North Carolina Newspapers

Tht Kind You ll.ivo Always Boiislit, ami which bus Isee
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- ami Ims Inn ii niude under liU pr
j f , '"""l iliHT Nl.m tiiiev ll iin'mii-y.
Wsjyv t'Aif. All-w u one til-h y.u iu thix.
All 1'iMiiilortV'its liiiil.uioni au.l " Jnt-i t'i" "f' lit
I.VH-riii.nit-i I hilt t rail with nn,l -iil..;r-r lh liitilih if
lul.tiit uuJ t Uillrvu-rM riiu- ii-uui-l tlviM-riuieut.
Castona U a liarii.tevs Mib-.titiit fur tiitor Oil, Iar-purii-,
ln-.s ami smiiliiui? .rii. It N I'lcavint. It
t-.nil.iins uritii.T Opium, Morphine, imr ulli.-r Samtit
"iilt-iamo. It :(!: I its iriiiiraiiti-,-. ll .li-teus s Worms
Mini all.ns Va-tt'iilim'. It tun- ltarrlii-:k h.kI Wind
Colic. Il relic,.- Tea-thin; TriMiliU o. cures iitiMtin
uuil riatulciicy. It Ufimilatc tlio I'mxl, rvKtilutc the
IMimi.i. ll unit l.ottcl, feitiii!; healthy ami natural kvk
The t Itililicu's I'aiiactNi-TIi' .Mother' 1'ricinl.
Bears the Signature of
MOW TO GROW .TORE COTlOV u-eiwrtt iir,j.r-ls the ft xiuctico
i x k ij-- s i j, ,! ccJ The day
To do IhU the Farmer Must Srlevt hen roneis fun afford ta plant
j liis eJ. Thoruuuhly Till anJ 4n ..;t ft c tt n ej has passed, j
! lertiliie His Ground nd Pruo- -nl u-td ti ii k:i .v.ti variety, se-.
erly I'rvpane
the I'ruuuit lr
if i;-'iu t
Ici.f t - i
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
TC ct- "M Ccn. ,
I i' Hill ill, 1 I I NT : 1 1 1 1 ' M M ' II 1 : 1 1 ! 1 1 ' i ! M ! I ll!l HI II lltll I ! Ill I M III lll.l llll tlMII'll I MM 1 1
liilllilllllliil l.i;iillh.,. n.1,1 II, llllll!ll!!i; I'i.lliilllllllillllillllllllllllllllllllllillllill
w. s
M. r.CK.
ice-1 'resident-
j. K'vvioMt sum',
S at-, I3ut Fi ou'essive and Liberal.
.IV (.
1 I t"J
.t rui,:
oi our Pretty Steel Banks,
A.i -i lido bv Hr'.trt J . '..
Ur, phjM.l g:t in chutice : t'
plant lrrri!ii: !,it t it tx :n :. .
Jopiruut' it i't ..t; c i tin e r I
pt, uni t 't l 1 !.. I ;
k-. lion, " in tin- ! k ii',
Jtp::rtrer.t t( . tr . u!: :r. , c i
tail's .-ti.'lK'l. !l
a!'v a.! I'-i-i!, t.l
i iisir t.icti i-e in the ctt n pt
.lilft,.'!! , t tlir t llilv.l !V.iU
lhi- i-u. t t i hi.h it is p :!
!-v tl.r a.l-'j'tii-ti fl s.u n!.".-1
.d i 1 . 1 I'C til:' !.l t !!l
.ili.ii-tit' .u,i.-i !J 1 1 f 't;. n
rii tin I'i.i.- ! ti .--.'.x ! ,.:
I i ' u . I .!.. t ; i r ,i r -. , -i
inri C It "1 fi''lJ S.s p -i;ti !
t el iCt : alt trcj.u -i.t.y i:t i;t: I
,,rt iiMi' !.itce c at li.l.x ci!t :! i
tr.i ts Mi. U i'Hht l :, t
b-.-.rru- :!i it :! . p.--tl l- t ' (If t
!v in, t.-.e the a, ! . I
t i .'tt n la tin- IVs-.i I M .., -;
IU- sivs th. t - !itt!;- j'p 'tt'ii , v
l.-r i tcinl.!-i; i:k' n ! it:;
'. new rest.-r.s, ,:..! a i:-.-.. !.
jl.i'iT ru-irae i'f i -!t. ti c mi!. I In
s;t 'Wtl in the !,! ft: :i pi ',(n. -.
ir.; Nut.. it ii.cts.; .lcii:.u..:e.l;
i it. tlrere is a t.n.l.-u.y in tl.i--e!
' itt s t.ittut.l ti; el ,1 t. tni;nj
i.itiirr nnti.i r .t-r.-uiv iti -t: :
,n c t:.u pr ! I 'M n
, I i.L s t!i.'ti-t ti!
: lu!.t pt- '"'i tn t:
t 'U wets -0. I! ! '
I rncti .i-.l's' t!u' pr. J r.
i ill. i' a Ti i' !!.
tli it :n:f i" ii.'ri
. ,'tlnT c 'uiftio is .' i! !v
. 'ii-i. Ii tally t 't-:.,I' .!,
ivri-, n i! ,i -!(:.--- I
i u;,l wi'.l ,'n!v s;.,-!.t'
I n ! ,.!r. aii.l tn a tl.e An
-Ii n'. l -!,,c. I v ti.e a; ( '.
' I irnj t -v. I nutii - ! v
' ! an. I l!u- i:-e ! :: i a . 1
, t c.itt 'ii. iv ' Hi.; 111 i .a
: in -:,, It. . ! ' k; t ; hi II ,11 u
i , 't ij'ttit -t in t -tr-n i
a hi i- i i t-1 rr ,;' ,i .
j s : , ! 1 1 I V , i. A . i I 1 It i . I
l'r WVK-.rt'.v vv-il
: cii.u.i .r f tin' s ,: i-!:v i
! .-ii-atf-i !.:.p itatw !!' I i
ti l ur. t' ! ' r't1 ti''
lict.J ! i;- : , ( its di-sirable
; ' 1- ! , ! ;!. -!,,.i'v to Uvul
, ii.'i'i ns, -I .i he pLnteJ."
, . ! 1 K I KK 'K l-IV)-ll.
Tlu- tra-!i'i n.l h lief that an
kv i-i na! ciiuiitit' i'i Srctl is nece--iry
it g.wl rr ps aic to l-e recu
!i: y t-t-m.! is u:Ucke.l 1 v Mr.
Wilibc:. !. c nteajs tint t.
it-cute ti-' I't-t It-su.l l'un'.s
inu-t !k-
IM.I lllll
o :t n ;
ct r, i' fi
,-'' .. i t
t n .i .m.l
! .pu-J t. i ,1
i ! ti '!.-. an I that
n ! tr-1 I th.
ui I., i tin iti' t '
t. -i.'t '. nm-t si
I in th lci!i!y,
'. t !.: tt;u!.iily
. ' a !apt it tj tin.
I fl. iirat. c c
, i i fi. -' i n tft : -N.
p iprr it ;' t-; a y-t, :ii . I
n ! i-t-! - ii t'u- prinr. ;v :
i! :!. i i ,i ts r pr lnci ,!
i v l ,r .1 :'!- ir.f !iuiit!. j
: i,..;. t the rutin ate-t j
n ! n .tut '1 spir i s spen.l i
!,.- ! A ft St:!; j
- . rtt ;v tii-.t an.! J
t ry til' it at, it- ami
e ill ur n,,.- iharar-t-
hi ,ut'iiui, wln. h
p' m; r i in cany
. p.aM iti n is 1'ase.l
Sfi.MI, i
th-r n
in ! !':.
p! tnts
t:i it n
stabl -, ( i.t
hhlv iti.s
ttis. I ll
1- ,,'H' tlL.t
Unlooo thoy cro. good hoclth is impossible.
Erery drop of blood in the body passes through and is filtered by healthy kidneys erery three minutes. Sound
kidneys strain out the impurities Irom the blood, diseased kidneys do not, hence you are sick. FOLEY'S KIDNEY
CURE makes the kidneys well so they will eliminate the poisons from the blood. It removes the cause of the
many diseases resulting from disordered kidneys which have allowed your whole system to become poisoned.
Rheumatism, Bad Blood, Gout. Gravel, Dropsy, Inflammation of the Bladder, Diabetes and Britht's Disease,
and many others, are all due to disordered Kidneys. A simple test for Kidney disease is to set aside your urine
in a bottle or glass for twenty-four hours. If there is a sediment or a cloudy appearance, it indicates that your
kidneys are diseased, and unless something is done they become more and more affected until Bright Disease
or Diabetes develops.
FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE Is the onhy preparation which will positively cure all forms of Kidney and
Bladder troubles, and cure you permanently. It is a safe remedy and certain in results.
If Tom ai ffrr, Uk FOLEY'S KISMET CURE at moi. Itwlil make yon wall.
Umt ftMiuMl kuriils
Mr. G. A. Stillso. merchant of Ttmpic, III., write t: "FOLEY'S
KIDNEY CURE n awetint with wonderful imtu. It ku eves
tomt catrs here that pbrticunt pronounced incurable. I nrU am
able ao ttatirv to in merits. Mr face lodav is s litinj ptcturt of Malta
ana FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE hta mad h such."
lid Lanka,, and lid Troubla
Edward Huts, t well knows business sV 15alitbur..M., writes:
l with as sav (or the bencrlt of others, rhtt rwata sufferer Irom
himbaro and kidney trouble, and all the remedies I took rite me no
relief. I betas to take FOLEY'S KIDNEY CL'Kt, and alter th use of
three bonles I am cured."
Two Stzvty 60 Cents and $1.00.
:i t!
II- f
" i: .-'
- t I " ,
.' t:,.,t
ll .'!!
II.' t li
t t
ft , '.,
I r
. ' '.I It
..i-. i ! a
i tii
i a s
f in.-
I only
a tin- fii ,r,u ti r
- lit -.i il-li- t i u
' i .ntity 1 pt,-
t : ' to ,i:i,l cat li
lt s'i-i.1,'1
pi int i l,.t f t n
.! th- sm-.I fi n
. l.i. Ii , ' ,nt
I; i .I. that tlit
i plant I f K-iii;-. J
hi ill it lias I' h n
I - i a- t ) l ! v . t
. 1
t ' ti
I 1 1 -
i it
,t t:
: r
i! -i
! til
In t l
I ':,'':
i.i. '.
i '
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i, .
' the
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1 11 1 M : , 1 1 : : I
1 1 ir.ii'ti -! n tin
lilll-ltllliiiill i.l.illl Mil, .lllllllhMUIIillllllll
I o
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.r an
i.. ' t
f t'l
! tin
I 'f I
I i 11 ,
1. Hie
t ) '. I'
nth v
1 1 i x
I I.:
Cciroiliifl Marble
Ustabli-lud I.HT.t I'XM
t ;;r :
M nr f .,
at any ) it
" i, .ii
111',. I Wl ill
f t
ranite Company.
s i'i-
- tli, '11
an ii ,
,,. ii
s lit t!
I.' lli'W llM
, i all pers
-h n:!,l !
pt ,i e
.' stn.-e i j'.
k ,.s ,,'.111 li
ii in,!:-' .'tin;
i" anvtiiir,''
linn,' Hi
e f i:n,i
in i-tir
to i; i iiii'ii.i: K. i!
to pay.
aroiina Marble and Granite Co.,
II. i I !': . N
Var,;s .it .M..d
I ill i
Mlislmry, N..,rlh Wilk-
-liori), anil M inna."
Plenty of Difference! 3
1 1 -
- .
! si:
Sf ,j
:i .!iit,- I
ft'luT !
am t- i't
iH'!" Ci.ll
:!.. mat:
I'Mi ati
,1,! U ,1
n t.' t,'.
'--, l: ill;
ft I-
all 1
I 1
l la-Vi--
; I
:i 1 5 i V
r 1 i nil
IU S,l A
pl.lllt i t -s ll
'111 (l 111 pi
ll th, V Itll
ail ! I r'ili
. f u t 'I .
t ' s i, , . -.
th it ti.e in'
i .! 1- pt I
f t t I I H it, ,1
ati, ,11.
th it Idly
i,'i.l tak,
t" f in;.
11 'timif .
, '11 a
i I 't t'l.t
; in il.'y !
: j' t a h
: A I... I ! 'V
I '"I
p! ll.t.i!
S -t. 11
rnti')' 1
1 i.u
I Ct '1'11'i Sit a;
1', an 1 thus
i"tt 11 .'an
ati.lni.l til c
be k t
list. ml-
I Iu- I Ui m.l n Wolf-
I, il
! I
miiiall lli
Mi.!. tni.fs I
1 s initm,. f a wlii
" r C"-f
V.-lull t
I- a,lV,l5
ic .s a n;pi
;o man. In
:r Mates make no
1; ff nil tin: I:ii;liwa
1 :
ill ill It as pr
p-re in t!: s in: . v
ll(! i: "As ii
i.rcc!. 1 f 1 is
:t iliies i!i iy
-t.i'.'l, i. "r t! a
al'-iit lintitiiis; 1
n try in ncril
nels. 'I'I i- i.
i' 1 ' ! i ti ii
j eiivti,.n 1
fai't T 1:1 the
int t-I
t !
uife t s.
... IliltV,
U '-hi
!r tlii Ii,!-.-1-
int 1
t t.-1'.hr (f in!
, if- ll'il '.l'Ii'O 1
eurs inl 1 Ins ken-
, f 1; -! s-.' I ii-i,!
1 y a t;i-. ir f -i,
iu-t as iinp'irl.iiit ,1
I r ,i! i Ii ii (( t li
is that i f eultivatian. N.
lit int-thi',! i-f tarni in in
( liieiiee-i like that
in. in ii Knchfil
1- t,i:iiti if,! mi-
. i'lC.lUSl
,1 by p0.
. 1 eity li,i
!,' patf ill
I . . .
Which Do you Choose ?
V..U want paint n Iii. li w ill
pi'stri t tin1 iiiali-iiii! it t'livt'is
runt 'ivi- luanly In lln- placi'.
Tin' piti nt is that jih
i-s tin' lir-t mint mi, I slamls
tin- I.HMil'ST SI'.IiVIt r
IIi-i v'.h 11 low pi ii i' paint ill suh ra-h ami look
wi ll. No mistake in nu it.
Stun. Is tlie wear ., y.'iiis.
Hake jenr improvements by osing Heath S Hilijan Paints.
C.N.Simpson, Jr.
ou Know What ou are Taking
!,i'll vi, 11 t tk r liun ' T 1 -If if,, s 1 l.ili :
1' tiif In-.111. tin: ! ,ifn il.i I-, p',im! :
pi. lit-I i n ft. I y I-.itt'.e ilvuiiis; l!i;,l 1 1 I
is Minply Ii 11 an. 1 i'i! '11 :i.' 1:1 ,1 t i-li- I
I. as !,,l!il. Nil L11; .-, a I'uv. v I
Arc Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
KMnay trruFlc rr-. uprn the mtnd.
courage) and lesrru amfciti'-n: lautv. vir i
j. ar.i ch"i:'.v,- ? r- r
t ',.' disap;fjrti-ii' e li )
1 :il"lri?' iei "i ml
ft 1 :i
into tin
Su((oss(r to C. K. HOUSTON.
O-S-O C 0 0 OOO-SVtJ o c o-o- coo-os
Opium. Laudanum. Cocaine and eli Dmy Habits
permanently cured, s-iihont pain or detention Irom busme, leaviuu no cravind
lor drum or other stimulant!. We restore the nervoui and phyaical systems to
their natural cuniiitinn because we n move the causes of disease. A horce repjedy
prepared by an eminent physician.
Confidential correspondence, eanecially with phvsicians, solicited. Write today.
Manhattan Thsroueutio Association
1 ion inuaar, Haw Iar sny
! i;i;:,-l h.m.
! !' 1 u'blrli tii,?
,r- r ire en t
' li.l! t ' fit ( v
i's n s ,
"WV'iitti in the ountiysiji'
,11, I fii tli" e ",11'iy h.h.ay h.ive
a i:Klrt ta the s.i n t prutettn n
as tlu-t S.s'.il , in the city. A
iiii'iiir.e,! rer i pe lii c siimihl net
wiiik li a s. It "--hiiiiM
1 t- pa;.! I y t! t M .!., thtt-uh a
' 'P pr pettv, in in.pi'sl must nf
whifhthe ( it i--s v ... i pn. ll
1 H i in He 1; ., tadl ii;i ci rpora
ti rs ai. ! ei:y pn pulv. with a
fait tel .tne t ix . ii f.iims, tn
'r vi li: a f it il p 'hi e .uul keep
the t i uls s , . t h . s nihil! woulil
m w r have been i.iniisiitte.1. It
is I'l l',... !' th - Matt' le ives its l:u;!i'.v.iy l.iwle? an, I ninie-
. : d n tit-1 1 ,n: i.ii-I the woll
Women as Well as Men !t,ut 1',w;' -4 ""', s U'M ll,c la
ir t wn Make the
,1 .' t Wfiim n I v State
rm a I pull c v.i.iih relieves the
euiliitry .-i.i : i f Iii-. t'.i.lenns hurrot
which ii- w m r-:'l ,1,'ows it fur al!
liiiif !y v. mi n ami lyiieliinu wouM
' t "-ir lltlert this duly.
They ne;li:rt ,in,ther. This par
ticular human vv; If ha, 1 .-tl
u-rin lor tins iikucc. i man
ouqht ti) leave a s'nte r: m after
ci.iivictn n for this i ffenre nr its
attempt until the pris m S'lrern
ha,! in ult! it in p ,: sililc to upeut
the i-fience or alt. mpt. The wiy
tu prevent lawle--ness in the mob
is t i prtxent lawlrssuisi in tie
criminal. I'.iyin llnre anil the
inoii will never be hear j from.
"Our laws instc.ii let thefe
things drift. The nuil-i are not
safe for Irukuf a rural police. A
human woil hke this man, twice
convicted lor lawk-- violence and
once for a similar crime, correct
ed loose, unmarked and uncor
reeled, to return to his crime,
l'tnl to its woman no community
will Ions endure without outbreak;
but the remedy lor this lawless
peril is not more lawlessness, but
more law.'"
' W Vr-SJ l"-, with wejk i
L Vj. 1 - rrvr-
. a-es to.i i (in. if e
urine scalds the flesh cr if. when the ('-..; i
reahe-s an see. wne.t ii should b aWe to
csmr j the f .i;a,;e. ir is jet itiii.-t'd v i-h
, defend up-n it. th,- rv.r.a 0
the difficulty is kidny trou! . .irdt' . f,r:l
siea Eiiould wi towards Ire ire.iiner.t c(
thr.. importai.l cr;ans. "iaii.i.nt'ie.t-snt
ir,. ji.le u d.e to a di.-ea.:d conditi.n ot the
kiiineys s.-id bladuer and r.ot ti a ha', it
rnott people sajipcaa.
Wrmen as wll u men are made iris
eralle wuh kidney ard-blj,id-r lrou-le,
and bfth need the same rrraj reme.iy.
The rr Md and the Immeiluie elfect ol
Sw amp.Root is scon reaped. It is scld
by drurrlsts, in fifty- f V2f
cent and one dcilar s,,"2-.,5
ai:es. You may have a EL.-'::- j-.r1 vj
janple bottle by mail -Kl&iJV
free, a! ;o pamphlet tell- nm o
ing all about it. Including many of the
thousands of testimonial l-t'ers re-rived
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
li Co., Btnghamion, N. Y., be sure and
mention this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but
remember the name, Swatnp
Koct, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Koot,
and the address, linc;haiiiton, N
Y., on every bottle.
or i '.: e.!.
KHiif-y trc :1 Ir has
le.-on-.e si prevail nt
that it ii prtui.i'omrn: n
f.r a 1) I I rn
They tell a Rood joke on a
prraeher who doesn't live so far
from here. While fishing one
day he dropped his false teeth in
to the creek and after trying (or
an hour to them out he qave
it up in despair. A friend ol his
who had atteii, led a banquet with
him hear J ot the loss and quietly
went hutnc and t;ot a nice piece
, f toast chicken, put it on a tish
hii k and threw it in the creek
just ns though he was fishing.
Will, .n s , .in as the bait settled
duwn tu ..r those false teeth, they
m.l. !.. a neat sprint; and settled
nit i it with the proverbial , min
isterial death j;rip. The chicken
in,! teeth wife turned ever to
the parson. ( hestertield Advertiser
Trinity Goiieoc.
A million dollars ioetetl in endow
Calls answered in day from Enclish Al It LlXE lUtl.WAY
ments and equipments. I-srss library ' Dim Store; at nielli Irom room over t ,
facihtiea. Twelve thousand volumes . English Uru Stole, flione US. OtTue "OUDle Daily hOrVICO BotWOCn
over post omce; pimue j piew ork, Tampa, Atlanta,
Henry D. Stewart, M.D., Now Orleans and Points
M.ixRos, s. c. ! South and West.'
Services rendered promptly aii.l j , rrrr,.r .PB ,,rn ,n "'
honestly. Hay call from Simpson's1 18 urEl1 Ar BlL 12rH. 133j.
dmr, store, 'phone iy, or office iu rear SOUTHWARD. I . t v, .u"l..a, s
ot (..orilou & Ihompson s insurance I t -, v , c i k i:
office, 'phone I. Night calls frum ics- I .'. ' -
ideiice, I'liiue 141. Olli.e luuis to
to li. a. in.
added to lil'iaiy during the past year.
leu scientihc Uhoi atones, uyninas
iiiin under scientihc dnection iho
uuJerirraduate aud graduate courses
of study. Courses of study leading to
civil and electrical engineering. Many
scholarships awarded. Loan fund to
aid worthy young men. Tiinily giad
uatrs iu great drmand for responsible
positions. Unpen ses very moderate.
The aim is Christian education with
out any sectarian spirit or tearhiug.
Sons of ministers and young incu
studying fur the ministry are uot
charged tuition. Send for catalogue.
P. W. NEW SUM, Registrar,
Durham, N, C.
G,z.:sci m. DjFsmaieuniversltu
,. , . ,. Schools of Ai ts, Science, and Phil-
It. -i leaee t hone. No. i-i, . ., , . .... ,
ii, i . , os.'iphy; llible; Art; F.xpressiou; aud
llate .; I t'.i!i-J in Mairue ntteia Ins i, ' ,, , 1 .
. ., . , , Hnsiuess. Facully ot t men and iq
sei '.if s t i llie tun-it and siirrouiiilnig .., i i . Tu .
.-, i,v. .,..-.,s..s,.ftl,e.t.mucl,.nu i,m" ' bo,e "hole .me, with two
In,,:, a (r,ul.v. er the I V?' " '"'''r"'
' ,i i . .. i i i j tliouseind dulhm' wmtli of new ttiuip
.Ii tu i-ioie ur rt'siJeuie, at tuglil hum
( " ICts-lM
' ! itll'ifiri
' I ! .i ! .
At I i
Summons by Publication.
I '.' '('.'.u'n'1 ' I ,i tlit-Mujsi' ..iirt.
.1 H
' 1 K (-"TMiiif. .1. f. n.liiiit -A- hatnnl
V ii i,' in'iVf.t it. wi tin- Jilstnittff In
' 1 - ' mi ( 1 1 twiinii ha- I'i'Himi'iH-ttl
lit', rt .r I ' ,m , J in,,. ...UHl ,
I ' "' UHi ( ii' 1HHlt; 0
',,.t . t ... ui'i i. ,if tiiHinttii-nv nn !.f..f tn
. r. , im.-s-i, ,,.n rtti.l the mHI Jnniiiliff
1 .tt'.i f..i,n. ,.f .,t . a.-t,.i . iii.ii n
i, . , t !, -itni .i.(uii fi ttmrt Itimi ( i r
-i- .. I (..ft. .v.i .ttt.f -.-mrHt,.
I ..i . . r . ii M fiiUht-r llotltls-.t h. )i
.i i ii. yi i,., hi .,f tlr ) rl-n r.ntrt of
a.i, - mi , t.. i- i . '.I t !in- .-.tin hnw in
N I ..n M Isv . ti..-;lr.( iIht i.f -Xiik
i.t . : .. t'l. ! ,(ti, I ;.-c M hmN r el .If III 11 r In
'I - l 'Ilil Juilf IVIIl. (
K .KMMr:i ll.
i Ink nf "tiiH-riix I'mirl.
Farm Lands for Sale on Time.
If , . r rt i!. T4n-.r.,.r r f
it. .,, . i, i . i . .iiltlr m tl. ,-AitM. h.-rr
: t . ' -,in.-- 1 ...ui a, i, I rrlll l'".,,uti,t . ,,1
i, .-r.,-,., ,. ll K I1..-I, I. ,lainlitl m, K
H II . ', . n l ll, l 1... ,. tt H
'I i . I. f. 'i,li, i, I l; at,,fc--, l.,wt, rii.I
I' ' -"!, r "I VI K IU.II.
' !!.. i.' I.'-, II,. Ill ..,11
Suturday, August H, A. U. I9(U,
S ii
'l' 'i !!l Mh. f
fi .1. . rll.-.l foil.
I'lrf 111 I III. 'II IH.llltf. t,tt. flf
iiti, M,ir-'Hi'li' t.. liwtilli, mi fn
It'll slt Ihf in. tilt
s t mis .- .f i Mn-'v.i.ti lh--.iiillt hi
VI K ill- y - ll,..-). (rT ll" 1 11 .11 l.f
i . ii i " , ti I'..- n.-t i Hit- sw-ii.f liun
''i : t. i (tn-l t' finiii'ir liinl afiinwiil
'it.'.,:, i'... H( grr,., m,.rt- of It ail.) Imui
' "!. -..' t -iijfrt (.. wi-t-'vi ritrhl nf itusarr
1 . r ..f -m ii- 1 1 ui i t,int i-ai-sjt. rfiiiNin.U-r
-.,iir.l Iv t-iiulwltli it(.ri.fsi -siirfitfii,
linn ! . i..,'i-1. f r..t:t itntr i.f mie. Hi- I it If
, i. ts-.l unfit hI1 ninli)we ni'itis'T ha,ll
1I a It IMIKI Hit' -MS ill laillt IwlMfC tMIU i
''"! s-i'l- llt" Ull Ii. -, lIltlssMl-.llifai.f
i'i f-'Wr ins linr j. IV CI
I II K " f .s, u, S TKI !T I i .
Hv A.l.i in-. It Mitir. a rmtn-M
A n 1 r I , l lllli.rtl'.. All.
Trustoo's Sale.
.1. i .itiil l.y lriiu-
hi lll
..i-i - ir
to Ua cottgh aa lasage
Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic
I has stood the test 25 years. Average Annual Sales over Ona and a Half MliTion
bottles. Does this record of merit appeal to yorj? No Care, No Pay. 50c
tJtdoswd wxlt a-vryma)JaaiT
"Strength and vior come ol
good food, duly digested. 'Force,'
a ready-to-serve wheat and barley
food, adds no burden, but sustains,
nourishes, invigorates "
To Cure a Cold In one Day
Take Illative Hromotjuiainel ablets.
All ilruti;its refund tlie. money if it
fails to cure, E. W. Grove's sigoa
lure is on each boi, 25 cents.
Vh?n in
- plion N.v
nerd of frrgh meal
c,i J. D. I'.iker.
if a ttfil i 11 t riiwt c twii
J l HajM.. fr , an. I J. J s.H-
l-t.- H rtn. U-nrmif .! if Jul 1 thf
.l!'l. !'-.' Mint Hifl.'t r,, ) H--.l , f nf
ui . .tM.' in tlit- ..ilu-t ..f !.,! I;, .jr.i, ri.f it-.
' I tii.'ii .ti ' I N .r'ii I',i'.miiih, sittit lwM-iit
! t. i..ij f in int j.nm-iif ittr 11-14 ihrps-in
- I 1 1 i "i 1 1 .j i-icii. at (.kLIu- mud
1., f ,i- lii,-'n . t 1 ,. 1. i llifcoinity mrt linti-sf
,i-. f ', 1 1 t -it- r.' 11 1.1 M-'iihir, l '..tin
.londay, July l.lth, A. D. IOOJ,
.1 '.' M nil ti,.- I. 1 1 . .t 1 1, -,-rl l-l irat-l nl
., . ' 1 , l Mlltl Ilu III l All,-,' t,.W.I-hlt.l ,,
N , ' n I 1, , Hirln-ularlj ,1. -,-ril-,l
1.1 ,iii.. 1,,., I,.i,.. . ,,l,ii, r,..l, r. I'hll
a, I ,- ,,.r. s.tii.., ri -.,iir,-mul ,,ih.T
H, f, .iu,. j ,.' ,l, ,.,l Hin.-I.ja. il. . I I. N.t'
mi, I 1 111,- ttii In. hup s iw W, i., M.I.-.
',, h I' -1 ...I.. II ",k - an, I 1 1. ti.r'. .-...,i,r
,.- r . III. H K I p..:... t ,
en,.--i .itr,. s r; .' .,i. t,, Hi, k
1 t MmI. ,'. ,.,r.,T . Il)ri 1 l',l If
.,l, . ... a .,,,!! -., f s r. Kl f,..
'r Il.r K l 1,-11 J ltnh,i, S .w,
. ;..i,. 1., , - i,k,J H.-.l. ...rn-r
l,,-tt,,. I . W . .l. I.t th Uyilinutff .ti.l
,-. n' r ,,, lit- .,., n, r,-.. n,,,rr or I.--.. Thr in.
N 11, ir lur Inn. I '....-,. ,1 t Sarah K U.I.. I.
lim.-( H.........I a-i,l fir.-. Janr H H'hi-i.mi.
'.y ,1,. ,i ,law-l ,,v 'Jrili. lV aii.t r,-,-r,lr.l In
H-,. ,,f m--,l-, ail ,,11 jaw,- al In Hi. ,.lurr
f ll I'.viri-i. r ,,f lK-,-.. f.,r 1 ni,it emintv. 1.1
II,.. i.f Ni.-lll I ar. .Ik... I,, l,. h ilrr.l n.
en-ii, .- i. n,a.l, r,,r fiirtlirr ,lrri.,ti..i
l ln. hli.r Hill. IKS
. .MM II,Tn....
Land Sale.
Ht , erne ..f a a.r- in a rrnaln nmrlirajri'
,lf--,l I,, mr r ,-.-,., . l,t j.,i,ii f r'..r.l. on Hit
Jrtl. .-mla-r. imuw illi-!,l.-..ii,r,amr i.iiik
rw-.i.l.- I t. laa.K ,il. HtKr I .ill, t.n lh
llth day ol August, I90J,
at III , '!, w-k Hi . at thr r.Mlr1 ttie il,air le
M.,lir,-.. N r, a.t .1 aurll..n It. Ihr
l,Wln--t l.l.l.lrr f.,r raali. the f..ll.,ill nl
,.r !,,t ,,f lait.t in Ihr town ,.t Sit haw. via- H
irliiii'i'ir al a .tak.-. n K r.,rnrr f rl.,m M a.
.h,ir, l, I... . ..i.l n.n. Ml, F. SohaHu an.l
lii.1.- r. a -lakr hy 1 .n.all p ,.', ma hlrkory la
J,-,,',i. A.lani-' llur , lli.-hrr wuh lb. aal1 J.i
-. i.l. ,laB..i ..I.l line ai-.Ml N il K I rhaia anri
M llnV-. rr-lnir a .mall h,.lt,.w, l. a alakt- l
a.m. ll n In llir will J..a, A.Ian,, line
C A VI illiant. I,. r,,rit. r. Ihen,. with the aai.1
William.' Ii. 9 an, A Srhaina ana s llnka
I, a "l,ie. III. H f I.M r.,rner ai,d al.,
tli. I ,n. iHirt. ana r A W ilhama l.a rttrner.
thru-,- with Ih. aairf .l,.rrd S K rhnn-h M
lines .u, w I rl.aiii a,i.l la. Ifith, i ih. Irrln
nlnr. t arr. an4 . nob at uuu
n..rr r !.. Tlila Juiir Siul. lwe
. - . t' hAVIS. wnrliw..
Reriwlne A Kbn-k. All),
Notice of Admiitration.
Having this day qualified before E.
A. Armheld, Clerk Superior Court, at
administrator ol the estate ol Elua
beth llarkoess, deceased, all persoot
holding claims against said estate are
hereby notified to present the same to
the undersigned administrator oa or
before the 9th day of July, 1904, or
this notice will be pleaded iu bar of
their recovery. Peraoo iodebled to
said estate are notified to make home
diate payment and save costs.
this June 27, 190)
ments for IVpaitments of Chemistry,
llioiogy, I hysirs, History, and Math
ematics. Music Department embraces
l of the 3 Clavier system grsduates
teaching in the South. Other depart
meits up to dale. Students cared for
by Lady principal. Lady Physician,
Matrou, and Trained Nurse. Espensca
in the Literary course, Jl 11.7.50 per
session; in the Uuh, about fij less.
Nest session opens Srptemlier isl.
For other iuformation address
K. T. VANS, Piesident,
i Kaleigh, N. C.
The Wingate School
offers eicellrut opportunities to boys
aud girls preparing themselves lor col
lege, for business or lor the practical
duties of life. Last year about 20 stu
dents prepared at Wingate were in
the various colleges ol the State. The
patronage of last session came fiom
16 counties. There were enrolled 250
students. More than 75 of these weie
boarders. For thorough work and for
uuietude aud freedom Irom tempts
lions Wingate is not to be surpassed.
Our music facilities are eiceptional,
F all Term opens July 27th.
Write (or new catalogue.
M. B. DRY, Priii.
Academic Department,
One hundred and eight schjlarshipt.
Free tuition to teachers and to sons
of ministers. Loans for the needy,
hotj students, Mi instructors. Ne
Dormitories, Water Works, Ceutral
Heating System, Library 40,000 vol
nines. Fall Term, academic and pro
fessional departments, begins Sept.
7, I90J, Address
F. P. VENABLE, Piesiilent,
Chapel Hill, N. C.
Union institute.
None but thoroughly trained and
eipenenced teachers employed.
Location one of the most beautiful
and healthful iu the State, in highly
cultured and moral community.
Nest session beeiot Anc. ud. loot.
Write for catalog us to
W. T. ALBRIGHT, Principal.
Pay calls answered from Houston's i
drug store aud other, 'phone a .'a. Night
from Commercial Hotel, 'phone 2ji.
MONKOK, N. C, !l, v
Solicits the patronage of the propSe'of ' 1 "
Monroe and surrounding community, i ' v' "
Calls answered in day from Engii -h ,
Drug Store; at uight frum residence
on Church street. Phone No. 48.
OlTice up stairs, F'ltgeralil Huildiug,
Northwest of Courthouse,
Monroe, N. C.
tion guar
Uilif cover
Drug Co a
Will he at Marshville, N.C.on firxl
and third Mondays of each month, and
at Matthews ou second and fiuutli
Mondays. Phone iji
I,,., i-i
...I I. s 1 .4 :.
. H - I' I 1
. A tt - li
I I . i I III H.i
ii i" ,1 1.1
; . 4 m
1 . i m tu
1 a iti
n - . tu
V . tit
) m
: -i.m
v .f . m
h' t 1 ! i
l: m
.' A tit
! t III
i - 1 m
. m
v. ,1 "
. . m
It ." m
t V m
ji j. in
1 1. ui
. in
i in
Waxhaw Institute,
WaxhawN. C.
EnlarfemenU Mad sr PUnncd.
I. Fifth Teacher Added to Faculty.
alias fcluabetb Urowoing Ckatars ol
Elm City, N. C. student three years
at Baptist Female University. Ral
eigh, Is to assist ia Primary and
Intermediate Departments. Miss
Cbesrs comes highly recomsaeDded
as lo spiritual, mental sod other
II. New Department. Miss Cbaars
will probably take a small clase ia
Espressioa. She graduated ia El
preseioa al B. F. t. in May.
III. Correspondence Couis. English
Liters lure.
IV. Summer School (or 1904. Work in
common end high school branches.
wVstatsi Prsmats
ol Elisabeth Harkness, dee d fot in'ormstiosi write
Redwine Stack, Attyt. . J. R. WAUCEK, Waxhaw, N.C
will practice in all the State and Unit
ed Stales Courts. Speriall attention
given to the settlement (if estates for
Guardians, Eieeutors and Ailiniins
tratorat and the collection of claims.
Reasonable charges. Also ac,c:il and
local attorney lor the Panther City
Home Company, from winch loans
may be obtained on real estate. Orlice
one door east of M. L. F'low Co's
store. Phone No. 101,
Attorney ud Connsellor-it-Ui,
Mohaot, N. C.
Prompt attention given to all mat
ters placed iu our hands.
Management ol estates lur guard
isns, administrators and executors
specialty. Charges reasonable, !
Omce east ol Courthouse, (loimerly
occupied by the late D, A. Covington.)
Attoraey tod Counselor at Lif ,
Practice in all the State and I'uitei!
States Courts.
Prompt atttulion given to collec
tions and general law practice.
ltar Persons interested 111 (be settle
Jient of estates, administrators, exe
cutors, and guardians are especially
isvited to call on them.
Continued and painstaking attention
will be given, at a reasonable puce,
to all legal business.
Office in courthouse opponte Clerk's
us 11 try a, spams. Thomas 1. jkkome.
Adams, Jerome & ArmGeld,
Practice in all tlie Court, State and
Federal The manaR-r meat of cttatef
.or eiecuVKi.admiuiittratort a special
ty. Careful aud diligent attention
given to the fomlusure of niortpaff
and collectioQ of rlaimc. Munejr
oaned without ei)ente to lender. All
litigation given prompt and careful
tteotioa. Office eaat of courthouse.
' V ;,.u .i.!... . ,. nt
Ai l 1, !('..:. ' I .1 m I , t. -t
I ' " r I" . t tu I i .i m
" 1 " 1.' - rn .iii. iti
" At ..- -.' ji j. i ft .. 1 m
Ai M i't .1 1 - t iIt 1, .1 ,i ni
i A i ,1 H l' . t
" M .-. of I. a , .-"i j. in 11 . 4, 111
" M-.i-v, .hi.-. . M I' M, i-i 1. Nl
" v ' ian ; - II
" N-, , S ' j 1 t "I
' ,i 1 1 . . i i a .1 tn " tt . ). ni
j " 1 i . w : j' ti ' f i.' ,i m
I NORTHWAWQ. .mi's V-'.' Iil
; l V "ip'if. M'v J.- r ii.. it i m
i-'n :: ! .in , 11 ii .in ,t tu
' Nl l Hit I, A N . J., ,ft
" M l.f t . I A 1: t- 1:.
" l.i" at. tll.-l , . ( ft , rt t, 1 . , m
" v .i r .,( .,i4 srf , 1 .s, ,
1 ,11. n-t 1 t w 1 1.. t in
" i't'it, : it a I. K . ta !i...,u ' , i. j. m'
Ar , . ,,; , . ,, ,
" i.n-i'im.iHl, " .. 1.'- . m a m
r'..-ir! . " 1 IT t- -.1 4 1' tk m
I t n.i'l.i'i. ' 11 111 "', rt ,"
"Hitniti.-t " u i.t
" Mninlff. " ;n 1 j. in -1 1. m"
I " -.ii"-i ni I'm --, ' llisf'"
1 K.i it-1. !. : m m 111 - 1 rn
, " ll. ii - itt. vtu i.'-'hih
" 1 Unit, il ., at . j I,, ) tit
"W l,..:t. ,1 s-,i hi ;i . m
Ar '..ii-ni.-iitl-.. " .u :i.T. . m
"',.ii. Art ih ti t, m
" M.iltltti'.rr. t I f rt .f. ,i t
v ...!,. 1 1 ( 1 . f 1.1 1, ,,,
' r'liVi.-ii.lnii, 1 l.v. t ii p ',1 i'i, m
" Nt-v. v.i - i j. in iii am
V :t N.. "
I v Titinini. A I Kv ii n n nt
".hi Ainru-'im- " ; i ,i 1 t 1. -j. in
" 1 1. k-.'Ui ' 1 .1 in " ; to. t, ni
n .1.1 -in i " 1 1 ) in Utunm
" I ..;.iil-l 4 - ;.i (. i u nt
" H. im'. : ' 1-. ,y ;. -i n ni
' !.,n '.fit! l')h-, " II I ; 111 v I'' m
" l-i tlfi.'! " 1 1.1 l :.i M)
" M ii.ii r-iii ' S.Jin iu I I" ni
" N-r I n n " ii 111 I A ji 111
iVfrr- '.urix " , tv a m 4 1' it 111
At Hii-linii.ii.l " t ' -s r.i t ,'. (i nt
' W.t-t'tiiiii..ii, U Ry ) 1.1 n in t. 1. ni
htini .-., (' ll R H it;' in 11 i tu
riillti'tfli.TU, " I ;. j. n if 111
" New ..rl, 4 i , j. ti. a ji a m
V'lr-lMilii.rK,i'. !,t, -t "MlriVl fitiiV"
irVa if.i
A' e- slkl J m I " - '
K B. Redwine. A. M. Stack.
Attorney t-al-Law,
MOrlROa, N.C.
Practice ia all the Slate and Feder
al Courts. Will manage estates (ot
Eieeutors, Administrators and Guar
diant (or reasonable pay; 'and will
foreclose mortgages and negotiate
loans, without eipense to Mortgagees
sod Money Lenders.when practicable.
Offices Northwestern rooms, first
Boor, Courthouse.
People's M
Solicits your account end banking
business. We guarantee ABSOLUTE
SECURITY, promptness snd all the
accoutsnodatioua that SOUND bank
ing wii admit of. Interest psid, ac
cording to agteemeut, on deposits left
lor our atated period. Always ready
lor loans oa approwei pap
Three Times tbe Yalm of Ad; Otber!
Agents wauttd in all
unoccupied territory.
Wheeler 4 Wilson lmuf.ctarlii Co.,
Fur sale in Monroe by
51. L. FLOW,
CammMMer tt Drals lor Soot. Units!, Ii
Korli Carol na: lis I Ju.aicc of ibt tun
(or Union Coonij, ni Mirj Public
for Kortb UrollDt :-: ::
Special attention given to takinr Af
fidavits, Arknowlcdfemrnl or Proof o(
Deeds, Morlgaites, Cootracts, Bills of
Sale, Powers of Attorney, Kenunns
(ions of Dower and Inheritance, Dep
ositions, Writing and Probating Deeds,
Mortgages and all other pspets, issuing
Stale Wanants, Claim and Delivery
and Attachment papers. Civil Sum
mons ami the Collection of Claims.
Oilice at M. L. Flow Co. a Store.
east ol courthouse, Monroe, N.C.
O. P. HEATH, President ,
slww.l eaafw, awoea aTe twleass)

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