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One Dollar a Year
Xllll IIIIIIIIIUItlliUllllllllllltllllllllllllllllllltltlllltlllillllllllMIIIIIIIIMtllllllllnilM VAAAAA-AAAAVArfJ
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Summer Goods.
To prevent carrying over to another season,
- c have decided lo Inaugurate a
4 nU
. - -
J public () pinion.
and oiler at cut prices the
remainder of our stock of
(iooK Lawns, Organdies, Rib
Underwear, Shoes, and many
special values in other things.
W hat we advertise we Jo- Haven't we always proven the
truthfulness of this statement? Come and get
Bargains that are Bargairjs.
J. Y. Hosier.
Study Mankind Through 5elf.
,rl i hr-lrril.!'. L-Mrr.
Ill order to judge of tlx' insult-of
others, study your . Mcii in
general are very much alike; :ml
though one man hasoiie u v;iilin
pas-sion, and another lias another,
yet their operation art- uiucli tli
kiiik'; ami wh.itoter engages
disgusts, please or ulli-nds you
lu tuners, in, i lit iiccess.iry j , js .a,
cliaugm liclug mane, engage, (lis
Fruit Cans and Solder.
are now in order.
Make preparations beforehand by buy
buying you a new Buggy or Wagon. It
will add pleasure to the profit of such an
occasion. We have the largest assort
ment of
Buggies Wagons
ever carried in stock in Monroe and can
satisfy the simplest or most fastidious
taste. Wo have in stock 150 sets of har
ness to select from. You can get a set at
any price you desire. These goods were
all bought from manufacturers, not job
bers, thereby saving a middle man's profit.
Call on us and we will convince you of
what we say.
We havo a few Refrigerators in stock
that we do not desire to carry over and
will sell you one at about what it cost.
s gust,, or lt-im others m
rlyoii. (Mucne, i'li tin ut mint
attention, all t In operations of
rlyour own iiiiml. tin- nature of your
s passions, ami the various iimliv t
: thai determine your will; anil
SI you may in a great degree know
r . all mankind.
ij Patriotism in Daily Life-
2 I i'tilrRir.l'lirllrii,
It U no easy task that our dctii
z m-rary demands of the patriot who
E is not a soldier. It is much ca-sicr
s to licconie enthusiastic over a
cracked lihertv lu ll than to lie sane
ami patient in ih terming whether
a city shall own its street car lines
or whether the l.ation shall control
trusts. Hut this is the form which
patriotism must take. Americans
I ill alwaws he ready to light for
their country. Will lin y lie ready
' to saerilice prejudice lor it! I lie
, new patriot miisl In- as ready to
j vole intelligently upon n franchise
as to kill a man in ways approved
; liy military science. INfcurrcnce
jof the anniversary of America's
! achievement of indepcncc as a po
111 leal democracy must teach les
sons not merely of the heroism ot
our forcfuHiers, lint even nunc tits
i tiuctly of services to Is- rcmlcicd
demociacy by ourselves,
j Let ,:m keep in the Rear.
I St t!r Ijllll I..
None of us want a man with
w hiskey on his lireath, or a man
I known to U a cheat, a tiaiul, a
hypocrite, an immoral man, totalk
to us about religion, said Key. Dr.
lirooks in a sermon in Stales ille
last Sunday. .No; ami none ol us
want men who drink liiiiorou the
sly anil who a.s politicians have
currieil favor with the litpior in
terests, to come around denouncing
liiiior.iust liecause it is the popular
thing to tin at this time. If they
have rcpeiiled and hae an hoiiesl
change of heart, all well and good.
Itnt if such lie the case let them
keep in the rear while they luing
forlli fruit meet for repentance.
The Landmark lias never had any
patience with so called reformed
drunkards and hoodlums who go
alsiut preaching the gospel; and
even if the reformation is genuine.
j which is not nl'eii the case, the)
generally do the cause more harm
j than good.
i Wore His Hat in Czar's Presence.
Cassia at the time Cassia M. t'lay tin- n irx nl.ilne of tins re
public The Kivlie is one
ol lu illi.iucy, ami
the in his iiiimi!.iI nils,
with leathers lliii Imuie his
lieadpar. while around linn ale
stationed all Ion ian aiiilussailors
attendaiit upon his court, lu the
iuture. ("ay and the t'jr arc tin
only two staiiilin with their loads
coxcii d. It ( lay wasn--iil'siiM
o remote Ins h it in tie
Icrviicc to Ix-int; in the presence of
the Car. lull this ( lay reliiMil to
do, sauii": "I ulilv take ell III
"r to those who take oil their liats
to me. Had the t '.ir uncovered
it is to In presiimisl that
'('lav would h ive followed suit, lull
The Heath -Lee
Hardware Co.
i l.i'titiirhtn iN'tiKH mi.
I III the Metropolitan Museum ul
j Art in New York city is liuiij; a
massive paintinj; of the Court ot
Is rood, but it's better when
followed up with a few pieces
Pretty New Furniture.
We can lve you any style
at a low figure, and guaran
tee it to be the prettiest and durable to be had.
Look over our stock.
Furniture Dealer and Funeral Director.
Store Phone 7; KcslJcnce Phono 84.
State Normal & Industrial College.
Literary Commercial
Classical Domestic Science
Scientific Manual Tralnine
Pedagogical Music
FiYrmir ! m I"' IMptnuu. AtTn(r.l isnrw4 Wndinff to tvxmw. WVII isutifsl
rrwlh-r teiaoWrvatl.1! -hl. rrnllr unmiwr. u. Bnl. lnilliMi.Mtl bn ttif llwiif 1il
, nr.. II f " INM-mia-nK ft lb Hull- l. TwfKlh uim! arMlin hrflm
.'Dlrnil r 1-. !. To n-nrr l'M In Ihr domilnrlM all l lulll.m .lmi anuuM l
jumIt U-tt.n. iuj l.',lh. CorrriimW,MV InTltrU tn. thnpp(lrlftiil fstmprleiit tfchrt anil
tpn.iffriililt1!. t'r I'suli'Tiw iii.t "thr lnf'rwll 4lrr
CHARLES D. MclVER, Prtsldetjt, Craansboro, N.C,
til V OK TOI.KPO, ft
I. I I' AS Cut' IV, '
1 flank J. Cliiiuf y in ikr oalh that lie
j ii srnior partner ( (tit linn ol I . J
Cliency Cu., UuiiiK liusiiirsH ill tin'
I City of Tulrdn, Cjunty and Stale
, alorebdid, and Hint said linn ill pi)
the tiuii of Our Iliimlieil DolUis foi
I each and every case u( Laljuli llml
raiiuut he cured by the ns of llall'f
Catanh Cure, Fkask J. Ciiankv.
j Snoru to before me and ulcnhed
! in my presence, this 6th day ul De-
ccinber, A. 1). iSfift.
SI AI.J A. W. (il tASON,
Nutary Pulilir.
lUll's Catarrh Cure in taken intern
llv, and acts directly hi the U,i,l
and iiinciMH urn fares of Hie sy- toill
Scu.l for ti'sliiiiciuial. dee.
K. i. CT1KN KY A CO,
Toi.kik), Ohio.
Sold l.y tlrtiiiitii, 'ic.
Hall finuily pilUaro tlio Inwt.
Eureka Liniment
This Linimert will remove spavin,
splint, rintrlxmcs, and all carlilagi-
noiiH prowtns, when
applied in the ear
lier states id the
disease, and will re
lievo the lameness
even in chronic
cases. One of the
most common lame-
min. ncss among horses
and mules is sprain of the back
tendon, caused by over-loading or
hard drivinc. Ashcraft's Liniment
is a ncvcr-failins remedy. The
Liniment is also extensively used
for chronic rheumatism und Lt all
kinds of stiff joints.
For "scratches"
Ashcraft's F.urcka
Liniment is with
out an equal. A few
applications is alt
that is necessary
to cure this dis
ease in its worst
form. V ,
Owing to theGi
wonderful anti- crcci
septic qualities, the Eureka Lini
ment should be used in the treat
ment of alt tumors and sores where
proud flesh is present. It is both
healing and cleansing, entirely de
stroying all parasites and putre
faction. This Liniment acts as a
counter-irritant and stimulant,
Price 50c. bottle. Sold by
English Drug Company
loiii; as the IJiism.iii monarch
kept Ins hea l covered Is-lore Clay
the latter would not nut-over In-fore
It t tit.
Wall 5trett Idle.
RuUww-l rm-llrr.
The coiiuliv criK-rall) will I
L'raliticd lo read that I he Wall
street brokers are loaliuj; alnuit
tl'm ami i-aiinii iiocomiiiissiiiiis.
while their eM.i4s ait running
on. Some of them, we are ;ratitiel
10 know, repoit expenses raniny
from iM'isl to I.iioii a day, and in
ii.iiie Iroui their business ninini:
fioai L' to;.V Tliis is deli:hlful.
It (lives us hoie that the iulillc i
learuiii); ils lesson of Wall street
tiaiiibleis and sw indlers so I hoi
olihly that the H-ople who have
been lining Inisiiiess there will l'
driven prceully lo some honest
and reputable in eupal ion. The
woist tieuaee to the piospcrily
and coinmeieial health ol thiscoiiu
try to day is Wall street. The
men. w ho piiuble there and call il
lining business have eoutrolled the
11 nances of the country and hate
ridden legitimate trade like so
many lunatics aslride of a (,'nod
horse, iloiu all kinds of crazy and
rat-ally tricks with il and ii-inj;
their inmost ellorls to tlrive and
ride it to death. The supply ol
lambs for sheaiiui; has iIiiiims
ed steadily year by year, despite
I he steady increase of popiilalion,
of H'oplc w ilh Ihe money and of
aiini'cuale wealth. Wall Klieel
has refused to learn from experi
euce and has persistently declined
to lie hoiiesl or sane.
Can Chicken be Poisoned?
stntt-.x HI,- I n,lm,tr!..
In Charlolle the other day a lady
wils anaiiii'd in a maisl rales
court chai'L'id with poisini; her
neighbor's chickens and was scut
lo a higher court iiuiler a IhiiiiI of
Mr. W. K. Ilai'dinj;, altorney
for the defence. Hiejicd that his
eliciil was not guilty and he in
formed an Ohsrver rcporler that
Ihe defence would maintain thai a
chicken can't Is-poisoned. "Chick
ens said Mr. HardiiiL', "have
no stomach, iiinLraii cat strychnine
or prusstc aciil w it liimt iiiickeuiii;
of the pulse." This is the news.
Mr. Hauling may lie riflit, but if
he thinks chicken wou'l die from
eating things let linn drop some
t.11 v iloii'li uiuoiiuit Hock and
natch rcsulls.
Lost Five Million a Minute-
sl.l',.v star
Talk about losing inoiicy! You
ire not in the same class Willi
I lent v Thibault, w ho tlied in Ion
don the ol her dav. He was many
limes a millionaire and he under
took lo col lier the t'opicr market
several years aj;o and succeeded re
markably well until a new supply
of copper came in from other pints
of thu world and then the corner
collapsed and he lost ifJ.VonO.lino,
in live minutes -live million dol
lars a miunle.lhe greatest loss ever
recorded in such a brief space, lie
died almost a pauper in a slimy gar
ret in laiiuloii.
5uicide Prevented.
The startling announcement that
i preventive of suicide has Ihtii
discovered will interest many. A
run down system, or despondency
invariably pieced suicide and
somethiii); has liccu found (hat will
prevent thai condition which
makes suicide likely. Al the ln-l
thought of self destruction take
Flectrle Hitlers. It Is'ing a great
Ionic nervine will slreuglhcn the
nerve and build up I he system. Its
also a great stomach. Liver and
Kidney icgiilator. duly ." '.
Satisfaction guaranteed by Lug
lish lnig Co.
Terrific Explosion of Powder Mag'
I.rll. Ma-.. l'i-ll, li .Mh
Two small powder magazines
situated in the very midst ol the
humble residences of oil null oht
utives, exploded lo-tlay with u
frightful concussion and the result
unt wave of dcalh cut off the lives
of more than a score of human lie
ini'S and injur l nearly " others.
Half a doen men w ho w ere loading
kci:s of liiiwdii- ft i in one of tie
magazine were blaw n to pieces;
four bovs '.':0 yards away were
killed by the force of the explosion,
and 1 1 frame houses within a radius
of lKI yards were blown down as
is they had been built of cards.
Seven of these immediately caught
lire, probably from the kitchen
stjves, ami were completely dea
troyed. At least three iersons
were ratight in the ruins and bum
ed to death, while seven or eight,
nwructl, died siilmciueiitly of their
own injuries. It is estimated thai
TO up rate piece ol pnKrty,
i ncl mi i ug those al ready ment ioned,
were destroyed, while the force of
I be explosion wrecked wiudows
for five or six miles around, and its
thunder could be beard distinctly
more than 50 mile away
Speakers Now (icing Over the
State Arousing the People on
Thi .lost Important Subject.
The I'tnl has, for some tUys,
U-en publishing Ihe apHiiutiiieti:s
for V .11 lolls gelltleuiell to adddress
the Miiplf in the interest of islu
i it loll. Tills llsl nf sM'aki rs t on
sists of Hon. J. Y. Joy iter. Slat-
Sill ililelldi-1,1. I 'lot. J. Ik (aily U
of Wake Forest, lion. II. li. While.
S-natoi from Franklin. Hoe. I.'.
F. Iteasley, St-uatur from Fun mi.
Prof. John V. Hay. SiiM-rintendelit
Stale I). 1. and Ik liistituiiou.
I Ion. W aller II. Thoiiipstin. hi .
Thomas Newliu, Hon. Chulis
Mi-bane. County Suhm intenilcut i f
CalawalKi and I'rcsideiit of Cat aw
aba College. Hon. It. F. lloll.
Mate Auditor, Prof. Plate Durham
of Trinity College, Mr. (icorge II.
Dumber, Prof. S. I Sheep, Siir
temleiil of Lliabelh City (leaded
Schools Hon. Locke Craig of Hun
comic. Dr. Henry I-oins Siuith.
Prof. M. ('. S. NikIIc of Chapel
Hill. Hon. II. F. Ay cock. Dr. A.
.1. McKelway, editor of Charlotte
News and Presbyterian Slandanl,
Judge F. D. Winston, Dr. (ieo. T.
W inston, President of Ihe A. and
M. College (his t ity. Others who
will from lime to lime address the
jM'ople during Ihe summer are liov.
Avcock, (iov. Jams Slate Ircxs-
mvr Lacy . Serrelary of Stale (iri
incs Attorney (ieiieral (iilmer.
These geiiiicmeu would attract a
crowd iinvw here in the Stale and
he hrcid upon auv subject; but
that to which they will devote
themselves now is one w hich it is
a plcsiire lo note uiccls w ith grow
tug popular lavur.
Al t in' itiii-l mi's so lar held pop
ular interest is manifest by large
assemblies of those in whose special
interest the appoiiiluif ntsare made.
This is a sign of the times as prom
ising of future good as any that
have appeared alsive Ihe horizon.
I he people themselves need lo lie
reached and aroused, lo see Ihe
Dr. Ilcnhow's Clerk I ailcJ Mi u
K ,
j M
A lilllulsT ffye.lis ago w hen Ihe H
lite Dr. Pit-ulam was timing lo M
It. it at. his S..II I'hllies the llil.'l
clerk, ime day .,1;1 lit and m
i found a new assistant, a r.ttlxi m
' liaiidsoine looking Iniv, fail ly iv
dicsxstil ami n g.aal addi.-sv M
j Then Char!t-si congratulated l,na h
;4-lf. but inside of twenty Imii J
i hours he went lo Ins father and
told hi In Ins new clelk was Ho
gissl. could not leiiifiiihf i any t hin
two iiiiiiiitt-s and was a iiui-sintt m
' generally. "He's a giw-n eount i y m
IsiV," said llie lbs tor. "lint niii
mn learn." The net day m
Charley was calltsl out ol tow u loi H
three days When he came back
lie found his l.illn-1 had uist.illi d a H
, lounge Itch i ml thconiif counter, w a h
:iIoiiigwhat lillle sln-ping he toild
:gct right I hi re and having hi-- m
meals sent into It 1 in. When In- m
niw Chailey In was glad of JJ
"Say, lake my place here for an M
hoiii. will you. while I go out and h
!sts- if I can lind a I my who knows
lesss than llils clelk." Theynilli M
man walked the plank. h
i To day the suae young man is JJ
;a phy sical! ciioiiig a limsi liu ra m
live practice in one among the M
largest fit ir of the South. lie JJ
'has spanking gmid teams ol hoist s. m
groat I raps ol the tiuncM liuilil. is M
the head "slasher" al all the big JJ
hospitals and seldom t .tries up a m
man for less than two lilly '. h
There was uolliiug the luatlei
with the Iniv al the hotel; he just M
didn't lit - that's all. The story is m
absolutelv true. JJ
iiiipoi tauce of wnditig the children : Raii-nii
Puts an Fnd to It All.
A grevious wail oft iiiics comes as
a ivsiilt of iiiils'iirable pain from
over taxed organs Dizziness, liack
aih. Liver complaint anil Con
sti pat ion. Put thanks to Dr.
King's New Life Pills liny put an
end lo it all. Try them, duly
J.V. (iiiaranlis'd by The I'.nglish
Drug Co.
The riillennlum Has Ik-gun in
Tyrrell County- ,
lo school us opportunity oilers; to
create on earnest tlesire lu me
in i in Is, and hearts of Ihe parents to
have their children prepare them
selves for the life struggle upon
winch they must soon enter. The
brugle not only for comfortable
entt lor actual li ing bceoiues more
acute each year and will so con
tiiiue with Hie increase of popu
lation and Ihe larger development
and use ol lalior saving machinery.
The igdnraiit person will be the
U-ist iiscliil anil the least desirable,
eoilsetiii-uly the last successful,
of all in tins great struggle. The
foundation for an education will
lie furnished ill the public schools
uid jusl to the extent that the lmy
r girl w ho avail of this opiort un
ity possesses Ihe stlltl ot which tueli
ind women who "do things" or
who desire to do more than merely
xist to that extent will such strive
lor und rise to better things.
These gentlemen lire on a high
mission to I in people, in tin
State's Is'st servicc.U't the people
hear them and hearing, heed.
Flint they need, sadly need to lie
heard ami heeded is iibtitidaiitly
lemons! rated bv the reports of
utility silpelilllemlelits of the ill I'
feielice lN-tweeu the census of eli
gibles etirollmciit and iilleiidciice.
Sti long as Ihe altenilenee dis'S not
average Til percent for four months
if I hose fur w hom the schools are
slablisheil and maintained work
al the very foundation needs to be
lone. These speakers have under
taken to do this work ami their
labor w ill lie faithfully performed.
Ij I the people concerned lie stirred
to do their part.
The Death Penalty.
A lillle thing sometime! results
in death. Thus it lucre scratch,
insignificant cuts or puny boils
have paid the death penalty. It
is wise lo have Arnica Salve handy,
it's the best Salve on earth ami w ill
prevent fatality, when Hums,
Sores I Teem and Piles threaten.
Only '.Mc, at F.nglish Drug Co' s.
S. K. Poster has just received
a lot of nice Hams.
Irate Father All! how is it I
catch you kissing my daughter.sir?
Answer tnc sir; how is it?
Y ning Mdii Fine, sir fine!
I'inl ulolphia Ledger.
I recently visited Tyrrell conn m
ty," said Mr. P. C. Kuniss "and h
wils told w hen the judge went JJ
there last to hold court there was m
not a single case to Is- tried. 'JJ
There has not bectum inmate in the
poor house in two years ami the m
commissioners have rented out
the place.
Mot spanking lor W illie- m
l',hla lsltrrr.
Willie Crosby, lour years old. of M
Sir llace Slrcel, received such a "
"hot" spaiidiug t Din his mother
that he is now in the l'eiinsy Ivauia
Hospital as a ivsiilt.
Karly last week Im piirchiuscd a
i j il ii Hi ity of caps and lirewoiks.
bill saved a I'liatitily of the caps.
Since he has conlitiually annoy ed
his mother by discharging the caps,
and repeated udiiiiinlioiis to cease
his niiist were ignored by Willie.
Yesterday his innlher could
stand the noise no lunger, and.
seizing him. laitl him iicross her
knif. At the first strnkc of the
slipper, "Hang! Iking!'' went scv
cral Ihixcs of the muse producers,
which Willie had concealed in his
hip pocket. He was so badly
mi nod that he hail In In' scut to
the hospstal.
Lnd of hitter Fight.
: M
"Iwo physicians had a long and m
stuhlxiin light with nil ubeess mi
my right lung" writes J. V. llugher H
of I in I 'out, (ia. "und gave me up. m
Kvery body llnuighl my time luul!JJ
eoine. As a nisi ivsori I irieii or. ;s
King's New Discovery lor Con m
sumption. The lieneht received
was sinking ami I was mi my leel ; m
in a few days. Now I've entirely "
ivgaiuetl my health." It coiUiiirsjJ
all Coughs. Colds and Throat and m
Lung troubles, (iiiariintml by !t
lish Drug Co. Price .Mh', and jinn. J
Trial bottle free. m
feneao Hour
lis Bad Flour!
" I w-at s;tsrt
U3 lo die with
auick consui.irt '"!. I rrini btr.n 6
to uie Ayr Cbirry I'fctoral. I f
imoroveJ it, nj a; nn' in
perfect health."- Lu-. ;
man, Gibbsiuwn, N Y
E. Hit-
f -laying
It's too ris:.';,
with your cci..;'.'.
The first thing you
know it will l-j cown
deep in yodf lons and
the play v, il! 1-. c-vcr. Be
gin early v. ii'i Aycr's
Cherry Pccttrsl and stop
the cough.
Tamtlmt lie. IX., II. Utnam.
If ha tara taka M,
H ha talli ta Bat
CotMaH fomr anrtar,
a. uka R. Utaa a,ail taka It. Ha
Ian M wllk Ml" W a ' l"ln.
J.Utlttl Ul Laacl,
. Mat KMmt a4 laaSar RiM
It'i low price ii the maker's en
cine for Ihe inferiority of his
product. Had flour ia bad flour
mi matter how it n manipulat
ed and jiiKKlr-tl in parking. It
all cornea hark tu (tie name
Itiing. Good flour nuxtd with
poor will improve Ihe quality
of the blend, but like mixing
white paint with black, it takes
an awful lol of white lo pro
duce any effect. Had or cheap
flour is lacking in gluten, the
nutrition portion of (tie wheat.
It also contains a lare per
centage ol the pulverized husk
or shell of the grain. All of
which you don't waul, There
fore, we caution you to auk lor
Ihe "Invincible" brand. This
brand ia sold al the lowest
price for wliirli really first
claaa flour can be told, and ita
price is Ihe higltrst you need
to pay in order lo get Ihe best.
Mr. Newman, our local baker,
says: "Invincible" ialhe I can
get for baking."
A Prosperous and Useful School in One of
the Finest Parts of Union County.
Till lolioft it,- ;i!.
blingtoit Ai-nli iny
i, k he t- s :
s .tie 1,-s'(jii,,iiiia!
,1 I'l.-I. Itllhps.
. of I lie fi lends of
l!i' I'ruii tpal. and
-. . ''. Miirr i-f (.'!' ix
UI'J II' llll'l I S i f ,!
f 'ii i n! ii-i ( 'mi fi i
It ut ty U- liuiy s
fill I--I s U ',' I I I' t I
tl.tiit ilti-. ! is ,tti ,,t- t! ;.
s'l: l-tUlit.tii . s eriti lit. i
til .till, il. Ihstlles lis li
si hot,!.
lt H'jlmi fii
nf.'f , mil ul
II I sl i II .Vill i Ii
I 1
itlitt 'Ion At-aib inv. "lit uilti-
ioti i oiinly has no lovelier siHit
tit toi t si leiol so tar a natural
I- in; clfi.iit-il and llioroughly
ss. ul it h is so in, mt to a
il . Uui iil . !iriiiiliiji .
Hut il has
w ithin oik- haiitl
I i'lolls sti h f. e e, I i
lire eveel-l ion, illy go t-l.
ship any l.ei e 1 li.oi t i - "
I Ins is a in ctti i ol v
lel'iin natural adxaiitagcs. It is located
I y a - ,s ot 'a i -hull Ii. in w bit h then' lire re-
iiti' inoi .its ol t he i. mi in il li 1 1 v
l iit-ie t an ! I,, iiinl no Is-ttercitieii-
Hi i-.i.itd'ng W t-diliugloii Academy.
llll't , ;.lliee to : st'hool.
. s ill .'lllilllll Ills.
"Tlie ae adoii
up inlo rooms i
ill pieseitt I i i - it
doi inilory lol gii
this biiiltliiig ate
girls in a loom,
lug needs of the s
iv Ii'i.;,i::j is a laig
t llli'l.l i,i s' :
illl'llt t s 'ID tin
Is Is I 'j j, ,H I
1,11 je l-li.MI. h
I hlt-'i bu i'iiii
i lll.: It .,
lo si, ill stlllftlllC cut
i-!y .im! it-eiiat imi. There uiv
gioiimls, ami one eight room
,s o t-i i t ion. The l iNiius in
to at I'oium.Hlale from to I
s ill be erected as Ihe grow-Hire.
Ilrnii'iii 'J luijiiivliiiin .
:, ha
"The giottlli ft this
it gives promise I'm still laver ii-l
Thinking peoplt ei iisidt r litis -t In
and part ol Mei kleubui - eou:,iies.
Ion was its I'oiiuili i' and gate
il on a li mi basis. I " -1 1 l:t
others to carry mi the v n k I:
" This i, rili r lias know u
this sehool. lor yea is. II, i
wink ami has Iteltunl 1 ,, i a i
justly proud. Ilesidt s a. I lli
This I consider ol Inst impm)
U ' ii most grat ify ing: and
1 1 ut s-s Iiti (he time to come.
'I of ital interest to I'nioii
The lute IX. Ii. Wedding-
liU-rally of his niouey lo place
i. gohe now ami it remains for
i- so nobly begun.
i'.nl. rhillips. the I'riiicipal of
- llioroughly ciUipped for the
t itnl of m h it-li anyone might Ik
is In- is a t in it i;iii gentleman.
,i lU IIrr Urn i , liiiiflii rr,
ul preparatory school can do
'on Academy.
red to the minimum but the
"Those who are seeking a go
no iM tler than paliotne Wetl'lin:
"Not only is the expense leill
work is thorough and no to dale.
"There is im place where preparation for college can 1st
made for less money .
"Il imi only picpart's for college but for the practical du
ties of life.
" u education may be hail I e which will tin-pure one
In . successfully till most any position.
T most heat tily ami cheerfully commend Wciltliiigton
Hi in rmis i'.iiilnrsi im ill.
Here is what a fen of the
arolina hau' lo sa of I 'rid
many pioiuineiil men in
I'liillips and his work:
' Ex-'hul'Ji ('litis. . .Mi hut.
"I hate to say that you me complete satisfaction as
a teacher while my son was villi you in si litinl at Ilayesville.
"I believe you to In- an cm -client teat her. and I know yull
lo Is- a man of Ihe (cry highest ehaiaeler.
"Hoping ymi will acliiee abuudaiil success. 1 am,
"Yours vety Iruly,
"(Has. A. M'ku;i:."
Uniil'ils ut Cllilful'il Ciilll 'Jr.
I'ltll. Iltllills. -Vsl.e.
three uf Prof. Phillips' mii,
fall, were finch ptep.u ed.
of liuill'iirtl College, writes that
le ills entered lillllford College last
iinl all i nti 'i d Hie freshinau class.
think I ever
'ruin llir pri siii ul a ul;r Inn si College.
"Dl.M! I'l.i'l . I'M 1 1 l II'--: ( iw ing to the absence of our
Keeper ol the Polls and ol si veial ol the Faculty who nr. tak
ing vacation trips. I have 1ml, until now, Im cii able In answer
y our in ii i t v eoiicei ning Mr. Moss, lie was no) in any of my
own classes, but my colli ngiu s v, Im laugh) him tell me thai he
was well prepared and that tokan escelleiit stand ill their
classes. Pegri lting the ilelaynf this reply . I inn,
"Voiy truly yours,
"('lts. I-:. Tavi.hK."
rimii ii (Iriuliil Selintil S1111 riiili 111I1 nf.
Prof. Y. I '. Allen, sinn i iuletulent of Way nesville (iraded
Sihools. mi iles of one 1. 1' I'nil. Phillips' pupils:
"lie entered the eighth grille 1 .1 1 111 bill showed such de
rided ability that 1 iniv am ril him to Ihe ninth gradi
He is 1 Un ion! 111 what lie has studied. I don t
taught a nunc eiiruesl ami enthusiastic pupil."
Fi iiiii Cliiiirniiiii of Unit vil of ftlticiilioii.
'In YiinM 1 r M u Cum 1 i;v
This is to certify that Pinl. . II. Phillips was principal
of the Hay nesville High Sehool Ima uuinls'i of years and that
he gave perliet silistaetiou as it -at-her and disciplinarian, and
with pleasure, 1 can testily to liis high moral standing. He
is a perfect gentleman and woilhy the coiilideiice ami support
of any ami all. i. II. II unt. in, Chairman
Hoard of Lducatiou, Clay County, X. ('.
I'l'olit llon.AI. D. h'liis'niiil.
T11 Al I. Pl.lisiiNs WiinM I r M v Ci'M l:u:
This is lo certify that Prof. W. II. I'liillips has liccn
principal of llelhel Academy for a icriod of four years, and
duiing Hint lime has given satisfaction to the palrous of the
school. The character ut the wmk during Ihat time has Is-en
first class mid up In dale. Prof. Phillips is a line disciplina
rian, ami fully up on the improved mclhotls of teaching and
coiiiiucling a seiiool of high gradi'. He is also a very kind,
conscientious christian gentleman, and is loved mid esteemed
by all who know him. And it further uflitrdti me gicat pleas
ure to give hi 111 this unsolicited testimonial.
IJcspeetluily, MuiiiinD. Kixsi.ami,
Pres. lielhel Aeaileniy Associatioii.
trout Dr. . Ilotrell May.
Dr. J. Howell Way, secii'lary and treasurer of the Board
of Medical I'.xiimiiiers ol No:1h Carolina, w rites that he bean
cheerful testimony to the etccllcnt work done liy Prof. I'liil
lips nt llctliel Aciuleiny.
From Judge Ircd Moore.
Judge Moore writes that his sister wan instructed by Prof.
Phillips with great satisfiicliou, mid that lie heartily com-
inends him and his woik
M For further luformation, catalogue, etc, address,
3 PROF, W. ft PHILLLIPS, Prin.. Wardlaw, N. C.

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