North Carolina Newspapers

I n o i In the Van. 1
curitJ milt litt!i ''vsitui. Thi
nukf dtur lot! Uk titttuU iu tlu
county, tlie roH"vt tlut thertr
i!IU-fore very vii he gtlim In
ki llifM-. tlirrc fie lo
Kfcixls, WiOiaw an 1 l" lionwllr.
!iec iter utiti act ion was t JtcieJ tv
tvrry eiij iu llr community 1 it yea
I r ttltt i'i iiiue uiuaths. llicsc tv'
luy Mitpoit tlie svhU. uJ tl.e
I :c!i;nn-ti ii 14 that tht s.iuw pUu
til le run ui! an J ttve iuUucti u
t -f ere J iu' year. Iticst. ilh tl.e
invite !..;!; .-rli'Ii of tiiw ivm..
In. sl tTHI Xl'lVTX uv.
A Cow Gets Into the Garden.
More About Histories.
One hnn.ireil and fifty x-ears njr
old lr. Johnson said, "A row i a
very (pud animal in a li '!, t it
kein her out of the ifur.len.
I pedia. Titer are shta-t iuendi
I tiii".
Another iji!'.t wants I ui'id James B. ."laixum. Council lor the
States h.-tiTv that is leluali.e, and
also a li.-r' aph v of lien. Ix-e ard
Niweeii;" .l.i.ksoii. Write to
lr. J. W III. Jiiin 11 l!lliaH:l,
a.tlte t irm I Chai'lau of the
Ci-ufi delate Viti rut s, the H -t.'
pilllill i
XJII ill
:v,ii-n , t :!if Slate.
....vial i:i;pKii-in. lit ot it
,N, put liuon rli in tl
tin- ,i:iavii'..l .ilioit.o
'. ill.- (, ; i Kiut niimii.ii
Mr. Milntxrv it a sou f Mr.
Istllall Ml'llltxrv f New Sllll'lll
t.inlii, unit is one of linon's of c.nirt I n ni'l ilii'l t.
x iC uii-ii of Iioiii hf t pron.1. All I couM li t hull t!-
Artt-r jiiailiutiii: ;it aWe F.n -t lamp tn the win lim un l fin
t'oll-j;f lie taiilit m li.x'i at"- lmiiii'.l I - i k an 1 ti.
Imr;. tlii-u c-t !. liii-iiM- ami -tnunt in hii oti.i rin-y t!i:-.
l.w .ilttl at l.iiiiili-tton. li-n lie The tv Ihv in Irxn iu-v r
lias w. hi aiii-nv ialiie Miinsiv. Ilelt-.l ith inure !aiiiy.
I, . iv U n to tin-S-uale th m i'.ul uiv w ife an.l i!h m- h-
I.Ht lt ni.-lit a-tht .'irl-iitwiTiir, rinm-f tiieo. iif--.!i ri-., the a.-au.l
ire' to Ik. I ami er. d.- 't " I-ft. a Umi n l'it, a
i.u the witi.low lthr..!. tl.i v a m i-f
. .. .... '.. i.i . . t .. ..i. t i i.:....
in the ilini nii,nMi:lil Mi-mtmrs :ne tuiiM -mmr 01 i.n- wm
niovin alori): in the jrir.Un, an.l r-.!i i" i f l.i'. an I .lai kv.n, nu I
urt fnoiiah it was a vw our liv:s Ai:.i I rt i.Mi-e tlut lie ha
own cow an.l she n t fr Imnl t, sjn i' n a I uUi laU -av-
fneii the r.w of Ktnrlili bi'U'rv t!.at i U-in.l the u-ai h
-ea that were in full M-h-iii. The
alarm was triven, an I niv w:!e
tisjhttvl the lantern, an.l with th.-irirl-.
ma.lf liate t. expel t!ie in
tru.U-r. Kxrrvtliinj wtt.att.l.
I'usionikts In Cuntnts for Offi
ces Now McU by Itemwrats,
I lie I'aper. ami Fays the IVih
ally with Ml l.ile ky.. May t. J-4
alti-r lie li.ol Hiiisliol tiliiij; .iK r,
r.. .iiM'iiiii' llit itmlalil;,.-., ( ;.;((iitt eomitv. Jaiu-
II Manuiu w:tx -hot anil killol
i.i ly an uiiLiiowu a.vuviiii. lie
I. II in the front entntuee of the
i. .nil In. live at J.kLohi. ky., anil
iii-mt ioke, tli- it h U-iii alnm-4
lli-t.llil. us. He fell witluu S
li ;ii.!si. where Tow u M.iish.U ( x kn ll was shot down in
July, the u.vs.isiii Wing statiorietl
in the court lioiw iiie.ii h inst.imv.
.M.uviiui w .i couim-l fir Hie fusion
ivis who are eoiitistiu lor the olti
lllile. slier 1 If ami
er iii.u-cs now lielit lv Ileum
'of N'oith Carolina, almost
ow n protest.
i-ricl a
ih.Hsl the
An.l 1 .
wuik i l'ii:.i; J 'ne :.'t t;
i!n-n At 1. me, we euture tin- sr:
t..n, that tl.ii ivinty smJ as iiunvj a u.l li' i 'ili s-e i:i pi . poiti.'ii I
to p.'iil.ttuti as uv ill me, a:.,!
further, that ui.-ie tollei;e h.'tims
to tlu'iii tl..i:i ,.ny like from
any otlu imui !v u! tl.e Sl.iti'. We
make no im-uli li at pn-.-i-nt tlie
nuliiul K,i:K'i'i)ifiit vl the ivuiitv,
hut e h.oe alii j !y sai 1 m .juitc
enoiuii, anJ ut. i e. t. nuke eery titi
.li ..( I I I in ii li. '.J t.-p hi l.ej.l an.l
he pt-.ihl il !i. hiih-iu k.
kiMiscstlt Meets Cle eland.
! 1 I ,-.,..1.... ii. , S. ., ... . II- .1
"How tin oii il.i. Mr. C!ee
"Wry well, .i mi I am pinwil to
Meet oil. Ml. rresiileiit."
Willi llnv salutiitioiK two men
who share largely the .iirectioiis of
the p!e slum!,
"This is a pira-uiv to which I
am imlelitetl to my tVieml. Mr.
Kranri-." iiHilimii-il I i t .:. li-nt
I.'athei-. I am irnhhtnl to two
presiili-nK i'i it- In- i a president."
ivplleil Mr. t le elaml.
I'li'siilenl I .i i.l I!, rr.mris
li iK-amillJ. Ileslile linn were See
relary Shaw. Oscar Si rails ami I'.
C. lietleillet lit New olk. M lM t
Wells of St. I.huw, aii'l .Inhu I'.n is
of the I'eceptioii euiumittee. The
scene was President I'ram is' liuiue
on Mary laml :o en:u .
I'l esiileli) !,' eit had in-t li-i
isheil in I Ins strenuous It
hail li.'en . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i iiiail ilu iiii-il he
tweeli i'iiiiiiIi) ami eil. :i H I the
nation's chief was pe!siiMii aid
tueil out. The meet I Hi; took place
just liel'ore illliner. Then the man
ho was Iw ice I'lesiilent ami the
man w ho hopes to 1m- tw ice I'lcsi
ileut sat ilow ii together ami htoke
It was a remarkable meetm.;.
One feature was a complete elimi
nation ol polities. It was n I cit
i.en llooseieil ami pmil eitil.'eii
t lelelaml yellllli together oil llle
plane of puic. Aim i ii auistii.
Tl.e snliject ilisciisseil at the ilin
ncr was the Louisiana I'
l-Api isitimi.
After ilinner I'li-snli-hl I'ram is
niul his quests foin.eil a joll party
ill the library, w heie literal me. ait
ami Hie t u'low in out of inter
nal iolial eposil jolts w eteilisetlsM-il.
I'll siilent I.'ooscvell ami e I'res
iiletil Clevel.iuil oci-nplei) a pur!
Incuts on the seeoiiil llour nf the
Francis bo. no. The rooms are
spacious ami are ilivnleil only h a
small bcil room, which has U-en
tiaustonneil into a smoking rniiui.
The two gentlemen have lu-eii jjiveti
an oppiu tiinity to enjoy . ipiiet
siuiike together ami discuss w hat
soever I hey please.
Mr. ('lev eliinil's reception ill St.
Louis was the wannest ami most
enthusiastic lie has received sinct
over ins ejins in. ne aiur tain cow.
her sway from the p
maternal voice.
I s eei
isai.l, "It is in in t cry h-i-I
when there is no peas." I hei l.l
hiissv ran bv the srate tlinv times
aiul t.Hik the pistil with
! hhlf a do.-'n calves vi-ihle tin I in
i visible following her, but tinallv
' srave it ut' an.l wen! out mi l wn.iimic
put in her pen. Oil A nd l 'U
is our niiik woM'.an. an 1 .lcclr-s
she ".isteneil ilat ate joo.1." but
tl.eciiw an.l tlie vrar.h n i)"ii'
li.lnt. lhit tlie irdcii Im- a :;te.
ton, nr.. I I reliietirior no'v tli-it f
! n le tol'l me in the i:-.rtiirir before
it lamed that I tii'.'ht ' "lit and
cut the aspni aiis for
1 .Inl
well." an.l how till re i ta ue ;n
of cri'.n'isiii. an. I will, 1 hope, be
H.lopteil bv every in the
South, an.l l-e in eveiy
house. 1 re o:ce tliat A'ahama has
pa ssi. 1 a lull for niKtor.n text
Look-, ari I t; ut that tl.e io er'ior
will Rppoint a isianti ion that
c an't is1 :oi.i?ht. We know
in s..;ie -cliools in the !
Southern authors have hcvii li
pl.nv.1 to make ro-in for Northern
text isiok- an.l it was .lone with
money. Money rule- everything
now. an.l i xcinpliiiics the truth of
what I'aul wrote to Timothy. "I he
love of liioiiev i- the riad of all
', the fannlv an.l pea- tn tin
! H:e vi.irl.t ll. mil li.i"
ll.i llll -Ulistlllll. (.'lll'
ll-lt I il lt ttmt r.o.;it:k-i.-ii
t tv1 in Hit Kutti.i
in. l.iiu.ii
W as lepinu at the Home of An-;
other IViest whiwe Sister wa
Murdered, and Bloodhounds cast
Suspision on Him. 1
I.oinliie. O.. Max J. Kev. I'er
dni.ind W alsi-r (.in ai rested shell
j ly In-line ihmhi tiHlav. chained with
: the iiiunler of Miss Aretha lieu li ;
liu. alscr was a niic-t at the
lo-iehlui home on i huil ay uiht.
I when the ciluie was coiiiiuilled. ;
i He has Ins'ii taken to the coiinl v ,
j .ul at I'.lxria. The city is m a,
j turmoil of excitement. Thccnnrct
' police lone was ordered mi dul
j lo ilav to pievclit violence. I!e.
I alsi-r celeluatisi I. is silver iuhi
Ice at St. Joseph's I 'o'.lej;e. lie ills
l.n r. Iml.. Mm Ii l-Vli. lb- is -"'I
Ijears old. On Sunil.iV following.
In- was tendered a n"at reception!
at Sacred Heart i lunch. 1'alhei i
: Walser has l en assistant pastor ol
a church m Toledo lor about six .
liioulhs. II- came to l.oiane on1
W'eilnesilav last as .1 yucsl at the,
home of ih v. hailcs llea liliii.
pastor of St Joseph's Catholic'
church, in thai city. The lattel :
was called to KelleV l-l.llld tooth :
cale at a liiiii late W cduesd ij
i v citing. At h:s home lie li lt his
sister and lloll-o keeper. A-.itha,
and a v i Hinder brot hei . i .i-iiucr. to
, entertain the i-;tiu pi i. -i. ;
1 tin in- the in-, III. ace oidili; to
the -toi .it Uev. Walser, liehcatil
scre.iui-tioui Ih- rooiii occiipieil b
1 the jjirl. and dei lated thai hecaniCj
lo the hallw ay iis iu lime to see a
man disappear throii-li an open
window. ;
W In n ( as-iuer Ih ichliu n acheil
his sister's room she was dead, her
head having been pounded o a
pulp w ith some blunt lusiriimeiit. I
lil (hounds were brought from
I'm I Wax lie. Iml.. en tlx to day ami '
-lien the scent of the murderer.
The do's circled annual the house!
several tunes went to the room oc-
iciipied nyl.ev., ,,1, lhl.n) ,( .,,k UvUy
of the niunler. They airain took ! .t,,.,..., .,.,,, ,, ,,,. ..,..,,',
little tut jot some. An.l tin
playeil irauics in tiie nmu1 an I
tennis iu tin- court, iiml we ol.t
people were happy because the
chilili en were. Almost eirrx body,
old ami yuiuiiT, came to -aiule tin
as 1 playeil patriarch in the biu
chair mi the veran li, an
1' it there is
xel, even t In 'iiii h an otlieer in a
bank can steal a hun.lrc.1 thou-aml
ilolhits I k' fore he is foun.l out, anil
ex en tliou-h aihletics me now the
nio-t in portaiit part of a yuiinj
i -, lime i- lite ill the o!.l lalnl
vet. f r we see that the boxn over
tniiii' ii.ii- hive mi ot h r they
call ti'e I'. M. A , "the Coinini;
Men i f Auiei i a," ami they have
aireaiiy etividle I ' '. niul have
;.:...s In,!-,- i staiilisl.eil. Thev
uie biiki l bv the l.el men in e
di liner, an.l ' cr v eoiiiiiniiiity, an.l die ate that
mil! I reckon 1 left the -a'e they inteii.l to be men and
"Ibit all's well that cr. I- patriots, hii. I pctpctuate this gov
ernment in sj,iti,,f t!ie po ;ticliilis
Hi- l.i-l In. o.' eslabli-hcl is at
Mcl'ottili City, Mi-s., ami h ;s been
naiiu.l t. r nu-. an.l I am of
it. Tin- mi the pait i t the
boi is a -i.'n. an.l now
an- c in die in peace.
Hii i A nr.
! .
t i eti
liternul viilnnce is not only tiu-i
priee ol nta-rty. mil u i tne pm ,
lection of ti jjardco. for hiino-l Train Dnshts It. rein; h a lli;Crowd
everv i lav the little L' ! -
lie ir.iud i'i ni.k I'.in Aiin-l ican
III ei fioui t tin ran ;uti a crowd
ut a ihi'U-.llid JM ijM', at 'i- collier
.1 1 1. oil .!, del all 1 I 'auto-id Creels,
is drill!
emne up to see me and com!
me, and now tiny want to
some straw lieri ii's mi l pull
some radishes, and I -av ve, i t
course, and IlieV will lean- tl.e i al s :'' 'v.i-'i k th
ate open, illl.l it i- n.y bu-ille to !" "u li ami scrioii-!x
shut it, and they Lai i-lca tiia! about .:o h The m;
I am just here tor liter pie i-iirc. , the ki.'- i! ami w-umh i!
I'hey always come hun-rx. t'-r l-'icdo. I'ni.eii huudiei
they know 'that -ran, In, a has -.,t -eis l:,,ia T-b-do i.p t
some annics t-r i.ikc- hid aw i . ; I in- exei.-.i. on a -peci
ami L'ramlina will-ret them,
the little two xtar oi.l boy kn-.w-where
the .-nleboar,! kev- are
liuiii, an.l w Inch door has i!ie -nod
things iiisiile. atiil he lakes me bv
the hatnl ami leads me there. jco;in i!
A biscuit w ill do tho-e cliiiilreii '1 i"- Luke .--hole tia-k i un-mil
at home, but it xxon'l here. lN-.ini- 1. r s,.-,-l ami a sjiecial
ilitn't keep tavern, but our liou-e naoi to -top l.u the Toledo
I- il free un.l e-i-y plan-, ami the ! c.'iu-ii.iii-t-at c.inhehl axeiuieal
children of the t 'Hn know it. an-i v-.'. Accmiip.u .n d by hiiudn-ils
-o on Master Sunday about l.".n ot ; -i iluu ti ici,,!-,. wattinj; I'm-tin-in
irHtliereil here to hutit tlu-itla liain. thcoxc.ii'-i..iii'.s,j.imuicil
pretty eirir-, anil it wti ii b;- fiol
ic, anil the iiiuthefsaiid auti -1 H'lii'
t" '1 us s of a county
a ..ih,
ei. its. As a result of his t-ftort
ami his sx hy with the Cmk
n-'.I fiction in the Harris Cmkrell
feud, he had for a year l-ea ceil
er.illy n -aided as a marked man.
Var o is plots In assassinate him
ha.e Us n rriMirtt-il ami sw orn to in
' allnlax its. For 7.' days hist fall
111 the tdd Im nil I.,, u .. .. ... is..i...r til his ,oa ii li.imt-
I ' ' ' -
dariM- not eieii to I'll out mi his
poich. ti-spile waruiiijrs. Marelilll
felt sate in it-siimiuc his inter
l ilptisl plaetiia- soinetiuie a'o, lllld
felt secure in lilui a motion to re
open the election case which had
impel lied liis lite months U lore.
This iiioniin-, he went to the
cunt lion-.' at Jackson ami the
p aa is were lihsl. He walked friuii
the elcik's otlice to the trout door
of the null I house and l.u in-the
stns l encased imniivei-vitioii with
lien F.wiii-, a liieiul. Thecmiulor
stietehiii- out to his back was full
ol linn. Twin- was half leanin
oii Man urn's shoulilcr. The men
had been talking about three nun
lllesw hen a shot l.ill- nut ill the
tear ol the corridor. Marc utii slaj;
p-i'eil and as he sank to the floor
another shut was lircil. The first;
bullet entered the back to the l ihl
of the spinal column and paxsini;
thioiih the breast and hotly .struck
the door tacitm him. . 'The next
shot passed thiuii-li the top of his
head and was aimed lis he reeled.
The shot apH-.u . d to come from a
doorway, or possibly from In-hind
a door in the corridor, but as the
passage was ipiickly cleared amid
t; icit eoiiliisiou no one .seemed able
to -tale accui.llely where the assas
sin w as loealed.
' I!
a- Hani
c Il It ti
-,ui: Hoi .
, lit ol el
11 h- le tll.'X
,'. kllllll
,1 illl 111-i-iity
.lie tlolll
I '. ll.llllt
, I I. Holt
ii Lake
to i I. bi.ite a holiday,
n- t i lia ;it I lie col lief of
II, d .llllield stlel Is ami ;
lo .-i. .I,,.. IT- church,
-pi i.t the day Ith that
the 1 1 .til ami led tin-otlieer.. direct
ly to SI. Joseph's Hospital, whi le
llt-v. W'.i'ser slept last ni-hl. He
was found al the hospital ami plat
ed under arrest, the oilicers claim
inn there were many siispieiniis i ll
ciiiustanecs a-ain-t him III addilioii
tn the bloodhounds follow in- his
trail. I.'ev. Walser showed no ex
citeineiit when placed under arrest
and 'Icelan d that he w as innocent.
Lorain, ., May . -The Ih-v.
Charles 1,'eiehliii. pastor of SI. Jo
soph's eliureh. Is In tluseity, btoth
er of A-alha lleichlin, who was
iimiilered last, I'liui sday ninht, to
day in. nle a seusatiotial deiiiincia
Hon of the authorities lor the arrest
of I.ev. Ferdinand Walser, on the
charge of uiiirderint; his sister. The
occasioii was al the services that
nini'iiine; in that church ami the
place xvas from the alter steps.
Father Hon hi I u was irrcatlx atlect
he left the W hite House. ; ed over the liappeiinuis nl thewta k
The truth is I he Cleveland re -j ami cimhl hardly speak. Several
ceplion. in the matter of popular times his voice was husky from
expression on the streets, rather emotion and he paused I'reipienlly
ollldiil Hie li'nosevt-ll reei pliuii. , over ciiu.e his feelin-s. Father
There was hut little shmiliii and lieiehlin's .slateiiient was as fol
Irs enthusiasm for the I'resiih-iit ! low s:
on the streets. The heartiest wel-' "Various events have happened
eunie he received was at the (hind duritu,' the week past. .No doubt
lijtads Cnnveiilinii. where he talked I hey are a lesson to us, The lesson
fori.) minutes. j is that we should nlwavs lie reinly
i for death, for we know not when
Our Folk Moving About. it will please the Lord to call us to
I l,,.l! -, rv, r IlilllSclf. A Void sill lllld llll L'ooll.
II ' - a . ... 1 - . 1 .1 . . . . .
e me iraieun- aroiiuu a (,'reai i . lesson is is hoxv Utile we can
deal these ilavs, kiu LMward ' trust the word.
Itrouaht llowei's and some bfoii-lit
fruits, and all brou-ht smiles, ami
so it is not so bad to be old and
sick lifter all.
lively mail brin-s tne ir,nl let
lets, kind letters, trom far tuvav
and unknown fncn.l-, tin, I tiny
gin- tne coiiiforl, and I aner nb
1 cm; hut 1 liili-t tell the school
clulilri'ti once n-ain that I caiimd
write any more composition- or
essays or debates, and they aie
wasting their time ami postage to
ask tne. due young limn wants
my opinion on the immortality of
the mini, as though 1 was Aihli-ot'
or a theiiliigian. ami so I -cut him
a postal card and referred him tn
the Prophet Micali, sixth chapter ,
and eighth xerse. There is creed
enough tor anvltodv's soul, A i
good mother wishes to know whit
1 I .llll" Id ;l chile III- I line llelole
I the tl llll W s d'le, ill lo.lllllless ',,.
it. Wl.i il the tl.iln was -i-hteil.
Ihceiowd pushed .iiiosslhc Hack
.iml on to t he i H ,u,i Ti link track-,
'which ;,do,,s tl,ii.e of the Lake
Sli.iie. just a- i lif lirand 'Trunk
I I'.u; Aim i iean liv-i came ll.umli'i'
ill- in I'i t he W e-l. 'The people
weie thi-wn into the ail' ami
d.l-lii il lo either side of the track,
j Many of them Men- -round under
The wheels. The ilepai t nieiit
.:- not uii d and Hi- aiublil. lines of
'liu-city lil-hed In the scene. The
j victims weie scattered along tin
j track for a di-'.meeoi Iwohloek-.
i Hrutnl Triple .Murder in Texas.
II -lie seekels! Look Up ill this
i-siu- the ailieiliseuieiit of the auc
tion sale nf lots iiii easy terms by
the I uioii Ileal Tislate Company,
I'le.-lnii Toms of liiitlieilotiltiiu,
a young white man '-'J year- old,
shot himself through the heart with
a pistol Sat in day. lie was a clerk,
and ill health was thought to Ih
the cause of the deed,
!;irryour rhiikelis and crcs
to S II. Hudson.
Ttv some ol those nice cucum
ber pickles at S. K D-ister's.
W'iun in need nf (resli meat
phone No. '.il--J D. I'.irktr
News has leached here today nf
hi tuple i rageiiy occurring nits
n, ,1111111.; at Hi istol, an inland low u
leu miles north of Linn-. Mrs.
I Liheber-el . 11 XX .illl.l II of llbolll li'',
j.iml her "in, Vest lis, l'.' years old.
wen- found dead, both having b'-en
; chopped to pieces with nu a-.
j The husbaiul and father, W. C,
I l.incbergei'. aged Tn. was .siib-e-.
I in i it ! f.. niul mi his farm, four
iiiiles ii-n'.i nf liristnl, with his
brain- lib, imi nut w it h a slml gun.
visits Home and he and Victor
Fniantiel kiss in public. He is fol
lowed by F.inperur William, fur
whom the Humans shout "Hitch!
HiH'h!" Our ow n dear Kuosevelt
is traveling in the West, shaking
with Iheeowlmys and kissing the
babies. Yes, the folk of the kingly
prerogative are on the naive just
now and are having u good time.
Tired Out
" I Wi very poorly and could
hardly get ihjul the house. I wis
tired out all the time. Then I tried
Ayer'i Sarsapirilla, and it only
look two bonlci to make me feel
perfectly well." Mrs. N. S. Swin
ney, Princeton, Mo.
Tired when you go to
bed, tired when you get
up. tired all the time.
Why? Your blood is im
pure, that's the reason.
Vou are living on the
border line of nerve ex
haustion. Take Ayer's
Sarsaparilla and be
quickly cured.
a.k rif 4nrter what h tsinln nf avri
IUr,ipM!l. H know, til Si.aithl, franl
014 f-ti.ll? mwlii-tw. IToUew hM MttM
wiU kw ,t,,"l
j c araa o , Utd, Utm.
'Brutality is not a thing that is
coiiliiied to so called dark ages. It
is delusively con lined to lion civ i
lied countries: it is right here al
our home, in Ihistweiitith century.
The world sees it every day.
"I inn sorry to see that Fathei
Walser is connected with the mur
der of my sister. 1 am sorry Ih
cause I know I am com ineed be
fore (bid that he is nhsoliilelv in
noeeiit, and that no matter hnw
strong public opinion is, hnw spite
ful, hnw atrocious that public opin
ion mnv Is-, it cannot make him
out a murderer of my aister. Tht
lime will come when I will givi
the version of the bloutlhoiimi
story upon which the character ol
public opinion seems to lie based.
My friends, I ltelieve Father Wat
aer innocent until he is proven guil-
Tersoualy, I must say that I d
not know w hich assault is ninsi
brutal the assault of the murderer
upon my sister, or the assault up
on the reputation of Father Walsei
the assault made by public opin
ion upon that good priest.
"In your prayers pray for my
poor sister. Pray also for Father
Walser. Let ns help Win to carry
his cross and heavy thongh it be
let ns art with fortitude and as lie
comes Christians."
Come to see me for chewing I
The l.ineber-ers cum- here from
I 'I- s' .. ... ... I ....
encyclopedia to buy for her chil ' '-' '"' ""'
dre'n, and asks what I think of thej"'-v H k""'
FncycloptMlia Itritiiiinic.i. Simol ,,,.,, Mm,,r .,",-., livillK
v.g esoy ai aiyi, ,, . i i ; ,,,,. Valdes,- ill illli ke eo.ii.t v. was i
ill'l liui kiiiiw iiihi iiiiyouiiy iioriu
South would allow it to cntne in
the hnii-e. lU-tler write to Mr
r. K. OgU's'ty, of Atlanta, for hi
"Trilthsof History,"or the "South
Vindicated," and read the "landers
that he tins found in that encycht
killid by a bull Siliiiday. In-body ;
jU-iiig frightfully luangled. lie wiisj
j leading tin- animal lliruii-h the
I yard, when it suddenly rushed on i
jhiiii and killed him in the presence I
i'f his xi lie. Miller was about d
j years of a-c, ami was nt one time
in the i initi Mates army, ami was
voinideil in a lihl with the Sioux
Made ouiig Aicain.
"One of Mr. Kin'gs New Life
1'illseaeli night lor two wtfks has
pul me in my -teens' again" writes
It. II. Tiirnci-of Itempsey tKWii.l'a.
They'll-the best in the world for
Liver, Stoma, h and lmwels. Pure
ly vegetable. Never gripe. Only
k'-V. at llnglisli Mrug ( u's.
For putting in prime condition
any horse or mule the best of all
remedies is Aslu-raft's Condition
Powder. These Powders are won
ilcrfully effective because they ere-
ate appetite, the digestion is made
perfect, xvornis ami parasites lie
stroyed, and the system cleansed
of all gross humors. 1 he Poxy-
i dcrs fatten but never Moat.
Ashcraft's Condition Powders
i are wrapped in doses. In fact, in
I their preparation the same care is
I used that a druggist xvould exer
cise in the filling of a physician's
prescription. High grade and real
merit is the first consideration.
Ashcraft's Powders consist of
small doses, prepared from the
purest and highly concentrated in
gredients, that have been found
beneficial to horses and mules.
Ashcraft's Condition Powders
alw ays high grade are not to be
classed with the many bulky, good-for-evcry
thine powders now on the
Ask for Ashcraft's, the kind put
up in doses, and good for horses
and mules only.
Br v XVSV.
i -si
VcHae It
Southland Belle
Southern bill
aretlu'l.est shoos
that can ho made
for tho nionTV.
' X t
fuPx iOJi'TiLi'si
Big Special SilK Sale.
Yard wide Black Taffeta, $1.25 kind, . . . 08c.
Corded Taffeta Silk, worth double the price, . . 38c.
Yard Taffeta Silk, in white 57c.
Our Milliiierv Store
Represents the brightest thoughts of the foremost de
signers of this country, and the way our trimmers are at
work shows that we have captured this whole section. Biggest
trade we ever had. Now, in order to get your hat in good
time, place your order as soon as possible.
Crowds are still flocking to
Cheapest Store on Kartli.
Scott's Emulsion is the 1
means of life and of the en- 1
joyment of life of thousands of ;
men, women and children. j Home seekers: Link up iu this
To the men Scott's Emul- issue tin- advertisement n the uue
sion gives the flesh and tmtisaleof lots on easy terms by
strength so necessary for the , ,ho '" ,I,al Il!'.att" ",,l,wny
cure of consumption and the While out in a skill' tishiiig on
repairing of body losses from Sunday morning nt Khrerfitort.
any wasting disease. " jtwo jounz ladies and a man, all
l or women Scott s Emu - ' ,
, ... , , . place, were rapsi.ed ami drowned,
sion docs this and more". It is -
a most sustaining food and 1 rM 1 ,- NV- I"'"''"""'- 'ow'
i, , :7i ,:,t. ami join our new Insurance torn
women hav to bcar.W L rates-almost nothing.
10 cnnaren scotts tmut-
"Haling trir.l mknr kln.1 nf f-nn.lttli.n 1'i.w.
(I.T., I A-lirrfl lh I-I on lh
nirl.i.t. I trtkf vlfanun. In rwsinimrii'llna
Hi. m In my fni'n.l- mi,l t'uminuvni. U. CAMP
tIKI I., Iliokurj-, S i',
Price 2Sc. package Sold by
English Drug Company
I l-L- ! I II
sion gives food and strength
for growth of flesh and bone
and blood. For pale girls,
for thin and sickly boys Scott's
Emulsion is a great help.
Band for f raw tampl.
tobscco, .mokinK tobacco, cigars, 7J. ZTJ
etc, S. R. Doster. I eOo.andwl.OOi alldrugslat.
I want your country produce of
all kinds. See me before you
i sell. S. R. Doster.
-J D-
I want your old Iron.
The Havings, Limn and Trust Co.
will receive as small amount as 00c.
and pay interest on it.
All the Groceries '
that a family of five or six Could
use in a dy can be purchased
here for a very moderate sum of
money. But low price is not the
sole point upon which we make i
bid for business. High quality
comes first. Then low price.
Good family flour $ 1.7s 8JC'!i
gallon of molasses 1 5c. ; granulat
ed sugar 18 pounds for $1 00; and
other things in proportion.
Country ptoduce bought at
Inchest prices; call on ns before
selling. M. C. BROOM.
Old Dispensary Stand, Phone 63.
Slept 20 yearsJf
Kip Van Winkle slept 20 years,
and when he awoke everything
had materially changed. While
he slept the rest of the world was
wide awake wrought changes.
We have not been in business
. ,. . ....!.. . . . 1..., ;.. .1,;..
short time xve hive wrought sitine
changes wrurthy of notice, the
most important of which is the
fart that we have made il possi
ble, easy and convenient (or you
to get better gouds for the same
money, er the same goods for
less money than you could a few
years ago. We have constantly
hid the best ipiality of goods in
stork and systematically held the
price ut the very lowest possible
figure. Hy sj doing we have
forced dow n the pi ice of many
articles. Our constant aim is to
keep a fresh lot of the best goods
in our line, and sell to our custo
mers at the very lowest figure. In
this way we have gained the con
fidence ol many people who do
all their buying from us and our
list of customers is increasing in
numbers every day. Come on
and let us count you among our
customers and you shall ha' e at
all times our closest attention and
the benefit of cur special low
prices on all groceries.
Yours for business,
Hill & Bivens.
Notico of Administration.
Having this day duly qualified lie.
fore the Cleik of the Superior Court
of I'nitm couiilv, N, C, as ailiiiimn
tratnr of tfe I), Kindling, deceased,
all persons holding claims againa! said
.stale are hereby notified Iu present
the ?ame to the undersigned ailniiiiis
1 1 a tr uii or before the. jtlt day of
May, 1904, or tins notice will be
pleaded in bar of their rlit of recov
ery. All persons indebted to said estate
are notified In make prompt payment
and save cost.
E. D. WORI.EY. Admr. of
Jesse D. Hushing, Deceased.
This the jth day of May, noj.
o ooooocc t0 c .) 0 -CXVC ( o-o 0 c
Produce Market.
The following are the prevailing
prices being paid on this market to
day, the date of issue of the paper.
The market is of course subject to
Onions, 90c lo $1.10 per bushel,
Irish potatoes, 6jc lo 75c per bushel.
Sweet potatoes, ooc lo 75c per bu.
Chickens, hens, ijc to 30c each.
Chickens, spring, according to size,
ue to loc each.
Eggs, ue to uc per dozen.
Guineas, liS'cto 18c each.
Butter, use So ije per pound.
Hams, 11c to Ijcper pound.
Dried apples, 4 Sc to 5c. per pound.
Dried peaches, 6c to 8c per pound
Corn, 60c to 65c.
Cotton: I
Best 10.00
i ff Tn
1 1
is guiij, but it's b.tter when
followed up xx ith a few- pieces
Frcttu New Furniture.
We can nixe you any style
at a low figure, and guaran
tee it to bo th.' prvttiest and
mot durable to be had.
Look over our slok.
furniture Denier and funeral Director.
Store Phone 7; Residence Phone SI.
wmrnnrrriTrtrriTi n nTriTriTri rn mm m m mm rnrr imrn
! 1 1
Second crop Virginia Irish 1'- B
laiocs, lot catllie Ul liiailllllE, OU , M
cents per ousnei. crow tfros.
Who Will Lead
Ttys Spring?
Why A. Levy, of course. He always
does. If you will notice the great work
going on at his store you will see that he
is opening up the finest stock of
Dry Goods,
Clothiiiff and
ever brought to Monroe, tie has Just come back from the
big Northern riarkcls and his goods ore now rolling In on
every train. The ladies in town and country ore invited to
come in and Inspect our fine lines nf dry Rood and millinery,
II that the prettiest material and the most skillful fingers
can do for you. And as for clothing everybody knows that
Levy's "High Art Clothing"
Is the best for fit and wear sold in America to-day. All that
our friends and customers need to do to get suited with the
best goods and carry off the bargains in any ol our
lines of goods Is to come to our store.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
. ff A Tl M
tom iwraxauve oromo quinine Tablets, js
Stnnm MSaea bona soM ia aast 13 awotlM. This aJcfnatm-sv SfjCZr
Caa-s CH
la Two Day.
on, every
',rwj0 box. Z3cJ

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