North Carolina Newspapers

One Dollar a Year
.. gen-ntl lr the lmslotlice
lieo. A Chrisluiiev. assistant at
Many of Them Said to be Not Half iriH.v flM- n,,. jollier depart -faying
tupensea, r nd Many Es sucnl uss-;idi-d xtiltnat iuvestiga
tablishrti Without kcason or Ne-
cesaity-The Number of Frauds 1W-1.,',,,,,V,,W'. l'"i'li
VIII t'l till Wl V rVtl.lllf-I HIII
in the Department up to Date.
There may I shake up in jaiVmtlCat ..
allowance, resigned while under
the rural tree delivery system of
the government at a result of Ihe.
invt siigatimi into tin- administra
tion ill Supl. Machen who in now i
under arrest for receiving bribe. '
One tbsr'"'; trout Washington
ki that mm third of the mult- iu
the Stall '! tieorgia. Sooth I'irii
Iiiih. ami Mississippi anil Alaliaiiia
are likely lo lie ttisctuitimied, Hiiti ,
Mill ..f ll...M m ...... ... ,
i.l v..- it.
...i ...... n Hint
Miflrr the same t'ut. Many of
these roiitas it ;ta slated, were
estuhlislusl without any regard for
their netd and their receipt do uot
pay one fifth the salary of the car
liers. The district formerly rep
resented hy Senator l,utiiner of
Ninth Carolina is plastered with
route uf this kind, says the dis
patch quoted from. The xaine au
thmity gocitou to nay:
It appears from the invest igut loll
that roulrs were established in
public (l)pinion.
H: HONOR iil EN.
Oil and Wafer.
JiM-ph M. Johns, an Indiana
lawyer, ai rested ou (harp of eon
Kpirary with Miller in bribery.
I. It. I iron, Washington btisi
news tuan. arrested on charge uf
eonspirieav with Maehrn iu brib
ry. Samuel A. liniff, Washington
ili(vi,icn, arrested on charge of
romtpiiacy with Mai ben in lirib
The Gainesville Dead Buried Very Mrs. A. V. MutU of the Chester
Rapidly Recovered from the Chapter of the Daughter of the
r.ffrcts of the Disaster. ! Confederacy, fins Them on a
.... ..t!b. ....,.ji.l.. 4.1 Nuitllfc-rnl trf..
I III IV I 1,1.1 llllitlllll.r ..rrlt-n ll.r.aa.r
.tsmi iiiiiii-riakers vcm in hoik hi jj
illii'ir IIIH.U.-IWIIII ilnliti lliMkinrh
I The Misilnlities uf oil and water ) t,M stni ts the hearsi-H made Ire
i weui In U too j;real fur the ima''i ''I'leut triis to and from the rut
naiion to crasp. ne w.,iist n;"s ; rem.-irr,. iw, ,., u,.lllv MW !,, M,i,it.-r in
.-neri. no. in oui u :uer mr ,....--.. ) . P(, lolw. M,, ;l, ,.s
hejil and another h;M now mdvedj'he inninil are worse, and thersl,.iv .,. ,i, is .lef
l lie
Black Crime of a W hite oinan
and a Nero Man-
ruht ki-'.d In a l'i!tk- I'n-tweeii
I arnu-r a.i I C:i h
4uwl.ia stAir
Klllll. llalllltel of
( . r I ..... . . r.i: .....
j i uiiiiiier.ite eTiransoi iiiiseoiiiny j
ii.iiiii'u in. ir oiaiuaiion.
! tlie I oiilcdf rate ensses of honor
I t :i .
t . 1
I ..IT,t,
! :,m K i
; ( I , ! !
prol.leni of illuminating the.i'-l eonstai.t attention. Uieal , (r)U ,.,vl!,-' i.rtHd iv. and one l
world with oil fioiu water. And
thiHe w ho lhoii);ht they were wise
have inaiiilaiiuil that oil and water
wouldn't init.
(physicians luxe had no resl ,nee)(l.
Haywood Allowed liail-
kairitfti Ill-fa'"!!!.!.
Krnest HaywiHHl, the Kalcigli
lawyer, the slaver uf Ludlow Skin
tier, wan tmlay released on rH'.IMK'i
ImiikI, after a hearing of some days
before Jiislu-es Doiiglaji and Wal
ker on haheaN eorpus.
S-veral minutes before noon the
court house wait throni;cd with
people, all inlenwdy eacr to hear
the result of the aimlicalion fur ll'.,-M.UUl U....U.I .. l. L..t
'tin. aa.i, ""i ihiitii m v
thesi' two sections named without 1 Niirroiiiided hy his four brothers,
any ihismIiIc excuse save as a mat jollier relative and eight lawyers,
ter of favor lo inemliers of coiij;revt j Justice loii;la aiiiioiiuivd that
Hint that money appropriated by Justice Walker and himself had
rulicres lor this pni iose was vs-j divided that the rase as pit-si'iited
euded with almost criminal ex 'to iheui was bailable under the
travajjamv. rule laid down iu State vs. Hern
I.'ihiiIs have Ihn'ii recvived at don, and the ietitioucr was eu
the deparliiieut show in); that on titled lo bail. It wns therefore or
many ol these routes in iiiicatiuii 1 dei-eil that he give U,IHMI b;iil,
the icceipts do not average " a ! with good security, for his upicar
inoiitli, and that on others the'ance at the July term uf the Supe
amount taken in docs not begin to! rior eoiirl.
justify the existence of the route. There : quite it rush of people
tu nil of these routes however, ! toshake Hay wimhI's hand, lleg.tve
regardless of receipts, the rural bail in a few minutes,
earlier reccited a month, soi A justified IhiiiiI was given by
the Having thai will lie dlccled by , three brothers mid a cousin of llay'
the iiliolislinient of a large portion j wood and several friends who just
of the sen ice ill lie enormous. ified for fr.1,IMMi. This ImhiiI was
ttllicials of the departiucnt are j accepted and llaTWiMsl released,
lot blind to the fact that this lie entered a carriage immediately
course with regard to the rural free 'and was dritcn In lo see his
delivery service will uni t (he most
determined opposition, but the
matter is in the hands of Fourth
Assistant I'ristow and he will pros
ecute it. This proposed action on
the part of the department does not
mean that the growth of the rural
free delivery service will be re
tarded, bill merely that it will lie al
lowed to take its natural course
and not Is' I'm ci'il beyond all Isniuds
of reason, as high ollicials of the
jmisI ollice service claim ha liccu
the practice in the past.
I-'umth .Wi-taut I'.ri.stow will
apply stringeiii regulations tocotcr
establishment of routes, and the
mere reinicst nf it cougiessinaii for
one or more mutes iu his district,
or the presentation to the depart
ment of a petition .signed bv one
bundled prisons along the line of
n desired '.Ml mile route will not hc
considcrcd Hiillicieiit to hi rant the
installation uf rural service. Here
tofore one hundred signers within
twenty miles, plus the request of a
member uf congress, xvits the stand
ard rule by which unites were in
stalled. In the future the class of
people who live along the desired
route will be taken into account,
the business of the nearest presi
dential or fourth class ollice will lie
gone over, mid an cll'ort w ill be
made to arrive iu advance at a deli
iiite conclusion regarding the
amount of business w hich the con
templated route will transact and
the revenue that will result to the
TIIK I M:liTlli:i FKAl'hs,
On Friday Thus. W. Metircgor,
a clerk iu tliu rural free delivery
wrvicc, and oiiet'. K. Alton, one
of bin assistants, were arrested ou
a charge of conspiracy to rob the
government. They contrived to
buy -IMHMJ leather pouches used by
five delivery carriers, making the
government pay rlS.Ono for them,
w hen they could have been bought
for fs,niMl, The arreatsso fur, lie
aide these, hate been aa follows:
A. W. Machen, superintendent
of the free delivery division, sus
M'iidcd, retnuved and arrested ou
elutrge of bribery,
Ihtuicl V. Miller, assistant attor
ney for the poslollice dcpartiuent,
removed and arrested on charge of
Jaw. X. Tyner, Assistant attorney (;i(M1(i
mot her.
Barn Falls on l-'orty Cows-
clrl..t!t- olw,Ti.-r.
Hy the collapse of a barn loft at
Mr. (', f. M. Hire's Double Oaks
Dairy, last night, 40 cows were
covered by falling debris. Three
of the animals were kiPed.
The accident was due to the over
loading of the luff with forage.
Just utter milking time last even
ing, hen the cows had been put
iu their stalls for the night, the
Uitt way nwl liurutd tliu cows
uinlci'ii giTat mass of hay, straw,
fishier and timbers. Forty cows
were caught hi the crash. Mr.
Moore's iieighboi-s were soon ap
prised of the accident mid hastened
I to his assistance, lty diligent work
the rescuers succeeded in getting
out .'I cows. Three of the animals
were smothered to death under the
5lartling Evidence.
Fresh testimony in great quantity
is const, iiilly coming in, declaring
Dr. King's New Discovery for eon-1
so iu pi ion, coughs and colds tube
iliieipialed. A recent expression
from T.J. Mcl'arlaiid, lleutoiiville,
Va. , serves us aa example. He
writes: "I had bronchitis for three
years and diH'tored all the time
without being Im filed. Then I
iM'gan taking Dr. King's New Dis
povery, and a few Uitlles cured
me." Fipmlly cITective iu curing
all lung and throat troubles, con
sumption, pneumonia and 'grip,
tiiiuraiitccd by Kuglish Drug t'o.
Trial bullies free, regular sixes .Vie.
and iM.
riuch Cry and I.lttle Wool.
lil-.tlir Rtvonl.
Beyond doubt the Lord takes
rare of lawyers. Supplemental pro
ceedings have been iu progress
several days before Clerk Nelson in
an estate worth not exceeding 100
wherein lour at lorncj sure engaged.
A HtuiioKi'-.ipher is euiployad uml if
the rase lasts much longer it will
take the entile estate to pay for
his services, provided the lawyers
leave anything.
A lire iu Allieuiarlelast Wednes
day night destroyed the machine
works of 1!. I.. Sibley & Co., and
I caused damage to the extent of
Jim Damps' yoonj wife while yet
LI' i5tC!f. Some biseoiti made with (reattit pride.
' 'I niWKN W1W IIW ' 'ww"!
But to a brid on caa't b rudt.
" Let's est Force ' Brit, dear, "tit mr
It ssTcd th lift of " Sunof Jim."
when in doubt,
All "Sunny Jims low.
"In our kowhold 'Ton' W M f
millw iixl wrloom m 'Sonar Jan.' n4
Urn Hirlns 7""i dsl, lor w an all
a. 1 mipi."
Dogs in Ice Cream Parlors.
C"lunilia !!'.
Ice cream parlors in New York
have paying patronage. It is fash
ionable lor ladies accompanied by
dogs lo have their ratline s-ts
served with sweets at the same ta
ble. Some of the "old fogies'' ob
ject but their patronage being im
material the tings will continue to
toy with their cream.
Lunger ana M ranger.
tau! Km. I .rl
The longer thai p.-Moilii-e de
partment lut est igatioit continues
the stronger the stench becomes.
Stanly's Side of It.
-unl KimT(.rM-,
The decision of the I'nited States
Supreme Court -the Court of the
last resort t hat the Stanly county
bonds are valid and that the couu
ty must pay the bonds w ill corneas
a disappointment to the many citi
.ens of the county who had ex
peeled the converse.
It is unfortunate for the county
that the lawyers who instituted the
let ion took I he course that liasls-cu
pursued, in making it appear that
the comity sought to repudiate tin
ImiiiiIs because of a technicality in
the act which i'ave their ridit to
issue. We have thought all along
that the proper course to hate
taken was to have admitted t In
validity of the bonds, and to allege
that the railway compuuv failed to
live up to its colli ract, and secretly
and fraudulently mortgaged the
road for several times its value,
taking care of the preferred stock
holileis and leaving the county of
Stanly Willi its nou dividend licar
ing slock of 1imi.iiiio, or w hat is
better known iu ranks
as so much "wiilered slock."
Respect for Him.
clinrny nl Clnl.lri-ii.
We have always had a great deal
of resHs l fol the I'ood hard sense
ol the man w ho advertised the only
second class hotel on earth.
Dwelling Together In Amity.
Clitrlll Mini I Ii I l.ll'i'll.
There are two newspapers in this
State conducted in the same town,
of the same political faith, whose
editors are inemh'rs of the same
church uud who for years have
dwelt together iu harmony ami
brotherly love without having ex
changed an uglv word against each
other. This is so remarkable a
thing its to In- worthy of notice, but
it is a pity that il is so rare. ho
has ever liceli benelitted by a news
paper war! Why should not edi
tors, like luet'chalils, live iu peace.
Robbing the Government-
U-lillffliill M-Mlll-ll.
liobbing the government is the
biggest thing of late, and there
seems to lie no end to these frauds.
It was first announced (bat there
wits irregularity in the free deliv
ery system. Secretary rayne in
Ins ( Unit to satisly the nation and
to save the name of his party gave
it out thai such irregularities were
uot necessarily criminal. It soon
developed that these seem ing ir
regularities were frauds of the
blackest lire. Then came a mini
Iter of arrests, licpiihlieun officials
of high standing are now under
bond and the cud is not in sight.
Grounds for L'nity-
lintriulli' V.
'"'f Andrews has had a some
what meteoric career, ne wits n
professor in a new Kngland I'm-
vcrsitv and his free Rilver views
made him persona lion grata to the
trustees, lie then became princi
pal of the Chicago Public Schools
and achieved notoriety there by
refusing to allow Kipling's Ueces
sionitl Hymn to lie used iu the
schools it contained tlx
name of (iod. He is now president
of the I uiversily ol Nebraska.
President Andiews contends that
he was mistaken in his views as to
the free and unlimited coinage of
silver, and that the reason for his
error was the natural one of an un
expected and unsuspected addition
to the gold coinage of the world
through the development of the
Alaskan and African gold fields.
It seems to us that this ground is
reasonable enough for all lVmo
erats to stand upon, who sincerely
desire the reunion of the divided
party and the defeat of Koosevell
Kepnlilic.iuisin that will result from
such reunion.
Watts Bill Passed None Too Soon.
ltluirt.m ltiMtrli.
If this Watts bill had passed '.
yeais ago many a man w ho is now
poor would be well off and many a
felluw would haw been saved the
humiliation of a term in the lien.
W'atterson Doesn't Like It-
Frim Th. lwlTlllf CiHirlrr-Junnial'ii "Milk
lit th Cin,wtiul" K.ilturul.
The proposal to nominate Mr.
Cleveland, in short and in flue,
taking it seriously, is a proposal,
first, to Mexicani.e the Democratic
parly, aud through the Democratic
party, to submit to the voters the
issue in VJOi of Mexieaniziog the
They have
shilig hill
ami thither as the emergency
Many of the visiting doctors ir
maincd over today, and it is ipiite
probable that more doctor w ill lie
mivssary to take the place of those
already physically exhausted from
the long strain. Almost
a minute wits conducted for over
an hour yesterday afternoon iu the
desolated city of mill rot t ages.
Most of the ccrcnior'c were .r.m
ply a farewull look at the remains.
as there wen- many funerals and
few ministers.
The scene in New Holland and
the sounds which issue from the
stricken homes are pitiable in the
extreme. Very few homes are left
standing. Those left are badly
damaged, being wrenched by the
leriible storm, and iu these shaky
alludes lie the score of in jured ho
so miraculoiisly cscaH-d death. As
many as eight to leu they crowd
into every available space, since
very few houses are left intact.
All that the uninjured survivors
can do for those less fortunate is
being done, and many willing
handsale always near to do any
thing asked of thein.
Over .t.0on relief have been re
ceived from Atlanta and additional
iiuoiiuts are coming iu from all
over the Stale, which will sued
the total amount to ij'r.oiiii. t-how
ing thai lieorgia is In-friending the
stricken city in it noble manner.
Congressman Tate todav wired
the War Department for lifty tents
and rations for one thousand r
sons for thirty (lavs. The Slate
will also fiiruikh till v tents.
...e tiiM.,er came. i ney nave; , ,,, i ou(,,.nu.x luI li.i.lfrill I- il.llitr l.itlii.r .
i i is " Is-stos lug the crosses. I hese cross
es are made of old cannon iimm bv
Ai;.i IVtu-c. a while woman, am!
I b in y I;.., a negro man. n
vt'teidjy brought to the -i,il. ;,l
li.nv to si-rye ateim ol lili.i u m mi
Tl...t- U..,.. U..l lit. It..!..
Waikup, for whom the, Ul' ,..' ,..
Slil'llll 11. ill ll l..u M
I'.' ""'I colli icled ol ail altellll.l to :lv:tu'il
a white woman, and the I Vint
woman an a'ss-iiy to th"
crime. F-tclt were loiu d gtiillv
and will hate In sen e the x-lili-luv
alsiye giten. The woiu.111 has a
young daughler and he wa with
her mother while in ;.ul. Judge
Neat, who tiied the tax', made ar
rafTeinents lor soimsuie to care l"i
the child, but the nam whoa-'ieed ''-' r
to do this has refused. ; i i ea tl
-- -- ' j-:.ill. !. I I
Big Excursion to S ilminKton Ii, w,rriii !i
Hie M-coml annual ecuiion,
t li ii lolletn ihunil. .11. I'm ?-'.."i'l.
by the 1'iitehard Memorial liiptisi
Sunday school, will be inn Wed
uesilav, June '.'I. Two trains hall
Worst of All Experiences.
Can anything Is' worse than to
feci that every minute w ill be your
hksl ! Such was Hie experience of
Mrs. S. II. Ncwsoii, Decatur, Ala.
"For three years," she writes, "I
endured iusull'eialile pain from in
lli(t ion tllol ytoitouili .itiil Imu-mI
trouble. Dealli seemed inevitable
w hen doctors and remedies failed.
At length I was induced to try
I '.led lie Bitters and the result wasj
miraculous, I improved at once
aud now I am completely rccov-i
red." For liver, kidney, stomach !
and bowel troubles F.lcctrie Milters
is the only medicine. Only .Vic.
It'sgiiuntntccd by Fnglish Drug t'o.
Near Sumpter, S. C, an excur
sion train on the Atlantic Coast
Line, loaded with negroes, was
w recked by a washout last Wednes
day. Capt. Cleiuson of Wilming
ton, the conductor, and several lie
grocs were killed.
That Throbbing Headache
Would tpiicklv leave you if yon
used Dr. King's New Life Fills.
Thousands of suH'crershave proved
their matchless merit for sick ami
nervous headaches. They make
pure blood and build up your
health. Only I'm'., money back if
not cured. Sold by F.nglish Drug Co.
The Ohio Stale Kepublican con
vention met Thursday, uud lifter
the opening prayer bv a negro
preacher, proceed to endorse Sena
tor llanna for re election, also Mr.
Iloosevelt for the presidency, uud
to write a platform directed at the
disfranchisement legislation of the
South, aud demanding a reduction
of Southern representatives ill con-cress.
Eureka Liniment
This Liniment will remove spavin,
splint, ringbones, and all cartilagi
nous growths, when
applied in the ear
lier stages of the
disease, and will re
lieve the lameness
even in chronic-
cases. One of the
most common lame
ness among horses
and mules is sprain of the back
tendon, caused by over loading or
hard driving. Ashcrafl's Liniment
is a never-failing remedy. The
Liniment is also extensively used
for chronic rheumatism and for all
kinds of still joints.
For scratches
Ashcraft's Eureka
Liniment is with
out an equal. A fetv
applications is all
that is necessary
to cure this dis
ease in its worst
lorm. j ,
Owing to tnc
wonderful anti- "
septic qualities, the Eureka Lini
ment should be used in the treat
ment of all tumors and tores where
proud flesh is present. It is both
healing and cleansing, entirely de
stroying all parasites and putre
faction. This Liniment acts as a
counter-irritant and stimulant.
Price 50c. bottle. Sold by
English Drug Company
2 'A
tlie South, and are gotten up aud
presented to those put il led to weal
them by the Daughters of the Con
fedcraey. Mrs. Klult represented
the Chester Chapter of her orgaui
.at ion, there being none here.
The i-mi'sc, designed to lie a
badge of greut honor, are presented
only lo those who have made writ
ten application and showed that
they were actual soldiers of the
j Confederacy. No one else will tx
I allowed to wear them, the I laugh
! ters intending to petition the srv
jernl legislatures of the South to
make it a misdemeanor lor any one
lint entitled to wear these, to do so.
I'erhaps such a law has already
Urn passed iu some ol Hie States.
While si ins or other representatives
of veterans may own them as relics
of the soldiers who deerveil them,
they may not wear them. If an old
soldier loses his cross he can get no
other, as only one is ever issued to
one man.
Several old soldiers who had
made applications for crosses were
not present to reis'ive them on List
Wednesday. Messrs .1. 51. Fairley
and W. II. Martin received theirs
later in the day. Mrs. Klutt pin
lied crosses upon the follow ing:
K. A. Ai nilield, Abies listtiilinn,
Kla. Artillery.
W. V. Alexander, company B,
l.i regiment, N. C troops.
W. A. Austin, company I, hlli
regiment, N. C troops.
J. (i. Barton, cmnpnny A, Mh
regiment, S. C troops.
S. K. ltclk, company I, 17tb
regiment, S troops.
M. K. Iloyte, company B, 'Jiltb
regiment, N. (.'. troops.
A. M. Crowell, company I, 1Mb
regiment, X. V. troops.
T. L. A. lavis, eompiiny F,Xdb
regiment, X. C. troops.
K. V. I loiiston, couipHnv C, loth
N. t Imtbilion heavy srtillery.
il. u-. U..i ,.,rr u, ml.
regiment, N. C troops.
S. W. I loticycutt, company B,
'Ji'ith regiment, X. C. trooiis.
W. B. Lung, company I, -fsth
regiment, X. C. troops.
II. C. Moure, company I, 5:!rd
regiment. X. (.'. Iroops.
N. S. Ogluirn, compsny A, .'HUh
rt'iritncnt, X. C Iroops.
W. H. l'hifer, coinpsny A, 1st
regiment, X. ('. troops.
It. F. Richardson, company F,
Istli regiment, N. C troops.
J. U. Simpson, company B, L'Uth
regiment, X. (J. troops.
D. 1 Stinson, eompiiny B, l.'dh
rrgiinent. X. C. troops.
J. M. Stewart, compsny C, Mh
battalion, X. (J. cavalry.
I. C. Sikes, company C, Nib
battalion, X. C. cavalry.
i. II. Stnrnes, company B, 4-rd
regiment, X. C. troops.
L. S. Secrest, conitmny B, 2l!tb
regiment, X. C. troops.
J. M. Mitt, compsny A, -mil
regiment, X. C. troops.
After the presentation, Rev.J.A.
Dorritee of Charlotte made a most
touching speech, saying that he
could desire no greater honor than
to he able to say "Comrades to
the old soldiers. He said that he
had heard Dr. J. William Jones,
ta'e's chaplain, say that w hen Mrs.
Stonewall Jackson pinned the cross
ou him he would rather wear it
than to wear the cross of the U'
gion of Honor of France.
SLoiim XI' -l .s...'ilii In licllltll
of the veterans thanked Mrs.
Klultz for ber interest and Mr.
I Ion lice for his speech, and paid
a most touching tubule to the
women of the Confederacy. "They
fought the battles for us," said he,
''and they lime the Kiilleriiig, for
every bullet wound at the front
meant a broken heart at home
Utile .Miss little Mull, sang
iu fine style the "Homespun
Dress, and the very happy oceu
sion came lo a close.
The Closing Exercises.
liwlniila liaiti'tt.'
The public exercises at the close
if the school year should not he
omitted. When a whole term's
work is given over to preparations
for loud display and hollow show
such exercises would lw oien to
objection, but w hen they grow out
of the school's regular work and iu
matter and manner arc character
ied by taste, sense, brightness,
and earnestness, they are uniform
ly good for the children, for the
parents, for the schools, uud for tin
community. Irt the sour old cyn
ics w ho have mildewed w hiskers on
their views slay away from the ex
errisp if thev want to but don't
alsilisli the closing exercises of the
:.ii i
. !.! , iu
The lev
..! :! u
:: .i.i tin
.the l .It
lib I t
c uc4 tour Hir Vitor
if i anil in frettly
i .th it. Ii ccrtimlr re
. f, til color to (ray
iv nairsort. Mrs.
i K. i:i:n,Nr I'o-llinJ, Me.
.1 t
.'It I
1 tio
t 'All
I "Lit
" I
sh i t . IM..
j The I
' Ic.ithi ( an-.
the 1. r:v t.:
t I
;:i to.- !..i
. tit tr
n II,.
re tct:.ft
':X in. h
Aytr's Hair Visor has
tccn restoring color to
r.r-y hair for fifty years,
ari J t fails to do
this work, cither.
Ylu cart rely upon it
fi't Mopping your hair
Ircnt falling, for keeping
your sca!p clean, anJ for
niatiPk! your hair grow.
ti ' ? j fcsi. Ail ,'rauiitt.
.-.m.-.l ran,
.i rfu.l will K.ra
- HM ..ll.l fll ilw toju
: -x I It(.. AtHrrM,
OltOi. 1,I1. tl.M
141. tt,,U.- ti w.Fl.u.1 ItHHH
Baggage car aceoiniiiodalions.
Ki-ncshiiieiit car attached lo each
This is your oppoiliiuiiv for au
outing at Hie seashore and lor a
plunge in the sui'. 1 rains will
tun rain or shine.
V. tt. Wm i is,
W. F. iMtH.
. V. K I.VD-i'l K,
F. D. l.i n.i o.
Disease laKts no summer
If you need flesh and
strength use
Scott's Emulsion
summer as in winter.
Sr.. ' I .i !' .
I ' I S I
. e '
au hour Hiait ; lirsl class eoaches. i lather an.l 1
large beat y eiigim-s, carelul en , ingtot'i n
Kioieis ami ihm Ioih.. Cir-t timii - iro'll tlli-tr J
leaves Charlotte 7 a. in..
ilmington '.' p. m. Kctiii uing
lilt ham le.t es Wilmiugtoii .1 p.
III. on L'.llh., leaches Ch ll h'tte I'J
m. Second I rain leaves Wilunug.
toil l p. u., reaches t h.u lotte at
ii a. m.
Side trips on Steamer Wilming
ton lo Carolina Beach. Hid I'.im,
wick. Foil Anderson, the Atlantic
Fishery. Fort Fisher, the Rocks.
SouthHirt, Fort C.isncll, Ball lb-ad
Island and a trin ou the ocean.
I'mlley cars run to Wrighlst ille
very ;!i minutes for thosi' who
wish to see this laliioiis iH-ach.
Trains w ill stop at all the stations
lor passengers from Charlotte to
This is strictly a lirsl class ex
ursion. No drinking or rowdy
ondiict will Is- allowed. Ladies
need not hesitate to go.
Ample aeon. ions Im good
board and lodging will U- made in
Wilmington, and lis) of hotels and
boarding houses w ith rates of board
will Is- distributed on the trains.
ltciiiciulicr lirsl train will l
Charlotte at 7 a. in. ou the'.'lth
ind reiiiriiing leatc Wilmington
;tt . p. iu. ou the '.'.'th. trains
w ill lie in charge of Traveling Pas
sender I lekel Agent II. S. Leant
mil LiK-al Ticket Agent Colb y,
ial.-s lor round Inp Ir all . , ,
stations lN-tweeii Charlotte and vAWUiO C. V"V xu-ixLV-iU
Wadesboro if.'.-MI. Half tickets!
fl.oO, for iM-rsons under 1-'. Ch
Ifl Gooi Head
N v i'i v
(Mi. I. ii
l-r-t l u ll
I.l Ii..
il'.l.iiit P
,,t i;
1 1
ii. i
ik-, it
It a.l !
t Ihc rlr.u :n--1
i in M i . i
s t . drbvi l ll l.i
!,.:.. 1..
tut.-v. ri. .i.
i L.I i 1 1 nt tl.rir way through a
: wire (''nee. The boys ramc up
it'iuii ist as they completed
ti.. u ik. The Brrrys niouut
t ! k!y and the cowboys fired.
T!;e t-id:st Berry, John, was
a uiuitil but slaved in his saddle.
I lie fit liters had Ihe freshest
in units t ml s ,on were beyond
-uTui.ttt: ritlc t inge. The cowboys
ki pi tip a statterirg fusilade of
i . it ng hume the Uerrys did
m t tlniik tttcy had been pursued
ol the w;iy and they were infront
f tie I, use when the party of
wh )- rcJe up the hill a few
y .r ls 1 1 the north. The shooting
!hl;,iii immediately. Two ol the
luiry buys were killed before
tl. i y cuiid reach their rilles. The
ul and the other two boys
g it !e tlie house. There were
ab ul twenty cowboys and they
Maited on the gallop lor the house,
ink tiding to lire it and burn the is out. The old man and
b s attempted to escape from
th. ilu r side of the house and
mi! shot down in succession.
Thri-e of the c -w bos were kill
(.1 by the farmers while they were
. Licit. iii'g the house.
I want ) mr country produce of
ul! kinds, see me iiefore you
-ell. S. K. Doster.
1 :'C-viocx.cooooooocxx30
Driven lo Desperation.
Lit ing at an out of the way place,
remote from civiliatioii, a lauiily
is often driven to ilfsiterution in
ase of accident, result ing in burns,
ills, wounds, ulcers, etc. Lav iu a
supply of Buckled' s Arnica Sahe.
It s the Is-st on csrlh. '.' ('., at
lish Drug Co.'s.
Gone to a Warmer Climate.
A London clockmaker has plac
ed the fullowiiiE notice in his
window: "The misguided crea
ture who removed the thermom
eter from this door had better
return it, as it will be of no use
where he is going, as it only reg
istered 125 decrees."
Beware of Ointments lor Catarrh
That Contain Mercury 1
mercury will surely destroy the
sf use of smell Slid completely tlrraii;c t
the whole systrm when fntc'iilit; it
llimm-h Ihe mnrniift nnrlri- sinrh ,
ai linen miotiul never lie used ext-ept
on prescriptions from reputable phy-
sin.ilm, tlie tUnine lln-y Mill ilo i. :
ten told to the good yon ran possibly
derive from lliein Hull's Catanli
Cure, inaiiiifACtureil hy I . J. Uicnrv
& Co., Toledo, () ., rniiUiiis no inei '
cury, ami is taken internally, nctmi;
Jiiertly upon tin' blood ainl iniu'oits
stufaces of the system. lit buying
Mall's Catarrh Cure he sure you eel
the Keuuiuu. Il is 'aken internally.
and nude in Toledo, Ohio, hv 1". J ;
Cheney & Co. Tesliinoinals flee. i
Sold hy di iiKuists, price 7V- bottle.
Ball's family Pills are Hit- best. j
"Yes, sub," said the colored
farmer, 'lightnin' bit two er my j
mules at dc same time, en I hain't .
seen dat lightnin, in dis neighbor-1
hood fuin dat day let dis.'" At-
Imtr Constitution.
Fertilizer Drill.
; j't 1
'slTii '.i' L (.
"v it
ll is the brsl unc
ymir corn, (t itiit.'e it
out your pencil
of planting, the ol.
paid for at the en
fit; ill
l..w 1
L11K3 i
uncut a f .rtnet can make. It will plant
, an l i vi r it ti'. tbe same time. Take
e the savi::g of fettilier, add the expense
way. and ) u will have your Drill almost
uf tlie .season.
'Strength and vigor come of
good food, duly digested. 'Force,
a ready-to-serve wheat and barley
food, adds no burden, but sustains,
nourishes, invigorates."
Come to see me (or chewing
tobacco, smoking tobacco, cigars,
etc S. R. Doster.
Why Not
Wear Smiles?
One way to wear smiles is to
trade with W, A. Stewart.
You smile because you get what
you want, when you want it, tit
prices to suit the housewife that
wants to save pin money.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
l'hone 2oi.
Free delivery.
I csrry nearly everything in
heavy and fancy groceries.
Yours (or business,
is decidedly the lest on the iiirkit. Nu chain attachment;
ii.) links t 1 slip r 1 ir.ik, und t tii;e you trouble or inconveni
ence, but a i'urn t. roKu: 1 i.i.d.
Ask iho'e who li.u e end it it it is not the best Planter sold.
Take one limnr and tty it; if j ml d. n't like it, we'll refund
your money. Y..11 need it now.
The Heath-Lee
Hardware Co.
Tlie Franklin
The be si Typewriter on the
niaiket. Von cao pay more
but you cannot gel a better
one. Its work is always in
full view uf the operator;
it is simple in constrection; an.l has stood the test for many years,
proving its durability. The alignment is always perfect, aud the price
is $75110 to all. For lilt by the Monroe Hardware Co., or anjr of
the unuis of C1 1 TKK-TOW KK CO., Boston, Mass.
Southern Branch 216 Jenifer Buitdiug, Wasuiugton, D. C.

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