North Carolina Newspapers

One Dollar a Year
'tbr of the ' J.ikI.-b bill," w
eltvled 4TUiiiiH-ut rhaiiui .tu. II
was introduced by Ucv. I. I- Nash.
Mr. bunion mUI that aa thin vm
au une-.e-tel honor to Uim, be
a 1x4 prepared to make a speech
which would show bisappiccution
A Orrat (lathering i( Farnest Hen
of all the Various Lines of Attiv.
ity in tho State - l wu.Mcn to go
into the I'iclJ oil Uill Must
be Enforced-- Senator Simmons ul the houor lelord uiioii him.
ay JuJgra 5houU Instruct the i The following were clt-rled v ire
Or.nJ Jurie to Look Out 1)?". 'u
., , . . . . . ;grc.iousl district: W . M. lliutoii,
Water of the Uviuor lit. NV A , j. M Kai!t(U xv. ".
luiwenxiui i.. t...i Hir. ... j.i, ;,h. i nmghw, ticorpe. V. Watt, K.
Tbe State A lit l Silooii I.eagiHt: Mrltityrc, . J. rernll, . II.
Iiegan its (Ntuvutttion in the Ar-.ul- j r.tirtou, (, J. 11.
euiy of Music this uhi uin. The ' Tucker. " m
meeting was railed at HiHo'disk. j Following were elected a ecu! rl
There were iivit ini (MNiplr executive committee: X.-lt. llrotigh
in the Academy of Music then Mr. j ion, T. X. Key, J. A. O.itcs, I.
X. I!. liroiighlon called the meet- Itlnir, A. J. McKelway, J. t. At
ing to order. ;, J. W. llailcy, J. I. Johu-
At the conclusion of an appropri- mm and W. II. ispiunt.
ute seech by Mr.llroughlon.heau- The tArmmn ami evening sew
noli need that Mr. 11. A. Page would sions were well attended, interest
act as temporary chairman, ami enthusiasm increased. Senator
Mr. I'age concluded Li speech Simmons' ieeeh was heartily ap
of a few minute, ami thru Mr. ' plauded, ami van a riii;iii; our.
Itailey, the organizer of the Htate Ue bad previously wot a uptrinl
league, made the octiiug speech, communication, through J. Wil
Mr. Ikiiley said that the time bad Ilalley, to tho convention,
come when the people of North urging it to adopt a n-solulioii fall
Carolina had liecti aroused ijt tbe ing on the judge of North Carolina
evil iullucnce of the kiIooii, and to charge t he grand juriea as tolhe
that the time had come when mm h importance of giving atteutiou to
should lie nlsili-hed and the spirit any violation of the State liquor
of prohibition in North Carolina law. A. I. Watts' ftpeerh wait
wax now at itshcight. Mr. Ikiiley well received. Henry A. Page
spoke for over an hour, and be made a at in ing siecch on whiskey
wait listened lo with earnestness. diHiillcries, and how toeufoicc Hie
His ileiiuiiciatioii of theliipior traf- law tlu ni.
lie in North Carolina wax neteiv and ! It was found from the county
be ithowed Ins ability to handle thej report that comities wen ivp
Kiihject. lie Wept the audience renented, and report were hope
hM'lllHiuml h itb hi oratory, ami fill, iu fact, enthusiastic, Khowing
wbi'ii he i'oii tlie hall roireil bow widespread Ibis great move
with M.iuy pi'iiiioiinitst ineiit is. The debate at uigbt was
bis sns cli the ablest bit ol temper-; mainly upon tbe follow ing rcitolu
iilice oratory cer deliveiisl in j tious, w hieh were reported by tj.
North Carol ion. K. Nimotks, for the eomiuittiv on
Mr. Ili-iirx A. Imdon, the au-i law enforcement, viz:
"That we appreciate the ImM ami
aiauly light made by tbe ii h-ihU ot
teniperance tullie last liCgiKiature,
and are grateful to them and to Mr.
Wat I for the enact uieut of tbe bill
hich bear hu name. Wc U-lieve
that what ever iinprovciu. nl U to
' iMk Ill-til, lit ,111V l,l-billfl tlHlllltPJIIMI
U mill be determined largelv by. ine
tbe eflectiveiicM with which the!
Watt law is enforced for the uet
H aiooliis; t hen-lore, we call lixiu j
3rrli5 of
public (J)rinion
Three Divisions of
human l.ilc.
The iioiiual human life m:iv lie
J ! A Presbyterian iew. ' Aycock lloomed for ice President.
f j It is true also that the si in of the TiieV'asbiutoiiTiiii-stbisaf)-r'.H-r are UMli-d iimhi tlirir Inl msiu ili-usM-s at b nlb the ni
? (In n. There is a pie disposition to bility ot Slu-plu-rd and Ayc.s k as
& certain physical dflcct and tois-r nominees of the I N-iim-ratic p.i l
tain moral evils iu our natures. ik-.M ytar. s-imii: m- In-iii.
Ail of n are more or h-s h-liius' n- banner lias Iss-u Huns I" tin
Normal (lf imincioiis bcrtslity. ISal l.m c. It l.-ai-s the nain s . Slu p
does not rxeiis u. lii-rcdity isiio herd and Avs k. I'or pn-snlent. ,
Mfu-e for crimina!. in spite .f' IMsai.l M. Shepherd, a .i..iniii. i,i
the advtM-atea of teuiM-rauce divide
thmiichoiit the State to av ail lliein l'"'s-
In Dampi aad wife lararlably
W Mm COOK WTOl VUV .Ut. Biinnn
'Tit but a Muctr aad a ipoa
T wta-a ta.k lot griai-
I au ara pium, uhm
"Suaaj Jim."
pleases everybody
la every way.
w Lik a
W ih Tom' t and BH
tt UOMdlDKly. . .
State Normal & Industrial College.
Literary Commercial
Classical Domestic Science
Scientific Manual Training
Pedagogical Music
FlVf ismr' i I" ipl.'lli". Ailiu-e.tniur li.lllit In r irr.s'. W.-ll
T-Iln in. I iil. rvmli.ri syIi.mI Kmutly nunilr in. tutlU.n.aml l.s- for u ..I ten
U..ik, rl... Ill .ay.-Hr. I'..r ii.mi nt.l. MK of Hi.' SUtr li. Twi-inh .iln U'iiIiim
m-lili-mlw-r W lya. To nr.- Uuirtt In th- l..rmltrli all fn-e-tollion ..llliiot Dh..ill.l hr
ma.lf- U'f'iri- July IMh. r..rrr.iil.tirr from tliu-ilrnlrltiic i'..nin-t.'Hl tea.-li.-rii antl
atrn.straj.l.i-r, K.r rdtal.11.- an.l i.l tier a.l.ln-4
CHARLES D. MclVER. Presldcot. Greensboro, N! C.
t t
. -m. -m. r w
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every ms tion. Ity so dniua we lie- .. .T
lieve eonditious will be ri, for! rtl IrWitin Ilnberjr.
. 1 , UH turr Vtttfaaf lii f..r July.
K...u.K urm u..r ir...,H-r- . ,,. , u , ,,:,, .... ....v lie
flits that sillv Women and soil : elli111 ul lirtMiklv 11 ls.roii"h. V V
Mmiatlly intollie tbriss e j heeled men soiuetiui-s make over ami former caiulid.ile tor mavor:
preparation, achievement, (criminals. It is not that we are;f..rvice president, t holes Is. At
isM'k, C'lveiiior of N.iith Carolina.
Tills is the slleslioll for tin- le
newal of the old it'!;.iu.v of I;:.-
-lvea of the provisions of the is araiioa-K"iui: reatiy 10 lianinj: too niiiiv people, bet not
j Walla law, and lo ro ide for Hie,"'" tilings, try iiik to d.t them, and etiouoh splc. 1 here has Im-cii a
atrict enforcement ol the Miue-in!K,-H'llK ready to leave them. heap of tioiiseuse alwut bereiltlv.
!Uiii. K Z. I imuy's Iheiry of the
C.i use of Death
llo.l. l;..lil.'(lv . I.iln.i-V Kiel.
iHen.Iui roim. lie is a lo-o.!
s;il ile :itii ii-l i-s i:. rl..ii o-: i .1..1
s. u,. h -; iM i 11 a j: ll Os .s ..(
lll lll we li..e Hi ..i S l I . I . t
We an I."! sli,st. ii, .;' lll.ll,
li s Ihiee lei His lit Cl ti s. In l
e.lllie the llio-l p.el.ile-.j'f !jli!e
ami In--! , iil. ii . i:ii'll.i-i
In. mi Ii i ! i i.i .n
Moi.t'.ay :i"ei ,,.-..ti 10...1! J i ( L
ttfielillie u..-:rlil w:l l( i'.ii,!.
.1 z H' ii. ! Ii..' I :..
atire laws the features, ol" the ln-
dou bill, for which we couteudiMi
iiiu.ueees.siiiUy U-l'ore the last Ia
isiat ure. We bel ieve t he pri nci pics
of the Loudon bill to be just, rea
sonable and practicable, uud their
ultimate enactment into law should
lie the goal of temperance agitation
ami effort. "
Thus the convention appro veil of
the Watts bill and set the liudon
bill as its aim. J. William Itaib-y
made a siecch in w hich he said
there whs ilancr of this conven
tion looking forward to the legis
lature tu do work w hich the con
vention ilsciroiihl to do: that he
would rather go into the liht with
the burden of proof on the hands
of the Anli S.iI.hiii b-aue tliau on
the bauds of the kiIimhi ks-H'ix
lie wauled a hard light mid de
clared that easy victories were re
suit less ones; thai the time lias now
come to strike a blow which will
end the liipior traffic.
A declaration of principles or
platform whs then submitted by a
eoiiimiltec composed of dailies II.
Poll. .1. A. Ilartucss, l.'olieit X.
iSiuis, llcriot Clarkruiii, W. .1. 1'er
rell, C. Il.tiravcs, J. C. Itlatkwell,
.1. A. Smith. Koliert liiggslsv,
Henry A. Page and J. K. Nim
llcv. A. J. McKelway made a
vigorous sxscli, in which be de
climsl that "men who control the
saloon vide nre men controlled by
the saloon." 'litis whs lomlly np
pi. ni.led. The ibs'Umtiou of pnn
pies of the North Carnliiia Auti-
SaliMin Leagiif as adopted is ns fol
'The Noi 1 b Cai ol i na A ul i -Saloon
la'ague is an iiidciH-ndcnt ImmIv,
maiiitiiiiiiug fi icndlv relations with
similar associations in other States.
but entirely independent iu its
acts, mid it is mm partisan in char
acter, Its purpose is tbe abolition
of liipmr, saloons uud distilleries
bv nil proper means; crealion and
chrystiili.atioii of u righteous pub
lie sentiment, uud proper ciilnrcc
incut of till laws against the liiiior
trallic. It favors n linn uud just
enforcement of the Walts law, and
il earucrtly requests future legis
latures not to incorporate small
towns with the privilege of licens
ing distilleries or salcuiis. It calls
the attention of ImiiipIs of cominis
sionciD of counties and towns in
the Slute to the danger of whiskey
distilleries and rcclily i tig establish
ments, now forbidden to operate in
the country, renioviirx to incorpo
rated tow ns. This should be pre
vented. This urgitiiiftitioii favors
calling elections under existing
law iu every towu where there is u
reasonable chance of currying the
election iigainst saloons, and this
Iicneiic pledges its assistance iu all
such I'lcctions."'
It was decided to raise ."i,0(hi
and to put two men in tbe held to
canvass the entire State.
Working Night And Day.
The busiest and mightiest little
thing that every was inado is Dr.
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a ejptain of industry, be mav be a
C uiled States Senator, be may be
a philanthropist. If he has won
his fortune by bribery, tbe cost of
his success is the undermining of
the institutions of his country. He
is not an "example to youth;" he
is a corrupt it of youth, a cor
rupter of everything be touches
and everybody lie inspires. He is
an eueniy of the l'epublie. The
only force that can stop him is pa
Blank and Hopeless-
Ki.-I..i...ii.l N4-m.-l.1a.l1-r.
It is hard to imagine uny thing;
more pitiful than a blank and hope
less human life, going to its end,
with nothing H-rniaueiit written
upon it, deM'iident absolutely on
the tfiupoiaiy things, on the com
forts of the day mid the emotions
of the moment, hsikiug back on
nothing but desolation and disip
Miiiitmc nt, ami forward to itollmin
hut extinction. What is there iu
such mid for what have they lived;
Certainly "11 people of that kind
may agree that life is not worth
I In- trouble of the living of it.
Extortion by Trusts Is Its Own
N. a Vorl. Time..
Combiiial ions of ureal capital
Die to succeed, if at all, not by
niisiui; but by reducing the coki
and prices of w hatevcr they aim to
control. The real risk in attempt -ed
extortionate monopoly is not to
the public, but to those who make
I he attempt uud to those w ho may
be deluded in betting on their sue
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tlon. Tha irnrMI druira ara lm.rp.rafasi la
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Hen do Not Tear the Law Rnough.
.'iu.-l J.i.o.-.--tahi'r elii.l,, .li.-iiiuiir In Ih.
e..l .-a-.,..
The I'acl of pronipl mid certain
puuisliiueut can deter from crime
and icil hoc tbe frightful anil glow
ing mimher of homicides, else w hy
have n costly iiiliuiiiistralion of
justice al nil. It is certain that
miilcr our present procedure in cap
ital cases timl the const ruction
placed by the ai t dividing murder
into two decrees punishment is
very far from certain. Men do
not fear the law enough to it liiiin
from gratifying I heir evil passions.
This should be plainly said and if
the only relief is iu legislation, law
abiding citicus should know it
that a sound public opinion may
apply the remedy.
But Sherman Didn't Do Things
That Way.
John H. Oonl In July s, l,n.-r'.
s I have intimated, the ordcrs
fi.iiii (iciieral i.i-c forthe protection
ol private property mid itersons
were of the most stringent charac
ter, (iuided by these instructions
uud by my own impulses, I resolv
ed tu leave no ruins along the line
of my march through Pennsylva
nia; no murks of a more enduring
character than the tracks of mv
soldiers along its superb pikes. I
cannot be mistaken iu the opinion
that the citizens who then lived and
still live on these highways will
benr me out iu the assertion that
we marched into that, delightful
region and then marched out of it,
without leaving any seam to mark
its Is'imty or lessen its value.
Gen. Jno B. Gordon on the Battle
of (icttysburg.
N. Y Tim.". Salunluy Kril.-a.
vt o are ikihiiii to sav Iroin a
hasty rending of someol Iheailvaei
sheets of (leu. (ionlon's article in
Inly iVTilmcr si that it ciiiImmIics ii
stirring mid exceptionally interest
ing narrative. His account of a
eavulrv iu tbe height of the ron-
llict in full of vigor, is ierfirtly co
herent and commciidiihly mod
crate iu vcrhiii"c. His anecdote
of the plan of the I'liion forces,
which was concealed in n iNimpiet
handed lo him by a child, is n
striking and nut unimportant ron
tributiou to the hitherto mi record
ed history of the war. Tbe plan
was correct and measurably belH'd
(leu. (lordon in his own movements
ou the first day. Who bis infor
mailt was he bus never known. He
thinks it was a woman "whose
evident genius for war, bad occas
ion offered, might have iiiude her u
Captain eiiial to Catherine."
It till uislies too many men Willi au
excuse for their own devilment.
Caesar Iiubrosu told tbe French
ieople that lin y were obliged to do
ccrtaiu wicked things lNFaiise ol
the knots on their heads and the
result was that the wicked things
Missionaries Needed-
Sia'a.ttlV lamltttark.
With iiioIm taking possession ol
MasKichllsi Its towusii ml defying I be
oflicci-s of the law ; negroes ly nched
and burned in Illinois ami Iviu
ware and rare wars in Indiana, il
really lK-gins to hsik like tbe South
will have to send missionaries to
the North and West lo teach the
KH'ple civilization.
The Requisites of fruitful and
Busy Life.
Ki.-lin.i.ihl N. a. l.a.i.-r.
To liedoiui; something, thinking
somcthimj, taking alive, earnest
interest in vital things, to love
and to serve faithfully, to serve
where e love these m-c luxuries
of life and make it fruitful and
busy. They provide for us
constantly new, fresh interest uud
and hopes against the time coining
in nil lives when old hopes depart
bullied or have Im-cii fulfilled ami
found unsatisfying, when one by
one'ect ions, friendships and
associations sink in the sweeping
current of the years. It is at that
time of waiting and parting that
the life tiuiiiscrilicd w ith perma
nent interests, living thoughts, dem
and street inciuoric and abiding
purposes ami hopes becomes miser
ably dejected and desolate, after a
uiKille life empty, unfruitful. mean
iug'nnthing. Enforce the Law
Kmixt i I It- Journal ami Trihim.-.
The only safely to a Stale or a
coiiiiiiiiuily lies in a just mid fear
less enforcement of law. (live
criminals mi inch uud they w ill
take a font, Prciuit n minor law
to he violated mid it will lead
to the violation of greater ones.
Wink at the law against gambling,
mid it willcucnuragclhc criminally
disposed to do something worse;
close the eyes to the illicit Sunday
saloon mid those w ho may meditate
larceny may conclude that the oil),
cialsare indifferent generally. Steal
ah election and men conclude that
they may steal other with
out com in it lug a greater crime.
Slick to the law. Kn force it and
ollemleis without regard to their
wealth or social position. Keuder
law breaking unpopular and law
brakcrs of every sort infamous.
When this is done, there will be
no such demonstrations as we have
witnessed iii Hreatliitl county, and
no uioro violations that bring ter
ror to communities uud disgrace
Stales uud cities.
solid S.utb ami New Yolk, which
ought to cause I i-iii.m i.ils to slop
and consider.
Of Shepherd, the general pub
lic knows much. It knows ul bis
opposition to the regular lii-ui.i ic ticket in I VMi liecuusc of the
si.,., in fn.i.t
..le.-e lot .1 i bat.
. I....!..
that he utti-li .1 ;
of the i: ,i.
I!. I,,. I a
in ii..- :i o
id i he laii" .la
vi hu ll he i'lo!l,eil lie n,. -that
the Inaiii ilnl la- shale
ln.iiilv depression.
lie slid lie , ail a then '. t
in li
silver plans in the plallorm. ol Ins. ss ,.f v it.iln .s due lo
return to the fold four years lat.-i. ! pi.-ssiiie .ml ii 'we t-..u
ami ins supHiit n inyan t.u tin- ,igh ii..ugh in the atiuusplu n
1 get
issues ot antl liiiM-iiallsin. ot bis; n.nilil esi .ij
stim-ssfiil cinvitss lor mayor two i ,.,i, ,,...
years ago ou the l.iiiiiuauy ticket,
and of his recent c Holts to hariuoii
ie the tin iiled factions of iN-moc
r.icy, mid w ith.d tu. ie is a siispi
eion that Mr. Shepherd, who has
never avowed himself one way or
the other, is willing to Is-eoiisid
crcda candid ite for the presidency.
'of liovcruor AyciN-k probably
not so nun h is know ii, although lit
is certainly entitled to careful e.ui
.ideration. He is regarded by those
alio know him and his record as
one of the ablest men in public i
lice iu the South today. He is
brilliant and an orator of ability,
mid lias given North Carolina a
eh-ail adiiiiuistrat ion. The old oh
jection of a caiulid.ile from a seees
siou Stale should Hot hold against
him, for he is so young as scarce to
remember even ilia vague sort of
way any of the stirring events of
the early lids. He is greatly !
loved by Mople of his State, is
scholarly, conservative, earnest and
conscientious, and if a Soul hem
man is chosen by the I H-inocracy.
he is entitled to lirsl cousuleia
S Us
e Il
a. no.
Il.e -hi,.,
which col
li1 e loit v. I
liie pies-tlli
Mr. I. i..:.
from a m vt.
I. Hi'.;. I fa I in. v I.i. a Is ., i, '
the top of a lie nn'.iiii ".. "
high. II.1 say s ii.le i (e
iu-'l ai d l"l iy aney of Lis
Vrturi;e, lo line, ami the u
Is lull of oei.,1 i .ii i h.s. V,
and till veais oi, an cle.u In
giounils ami loiiiug !'
h u to In- ii..; iiioie than pi
Tll; ; is an ii.teteslil.g I li.-.
Mr. l.inin-v 's. ami it he .
it illto .1' l.-clllle he c.nil.l
more money iu on.' vein- I'
the huge cities lliau In has
in il" years practicing law .
A Trick Morse' I .ill.
. I. alii, au.l In
'. .,y:!.g iiiai
I' lie- Cij'.e"
II 111
lis ,ll
'hel e.
iu ! 1 .1 II i li
iv on I. s
. .1
i. n
Hill. Illl
.1 ..! -o
ii. I a.
l-l:. :.c
The Ulobe's l-atcst liirdle.
s'hi ty Kni,.r.riM
The last connect ion in the I'aeilie
Cable Company's line was made at
Honolulu Sat in (lav night and a
cablegram was flashed around the
world lu ' minutes. I In
message was sent bv Pre
ideiil 'lit
! One of the large trick sli,
! longing to llaign-ave'si ileus went
i through a reiuai kal.le pei , .; ui.iiic.
on Siindav liniiniuj. iiil.- lh
train in v, hieh the horse was !.,.iu.
taken to l.'uilai:'!, I., n .
l In 1 1 river at i'.'it IMw.,"l.
1 1 lie i'.iiiinal li.H ke, mil of t he ,,j.i n
; door of the car. tell lhionh a n. i-s
i of ;al Iclegi'apb W iles I UUlllIC; .:!,!:.;
j the bridge and dmpped int.. ' he
I liver, '"i fii-t Ik low. willi tluie
i l'1
To (let $.l,000,0(MI Each-
San Kraili-i-o INhiI.i, Mlt.
The Huntington estate iu Cali
fornia hits been equally divided be
tween the two heirs of the late C.
P. Huntington. They are Arals-lln
A. Huntington, his widow, and II.
I'.. Huntington, a nephew of the
deceased millionaire. This is the
liist division of tbe i;n,oon.iiii(i
estate, and a distribution of the
(-'astern ptoH-rtles will soon follow.
The California property of the
estate consisted of real estate in
(bis city, Oakland and Sacramento
and in the counties of San laiis
Obispo uud ah Angeles. Its value
exceeds aiNI,lHH.
Mi's. Huntington is given the
residence of Xob Hill, which her
husband purchased from the t mi
tons iu I still, at a cost of f.NHl.tHMl.
S. R. Poster has just received
I lot of nice Hums..
How'i This?
We offer On Hundred Oollari re
ward fur any caaeof Caiatrh that can
not be cured by Haifa Cartarrh Cvre.
' K. J. Chknst & Co.; fioprielori,
Tulcdo, Ohio.
We, Ih umlrmiijned, havyn known
F. J. Cheney (or the pavt 15 ycars.and
believe him peifcctly hunoiahle in all
btisinera trauaartioua, and financially
able to carry out any obligations matte
by their Ann, Wnt & Ttcax,
Wholcal Drusfnla.Toledo.O.
Waloikg, Kinsan k MacviN,
Wholeaal DruERHla.ToledJ.O.
Hall' talari h Car ia taken intern
ally, acinic directly upon th beod and
mucoii tntlacea ot the ayatern. Price
75c. per bottle. Sold by all druggists.
Teatitnoniala free.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Effects of a Hot Day in New York.
York m.ii-h, lilh.
There were eight deaths from
neat lotlay in New link, six in
Brooklyn and fully two score of
prostrations. It was the hottest
day in two yours, or since July Z
l!Hi, which was the hottest day iu
the hutlest month since the local
weather bureau opened in 171.
The ollicial record of that day, two
yeurs ago, was !)! degreca. Today
il ran to !'l degree at t o'clock iu
the afternoon.
Down iu the Directs humanity
suffered terribly. In tbe tenement
districts the heat was uuliearahle,
l.ilttle rliildreu suffered esix-ciully.
This state of 11 flairs continued from
early morning until lute at uigbt.
In the evening the scorched liihab
ilnuta sought relief on roofs, at tbe
nearby benches, or by taking cur
Wreck on the Southern-
Twenty three persons were killed
and bine injured in a head-on col
lision on the Virginia Midlaud di
vision of th Southern Railway, at
Hock fish, Va., Tuesday afternoon.
Pasrienger train Xo. 35, for Atlan
ta, dashed into local freight
standing on the track at that point
The baggage ear and the second
claws coach following it teleacoped.
Xineteea of the deid are colored
persona. Twoengineera and eo
ored fi rente a were killed.
Koosevclt nt Oysti-r I lay to Imvcr
nor Tall at Manila mid read as fol
lows: "I open the Anieiicaii Pneitit
Cable with greetings to you
the people of the Philippines."
(iovcruor lull replied Willi a
long cablegram. After this the
President sent tl message westward
Hound the world to Charles II.
Mackuy. who was with Mr. K.misi
vell ut Ovster I lav. Il was sent nt
1 1 :'.':) ti. m. mid was i-eceivt'd bv!-"
Mr. Mackav at II::!... Mr. Mackuy
r-il it'll, sending bis message cast-
ward. Ihe tune consumed 111 pars
ing urnu ml the world was III min
Thus the earth is girdled by elec
tric waves, nu achievement ol great
moment lo the l ulled States mid to
all the nations on theglobe. Since
the first message, "What liod hath
wrought," Hashed over the w ires.
there has been improvement after
improvement in electrical trans
mission, and now with a cable
around the earth and the ability to
send messages across the Atlantic
without wires, what may we not
expect in the coining days !
leplh of w uler and ! .1 10..1.
hoise waded ashore, where a
railroad 111. 111 1,1111,! ii liuinjiire'l.
save lor a slight scial eh on one foie
! leg. The horse w is not inissed
! until Whitehall was reached. The
was tii,
ind j joiirnev to Nullum!, I.
isheil 011 a special tiain.
The Independent American I arnicr
Longstreet'a Eye Not to be Taktn
Vllanta !i-Mt-h.atli.
Advices from (iainsville, (ia..
today, where it was reported yes
terday that t iciieral .lames Long
street, the ex Confederalc com-
inaiuler, was snll'criiig from a can
cerous growth, for whMi the re
uioval of bis eve would Is' neces
sary, say that the physicians have
decided that no oK'l'atlon w ill lie
pel formed soon.
It is furl her stated that there is
110 immediate danger and that
while (iciieral Longslreet's condi
lion is serious, it is not alarming.
The condition of t iciieral
si reel is materially improved to
..:..i.i t 11. !i.,.r r....i ,-is'.t
iociii. .vii. i - "" Women.
to I lie general laie mis niiernoou.
his physician, lr. K. P. Ham,
gave out the following statement:
"(iciieral Longstrect is much bet
ter. In fact, I found his condition
so much more satisfactory thai we
have indefinitely postponed the
When the Aineiiciin I.111111 1 rises
early in lln- morning it is to look;
over broad and li rule acies that 1
Ills ow ti. lieu he goes loith
It Is to lleMs that 110 human being
tan lawfully step upon .itliout his
consent. When he gallnis ami
garners the harvest In- !..n-s up
whal.rt a vast nia.n.iity of eases,
no greedy and rapirio-as .iii.!l,,i .1
cm lake from 1 1 1 in. Il is all his.
The proceeds 01 il me to dot he j
and feed him and his family aipl
educate his children: to In1 the.
support of his old age ami Hie
heritage of his posterity. Looked,
at from every point of view, it isi
doubtful if there is another human 1
being nnilci heaven who has more;
cause for carry ing a light lie. 11 1 and
a contended iiiiikI, I'm icganliiig the
past w ith satisfaction and Hie In
tine w ith hope, than the American
Mr. Polk Wants tli.l mborlla.
Uriel, duly ;. Wheat is sorry;
als ale good: tsiltoll
siuali .ilnl 1.1I. ; coin ..klllg very
i 11 e .ii-nb-i ing ihc tlry weather
a i l .-.,:,. ti bugs.
Ihe iie.ilth ol tills n.-ighbolhiMi'l
s ... il, their l iug very liltlesit k
iiis. 1 1!. inaii Si ut Mills is veiy
... and .jitis to die ut any
1. nu. Miv l'.-aiik I'.iulks is ou
ia nu i,. .s. S In-had the fever.
i,'. I was d-.wii al Ihe great
r.iniili l .Inly e. leliialion and it
..s a gland day. a day .f plenty
a:, I that ' was g'"l. and we old
. ti ia:;s it with joy. It
was a giaal dinner mid given by u-.l of I nion county.
I p it up ,ii Messrs. Ai uilielii's sta
'I. in,.! put my iiinl, u lla and lap-loU-tii
liis niiiee ami went on 111 y
wav 1. 1 ,1 -lug. W hen I came back
to star! home I went nil.) the oflico
lo gel 11, iiinl. i.-lla and ioIk, but
the inn'. u II. 1 was gone and an obi
broken one iu its place. Tbe per
s.ui w h. .lid that must have Urn
woikiieg !! gain, lioiind pickup
aii 'llier man s iiinbrella and put
some p; i-i s m place of it. Who
, -, ,1 y.,11 an- lake my uiiiluvlla
l.aik lo Messis. Auilield's stable
mil I will gel it and you will get
m, in-, ine. lake it back. Ioone
t'liti- Miiit is light and .shame the
li-;l. if y oil uevel did lielore. I
..ill it a trick. If it's the
i;is. .,r your Kike. mid and tbe
Lout's sake, lake il hack anil let it
lie tie-last. I am an old veteran
that gl.uies iu the fourth of July.
.Us. A. P..I.K.
Nigbt Wes Her Terror.
-I w e. 1 gh nearly all night
In ig. " w 1 -,'i s Ils. ( has. Apple,
ate. 1.1 A ii aiidi ia. Iml., "and
1, mid hardly get any sleep. I
had coii.uinpiioii so had that if I
walked a block I would cough
li i.i Hilly mid spit blood, Imt
v In n all other medicine tailed,
'nee !. bottles of Mr. King's
view I'lseoveiy wholly cured me
ami I g lined .".s poiitnls," It's
ilisi.'uli ly giiaranleed to cure
1 "ii g Ii-.. Colds, La (iripw, Iiron
lulls 1 m I nil Throat and Lung
lioiihles. I'nee ."ii.- anil ifl.(Kl.
1 1 i ll bottle free ill Luglish Ililg
i -iiiili.iiiy 's.
A Mild Looking CuiKuerer.
To hear of the sn.Hiping, f,lloll
'deeds ot .las. I!. I liike ns the domi
nant spirit of tobacco, one would
look 1'. bud something hooked,
. cu e, niul predatory ill bis face.
1 !t isn't there: his face mouth,
; !ii.e. 1 hiii. jaw. brow tits well
jitli the balance of the figure and
lakes its round, soft, pudgy place
! ,i commonplace The last thing
Mr. Iiiike resembles ill appearance
is a coiniit int.
' No Pity Shown
d'or years fate was after Ine
. continuously " writes V. A. (till
bilge Verbena. Ala. I hail a ter
i line case of Piles causing J tu
ineis. hen all failed Kuckleu's
1 ii it1. 1 Save cured me. laplally
.oi'd for limns and all aches and
pains. J."ie al llnglish Ming Co's.
Durham is Coming.
Theboaid of aldei'iueii at I'm
ham reduced the iiiiinU-rof saloons
from -Jit to p. gi ing license t these
until .laimary I. It this rale of re
fill III is to In- kept up. I'm hi 111 w ill
soon Is' entitled lo it place oil the
"dry" list.
(iirls a Plenty.
A l.oauokc, Va., dispatch ol llu-i
iinl says: Mrs. (leorge W, Cham--Ih'I-s.
wile of a I'riiiiklin county
fanner, today gave biitli In four
healthy girl babies. The mother '
and ipiartette are doing well. The
vicinity is excited over I he event,
Id and young, going lo
see the Utile ones. 1 resilient
llinisevelt has Ih-cii nolilieil.
Tlig other day :i little negro boy
threw up tu mv.dher of the same
rare, that his mother took in wash
ing. "Ob co 'se she do," replied
the oilier, "lbd j ou 'spect she
gwine to leal) it liungiu' out on de
line while vo' daddy is out ob
"Strength and vigor come of
good foot!, duly digested. 'Force,'
,1 ready-to-serve wheat and barley
In a!, adds no burden, but sustains,
iKuuislics, inv igorates."
1( you desire pure Ice, coin
bitied will) honest weights and
I rompt delivery, phone 30.
C.M.ii.i Wallace.
s Bafl Flour!
Long Hair
" About s year aio my hair was
coming out very fast, to I bought
a bonl of Aytr's Hair Vigor. It
topped th falling and mid my
hair trow very rapidly, uniil now 11
I S Inches In lenfth." Mrs. A.
Boydalon, Atchison, Kant.
There's another hunger
than that of the stomach.
Hair hunger, for instance.
Hungry hairnceds food,
needs hair vigor Ayer't.
This is why we say that
Ayer's Hair Vigor always
restores color, and makes
the hair grow long and
heavy, h n . an tarn-.
II iar rucr' caaiM.l atir-pl
Ban aa am dollar aad a aill an.r.-aa
Tnaabottla. Ha anra aad aiv tha nam
I roar aaara ir
affira. A1n
J, C. A V KK CO.. Uvall. Ma,
Brutally Tortured
A case came to light that for per
sislaut and uiimerciful tmtiire has
perhaps never Ik en cip a'ed. .bs1
(.ololnck of ( i.llls.l. ( ,llll'., wiil. s:
I'or . years I endured iiisiiilrrable
pain In mi llhciiniiilisin and iinlbing
relieved ine though I tried eveiy
thing know n. I came across l'.lec
trie Hitters and it's the great est
incdicine on earth for that trouble.
A few bottles of it completely re
lievetl and cured me." .Inst us
gisitl for Liver and Kidney trouble
and general debility, tlnly .iiic.
Salislaction guaranteed by llnglish
I rug ( '.
To Cure a Cold In nne Day
Take La native liromo V'liinine 1 jhlt-ln.
All ditiKKiata rptiiml the money il it
laila to cure. K. V. Grove' signa
ture is on each boi. 25 crnts.
Phone 1O6 when you want the
best meats, tender and fat. We
will do the rest. II. Z. White.
Our Ice House is opposite J. J.
Lockhait & Co.'i store, l'hone
us when you want Ice. No 3O,
Cadieu k Wallace.
When in need o( fresh meat
phone No. 91. J. D. Parker.
It's l,,u , nee is the inuker'aet
case tt.i ttic iiileiintily of hit
piuiliirt. P,vil flour is bad flour
ihi in.itti'1' how it ia matiipulat
I-, ti ti .1 jii:i,lc-i in patkiui. It
iill italics hack to the Mine
Hang. (.:"), I fljiii mixed with
p.n.r will improve the quality
ut Ihe hlcnil, hut like mining
white paint with Mack, it takea
an an till lot ul w lute to pro-ilui-e
any elfi-ct. bad or cheap
lluiir in lacking in gluten, Ilia
nutritious portion of Ihe wheat.
It also cuutaius a Urge per
centre nt the pulverised husk
or tiicil of the grain. All ol
hii h you don't want. Then
fine, we caution you to ask lor
the Invincible" brand. Tbi
In ami i iolil at the lowest
ptice for which really Aral
claaa flour can b (old, aud it
price ia the higliest you need
. lo pay iimrJcr to feet th beat.
Mr. Newman, cur local baker,
nays: "Invk-cihl" it th I can
get for baking,"

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