North Carolina Newspapers

Telephone N. I.
Tuesday, June I90J.
A "
It mm rri.ilrd brro 14 niht j Mr. Waltr-r IW-Ik h-is a
Ihjl many imiiilr had lm kiilrtl imkiIiob ilh Ihr KianLlm l.uml-r
in a tm k U-trvu Cuarloltr ami i.iuiaiiy of Wake ruuutv. ami ban The Journal,
I UK-vint- tilt I lir .s..iitl,i m. Tm-rr ratt-retl Umu lti m.iik tkt-re.
s a tlia4triii rt-t k, l.iil. ulni.t ' .. ,.
. . i . . Mim K4lli4rinr ( ..t iii'-ton re
a a mirsu-le. no hvm mere Umt. A1, , ,. , . , ? , .
r. ...... i i j- , luniril InuM lUlti'i btt uii:lit.
Lint wail aii'l a livi-lit smile , .. ,. .
.. n. ; Ti iJInt Jury r niini..iu. ami Iter
lirad no llii.iiu. The engineer , ,.
... : ,"", "nf. Ilrnrv uummis, areei
"J""'"'- .erteU belt meek l INI Mr.
There w ill W a debate al t "ai mel , I , ingXuu.
i. i 11 . Tlie loll, lead dv HeV.
titeiiioa "I.eMtlietl, Thai a iir T . ... - '
-i. ...i i i . .' i T. II. Mi am. an iirfiMiiiiK for a
Hlmiilil liaie the I n f.-miT in I j .. , ... . ' '. .i-i
.. . ..: i" -ii rnurtu of J 11 v it rliuli..ii. Iliev
n i lit-niuriiia
(Somebody will gel kimkI oe,
i... it .. t .
,MlrKj urr. in ii it ywtj
Ir. J. M. Kl.iir jeiit 14 week
in Nmla Carol uia.
Mr. K. A. Morrow i on a buni
new trip in South t'arnlina.
Mimi Kale I Infer I vixitinj: I" ; lite ill lie n pr Mol l.y I.-wi.
.Nrl-iy. M. r. I J. n. K.Ir.lN W. K.
Mi-, ll,.- l;,ini.v r.-iuriml ! I'liilili I'lvlrr; (lie negative bv i
fnmi Kloii I'olleire. Is- ''"t'TS Marvin lin hanUm Mma Margaret
... ... , ,. . . "! Amou liu-banlmiti.
Mr. V. It. Ivp ii I inonvillf
i L'...i. i; .I. ...I ..
rnurnr.. .run. . r.u.ay. j - - ;a,N(1II fi(rty Svp y(w r
Mm. J. K. MH'uin .f Vallin la'.i r . T . . .
ill I.MIV 111 Jill kMI I lllIIMIIII. I1IIHI
iur the Purpose ol
AJtrrtiMne. Will (iitc Aay
I'ree a Hit Crin to One 4 It
.Sj thriller -
In a fabil rnrliir in llir tault
f tin I'auk f I ii mil i a iMt-l
V rKMXSAl E M5SACKIj T I ricnJ ai Tcmprrancc
I 1 br rummitlrr f..l iiiri x-
A Whole tillage Outraged and bj.o flirt, nut a pl'iL-f to
MuruVrril in Turkey ami I.StM l-k y. l-n. aili -; b n..y of
lrien NakeJ to the W oods- l,1"l-r ""'f ""
i i niiy n.iiii' v .mi a "-h
Mi:ast r. l.ui jHran Tnkry.
SunUy. May JI.--II fiil.!e de
tails .lie aiiit.n l.ric tl tilt
i Hi-iii
h..l,aro.ii.. IrJ
kiut it i
... t . L . t. . . .... 1
. i 1 . , , 'UuliUr I the it i.i.iul. r it i l.uns - r j, 'V'. ,
wm kn.iN not reu tb- ihiMixIiit. 1 ,l,lJ. 'J
..I Hie ..ii r. Wbm -r bol.U tin- '''""''-
have aLii lion. K '. illi.uiis ilniluat- ( lutiula-r in our It ."Pl '- iti tint . , n ti e ainval
to wibheM tin III ami be baa ae- Im-'-'V luir r..lil.l will la- ananl ul the I'.jsln Ii 1 ,uk ( hLa!jr-
,iil a kmI ww liii-y. "B lianj 1 I iiisuruiti it!i.ln
Xamv. aisler of 1 '" l'r"l't "( "'' entt i rr tu the 111 itiuta.tis wiiliout su-Iaiu-
Mr. A.ti. I;. Nam of N. w jab-w I W Kv,rv "IM" inK any I
very M k ami not eiixt-tiil to live.
Miw Mary Stewart baa rvtiirmsl
ti her home in A-lit-v ille.
Mr. T. II. Miller of Charlotte is
XH-mliii; I be k here.
Mr. Will Key of t'hailolte ieiit
Hiimlav here.
Mish IUkh Austin i visiting in
Cliiitiin. S. C.
MeMirx. i'rniik lle-atb of Wavlni
ami Nereti Knulish have retiirmsj
from Trinity College. MilKilie las? will nieml Ibe
Hiiiium-r Willi Mr. ami Mix Tuui
Crow el I.
Miss lalitbti. Itnioin of Carth;ip
la hcie xiH'mliiiKHoim'timew itb Iter
t'runiir.itlicr, Mr. ti. I. Ili-ooiu.
Mr. S. It. Ilmiily bint bis family
liorxe yestenlay. It died uller a
iickiiesH of a day and a half.
MIsm-m Mary l'iit Ii ami Lni'V
Sti'wart bae ivliinied from Vir
ginia College at liiKinoke.
Cavt. I.imlsey of l.ilcsv lllc has
la-eu H'inliii; some days villi his
Moil, Mr. J. .1. I.imtsey
Mism Kate limine leaven on Kli
day ( r 11 mcr for a Irin to linli
inond, Va.
Mr. Civile WaMi of Cbarlolte is
visiting bis mint, Mis. f'unnit'
Mr. and Mix, J. I. Ilrlnis anil
little dangliter of tinH-nslNini are
visiting Mrs. Maggie Helm.
Mr. Ki'inii I'.allli' of liiveiislioro
sH'iit Siimlay aitb Mr. .1. .1. I.ind
Mis. Mattietiatlin of lireeiisUiro
in visiting her mother. Mis. J. M
Miss Kathaiine StbiH-ehner 11ml
Mr. J. A. S'hueehiier of Charlotte
lire visiting Mr. C. I. Hi lio-vhiier.
Mix. ttsear lilnir mid eliildien
nre hMiidiiig miine lime at V irginia
Mr. Iliaxliin I Inter is riTeiving
a visil fioin one of bis ;utiieix,
Mr. lii iint-tt of Little Kim k, Ark.
Miss May Covington has relumed
from tieorgiii, where she lias Ihi ii
utteitding Shutter College.
Mix. II. (i. IliiU'hkisMiliedat her
lioine at Allan last Wnlni'sday
night. She was iilmnt sivly live
j etiix of uge.
Mis. tl. l. (iuiif mid rliildien
ml Mr. 1-nld StitiuiiT of Asheville
sH'iuling aoine time with Mm.
The ti ki ts to 'Hie .loin nal Iniggy
t-olilest are going last. tne Mill
serilier tiik four. SomelsMly will
g t a biimlsome buggy Ii .
.11 ix. dials an ol Asheville is
HK'iiding mime time at Mix. N. S.
Ogliuin's, eniiiing to Moiiroe for
the lielirlit of urlesian water.
Monroe invites every old soldier
in the eouiitv l come ami take
dinner with us on (he I'ouitli of
Mr. Kustace (irilliii lias return.
ed from I'iue lllull', Arkansas. He
win iieenniimnii'd by Mr. ('. .
Willi, who has many friendii heie.
On Suuilay l'.sir. II. ('. Moore
married Mr. Charley Mullia and
Misa Kva tireeue, IhiIIi of north
l!ev. W. V. Will son pi-eiuiied his
first Heruinn us the new pastor of
the 1 la 1 it 1st rhiireb Sunday. 1 he
eougrt'gulinu weiti delighted with
hi 111.
Kev. i:. K. McLiirty of Asheville
Jireaeheil a very interesting and
thoughtful senium in the Metho
dist church Sunday night. IU
rciiehcd al Center during the day.
We are ieiiiratcl to nay that
there will lie a concert in the oxra
house l"i iiliiv night by local talent
for the lieneiit of (he sufferer from
the Hood iti Smith Carolina.
We are iviiii'sted to announce
that there will lie children's day
exercise lit Mill Umvft church
next Sunday and wpeecheii in
the afternoon by Messix. IC W.
Ieinmoml ami W. C. Mcltorie.
Mr. J. A. 1'olk of the Itrief
tieigblHirhmtd ill tiootte creek wan
in towu Jcsterdfl) and siisthat his
Hection enjoyed a (tplemlid hciihoii
last week, but didu t have any bat
much ram.
Mix. W. A. Monroe of San ford,
daughter of Mr. J. M. Stewart of
Monroe, got her arm broken last
week. It was caused by a cow
which Mix. Monroe wait holding.
The arm wan brokeu in two place.
Misa Hul us lkigliy, formerly of
Mourue, was married last Wednes
day to Prof. W. II. Swift of (ireeiiH
Isiro. The ceremony was perform
ed by the bride's father, Iter. W.
M. llngby of High I'oint.
Mrs. H. K. Iauey'a niusio class
gave closing concert lust evening
at their teacher's horn?. A pretty
necklace, the prize offered for most
improvement, was won by Lessie
The pension hoard of this county
now consists of Messrs. It. V. Hons
ton, II. C. Moore and W. A. Aus
tin. They meet next month and
pass upon all pension claims in the
at I lie home ot Siiurel
Wui. MeWhorter. She wass'l years
obi. and was long known by the
pcopie in 1 lie iwigliliorhoiMl as
"Aunt Katie." She was au aunt of
Mr. John Ii. Simpson ami of Capt.
Ik K. Iiicbardsoii.
Jim Medliu, mho was under a
jimi bond to appe ar at the mayor's
ollii-e List Weduenday ami auswi-r
to the charge of m-IIiiii; Iioiior.
skipieil by the tight of I lie moon,
and his Is. ml will lie forfeited. It
seem that U-e Medliu' dream,
to the ell'iH-t that "Jim warn'l
agwine to be dar," was the corre't
The county ought to provide a
j snitor to liNik after the court j
house. It is no one's luisinev. now
to 1I0 this and the court house suf
fers. A janitor should look aller
it, keep It closed except to such
H-rNous as have a right to enter or
hold gatherings there, and to keep
the windows shut, and the Ihsirs
and alls clean
t a uni ting of the stockholders
of the Monroe Telephone kxehange
last week, Mr. It. A. Morrow re
signed a president and Mr. ti. S.
Uh wax cIih IihI to thai place. The
coiiiiuny now- has 271 'phones in
town. The lu ll Telephone Com
puny hits I s-e 11 trying to buy the
Monroe system but has Ihhii iiii
able to do so. The stm kholilers
will not sell out.
Mrs. Stacey, wif- of cv. L K.
Slaci-y, the pastor of Wavliaw
Methodist chinch, died yesterday.
She lelt one child licsidcsau infant
a few days old. and a ihiiiiIm i of
stcH liililicn. The ImkI) was ear
lied to the old home in laie
count v for burial, the trin Is iiiL'
mane across lliecouuiiv liom a itTiilive eominitlee. lor
haw to Cbarlolte ami the train
luuiidi'd then'. Mis. Slacev was
A; 11(1 telu-l Hit).
towusliip, died yesterday. She wax1!'' ;,n ""seriptmn g.-la a r , ,,. ,,. tl1 1,., ;,.t itt sv
it birly livejearxofage. The:"""'" " ; .xpet.cii. , .1 no ai.M, tv. until s,.d-
-I s 1.1 in, i..i ui r.-.L V! - " these lii kets, ami as wmiii as1 . , - ,
1.11 was 10 in m al l.o k 1 jdciiU at suns, t the luiks, wh .
.renun-nt.auy. - - -. " haJ Cf IlllMr j suir,
will I,. o,.m.daml!"u """I"
pure, conn
,. batJineiit, uherri'p'iii all thevill-i
a'agers assenil'le l in the streets.
.in er.min ..,,. , ,.r ,U. ,.,.;,,,, IJ C.l.plcted suir-Uloled the
Hie estate IuimU of Mary I- li-lmnminHl I place, coiinurnred a reel! it l 111-
V111, lying III liuftird towuship, were! n,is ll,,l j, ur,.T fr ,
.1.1 1..- i, 1 vv 1 ....... ...1 1 1 '.
....... .... . 11.W0I alerlisiiig iluring a
iiiiinstrator yest. r, ay a pul.lie(,tl, M.,H jH ,M n.y flir Though the aitillery ceased firing
sale. Mr. I. I. I iVb r lid It oil at I1I1M. who iiav in mlumv. hut I ,(,,., ., t i il. I i ,.. T...I,
N.. .... i.. 1 . . V ' ! "I'"" '"W".
.... ....,.............,.,,.. 1 nere is one nckei lor everyone
Kvery Coufislerate soldier in !'? dollar, whether in ad
I niou eoiiuly is heartily invited toi Vance or on back dues, as long as
come to Monroe and take dinner, !"'' ' '!. S. ud a dollar bill by
which will le served tolhciuHthe'"i:'d.P'l the par one year ami a
guests of honor, on Ibe Fourth of ticket ley return mail.
In. ili wotkeis lin n, woini-ii a id
rlllMn-ll to 1 In III. lie lhl :
anil we want the men I 1. 11
eoliuty to siii It. N-l u mi- l,.'W
ui.iiiy itii-u ul I liom we can el In
aI-II lids pledge to lihl whl-kiy.
We w. ml a gn at d-al ! ! ni r
4ne wmk done 10 l!i.- i-oiinlt d
mg June. Julv an I Aujii-J. I
have a tegular summer rami
Is-.illi to the wbi-key lui im---.
Ul 11- pi.i and ik. nd .11
om-e for o.pv -f pledge to li.
II. I' Sli wait. ban mail of eel 1
lliltte-. Molll. e. i.r Ml. Ii. t . A-li
l l.lll. lt lit.ll I oiint l.-.iii-.
M ini..-. .1. I,'. W i 1. 1 1:.
I'll-slib nt A III I Sllimll Le.lgl .
I limn eon lil .
i.. 5
i'-i ..
I hi n what's the Value?
i .. i;.. I. : . ..:i
rc.Nj.lMl. :
t.l II. ,l'. .1 lll
I law
I wn
! in.
ish infantry find all night long
1 he aitillt iv liMidiardiiienl was
ist our Citv I'roixrty tiive in
our foil.
I lH In- at M. L. I Tow's si.;e
from .liini -ih to J 1. im lii-ie. 1-i
the puiio.-iif li-Mni; !
.i i!
i !
about thirty live eais old.
July. Tell all the old soldiers In
Miss Alice Atkinson of A-he
horo, sister of Itev. tosi. 11. Atkiu
soli, will arrive in Monroe tonight
ami lie the guest of Mrs. Ii. A.
Morrow for some days. She i a
talented musician and will take
part in the coinvit Friday night
lor Ibe hem-lit of the llood sum-rcrs.
licv. lico. II. Atkinson of Mon
lis' and bis two slsleix ow iied Hi,
.'INI hiii Ih of (he stork of the I'aco
h-l mills which weie swept away.
The day before the llood this batch
of slin k would have brought in the
market alsiut fi.ii'Xi. The day
alter it was not w orth a fourth thai
May the funic of the esteemed al
del men live a thousand years, ami
let them lie Ibe object of adoration
of a sleepless and a long siillering
public w ho-e burdens they aie en
di-avoring to lift. If they carry
out the dug lav oldimtiii'ctliat they
luiMt passed we shall all ls able to
sleep some yet, even on moon light !
liighlx. IhriH- cheers lor the dog;
tax and some sleep! ;
Mr. J. S. Hasty w as mining those
who were recommcmled yesterday!
by Mr. T. S. Kollins, chaiiuiiiu of,
the Niirtli Carolina liepuhlieau ex I
reaiiinnt i
i it-ii t as postmaster. Tins would
seem to settle I lie coutl'nvcrsv as to
Hccting of Ijincs Creek Teachers'
W ni(,-n fr Tdc J.Htri..,!.
The m-xl nulling of Lines Creek
Teachers' Literary Club will con
vim al Jenkins Cross lioads on the
evening of June Juth, llMi.i, ever
eisi-s oM jiiiig al 1' o'cliH-k. We
cordially invite the piiblu-. urn I
most esM'ciall.v ilo we solicit the
presence of IIiom- whose names are
In-low ennilleil to h I loi ill the -ork
allotled them. The follow ing too
gram will Is- lemb-red:
Song - Nearer My iml to Tlur.
Iieclamatioii -Mr. I'. V. L-e.
Ifecitatiou - Miss Virgie llmton.
I'aixing match - t hihIik li-d by
Miss Annie llanell.
iN'elaiii.itii.n - Mr. Claude ,
l.'ecilatiou - Mivh Mave llarrell.
My Trip Around the Woild !
M iss t Messi Little.
tjtiery for ileliale . Ccsolvcd, that
it is morally right for a man In steal j
bis wile. Alliriualive reiueseuted
by Messrs. N. S. lingers and C. L.
Simpson; negative by Misses Ada
Smith and l.ela lloiton.
I'.ssay: tbir School Hays-Mis
.Mary I'aiker.
lilts of Wit and Humor - Mr.
Ileiuv I'.llker.
e aes o o
l o list
r.Miliiinerccd atdavbltak but t erty In tin- city ol Mniii.s-. All
was inrffei live ihe TmLi 4.1 lire i '"a'e Wrsoiw Mwccn the
In the vilU..,. .... !l si.l... !-l "d S"' -.. -ire ni.iur
.. - i Ml... . 1 . ,
c I a g.iitial niasarie, : l'-'-"
slaughtering wen.-.,, children and j """Wanui.v S, v. k. 1.,-, Taker,
the agej. About ;(i lintisi wire
liumril anj upw.nJ ul to hull- (.une la see me lit'
dred pirsnns. in istly wumen and, tobacco, smoking t.d.a. co
childien. were killed. The wo-jclc. S. K I)
men and gills wcte murdrrd while j
resisting outtagu. I want y -ur d uiitiy pr
.lllst i... .
lot Ol ..1.,
u- Hot ai
V. I.'iw us
.m clean,
. t-.r . eei.t.v
I'. I. ..Ii' "1 I ell's.
I l. l Us 7 ' cent.
. .M.l.ll .ls I'l e-lilo.
I ih. 1, n. ini-e shei r
''. celils.
,( :'ii mis I', ivills.
I .in .'li. 1 allr.ulne
t 1 mi r 11 .isois.
oell.iu 1 .lpld!j
1 11- I -i .1 nl now
ic IM
Whole I'.uiischold were slain.
vine jn.i!y i,l tvtrn were sluin;SL'i
and their bodits wire heaped en '
the hearth. N it a living soul
was It-It in the vill igc. The sur '
ivoi-, ui.iiiy of 1 tit 111 I. ail l iirneJ,
or otherwise injure. I, lld.
Some c.f the lifting villagers i
were captured and had their eats!
and noses cut oil before they weie
The report adds that 1.5011 vil
I igers were in the iiiiuintains with
out clothing or food. One band
of these, consisting of forty wo
men and children, were caught by
soldiers in a ravine anil were lw ill
e 1 after h-nrible treatment.
11 :c
S. I
..-I. re )
It i-tir.
Special Notices.
fXjee Sz Hiee.
Oo0r.HfV-vOHXJo CO 0C-hC0h0hKoOh0h0h0h0h0
A.lvei tist'liielits ttiil I l- I'. si-; te J 1:1
this ri'liiuiu at the piue i t 0111' it-i:t n, tisli ill atlvjiii e.
Ii week). (IJ,
1. 1. ii k lid ksl.tle 'l
List Wt .liies er
I. I ll.-lii. -
f rum
who will Is' poslniiusler ut Monroe, j
In account of the increase of re
ColllMfSSIIiall It. . I :' UsLs.
The Journal to sav Unit Iheie will ,vh Ihisollice Ibe posluiasler
lie a comiH-litive exauiinalion al
Hamlet. 011 July L'nd, lo till a va
eaney al the 1 tilled Stales Militarv
Academy for Ibis. I In- seventh eon
gressional district. The examiiia
lion w ill In for the purpose of ile
leriiiiiiing the iioiuinee and two
ilterimles. Applicants must Ih- Im
twiH'ii Ibe iigtw of M-veuliH'u ami
twenty two. Those intending to
apply should notify Mr. Page prior
to (he exiiminalion, al Itriscoc
N . C.
liaiu in the county during the
latter part of last week were quite
general, and at some point 1111
mciiscly hard, so much so, in fact
as to suggest lnal 011 Saturday it
waaiipuit ol the Soul h Carolina
llood. In the westen, 11111I northern
part 01 liiiiuiii township ami up
into .Monroe, the land was washed
a if by a Hood. N'cgmhcad creek,
running through New Salem ami
Maixhvtlle townships, 1 said to
have Ihh'ii higher than it was ever
known lo I. before. At Wingale
there was almost a Hood.
At the present-it ion of ciosses of
honor hei luxt wi-ek, Mr. T. A,
Havis, one of the veterans, pre
sented little Mis Iottie K I ul I . a
budge made of a bullet hung to a
piece of sword bundle, both of
which nrticle weie taken from Hie
famous crater near IVIersburg,
where l.iant s army put oil' the
grew explosion 10 iiemnraii.e e s
lines, and which proved so disas
trous lo the negro troop of the
Northern ui in v. Mr. Havis i fond
of relic. The razor w Inch he now
uses he took from the pocket of 11
ilead soldier of 11 MichiL'an rein-
lucid, and Iiiin liccn using it ever
since the war. ,
rrof. K. lowl, 1 l.o lien riu
cipal ot .Marslivillc Aciuleuiv wii
ill town yesterday. Itcside Mr,
llowd there will Ire three other
teachers next year. Mi Annie
Stewart of ( loose Creek township
w ill be one of those 111 the literal v
department, and Mis Alum Maixli
of Maixhville will leach music.
Knelt of these young ladies is well
prepared for the place she w ill
occupy. M is Stewart is a gradil
ate of the Stale Normal al tireens-
boro uud is a Imii ii teacher. Miss
Marsh i n graduate of I'eaee In
stitute. The Marslivillc people mi
to lie congratulated 011 having se
lected from our own homo young
ludics, especially w heu they are so
well litlcd.
A little live yeur old child met
her death III cculiiir way last
Thursday week on Mr. 1'. j. ('.
Klird's place in New Salem town
ship. The little girl wax a daugh
ter of Mr. Ik F. Howard, who lives
on Mr. Klird's farm. She placed a
little box of plaything under a
peach tree and climbed the tree lo
get some fruit. She fell from the
tree and struck her head on a cor
ner of the box and wan killed in
stantly. Only a little brother saw
her fall and he went to the house
ami told his mother that his sister
had fallen out of the tree and
couldn't get up. When found the
child wan dead, her skull being
crushed. On the way to the funeral
at Kuto on the day following,
another accident, but of not so seri
ous nature, happened. An annt
of the child fell from the buggy
wrhila ,1vU.I., f.s tl.A r.,..nol ....I
I ...... v . , , 1 ,1 t uo .Ull, !! RUU
broke ber arm.
salary, not including the assistant,
has IsH-n increased to H.litMi. j
Jurors for August Court.
The I0II0A iug jurors were draw n
lor the term ol criminal coin I
which convenes Monilav, August
:!rd :
M. II. 'Padlock, I.. I!. Iliiggius,
J. V. liichaidsou, Ii. 1 1. Kiooin,
John K. Tyce, J. J. iai liiugs. II.
M. I'uir, V. H. Morgan, Wristou
IM. S. J. Welsh has Urn up ! '"'S' ! ,' ' ; 1
pointed chief marshal lor lhc''s"""' " S ' '"'! " '
F th irlel.ration, and be ?.l,,1V,,Vi""11J- '" ',""''' '''"T
w ill appoint a nuii.U'r of iiNsislanls ': ,ri"lk'!''M; Hiuson t N.
from each lowuship, whose na l ."."l.1"'; ; A- Marsh. M. .
w ill Ir announced later. The pro ! .",1!"'' I!- f 1 '"'''
Kiam lor the day will inch a big " ' '' Kiehiirdsoii.
parade of lircmeii. bras hand I lu' V "'!..
soldiers, reel leii.ns, Itni.ts, etc. ' v . '"'"'j'. ,' ." ,li1"1'1'
Aller the parade will come Ihe! ''" lesson, J. K. I lylcr, A. A.
races. The si'Veral I,h, race ill j '" n ''"'
I' open lo evervUlv uud good ! 1''1""'' Mai 10,, Maltox .Is,,.,
c.isl, p.icgivc..: Alter Ihe race A- Il.vtli-. I- I- II
a big liee dinner will U' served tbei"'!'1"'"1"-
old soldiers, alter winch the 111 1 1
clc devoted to the lire coinnanv
w ill U-sold at unction. A cood 1 ' 'l)Ur. 1
prize will U given for the U-st ! -tc. 'kg ; Hieei's l ir Tite Oil.
decorated ciiniage iu the parade. I !' All prepared tspiciall)
: '.' . , . . , ' for llowers.
Something special ul Lir ,t I si i.-.,.. .1 nu... r.
. i. 1 1. . r 1 . 1 .. I .M.I. Ml I im (. Lo.
uexl l-r dav. ton f.n 11 he here.
"Stringth and vigor come of
good food, duly digested. T oice,'
.1 ready-t'i-scrvu wheat and barley
loot), ad Is iv 1 burden, but sustains,
nourishes, invigorates. "
SALIC A 11r.1t two M at ntl l
ludlll (Iwt'lllllg oil a.sllllieloll M ;
a (lsrlhiif ami three hits 11 in.ilhi i:,
uilditinii to the town of Miiiiint'.
Hie Savings, I.. .111 , lm-t (.u.
JllllC .), I'U.
r !,i.ii
KICNT I mil j;.' I i-nuiis up
tit 0, in in v loimrr it-Mtlt nee lie .1
the I'n sliy let ( I. nu ll, tei y t-.itivi ii-it-nt
In bostoess p.nt ct touii. Nicclv
pltstcied .nul fiiiislieil iin l w .it. 1 ii--stills.
II. M, II in.
We sell 1'rei r's lione
(; llret r's Plant l'ootl,
telling of the wtnulcrful cures cf
vaiious patent nirilicincs ran be
bought lor loc. a piece. We don't
want any ttstinioi.ials (or I. st
robe's Sarsaparilla. We tlon't
need tluiii in our business. This
is our testimonial. It's all we
want, all you wan'. It's the best
in the world. This is it: If after
a fair trial you do not find Lat
robe's Sarsaparilld to be far supe
rior to any you ever used, if it's
nut us good as we tell you, it is
come and get your money back.
Now you know us, we make this
preparation ourselves, and you
know thai if this medicine dots
not please you you'll get your
money back. The sale of Lat
robe's has increased over 400 per in ft months simply on its
merits. We guarantee 11 iu neap
the liver in healthy action, regu
late the bowels, purify the blood,
and intact quickly cleanse the en
tire system. $1 bottle, 1 -month
treatment, at 'S cents.
Km. 1. mi Dki i; (a.
Valuable Town Property for
The most desirable an J valua
ble propel ty in the town of Mon
roe. The J G Covington homestead
and adjacent lots are now offered
for sale.
Scaled bids for this entire prcp
etty or any part thereof will be
received on or before the J?ih
day of this month. No bid will
be exposed except lo client and
not by her to any one.
Now is the grand opportunity
; of a life time to secure a home
overlooking the most beautiful
streets in the city.
Terms to suit purchaser Send
in your bids at once.
K mi wink Stack,
Imie o. i',ov Attorneys.
Union County Bondi for Sale.
1 It, .'..iiliiv t'.iiiiiis..i, r-i.f I 111..TI t '..til. I V
N.irtli i'itnnii.-t, will, mini U' "i-liH-k VI ,,i llic
Ittli .ln ul July. lti. 1 Iti- ...hI.-.I l.ul-f.,r Mi.
l.iirvl.N.r of ..vnlt ti. lo .mis ,,r I nl. u
Cimty. ,.f III.- it.'iioniiiitttioii ol ..ii.-
(l.tliwr- .-m il. I. arum -1 1 -r it-til. Imei.-i r
niiliiiiii. )iMnl'l. H.iiii.NlU ii II..- lift ,l f
.IniCHri of 1 m il t.-tir iitilil H.i't iimliii... fini
i.inir i-'i ti'Hi-1.11. 1 ,.n.' t. mil ..I -ni.1 I101..I. rt
.l....iintl.t.L mitiuitllt Ht tl.,. .Ii.cni ion of ii..
Itoar.l of i',iiiii.i"oii,t.. t lif i'..iik.ii. art' it
..'M,'.. In .. lll.'tlt of (. 11. ntt I.-.,.... ri.i- r
I..H.1-H... .-ti.'.l iiit.l.-r .. 11 V t of l.,' l,t ll.'tHl
1 .1 . .1 I A.-riiii.i( 01 soriu . totiiiu. 1.1.M101 uiiii- 1 n. ir
weathc, and then you want tlie i..r ....! .mir 1.1 i... .. ..t u...
l.oel ltS.,1 f-n l,a I, ..I Tl...i' 1 . nillln-,1 lilt- Isilt of I. l-rtiiot
ui.s, ,..a, va.i ,'0 I..1VJ. 1 nut i, dm . .
You probably tli not buy much 1
fresh meat (luring the warm!
G. E. 1 DJ;:
H1C ttuee hiitist-s and eund li.uii
and lot w licit' I iii.w lite aie I. 1
tie. Akviiiip ttishiue, t.i l.iiv at ,1
ilg;.llll I'ie.ise t all at to, e.
Kcsidi ut e riioiir. No. t7i. )""r - ''I'M- N- S. Otl iiin.
Ilam.u Incited 111 Moiir.H- oilers his 1 1 r A i(nd hulit ii-iits .ni mm
setvuis to II, r t-wa and Mirr..uu.liii! VV payable ami um t he paid l.t
f -luntiy. I'l eases .. the sti.iu.idi ai.J'.i ,, . 0.
i Clearance Salp.
for June !
Our stock of Watches, Jewelry, Clocks and Fancy
Goods will for this mouth put on new life. We want
you to compare the prices that we give below and see
if we do not save you from 20 to 25 per cent on all
standard brands of E,0ids.
Iiuwels a H'ri ialty. Kfliee oter II. r
W. J. Rudee Co.' hook stmt'. Calls
.nisuclPil iu the tl .1 y linlil tl.e I utlisli
di ill; stitie in lesidi lit-1', at uiejit linui
lesidence .
fl Goo) Head
la very ilcsirjl.le at this srasoll.
(tin 1 Ir.i 11, solid, pure lee la Ihe
Lest cnuliiie liiediiiin you rail Ki t,
In Hit- iriiitirratnr its taslniR
tpiahty in.ikt-9 it (jrt-at eriuuniiy.
It adds to the ctcuriif and rnul
nesH of Miuimcr ill inks of all kinds.
II, tte us t.i ..It-liter it to your rus
ideiiec d uly. Tit kets I..I nale in
liny tii.iulity. Phone j'. .
11. C. Ash. i.tlt, City Tn a-iiK i.
evety Sat
W II. I. tin at 111 mi
unlay for a while
S. K. !'.( Ik. ui, X
OK SAI.IC .'j hoise I Mttt 1 I. i.l. I.
eti;iiir and hoilei, H.'
Pres.., with ste.iin ti.iino 1. It-tins t
suit .in . Ii.isci . J. M. Lniw , I'.ni.
Waxlia t, N. C.
AltKV evn ytlinie. ymi hate in M
Iron In . I'. Pa. kfr.
KM KM HICK Hie hint meals 111 tl,'
city are sold by l.tdiru ,1.
. I'iioue jit.
if AV hi
.1. ..el l.ltm. Solid Nii-kflt'ii
t. it n
'J' fiir I'hvh" Vnm
lid .t k
id 1.1.
.. I i.-k
1 I'linilis ut..
1 1 tl.lilltt III...
I I ..I.l-III....
..lot (.
silver I. ink ut.,
'Id I itik nl
'. I' IM a III l.i.'l.l.ll.i v
; I lis. s til l,t: 111 I l.i
U .tl. i i. net ( I
-ko III .'
U f.
..I I
,. r..tM
.. II '.IH
.. !i.7.-i
.. It. 75
IC deliver lee to niir t ostt .otei n .1!
any In. 111 nxlit m tl.iy in n-f c
sli klli'ss. I'liune (it. C.ldli iliS. V'.
I Ml Ml'.l It ymi ran til Hie In I
flesh at I. 1. I'.nkei 111.11-
riioiie No. ,.i.
WII1CN ymi want Ire f
I'ltMiil't delivei y and hiiiie"t tteihl.
Cadiru all.n e.
Til J- x t:xp I f
Wtilcli Do You ClioobC
In addition to our Special Sale we will GIVE AWAY
FREE with every purchase from 50c. up a handsome
piece of Eouvenir china of Monroe with Court House and
Graded School. This will last until July 1st.
The W.J. Ruclge Co.
Books Stationery Jewelry.
Illllltlllllll'lllllllllllllllllllllll IIII. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ! 1 1 1 1. IIIIIMIMIIIINII II III. 11111)111 mtlMIIII
iiiiiinii nu. ui. 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 urn iiii. 111. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiuiniimii
s. hi.aki:m":V.
I'rcsidt lit.
Von vtunt puint vt hu h vv ill
pi steel the in.ilcrial it covers
Itnil give liciiuty to the pl.ue.
The lies! pnint is that whieh
giveKtbe lies! color ninl stumls
Hie i.iiM;i;srsi:i:vn i:.
llere'N a low pi ice paint
that will xave cash and look
well. No mistake in usinp; ii.
Stands tl.e wear id' veaix.
ite President-
Make jour luipruvemenis dj osing Heath 4 Miligan Paints.
C.N.Simpson, Jr.
Sumssorto C. K. IIOl'STON.
Bank ol LTiiion.
Safe, But Progressive and Liberal.
for the prompt and
A i ii luiiku
cartful ul
In. use vvi'.h l'Vi ry facility
ill Lusiiicss.
CK5VO00'C0C000vKCo00000C r
Get one of our Pretty Steel Banks,
carry it humo, tit posit your savings and Ret interest on them.
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiii uitii. . n iu;iin nu i.uuitiiiiMiiiiiMiiu!iitCuII!(i!
kind. Phone us H , White.
Our (Uily salts Mil! incrensr.
This is true lfcause we undersell
all our competitors. Look for our
unitpie ad. next week.
Pure New Orleans Molafses at
75 cents at S. H. Hud nn's.
If you desire pure Ice, com
bined with hot est weights and
prompt delivery, phone 36.
CAiHhU & Wallace.
any mt.Ull tdtl-, If ni
Phone 166 when you want the
best meats, tender and fat. We
will do the rest. II. . White.
You ran
Phone :t(.
('adieu &
S. R. Doster has just received
a lot of nice Hams.
I want your
old Iron J D.
We cater to the trade that
wants the best meat that can be
bad. Try us. White's Market.
' Hi rttflii 1.1 11 jivi
A J Hit' M hM. j
riufrinun Itonnl r.mnit t 'tit"iin--iniicr
.1 M. 'l KH rink
TUN tii ly 'tf Jmif, l" 1
New Ordinancos.
(, ., t tlinll ! tntlnfnl f.'rtm.v tth
In rhmli or in any ntMniii-r n-tfinl mh tflt
iln.tu', l li-traili ir rlc'liii tuUt mU hi llu-i-it
-if Miiri. ti'pl IIhim- tHiiiit f miN't i't I
ll III H-)M'flh MIM'! tlf nlllll Im ;
Ttiar 1'Hiitli r notnl Ihcni for Ihe Hir' mf
itiakmir "ii'-li rimlr- r lti-n'fti.Mt (l- ihrv j
il.- iti iiwiitry Any jht-hii vilntitn( tlit :
Mrtlinanet- -Ititll (Mr 11 i ii(tll f IK i..r
N. , Ii "liftlt HiiUwfnl for iM-r-'Mi '
or ix-r-M'ti lo attitt'U nny ii. o ti pri mi t
Itnl'HMt fir tl uir .f -iirliikinitr nn
In 11. (fiirth'ii. nrfi iir Hrtoniil or to ti- Hi,
rity alcr for itii'h pur(M Any wrn tin
Ittf Inif iTiliimthf -hall wr a wuahy ( tH .
ttottar for a li mul ry itfTrm. li)irill .
imiK dull t In fun- until tli fli tio l J
I ait (aim! ! fsintttlt'tfil. I
H r ANlH RArX j
Vv It ahnll l 111 Im fill f.r anjr ,
without 11 ln (Hiiit tun atlat-ltt'd lo m -! Ir j
a rrni ml hi" lik. lo lr prtnirvtl ly tlii ow nr j
of ih fruiii th I'M i rk,oii or Iwfort-
Ih 1r ilnv of Auvul of a-h atut vry r
from Ih 1U1 of thin ifrtltnniir. lo run al Unrr :
Minn Mi ororat- llmiu of th ntv of M
nn, which ai.i ta mi. Ink hall ! moI to
thr o nr of th ttoir itt ih trUv f mir ilollar, ,
Aim! ll -halt ! Ih liiiy of th I'lljr t'h-rk It'
MinHa' a iiltlftriil niitnU'r of lat ii. laK, 1
howliir th yar for w hh h th 11 mII, lo .
auil all UaM for thr Mhl Uv If any
tt wilhitiu ih tm i nl latf allM-hnl to hU I
rollar "hull h fotiml ninntna' at lanr In th .
rtrrai limit of thrlty .f Ikloiirti. It hnll
iw tit duty oi in fMifnin to ini(ioini nh
it tnl itittify th miirr, ati't If th miicr
hal1 (all to oinha ami aitah tothN.lar
of th i1 lti a i atil tar, riilrtl hy
tht ordinal,, wlilitn tni f.-ur houra aftr
noh noti, ihn It ahall h th rtntj of the
ptiHYtiva to kill tbr rfow an lmHutit.l.
a. cash ha n, fTy.
15 cents off the Dollar !
Owing to Improvements noon to be made to my
store-room, it will be neccviary lor me to vacate
It for a couple of weeks. To save trouble and ex
pense of moving goods and danger of damage and
breakage, I will offer all my goods, less IS per
cent, to reduce stock as much as possible. This
means all goods In my store -Watches, Jewelry,
Novelties, etc., as well as Clocks, Silverware, Cut
Ula.s, China, Etc. This offer Is good until July
1st. Take advantage of It and save yourself
some money-
Jeweler, Monroe, N. C.
1 'i nr
rn wears
.'Hosier's Good
Because, he says, they were made speci
ally for fit and durability. He says they
are reasonable in price, good looking,
and so comfortable. Pa's great on com
fort, and they certainly do look nice.
He buys them from
J. Y. Doster,
who also keeps a nice line of Dry Goods.
Fruit Cans and Solder.
j w.MiiiMiiiniiiiininiiiiiiiiiiiii.iiniiniinii.iiiiii.nniiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiwiiiaimiil

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