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No Dallying With Vice.
N .rk Tt"i- -111 "ll
Many public men make the In in
take ! using a charge of bird shot
here what is needed In a bullet.
j ti I Inly and corruption
are not matters lobe argued. The
1 more oi;r discusses them the mure
Hig Time Ahead in Cotton.
Accoidiug to the Kail l!'er Dai
ly Herald there are big times
ahead, and close ahead of us, lor
the producer of raw enttoti ami I lit g.s-ds. The
pu.s-s of huh ar. iij; to advance
ami mi will the rate of wagr in cot
tou mills. The beauty iilx.ut it is
that the increase in the price ol
eolioii ".aids not hurt. but
rather In- ail advantage to the buy
crs ol' lln v goods. '1 his aiguuicnt
is b.isetl iihii the fact that nulls
aiv improving liie oiiililv of the
The farmers Attended l.argt-ly
and the Discussions were ol
Most Interesting Character
Committee Appointed to Take
Charge of Such Meetings In the
future Valuable Information.
the I 'Imago slix-k market weigh not
over 'Jt h.iiihK where we ale II)
in;; to make thnii weigh ' ol
I'M'. Any good breed will i. it'
V.tU f.-ed thrill. Tliere is loot. lilt'
ferem-e in the iudi idiial than in
the lured. If we gel a mar
ket pi iee far the fl we put liirit
'tie, the manure will nav lot the
Lv pi)!i: i:i.ivu.d.
Cardinal Sarto. W ho H.iJ No Am
bitioii in I hat drew ion the one
Selected ItlcU i.l i he Sec
tion on the Waiting IVoplc-
t ...... ,.L 1 1... ...a........ ..f ll.... ,..!
jrhiinu Ihem f.oii. insults lot,- "ergroieso, ....mM ..
Ilted to thes. to U- delMted. :",,rM'." 1 " " " K
1 inatv 01 oilier laouc.s him iuieis
,-iKni in i-c lorn. ,11t Uieiuoul l the leach of a great
Kv-. Jr ,., ti.. . .,.,.,.., v f ,. T,. .
The avenue was a blae of light. I . . .
The farmers' institute held Inre 1 trouble. No man n.-ol make a
j Wednesday under the ale-pices of ; h Mind h-v. of eot too, I lit he e.m
jthe M iledepaitim iit of agrictiltuie rai more cotton if be will m;-
w is ipiite a siicecss. A large liuiii j some live stuek. Voii e iu'l mioid
j lierot iiicix maii.V ol'theiii aiuoiig to iut cotton set-d meal in the
I the ls-t ill the isiiinty, were pies t rollinl Is-lore ton e.el Its value in
ifi.t and tiNik gn-at interest and ! manure bv feistiug it. In a
Its miles of elect l ie tot ehes tl.ished
like stairs in the milky way.
New Yoik, promt iinsiial
tjuccii of the Night, serins just
waking to her real life, a strange
new lite in human history a lite
that had put darkness to llight,
siiulletl out the light of moon aud
star, laughed at sleep, twin sister
of lcut h, and challenged the
id man to live w ithout one tiTug'
of silence or shadow.
Some Explaining in Prospect.
i iiArloOi rif.l.vli'riari .iuUr.l
They are not doing any fooling
w ith Christian Science in t'.iiiada.
A man hits just liccii tried, convict
sl and the judgement iillinued by
the court, the judgement liciug
manslaughter and the iriuie his
allow ing his sixteen year old I h .y
to Hie ol illplitlieiia. llie plea
was that (he father had treated the
hoy iitH'odiiig to the tenets of
the Christian Science sect, but it
was of no avail. And to think
that we actually license that kind
of iiiuidemiis fraud in Nurlli
Carolina, by act of Legislature:
( ne of our candidates for liovernor
will have some explaining to do
along that line.
At Eventide.
Jji!;. Int' Vilt-it, itt -nit- M,-ui- "f l it V
lurr '
A shower had fallen early in I he
day and the gr.iss had Ihtii cut
nlterward. AI'terniMin Miiishiue
hud drunk the moistiite, leaving
the fragrance released and tloating.
The warmth of cooling earth leach
ed her foot through the sole ol her
nI i ptcr. On the plume of it pine,
a bird was sending Us last call alter
the bright hours, while out of the
lirs came the liuiiiilt of the
plainer birds us they mingled for
common sleep. The heavy cry of
the bullliat fell from far above, and
looking up quickly for a sight of
his winnowing wings under the
vast purpling vault she Ih'IicIiI the
earliest stars.
Nearinjr the Tropics. Inwii. .Ir . in "TIm 4 in.- U.mian "
In all this crash of brute force I
ws' hcautv in ugliness innocence
in filth. Here one is put to the
lest. Here the great powers of
Nature having gathered for their
lust assault and have challenged
man's soul lo answer for ils life.
Park spiritual forces shriek with
battle cries over the dill of mailer.
The swiftness, of progress, crushing
and enriching, the mad greed for
gold, the worship of siuves n suc
cess that sneers at duty, honour,
love and patriotism the tilth and
frivolity of our upper strata, the
growth of hate and envy below, the
masses, the waning of lailh, the
grow th of despair, the trumpet of
hiule force, the reign of the liar
and huckster all these arc more
real mid threatening here, us Insists
mid reptile increses iu size near
the tropics. We are Hearing the
tropics of civilization. We niiist
not forget that Mowers will be
richer, wilder, more beautiful, and
life capable of higher things.
More Daring Than Jasper
Cli.illmm Kivor.l. ilr.l.
The lioiiihaidiuf nt of Tort 1'isher
was the heaviest since the invcii
(ion of powder. Many acts of he
roism iu ils defense have yevcr
received the praise which tlffy so
much desen e. I'or instance scarce
ly any one has heard of the her
oisni of Private. Christopher C.
Illaml, of company K, Thirty sixth
North Carolina liegiineut. The
tlagstalf was unprovided w ith hal
yard ami when the onlcr was
given lo raise the battle llagyoiiug
llland pioiiiptly volunteered to do
so. He seized (he llag and licgaii
climbing the stall under a heavy
tire from the cnemv' tleel. I'mlis-
miiyed by the shrikiiig of shells
which feil around he cliiul cd the
stall and fastened the llag at the top.
Just as he came dow n a shell tore
cotton "nods that w ill do as well as
the higher priced fabrics for
much less money than the latt r,
and instead ol our women wearing
fancy priced silks and satins they
w ill wear high pi iitsl cotton gissls.
This will so increase the demand
for raw cotton licit the price w ill
shoot way up yonder.
The Herald isof theopiuion that
lilt ecu cent raw cotton is almost in
Then to manufacture this col I on
the most t-vjiert mill oicrutivfs
w ill lie reipiiied. We w ill hear no
more of attempts to curtail thecot
of mautil'actuic by cutting down
wages by substituting cheap labor.
W hen that time comes I hi' farm
ers' wives will wear high priced"
cotton dresses which will look as
well as the silk and, satin gow ns ol
the millionaires' wives. The mill
operatives w ill roll iu luxury and
I he mill companies will declare
dividends eiial to the Standard
till Coinpauv's. Verily the mil
It-1 1 i ti in in the cotton business is
just a little way ahead of us. The
Herald says:
"If the day of six cent cotton or
eight cent cotton has not gone by,
we may realize before many years
have Ih'i'ii counted that it is going
by with a rush. This may not
mean that coarse cotton cloth is a
thing of the past, and it may not
mean that the most expensive cot
ton fabric will rival silks aud sat
ins in price: il may mean, however,
thai cotton as a commodity will
command considerable more money
than has been asked for it hereto
fore, and that l" cent cotton w ill
breed no curtailment or give rise
to Hie slightest astonishment.
Although eonsideialile linger
iiiautilies of rotloii may lie grown
mil marketed in the near I ill lire.
it would not he sin prising if all
concerned, and part iciilally spin
ners and individual consumers.
were forced to place a much higher
estimate upon the value of cotton
as a staple. At any rale, a num
her nt indications go to show that
the drill isin the direction ofhighcr
prices for the cotton in the hale ami
in the linished product. The ad
viuice which has Ivcii made in
weaving suggests that the demand
for cotton fabrics is going lo be
heavier I han it hasever been before
il is lighter. What are known as
the 'line good" mills are multiply-'
ing, and for countless purposes
their output is to he picfcrrcil to
silk or satin. 1'hey are rapidlv
coming to take the place of mate
rials which have long been beyond
the reach of the average purchaser,
and that, too, in the eyes of the
more extravagant memliers of soci
ety. If this demand enhances the
.value of dress fabrics, it is cleat
thai the value of the cotton of
w hich they are com posi'd w ill be
increased. Kurthei more, apart
from the estimate placed on the
unliiiisheil product by those who
spin tiuil weave it and those who
wear it, it is evident that flic spin
ners mid weavers i he great mass of
operatives in civilized countries
must be taken into account. If
progress is made, and the cotton
industry advances as it must if it
prospers it follows that the cost of
production must be increased in
the mutter of wage. Whatever
the cltecl of improvements iu ma
chinerv may have upon this cost,
it will hardly effect additions w hich
must be made to the cost of labor.
Iu the long run, it is idle talk
about taring down that cost or sub
st Hilling a cheaper class of help.
'The call w ill lie for skilled em
ployee rather than for a class that
l lacking iu intelligence and that
is content w ith low standards of liv
ing. And so, apart from all con
sidcnitinus connected with the
staple or the demand for the output
from the looms, manufacturer w ill
a-ked many ipietioiiv The sx-ak j
els Weie Dr. Tall Hut h-r. Stale vet
ci Italian. Prof. W. I'. M.c-m-v, cd j
itor ol The Practical I aimer, and
Mi. C. P.. Williams of the agri ',
ciiltuial depart meiil. Alter the
meeting was over a committee, tor
the pin pox-of arranging for an in :
s! n ute next jrar. Mpoiiitcd as I
follows: T. .1. W. ItiiMiui, chair-!
man;'!'. l- Williams .1. V. tare j
It t It- x oil will Im- p:illg te'l l"l
lars mine r ton than nu. atxl
inn can't allnid it as a feitili t.
Voil can't Iced whole eoltou seed lo
an extent without a great ileal ol
Ittilh feed.
ieath from cane coiner In in
"tuiitcd or second yrowlh care,
w 1 i li contains a great amount ol arid, which is a dt-ndh
iMiiMin. Ami also the cow soiue
Altt-r a munis t I
w Im It I lo- pom. at Lin
hav e p!.ivrtl ics t
wa ei-t li t ! ii 1 !-.! i
pali li tiota I i - -et
t i. r .e;.. v
i i a n 'i-, I i.
Voit." Yv illi a I .. . ho,
a.lnii? I ii;iMi -!t. .!
tin nt d ti ..n 'N I i t
att'-a- tloii III k:.'S x I., i,
clave alter ihi- lieu in
ilrv-t tho-M- I l-l w 1. 1,1
nt it
dr. I-:
I t;
t r AH
. .tt ') W
..hi ...
' . !-
Davis in the Pen.
. ! !ll-i!l. .f Ashe, jestcr
..(. J.t t.. the is ii.ti niiary C.
iv I in- man who iu
! I, a. knl to iiu-ir- w it It an
i. I in iii ami li.s.n. tl ml hi
.1 .el
I lit iui-ihIh l o!
I I Is wry.- hoi i lit
It-a". I' II :.- ail
W lull- Hi.- .lj.l.
lo legaiu h -
pr.-paird 1:11.
bllldell ol hi- V '
I le- f.tu i il.ri - it
- w h
I. MUM 111
: ..!:. hi
;i p.
I .ke lip I Ili-
lnck, .1. M. tiiiiu, W. A. Kiibauks iliiiie- lakes in too much gieeii wa
K. A. Hudson, A. J. Hnstk-s D. terv stull, and it ferments. We Sarto had iml
J. Hembv, S. ,1. Kichanlsnii ami have to Is- verv can liil. Some Mum. had i mh
d a lew in
M. . Austin.
"The object of the meeting,"
said Dr. Culler, "is to get the
farmers together and gel them lo
talk to each other. We do not
conic lo make set s-ct !irs but to
talk. Wedo not know all about
our sptociallies, and farmers whose
business ciiibrairs so many sub
jfcls cannot know all alsnit them.
"II there were one Iter ecu.
adulteration of fertilizers the farm
el's would lose more than the w hole
cost of the department. Every
fanner here should get the Kullctin
of the department."
After Dr. Puttier s explanation
of the obiect of the meeting, Prof.
H. P. Mciggs w as elected chairman.
Cards weie distributed for each init
io sign his name and to state the
crops iu which he is interested.
The lilst subject discussed was
"Cuttle liaising," by Dr. Hullcr.
He said that he would necessari
ly have to talk in a general way.
Is there any licet I for more stock
raising! We are putting iu the
ground s, iiiio.iioo worth of cotton
seed each year, t die pound of cot -ton
seed meal is worth one and
three ipiarlcr of corn for feeding
callle. Now that is not theory,
but has been proven true in a hiiu
died cici inienli. t sing cotton
seed for manure is u great waste.
No other business can stand the
waste of fanning. Sw irt Co. es
tablisheil poultry yards for the
poultry to eat the food found in the
stomachs of cattle when slaugh
t 'red. They even use the sipieal
of the pig for advertising purpocs
by means of the phonograph, t at
tie fertilizer is worth more than
oinniercial fertilizer. Ilhelpsthc
soil to hold moisture, and puts the
needed VfL'ctuhlc matter ill the soil.
Call we grow cattle? People say
we can t grow grass. I Know larni-
r who have grown rich by grow
ing grass, wliile most ot us nave
grow n poor by killing grass. North
Carolina has grow ii more hav per
li re on its valley lauds than Iowa,
which State is considered a model.
I do not mean that Voiir land will
ever lie lietter tut' nav man lowa.
ut we can get two crops where
the) can get only one. With our
cotinn seed lueal, our ability t"
grow two crops and our abundance
if rough Iced, ami our necessity tor
live slock growing, I urn convinced
that we need to, ami can grow live
stock. We don' I know how. We
haven't caught the spirit. We
want hi do thing on a big scale,
while we ought to goon a small
scale, siock raising nas nccu u
failure because some men have
tried to go into it on a tug scale
ami did not know how. Don't drop
ever) thing else. Try it gradually.
We want to learn several things.
l-'irst, we want to learn some
thing about this pest, the cattle
lick. Mr. Shannon probably would
have l-et a great deal lietter oil
had he know n something about the
tick, lie is able to stand his loss.
but the trouble is other men see his
os and lire deterred. I
W e ought to know what nil ani
mal is iM'fore w e buy. I here, is
need of studying the particular lit
ties of an animal for a particular
purpose. Animals are bred for the
daily or for l-ef cattle, and men
are Irving to grow rat lie without
k now ing the d i llerence. If a dairy
cow pi t her fond ii on her back sbs
is a fraud. Mie lias mi'il traineii
C.N. Simpson, Jr.
Sueeessor to C. E. HOUSTON.
hsise one end of the llag, ami iiI'im, forced lo nav more for what
once this young hero ngatit eliined 'lt.v )IHuce than Ihev are now
.r:r. ......II.. ell I' ...
I lie sum, wuiie suciin u-ii iii.'ui.o paying ,'
litiu almost as i hick us nun, aim
again fastened the llag in its place,
and strange to say he ecuped nil
wounded. History hit taught
Puts an End to It All.
A grevious wail oft imcs comes a
a result of uiiliearable nam irom
every sclioollioy the Heroism oi , Dizziness, llack-
Sargeai.t .Ias,K-r at Fort Mou Itne, ,iv..r comidaint and Con-
when lis ll.ig stair wa shot ilowu tlltlks ,
If me i. ..,.. urn, m".
schiMilhoy has probably ever heard
of this more daring feat of Christo
pher ('. lilttnd.
EmTot 'Bitter Eight.
"Two physicians had a long and
st ublinrn light with an nlsvs on
mv right lungw rites J. F. Hugher
of DuPont, i i. "and gave me up.
King's New Life Pills they put an
end to it all. f ry Ihem. uniy
'.V. (iuarantced bv The English
Drug Co,
Senolr and Junior Classes-
Chrl..llr ChniiiH-li'. r
The Chronicle's Marion corres
poiulence this morning brings in
Every body thought my time hail J formation of '2 itcrsoiis in McDowell
eome. As a la-st resort l Irieil l'r.
King's New Iiseove,ry for Con
su nipt ion. The benelit weived
was striking aud I was on my feet
in a few days. Now I've entirely
regained my health." It eoniuirs
all Coughs, Colds and Throat and
Lung troubles, (luarauteed by Eng
lish Drng Co. Price r0c, and 1U0.
Trial bottle free.
county who ought to be admitted
into the seuior classes of The New
York Suu. The first Is old Mr.
lilender, who at the age of 1(15 rides
a fractious mule and is trying to
net married aifain: and the second
is young Mr. Kelly, aged who
backed out every youthful sprinter
in the town of Marion iu bis coal
lenge for a foot raoe.
ni-' i
li. I i,
In- i
tltV idt-d
lives o I
Sun. lav
ca-l ful
I iin.ii,,
-net I i l I'l I t-o
I't l-i. la the ti
I' 1 Im- -a. n il coHc
tl apprai . . In
i.lltaii had !
ti. I wt rn 1 lit
he two i.aMh -liioriiin
Im. In Hi.
"I" '
- ' r
. V ol
lot this was iiicica-c.l lo
Monilav tool n!ii t n! t r
U.llllell II I 111 o I or poll' .tie.lli
ill tin- iilteiiioou 1 1 1 : 1 1 -eieii.
lor I lie Vellt-I I. Ill pat I i-llfii.
sienlowed tin-almost c. rtaiu !
on of to day. There "a-
bv mean-ol ace. --. mi v!i:".:
this w a- ab'tiiiloiii ii, I !v en
I liiri-Nlw toil.iv' i-e-ii,l In Iml
i ballots weie . iiiuiteil if.
limes a gival deal may be eaten ton-in hi-aln
w it bout tiij ti iy. j as tli
The abuuil.ilit clay laud- that
von liavecaiiiiol Is-w.u ii out. Take.
a lesson liolil the pine Ins- and!
I Hi ioln sige. The Suit li would liave
Ih-cii a linWiiiig wilib-riievs loilav
had It lint Ih-cii lor the pine tiee i
and briHiiii sage. I-iiol is turned
out. In im mi sage grows, pine trees
send down their long roots, and b)
and by the laud is brought back.
The more vegetable mailer on
the soil the better It will hold
moisture. Ami you can u-e li-rtil
1..... i.. ......... ,.,i,-....t ..... .... I, to, l
Ho.! 1...I.U i.ioistm-,.. We want lo! t'"'g'd '
it-sloiv new ground condition-.
There is no man who will lie so
hcm-titlcd by deep ploughing ami
siiltsoiling us the clav land. Tins
count) is naturally adapted to grass
if you w ill only let it grow. Il vou
w ill put plenty of vegetable matter
in your laud it will not wa-h.
You'll never a hillside ditch
if you will ktvp up your laud by
rotation of crops. Every man
ought to farm w ith a specialty, not
a one chip, hut a specialty tow ards
w hich all others should tend to do
How shall we go about restoring
the fertilil) of our lands, of pulling
Ibis humus substance into it! If
we farm right we ins-d not buy one
pound of nitrogen, for which we
pay so much. Peas ami clover will
do it, if the rotation is short enough.
Will pea do more good if plowed
ill f Ye, bill il luii-t Ik- coiisid
civil iu the light of expense ami a
farmer's necessities. Study your
soil. No man can tell w hat a soil
needs, except the man who wtuks
it. (let all the leguminous plant
on your laud as lroiiienlly us pos
sible. Nn man is farming who
doesn't raise cut tun. Thus, the
vines cut and fed w ill be more v al
....I.I.. tli.... u-li.ii. Ikloue.l lltnl.T,':'itv.
!e. in w ha 1.
iil.-t ainbi
liirlit- U-
in .il- eh r
111 lie I hail
, i c a ,'i hi- sou weie
I tots - of Dav :-. and
I I t In- ni-hl w hil.i
...--'1,;' 'lo.-n-h llie colMtr).
VA iM .;,' hait, had anv .jaairt-l
! I-., ii 1 1 , ,- ..t,.- la tin- night,
.1 . -p. it on I lot
' oi, i i I i a . - lit ad. lb- then
"r I.. .; a ; ,,e ..lie! man and hacked
I .- inn-. Davi-' wile
' " ami l.e hai ked
ii -i., .In-d in a few hours.
.. ;r ':!''' t h.ldn u.
i ,'ue let c plant ion
. ; i .!rr ilre.1. and tliere
!., an idra. Shei ill Stur-
,'i ...vs. thai he wa. tempoiarily
i. it i. I he inilv i xitlaua-
thirlv vcars in
I. .Hi
I lo
I !.
ti- in.-.
Ion 1
I oft
-cl.l 1
t a h
i.l Ills -etilcucc.
tin- mil iitiai v.
'I he Sltet ill savsthat tln ie was
t-ii of i Iviiehiug when lie .lartod
wnii hi. pii-..uei. and for that rea
son l.e li K billion l.oisiback from
.l. ii. is n lo W ilkcsl'tiio, from
:n, :.- bv Irani to Laleigh.
1 1 iv is -us In- ha- no clear ii-eol-i.-rt
...m "I that night whatever. It,
, ill s... in. to Iti nt like some terrible
. i in or. He Ii id in. tiling ou
. In I r r.
U bal
--v I II.
a,: i.i-i hi
Itlrlllls or
tliual Saito
V oles were II
W helllied.
'The clioice ha.- fallen
eolaparat : v elv oli-ei in
cause, iu the language '
w as
ft l-l
s .me
. but
1 Hie
o el
I he ,
an el.. I
in-lit cardinal to Hn- wiiler. "Ib
is pious, It-ui nt-il. ami ol t.-ti ' j.. t:
puliliciil opinions."
I bring voii gnat ''. We
have a new pope." l ing out a
great vibrant voire, high above
the ceiilral ol St. I'.-lci.
The nei r.-aehr.l the car
of the limit it 1 1 I which Mid 1 1n
splendid approach below. Tor
several moment, wild, immiltu
ous cheers arose towards tl,,, l.l.i
ing niiildav sun. Tin- n-d ioln .1 1 at alinve silsi d w lib ill ins up
lilted, ami silence eaiin -iiihl. ii am!
complete. Again that sonorous,
dramatic voice, "lie i. his eiai
neiice. the liiosl revereiul car'hiial.
archbishop ami palnanh. .los. pl,.
who takes the title of Puis Ti i, i."
None heard anv thing b.oontl
the name of the new pm.l nt. 'I he
last words of even tin- w lerl'ul
I 11, v
I u:l
Di ,.!ni-bi Cannot be Cured
-, ! ., .;.. ..',. !:-. ;i- liny callliut
:, 'li- i i .! u'! :i ot the ear.
i, :ri ,'i:;,,il, u ., I, ein e (ll'itfnesi
i, 1 il, ,t i.- t i rt-iiipdies.
H I'm, -- i- c.i'i-i I by nn inflamed
,.. lt!i i . i t 1 e i nicoii- hnita: of the
a,-t...i. rn ii.i'i When this tube
. 1- i..t. u,i, 1 .1 have a rimihliui;
, t Iu in nn;, ninl when
t I ii. .ii'ii .-s is the re
ft, c in:! iniiiiati-iu can
I I In.- lul.e Ic-liued to
r. ii lm n. In .mug will be
f i i ei ; nine ciscs out of
ut i I t'V t .it, Hill, itliiih is
it .in tat. ma I cunihtion of
- -ill 1 .li es.
i,iic Hit- lliiinhi-il Dollars
i- i ! IU .ilac-s (i-aiisej by
,t ( aini.'t he t'tued hy HhII's
l t,,.!li V an- S ml t, 1 i n culai s,t ree.
I'. J. ( IIKNKY i, CO,
Tot. ci to, Ohio.
Sold In- ..i:ggi.-ls lac.
II ill tiinnlv pilN a iv the Iwnt.
Tor aiding the digestion, creatine
appetite and lor giving life, vigor
and strength to In u ses and mules,
t.ic best remedy tif all is
Coniion Powders!
! Volet
We have gut to ildott a system lu
t, nr work.
I 1. ...... -in,. .I.I...I u illi eol n ami have nevcrgolleii the! IV ,,'"VI'
i-i isl of it.
i.l.,w hind I'm- wheat al'ti l i ""' l"'l"'
peas. Chop it up good with a cut
uway ami Id all the vegalable mat
trr stay on lop. Your land here is
wheat 'land, and you can lake iu iu
connection with )our cotton. You
cm iilow deeli ami subsoil. I llie
reason thai the laud washes is that j
the li ii in list has Ih-cii burned out by
constant growth of cotton, and the
other is that land is not plowed
deep enough, anil can't take up the
w itter, so ils bound to go dow n hill.
Do your deep plowing lit the fall,
but don't leave it U-ar. Put some
thing green on it during llie w in
ter, even if its only rye. Clover is
the liest. .Something must be theie
to catch the Hoeing nitrogen. Sow
something in your cotton or corn to
grow through the winter. Sow a I I
fulfil in tall, L'.i or :in poiiiuls to tnej
acre, clip it oil' once Itefore winter;
sets iu, then mow it iu the si icr
two or three times the first year. I
Cow jM-ii will grow on thinner hind j
than clover, ami help us to lie able j
to grow clover.
Keep manure in the stable until
it is used. Put iu plenty of bed
ding ami let them trample on il.
If thrown out under a shed it loses.
I would say that a good lints' years
rotation for this section would Is- :
corn with manure; then wheat, fol
lowed by peas; then collon with
crimson clover sow n m rows men
1 rnXi l.t liKH ON isKinNll l'Vt.K. I
"I hl very cvcre ticknci
that look off ll my hur. I pur
chued a tonie of Aver' Hiir
Viitor and it brcnM a'.l my hair
bilk itun."
V. D. Quinn, Marseilles, 111.
to tint it into milk. A lieef cow
i I. I.iu !'., ....
nas iH-. ii ,1 ... " broadcast for corn again
his back, and lie is fraud if he!
put it anyw here else.
We ought to know the whole
subject of fniling. The average
mail thinks if he buys a pure bml
animal he has done enough. Hut
this is not true. A good "hustler"
for its food is it nior milker. A
dairy cow is doing its best for ils
owner when it is lying in the shade
chewing its end. Yon must fi-ed
your entile. The more feed the
more profit.
Replying to a quest inn,theRIcak
er said that, the quantity of butter
in a given amount of milk could
not lie increased by any particular
Iced ordinarily.
We havo an idea that if we get
good animal and put it nn the same
Total as a scrub, it will do heller.
This isn't true. A scrub will do
better on scant treatment. I'p to
the time he gets bis growth hun
dred pounds of food will make as
much meat as a good oue. The
value of a good animal consists in
what he docs with his food after he
gets grown, w hether he puta it in
the purpose intended or not.
The young animal is the most
profitable. The average hoga on
One ihir is certain,
Aycr's Hair Vigor makes
the hair grow. This is
because it is a hair food.
It feeds t'r.e hair and the
hair grows, that's sll there
is to it. It stops falling
of the hsir, too, and al
ways restores color to
gray hair.
l M t Wilt. IS antllM.
W ..tir arn.-it rnut kiier-ly yi,
tuna a, fin aud H1 irm
fin ii foul. tur bS fit II uim
I yoar itt.i ,,rr..(ii,-. aa-iM,
j. i. a m co . Unii, M,u.
Weie swailowiil Up ill tile
III.-. 'To
hal was lidded m nicllier
I braen chorus nljov liom Hie I,, I
The same In !'s w hleii
a week iig.t sang me i.-yiirni oi
the .lead pope, clanged a giad wel
conic to llie new .
'The coronal iml i l a new pope
ordinarily lakes Lice a fen il.i.v.
after his election. I1 was In l th
rilled for Pins . lo .o ci,.w nc. I
uol Sunday, but il was lonml iia
tiissible to prejtare St. I'elei s
by that day. The follow nig Sun
day seemed too long lo il. lani Hie
cardinals in Iho ten llie heal pie
vailnig here, and it was v iilua'lv
decided to have coronal nm in
November. A positive ih eisinn
will be reached toun-irovv and the
aniioiiiH'eiueiil vv ill be made in t he
aliei noun.
"The it-pull thai Mgr. I-n Me1
Val had ben raised c 1 1 . 1 1 n.iii' t- i
denied or sirnagly ipiesi ioued, A
proniinenl c.iitlinil sr.. I thai Im
had iml heaid of il. The ciidinal
says that Sarin Tn-.l Ihonghl
of assuming the title ol
llclletlicl Mil. The last I'., licdii l
came from Tn v No. the same town
asSaito, and was elected mi llie
same day. August I. si centuries
ago. The new pope's mother died
a few weeks ago. lie lias one bio
ther and live sHeis. No appoint
melils hav.' Is-cn made vet. and
none ha. even Isi n consider! d.
There is no doubt ol llie po
lai ilv of Sarto s eh ctnui. It i
I t., l.i. ciiio. !.,!. turn
, . in. o. on, - ... i - .
eiillliellou with pulllles ami Ms a
piety, cull lire, dignity and imle ,i
pcudcncc. Cardinal tiibbnus te J
fraiiis from discussing Hie decision. ;
but he doe not eomvul Ins sal is
faction at Hie result ami hissiiiccrc ;
Is'liefthat thechoiii' will oiH-raleX
lo the highest good of the iliureh 'i
iu America as well as Ihmiiglmul i
the wot Id. J
5uicide Prevented.
The startling annonniTineiil thai
a preventive of suicide has liecn
discovered w ill interest many. A
run dow n system, or despondency
invariably preced suicide ami
something has been found (hat w ill
prevent that condition which
makes suicide likely. At the tiM
thought of self destruction lake
Kleetrie Uitters. It Iteing a gnat
tonic nervine will strengthen the
nerve and build up the system. Its
also a great stomach, l.iver and
Kidney regulator. Duly m.
Satisfaction guaranteed by Eng
lish Drug Y.
To Cure a Cold In one Day
Take Laaative Bromo (Juinine Tahleta.
All drugxiat refund the money if it
fail to ours. E. W. Grove igna
tare i on each boi. as cent.
Sim gilletl who
have used, with
i tililk-retit result s.coti-'ill pnvvili IS IVVIHIl-
t a-nd'-il e.i'ia'lv gnod ,
It lio'se-;. cat t f, pnlil-
t y , swine, t it ., will tind
i.l .si, ra't's a remedy
1 ' tu horses and
mules c. 1 1 is nut
a eurc-iili, Tut invalua
ble for the purpose
Ashrraft's ('ondiliiill
ate picp.itetl frmn the formiilic of
a pirn vctcritiariiMi of over 30
ears' cperieiK'e, and when once
used, horsemen will have no other.
- 1 i t,, r. 'tin tl'io tmv,' ln-.-n wlltna
-1 , . :, i - I,.., li, - f,.r ii iihii,Ut ,,f yoar,
, , I. , 11;, V IllO.- I'll, ii IMIIVlTlll MtlKfaC-
i .:i 'I.,.. .iit.-i !mij- nr.- lii,-.,rH,rat,.,l In
f ;r i, ,,, ,!,' -I-,.. n, ,..,.'l r--Ml.-ilv H -
, i v i ,. i-. I . 'li.. ,Iim ii... f,,r w lili-h It In
i , i, ii,. i',. Vi.iiiv ,, our I'lot.iniprs hv
1 ii.. . I I.,,,.. ,f' 4 u. - f,.r v.-atsi will
... . , , . i -t SolasH liKI ii cd.. M.mrw,
K i ."
AslKiatl's Powders fatten but
nevt r bloat, the hair Incoming
sleek ami glossy. Always high
grade. Price L'S cents. Sold by
iinalish Drus Company
1611690 Flour I
lie Dill ClAiirslJ
Il s low pi ice is Ihr maker's ex-i-iisi!
im the infeiioiity of his
u , hi, t. Had Hour in had flour
no inaltrr hiiw it ni nunipulat
e,l uii.l jiiculcd in packing. It
nil (onus hark to the lame
thnm. liooJ llaiir mixed with
pom will improve the quality
ut the I, lend, but like mixing
wliile paint w ilh lilark, it take
an aulul let ! white to pro
ibice any eltt-t t. bad or cheap
lloiir i larkim; in gluten, the
nutritious portion ol the wheat.
It aha contains s large per
rentage of the pulverued huak
or i-lit'll of the Kraiu. All of
which you don't want. There
hue, we caution you to atk for
the "liiviuribla" brand. Thi
brand ia sold at the loweat
price for which really 8rt
rlas flour cao be told, sad it
pine is the highest you need
to pay in order to get the beat,
Mr. Newman, our local baker,
ays: "luviucihle" it the 1 can
get for baking."
A Jlllil ilJUHUWit

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