North Carolina Newspapers

Telephone No. 19
Tuesday, August II. IWJ.
and Opera!
Court Koum
I'lerediug a -1 raiu yesterday 1
mill hrgiu a
i.pearll next
Vaha lurfilul
Motnl.ix, Aiic. Klh.
lU-v. K. lUyif liul'ininof Io!V
toil will wrupy tin rliylfi iau
iuliil Sunday.
liev. J. f. Adaui U holding
prul raclrd u--t itij;
liraueh tliiit H-k.
Mr. II. F. l.itt-M
Kinging m'IhhiI at II
Mr. V. J. I'iM of Tree, S.
Ii'ft iih nuf wateruielous at
The Journal uflire this iiiormiii.
Mr. I. II. Thompson has taught
Mr. W. M. Cordon" interest iu
the M.Mir.w ItotllinK Work and
will continue to run the Inisine.
There will In- a eoiieeit ly haul
talent on Friday ni;ht, the 2Mb,
for the Item-tit of tin graded m'1umI
1 lie Journal is rwiitwl In an
nounce that .Mi Maine IVrry w ill
preach iu tin" rtmrl Iioum tomorrow
ltev. Henry Stokes of South Car
olina will las one of the KH'akers
at the educational rally at Wax
haw, Friday morning, Aug. II.
A protracted nicvting will lie
coiiiiiicnecd at 1'iiion drove next
Sunday, conducted by lfrv. ('has.
A. Hwift of foiieord.
The tcinicraiiee meeting at West
Icy t'liajM-l will lie held Thuixlay
Instead of Saturday as formerly
Muted, on account of I'leaMaut
tirove eainpinccting.
Last Tuesday Mr. F. 1". Huntley
of lames t'reek was sitting on hi.-
mule talking .Mr. II. laimard,
when the mule liccanie fi ightciicd,
juinK-il. mid threw Mr. Huntley
und liidke his arm.
Mr. Walter Mct 'li lland and Miss
Until Tin ker, daughter of Mr. lien
I'lirkcr of north Monroe, weiv mar
ried last Thursday al the result -nee
of l'.-ii-. S. A. Ileliun, the latler
l'rof. J. 1. Kast, ntciiutendeiit
of the graded schools, came in Fri
day and w ill reniii'i here till school
oHiis, Mimeliuie aliout the of
September. His family has not
eouie jet, uaing I" illness.
Misses Ida (iiililile, Neita Og
hum, Annie Williams, Kale I'hi
fcr, Annie Smith, Ui Brewer, Mrs.
.MeKeiiie and Messi. Claude Hill
tier, Sam I'liifc;-, Will Worleyund
Dunham I'.aiidy have returned from
tup to Virginia Heath.
Mr. (it-orge Howie and family of
Kings Mountain aiv visit ins
former's mother, Mrs. S. I- Mat
thews. Mr. Howie eame through
the country, it distance of sixty
miles, and says the crops are sorry
all llie way.
"I had some peaches that I
thought were very line gathered to
bring The Journal.'' said Mr. I'.
II. Illukeiiey, one of I he la-st faim
eis in the county, "but I saw what
Mr. .1. W. Chancy had iu that line,
ami I decided mine wouldn't go."
Hi. S. .1. Welsh, Hr. W. II.
Houston, Messrs. I hive Aiiulielil,
li. J. Hargett, It. V. Houston and
John Corrcll have la-en elected del
egates to the State Firemen's Asso
ciatioii nt Ihiihani fnmi the Hill
lo the :lth.
Mr. W. T. Stewart, kccier of
the county home, request The
Journal lo say that the rule regard
ing visitors to the county home
does not apply to persons wishing
to visit the. keeper or his family on
business or socially. Ho can be
Keen at any time and receive visi
tors when they come.
Maj. I 1. Andrews mid liev.
M. A. Smith are exjiected to make
speeches at the Wuxlniw rally on
Friday. There w ill lie a basket
picnic on the grounds. Mrs. W.
J. King and Mis. J. It. Waiker
will render instrumental music,
ami Miss Chcitrs. who is a gradu
ate of the Haptisf I'uiversity, will
mite 'The Heart of Old Hickory."
l'rof. S. A. Stewart of Trinity
l'ark Hich School preached ut Cen
tral Methodist chinch Sunday
morning, and mule au interesting
discourse, ltev. W. V. Iloneyciitt
iireached in the evening, llie lias
tor. ltev. M. A. Smith, was failed
to Cary Saturday night on account
of the death of his father in law.
Mrs. Smith had lioen at her father's
bedside for sometime.
The People's Hank has opened
an insurance department aim em
nlovcd Mr. W. M. Cordon to mail
age it. .Messrs. (iordon & Thomp
son have dissolved their copartner
shin and Mr. Thonipsou will eon
t i lino in the insurance business at
the old stand. The bank has
boiiL'ht out the insurance business
of Mr. J. C. Fletcher and Mr. llor
don's part of the old business of
C.ordou J lionipson.
Mr. A. A. Uavis of Sandy
Ttiilire towiishin had a narrow es
rune with his life last Thursday
Ho was driving a mule und ahorse
to a wagon. The horse ran away,
threw Mr. Davis out and the wagon
ran over him, cutting a severe gash
in his head and bruising linn
many places. It w as at II rat thought
thaLho could tot recover, but at
last uvnunta was doing well. His
injuries are so severe that he w ill
not lie uble to do anytning in sev
cral months.
Dr. Levy Promoted.
Baltlraorr Su.
Dr. Albert U Lety of Monroe,
N. C, has lieen appoiuteil resident
tihvsician attho IMirew HospiUI
llonkina avenno and Monument
Mtrei.t. to succeed Dr. K. 1. Kelrle,
Jr.. w ho has eoue aliroad to take
ouw-iul ennrse of study. Dr. Levy
is a graduate of the I'nivereity of
Dr. I-evy In joM twenty-one
years of age, and is a young man
Of whom Monroe uprouu.j
PERSONAL. (The Work al Last Week's Coort-
' Court adjoiiriMHl lst Sulurday
Mrs. C. II. Ui. l.artLu nd x.n. Bight ul ImrUe u'rUn k. Tlrhit-I
afteraoou. Iliriv were several sliaro JiUM. are v Uitito.' iu KurkluxhiUii. es'l aiiersl wattiatol I Jl K'- iitvuf ihiw.l . iers, who killed Nam ; I'nU-y and
- :" . Mrs. Mnei imre is viMiuig n-i ..- ... ...i.,. n ...i.-.i,,i
"a very bea one, slmk theMi .j , . " , im. I.u hanl.u. He ..!-. laivl
..f Ineoouit house, jumped to the "l M ,B l-m-"" j t W iusai-. The Wlowiog Imm-
' lelenlmiw and Irleirniiih wiri thai Mr. Wbiteftml 8. lilakeuey left , nrss was traievietnl:
surround the square, and also ran terday lor lUuwiug Kurk. J.w Siuips..u and AuumU IU-i.1.
down the metal water pipe ou the" Mnl Unn Cuthlrts.m U visit ! '"'""""J : B'" : Simt.i. hmr
eiurt house. Several pieces were ltlUg rrlauvea in W axhaw. j "mhs on li.uu gang, ap- al;
Urt-n olT the spire but no great darn , woman dim
aL-ewd.Mie. The same or MrH- u " " "l''"R; ToU-C.s.k. wmuIi with deadly
r t,... li. ir.ll.url...l H.IIH . ,. .
vuivtiiur iu a.u.u. m'h i weaMin: inn guuiy.
Mrs. J. J. I.iudsry is visiting at
Ncsy Letter from W ardlaw
Waidlaw. Aug 1". -The di..-ht
dill itmtiniieii and the faiuu-rs aie
lirruiuiog vrrry imh di4stuiagel.
We hi.e thai kind I'rm uh uiv ill us mull showed
ery wsoi. Wanli.l Aead
iiiiv the tlnrtl wiin a very iii.i .11
one almost at lite same instant,
struck the opera house and knock
ed several bricks off the rear einL
Satisfied with Judge Cooke.
I'liiou county jieople seem to lie
well satisfied with judge tooke,
who held bis first teim of court
here last week. A member of the I
lar said this morning that Judge1;
Cooke's knowledge of the law was
exact, that he was a most quick aud
accurate thinker, and w ithal a tine
judge. The people like him lie
cause he tries to put down crime.
He comes lurk uet court, and
wiih the good help of Solicitor
Itobiuson, w ho is doing line work
against law breaking, justice will
not In- slow.
Shouting Affair in Ruford.
Ijv4 Friday night two young
men of the Allan iicighUirhood,
W. T. Kizer und Charles lwery,
met at Allan and took up the dis
mission of some diuicultics that ex
isted 1st wtsn them. The talk
resulted in a tight iu which
Lowery was shot in the thigh quite
seriously. Dr. S. A. Stevens was
'phoned for and utteiidi-d to the
wound. Kier was committed to
jail by Fsqr. J. C. l-iney, and
Judge Cooke ordered him to !
held until the doctor certified that
Ijiwery was out of danger. He is
yet in jail, but as owcry seems to
lie getting 011 all right, it is proba
ble that Kier will soon tic giantcd
A Tribute to Miss Amelia Hurley
l'rof. M. 11. Dry, principal of
The Wingale ScIkmiI. writes the
following letter to The tiastonia
(laettc, concerning one of his pu
pils, whose sad death occurred ut
Wingale 011 August liit:
'This sketch is written by her
teacher iu memory of Miss Amelia
who was a student of the Wingale
school and who died ut Wiugate
Aug. 1st, !Hi:t, just one week alter
having returned to re enter scIkhiI.
"Amelia was an ideal student
a kind baited and sweet faced girl.
She was loved by her teachers and
school limb's and by all w ho knew
her. She was not only an ideal stu
dent but an ideal Chi 1st iau. Often
have 1 asked the question, "Why
should one le taken so young and
so promising!" Invaiibly theans
wer comes, "(iod only knows."
Death at any age is mysterious,
but not more so than life itself.
These hurts of ours go throbbing on
day lifter day, mouth after month,
null year after year until sooner or
later the mysterious mechanism
slops and we call this death. Wi
ethe spirit has taken its Might.
In the bright happy days of youth
we don't expect death but some
times it comes and westand appall
ed Is fore its sudden and awful
Death is always sad, but when
it comes to the young it is doubly
so. Teachers and school-mates are
overwhelmed with sorrow, and pa
rents and brothers and sisters
give up their loved ones with
bleeding hearts.
'1 never had a liettcr student
than the subject of this sketch.
Her face we can never see again
on this earth, but she has left a re
cord that shall shine in the minds
ami hearts of those w ho knew he.r
like the U'aiilifiil stars.
The Keeley Institute.
In another column in today's pa
per w ill lie found the adveitismeut
of thetircenslioro Keeley Institute.
It was established ill (h tolier
und each year hits witnenseit a
steady irrow th iu the splendid work
that it has done, ror the last live
years it has occupied the old tlov
enor Morehead mansion a picture
of which accompanies the adver-
tistiient. Hundreds of eminent
North Carolinians well kuowu
professsional men, merchants aud
fanners who have been relieved
of the drink and drug habits, bear
testimony to the ellic.tcy of this
marvelous cure, t .ilouel . it.
iwlmrn. mayor of (reenslioro, is
the Dicsident of the Institute, ami
it diss what it claims hi 110. 11 you
need this wonderful cure or have a
r, i I alio is ulllicted. a letter to
The Keeley Iultitiite at Ulceus
boio, X. C, might result 111 doing
much gsl.
Dr. 11. Smith returned last night
to Tine IUiiIT, Ark.
Miss Maud lietlfearn of Chester
field is visiting Mrs. At ha Stevens.
Miss lieua Stevens of lioss Mill
is visiting Mrs. W. A. Stewart.
Miss Flora Mclhmald of Mint
Hill is visiting Mrs. Juliau Smith.
Miss May lilakeuey will leave
Thursday for Wowing Itisk.
Mrs. ltosati. Itouudtree of tlafl
uey, S. C, is visiting her sister,
Mrs. J. F. Ijhm j.
Mrs. Victoria Shiaii left yester
day for visit to her old home at
Davidsou College.
Miss Hallie Neal and little broth
er, William, are visiting their
aunt iu Ihuibury.
Miss Alice Atkinson is expected'
tomorrow to visit her brother, ltev.
(ieo. H. Atkinson.
Mr. and Mrs. F. K Sturm's of
Alls'iuarle are visiting relatives in
the comity this week.
Mr. M. F. Helms of .Nahiiiita.
(la., is visiting his father, Mr. l-e
under Helms of Caruiel. KlixaU'th Chcars of the
Waxhaw Institute is visiting her
cousin, Mrs. W. A. Iane.
Mr. W. W. Horn ofSumpler, S.
C, son of ex-Sherill J. I Horn, is
visiting relatives here.
Messrs. S. M. I'aiker, "s. W.
Helms anil John tirillilh of Caruiel
have put in a 'phone line.
Mi's. Henry Williams and little
daughter of Winder, tin., ure vis
iting her mother. Mrs. Flora Davis.
Miss Kate Dlakcucy of Caiinel
is spending the wii k with her
cousin, Miss Hirdie Sloan.
Miss Mamie Walsh has returned
from a visit to relatives in South
Mr. J. X. Hagler of tiisise Creek
township has a lull ImikhIciI Jersey
call, only two mouths olil, which
weighs I I.' pounds.
Jell fnk, Frank Crook and
Sallie Crook, assault with deadly
weaixms; three mouths on chain
gang lor Jell ami t ran, nppt a.; u a h(.n, an. WalllM1s fr
name, 1101 guuiy,
If Yen 0 Monroe Dirt VOu Had
better he on the Lookout Ac
curJing to a Stranger Who Says
It, I oiks Own It.
The i.ews that Iheir 41 e claimants
for J' acres of land la the heart f
Moons- any route as a surpiisr to j rlw,.,MV. yjw, I'eail li sliuan. ul
the t-itieus ol that atlrattive town, vvhaw, is teacher, aud we pre
and the intelligence that Ihel.i,,., r :,,.u, and ll
I.11111411IS are coiiteuidatiug eu- vardlaw mIi.h.1 a siiccciiul )e.u.
foil ing their demands through the - le M.i j,( -diiiiglu .e.ol
i haunelsof liligaliou may disluib ,.,uy j.,ls oih, under tin
some of the pnq rty owm rs ! ' shj'i ititi-iMh-iH-y of I'm. W.H.I'lul
lulglil ! auericu. ii n a i Iiik. lot ill have seteial .is.m!
DRY CGwS, SOOT, clothi:.j, CLMS ri'Eiaiscs, 111
Kit IJogers, murtler of Xaiiey-i
Freslej ; adjudged iiiNiue, and eMii-1
uitttisl to the department of film
nal insane at Kalcigh, iu Stale
Jessie MrKorie, assault with
deadly weaMins; not guilty.
live Ulster, larceny and -arry-iug
concealed weajHiiis; liveliloulhs
on chain gang.
Charley Austin, carrying con
cealed weaHiiis; six mouths 011
county roads.
A. Jack Fo ler, 'rnntwnia uf
court in wearing hat in court room:
lined I.
1'et Huntley and Flora llroada
way, immorality; chain gang for
five months for Huntley.
The John Marsh case came up on
error in transcript; error was cer-!
tilied to Supreme court in order
that Supreme court might take such
steps as it deemed necessary.
John Wilson, feloiioiis breaking
and larceny; l'J months 011 chain
Allen Chainls'i-s larcen and
caiiyiug coiu-ealed weapons; four
monihs on chain gang.
F.imorc Th real t, burning house;
110I guilty.
Jim Sliloishire. larceny; judg
ment siisDciidcd 011 iiawucitt of
Cud Allen, larceny; two years
011 chain gang.
Walter Medley, larceny; six
mouths on chain gang.
liclic Medlin, larceny, two rase;!
two years on chain gang.
(ieo. I. Il.iigler. iissaiill with
deadly weapons on Mamie Walleis;
pay line of W.'i and eot of uctiioi
and pay Mamie Walleis w.'.V
Augustus A. la-Ik. lesistnig otli
is-rs and earning concealed weap
ons; sixteen months on chain gang.
John Stegall. assault with deadly
weapons and canying concealed
weapons; s.'."i lineaiid to pay Kevin
I'bifer and pay costs of action.
Simpson llirretl, carrying con
ceiled weapons; iflil and costs.
Tom Morrow, larceny; judgment
liev. W. T. Mattliewsaml family. X
of llukorv, are iHing n-l.itiM-
! ht-ie.
Miss A v ie
half the laud luside the corioraled
limits of Molina-, and it is 111 the
Center of low 11. !.
Whea 1'uiou count v was rut off
from .Meekleuuiiig ami -usou, , nurM. n 'tuiilcstmi,
about lite year sJ, the Crump! j,, ,rr ,umilH
family owue.1 a quantity of land yJlx ,r white, of Yoikvillc
uhiii which the tow 11 of Monroe. ; , rt-t riutt-tt home last -k at
the county scat, was estalill.shisl. vcral das visit to I'liends
K Six t ial N iilno m
H in I ' Lilt 111 1 anl S
S Outinix uit. H
Matthews a trained
S. C, is visit
ltev.tieo. H. Atkinson will golo(siisM'iided 011 payment of costs.
1 hursday to comluct 11
He w ill return Monday
Miss Loiiia iiml I'.ilna Xiveu of
Waxhaw returned home Sat unlay
mler a visit to their grandmother,
Mrs. W. II. Krauss.
Miss Lucy ltowdeu returned to
her home at Decatur, (ia., yester
day, after a pleasant visit to Mrs.
Itulus Armlield.
Au impression prevails among the
heirs of that family that they are
to-day the rightful owners of the
most' valuable real estate in the
town, and au investigation is now
being made with a view to testing
their claims iu the courts.
A dcceudeiit of the Crump family
w as in Charlotte today to interview
the lawyers ou the question but has
not yet retained counsel, proUibly
lorthe reason that he has not found
a lawyer who shares his confidence
in the validity of the claim.
An occupant of the law building
w as this alleriKMiu approached by
a I'n ion comity farmer who said:
I want to talk to you alsnit a
case I've got. I wauled tos-e Mr.
Neal I'harr.biit I m III a hurry mill
I guess you'll do. You're a lawyer,
ain't yon;"
1mhi lieing assured that he was
iversing with a lawyer, the
Inion County man pi is wiled:
"They, some of my folks, axed
me to come to Chailotte mid see a
lawxer iiIhhiI some deeds our folks
has'giit to itlsitit half I lie laud in
Monroe. The ihs'ds arc recorded
in the court house in Monroe and
he land is ours all right. What
and relative tide. Willie lliliilel is sM-ndilig
M-veral week with friends al West
Spring, S. C.
Misses IVssic aud Caldwell Hojic
lefl Friday for I'iiig!on, X. C
where Miss IU-smc will os-n
Mrs. Ann I'aiks is x isitiug hei
sister Mis. Mary Matthews.
Mr. J. S. ItcLincv has just n'
turned from an extended xisit t
fricmlsaiid ivlatiiesal llarrisliuig.
X. C.
Mitv 1'otts.of Chailotte. X.C. re
turned home jestenlay after
spending several days with her
daughter. Mr. C. t. Howard.
.Miss F.ilht MeWoiterof I'ilicxille
is sH-ndiiig llie siiminer with
flieiids here.
Miss Mattie F.vans. of Atlanta,
lia., is exs'ted to lake charge
of the music class of Wcddingtmi ;
sch.sil. Her many friends are
glad to hear of her return. j
The anxious fiiends of Miss:
Jennie I'l ice are rejoiced to hear ,
of her recovery from a long spell i
of typhoid fever. j
Many of the young people from :
here attended the unveiling of;
Hi.. SI, ,,, 1,. . niolilllilent. lit I'll . I '
'"'''liiiil Yallex'. last Friday. Mr. V. ,
IS. I'.ryaiit, of Durham, made a
Who owns the laud now? asked , 'H..f-tt,itton siieech. i
I the,-
Nctrliiitc Sliirt.s H
S !r;iw lints S
S I .t tn ii Ctli;u, tj
H ;uit I Ik 'l ies.. J
H All Ncv
2 5
" ;uu! Slvlisll. m
!trxxxx:xr::rxi:: ::;i:x:zii:xxxxrzxT?1
Lee Dee.
ui.l to know is. can we
Building and Loan Officers.
The Monroe Iiiiildiug und loun
XssstH'iuliou stiM'kliolders met yes-
leidav and electeil the tollowing
directors for the ensuing year: J.
It. F.uglish. F. 15. Asheraft, D. A.
Houston, It. A. Morrow, C. W.
Ili uuer, J. H. lii-e, . '. Asheraft.
The diivctors then elected thw fol
lowing ollicers: J. K. Kuglisli,
presiilriil; It. A. Morrow, vice
president; II, C. Asheraft, secretary
and treasurer.
The trustees of the graded school
yesterday elected the following
teachers, all of whom come most
highly recommended: Miss Alice
Atkiiisoti, Charlotte, Va., third
grade; Miss Florida Morris, lien
dersonville, X. C, fourth grade;
Miss Mary Wiley, Winston, X. C,
eighth grade.
There will la? a called meeting of
the Hoard of Kducalion of I moil
county at the nlliee in the court
house ut 10 o'clock on Monday the
Will of August, for the purpose ol
transacting such business as may
come before it. It is especially de
sired that all tiersons appointed
committeemen and have not yd
nullified will do so al once, aud
those who do not desire to serve
hint have not yet notified the coun
ty superintendent, should do so im
mediately, r . li. ASIII H XKT,
' Chairman.
I!,. III. Threalt, assault w ith dead
ly weapons and carry ing concealed
weapons; s.'.i line mill pay costs.
Thos. F. Willeford vs. 1'. S. llai
ley , fix il: motion to set iisidc judg
ment argued and colli iuiled to Is
heard by brief at chaiulM'is An
gust llllil.
Cut Off the Heads of Her Children.
I',, I ii. sc.. S,.,il In Charliill.'lllwm"
One of the most brutal crimes
ever committed in South Carolina
occurred yesterday in Colletin
county, iu so remote a district that
not tint 1 1 tonight did the facts reach
Columbia. Lizie Aiken, 11 col
ored woman of about -Id years ol
age, killed two of her children by
cutting oil' their heads with 1111
u.xe. It is said that their heads
were comnletelv severed from their
Isidies, not a nerve, vein or other
liniment being left to connect the
two. It apierstlmt ancll'ort was
made to disdose ol the ImmIics, tor
a tire had Is-cn kindled around the
coinse of the younger child, (be
woman has Im-cii committed to jail,
ami is thought tube insane, ltoth
of the children were girls, one five
years of age, and the other three.
As a result of a quarrel between
four white men of Mecklenburg
and four negroes, on the public
road seven miles west of Davidson
Sunday afternoon, three white Mien
were shot by Sol Sllford, colored,
oftiaston ciuinly, and one of the
injured men is dangerously, if not
fatally, wounded.
Come to see me for chewing
tobacco, smoking tobacco, cigars,
etc. S. R Doster.
the attorney.
"The land la-longs to the newest
heirs, of course. Ain't you lawyer
enough lo know that, if I have
deeds to land, w ho cl-s' could it lie
long to! If it don't belong to me.
I'd like to sec who il does lielong
to. lint what we want is for some
sharp lawyer to take hold of it for
us and show them fellers in Molina
that we're going to have our rights.
Yes, sir, all them nice store houses
and other big buildings, including
the court house, is ours, and w hen
wo once get our hands on it, we II
how cm a trick or two. mem
fellows has been living oil' our fami
ly long enough, now we tuv going
to take possession ol w hat s law hilly
ours f w-c can get some keen law ¬
yer to do the taking for us.
Iu their yearly meeting at High
1'oiiit. the (Junkers came to the eon
liisinil that ollicers ol the climcli
should not use tobacco.
destructive storm visited Al-
Is'iuarle Saturday night. Light
ning struck several buildings and
killed h young woman, Miss Addie
Mecklenburg county is today
Voting an appropriation 10 icy
f.'iiu.oiMi lor extending the macad
am roads.
The l'ope was crowned Sunday
amid great pomp and ceremony .
Yon can get ice at ('adieu &
Wallace's. I'hone :u.
Pure apple vinegar lor pickling
1'iof. W.ll.rhillitisiilleml
t peranee rally ut Waxhaw. I'ri
Sliss Julia Hunter, of Monroe,
is visiting her parents.
Mr. (ieorge Stevens of Matthews
is spending some time with friends
Mr. Slitt Hunter, who has been
in Arkansas for the past four
veins, is visiting his parents.
The new dormitory, for girls, is
Hearing com ph't ion and w ill ! a
handsome building when coinplet
The temperance rally at Wed
diiiL'lon Mils unite 11 success. The
crowd at first seemed disappointed
when they were told that I hei
speakers who xvere on the
program, or most of Ihein, wcrci
not present. but when the speaking
wasoverthcy seemed tola- delight
ed. Able speeches were made by
liev. Mess. Iloyle and Phillip and
ltev. Mr. Dixon, ol Waxhaw.
Prof, (ieorge Stevens, of Matthews.
iniule a very line S eh and one
which would la- a credit to any
young man and one iu which the
entire audience was well pleased.
rf. I ,' - ' - f 1
: ... . it. -7 -s--- I
- ii ; ii' v
1 ' -
; :i
'.V ! : 0O0C-C.KX03O000O
Do You Know Wru.l it Does?
Special Notices.
Advertisement will lie inserted in
this column at the price of oue cent a
wtiiJ, cash in advaiici'.
II ASON'S Fruit Jars and Huists' new
Vl crop turnip need, at Simpson's
Oreat Embroidery Sale.
Xoue sold before !l :.', a. 111. P.ig
lot just opened up for Monday's
sale. A recent transaction enables
us to sell Kiiibroidcries and Uees
al prices that are half less than reg
ular prices, (ireai 101 01 pmij
kinds that are wanted for beauti
fying Summer dresses. All fresh
ami new. Never have needles done.
prettier work. There's a charui ol
some sort in every pattern, which
you'll Iiml s yon contiuiie the sell
assigned task of admiration. Uit
No. 1 Incluiles f.iiioruHierieswoiiii
from 7J to 15 cents. At this sale
the lot goes at 5 cents the yard.
Lot No. 2. F.tnbrolilerics worm
and would be cheap at from 13 to
35 cents, our pnr 10c. the yaru.
I)t No. 3. Finest graue ncniini,
worth 50 to 00 cents, at 25 cents,
Hki.k BKOTllKltrt.
Buggie and Harness for Sale.
I have a lot of buggies sud har
ness, both new and second hand, to
be sold at a bargain for the next
thirty days. C. C. i k ra.
Briog your chickens and eggs ami
get highest price In casn or inuie.
We buy tliera. ai. vj. uroom
Tn a hotlv contented Kme of ball
last Friday, between Monroe and
Waxhaw, Monroe was victorious
hv a score of 12 to 10. Waxhaw is
expected here Thursday.
Cool Spring Items.
Cttrrt!1nl!nl, if Tin1 Jtiurnnl-
Kushiug, Aug. ..( ioml rains
have fallen iu this section ami
crops are rapidly improving.
Sclnail oiened at Cool Spring
last Monday.
There will la? a picnic anil tem
perance rally at Cool Spring Aug.
14. Kverylaidy is invited to come
mid bring well filled baskets. Mu
sic will Is? furniscd by a string
band. The parents and children
of the district are esMcielly re
iiuested to be present.
The Souduy scluail at ( )ol Spring
has susH'iided for awhile on ac
count of protracted meetings.
A Compressed Chicken-
ClinlliHiu K-i-ir4.
A hen was (ound in the middie
o( a bale ul co'.ton that xvasopcii
ed ut the factory at Hynum last
week. It had been pressed into
as small a space as any fowl could
Soloman llenie mid wife of
Wilkes county lire on trial for the
murder of their daughter, whose
laidv was found in a mill pond. Tl e
woman is the girl s step-mother.
200 gallons ol 5 years old triple!
strength pure apple vinegar tor
pickling at Flow's.
of the latest styles in
Fobs and Broach Pins
In Solid Gold, Gold Filled
and Sterling Silver at
prices to suit everybody.
Now Is the time to get one that Is
new and up-to-date.
1 wai
I. rs,"j
We'll Write Yoa a Policy
that will proteel you from loss by
fire, lightning, wind storms, elc .
etc., lor such a small amount ol
money that it would be criminal
negligence on your part to be with
out it. Every company we rep
resent are well known for their
liberal treatment of policy hold
ers. Let as submit you figures.
THE PEOPLE'S Bill, Agent.
f . I. GOEDOM, lr. lsanM DejurtwaL
purposes at Flow's.
Yes," said a Larcon Deacon,
"the works o( providence are
manifold. The omnipotence of
the Almighty is seen in all things,
great small, high and low. 1 lie
good Lord, who made the great
mountains, made the smallest
insict that creeps over them;
the good Lord, who made the
michtv ocean, made the smallest
fish that swims in it; the good
LotJ. who made the man, the
gratestof His works, mada the
smallest llower of the field. The
good Lord, hrethern, who made
me made a daisy!"
From an Illinois axchange we
get this story of the slickest duck
xx e have heard 01 tor many
dav. A nasseimer on a Wabash
train pretended to be ill. He
opened his grip and took out a
hot-water bag which he got the
porter to fill with boiling water.
Then he opened his luncheon
basket, took out a piece of steak
wirmcd it on the water bag. Af
ter he had eaten the steak, he un
screwed the stopper of the water
bag and poured himself out a cup
ofcolfee. He had the grounds
in the bag all the lime.
We have been hard at work on
a preparation that we hope will,
tutu out all right. It has been a
.lull lime in a div town and we
have become an inventor to keep
from going crazy. We have in
vented a combination salad dress
ing and hair tonic which lays over
any thing that ever came down
the pike. It will cure liaidness,
and it's a delicious dressing for to
matoes, lettuce and cold meats
Besides that, it it a good shoe
Dolish and will remove urease
spots from old clothes, and is the
best toothwash we nave ever
seen. Our fortune U made.
Hardeman (Tenn.) Free Tres".
'"Have you anything to say,"
asked the judge, "before the sen
tence is pronounced upon you?
"I have, said the woman, ana
she organ. When the judge lay
dvine of 0 d see they brought
wotd that she was (till saying it."
drug tui c.
OST Two black female
t 1
I . aliinlav. M li.C. I.. Yolllicb lood
- cheap- a yumiK cow.
Liilhrr VX illi.nns
male piR impounded
Joties 011
D owner call set It by paying fur Ibis
notice and calluiR ou Cbas
Mr. Ed Stewart's farm.
i v I
1 . 1; i I .N -1 ., . t; ( t
v i .
The Prescription
:-: x Department
'! i'lir st"ie Kcc
X r
matter h
1W .'.
ic;il science.
unusual the
a prescription
c xi!l fill it
We kvr p the drugs f'ir it
the n:sr, iki.siii:st,
m.! 1 IK1S1.
IHEN in towu slop at the Star
VV Cafe for a nice niral or a inncn
Prices to suit.
K. K. Watkius, Manager
1 at once a few more teachers Im
tall schools. Good positions aie lu nig
tilled daily by us. We are receiving
more calls this year than ever l.cfcae.
Schools and colleges supplied alh
teachers tree of cost, Enclose stamp
for reply.
Ami kk an Tiachlks' ASHOCIAIION,
ail 1 ". 1 :. I, . 1. 1.. 1).. Mauacer, I s J
154 Kamlolpli mug, MenipuiH, icuu,
Al'l'LlCATlUNS for position as
teacher at High Hill, dii-tiict No.
I,, must bt tent in by Saturday, Aug.
,. V. A. llrlms. Sec.
CANNING Ol I t'll The Kialto
Cannula Outfit is the cheapest,
most convenient and reliable caiinel
on the market. Everything complete
for only fs 00. lor sale by J. II.
Heuton, Monroe, N. C .
CAKKY eveiylhing you have in old
Iron to J. U. I'aiker.
REMEMIiEK the hot mrals i
ritv are sold by tadieu
lai e. I'lioiie 3ft.
L l-ive or i youiic Jersey milk row:
for sale: also four young Jersey beif
en, from I'etteways registered bull.
1 . II. hunpson.
iC.N. Simpson, Jr.
o-e-co-ooce.ooc .ftc.e.i.7--oc;-e.oeoeoo
WE deliver Ice lo our customer! at
any hour night or day in case of
sickness. I'hone y. Cadieu 4 W allace.
REMEMBER you can get the best
fretii meat at J. D. I'arker't mar
ket I'hone No. 01.
A NICE MEAL may be had at the
Star Cafe. Good cookt and nice
tervict K. R. Watkiut, Manager.
WHEN yoa want let phone 36.
Prompt delivery and honest weight.
Cadieo k Wallace.
When You Buy a Watch I
f 1'-I m-x wiil &rfff9 I
i M ile xh'ie Xi-ii ,-j?i?
IX5s iiii.'t i..'Hi t;.. 1
i Jeiii ti mt i"rocii-3
I I V- -- '- -a i fa -5 m i
you Lb
FOR RENT. My four-room bouse on
College street. Mn. A. Levy.
If you desire pure Ice, com
bined with honest weights and
prompt delivery, phone 36.
, Cadieu & Wallace.
Opium. Laudanum. Cocaine and aW Orug Habits
permanently cored, without pain or detention from buainew, leaving no "iwioit
lot drn or other stimulant.. Wt restore tha nervous and physical y""J
their natural condition because wc remove th causes ot disease. A home ntutaj
prepared bv an eminent ph-skiaa. '
rifi,lnti.l corresoondeiice. encially with nhwciaiw, solicited. VVrttt today.
Manhattan Thorapeutlc Association
- It 38 BrKlwar, Nra Vara

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