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Telephone No. !
Tuesday. July 21. IQJ.
Thought frvir. Sunday' Sermon-
iRn W I". t atcj. t
I like to t- a 111:411 proud of hw
nalvutiou: I ttr mm-u tmly a fw
Mich. Oh, when get upyomler
111 all tin' ;t:inilfiir ami glury, we II
ull If pi. mil, lint so few uf usiluna
licie iu the iltit and toil, an.
Kr t A ni:H 1
I hllT" l lIlVIUU tif BM-illlWSJt. tiull
will viiu la tin uiliilliin-iit of
y.-ur dream.
, .I... H A' !-
There in a tribunal In-fur which
must ull a--ar u:.d our live
should lie regulated lu uift Im-mi-preine
Mr. V. II. Itelk of Charlotte linn
wnt his I ii 1 1.' iiieeea iu Murur a
pretty little Huy anil bufj
The aldermen lwve 4i,Moyed
Mr. Turnbull to boring the
new artesian well.
Kev. V. F. Watsiiii if Monroe
ami Kt-v. W. F. Fry. ap-nt for tlie
kiptit Female ruiversity, will
KM-ak at the educational rally at
Winkle on Saturday.
(tu at fount f tlit temH-nine
meeting at Salem, the dale aft for
i-h-aiiini: off Hi" i-emett-ry at Nhiloh
Iiilh been i hanged from July 31st
to Augiit IM.
The Tirzali ltiltte Sm-iety will
uut-t at Tir.ali rhureli oil .Saturday
u( thi wk, at 1 o'cliK-k. lie r.
1. I.wynn of Steele Creek will
deliver tin- address.
Mr. V. M. Startles of Ibilord
thinks he can U-ut Mr. W. I. I'ly
ler'it peaches wbieh wer- KHkcii
of last week, lit' sends The Jour
nal Iwowhieh measure ti n inches
in HiTiimfi'ivniv.
Wo at reinitiated to announce
that persons interested ill timet ut
the old L !- II. Williams grave-
yard Saturday, August 1L lor the
iiii-iiM- if iiiiriv iiifx the ground
and lieaiitifying tin' graves.
A Iclegiam wan nwivwl jester
day saying that Mr. V. C. Austin,
who i.- at Wilmington with the Hie
'oniany, had sullered another ut
taek of nppeiidiriti. and that hr
was in u hospital for treatment.
Criminal court of one tcrk eon
veins Hie third of August instead
of tin- LMid. us Mated iu last week's
paper. Tlieie w ill Ik' two weeksnf
the civil term beginning the I'llll
of Aiij: list.
Mr. C. I'. MaiiKiim of Morten
lias been clecteit eashier of the new
bank at t'hesterlield, mid in now
w ith the Hank of Inion r-tt iim ;
Home practical eierienee uloiij:
that line.
Alma Iliower, the little dauchter
i if Mis. J. T. Ilrewer. hapIH lied to
n very painful in cident lust Friday.
W hile out pl iyinK Mie Mepped on
a rnke. the teeth piing alunt en-tin-ly
tluiiiili her fool.
Mr. V. F. Morpin haiijnsl com
pleted a hig job of pull in up ail
veitisinc si(:iiK for llelk I Iron. II)'
liis liticsy whit I he Iisin measiiied
each road leading from tow n for u
distance of live miles, and til each
mile post put up a si-n.
Mr. V. 15. franc of Marvin, who
was in town yesterday, inform
The Journal Unit the people in liis
neiclilioihood have juat Ih'-jiiu what
they expect to lie an eiht month's
wliiiol, four of it to U- siilw.-ription
a ml four free.
A laruc nuuilH-r of the meinlK-is
of the lire company left Sunday
inorniiij: for Wrijlitville, and will
May long enniih to unit the taste
of 'each. They deserve a nice
pleasure trip, und the recent help
Uiveu them enalile them to take
it, with aoiiie to spaif.
Mr. i. 1- Itroom nay lie knows
somethiiij: Hint w'll kt'i-p out wee
vil its phhI us anvlliinj.'. He nay
ifynii put plenty of preen hickory
leaves iu wheat when it input up a
weevil won't go uliont it. Il will
also keep them out of k'iw, Xt.
Itroom says. .
Wilson Hasty aud Margh- Also
brooks, the two ncgroe who were
arrested week Ix-fore laMt, and
wliosi-trial was M-t for Saturday
la-fore Mayor Houston and 'Si-uire
Simpson, came clear. Hasty was
immediately arreMed on nnollier
charge mid bound over till Wednes
day for it hearing.
Prof. W. T. Albright, principal
of I'ninn Institute, wa in town
yesterday mid nay that the people
.r I'liimiville are lireiiai inC for a
liig eduoalional rally on August
1st. Some speakers iroin niirono
u,- aiu., IiiI mid the occasion will
lie a pit nie one. Immediately after
the meeting on tmu uuy, a inwung
of the ! trustee w ill lie held iu the
Ionierian Literary hall.
The distivsNing Hound of the lire
whistle witN heard twite last Fri
day. The lirst alarm w a w rung in
at V.' o'clock from Mr. i". T. la
Uieu'H residence, the aecond alMiut
four in the afternoon from Mr.
Vann Sikes' home. Itolh lire
nriifinaied fiimi the cook stove ami
lint slight ditmaga wua done. The
fire company responuou pninipuy
to the calls, a they alway uo.
The liloueester ebanged hands
last Thursday evening. Air. A. a.
H iinnlc of ("liester ha taken charge
and Mr. tn Fcake will return
this week to her home in linton,
8. C. Fnder Mr. I'eake'i man-
airrment Tlin (iloucehter Wit COU
aidered by all travelling mena one
of the beat hotel iu the State.
Monroe regret to lone Mrs. l'eake
and he has made many friend
during her abort stay her. Mr.
Simple 1 an old hotel mau and
will keep The (jloueealer up 10 its
bigh otundard.
Just received 300 pouud lnt
varieties Lamircm a new crop iur-
nin teed. Wholesale and retail,
r t. rv
RAUMNU THE BUND THIERS I Mr. t W. Brwoer apeot yeater-, Mr. Xeil lUlfearn arrive.1 in the KIE DUX) VESTEkOAY-
'day in Hamlet. 'ettf Ibis lu.wiiin; after au alwm-e
Officer art Active- N- C- Price,) Mr. W. rk lsr made a buxiurM ''''eral mot.ibsiu Mwi-ippi. Ijt .lomenU Were Ones of Urvat O
OacarSimpioa and Others Ar-'trip tu Wilmiuglon Saturday. I Mis Line Whitfield h-ft this fain lolkmcd by Coma- Ke- l'w VftrV TrailM OhPTI iK P
..tte In . IUr. U . , ,'luoruimf f. AlU m-rle to -. !Mt lier -.rUbte ot an Ea- fltI ,JU WJ,W 0In0Ul
WhUkey in a More. I from a I-umi." trip lu K-ilrign. , trenieiy uu : un j
"lUiud lip r an- like irnuM, said
Constable I incus: you kill oue
crop and and another romca. The
way to do u to kis-p killing Vuu"
The otlierra have been aetive for
several day agaiuM illicit whUkey
aellera, not so uiueh f.T present of
feut-ea but f,ir piist onen. The
Siuinnu pliM-esaud the Price place
north of the court housr bate beeu
raided. Inide a lot of negro plai-ea.
Iu some lb ollieeia were siie-essful
in finding liquor, aud in others n4.
The most whiskev was oblaiuetl
when Ibe store room lately oreu
pied by X. ('. Price, ami now re
gaitleu as vacant, wan raided on
Sunday al"lennsni. Two pieces of
h.irrels of w hiskey aud three pie-es
of liarrels of wine were found,
Tln-s were taken to the Mayor's
oilier and held for evidence at the
trial, t'oustable Itivens went up
to Mr. Price's home in ioott're k
yesteruav morning ami arrested
hi in. He gave Ismd .for apia-ur
auee, till thi tiioruing when the
case were called lielore 'Stpilre
Mow. After the hearing the de
feudant w as bound over to court in
two cases, tli bond iK'ing tllH) iu
The SimpMiii place, run as an ice
house under the name or S. t .
Walsh, was raided Fiiday. but
nothing found, tiu Saturilay, the
other Sunpsiiu places were search
ed. ( ue barrel of bottled U-er was
found iu oue of the little store
room, undone barrel was found in
the ham of the family residence.
This Im-cii shipped from Char
lotte in a car of ice, and had been
placed in the barn in broad ok-ii
dav. Oscar Simpson was arrested
and put up alloti -ah InuuI for
Ins niipearauce for trial tomorrow.
In one of these stores eight barrels
of empty lieer Uittles were found.
. 8. .Nelson was nlsourrcMed and
placed under bond for appearance
F.iioch Hart's place, Milton lMr-j
gin's, John lUvis', and Francis!
Perry s, all negris-s, were searched
but no liquor found.
N'cIm- liuclniuan' place, near the
coal shute, a house of bad name,
was searched and liquor found.
There are several cases ngainsl
these parties, mid iu some they
have already hecu bound over to
'Squire M. L Flow and 'Squire
N. S. Ogburii have iv.ned the war
rants lor theurrcsts, und more un
to follow. Policemen Howie, Iji
ney and Williams and Constable
Iti vens have served them.
A Sad Death.
1 tenth is ulwavs sad, but incx-
pivssilily so when it claims one far
away from home and loved ones.
I nivcrsul sorrow is felt over the
atb of Mr. I. U. Cracker who
passed nway at 5:10 yesterday
morning ut the Com men ial Hotel.
Mr. Cracker came to Monroe sev-
al months ago from Manniugton,
W. Va., to take charge of the Isir
iug of the new uitesiau well. Four
weeks ngo he was stricken will) fe
ver, but his Nvmptoms did not be
come alarming until Friday. Ten
derly was he nursed by bis devoted
friend and co worker, Mr. 1 hos. J.
t! recti, assisted by kind new-made
fi lends, but skill ami cure could
not He was
in the prime of matihoot'licing I I
years of age. "There net er breath
ed a more generous spirit tlnin thai
of L. L. Cracker," said Mr. tirccn.
'-He always spoke calmly of death
aud often said he was not afraid to
die." Mr. Cracker leaves it wife
and two small children and to them
the hearts uf our people go out in
deepest sympathy. The remains
were carried to Manuliigtoii lust
News among the Churches
ltcv. 1. A. Snider and Itev. J.
W. Little ure holding a meeting iu
North Monroe.
(in next Monday ltev. Messrs.
W. F. Watson und J. L. Ilcnnett
will begiu a meetiiig ut Oak (irove.
During the week followingtlie first
Sunday iu August Mr. Watson will
help ltev. J. A. Itivens at Fniilks,
and following the second Sunday
these two will ls ut I num.
For the week followingtlie third
Sunday Mr. Wutsou will help lfev.
0. O. Wilhoit at Marshvillc.
There wn no service at the Meth
odist church Sunday night, owing
to the fact thai the pastor wauled
to hear und worship with Kev. Mr.
Watson at the Ituptist church.
Stockholders Meeting.
The annual meeting of the slock-
holders ol the Perpetual lluildiiig
and Ioan Association ot Monroe
will be held iu tho Peoples ltauk
ut Monroe, X. C, on Monday, Au
irnst 10th at II o'clock a. in., for
the purpose of electing board ol
dim-tors for the ensuing year and
attending to such other buisuessits
may come before them.
Ik V. AslH'KAKT,
Hecretury and Treasurer.
5tockholders' Meeting.
The sbs-khalder of the I'nion
County Farmers' Mutuul hire In
sura nee Ansociation will hold their
annual meeting in the ronrtboiise
in Monroe, X. I'., on Saturday, the
1st dav of Aug.. l!Hi:i, at o clocK
Iet each uieuilier see to it that he
is present, and find out ull about
the working of this association.
W. II. Plllh'KK, President
nr. Welsh's Eleven Room House
for 5ah
This is desirable property, as it
Is near tho renter of the town and
very convenient to business men
It wonld also unit those wishing to
take tourists who come to be bene
filed by the artesian water. The
bouse is In good condition, having
been remodeled and palnteu receui
Iv. Also, a nice rarden and out
bouses add to the value aud desira-
hilirr of the Droucrtr.
For further information apply to
Mr. V. E. HouMoa ha returned Uw'uw r :"l7t!'y ' Ut ', "rtbte vl-
from a 1.-- trip to Italeigh. J- ' treniely ttld .Tan
Mrs. FJIa Wilson sor, I la' I. Mn ur!'h?tt-. ": "'"V" ! . ,l:,"T,"l, -'"t'J'I'
. ... .... - . .. u prupi ictomof t be l.iiq:iiri-r, isveL i i Jead. 1 he laM lluker
' " at hl-s mother's Innne at lbs k Ki-sf.
Mrs. T. J. Jerome isviwliiig ivl , ... . ,
- in .....i. .MM ornie I aimll has ifliiiino
stives la Albemarle. , ... ,. 0 ,. . .
'from Abbi-v ille. S. t .. where she
Mi5 lwi llath if Comtird U h Ui u iMling f .r several days.
I lui I uhiu. ..I Lull I . l-i- t.t : It: .1..
... . I -r" "i" womieriiii mail ills nie. nissim-ii
li Cnih I -1..1. .. .,r f :ukli,ltlu - :, :. . . . . . : I.. ..... . 1
...(..... . - ui aunr iMinorniw i uiu i"i,,lid luttle aL'.tiuM i istase was
leo Mil
i.flllee '
pired at f,ii iikiiu'ii. pa-l I .. ! ck
this afteiiKMiii and the Punlitl' imw j
lies at tW. The peliH of over!
tw,i n-k that Pom- Ijti p;uvs (I m :
I lie,. i.l death was no le
v .sited friends iu the ril) last w k. ,uilt yr! n. t. luilingMy.
Mr. Theodore l'eake has ret in net I
from a visit to Chewier.
Miss Johnnie St urdivaul of Char
lotte SH-nt last week iu the city.
Mr. Hugh McAliMcr of Charlotte)
speut Friday uigbt iu the city.
Mi- liora Aldriclt hits returned
from a visit to SM-neer.
Mr. J. It. Siuipsou speut jester
day in Charlotte.
Mrs. T. A. Sikes of Spencer is
visiting her sister, Mrs. II. Preslar.
Mr. C. T. Hallmaii has returned
from a trip to Iteiiuetlsville, S. C.
MissKstelle Monroe is visiting
her little friend. Mis Helen Wll
moth, in Charlotte.
Mr. K. ('. William returned
from a business trip to Portsmouth
Mr. Kvart West left last night
for Xyack, Xew York, to visit bis
Miss Pat Adams returned home
Saturday night after a two weeks
stay at Jacksou Springs.
Mrs. A. S. Cos eu of Hamlet is
visiting her parents, Mr. und Mrs.
M. !. Flow.
Mr. Fruuk Armtield went to
Morgitnton yesterday on legal busi
ness, he will return Wednesday.
Messrs. Jas. McNcelv, .las. and
John Stewart are sieiiding several
days ut Wrightsville llc.ich.
Miss llettie McCall of Charlotte
is visiting her sister, Mi's. Ilaltie
Mrs. liolim-r Stewart will leave
Thursday to spend some time w ith
friends at High Point.
Mrs. J. C. Williitui is visiting
her sou, Mr. i.lcrhy Williams ol
Mis. Win. Archer w ill go to Co
lumbus, tia., Thui-stlay to visit rel
atives. Miss Mamie Walsh is visiting
her brother, Mr. J. II. Walsh ot
Mr. Ii. S. Iieeuud family return
ed home to day utter several weeks
slay in the coiuiliy.
Miss Annie Williams has return
ed from nn extended visit iu east
Monroe township.
Misses Hit and I-ois liishop of
Hamlet are visiting .Miss .latiie
Misses Margin and Fiigeuia Hitch
are iu Charlotte this week visiting
their sister, Miss lioliliii liitch.
Mr. Heruioii Itenton of llamlel
is visiting bis parents, Mr. and
Mix Frank Itenton.
Mis. K. T. Wade of Wilmington
is visiting her futher, Capt. J. W.
Mr. lteginald Wrenii of I lender
sou is visiting his uncle, Mr. C. W.
Mr. Sue Hough and daughter,
Miss Myrtle, have returned from a
visit to Asheville.
Miss I.iwie Propst of Concord
has returned home nfter a pleasant
visit ut Mrs. bllen hit.geruld s.
Mr. F. W. Crow left Saturday
for WrigUtsvillo lU-ach, where be
will end a week.
Mr. Fred Thomas of Italeigh
spent Saturduy and Sunday here
witli bis sister, .Mrs. ll. is. i.ui
liev. tieo. II. Atkinson left yes
terday afteiU'Hin for Allan where
he is conducting usericsof services
this week.
Dr. Horace Smith came liouie
from Little ltock, Ark., Sunday
uiuht to Mieiid a month with his
Miss Liiro Hvrmn of Wnxliaw is
staying in the otliee ol the telephone
exrlnuiL'e diirmu the ubseiice. ol
some of the operatois.
Miss Is-ola Met 'all, the popular
"hello girl," will leave Satuulity
for u visit to Concord and other
Mr. John llass ltrown returned
to his home in Charlotte r inlay
after several weeks visit to Mr.
John Fairly.
Master Floyd and Misses Lois
and Fannie Anderson of Charlotte
visited Miss Margaret Held Hous
ton lust week.
Mrs, Herls-rt Harrier of Tennes
see is exiectl this week to visit
her parents, ami Mrs. U I'.
Mrs. John It. Siniiisnn, who has
beeu ill for sometime, is very mm li
improved, much to the delight of
her many friends, '
Mrs. Iloyd of Atlanta, who hit
been with Mrs. Peake for some
time, left Saturday for rivaniiaii,
Mr. Rob Wolfe left Saturday for
Alcolu, 8. C, to visit hi brother,
Mr. Fred I. Wolfe. He will prob
ably accept a posit iou there.
Mrs. J. F. Laney entertained a
number of friends ut tea last Thurs
day evening coniplimeutary to Mrs.
Boyd of Atlanta.
Jim. Frauk Turner returned to
her home tu Houston, Texas, Sat
urday, after au extended visit to
her husband relatives Here.
Mr. John McAllister relumed to
his home iu (Jaftuey, 8. C, Hatur
day after several weeks visit to his
sister, Mrs. it. u. iteuwue.
wall bed the world over with Mill
Misses Kathb-ene Wbitlield and i Mthelicailuiirati.m and ended only
All.iiiarle left
visit to Char
Velum Mrrw of
this uioining for a
i b-tte.
Mrs. Flli-.n lUlk of Un.
Creek townMiip left this miiruliig
for the Presliy teriau mwpilal at
Mr. FuMai-e . itlm u-simpaiiiel
Mr. C. Ii. Wull on a visit to Mr.
Wall's parents ut Walltowu last
Miss Anna Carder of Itarls-rs
ville. S. C, is at the Caldwell
hoirsc for a few weeks. She came
up for the henctit of the artesian
Master Carl Curler, son of Mr.
O. C. Curlcc. bus a ixisiiiou with
I his brother, Mr. J. It. Curbs', in a
large dry goods eslalilishment at
j Corpus t ri.Mi, Tex.
Miss Ix-olit Pr,lar returned Sat
urday night from a v isit to ivla
tives at Lincolutoii and Shelbv.
She wiis iiccoiuuiiicd by little
Mary Crowd! of Liiicolnton.
Mrs. Henry t.n-en and childn-u
have gone to Wrightsville lieaeli
for a few days und will visit rela
tives iu the custcun part of I In
state Is-fore i-etu in iug.
Mrs. lion I 'ell of Jiiliusloii
county, and her three children,
came Friday night to spend two
months w ith her parents, Mr. :t'l
Mrs. W. i. Long of (bsise Creek
township. Miss I.illie Long, who
has liecn leaching for a year iu
Johnston, also came home Friday
Mesdaiues Wilsuii (irilliu, It. I'..
llealh,.!. I'.. Ashcralt, D. A. Hous
ton, J. C. Sikes. O. M. Sanders, C.
C. Sikes, O. P. Heath, W. C.
Heath, .Misses l.llen lleatli. Iv,
t raw loi .1, mid Messrs. II. K..O. I'.
and W. C. Heath ure down by tin-
deep blue sea sieiiiling a week
ut Wrightsville lleueli, one of the
mo delightful spots on the At
lautie coaM.
liev. J. W. Little is wont to say
that he bus seen two big things iu
his time, iiiiiuely, the Atlantic
Oeean mid the Southern Itaptisl
Convent inn. These express his
Idea of bigness, and while he may
use foieible language in describing
other objects or occasions, mine is
used tliut might give the hearer an
idea that either of these was up
proximated. Take, for example,
the lute temperance coin cut ion at
lialeigh. which Mr. Little at) led
nl'ler having sciit three weeks in
getting to it. It did not appeal to
him us a great occasion so much us
a fervent oue.
'It showed," said Mr. Little,
''lliat this temperance business has
broke out on people like the mea
"These boys are going into the
matter of breaking up blind tiger
dens w ith great mid commendable
energy," said it cilien yesterday,
referring to Policemen Lanev unit
Williams und Constable Livens.
"To say thut the law against wliis
key selling can't Is- enforced is ull
a humbug, und is usually employed
as an argument by those who ure
in sympathy with the business.
These men have shown that, al
though ull the blind tiger men who
are caught can't be Convicted, Un
arrest w ill break up the business.
There is one man iu town who has
never Is-fore admitted that he
couldn't buy whiskey, but he has
come to (hat admission now."
"I can't do much on big peach
es." said Mr. K. F. Kriiuminger of
Line Creek this morning, "but I
have a pullet that hits laid seventy
live egg this senson, is still laying
aud hits never wanted to set,
More Temperance Rallies
Iu addition to the temperance
rallies published iu last week's pa
lter, the following appointments
have la-en m ule: l'rosiect chiireli,
Aug. 7 Col. llotchkiss, liev. W.
V. Iloncvclilt, tlco. P. Stevens;
Mt. Plentant. Aug. 7 liev. M. 1.
Preslar, II. M. Nicholson, liev.
D. A. Snider, X. S. Ogburn: Wax-
haw, Aug. 7 liev. tieo. H. At
kiusoii. W H. Phillips, David Me
Xeely, Knimclt Smith. The follow
ing will In- August Nth: I'liionville
Kev. M. A. Smith, O. C. Curler
I'uiou school house Col. lloteh
kiss .1. T. Hiiggius, liev.J. A
Itivens; tiilboa liev. A. W. While,
J. K. Dowd, Dr. II. D. Stew lilt;
Shiloh Mai. Andrews, liev. A
Marsh; Corinth W. T. Albright,
tieo. P. Stevens; Morgan Academy
liev. U. II. James. X. S. Oghtirn,
O. I. Hins-on; Wartllaw, liei'. W
F. Wats-in, R. F. Ilcaslcy.
Riverhead's musical eople who
attended the presentation of the
om-ra Cavulleria Kustirsna in
Uiverbeitd Hall are a unit in saying
that it was mm of the finest treats
ever brought to Unig Island. Liv
erhead, X. Y. Xew.
Mr. ('. K. Sfhachner of Monroe
nirked eit'lit tomatoes from one
vine this morning and they weigh
ed eifc'ht pounds. The viiie i over
six fret high, has hud seventeen
tomatoes, and the smallest one
weighed hall a pound.
I'w-st fruit jara at Flow's.
llring your chickens aud eggs and
get highest prices in cash or trade.
Ws buy them. M. U'Brootu
alter a M-ric of tiemendous t il. .in
to conquer the weaknesstil bixagetl
frame by the marvelous will Hiwer
of bis mind. The plt-uro pneu
nioiiia which His lbiliiies- has Ihi ii
sutieriug a searts-ly uk re.ii
sil-le for h: .1. ill. as llutt iut-t i'.i
lite llei ax of II-.MK- W till II rlllies
lllioll ve.usot life. The tebil
sl.s-l which Iiils Is III so often lielore
hutiiaii ills a is.iui.l to bleak at
I.inI. To night the eiu.ieialisl and
llfelcN frame which held so brave
a spirit lies on the bed in the Vat
ieau lieside which ull the world
has prated. The ivd damask cot
eilel rests lightly over the body
the cardinal's scarlet cape is ulsiiit
the shoulders, while on bis head
has Is-eu placet! the p.ip;il liutsl ol
velvet, Isudered with er.iiine. A
white silk handkerchief is IhiiiiiiI
alsmt his chiu und iu his
hands, w hich have blessed so many
thousands, bits been placed a cm
cilix. Ni I'iiim- I..-.I will remain
until to-morrow, wab htsl liv uni
foi inetl olli.vrs of the Nobble
tiiiard, and roughclad Franciscan
potent iarics. who will keep a cease
less vigil until the burial occurs.
To -morrow the sacred college of
cardinals well assemble for the im
pressive ceremony nfiifliciallv pro
llolilieiiiL' Pope l-o dead. After
this I'll net ion !nts been )h-i formed
the boily w ill U taken to the small
thri'SK' us, in adjoining the detilh
chaiulM-r.wliereit will iM-eiiitia ni .1
The funeral ceremonies will extend
over nine days, the remains being
removed to the Cathedral tif St.
Peter's w here they w ill lie iu slate.
The ultimate rest iug place of the
dead Pout ill will Is- iu the mag
nificent basilica tif St. John tin
Literati. Poie Ij-o's final moments were
marked by that same devotion, and
when lie wits coiu ioiis lliat calm in
telligence which is asMM-iulcd with
his '.'.ri year' poutilicate. His was
uo e.i. death. All hour U'lore he
died, tuiiiiug to Dr. Lappoiii and
his devoted valet, I 'io Centra, he
in ii i in it i -tl : "The pain 1 stiller is
most terrible." Yet his parting
wolds were not of the physical an
guisli lliat lie sintered, nut wen-
whispered Ih-iic.I ni urns upon the
cardinals and bis nephews, who
knelt at the iM-dside, mid the la-st
look of liis almost sightless eyes
was towards tin-great ivory cruci
fix hanging in the death chamlx-i'.
Practically all the cardinals in
Koine, kneeling lit the bedside,
watched the passige of liis soul.
Earlier in the day Cardinal S-rafer-Viiuiiut.
Ill had iuiilressivcly pro
nouiiced the absolution iu urtieiilo
mortis. The condition of His
Holiness varied from agony to
coma. vt Miwg to relieve, ir.
Ma.oui suggested thut morphine
should Is- aliliiiuistered. but Dr.
Lapponi did not agree fearing that
Hie end might Ik- quickened.
A tiood Word for the fctt spapers.
i ..tTi -Hiili-ii,-i- m! Tin- Journal.
Rushing, July l.'i. Your cones
pon.leiil has l-eu sick of fever for
I lie last few weeks, but is able to
ite again now.
We are expecting Dr. Perkinsto
ocate in this community soon.
We have had a great deal of rain
this summer and crops are very
pi Kir.
W e say burrali lor I lie Journal,
ilso for the other county piiN-rs,
lor Ihey have taken n linn stand
igaiust the saloon and the unlawful
sale of intoxicating liquors, und
their inlliience w ill certiiinly lie felt
in I'nion county. Sometimes pro-
nle net mad with the editor urn!
'cuss liun, Inn still ins in ll nt'iift
lives. U-t us stand by the news
papers of the county, for they cer
tainly deserve our support and eu
cotiragcnif nt. II.
For Sale
A good Iii.nhI mare und two
voting mules one I i months und
one .'I months old for cash or good
paper. II. l'ltlt.Ait.
We will sell to the highest bid
der, for titsb, on Saliirdav Aug.
1st, l'.Kl.l, at the lale residence of
Joseph McNcelv, two mile west ol
Monroe, the billowing property:
About 4 ( buiiilies wheat, .'!."
do.en oats and a lot of fodder.
farming implements. household und
kitchen furniture, etc. This July
l.llh, 1!MKI. liespeetlully.
I Ml -
under the direction t.f Mr. Fnib r
if S. ;.i-ile on
Thursday Evening, July 30th. S
LaEE & LaEE, l
cio7:r.c. gests1 iTMiseijcs, hat $
set cor-ss. r,:
" Spcciill JlllH't m
Ii in I'lanm 1 ami 3
l M
" OiiJiuir S'iil. S
Tickets fail s.iU- al Sllllte.-
1 si AL Pirn i:s.
Special Notices.
A list int nls iU In- i iMjtt-J 111
tins ci'liKi.) at tlir puv u! iMn ct ut -u
woiil, casU hi Ivuiici ,
Sf-veii-M-ai Ul'l llaaV.l tr-1 M..VM-V.
hati tt4ll.l.Tel n;,v tl !il al-iine.
jihI I kuiiI.I be lli:inUul f n any 1
uuiioti iri;4iiai;ij; liun. 11- i ' Hii k
M-t anal ail iinii c-ilui. It aiiylau iy
hais srrn In n pK-ii-e lit me Liu.
Mary Massey, rulort-J, M .moe, N. C.
I dav
S. t
la-Inn Ial.
L. t. II;
Nc:r!:.U(''' Shirt"
Straw I hits,
Linen Collars,
ami Sitk Tics.
All New
iiiitl Stvlisli.
CANNING til l I 1 1 - The Kialt..
CaiiuiiiK Outlit i III- i'Iic 1 j"'sl.
11101-t tMuvi-meiit ami irlulilt- r siinei
1-11 the market. Lt-rvtlii:it: .otnelttt
fur ulil y J mi. I ill i-.ll,- l.y J. II
lleiitou, Miiiniae, N. C.
OK SALK .1 oiler fur sale Mt
petti liuue plant, a si'It-inlul as.
a-tiitiueiit uf fine plants. 1 wish to i;itr
all my attention lu the bakery.
C. 1' . Newman.
CAKKV evti ylliini; yuu lave iu uld
Iiuu to I. IV 1'aiker. 1
KMi:MI'.LK the Inst meals ill tl.r 1
( ity are bailal hy Wal-
hue. I'linue l'i.
WIC deliver be tu our customers al '
a.iy hour mtilit ur uay in ease ol ,
Hitkiiesta. riioiie lit. Cailn-UaV Wallace. 1
Lee Ijee.
T0(&0COCOC 0CC;.".Cv.--"--t C 'JC ,'CH.C00iX,Xs2COC)0lXXXX)00000O
ni.MtMHl.K you can eel the best
Ll fresh meat at J. 1). I'jikrru mar
riioiie No, i.i,
WIIKN ya.u want be plume 31a.
I'lumut lielivei v am! hoiu t weight.
Caibt-U .V Wallace.
Salo of Land.
Hv wit; I mil-..
K i-"ii La I
.1 ian.1 .111!, I-,-.-!-r..(
Ii.-- I-
L Mil! luia.ia- l -a 11
ill. 1111. 1 -....I
- I t -n , . I I. .1,1, I
I 1.. tt
1 .1 imIm?. 1
-;i: 1 ii. .
I.:, a. 1..1
1..I111 11 ll...
. ', 1. ..ii
5aturday, August 22nd, lIU,
'.ami '
II 11. 1'ia. Ii
l.-.r In M"
M-llU 'I frtlt
I Vina: laiial l.-iiik- HI --a'Dliia
if SiiTl'l I lll.'lllllt. H'l'.ailll
l..i... K I' llu I. in... 11 11. 1. 1 . 1'
Ti.ltnw.' Ht-iiniiiiiidi nn in. 11 -
I nin- v.' K I-
Ml II 1WI1' Inn- 1 T "ll II m.l I
I W I 'j K II a .!,. "..,.1 .1
I llll I III) Til" Illl' l I. IT'
1 III h-I... It. ,111 r. .n .i4i.,
I Illl 'l.-. U I, tt I. ..
Imii -Nil,. Ll I" la t lii-n. a- ll-
Ii - '"ll -I". la- l.v ll:ia a.:.i "ii
A'.. M II .1 .a liiiaa
, It "'l' - 1" 11 i s
'1 s '.'.. K a. i-.l". in I'm
Liltll'ia: I ,a 1, ! a 11 1. 1 I ll ii-. l.-il
f I 1
i.l- ..I It I
S....I I"
,.f ll" .'
.Iii'l -tl'li. I'-sl
A lot of Hi gallon
ill Flow's.
kegs for sale
Pawn Broker' Clothing-
Strictly sanitary, all wo jl, men's,
youths and boys coats from 50c
tu 00. Good cnoueh for ny
one to wear. Coats out of $10
nd $2u fuits. Come and see me
tn.l I will s ive you money on
votir clutbing. Only 10 minutes
atalk fruin am noiiliwest ol the
comt house. J. II. Hesios.
Montoe, N. C.
(or a man witli limited capi
tal is Insuring. With a pol
icy of insusance in tlic
Old Line Companies,
you can da as Nero did, 'u:
Uc fiddled while Koine burn
ed, because he had a policy
of Insurance aud knew he
couldn't lose much. Let us
Rive you rates, etc.
Life, Accident, and Health
Gordon & Thompson.
Aq Order.
Mumoe, K. I". 0., July in, iija.j
Messrs. HILL & IUVKNS.
Gentlemen: Please semi me hall
sack Hum', 2 pnuiitls roasted rollee, 50
cents witli s 1 a 11 i.l a tea) nti, 1111
huikel la al, I poullil (ni tiihaccn, I
et plates, knives and forks, tea cups
anil saucers, one nice lamp, 1 gallon
reel "C" oil. In pu nils nice lib meal,
3 pounds barks, anil 5 gallons kikhI
molasses. Find enclosed ,in to pay
(or same. Yuma truly,
V. R, Lint-back, tlic jeweler,
luus united bin store for a few
weeks, wbilo iniproveinenls are
bring iimile iu bis store, next to
llelk's uiillinerv store to tlic room
between Crow nros,.' und the Peo
ple's Itank.
Kitty--Don't you think mous
tacbc looks horrid on a womar.s
upper lip?
lSertlia I dout know how il
looks, dear; but it dosen't eel tt
all bad.
The order was filled and the follow
inK note accompanied it:
Utar Sir : We stttd you eveiy arti
cle you mentioned and your proper
change ((4 00) kecpini; out null puce
of the articles you oidtred.
Give us another older.
HILL im tNS.
Can You Iteat That Any w here?
If you can't, rome and aee 11s or
1 send us your order. We will till yom
order as cheaply and as honestly as it
you were licra looking at ut.
By this means we have the confi
dence of the people and expect to keep
kill & Bivens.
I want your country produce o(
all kinds, bee me before you
tell. S. R. Doster.
V 5
are now in order,
o Make prejini aticna beforehand by buy
g buying you a n-v.v Sugcy or Wagon. It
ji; will add ple.suro to the profit of such an
occasion. vvc r.itve the largest assort
ment of
Buggies Wagons
n ever carnci
?. satisiy the
tnern V'n 1
?Mck in Monroe and can
sii;:plost or most fastidious
iiiivt 111 tuicn iou ouia ui uai-
You can get a set at
any price you dusire. Thoso goods were
ail bought from manufacturers, not job-
iii'-a middle man'sproflt.
we will convince you of
ness to select from
bers. thereby
Call on ua and
what we say.
We have a few refrigerators in stock
that wo do not desire to carry over and
will sell you one at about what it cost.
The Heath-Lee
Hardware Co.
1 -t y,
A "fH i
OaK Ridge !nstitutc--51st Year.
l'irp.iii-s Im' the I 'nivi-Kilie-i nul I'ollcurs n ttell as- for biiHineta, for teach
1111; and for lile. Situ.ite.l n- .u Imh-iim oro, N. t., our 10011 feet ahove the
sc.i level, in vif-f of the 1:101:111.11111--. Lai tot and l-rst eiiiipped tilting school
foi young men and hovf in tin- Sooth. Kales is w to 5175.1m per annuiil,
l or 1 1 autilial ratal, rib-, a.l.b. v-t J. A. ,V M. II.' HOLT, oak Ridge, N. t.
1r.,vta -V
J J .' I ' W.'. .-.. Vi-ia-V
tug franklin j
The tet Typewriter on the 1
uuiket. Vou can pay more 1
taut you cannot get a better
one. Its work is always io
full view of the operator; 1
it is simple in roiistructloti; and li is slooj the test (or many vein,
proving its durability. The alignment is always perfect, and the price
is t ;j 00 to all. tor tale by the Monroe Hardware Co., or any of '
the otficca of 1 1 1 Tr.K-TOW fcK CO., Boston, Mau.
Southern branch 21O Jenifer linilil ji;, Washington, D. C.
'Let the COLD DUST twins da your work'

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