North Carolina Newspapers

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g--g. L. B.1 III
i A:'ai,ta tVattuti,-a
i '"I am Jen. 1'brist, the csreii
Ur- n. My wivsion i to atr
sinner. 1 (.mht in the cit .1 nr
from ISIti-n V J.'in-!r. 1 wicc
I lime U-cn pres;,!,iii cf tin
I mud Ststc. since the sum r.Ut
ana. the chin j ute Ivmh
in iut.o when thev commit
onirics n !' ir oti.t-u. Not a
wet i. j I.i;t there is fresh
ca-s? at..! l!.c soji!c turn nut an. I
scour the i untrt f.r the lirute.
Vn-i now t'i v arc -It it in.; all the
lU't.f o:.t i f ac-amly where an
t.Hll!!.l!I. .U lOII sec
and have attt'i led all the ic.ioiotis ' h I. no im i !u;np tip there
up to dte. (ut now thev have . ,-jc l I n! few i,i'M-!.. I.tmliih'
The Kind Ytu H..t Ahvay naught, nn.l which ha hcstt
la use for otor :'.ti year. Im borne the i:rtt:tttire of
uinl ha Imi'u made under hit T
( f (Ay "' iia) niri.v its iitiaiii-jr.
All t MinlcrtcU, Imitations ,lii(-a;.l" are but
i:iMTimt Ms that trills w ilh ami cwiaiii;. r the liralilt of
luf.iutat unci Children -l'iri'iiic, uain-t liH'riiitciiU
Cntoriit it a harmless Mil'-tituto Tor Ciistnr Oil, Pare
goric, li-...s hixI soniliiuu Nrup. It is I'lcaviM. It
contains neither Ojuiiiii, Mori'liiiu i,,,r i ti.-r Vircotii
jtulsstiui. . Its nee is iiHj.ii.irant.-o. It dotniss ortm
Mini aflat s I'.t ei li can". ami nut
I'olie. It reticles I - )i iiil; 'I'riMilil. , euros (iisiatioii
nml I'latnli-m s. II a"iiui!a( Hie I ihhI, na-ulatcs th
tstoiiiai-li ami ItotioU, gitim; lua!iai ami iialuraf sleeps
The Cuildrvu's Panai t a-Tlio .Mother's Iru-nd.
Hears the Signature of
wuzsy -cue
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Hie ilia. I i'i (.oie - a liiii!n
lunata MU.l n't Ut no ti'
New Oilcan. I .-tn't a pi-
H).-t l i -'Hlc 1 Mil ,leti t a: -!
t'an't Viii !o wiiii-ili i jr i r :ia :
2 nt to ijasn.! rt-joicc ,t!i l!:.
who n : 'if au ! tep nail iiio-
who cc." jsmr ! !!.' !.!!. v y'p-
t!i. H' thev bi.l let I' mi
jri!li Iheveterin It o-i! i 1V
rcti b iia-. n. I ii
I'! '!. lone ! up our ! an!
they em'l lit'li a'n.ut Hiitti. :.j
c!e. Va Dale tei u. h
m, rooiiii; patt:oti:i.f It :.v
I U l..e ni;,!',-ei n. -rcnH- m iv'
le'inii'ii an i l! it ::!;,Mit pci:-i.
I l:c t 1 itT I At lilt 'if the Kp-i'.;
hi re'i!i:.'ii. f:t it i n vv t.i
aicp i.p till' petl,.m j i. i, ' e
ih tint i r-r'. n ...iii .1 ; e
li-'ttoni!c u!t of e!.t!;t'.i ..i. I
Crit!i!t: - "
1 t .to,! . i .! ,v
( tll'i! "." i"; Cel.!. of t!u- fi .It v u
atniv ere fort-iami or f -h :."i
l!ii an I were libtln t-n! t.-r
I'.'iintv or Is'utv or Lun. 'i:!., an.!
p. I!-..
it t..'i :!i
I '
in i Ci'r.
ii.'!'. n: I t'a 1
! ...
Many a uoll-nieant, well planned attempt at hrc.ij-niakin is
recked on the slnuU of po-ir llour. Cheap (lour i h id Hour its
lovt price is t he maker s excuse for the inferiority of his product
timid hread is not hard to make- Mall the wnao is oer when ou
Set v'HhI flour. h ler. tnni'Cfr. sharivr. purer fluur than our can
not Ik mad. - i hcrcforc e c.aition tou to ask tor the "i.l)i;N
(!' and "IW INCI'll I!" hran.Is. These hr.ind are sold at the km.
t price fur which rvaih lirst clas llour can he sold and its price is
thc'hit;hcst you need to pay in order to net the nest. Itcware of had
flour and sliori welkin- Our.iia!uy and weights are Knaranteed
Henderson Roller Mills companu.
J. r. HrXDF.KSON'.M.tnaser.
tnhlished IsT.t
irpnrated ll
Carolina Marble -
and Granite Coninany.
Our I ;.--;nc.s t
M ;til r, aa i ;
at any j .n .1 ir, t.i
We have j i -1 i
an-.l w : in. it.- tl:e
.n i cr ive,
e r.i.i ni l
Call lor J
i'ci a i.. to
i"v h. 'e mi
:al -
ti, in
.iti.l a:
r.iv, 1:
t ; .
.ni lu
i nv er linn
a i 'l to . ..
i-ii' ami it:
I:o. -'1111.
' 1 .1 i! ..nil 'lit' ,e.:r..
to 1;.) 1 : 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 ki .
to j iy.
Caiolioa Marble and Granite Co,?
I- i?- l-I'IKI'. Mutator. MUNKoi:. N.
YdfJsat Mat. sville, Salisbury. North WYkclmr 1. and M,,,roe
ASAAAA.AA. A. A A. A - - -
Spring j
Cleaning 1
is ood, hut it's better hen
followed up with a few pieces
Pretty New Furniture.
We can Kite you any style
at a low liiture, ami jruaran
tee it to be the prettiest and
most durable to be had.
l ook over our stock.
furniture Dealer and funeral Director.
Storo Phone 7; Residence I'hone M.
lliey ;i t it it'l mi. I tii
linown in. ( :. tin:
aitliclii'tf Mt New I :
ecnis t i in 'lint !' I w
em m ill I waul I a
ii.'lM. Ih.v. r ..lll't .f'l
:t:i t 'i.ii lo 'eU .! n
1 lii ivo tie .put t; i::. c't
hot II .-! !ii' oil ' 'II !..r I t i iv
f.Mtv teal- an. I line li. 1 1 1 e-ui
0! tl -1 one t e!." !iiri !l:-l! .i:v-1
t!i:'iii:ali New h icans i
-t r. -ti r v.'ii . .e.'.i la -ir l! it --u: e
! I rei.fl tell Jr.mi t !,-r : t,.
i. k-''iit -'j. Oi l l-'ailier Mount
i H-tle tol'i me it ::!.-,! ctert
trle:"i !; ire v ii!.'i of M i-oiihii !
l':atr iitio Hti-I -it up in I'et.n
' KhIi;'1 tlie W.-'.i'ili I'mon li , 1
to out tr.eir p-!c tor n b in
-':', I iiiiii"..
I'"it I'm il,-.?rcM'-i !i'ait M...
pi. U lio i lo.ei n. r I. t!M,o.
int hott : Hi- niiiii' i- tt--t ,n itni
i.i.'LTapliy ti;:i' l'e i t. 1 v. . kon
t a-elit vofli p'.tla:,' ,u. I
l eek.ei ! I- ti t. ! e 'i:ef or !.e
woi;!.etit hue ii:t :te. lloo-. v. d,
til.' -l! i r, !.i.t II to J- 'li to
help I at tin" corner -t: e ,.f I :;e
. upitui. i;.i.-etf;i -hi i thai .i.ii
1 ' in i- tia- t ie ai i h H "i 1 a'or n'i-1
t li'le ! i ! I'-T tcf.K-.l tiie i.iii li: it
n a le pro i-:oii to pav the !i p i
! ate-l ile'.t. an 1 he in- tu er re
tr iete.1 nor : p 'l- a ,',1 for t.;.,;
lie. I lint, .lei if I.olwaio !.llo..
liiat limit tiof M. ;.t a- the
a'llimr of i, j ii,oi an 1 ;if a
li - lea-on lint tiie n.orev a
ii l iovM .j f . 1 1 : i , i', i: , u ; ,i , , i 1 . 1 .
ai tt !. .s. c;tis l! ntcl the Moo. I ,.t
.1 a. In alb! !i v i.-ek. mi, , tt ;. i.,.
lil.'l t J'les w, l.,l eollil-i nl i j;'
cotton del ! an. I make ei i-, t o-n
i liikl'-en That's I'at he -a t in
Ileaje. Iiiit tiie le.'
ttoiil leiit tote for it. :ir. I ,t t ...k
lite years t ' oe tiie leil ti.ron.'k.
Aii tin- t i'tie M . I 'at is a. i.;,t
ai for his country in Meveo .iu,
L"it ili'spe ratelv ttoiiii ie.l at I'mena
i-tu Ti li . I li i I to u-e i rui. iie- ! t
-: yi nr.. He int er a. :n tie
ii i!i-!atiiie In a tta- i,c eter o. t .r
l'"'. an I yet li o-etelt. !';e -! .li
,!t rer. lets the he -tan I an ! ,o:i
j L'.iio im i:e h : . in n to . ,v ! ...
I hi' In r sota. ( in - count '
! iien it ill ali Hi;. I 'll !t i-;ii a: ,i
lit put i-V I'l l-l'i i '!). M' isstp. '
I low :e tilt' tii.L'iiiy f:ii,e!i!
No'A thi -e utterances are It v
own nether tiie f litm li.T H!if
paper i- n -poii-ilile f..r them
Alt' ffclinj.'" an.i f motions are i,i!
nif ntt n. J honor the memorv ut
Mr. I ,n is anil lime profouu,! re
-pl. t I'm In- ttiilmv, mi,! there j.
no limit to my contempt fm the
lirute who put timiiiieles on hi'ii or
the eoneeite.l historiuii tthn -Ian
ilerid In in. h is a comfort to .le
spi-e Ihein Imth.
And now. three eheer- for Indi
in- alifo-t -topiHsl id tuoria Is-
. aii-i4 piiius'iiia i t is more
and there a t iiailians in siht
li a.'i: -. . . , i t . o .aly , l.iil it ! a
si.ti i ii. uv'li ow i.i'i i' iij. and a
He i uoiu!l It n. hi will ift'i
( ilo I ii. re hi e in -re t tiiu ,!'
Man ii o r -tstc who bate not
'ow, ! l' !,'!. e t I'. nl an ! the
U.v. N. h.i'.t II,. should
flit - eeji ill .a '-.d in til V un
ie i'i' was .j, k unto .Ii alb.
I a: i in uj iof ail Ii sounds
like I I'll lie. 1 with silllleUklv, hut
I li. I. e ate all lia'pe at
tut h..iie t .ii i'ht, for cur f ir
swat U t i-. n hi- wat home. We
h .. e ;u-t ! i I -t ti lejiaili fi.mi Inn
atiibewil; !s lie;e tonijht e
I t i - in Me . o t it v and it bh
ic li three I .ij terns since wi
ll -in- -ei n bin. lhi- is tan. the,
t oun j.'sj in.t the pi t of In
:ii. I ;u r the . n. -lie lon-s the lie-t
.and uats tin. loti'il tor rtftv
liiL'lil. lie will stat w lb ii- a few i
hit-. and then i attat a'niti and'
1 . 1 has- .li ter s, e lis ant more. I
1 My wife his Ihi-h -atitisr the'
s sj.j .p. , din k f, r hiai Bti.l the'
I t! I'tes's .me rot to he cut till he j
t colli-, and tin' -traw hen ii ait'i
-t;ii in n! and liie cake is in tiie j
.'tin. otiio. is loo .r- i. Mil t r j
J t ali mid he and Ji e will sinj I
I sO.J
!a '. s
i ' ' ". -ti ihe tai'l .
I 1 '. ti:e happ.', hapjif Jut's nil
the I.'ll III. hi hue .'lir I. it s ad 1,11
i. Mid our ir.rls oot tiiarried'
1'. at we a:e happv ,t:ll and h to
et 1 1 1 in ,.i i , i ee t some -
till I. A i, i
Unless they are. good health is impossible.
Erf ry drop of blood in the body passes through and is filtered by healthy kidneys eery three minute. Sound
kidneys strain out the impurities from the blood, diseased kidneys do not. hence you are sick. FOLEY'S KIDNEY
CURE makes the kidneys well so they will eliminate the poisons from the blood. It removes the cause of the
many diseases resulting; from disordered kidneys which have allowed your whole system to become poisoned.
Rheumatism. Bad Blood, Gout, Gravel, Dropey, Inflammation of the Bladder, Diabetes and Britrht's Disease,
and many others, are all due to disordered Kidneys. A simple test for Kidney disease is to set aside your urine
in a bottle or glass for twenty-four hours. If there is a sediment or a cloudy indicates that your
kidneys are diseased, and unless something is done they become more and more affected until Bright s Disease
or Diabetes develops.
FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE is the only preparation which will positively cure all forms of Kidney and
Bladder troubles, and cure you permanently, it is a safe remedy and certain in results.
If Toy are a ufferr, takt FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE tt once. It will make you wolt,
Soma Preneuncid Ineuribli
Mr. C. A. SiilUon. a merchant ot Tampico. III., write: "FOLEY'S
KIDNI Y (TKE it mcren iih wonderful tuccru. It hat curej
mc case hire thai phvtiuani pronounced iitcuraMr. I mvttlf am
Me to testifv lo in merits. Mv face loJat it livin( piiturt of health
nj tOUV S MUNLV CUKE baa mtJc a tucb."
Had lumbajo and Kidney Trcubia
tdvird Hut. metl Inomn tuint man of Salisbury, Mt.. writet:
"I mish to tat- for the rcnclit ot other. Hut I at a sufcrcr from
lumhao and kidacv trourle, and all ihe rein diet I took (ate me no
relief. I betan wukc rOUY'S KIDNtY CLKt. ioJ alter iuc um of
three bottlea I am cured."
Two Sizes. 50 Cents and $1.00.
".Ml A HK"
I., a New V tk ttniision, fillcJ
w the.,!, land silvir plate, with
nun ii.rless b. iiiities i( .art . with
e ut - 1 1 sonants, a little b.n- is
an I u hear-e tiieir i dtii i; of internal hciii'iriayrs.
II "I- ilted ill lite M'i,tsi,-i -lis nuts, s an I I ..IV
title r crow.) ar.'iitul, but their
skid is of no at ul. The child IS; The county roinniissieiiri wore iu
two tears old and h is nettr been , ,eSM l ,sl erk-
tety Stronc. As the cruel tide ol i A n-itain man was ia l,.n a f.-w
Local and
I inhiniiv; Slielli'J the Corn
I toll
I'., !
sn :t.
lleitiii, lUie
-' and d stiii:;. i
a - I'tyi' .r i;
-t till Nil:
III tie ,.,t , :
u 1 is r ii : t
: u , li h.
: '".i ,.t:.-i: !
.-'i i f hchti..
t'.: it i r ti
ti t put't i
tl'Oofi re !,
U - I n:it I t'
c :n hi I h:
i !'-, tt ii ! '
t,, '. in In- ..i i
.in tiie ho
,- I- il tiii
f i . ii. ,U a ,
ai - !
M.'NKCr, N. C.
Calls aiisarrnl in day iimn Ii-ii;li-h
Dlu Slor.-; ut iokIiI to ia t.iuiii n.fl liui; Moie, .S
ovrr pe-l ellicr: ph- sie i,s.
Henry D. Stewart, M.D.,
Services rru.h ie 1 pi..iri !!v and
linnr.lty. Pay rails fiem ue.' -ell's
lime tuie, 'i'! ?c; or i Hu e in tr.u
Mo nl tush d lilt. i bis ir 'at his i 'Jaf ata and altei lHiielias.ui); st-veul i of'ii .V in-inaiue
Air Line Railwav
Doublo Daily Scrvico Botwron
Xow York, Tampa, Atlanta,
Now Orleans and Points
South and West.
IN riTEC, APRIL 121 H. 1903.
...... in, iiiii.ici,,,,,.,t..i .,,., ,,, ns
! I" Hie .pulily i f toiuls purrtiaieJ auJ
little f Tin wtiilu t.iri.i ;.. ....... ! il.' w.irth ul cnieenestioin M
,,, ii,..,, . 'i ' i "''I Ihvent, taid he a entirely
an.l 1 err f- '-.Miivvr nnni..r ... . . 1
I tt Hit tilt 11111 c V cT. his "Miitver
hear him--J as nut Collie. She , eacelk-nt place to tiade
is an artttss, llra.-e Cieol;e. and i A number of lubes aie rittavaKanl
while her hot is Jvini she is i n i in thrir r. niinen.Iatii.ii of tli prompt-
the t.iL-e of a theatre. kickitiL' un M,i a,ul P"ht-nt ith whuh tin t-
daes not the pru e paid, lie
i'iiii'f, I'liniie i. .Mtn I cols n .in i
i.liii.-e. 'ph. me 141. (Mine h":ns
to 1:, a. in.
1: 1:
e li K
" " I ..1,1 rs ktS.,s.r. a.
d ii.rm .u JUHN K MUiNKUh. .. . )..
ail'NMlt.M C. 1
Pay calls nnwerpil ti -ni 1 1 ou-ton s
ill lit: st'.te ail J ..'n. e. 'plieie . ujil .
from t oiiiinereial Unti l, pleine jjo. i
.,'. S..1I7
1: Ma ra
T . a m
in m a in
i 1 . l III
, I.
. I ,
her !.
blight Si'ii"
.oe w.iite.l ui.1111 at Mes.-is.
Hivetis' grocery stole
plea- ilc-sc, kets. Thev tell lis
thattthiic .-he s.1111? and ilanee.l " "J " huu: tlu'e s t,
her hi art was breakup, but who J'"1 1 ru11' SJ.",S '!"-v '"!',h ll,r"
. . ... . , Ii.-rfs an I mules in tl.e Iota lure 111
can he icte he II is a he irl ho , ,. ihr ,, U l. , ,r4jr ,
can i-hetu Hue sp.ltk of . Hi!! I'lteii). Some t-iy ttiey have
niotlier I te remains in her t:'' heard it: uut ut lliem. Iiuwever,
niy tiny know Im they lute liied it.
,. . in
. m
1 . 111
1 111
It is t si often the c ase that a man
ill lint tiust his iii'hIiImi
has lueti apphmdej bt '" iu'1 "I""1 '" )"Jk"'eiit
1 . . . , 1 , " and ci't w, listed.
-ir 1
.0! II'.-
iini'n ;!:
ie ! ,:t !h
tt 1 re
knett th'
I'runipt K'l.s'.'iititiint.
t t
1 1 1
i ..!
. r li I :
' I -Oils'
I tt .1,-1' Mi-., d n s 11 t in-ill 111,111
t y -lie is the mfe i a rich man.
Mle .1 as 11 ( need lame her
ill. 11 .iiKis. let she .jftS ,rr
"ait"- .-he inii-t il 1 hi r JiltV loi A in.ui thimlJ first find a friend in
'.lle .tie t:,.,n,o'eiiient. , ten thoueh ; .he ,u" "' ''' ""i:1'
. . I , : ' i . I r
ine 1 aii 1 s last cry on e irlli is 1 r
"ll'iit t er. "
1 tervwird.'t tins It.iedy is!
till'.. Ii is no -ft frame tor a' (Joe us a tii..:. and if yen thru
ni ;al. It is to Immble far m.r-' ""nl luu" sot 'he best
and . Iie.ii'c-I steie in the count v. then
,1 (VI I .t' !tl t' ! I . II .
Mi 'Mil 1.', S. c .
Solicits Ihe patron.,.;.' of Ihe a iijilc of . 1 .
M ut ir and surr.-utijiiie r-.p neuntv 1.
CilU aiiMifii'd 111 il.;v ii 1.1 I n.asl, 1
Diiut St. re; at mctil tiom resileiue' .
on thurch stieet. 1 feaie N. s.
W. B. HOUSTON, "; ;
its 1 n Kii 1. u c. I) r. , 1 1 r 1 . 1 1
OlTue up st iiis, I'ii.-i raid Puildiia;, ' I '
Northwest "I l ..iirth'itise,
I'lilrfiillt- Ins u.ltlie.
are hetler than
"Two Inadi
t tt!
N .a.
r tie
Si's ti,
e Cam
I, 1 IUV
- ""'I1
l 'me s
1 talk
-e. ex
own ( tut
. an
-a. ,1 1 . 1 I'll" t
. r let. IT; 'te in ti 1
,nt i it'll, ,,i d p. j.j t as
:het '. , -u.e hue s tiie Tillk'
'!'.' .1 t- itltse, i-r tiie lVrsi HIS
..ry fl them A-i da's."
"I'' i; nun JisptitanJ
no me
as i-
1 r
KiJncy IrouMc Makes You Miserable'.
Almpo ev-rvi-y -ha renij th r'i---pipers
is ture to Know t( m wcn..eiul
curn ly Dr.
V Ji 1 . .. 1 r , . . 1 v , i .ei
K-fcr'l 1 1 Mi b.a.i r f-iedr.
j IZ-V-i - 11 um- ro-a! r.ri
fjl J tfaltr!aiiit.ieftnr.ine
Wil I J i iwiltl c.a-ur; u
til, r:
e. c -
Ml K,
1 .!! -, -ars c(
tV'N.j u-t. K mrr. t- ; e-,i-"
r-nt tudney and
" ' tier rec:aiis!. anl 1,
wonderfully t-dccisrf it In rrcmptiy etirme
tame back, kidney, biaddcr. uric a: d trou
ble", and BriRht'a biwaje, whih U Ir.e wra
form cf tudiiv trouble.
Dr. Kiimer'j Swamn.Root j r.:t r'--
otnmf nded tor everythmj but If you hivki i
rey, liver or biaddcr troub e II will l f ,u. d
Just tin remedy you ne d, I: has been ;ci
In so ma:-,y ways, in hos-ilal crk. in rr vale
pranice. among ihe he'piis too poor to ri:r-ciia-.
relief and has proved to aucceisf L in
every case that tr-ecal arrangemera has
been made by which all read -rs of this paper
who have not already tried it, may have a
rnp'e bottle tent free by trait, aiso a hoc':
leUinf more about Swan-.p-Root and bo v to
I'-ndout it you have kidney or b adger troub'e.
When writing mention reading ihis fneroua
eff-r In this paper and f-V.
s-nd your address to fJr'f'f.
t. Kilr.rStCo.,Bine TiT klW'- J
harnton. N. Y. Th vi-U!y.v--;5ia
regular ( fiy cent and Rrf a.n.-i(n.. iiica art aold by all good drucgiata.
Don't nuke any mistake, Lut
, t.. Li
permanentlv cured, without pain or detention from business!, leavioar no eravina- . '" . owainp-
lor dniira or other stimulant.. We restore the nervous and physical tystema to hoot. Dr. Kilmer S Swamp-Knot,
tneir natural condition because we remove the causct of diaeaa. A home remedy and the address, llinelianiton, N
prepared by an eminent physician. iv . ...
Confidential correspondence, especially with phvaiciant, solicited. Wnta today,
Opium, Laudanum. Cocaine and all Drug Habits
Ir uulluvJ
Manhattan Therapeutic Association FOLEllSllGNHTAR
mmwm m, mmmwrnj, wrrm WTa nw ' StO tit COttglt tttltl batOt) Ittngl
Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic
has ttood the test 25 yean. Average Annital Sal?s over One end a Halt MUTion
pottles. Does this record of merit appeal to you? No Core, No Pay. -50c
HowwMnwywiiiiai it ivtstt, pacta or Isrovel Black Hoot Uvwr put.
um," iiit.iiiipled tiie other canch-,'
"ViMi'ie an th-rl" rnareJ the
He O'.-t the a pl-iuse.
The Way he (iut his Injury.
Ihe 1'. nsi, n ( hnee at Wasltin
t' n lias no. ntly leeeited an ap
plication h r a pensmu (tl,m a
tctirmi nl the wr bitttnn the
Mates, who i . 1.1.1 ...i. .1 1.. ,...u
save tr.oiny ly tvruinj; the appli
cation Inmsell with, ml the assist,
an. e .il a j eii.-n n atlurm y. When
be was asked I y the Tension H'l
re. iii to state the circumstanci'S
under winch lie iiu urn . I bis ihs
.lhiiity, lie candidly ii.-poi'.di.J as
' I he way 1 pit my war inpiry
was a ki t. Inn of a In p The Im;
tt.i a sow h .' and ur cjitam
tiiinted her (.np:. We was
cha-in' the sow, and she rritth d
through a Ival in a rale (tnce. It
was a hole, and I t limit I
was ab. nit the sis id the hug and
tried t: crawl threw, but I st ick,
and tr in" lo wicjc out I Hiri'de
the 1 alts 1 ff and ( tie hit nut on
my hrd and l.mxked 1110 senseless.
I do r.ot think the sctv y',f luj
iiutiui'i; fodo tvnh tnylineol duty,
(or 1 d,d 111 1 keth the lu g. With
she never was cant."
You know What You are Taking
When vou tke I. rove's Tasteless thill
Tonic because Ihe formula is r'ainly
printed on every liuttleslionnn that it
ah. 1 1. Iiiit may the I.rid hate
iiiei. i on tluit w.'iiian when Mu
ll is -rutin old, wlii n her "alt''
no i upT p!c i-i s and 1 vitt's the
ct '.t 1, wh 'ii her conscience cins
ut 1:1 tlm s'i.I hour ' mm t er."
I I hate incliv tinm hcl.
A Ctturch With Nineteen Uooms
I h, y h ite s.'inetliini; new in a
M,.ii ',h.-t ihiireliin Sliiiby, sas
a 1 tii'sp -ndi nt. "Wlii 11 liiiish.
nl. tve ate ml. run .1. "it will be
ia i the hand- 'me-t ai.J be,t
r ! : 1 ,'1 d rlmtcli i dilici s in the
Mate. It rnitai.!, nineteen rooms,
nii'hi inn; kiti liiM and diiiint;rooiii,
win te hill, h vthl be s tved ..t file
nn ai hour en h day ihituii; the
inc'tiiic;, tint the hnusekerp'trs
111 it he able t ) attend the services,
and also to relieve the delegates
' ( tliL' , 111 tramps, many ul the
h inns being far distant from the
We assume that lunch is to be
srrtcdon special occasions and
n. t at every tiieding.
e mil not insist lunger.
Yours vriy truly,
Hill & Bivens.
I' at
...,. n
.i II
s... . 1:1
I . lu
" ! iu
" i in
1 1 . , a IU
1 n i III
? I" Ill
I" ;, 11.
n i, , 11,
In i" . iu
.1 .. . in
I" 1.. , in
a ill
. e,
Monroe, N. C.
UtNl.Sl. j
th a
-ja" s. isv te ' i-
1 .
"y,j i
To Cure a Cold in one Day
Take Laxative liniiiia I iiiiiune I ablets.
All ilruists refund the money if it
fails to cine. K. H'. tirove'a tigua
turp is on ea h hi s. .-5 cents.
Land Sale.
iiir,.f a i-.w.x 111 a rialn Tn..rlk'atf,.
. 1111 1 x,i-ul,,( l. ,l..lui I K -I.l...;i tin-
1 .'!' e r. I -in. , iiu- -a 1, 1 ,.,,n 1,,, mi,-,, 1., 1 (u
I m '--!. tie ..i:i, .1,,. I u iii, ,.ii Hi,.
.lrd day of July, lXU,
',' ','' S '."-.I, ai 'im'..!.- nm-f ii.ti in ii.
I i.i.i.l.-r f-.r i , I .ll-isiiiir isirr. I
I 1 '" I".' I" ii "f tt a lias er Hr
-' ,e a -o. k. . s f ,..,ri.r ,f ,,,,l,.ti .l tl K
I r e'- t. -I . V .1 i IihIii- an. I 1I11
I 'J -' ,.1 , I- - mi. I 1 11
... 0 . Milt, u. .,, J,,
ion .' V .'! I 1 i-haui an, I
II -ii ,i.i Ie. 1.., 1,. a ial. l.y
I.,. -a.. J. ...). li 1,1am, I, nr.
1 1. . - I' .-ii,- w.ii thr i.l
'i , .1. ! .,,n. an.l ! li, ,k-
I- , -, i., l, l...rn,rrai..lal-.,
' l I' .1 tt 1 1 1 la 111 - I, .1 1-., mi,, r
Ui " e I r..l..rr, tt y ,,iiin-i I,. I
1 l. I . ..111! I I link. I,, . I, vm ; re .
.mini- 1 in rr an.l . ,.., ..t u.l I 'B seen
All the Groceries
that a family of five or six could
use in a day can be purchased
here for a very moderate sum of
money. Hut lot price is not the
sole point upon which we make a
biJ for business. High quality
comes first. Then low price.
Good family llour $1.75 sack;
gallor. cf molasses 1 5c. ; granulat
ed sugar IS pounds lor $1.00; and
other things in proportion.
I'ountry pioJuce bought at
highest prices; call on us before
selling. M. (.'. KKOnvt
eiii uispeusary Mand, I'hone 0.
1 1.
Cows With
Long: Horns
by some people only
aw ay off in some other man's pas
ture, and never near home.
Look, fellow-man, for some-
A. AnnhelJ, th-rk Superior Court 0 . thing good at liotli. and if you
I'liii. 11 county, N. C, as adimiiistiator i can find it. die around the little
vine and encourage it lo grow
atONHOF. N 0.
Will I e at Marseille, N. C.eii la .t ,
iinl I In 1 .i MuiiJ.1 1 of e.i. Ii 111 mil, an. 1 !
it Matthew, s 011 si cuud a:.. I fourth j
Mondays. Phone ;i i '
will I'l .11 tu ! in nil lie State .111 ! I 'lin
ed Stales Courts. Sj 1 1.1 II ..tleiiti.11
Kiteu to the setllniirnt of est.itrs for
tiil-iriluns, F.ttriiti is and A Junius
Ir.ilnis. and the imIIi-i hull of rUnns.
KtaM,ii.ihle chaise-. Ais, ,ie.eiit niul
local attorney tor the Piuilliei tilt
Home Company, fieui wludi lo.uis
may he oht.iuu il mi real e..lnte. Oilier
one door east of M. L. I hov CVs
store. Phone No. -0.5,
attorney and Counsellor-it-Lai,
MoMior, N . C.
I'rutiipt attention Riven to all mat
ter pi. iced ill our bauds.
Maiiac'riiicnt of estates fur eiiart
.ails, ailiiiinisti.itois and etrcuiois a
lerialty. ITiarce' teasonable.
Otficp east of Loiirthoiisp, (lormrily
occupied by the late l. A. Coviuttoii.)
Attorney and Counselor at Lai,
MONKOli, s. c.
Practice in all the State and 1'iiitc-'
States Com ta,
Prompt attention tiven to collii-
tions and lituienil Ian pnictiee.
iorrersotis inlcresl'-il iu the settle
lie lit of estates, adiiiiiiisti.itois, (ie
.ui.iia, and l.iai.Iiaii. ic esia-cullt
luvilea (ocail on tlietn.
Coutiniied and nainstakiiic' attc
will lie eitcn, at a reasonable
to all h-i;.il hiisiuess,
Office iu cuurtbuuspopporitrClcrk'f
a fine.
1 -. i- m
t , in
a ! i 111
11 -,. . ill
1 in
' K il.
' II, 1.,
Ai llli on,,:
- tt.i-Mii.'
- II.. I
-T Hail) I ,
A I" a in
ii In a ill
a .1, a 111
I I,, a 11
I I .'. a 111
I , 11 111
I I - . 111
inn.' '
1 I'i e Ill
Sin, i 10
a a. i mi
a .1 a m
i iri a 111
A In a in
Jt'.'a m
5 .1 a III
a 1, m
J i m
It I a III
6 il , a ni
t I 1 1) 111
II .'i a in
I 1" i m
I V' I "I
4 is .
I v. . ia
s .al i m
II . in
'.' .nia
in njm
ilrai It iiiii;
-' t .
a, '. . it Tllf f
?' VI s. .-T-S
' rs. sr. ac-Sh, ai "mo
1 ... iTTT . -.!-!, 1 ! -''
Ho" ;
hum akhi in n.
.1 Ir
Till, lie,
a siaiV in
ui. laml
I' tt Is. M,irlkMi-rr.
Notice of Administration.
Having tins day iiialitied hrtoie K,
f Welsh Dutilap, dereasej, all mr-
sous holdinc claims acainst said estate
are notified lo present the same to the
iin.lei signed administrator on or be
fore the 15th day of April, 1004, or
this notice will he pleaded in bar of
their right of recovery. Persons in
Ji blul to saij estate ara notified to
make immediate payment tnd save
cost. Ihis the 24th day of April, loot.
TKl'ST CO., Administrator
of Welsh Dunlap, deceased.
Kedwine & Stark, Altyt.
Notice of Administration.
Having this day duly uualihed be
lt simply Iron and Ouinine in a lasle-1 ''ire Ihe Clerk of Hie Superior Court
less form. No Cure, No Pay. joc.
Ills Experience-
"Fa." said the boy. looking up
Irom lis book, "what does a
man's 'Uper half mean.1' "L.
ually, my son," replied his father
man li hind Ihe evening papir,
"she means exactly what she
Biaraa Mttoi Prawatta Pi
of I mot, county, N. C, at adminis
trator of Jesse I). Kusliing, deceased,
all persons holding claimt against taid
estate are hereby notified lo present
the tame to the undersigned adminit
tralor on or before tlm 5th day of
May, ior4, or (hit notice will be
pleaded iu bar of their rght of recov.
All persons indebted to taid estate
are notified lo make prompt payment
and lave cost.
E. D. WOK LEY, Admr. of
Jesse 0. ktuhiiig. Deceased.
Tbit Ihe 3th day ol May, iooj.
especially if it promises to yield
any fruit.
Between the two extremes lies
the cream. (Between Ihe man
who wouldn't buy gold dollars for
50 cents, because they were offer
ed by a horny handed son of toil,
and ihe fellow who would'nt buy
because he didn't have sense
enough to know in good invest
m;nt.) Have lived on peas and corn
bread to sell lower than others
and the labor is sweet And we
expert to continue to undersell
all. See me first, last and all Ihe
Youra to serve,
akaa RMtwya ) laaMar RlflM
Adams, Jerome & Armfieltl,
Practice in all Hie Com Is, State and
t-'ederal The management cf estate?
or etecutira, administrators a special
ty. Caieful and diligent attention
given to Hie foieclosiite of 11101 teases
and collection of claims. Money
oaned without espi nse to lender. All
i.tigation given prompt and careiul
attention. Office east of courthouse.
K.Ii, Keilsine. A. M. Slack.
AHornr ys-iiI-Luw,
HONHOfc, N. C.
Practice io all Hie Slate and l eder
I Com Is. Will manage estates f i t
Fiecutors, Admiiiistiators and Guar
diant for reasonable pay; and oilt
foreclose niortiiates and negotiate
loant, without eijieuse to Mortgagee!
and Money Lendera.when practicable.
Offices -Northwestern rooms, fas!
fioor, Courthoute.
fnree Tiiss tse Value of Anj Other!
People's Ml
Solicits your account and luiliut
business. Wegiuiautee ALSOLLTh
SKCL KITY, promptness and ail fit
accommodations that SOI' NO bank
ing will admit of. Interest paid, ac
cording to agteement, on dcoHs left 1
tor our stated period. Always ready
(or loaot on approved paper.
U. r. HEATH, Pretideot.
Agents wanted in all
uiioceiipied territory.
W heeler Ullson tafKtcrinj Co.,
I'or sale in Monroe by
OaiaUioier of Ms fx So:ii Cirollnt, la
Nuolt Carol na: I Justice of the Petc
lur toticij, Hid Njiarj Public
U Narth Cirolinj. s :: ::
S.rcial atteolion given lo t.ikunf. Af
fidaviti, Arknowlcdfeiuetit or Proof of
Deeds, Moitga,;es, Coutiacts, Kills of
S-le, Powers of Attorney, Renuncia
tions cf Hotter and Inheritance, Pep.
-tiliuii. Writing and Probating Deeds,
Murt"aceaud all other pars, issuing
M..le ttaiiauls, Claim and Delirpiy
and AHai l.meiit pteri, Civil Sum
mons and Ihe Collection of Claims.
Oliice at M. I Plow C'o.'t Slore.
east cf courlh'i'isc, Moiuoe, N. C.
tr ailalraaij attf assraw MlaSsa

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