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    Sute Library
One Dollar a Year
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Ol R NOOK OK tjOO'S EAKTK. .n1 this mm. incut immediately, 'PERSONALITY Oh" IDPE I.KO. ' rooms and has ei-hl guild -' M"tiMr.
I orjuii iiiay iinti unit My more pro- i rases, small, r uti. s ami j
A Discussion ol W hat Hath Rural gic-ssite iieighlnnli.Kds have re
sit list tirst ami x liait-Utl Hip -pioj
Possibly, however, yours is one i
In- .loo ciiteipiising eouiiiiuiiitie,
e.icli ol" w huh has already .-Mabtislt-e
a ch.. v. In that case,
it Ins-unics jmir iluty t that it
is i-i I v ii-ilt-iiiU-l ami rami
lor. If your nciglilnirs mill raise
or uitr Ly private uK ript -u
and mI ;i..iit ? Iimiii your school
fund, the Hale will give you
making iu all rl.i -In buy more
I Community Hay Do to Adorn,
tkautify anJ flake Pleasant it
I Surroundings - I'nion as an Ex-
1 ample on One Subject.
; l'nrr--iv larut-r-
I We picsume. kind reader, tliat
I yon are iiiiw bcgiuuiiig In "lay
jhy" ymir rrop, ur tliat, at any
(rail1, you will begin very . u.
I We ct.iigiatuule )on on the g.n.d
turn coining, for we know how
we ur tu look forward In "laying
by lime wheu we were tin I be j Un.ks for it. We hois- tbat mauy
farm; in I be Iiimih-n:m-IiimIs w ill take advantage of this
our work is never "lanl ly. lopN.iliiiuty to get new wmk or
Hut what arc Jim going to do 'new copii-s'ni old work that bave
UmI Iuihiiim T4.
Fof' U U nlaal autnmrr tat ha.
raaatt tsintaliwrWiuenu loc a..irihiti
rrry .roan of tbr InIv, Wearily,
rreatr: what w know la vtas. n,nl ml Ow
mtih ttini' d- ten lyase ft rivYf lire
.hi' f lb.' lil.s. Ptm I ti. MasTos."
been w.ii 11 nul
Hut what nf llies. building
itself. If il ivtleetM civilit on )our
neihlMii'liiHHl, then it U belter li:in
uitt 111 t lie Male. If il is
lint eretl liable, tben jtm imv bave
it tt tlie wuniu tif eolnMrative
leisure llial ix hooii to U' jinn's'
l'erli:ips j ml feel now tbat you
sbouliljiist like to lie in the sbaile
and rest, but one cet.s eunuch ol
tbat iiitlly. Ol eounse, there
nre Koine visit to relatives tiuil
friends (bat you bad l:ilined : the best oiHiii unity lo iniirovr II
for your wife; and there is I be it hat lias ever Us Ileitsl. This
good, old fashioned "irulraeleil ,,-oiues Ihi.iii-li the Jimi,ihmi
nns tiiiM with its spiritual uplift bouse bmu fund m l apart by the
atul iti social leattires. j l.eiieral Asst'iulilv. Il von
ben all this ik done, however, wish to eieel a new liuildiiig, yon
some lime HI still remain, anil neean U.irow the iniuiey fiimi the
wisn 10 surest some ways in wuieu:,siate liourtl ol l'.iliieal:nii at I
Father I'ranci Discribci His In. ""u
troductiun to the Head of the The Next Cope.
Catholic Church A "ISeautiful' -Wbod.i.von think will U
m.l M.n .ith . I :, vLr. vt l" Father r rant
The Ulorirs of t he Vat ican - 2n5.
Nul llinlli
"No one Llio.' be K ill. e l. "I
inmnot t". eu make a viiess. I : 1 1 I
Ol)0.(lttll Catholics in the World. ,N. t,., ( atdinal Maitmelli m.iv
Cardinal Marlinclli Suggested as, be ebsied. He is a !- In 1 1
the Next I 'one A Word as to 'a'de wmi and diidomat with.iil a
the Confessional
A 11.1ns ol C.Jnr. J I a"r.r-. k'un
1 he Out of the liiiu-r k't'i'tihli- County ot the V ts.
IN SikIH V is IKr Itrror-
1 ' '. i' 1, iie.uh ail mht
.!. li. t '..ev. A pile.
hi'!' 1. In.l., and
kl..n let lii.
ll 1',
.1 ' ,
When You Buy a Watch
till' wvxr TIIK
1m. money w ill
buy. You also
want In buy at a
store where you
will net exactly
whit you pay
for. You make
no mistake when
von buy
sua ki:wai;i:
.te., of
Monroe, N. C.
IS)- (&!
niiininer uoous. i
To prevent carrying over to another season,
we have decided to inaugurate a
and offer at cut prices the
remainder of our stock of
Divss (Jowls, Lawns, Organdies, Uib
boils, Underwear, Shoes, and many
special values in other things.
What we advertise we do- Haven't we always proven the
truthfulness of this statement? Come and Ret
Bargairjs that are Bqrgairjs.
T. Y. Duster.
Fruit Cans and Sold r.
State Normal & Industrial College.
ror us icst
Domestic Science
Manual Training
rivrcoum-i li-S.ltnr l l.l.nm'.. A.tvn.-r.l r,.ur-r lt'.Mllff l.i Ih-ifrin-. Wi'H .Hlif.(l
I'rki-ll.'i' mi. I fr'h.K.t. I'M-ulir liuiiil-rii ti. tuill.Ml.Mii.l f. t..r uh- ..f trtt
lnik".i-l.'.. l..yir. r..r dim r.'-lilnt. ..( lite Hiiiip flrtii. Tn.-Ulli niiiiiii.1 ..I.hi ti-ir.
H-llFml-r le. T11 mvuiK l.wr.1 In Hip tlurnill.irlp a..ll.-iitl..ti. .li.whl l
nm.lf I. I..n-J.ily l.f h. e..rri..iii1i'iier lnvitr.1 fnim et'-nM't,'iil li-iw lipn. ami
tlrn.Nra.lii-r.. Y'r i-aUl'V i.- 'i.t other Information a. Ian-.
CHARLES D. MclVER. Prct.idot. Cretnsboro. N. C.
t '
j H1-4L
Ko- !
daks, i
A vacation w ithout a Kodak Is a vacation wasted-
We arc agents (or the Lastman Kodak. Wt also carry a
big line of supplies. We will be pleased to show our line. Call
and get catalogue or writ for one.
j The W. J.
you ran us.' it to piod ailvanta,
We ln'lier that you eau help your
inililNiihinMl luaU- it 111. ne pro
Cifssive and a N-tter plaee to live
: in. To have I be opportunity ol
. lining Mii h uuik is really a hili
piivilee. You ivineinertlie words
j of t'arlyle: tHi. it is great, ami
i there is no oilier ".reulness to
I make mine nook ot (iml's ereatiou
mine fruitful, liettfr, liioir worthy
'of (ioil, ete. rrue winds ami
' e la'lieve there is a call for von
, now o juM this kind of iratuess.
In Ilie lirl lilaee, we r il
ym bave rural free delivery ol
mails. Your ui iuhlioi liond is pay
ing its share nl' the I a Ms In main
tain the serviee; why mil (jet sonic
of U nelilsf Hvety day some
new Ninth ( aiolina mute is niiuz
into operiil ion. We have ;i.'.n ol
them now, and there were 01. ly II
at this time two years upi. The
ri ient talketl of mine sti iiment re
Uiilal ions has lnni iniieh e.vaer
ali il. All that the (ioveinmeiit de
iiiaiiils is Unit the route he approx
imately L'.i mill's Ion":. I Itul il sene
I (Ml people or more, and that the
roads la1 (."mil eiiinij;h to enable Ihe
carrier to make (he trip in a day.
We think you can map out a line
that will meet these reijuiieineiit.s,
and if so, you can get a carrier to
deliver your mail daily. To ai(iie I
us to the merits of the system is
unnecessary: tlu'.V me self evident.
If you are interested, talk to your
neighbors itlmiit the matter, uiitl
w rite yoiirCoiiKiessman for furtber
iiifiiiinalioti. The carrier ets AiiiMi
a year, mid if you can liuil some
one who wishes tn ";rt the iippniiit
meiil iw can ier, lie w ill probably
make the canvass for signer, to the
pet il ion.
Next, you nunht to have a library
in your public si luml. . It w ill Ik'
of incalculable value in deepening
Ihe interest of the public ami in
pioinoliiii; 11 love of readiui;. The
last legislature, as we have said
U'l'iirc, iippropi iated ijTi.lMMI to aid
the eslablisbinent of six more li
braries in each county; so the way
is now oieu for you to get a val
uable little collection of books for
your school open n.w, even il
you did make application last year
and Hud that you were too late.
Forsyth is the only county in the
Stale that has nlreatly applied for
its full quota of six new libraries;
if you are not in Forsyth, there is
110 reason why you Hhoulit not
take advantage of the general plan,
liaise l or more: by private sub
scription, let the committee set
apart fin of your district's funds,
and the State will give you 10
from its ."1,1100 appropriation- thus
enabling you to have at least frld
for the purchase of liooks. Holier
ecu!. one tenth ol Ihe amount
lo lie repaid each veiir for ten
vear.-v This idea islx-cumin", very
Hipnlar, and e must say of this
its we said of Ihe school library iip
propi ial ion, that unless you net
promptly others may reap the
harvest ahead of you. I p to Ihe
iH'giuuin of bust week, only l.
applications foraid in erecting new
buildings had lieeu received, but
by Wednesday uio.e applications
mere bled Ihese Is-mg In. 111 the
following eoiinlics: Uamlolpb 'J,
ilk.s t aliUi'll .. llayu.Hid -,
I'.klniieo Met kleiiburg li, Vance
i. (iiistoii I abai rus ."i, Iredell S,
l uiriliiek ( nliiiiiliiis :!, and one
each from Watauga, Yadkin, John
stun, Moore, r.iauluil, ('anuleu,
Warren. I'tniuiiuaiis ami Uicb It would Is- bihl.v cii il
italile to you il ymi slmulil do as a
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 m -1- of Franklin ciuuty coin
iniiiiitles have by
privntesubrription half the aim Hint
needed lor erecting the new build
ing. We are coining to the lime
when vie shall he ulioitt as much
ashamed of H tumble-down school-
house us of a shahhv church.
I'lilcs you lire in Mecklenburg,
we aie sale in saving Unit you
ought to have Is'ttcr ruails, and we
Ihiih. von will Itniiiocc etfrv nn-
poi tunily to help along thecausi'of 'M1,l
better highwavs. 1 hat there is now
110 method of co operation in road
building Slate or Nation dupli
cating nuioiiuts raised by the com
11111 11 1 1 . as in the school library
matter' is much to lie regretted, j
The I'.ioH iil.iw Kill ciiiIhhIics this
idea, however, and it might l-
The follomiiig interview, giieu
lo the t'hailolte (llerver Is-foie
tbe death of the l'o is highly
interesting and yet timely:
"Yen, I shall In-glad to talk to
you alsnit the l'oie," said i:.-v.
rather rntncis, rector ofM. Ivter
Catholic church of Ibis city, to an
1 Hwerver reporter yestertlav.
Father Francis was in Italy last
August mid bad an uiuliem-e with
tbe 1'utit 1 if. Apart from bis inter
et in the i'oH' as the bead of bis
church, l ather I ramus lias taken
gieal interest in the 1'oiic as a man
and is thoroughly conversant with
the history ol l-co Ihe Thirteenth
The half hour's talk that he hail
with Ihe reporter was in casual ol
der, anil Father Francis mentioned
hu ts or made comment not in
HUeiice, bill just-as ideas ot'curn-d
to him.
The one's Titles
'The I'ojie has a numlicr of ti
tics. They are: His Holiness: Irfsh
op of Ivome; Ihe Yiear of Jesus
Christ; the Successor of St. I'eter
Ihe Supienie I 'out ill' of the I ni
versil Church: the I'ali lan-li of tin
West: the Primate of Italy: lln
Archbishop and Primate of tin
lioinan IVmiiicc: the Soverigu ot
the 1 111 jm-i in I Dominions of tin
Holy 1 .miotic t liureli. I lie Tope s
inline is Joachim Pecei. He as
Ikirn in the iiocc-s of Auagni.
March '.'ml. lso. He was or
ilaiiied I'rit-sl Decemls'l' Ml, v!7
eonseciateil hisliop I rluuarv 1.
I.St:!: Iraiuslerred to I'eiugia Janu-
arv I sii; piiaiaimeil canliiial
Den-mls-r I'l, K"i:lj eleiletl 'on
I'elu nary '.'nth, anil crowned March
.!, l.s'.s. pope is (he 'ti:lrd
An Audience w ith the Pontiff-
Were you eiubarrasscd when
vou had an iimliciiee with the
"Yes, rather. I suppose there
must have been I,.Vhi people iu the
Sixtine cliapel in the Vatican when
the Poie was carried oul into the
room in his sedan chair, which has
the proportions of a throne. Out
of the entire crowd only iilsnit 10
were introduced. I gained
my way to bis presence liecuuse of
a card thai I hud Ix-cn given by
Cardinal Martiuclli, of liouie, who
had lss-ti mi nposlolie delegate to
America. As we approached in
lile order a canliiial introduced the
men as they came. When I ap
proached there was a silence. The
....l:....l .l:.l..' I I
.. 11 . . :; . ....... .......... ...... .mo 1 .11 0111 1 1 Riion iii nine. i
' ':' V UV ' ' ? ' i k led ami kisstnl the hand of the
tion Powders are fed to horses
and mules, -marked improvement
will be seen after the first few
doses. There is no doubt about it.
The Powders, acting directly on the
digestive organs, first thoroughly
cleanses the stomach and bowels,
correcting all disorders, and then
good healthy appetite comes nat
urally and surely. It is the most
powerful tonic and appetizer on
the market to-day, and when once
used horsemen will have no other.
Ashcraft's Powders produce that
silky sheen of coat and hair so
admired by horse fanciers. The
Powders fatten but never bloat.
Always high trade and put up
in doses never in bulk.
By the use of three or four doses
a week your horse or mule will
not be subject to colic or any dis
ease of the stomach and bowels.
-t ha.l an old linrw that w In rrr ht
millltm fota!lr H a thin an.l had a
bt.Mil iliwa lhal t.. ranln Ilia hair lo
m. oil. I raw Oi aorw How "" "I
rail I on.lllloa rolrr lr for awni data
an.l li-d blm hlarallj. Tti aiitlt Impnii'.!
I mm Ik r.l lw nl lti animal .lne.l
flllr Iwo p-'un.l. In rliirliit tl 1
nv II IHN- d." a It. lh awral r.ltn
of tha animal wa rnrailr lpr.Trl lf Iha a
at lk aovdrra and oaa nwiK almoal a n'
kt, UTr)T
did lont and apj
Ask for Ashcraft s Condition
Powders. Package 25c. Sold by
Cndttloo ts.wdn.n I know llir a ain.
unit an.l apnllif. v.. nil.
i, MoaiM, M. c. Drug Company
in itsbeliall. .Senator l.iitimer, wt
observe, w ill propose an appropria
lion of Tliiu, 000.000 iusteatl of the
iji'.'O.IMMl.tMMl suggested by Mr.
I'.iiih nl.iw. In Ihe present state
of alliiirs however, mill we fear
that National mil is fur in the fu
ture a Imu.iI issue by the county
seems to In the most practicable
plan of improvement.
We wish you hud the rural tele
phone sv stem, with telephones nil
over your county. They put the
rainier into touch with the world.
nul save time enough in a month
or two In pay their eosl for a year.
I'.ut I moil is the only county
that has u creditable system. The
fanners there combined, put up
their own poles, mid now operate
their own lines at remarkably
small cost. About a year ago we
published a letter from Mr. J. .
(ireen describing Ihe plan in de
tail, and we are going to republish
it in a week or two lor your henht.
While the I'liioii county folks arc
pretty snout, we believe that you
can make this plan work uhont ns
wi 11 as thev have done.
Finally, you ought In hate a
fanners' clubof some kind. We lie
licve thiit it ought loin- a sub-Alli
auce, for the Alliance is Ihe obtest
ami strongest fanners' organization
in tbe State: it has proliled by the
experience and mistakes of the
past, nnd it is devoted exclusively
to the iniproveiuct of agricultural
conditions in North Carolina. Hut
if you can't organize an Alliance,
start some kind of club for you far
liters, your wives and young folks.
There is tin shut way of helping
forward the community. Meet at
least once a month twice a month
is infinitely Itettcr at yourschool
house, and work together in every
thing that will make your homes
brighter, your eommunily lietter,
yourself more intelligent, amlyouj
biisiness inure profitable. You
sorely need to come together in
this way for friendly counsel ami
for social improvement, anil your
ncigborhood ill never bo w hat it
might Is-mil il you do have such
Itut we luive written enough,
kind reader, and shall leave you
here. Talk these matters over w ith
lie said to me in Latin:
" ' ho are yon iiutl where are
from!' I told him. 'Oh,' said he:
'I know your bishop Hishop Haiti.
Ili is a man w ith a big ls-aril.'
"Then he snoke sonielhimr to
me in Italian, I replied in Latin
that 1 did not understand. Then,
reaching down and pressing his
hands against Imth my checks he
saitl w ith a laugh:
' 'They must feed you pretty
well in North Charlotte.'
"At thai," said Father Vrnncis,
"Ihe entire audience cheered."
Did Not Kiss His loot.
"Yon did not kiss the foot of the
" h, no. To kiss the foot of the
Pope is an extraordinary honor.
To lie exact, the foot of the Pope is
not kissed, but a cross that is ill
tached to one of his slippers. I
kissed his signet ring an cmeral
ring, I think it win. Ah! he was
such a gentle, licuuliful old man.
He was small, thin to cmiiciulion,
and looked bloodless, but he sat
erect, with brilliant eyes, and bis
voice gave the impression of gifal
strength. He is a patrician to his
linger lips. He has royal blood in
his veins, you know."
The Vatican.
Father Francis discussed the
Vatican interestingly. It is a place
as huge us Chnrlotte, uml apart
from numerous churches il Is the
only properly that the Popes have
owned ami controlled in Italy since
they lost temporal niwcr. In the
Vatican the Pope is supreme ruler,
mid the residents aiv his subjects.
The earliest notice of a building on
the site of the tnuguiliccnt place is
iu the tune of I.iltcrius, A. I). ..'.
wheu the Pope built a house w here
once stood the gun lens of Nero,
close to St. Peter's. Little or noth
ing is recorded of this house until
the time of Charlemagne, wheu it
hail arrived at such a degree of
splendor as to accommodate that
monarch when he came tn liotneto
be crowned by Ico the Third, A.
1). MM. The place was further em
hclishcd by Celestiu the third in
1 1 !, but was not the ofliciul resi
dene of the Pope's until the re
turn of Oregory the Kleveulh from
exile in Avimui, In roe
after Pope addetl to the building
until nil it in thn irranil.Mtt. n!uH
your kinsfolk and neighbors; K !in ,he world, llesides the museums
their co-operation, ami go torwam
to make your "'nook of (iod's crea
tion more fruitful, lietter, more
worthy of (itsl." If we can help
you in any way, let as khow. We
will esteem it a favor if you will
write os what yon think of thece
matters, and ask for just as much
information as yon ran find use f r.
The more letters that come thebet-
jter we shall like It.
and galleries it contains over 4,000
No Pity Shown.
"For years fate was oner me
continuously" write F. A. fiul
ledge, Verbena, Ala. I had a ter
rible case of Piles causing 24 tu
mers. Wheu all failed llucklen's
Arnica Save cured me. Koually
mvwt r., lti.fna and all atioa an.l
paint. 25c at English Ding Co' a. i
I imt-r. lie lived In aliiti-' for
lour years as the A"-tlic
gate, and h:ts gleal Ml.-nlli in tlil
Loyalty Absolute.
And no matter wlm the u. t
Poa is u.i matter if Ik- is u..t
your choice, y.ui ami other Cat ho
lies w ill lie H-rf. cll loyal toliisn.'"
" !' course," said Father I'r.iti
cisCitha laugh. "We Catholics
know nothing else but lovaily."
"And vour Pom ill ever he in
"Yes. I'.ul Inii'.t HsipIe do Hot
understand what e mean when we
say infallible. We mean he is in
fallible only as to faith and morals.
For instance, if Hie l'oc weie to
order all Catholics to vote tin
I .ii. s ialic In ki t we would pay no
atleitlion tu him."
The Poise's Income.
"What is the soiilce of Ihe
PoH''s iucolucf"
From what is I. tin.. I St. Pe
ter's pence - a small cool rihul mil
made by all Catholics iu the world. 1
And reiiiemlH'r. tliete an- iu t li i '
world I'li' Catholics. This
docs not include the litl.uoiM Ireck '
itholics, who are not schismatic
and do in. I acknowledge Ihe Poiic,
as supreme over them. And Hu
ll. .nations that come to the l'oie,
from the miliums. f Catholics make
his income something cnoimous
millions upon millions. Pope a .
by Ihe way, is a rich matt on his'
own account : bus a lot ol propeitv !
that came lo him through his lam
il V. He supports an inimeuse es
tablishmeut out of his own puix'.
mil pays the salaries of nil Ihe
animals mid other ollicials who
ire under him in Hume.
And, Finally the Confessional
Heinle leaving the charming lit
tie home of Father Francis Ihe re
porter could not resist the tempi. i
t ion to discuss the subject that isso''ine
interest int. to nil tH.inlt' in or out sollie
of the Catholic church - the ton
You tell nothing, Father Fran
Nothing." ,
'Not secret murders!"
Not even secret murders,"
You nftix iH'iiance.'"
What, usually!"
For small sins, say, the repeti
tion of the Lord's prayer live or
six times; or three visits to the
nnr, or mi extra visit lo the
"Ami murder!''
"Ah. that is a matter lor the
"ion know ol secret murders.
Father Francis!"
I tin; and infant ieitles," said the
priest with a sail look on his face.
nil you must tlic keeping
these things secret!"
I must." said Father Francis.
1 .
It i i
1 1 'i ' a I it ' i'.;, i Ma
.i Weil a- il.. i .'
Ilie I'.h.lii.l.inl- I II I
the dictum, !).. ,- .,
C.lll.l! V." I t!.. "t .
u ..i,. u I i. ii. ... i . i ;
I ilti n 1 iw . ii.i in i .
I Sl.-el ei.s-k. m M i.
I he Allii i .. -lit 1 ,
I. I. piaph I inj...
large Ion i.l Iii.-ii at
l.i..tOl!.' llC- f.l.Ul
1 I. ll' 'IN II. .Ill,,, 't I..II.
the gang aiv "I w
I licglocs. When ! !
, Itoggetl's I Ii.t.nii.
; ens k, wai ning i- g
IM-gr.- Would li-.l be
pllSII .1 lllllll. I.
; The day In lole t.-l -i.' is li e
, l amp ol ll,.' i w,-! , in i , : ,;i;i-:-a
liiuvci! l.i !!,! viuca-l nl 1 1..',
gel Is III. Ill hi, . I li. A !...!' I en .iY;.n k
r.'i in
ill -.'!
ll. .1 M..-I
.-'i l.n
,n -'U.'l
that liUhl a ol n.ei, ;'j,.i :ii.-.
at 111- camp, .'iini tin , t -;.i!,i'.im:iii
a-kt-d. itii. 'lit pi. I...
"I", till-. Ili-le Ml. v Mil's
"It -lain- K" ii p! ! .. .,:,-,
Ih I i I Ihe pair,.
" -li, I'la hell- !' H- . I. l
the lit-t spi-,.;,M. -i;.:.t ..:i i
allS j lt jl i , "S , , II, - II-
m.iiii in this l;. !e l.'cai.iy . -a I i. Ii
hall oi llll'lll lilililllcs Ll- ;, 1-
l.i'ii ciiiisiitii. .!."
Tin I. 'Up.. II the i -il "ii i li ' li g,.
readv I" ili-j' ill In :- '. .., I a in
had alrcaill ii.adc 1 1 i i r ' . ; n
turns I'm- liilii ain I : -. ..ju.i
led all iineei ciik h n.n - 111.1: rli !,
waul Alu i ilie.
A'l bill !'. i'l ll.l.'C of lln- In
i gi'ies h nl ta' t"'l !" ii t 'ii iti-'li , i
tain w In n t he leicl u: it 1 1 . i-;ini s
licau a la-:!. nl.' iip.,n il-' n- i. nl-.
; It is thought that .il ..nt is, u-
re in the p-ii-ty an I - ; '. .'...-t
Were 111. il.
The lie.; i m s s!ai ii ! i iwii'.j As-e
ilie b a sh ut i in. 1 1. i'v i a. :,r.
After lioiif. ol wanilei .'..;. l!; m.i ti
In.ilv i'l tin III Inuii'l thai tin . ' ,,-1
U en ciicluig an. in. i! lln- ni"in.i.i;n.
had kept a M i:"!it cuu -e an ! .
lUll Ih'I II losl. Must .f . m '
I li lui lit d lo the tents. Tt mi :
! -.t i net ion urged I hem not in'
'leave, but aliniil I":. in a i.,au i-an.e'
jiip. riding on a nu n', iiml s.iul an
utlicl was to In- inin.' nn
the camp at nnnii. S.i ll.e i g
Working Night And Day.
The busiest ami mightiest little
thing that every was made is lr.
Kings New Life Pills, lhese pills
haiige weakness into strength,
listlessness into energy, brain fag
into mental jtower. They're
wonderful iu building up the
health. Only ."te per box. Sold
by Fnglish I b ug Co.
Threshermen arc Abroad-
irr"-.iiiil. in-.' of Tin- J.iiiitiiil.
bines Civck, July '.M. -Crops
ait' hsikiug well cousideiiiig the
cool weather iu the spiiug; cotton
is small lint growing fast. The
tanners w ill soon ls'ihuie laying by
in this section.
The threshernicH are lute about
getting out with their machines.
but we w ill S.MU1 hear the sound ol
Ihe bugle and the roar of Ihe machines.
Key. Tannine Little preached a
good senium at Philadelphia last
Those who atlendeil the picnic
at the Carolina ford l;ts Saturday
say that it was a sin cess. thai the
dinner w its excellent and they had
all the lemonade ami South Caroli
na watermelons they needed.
N. S.
I u.'l tarn.
I Tliestory, .siili-lant i,i"y le.ilnnr.
j is related by ;i geiilleiii.iii wiia yes t
iteiilay reliirued fnmi M.i'L-.'ii.
ami also by a color -d man w h.. w as .
j on the gang. "I dunlin v ltt-1 ll. 1 i
j we coin' back or not." said lie.
I The Ion man says ihat n d gli '.
capable labor is ni. t to be had a '
lining Ilie olcctois. he will lake
i the liegloe.s bai k and vtuik timii-r '
j glial d.
I Hrutiilly Tortured- j
I A case tame to light that I'm pel'
' sistant ami uinm-rctl'iil butinc has
! perhaps net er liccii eipiahd. .l"t !
Ilioloblck ol t oliis.i. Calif., w i it. s: i
For l"i years I cinlineil iusurciablf ,
pain frniii Hlieiiina: .sin u.ul in.lhiu i
relieved ine though I trt il i -. 1 1 y
thing known. I came across I. lee-
trie Hitters and it's !he gnalesli
inetlicine on earth for lhal I rouble, i
" " I I. ik!. . g. t aiiv sl.s-p. I
I,,,-! .-..n. ,.ii..: s,, k! t,:,t i
l 'I I I'sk I Would tollgll
!!... i: 4 ,.tid -pit l..nd. but
v . -' 'i -i .il.. t in. tin me failed,
!!" '' l-t'Vs ..I lr. King'
Si i h'l ii wholly euivtl inn
d I . , ! i '.s pounds." l'i
' ' . "i .' ii.i. . d to cum
i - i i i i.i ip-. Hi on-
' ' : - ! all I and l.llli)
i i i s. i'i ,.. ... , .nul T.oti.
l.i ..'!'. b.s. ;,; l i.glish IbujJ
I l.'.- l l's.
Disj.s'.r kis hivulation in North
-. ' " '" ..-r..r.S.4.
'In :. ..i.l siiii.ij, in ihe slmk
ii i'..t h'- i.iiiseil tu
I. .-.- a w !:;. li t i r.-t! visir, who
sp. nt s.,'. tn-e,. moiiihs, ami cl",-
I.ete l.t-i Mai bin king against
II. es! "I k li.k.-r. A lew Wts nSllglt
'In- -! .. ;y ba- eisiwhiU-"bustisr'
g I'll'1. 'lit. in l-niitd up again. Ho
l"'d I' i-oy s" he had Im-cii haul
..! Vol's si!,,-,- I,,. ,.,,j.,l hin p,
a-i-l li id acclil. ill! lied .illsl i,i;.VI,
I-..1 v. i- t.ttiy bis luck again.
It'1 1 .'-'I at the w mug lime again,
'I- If I. ! yt-!eid.i w if wl.;, aay.
in.; i.e w.i.i'.-ii to get back home oil
'I. W In n he Ii It las jeu he saitl
that In- had never In lole sici'ulatcd
in si,., ks. but c night Ihe fever
th le i.-i t,i i ii-boin and it literally
. I't:' lied h..:l Up. The lllost MIII.
In' s!,R, 1 1 1 (iiisii.siMiro uml
: . li. "Ion ill iii since cotlmi got
0 ,t ol n a. li h ae In en American
Tob.iceo, iigima Carolina Cheini
id. la " i- n ll -ipid Transit ami
1 loi'.i Slates stts-l. The ileeline
in a!l o: bus Ins'ii some
ll.i sU, ,., lUtl tll ,!.. ,,,.rSf
. ii. . i.i' ll.e great drop ill
L My ii I lausii. siet I and Cht'iii-
i'-..l. - i;.-.ili i ill the latter
at Wn. I"ii is reporteil to 1st
!:t-d-fg o'i 1 grim death, l),.
'"I in I 'ii' hole, and others them
i.e b '! i'uy bioke up over the turn
"I ,iii. i, is. i ;,,. bigg.-st casually re
.111 led la i. is (he probable hiss of
i.'.o-'O by niie li, an, but as prices
in In lier to day, he may have
.lln'. and l.imiey enough tn
... n h. i Ui .!,, i nt. Hut the hosts
I liltie lisii. tliiks, olliee men,
-on I'd employes, etc., who take.
- in t.. "Ion nibbles at Ihe tempt
ing cake, Imping lo will a fort ime,
haw all In: m il loose and let go,
uol able to put up'the mar
.mis or not ea' ing to.
'ut ot this army of little stccu
:a!n:s. has reals I 1, nu
lls oi i iiiiiisainis ni t!oi aif, in
pas) it n days, iii North Cam-
ina a
in,- Ni
uie. must of the money go-
.1 I.
V le
I !
"I kiv uieii Arcr'i HtlrVlcnr
for thirty yar. li is elcptni lor
a bur drein( nnd for herpin the
hair from splitting at the ends."
J. A.Gruentnlclder.Orinifoik.lll.
Hair-splitting splits
friendships. IF the hair
splitting is done on your
own head, it loses friends
for you, for every hair of
your head Is a friend.
Ayer's Hair Vigor In
advance will prevent the
splitting. If the splitting
has begun, it will stop it.
M M a tank.
If rwr drvrvtal vannnl annply ana,
aaatl ua on do-lar an4 na will a'praaa
vannbottt. ft aura and ia tin. nam
I ronr MUSI prm offl.a. Adilmaa,
. C A I KB CO., UMl, Maaa.
aatnt KlOrya aam lasne
A few bottles of il coinp
lieied nnd cuicd nn." .Ius
giniil for Liver nnd Kidney trouble
ami general th bilily. tills 'r.
S.ilislactiiui giiaraiitccd by Lcglisli
llrug Co.
North Carolina Couple Seek Hcalli-
V V si.. . i . .i.l ... "". i .. .
(iePHld .I.t! lift!-. I.' Veils I. id,
and his beautiful young wile.
Laura, attempted suicide at their
upurluicul in this city this an. i
in i ni by taking' laudanum. Mr.
and Mrs. Jardciis came limn niili
( ui il i n i. .1, iid. i's is a pioiiiiiti-r.
but recent liiiancial reverse led to
the attempt of the toil pie lo end
their lic. They also had attempt
'i suicide last night, but the sup
ply ol laudanum was insiiii'u i.-nt.
This moiiiing- t.eoi.e ti.uil'm
Hattle. it natlte of A -!ie ilie. ll
prominent lawyer beie. received
a letter fiiiui .Mis. .1 ndeiis, saying
she was going lo die. Mi. I ial He
llotilil'd Ihe police. The ilelectlvcs
lushed ill .iiliul to J.n delis' apai!
incuts and found Ihe couple in In tl.
Neither showed signs of illness and
the detectives la-It. This alb t nouli 2
they renew eil their ulleiiipt at sui
cide. but Mis. Jardciis Imaiin-,
frightened and notilied a doctor j 2
that her husband vmis ill. The IT
diH'ler ut once ili'lineil the liouble!
and siiiumoiictl an iiiubuhmee a ml !
the linsbainl, who was uiieinisiiiiis, if
was taken to a hospital. Mrs, Jar
ileus follow ctl on lnot. but iipon'f
arrival w ius oierconie from t Hects
of a drug. They were treated and J
stnui recovered. Tonight in ex .J
planation Sirs. Jurtlens saitl: "My :i
husband is well connected. He
traveled over the wan Id, t ried lo get i J
in she diplomutie service, but fail-t
ctl. A few mouths ago he was in
India and returned to Knglaml, J
where be met me.
'We ciiine to this conlry, nnd, !
as our funds were beginning to get
low, we wrote a death agreement
and scabs it. 1L drunk lirst. As
lie lay unconscious I wanted to
join him in death, but was afraid.
Then I ih-ridcd to drink the drug.
I went to sleep, but upon aw aken
ing I nn lunger w ished to die uml j
winded my hiislmiid to live. I am
glad we are both alive, for we love
each other dearly and if kind fort
mm give tu a little help we ma;
yet be happy."
How's This?
Urn' 1 1 iimbcd IMlars re
i as.- ol (..ttairli tliat can
t be . nn 1 by Hall n Cattaiih Cvre.
I . J. t ,n m v .V Co., 1'iuprietors,
Toledo, Dhio.
We, the mi'li'isniicd, have known
. J. tlirm-y t the past I5)ears,aml
i!iiii h"!i pei'ei'lly llulioruhli' in all
ii'iai?'- I; i,i -.ii l."is, and finant-ially
ut a 1 1 v , i'liK.itl.nn tiiado
V, 1 si 1 ki .,
le iii.-gits.Toledo,0.
Kl'.MN A Makvis,
ilc 1 ii iiggisu,Tolriin,0,
: I. V iup is taken intern.
i i lly upon the hood ami
i-M .". s el tin-system. Price
1, It!.'. SuKl by all druggists.
IT. lis tu C
11. ill s 1 am '' "ills nre the best.
i!,U' to en iv
v lln ii ti in
Wai i iv
I! ...
i!lv, iu li
I I" le
Pawn i.i user's Clothing.
Strutly sanitary, all wool, men's,
. ui lis an.l b vs coats from 50c.
1 1 , : 'hi. (oiod enough far any
.me 10 ("oats out of $10
mil $jj suds. Cotnc and sec me
in I I will s ive you inoiiuy on
vour i l thing. Only to minutes li 'in iiinl uortliwest oi the
i' Mi: t lu.iiso. J. II. liKXTON,
Monroe, N. C.
IGheap Flour
tic Dorl Clnnnl
Id UUU I lUlil !
li s low pt in' is tlic maker's i'i- l,,r Ihe iiiU'iiuiity of Ilia -IMuilm
t. 'hI tlniir in bail flour
m. lu itter how it is uuuipulat
t'd Hud jaugh'J 111 p.i. kini;. It
nil fi'iiin b.nk In the name
thin ".. Good Huiir mixrd with
po.rwill improve the quality
nl thr I I, -ml, hul like mbiing
uhite p unt with hbiek, it takcl
1111 ii w 1 11I 1. 1 of white to pro
.1 lire nay elfei t. liail or cheap
Hour is lackini; in gluten, Ihe
nutritious put linn of Ihe wheat,
ll also rutitains a large per
1 Filiate of Ilie pulverized husk
ur f hell of Ihe grain. All of
which you don't want. Thera
lure, wc cautiun you to ask for
Ihe "Invincible" brand. Thil
brand in Buhl at the lowest
pi ice for which really firat
clans flour can he sold, and its
price is tha highest you need
to pay iu order to grt the best.
Mr. Newman, onr local baker,
tays: "Invincible" ia Ihe I can '
get for baking."

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