North Carolina Newspapers

try Think of the Farmer's Lite
A-its"stliural Talk- in !
What the Ureal Leaders ol Indus-' Ten People Killed - A Village in TW Ccnrio Fai-mee Who Grew Sw
Alabama Swept Away. 01 '"" "
i . . . . , ... I To a rural district near St. Ini
1 birniiochain, Ala., April . ' .k.. -.t., .,
The Amtrican agriculturist is j Without a word of warning the! "one of the l-eat, foup.'.l liiiieH'lf
the Rreite-t mm on earth anj ;ue hslllot of lL.jH'weli, forty a i.-arayi. Tho hot:- of t!;e
Americ an .lijriculiure the imst . 0i,rth o( thil( ci,v ,nl ne i.,nu. r. in-,l the jvar kf.r. had
import .ii t ( t. It requires great! , n ,. . 1 burned ! n.
, ' . mile from ILmcevilie, was wcit .... , . i n i i
ihiu ti coiuiiit an import nt bus-' . .. . . . llie priviiict? ! rvtmiid a l'iirnl
incs sue. equity. Firq-iently do 'V hu """"J 4bv,' ?' . will. enrv b.i a ,-vl is
we find the business too Krcat t,r ,. "nith cut a wtb of .let-In-, rvl 1 v imm...
thertan. but r. rely the man too' '"" ; roroua fariuinj:5 and this pr..Hiti..n wa to
r... f,,r ih.. h, in l h. r .1 tectum of llouut county. Ku i-er-. th farm. r.
M I .1 i , ! w. were killed, three or four i Said tins knowing intr.m-e m;.n.
spot of the Ametican farmer ,,, , MWe i,,,,- i.j,l, !. n.:..,! t'.r...u!, hi w.
his d-siic to ha)c and to Cultivate j,irttl; Th( ,w,. Nathan (irilliu. ; rm-in.-s .loalm.- to add many
m re lanl thin he is aide t JB,iK.s tirillin, Henry McCoy audi nd t the ro:Ten of hi ..itipaitv,
inanace i iotitable. Acres f Urn- j three children; C. C. t Men. a i-nnii-; "Well put vou up a Ii.mim- a whole
id are mure id an object than 'inent planter; lleiter IMeD, Mi-, l"t l it r t.iati tlio one you had for
bushels pr acre at harvesting) Thelum I Men, Mr. I". C. (Hen.
tint-. He I iice'S that weeds use I The ui)iircd: A wo and time of! "Nun." ki:.I the farmer im;ut
iettiii:vaslaftas(,rainuf stasc Nilhnn tirillin. Mr, tintli... Mr. !!... "1 viH baf itiy o:,e t ouvitid
rrons e-n'l l,nti .,,ni Nora tMen. Mr. Ileorv McV.v .'l..r or nt ne. Pot leu-e eou.d
ffik,":!, n' ed-'.two children: K. 0. . r-t Ij bl, a,a:n f-r eun a fou-
i jl'ius Oiiick, f.iimlv of Mel i'v. a!ii.
te, IVMroy the weed! rso0i; Mr, , ,,,; ,;r .!,, (,. i, coiiM" ud the in-
anddo not di am the I in J to deith. i,,u j; jiu.z lirl,inj ;t.,ar.r turan.e man. ii ,is an :.! Ihiw.
Leave oil hunting lor more l-'"! timlin. lit iU-n'i io-t mi mu. h to binM
mid cultuat' what you have. j It i.s Ulievisl tht reventl of the ! h'ii-e A 'on ne lum-e
F. A. Vimr, Man.tger Sihli v Mnjure.1 will ilie. The torm trav-! "idd ! a !..t l.ier and Utt. r
. . ,n- ! i i . .1.. i- 1 l 1. . ..VI '
estate, l.oen acres, Illinois. eieu in a nortneaKieriv uirei-iion
V MAT niK IIUPI-R ol A HATTl.t! ;r''l'kin f ecr.vhio8 !''
tne of the hrt Iioiim'n truek s
Still' .- US. .hiii f Viiiltiin I Jriilln- ilu Ii.l.i.u at'an ti the farmer's I'laiv.
I"arm life ! lilies sell reliance !t il..iiiiili,he,l un.l Mr (Jriilinl "ilii.t thoii'ht IM sl"P while
familiarity with nature's laws, re-1 and hi 'n, James, were killed j was up liere, he sai'
lations ol cr.'t, s and seasons, a ; -Mrs. tirillin was so badly injured j wanted to take out
knowledge i f mechanical industri ; mat one .lien mter. .vnotiiiT son - - .....
. 'rni.l a nii'i'fi nt Mr. tirillin' hi i .'"i uoi oiv- m ii;-un,
me: . . , . , ' ..i, I....
i tiiiraeulouseseape uv runnins! trom j "e uimuvum., "u""
the house before the demolition ' i".' the difluuti. of the p.t in
iwas complete and savin their ; flnnivli..ii aith iiiv.irance eompa-
liv,i 'l'h..v u ..i iniiir,..! I.J.I it ill I Mf "l.t HC's but Illllie MIC.
......i i i . . ..r ,u i " ..i
auiuai huovtieege 01 niii:s anu : revver.
t'llt f'T
tut'iti, the
i ita s; t!u au!).e man rode up
to ee if vou
a Utile lu-ur-
is. It las the 1'iuudation lor
study ci Agriculture. Ilotanv
(ieologv and Horticulture and the
Sciences. The farmer gains an
el ihirgs and r...-..v..r "We i. then, .ail the n:-uranee
not a theory i f things The farm The hoiie of John McCoy man luimoron-lv, "m.-ure In r.
tunc of the i then next wrecked, but he and his! "Neiii. ai-l the an tne
-the r-sclt of fiimilv eeiipe.l with severe bruUns. i '. "I Mi l:eti she .he you come
11 t'lll' I "U
supplies the luck
Aiitri.i ti 1C ein hi ir -
honest tell, hard lal. r. h net ! the home of Henry McCoy, son of' " ;' : "
i . . i . . i t . i...t. .Li in .1,1 nt- riiii. tip uiir-t f't'i" u'...ii. t
teachers ecr m.v and Sellrel, m- i ""I't . ! tmi. H; wife was
,, , , .,. .,,1.,,, severelv iiiiired, to of his chil
re'. With reg ird t ) Agrica.t'.irc, . , ', ,
,, , . N . ilien are still uncotiMious and iiihv
I know ul ..on, .-re interesting and . , ... i ,,,, ttml , study. A crtect :olhl,r l.1,lrt.I1 rt. ,.,,,1. j lilohe l. rmv Tat.
knowledge ol the s ii, the cr u The storm then ..triiek the hou-
a U tt. r .1
t'ank you.
An ! the
without r
t ou a luu-'
f..r iv liuu.lret!.
r; no, I'uv.k you.
i-iinn Hum ro.i.
a jiolicy. t.
r ui .1
a a v
suited to the same.
Long lite and success to the
American Farmer. Imrg M.
Sent, builder of the Oregon b ti
tle ship.
V 1 1 A I' A l I M At'Mli.At., I S N.
The pr i.r. ss of Amu rican
iigneiilture h is sh no I in, and
sustained the r i.riss .' our
rount.y. '1 he ulio. itu ii ot agri
cultural nr. actum tv ti . ui u!e !
lions i f ui'. n en'.i r m w I'u !.
i mpioy ii, i nt. A v c a.U in
science new tl ids nt ', ih i
creati d.
1 hrougii competi
tain their highest i!
chmerv i m m's b -n
of his f ie. and c imp
blessing instead of a huto'
n. inui at
ieiny. Mi
l o.t in-'e ol
vi is a
. S'u n-
t,;" 'Ui ice re ;ne ins the utili
ti u i i -.c itiiio knowledge to
mi ate re. . s d.mi agricuitural
j wilt- ' ' the elcat. St cloii
'iv exists a Ii st o(
ill ! viiiril.iiS ih-votia!
to the iu! re-t of the
oagain s
Southern 15,'iptist Convention.
For the NiiiiIh mi liaptist ( on
vent ion nt S.naiiuali, da.. May 7
to 1 1. Itio.i. the Seiilioanl Air Line
li.lilwuy will sell I lekets at line I'a.e
ilus '.'.I rents for the I'ounil trip.
Tickets will be sold May I to T
inclusive, f. mil points u..nh nf
Haiuht, N. ('., west nf l.iiko Cily,
Flu., uinl s.nilh of liahlwin, ',i..
mill from all points within the lei
ntoiy riubiiii') il liy it lnv dniwii
tliloiiyh those plaee w ill be sold
May .'i to 7 inilusi e. Tickets will
have linal limit May :'ii.
l'Mensioii of li mil limit to dune
1, limy b' obtained by pay
ment ol' o'l emits lee and deposit of
ticket by original purchaser with Heher, bolli iirins broken
.Mr. Joseph l.ieliaiilsun, spei ial known m in ut llradfoid,
iigenl, SiiMiiinah, hrtwerii tin-( Several houses were blown down
hours of s a. m. and p. in. not at Bradford and one pcrsou badly
later than May Jil. j injured. The tornado came from
On May 1'.' uinl I. " tickets w ill lie j the west and hi.d spent its force by
sold at low rates for nidi-trips from the time it reached Bradford It
Savannah to Jacksonville. I'liu. , is feared the little town of Hiram.
Columbia and Charleston. S. C. j with a population of loll, has been
The Seaboard Air Line Itailway wiped i If the nmp. It is near He
is the short line to Savaiiniih I'liiiii her and in the storm's track.
Baltimore, W ashington, Ilich j Nothing 1ms been thus far heard
iiiond, relershuig, Niirfiilk-I'otls-1 from it. It will probably lie sev
mouth mid from points in North end days before tho names of all
mill South Carolina, us well as from tlio killed by the tornado aie
Montgomery, Ala., and Jackson-1 known.
ville and other Florida point. A special from Ileber says: "Iu
From the North mid 1 lie South (lie tornado which swept across
there are two through trains daily, : this section last night, A. C. Wil
with cal'e dining ears uinl every liams. living ten miles south of
of C. C. (Men. Trees in the yard
were twisted into gnarled shape
and even the vegetahles in the on-,
den were torn up by their roots.
Mr. (Men was kilted outright as
were his three daughters aged lo,
IJ and : years, respectively. .Mis,
(Men received injuries from which
she died later.
t he home of Mr. Henry Whar
ton vvis next attacked by the storm
and i: was wrecked, but Mrs
W harton was not badly injured.
Then came the home of K (i. It went to pieces and he
and his two children weie injured.
Iiu! there were no fatalities there.
1 I N Kll I 10 IN IIK Nss
Little Bock, Ark , April "v -Specials
to the Arkansas tla.ette
from several towns in White and
Cleburne- counties, Arlv., tell of a
tornado which swept through that
section I i-t night, leaving death
and destruction in its wake. The
major portion of the coiuitrv
through which the storm ploughed
ils way is remote from railroad,
teh graph or telephone lines.
The dead are: ,'im Leggitt, Lit
tie B. d: Joe l.eggilt. Little Bed:
Tom King and wife. Little Bed;
three King children : young lady
school teacher, who whs hoarding
nt King's; A. C. Williams, uear
The injured are; Infant child of
tin- King family: Mrs A. C. Wil
I, unis, near Ileber, not expected to
live; Buck Nee'.ey, Scarey ; Albert
Keelcr, Libert letritt," Walker
Bollard, Little Bed; two of the
Bollard family near Albion: .Mrs
Iloverbn ai.d child, l'anghurg.
not ex pei tid to live; Miss I lurk
hoiisen, Little Bid, leg broken and
skull fractured; Waller Mueller
Biirgburn, leg broken: Mrs. Henry
Wells, injured internally, fatally:
unknown woman, Bangbiirn, both
legs broken: Tom Houston, near
A Labor Saving Devic.
"ui vioiuhr i'lmy th"t little I'l
gan .liways want to j;i up de 1 ad
der fornuist me :"
How It Hippened.
IMiler A!i. ti.e-e g"!f i.'ke of
appointment of a high class pies
senger service.
Savannah is a lieaiitiful and in
teresting city ami w ill present its
Ileber, was killed. He was .0
years of age, and lived with his
wife on top of one of tho nuuin
tains south of this (ow n. His bouse
most churuiiug aspect at the time i was cauirht up by the wind ami
the convention ineeis. Kerry facil-! thrown down the mountainside.
ity will lie iiflorded visitors by the1 ho being killed and his wifo badly
SealKvanl Air Bine l.ailwny and ita
passenger represeiitatives.'
8. W. 1'AiiilAM, Agent.
J. F. Harper, principal of the
whool ut I.ow udesville, M. C, was
shot by a K year-old boy named
Latimer, a pupil of the school, last
week. Kevenil of the lioys made a
jilan to run away on April first.
The teacher decided to wiip thorn,
and started in on fjitiiuer. The
lxy drew (irst a rod of iron to fight
with, but when this was taken
away, be drew a Smith & Wesson
pistol and shot the teacher two
timed, tbeu lied. The latter will
Genuine New Orleans Molasses
at 75 cents per gallon.
Henderson & Hudson.
I want your old Iron. J. D
Bruner & Huey sell ' Force,"
the fine prepared food which
strengthens and invigorates.
Yon can get iee at Cadieu &
Wallace's, l'hone 36.
When in need of fresh meat
phone No. 91. J. D. Parkr.
injured. At Panghurn six resi
dences were blown dow n. A laige
church near l'angburn was blown
half a mile."
Forty-three residences and six
teen barns destroyed and other
wreckage is the record of (he dam
age reported up to S o'clock to
night. The tornado swept every
thing in its path, a mile in width.
$100 Reward, $100
The readers of thii paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at least
one dr-ailcd disease that science has
been able to cure in all ita stages and
that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure
is the only positive cure now known to
the medical fraternity. Catarrh being
a constitutional disease, requires a
constitutional treatment. Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure is taken internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system, thereby de
stroying the foundation of the disease,
and giving the patient strength by
building up the constitution and assist
ing Datura in doing its work. The
proprietors have so much faith in its
curative powers, that they offer one
Hundred Dollars for sdjt case that it
fails to care. Send 'or list of testi
monials. Address,
Tolido, Ohio.
Sold by druggists, 75a
Hall 1 family pills art the best
have tne rial llamr. J'o Vou
Joke Writer Well cr no, but
I walk about forty miles 11 day try
ing to H'il iny ;;..if jokes. Back.
"lbd your father lake you out in
the wombhed to whip oiii''' asked
the good boy.
..r-e than that," answered the
bad hov; "he made lue chop wood."
lirooklwi Life.
Human Nature.
Miles What would you do if you
had 1? I, ('("'.lino?
liih's- Same 118 others who have
l.i 100.1 101 1, kiik because 1 didn't
have is'.',oijo,oihi. Cleveland l'lain
Ths Useful Liar.
t ntvr a liar, but ilia ether night
thf r;c.n
Wul Ktim.lln' ti-ars of Sorrow up ag-Inst
On' ...oH'.
An' Klii-ii. zf-r Hnmh dropptsl In an' laid
hla hat nuidti
(He'a not. si rr hla (ruthtulnfaa from
Holly lii'ii to l'M'1,
An', . i. hr N,-t nn nur!a an' tatk
'Unit i'Onini.'iiila-a avi-nta
Till, il'-rn iti. 1 in aa gitMamer 'n half of
thlrly tonla!
An' thrn old Cotton pullrd lha latch, an'.
hlam mi-, air. I r.ra
Ten niinut-a I forgot lha rain wus peltln'
l Ilic il'Kir'
Ha ha! 1119 out In Arliona a-fig-htln'
'I' ihli-fa
An' hrlpln' r Oia cowboys strlngin' up
th .-little thii-fa.
An' 1 ux iri'?tit at tha Uma ha captured
Univ. rn hill
Till I dei-lnred on rslnr nights old Cotton
nils lha hill.
From Malrern hill ha look a switch to
Turki'y. ait an' gaaaisl
Atiout the thinRs lha sultan aalt tha Uma
he no-t him last,
An', thofjah I h-lte a Mar. thar ars cer-
tnln tlmea, I va fnnnii
F'r Inniiin.-e. whin U s ralnln' an ow
cl.ter g.iln' round
That aome old whiHki-reil reprobata ktn
entertain me with
Hla Ilea a dern eight belter than kin hon-
fcft neighbor amith.
Indianapolis Sun.
You Know What Vou are Taking
When you take (jrove's Tasteless Chill
Tonic because the fur ni 11 1 a is plainly
printed on every bottle showing that it
is simply Iron and (Jinnine in a taste
less form. No Cure, No Pay. 50c.
Dissolution Notice,
The trti-lnee heretofore carried on under the
firm name of Moru.-iii and Uriltlii ha- Inn Hold
hi H '.. While anil tlieeoMrttii-a.)oidlsiilvi'il.
J 1. U....s.
W H. l.rirtin.
Notice of Administration.
Having this day duly qualified be
fore the Clerk of the Superior Court
of L'nion county, N. C, as adminis
trator of John , Morgan, deceased,
all persons holding claims against said
estate are hereby notified to present
the noil to the undersigned adminis
trator on or before the ijth day of
March, 1904, or this notice will be
pleaded in bar of their rght of recov
ery. All persons indebted to said estate
are notified to make prompt paymeot
and save cost.
This the 6th dsy of March, 190.
W. G. LONG, A.luir.
of John E Morgan, deceased.
Redwioe & Stack, Attys.
The Kind You Have Alwavs nought, ami which ha beea
lu iimi for over ;ti ear-s has borne the sf-fnatnr f
uml b.i Ivern nuule miller Bl pesr
, lJJ-ff, imiialMUHTvUon aiui-e Its infuitey.
AZ4.iCAtl .lUiv n one Md.ii iie you In tbta.
All Counterfeits Imitation aiol Jn-t-ao.-pKMl rt but
t'.-MH-riineiits that trille- with and emlatiser the lieallh of
lul.iuti uuil lUildrt-ii-rxtM'rk'Hi'e nyaiust lperiiueub
Caitoria Is a lianule-H Milrtitute for Cator Oil, Par-jrorii-,
lii-o ami SMiliiig Sirupt. It in TleasiinU It
(imiaiiii ii. it lu r 0im:i, Morpliim' luir oilier Sareiitlu
Mibstaiue. ll iitfe i it puiiramii'. It ileMmys Worma
timl allav l everislme. II eurea Iiiarrliiea ami Wiiut
t'olie. It relieves Twlbimr Troulile. enm t'mi'tiKitln
anil rtatiileiiev; It iisniiilnti"i the I'iumI, n'B"lnteii the)
Stoiiuu h mid ItowcK, Mivioi li.-all by ami natiirui uleep.
The ( hililren'a I'aiiaii'a-l lie Jlotlu r's I rieml.
Bears tbo Signature of
The Empire
Corn Fertilizer Drill.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Tut tlNiiua es.M.,. . Hieea .Tacte. aa .ire.
How l. Judae I hree.
Most li. .i, k.'.'iMM uu. ill N'fere that
part of tl.e fanuij- inarki'iliig whi.-li re
hiti". t" t!:e I'tir. l iis,. ,.f ,-lns ami
i.h tl..' iu;UI ef till' lintISi'. Mil,, is
lle.iHy the eli;, f enli.uli.iT n el ai
tl.e e..iitit.seur. vioulil :i!.is ..iy it,
Nil. !i ii.ny hn.l i!.e vvohis of an ;,mhur-
l'.l of Villi!.'
"A c!t.i--M' U I'll .'111 th.ll. .Iti-Ml . 1' C.iimI
lle-s IV'.il SI. Ui. t s, Ml. if.' ell till' If llllll
:i 1..H.' mi i ..i is i'.n'.i not i
rii .l. I I .' ii lent ion presa ..r tilt-
I..T l!.s eii I!.,, r.l .l Jon call - II to
Jll'Le .'I l!:.' I!:!,l..'r In:.',." f of a
el.'. If It i .-Ms ivail'ij- to r j.ri-s.
Ml-.- of i;.o l.i.. r. in..! t! ,' nr. I '-".'.ik-i
IT .1'. . I.ol h.; . .' I.i.-:, v hell
tl..' j IV--I1 -.' s I ' ! .. I . :i M it, . i line
atlli 1. ii ...f .M!i. I.'. i-:ill-.-.l ! , tl:"
Si... k ' "". ' of Hi.' . 'I'd. a ' .1,1 nf
i.l "i- I. ..' Ii, : ..r it will ! mi
1 1 -.;.. I r.i.or ,i'.,i w.:i .) mi .is ,1
lit. - i It !,;, I. . . is v.i I r.l that
ion cio'ioi .-...s il on t'o- r:i i is i-i- -oil'', t,. I,,.., 1-ly, ...ok.'.l
t.i n i !.. on. I or suit, t.i Iri'iu
ll toll. Ii of nil t'n s ::;!!: ;iit
"A 1. I i i lil lie loollioi to the
t"i.. Ii. i. l I,, ii, lis ill,, I w ill 1 '.- el' an
I'V.-n i i.i. i :-i., :n.. free fro::. . lift's,
nn. I il... -.ii. .:. w.ll I'l ioal Ur... .'use
tfi'iiln. il. Iniiteiy inei M' nt a iiimy
t.enuriiiilileal K mm teilae In I Wl.
lint i.ry iiMlo n;:s k'iown in rou.itil
In the eti I t ef li e .,ti, In Alis
lo'i, s ,. ... . In !. fortltli ei'ltitliy l.ef.ire
l lilM. ill. I I. lit i ri I, llie loore was
known .,!. ill ii 1.m:j. ;us later, in the
t.II.e of I '" Ml..' Ill ',i mi y e.UN the
Hoi-., I .., I,, fall')' n iro.-ra.i il rat hi r
tlmn ioi. iin. e.l.
It w .. ti e .o ll'.ir l.el.ef ill Hie time
of I',,, ,i. I n. i!..ii il.e w,.rlil aa I'.ol.
tlloi;.; ii..!!.. i ....'. 1 1 . ... H'il ry K. In. I, it's
lliolt.lil il.H. r. Ill.t . I l.i' el'eat I'il lii
zalic - of the w.irl.l ill that time wi re
troll,.. .1 alollli.l llii. Meiliel''.,leall Sell,
alllioa.'i I.. i. I n.. I was a niiisi.lel'al.le
I'.iwer atui II. S iiilihnai inns were n
(ireat 'tune .eo.Ie. llllt Ihlliipeaiis
lit tlmt tune knew l.nt lillle i.f Asia
nn. I little i.f Afi'i.a. iitnl America
nf eoiir-' w ,is lii.iii'. iilned nf.
liven i.fter 'oliiml'ln hail ilise.ivereil
tite laii.-r continent la was pcrfivtly
lil.llV.olls I.f llie flirt. Ill' tlllillk'lll
Haiti was 1 1. unto or .lniaii, uml fur
I lone fine is irirdoil i'uI.ji ii4 a part uf
the liiiiiiiianil i.f As. a.
l. i .
School Eloction.
I- ! f. , v .I " tlmt HI . ieelli.n Hill
.1 I I I ''ia -I llil'll Ss liool .11.
. , .-'., .1 ' ,itij,.t..f tie i. tin -ii,l
II" rt' W. -1. I Lu I. I 1 tloti-
I r-T li,.i. ,,, in ii.ii.lw.-l. f..r Hi,, i.ur
l .1. in ii, i. iir aii.-il-.- r tl..-r.. -!,:! I,-
ii . 't -., .1 h..o! .Ii-irii-l for lln- -ut
t 1 1 , I-, -t.t'.l -Ii, ,t ill -ai.l .li-lru t
I ' I . " t I'.iIm Mil.U !. i. M.j..M.t
i.i .. .1 , .... . ,i.,l I. I. M wus- ami I ee
, .1 , etk-t - of ,-,, . !l,.n
ol lts-II.,1
r .-i n
I M slKW KT l". Ik
to It ..'.I of ' ... 'V I -.It.Hll loli. r.
School Eloction.
Weiflhing a Perfume.
An Italian ili,-ii ist, Siirnor Sub
vioiii. iloiseil n micro liiihiuie of
Hit ii cMt'i ine tl. 11. u ;V that II dcarlv
ill lllnl;.. lutes the loss nf Weight of
itni-k by volatilization. Thin the
imis.b'.e I'lrfiiiiii' ilmiiiii olT in the
air is indirect ly weighed. The i's
fi iilial art of the apparatus is a
Very t'i'll thread nf ejus, fixed ut
one nn! and extended horizontally.
The mi. M.-copie nhjeets to 1
weighed pl.ieid lipnti the ;!asi
thriad near its free end, and the
aitinunt of flexure pmilnced i- nb
scrud with a miiroseope niaf.".iify
iii; luo iliatiD'tcr-. A mote wcie,h
in,' niie-tlinn-aiiiliii of a milligram
perccpliblv bi'ti.lti the thread.
KiJncy TrouMc Makes You Miserable.
Almost everybody who rea ls the news
papers Is sura to know ct tne wonderful
cures nude ly Or.
I' Kiimer's Sarr.)-Root,
ths p'-at kidr.ey, liver
and b.adoCr remed.
r It lth gmt rriectt
y cal triumph of the nine
jlfeniti century; dis
i covered alter years of
i w. I 1 s ieniific research ty
fJESCr- Kilmer, ths emi
nent kidr.ey and blad
der specialist, and Is
wonderfully su;ces?ful In promptly curing
lams back, kidney, bladder, uric acid trou
bles and Brighl's DlMue, which ts ths worst
form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root u not ree
mmended lor everything, but If you have k Id
ney, liver or bladder trouble It will be found
ust the remedy yu need. It has been tested
In so many ways. In hospital work, in privats
practice, among the helpless too poor to Buf-
chase relief snj has proved so successful In
every case that a special arrangement has
been made by which all readers of this paper
who have not already tried It, may have a
sample bottle sent free by mail, also a book
telling more about Swamp-Root and how to
find out If you have kidney or bladder trouble.
When writing mention reading this generous
offer In this paper and F-V.
send your address toel J'Hel JolVITTa
Dr. Kilmer 8t Co.,6ing-fCj -H
hamton, N. Y. The "JKllEg
reruau fifty cent and mm Swaas-aeet
aoiiar sites are sold by all good druggiata,
Don't make any mistake, but
remember tha name, Swamp
Root, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
and the address, liinghamton, N
Y., oa every bottle.
. . i ...... i .,-..:! .
,, -i t w e I
... .! . I I , ,.n Mol
I . ' ,-l..t Mill
.1 s..,.n.; ,t.
f in. lo-ti.-tal
ie I'i. .III.
I ... !'- ' I. I o.- ;-,i - . ..I i-. . i ., .n.iir
1 - I .1 I. 11 I., ..f ' I I. i. , I lilt of II til III.
. ,. . ,.l .. M ', of - .l.i -, l.-.l ,ll-T!,.
f " t ' i ' -n.l. I ,'H --I- -tali
. ' "" '"' '. 'T '"-'I ' lloer'l
." ""'"' -i " ' - 1 ' n...i..i. l W
I! s o ' -a . . II I on liei
11 I' V I -.' . at' - ' 'i"ii
i.i .i i. - , i n . hon-.i
i t i kw vitr. 1 1. tk
V. '-.. ..' ll .ir.t I ..lo. . I . .tit ui'r-
City Ordinance.
V, I i ' I -I'!! in- un l.i is .i I for an.
j. lo Mo .t'.l 1: r-. LU .1 oilier M'Htlial
I'I,. ." I - . ' I ' ' I.IH.!.-.! S,,.s. lot .I) till-
. , . ' VI I . f f,i pl.t)...-, of rf-,,ltrf ,.
-.ll . . - f..t mil j. r-.i'i to It.i.e n 'll is. . itursi-
. . .1 . r ... nn; i .ni.l i. -mi.- 1 s,.:., ,, f,,r
. , tii.,.. ..I L-t , i,.
v.i I- -- ii. mu".' i n- ....hiiiiiiei. .hall
i .. . i "v. -1,, '.i.i. f-'i ..i.-'i anil . nn of
Hi. 1 HI- MS l.' ' ''"I
h i isiii t.
Eloction Notice.
I'll lull" '.In lillMll. t'i'i of Mon-
!. ,.i In. -.!..i ,.'!.- tut- I r.i Mor'.liii in Ma).
... .. .'.. ,1m ..f I".- t...o., lie... f..r tin
i.i. i I . ..-'.I . ii I ... i" ii ml 1 . . .,'li
i ,l...i. . I . 1 1-, . liwrt, . ..f -ii i . I I 1 1 v nt
M. lo .,-. no, i f. ! .1 ...".'lo . tie- Iloicl ..i Al
l ii . i" n... ii,'. i K.-.o.trt,f. w ... v. It
,-. -,-' . H,l ,.im .1 ...'. I- I), I'll eitf f r n.'ls
' ' ii , . il ill oi Hit Htm . Mllll Jil.ll f - ;
t.iu., .1.1. i ll t. h' tl..-I oiirtlioii-e.
-. -,) u ,. ..(. s s t . ,o ,,. I ,, -tore
t ,1 l o. I .1 i .,.....iit llr.,,.1. Mi.oV -tore
I ,i W.i it. I i I.i. i.. it, tit .1 K l a
I'. r-,,n .1. .l-i'i 'e r,L'i-t.r will .i.! in ilie
K. . i.i i ii - .... s ,,-,!.,. t,., t'i. ! II Ii . Istli j. ti,l
.'. ' I i.' t.' I , I','... .It II.' 1-i.l...-. I'll mi .1.
i, ',sl'iof i.l. rtl.fll .. i-.lite. III. folloW
".' l.i,;.-. -of l.-Oo.. llllo Hltll till" H.'lt
lill- il, ll. o ri -,,,. .i,. w,t,. is.nstltllti' I lie
. I... t,..n ll ar.. I',
i-t H,ii i.r s: si,,,.,.,,,, ,., ii si,,,,,.
-.' .1 W .n.l. I ll llm-.l.-n mi.! I.
ie. I W.i .1 I I H'aUmi a'l.l VI I'
Itli Win.. Ii if ii- l.nil -l. , mil W II Mnrllll.
A In w ri -'l-t r.i 1 1, :i of till lofi -s t- ri-.iitn-.t
H c ,si K vir.
I i ri, uml I rt-a-itnT.
Ait .;ii;i!it . .1 oti r. lit (lie City of itr
-Hour o j, -tnill. .ii -u.'ii f..r tin- i .eelloll in
...Id i, ,i I.. I,. I.. I.I on the '.III ,n of ll.i M,
'ol tin-I'lci tloii of a VUvor nnil tl.e A lOeriueil
f I ii,-1 ' I ' of Vioiii..- a o- re, in-1. .1 to a !.!)' to
tile r, L',.i'arof ili. ii ,,- i-t i.e war.te on s.
ii r.l.,. .the III,. Ilrli. sli Mli.l J.,111 ilaisof A,rll.
a-.,. Hi ll.,- plii.-es iiiiiii. il in llie alsiie elet'llnli
I..II,.'. I, i Hlt.KiM. Hr. W.r.l.
S in. Ill K. M I Wanl.
.1. c Slkfs. Ililr.l Wai.l
I. I Bit Ki l l, rourlli Uanl
Take Notice!
1 wliian Hut j, ui. he HUi'liMii tn thf lifhi-i
l.i l'ti i, f "f iit-li, itt t !i rntnthniew.- dH-r In
VlMiir-..-, S t ' ., mu
Monday, the 4th day of Hay,
I w, l hi f...!Mltiir jiri-levrTv. vie The intrrnt.
r:i.-lili lillr mtil ',ilf . 'f III.' nc fflls lull t, ItrttU
s I mli-, Jr , it Ma l mi'i r ImI tt( Isitii In
1 11 lull rutin' t , S r , mi flu- t'r tif Ijm'J
Itrni'i'li. a (.'iiiu.v; tin- I nil. of Kt W.Kti-ifKll
ni.l .ir'n f-, c. Nirtiniiijf miU'tv m ro", nurv or
k'i"WM mi lu Hnrrili i. l-tlt'itnll omit
.tti.f-. , ..tit')i-i) i, ruji ill lit ft inUiti. Jut-lit. M
I .Mir. Jr . I. i A ' lUkftt-ti nn. I I' N. Htni--i,
Itli'ii wm U vli-'l il H J. Hi veil', it'll
lal. If. it! the nth (In,! f Ikj-rt-mU'r. lrj. In fir
MM' 'f at ti a t (hHi tiii'iil ii-ut'il ! M. I.. Kin. J
I'.. Ht till- Ill-llttllf i.f fllllr-MUI, lltt III 1 1 IT.
I.i-Mt.l mi it llti-mtrrt of Jm'hIi i Mill.
Ir . I., -nit'fi n fu i iiifHVir( H. A Himimn Jrtit. l.itlli-. Jr.
B A lli.RS. N!.nff
j.r-i! 4, Ivhci i.f ( nn. ii ( i.unty. N, V.
Dissolution Notice.
T'if Hrm -f ?ii.t A iiH-lit'-ii r iti-.lTftl
Mifr't .nrh. lia.i, I Ttttihiul .". iiienl Tlte
: -nil ;t- v. HI 1 (iiitniiifil l, Mr Mil. , al lltr
.M iniiil. All AH'omit ittif ilir uliI ttrm nut.
U' un.l ril i.iim'. VANN flkf .
Dissolution Notice.
I lidM-o.'lil ny ItHt 't'-ii In tlic KaUmii Win
.t. t i'i.dhiii'v tu Mr J H J, ainl r
lit-- liiivint: ln -i tu" In t'Hii-m'l 1th I Nr nuii
lnii ill il-. tin- -unn- Mh Mr Nl"fi.
Notice of Sale.
My Mrtut- if ttuirtmiff ilfoil -xfMnti hV.
niii-u iinl ) A. 'oVHititoii I Jifntift,
I itili-. Jr , mi Iwth ilay if ite tittff. A t
i hi ' y riifl'-Ti il, i tit ntnli'riiftn-il til awll fur
''itn in ttt i hi4fli-"-t t'l'liivr, l tli.'Curt bum
mr In Mi-iini. N. I., nn
Monday, the 4th day of Hay,
t, .jf Hii.ti !,., B tm. t tt land Irmc In
( itlun (iiut . in tit-r of Ijiry Hraiti'h. )
jtiin itiir ttie ImikU f K.'lrrt W Miri)l mi it mli
rri, cniiiriii'.lfiK wi m-re- more r letat, known
irH-tloHi-r Irtaet of fUmh M. Htetfnll. KtoW of
Ann. n riiriMll. wilt more fully sar lij
n-fi riMtre ti. H H.k No. of Iter t. tMiie of
the tiriitrr of mhI r-Miniy. Holil lu li-fy
.h-M-i aii iirt'il Uf mhI morlNtfe iteetl. Till lltd
U of Aril, A. ll lJ-
M A. i'l,V.'.T.N. ritri.
.f h A. t'ltvinpton,
Commissioner's Sale of Real
Br Tin we of ilerree of th Huiwrtorrnttftof
Mifkienimnc ism my, Ir the vm of It W Otten
e: l -i. J. I.initv ni wife, (h ttlraiiriM-t
rtiinmitm'r will (troreM on
Saturday, the 9th day of i"Uy,
Wm, tl It 's li t m . In fmnt nf th
in the ti.trtl of Marnhvillr, N. ., to mII for
raa-h to the hirhem Mii.ler, eer1lit Urttl In the
Mill town of Mu hlliet tln(r Pr of the
1ih cfnevesi o Kllett l.ltnly )r J. I.liiffy h
WhI reiatiV(i In U, fkBKe iVO. In It of
fl e of the Ki-ltrr f Ikeesin l'nion ountr.
ml In-1 ft the html known n1 rte-lnofl m tnnii ut ijii of her hmI rorty,
mmie tiy A. Hm. Biirvet or, lot No. I
to V nr1 Son. t hi M. all of -mt't Mi heinf of
the illmcn-iima of th feet hy 1JH feet, ami -rrl
ti ta hoe 19 to m InrHiiive, Iwlim hound Ivj
Tratle trm, Naitre A .V tanil. fW-e.mii teee
aiol (V Valaer'ai lnl.rM tne r nro lot ail
jottiinir live ,n.1 laiMt, nn ''Ti Twit
iireel wiU krt Mo. i Tlii Altril , h'M
i A. inmrR,
Cbnrlotlet M. C. CoMmi-Mafe-oar. t
It h the best investment a farmer can make. It wil! plant
your corn, (utilize it, and cover it a, ti e tame time. Take
out your pencil, figure the saving of fcitilicr, aJJ the expense
of planting the old way, ai d you will have your 1 r i 1 1 almost
paid for at the end of the season.
The Empire
is decidedly the best on the market. No chain attachment;
no links to flip or break, and cause you trouble or inconveni
ence, but a I'OSITIX i: FORCE r MKI).
Ask those who have used it if it is not the best Planter sold.
Take one home and try it; if you don't like it, wtj'll refund
your money. You neid it now.
The Heath-Lee
Hardware Co.
UT B. atAUt. THOMAS ). jtlOHE.
t I.Sk aSHIItlD.
Adams, Jerome & Annfield,
ilTCRsnSHT Lil.
1'iai'tire in all the Courts, State and
Fc It tal The uiimcen.cnt of ettatel
.or tiect-)r,a,!nuuistrtirs a special
ty. Careful auJ Jilieeut attcntloa
(iitd lu the fore, loture of jmirteajee
anj rollrctiua of claims. Wourr
oiuej eithout ei-ruie to IrnJer. All
utiatiua gtvrn srouipt anj rareiol
itti uticn. Olnce ea.t of courthoiua.
Attcrnf j ni Ccicselor at Lai,
I'i a. lit in all t!ie State auJ t'oited
tuiti Ci.'Utt.
rroiiii.l all. -ili. hi civrn lo collec
not. a ar.J Ki'- rral law practice.
Wl', in't.i ititrrtstrd iu the settle
netit of rstatrs, atlnmtUtiators, exe
:l tors, a ti.l nuai.liiio are especially
liuti J to rail on tlirtii.
l.iiitiiii i J and painstakinr, attrnti. B
ill ht- .urn, at a reasonable price,
o all lr -,al hnsiiic?g.
Otfloe in courllioiiaeoppoiite Clerk'
Solicits the patronage u! the enpleof
. Munrue anu luriouiiviinis coinmunity.
Calls ant.ert'J id day from Knlith
j I1! ut Store; at mi;lit from residence
' on Church street, l b'-ie No. 48.
practice in all the State and I'sail
rl Stalin Courts. Sprriall attention
Sin n to the setlli niciil of estates for
Gii.o,li.i:i. I.niiiitots and Adminis
tratoo, and the collrctnin of claims.
Kt.istnallt' chiiri'cs. AIo ai;rnt and
Incut alloiiii y lor the 1'antlirr City
Home Ciiinpaiiy, from which loans
may ln ol l iiui il tin real estate, Offii B
one east of M. I.. How Co's
store, riii nc No
who have land to sell should list it with us and thereby
have it advertised in the newspapers free of rost.
liuyin and selling land is our business
and we can handle properly which you may have bettt unsuccessful
with yourself. We will also collect rents and buy mortgages and
judgments on land. Several farms, temporary tracts and town lots
on hand for sale on easy terms. t)uit paying rents and buy a home
with rent inonty. Will buy fur ourselves ai.y real estate in the
county, if for sale at a bargain.
a 4a4a4a444 a4
; iUjrcej and Coonsellor-it-Laf,
i M.;.'.t, s. c.
I Prompt attention rjvcti to all mat.
lers placed in our hands.
I MaiKic.rim-tit d mtiites fur cuard-
iaiiii, Biliiiiuisti atuis and eierutors a
j ic( i.ilty. ll.arers ri-anonal le.
I Oilier east of C'ntu tlinusc, (formerly
J occupieil hy the late l. A. Coviticton.)
People's BanI
I Solicits your arcutint and I ankine,
1 hiisiiKsa. We etmrantpp Ai;,t M'TE
SKCI KI1V, moiii'Iiii's and all the
airoiiinioil.ilioiis SOLND haulo
lot; will .1 of. liit real paid, ac
C'll lllic to ooirrinrul, oil drpotiils left
for our stated period. Always ready
for Icat s on apptuvrd paper.
I O. I', HEATH, President.
M"NH K, N. C.
! Calls at '.vcrcil iu il.iy fiolil English
)itii; Store; t ni;lit limn room over
, EiikIisIi Ii tic Stoic, phone yS. Olttce
' over post ollur; plume 9S,
Union Real Estate Co.
f Office: kmMU Williams.
E. C. WlLUoMS, Manager.
aa444 .
Os'OsMsaOsOstKOste'S0 0 CXa0 C 0-0'C O's0'00
Your Hesi hence
May not contain the latest stylo
Furniture that you would like
for both beauty and use, and, if
not, it will pay you to exanne
our line of
China Closets, Side-boards, Extension
Tables, Chairs, Suits and Single Pieces
of all kinds. We can make you
prices on these goods that will
interest you.
Furniture Dealer anil Funeral Director.
Store Phone 7; Residence Phone M.
H. D. Stewart, M. D.,
HO.Mi.IK. I,. C.
j Calls pi 'tnptly nnsuvri'd in day from
Houston's lime Stnri ; at uighl from
residence 011 Colh ee Stiert.
I Oilier in l iti;eraiil I'mlding,
J Utliic linut 1 1 lo li, A. M. Phone 1 4 1 .
1 Day calls answered fiom Houston's
1 drtiK sh re and olli. c, 'phone Niijht
fiotn Ciiiotiii ti i il Hotel, 'plinne Jji,
' Ofhce up stairs, hilciald ISuildiiig,
I Northwest ol Couithouse,
I Monroe, N, C.
K U. KfJuitie. A. M. Stack
Affarirys-al- Law,
Tracttce in all the Slate and Feder
al Court. Will manage estates for
Executors, Administrators and Guar
dian, for reasonable pay; and will
foreclose mortrnori and negotiate
loans u itlwinl evneiice lo Mnrteapeea
I I I ut..n nP.nii..l.l.
ailU l.l'.ll. J 1.,-llu. is.nncii fi.i ui.ui.i
Offices Northwestern rooms, first
door. Courthouse.
assa a4
C. B W EBB, Pre. T i. KAHE, Vk- l'roa. K. L. KLAN1UAM, Hec. and Trraa.
Carolina Marble & Granite Co.,
Jat rC-N:''it.4-5.''r i.-n
Special Designs in Marblo and Granite
Monuments, Tombstones, Monu
ments, Iron Fences, Etc.
We have just received our first car of Marble, con
sisting of a real nice line of finished Monuments, Tablets,
etc., and cordially invite anyone in need of work in our
line to call around at our yard and we will take pleasure
iu quoting prices. It shall be our aim to do first-class
work and at the very lowest prices.
Remember we guarantee entire satisfaction and have
come amonir you to stay.and all we ask is to be sure and
see us before you buy.
J. E. EFIRD, Mgr., Monroe, N. C.
Yards at Stateiville, Salisbury, North Wilke.boro, & Monroe, N.C
lion guar
Will he at oftridiville, N.C, on firs
and third Mondays of each month, and,
al Matthews on aei-oliil and fourth
Mondays. Phone lit
Cocimlfsloner of Dtls fur South Carolina,
North Carol u: also I Justice of tlM Peacs
fur Union Cotinij, and HoUrj Public
fur Nortli Carolioa. :-: :-:
Special altcnlion civen to takiuf Af
fidavits, A, knoa Icilli nient or Proof ol
Deeds, Mortices, Contiacls, Hills of
Sale, Powers of Attorney, Kenuncia
lions of Dower and Inheritance, Dep
csitions, Wilting and I'ruhating Deed
Morli;ai:e and all other papers, irsuiud
State Waiianli, Claim and Deliiei J
and Atlarlimetit papers, Civil Sum
mons and the Collection ol Claims.
Office at M. L. Plow Co.'i SlorsJ
east of courthouse, Monroe, N.C.
Stock Horse!
I have bought (tie P. W. Plylrf
rtozk In rse ami will keep him I
my stables in Monroe, (old On
bum Hand.) this fpni'?.
I Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic
I has ttoo4 the test 23 years. Averago AiumuI Sales over One m4 a HalfMHfioa
botUe. Doet this rcord of merit aripeal to you ? No Care, No Pay. 50c
l f rtea wl mry oaH ts Ts tea, isictait. ff Crov'l SUcs: Hoot. Uvsr Way
T aTaTMsaTaTatatasTMsssssssssssssstassM

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