North Carolina Newspapers

    VOLUME X. NO 23
Jauu Lil-u-y 'i
One Dollar a Year
Clinch n.
In a ntvH address Mailt Twain
as follows Mil the r-rtor I
ix.ti-.;njr Miitimeiil an! not at once
mildi-ieg ii:
"Ii s a great tn i-.t..l..
"to gel every IhhIv imdv
Was Sanctificaliuu the Cause?
-'iiv vi'V I ami';!
A Kaodolph '-.unity oll'ii-cr Mil
IjmviiNjVirn I't-ci.rd lint he lias'
j recently taken, at dilicreht lime.
I.e miiI. .live' people from Ihtndolph
to cive tu tin-SI. ile at M.itirmloti:
nioi.ey aid luct, nt the hat. that live more are c.w in at
.sime .years ago iu II illoiii we all Ashchoro ami will betaken to M .r
iu i!i,. ,,uu i .., a !,, hwcl iiraulon asaionusro-. mean lie found
leriitg night, t.i ,,a Hie uiinti il lor them, and that all of lltcse leu
r'mit "I Mr ll.m In , a ity mi-; lost their n-.iN.ui mi account of sane
ii Mary. ho u, , 1 an iiml ti iijr ' lilicatioit. The same i!ay the fol
Hie .e.plc who iiinml help ami lowing dis;i.,ich apieiircd in the
luli."t ad. for il. lie t..l. f the papcis fi out r,ut Mill, S. I'.:
cellars here H.teiiy resided, ami j "Pew J. ;.irr II arris, a young
gave it si n , ,- ,, il.e l.i ii-ism and preacher who gained fonsith-rablc
ii.-..i"ii i f U,e hh r. The HKirj prominence in nppcr South faru
ie always .1 to each other. I liiia thr.m-li his rr ival milting.
When a man ith millions gives whereiu he ardently prearhi-d miic
we make a gieat deal of noise. It's tilicul ion, hat lieen convicted of
noise in the w long place, for if miliietiiui in Molilalia anil sentenced
the widow's mite that counts, to one year in the penitentiary.
"Well. Haw Icy w.ukcdiisnpt.ia Previous to his conviction lie was
great state. I toiiMu't Wait lor charged milt) another rase of like
lmutogct through. 1 ha.l jl.iMl iiatnre."
in ni junket. I wanted to give All of which moves us to say
u.ii mill Minn mint' logive. l on mat it is well to keep an eve on
A TRAGEDY IN TEXAS. The Eg Damage 5u.
a. .:- - .1 1 ...i
Slate Comptroller Love Shot to !! Icrnng t.i the case of Seawcll, Cotton Ha Advanced legitimately '
iwatncya I ormcr hmnlove of """ " ?- u.uuagc
With Other Products -All Indi-
Took. Iter ChilJ.
-Near lb.hiiisu l, unli in t i.iS
I In-l.-it-il i..u ..-I.;., l;. ... -,t. . i i..
,i. w- t t . - - i -.. uiiki i iwiuLiB in inui- .'.-.i-mii, in,--. .i.iiin
the Office. ho is AIJtntall. ' ; ;":;;, catkin. Point to . 5hort Crop.i - thr., rl.iMren.
KiHcd b, . Shot from Hi, 0n Z, the 5upP.y is 5hort. and ".i"'
l?tul , !A.h,.v,..efu,.,,M,S,h,sU,;,M..,.: aWHUMMiak, Wi.J No, be ' I iiie am I Mi.iiimTi it
Aust,,,, Tev. , .l,,e .!..- F,e., 4..-ar. ... U- aU..,. the limit in Too MU.h to Meet the tm.J. j anil j-rablH-l Ihe'voi. -..-., . h.I.I. an
Mil l.j U.KMi r..iKS . t.. Miini: the e-mipany. Whereupon ..,. e i,..,,-,i.i,..m . iulant ..f il.ul ! ,n ....-,).. r
Hill, u exathiihe ,.f the Slate the llaleij;!, -t ll.elol-i ' ' J. ,' " , , m"f "
t'..iu,.t l..ih,v. this m,.r,.iI1f lowinir remarks: f.i st , , t i " I .
r . ... i . . v .i t'"" s liol a matter nf sliei-H a "K I In- ill her IH-yi.i eiil
l ' I ,'"""r Vir , V, ,V.a'.'V m"arr a,e !, ,, e..,,,,,, ' .linmi..,,. M,C Wils..,,
.'t?'': ' V . . . 1 ha:" "J ,lav- '-r PhI mai.v ran .rter the man hut , 1.1 ,.,
, . . n". , I.U.. I..V h other ,, the,,.!,, J(.alx , ,UV). eal.h him. She .,,., ,1 l, h.,,,.el.i,,-,-l,,l HilM.,..ray..l a r- I anil ihe ,vi- ,.V(.rsime ,t a,s,-!l, K at I -. his. tries o!v s,,, ,.. .,,,,,-k,,, ,.
rum laie ea ,1-r,. revo'ver. As pauy m..,I .., ..,.,,.al anK....s!i ,.,- ,llts Nll lv ,,.-;,. ' s .
Ml t, rn.,1 otlee he m ml. r l-r-.n.., , is.,,h,ly c Iet on ,,, ilh it n it she tias.-oaipl.-teiv evh.iiisti l,
I'TJ ''L,..'1,:!,!;rk "f r .. -' " l r .hi,,,, h ver .,.,I.h'.L the .-.. ,!
... .-.,......,., HnVS-rli . -Mi.e.ineii w as a were low. l,..i, h:is f.,., her i hihl
. ........ ..... ...... ,..hi i , , 14s mtt.t 11S
in.-, .-in nii.Mitu m- mane 10 serve a
RU IA hk'Owk kit I U.
Man ho .Marrktl Uivo.nJ tluij
VAileof (icn. Ch k'uti liver hv
a Train.
l: !. y
lin -. I w I,
"i.-i l.v at: is
I :
a. 1!
.. ... . . . .
ei'iuii nv gret-iuiaek i it every rye.
'lint he tlitlu't p:tvs the plate,
anil it grew hotter ami we grew
slwpier. My enthusiasm went
ilnwii.ilowii, (h.wu ifl.,,0 at a time
till liniilly when the plate eante
Minul I stole ten cents out of it!
So .iu see a mgleit like this may
leail lo crime."
man wim pi.iii-sses iN-rlisltoi, in
this sinful worhl. S iia: i.I' lli .se
K'ople aiv simply cray while oth
ers use the holiness cloak to more
ellirliiallv M-ive the ilevil.
limn iriit'J preacher in a
The New spaper Tru.t.
The higgesl trust mi earth is the
ncwspuiici- trust. It trusts everv-
IhmI.v, gets for trusting, mis
m h'"'v,"'K ... vMi.iwasyouiiR (rusl f,,r cussing. h,1 if it mits
... i.e., ,o ,c i,arnc;s. was icui-' or trusting gets i-iisscil for lui.ling
.MR the servir.-s at the oung Mks'! - - - -
meeting. ' l)l. I...r,l," he prayeil
with (etvcitt 1 1 q'ltMice. "give us
all lit an In arts, liiiml.le licans, j
pure he.,i!s, s.ft.t lie.ris.' A titte r ,
went ar. iai.1 tl.c cungn gatii.u lut!
the gills --,',1 n.s-oi.JuJ: ".Viin "'
-Is Miss Hanking ln
Til Hi!..
Servants Yi. sir
Victor Is she cngagHlf
Sen nut Yes sir: hut the gen
tlenian ain't her, this evening
Come iu.
Jim Dompt ea Independeact Dty,
Said : " Force freed ut from Eng
land's twy.
Now indepeodeoc let's declare
From indijution'i tyrant mare.
Good triendi, ahake off this despot
Twt Force that freed your
'Suanyjim.' "
Tlw lllj lu-cm Oral
always o duty.
A Food foe Flthtere,
"Il may Ititmtt )" I" l.ur ihal Tnme'
la 1. mu .t-rvt-.l ut lrttkfa.t M-versl tinive
i-a. li wivk to the ttieiulH-rM of llti Sf.nmt Hc(.
Itui'iil, . Ii. I'., uu- un .Idiv at tMi (.la..
"liiaar V. liauai."
State Normal & Industrial College.
row msusi
Literary Commercial
Classical Domestic Science
Scientific Manual Training
Pedagogical Music
ri.-..Mr.r. h-H-nng i.. .,...niA.. .vlinM-.-.t l.-aillntf n. liHn-r.. t-(,,ij.tH ri
IVarili-t- una tiL-enHHi-ii s.-li,.l. I"in-uh tuini.n. w. Il.iar.1. t mi t.-it.i,.l l hm- ,.f text
liL...-n-. $ni.i..iv. I'. r i ,.l Sim.- tl.. Tnrlllh nnmial , . ... I.h,
S. ilrlnl-t IW.L 1,. ... ip. In Ii..- ...ra,ll..rlrall fr.-.- lull ..i, .pi!liiitl..ii. .,i,, I,
dm.l.-U-f.-n-Jui Kia i '.Tii--..iiH(-nf.' inv,l.-.l fr..n, t i. w .l.-.lrlnir .-.-ni.'t("in. nt lit-r. hi,.
n-marai.!:.-!., I tlr , I .,u.l..lii lult.r-ii.itli.u n.diu
CHARLES D. MclVER. Presldeot. Greensboro, N. C
i i A vacation without a Kodak Is a vacation wasted
J ' We are agents for the Eastman Kodak. We also carry a
big line of supplies. We will be pleased to show our line. Call
, and get catalogue or write for one,
The W. J. Rudge Co.
Tne FranKiln ii
Typewriter, ii
The beat Typewriter on the
QrLdhi -A0 market. Yon can tiav more t
JS0TSiA,'v hul J""1 c,nno, KM brl,tr X
one. Ita work ia .alwaya in 2
full view of the operator;
it ia initila in ronatrocllon: anit kaa atnn.1 ihm lt fnr.manw -ara T
Drovitiz ila dnrahililv. Th al, ia alwtva nrfrl nA lUm nriem T
is I7J oo ti all. For sale by Ilia Monroe Hardware Co., or eoy of
I tne olftces ol CUTTER-TOWER CO., BoMon, Maaa.
I Southern Branch 116 Jenifer Building, Watbington, D. C.
eloseil Ihe story in one chapter.
As lo what caused the shooting
no one can evplaiu. other than thai
it was the aW of u iiiiiilnian. Hill
hail Iks ii an employe ol the Cotup
trollcr'sullice for leu yi-ais pnsed
iug live's term of uliire. lie was
let mil by Mr. hue when the lal
ler took charge, iitul it is presumed
that this tact preyed upon his miini
until he went iiiniiic. I his morning
he went to Ihe capital, entered .Mr.
lane s private ollice, spoke to hint
cheerfully, shook hands
hainliiur lii in il letter to lead, set
down at the invitation of theCoiup
Imller. No sooner hail Mr.
begun in read the letter than Hill
sprang to his l.s-t mid lired two
shots into the IhmIv of Mr. l.oe,
one taking cllect jiisl iili.ivi- tin
other iuiinedi ili-ly U-low tin- heart.
Mr. I.i, vi- screatnetl, ,liiipH-il Ihe
letter and sank to the lloor.
Hill seeing that his hail
liccn accomplislieil, tin ni ii to make
lor the il.Hir. He was iiilercepleil
by Chief Clerk, who grap
pled with him ami was wrestling
aith him when Hill's pistol was
accidentally ilischarged, the bullet
eittereil lliils'aaliihiiiten. He fell
a dead weigh! in Stevens' ui ius
and was lowered gently to the lloor,
where lm lay lint 1 1 1 taken to the
hospital, lie died at ;l o'cl-jck
this itfieriiooii.
Love was givi u all iuiineiliate
attention possible, hut died within
an hour alter the shooting.
The letter that Hill gave to Love
reads us follows:
"Austin, Texas, , l!iu:l. j
"Col. Ii. M. Love, Slate Cuiup
"hear Sir: Public ollice is n
public trust. Public nil'iccrs me
I'li alcd for the service of Ihe peo
ple and not I'm iiggninilicincnt of a
lew individuals The practice of
billtering Depai'lliti'iit cleikships
for private gain is a disgrace to the
public, and in this uclai'iiiis trallic
you nre a record breaker. You
liave rolits-d the Slate employes
and your incompetent administra
tion has prompted nlhars to rob
the State. The man who, claiming
to lie a Christian, deprives others
of employment without cause, is a
base hypocrite and a tyrant. The
greatest liiind that ever gave its
wisdom to the world: the mind, of
all others, liin.4 capable of 'umpir
ing the mutiny between right and
worug,' slid, 'You take mv life
when you do take jjuu me the
meai. s by which I live.' If that
be true, you lire a murderer of the
decM'st crime. Although i cannot
help myself, heforn laying life's
burdens down, I shall strike n blow
feeble, though il lie fort ho good
ol my deservieg fellowiiieu.
ear on Ihe count v chain gang.
Hut that the employers of the row
dy or rowdies who were neither
present nor iu any wy lnuties
theif lo, should he innli li.-d of iiioii
ey as damages is a wrong, a very
gross wrong, we care not whether
.statutes as made ami provided per
in it siieli or not.
?'-' in Hits tie
riisl and is not subjiH-t lo drought
or lo Ml weev il. All y..u have to
do is lo dig Ihe ore I, .mi Ihe ground
and tin uil into pig iron. Cotton
is selling at its present price la--
cause it is statistically worth it.
l-ast fall I predicted Ihal this crop
Woii"i Ih' alHiut to, :.",n, oi,o ,al,-s.
and It is lii-iii'' demoiist rated that
ire vei v
; much more thai, Ihal. Condition's
in a scuiiie, during wiiicli uls le
vidver tan aividentiilly exploded.
The bullet entered Hill's abdomeii,
causing a wound from which he
died at .'I o'clock this afternoon.
three houi-s alter the death of the
mail whose life he sought.
Thus in brief, as told, is the
story of the tragedy, the first as
sisKiual ion ever chronirhil in the
I'.. :.. f, ...:. i. ... . iv
"iiim.'i nu, imii uir unitii ii( i in j niwmnj n a ink I IM' pnijil K'liir
"-- il if llll l I III, .' ii "I II III It I l III f allt lll'lv a-. ...I...., ,
will only have to sue the inei. hant cotton has never failed to s, ll
or owner lor damages ralher 1 lnu, j ilr,IIHi ,,.,,., ,,ri, 1(. s;1
prosecute ihe real parly for the: tii.-ul conditio,, anvthing hke as
assault If the private f sivielar, ; slrollK .,,. p,,..,;, ,, i
of tin (.oveinor sluaild f.rl c.ill.d is . ,,. ., ,.,mill( j,, ,,, ,
.,. ,. ... u ,.IM) oier ill me, ilu-re is a laiiiini
nan o, me eapinii, ine iiovcrnoi j ( , Ullls
Hoiini in i, a, ue lor iiamages he ,,
cause ue Is responsible lor the pri
vate secretary and the M-riinn,tL'i
..ui, .-.i upon piopcm ai least lor JoblM-rs of tlrv
1. 1 ne iN-ing miner tin- control
of the (ioveruor. Ami (he State
U-ing responsible for the! Ioveruor.
thee can .scarcely In- any doubt but
that the complainant would gain
his suit the Mate "Mug rich and
uhle o pay." Or a i,erson who is
knocked down in a town would hr
entitled to damages from the town
because il is (he dutv of the police
to picserve uidi-r ninl protect all
persons from injury and insult.
Ihe truth -"he liviui' truth is
that il large handier of tln-s. judg-
inetils ugaiiisi ihe comnaitv cannot
be jiistiiied by any honest consiim -tion
or observance of the great
coniniaiiiliiiiul. which says "Thou
shall not steal." Many of the judg
ments an- nothing shoit of robln-n.
because "Ihe company is able i and
rail be made) lo pay." It were
time the public conscience were re
volting againM this species of in-:
justice. The thing has been run to
seed long ugo.
I Joys, Read This-
Idleness, is Ihe dcvil'sown work-!
shop, and especially is this line of j
Imijs. We never feel son v for I ho i
boy who has In work, even if it !.
to help make u living fur himsclfi
iu dry irmnls now.
lint dow n, of com si
will add veiv much lo I In
present scarcity of drv goods sup
plies. Although maiiul'aclurcrsaud
iootls it iii t !.i i ii that
I hey can't sell goods on ihe present
uasis ol raw material, this will
eventually regulate itself. Con
sinners niiisi pay the puces or go
wiiiioiii the goods and we know
they won t ,o that. Trade all over
no-no ini wasscarcciv ever lietter
and Ihe consuming woild is in con
dilion to pay high prices. It is :
mistaken idea that cotton has In-cn
forced to pioscut prices. A legit i
mate demand and the si rung stalls
tical position have put prices where
they are. If this wi re not the case
I wouldn't lie bulling coltou at Ihe
present puces; in other words if
prices had been forced up. and the
actual stull could not be sold ut the
present prices, I would say that
cotton was dangerously high!
As to the new crop, it is exceed
iugly late. This adds very much
,o an aireaiiy sirong situation, us
we cu .1 expect much new cotton
now until late in Seplciulicr. As
lo the si.e of the new crop, it is en
tirely too early losay much, though
we know a late crop is suhicct to a
great many more icissiltucs than
an early one. Tor instance, there
are thus' things that tld make
this crop a failure: a great deal of
rain during Ihe iie.xl lew weeks r
a severe ilrouuht ilurinir Julv and
'" " V ' ' " l '" 1 August, or an early frost.
mm 1 1. 1 u.iioio in no, nun wiiosc oilier h ind if
i.icni .ue nine ,o Keep nun irum
having to
aliur. The boy win
may work ami get only a stipend
of a dollar or even less pcrucrk,
is learning u 1 1 tide, ami, what is
mine, h-ariiing habits of industry.
Il is often Ihe boys who begin
early the life of industry thai make
the successful men of the nation.
The lioy who wails until he grows,
or until he an in res an education
iteiore ue. iicgins to laixir or learn
a profession, is apt lo start in life
handicapped and iiulsl ripped by
his seemingly less fort iinale com
petitor who started iu iihead
of him. It pays a buy better iu
lite loinr run lo work for Iweit-
fy live cents a wis-k mid learn u
, tnnlc, with habits of application
to business than to do nothing and
be supported at the expense of his
parents Hoys, tin something, be
"For Uir t'.eht niiiOn", Hie wt-.m,;.
"r..r,l.t- .-4k Mtfaln-t llie wtrtuiur.
Y'ours truly,
(Signed) "W'.'ti. Hut..
Mr. Hill is a quiet anil gentle-
manly person iitul was never known
to have Ih-cii uddictcd lo any bad
liabils. At the lime of Hie shoot
iug he was holding a good position
here in tile city, so tint dir.! wai t
could not have instigated the fren
zy that prompted the shooting. It
is the opinion of all that it w as the
act of an insane man. Immediately
after the shooting and while Hill
was still lying iu the corridor, a
bottle of laudanum was taken from
his pocket, and, reaching for il, he
said: "Let me take that and die
This has led many to ln-licve
that he contemplated suicide, fol
lowing his shooting uf (ho Comp
troller, lloth iiicii .have families
surviving them. Comptroller
Love a remains were shipped to
night to his old home in Limestone
county fur interment and Hills
remains will lie buried here tomorrow.
A certain young man timk his
girl to church. The evening was
warm and thu young lady com
plained of feeling faint. The young
gentleman smiled sweetly upon her
and look something from his vest
pocket and whispered to keep the
tablet in her mouth. She shyly
placed it under her tongue, rolled
it over nud over but
dissolve. She felt much lietter
however. When I lie services were
On the
none of these thinirs
happen ami we have perlcct i ill
tions all the way through at ml a
very late fall, we might make an
average crop. I!ul it is easily to lust-en
that the odds are against this
year strop turning nut an average
one and the world needs a big crop,
a very big crop, l'.lcveu and a half
million lo twelve million bales
would not lie any too much. In
fuel, with a crup of not over 11.
r,oo,o,M biil.-s. I think prices will
range high all during next season.
the whole truth ol the matter is,
consumption hasoverlaken produc
tion and there is not much of either
the raw material or manufactured
goods on hand.
She let ill lied holm- and
gave the alarm. Several went in
search of the negro and b.tbv, but
could Icaru nothing ofeiih.-r.
Lilly Sunday i ioinin- the child
was found in a ib-cp hollow. ...nn
distance from its mother's hum-.
The little one w is fas) aslis-p, hav
ing ciied until Ih otoughlv exhaiiM
ed. Aside from this it was not in
lured iu the slightest. j
Mrs Wilson dots not know tin
negro's name nor does she ever re- j
memls-r sis-iiij; him prc s to
Saturday hi-lit.
Mr. 1!. P. '. I'.iii uelt. win. was,
iu Charlotte today, intonm-d The ;
News man of the outia"c..iis con
duel ol the negro. Mi. LuriHll
slates ihal (he mother of Ih,- chiid
searched all Saturday nidit but
mid learn nothinir of her baby's!
w hcicalMiut.-. Lai ty Sunday iii.n n !
ing Ihe child was taken back to in
mother alter K iug in a hollow all !
night. j
1 V...-
Will, :il- .
IIi-m-1 . )t
l,. I.. III,. 1
tnu a! t -i .
I.'. . -.
was p,, i:.
,.-.:-,!, i,itt
, had si-iii,
Hot piix
' I'oock tin-
'il'.-. He III I
I H-c. I i;,
il.-it. i hiv Ii
reis-n i ,1 ii I
ly lion- -make
li.. '.i i-i
nire pa Inn-.
h: -l g.nJi.-r.
P.-i.-i- inn
Slal.-s in i ii :
M il. I
they ini-!il
the illr.ii.n
iitel sold e
plcsellts J't
Clay. II,,
the "ill to ,
and she u-u!.
Inn ing her h:,sl
it!-... t i.-ii. t i.iv
nIi,. fo!!.,u.-,i, .
hen- tonight s.n.
pccN lo iiml il 1
and ill r.-.'i! ii !
-i:. M
k.:,..i .,;
- I,., I . -I
I Ii
ami a a
scuns frfuuiON
PMit to uny DM weaacatd ml
t:jn(d fyiton loa until it caa nod
tirm iu;,wrt in (.rdtiury food.
'i c : t- l.r i
i ' i-y I i ;
t tin-
-I l(i.
. i.-nj:!
n rut.
. a- -Vui:u.
A City U ilhoul (iovernment-
ih, i
l ;i,,ei:
id th-. j
; I. it
i'i -ii I..--ill.
I ii v
-I ! i.-
l.i Hi, ii.
II. r.
,1.1 ,
I .,
win -111
. g.r.
:. i.l
. b i!
. II I
llV .l. . ll
i, W I'-
i.i!. w!,..
II.-:.' ! ilil
I In ii- u l.t
ii: l.i..-ii,
i In- W.,.
I s.-ici,i! v
ih, :u ..n.-'l
I in .!
Pi-k si.--
,. l ' C , :i i vva of 7,00a
-iiN, ixciinits from its
. i.n.v li,!'s I -yc.-:, editors, actrssis
d had I t- v": 1 il; t ailmving these
1.5 to establish a
one exception the
u i.; perhaps about
1 Ji!. Mine il lends to the peace,
f i.:-t Ihe enlightenment, cf the
nih ility . IV-I- has no niuu
.! iiiMi. iii iii , r government.
IS l,
!.- of
,t. r
1 1. -111
.'it I-,
.1' lii-I.-
nt M.
1.1. scs t ! r it:
Ii !.. W illi
I .:n i
No Pity Shown-
'"I'or years fate was after lm1
coul iiiiioiisly" w rites I-'. A. . 1 I
ledge, Verls-na. Ala. I had a ter
rible case of piles causing 1M til
lueis. hen all failed ltiicklcn's
Arnica Save cuivtl me. l-jpially
good for I'.urus and all aches nud
pains L'-V at Lnglish llrtig Co's.
Brutally Tortured.
A rase came to light that for per
sistant and uiiuicr.-ifut torture has
nerhaiMt uevr been eitiia'ed. Jne
Oolobiik 1 f Colusa, Calif., writes:
For 15 years I endured insufferable
pain from Hlu-uimitlsm and nothing
relieved u,e though I tried every
thing knoe?o. I fame across I'.lec
tric Hitters and it's the greatest
medicine o earth for that trouble.
A few bottles of it completely re
lieved and cured me." Just as
(food for Liver and Kidney trouble
anil general debility. Only Bile.
Satisfaction guaranteed by English
Drug Co.
over she slipped the tablet into her
glove, being desirous of examin
ing the iinlissolvahle little sub
stance that her "steady" had give
her in the house ol worship. When
alone in her room she pulled oil'
her glove, nud out fell a trouser
button She is looking for a new
fellow now.
Saving Strenth.
lady was watch in-' a poller at
his work, whose foot was kept
with "never slackening speed
turning his swill wheel round."
it failed to: while the other rested patiently on
the ground. hen thu lady said
to him, iu a s nmatliiini: tone.
2 VUt A i LIU
"Two years my hair wa
uiiiii; out l-Jdiy. 1 purchased a
bi. tile cf jcr's Hair Vigor, and
loon n.)' hair Meppitl coiinnj out."
Miss Mmnio Hoover, Paris, I'I.
Pcihaps your mother
had thin hair, but that Is
no reason why you must
go through life with half
starved hair. If you want
long, thick, hair, feed it
with Ayer's Hair Vigor,
and make it rich, dark,
and heavy.
If Intnl., maims .iy
mm1 u S.-TW aua will expr
m IxsiM-. n mm aoajftra la hum
ai tuttt arirMIst.raa oflfra. Arfdraaa,
J. C iS CO., Lowall, Him.
"How tiii'd your foot uiiisl Ih
the man raised his eyes and said:
"No, mad'iiin, it isn't the foot thai
works that's tried; it's the foot
that stands." That's il.
If you want lo keep your
strength, Use il: if you want to get
tiled, do nothing. It is the last man
to go for a helping hand for imv
new undertaking who has plenty of
time on his hands It is the man
and woman who are doing most
w no are always willing to do a
little more.
licware of Ointments for Catarrh
That Contain Mercury
aa mercury will siurly destroy the
sease of smell ami completely derange
the whole aystrin when entering it
through the mucous surfaces. Such
arliclea should never be used except
on prescriptions from reputable phy
sicians, aa the damage they will do ia
ten fold lo Ihe good yon can possibly
derive from them Hall's Catanh
Core, manufactured by F. J. Cheney
& Co., Toledo, O , contains no mer
cury, and ia taken internally, actint;
directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of Ihe system, la buying
Hall's Catanh Cure be aura you get
the genuine. It ia taken internally,
and made in Toledo, Ohio, by F, J.
Cheney & Co, Testimonials free.
Sold by druggists, price 75c. bottle.
Haifa Family Pilla are the beat.
Phone 166 when you want the
best meats, tender and (at. We
will do the rest. H. Z. White.
Moral Suasion vs. Hickory Sv, itch
III. -I. III. .11. 1 . Hs I . .,.1, 1.
Moral suasion and gentleness a li
the prevailing fads in the rearing
of children. Those of us who Inn c
come to middle, mature a-e. ami
have seen line families of chihln ii
brought up under vigorous and
fieiiiit application uf the birch n,
or the slipper, or hickory switch,
or peach twig or leather strap, or
whatever happened to be handy,
are wearied by Ihe bilk we see and
hear of the iniiiiily and horror of
a sound thrashing administered at
the right ti That line old
philosopher. King Solomon, is de
iioiiiicciI us savage because In- In
lievcd that the young of Ihe human
kind in-filed lo In- made to under
stand things through their hides.
Iiy Ihe w ay, it is one of the n.s
curious of our fiaillhs how exactly
and literally we adhere to tin
Scriptures when tlu-y seem lo lit
our notions of things and l,w loit-i
l IV wc ignore llieinoi plausibly we!
explain Ih. 111 away w hen thi-y seen,
lo go coiiliiiry to our fads. The -
scientific child cult m ists, the wo ;
man s rigid i.sls and our friends.
the prohibitionists and the null
prohibitionists, ate notable cs.
chilly for these ingenious methods.
We are told that it is a crime lo
strike a child. Kloqiieut people,
Some ol' ulw.m 11, ,L,. .. li, .XiiMllllig 111
not Is. lev in,' in lioil 1. -II . Iiou 11 11,111 i:,c,us is
barbaric it is to undertake to rule
by fear: and wc are forced to lis
ten, tiolw illislandiiiL' the fact thai
.my of us max be conscious in our
ow n persons of the beneficial iullu
nee o corporal punishment ad
ministered to us iu our youth.
The fundamental weakness about
all these fads is the amiable iuil.e
cility with which they iguoie Ihe
facts of human nature and under
take to measure the entire race
with the same little half bushel
measti re.
, th ,!
Ac oh
I llli-.i
llielildliig tlie
1 hi-. ile I. , ( i. '
el.,1 (Inn i-i' ' n
i.i. k l',Ul l!, l,,iU.
In. I iii-isje-.l I", on
ia:id ivu.a,it in..,,.
liiNtu-.M-d I. in: aii.i
tele.-.M, ).--.-i .:
I tu.,1 1 he i.iil c-,
10. in- at W ! ii.-h 1;;
.1 1 on. 1 ;.! .
t i!..:i.-.:Jby the president of
lVl. i c !t,,u Manufacturing
i'j:i.,-'.u y, v.!;iJi jiriviJcs all
ue. .led !;-, , chtirfhes. hotels.
1 "'"''l l-'ii.l-S l..cfu;iis, stores, etc. The
' .'''"' I 'I "i is '-'iiiploytj by
ii ecu'ii;- .:.y. inch is wide awake
-ii. I j n i, 1 -Ac. Like Washing
but I ity, y.-r. PeUa is an
.tiioiii iti'y in iiniin:ipal govern-iiH-tit
in ili!; I.iii.l (,( politics and
Ore W orth $.-.!UM) n fn.
v 1 irl
, n-
11. 1
i II. L-ti'lin- ilie phenol:
jstnke ,,(' g,,!,l l,v - l.ii,,,
I , In, tion ( oiiipiiiiy :it the l!. i
j lis 1 in in Stanly county . r,-, ,-n
potted in The, In !;.
II. M.inney ol to.h! ilio. oi,.-
inosl ext'i-i n-n. i'il im ii in t!i.
and Ihoroiighly coiim i mi! .
reliable 111 his st. ,(, ., ,
day thai .1 w a. piohahU tin
est ever h,;.!c in tin .s. ml'i.
Maiiitcy sal, I ilia! f.'iiio.ooii
of gold wa. ia sight iiiid Imv
III,.!,- lelnaiii. il tu be s-.'.-ii. 1
an iuini"i,.i ;
L.lige l,...l,i s,,' ih , .,.
eis worth s..,iiioo-i , on, f
foot vein ii. Hi, lining ti,,. 1
and large in 1 ,-, ,, 1 h-1,,-;,, ; v j,u,-,
metal was si 111,1, a scco-i-.i tn i,
yeseidi-y nil, 1 noon :it a ,;, pi 1, ,,
s,igni, iiioie uiall I . ,' 1 J,',! Iroiu
Ihe liis ,-vcl. making In,
I 1 he
, il'l;
1 niian
:el haj.-
'il- IWO
.'il I'll
Vsbt Was Her Terror-
"I woai.l cough neai ly all night
long." .'tt-s Mis. ('has. Apple
gate, of Alexandria, Ind.. "and
".i .l baid.v get any sleep. I
! a I consumption s,, (l,ilt jf
w hk-ll a block I would cough
Is-ga'lii";, iiui! s,j .ii blond, but
''''" other medicine filill-d,
.hi, ,- .-I..M. bottles ,,' lu-. King's
, i,,.-,.veiy wholly cured inc.
and I gained ".' pounds" It's
aUo',11, gu.11. in iced to cure
Cough., ,',,1,U, I,, (irippe, I'roii-
e'nj s i, ,1 ;,: ih,u im
'houi'h s. 'i in- on,- ami iI.OO.
I lial bollie live al Kuglish I ) tig
H )- '!'e pure Ice, coin
l iiie.l wi'.li !,.:!,. st weights and
I 1 i.'pt ilclAiiy, phniic y.
Cm 11 1 Wallace.
j Olid leu
j I'l .un I he
I level ,ls
I cu
II, ill -1
1 II I.I
til ol'.i
Nice .Meats Our Hobby!
Anything; in I'm; hm- (,f i,;,-..
,.t,r l.d.hv. We
ld thu ttade. II. . White
jGiieap Flour
ifs Bad Flour!
want your r.. 111. Iiy produce ol
kinds. Sit i; . c before j.-u
S. K. l), r.
Working Night And Day.
The busiest and inighticst little
thing that every wim made is Ih.
Kings New Life Pills. These pills
chaice weakness into strength,
listlcssness into energy, drain lag
into mental power. They're
wonderful iu building up the
health. Only '.'"ie per box. Sold
by Kuglish Irug Co.
Eureka Liniment
This Liniment will remove spavin,
splint, ringbones, and all cartilagi
nous growths, when
applied in the ear
lier stages of the
disease, and will re
lieve the lameness
even in chronic
case? One of the
most common lamc-
tptviN. nt,ss ntm,n(j horses
and mules is' sprain of the back
tendon, caused by over-loading or
hard driving. Asbcraft's Liniment
is a never-failing remedy. The
Liniment is also extensively used
for chronic rheumatism and fir all
kinds of still joints.
For scratches"
Ashcraft's Eureka
Liniment is with
out nn equal. A few
applications is all
that is necessary
to cure this dis
ease in its worst
Owing to thetf 9
wonderful anti- aeMresa.
septic qualities, the Eureka Lini
ment should be used in the treat
ment of all tumors and sores where
proud flesh is present. It is both
healing and cleansing;, entirely de
stroying all parasites and putre
faction. This Liniment acts as a
counter-irritant and stimulant.
Price 50c. bottle. Sold by
English Drug Company
slcihlcttiic 'h jHtriitni?
Hue Inn, .lied ami
t ree 1'iit.uu I,, tr
of iniiii-t, is, I
l sln.liiils. 1
ii;ht jtrli ,,,r
tieis iii 1 , -u,
nails t.-r (lie i.e. !v.
'! insiiti' New
Doranloiies, Water Woik
lb- ,luiN- M i-tern, 1 .ti t ity (
iuiii s. 1 i, "1 euu, ,tc,U::il
fessioiiid ilcp.irtna ut
A. Ill e-s
I'. P.
I'i till al
MO Vol-
ml i'i,,
Infill.; Sij-t
It - io pt-ice is ll'f UKiki-t'sex-
ii.-e ir il I- in'ciiuiily of ,is
pi., -Iiu t. i..i.l tlour i., had fluiir
a.- ni.iSii 1 lu vv it is maiiipulat
' .1 aiij in. -it J iu parking . It
a.1 ionics l.nk in tin- same
thing, t' 11 uir mined with
p.'or will iuipiove the uality
ol tin- hi. n.l, hut hke mixing
while paint ;!, hhn-k. it takes
an iiKlul lot ol white to pro
ihni: any 1 lie, t. lad or rheap
tl iiii is hi, king in gluten, the
luitniiuiis p n tiun uf the wheat.
Il ai.u (ont.tius a large per
ci iii.i-i- of the pulverized husk
or .-!,. II of Ihe grain. All of
which y,ui don't want, 1 here
ioie, v.e r-aiitmn y,,u to ask for
Ihe 'lii.'iicihh " 1 1 and. This
I'liiml is sold at ih,. lowest
i ua lor which really first-i-hisi'
tlaiu 1 an he sold, and ita
I'i ice is the 1 1 1 1; I , ,-s. t you need
tu pay 111 eider tn gi t the best.
y.t Newniioi, our jural baker,
.n "luviikuhlc" is tin; 1 cau
gl I lor h..iol,g."
VIA A I! I.i:
,1 Hi
i.l. lit
I, N.
S. R. Doster has just received
a lot of nice Hams.
Union institute,
rNii'W ii 1 r x. (..
l'KUPAui-'s i on cui.i.i:!,i:.
None hut ttu'iou-l ly ti.:iiii,. ami
expenciK e l le.o-li, n cmployr.1 .
Location ,1110 of the most l-eaiitifnl
and healtlitul in the Sute, in hihl)
cultured ami 1n01.1l coniiuunil)-.
Next session hegiuj Aug. jnl, luo j
Write for catalogue. (,i
W. T. AI.UKICIi r, I'lim-ipal.
Waxfiaw Institute,
WaxhowN. C.
Enlargements Made or Planned.
I. Filth Teacher Added lo f aculty.
Mini Llizaletli PtonniiiK Ihears ol
Khn City, N. C, student three years
at Haptist f emale I'niversily, Kal
eigh, ia to assist in Primary and
Intermediate Departments,-' Mis?
Cheats conies highly recoiiinieiided
as to spiiilual, menial and other
II. New Pcpartnii-iit. Miss Cheat-twill
probably take a small rlass in
Kxpiession. She uradualcd iu Ex
pression al B. F. I'., ia May.
III. Correspondence Cotnse. Enfjliah
IV. Summer School for 1904. Work in
common and high school branches.
For Information write
J. R. WALKER, W'axhaw, N. C.
The Vingate School
oil"i :i cm ell, ut epp'.i (unities to boys
.11 I go, Is pi 1 j - a 1 1 1 1 g themselves lor col
li lot lui.-ini ss or lor the practical
duties of hie. Last year about 10 stu
dents piepare.l nt Wingate were in
Un- vaiium, lolh-ci's ol the Stale, The
palietiageol hist session came from
in counties, 1 here were enrolled 250
student.;. More than 75 of these were
boarders, l or thorough work and for
.piirtude and freedom Irotn templa
te. 11- iiigate is not to he surpassed.
Cur music larilities are exceptional,
fall lei in opens July 7th.
Wide, for new catalogue.
M. B. DRY, Prin.
f cool Head
Is very desirable at this season.
Our rleau, solid, pure Ice is Ihe
best cooling medium you can Ret.
In the rclriserator its lasting
quality makes it great economy,
It adds to the clearness and cool
ness of summer drinks of all kinds.
Have us to c'vliver it to your res
idence daily. Tickets for sale in
any quantity. Phone 0.

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