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v. it-- I. lrary inch'" ' w
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t a
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C.N. Simpson, Jr.
Physicians Examined It. Found It
Normal and Put It Rack-
St fuel. !! at the t'ily Hospital re
iviilly rriiui'.nl the heart ot A 1 111:1
Tourney, a thirteen year old girl,
m ho lud Is-ro slabbed by bcr gsj
IllV.T, TllOllia It.iriM-M. laid it llMIU
her bieusl, examined il. found it
uninjured and replaced it. It in
a id to In Hit eleventh oieration
of Ihe kiud iu thi aiiual of sur
gery. tVsti iiijt that the lii-art or the
till had bti'U injured by thrkiiile,
lr. Ifcijle, assisted bv Or. Hilev
t'lmk, removed it villi u pair of
lorcew. elevaltsl it lo view, and
examined it fur tan minutes. No
injury could Iw found and the heart
w.ut put hack in its pluce with no
apparent injury to tin- patient.
The ion was a-ouiiaiii-d
by oiittmn through two ribs and
pushing the lungs iisiile. A hole
was found intlic i-rir.iiiliiiin made
by the man's k 11 1 It', and after rut
tiuguliout half nn inch more, sev
ering 111 i nor arteries, tin- heart ;is
ready to come out.
lr. Ikiylt' handled the forceps.
The heart continutsl to pulsate rig- J
lilurly while it wa-scxRed. Alter
the heart was put li.u k I lie arteries.
li it'll had Ixvn t ill, wen- Uiund
Rimes was arrested and lock
ed up. It is feared that the girl
w ill die.
Cleaning up the Farms.
I'r.ivri'Ki.ltr Kami r.
lu every portion of the Smth.
except in the tobacco districts',
August oilers the must favorable
oppoitiinities for cleaning up and
(h ant ifvin the larm. Uriels,
hushes, bramble uud iiiixiuils
weeds should lie cut at this period,
fur, as vegetable life is at its lowest
ebb, the chances of destroying such
Crow th are lunch increased. It is
a source of regret, not to say liuinil- well w tslicrs of the South
that no little attention is given to
the Ih-uii) 1 f 1 11 of the Southern
homes. The cultivation for rural
eiulM'llishuient is greatly to be de
sired. The elegant iiiiprovetiientN
of a country-place appeal to the
lover ol the Is-iiulifiil uud the true,
and form one of the most agreeable
and prnliluhlc recreations that ran
engage an intelligent mind. Such
improvements add lunch to the
value of an estate. All houses
should lie painted or whitewashed,
as well as the fences. Everyone
has not good taste, bill everyone
may, by utilizing his spare nn.
incuts, increase the at tractions of
his Inline an I add lo its pleasant
ness and beauty audmake it nil
abode of intelligence and virtue.
here one cxtccls to siwnd all his
days, lo rear his family and lo mold
these intellectual and moral na
tures, nothing will pay so largely us
a tasteful dwell inc, cmhosiiicd in
shrubbery, enlivened in tluwers
and green turf, a little wood hit
near, with hue old shade trees, and
a held of well bred cattle or 11 Hock
of well bred sheep running thereon
to give animation to the scene,
thus exciting a deep interest
in the breeding of domestic ani
mals and a genuine love fur the
duties of the farm. It does not re
quire great wealth lo secure these
tilings, but they give a charm to the
home and add grace, beauty and
activity, furnishing lis much
satisfaction and happiness as the
uiosf splendid mansion, with expen
sive green houses and llowr gardens.
iwilA HARRiS HAS ESCAPED. 1 the ocgru; his early rapture is
1 expected."
The State Prison Officials Refuist! w'Unc to give information:
1 a large, hausiue reward of el'!
ly Criticised -
ncruu LiLireu aiu arc crv . . . .
. . r-uiv cainurv is evissu-o:
Tries to Commit The words of a railcs. incou-
When Harris appeared at IV11U
He has been follo.-. ,,r miles l
IiIimhIIiiiuiiiI and iMiliceini 11, and
he has wherhsl to lau-'li. and then
to Tell When and How the Des-1 -r.-J fr the negro - turn lo fr.-.h crim-s. It i km.wi, lie has a grmle .i.nuM a
nuaibel-s of nM'eialih' cillens III,
and near I i ll a, and he ha nun
Fresh Murder. Juiilente rrew! ider in his lie.ut a'anit i-verv wit
1 nwnri, II K ll l II H I! IS IX l'b! j w ho lelllnil agaiu-4 hi 111
j Will Harris, the most al,. , U...I J ' I" - and
notol lolls desperado I hat ever livtil , . . 11 he is at lire uud he-ni!i uiiinsl
i ..hewoi-e no ruivict clothes. He ur " Jl l,,r' """ isi.
in Mcclciibiirg eouiitv. has escapeil . . . ., . . . . 1.1 n r. .u. i. v
.. 7 '. . 1 h id money, it is declared, and he' Jl in iKM.lrw.
as well armed. Since the Stale! And there cannot l-(00 inn, h
piisou ollimals maiiitaiii such a crilniMii of the peniteutaiy of
Is-aulifiilly dlsem-t kiIcimv, the licials for allowing Harris to e
public is lor.t-d to make an esliiuale ' c-.iie. They were told that nocoii
oil ils ow u an 011 nt. It is a g'sl i vicl camp III this county could Is
w lys from here to Kaleigh, and a ; made to hold Han is and yet they
convict, fresh in his freedom, rould arc content to let a mail' of this
hardly lake the lirsl train and character obtain his freedom
come home. It is ladieveil here w it bout taking the trouble to notify
that Harris has Ihh:' at large for at anyone to hssikont lor the ciiui
least a ws-k. Suppose they had aniiounc
tiiim.k Til IT Tilt: IM Kl.l. ' W ANT h! Harris' escaM'. His n-putat iou
CRAZV .M AN Willi SHOT til N.
from the Stale lieiilteiiliarv, and
has relumed lo this county. It
as iu keeping w it h the reputation
of Harris tint he should make the
formal announcement of his return
;bv trying to coin 111 it uiunler. He
I failed only lsau- the shot that
Ihe lined at Sam lluey, colorel.
inear Itcrita, Monday nighl, rurved
around a rib utter striking I liny
iu the left breast.
Lightning Strangely Affect Hogs.
). Iniro Mi'.'rmfpr.
Iteii'iitlv lightning struck a very
large granite lin k at the Kaucoiu
mill pond, four inilessoiilli ol town,
clacking the riK-k and otherwise
having traces of Us impact. Ihe
c iiciinsioii I111111 the Mlroke iiiusi
have Im-ch tremendous, judging
from the peculiar manner in which
two hogs, the property of Mr. I.
K. Swiuk.w hicli were ucaiby, were
uflectcil. The hogs wen- heard to
squeal loudly immediately after the
stroke, and nil examination dis
closed that both of them were com
pletely ,, and iu a short
time their bodies were iilmost rov
crcd with bliMMlshot splotches. The
hogs would weigh ulmut - each.
The hogs are si ill alive.
End ol Hitter Fight
"Two physieiitusltfR) a long and
slublsirn light with an uIht.- 011
my right lung" w rites J. K. Hugher
of Dut'ont, tin. "and gave me up.
Kvery body thought my time had
come. As a last resort I tried I r.
King's New Discovery for Con
sumption. The benefit received
was striking and I was on my feet
in a few days. Now I've entirely"
regained my health." It eonquim
all Coughs, Colds i.nd Thnsit uud
Lnng troubles. (iuaran!wd by Kng
lish Drug Co. Price 5flc, and tlDO.
Trial bottle free.
If 1 ben-Is- Until iu an old miimt
slit ion or au adage, the ears of the
H'iiiteiiliary olhcials must have
biirueil yesterday. They were
cursed bitterly 111 Mecklenburg.
Every man w ho knew ill Harris,
and knew thai the Slate prison
authorities had allowed him lo
creep back iuloth is county without
a word of warning, said, without
hesitation, that the conduit of the
officials was crimminal, or worse.
Harris was tried before Juge
Shaw three months ago 011 a iiiiiii
her of serious charges. and admitted
his guilt in every case. Juge Shaw
commented on the dcsierate char
acter of the negro, and gave him
the limit of the law, by sentencing
him to the penitentiary for .'M
When Harris was taken to Ihe
iM'iiileutiaiy by the .Meclkenhurg
Hirers, they lot I the
otlicials what I hey ulieady knew
that Harris was a dangerous, clever
negro, and would require constant
watching. .
When Harris escajed no one
here knows, but iu home way he
managed to elude the vigilance of
the ollicers, and came back lo lc
Monday night, at o'clock, he
ippeared at Hie hoiiie of Cal llous
Ion, colored, who lives oil Mr.
KoU'i-t Mason's plav, near Herita,
and asked to see I'earl, the daugh
ter of Cal Houston, the woman
i I li whom he had formerly lived,
and who had borne him two chil
dren. This woman had married,
two mouths ago, Sam lim y, uud
lluey was in the house asleep at
the lime Harris arrived. The
mother of the young negro woman
w as greatly alarmed bv the apear-
mice of Harris, and did us he di
rected awoke her daughter uud
told her that Harris w ished to see
her out side the house.
TIIK nlliHiTISii.
I'earl left the house with Harris,
ami was gone sonic minutes la-fore
her mother awoke lluey, and told
him what had occurred, lluey
dressed, and accompanied by his
brother in law, went in search of
the couple.
Hiicv loiiud his w ilt-ami Harris
iilmiil '.'nn yards from the house.
When lluey came up, Harris had
a revolver in lus iiami, ami was
pointing it at the head of the wo
man. When he saw lluey, he
turned and said:
"Ouinn you, you have married
my wife, have you;" lie fired
seven! limes ill lluey, only one
shot taking effect. Hucy's injury
is not serious. A Per emptying
his pistol, Harris lied. The wo
man, I'earl lluey, ran lo Hit' house
of Mr. II. I!. Cochran, a mile away,
anil hid under the house. She re
fuses lo leave (his house saying
that she is in mortal terror of Har
ris. A fOMMlMTY
The intelligence of Harris' return
caused the most excitement III the
Derita section uud elsewhere yes
terday. Every Policeman in the
cit v showed the concern thai will
lie fell bv every township olliccr.
The ollicers of Ihe law know that
Harris ha murder in his heart, mid
that he will not hesitate at any
a iisrtfi:irr kkpi.v hium kai.kiuii.
TheOliserver wired ils Kaleigh
correspondent yesterday to ascer
tain when mid how Harris escaped.
Col. Fred A. (Mils, the rorrres
pointful, replied:
'Officials of the priiilcutary say
that Harris has escaped, but tin
not think il best to say anything
further, ami ho declined to give in
formation. A reward is tillered
See Flow's Fruit Jars.
Our Ice House is opposite J J.
Lockhait & Co.'i store. Phone
us when yon want Ice. No 36.
Cadieu & Wallace.
1000 Matches lor J cents at
I want your old Iron, J. D.
See tUt pickling vinegar at
View's, '
When in nerd of fresh meat
phone No. 91. J. D. Parker.
Lost Hair
" V.v hair cam out by ihe hand
ful, and ee tr.y Min btcan to
creep in. I tried Arrr'a Hair Vifor,
and it tort d Ihe hur from com
inn out ar.J rtmertd the color."
Mti. M. U.Crey, No. Salem, Maas.
There's a pleasure In
offering such a prepara
tion as Aycr's Hair V Igor.
It gives 10 all who use it
such satisfaction. The
hair becomes thicker,
longer, softer, and more
glossy. And you feel so
secure in using such an
old and reliable prepara
tion. MMataNb. as turn,
ir rrar dranrol PPI7 .
a.4 m m. uiir ana . UI .tprM
uu a butlf. Hmimjmtm
it nat Mrm ai ...
n aMiiw.
The public here w ant to know,
hod thinks it has a right to know,
hy the M iiiteiitiary otlieals, know
ing full well Ihe ehar.icter of
Harris, failetl to notify the slier ill
of this county that Harris had
ecaied. Citieusof Ih-rita came
to towii ycflcrday and asked this
iilestiou. They wished to know
why Ihe officials hadn't the common
deivni'v lo semi out a note of warn
ing. Everybody knows that
Harris has a habit of burning
barns mid burglarizing houses ami
shooting men from ambush.
, What alsjul the criminal folly of
permitting such a man to suddenly
appear iu a ucighliorhoiHl and Icr
rori.e women anil children so that
they cannot slts-p!
These questions were asked yes
terday by every other man that
one talkctl to, ami I lit- town and
county joined in oh-ii condemna
tion of the action of the pciiitcutary
Harris has disappeared tempor
arily, but (H-ople who are not
ularmists coiilitlciitly expected him
to commit another crime very soon.
He knows the country thoroughly,
and has a dozen hiding places; is
liked by negroes w ho will aid him.
ami feared by uegroes who will lie
almlll his w he re ulsiuts. He has
threatened the lives of several hs-
ple, ami his career is too well
established for one to doubt that he
w ill endeaver to make his threats
good at Ihe first opHirluuity.
Slierill allure ami his ollicers
and the Charlotte police discussed
Harris ami only Harris yesterday.
They are ready for immediate
act 101., but they must await another
signal must wait till Harris up-
pears to commit another crime.
AN AliMKII MlllilllllllilllMIII.
Citizens of Derita met yesterday
lor the purpose of I'm inulal ing some
plan of action, but beyond 1111 ex
pressed determination thai every
man must keep a watch on his own
premises, nothing detinile was de
cided upon. Harris is a 8lipM-ry,
active man, and he may now be
many miles from where he made
his attack Monday night.
'Squire John P. Hunter, of
rila, caiiio to tow n yesterday uud
purchased a revolver. He told the
the police that he proposed to carry
it, and (hat his neighbors also
would go armed. The decision
was endorsed. "A good many of
us have had guns for Harris for a
long time, but 1 reckon a man needs
something to carry around with
him now. I have laitl out in the
woods for Harris many a night, ami
I cxHvt to do that again. None
of us waul to capture him. He will
Is' shot on sight."
The menace of Harris' presence
in a community cannot U' exagger
ated, lie is u young negro, w ith
a pleasant face, but he has 110
moral sense at all, and has the
same stealthy spin! of revenge its
the primitive North American In
lu a few years he has shot several
men in this county. He stole from
SiuireJ. P. Hunter, and was sent
to the chain gang. He escais'U
ami was captured by 'Squire Hunt
er. He escaped again, and one
nighl went to 'Squire Hunter's
house ami shot at the magistrate
four times, one bullet penetrating
the thigh, lie was scut to the
chain gang, mid escaped again. He
shot .lis? Dotld, who had done him
an alleged injury, lhsld recovered.
Fur small pi o vocal inn he shot
Charles Cochrane, ami oor aim
only prevented forhraiie's injury
hum being ratal. au i.rillin 11 11
tier took to tell the officers of the
law where Harris was, and Harris
Isired large holes through a house
with an Eulicld rille in his ellorts
to hit (initio, who was lying Hat
011 the Ibsir.
Will Harris became angry w ith
'Squire Johu (iraliam Alexander,
and burned Alexander's barn. He
burglarized the house of Mr. K. M.
Collcy, in Steel Creek. He burned
W. 6. Coehrantii store. The po
lice and county office are sure
that Harris is guilty of numerous
other offenses that have never been
brought home to the desperado.
His crimes have usually beeu com
milted rapidly- one after the other.
is more than Slate
chances are the
towns between here
w lib'
a 1. it Hi'
in some 1
Fired Into a Crjd ol l ive Thou
sind killed I hrce and W ound
ed a Score.
info-Id. k in.. Au,;. 1 ;. t -'.
belt "I ),:,:. a-i-'l o y,-.o,
pox. I to l- i:iiiie. .iix.i d -!i
I be p,'ilii'!.l -In. I ol tin-tow u l'i
lilht w llh a ilolil.V Uilielled shot
gnu and '.!ii 1 h.11 j- ! 1 . i m 1
lately into a 1 loud ol .'i.ihiii
.who wele li-l.-inii lo 1 biliileoii
cell. He killed llilei' pel,. it-..
'tally iiiiiiiltit I hi is-, aad shot .'
I lifts, of W llolll M lu iv die.
, I wi killed liilu. il In a h.
Ihe dead ale: siiiduig l!m-. a
1. 11 h 1,1.1; I i.iw i,u I ilot.u, u lor
! I i. Iiiatu- Id. .-l out: . I' 1
j a e ii M-!in-r. I, im-.i- 1 it : I ,i
j U-it l i. !i ii::ni: Mi. .Mill
I ILiu.iid. .shot 111 tin- mi k; .l inn -.
(laiksoii, bot in tin- link ami
The Death IVnalty-
A lit'.e tll'llg nillo'lliuesl IVKIlltS
!ii ihatli. Ihu a lueie scratch,
1 . . . I n r puny Isnla
I. .v.- iid tl.. ib-.iih 1- uaily. It
1- w i I., have Arnica Salve handy,
o ii , S.i-ve oil -aith ami will
1 1 ably, v In n Ituriis,
r- :s ami pdi- tlir-atii.
lloi v k , at English Ding Co" s.
- I
il-lll: I.' - ll: li-l- tiol 111 1 hi-
aud Kaleigh 1... 1 i....l. 11 .1.. i.-.-.i
might have apptiheuih-d the crini i,,,,, ,,,. ,, , . N',1V Ul
mat, oral least, the men ol ivrit.t
would have Is-eii oil the hsikout
lorthe return of Harris.
isin't wax r 11 iM 1 . 1 v 1 :.
If the general slateiiieuls an- loin
Is-lieved. 110 ellort will Is- made to
lake Harris alive. He is an outlaw
of Ihe sneaking, deadly l'. ami 1 ly taking aim
Jio one cares to lake the trouble to two shot-.. I.'.
w . . .
send him back to those wix- ami
tleplomatic Stale prison officials.
Til ixksI
Mecklenburg eniiuly is,of course
exm'tliiigly gratitietl to know that
the iniiiiiliccut sum of I0 isolh retl
for Harris. At the thought of so
large a sum, every man must have
a burning ambition to sally forth
ami exchange shots with Harris.
Il the (lovi'i uiir would only im reae
the reward of M t or l ". armed
posses from all over flic county
might U' organized to go out and
seek lo win the fartune.
Hut if Harris isn't pardoned Is
fore the Ih-rita nple nits'l up
with him, the in rew aid will be
siillicicut inspiration, and the man
who wins the States money will
probably point to the contents of a
rude, pine colli 11 -a thing
would hardly escape even
the vigilant State otlicials.
II11W HAKItlri IX VI'l.H.
Willi regard to the escape of
Will Harris, colored, of this county,
from the la-nilc ntiury, Superinten
dent Maun, of that institution,
gives The Morning Post, of l!al
eigh, Ihe following statement:
Will Harris, the Charlotte des
peiiulo, escaped from the prison
last Friday. About out1
ill Ihe chest and kme: William
Kllkllls. I b tl le I'holuas.
'1 hill, ell ithel's Wele 1 v I lull-,
ly wounded. I !ie band h id jn-t
litii'lied playing a w.s',1. when
liviJ stepM-d out lii'-.a all aihy a;
halt a block distant and tlel. berate :
al the I'll. -I. bled
II. I'lvei. a band
, man. tell at the III -I -hot. bill the
lei.iwd, not i.-.i.iii,- h.iji
H'lllsl, I ll.shed low lid I ttl J. Ire
I iiev iug that there b.el I1.-1 n ,111 .0
leideiital slioolii!,; of son,,- kind. A -I
the crowd co-ei ill the 1 la''rl 1'i.Ul
i diseh.ilgetl I wo in,, 1 e shots al lliei.i.
1 eluding a seaiiering 111 eniv th
'lection. I'ohi email ( ieoi X i.-b
I olas couli oiited 'I iu and lild
; luillat into bis head. Hi -linn I:: -
was extlliet I lie ileiiieiileil In. 111
drew a revolver from his p, kei
and tired a shot iulo his own IhhIv.
(iilbert Tw was a nnlVi b
trade, lie wa-coniinonlT n ,irn "l
to as l iay Twigg." but 110 om
thought him il.iiii'ir'ii-.
Euui siun I ram WrcckeJ.
'i. ixl hi. A i' ' !. - Ihe Msi.d
iiiliiig ol limine and leu cai-s
lelllUr a. I:- I'. U llllliugtoll Willi
1 lo- liuihci lonlt.'n xi uri.iii party ,
I . 111 into the cilstise o' a tlelai-lo 'I
:i hi ii.nii. ha1 I'm lie east of Max-
-ill. .11 live HUM ri.s r, st i o'dlMk
.l.ijlri. file .,v Ol I.llkf JolK'S,
.tune the nt-ighl tram,
wasi-iii hi two -ils'lit the middle,
flu- iqiper hall ot the body w.n
r.iii. l imh- by the track and th
ower half was pulled out of tho
olillllllg WKH-kage ol the cabooxre,
Ihe eugtiits-i- a not hurt, the
II. in. 111 n ecived painlii! but llol
-ei iou- !iiiirie. Two negro pa-si-ueis
wen-slightly injuivtl. No
vl.ite passciigeis wore hurt, ((no
i-i.jriie ot the excursion train was
adiy mo ked. but luily one coach
v as ilaiii.iL'i d,
I he dead Ir.Kly of a negro Hls
i'ir;ri' lia '"-ell loiind wetlgftl lic
Hnii Hie In rken Iui.Im-i's ul the
i -iil t.11 and the lender of the
i H i ked train.
an Join s is su.iiirM-d to
II ,s!eei.
Deafness C.innot be Cured
liy 1 ICll ,l' luall rll.-, .1- 11,1 l.lllllrt
reach the ib-e.i-i',1 I ... 1 1 1 . -11 el 11,1- e.u,
T Iipic is n'llv one W.l t-M-ii:t ,!i .III-1 :,S
ulld that is by Coa.-tltlltli'li tl !el:li-,I;es.
lle.ltllrss IS tailM' I by 111 llilltMit il
i-oiiditiiiii ot tin- niai.'ii- lining . 1 Lie
Eutai hi.ui I ul. 1- Winn Hie- t jle
i;ets llltl.illil I V"'l h.nt- a 1 llllil'Olit;
smaul or impel 1,-et to .11 : 1 1 , :ml Leu
It is elitilt-lv 1 !.!-e, ilt ;i:i:t I- tl.e le
milt, ami initi -s the it'll .iuii,,iti . 1 ..11
be taken out .111 I this I ills' H-stole 1 to
lb. in-1111.. I i-. i.ihli mi. 1 1 unit "ill l'i
ib tinye.l foit vei -. tiiiit' i i-:-: '
ten ate i'.ium-.I bv 1 .it 111 h, w !i
1, i,.,i , nutliiiii; l-nl an ii.eVtii .1 n il in'ii. .1 :
uicide Prevented-
I in- si.iM ling announcement that
pieMiiiive ol Miicule has Ims-ii
oiseovt 11 il w ill iiiten-st many. A
,:iii down --iein,i. despondency 1. ihly pie, i'il silieido ami
- -rii'thii.g ha- b en loiiud that w ill
pieveiil that eoiiililioii which
makes .suicide likelv. At the lirst
tiioiighi of .self destriictioii take
Electric lliltels. It Is-iiig u great
Ionic :- I lie wiil slreiigllieii the
in'iveaiid build up the system. Its
also a gi- al stomach. Liver and
Kidney regulator. (Inly Title.
at i-l:u lion gnat untts-d by Kdjj
hsh I bug In.
Old time
l luw s.
N. U. Molasses at
I ( nine to sec mti lur chewing
r tobacco, nmwkir.g tobacco, cigars,
i etc. S. K. Doster.
' Ei iug yoiu I'hickeiisand eggs and
eel highest prices iii cash or trade.
' We Inn theiu. M. C. liroom
,t ol '
, h I -
hands were al wink inside Ihe,
stockade iu making brick and in
loading brick upon cars and 111
various other ktudsol work. Sev
eral ears loaded with brick were
taken from the yard alter hav ing
been carefully inspected by Mr. E.
(!. Davidson, a lorcman 011 (he
brick yard, ami a most careful and
exM'rieueetl employe of the prison.
Old ami experienced giianls alt' ill
every post on I lie stoi Kiuie. .
short time utter the cars were re
moved from the yard Harris was
missed and a careful mid system
atic Health was made for him.
Another employe, Mr. C. E. II or
Iou, was scut at once lo Ihe depot
to make u second examination of
the loaded brick cars, ami the en
tire prison yards and buildings
were carefully searched, but in
vain. The guards were kept upon
the sbH'kadc walls all during l'n
day nighl and the search was con
tinued through Saturday, when we
felt coin pel led to admit that the
ei ,
the llllli'ous Mil '.e i s.
We will I 'lie linn. he. I Pollais:
1 1 1' I 1 1 V ( J - I- III l:.i!li(-- il l' t
i-,it.itll, 1 .11111.-1 1 fllle.l by II. ill -Cab
II ill ( Ul 1' Sen I tut 1 11. ul .11 ,1 1 re,
K. -1.(11 KNKVtV ni, .
'I'm t:ii,
Sold bv ilnii'i-ls. oV.
Hall s family pill? am the Irsl.
Vou Know W hut mi are Taking
When you Ukt lirove's la-teli'-s Ihl, I
iniiii bei-aii-e tin- I "i inula 1- p'.oiu v
jsiiiiFr I on fei y t'tatle sliuuuu; tint it
is simply ll"tl n:rl 1 iiiilinn- ill n t.i-le-less
1 . -1 iii . No Cult'. No I'.iv. -y'i'.
Health !
IGiiGap Flour
lis Baa Flour!
For putting in prime condition
j any horse or mule the best of all
1 rencdies is Aslu-ralt's 1'omiitioti
lirisoner had succeeded iu making ! powders. These Powders are won-
Puts an End to It All.
A grevious wail oftimes comes
result of unbearable pain from
over taxed organs, Diuiuem, liark
ach, Liver couiplaint and Con
stipation. But thauks to Dr.
King's New Life Pills they pat an
end to It all. Try theiu. uniy
I'.'x'. (Juaiauleed by The Kugliah
Drug Co.
hiscscanc. It is a mere theory
thai he coiiccalctl himself iu one of
the loadetl brick cars, and yet that
secins to us Ihe only plausible ex
planation of the escape.
"The tlesM-rate character of the
prisoner was know n to us and the
siiielinleilent had M-rsoiialy order
ed (hat he should not Is- sent upon
any work outside the prison stock
111 le, and since his imprison
ment here he has never Iss-n sent
outside. The escape was simply
one of those that will sometimes
occur from the Is-st regulated in
stitulions of the land, which has
occurred from this institution sev
eral limes in the past and is likely
lo ortiir at some future lime in
spite of the utmost vigilante.
"On Monday the Hiicrinlcndrid
offered a reward of -." and neces
sary extienses for the arrest and re-
lurn of llariis lo Ihe prison. On
Tuesday morning al ! o'clock, lie
fore the slierill ol Mecklenburg nan
In-cii ltn 11111II v untitled of this, he ill
quired hy wire if this man had cs
eapetl, and the warden answering
this wire in the Hlhrniative, inan
verleully stated that a reward of
in had beeu offered for his recap
ture. ' Ten dollars is the usual
standing reward for the re-capture
of any est' aid prisoner.
'The entire management of the
prison very much regret tin-escape
of Harris and the consequent ler
rorizing of a w hole community iu
Mecklenburg, ami would gladly do
anything reasonable and priqier lo
effect his re capture, but does not
feel at all hart by the violent abuse
of The Chalotte Otmerver, as un
warranted attacks by that putter
are so frequent that it has become
used to them."
To Curs a Cold In on Day
Take Laiativa Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All drtitniate refund the nioney if it
faila tocura. E. W. Grove's eigne
lur ii on tach boa. aj centa.
I want your country produce ol
all kicds. bee me belore you
all. S. K. Doster.
derfully '.'tloctive lieeaiisi: they cre
ate appetite, is tii.ele
pcrfett, worms and parasites de
stroyed, and the system clcatisi-tl
of all gross humors. The Pow
ders fatten but never
Aslu-ralt's Condition 1'owders
are wrapped in doses. In fact, in
their preparation the same care is
used that a druggist vmiM cer
cise in the tilling of a physician's
prescription. High grade and real
merit is the first consideration.
Ashcraft's Powder consist of
small doses, prepared from the
purest and highly concentrate in
gredients, that have K-cn found
lieiieticial to horses and mult s.
Ashcraft's Condition Powders
always high grade are not t
classed with the many bulky, good
fnr-evcry thing powders now nn the
Ask for Ashcraft's, the kind put
up in doses, and good for horses
and mules only.
I'nrt' i;. tht- maker's ex-
i-u-r li.i tint lu'i'iint'ty ot hia
p. -Jin t. I a 1 :!..'ll is bail tlour
no i;:.i:b i h.iH it is iii.iinptiUt
el ilii'l jl,e;lt-.l ill pai-killL.. It
till i lines bark to the same
thiiis- (ioi'.l tl-.iir mixed with
I" a will iinpi.ivi- the quality
..I IIil 1.1. 11. 1, but like mixing
while piiuit with I'l.u k, it takea
:in a iv I ul let of w hite to pro.
line any elicit. Hud or cheap
t'.-.ii is I, u km 111 gluten, Ihe
null ill. mis p"i ti.iu of the wheat.
Il ,ih 1 . .hi. mis a l.tri-e per
ti'iii.i.e ot tint pulverized husk
" si. 1 II of the ti.nii. All of
wl.uh yuu thai't wiiut. There
t lie, ue t aiili.ui yuu to auk for
tlie - liivuii 1 1 . it-' lii.iiul. Tina
1. 1. in, I i- sold at the lowest
pure t.i whii-h rt-iilly first-il.i.-s
tl-'in ran lie sold, and ita
l'i 11 t is the hithfst you need
t.i -.iv 111 order t. Ret the best,
Vi Ni-niii.ui, nur baker,
a -: t'lm 1111 iblc" is the 1 cau
-1 :.a b.ikmi;."
in-A Siuaiv Place to
"IUttiir tri.-il nm'iv k nU uf I'l-n.iiti.m I't.w
far. I r A-l-nfl thr U -t ..n the
rurUt. I tat .it-tiw- in rct'..nii'.iMlfitf
I. if m m nir f t ii!- ni cutmrn. U. CAM 1'
HK1J.. Htckory, N.i
Price 25c. package Sold by
English Drug Company
ft cool Head
In very desirable at thia season.
Out clean, solid, pure be is the
bent coohnr. niediuia you ran i:et
In the relni;riator ita la&tniK
quality makes it cirat econuiiiy.
It adds to the clearnesi and cool
nca of aumnier driukeol all kinds.
Have us lo deliver il to your rv
idenoe daily. Tickets for aale ia
any quantity. Phone j6.
KshM KMaar m4 rt4 UnjM
do Your Trading.
Honest Scales and Weights.
I Jo not cl.oiii to be the only mer
limit in out town, but I do claim to
have tonic to Monroe to do a legiti
mate business on honest principles,
ami I want the good people ol the
i-oiiiitry as well as tlie town to come
ami i xjiiune my ever increasint; alock
of belli laut-y ami staple groceries,
Flour, Sugar, Molasses,
.aniic I Roods, rice, ninff, and a com
plete line of Tobacco, rantuiR in price
H um jo to go rents per pound. And,! that crand old braud of Coffee
"Our blend." Just read the following
signatures and enough ii aaid:
"Our Blend" Coffee.
Tins ii lo certify that we have osed
"Our Bleiid" Coffee, bought from W.
A. Stewart, and art delighted with ita
strength aud flavor,
Phone toi.
Satiif action and prompt delivery.

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