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One Dollar a Year
AmA Af CLEVELAND SPEAKS ON THE friitiuieut and cmdiirt..f the leadings STAItUED THEIR COMKADE.
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public () pinion
What Is He After?
Considering Hut there are few
bears and no delegates in the Yel
lowstone Park, The ltichiuond
. Times-IMspach is wondering w hat
lasci nation it can possibly hold fur
the I 'resilient.
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and and reNiiible white meo of, At a cluirt h mtctiug last night.
, the 8oUlb, itiii III oil the numtet;- Italian r,Minlrrf.-;ier Arn-trd (or Mr. J. Pallcison, rcl.rrihi; to this
L Says That Those Who Stand Next ' m ,,f kin,ll '" l"'1,l,f"1 ''-J"' ! Double Crime.. J ",'T '" 'J'."'1" ,lu!
"1 - , oil their part towards lhceiu their: v..,i 1....-I.... i ,1, """en made aeaiest mi s, said
Z : ' . U" , . .7 ni:dt.hoMi.1.:,hl.Hl Ihe.r aid Kihl .. , cud. of gang known ,hi" 'f llie rhiin-h umt I
weight, ana mat All Outside and encouragement. !j jp.,,,, r tlie l ulled Stat.-s ' 1'rcparcd to M ind by their pas ,
Co-Operation Must He in Accord- "I need waste no I iuie in detail- !M11.i service ihe 1110 -t d.uier- "r- I
mis and de.iirr.ile I.. I i,l Italian! The writer of the auouj iiious let
Judge Boyd Approves the Watt.
anc With the View of the lug the evidence that the sai.l en
Southern leople Who Have 'U''""" heeu gen
... ... ., . enuly fortUv.iuiing.
Staggered Alone tor ears I'nder, ' . ...
tl IIA I KM l lltr. MiKW
the Weight of the White Man'.
The 11114 timely, significant and
usclill expression 011 the iM-gro;allli j,,,.,.,.-
ittt 1111 1 it ai ivuir 11 uiii it
Northern tongue huh Um war, was
m-tila lit I !tkkia i Mail at 1 mul its. a
Judge IU,yd in hi. charge to the 'h H.k , Vpw fc ,,
grand jury at -rwisboro last V'Man lu.tin! MlX , ,,e inter-
coiuuicimeu me vvuusoiu. juuirr l. i...i. i-..i,;.,i. .,.
'1 do not know bow it may he
with other northern friends of the
counterfeiter ill this section of the "' r. ferenee to the Itev. Mr.
,1r. Hale Wanted at Olive Branch.
rt.rT-...!rii-r .f li
Kvcivthing we'll- to lie happy
and gav this heautilul rin day.
How (Mil one help fi.iiii l-ing hap
py "Midi" a lovely wasou! Sum
the May M!iivh;ne will tlood tlx
earth with glory. ",'
walk 1 1ll oil-li the sweet .i!le.
where the sunshine lavs a gold on
the swori or ksmsfkt i.i:e-
1 1 ' -
i I '
I .
I 1 0.1, .
; i . - .
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ronntry, wen arreMed tonight iu,s,!,'r' Hie slums, hut Vines', ,,,. uli e w.uni mth w in.!
this ritv as Ihe murderers of the " " "'" iiai lii:iiar.i
man wlnwe ImI with thirteen Mali! ud " ' """ke it pnl.lie.
WoiiiiiU in Ihe lieek Wits foniul Ve
nepro, hut I have faith in Ihe honor ;l rday moriiinB tightly paekeil in
Uoyd lias heeu represented an con
deiuuing the uew law in li is charge,
hut it la untrue.
Mr. Jefferson'. Birthday
Htrhntoaa Tnv.liiatrh.
The fine old American eutleman
wha ''xle an old b ay hack mare
iulo WushiiiL'ton city ami leit her
.tundim; tied to a hitchinj; poM
while he wiw beiui; inaugurated
President of the I'uited Stales
would have been one hundred and
fifty nine years old had he held out
until yesterday.
The Time to Judge Him,
tUltiirli Tiutt-.
If you would measure the real
strength of a man's character, see
how he behave himself when he
fails in his effort for promotion
It is easy to lie clever and lilierul
when success and prosiieritv is
present, but lieu failure and dis
appointment appears, tlieu comes
the real test.
The Man Who I. Hitting the
It remained for "a tool of the
trusts," Attorney (icneral Knox, a
law yer w ho had been chief of coun
sel in form inn many of these trusts,
and for w hose appointment as at
torney general 1'resiilent Hoosevelt
has I -eeii much criticised, to put in
motion the nnu'liiucry of the law to
destroy them,
Again Need Gladstone.
I'lurlly X rhll.ln-ii.
What could lie more beautiful
than the tirand Did Man, with the
bin den of a great government rest
ing on his shoulders, turning aside
from the cares of stale and kneeling
down with a couple of boys to ask
the Lord to give them stronlli to
resist temptation. How deeply
tireut Itritaiu mills (Hailstone to
day! A Case of Tax Dodging.
A-lit-tr" Courier.
Then are others beside, corpor
ations that should lie classed occa
sionally as tax dodgers. We It now
of 11 tract of about KID acres of laud
oil' of which the owner has sold
in the last year alxiut f"00 worth
of timlsT and recently refused fJ.Vl
for the timber remaining on (he
land; yet this tract of land is on
the tax books assessed at $100.
Muppose the assessors were to raise
the valuation of this tract to or
$1 per acre, in the ncighlMirhood of
its true value, there would be a
howl in thai man's household.
Fighting Spirit Disappeared-
From the interviews given out
before the meeting of the licpuhli
ean Stale executive Committee in
(Jrcciisbom last week, you would
have thought son in-law Uollins
would have had a tough light be
fore he secured the mantle of fa
ther in-law I'ritchard. Various
prominent Republicans talked
loudly of what they would do and
what would happen; but when they
got to (ireenslsiro, all their light
ing spirit disapeared. They heard
a voice and followed its dictation
without the semblance of a kick.
Easter and Spring.
Sunli-y Knttrpri.
Easier has come again, declaring
afresh the progress and perpetuity
of human lire. It must have been a
part of the plan of the ages, that this
treat test ival should come in spring
time, when all the world is full of
life. As nature, backed by the
spirit of life, cannot remain dead
after the blasts of wiuter have
ceased to blow, so the human life
after it has become partaker of the
divine nature refuses to be subject
to the lord of death. Such a char
acter as Jesus Christ could go into
the grave, but "ho could not be
holdeu of it."
Oentlemen Never Proclaim Them
selves. ChrlitU'OIwnrr.
There are professions and pro
fessions, but gentility is hardly
among theui. Being a gentleman
is something that come, naturally
to a mail or doesn't come at all.
To a degree it is in the blood yes,
but there are many gentlemen that
were low born. And the best proof
that a man is one is not always
found iu his declaration. In this
towu, not many mouths ago, a lewd
fellow of the baser sort, a married
man at that, being ordered by the
head of the family out of a house
which he had iuvadwl with an 11
licit purpose, was at pain, to as
snrc. the landlord, just before shoot
ins bim to death, that he, the mur
derer, was a '-entleman." The
term has liccouie very cheap. It
Is found these days iu the months
of all sorts of call lo wheu they get
started talking about themselves.
The nuiu who is one doesn't need
to proclaim the faetjaud he who
lays claim, iu words, upon tne u
tie, cast, doubt upon his right to it
From Over the State.
1 :.. ... .... I I... -
f the res,,,,!,!. lrre. , the corner of Kleventh l'l'. J. ?
w hite people of the South in thrir jtlrcet and Avenue I. 3
llieiieau man, aitiioiiL'li not veil itiaucii couwy isiuuen iiisiuiiieo
known hv name, was a nieiniier of .overt he stink law, and hoiis- have
the gang, and for davs before his, bceu fired into oa account of It
relations with the negro and his
improvement and well being. They
do not Itelieve iu the social eoiial
negro school at Tuskcgee, Ala.
Mr. nevciand said:
"1 have come here tonight as a
siencere friend of the negro; and 1
should tie very sorry to suppose
that my good and regular standing
in such company needed support at
this late day either from certificate
or confession of faith. Inasmuch,
however, as there may le differ
ence of thought and of scntiineut
among those who profess to "tie
friends of the negro, I desire to de
clare myself as lielongiug to the
I Looker Washington Tuskcgee sec
tion of the organization. I believe
that the days of I'ncle Tom's Cabin
are past. I believe that neither
the deem- that made the slaves
free, nor the enactment that sud
denly invested them w ith the right
of citizenship any mine purged
them of their racial tintl slavery
bred impel feci ions anil deficiencies
than it changed the color of their
skin. I lielieve that among the
nearly nine millions of negroes
who have been intermixed with
our citizenship, there is still a
grievous timoniitof ignorance, a sad
amount of viciousness and a trem
endous amount of laziness and
thrittlcssuess. I lielieve that tln -e
conditions inexorable present to
the white people of the I'liited
States, to each iu his environment
and under the mandate of good
citizenship, a problem, which
neither enlightened self interest
nor Ihe higher motive of human
sympathy will icrmit them lo put
aside. I lielieve our lellow country
men in the Southern and late slave,
holding States, surrounded by
about nine tenths, or nearly eight
million of tliis entire negro popul
ation, and w ho regard their milieu
ial prosperity, their peace and even
Ihe safety of their civilization,
interwoven with the negro problem
are entitled to the utmost con
siderate n rim! sympathy ami
fellowship. I am thoroughly con
vinccd that the ctl'orts of Hooker
Washington, and Ihe methods of
Tuskcgee Institute point the way to
a safe and hcncllcctit solution of the
vexatious negro problem ut Ihe
South; and I know that the good
people ut the North, who have
aided these cIToit and methods
have illustrated the highest and
hcsLcitijtcnship and the most Chris
tian and enlightened philanthropy.
I cannot, however, keep out of
my mind tonight, the thought that
with all we of the North may do,
the realization of our hopes for the
negro, must alter all, mainly de
pend, except so far as it rests with
the negroes themselves, upon the
A Great Sensation.
There was big sensation iu
Ijffbvillc, lnd., when W. II. Brown
of that place, who was expected lo
die.had his life saved by Dr. King's
New Discovery for onsu nipt ion.
lie writes: "I endured insufferable
agonies from Ashma.but your New
Discovery gave me immediate re
lief and soon thereafter affected a
complete cure.'' Similar cures of
consumption, pneumonia, bronchi,
tis and grip are numerous. It's the
peerless remedy for all throat and
lung troubles. Trice fi()c. and f 1.
Guaranteed by Kuglish Drug Co.
Trial bottles free.
ity of the race, and they make uoi death was closely shadowed by
false pretense in regard to it. That
thirl docs not grow out of haired
of the negro is very plain. It
seems to me that there is abundant
sentiment and abundant behavior
among the Southern whites towards
the negro, to make us doubt justice
of charging this denial of social
equality to prejudice, as we usually
ll.ol.lMt-ltlil tliA tm-.i-l,l l't,l li!llut it
is born out of somothiiig so nine h'the
deeper and more imperious than
prejudice as lo amount to n racial
instinct. Whatever it is, let lis re
member that it has condoned Ihe
negro's share in the humiliations
and sHiliation of the white men
of the South during the saturnalia
of reconstruction days, and has
allowed a kindly feeling for the
negro to survive the time wheu the
South was deluded hv a perilous
flood of indiscriminate, unintelli
gent and blighting negro sull'rage.
halever it is let ns try lo lie
tolerant and considerate of the
feelings and even prejudiced racial
instinct of our white fellow country
men of the South, who iu the solu
tion of the negio problem, Is-arthe
heat ol the dav and starrer under
the weight of the white man's bur
den. "There are, however, other con
siderations relative to the features
of ihe negro question, which may
1st regarded as more in keeping
with the objects and purposes of
this occasion. As friends of the
negro, fully believing hi the pos
sibility of his improvement and
advancement and sincerely and
eimliilently laboring lo that end, it
is lolly for use to ignore the impor
tance of the ungrudging co opera
tion on the part of the white peo
ple of Ihe South iu this work.
LiUir as we w ill, those who do the
lifting ol the weight must be those
who Maud next to it. This co
operation cannot lie forced, nor can
it lie gained by running counter to
Soul hern ideas. Before reaching
the question of negroes' full enjoy
incut of civic advantages or even
of all his privileges there lire iin
medialely liefore us and around us
questions demanding immediate
caif, and there in dealing clV'-ct-ively
with those, wecau confidently
rely upon the encouragement and
assistance of every thoughtful and
patriotic citizen of the laud, wher
ever he may live ai:d whatever
may be his ideas or predilections
concerning the more remote phases
of the uegro problem. Honker Wash
ington in Kiciikiiig on the condi
tions and needs of his race has
wisely said:
" 'It is at the bottom of life we
must begin anil not at the top; nor
should we permit our grievam-es to
overshadow our opportunities.' "
"In slimming up the whole mat
ter, there is one thing of which we
can lie absolully certain. When
we see Tuskcgee Institute and oth
ers like it. striving for the mental
and manual education of the negro
at Ihe South, we are in every point
of view rendering him theliest pos
sibles service."
secret serv ice agents under the or
tiers of William S. Klvnii, chief of
the local bureau, who for some
time hail planned a wholesale
round up of the Italian counter
feiters in the cast. The all rout to
Miss Alice Himm-vcI) is a mem
In-rof a house uutv at Hiltmore,
Mr. (ieo. VunderhiU's North Caro
I ma palace.
Mr. II. M. Cates of Orange coun
ty, who died recently, beq neat lied
his comrades which brought upon Waki Korest College in hi. will
hnn Ihe sentence of death is, like
the name of the man himself, still
a secret locked up in the breasts of
gang. The prisoners, all ol j nateit r..r mayor of ilimugton hist
r i.noo. Mr. t ales was an aliimuus
of the college.
William K. Springer was nomi
Eureka Liniment
This Liniment will remove spavin,
splint, ringbones, and all cartilagi
nous growths, wncn
applied in the ear
lier stages of the
disease, and will re
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most common lamc-
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English Drug Company
Campaign For Better Schools-
Kulrlitti N' " Lrlt'-r.
Kvervliody will recall the fact
that the work for the public schools,
particularly for the rural schools
last year, exceeded anything ever
liefore known in North Carolina.
Airaiu this year the Southern Kilu-
cation Board w ill lend a hand, will
put in money, and will caiivus-ithe
State from end to end in Ihe inter
est of school improvement, locitl
taxation and nid of rural schools,
and all oilier things which will ad
vance the interests of the latter.
Some of the brightest men in the
State have consented to take the
stump for this grvit cause, mining
these being Congressman John II.
Small and Kx -lioveriior Jarvis,
each giving nn entire mouth of his
time. There will also be large
meetings of influential women to
promote the movement Tor the im
provement and Ix-aiitifying of rural
school houses, most of winch, are
the most unlovely places iinagi
In Praise of Plowing.
Henry I).
What noble work is plowing,
with the broad and solid earth for
material, the ox for felhiw-lalwrer,
and the simple but ellicicnt plow
for tool. Work that is not done
in any shop iu a crumped positiou,
work that tells, that concerns all
men, which Ihe sun shines and the
rain falls on, and the birds sings
over. You turu over the whole
vegetable mold, expose how many
grill, and put a new aspect on the
face of Ihe earth J It comes pretty
near to making a world; redeem
ing a swamp does, at any rate. A
plowman, we all know, w hist leu as
he drives his team afield.
whom were a lined with huge revol
vers and wicked looking knives,
maintained an attitude of silent,
sullen defiance after I hey were
locked up, mid no iimoiini of per
suasion could get a wonl out of
The secret service men think that
they were actual witnesses of the
meeting at which the sentence ol
death on this man was pronounced,
for Monday uighl there was a con
ference of several members of the
gang now iu custody iu the rear of
the butcher shop of l.ila l.ailuc. at
III Stanton Must. Seeret service
ofliccrs wele watching the gang.
T!ic dead man was there, hut while
the others conversed iu low tones
in the store the who wasallei'
wards killed stisid alone in front ol
the store, lie may or may not
have known that the men a few
feet from him were discussing his
death. 1 1. any event, within a
short lime afterward he went away
with two other ineiiiU-is of the
gang who joined him at Ihecoiiclii
siou of the conference. The secret
servicemen lielieve two men were
appointed to do the killing. There
may have liccii others iu it, hut the
ageuls think these two men spent
Ihe night with the victim, and at a
time arranged at the cnnleiciicc
took him ton convenient spot and
cut him to death. When arrested
they did not gel a chance to put
up a fight, for the detectives out
iiiitulicrcd them, and knowing the
character of Ihe men handled them
very roughly.
Threatening the Preachers.
A-Ilrvllk- hl-l-tit.-li. Mih.
W. M. Vines, pastor of Ihe First
Baptist church of this citv, and
president of the A nil Saloon
ague, yesterday received an
iiuonvmous letter threatening him
with harm if he docs not cease agi
tation against disorderly houses.
The letler is supposed to have been
writteu hv an inmate of one ol
these houses, and reads:
"licv. W. M. N ines: Isecinlhe
papers every day that you preach
ers are doing everything you can
to break up our dens, as you call
them. Now I just want to sav to
you (hat we don't bother yon nor
your churches, ami all Unit we ask
of you is to let us alone. We have
disgraced ourselves and can t mar
ry uuylsHly Is-tter than ourselves;
therefore we have lo live, and now
I say lo you that if you do break
us up mid e.iuse us to leave our
homes oil w ill 1m- lelt iu the same
"Now I just w ant lo say to yon
this, that if you don't let us alone
you will regret it as long nn you
live. Some of us are just mean
enough to do anything to get even,
mid if we have to leave you may
lisik out for trouble, for it is laid
up for you."
Mr. Vines said that he did not
doubt the genuineness of the letter,
and thought it was written by an
ignorant woman. The preacher
slid today that he had received a
letler from a tucnilier of his congre
gation putting him on his guard
iiL'iiinst attacks on account of his
utterances against law-breakers uiid
saloons, and to licwarc of traps laid
If a cily mail owns a garden
twelve feet square what lie d.iesa't
know about farming Uu t worth
kn riug. .,-
Timbers of oak keep the old
homestead standing through
the years. It pays to use the
right stuff.
"Men of oak" are men in
rugged health, men whose
bodies are made of the sound
est materials.
Childhood is the time to lay
the foundation for a sturdy con
stitution that will last for years.
Scott's Emulsion is the right
Scott's Emulsion stimulates
the growing powers of children,
helps them build a firm
foundation for a sturdy consti
tution. Sand for fre sample.
SCOTT av BOWNE, Chamlttw.
409-418 Pwart BtrMU . Nv York.
BOe. and .I.OOl all druaalsta.
Thursday, his opponent being lion.
A. M. Waddell. who has Ihs-ii
mayor since the revolution w hich
drove out the negroes and licpuh
lieans in l-V'.s.
Henry McCain, a telephone line
nan at Durham, fell a distance of
:;o fiH-t from the lop of a pole to a
stone pav ement. He fell headlong,
but turned a complete somersault
and caught on his lcc and was nol
seriously hurt.
The colored citizens of Newls-rn
held a baptism Sunday in which
all prev ious records were broken
as to the nuinls-r baptized. Then
were over I.n candidates for iin
incision and it is estimated 5.0(10
w itucs-cd the baptism
Frank and I. m y llnlline and their
father were tried at lieidsv ille last
week lor concealing ifroo which Ihe
woman had found in the road.
Frank, who was proven to have
made a tool of hit fit her mid sister,
wiis given six veal's, the old man
one year, ami Lucy was dismissed.
The relatives of Cupl. Henry C,
(i.irrell, who was killed at the bat
tie of Seven Pines iu Ini!' have
just had returned lo theui from
Massachusetts a gold watch, which
was taken from dipt, tiorrell's
dead body alter the battle. Mr.
.1. II. I'arrisof i reciisboro, nephew
of the dead soldier, comes into pos
session of the watch.
Items From Anson.
Mr iu:,. mul lnl linit'iiri'i.
J, II. Trav or, w ho was convicted
iu the SuHrior Court of this county
in lliol of cracking a safe ut Mor
veil, and who w as sentenced to ten
years in the penitentiary, made his
escape from a convict camp near
llillsbnro last Friday.
During a hard shower last Mon
day morning an old shelter fell on
Miss Vic Thrcalt, who is a daugh
ter of Mr. Thus. Threat t of While'
Store township, painfully iiijuiing
her. Miss Thrcalt had gone under
Ihe shelter to look after a young
calf when the accident occurred.
It was at fust thought she had been
killed, hut she soon revived and is
now getting on very well.
Mr. Willie Kaylield, who lives
just across Ihe line in South Caro
lina, passed through Wadesboroon
his way home from Charlotte,
where he had liccii iu a hospital for
the purpose of having one of his
legs amputated. Mr. Bayfield in
jured his leg about twelve mouths
ago mid cancer of the bone set in,
making amputation of the limb
necessary, llie operation was en
tirely successful.
Bra Fife in a New Role-
Shiti'.i llli-'-k.
Key. W. P. Fife, known as the
"drummer evangelist," w ho form
erly did considerable business in
his line in North Carolina and who
held a meeting in Slatesville about
n dozen years ago, has blossomed
out us a dealer in mining stock iu
Texas. File is a North Carolinian
and after he took lo preaching he
worked this part of the country for
all there was in il mid then drifted
West. For some time he has licen
holding meetings iu Texas,
dently the evangelistic business
isn't as good ns it once was, for Mr
Fife ami his son, Will, have est ah-
Fsheil a business in San Antonio,
Texas, under Ihe name and style
of the Fife Investment Company.
: their object lieing to sell mining
stocks lo enrich their customers.
It is explained, by the way, that
Mr. Fife has stopped preaching on
account nf his throat, physicians
have ordered In in lostop, etc. liev
Dr. J. C. Howe, of the Methodist
Church, used to say that whenever
a preacher gets to making money
or thinking more about making
money than he does about his cal
ling, forthwith he HUlUys an attack
of throat trouble and has to quit
preaching. It is probable (hat Mr,
Fi fe, hav i ng made al I he could onto!
the evangelistic business, found it
expcudiciit to change his calling
and the throat trouble thus came In
Makes a Clean Sw eep.
There', nothing like doing
thing thoroughly. Of all the salve
you ever heard of llucklcn s Ami
ea Sidve is the best. It sweeps
away and cures burns, sores, cuts,
bruises, bolls, ulcers, skiu erup
lions and piles. It's only '-'.V. and
guaranteed to give satisfaction by
kDgli&b Drug Co.
gently sways the dairies, and llie
laik'ssoiig is like a silver) water
fall in the sky. 'Tis pleasant while
strolling to hear the music of the
gentle linsie as it comes softly
murmuring through the soli green
leaves. I lur hearts should all go
up ill praise to Him who dwelleth
on high, whose merries arc !"' '"an
The health of our ilhige is very
good, tilad to say our physician,
Dr. . H. Smith, has some time
for pleasure and smrt.
We have an interesting Sunday
Mrs. X. C. Hasty was on the sick
list last Sunday.
Mr. Frank Uaiicom and family
of Salisbury are visiting his father,
Mr. liiley Biucom of this plats'.
.Miss ,iigie Mnclair Is spen.iing
sometime at Norwood.
Mr. ami Mis. K. (i. t faddy have
returned home from a visit to their
daughter, Mrs. Kirk of Palmer
The leu davs' lessons in vocal
iiiu-ic did our young people good,
"lis erv sweet to listen to the
songs us they float on the air and
lie away.
The scenery at Olive Branch is
grand, indeed. We are looking
and anxiously awaiting Mr. Hale
of .Monroe to come down and pho
tograph some of the licautilul
scenes. We know he will irive sat
isfactioii and justice.
Dr. J. I Bust's health is lieltcr
hau usual.
Mr. Adam tireen's family's fu
neral will 1m- preached by licv. A.
I'. Davis next Sunday at 1 1 o'clock.
Much success to The Monroe
loiirual and its subscribers.
A FlitDMi.
A Thoughtful Man.
M. M. Austin of Winchester,
lnd., knew w hat to do iu the hour
if need. His wife had such an uu-
usual ease of stomach and liver
trouble physicians could not help
her. He thought ol ami tried Dr.
King's New Life Pills and she got
ief at once and w as finally cured.
Duly '.'."ic. at Kuglish Drug Co' a,
The Country at Large.
The legislature of Pennsylvania
has just passed a law which appro
priates ii i,, iiio.oi mi lor improving!
mil building roads.
t Beaumont, Texas, hisf week.
;i careless workman kicked over a
imp w hich started a lire that de
stroyed ril.oiiii.iMKiof proM-rty and
broke up live oil companies.
mob ut Jopliu, Mo., took an
unknown negro tramp from jail
and hanged him from a telephone
pole. I he negro had shot and
led a policeman who was trying
to arrest several negroes suspected
nf theft.
l!cv. Dr. Milburn, for years past
aplaiu of the United Stales Sen
ile, ami a lecturer of wide reputa
tion, has just died while on a visit
iu t'illil'oi nia. He lost his sight at
the aire of five years and was know n
us the blind preacher.
t Shrevcport. La., a white wo
man, Mrs. .Matl hews, was killed
and her little daughter almost
killed. Reasonable suspicion fell
upon a negro, w ho was caught and
lynched. It allerwards turned out
that the murder had liccu com
mitted by a white man, probably
Mrs. Matthews' own brother-in-law.
i ii j -1- i
' .'. !,
I - - I n ! - - -. ,-.
'. . i..' ,
Why .Men V.arry.
i I-. Km-.
An editor sent out circular let
ters to a large number of married
men, and :c-kisl tlieiu why they
married. Here arc some of the
I didn't intend to do it.
licence I dn! not have the ex
perience I have now.
That's what I've Ix-en trying
for eleven Jeiil-s lo liud out.
I thought it Mould In- eheaper
than a breach of promise suit.
Thai's the Mine fool question
my fi ie mis ask me.
1 wanted a eoiiiiuioii nf the op
posite sex. N. U.-She i still op.
I was lonely and melancholy and
wanted some one to inaUc me live
ly. She makes ine very lively.
"Struith and viii -r c unc of
? K'd food, duly digcfti. I. 'F.irce,'
a readv-t ) s ive wheat and barky
fax!, adds n : burden, hut sustains,
iU'wishis, invigorates."
To Cure a Cold in one Day
Tak.- Laxative Ur an Oiiiiiine Tabids.
All ill 'it:i;isLs r, imul llir money it it
tails to i-tire. K. W. Iliove's sis'H'i
tin c is on cue ii Imx. .-s ti:il,
Men who spend the most of their
time sitting aronml saloons are sol
iloui able to stand prosperity.
A man would almost rather be
married toauy woman lliantohnvc
to do business w ith her,
' Crippled Operator of a Blind Tiger.
A remaikdMe arrest was made
ise.r C'lllinsville, Polk county,
!jst wi ik, in the person of Nancy
dobirt. She was charged with
ut.u'ing wlii-key and acknowl-
jvicJ that she was guilty and luJ
j U-en f ) engaged far many years.
Nic has been unable to walk a
1 step I t 22 years.
When she lost the use of her
1 ivvir limbs she was told that she
cotiK! make a living selling whis
key ur I that being badly crippled
she tteulj never be molested,
and being in greatly straitened
circumstances she promptly acted
upon this advice.
She perhaps would not have
j found herself in the meshes of the
j law had she not commenced re
cently to sell on Sunday and
! drinking nun began to meet at
her luue on that dav, get drunk
! ,md disturb the quiet of the neigh-
bcuhord. This lead to her being
repi rtt-J to the revenue authori
i ties and to her arrest by Deputy
' Marshal T. C Israel of Itender-
son ville. When the commission
er. Col. J. A. Thorn, learned of
her condition he sent the marshal
; to her home. She admitted her
guilt and promised not to violate
the law in this respect any longer.
The commissioner neither sent
iier tu jail nor required her to give
bond, but reported the case to
; I'nitcd States District Attorney
II -It hi. Notwithstanding her
, helpless condition she has for
: many years crawled on her hands
and knees and cultivated her gar-
den and raised all the vegetables
she needed. She owns a small
j The dev il gets big dividends out
of anv venture he goes into.
One can get a point from almost
any paper and several from
paper of pins.
sysy sysy sysysy sy sysy WWWW
i Drink Euvita,
The- now fountain diink that is just thi thing. It makes you
A 'eel goo,), because it banishes all your troubles, and makes
you glad you are living, l'uvita is non-alcoholic and non-
stimulating. It is one of the greatest digestion aiders on
a earth. You ran cat what you want and as much as you want
Y and never be troubled w ith indigestion if you drink Huvita.
It is not a diug, but a pure wholesome beverage, and equally
a as delightful in summer as in winter. Ho who drinks Kuv:ta
f drinks health. Don't fail to give it a trial. Five Cents, at
4 C. N. Simpson, Jr.'s Soda Fountain.
Established 1873
I ncorporated IQfll
$100 Reward, $100
The readers uf this paper will he
pleased to learn that tliei e is at lei si
one iloadril disease that uricnre has
been able to cure in all iin n ml
that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Ciur
is the only punitive cure now known to
llie medical fraternity. Calarih bc;ne.
constitutional disease, requires a
constitutional tieatineiit. Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure is taken internally, aetuiK
directly upon the hlood and mucous
surfaces ut the system, thrreny de
stroying the foundation of tlio disease,
and kiviiik the patient stieue.tll by
litiildiiif; up the constitution and assist
iiig natme in doing its wolk. The
proprietors have so much faith in its
illative powers, that they offer one
llumhrd Dollars lor any case that it
fails tu cure. Send for list of testi
inoliials. Address,
F.J. C11KNKY4 C,
Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by druggists, 7c.
Hall l family pills urtf tho best.
Young man, if a girl declines Ihe
offer of your heart and hand it is
up to you to make her regret the
lost opportunity.
Robbed the (irave.
A startling incident is narrated
by John Oliver of Philadelphia as
follows: 'i was in an awful eondi
thin. My skin was almost yellow,
eyes sunken, tongue coated, pain
continually in back and sides, no
appetite, growing weaker day by
day. Three physicians bad given
me up. Then 1 was advised to use
Kleetric Hitters; to my great joy,
the first bottle made a decided im
provenient. I continued their use
for three weeks,and am now a well
man. I know they- robbed the
grave of another victim." Xo one
should fail to try them. Only 50
cents, guaranteed, at English Drug
to s.
Carolina Marble
and Granite Comnanu.
Our business has been mote than satisfactory since opening in
Monroe, and we now have on hand as nice a stock as can be found
at any yard in the State.
Yc have just received some new and specially handsome designs,
and we invite the inspection of all persons needing anything in our
No grave, however humble, should be allowed to go unmarked.
We ran make a job to suit the price you are able to pay.
Cull for designs and prices.
Carolina Marble and Granite Co.,
J. F.. i:FIKD, Manner. MONROE, N. C.
Yards at Slatesville, Salisbury, North Wilkcsboro, and Monroe.
Savings. Loan ana Trust 60.,
Office in Dillon's Furniture Buildine, directly south of
and fronting the Courthouse,
Organized under the laws of the State of North Carolina.
Officers: R, B. Rodwino, Pros i dent; J. M. Bolk, Vice-Prei.;
F. H. Wolfs, Cashier.
Directors: J. M. Bolk, A. W. Heath, A. J. Price, J. I. Orr,
O. S. Loo, Dr. J. B. Eubanks, R. B. Redwine,
J. W. Bivens, J. Z. Green.
Invites personal and r.tlier accounts large or small subject to check at
sight, an J allows interest oa agreemeut.
Issues certitiestes uf deposit on which interest ii paid. Acts as agent for
municipal and private corporations or individuals.
Buys, sells and rents real estate and personal property.
Authorized by law to act as Eieeutor, Administrator, Guardian, Agent, etc.
Can accept any trust for which an individual is eligible.
In trust mailers the company will recognize any reputable member of the
bar to which they may be instrumental iu placing io its charge. By this
means clients may continue to benefit by the oversight of their owo counsel
and at the same tune secure corporate responsibility.
Endorses or guarantees the payments o( notes or other obligations.
Lends money at all limes on approved security or on laud.
Makes bonds for offices, und in crimiual or civil judicial proceedings.
Savings Bank feature-deposits iu small sums for saving a specialty.
Procures lusus for borrowers and will Bod borrowers for those dtsinog to
lend money.

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