North Carolina Newspapers

i i
. ;
R. F. BEASLEV. P1"-1"-
Tl'ESDAV Juu j. t.j.
i . . .
The .Tatter oi Pardoning.
This paragraph, hum one oi
oar Sute, is of a In
of niucfa ut the rriticitu indulged u
by inauy uc(jti tttirnrtrr a par
d.-n by the &ueiiiir is aiincuurt-J:
Ti t at out the iailuie of couits t.
cvatKt, what k-.m-kJ is arcoiiiplitie,l
h?u Hie uiriu..t sta-ps iu auJ kuotlt
it til in Hie luaj ?"
Much u( the criticism iseven a kooJ
deal haishrr than this. Theie is
gins ih-a! of talk al'out "the one matt
puaer." T j le su:e, it is a tue man
pT run!!)- ; so is fl at eancisej I)
a Suj-erior t'ui t, the la fciviui:
him aaut'st unlimited latitude iu iiuuy
cases, a!l. him, auJ him solely,
to dftt-iu:i:ie how much, it any. a mau
shall te punched, a ttr lie has hern
Cdnvirti'd by i jury uf In prris. Aud
the CiaiiMitutiuii, proct-eJiui; uu the
theory that uo iutiocriit mau nhoulJ
suiter, placed yet another a!e;uaid
al'out the li'e and lil erty of its citi
zens by savins; the cuvenior id
the State should have the power t
review aud, it to liiin the euds ot jus
tice seemed to demaud it, the powei
of mitigation. And iu turn, the leis
lature, lot lias power il tlie ft avrrtioi
be a'aus-tr,!, has hrJed it ahout wilh
wise piecautma. Thus it is ieiiurj
that when a pard. u is to be applirJ
for, notice the a:ni' must be ,iveu
hi the public puss, so that il thru- be
uhieetK'US they may be .'.eai.l; then
the reason for his ait:on is set!oi!h
in detail and lurui-o piibiisbcd.
Now, no one lias snj;cst-J that
Ooveinor Ayc.-ck d.-t-s not l.inn; t!ie
utmost caie and patience tj bear in
the heaiiiift oi these cases, oi that he
is nut open to ailment bv all who.
desire to tuakr it. AtiJ, so, beitic.
called upon to peiiopn a lantul dutv.
Wr. V. P. WeoJ. a biisioe man of
Ashebocu, ha an at title iu the last
issue uf the Courier ui(iu the people
ol hi county to do all they can for the
education of their children. This is
toother evidence that the cause of
education i taking Jeep root lu North
Caioliua. Mm who hate educated
their own children, or are able and
will Jj so, tmo from their pursuits it
business aud do what they cau for the
cause of geueral education Verily,
the day is tlawuioi;.
"Au ice factoiy to beftiu and work
ju goveruiueut builJin,;," is the way a
,-o-itrinpoiary bead a newt article
! I oni the live town of Cierusboco.
V hat do you t jppoe the ice factory
till do to the coveiuuirtit building 5
l p at Vashiui;tou lai week the
flit-i Jutic Society had a mertint:
aud the doctors caa.e to the decision
that Americans live too fast, aud that
our stieniK'US life produces uere aud
heart diseases. Aud yet the battle cry
hereabouts is, "Get a move ou youi
self "'
The adJiess ot Mr. rage, which is
uite lengthy for our columns, is too
Hood to he id! out, aud every one who
ets the paper should read it "The
nun behind the plow ' can be some
"punkin" iu tin couuty if he will only
realue it.
Will ttte Charlotte papeis I .ease
hold up on punting the name ot Hit
Kev. li . J. Spaihawk Jones loin:
enouch to tell us what eer became ot
Mr. Conrad Lipscomb ? Ciastouia
Vol tins, ftcod titend, much tluuks.
VVe u-ie otlisrlves teieiiiii; the l.eces
sitv of inakttii; some in-pinv icai.l;;!),
".lie Kev. J Spaihawk
TALKING W ITH THE PEOPLE Ul.iu.U- I:im I.i jv. k ft TliurUj
j ui.-iiiin- wnii a .itil-.r n-iw-at
A Ouestksn KcfcrrttJ l CapUin '"4 '"' a'l il-tit -Mimrartnaeit. 1 .4 Letter I ran a Jemish ReaUent
Mo L ivUr Hampton-. Set-h'"1 "!' New Wk Tell W Mar-
.... .. ,. . " tihln-1 lfl t'Mliliic. And
tack-Mr. ."V-taa S-trsfsesJ-j,-,, ,lt nminfStory.
Buying Cotton that Has Not mil ,.n u. uli. r .rt ii..ri i.v' Mali ol the atr viti-. attrmhrg
VetBeenI1oeil-AnAittTieeJ Lile t!...- I.) air the-tv. II. the m ;sacre cf the Jews of Kis-
Inat lake acta- '""iiw n:iiii-t ill n. ike k.tu biticn, lcarobu, and ntii;hbor
lcr a). 111.1I ait.-r tin-111. t.i pull : in,; i;.g.s, ,lec-itr,l in Utter
tilt-l.l ..111 lit l!i 1iL . t, . 1 : .1 . 1
A!l..fu..,i.ite;i-r,vt!..ilt!..-w:,t , . . . (" V ".. 1 . ?. . . , '.. a"')
" ,11.1.1 I'l'lil l-.ll"
is over and we all aie lir.-iln-isi an.l '
or t.i
' the Siiitlieru U win' as
iiu k to tilit I'or the oMiuliy 111 tin-'
j?paiiiU ar a anUwlv. ami a lit .
U'v iiUH-k-r hut are- tm iitii-el In,
Itluuk that ol.l I ii -If J.w bivl. r ..1, ,i,. .
nut an tnimininiii. or at an
! iinh-lii-.ite thin.' Ill ai'l-i-.u m-' at
'the toHl'eslerale reiiiuoti 111 New j ..
rlcaii in a I nil-il aituv : . ' '
... 1 .. . . i ... - 'hlHthe.Hl-
iihiiih 111. .1101 an 10 wiii'il.rr w
at riciit or not, r r-l-r the i(tu- 1 ,
...... 1 w 1 ' '" 11
111M1 t-ii iiitini, 1 ..pi. .
How io ol" ShkI) l.iilj.v.
cue ol' t!io t.nkle or -but
llwv are ;.w the i.l.l Ii-Ikiui 111 j
will ti-li .1,1 1l.1t and all w.-i k. aiol
t oii.iii.l,.ir will o.k the lisli. ami
wlirti the tiot niiiio ik-M till - I
lives ol the opresscd people in
1 ken w, 1
111. v"i.. - I.'. If ivC, I1U iuiii.u
.yer to the New Wilt central re
litl c niimittee. are c l juchrhar-
actcr thai they can not be to!J in
II i-olue luck to town ;
afkiiil it.
Iwelt all o'. in.iti by the name of
ri I' ll -l uiiv a tain, his lirimlv
,, , IH.ikiT III Ins .l iv. was wume
OU1 I m le II impton. whom 1 ),. ,,.. u ,,llll,iI,, ,r, .,..
Journal sowolui.e a..,lv ,,,,. v,, , ,., ;.lU. ,.,,.,,.
n-pott.-l a.s .l.a.l .atii.- 111 .-l.-r Mll..u, M.iti.v fr..m,l.
la lo t. ll alH.ut tlu-. -'kft tin-..bit j ,, .,.,u I S. I1I!V we ":tie li 1 lit hi-1 upon , .,, , iMlV ' ,.t.,u,,, . ,
haul ami tiut-i up a ( humus nh
,11.1 rriv
J Women an.l chiMren in ar
tuular were tteated with a' most
inconceivable bti.tal ty. During
mil "little brow ii in.'." , tlie three davs" reii;n of terror.
1 u th.- pUvoti winch S.,uirv An- ; the effect ol which have not )et
III M'W .-V Ill-Ill. tlien-HIIIV ...n he K i,...on- ..f
( . Austin vi hi- li-'
Portions of Iowa anj Kansas Suf
fered Terribly anj Hundreds
Lose Their Lives.
Ih Moines. Iowa. May III. -lli-lil
aiilhi'tituateil fatalities li.m
ih'i 111 nil in ami alioiit tins 1 ,n
Ins illiii-ax "It wt me back. vi!i
lie Siihl. "1 didn't kio-w but Jon
weiv a proplirt. ami though I a
loins pri'tty well when I saw it. I
hail to have the ib tor a.-.iin tu-vt
ilay."' T he story jimn that on one
Hvasion a man went tot liarles A.
Iana ami Miiiplaim-1 that the Sun lie wasilead. In li
as ho was iiiiite alixe and In tun-
Mr. I'ana rt-ht llu-n. '-litit I'm
not ili-ail." s;inl the man. "and I
waul ou to say so in your paper." j
"Il oil sfo j in the Sun U s so." i
s,iid Mr. I'atia. "but we can p'lt
your iiatue 111 the birth "iiituii In i
morrow." I
Mis-nn soidiety. mere were
scenes ( inlinniau violence. In
the It'ttti 111 which these scenes
ate J-j tcti-J it has been necessary
t cimun.ite mure than half ol all
that was toM.
One ( the most inter cstinc; of
those Irturs wasrecriveJ by Mrs.
l..t. It w is 1 w ry i.l.l I'asln Yetti IVIJtn in of N . .'31 Henry
liui'l 111-. at.1.1 Ion;, ami taiH-ini strett. irom her husband. Nocham
ll.liiu:i, who recently went on a
visit to relatives in Kussn, his
Souh-IhhIv Ii is sent thi- ti-'lue b
The .l.uinial "tliif:
"l ouml - A pllti-t "t :l I1.1t bin. I.
Owner call -! -.inn- b i!i--. i ilunj
it ami 1 .i 111- lor tin- notice."
ilt'tii-ali'iti! A man w h can't ti ll
a pit tor tioui a liat band' II.
would lie know w lieu the ih -i t ip
lion tit f
li.iui bu r im hi - in diameter al the
Is.ltom to a -111 i'I no k. I ho IiinI
il,,..., il...i w . .. .1... ....
iih.i ...... inn- .su-i .11 111.1 wa.-i. t.i - .1 - 1.1 .
, , . 1 .. . .1 health ieaie the object ol the trip.
to plunk in- 11.1-e to the no 01th 1.1 .
that tu- -but I .1- -imll a;"L w;,s at K,s,'II1f he "
thin-." -.i d he. - Ilut tl th.-r "ussacre occureJ, and wrote from
lay ol the K' - -.t -1. k ami , ,nt'f a letler. in which he de-
we wanti-.l to put .iii. thiii,' hot to I scribed the horrible brutalities of
lu-li-it. 1 hi- 111- wa- haialy. ami tin- Russian fanatics. O.ily a
I lille.l it n!i hot water, ami that p.itt of the letter c an be publish-
t-J. It is as follows:
! "My hear Wife- Vou have
doubtless hear I of the mass it re
j 111 Kishin-. II My hand ttemhles,
my brain is on lire, and my
. tho'i;ht$ arc coulused as I w rite
- these lines.
"1 am ill with the blows 1 have
raised au o.lnr.
"Id biai.-ly -Ik.
I hat in- w a i
01 l.ianih."
M : it wa
il that 1 .
il.iiuh bit
the U--t
1 -melt.
o , full
can in
and dome it
liftht of a ciliii j-i.
conscience, it si ei
actions siio-iM not ir lun-lilv an
carelessly an.l flippantly cntu ised. i
Cet laitily he i liable loeti. but it can-,
not be c .nti ii U .1 t! .it In- d su't
know nnue abo-it ea: li c ise a:ter he '
. is l
I'rotil the llooil ami the piopcitv
jmeiit and a a-d ! l"s will aiuoiilil Into the million-,
is to us that hil At ''o'clock tolil-ht the 1 K-s Moines
be lun-lilv an.) ""'I11"1111 1 mcnes Horn
Its iii.ixiiiiiiiii hel-ht oi .'I leet earK
this iiioiiiiii.
I he sleailv rani
at Nortl
.It CI Itl
has patiently 1x11
merits than ti c edit
clttlCist' H;l!,i!;:l Le
of the tut- at a'i. V
esteemed I I ill t-r is Mis; ,.
re.11.1rk that the c- .-uioi 1
Caiohna is no c ir .1:. I
cisii., Cei t.i. niv 11 d I'.il we all
there is ciilkisin nil I critic. s-h.
we i i.I I ,-; ,it!r;.t: ii t,, t!o
that it is not the .1. t aal p.o ! :;s .
ate ijiautr.! tint help to l-iim; the la
into disi.-j ute. but the f.-ohsli t ill,
which is;..! ::i by people wh
should da b-.-tti-r and who li -outs into
the 111 in Is of other th,i!-;l:tles.i pe. pie.
It i wor.-e upon s .cietvf.i an inno
cent man o suiter, "I I 1 a (isiity one
to be pun. shed beyond his due. than it
is for a c nlty one t- es. ape eatuelv.
Evrry ina-a who ;un int.) our c Mot
or is earned there' has a 11;, ht to have
hisiase takcu to the Supreme Count
in order that it may sav it the Ioei
court has erred iu the matter of tin
law. I'.at the Siipicmo C.nut has 11 1
junsdieti-.n as to facts, hence a man
who feels that he has been ui.uiced iu
the interptetatioii ol facts hy the jury,
or has been too heavily pnui.-hrd by
the court - which is a ot:e m m power
has no irdu-sn m-hss he can .1 to
the Kovein. r an I a.-k lor a pardon or
a reduction of sentence. Ami, heal
iu mind, the Siiptcmr. Court overrules
the lower court twenty tunes where
the governor iutet teres one lime.
Then there often happens afler the
that circumstances arise that
three tl.n s, it is Ik-Ik-vi'iI
further I ise is past. a.s repoi Is from
t i: on it--point- above IVs Motm-s -av the
. thppantly 1 iver ha- In-i-ii fallili); for - I lioius.
p s. n ( The extent of sullel ill- allloli- the
Mr. .1. i . Mor-a M it-ln ill.
-pent several day saw ay tioui home
la-t wis k lor ici-it-.itioii. "I have
iM-eii," said Mi. Mm; in. "in -ceu
Not w itlist.intliiic; 'oiinties ol North 1 arolinu -in. e
thai ha.- lallen loi i I Vl' ''i' iax. And while I saw
I ou ame do II
b'lk- w ho to the Opel. I
, ami eat m-.iihiK" said I : .
I lion-!.. 11. "Now. I wan! y,
I l-r the loik- u ho ow 11 iii- .
1 them inn out. Yon know,
j the H'-ites 1:11, -an. e iu t ii -,
I'lu v - are I. .1 and i an
aas; tin v li uht. ti
e.if-- hxdiophohia oh. ti
; oM t 1 1. : 1 1 l ax 'i-m. t i
j kill '. 111. to- '1 111 up il.. ,M
! lo keep tin-in .-Il the -tree!. "
IIIL'er ,.:iuueli 1
' ;o.l st
od lauds iniicli pio-ie , '
k aud line people. I vi a-i
lh Illicit to lie ploud.-t' ol old I in. m
Uu- lurllier I went ami the noue I '
sltt." I
Tr. Cm inrjoii's Mar the Highest
liver Made lit W ake I ore-t.
The cuit inii.-d upward
ottoll !a-l week -el I pi
several lliou-and rel'ii-i-c- ha- U-en
re.liiceil In a liilliiliiutii by the bet
let- or-aiiiatioii ol relief wot k. and 1
now ll-ev are nearly all free from -11. I1 ol' tin-in
exl leiue -ulb rino. The reinainiiuj I t.-i nil w.iluct
levees will hold. The river is from! WTnie- ii..1k..v
hall' mile to two miles wide, how
"'level. elVoitll.llly eiitltn-; otl 1
b i 1011 U-tweeii the main part
I l s Moines I'ioiii east, north and
e w 10:
I Hunk tin..- of the .1.1
ate w 1 1 b v ot pai ' ten!. 11 110
namely, Mr. .film- lo'.vad. mIi.-
-l-ei-i-h on N at i.'iiali-iu w 1 - in...
noil I bv P1..1. l'ot..,,t atoi 1,; lu-i-!"'' -Is5 WilUltdtfl
0:1 the
U. Ik
, ,, ,. received. May (loj srant that 1
that's t n I i y rev. ver 111 a month or two.
tow 11. i Tlie lew dollars that you sent to
tun-, ute vvcte also stolen. 1, niysilf,
tli' tg.ive them up so that my life
' do, ), ,ij s,lVll. j i)ake onv ,nv
j vv.iti h and chain at this time. They
had been hidden, and the assas
sins did not It 1 id them.
"Never has there jet been such
a terrible massacre as this one at
ki.-linnlT. A ureal battle was
lout: lit to day. 1 had a visit from
'''''d-viur. As 'soon as he left me 1
'""i. i 1.:. . 1 . 1 1 . . .u.
line 1 ,1 C'iiii,ti;e ,1111 utuvc 11a 111c
hospital. In the liospitil there
My (10J ijrant
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; Topek.i, May :t1. At I o'clock
llu- iiiiiiiIn i oI' ilrowm-j people 1 i..
known to lieat least l iOaml alai-e
i nuiulier vn-ie vet 1111 in-'. S-veral
were lepoileil Inn lied toileatll. hut
tin- ciiuM not lie s11l.-1.111l i.ilicl.
Ilroiu all over e.istet 11 kansa-ImhiI-
lie lieu-;: lilsheil liere t'i,f the n-s
cm-ol' the .siill'eteis. Short It alter
d.iv li'ht nine Units arrived (khii
ilt.iwa on a sm-i ial tiain and tlu v
were put into active sen once.
Soon alter reports ol' drow niiij; U
;.mii to emne in. A tat eonlaiuiiij:
elht men wa-swept away hy the
swill eiiiietit iiIhiiiI " o'eliH-k and
as far as known all were ilrow tied.
1 l her small Imals were not alile lo
live iu the vv lili lm i iinent.
North Topeka is a -eene of tit
most desolation, .,it a suaie
1 loot ol' hind eau lie seen in any ill
! reel ion. There is lint a small
1 -linnet' uf any ol' the It'snleiices lie
in; li'l'l f-liiiKliny at tin- end ol' Hie
i lloml period. Sherry Oakland, ami
.the reform school north ol Topeka.
lie all miller t lie rus iiiil' waters.
would nuke ttirtlirr punishment a mis-j hut the situation is fav oralile iu
carriage of justice. It also happens j these place- compared w ith what
that evidence cunus out that shows North Topeka is lindei'oiiij;.
conclusively that there was a uu-take Nearly all the lites were put out ley
tllesf the heavy rain, which tell nearly
all liij;lit. .Message were sent lo
St. Joseph saving: "ToM-kn wants
three to six steam launches and
twelve or eiL'hteeu clinker built
in the sentence. ShuulJ uot
things be rectified ? Too many of
us proceed upon the theory that jus
tice it thwarted if the accused is ac
quitted If this were true we would
have 110 use for couits -the police ami
the sheriff wotilj decide the matter by
just arresting tl.c riht r.ian each time.
The fact of the matter is, that par
dons are one of those thiuc,s which
some of us feel called upon to boo at,
without Imowiug or caring very ninth
about the reason for our efforts.
Mr. Roosevelt has announced his
candidacy, and says something about
wanting to be a "whole president."
Senator Mark Ilanua kindly withdrew
Ins opposition so far as the endorse
ment of the Ohio Republicans was
Concerned, and it appears as if Mr.
Koosevelt might now hold up on kiss
mg the babies.
row Imals w ith men to handle, sent
here hy special train at mice to res
cue people iu North Topeka." The
train was to feci its way us far as
possible ou the Kiilmierjjcil tracks
anil then I he boats would In
launched. It was expected that
the launches could reach here
annul I 11 clock, 111 which event
many of the people 011 the north
side could yet lie saved. Mean
wniie, tne iKMeiiKtiiftl ones mere
cncoiiiaued to hold 011 11 little Ion
ger in the hupp that rescues would
lie elleclcil.
11 in
called " Inline-."
know- what tin
price- are (.'"I'V to lie. -..nielimly ,
willing to ri-k -'U1111. tor a I i 11,1-1
ill Moiuoe III- l-i-n ollei-i-d lime
cents fur his tin- l.ill'- crop. , :alu-i
lint ho know- w h. th.-r tin- In I 1 m'oii
in' which prompt- ,1 man t,, ,iu .,
crop which has only iu-t U-en
planted i- based upon a sure helu l
thai the pines will lie hih tn M
fall, or upon the iiu-u- -pint ot
L'ainliliiii; '
ji-nla-'ii- :i tin- ab'i-l ,-
III Oil' .It W llM- 'ol -1 I
-'inli Hi. mi v l.i. h opini.
llv com 111 : '.,1. Kirl I'm
ha- made a lo e h ,d a- .
and w l.o 1 . I his care
lclli.ll I, , 1 1 . 1 v ' hlli 1,111
111 tin- Soiill
I M-mioe.
1 1 is 1 . l' 1 hi
ci lleltcv o -chi
mule an average
11 I I
tecverry lot even IckjoI llieni.
"The d.ictor say those who do
recover will be cripple J for lile.
lr uu the hospital 1 dtove to the
by a
li 1 . w ho
-i Hlctil. u-euietcry. There lay thirty eiht
I W llll it ; - ,., ,4 .. I. , .. .11 . , 1 . I i.,(,rr,,,l
Ml 1. 1-
I I, .... il.oi.. 1 .
, ., , .n.s. .on., cip.i'1 nut I'll. -iv-
d Mi'. ov . . . .7 . ,
who all ' K ' t'C'Tc "ere (iressecj
collet' I'or c ' r ,llc'r ' l,t tl-?t'"; dace. Those
ir-liip. Iniv ine; m t'v- liJpi' who are expected
Hiiiui.'lioul hi- to die will also be photoniuphed.
ci reef
only in
w .-iml
thai he
I inoie than 'CM. He i-m-te'
ii year-ol ae. and one
Mid-e by loi-kin.' at It i lit
1- n-'t ,1 haul -tiiileiil.
lar Meillm. the d. 11 kev wli
the iiolii-e laid v io!ent h ami- upon
and forced linn to tell where heot
lii-lMiior. i- an a.'iieved i tl ieu.
They put lac in a cruel h aid place
-just yanked him up. loiiud the
liiiior on It 1111. 1 lapped hi- hand mi
"the book." and made linn out
with it.
"hi-V shore had tile in trouble."
savs Lee in rclatini; it.
cr 10111 on .1 1111 an or pit Ii 1 111 iti
l or Confederate eterans.
I jo. - of honor to the ( otifed
i-rale velei.iii- will be presented
loin .now. All w ho h.iv e applied
lot tln-e b.(;,'i-s will please llli-i 1
III the coin! hoii-e al J o'cl(K-k to
11101 row and receive them.
Vou c.iutiot si-ml I'm-y our i-ro-si -of
honor, a- presentation iiiu-l l-
1 wouldn't j "ni'"' only lo the one- eiitttli
-ot him ii, lincin ami not to Ua-s-i-n.-er-,
I to
trulilile I. ilk dis for tioihin', but
you si-es. I had let- tell I'll ' llll !
tell cr lie vv ill my hand on de book,
and I couldn't do 1I.1I. I!ul, den.
I'm sure .Inn's cr yvvine to conic
out alright. 'cau--1 had a eiittuciil
of d.ii hi.-' iiilil iu er duaiii. I
drempt dat tne and 'bint Iw.-iily
more Liters was wuckiu' under
er I toss one day. Wc was all I'
come back ne day an' litii-h up
de job, but Hex day all dein nie,
1,'ers but me w.i- cone. Now, I
'lows dat dein other iii'er- ri pe
.cut .Inn. and dat mean Jim's
jjwint' t' Ih' ,'oue."
I hi-V lllfl-t be pvi tlteil by the
I '.iiilili t s of t he I niileilet-acy.
It. V. Ihu wi'iiv.
t 'tun ma 1 liter of ( amp Walk 11 p.
Our Ice II i:se is opposite J. .
I--ckh,itt Co.'s st to. Phone
us when joti want Ice. No 311
I' VI'11.1 '.VI.I.A K.
I vv ant
y. ur eld Iron. J. I).
This calamity is greater th in the
Cal unity ol the Temple. Tl.ree
iiattets ol Kisliiiuff has been de
stroyed. "People wire slaughtered in
their own houses Furniture was
chopped to bits, clothing was
torn up, houses were burned,
bricks from the houses were scat
tered, and even the chimneys
were torn down A waste was
made id all KishinctT. The city
is now as white as after a hard
sno.vstortn from feathers from
beds fcitteted about. Might
thousand families are lying on the
sired? with nothing but the sky
over thctn. lirands were put on
the houses, and men, women and
childicn, all naked barely escapee1,
"To every ten persons 5 pounds
ol bread are riven. Mv sister
Kstlicr, with her two children
were brought to my father's house
in tncitintgiit clotnes I hey were
terrible beaten and bruised. II
condition was frightful. Ma) I
(lod have pity on them, la the'
Surrounding villages the J :ws
suffered similar fates.
"It ii a day of nakedness. The
number of killed m not rightly
e tiinate I as ct.
Nice Meats Our Mohbyt
Anything 111 the line of nice
tender meats is our hobby. We
lead the trade. II. While.
Sweetest Living-
A ' !., t i'..ii.ti,tl..i,
rl'.tlil. M
in Ilk.'. '
V ,.1 ili-r. 1,1 t!
Jul.. well i .
-r ,.
tin .,.ii
Hi In!!-
tinlit lll.
All. I Our.
!i-t It, mif
II. .w ! fsir .01-rt ill.,
.si --i.,h nn. ni niif.
i,l' r ihi'ioi,. '
When in need of Irish meat
phone No. 91 J. 1). Parker.
Hllllllllllltllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllil
The Statesville Mascot says that
Mr. W. E, Morrison, a farmer living
Dear Statesville. sold eight mule colts
at siity five dollars each, one day last
week, to the Heokle Live Stock Com
pany, who sent them to their grass
farm in the mountains. The average
age of the colts was fourteen aud a
half months, and Mr, Morrison has
raisad them, not as a stockman but as a
farmer. Tbe Mascot adds that some
of tbe farmers about there who could
hava raised colts, too, will in a short
time be buying some of these at faoo
The war between the colonels rol
lick! merrily on Col. Jule Carr of the
(lob and Col. Bob Abernethjr of River
Bend, Gaston county. Col, Bob says
Col. Jala owes bim salary for maoag-
ing bit Oconeechee farm, and Col.
Jule says Col. Bob owes him big money
for tba damages ha did to the farm,
nd each is suing tha other, and Gas
too county is tbs seat of war.
One Woman Cow hides Another-
Some time ago Kx Policeman
Frank Wcihlingloii of ('h.'irlolle at
tempted to commit suicide mid
also to kill his wife, wince when he
has lieen in jail on it jH'ace bond.
His wife and her people have lxeti
trying to get hi in (tent to th Mor
ganlon any linn nn the ground that
the drug habit had made him in
sane, and his own people have
lieen resisting the effort. It aeonm
that there wan method in the mad
new. for lust Thursday Mrs. Wed-
dington proceeded to cowhide a
Mrs. Keiulrii k, lieiug jealous nf
her, it 1 alleged.
The Weddington awe has Wome
notorious in Charlotte, and the bat
tie of Thursday was h rulininalion.
Mrs. Weddington ami her friends
Diet the Kendrick woman in the
street, and the former badly lie
labored the other with cowhide,
The whole bunch was arrested.
"Strength and vigor come of
good food, duly digested. 'Force,'
a ready-to-serve wheat and barley
Iood, adds no burden, but sustains.
nourishes, invigorates."
S. R. Doster has just received
lot ol nice Hams.
The town ollieers are making
preparaliou to plant a llag pole ou
the square foi tliedisplav of weath
er signals, reports to lie received
Iroiii the stali it l.'aleigh.
Messrs. I mi don Thompson are
the promoters of this undertaking.
The llag pole has been secured
and, as it re-ted horizontally upon
trucks ready to lie planted, some
joker undertook to display some
signals of his own. A white flag.
Is'iiring in ragged letters the legend.
'Tiiir Imlay, was nailed upon
the top of the llag pole aliout two
feet from the ground, while the sun
lient down scurchingly upon the
pavements, heputy Shcriil Myers.
Maj. Andrews mid Prof. ,1. W.
Towtiseud watched that Hag all the
first day 11s closely ns a liny ntelies
his ti 1 t bin) trap,
"W hat ar' them rags agw iue to
lie fr,'' said a man from Stanly ;
'pcrs 1' tne a body could see it's
fair t 'day w'thotit bothcriu' 'bout
them wiininen's aprons hanging
out lhar."
"Oh," said Prof. Townsend,
they represent certain proble
matical prognostications which as
tronomical observers have declared
to bo i 111 111 i ii-1 it alxuit the time the
perennial summer solstice comes
into pei'ihrliou with the vernal
equinox iiimiii (he tialri!attcnil
end of the isoscles triangeof ."
'T've got some juaniier to buy,
an I guess I'll be goin'," said
Stanly, aud Prof. Townsend con
tinued his elucidation to Deputy
Myers and Maj. Andrews.
Mr. J. 8. Hasty left yesterday
for a couple of days' fishing at Lake
iiecaiiiaw, in t omnibus county.
('apt. Barnes and Commodore, the
cook, have al ready been in camp
for a week and have pitched tents'
till ft-isaf Tin, ion hi. ait .-I '
. .... ..v,.. rriim,reu,
1 Pay Adams, Heriidon Hasty and
A. M. 5TACK.
of Union.
Safe, But Progressive and Liberal.
A modern banking h nise with every facility for the prompt and
care 1 111 Handling ol all business.
Get one of our Pretty Steel Banks,
rany it home, deposit your savings and get interest on them.
The Latest.
We have just received a new lot of Shirt Waist Sets In dray
and Oxodied 5ilver for
beads, all colors
Belt Pins, the 51) cent lot, lor...
-25 cents
i.2S cent
.25 cents
Close out lot 50 cent Hat Pins for 25 cents
When you pass our store look at the display In our window
and take your choice for 25 cents-
The W. J. Rudge Co.
Til i. T.;T I
rmmy 01 jumerence:
'rtlilGli Do yon Choose f
Vou want paint which will
placet (he material it covers
and give N'liulv to lh place.
The 1 l paint ii that hich
gives the best color and slands
tin- i.ii;i'stsi:i;v(t:.
Here's a low price paint
tint wilt save rash and look
well. No mistake iu using it.
Stands the wear of yeai-s.
Mate yonr improvements by using Heatb S Aliligan Paints.
C.N.Simpson. Jr.
. at.. I 11 Tl l1Titn.T
ooooeocco-soo o-oooo-o
If you will permit
us to demonstrate to you the need
of Insurance, we are satisfied that
you will no longer be without it.
Level headed men realize the
importance of Insurance; but we
wish ty talk to those who are not
fully aware of the advantages of
Insurance, and respectfully solic
it an opportunity to give them
Hest and strongest companies
Gordon & Thompson.
New Ordinances.
N" . It lilt ! tiM!ful fi.rnv iN'rtn 1
'"ill" 'f in uv iiinmiiT it-mi n it it)i tcltafrki.h ur rlt-ftrlf Itirhf In flu-
i ..i Hi'iiror, rwt iii ini.M- it rni- f m .. .
llu- ii isffiuf owner, t.f nu ll ih !', h
Hint flitiil. ..r ts ii.f iht-m f..r tlir HirMMH- .f
nirtkMitr wn r'Htir ur ittii i ti h Hit-)
i.-.-rii nnr-ituin, A ht trin Th'laHntr fit
Tilinmuv dt'itll Hir itiIIy i.f ili.jUrw.
S (l liitli i uu In w ftil furativ M-rHift
r itT.M to ittnt'ti ai. hi- it. aiu uiutr
JiV'Mt fur th. .iir)w...- ,,f .(.rinklliiK .iv
it, irnrilfii. irvr ..r irrouii'l or to u- the
HM atrt firiith (nirit"!-" An (n-rwun tt
LlHtiif f'il ..nlnmm. 111 i-niliv.if live
liUri ft.nn.-h ttn.i fir-rv ffi-ru. Tlitwonll
nnn.-f iiB U- in f..rv iintil tlir n,,ia (
inif Imri.t m mmiiU ti.l
Land Sale.
Hv tirtllfiif ft ttowt-r III a rtln nt..pi.r..
rtrt .l in nn- crM-iiif.1 l. J-itin V Kon1.. n ihr
NinnilT, Imai 1 1 fir a it it.iiTi-f uu f l-iti
rHir.lH (n t-.,k Ah. Murf mt, I Hip
3rd day of July, fXU,
at 1J nVlork th rtnirt hou sl.-ir In
M'-tir., S ' nt-ll ai mit-Iit snit-ti.m i.. n..
Itfsftni .i,ir f..r a-)i,tlit f..i h.w ittar Mnl
r hit i.f latMl III tlir (Mttit i.f Wtihaw. vi ka
kftni'iiia at a -fak.! K rt.rnr nl.iii U
criiirvrt ) nin S H' f. lehaln anH Mn i
link- to a -takr I 1 -mall p o n and rck..r) hi j
J'iih ArUm-" line ihnoa with lhMtdJrv!
pfch Adam' old tine bUhii N Jl r I hatn and
T liliku, rrnwslin amatl lmHw. to a tkr ti i
mall u In tht ld JMtpli A1am lln. J
A Hllliarnai'lotrnnirr. them with ill. uid !
illiasia' line ft Rit H Irhaln and link '
l a etone. the N K rhurrh lt etirner ami
the I .mm havlt and A iMlamw ht rnrnr, i
thence w kth the ah r.l.rrd M E rhurrh lot
line W I rhaia and Mi link to the tawirirt 1
mna-. onntainlnv avre and ' wdea of land
no it isr tnm. inia June inn. I ww
l IiaVIm, Mortiraete.
Redwln 4 Stark. Alt;,
pmnnmriTriTriTrnriTninipni imi i rnrm mn mTnTriTrig
A. IjbA V. ; MKS.A.LKVY.
We have supplicMl thousands of the
pood people of Monroe and Union
County with their spring
Dry Goods,
Clolliiiiu and
liner v
but there are others who have not yet
bought and we are ready to
now with the determination to give
you better selections, better bargains,
and better and prettier goods than you
can get this side of Unitiinore. Now
is the time. A. Levy's is the place.
rami iiimiirmijTmijjiJiwiijiiijjna
I . To Cure a Cold in One Day
Irtuta isxauve oromo yumine Tablet.
Sma MBloa koaM tottl la fmt 1 3 saoatks. Thil tlinatnTe. C9. SSjCZr
Carta Crt
al Two Days.
oia everv

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