North Carolina Newspapers

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j Superintendent.
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To Make S;tiw like ThL
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Promoles Pillion Chwrful -nrtsa:.l
l'l U'liitiius nvillur
tytuiii Mutplum ii'.'rMua'
Not N'AuruTic.
; For Infants and Children.
Ths Kind You Have
Always Bough!
Bears the
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Uorms.l oiivu!uns'ovri-ii
Hess ami Los of mi:kk
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For Over
Thirty Years
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ill.- j , lo in th-
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intiu,ti. ii I ii l- l
! Iilt.l.l l. . i'..s i i .
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' I. nve S ii lh. f 1; - C- 1
i I lu ttr t" I ' '' "'
S-r- t t'i- I i.t I !:, h: It Mi l
I t -wait l l'i ' i l.i Kuci
tiiwrs'np, n i: e ; '. r -:" i
. ! .'.-! t"-.t c. .i i
vote. n th- b il l i -
ioc'ii.i i i 'ii ! i i"
was ruck J -it!i -i "
,el ii.ia.I 1 !'.-- sii-i i ' --
of tilt' Ml I ' I." !. l' li'l II
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ill njniliLitl II t M
ker. ii 1'-1 i.-" i i. !;
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the Ciiiit, a I's; i
'Smith ! I V
l.oll,1. ii -II .
n.Tsi:o . ! IV 1 ! . ' '
ti.m vti:; . - :i.
I i; sn f.' h v
111....' Ilia:? . .
.i i iili- . v.
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1. I.-.I
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H ill he:
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li.nt t. I-
'.iit, Mr f
il't-ei'lir win
Mc.irt .'.r .i
.1-1 1'rof 1. . ..
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;a, u..!i.! .!
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tl.l' !' 11.! Ii:.
Ul.'-M tir
n. .1. h
l-t I.I. '.V
j.;. . t !.,
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rri a ...
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uit In-iii th-:-
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; I; .! ;l
! ; . -r v'.'l.
v ;. ..- :m
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li. ll.. I - .) 1.1....
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ii,', rli n.,- . j
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1 1, -- III il ,i
v. t il iii- : ,'.i.i
in. A I -k
f-'. .! ..;i lit-i rait- I
n .'
f.- n!i I. n t ri
. I.-A il l III.- l! Illl
-' 1 ; . I U I lt.u k . I ml ;
i;. ' L ''. f J..i Hi-, Il Hi. i J i
. I 1 .1 " '. II. ..III 1
. 1 I .illl "111 I I I II II f
: . : ;..ii-; I.. . i: I .i ..i ;
i h. ,.: I ..ii ii, :
! i ii. i ;. ' at I i . in
' il. i . t. I'ti
-..f : i I I! ,...t
.. ii.. a -I It. l.t ;. :
I i. Ii k is ..
; i't t- i !'i Kh- .
1 ; i iii- -a. li l.
!;,! 1 ! . ;.i '.-i i -ii ,
! I .1 .. .!! lilil-'il.;. 'i )
:- t ; - a at t ; a il. It j
1 Tin i ; a.'i mm t . t.
I.. ii ! !! ..k.'ii vi -l.i
;'.H I ..;.U in i'v i
1 1
il "
Unless they ore, good health Is impossible.
Erery drop of blood In the body passes thresh and is filtered by healthy kidneys eery three minutes. Sound
kidneys strain out the impurities from the blood, diseased kidneys do not, hence you are sick. FOLEY'S KIDNEY
CURE makes the kidneys well so they will eliminate the poisons from the blood. It removes the cause of the
many diseases resulting from disordered kidneys which have allowed your whole system to become poisoned.
Rheumatism, Bad Blood, Gout, Gravel, Dropsy, Inflammation of the Bladder, Diabetes and Bright's Disease,
and many others, are all due to disordered Kidneys. A simple test for Kidney disease is to set aside your unne
in a bottle or class for twenty-four hours. If there is a sediment or a cloudy appearance. It indicates that your
kidneys are diseased, and unless something is done they become more and more affected until Brii-ht's Disease
or Diabetes develops.
FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE is the only preparation which will positively cure all forms of Kidney and
Bladder troubles, and cure you permanently. It is a safe remedy and certain ia results.
If Toil r a suffer, tak FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE at one.. It will maka you wall.
Stmt PriBfuatii Incurakla Mad Lgmbap and Kldnsy Trottb!
Mr. G. A. Smiwn. i men-hint of Ttmpico, III., writer "FOLEY'S FJrd Hun, t veil knovn tuit is man of F jlihiirv..V.i., Trttr :
KIDNEY Cl'RE ia Bicctinf with wonderful ucce. It ha cured ! wiah to lay for the bencHl of others, that I a a audrer from
aomc caws here that phvuciafi oronouoced incurar-le. I mvaelf am lumbago and kidnee trouMc. and all the rer.tcjirs I .,.ii rle me no
aNe To tctnh to its merits. M face toJar is a lirint ricturt f health relief. I tetan to tale FOLEY'S kIDKtr t.-kl- .nj ).. .... ..
atd rOLEY'S KIDNEY CL'RE ha made it such.- three bottles I tm curvd."
Two Slzot. 60 Cents and $1.00.
Carolina Marble
and Granite Co
i:staMihed I 7.l
lilcorMiratcJ I "XI I
! l, .u-, I. a
M nr an.i a i- n
i'l ,t ' i'i l:.f
V 'i r - i-( r.
i.n i : v.i i!- i- i
N i K-a -. I
V.'- r in in d f
L-ll III ItJ
ii ivi- (:!
h in s.i
ii. 1 .i n
'i-l.ul-ry sin
I'Cfiii - in
.11! 1h- K'tlKrf
Ii it..! mi.'
ij ;,iitl:i;i-t
ia -nr
. lixodu of Ncrm I rum Chili ltle
to ca nrk-
'li.itiikr!;,r, :
exiitiiis -! i' !-n! h- !t- ti ";
Ch.ul-ttt' H'- kn -an, w'. t ii-.
; plai-f tliH m nui'C. al'-i.l
in aci' .!- i I - ; 1 i- i 1. 1 1 ; .
h- 1- Aifi li t- t ity iti.iu !
.ivk A I; i-i ! i -:i :.iK !, tli
a at i. a', "i ; ati- i 1 !
1 1 r -I i- 'I tii i;r I'Nlh-.- iia n In
n- .ii.:-.-1' !. i :..!.. ii-.-i-.. .i...i t
v, : ,- . k h h tU I1 i:: n:
t !m ii;;' -,
i ' i .it t!;
'.I I.) i uirnatM'
Me to j iy.
I hi i
't- ti
tin- v
. tt-.l
Mm feWc aod Granite Co.,
-U o.l ia
I'!;.- or will I-
ft-tftl I'i-im lis a t-i k ii.. - r
.atlt, an I the t'n-ii alo I t -n I-: .!
j, hs as la!) lets ill tin- siihwav ji .!
ni bill' I:--'.
"Strt 1 1 i f ! ant
-.H i .,1. ,'Vv .1
N T'h W.Ik,
monkim:. x. c
' i, an, I M mr o.
i re a
f- lilt.'
I r.
r,! I;,i!
I"". ' ,i. :!.- at i :.- :-i I I.- it-It l
"i l.i.-: 1 ...1 !...). !v l.'ii vt-r. !
!..'! . 1, -i.
i 1 - .! . ,,:i ;i 1 1 '.'.i it ii; -i. ii.t-
I I.' ' in I 111 II I.. . . In. 'It' vi ;.m,
th ti i'! .i.i I.n .i titu.ii I n
t . i i h i; I ' i 1 ' 1 1 1 .i'l.t-H lii-r. .i i il.ui
i. a'. . I i ai.i.i. a! ' I ' ill i w ti it
;i i M-.l. aa.! I ii- tar
' i 'i- It. -1 :!... . in t ! i it.
rc iu I ,1,-ti. iin; for a I i i:.-- or
:i- a !!n-im-s'.J
1 . i . i I -s.; . : I ,-..
i : - 'A ':: l.-i- i. , 'Yj
'. : ; i.i i. Ati tix
i . '-' : i It -a t
vn:i I I t tu ! :. ,k i ii . . a ..I
ft a' i';: - ... i v '. r tnu
: v a. II. t : f ; .i-i
::; . 'i : . a V, - ..,!... it
i '-'I- -tii I r-iii-. I i.i'
.'. I ' :ii:i k I - ; : , : i --
'. il '.. . .! ..I ... ti ll- .. ...I.
. ' .! : 'il i't. .. !' r-Vit'-t'' I t'P,
:n '!. .,s ! ;; ;' ; it i!i!. i ' th
! ) -. ! .. ikn i; it i la-.u-r
!- ii. ii.i t ;ii. . uit .in.! I- tU r
!". i - t n.
I in !..'. ' i ,.,,: .,s , ! i-i
. ! t- : - n ,.! ,!- a
1 he I'uncheJ if 1 hey Smoke.
. .li.'.i, tl t at 1 1 tin : ' ' 1 -..-i
i!i;.r,.' Ii. i t.iiiv l i-lit lnii in West H.ihuke.i
in .!' inat- .n il j ti. i- organized an anti-tolucc-in
-i.iitw, ni ' . ,,!;iK. an.l acued to imn'sh
I iti-ts el their cotle with
The Wiogale School
otters estellrnt utHituutties to bus
and girls irrnuut llieuiselvestorcu).
. . ... .- , n s-. !. ui itii mr iMai-iit ai
i ti.l pi;i..hls i-flcm-e. j j,,,,,.. u Me. u.t ,-Mr .lut w t.i-
i.i- am. us ui ayteiiieni j . it-ins .rrjit-.l at Wiuir ete in
l tt.l l.y thu' k'J(;iU' . 'ire as "'l'-i;i-a ot the State. 1 lie
i.tiriui.i.r oi ml sesfuin fame troin
it. rtiiinlirii. 1 here ere rnrnllrtl a en
M..t lhn ..I II... ....
.mn iu ifiui nun-, DtiaiiH-is. I or llitin.ii;ti oik auJ for
h .iRiie. I lie object Ol , ' and firi jaui Irom templa
u )nk:e. n. c.
Calls answrretl in tUy limn l iil -h
Dtui;at ui;lit M.IIII i.iuin i.ttr
tnglili lrne. Slmr, pliniir OHi.e
uvi-r post olhce: phtu.e uH.
Air Line Railway
Doublo Daily SorvicoBotwcon
Now York, Tampa, Atlanta,
i .ii
!i.-r. by
SMI V ..
, i I ti rniintir
ii.i.ler-sneJ. do , KtuJei.4.
iiu is to slop its liiriuhcts "ant "'Kate is not to lie surpassed
tr-in s.n,,' i n. l.t- ntiitoc .,., lit... ur music fMil.ties te exceptional
, ... ,,, ' ,, , run it-rni opens July J7ttl.
.. ...., ..inn, i-uaii (.uiisiM ui Wniefof ne cataloti
nvi- tiai l iHitu .us I r tlie first
I. a l.i. ii . l.'.i.l-
j H lllislli s, lli ii; 'l.i'.i'S
AUGUST TERM, 1903, Union County Superior Court.
JUDGE CHAS. M. COOKE, Presiding.
it i
i.s n.t
.r h
I .111
li. s
A...LA A
I! X S
A ..I .V .
I: a i
A.. .LA A
Monu'.iy. August 24th.
I. W. l ai-li
. T. lii .'t ., . t al..
II. I' a-tui. .iin.
.1. k. IV
I! A S
., I A A. uii'l W
..1 S, 1,1
A ii-tin t-i
A S,'-
II M-.i .
It. II, , ni. Mi. ri'V
I! A.-? I'm.. I, I i..., I, ami n
.. I A t , I nun. in. I. S....i,tl,a S, ..iK'. , . .1,
Monday. August 31st.
i i.
li'le ' '. .1 1:1
1 '. k. kl. 'As
. I . a s a'l
1- S -'C III 111
I kl'. AS i(-
. n . i j. e.t.'h
i ta-h -r i's
.- I,,,u
n. iti v !i is
I alii Li lr
. ! - Ha A
-ft a an.i ten harj puiirhes fit
t .i li Mil's-. i k iit i (fence. We ail
arv c n t to sinnke tiiircltts,
t a;ii'. s.M'tt ojtn nr cattails, and
in 'I t i chew cut pinj; nr any other
t l',i.: . We shall let this take
tllitt Wet'iu-.-tl ay. July HnH.
lo - titinue f-r lilly .lays, or un
til Tl. in. -.lay, St.. tnher It.. I'M!
At lie leaxinc tins league In-fute
lh- tit in i 'ins will be lint-il
liliy uiiii-',i s II a nieml'i-r is
l-iiii I t ) have cigarettes, sweet
i.'M 1 1 cut pine; i n Ins puson, it j u
sii ili he taken Irom him. If he I
M. B. DRY, Prin.
Waxhaw Institute,
WaxhawN. C.
Lnlarircnicnts Made or Planned.
I. tilth Teacher AiluVJ lo Faculty
Miss 1'lnaU-tli Hitmnim (.heats ol
Klin City. N. C, ftuJiiit llnee yrar
lit llapti-t heinale I uneintv, Kal
eili, is to asms! iu I'riuury and
liitriuie.lute IVpailiuriilit. Mini.
Clieara roiiirs Imhly rect.iiiiiienileil
as I -, mental and oilier
0. 1111(1.111' lit.
Nr Pepaitiiient Miss Llieari.
.r.ihalily tulte a tmall class
i-i ,s s tti Miireiiihr it, he shall'
hi- li it-J live punches (or each!
.rti, I .mul i, n him. We a 1 1 1
p!i i, i usi lus nut to break this!
it, i ii-u-iil. an. I shall be s.i'.ishetl i
i- tn-.'iv- t!ie li.ns if we ilo." I
LreMin. She uraduated ill E
presMou at It. t. I . iu May.
111. Ct.iii-spoutleiiic Couise. Eutliiil
IV. Suininer Si liotil for i.oa. Work
common and ti ic h acliuol liraui lit-a
Kor inloriiialiou iile
J. . WALKER. Waxhaw, N. C
ha I
I !
i u't
,i., M. .I.a.i
' I , li, m Mill.
!', n iiiiti
A 1
A .1
A... I A A ai,
I; s. an.i i:
A., .LA A
a i'i
A A W. an.! !! s .
A A .1
Ia-min-iiil iit.1 II. S
A.. .L A A. in, I Wi
It. . s
A , .1. A A. ail W .
Ii. A S. hi,. I A. A W
A. A I.
Z. n IV...
Tuesday. August 25th.
II. l. -.r.,,,',
I. U'. Tail. Mi,.
nun Si k.'K
.....1 luiina I.,, t' i-t. al.
II. I. I'..,.,',.,i
I'. M. Mill'.
M. k. I tf A i .
11. A ll,,a.,ilnii.
Wednesday. Auyust 26th.
IVn-.v ..l ir,, tin- SI I'n
l V
li I .V t-. ii an LI K I limiiiis
S I'.,;a,, l. !ii
v t
i 'i i'n- Van an. I Mm, mi li.irnn
M. L. 'AilM.inl.t :.
I'l.l llllillllHllll
II. I' Mount. Ti unit i. in : ml.
f Y n .iiii.i. A I I a
A W. aii.l II. A S
j l'4l
' A. A I an, I Si, -in
Sia, k
i M. A I . ainl I.. A s ..
I A A.n i. W
I I-.v.!
I. Ii iil.ta.v I ,
. ,'. I'
It. III.
1.0 I
tl tl'.-
in- -I i
i t i
itr -111
r.. r. I'll....'
Llla Altttltr.
S. (I. AL-M
Tuesday. September 1st.
t. ni.
A. A W...
li. S..
A. ,V W.
A. A. I. nii.l L.
...Th, i. L Will, an.., L.v,i(,
ol 11. .1. I! ,;, r.
...Tlii.laa. I'. Ili.l-n it. :il.
a", A liar. -I I'ul'.
' A. A .1. iiii.I Sh i.
! Lfiiiinoinl..
i r.
j li. A S
..I ii IT Tin-.
I In. iit
...S. A I., li.iil tai i ,
..All. n I , mi, il
-I. nl.
h a .1 st IV
tl J. r wi-.'.
I -t..!it. I I t-l',,., -
!:. t .ii . ij s ci i
ll'.ll' lll I I
! a I , t'li' i I it
I-' i)s , ,.)
1c -f tin h-te!
i 'in- t!,.y ..i.
- It; t hi' t ill I
i : i i i' r ,n.J h, ',.1,1
i i -i :, i: ! , :!. - mp. ii :
I" C"t a l-irf ,; ... . . .. hi Lot,
il I-., k s. li., linn- f. r i-'in t - re
. "-r It- mi thi-tftei is he n he
"P i- uiJiu'K I.ji-k
K. lit- clalnl iit the
: "he Int.
pit a a ah ail hell
th- lirst 'one I
iilit.l it al.'Miil
Willi h'tn. '
A' a c iloei) Melhi.ili.t meeting
; . vt i .......i. ,1... . ; t:.. a...
'.'.... I.'"''! Notice ofAdmistration.
" i '- i-i.i mul diii.iiiiiMeicii iiir i ti .. . .i i i r i i .
' . . llamiK tins day tualifietl belore h
-i'-""- ....i.i me n.;uii a, A i an In- kl , Llrrk Siipeiior Court
roi.t iit i iaC the wine was passed , i,hiiuiitiator ol the enlaleol Kha
t i nne i ( ihe thcollS a stalwart ! Haiknes. deceased, all ersoiis
s ui i I l'ih-i ia he i.i in ,! il to i h"hhl! claims anaumt laid estate are
i , !,, . , i i.. r i i . hereby notified t.i preseut the same to
In-bps. t-k . Ure. Iihik .IrauKli ! ,, um,.t.1(;ed aJinimilrator on or
rein ..-utile nacnll and t'xcunnei ; iwfute the ulh day ol July, tgo4
!l I l.iiaily ;
t l.-i:,!i tit:
t bliT ,iii, I -ai,
I -r.':i; h' is
tilt-. b::i " i at
ri r s i ii th it
i ni
tl. It. v i!...
Thu'Sdiy. ftugus! 271X
It. A S. and A. A W II ('., Thi.Iii. in Hunk
A.,. I. A
A ,1 A A in,. I W
It. A S
A ,1. A A
A.. I
It. A S
I A- I ' I i'l
' v. A ,.1.4 A
Mi-w. .1. L. Tltfiinatt, tiijt. ol ,1. , j jt s
L. Tli'imait. , -'
Sam II iii,I,ii, k
ft. A S
J. ('. Martin IVitftmr iumi-.v I' i.
A., -I A It V.. LinilMi.i w. uli
4.'. T,
11. i H luu. M. Au-ti,,.
A., J. A A..
..!. II. lli'iHim, Mni'iitor of II.
L. Stftvart
..V. It. St.'tvnrt i-t. ills.
I-mmoiifl ami Stt-ri-iir..,.
Friday. August 28th.
Jiilm A. Hiirtrlf
A., .14 A
H. k H....
A..J.4 A
R. 4 8.- ...
A., J. & A. nuil Sim
R 4 ..
A..J. 4 A.nn l W
R 4
T.J.SIuiiinon mid R.T.I'tarrett
.F. r. i:.-ii
It. IV Itoliinsi.n.
......... Vfrncn lluntli-r et. hI.
. A. I.. HnilwiijCo et. nl.
Junifs T. f'underlinik
lUriisnii I'lyler, W. M. ri; b-r.
Saturday, August 29th.
.Th'itiittH t,. Paris
J. I' A il.l.n.
T. .1. si, .union. II Si, ui,.
.1. li. Shut,- nii.l .1 T. skill..
Wednesday, September 2nd.
II. I! Liu. Iit
li. M San I il
...r. n. siiiiii-oh
J. A S. Moil. .1. V.. Ui.l.- I-n
. I. Ii..iii.
i .
ILin.y II.-!: I i,l.
Thursday, September, 3rd.
A I'.. nl
C. H. A.lali.n.
I. V. Kill. Ii A S.m
n. i:.
Ili.. ,l A W att
N. S.
Friday, September 4th.
Mrirtluk S.-nri-.
J. ft frook.
K. A. I'ii.intinil
Kr. W. K .M,4'n,
. ...J. K. Liutv
Miilutil lm.uriiiii'i'o( N
Jutiii I'n rn-t r
T. J. shannon.
. . . . .I'srrls Crowdse
CbsrlM Crosder.
Saturday, September 5th.
Motion and trials by conm-nt. rami not wit-hi tl nn d
st't for trial will be tried aa soon an rt-n.-lit-il. tVitm-Mw nt-p
not at I mil nnlil ilsr fet for trial nf rase nn sliii-h tl.-v si-
subpo.oae.L E. A. ARMFIELD. C. S C.
Bono Hains, Ircnin, ticboy
..TI l'.iOi-tt ,
I Sui'llinj... I -tuii. ,, ri,,, rt.rnls
1 I ." : i -;r I r i r.
- ..v-il;..,. .,
1. ' - Vi-a
I i i-t. I to
Illicit llnr itt....
A., .LA A
A.,j!"4 A nml W
A.J.4 A
It. 4
L. itn.l A., .LA A. am) W.
-f. 4 T
A., J. 4 A
R. 4 H
A.J. ft A
Grove's Tasteless Chin Tonic
has stood the test 25 years. Average Annual Sales over One end a Hal MnKon
fcottJes, Do thb record of merit to yoa? No Cure, No Pay. 30c
aasdoMd whh svry fcottl at a Tm tint of Crov! Kc HooO Uvr PUs. '
rr .M.nn
1 . lu,.,
li.a tt l..
l ,a
I.-, i i ... i-i r- .. t. ,
S-.l.t) a. I... 1 I ..... ii
I!...,,.-. .;. I .... , ; . Ji.
M. - '.. ft.: I- i , i , .
i -t- ,.rt
1.-' All-. :. Tlta 1 1 - I.
I" ' 1 1 i.'.l.s t.'il, t .... ,ftl.
Ootar!o t!od Ca!m, guaranteed
. .............. , ,j. ,,. ; .1.1, ..,.,,...
i.k I, r.p, :,l n ,. 1 1., 1 . -, ; , I..I. Urals
.lv,,M ... i , l..-t.1.--... . l.n.iiini-
r,i..l.., i- Ir.-.s I t r- :,,, : n.a
mur. h.; i : , r: i ,. I, ,: ,f. ...... u fl. . h,
1,,,-it .1 .,., i,: .',..4iw
S '1. ir l'l..t iit
(11 1 111., t. .t.iil.m. ( sl.r.h. Trn-ma
- t i r : a r 1, i v ,.i,i,. .i ii .
iii '.i. n n. id inn in, i c, .,.,, it.1,1,,
" H. A' '1 1 i. ct- LlMutslMa.
I .J.H',1 I. .. I . I S-s-s S .. : ,
l.-.f If-, r j h f.,f I." .j if alvlbf s
SUJ, lUiy Uu. I ,.; f lo .IT.-.' ', irts,
Crnerr Curod
iw.i.1 r-.,fwt r.iis . hi i.i. .ft c( an itift4,
"" - "" " SW'S Tnwa, sslf
" l...lMl.-tl'Ji U ,ji.,
" '"' f- ' K'Vlly. it i ti j.r.-ua
fl.i.1..., v.,..,. ,-.. j,. !... ,:. j t,.., .Muii
1 l'l4 I -III: II HW .IS, ..rtv U rttthtf
-,.l.'P I, lot ,.,-vr. V .:-ts:-p. i.ilt .nptMriitl
.1 iiKtT"-r-1 1 tiil-1 It nm I; .. lhtlw.
l-ry, 1 lubs ih; I.awal mhi,I I
c ) i! I ill ink t suliil ipiart ob''
"I want a hair cut, and no
bark talk," said a self important
man as he walked into a bather
sh 'P in Peoria unit ait down in
the i hair. -
"The- "ctiiiiuienceJ the man
in tiie iiptnii.
' N ) t i!k. I tell vim!" shmit
tln heavy man. "Just a plain
hair cut. I've rc.iil the Star anil
il-ti't want any news. Stall
rit li t away, now."
The man in Ihe apron obeyed.
W hen he had finished, the man
wli.) knew everything rose from
the chair and surveyed himself in
th.: class.
"(ireat Scott.1" he exclaimed.
"I'i you call that a hair cut.'"
"I ilmi't know," said the man in
the ai. r, in iinx-ilv. "You must
s1. the barber. 11 a ll be in prts
"th. I'm the saloon keepet
ir-u next mr am) I'm waiting
I T a hair cut n.yseK but you
ah i! In'l jjive me a chance to ex
,1 1 n "
Vou Know What Vou are Taking
Wh ii take lirove's Tastrlena Chill
1,1,1 - I t rail? t tie- f aii.nla is plainly
pin.ti J mi every lultle sliowing that il
. m '.i'!y lion aii.l . i-iiniiie in a tasle
(i sh f.nui. So Cine, So Pay. 50c,
Paw n Broker's Clothing.
S nitly sanitary, all woal, men's,
youths and boys coats from 50c.
!) ;j 00 fiuod enough (or any
ne to war. Coats out of $10
ii.d .'j suits. I'ome and see nie
ir. l I i'l sive you money on
vo ir cl-thin,;. Only 10 minutes
aiklritii and northwest o( the
c .nit house. 1. H. Hi-Nros.
Monroe, N. C,
this notice Kill be Headed iu bar ol
their recoveiy. IVrsons indebted to
said estate are notified to make iuime
.lute payment and save costs.
jThis June 27, iuoj .
I. M. MAKKLV, Adiniiiiitiator
of hliiabt-th darkness, dee'd
Ki iNinr & Slack Atlys.
G. E. NANCE, M. D.
Kfstdruri! Phone. No,
IUvu.k Uiciiled iu Mumoe otters hit
rrvirrt tu Ihe town inJ turruuniliiiK
country, Uiscasn of the stomach and
bonels a penalty. Oitice over the
W. J. Kud(;e to.'i hook stoie. Call
AiUMered ia the day frm Ihe Eiielisti
drug tore or residence, at night from
"KTH t AHol ISA.
lit iiTl..r Tiniri,
M.-fort- the 1 l. rk
ilarrifit J
v. 'tiTli'tr
llLtirtcita .rniniMft.Ailiini I tm- I
inittttl. Atiinittu HnvwixilJiavir
HaivtMsilant A 1111 at. I
Ihf .(rfs-n ljiiil-!...,. tia mMl will Uke nulltt
iIihi a ". I ail t'nii-tiiiiifiilillMl nUivv- ha
ifi-n i-.inniiriM- il tu ih. xiif rtor ruri il
I c.uinj for the fit r. ,.f siirtili..tilne
Ihr lainl tv-ril. in lli- iwrtitloii i.w tm Hlr
111 i.i-aii.', In wlitrtt It-fi'inlitiitti hatf
nn iitit r,-. juitt tlu -at.) tftVmhiittaj will fur
Micrtalif iii.ln-r thai I la arc r iinr-l t ai
tx'4r ai The- l.rL. ,,rhi'f hi S t' ,m'
tin- ciiurl tuMissc. i.n ttir Vitldajr uf rtritfnitr.
ami aiiowrr nr ilrnmr to th nanUini
jiUint H-tit.i In aid r,a-,f,tiiir. itr thr
ilaiiitlfl w III ai-ply I., ihr c.url !-.r (hr rvliel
ti'Miituilril In -aiil nni(ilaliil.
Tin- Jul) tii. ).
K A AHMHKI.IVriv.rk nf
th jii,iarlir r.titrt.
Rt'lminc A fia-'k Atlr.
(i 1 to Muw'i (or 5 years old
pure pple vinegar.
oi i 1.1 Atn .in,,
fV t Is, a Ivt'r l..r Ml f v
uhm thm f :.t ajctrniir i, taka.
If not cirM yuar m.iy tkA
! i
r'' I 11 1; "I .1,1 v T
r "a. ,,,W',H'-h ri Ii N-iij,
f M B It. mn-.l VmnhUt S VI tv h.
si aWtTt W aalat JsjafJ
1.111 j.
1 1 tut.
S,!d l.y C. N. SIMEON', Jr
Sale of Land.
Hv niiif af a M nf tntf rirmH in W
K HniM-e,), i,v y s H- lm-. fiatf.l iM-hlr ft
a.i.l .lulr fyltcrni in I fir ..fflrf ..f K. itl
trr.t ( p. iif I ninrHtliitT,NMlllft nf trut
U'Miif ifaitt t -aiirf a nni ,Ut John M Kut
lll-nn Uy ai. f. X .lna. ill.
Saturday, Sept- 5th, 1903,
wli I-. i n- hl.';hrt I'Lhlrr. at the WMlrt kfHiar
d.r in M'-iinsp, at HiHMi. lh Ml"w!nc tit--ril.
tm.r ..f anl:
I.vnta- aii1liiiK in rntintT'if .'Mm and fitatr
f N-'lU tar-Una. timntiiff tanet itf . 1.
H !, R r H a mi .thr. hntinilnl a
.iti... muntniiiKai an in.n !. I. Hnw
If -rn. r,a. run- K la Man Iron aukf
: in H if hrtf r nn H..t.thfm almi if
! r i I 'j K II ..r- i.. an In atakf In thf
r-sa-1 ahI n ihf n-trlh aht rfnM fnaul- ih.n
i S K 1- tnan i mn otako .it f..rhf.(f th
'f'!. im N It , W .'4 aalf i. a tmif and
Irmi ,-kr t IV ti . tUf iMf mirth ., W
n. i.i a l..i t y Haw anH m .M line . thfitr
l'j W II ii.axmna- h haw tmh , hf nev R
43', w.n.I.a it. a Nfitall H IV U anil tiiii
l .if f R k, i. .p N trif
lalnti tr ..jr a. liin- f.atirtlia niti (
-n- i
.! t ratlf' Hi- (ir.t.lnf.tinf thf aatrt IffV
f'isi w. v KnNNHtij,Tniie.
iii!v -th. v.
Ildney TrooMe Makes Yoq Miserable.
A.mest everybody who reads Ihe news
papers ia aura to know of Ihe wonderful
cures made fry Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
Ihe treat kidney, liver
and bladdar remedy.
f ii is me pest medl-
cai triumph cl Ihe nine
teenth century; dis
covered alter yeart of
cicnniic research ty
Henry D. Stewart, M.D.,
110SKOK. S. C.
Si-riit-es rendered promp'ly and
lioursily. Iay calls fioni Simp-. in'
druit sl.tie, 'jihime iy. or olli.e in rear SUTH,vAwo
ui tio.i.'i.i a i nttiiitsoii s iiisiiraiict- i . , ,
olhce, 'phone I. Night rails limn ret- ;;'''.
ulenre, phoue 141. lllhce lioun 1"
to 12, a. in. ( " it-
Iay calls annMi-rrd lioin lloiil,..i's ! '!'",
JruB line and t.lln e, 'phone aj.. ii;ht 1
front Coniim-rrial Hotel, phone ijo. I Ar ' " 1
New Orleans and Points
South and West.
IN EFFECT APRIL 1 2 1 H . 190J.
I- K
... r 1. h
'1 - :i .j,'
. f ,1 1
. 1 i tu
: , in
, 1 i in
xiunko;-., N. C. , ' 1 I v'.
Solicits the palron.ine of the peoj leof 1 - it.
Mi.tuiw and iiriottniti C'.itiiniiiiity. ' ' ;'
Calls aiiswetetl in day tii in Lm;lil: 1
Dili); Store; at uii;ht fiotn resiilc nee ' -m
Church street. I'hniie No. 4S. " ' "
W. B. HOUSTON, ;;-';
SUKGKON 1) KNTI ST, ... ,.
Offiieup stairs, Fitc,rrald lluilding, : 1 y -
Norlhaest of Courthouse, 1 -
Monroe, N. C. j Vl ,
1 I'a i
... It . . ,
. A . '
I 1
Chui i;en
It-aM'tial'lc 1
on .
.... i
Olhi-eovel !
SftH i-:ni!hi.
kavV ty, U. tos j
Will be at Marshvillr, N. C, on first ,
uid third Monday, of rai b moiith, and
it Matthews on second and lomtli
MoU'lays. I'hone jjj
Attorney-atLaw, I:
ill practice in all the State and I'nii. '
ed States Courts. Speriall atteution ; ("
Uiien to the settlrnit-iit of est.itrs fur j ..
Ciiiatdians, Kiecutots and A Iiuiiih j
Iralnrs, and the collerlion of claims.
Keasoualde charges. Also aci ni and '
.1 r
. 1 ,1
tt -1 ,
II 1..1
1 .1 s
. 1 ,111 I-
1. 1,1
1, 11.
, a in
1 1 1 .1 in
1.' - 1, in
I I , M
Home Company, from mIiicIi Ih.uis
may be ohlained on real estate. Oifit e
one door east of M. I.. I low Co'
store, I'hotie No. jot.
Attorney and Coaosellor-at-lai,
MohKuK, N. C.
Prompt riven to all mat
ters placed iu our hands.
Management of estates for guard
ana, administrators and eircutore a
specialty. Charges reasonahle.
Office east of Courthouse, (formerly
xcupied by the late 1). A. Covington.)
Attorney tnd Counselor it Law,
Practire iu all the Stale kinl l iiitc
Stairs Couits.
I'roinpt altetition eivtu to rulltc
lions and general law practice.
rl'ersons lutcrectid 111 the utile
oient of estates, adiiiinistiutois, nr
utors, and euaidiani are CFpei'ialit
nvited tocall on them.
Continued and painstaking Htteutioi
ill he given, at a reasonable n; in
to all legal business.
Olflce in courthouse orpotite Clrrs'i
1 v .il " V - "
I I l" I I 111 ...; 'I s . ni
" SI 1 1 ' - ,,. J;i n ,. .. liX
- 1 k-.',''i-.. s 1 , ; ..,,,,
; s-. ' 1 ' II I. "I I;' 1 , 1 111
" ' ' -,.i J ' ' , ., in ?, .. , in
" I' ' ' " I 1 I in s 11
" n '' I'I... - II IS. 11 Sl.. III'i,:!. ' I J,,, ,,, m
" H' "'' ' ".I " I' - i'i I I- , m
" N.t'llitil " II I-, ,1 1,. 1 .. 1, ,
' I'.-li r.l ii'tf j, M ,., , ,., ( ,
Ar Ml, -tutu, 't, - l.l.,,i I , . ,11
" Hii-lil '.".,11. 1 II,- ..1 ,., 1. ,. ,,,
' M.ii ii", r 11 K ti r. in ti -. 1 m
" '-"I'-I'I. .I'l'U. " I .111 , 1,1 j-tu III
' N.-ti I ..i l, " I 1 - . Ill II I, ni
t I I'm-' I'i s 1 ".I". 1 . 1 1 nir! r,u,V7
-ft !.
ataiawttkvaoaaaanultMwlaimaga Bar Basaa, PrniaU
CVsI Dr. Kllner. ths eml-
JIVL . " twnt kidney and blad-
A? .nju,. il i 1
wonaenuny auceeisrul la promptly curinr
wmotm mancy. piaoaw, uric SCkl trou
bles and Bilghi'i tlseas. which Is th worst
form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root Is not rae.
ommended lor evervthinr but M you have kid
ney, liver or bladder trouble It will be found
nist tne remedy you aaad. It has been tasted
at so many waya. la hospital work, la orivaia
practice, among lh helpless too poor to pur
chase relief and has proved as aucceasf ul la
every case that a special arrangement haa
been mad by which all readers of this paper
who have not already trtod H. may aava a
aunpl bottlo sent fro by mall, also a book
wlnnf mora about Swamp-Root and how to
find out If yew have kidney or bladder t rouble.
When writing mention reading this reaaroua
ar to this paper and " r""
lena your address lop." "a a i"!.1 ' k
Dr. Kilmer It Ca.,Blng-1 r 3
bamioo. N. Y. i- , , ,
,-erulsr fifty caat and UikHM
asUas stiaa art sold by all good drugglata.
Don't make any mistake, bul
remember the Dame, Swamp
Rnnt, Dr Kilin-r't Swarrp-Kooi,
nd the tddreM, U.nghanilon, N
V., oa ever bottle.
HKNKV b. SDSMS. 1IIOM. I. Ilhl'kl.
1 ni mi Amu in n.
idflms .Iprnmi A irmflplil
ttuuiw vvivuiw u niiiuii.iU
Practice in all the Courts, State am'
Federal The management of estate
,or etecutors.admitiistrators a iccil.
ty. Careful and diligent attt-tilu.i
liven to th foreclosure of mortgage,
and collection of claims. Muiir)
oaned aithoul enpense to lender. Ah
litigating given prompt anil rareiu'
attention. OlTice east of tourthonrr
Iff f. f ftf, .,rN::.f
... Kedaiue. A. M. Slack
Atlornryt-al- La,
Practice in all the Slate and Fe ler
il Courts. Will man.ige estates loi
Etecutura, Adininisttators and Guar
Jisot for reasot.alile nav: aod ail;
foreclose mortgages and negntiatt
loans, without eapense to Mortgagees
aod Money Lendrrs.when piacticahle.
Offices Northwestern rooms, 6rs"
floor, Courthouse.
People's Bans
iotlcits your account and hankire
business. W goarantee ABSOLUTE
SECURITY, promptness and all the
accommodations tlist SOUND bank-
iog will admit of. Interest paid, ac
cording to tgieenient, oa deposits left
for our stated period. Always ready
for loan oa approved paper.
U. P. HEATH, President
Tnrce Times tie Vilce ol Any OtSerl
Agi nls uaiitcil in ail
utinrcnpitd tiriit iy.
Wiftkri Wihco KaDiifK'.iir!n0 Co.,
l'or sale in Monroe by
Cwialaidinr cf IVedi kr Sojtti Cirol.'na, Ii
itsnn uroi nr. nso i JHirt ef the Pu
lot laim Count, tnd Mir Public
for Norlli Caroiina. :-: ::
Special attention given to lakine Af.
fidavitit, Arknolcdlenu nl or Proof of
Heeds, Mortgages, Conftacls. Hill of
Sale, Powers nf Altornev. Kenunria.
lioni of llimrr and Inlieiiiance, IVn.
osili ins. Writing and Probating Derds,
Moitgageiai'd nil other rarera. issuine
State Wan i:ts. I laim and Deli -fry
md Attachment papers, Civil Sum
mons and Hie Collertinn of Claims.
Office at M. L. Flow Co.'a Stnre,
east o( eourlhouse, Monroe, N. C.
(Ailavwsfawytasr M ssimi

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