie Franklin
Tha brat Typewriter on tht 1
market. Joa cto pay more '
but you cannot get a belter '
one. Hi work ii alwtyt la
full view ol tht operator:
it U einiple in construction; and hat atood tbe teat for man vrara.
proving ita durability. Tbe alignment ia alwayi perfect, and the price 1
ia $75 oo to all. Fur aale by the Monroe Hardware Co., Of my ol 1
h nfl'ip.. nf CL'TTFk.TOWRH rri R,..t u. 1
J Southern Branch ai6 Jenifer Buildinc, Wubintoo, D, C. J
fVfffteeTTy eeec

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