North Carolina Newspapers

One Dollar a Year
public () pinion.
Strong in InJiciu, Too.
A '-, purse h.w 1m rn rai-jtl in
on village in tienrgia for the lu
tliiiitapoliscliauihcr.iiuid. Mis Lou
ise ILidlcy, who ivTa-ntl !.i make
np a lied abich hiitl Ufii occupied
liy ltooker Washington. She as
discharged by the hotel, but lias
received many telegrams of con Had several purse.
The olur line M'litimoiit is s strong
with most people in Indiana m it
is in tieorgi.t.
Divorce Evil at the Top.
Sirlt-;tirlt Ki-puMlran.
The story of three distent in a
wealthy and ie Xcw Ytuk
family alio, between t hem, hud se
cured four divorces, in not paral-
Idled, of course, by the case of the
two ln'others in a millionaire fain
ily who are now in the divorce
courts at the name time. Yet the
two stories liclong to one liuneh.
You muv yet hear of parents mill
several married children all suing
lor "lulls ' at the name time.
The 5carch for the Other Half-
J e M . In J.wrm-Ji u Haturr.
Man n M-tit into the world mi
finished. Nature seems to sav to
hi in at the start: "You are incom
plete. I have made that other part
of von. lint I do not remember
where I put it. You will have to
limit for it."
I have met many men who went
ulxuit for years in this I'syehe hunt,
muttering to the women they met,
"Where do you supiose the rther
half of me w as put?''
President Roosevelt an Accident
ia, liian. H I'afkliurM. In Sun.Uy
If ever there was such a thine as
mi uccident the promotion of the
Chief Executive to his iiiciimlM-iicy
of the ollice is an instance of it.
Aeeidentallv made Vice I'rosi
dent by the enmity of a jealous
eompatriot, w hat jealousy initiated
the cnuy malignity of n t'zolgos
coosutuatcd, and the thing was
done. He happened lo Is- elose to
the pool Ilcthcsda at t lie moving of
the waters and the irresponsible
I'ole rolled linn in. There was a
providence in it, doubtless, but
only in the sense in which there is
a providence in all accidents.
The Exploding lioy,
hutt.Uy SrtiiM.1 Tour.
A father or mother is an en
gitn-cr. The Isiy is boiler hikI en
gine all in one. Shut off the steam
lit all points of outlet, and some
thing has pit to give way. Of
course nolssly wants either to
waste slt-utu, by letting it ofl' into
the air, or to have an explosion.
The other thing to do is to turn it
into the cylinders, mid let it run
the. engine. Henry Ward llcccher
tells how his lather used to pi
a outline; w ith his boys. They
dimls-d the trees, and shtsik down
the chestnuts, and then picked the
ground clean of tlieiu. Mr. llcccher
nays: "Thus we spent our forces,
mid I was a better Isiy for a week
after one of those nulling expedi
tions. The devil did not tempt
me half so much then as at other
times. Hut w hen, for any cause, 1
was shut up, no that 1 could not go
out, and when I moped, the devil
got big in me, and I went into ub
normal mischiefs, not mischiefs of
very great magnitude, but mis
chiefs just large enough to procure
me a whipping, and make mc un
happy." Now, whipping an ex
ploded boiler is a doubtful way of
repairing it. All engineer who
gives no vent to the gathering
steam is liable to lie whipped by
the law, if not by his conscience.
Excluding the Ideal.
SumlaT Hrliiitil Tlmrrt.
It is wonderful how jiersisteutly
and how stubbornly many persons
will cling to an ideal less life. The
worst oftVuse you ran coin in it is to
offer to clean their sky -w indow s for
them. They seem positively to
love darkness rather than light.
1 igniics is not offered to us by his
tory as being exactly a model of
manners to royalty, tor, when asK
ed by a kingly Alexander what
gift he would receive of him, he
only replied, "That you may get
out of my sunlight." Hut when
you have to choose between even
Alexander and sunlight, there is
noincthiiig to be said for the latter.
In the rase Is-fore us there is no
such excuse. The mind seems to
say: Leave me to a life from which
the bright firmament uf the ideal is
excluded. Let me "walk on still
ill darkness," whatever light In
found alsmt inc. tio they are like
1'lato's men in the cave. Willi
faces toward tho gloom, they are
conscious only of the reflected
shadows cast by the glories of a
world of life which they never see.
Their stolid idcredulity will quench
the torch of your enthusiasm before
it will be kindled by it. In answer
to the cry of the discipline, "We
have seen the Lord," they will lay
down conditions before their entry
into the promised land of the ideal,
into the world of spiritual reality,
Into the realization of the unseen,
which destroy its potency to the
heart, "Kxcept I see, I will not
Made Young Again.
'One of Dr. Kiu'gs New Life
Pills each night for two weeks has
put me lu my 'teens' ngaiu" writes
l. II. Turner of Ih-mpieytown,!'.
They're the liest in the. world for
Liver, Stomach and howvla, Pure
ly vegetable. JJevef gripe. Duly
25c at English Drug IV s.
From (Her the State.
The (lark Manufacturing t'oiu-j
pany (cotton hull I has Iseu char
tered to begin business at Jones
horu. The imnrMr4tors are Chief of the Snprcmecourt. '
his live sons and others. I hind
M I. ; . . : I ... ft ... i
jt i.iik is rrsnieiu mm . a. hu j
ham CUik sccrctaiy and
tiuilford county hist week voted
f Umi.inhi (r ImhhIh o niacadaiiiic
t lie public roads.
Two prom i lien t farmers, IN-id
and Edwards, of Chadburn. Co
Crowd at Wilson k'u:hcj In I pin
a Man to V hitc Cap Him, and
When He lircd. Shot Him to
Death. -S.-vcral 1'erson Held for
Complication In the Crime.
il-n. r . iflvial. Vxi hi'i. t . N - .
lilM-rt, r
i Torture l luatinc lor Someone.
Tin re is ll alloy somewhere in
Iheeartli'satiiK splu-iv, frw tnwan
der luilier-cr it niav.ii b i!i.u
that is woith any m in s nl.iieto
capt lire.
The UiIIihiii itx-if is a silk slim-tun-,
Lit feet in iliauii ter. '.'M le t
long, made of heavy yellow silk
and covered w ilh a rniie netting.
Wilson is in the midst of the This gnat aiiship is worth .Vs
tlms-s of another killing in Us the mat k'l, and it Is longs, with
midst and eleven uienrharL'ed with ' ) resi rvalnm whatever, to
" ! ll w .... ..., ii
liin.buseoiintv, met on the street. -'I J e ii.unier ,.i ! cicy . , , p " ,,
and as a result of sn old I J","s suranee man Iroiii Ar Ami Hums hut ad. I-or securely
ami as a result ot an old 1. ml ats .it then.untv i ill while d ' I-"'"" "f '
st-k running at large engaged ... , J ZrUZ v shot is a. l-n. i silk k,g. oil,-,! so as to
tdr R " "'irfril...". ' ' Jk.,', the moMure, is a doc,,-
.,,',. . , , , J Whooltheiu an guilt valid who'-'" '' guest" Hie captor of
.i v .i ' , .1 isvi.t is n..t vet ollie.allv known. i"'-i'""l' " "'"' M, .1 al sexeial i.l.u. s t,.'
Ca ehu"; '"a' Ilen, of T1"S,,n'-r' " .MUy, good tor j L arm al. ... ,.,! ,,o.i;
. M. . ,it theetvseas..i,. Ueie mc. ami Inns, .lute and!
.... ....... "" . -": " iicksi-s was taken and the hearing ' '"!h'"i is one o: sev eral mat
kuill Tor Ifulr M.t. 'Mr.1 l.if an.l ..... . . ... k.- .... 1-1
- - - --. -. . I.. i,,..... . a,n . ............. :i.v.i-i.,i,.,i :.-.. .in. i . . .
' A iKsparste Hluckadrr in Cabar
i i i i. ...
The l.!.-kader. the f.-ii.m wii.'
.i wlii.Le l.i .i! ..! Ill
law. Is al mii a- .1 cii-i r-nis ,
a. ter as come m'.i a imuih ii i.Ij. . ! .lliln f..r 1 1:.- hi
til s.-i.liu,. nt .ii :e iMiiiuiiii.ity, v. iv M..I.1I1...1 Is wil.lnl an I
id. Ills late. We bale heaid :aM
en .ugh of fie night's
jeseapade to kin. w the char... tel o
'the lellow liu hauling h.key
fir n-lail and wl.o e.iuie to taf b
; .ising his .unlit to tin- 1. flu. rs ol
j the law.
1 hiscoiiiini: w 11I1 asiiti
i w.lspr. tt weiladveit.s. il.tud " lieu t lie
1 1 1; iroui the l.n t that lnieis 1 .sk i....s. 1
w ill go to Home to see Pope l .
Kvery Cnthidic bishop in the world
has to go to Home once iu ex cry
ten years and make a jM-rsoual .e
Hi. t of his diocese lo I In Pope.
The attorneys of Krnrst Hay
wood, who killed Ludlow Skinner
ou the streets of H.tleigl. in I'cbn.
ary, have made a (M'tition of hals'as
corpus Is-fore Ji.ilge Doughis. to lie
heard Thursday, alleging that he is
unlaw hilly detained, and should lie
allowed out of jail on Ihi.1.
Woes of a Postmaster (icneral.
Ni-S V'Tl ll. r.l.l.
Postmitster (ieneral Payne's. nail
these days is tremendous. Almost
every man, woman and child in the
country seems to have a grievance
against the department now that
the game is oh-ii. One woman has
lost in the mails and another a
black leather licit. One man in
the country objects to the way his
Itostmastcr hands It 1 lit his mail.
and another w ants the ollice moved
to li is stoic right away or he will
vole for Cleveland.
The most pathetic appeal of all
came yesterday from a New York
reprise, itative in congress, who is
dailv threatened hv an Italian in
his district, who has lost eltHi in
the mails. The money has been
tn.ced and found, but in the pro
cess of red tavc it will Is- another
cck U'fore the Italian can get it.
He refuses to understand led tape
and meanwhile the reprcsentatixe
is iu constant fear of sudden death.
Sweet Potatoes flavor Meat-
M r. Peter Tw ilty of Heath Springs,
one of the lest fanners in the State,
sold here today to a merchant over
,V0 pounds of home raised hams
and shoulders, some of the hams
weighing its modi as folly pounds,
lie also sold a cousidciahlc lot of
his meat in Heath Springs this
morning. He sold several hundred
pounds some weeks ngo, and has
more yet to market. Mr. Twitty
fattens his hogs iu the fall of the
year 1111 1111 especially line variety
of sweet potatoes, raising hundreds
of bushels for the purpose, w hich
gives the incut a iieeuliarly pleas
ant, sweet llavor. Mr. Twitty's
meat, in coiiscucticc, lias ipiite a
reputation, and always commands
the best prices. His potatoes are
also eagerly sought alter, and al
though he has sold several hundred
bushels of them this spring he has
not been able to supply the de
mands. I'tley't Check hook noUood in the
A.lif villi- l'..rir-ii..n.1 I- .if Hi. rlmrl.illr Ol.-
J, 1. Kerr, who has returned
from a inci ting of the penitentiary
directum at Haleigh, says the di
rectors witnessed 1111 unusual sight
at the prison. Young It ley of
K.iyclleville, who killed a hotel
clerk ut that place, had just la-en
taken to prison when Die visitors
were making their regular inspec
tion. The prisoner, w ho is of a
wealthy and well known family,
took his check book w ith him. for
he has something like tio.ntm in
his own name. The warden re
garded the book as superfluous, nnd
told the young man so, but the
mutter was finally compromised by
a dessit of forty or fifty dollars
with the prison oflicials, w ho said
that this young prisoner could pur
chase a little fruit occasionally, but
that he would have to eat at Hie
same table and the same food that
was giveu the other prisoners w ho,
while they had Is-en less fortunate
in the accumulation of the goods of
this world, had now been brought
to the same level by being in the
same place. The direct iont left
I'tley chopping wood and eating
was taken and the hearing;
adour.ied till toluol row 111..1 ling
al HI o'clock.
The evidence thus far connects
four men w ith Hie crowd engaged
in the killing, these Is-ing .1. II.
Piver, a well known fish dealer:
.1. H. Allen, a b.ukeeM r; W. W.
Humes and tieoige Whitley. I .i lit
aging evidence is slid to Is- in
1 1 ... 1 l
101101 i..iiosi io 1. .isi 011.- OIIICI,
Strkcr Made Mourners Walk It, ;
1 the Cemetery.
. II ... .."i . I- . . ,
1 1..- r iiaiis .1! a .Ii.. ti lit. in:,
ha. ks .it Hie ol P. .el Mai
I !. I.el.l 111 liii.i ily !'.l.iv. wi re
m 1. i.tlr.l l.i l..e I1..I1I ll.'-il
v a homes to the place I the III
1 er.l. I'ioiii tliele th.-y walk.-ilto
I he 1 In. n il and Ihciicv to I lie i
it. IV, Uraix' then dllvels Is-
l.itii-d to the union, win!.- the S;sk 1
Hi.-s , uinleit.:kerswho had chatge
l ti..-liiueial. ate lion union In j
. i v 11 i n. I'.ios. fin inli. d t he
loaise. 1 liey als.1 tuiiiished tl.e
. c.irri.ig.s to. the meiul-is ..t I In-
'I'.imilv. 1
111. 1 hi h 11 knieu vim
ai d a hail doen
I llieir r.ll'll.l' - at the churi ll.
llay told iheisi ii ants. if tin uumii
al I lag-- that ill. V w-mid have to
PI f.-yn"-
I.' .L I...11I... walk, lot I II. 1 1 l'l.e tin Italic lit. -111
aMi-nd.dat St. Louis on Thun-laj i ,., t.r , ?, 's.,,,x. 1 1.. .; 111 ;u any Inner:.! p..e.s.oi,i
night ol iledicl period. Mr., y.-.Lv , ,!.,,. .,ru,i w , , ! to.11. ig.d by a 1..11 uui l.-i :
1111. wno na.i ciiirgeoi use pyio ...11 .., , . . , -.i, ...
Jin Cunipt out on (idrwtlk hot
And iookril m Aia (or out cool spot ;
A:id tow-d he sr'cr ;aia would cat
A lum.h of hrat-producin meat.
Once more hs ' I-orce " reiored hit 11m,
Although 'u but, he. t " Suacj Jim."
IU l.oh-l..: -SvrrvLjJ
m&Kes comfort possible
on a sweltering day.
lirtpi Him to K Coot.
1 fii.d
technics at the World s ra:r dedi
cation, had a .111 11. 1 M-r of captive
liaMoons that vi ie to li-'ue iu a
s ctaeu'ar act ial display, but sev
eial of them cseajH il and lliesi' bal
loons have Is-eu lallli.g ill dilli lcut
parts of the count IV. One waste
( apt. W. II. Hich. engaged here iu cover, d by On 11 Y. lleiil me at S
" I suffered terribly nd w
trcmeljr wesk for 12 years. Ttit
doctors said mf blood was all
turning to water. At Utt I tried
Ayer's Sa: tapirillJ, and was toon
feeling all c:in."
Atrs. J. W. f-iaia, HaJlyme, Ct.
No matter how long you
have been 111, nor how
poorly you may be today,
Aycr s Sarsaparilla is the
best rpediciric yoti can
take for purifying and en
riching the blooa.
Don't do;ibti. rutvour
3 Avhole trust in it, throw
cway every tiling else.
tne on iiiisini-ss.
The crime, charged ns murder,
occurred alsmt I o'clock this morn
iug, w hen T. Percy Jones of Little
Hock, Ark., who has Urn heie lor
two months as the representative
of the Mutual Aid lusutatiee Com
pany, w as shot In death iu his Is d
loom, the shot coming from a pis
tol used by some man iu a crowd
who hail broken into his room.
lu the crowd arrested and lu jail
charged with the crime are , I. H.
Piver, Samuel ,1. Walls merchant .loin. I itf on. i. f o.olir.i VV'liil.
hey, pressman of the Wilson Times,
. P. Croom, N. . Hariies, Law
rence Morgan, W. .1. Hich, Tom
Kiss, (iil aril. John Allen, one
of the party, was shot and his con
dit ion is such that he hits not Istii
placed in jail.
Two causes are assigned by the
public and tumor for the killing.
One of these is that Jones had Ih cii
having uegio women as occupants
of his room and that the crowd
wanted to stop this: another that it
was thought (hat Jones was acting
as 1. detective and had caught on
to some gambling rooms reported
tols' iu iH'ration in the building
in which lie roomed, and that the
purpose of the crowd in cither case
was to force him to leave town.
The tragedy occurred in the
I'ryar building, above the Vienna
bakery, 011 fioldslioro street, just
oil' of Nash, the main .street of the
town. Just Is fori' I o'clock a
emwd of men went up into the
building and deiiiaiuled admittance
to Jones' room, pounding 011 the
door. Jones was iu IhmI and re
fused to open the door. The crowd!
broke dow 11 the door and rtisheil
iu. Shots were heard, then a pause,
and more shots and a voice crying
out; "Oh, (iod, I am shot, some
body help me!"
Humor has it thai Jones, expect
iug trouble, had armed himself
with it shotgun iiml had it near the
head of his In-iI; that when the
crowd broke in he shot, the loail
going into the wall, and that al
this parties in the crowd shot with
pistols, killing Jones and seriously
wounding Allen, otic of the party.
After the shooting the crowd
scattered, some, it is said, leaving
by w indows and going down a lad
der beyond a tin roof, while others
went out the ft out. John Allen,
who was bleeding freely from a
wound through the shoulder, ran
out, and accompanied by two of
parly, one of whom is said lo he
J. H. Piver, was taken to the Wil
son Sanitarium, where his wound
was dressed.
Jones was not killed at once, but 7 'W o'clock this 11101 n
iug. The fatal ball entered his
body ulMiut three inches below the
navel. When ollicers entered his
room after the shooting he was
found standing in his night clothes.
Mayor Herring ipieslioned him and
he said that he had Is-en uslccp,
that a crowd rushed into his room,
pon need 011 him and Is-at him.
That he struggled out of lied ami
got his shotgun, fired it, but it
went wide of the mark. He was
very weak when seen and failing
from loss of bluish He asked that
his watch be sent to his brother at
Little Hock. At the uut.ipsy held
by lr. Allert Anderson it was
found that the bullet had made
three perforations in the bowels
and had landed iu Hie backbone.
The coroner's jury rendered the
following verdict:
"From the evidence we find that
J. Perrv Jones came lo his death
from a pistol wound fired from the
hand of one of the folio wing con
spirators: (ieorge Whitley, Hill
Ward, V. ll. Hich. John' Allen,
.1. H. Piver, W. W. Hai nes, W. P. Hie hand of one of
these conspirators.
Litter on during the day the
grand jury, which is in sessiou
here, brought in a verdict of mur
der against ull the men who are un
der arrest.
I I Tlr tm'-t . K ll-!i...i AtmI
Si-lt'... C- -a o. -i: lrru!
4 -... w ru aataoMtaa
wi j ft.
lento, III., and another hv
('. Ilinsey, at Worih-n, III.
Hut neither of these Ii.iII.miii is
the pi i.e U'.uer. This particular
balloon, which was dispatched on
its journey, destination unknown,
was scut up by Aeronaut Carl
Meyer after da. k Thursday.
.'!ii. Its only caigo was a message,
written ou ollicial World's Fair
stalioiiety, and signed nflieially by
I'resiileut Havid H. Francis, con
veying the information that tne
liiulei of the balloon, upon pn seii
tat 1. hi of the letter and a written
statement regarding its finding,
would he supplied with a piss to
the World's Fait from May 1, l''o.
to the close of the fair, IloccmU-r
1. I'-i'H.
illogical balloon was lilhd with
hydrogen gas, mole than oou
feet Is-ing Used, al a cost of alM.I
s.'oo. T his is MiDieietil lo keep the
balloon in the air lioiii two to thtis-
weeks. ll is al the mercy of every
wind thai blows, and may Is' found
a thousand miles liriioe, or it may
wander around and when the gas
has finally leaked, fall close to
where the ascension was made.
When the balloon arose il car
lied a huge light that burned for
possibly half at. hour, ll arose
rapidly and w:is caught by a w ind
from Hie southwest. The breeze
was strong and the light could he
seen mov ing uoiitiwest inrougii me
ky. It arose and stun k another
current aad struck oil due east
and soon disappeared.
I lie balloon w ill use and fall
with temperature, until il finally
descends. As il strikes the colder
slrala of air the gas will condense'
ami the unship will fall. When il
strikes the warm atmosphere near
the cart li it w ill expand and the
balloon will again rise. This it
will repeat many limes. Then it
may be seen iu scores of places lie
fore it comes near enough to eat tll
to In- made captive.
Joke That Cost a Life.
!1-I.lll S-ll .
Mr. S. L. Svv ieegood, w ho was in
the collision that occurred la-lwecii
the Hamilton and Saginaw last
week, tells the Sun that he saw
one too conliiling individual, who
had listened seriously to a joke,
drow n when he might have lived.
The man in question was a ver
liable landlubber and on Imai'ding
the Hamilton 1 the boat on which
Mr. Swicegood had taken passage 1,
asked a friend how to wear a life
preserver iu case of necessity. The
friend jokingly told him that il
should be strapped mound the
When the collision lift ween the
boats occui ed the iiupiii iug gentle
man was one of the hot to grab 1.
life preserver. .Securing it lirmly
around his ankles he jumped over
board and when next seen his feet
were limiting about the water. II
was evident that he wits struggling
to reverse his position but the life
preserver attached to his pedal
extremity kept his head under the
water. His Nwly had not Ihtii re
covered when Mr. Swicegood
struck for the shore.
no one can sav. Hut it is a l.n 1 1
I hat many ot these men can lei!
guns 011 their shoiildets as well as
' U.llles iu their pis kels.
j it Is alvi lepi iteil thai the ow tier
1 of the traveling w hiskcy s'i.iji lin !
lilr ciistiinieis up and made tlieiu a
spis-ch warning liu-iii not to gi
In 111 away, declaring that he
would not taken, he was heav
ily ai mod and was .t going to fall
alive into the custody of the law.
This is i.u index to the chaiactcr
ol I be man with whom law and or
tier have to deal. The fellow
knows Hie law, violates it, hoast.
and haiangiies, under cover ol
night, lo an audience composed
of while and black, mi 11 and boys:
men with jugs and guns who sH'ii.
perhaps hall' the night in scan ning
lor an opportunity to violate the
law and get drunk on illegal whis
W.e... 1 .1
taken 1
A Vision of tilory.
mug Scotch girl, who was
II in this count 1 v, know iug
Quick Arrest.
J. A. (iiilledgeof Verbena, Ala.,
was twice in the hospital from a
severe case of piles causing '21 tu
mors. After doctors and ull reme
dies failed, IliickhV Arnica Salve
quickly arrested further
tion aud cured him. It conquers
aches aud kills pain. '2'ii. at Kng
liah Drug Co'a.
Shylock was the man who
wanted a pound of human
flesh. There arc many
Shylocks now, the convales
cent, the consumptive, the
sickly child, the pale young
woman, all want human flesh
and they can get it take
Scott's Emulsion.
Scott's Emulsion is flesh
and blood, bone and muscle.
It feeds the nerves, strengthens
the digestive organs and they
feed the whole body.
For nearly thirty years
Scott's Emulsion has been the
great giver of human flesh.
Ve will scnJ you a couple of
ounce free.
8C0TT BOWNB. ChamUta,
4O0-4IS Poarl Stroot. Now York,
ax. aad $um all 4naa,
taken back to her nat iv c laud. u
the homeward voyage she kept re
peating over ami over again the
sentence, "Oh, for a glimpse o' the
lulls o' Scotland!" IHluv the voy ¬
age was half over it was evident lo
those who were caring for her that
she could not live to sis- her native
land. One evening, just at the sun
setting, they brought her 011 deck.
The west was ull uglow with glory,
aud for a few minutes she .seemed
to enjoy the scene. Some one said
... he'r,'-ls il not iH-autiful f" She
answered, "Yes, but I'd rather sec
the hills o' Scotland." For a little
while she closed her eyes, and then
opening Iheiu again, and with a
look of unspeakable gladness ou
her face, she exclaimed. "I sis
llietii 1100, ami aye they 're bounie."
I'lien, w ilh a surprised look, she
added, "I never kenned holme that
it was the hills o' Scotland where
the Prophet saw- the horsemen and
the chariots, but I see tlieiu all.
and we an- almost there." Then,
closing her eyes, she was soon
within the vail. Those Is-side her
knew that it was not the hills of
Scot la ml. but Hie hills of glory
that she saw. Pet haps there aie
some fair hills toward which you
are now looking, and for w hich you
are now longing, and ) ill may lie
thinking that life w ill In- ineoiu
plete unless you reach Iheiu. What
hill it matter if. while you are
eagerly looking, there shall burst
upon your vision the King's conn
try, and the King himself comes
forth to meet you, and lake you
into that life where forever yon
shall walk ilh Him in white lie
cause you aie found worthy.
Now 1 10 Local Tax Districts.
Itil.-iuli V !' 1.11.1 1 l-.'tli
There are now 1 HI local lax
school districts in the Stale, just
more than there were two years
ago. There are over '.'0 districts
that will vole 011 1 he quest ion with
in the next month. The counties
that are iu the lead so far lire the
following: (iuilford, Alamance,
Mecklenburg, Henderson, Cnion,
Surry, Haston, Halifax and Hay
According to the letter from the
siiiH'tinteiulent of the diUcrcnt
counties, l:lt districts favorable to
the local tax. and it is one of
the objects of the school campaign
this summer to reach the I.Hi dis
Tomorrow night there will lie
siM-akingat Ihinn for graded school.
Senator It. II. White of franklin,
w ill lie one of the speakers.
On the '.'.'Srd of this mouth there
will Is- an educational rally al
Providence Academy, Handoph
count v. Senator It. V. Ix-aslev,
of I'nion, and Superintendent F,
II. Curtis, of Hurlingtou, will ad
dress the people for local tax. The
election w ill lie on Tuesday, May
Ubth., on the question of a sm-cial
tax of :10c 011 the 100 for graded
The strongest appeils lo take
I In 1 r p! 11s in the funeral line
wen- of no avail. A lew of the
union carnages, wiie:, it was anils'
able to the occupants, wire diivcii
l.i the celie leiy by a d tl.-.t-til
unite In that taken by the heals.,
a .d the l.ii.ii'y iu the uon union
hacks. The maioiily of the union
drivers icluiuctl to Ihcii tables.
A Sure Thing.
It is said that nothing U sure
except death and taxes, but that is
not altogether line. Ir. King's
New liisiovery for Consumption is
a sure cute lor all lung and throat
troubles. Thousands can testily to
that. Mis. C. H. VaiiMetro ol
siiepheldlow 11, W. Va., s.iy: "I
had a seven- case of Hiouchttis and
for a year hied everything I heard
ol, but got 110 relict. One Ixittlc o
Hr. king's New Ibseovery then
ciiii-iI mealisolulelv. It sintaili
b!e for Croup, W hooping Cough,
4 tip. Pneumonia and Cotisiiuip
lion. Trv it. It's guaranteed hv
Fnglish jlrug Co. Trial bottles
Ins-. Uogular sues .0c. and ifl.
The Wrong Direction.
an). I 'iiii-tililtl.ll.
"Ff de dev il conies yo' way."
said Hrolher Williams, '-kick him
sky high!"
Dal 11 never do, replied an
old deacon, "lie ain't pop' la r up
11 1 .
ni.'N- i .
: I... !.. is.lhro'
l.l. 'l !'..!!! h-
iu. lr. ukf-tj.
li 1
..' i;v. ah Cd.. ll
1 1.. ...t It.-i.riy
! h..w to o,..
(1 vl l.k.k..EK."
av:nns. loan anflTPUstuo
A 5tartling Test.
To save a life, Ir. T. (i. Merrill
of MehiMiiianv. Pa., made a start
ling test resulting .1. a woiuleiii.l
cure. He writes, "a was
attacked with violent hemorrhages
caused by ulceration of the atom
ach. I had often found Klcctric
Hitters excellent for acute stomach
and liver troubles so I prescrilied
them. The patient gained from
the first, and has not had an at
tack in 14 months." Llcetric Hit
ters are positively guaranteed for
Dvsiiciisia, Indigestion, tonstipa
tiou aud Kidney tronbli. Try
them. Only 50c. at English Drug
Company a.
('Hi. r 111 Dili .ji's 1 MM.itui.- r.uil.iiiii;, iliit-itly south of
'i'i l ti ..!i!in-.; t'tc C nil tho'!-'
1 iu iin.v I at. 1. r t!.t l.n. a of tl,c Stale ..1 North Carolina.
Officers: R. B. ReJwinc, President; J. M.HBolk, Vice-Pres.;
F. H. Volf, Cashier.
Directors: J. M. Bolk. A. W. Hoath, A. J. Price, J.
G. S. Lee, Dr. J. B. Eubanks, R. B. Redwine,
J. W. Eivcus, J. 2. Grocn.
I. Orr,
lnv itl'S 1 f 1 I
sii;lil, an I all "
Issues rt 1 titn-
IIHIIIM l,. mi. I 1
Huv,. .. lb a:.
A.itli'.n,. d by 1 1 t
C.01 aivr.: anv tl . t t
lu tni-l cutters the
!nr to utn, li t!u y 1 t..
Ilirall-l ( III l.t' II: IV c li
,1 .
' I"
. int. 11
.It - ..(
0 .il.. i 1 1
I 1 1 111- ! ,
I I' I.I. ll ..
MI , '
t . I..
am! at 1 1 . 1 ' -...mi' tai.e
Iaii..v(- or t;ii.u ant. 1
l.t lull, liiolii'v lit ail lo.
Makes I-... U .hi 1 :;. .
S.i. lln;s I! .nk ti .ituri'
l lil.-i 1 alls ti l l'"ll
Ii lid minify.
i 1.
. .,:..l : i
lepo It- 1:
wcis a:ul
!.iit;e or siiull subject to check at
I. niti u i-t is paid. Acts as ageut for
1 i soij.d eri'iicrtv.
it 1, Vliiiiuislrator, Guardian, Agent, etc.
:. i:; livnlual is eligible.
nil 11. ;;iii.f,inv rt'initablr member of the
until in 'i..t my m (is . 1 1 a r t; e . Hy this
in ti I v 1I1 .vrisi;lit ol Iheir own couuscl
1 i'i 11 -. l.-ibility.
i nt- 01 notes or other obligations.
1. veil security in tin land.
1:1 rn il 0 1 civil judicial proceedings.
1 sin. ill -inns lor saving a specialty.
uiil I:. el liuiruwt-is fur those desiring to
STATi: (!' OHIO,
I'll! til- TlJI.MlO.
l.l.t'AS I'ol'STV,
f rank I. Cliaiiev makes oath that lie
is seuiur pin tner of the 61111 oi f'. J.
Cheney & to., dunig business iu the
City of Toledo, County aud Slate
almcsaiJ. and that sanl turn will piv
the sum of One Handled p. ill. us lot
each and rverv of Catanli that
.innot he Hired by the use ot Hall's
Catanli Cure. I-'kask J.Cu vm v.
Svvuiii to tietiue me and subscnhcil
IS my ircsrnee, this nth day of I'i.
ember, A. 1'. issn.
si ai J A. W, Gi 1 ASON,
Not.ny I'lihlii',
Hall's Catarrh Cine is taken in'ciii
a 1 1 v , and aits ilirectlv oil the blood
Hid inuciius siutaei-s of the system.
Seu.l for ti'stimotuals, lice.
Tot.KiKi, Ohio.
Sild by druggists. Toe.
Hall 8 family pills are the licit.
Old Mnrefiot (iny in Hid Age.
t :..,.. l v 1-1". I
.1. ('. Hose, of I'iuktiey, was in
town .Nil ill day evening, lie told;
us of a remarkable horse of his
which died the l.llh of April. Mr.
leiso said he bought the horse in
February, I".-., when she was six;
veaisold, which made her thirty
three years old. lb-said she was
one of the lies! horses he ev er ow n
ed. was kind, gentle and would to
any thing. She nev er ran unayi
until just six weeks !.clorc her;
leath. She was well and healthy
up to the time of death and ate
I wo bundles of fodder the night
Isd'ote she died. Mr. Hose gave
eighty live Hollars lor llie annual
autl said that in point of service
she had Is-cn worth live hundred
dollars lo him.
, M. 5TACK,
Vice President.
Bank of Union.
Safe, But Progressive and Liberal.
A motkin banking limisc with every facility for the prompt and
cup-lu! h.ili.lliog el all business.
Get one of our Pretty Steel Banks,
carry it h -, .lcpt -it jtnit savings ami get interest on them.
Fertilizer Drill.
Eureka Liniment
This Liniment will remove spavin,
splint, ringlxines, and all cartilagi
nous growths, when
applied in the ear
lier stages of the
disease, and will re
lieve the lameness
even in chronic
cases. One of the I
most common lame-
""""" ncss among horses j
and mules is sprain of the back
tendon, caused by over loading or I
hard driving. Ashcraft's Liniment
is a never-failing remedy. The !
Liniment is also extensively used 1
for chronic rheumatism and f r all
kinds of stiff joints.
For "scratches"
Ashcraft's Eureka
Liniment is with
out an equal. A few
applications is all
that is necessary
to cure this dis
ease in its worst
Owing to theCf
wonderful anti- aerca.
septic qualities, the Eureka Lini
ment should be used in the treat
ment of all tumors and sores where
proud flesh is present. It is both
healing and cleansing, entirely de
stroying all parasites and putre
faction. This Liniment acts as a
counter-irritant and stimulant.
Price 50c. bottle. Sold by
English Drug Company
fc V Ik: ar
v n, f
:? .; v'V'' e
It is the best investment a farmer can make. It will plant
your corn, ftrtilic it, and cover it at the same time. Take
cut yutir pencil, figure the saving of fertiliser, add the expense
of planting the old way, and you will have your Drill almost
paid (or at the end ol the season.
The Empire
is deciJedly the best on the market. No chain attachment;
no links to slip or break, ami cause you trouble or inconveni
ence, but a rosiTivi: I'Okcl: fki;d.
Ask those w ho have iifc-1 it if it is not the best Planter sold.
Take one home and try it; if you don't like it, we'll refund
your money. You need it now.
Hard ware Co.

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