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One Dollar a Year
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liwru iv. I In-i,ti- m-,.ii vim
di.-d e. .1 vimIUiv ii nunor,
living! hi M.itiii.i; :i Uttive n
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I'uivc!iiv "I" Viigin.i uii.i h.,,1
completed In cduc.tli u ai H,.
Safe in thv 5uuth.
Mi-aiW-r.fl tUl ea?
President liiKwii'til .:ttei.i!t d the
commencement rin i-4 hI tlit
I !" Ylilli:i Week
and revived u t-i-r la-ccpl!..!!.
!!' ma. I.- : lilii:i pich :iihI
f ull I i Moulln-lln, t ! hoinc of
riiiun is S. lTors.ui. mi 1.. r-t- li n k.
Mi. I!i-ex ell wis liiiu. The of the President ami tin- fire ,
ilmn villi which he moved uIhiiiI
Uuusevelt W ant 'Em All Prosecuted-
TW President hussci-.t a li tter tu
I lio A 1 1 "i m-v .i-i:ii.i!. in wli.ili I r
HeMilulron of Ire.pctt-
filters, l.i i.Ut- iii.ii i nil
a !'.r.iklu l.n'y h.. .tsctlucntcd anioHC tin1 eop!i., h- nls the FaiMi
alii. ia.l at tin-1 iiivcril v !' Unnlua villi" i a. ) lleniid In ni
and a . student an. I writer mi
CCOIilllll ilS
Nut ihin lii huveuii ci-elesi
apical tvicnmiiv, Ilit proscctixe
k.iiiii-m i iir iair i.i'iv i'.iii
'V have rend iiniliinj; ol St
Sir: - .soii mil . ihf -!;.iits
III CWlli.t .. III.' I'.-I'.,KT
li p.iilmt nf an n. K in.: inx csli
ji.iicd ley Fourth AvUt.iut Post
master liii!u, lnt li.i
had id ul Ills by I la
l'i.i maMer cvt-iy resniiicv
of tlx department, iiii'liiilni tin
service of Mr. Itiildi. whnmxou
Wheivas il has
inihlx l in las w
ITIHV llnl.l ..tit IllllUt
lilt l,l :il.. brother.
our la. mill
I'm. I U il
.t:.illtl f'n.lii flu 1 kiiLir1in.iil it
'.V ' ' " Justice to till- I'osti.lliif IVlKIlt
un-blikr- .n4litiR lines- thrown , imm),,,.,,,.v .,.r : r.
ulmiit Mr. Koosevclt lute in ir ! ,.i ..r m t. i-.. . ,.i
Cllila. iiii' Siiiilli v-i iiiiirh i i . . I.Niiivrrxiliuii
n ih i,i in- niaira u l.y a .lntiv of ". urr m. ii n in. : ii.i arn ini1(.11(.llU ,wv,. ull,.:l,!v i. ,,., ;
mi' .-Mipri'iiit' i oiii!. tin the veil " i" x' truij loyal ami law amu -i ,llt jt
iiiiij uay, liimever. the laily. lm "'s
itH a atlinlir. il. i laiv.l l.i him
Ilia! U raiiv i.l l.vr lailli and In--
raiise he a a illvurred Mian nhei
eouM not many him. (in...! for
I., l. t . i l i i . . .! i"-i ui i-iinor ... n. miiijutii-s oi uir
the lady! It looks like hhe had o. . . j
' , , u.ttiliiiuliiState.haslKii itoMiHiiied
two phhI reusoiiN for not niarryiiu. . , ...
ciiiiiIT. The ilrhnse anti-il the
sl.i 1 1- il.-n In- H
I ; -x.lcd Is!: U.ih i-liiii. h
and Sunday ol Wesley C!i,ii
l M.-I'i.hIis' t Imn h, Smili, have
losi in e ol us hi. M ami en
lliienlial iiu-ai!H-r: thai Imw
siiliiuisii.ti In' id.
l..-.ved i',l: That our .hti-ai-nl I'"'"1
lnnlher a a f.i:llil'nl memU-i Utile l.iii-y lloMiy of Mi-4'nllers.
1ml li in i li.neli and Sunday seliool, j Wake r.uiiilv, sl. .-. on a nisly
and a line, earnest anil sim-ere! n;i.l and from the wound loek jaw
ihiistiiiii of eeiiilaiy uik and set in and she died in apMiy
Abjut the State.
Ueiitc n.ii.-t I in-, eruor Turner hx
.!: UH-.-.I hu eamlid ley for !!;
mM--.i!!i. ii.'i,inal i-.:i f.r '-.
eiaoi he.vl year.
The f li t tli.ll It H a-' ti.e
la. l.i kiM IhMI ImU ti.-! U
I. .i. .Il.-n. Tin, Imd hisisexihi
siely on i!ise-?s, t-n.iui; l.ui-
iiaui un-s ol llii-s. v; unit iu.
are mi Iroiilitesoiue t
the law lias lns n iii.idt
III I 1.'
HI '
man, li.-iii-i
Jim Tillman's Trial Postponed
The e.iM- of Jaim-s II. Tillman,
on trial nt Coluuiliia for the miir
! der of editor N. . tinliiale.s nf Hu
stle llj;ht to
the man. Mayhe
nave k.ihi gt
a.s rijjit in her dirisioii, the iI.h--trine
of lntli r-late-than - never
may excuse the tardiness of its an
Oil the lievt day the man died of
nrmplexy. and n.m the lady is in
(.'real distress lliimili lielief that
she was in a measure ivsiHinsilile;
, trial innved. and after I In- removal
' ;w j.t anted, the mse'iilion sis'in
ed to have ijaiiieil a nint in having
put it in U-viii);toii eoiinty. The
trial will r-oine up on the Neeoml
Monday in Si'pleiulH'r. and it is
iimh rslood that the piisouer will
not apply lor hail.
In I lie heariii); Jude lliii-lunan
r... ul i ...i i.: i .
.-" .... . ... ..erTiml.K l,.r j,, :,w,m,,,u,l
iiei-isiuii. .ie Ms-meii io in' oer
come," she s iys, and left aller
an hour's talk, savin), that ht'
weinii iry iorj:ei inc. v e hope
the lady will In ire up. If. she was
t lyhl in her ileeisi.m she ouht to
t'l keep n lietter (jrip on her I'itI
inp;if she was w inhj; tliat'iiil siili
jeet fol ealiuer and iiime leisurely
made a seiisitioual and foolish
smii-I., nttaekiii), the ieople of) o
iiiuhia. and the pu ss in p-neial.
Where One Woman Rules.
( enjovs the distinc
tion nl' In-ill),' the lirsl Inw ii to have
a liu.sliaiid swear the peaee against
his w ife. He savs he is afraid she
w ill ilu him IhhIiIv harui.
Jin Dumpi' pht tician eoce
fell ill.
Stidh: "I'llhm on
draught or pill."
Said Jim: "Ho, bo, you're
oq the shelf.
You who cur othert,
curt jourill."
Then Jim oeot op oral
rorct io nuni
"That ! what at nreda,"
! lfcW That what honeedi,"
'Jg Al quoth "Soaor Jim."
Ci Tb. n-d,.iw rv2
for doctor
and patient
Eo.M Thn Clll.
I n atiai'krd lift Mar hr appMi.ll
clllii. k 1 eitriua n( rrcoviry ilm-inr
and I tHKiin mcaal around f.r a tuiiabln .lli.l
anlaaull w Wl ii"i 'fnwa,' whli-h
haa Ix-an a w..nli-rful tutm to nia. 1 hara
Cairo aliamt llnw i-aw. IL E MiLtiu."
State Normal & Industrial College.
Literary Commercial
Classical Domestic Science
. Scientific Manual Training
Pedagogical Music
Flip i-oll:-.'- 1. ii.llnir l l'i-l'iiuiv A.liitlH-.-il isitir.. I. -ii. tit. k t. i-irr.'... Wi-ll s.i i .-.-il
I'rartl.-i- mil ). nnTi.'ii s.-IhmI Kiu-ii I . y .1 0 ... l-rs 111. H.ttr.l, t.tlti..n.iitl f.-.-H f..r iw- ..f t.-xt
Iwhii. .-It- . IU"v:ir I'.r 11. -II n'il.l.-l! ..f III.' stall. Ilflii. Tni'tflll Hllliiul -.-l..n Ni;liu
S.'il.-inl-r 1".. :n r. -nrr 1.--ar.l In It.i-l..rtnll..rl.- till fn-i- tiiltln ln-iitl.ln l-D.I.I.-
li-fi.ii Jiilv l-'Mi. r.m-.H.ii.l.-ti.-.- tt.iil..l fr.-ni ll... .li-Klriiif r..niM-l.-nl t.-N.-lii-r- mi. I
f. ll.ttrail'i-r. I'..r rtt!iil..rf.t. an.l .l li.-t ti.f-.ritml lot.
CHARLES D. MclVER. Prbldot. Greensboro. N.C.
A vacation without a Kodak Is a vacation wasted-
We are agents for the Eastman Kodak. We also carry a
big line of supplies. We will be pleased to show our line. Call
and get catalogue or w rite for one.
! The W. J. Rudge Co.
The beat Typewriter on Hie
markfil. Ynu ran nav inure
but you cannot t a belter
on. Its work it always in
full view of th operator;
it ii simple in conatructinn; and liaa ilond th teat for many year,
- A ........ 1 .. . . . . I . wrtmft .1 I ha nrif-a
UIU...IK !. Ul.iau.l.ll. I.V R..EUI..T..I mi ym v.. (v., hum ...v pi-..
: t.. t lt I?... ..I. V... ih. II ... r..a ll.r.U.ra Cr. ir fi it nf T
7 . 1 i r . t" 1 1 1 -r . . . 1- 11 f i 11 . 11
Snulhera Branch 116 Jenifer BuildiDf, Waahiojtoo, D. C.
:.. 1 .11 . ..... . : .
I ami 11 is pn.oaoie null oilier ill
dietmeiits will heu-uller Is- asked
for. There rail Is1 uo greater of
fense against the (.mei iiini iil than
a breueh of trust 011 the part of a
puhlu-official orthedishoiiest inan
iUjeuieiit of hisnlhee, and, iil'eonix',
every effort must lie exerted to
bring such ollenderstn punishment
by the utmost rigor of ihe law.
The llistriet Atloruey's olliee ol
the District of t'olumliia has failh
I'uliy and culniislr secoudeil the
ellorts of Ihe I'listnllice lH-ialllneut
ill this mailer, hut the ai ml of
wolk in the oilier is such as to
make it dillieult, w it limit neglect
lug other important piiMie duties,
to devote all Ihe lime necessary to
the prosrcul inn of these eases. I
suggest, Iherel'nie, that if you ran
not detail some of yuiir present
slai), you uppniut special assistants
in these postotlice cases, not only to
take up the cases in which indict
incuts have been found or hereafter
may Ih found, bill hi examine inln
all charges thai have Im-cii In.nlc
against ollicials iu the postal scr
Mce, with 11 view In the removal
and prosecution of all guilly men
in the service and the prosceiitinii
of guilly men, whether in lhe:rr
vice or lint, w here I hr rases are unl
li.ui.-d liy the statute of limitations."
A Congressman Indicted fur Corruption-
N. V ,.rl ..w!rli. '.' Ill
Former i'ougiessinan I'riggs was
inilicled l.y (he Federal graud juiy
in I'.rooklyu tndny. He iipHaied
Is line .luilge Tlmiuas ami gave
bail. The iinlictuielit grew mil of
Hie invest igalinu into postnllice ul'
fail's maile by (lie giaiid .jury.
Fnur indicliiKMits neie found, all
practically alike. F.ach charges
that liriggs IhIwccii July '.'it ami
I'l, l!iii, unlaw fully ngii'ed In re
ceive Mini did lYceive a if."iiiil check
from the l.iaut I -lit I'oinpauy I'm
procuring a muliacl I'roin the I'ni
eil Males gnveriiiuciit making
and delivering '.'.Ml iitituiiut ic cash
iers for the I'ushiHice I cpai tln. nl.
To the lii-st Iwo iiiiliclineiils Mr.
I tiiggs pleaded iml guilly, reserv
ing Ihe right In plead later to the
others w I111 Ii cnulaiii sixteen c.uiuls
ach, alter his lawyer had read
.Mr. lli iggs refused alisolnlely In
coiumelit on his indictment. Hi-
has previously mlmilled, however,
receiving a salary uf iIL,..''iiMl from
the llraiiill Iteiil Cunipany fnl' in
triHluciug its machines, lint claimed
that the work he did fur the coin
pany was done licfnic he w 11s suorii
in us 4'oiigrcssiinin, hut 11 Iter his
election, mid declin ing that he had
done nothing to w hich the govern
incut could object.
The indictments wcie found un
der sections 171 ami 1TJ of the re
vised slat tiles of Ihe I'niti'd Slates,
which provide for the punishment
of nuv person "receiving riunlu
incuts while in the employ of the
Working by Whipping Won't lio-
M. 11, nn.. ll-Mlt.-lt. Illi.
In Ihe I uileil Slides Court today
Judge F.lliorv Spcer imposed 11 line
oll,tm(l each 1111 three youn men.
William Shy, Arthur tilawsnn and
linls'it Turner for holding a m gr..
in iiivolunlary servitude. He sus
pended the line under rnuilil ions.
In lining the young men he said:
"In view of the fact that this is
the first clime of this kind which
has ever occurred iu (ienrgia mid
because of the frank confession nf
III.' young men, sentence is imposed
iu order tn ninvince Ihe public
that the purpose of the court is to
warn and deter others from a like
cl inic. Kill ing good lsdiavior the
line is suspended upon payment of
IIMI by each piuly."
The iill'euse was that the young
men, who are prominent farmers,
caught a negro who had got leu in
debt tu them, gave him tt w hipping
and made him go In work for them.
Judge S'iccr said that he prob
lem of the times could not Is' sol veil
by harsh measures and that the
laws of (icorgiu were against such
The Fattening Harvest In Kansas.
T..a IHlrh. Imh.
While the Kaw liiver Valley is
recovering from the most di'slme
the inundation of two generations,
the broad w licit licit of Ihe Slide is
girding itself for the mightiest bar
vest in lis history, t'nmolcstcd by
frost, drought or insert, Kansas'
yield nf wheat promises to surpass
in ahiindaiire ami perfection of ma
turity anything in its previous his
tory. Driven to Desperation.
Living at an out of the way place,
remote from civiliration, a family
is often driven to dcs'icnitiim iu
case of accident, resulting iu burns,
cuts, wounds, ulcers, etc. Lay iu a
supply of Hack len s Arnica Salve.
It's the beat on earth. 25c., at Eng
liah Drug Co.'.
man alwavs to Is-
'found on the right side of all mor-
ll illlestiolis.
Ut-snlvi d :'.rd: That we, and each
one one of us shall cherish the
nn 111.11 v of our ileis-ased friend and
brother with loving regard and af
feet ion.
Hi-solved Ith: That the family of
the deceased brother have our sin
ei-n-st sympathy iu their sad hour
of Is'ii-av 1111. nl.
Kesolve.1 ."ith: That these reso
lutions he spivad iiimiii the rccoiil
of (he Sunday schisd and a copy of
the same Is sent to the family of
it lie ilc.vased brother; that a copy
Is- sent to the county papers tor
publication, and that the North
Carolina Chiistiau Advocate Is- re
lUcslcd to copy.
lii-spivl hilly mi 11 li-il,
.1. II. 'ii hi.sii:i:,
J. X. I'm. 1:.
K M. .M....iii:,
W'll.M V WlM III'.sTI.U,
a week alter iccciviug the wound.
Joe Swain, white, w ho w .u. in the
lui ham liH-k up over mghl, cut
lusthnml l liiii-l iy m..i mug after
seven o'clock. He carried a knife
111 his shoe and rut a gash iu his
throat an inch deep penetrating the
w ind piiH-. He has no chance for
reenvcry. One remrt has it that
his mind was effected from fever.
aunt her thai it was caused lioiuex
ecssive drinking.
Studying How to Improve Corn
I'r.t.-ii.-al Kitttn-r
We plant any time niter Ihe lirst
nf May. From the tenth to the
lil'ieenth is counted the Issl time.
We try to linish planting by the
tw'entii-lh. Cultivate corn four
limes and give the last cullivalimi
by July Ith. First win king should
In ilmie u ith the harrnu. fnllou- the
liarrou Willi the eultiMitnr, using
small sIiiim Is and run close iiml
deep the lirst time. Cullhalccv
cry other Week: cultivate shallow,
;l- deep cultivation tears oil' t lit
feeding runts. I.iy by with a
"turn shovel."
A writer iu the Iowa Homestead
says that in Xorlli Carolina corn is
planted in rows si feet apart mid
one f.Hit apart iu the rows and that
a writer says 'J7I bushels per acre
have Ims-ii grown iu thai way. The
Invva man is misinformed. The
famous j; I bushel crop grown in
S.iiilh Carolina .M ai's ago was, ve
have iiuilerslond. really lwocrop.
the lirst er.p being planted early
and six feel apart between the
lows, and when this was laid by
another planting win made mid
way Im-Iwccii Ihe rows. The early
crop was cut when il glared and
the second crop cull ivated and ma
lured. The cummin method in the
South is In plant the tall ginw-
I... .1 n 1... .. "...1.
1 ..ii. : .. .. 1. : 1 1 t '
ami one sihik hi 11 .1111. .0111
planted iu this way ami making
Iml one ear per stalk (-.11111 t make
a big crop even 011 strong land.
The great need of the Southern
corn grower is it proper breeding
of corn to 11 more dwarf stalnre, so
thai il can Is' planted more closely.
This has been done tit the North
Carolina College of Agriculture,
and corn planted in rows.'! feet N
inches apart and rather thickly in
the rows made eighty right bushels
per acre 011 upland I hat a few years
previous would not have made over
len bushels wild the ordinary
planting and tall corn with single
ears. Fully 11s much improvi'incnl
can Is- made iu other sections by 11
study of Ihe whole plant as iudicu
ted above.
a Weather
WitxI.MW Kilt. - ).n..., .'-.Ill .
'Sfpiire S. J. Uicharilson, the in
ililable adjunct of this weather
bureau, has made another hit on
the weather and thereby increased
his fame as a weather prophet. He
walked into this olliee last Satur
day just alter dinner, when there
was imt a rain cloud in sight, ami
said, "I have conic in In say thai it
will ruin tonight." The bureau it
self was doubtful, lint just before
i.itrlit it lw.,11-1- l-iiii . lull. I l-.itlell on
in'the, tnn-thwes,. U
muMlcil nun .lie .iiiioiiei .iiiin-.i.
The section of country pist north of
town mid on to Monroe had a heavy
It is reported that (icorgc I'.nr
rell, aged To, last Thursday shot
and fatally wounded his daughter
in-law. Mrs. Iturroll, ami srnoiisly
wounded her ten year old daughter
Iroiu amliusli near their liome in
llemleisi.ii enmity. It is alleged
thai llurrell had Is-entiic incensed
over Mrs. Iiiirrell's refusal to do
some w.ii k for him.
Taking on New Life-
..r.v...-i.!.-,i 1 II..- I.tunirtl
Lanes Creek, June 1. As I
have seen nothing from these pails
lor sometime I w ill try to give you
a few new s items.
Crops are very backward. Cot
ton is small ami Ihe farmers are
unl ijuite dune planting corn.
Last Monday a very heavy rain
fell in the southern part of Lines
Mr. II. M. I'lcsson, who has
Imi-ii sick for smut-time with ty
phnid lever, is improving we aie
glad to stale.
This w riter hail Ihe pleasure nf
attending the people's literary club
of Lanes Creek last Saturday even
ing at Jenkins school house. The
club is taking on new life now and
promises to do sonic work
this slimmer. The next meeting
will lie nt I iiinu school house on
the third Saturday iu July.
' ' X. S.
It is in Ik-law are Too-
ii-ii.i.-i 1.1 i..r
This time it is up in Delaware
1 lull they have lynched a iiegm.
Art"! tf'cy were 11..I content to hang
or shout the wretch to death but
they burned him at the Stake. Ilis
offense was "the usual crime,'' to
vv Ii ieh he mlded minder. The lie
glo confessed his guilt.
Worst ol All Experiences.
( an anything In- worse than to
feel every minute will lie your
last? Such was Ihe experience of
Mis. S. II. Xcwsou, 1 Veal nr. Ala.
"For three years," she writes, "I
en. lined insufferable pain from in
digestion, and stomach ami Isiwel
trouble. I lentil seemed inevitable
w lien doctors and remedies failed.
AI length I was induced to try
F'eeti ie Hitlers ami the result was
miraculous. I improved at once
and now I am completely recov
ered." For liver, kidney, stomach
and bowel troubles Klecli ic Kilters
is the only medicine. Only Tit ic.
Il'sguaranlectl by Fnglish ItrugCu.
Took the Doctor at Ilis Word-
lllobbs The doctor told I'.uggins
to take 11 drink of w hiskey iH'forc
each meal. Slobbs w hat is Ihe re
Mill 1 f lllobbs Muggins is now eat
ing eight meals a day.
Startling Evidence.
Fresh testimony in great quant ily
is constantly coming in, declaring
Dr. King's Xcw Discovery for con
sumption, roughs and colds In Ik
uncqualed. A recent expression
from T.J. McFarland, ltentnnv ille,
N il., serves as an example, lie
writes: "I had bronchitis for three
years ami doctored all the time
without lie ing Is'iielited. Then I
began taking Dr. King's New I lis
covcry, and 11 few Isittles cured
me." ljually effective iu curing
all lung and throat troubles, con
iimouia and grip,
F.nglish Drug Co,
Trial Isittles free, regular ."iUc,
and l.
Dark Hair
" I have used Aycr'i Hair Vigor
for reat many yean, and al
though I am ptsl eighty yrari of
age, yet I have not gray hair in
my bead."
Geo. Ycllolt, Towion, Md.
Wc mean all that rich,
dark color your hair used
to have, if it's pray now,
no matter; for Aycr's
Hair Vigor always re
stores color to gray hair.
Sometimes it makes the
hair grow very heavy and
Ions; and it stops falling
of the hair, too.
l N a as, AN
ir fnnt anirffea rannna annply yoa.
ara at imo ..Imt an we ill eine
yiwahntua. Haaara ami alia Un. nam
at fam aaaiwM awp.
nm.-a. AiMraaa.
i. C. A V tk CU, Lavall, Mat.
When in need ol fresh meat
phone No. 91. J. D. Parker.
Served Him Right-
U.-n!-r"nli ....I.I U-ttf.
The cash hot in Ihe iron safe of
the Durham Herald was recently
roblx-d of :lo or .l.i. Served him
right; nn editor had no business
with that much money. Ought to
have kept il in the hands of 1 is
dear delinquents.
lie ware of Ointments for Catarrh
That Contain Mercury
as mercury M aurcly destroy the
ense ol iiirll ami completely derange
the whule ayatrin when entering it
through the mucous am fare. Such
article ahnnld never le used enrrpt
un prescriptions horn reputable eliy
aicians, as the damage lliey will do i
ten foli tu the good yon can piniilily
derive from tlirm Hall' Catarrh
Cure, mauufuctuied by F. J. Clieuey
Ac Co., Toledo, ()., cotitauia no mer
enry, and i taken internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucoua
nrface of the ayntem. In buying
Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get
the geauin. It i( taken internally,
and made in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J.
Cheney & Co. Testimonial (ree.
Sold by druggist, price 75c bottle
Hall Family Till are th belt.
Phone 1 06 when you wan! the
best meats, lender and fat. We
will do the rest. H. Z. White,
llattlc on Ihe Mountain.
.-I . -..ta!...'ti., .. .,...-..'
big lii t is-cllir.'l tills tie in
in,; nn l-tp ! Oii.ikcr I.i Mo"i
. t.iin. M.-'.is c-.iiuly. 'i i. ic v .ie
l:li-.. 01 ti.mi 1 c 0 U si.;,- and a
lilllu'rf-r ol si n's Wi-;e e. i. im-.'.-i!.
' i;. f.irg w is killel and 1. 1
two l.l'.elS sel'.ills.y tti.U'..lsi.
iN puty Slicnlf Smith w;ts kn-s-kul
'iI-iwii with a ins- by I.'vsm-II .louts.
Kill was s,.i by .l.-lia l:h.les.
I who was ariested and ...mmill. d Io
jl-lll. The tri.lllile was the It-ull
'of an old feud U tw.en neighUns.
While the slmnting was in pr-g
ress, a party of young Mnpl.-. ie
tin uing Ii.. m Vade Mis-iiui Springs,
heard the shots and sli pH-il. iiie
old man. who was paitieipatii.g in
llm light, saw the crowd ami he
called to Ins iissocialcs: "lliys,
slop shooting until these young
ladies and gi-nl'i. ineii pass." The
battle then tvaseil.
Ten s-raiUi
Ceil v cli .1 1', Kllv'g'l.
I ! fa ; s. j ,(
i-ii .. .- ii . .1
. .' ',. : ; i. -
f M l tisj llJCaU
I . t-l.t
-.1 wan
dill. II ,
1 v i .1
a in
'. w:'l
I I .
.' I-.-
i f.l because it stands so em
hnnallv h -rfect nutrition.
A i l yi-: iu the nutter nf restor
i g apvtite. of giving new
t. : 1 t-'igtn to the tissues, esprcully
! 1 t'i.- 11. rves. its ai.tii is that
o! a 1 u da hit-.
-1, -ir. V
M ori imw.Na. unK
ff 1...1 N. Y,vtL
s -t -. a drvt-an.
S.alxd by a l!ctd ing Shalt
The Parson in Deep W ater.
A negro preacher s.n. I tu his eon
gregalinn, "Dis eai foli ours am re
solving all the w hile 011 a mighty
axel, sompiii' like unto a eyliti'lei
ina piss II. I lit axel." the pai son
.-. n 1 1 iui.-i I, '.am resting mdo a
mighty lock, an' dai t .H-k hat de
axel am rest in' nn am In-.l.l. d 011 a
mighty big luille's back." Alter
the sermon one of the gm il nld sts
lei's slid to the pastor : "l.nnk
heie. pa is.. 1 1, what am tl.d Untie
slandin' on;" To this the parson
replied, tin way, sistei. am
.ie (utile's bi,iiess."
Hanged for the Has: Offense
Klk V rt i... . 1, 1111. li.Hil. !i. a
Case Jones. Ihe negro accused of
assaulting ll' year old Margaret
liruce yesterday, was caught din
ing the night ami 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 1 k 1 1 -1 x
lakcu Is-I.iie his little 11(1111. wlm
1 It-nt 1 ti. i I li i 111. .tones broke down
and confessed his crime. He was
promptly strung tipat daylight and
Ilis body riddled with bullets.
Had Not Observed It
..I. r.,., :..-,.f
I'll.' Chicago Tribune writes
about the cadence nf lying. Wtv
had not observed thai there was
anv decaying alniut Ihe article at
Would Prepare for Emergencies
'What would you tloef Vnll wit
'twixt dc devil en de deep sea!"
Well, when I wiiu't lighting lire
I'd spend de time learning let
Called a Limit on Time-
Murphy-Will e give me yet
promise that je'll love lue foiivet !
liriilgcl - Sine, an Old lii.e In i!n
thai same, .Mui phv, Iml t I'm haul
Iv uf the npiiiinn that 4 li'll lasht as
long as that.
A Tight Suece.
Tcss- Yes, Mr. Cial.U' called In
see lue last evening. 1 llinik lie s
verv nice. Miss Chellus -What !
lie's a perfect bear. less Isn I
he, though
111.1 ii .: 1 h.
.lie, !'!
w as out in a sii
'iwiii. I by lei
' nv t l the line n el
,lle. hair was
1 ai-'iind Ihe 1. ..
in .s! cm 1 Hi-i 11 , ng
..M n.-:;i- u i, i;,-v
!. t. iic
:!l 1
I II Ver tin 1 l- illiil
ptop ;.el I.
ui.-kiy ..iiini
.i! s!....l'l ti't.l il
rout 'lined irvoiv ing ai'd ..i.' I.:u.
.1 pine .... l.i r The ael '
plllllllg nl III.- ll.lll shipped the lev
olutioiis. 'Ihe Mrl sit. I lives iiml
Is Millei ii.g ;tl. .tlx . Si.e is the
daughter .-I a h ,il leu m ill.
suicide H ith Oxmiiiiitc-
ui"i 11.
I '.
.1 I-
1 ;
.1 .
I ll.
in d to i.i.v .-I
:i 1. ,1 Ill li
I ...lies lell
t ;
man 1. 1 this eil;
Ills s.llelde it. Ml
of 1.1 1IIISXV It'll.
dv : 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 ! 1 - a-. .1 11. 1 ,i.;s 1 I ',1 -I.
stritclinu, and his Im.iIv xv.i-. 1,1.1:1
gled 1 nt- il ll :i i 111. si iiiii. ...-in il'ii
ina-s. Th.- r.-as,.ii t..- hissiiieidi
is In .I tit ii 111 i t i kimuii.
i . '.i : t oppoituuitiet to boys
.n l I., piepariiig tin mselves tor col-
' ' s, !..! tlie? 1 ra. Ileal
I, !..,i a!.iit:t . stu-
' at W innate were iu
. .l.e v .t;, u.-. ut the State. The
-M. t.rf.,.-..1 lit Cftaiou rame from
I', i -i.i.ii. t.. 1 1, ere weie enrolled 25.1
' !" 1 Is. M ill1 than 75 of these were
' i-.-ii '. is. 1 1 r liiorouKh wuik and for
, i .i-ili- an. I innloiii troin tempt.
i - '1.- 'A itts.iU it- not tt.i be surpassed,
j 1 .1 1. in.-..- !.i, ilities aie eiceptiooal.
I 1 1. 1111 t. us July .'Jill.
: W1.I1. ..i ik catalogue.
M. B. DRY, Prin.
iGlieop Flour j
lis Bad loum
A sin' I'm' io.u liim.i-.- ha.s
U-i-n lueiighl against the Adams
I'.x press Company by t ol. Julian '
S. 1 '.11 1. Mi . T!i..inas M. 1 11.1 nuni nt
I '111 l.iiu ami Xlr. I . I.. I in. l"i ni
ei Iv 1. 1' thai cit v . The sn't is 1
I. loiighl mi aectilli.l nl' Ihe liilnie,
nf the Adams Company In d. liv 11
pmillptlx si lelephone i. -X il'e... ;
the pat. -ids nn vi hu h aie ovv , eil by e
the 1 1 1 1 1 1 - gent'teiiicii ii.iuiril. and
XVele I . Chie.lgo tot nf Ill-ill,; exhibited .it tin-
II. tel si. Ill- Te!ephi..e ci m I 1 1 1 ll Hi J
held iu Chicago last I ).-. i n.U. r.
A yen ni mine a.i a Kroouly 11
man by the u.iiue.'l Aliilei h t it In-
L ...... .. il, .1 1 , 1,,. ....... I u til. T
It i ii 1 xtniilil eai ii ii'i'i per cent. I'm
its owners and the iminex eaiue in
: so last that he bad In shoe 11 m
1 li.llll-ls. Aft" I the poliel
I iiicsscil XI r. Villi. 1 I lie newsi
! c.iuimelite.l llln.l; the I'.iiiillv nl f
In I
'., Ilu I
tiet kich Ouitk Stlicnie
e had slip
icwspapei s 1 Z
iplc who xv.
-h an un ni-
be can;
i iIii.-m1.iv last Mi. Ihil'l. A. Am
llm 1 1 nl the "I 'tank lilt ndieale."
a New York gentli man. was tun
v ii'ted nf liiiudiili nllx irt t niit-
It'.-, low pi im is tl.t maker's e.
i use In! the hiferiuiity of his
t. nlii. t. K.ul Hour is bad flour
1, until r h.Ai it is uunipulat.
. I .111 I 1 -iglrd u pin Ling . It
,,1, 1 hi., s Itark In the same
thin.:. ""! Hour mixed with
I .. ! villi improve the .plality
n! Ihe l-l.-!, I, I tit li Lc mixing
wiiue 1 .111I null I 1 .1 . -k , it takes
ii-i .in :;:! I. t ul uhite to pro
.I n e any 1 llt i t Had 1.1 chiap
t! 1.1 is I.11 king it! gluten, the
n il. it; .11-1 ol the wheat.
H also 1 iitains a large per
1 1 nt .ti ol tin- pnlveriej husk
m -ii. 'II of the grain. All of
vim Ii you don't Hunt. There
l.iie, vw ( autiou you to ask for
the "liiviuriMe'' brand. This
hi m l is soi l at the lowest
I'tni Ii.i vilm-li leally first
il.iss ll nn tan he sold, aud ill
pi in.- tin highest you need
In puv 111 order l i get the best.
Mi Newman, mil' local baker,
s.iis; "'' is the I cau
C 1 f., I' iklitt."
n..i"ii. in
V.i 10. iti, -i h.iu oil. 11 1 rich iiiiick
I threatened Io set
'am he wouldn't
That Throbbing Headnthe
Would ipiickly leave you if you
used Dr. King's New Life Fills.
riiousaiids ol su Hi rers have ployed
their matchless merit lor sick and
nervous headaches. They make
pure blood mid build 111
health, ttnlx '-'"ic. money back if
not cured. Sold by Fnglish Drug Co.
"Strength and vigor conic ol
ijood food, duly digested. Force,'
3 ready-to-seive wheat and barley
food, adds no burden, but sustains,
nourishes, invigorates."
xvjs another get
heme,'ll he
promised only -".-'o per i.-.d. per
annum. All of vv hu ll goes to -how
t hat the if :in- st ill ph-iity nl
pie u Ii.i w ill ln-li.-v e in any si iie'i.e.
Iii.xxexer improbable, ll il promises
a great deal I'm a v .1 y lilt !e. Ami
I these people ilmi't desei ve any
! sy tu mi iix . Tin y wcie try ing to
gi t something tor nothing ami they
1 ... .1 i..n in... ......l.i i...
your I . , .. , :',' ,,
IIH .I.S1-I1..S 111....,. I". ... ii-. I.
Ibex had sense en. .ugh. A II holt. -si .
sell respecting dollar cm lnuiilx
earn nunc than n nr s p. 1 ceiii. and
wlieii ynu liy In make il si rax limn
the straight path ami I ring 111 li'io
per cel. it is nn. 10 than npl tog.,
nil strike llnil leave vnll.
f 1:01. LIT MILLS.
Trustoo's Sale.
. .i l ' . -n- , rt -I, ..,1 1 .1 1 1 "11 .'OS-ll
1 - ' 1 ..-l-. s, . mill .1 .1 Wall..
1 .1 H I. Il-t, VV ,.'!.. ' .lute Jul) III.
... I.-.-,-.. ,. I II. I V. ... k V IV.-.I.
1 .-..' '1 tit, . 'I ..I 'Ii. H..k't.l..r..l IL-eiN
' I,' ,i i niitit. Nl- Hi . '.. ....inln. Iiml 1...-IIU-1'
. I I 'II ll,.' I..'- tlT't! , t tit.. ,!. 1.1 h.T.-l
i I . - ..-' it l.i.1 It." N. It'll. HI.
. M'.. ..if.. . 1. .11:1 ....un Ii.iiiw
- . 1.. 1. '' "' X..i,r.. '
Charles (iliildeu of Huston has
gone to Liverpool tor ine pui
of trying tu make a trip to
arctic circle in an automobile,
fcudicr How many ounces in a
pound! Tommy That depends 011
the grocer.
I.'. XI .a.'
July I.Uh. A. D. m,
1 . t.ii'.m tttt' il. -.Tll.-tl Irm-t ut
I 11 .it 111 X ,.it... tow uhI.ii.I 11 Ii.i.
..nil ti.i.n (itiiii. uliol)
..I- ..f '
111! I
I.I . . 1 1.1
.H.I.T. I'hll-
xx ill get a
Will II lie
nl new
Nice Meats Our Hobby
Anything in thn line if
tendif mi' .its is cur u.Mv.
mce 1
W e I'
lead the tra.1
I want
all kinds,
II.. While.
1 1 in-.
. u fit Io. Un.. s !l W . 41. ).
II .ii, Mint I-1 - In-r .;
nt. !im. s i. r. 1 M.les t.t a
in-., x K p..!.-. i.,a Hi.-k-il,
'- .-.'I i-i..-- s. ti, K. J
I' H. : tl,.-ti.... N lit'. K.U.1 jm.Ii.
tt.i t.. Ii .1 stuinii 1 in-iiiM- S. 11
it I' I'.ii. .1 I.. II. Mi., i-nrtieri
i... .- t.. il... I.niniiliia. an.l
. ii..'. -. 11..1, .11 I..., Tin-same
-ilu .1 ! stetili K Willi, l.y
11 l. i I 1 1.-. Jti ti.- h. ti'.ll.tnn.
. .'.'ill. lvi... nt.. I rei-.-nletl in
I- itMl ,,11 ).,'. .ml ,11 On' ..fliee
.-' I". . .1- I. I I ill. .11 is.ulll)-, III
I. I;it. I,. 11 h 11-I1 tln-ii ret
l..' 'iiillii.i .l....r.ili..n.
ill X1.MM H. Tmaliw.
ii r nuintiy pruduce i l :
See me bcfiTe. juul
S. lx. Duster. I
tion I'oxvders arc fed to horses
and mules, marked improvement
will be seen after the first few
doses. There is no doubt about it.
The I'oxvders, acting directly on the
digestive organs, first thoroughly
cleanses the stomach and bowels,
corrcctinc all disorders, and then
good healthy appetite comes nat
urally and surely. It is the most
powerful tonic and appetizer on
the market to-day, and when once
used horsemen will have no other.
Asheraft's I'owdcrs produce that
silky sheen of coat and hair so
admired by horse fanciers. The
Powders fatten hut never bloat.
Always high grade and put up
in doses never in bulk.
Ity the use of three or four doses
a week your horse or mule will
not lc suhject to colic or any dis
ease of the stomach and bowels.
"I had an old sow lliat waa In rrrj had
r.iiiiluii.n (reiii-rally He lliln an.l hail a
bl.aKl tli-a- that tra ll". hair lit
OmrnrT irave Ihe ll..r.e three d.we. .l A-S-erall
C.n.lill..n s.-.tre a day fi.r anion data
and led him nherailjr. Tha aeillle
Ir..ta the flrt lew d.HM and Hie animal palna.l
flflf two taiunda In lleah dnrlna the week I
ravelllhred.e.aday. The aeneral health
of Ihe animal waaareailr hj Ihetiaa
t( the t.wleni ami he a ma.le alavml a new
b"rje 1 at, Mil heartily reenmniend A.lii-rali a
CoBdillna l'..w.ier.a Iknnw Ihej are a ;.len
altd li.nle and appetlar r. tt. C. SlkKa, lavary
aian, Mi, h.C " .
Ask for Asheraft's .Condition
Powders. Package 25c. Sold by
union institute.
i n ion 1 1 .1.1:, N. c,
rivKi'AKi's 1 ou coi. 1. 1:1.1..
1.1 1 KKAKY am. Ml sIC COl'USl'S.
None Intt th.n otii,lily tiaim-J ,tiul
eiyi'lit'liit-il tt-ili hi-lii fiiiploye.l
l.nmtion our1 of tin' tnot he.nitif ul
ami healthliil in the Stale, 111 lii. hly
cultiirril and roiitiiiiinity.
Next st'ssion hi'i:iii8 Aiij. jid, I'j.'j.
Wtite tor'i;iii' to
V. T. AI. I. RIGHT, l'linripal.
Waxhavv Institute,
Waxhaw. N. C.
English Drug Company
linlargements Made or Planned.
I. I itth Teachir AJded to faculty.
Miss r 1 1 a be 1 1 1 ltn nine Chears of
Klin City. N. C. stiiilenl three years
at liaptist l einalc I'liivrrsity, Kill
nth, l to ansist iu 1'iiiuaiy and
ItiteiiurdMtc I )t ).ai tinrnls. Mists
Cheats comes highly recouinientled
as tu Fpiritual, mental and other
It. New Department. Xtins Chears
ill prulmhly lake a small class in
Expression. She uraduntrd in Ki
pression at B. F, L'. in May.
III. Correspondence Com se. English
IV. Summer School for 1904. Work in
common and high school branches.
For information write
J. R. WALKER, Waxhaw, N. C
Great Loss
of Property.
I The week ui. ling June Mh, 1903,
1 vms a nio.t ilestrurtix-e one. Two
; mi-. it li an, I .me tsrrihle cyclone.
I li-il!, .vt-1 lot people in the fluted
Stales iiiiili.'iis ami millions of dollais
: ivoith ot pi ..pel ty,
Hun- air rti tain calamities that
j e i .moot guard against, hut we can
i n.U. I mi I piolrt't ourselves against
the nniM InruiiJahle foes to man.
Had )oii ever thought what the great
1 .in irr to yuiir fiiianciul success is?
It is the uiiroiiiicinut habit ot pay
ing no it t tent mil to your pennies,
nickels ami dimes. It yon
Take Care of the Pennies,
the dollars will take care of them
selves. Anybody ran make money
hut there are few who can save it. A
nicMe saved is nickel made. Trade
will) us and we will make money for
von by saving you money. If it's not
but a few cents 00 each srticle it will
amount to dollars after a while. By
dividing with you what would be only
1 legitimate profit on goods, w ssva
money fur you and make lifetime cus
tomers for ourselves. We will offer
treat for you on ath of July. Watch
our advertisement ueit time and com
io to see us.
Hill & Bivens.

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