North Carolina Newspapers

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One Hundred and Fitty -Four Hilt Las
. . l. r n -.
ItsCif laves DJ rite u-un.
'.a I'll- -
t 10. ' ,
Tj lint a
One Mn B..s lttt.000 Bales. Pi.nj
13 Ce'l per : '.una.
Tlir Kind Y Have Always, ami wlikh bus Im.-s
iu umi for t :l( yeiir. Ii.t borne I lie t.iyniHnre of
n - unit lint be,-.. iiihUt hi iwf-
y-T - miiiuI miik-i-v iVioii imt lisWil'aiwy.
AfS77fifs:', .vlliiu' niie lniU-wivo n 1" thit,
AU Oiniti!'eit, niid Jit-as-v;"."!" r
KvHriiu'.it thai triiio v. Uh uml emlaiiser I he lieullh if
lui.iuH ituil Cuililrvu- I A!. ri'iue n;iint i:perinieuU
Cu-torU Is n li:iriiile4 Mil.siinne for lat.r Oil, Pure
S.rie, lr..(. mid Swl!i'iiT Syruin. It i l'l.-a-saiit. It
siuitiiiti mitlu r 0iimii. M..rphiiie nor Narvik'
MiUMame. Il a..' i- il Kiuuaiile.-. It destroy ,.rtn
mill all... l,.-iihiis-. I IuirrlH;i un.l
Coli.-. It nli.-vei l. nli in- TroiibU. ir.- Oi..tiiNi.uiti
ami FIuIhi.-ii. v. It us-iiiiiial.-. the To.!. rvi;iilat,- the
Mom... li ami IUiw.N. ivi h.alih ami natural lifi.
l'lio ibikh'cu'a I'aiiaiia- llio .Molu. rN i rieml.
Bears the Signature of
. r i
;i ih ir n
1 f U lev
1 . .:'. '
lie') lia.Cis
..';. lli.-ll-i
AT M aT J j r
:' ,1 :'. !
. .-k
r .i i
:. . . .iv
Will positively euro any case off Kidney
or Bladder disease not beyond the reach
of medicine. No medicine can do more.
strengthens the urinary organs,
builds up the kidneys and invig
orates the whole system.
TWO SIZES 50o and $1.00
Pitttd Stent md firavtl With Etenjclatinj Paint
A. H. Thyme, Mt. Will Cretl Co.l Co., Buffilo, 0 , fitz
"I hive hee iffliceJ .lh kidnc in J bUJJer IrouMe lor ntr, r
tnt imel or Mont iih ecnKinnt rn. tHhrt mcuicmct only
relief. After Ukint KLEY S KIDNEY CI KE lht result ts
ttririin(t. A few doe Mined the trkk dat, Bne lonei. etc.,
and now I hive no i to" m 'dn "! ' 11 l k "
rOLEt'S KIDNEY tVKE has done me SHVJ morth ol joai.
It Other Rimtdy Can Compart With II
Thos. T. Oner, ol N. C, hJ Kidn.- Trouble and
nc honle of FOI EY'S KIDNEY XRE edectcJ a rt(ctt cure, and
he says there is no remedy that will compjre nh it.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use Fcr Over 30 Years.
t !
T he Smallest on Record-
. . , 1 . iw -
('..tilncv has the disiinrlion ol
i. imi.-i! the smallest tiuiDty
rJa "i! tfcoril. so lr as we
:e aai.". S 'ii'e days U a
.. I ., .L-M.. ni.lii.i, Mi'.h a
st f iTNtf
Tf f ITT
I . : I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 :
V. S. CI.AlvIM.
Calls snered iu 1jv fimn I-'nRli.-h I
Pi lie. Store; at ni;l't 1'uin rom vei
EiiKlish Dr Store, f,nr 9s. DtTi. e
over post ottn-e; phone 9s.
Henry D. Stewart, M.D-,
KiiSU'iK. S. t
irrvrr teuA. rrj proiiii'tlv ami
" ' VV.- " . . - , , honestly. Vf call. Iioin S,,reu
M'nii n ins irienu. win juit i ..t - ... nr ..tit.- m rri
" " " ... , , . I Ul UK J3.
t, lin.l that .see.aml which will make nun pes- of i;j,in Thumps -m's insnranre
i i ,r r..i.i It iiivi-K unati e to cure tliem
itt I'rc-iJcnt
j. v "in Mil n:.;
Learning to How l-
It is an old Spanish proverb
'He who live with wolves will
soon learn to howl."
lie who lives with the faults of
Iik friend and counts them over
e voi.-c a--eaiel at use mon- iani sons ami ei;ii nitm "
. i . i .. r .l'..l l,r mridirrs them will soon nave
j i,i It uj ip.ui i v crave ones ol Ins own
111 4li 'H"" ' .- - 1 '
h in.l.-l him and roslllialet l"id
.... ... ... ... .
" :.i -.. ., .,; v. ii. (..,.,.
i... i.,r -,'!.i ( ,r i-it ri'iit it itivrlv unao e to cure uieiu oni. e, pin i.
,- ,U v,.4i , - --j , . . . . , r-
i . i T Ihil e.i , l, m t Ull. 1 nit'IICC. IMIL'IIC III. v tni.
., i.i tu,,mitt-r 1-1 a vr . I iii'ic is iiihiuui: mn .j.v...-.
. . ' . . ' . . i ., .1.:, I... I.,lr. to II
... i ' -,t. arititlll., lit 111 III', luiy in ,S 1 II U fUUL iwv- I
KIl.'IVU .IU U14 III s : . .. . I
IVi r Ki . nu.lnl. but s.ime- ini; after faults and blemishes in JQUM P. MONROL, Iu. U
Air Line Uaiiw.w
Doublo Daily Service Ectwccn
New York, Tampa, Atlanta,
New Orleans and Points
South and Vest.
in r.rFKcr afril ith. i?:3.
1 1 v ., i .. c i; i.
n . i
ill .T
1 ii
Bank oi' rnion.
Sai'e, But Progressive ami Liberal.
........ ,d.ri, ..,!....r r.Tived an others while we are tumu to our bkkuE.n C
i. .i... .i t. I Ha. e.l!. aiinorird lu-m lliitl.lon's
, eti ;':irv n in me .(!.'- i..-,-........ i - . v,.ii
! ' ". . i. ....i Tl,., ;c .,lu nn wit after I Juit .tele and ollne. rliour j;j. Mk''i
in , j, r in 'U u , i i j tin ill t iiiiil, ia v w .. t .... .
rresttiteJ 'all. to reform the world, not by
from CniiiMirrcul llutrl, ' liene
I j a nu'iit.
I. iriuiii' In linwl at Its faults. Ot
to batk at its mistakes, but bv
first bediming the work ol refor, with ourselves. We
I I k k I
Cor o-
our Pretty Steel Banks.
bust of ourselves,
i Dkk lilts the Hull's live-
. I'i.r1..tlr I Imtiilrit-
lllllll. Il'l!
l.hiii:-:. .
:i;;ir .;- n
, ii. ri ll ;i in.. i!': 'ul, I!. iiMi,inii.ii'.;:':Mi!i.ili.
CsluhlMi.'J lT-
litcnrMir.iteJ I 'HI
Carolina Mt
and Granite Company,
jr - A-a t.jhsI..;-ssvi.-
til it!
ii i-l.i. t ry
.i. .1 w
i'.IV II I!'.-1- 'I'"-'
iliii,' i n 1 1 . i : i i.
: I t-1 J,"! tlti'ti itke
.ite 'il'le to p.iv.
Carolina Marble and Granite Co.,
1. ).. r.HKIV M'.s .it N it. -
iiitv. N.'ttli Wilki'-lioio. and Monroe.
O . .4
Plenty of Difference!
wmcii Do you ciioosc ?
!, Viiii want paint lnrh ill
.r,!eel I la- mad-rial it mviTS
i I ii v I.. t Iu- lilii.T.
I'ln' ln-"l luiii.l i" that w hu ll J
-ie thi' 1i M i'uIoi and itiiuiU J
ihi' l.l'Vil.M M'.l.v l
lli ie'i it In" 1 1 1 u paint
thai will mim' c.inIi and hmk
well. No iiiMakc in n iifT it
Stands llic m-iir ol u-ai.
,1 I
( i
I li
i ' ;r.
-I. .it
.i in
i : .1 v(-
NilvntUm Army to I'cud Dis
tricts ol Kentucky and Tenn-
;. i. ,1. i - . t -.-i
1'iepat iti.o.s are i n foot in the
..;.iti' n A i my corps of this nt
lj i pup tiiitv of Us members
r a tour Ihr 'iin'i Wist Vireinia.
.i-o.i in lv ntiK KV .rid a p.ut i f
IV. n :'-v I a mia, p i ii. c particular at-
, ' . ...... i. .. i.
'.i ti hi lo Ill 's.-sections in wiiitii . , -ii .,.t
u M.rous eu.l, still Ux.-t ' , 'the sjloons ollt
!u. in .' -11111:1 01 I. 1 he men alio . .. ...
. . , .... leave town on the excursion.
r " to be mounud -nd j( h
ai , rrnCi.'.'.i v ow v wiujii'i; ,. , . . . ... .
. .1 ....... would work as hard t- tet peo
ol UMinil.y ..vena nil.!, u . l jjj
!" I !'",t tlu'm . . . . ' ..: .Itoeet them to to la Wilmincton,
., .... .1..1... ,thev do. K. II. JIoKSh its wiaincntM " eij
il , 1 i.i'i of the eiei!itioii. i I'Stn npth and vicor Come ol
I ' - n--- - "
T .. ! pood food, dulv ditssted. l'titce,
1V M,U .r.y was in . eona " eaj,.,0.Mf've wheHUnd barle
,s-cek ami lock a Hue on a to,)tl ailtls n0 bi.rden.but sustains,
st..-. I cat llu- c. li .ppem d l nourisllMi inviR0UtM "
1... ..... .1. .1 ..I. u-nint'ii Intact-
1,.. ,. .1,,. . .,K .1....1 al,i..rd. As i When in need of fresh meal
he'lse to do he began j phone No. 9 J. ! 1'arker
to re id the Mens and here is one
th ,1 caused a smile to spread over
MllNKO... N. C.
S.ilii itu the patrLiiuije of tl.e people uf
come bark intntal ly to the old Monroe ami un..un.liii eommuuity.
truth s often stated: J-1,1 "- t.Tlit
I l. . . .1... L.l .'.(.T..I',.i ..(,
111 in.ier 10 iii.kc me ut v.
nihi-rs. we must first make the
I 1 v
. I-
. ! .( i
, , ii
1 1
;! I '
t . S II
yr.ur chie ien
'll. i.N 01.
n Kiimv Whnt Nuii are 1'iikiiiy.
Whi-a i :i t . i, ' ' . : ,.''.''-' li li!i:- v!-ii
r-lfl. !.! oer tl i 'HI ee.i 1- ''
pin. li. 1 , :i phtv i -He -!,.'m;, ,1 i'
n;:piy li :i .C'-i 1 ' ut.i':'' c ' t 1
i I, .tin. j Line, N i 1 ..v. s -e.
Over-Work Weakens
Your KiJncys.
Cnheallby KUncys MjU Imrur. nluod.
AU t! t';-.M tn y:r rsr.f -hrtuih
y o'.-r kiiinys once e-.ry tr-'-f n.:r,".(.
.... . Th k:Jre 5 . t vra
! ta
LTr : ' I sj II tiw- io r cut
-V, a i
.:. ' ; I- m.i'!" HIS
, . i. .1 '' i. I'' . '
.:.,,:!' , .. . . ;' "li - .! -! 01
, , , , i i; .i.o :-'- ) ii'
Ordered In W hii Iter Hu.-baiid.
i ,iy J ,.' J !,ll Kill V Weill on
l oi. 'id t '-u.o .is a lii in of oiuilial
i l. i v i;i he j imisliiin lit of effen
,!ei. Aii,!.i- .ii t, a civil war
tetill.itl, ; y-.'O- old. W.l
m ..lit i'i I 1- tlu i idee, 4 lurfct-ii
IIP.- his wile. '1 ho v i
I i s: i) i li ov he s.pian
s j.env n in ill inking and
1 ;.l 'i-cd 1 1 r lei juse ef
t..'t !.. All. r lirat it tlit
,1 n, I'l-lj.- Kik-y aid:
i .in ,.tl
- lot kii'y
Make your improvements by using Heath & HiligaD Paints.
C.N.Simpson. Jr.
? Successor to C. K. HOI STOX.
i'T.J -.ea'- I
A bio. J, U..r t) ii't
fm m
Ml W I
M fi ffl y E3J Lb
ki'lri',' 'roublff.' trouW wires q J -k cr trr-M!
heart tea", ant rr cr.? feel ai 'i'.-i,1
thy h hurt tr-uMe. be-iure tr.e r-'t it
cver-.T'".rj in purrp..-.j i.n-k. k.dnv
pci-cr.C'l ibid through v-.r; ar.iaoeries.
It uk 1 1-) be e -njii-reJ t;.t c :'y u-'rsa'y
Irou'.'les er 13 be tricei lo the t.-irst,
b-jt now rnMetn sciene proves tr.-t r'irty
ail eonnmuoriai oi.eaxa ha.'S their Loj n
m- Ir l.;in-y trouble.
II via are slk you can i.,.ks mustai'e
by f,r.-.t d.vttrir.f your k.d-.eyi The mild
an! 'he eri'aardin-'y effect cl Dr. Kiimer a
Swamp-Koot. the e-eat kuji ey remee.y il
join reallied. It s'andj tt-.e h t-h--t (tr Itj
wonaeilul cure, of the moat d:me.-smf case'
and u soii on It s merits f
, by all urujgists tn fifty- s?T,"rS V
cent and one-dollar :j fJi,.'-W','ijj
e;. You may have a -iji'
sample bottle by mail nm. fc-wR..
free, alsopamphiet iellin you how to fim
out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
Mention thl paper when writing Dr. Kilmer
U Co., Btnghamton, N. Y.
I)n't make any mistake, bu
remember the name, Swamp
i .. . ..n .ii
- : ne whin lie re.iJ n-
e eple in th. car wear Hunker
i.i pants
O ir Ice lLiuse is opposite J. J.
I. ekh.nt I'o.'s store. 1'hone
is when ) u want lee. No -jo.
v. Al'lt l Wai i.m K.
't'.i 4nr a LnlJ in one Dav
i.e.. I ...ii,. Hroiii.i i ill ii l lie I alilrls.
All iliiicumts reluinl Hie money il H
In . lire. fc. . drove a .i&ii-
tun- is mi eaeti lio. H cenia.
Trustee'! Sale.
ag a'jl W W-asaV vsa "MI
nnnnlnfi find all DruO Habits
lfUIUIIIl mmmmvmm 'mmm wv M
w r 1 f . , - - ha foavincr . . ll I'll C , .si r K , f
oermanently cured, without pain or detention irorn ommc. I toot. in. nuinci . .-...j-
Tr drip, o? other .timulanu. We restore the" P2 I , nd the address. IlinKha.liton. N itnnitllliill raH'ailW WB 11 uwaU -"V I - - a ..i
I Y., on every bottle.
Confidenlial corresponJenc. especially with physician., elicited. Write todsy. rV WAVtVasmTAlJ
Manhattan Thsrapeutlo Association I FOLEYS IlONlIlAK
siaa arui.n. irw vnw Moa.tnoMB. -.
TTictMocc ChW Tfinfc
h stood the test 25 years. Average Annual iUIes ov-One g
. ... av .VS. nttutnt aintiAail tt VfttJ? NO CaT. INO FaV. JW
.".IT !.. Lu W . T- ri-l. ucian ol OOVS-I BUc H.OOS. uvw rm
w;lh I i
:l .01 I.
,1 I' d i
I", it ,i
in r p-.
n :,. il
. : r. i ii , wl- d n't y- n takij hmi
in hard.' A c o 1 wlni pint; mitjhl
in. ike I. on 1 1. .11.1:1 Ins W'-ivs.
"In v li.p liitn, indue; but
I always l.e od ou were very
te "N wile liealef. and I
ihuiiejit 1 Ii o! betkr let y.'ii pun
I. I' '
"Veil think v hi could whip l iin,
th-n. il I would Id ,.u?" asked
the judi;e.
es 1 1 111 whip him all ni;lit,
bal I il 'iit like to do it," said the
w Jill. in.
'Well )oii must u hip him and
I will luri.ish you with a whip,
said lh. jti-ke Us sent 1'alrol
lltiver Wallace to the waon
shed fur a whip ai d the couple
were sent down-stairs to the
police stats 11 lully. The womar.
took the whip and made a Midi al
her hut-hand, who siooj becsini;
fur 1111 try. She let him have v
thriist iiLont the ltf;s Itrt and Ik
Jaix-.d and h' w e l fur mercy
rt'.eii she l.ish-d him about the
li.ulv until his howls attrutttd 9
ureat crowd She enjoyed the
show she was makm? and d d nol
sunt 1 1 rpiit at all, but the polici
ilnnned hrr.
The husband promised to quit
his evil wins and went home.
Judge Kiley said to-ni(;ht that be
as a strong believer in whipping
Wile: "Falhirsaysif become?
to live with us he will insist on
oavine his board. How much do
ytu think we should charpe him?"
Husband: "00.1 don tknow
Do you think $100 1 wetk would
e enoiiph?
. 1
.r . .....l 1,1 iru.t ,.....u
t I ..II. r . ixl J J . W 1111..
y '.. l .,'1. I.ii'hi -In-- Jii-i I lie
1 .. i... .. .I ei 11.,., 1. i H....I.
, . .ti.....( Hi. k. i!i-i.t ..I n. .a.
Iiev. Norlli I nr,.lni. i il l.viiti-.'
i,i 1. it III "I tlx M On fill
li .. ' f... ,-.i-h. ;it (.il1-'I,- mlcll-.n.
. ' ;.1.t.-' i." 1 1 . ' ' 1 .1. rt h,m.
i.f M . ..IT.-.- N I . -I.
.Itinday. July I.Hh. A. t). IU,
M .; !'., 1 l. Inn ,!. -.Tll. Iriu-I "I
(.. 1 1. ei .n.-. 1..W11.I1.1-.I il"
i , ". , ., . I . ..'if 11 ii. u Im . I ilcwril.!
il ,1. ,...! ..'. f"l !,.'
I! ,1,. 1 In.. of "...fill. I'..I.I.T. I'l.ll
., r Srt'i.' V "i, Mir.-- in.. I "Ou r.
II. "'.i.c a. .. .1. ...I lll.l.'.,' " 1 I II."'-'-
.,,.,1 1,. ,. .,1. 1-.. H... 1.. . . i.i.'
,' ' e. .. i..,l II . .4- .l I l-li.-r'. e..nir
,tn i,.';.,. lei- s 4. K l J".t.'. I".
,., s'.im,, 1". ii.-.- V r - I I" Mn-S
, ' , , . .... ;, in. r. Ilirn. r I1, Tl.
. ...i ... ... a:i. K w i".ic"
i,'. i -lli K. M..I I.i H J suimli Hieu.s- S '..
, ... . I' ...I...I I.. Illi- e..rn.r
., I J , lh'' . 1.. tl.." l-.lllltlll. HII'l
, ii rf ii '. -. in. 1. "r 1"'-" 1 '"' ""'
, i l . 1. l 1.. jih K. Wrti'. I.
,.'..' II.. ,i.!n n.l i(...Jn.. M. H...I-I..H.
v,.. t.l.'.'l N"i '.'I'lt. I. "'! i-rs.r.1"! HI
. ..( IMM-.l". i..l ...I ltf.' 1 ' l"e "lcr" ..I I". !- I r I LI.'" is.iiiilT. Ill
,., ,.f N. r'li r..lln.. I" !itcl. .S' il W'l
I. !.ii.l T.r filHlirr ..--'
hi';, no., lyii
I II N. MM II. Trli.lw
Peas. Peas.
llest Vinegar at aoc. per gallon.
Hrst kice at 4 for i$c.
Good Flonr from fi.oj up.
Sugar at )C per pound.
Good KoanteJ Coffee 10 lo jjc.
Cigars, Tobaccos,
the very beat for the money.
Just received a fine line of cauJy.
I'eaa, all kinda, good prices.
on Church utreet. Phone So. 4.
Office up stairs, I -ilirrul 1 Ituilding.
Nortliweiit of Couttl.ouse,
M.mri. N. C.
Stisfuc ' ij0HTH.V'D.
ti.m gimr
and el.
tllla-r over
Prui; t o 8
Will l.e at Marf-liville. S. C. 011 firM
tl il tlnr J MoiiJay. o( each month, an.:
it Miiltliewj 011 second auj fuiiitl'
Mouilaya. I'hone JJ.
III i.raelire ill ail the Slate am) I'ml-
ed State Courts. Speriall attention j
eiven to the aettUuient of esta'es fori
I ...ardlalili. Kiecut.'is and A.tminis I
tratnra, anj the collection ot cLiiins. (.
Heaannalile chaiteil, Also ati-llt all.i : ..
local attorney tor the Panther Cilyl
II, .me ( oiniianv. fiom winch leant
inav lie obtained on real estate, t Kliee
one door eat ol M. L. Flow Con
I .tore. I'lioue No. ioj.
Ittorney ul Coansellcr it-Lai,
Mosmir. N. C.
Pronint attention eiveu to all mat
ters placed in our liaiuln.
Management ol estate, lor guaru
ians, administratis aim eircuum
ipecialty. Charges reasonable.
(Jthee east or miuhhoiim, i...i.r..j
occupied by the late D. A. Covington.)
Attorney tod Counselor at Law,
Practice in all the State and I'uiteJ
. h-.ii
tl 1 I '
I ".'
- Hll'.'l,'!
' -.,.,.' .11 1
e. ... 1
- 11, .. : ...11
' I'.'l.T-l ,,.
Ar Kiriuivn I
" l ,.-ln...e..
" K.l'll.
' I'luU'l.-ti''!
" V, '. 1 "I,
.,!. - f I'lll.
I "I
ft i.t
n 1.1
W I . il 111
. .. II.
. I. Ill
1 1 III
I. I'I
l .11
.ulrnl lull.--
.2V- .. Mli lii... VI
, 1
Land Sale.
H .,-i.if .,( a ..-r In a rerialn m.r!rf
,. . ... ,. ..ei i,v j, r r ..m. ."
,,,), .,i,n.l.r.iw0.' .-ii"'. w ""W
r.l. .1 III I".. slc " ' - '" "'
3rd dav ol July. I0J.
, ..f lu.1 Mt Hir imn tn ".--.
l..'ii'l Aitaittt- H'-r. "" ii.- -
I. . . -,.,.11 k.Jl.ia stalk I.
; ni-. i'rt'"ii "" : . ., '
a .n.M . O IM ITlf Mill
A ll!t-i' ! riTiMT. IhciM Will Hi- -'fl
Tk ili m 1 mis- - 1 " - - " - . ,
t..ti-. nt si r. i ntiu ii -
hrl.iUI'. A
!hfii lti I" rs.i-.rsn m n ...
rllllat. ftltllt(HT 1
1- l.tlin. jajoilflea.. w.
s-aSSHWtt f. m tea. I Cal(.a fnill l.
G. B. Mmh M. Um lf::'
Residence Phone, No. 274. aWl'eisoiis interested in the settle
I .-,1 i.x U ...... u. ..Ilr. hi. I u. I .1.niniili utnia. exe
aervicea to the town and surrounding I cutora, and guanlians are especiallj
ru ii;...... i.f ttm .t.mi.rli and l:..u;i.a i,.all n tlirm.
IUIIII.171 V - -,.-'
bowels a specialty, unici over uie Continued and painsraiiiiig aiicniioi.
,' I Co. 'a book atoie. Calls -111 1,. .iven. at a reasonable puce,
answered in the day from the English (0 , rKal business.
drug store or residence, at night irom OlRce in courthouse opposite 4-iei a
residence. I oftiie.
t sank imitin.i).
Adams, Jerome & Armfleld,
II II, e Courts. State and
c.a.r.l The management of estates
're seen bv Some people only .or a specml-
. , . ly Careliil and uingent aneiniou
away off in some other man s pas- (orecos,lre of niurt,:age(
ture, anu nevti nc.i num.. tA collection 01 claims. aioory
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Cows With
Long Horns
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Tnree. Timis the Vilne of Anj Other!
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Look, fellow-man. lor some- ....... , ',. ,,..1 r.reiul
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thin? rood at noun, mu
tin inn CnuntY Bonds for Sale.
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...i.r L. nina li e iiirrno n., is- Ihe
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Ia I d B.sir.1 o r- lh "'hi l r-s-l
thi. na ar rf lo"-. i
i..iiK"" a- .1- r- -
you I .,,.,:,, Otnre east of courlhouse
can find it, dig arouna me nine A. M.
vine and encourage it to grow TW- oTArK
oiau if it nmmiaes to vie Id I KEDWIME ft ST At IS..
.. kui Attoreji-al-La;
Between Ihe Iwo extremes lies Practics in all the State and Feder-
the cream. (Between the man al Courts. Will maoag. estate, lot
. ..... . If.......... Sitmin Ulratura and Guar-
whowouldn lbu. eo.c.dottar. tor , - . p.y. ,nd wil,
to cents, because they were oner- ... !,.,,,, ,luj negotiate
ed by horny haoded ton of toil, 0tDI without eipense to Mortgagees
and Ihe fellow who would nt buy and Money Lendera.wnen pracucmne.
k.,.,,.. k. didn-t have sense Offices-Northwestern rooms, first
enough to know its good inves.- - Courthonss.
Have lived on peas and corn
. . .1 I .k.. n)k.r.
DICIU IU 1. il.w. 1 .. js
.d the labor is iweet. And we or "ONU1' v
expect to continue to undersell Solicits your account sod hanking
all. See me first, last and all the business. We guarante. ABSOLUTE
an. t , crri-niTV nromntneM and alt the
Vonrs to aerre
- --ata.. a..i 1. -- - ' afet Rsiswn ttssl BiuUW
afetat Rhsswy ssse l--ss- Hif-
People's BanK
accommodations that SOUND bank
mill .rimit of. lulerest paid, ac-
cording to agieement, on aepu.ii. ien
UW PfTSSRlt lofogr stated period. Always ready
. VV . 1 O O IV, ,nprod paper.
O. P. I
Aleuts A-anteil in all
uiioccipii-d teiiiti.ry.
Wneder A WHson Mdnuficturing Co ,
l"r sale in Monroe by
Commissioner o( Deals for South Carolina, la
Horth Ufc4 n: nso i mm ot u raw
(or Union County, tod Nourj Public
lorRorthCirolius. :: ::
Special attention given to t-iliinf: Af
fidavits, Ackiiowledfenirnt or Proof of
Deeds, Mortgages, Counsels. Hills of
Sale. Powers of Attorney, Renuncia
tions of Power and Inheritance, Pep
oaitious.Wrlting and Probating Deeds,
Mortgages and all oilier papers, inning
ti.i-Wuri n,l ( tjim and leliverr
and Atlarbnient paper.. Civil Sum
mons and the collection 01 inn.
Office at M. L. Flow Co.'s Strre,
east of courtlinnae, Monn. N. C:
HEATH, President, j vtSWWHMMw

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