North Carolina Newspapers

    Hust Not Break I p liirJV Nest
As this is the seasoa of the )ti
ben birJ ate nuking their aril
anil Itin,; their egs-s, e wish t
am boys and seme Rron Mb
that they mast not wantuiily de
Mr.y th e nes's and eget. Th
Ut legislature a Uv (or
bidding this, and any person vio
lating this Uw be Rui!ty i( a
niidt mranor.
The t-ir is nt protected by thi?
! are English siatrotas. ols.
hawts, crws. blackbirds, jack
daws and rice birds. Thtir nests
and etj may be destroyed, b'H
yau n.u-t not dclr;y the licit ci
est I uvh I irdi s pjitride.
Iuif, J ts, r.ibins. smi'cs,
nioi kint ir h etc. Tell this to yiui
lei;!U.r, s th,it I hey may not
itH'iJialy vi lite the la, h
f.irnur is interested in thus pro
tecting the b.r H. which destiet
the t'ujjs and inects on his (arm
Negro ISoy to He Hanged.
K.1.I-...Y .UN i
J ht 1 iMhia., the nefo bo
murderer (f Si.lmy ll .iii, mi
lung lor his crane t n the ;nd cl
this month, between the hours of
twelve and two in the uftern on
ihej'iiy reached a verdict of
guilty witlii.i mtect; iiiinutts alter
they h id rstirttl Sentence a
passed by J uie L-ng today
Cjunsil I.t ue(ense maJe a stub
born fiLt S .licit r Graves
speech was a slroi and notablt
efl rt.
Uroa Jn.ix h it the- farmer and
his niece, Miss SaKie Walker, and
was in the act of plundering thi
house when arrested. Miss Wal
ker's injur is wuj slight, A spe
cial term 01 c 'url c Tivene i at
Wentwurth ( n Mcnday U try tin-case.
A firm of London engineer ft- Rtorattntativt Bur' story of Nta
eently had contra, l to put a heat- Baidhcaded Bust.
in plant in country i-b.un.-. Usual! natomen are avtMtiwe
1 here local plumber who sn- j f their"nvuliaritio and phoua!
etrd the contract. Tlw lamdon tirm 1 infirmit,,. hut this i n.t trie ..f
i!ij.l..el the local plumber on the lleproentatue H.irk of te T" r !
'.!. Vh. n the apparatus a em- j lVimMhunu d.-tn. I. The genial
J!eted, it did not ami the church, and diminutive le.'i.i.nor niak. n.
I'arefal search dii-l.d a bundle of ' attempt to eomvuf the fact that ho
lrw at a vital point. The local ;,-a a natural lookm :j over a
plumlier had had hi revenge. ; milium a bereft of hair a a Maid
rt. . . .... . . . i , -
me same enn set up a empie: en ll.ti"i appie.
heating apparatus in a hi London I At a dinner one mit he relateil
t to. These ojHmuon. entail, of , a on liuu lf with j;r it jrl.v.
enurve, Jeranj:.-in. tits i.f daily life in h mm. that Mr. I'.ark t.ok a trip
the All, it a thoutht. er i a'. Mad a ear or a: :ir'd earn, 'i
proMd,df.rilhtip. Hut when the J ith him'an tntrdu. torv hit.r to
!.rw lighted ti.e p'.d-e not
anu.d. A ruaiui r and a h"!e
-la.f of a .rkim n nt a day in m-M-u-.iti.'ii,
and l.i le at i:;l.t a ..vit
a found tu:fid nun tiie erueial
ai:ie. It Ih '.ohihI to a man ho
bad licen overUniked in the distribu
tion of tip.
a rvnoami! t'atholie pr.t who a
eoiui.H till with t!ie Vacean. T: e
prv'iiie, ho i -oni. M:).n of a i.
iMiilnvid in hate Mr. 1, rk v. , . t a
pr-!:. !ii:t "j!pt.r. T'-o !.ii . r
a.ri-i.i !.i fiake n niirbie !'i! of t:,e
tnoi h' ,' olon fur I e s o:
. Mr. H'.irk eould not -pare t
AcCctatai' IVparationfur As-
similnnns aVfAliiivli:cub -1
UbS tbc Sk jakJtS oat IVmv IS rf
j time lor itl:nj
i to tll.K
in an add.-e U-forv the amtarr ,,,
eon.T. " at Ma:iehot r. Kniatfl. I . ,
IT. . ,N. Mia nia-le the hutiK m-
I. ret;t'.t' suiro -lion that It way be -pi,,. B(!ijrrvj
pratiea!.'e to ivmov the smoke of ! j.4j ,.;. H.
riat i".tie m a manner oiueluit ;,f:,ru.ird; !
n-eiiit.iiti tliat m !u.-!i their er-
uje is lis.-C(l "i. He al. uiate.
at about .,1'ifci.iiini tons of mokv
air woal.i have to be rvmoed frrm
.oiul.m every day in order to kivp
io-phiTe e!ean. It taKes
l.o'Hi. ton- of water a dav to car
ry off the sewage of London. Five
hundred eleetrieaHy driven fans
pa, i delivering V'm'.hhi eutue ftvt of
air per itunute, would carry off aM
:-elio!d smone of London.
YPtat the va. t eot woii'd U- lr.
iw did not kvott, ! .t he t!io.ii:ht
tl.e re.-u!t nii.-l't be worth the co-t.
avr vim v. wna;
ApTfc-cl Uci!.'dv forrenslir-i
lien. Sour Suonich Hi.,uhmM
eni.l oiiii!-iuis lewrih
For Over
Thirty Years
l"ew l.iiilts are io.t. et many
I'ltiliiue v -blum knocks
iliMu- of tile kiiiu ki i.
at the
Stolen sweets
r.ian's dijetit
l'ieiiit'iitly upMt a
app tialu.
Some ea;nliiliite are like the itch
they M-t ieop!e to -eratt hiii;.
Many a ni.iu thinks he i- mut
lit heart Lee.. use his eiiuvioiice
troubles him.
The faith cure h.i tn elli
love. Only absence of l.uth
that disease,
1 ' w
a ov insunuui
Coiii);inv for
Unimi County.
I ne new insur . ncc company
will insuro our life for the bene-
tit of V 'Mir f im i : v vheii yen are
dead and ij--nc. This is oc:
The undeiS'cned linn will in
sure you j; r oiir L'eiuitt wliiit
you live. Tins is belter.
The insur .ii. e companies ill
sure our lile, t m-ura ycur
pjeket bo. k.
We viil iii.snre Jttti ;o, in
cheap and slh.Hidv piods; iii;aiii
linht weights; as;, oust hkdi prices
nejanist iiissa;i-i icti. n lit v n .t t ten
Ret for vom mom v, r 'nit chick
ens ami nii-i, or any t th r pro
duce 5 on in iy li m; to Sell.
Votir p. i . y i;;i t,s will cost
you in.thi-ii; v. h ti vi r We art
Mm piy in me m: r irio e i.usintss
and in.aa to t!;e s.j i ire mid
fair thiiij; ly ou when jttu fur
us with your trade.
We earnestly Solicit jour p't
ronatje. and invite you to wtiijh
after us, tin .isure niter us and
compare our prices and floods
with any in the State.
We will be satisfied with your
investigation am) so will you.
(iive us a chance at your pro
duce. Thanking our many friends and
customers for their favors and
patronage the pas', we beg a
continuation of the same in the
future, and especially invite the
public generally to give us a trial.
Hill & Bivens.
j tratiif -oion for I e :e: o: j j
pa ret-
. -O 11 '. J
a p.a-:.rea-t ,-i m i . a i. I
.-itat. d the r. i-i.oal i f t'.e I A'-mm -
i pi
. of iv.r-f. the a-t .s HI Hw
:.. Lii.i. I i- I li
O-t.-l:,. '..!., ! :i
I I.
V--! ;
it .1 , I ll
i'.itv, i..v - i i.'-i ii. a . e
. , ,: I I I' lUSSOIKII.tlSHlIt IJ-.H".
til -i-iilt. t'.e h ,-t ijti.f to l';..c . il- !. facsimile SiCaiilurf of I ':
i.!iMM..r..l t:,,.k.M:.,., :..J , OLfZU. j
j I- ,'7k 'i'-u M-'i'e v Vit't'f ai'' ,,,yrV,M-
Setting a Jfwel. I 8 S
..i-:-t K.S ,,:. tv-pn-idc-it of I t.v.S-cCFvc--w?P., , y
j -:: artlt i! r . d and hatid-ome 8
An Odd Claar Mo d.r. t ?! J- ' ' f h.i Nose Bumt Into Flantea. Cui T.,t- 0
Senator Kiuite N.1-,,, of Mi-me. i W' A, '"'! -..V-f'- !u' - .,.. "";,,,., ! 5
som j, u-iu,- a ie,r hokin- von- --T'Tr"!?'' 'fT t I-1 .".e:.,!, 1 day r ;.;;7'.' "'",''", -'";'- X
r ci.-ir !i!der. He fts, i'kL K r. . .:u.y on 1 s;..; -., .1 to ii-ht a ci- .".,.V. .'..".'ril;.,; 9
in regard to ,: "A few wars lvt V' IV F:..'.';.. "'.luiT, 5
it.--" i e-ircd a ; !; f..r. v., m,. W W W i, ; hs i,.ro. -;:V;::L'.:.;:;;:.;t;--
I' .PI in the e. i!-:is o-'i.v, imd everv JW . t if' A . row.l a-,-!!. - ,.. w !.:.e tl.e tllltol- ui.a , :- . : ... ., .,, ,. 0
e.,.e in awhile he thiitk.i, is time,;, ! Itfft. X'f vf yXrii
r,oi:;i:d me that he nwreciaies .J 1 rMvj 5 , .'' p" ieetiiaii tooil.i-a b a pi.arnu. : --oc,.-. i Q
the favor. t :-t he u-e'd' to s, nd " 1 -M i 1 , u U"i'' L Uu!i yt' X
me ' iar v.!!ain.e;s otie-n!i 1 I A W, ,1 ' -"- A, . x.,-. ..tiot, of the ,.--,.MtX 8
!'na"v reni-i-tri-.d with l.itn for tV i' Vr "" tc.t itwa, tu.-ide of . t.. ' 8
s-, .,.!;.,. hi. mi.m.v ,,.vd .-v. I" n i K.JJ ' V' Kf'T "''"''J ' 1','r w I-1' School Election. 8
lie to.A to' Ill, tic. T !:..-:. rs. 1 NVflS I Jf 1 ii. to- , ..... ,...,.,11
'.! .- ti e in is f,t- lied frmi J3 K ' I " ' ; 1 .-.... M . ,!,.. to, a.v
th.. h.o,w ho:,,. ,.f a turkev wmc li 7 . ' i !;,:l;;;X,,V,;t;.;.,:3rs
y,Mi,:ei;r,,ea:,:ih!;!, hKeit i... M I f ' j . .vv;:' U' e ;' ::r c.o ..r ,;r-o;;:;
et on !"'''. i..i von; it io.. a trine tft'U I 't?M i ' I "" " -: " !l ' -i .-,...,i .i.
cures 'q I'M i't fake, a !:neMi,okeo..t Mi1 I'STZi ' U u l"''-' " t"'-' r: "Z.'rSl'
of a t'laan ei -ar " y'li Tlfc ,w , ""'''t wt''1 ' '--'- t a ... i t,.-r
The Cartoonist. ' lJL f W ffij M I I :" i-i :..i:.v. wall niter. ' ' "' ' "V m vkim ;. ,k
. -Mr. l-nneh- !ia- .1; vored ;h, i 5VwH . !f W "" '"' ' I'l'rll-
t ... , .. , , , ,1 VCi Vf I tUll fe'lliil. I nil ellein. I.a,le!l. .
fa.-t thai the o,..y ,...,.,s where the , , M ,n,,r v.., et,..,.,t ..f trim,,. City Ordinance.
iario.,.:-t and can, ,ir:ri-t lire safe St iff y evvitt, ttlwi It. hi.a s li:.. Iioali.l. . ' V'' '" ;'"
are nr.iatit aiM I inn. I I t " I but a enreriil euaul .1 ..,ii. Le left not , .. ,r.. .r, a i,;,i,,.
Stales. In I- ran.-.., be on to " to o.n:,v. .' Lv ...'li of tav 1' v """ '"r ' i"-' t-.nii im
-ill', tne i arto. l,i-t 1. liKele to be I AM ui r a jm I li li xi l have H i.r l . !.vi ," U.h i n;i i he e. .lo er-at ion. ; , , r !,.. .i . ,. i ,.-.,a, a I i .i i..r
.h'alientil to it due!. In liertnatiy , Hi.r a jn.ti. ' t" w. t.,i;..u i im .r ywi. J "XirlZX tX'mJ"'-..
there are laws itbo'it leie inn lest v. 0l''k' The tar a ijutte "f . ...e sii..u; , ;,rr r i,'.,'i ,Vf
The Turkish caricaturist, if there is ..!, d. and the j.n.:lsI ftoiiam ' I !' ",lm; j '' '" ' '"V'e'iS nur s,.r,
im. Mich l.cin luedonthetiteraw f!oo, f,,r ,.;,u;t. l!.;:i, ,,;, inr.- J."ns n I.-I..I. m.d ""u".
I. one week afi, r takmo no ll. orofes. b r a s. at. d a-t u- she e.oe ill. " " - 1 "' ' i KlACtlnn WntioA.
. ' ., J" i . i . , , , ., . i.t it L.: .11. it Lv t!...-wi, ,
in:.. In I hma the ftt.ituak.-r is !' M vd t- s t ;! ,.,,, M1!l,.,, r ,,, ,.,,,. ,,,,., i r,; rr.riV'.''..".'.'...::,:, V.( S'.f
liaM." tit ili.-iiietii!.eriner.t, llie oc.-ii- '!. a. " s r. a. i,.::.- i-r a -,i.n. ,,, ,, ,, ,,, i ,v o. .Ut i m.-mi,. !... f..t h',.- 4
" '"'ini; made a public holiday, Mr. ar-e and. ton, bin- ti. ,, f,,,, . ,mmih, : ;;';Xv;-!; ',5
with fireworks in the evening. ."""ti; l;-h:!v u:i ti:e arm, erM w..uS.l .1 . f-r ti e n.n .1 wln.-li 1 m-.t. :..i t..r i.,,.,,,,.,.. ,, i.'..,,,,. ..( .u.
otT-r-d 1.. r his . iit. Tiie yoatitf le . ,. n,-uTy of tk .billy nu- '."."".'.iv ,', :.'! "?;.';.! ?.r "..-lr,,I'
Lorenj Couldn't Wndonitand. w . c::;) !, slid ,1; 1 o I ne nr-cT, r.d , hi.e tine. i.i ,. ,,. ,ii ,, 1. ...,., it if. ,.ci .i.s-: 4
The far-eon, of New York have daintily mid, tiiri:.iia' to Air. ;a;i, !"."';:!,"'. ?fTC''Hm-
' imluL'ed in t cii-idenihle unit raid: r, ... ., , , , . , saw,,.,., e ,.., it,,.,!. M,.r.' .i,,n..
, 1 i ' .... , ., P.-.ttl, Kubchk and Insurance. n .,,, I t li . k. o. i J K. Ki,;!,-1, a
i ui.iu-i in, m over the iiuimier hi Nr. veti ur. u jec iim-t!;.' men. tl , ., ,.; , t -i
, . , . .. ... , ... , , J , , . , ll u a- ,i .ii, . 1 .i.ti w o: i 'iiiiit , il
. whi. Ii the hi! h lun.-inice ;a.. at i Us t-ardoti. toitti ' raid , ,; ., - ' ' n -" io.i. t titr
- Mr. jvim-nickiv. toachinH.- hat. i , ": ".:v":. . : . v . 7,17 izzzr """
... , , ,,: i- inn, n. i.i n ii i , ,, ,, ,, a p.-r- , , , .
I mil hut ii t, t hr, lird 1 hate ju-t ..,.,, r s. i , , J 1 ' B i.l ..f m. ,m v M'.
I v , ... ' I .li:;in,e ..r ?T.t'"l i"r tola! l.-s ,..-,., i , ... ,, ,h,.
s,t a J,,.el. ,.rk linns. , ..,:,. 1,,, J,,, ,lrau,t "".v"' ' """
w ill.' - - - ... ' r ."" """
Hi Pronounced It -Budge." l '' '""'"",- -toooi;;.!! sue is iio.r- , i,'r V , '-.'l-n 11 "
rv !,.n ;;;: a wt-i. rn hank- . 1 ' . ,irs ''' . .. . -i .i .-a i e nLik, , ,i m . i.r.-,m
, ,j ,; t!, :.: f ii ,i ... ill- nil.-r.-tui-,- b. iv to re. -ad tin- ao-i:. ,.i ,i w.m. M.rt.n.
I ii-hc-l for Mr. ,,, fa. t that K;i! !,:;..!., at,M won. er -u VTZ'l.i''.""
j I la tciiii jterloru,, rs, has 1ns richt , i, ,', k 4 t -,.,,.,.
I aia! in-i;r.-,l a :,u!l-t u- t-,,I. -lit. lor ' ! "- " '', ''e ,.I M air. r ,1.-
i-lo.eoo, !,;;,. (.,tal di-ale, meiit of 't -',' .fu! ;.'m .uT.?!!'"
b - I- ft arm would i-ioi- him i?.",0,- 'ii " :V. T.. Vi'.'. -!'. l. i' . ,','"vV.'.
l"0. 1,1 II he tours, f persons " ' ...n-.-.,. ,.f U.,r r,'-,. ,',,.. ;,r.i- ,',n'j"
1 :. , ' 1 , t.r.l.o-. o,. to,. II. I,, l-ll, ai,,-...l, ,!,,; ...f April.
i.'e ...! I "oo "- iuofii l "...ui , n:,it.l ,n Hi, el,-,",,,,,
au .....i ,:..,.. s o,.,e ,iv.;,;.;,a'w,r,t.
i " ' C SIK Is. 1l,h I ttar.l.
UItilftlM il.H.r In I
- " IfiflSTflRIA L. ' m 1
ir.Mi i n i - 8 mi. tti $
tu ..... ., . Tt..r.f.(,:ii. x - m mm uw v v
ThP Kinrf Ynu Havn 8 w
Ml II aw a UUUtlll O .Tsx' I' -"l 7H I I 1 .I
V ' u !X WXXX T X Vi. UXllaUVX JLfllUl$
, ASiom.iriirfl X i ll II S S
, -o - m t w.m ww
IM - 1 M .1 wV "BaaWBWBWBWBWBWBW ' - -W
' - rr r.
aixtv . aruMS. thoi i. itaoMC.
I , omiiiD.
Adams, Jerome i Armfleld,
Trartire in all tbe C crti. State acd
I FeJeral The m fuirn.rnl of rstatra
or rxrccSrs.aunouttiatora a tpmiab
ty. Carrfta an4 tl.lirut attrutioa
Siwo to thr ft tecl.-sure of luurtKagra
aud Collection ot cUiok. Uoitr
oane-J without rtrx-osr to len Jer. Ail
..titat.oo iTO procipt and caniul
jlleultou. Littice rast of cotirllioui-e.
Pn'les Oice.siioriCritvrftd
ne5 an.1 lu'si I ettt.uiH iiiI.t
tlmi Mtiih"i" nt'rMua'
Not N.vmcitic.
Attcraej ui imakf it Uf ,
MCXKciK. N. C.
Put tier in ill th State auj Vnitel
Stwt.i lomts.
I auction ,mn to tollrc.
' tmti. .t.' cr itul la ic.
t 1st' lVroii uiritii. J m tits tUlc
air:, t of ..itatra, aiiiiuai tratoit, tic
i cut is, ana iiujul jus ie cscully
tntnra iocji. en t.triti.
Cent. mi. a ai-J oaiu-.tiliut itt.litt. n
j will It (.tteii. at a asoaaltle pii.e.
to till l C4l dusiiirss,
OtHce in courtlieii-FopjxttiteCleik'a
MoNKttE, N. c.,
Solicits thr fatten i? of the people of
i woi.roe ami nrfun.iii( coii.muuitf.
Ca'li answrirj m e'ay I1-..111 Knehsh
' Onut St rr; ,tt ttishl Item feiijenc
on Church street, l'l-one No. 48.
I Attorney.atLaw,
i piactica 111 all .aj V'u...
ej Mat. lour Is. Speciall altrntioa
(jivrii to tbe tettl.n.t ut of esUtra for
; litiai.iiaiis, K.trcut us mi.l AJininu.
1 tratt.r, ana the collection of claims.
I keasonahle charge. Abo ateiit ,:a
1 local attaruty tor the 1'antlier City
j lluitir Ci ii.pjuy. fit 111 which loans
' may he obtain. I on leal e.-tatr. DfT-.ce
; one door east of M. L. Flow Co'l
j store. Phone No. joj.
j attorney and Conasellor-it-Lif,
j MoNaoE, N". C.
I Troinpt attention given to all mat
ters placed iu our hands,
j Maiiaeiiiient of estates for Ruard
j ians. aliuiuistratois an J executors a
specialty. I hartes reasonable,
j Office east f Courthouse, (formerly
occupied by the laic !. A. Cetiiifton.)
People's Baol
j Solicits your at -omit a-i.l I auking
' husint-6s. We KU ii antee A I'M I.I' I li
iSIX'I KIIV. pioiuptnrss au.l all Ilia
I accommodations tint SOl'ND bank-
1 1 it ii 1 i"i; will ,h.. it of, li-tcie.-t i.aiJ. ae-
nuyinp; and si'lliiifj; land is our business cora,(;t .u,.,rl,011(,l,JsllS,tt
1 11 .i-i . . , , ' 'or our st..t.J pel toil. Alwavt ready
and we can handle property winch you may have been unsuccessful ur u,im liu ,.,',.,, n,.,r 7
with yourself. We will also collect rents and buy ni"rte,:ii;es an.l tb I IIUA1 II, Presidciit.
judgments on land. Several f irms, temporary tract and town lot s i
on hand for sale on easy terms, yuit paying rents and buy a home j
with rent money. Will buy for ourselves any real estate in the
county, il (or sale at a bargain.
It is the bst investment a farmer can make. It wil! plant
your corn, fertilise it. and cover it a', tbe same time. Take
out your pencil, figure the saving of futilier. aJJ the expense
of plan.inr; the old w ay, art you w ill have ycur I Hill altnpt
paid for at the cn.l of the season.
The Empire
is decidedly the best on the market. No chain attachment;
no links to slip or break. tu cause ynu trouble or inconvt ni
ence, but a 1'OSITIVK FOKCli 1"1-I'D.
Ask those who have used it if it is not the best Planter sol J.
Take one home and try it; if you Jon t like it, we'll refund
your money. You need it now.
The Heath-Lee
Hardware Co.
1 (i
who have land to sell sheukl list it with us and thereby
have it advertised in the newspapers free of cost.
fail out of I r. la
ren, . -jit-i in:!;,- tbe department
American slan,'. He wan Mnakln
of the fees 1,0 had earn
ht-r-.. "We were told," mid one of
the oi,!i-',T 111. ii. "that v-'it imlle's It or f,.r :,o,ihi,i." "o.
said f he doctor LTavel v; "it was 01 1,
i'i'. It . I not the father . It was
that of the lectio diuifhter.
Gave Himself Away.
Professor I .add, instru, mr in rv
eholooy at Yule, while lecturing he
fore tin; lliellihers of the M'tiior class
short time H uncotisciouslv
pnve himself awav" in thin fash
ion: ".Now, let me illustrate that
int. Hue dav a celebrated psv
cholooi-t 11 world renowned psv
cholov'ist, I niii.'ht say was walking
down the stre.-t when 1 met a little
trirl. and I sun! to her" What the said was drowned in the
outl.ur-t of Luiirhier from the stu
dents. Exclianire.
to Monroo, where you can
soil goods."
No, Thank You!
Store Kent, 150.00
House (uweiiint-i 200.00
Wood 75
extra expense living iu city,.. i$o 00
Extra tax, 100.00
fraying 5000 pkgs, at 3 ceuta, 150 00
Grand Total f 1,025 tw
Stop! Stop!! Stop!!!
I See! I see!! I See!:.'
Let's show our expenses:
For hauling 100 loads at 1.50
per load t r 50.00
Wt will savet yon $ 875.00
Well, Well! Hadn't Thought
of it! Lay (side prejudice and inves
tigste. Give ut a chance. Treat us
fair, and if we can't save you money
it will be time f leuty to go elsewhere
arid pay more.
Our Prices on a Few Things!
Arbuckles' Roasted Coffee 10 cents
per pound; Green Golden Kio, 10 to 15
pouutls to the dollar; Bulk, broken
bean (good drink) 20 lbs to the dollar.
Ffoest lot dress goods out.
We will pay you as much for pro
duct at you will get anywhere.
Youra to terve,
Italian Newspaper Lotteries.
A bountiful villa on Lairo Jfaif-
jrinre i- one of the prizes offered by
a Milan newspaper to regular sub
scribers. Many Italian journals have
organized regular lotteries, with
prizes of 1(10 to io.000. The Me
PHL'tm of Home sends out men w ho
distribute money jtrizes to persons
whom they meet with a copy of that
new spaper in hand.
Mere Honorable Mention.
Maud So Arthur's automobile
ran over trump! What will they
do to poor Arthur?
Kthylle Oh. nothing. The club
rliKsn't pive medals for tramps.
rtitf ago News.
Th other Waalda't Car.
Xfaurli Bnrryroorp, the actor, onee
Journej-M. from a bunting enmp where
he was a guest to a emu II Maine town
for the purpose of seelnr "Hamlet"
acted by a company of barnstormera
Tbe performance was so bsd as to be
fascinating, and Itnrrymora and bit
Mends remained outll the very eud.
As they made their wo- to tbe village
botel one of the party asked the actor
now companies of tbe kind niaaaced
10 exisT.
lion I mow" aald Parry more, "but
tbey sent aD educational purpose."
ney dot HowT"
"Well, If I bad tbe time and mone.
t am aure I coo Id deckle Uis Sbake-
apeare-Bacon controversy after teetnf
tonlitbt't performance."
"Why, Barry, what was there tonight
to make you think tor
"My dear fellow, If the bodies of
Shakespeare and Bacon were disinter
red, roo d And that the real author of
'Hamlet' bad turned in hit grave f
ihjladelpbla Timet.
rr c:i
.V to.
Ii.;,!;.'. s.ils the New York
He pMiioiiiietd it plain "Hudu'.
1 oil want 10 see .Mr. lino
hi. .',, ,i hoc
"No, 1 don't want to s,e Mr. H
jn". 1 Hiit to see .Mr. Ibid
t:te h.,i:lr.
"Weil, there i.- no such man
sua! t'lc :!;, hov.
1 , s, tin re 1.., sin. I tlie t t r 1 1
"I hate been corre-i.oiidm
i' for ten tear-.
do ton spell il ?" nL.d the
oPiee hoy.
"Il-ii-d-j;-e," said the banker.
" spells Hoo-jav," said the
'"Well, ii -pells nudge in Kan
said the hunker, "and I ain't (,'
to boo-jay from this seat until 1 sec
.Mr. biitle."
Hardie's Conservative Statement.
When Keir llardic, the radical
member of the l!riti.-h .nrliain. 11I.
was flr'esteil in Urussels on suspl
.'ion that he had something to d
with the attempt on Kmc Leopold's
life, he was 11-ked to give some 11c
eount of himself. The prisoner le
plied that he was a lnemU r of the
house of commons. "And what i
that?" aked the excited commis
sary of police, "It's n sort nf par
liament, whs Mr. Ilurdif's replv,
and this is lielievod to be the lir-t
contervntive statement he ever mad!
in his life.
Call at Henderson & Hudson's
for FleischmaDo's Yeast, received
fresb tvery day.
You Know What You are Taklnjc
V hen vou take Grove's Tasteless Chill
Tonic because the formu'a is plaiulv
primeu on every bottle slioing that H
is simply Iron and yuinine iu a taste
less fonn. No Cure. No Pay. oc.
Dissolution Notice.
The l,tt"inf lipnrifim'rnt.,l ., iiiol. r 0,.
Arm iiMm.. ,,1 Vl-.rimii hikI i.ntti,, I, a. I. , n . ,1,,
to 11. .. VV lillrftml UiptsiMrtiiPa.h,,Mii olTi
J. O. ,,!...
H l.riitin.
Notice of Administration.
Having this day duly qualified be
fore the Clerk of the Superior Com I
of Union county, N. C, as adminis
trator of John E. Morgan, decease.!,
all persons holding claims against said
estate art hereby notified to present
the same to the undersigned ajiiiiiiij
trttor od or before the 15th day of
March, 1904, or this notice will be
pleaded in bar of their rghl of recovery.
All persona indebted to said estate
are notified to make prompt payment
and save cost.
This the 6th day of March, 1903.
W. G. LONG, Admr.
of John E Morgan, deceased.
Kedwint Stack, Attjs.
An Insinuation.
ir-t lhilh-i Girl-aif course you
imt bell, ve ll. but 11 in. 1:1 o'n-e
111-, If for hoe of me.
Scid K..ii.-t t.irl--Oh, 1 don't
tin, I.t it. 1 , 1.1 inli noiher told tne that ii-i d to do that sort of thing in
ht-r girlhood d.ivs. Chicago New.
.it ,.: .
,1-H. ,lt lile
"Speak louder." said the Judge,
'So the jury ean hear you."
"Why," 11-k. d the witness in aa-toi.i-hin,
lit, "are they interested in
the ease?" Chicago News.
Women a Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouHe rreys urcn the nlnd. dis.
courages and Itisens ambition: b'a-jiy, vicor
-,iS..i . "3 cbeerl'ilneii socn
l"'iF?ear when the ki
pfnV")f ? nr'' are 0li, 01 0,der
4ii Uf if or Ctseased.
"1 j .vi"'.; tT Kidney trouhle has
. .J 1 , teowe so prevalent
v V 1, '"a, iiun-tuncommcn
,1 W N tor a child to bi bjrn
fueled with weak kid-
s. H the chili urtn-
ir trn r.fn II .1.
urine scal is the flesh or If. when the chili
reaenca in are when t shauU t.. n m
control the 'a-trafe, il Is yet afflicied wl'h
oco-wctanr. oeriil upon II. the cause c
the difncui'y Is kidney trout le. and the Hr-i
steo should be towards the treatment cf
inte important organs. This enplea-.ant
troutlt Is due to a diseased condition cf tha
aiancys and b.adder and nol to a habit
tni people suppose.
Wcmea as well ai men are miHn mo.
trails with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the immediate eflect ol
Swamp-Root la seen realised, li u ia
ey arurctsts, in fifty
cent ana am aiu
aizes. You may have a fciv-23'" W
ssmpie Dome 6y mall -scsiji
irco, aiso pampniet ten- hM
Ing ail about H. Including many et Ihe
thousands Of testimonial leftnra rt-reiwA
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
ix.. tJinentmton, N. Y., be sura and
neatioa Ihu paper.
Don't make any mistake, but
remember tha name, Swamp
Root, Dr. Kilrnsr'f Swamp-Roof,
and the address, Binghamton, N.
Y., od tvery bottle.
Take Notico!
1 ,.l l. r.
M. .if.. (
Monday, the 4th day of flay,
!,.(. t',,. f..;!,.M tnt- (,r,,rij . v,. Tin- iitii-ri'-t,
nclo. .ol.-nn.l ,-lMl.-,.f ti,.' .1, li .i.tioit. .li-,,!,
s I oil.-. Ir . in mi, I I,, A on, -i ,,r l,,i ,,f M,, ,,
1 I, i, n .-..linn , N i-, c. ;, ,- ,,f ,.,...
Br;,,i ... M.;j,,iiih,k' tli.. i,i,,,l- ,.f K.C.t W . Hlfiafl
jin.t ,.ii,r .. t-,.:,i,i,e' ,, left m-nii. m..rv or
--. k,,-,w ii ,o tu- M,.ili M. sovmII .l.,i't
li. o-l- ,om.-,I 0. -m,.I .Ihi-.I, ft
I oil,-. Ir . I, , li t r,,voikM.,n mi, I e, N. s,n,
-..ii. w :.i. ..a- l, u.-,l mi l,r II J. HI.i-iih. i,,i.
-!,,. e. ,11 II W!l, ,ttt of lleeflllUT. IM'.'. I'V tlf
Cle -.1 jn .OlKi-llini'lli .. l.y . .. II, j.
I' . t -:,. (n-tiiii,. ,.f H A. St ini,-,. n. jitmntiff.
1 ... l,.,l . the ,,r,.irl ,.f .lHf,,, l.mlp.
.I1. t,, -all-fy vfti i-t , fav,,i ,,r s A Soiimhi
B III iK. J lie riff
,t,n: il. imsl, ,.f I in, ,n c unity, v C.
Dissolution Notico.
Tin- lt-m..f ,.- Hi,-l,.-.i,.r.,li,ilr,"it
M ii ivl, ;.!,. c nn.oil serei-nieiit 1 Ur
t.ii-liii--- n il I. eeiitim,,.,! t, Mr. siki- nt tlir
ell -Una Vli .u-eouiit-h,r tlie i.lil tlrm must nl hiii. VANS "IKt s.
Dissolution Notice.
I linf-.,l.l ii,) Interi.-t In the li.lii-Vin-i
l,..-t,.r e,,,i,, H,iy t, .Mr .1 H. Kai-.ui, ami tinr
ii - hat tiu i. u oili' t irmi-nct li'i ih. rm.
iHiiiy t. til , tin- nNttie t. oh VI r t-ni oi
Notice of Sale.
Hjr V irttle ,.f mnrticiiife il,,,l exi-flltr'l In I'.
N Mlnilnn Kiel It A. I .iviiiirti.ii l,f Jne.Oi rt
I Itti... Jr . .,,1 Iwih .lav of Sei,,,.iil.r.'.l ll I MM
,l,ilf rem-li nil. the tni.b.riir!..t ,ll-nrr
n-h l,i tin- hlifiu-l holOc-r. at Ihe n.urt h.iUNT
ti.Hir in .Mull r- .,. ., on
Monday, the 4th day of flay,
!,),. itart ,.t Unit lytntr In
i in,.., ui,,, , im awirr. ,,i i.m-r i.mni-K. ,i
j.itiiinir tin. In n. I- ..( H'.la rt W si, Mil i,, ih
'r. p,,iit,!iinir ,trfi-. ni'.rc r kni.wn an
mi- motor t m.-t nr sarali w. rtli-tfnll. l.l,,w
A,in.n Miiiil. m ,ll rte.n- ttilly s;,,i.i.r h
n-ioi-tirr in ii,n. .-. i,r owa-. Mu:r 4:4.
tti mri-tn- nf ol cMiutr. rt-.l.t tu
,l.-t.n ...uri-,l l.y Ha,,, ntiirtMnire iiWl. Tiit id
,t m A.rn, A. 11 imit
M A. roVlNiiTtiN. Kurt
,f h A. t io-ntirtitt,
c S. MMI'lHiK.
T 1 'V j a M
union ileal estate uo.
Office: Armfleld 4 Williams. E. C. WILLIAMS, Managrr.
Many a well-meant, Hell-planned attempt at hreaJ-tnnkiny; is
wrecked oil the shoals of poor flour. Cheap flour Is bid flour -Its
low price Is the maker's excuse for the inferiority uf his product
(lood bread Is not hard to make. Half the voyage Is over when you
get good flour. Whiter, stronger, sharper, purer flour than our can
not be made- Therefore we caution you to ask for the "UOl.OIiN
ROD" and "INVINCIBLE" brands. These brands are sold at the low
est price for which really first class flour can be sold and its price is
thc.hlKhest you need to pay in order to get the best. Beware of bad
flour and short weights- Our quality and weights are guaranteed.
Henderson Roller Mills company,
J. E. HENDERSON, Manager.
M.,SK. li, N. c,
C.til:- ans,-ml in iluy from English
Hm Stoi;.;, it nielli (r,,m rojtn over
j Kntlii ll, 11- Siore, lioiif yS. Office
u.ei isi oiiu-i ; ,, Hie I).
I I. D. Stewart. M. D.,
I WilMlilK, s. r.
Calls itonitly aiisacre.! in day from
j ll.itibtoii's 1'rtin St n ; at nilit (ruin
, reM.l.-int- en C!lei;i. Slift-t. aft
j Olli, fin l'itn' I llinl.lini!.
Oifn c linnr 11 to u. A. M, l'hunc 141.
P iy rails alisvu ,cj I10111 Iluuston's
dun; stt it- iind otVu'e, 'plionr 229. Nifiht
1 (t'oin Ceiiiiiieiri il Hotel, 'phone jjo.
S U K G l- O N I) li N TI ST,
Odite up st.tirs, I ilm iiilil Building,
Xorthwi'ft of Courthouse,
Monroe, N. C.
Commissioner's Sale of Real
Br virtue f .1.TIM" .f the ftmH .rf
MM'klin!itirv mitinty, in thr c-m i.f It uuM
tl v J. I (titty nl wiff, the unite r4friit
t'titumlHutftitfr tll (inirtfil ih
Saturday, the 9th day of flay,
.. nt 11 oVIin-k in . In frnt t th prMtoffti
in ht tn nf ynhvlll. N. I' . i.. -u i.,f
n-h to the hlirnft Mii'U-r. ffriIti Uml In tlir
Hl1 fi-in of JUrh vdlc I trine ball of Ihe
land MtnvrTftl ti Kltfij l.tmiy hy J I I fifty It? ,
1W if the Rttti-tf-r i tt it ion p imity, I
ltd twtnir the known mi rtl .n I
Mm. 1. its.!' ttiap or put iirhrail prnuri, j
ititvW ht A. H ha. tturTfttir. mm lti S,.
Is.ttaitd Sm. lKluJfi. aM trf -aitt hriiiir
Hm Utmn-t.'flfn.f m t t hj (wt, and nlrt
)() its, i tu m tnclult, i-ina HsmdcI iqr
TrmAe int, Nnw AiV'i" UM. iu-,'iin.( er?fi
nl V. Vtfr' land.auii in other flv- ts.i. m
jotnin tin Railntad lan). an Hpy, Trai
Cbariotta, H. C. nnlMlMwr, I
8 yyfw
8 s&GKdJ
S pay.
5 llnnnnn 11 -11
8 muiiiuo i id i
Gloc and
I ti
K.ll. Kedttine. A. M. Slack
Aftome - Law,
Practice in all tl.e Stala and Feder
al Couits. W ill lnn,i.ii;r s (or
l-.xerutors. A-liniiiislialiiii, and (inar
! diain (or it'; j,iy; an) will
: (oreclofe inortnifs and ticRoliate
I loans, without en nse to Moilnapees
anil Money it, v. I, en practirablo,
j tlrtircs-Noitlicteiii rooms, first
fioor, Con, llioiifc.
nn jrm
vw fi,
In! IN
with the wants of our customers,
we open up the new spring sea
son. What you need, when you
need it and at the price you can
ware Gout's Buooles,
fcber Waoons,
Lutcti Cotton planters,
Oliver chilled and Vulcan Plows,
SHerwln-Wllllams Faint.
Ivnr. OIIA.'IQ
(ion guar
siitret. Office over
Drug Co t.
Will he at M..r-,liville, N. C. on first
and third Mood tys ol each month, and
i at Matthew on second mid (ourlll
j Mondays. I'hont aj4
to-.nii.-ii-ncr of Ms (or South Caroliot, la
Nartb Carol na: also i Justice of (lie Peact
for Union County, and MoUr; Public,
for Nortli Carolina. :: ::
Special attention riven to takinr Af
fidavits, Acknonlctllcinciit or Proof uf
Peeds, Mortgages, Coutiacts, Dills of
Sale, Powers o( Attorucy, Keuuncia
tions of Doner Slid liilieiilance. Dep
ositions, Writing and IV, luting Deeds,
Moilijjcri and all other papers, issuing
Statu Wanants, Claim and Delivery
and Attaelinirnt papers, Civil Sum
Divn.t and the Collection of Claims.
Oliice at M. U. I'low Co.'t Store,
east of courthouse, Monroe, N. C.
Stock Horse!
I have bouK) -lie P. W. Piylcr
Mock Imrs; and will keep him in
my stlle in M.Miroo, (old Og
burn stand,) tlits xptire.
Grovefs Tasteless Chill Tonic
ha ttood the test 25 yetr. Avertge Anntul Sales over One an4 a I Million
uet. Does Uia rcort or roertt ireaj toyoti? No Cure, No Pay. 50c tv lt fa tTt ClcM)rt rfCw't Hack Hoot. Uw Pttk.

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