North Carolina Newspapers

Telephone No. I-
Tuesday, Aucust IS, IWJ.
Mia M.iry Kutih rutertaiiied a
liutiiU r of h-r IriemW at Iter hoin
1-ist Friday evening.
Mr. ('. T. Il.illinan him the n.n
trm-l for building a uiiv hmiM1 for
Mr. It-M-ot' I 'li i iV-r on Franklin
at rwt.
Jinle NimI oix-iH-d court iu
M- kl.iilmit; yflTiljy anil took a
l.dl villi llie nliM-k cuulilrr awl
th-alrr- iu Inline iu un. rlurip lu
Kit grant! jury.
M.ivr ll.utou took iu FUi)
ji-Jt-nl.iv lmm I hi rider drunk.
Tli" lirM of I he d.ij s of i-itli-r
ilrinkiiiK mt-m to li;i'. iki-miI, a
tin mayor' titiirt mi Monday lie--f..r-
U-'t took in
Mr. 1. K. Kvanmif JrfffiNoo l-ft
this uiiiiiiiiij for New Yoi k to buy
j;ihK fur 111 Ji-flrWOII More, lit"
kij that tlif oik mi t he t harlot!,-,
Monroe anil t'olinuhiu road i.s go
ing on rapidly.
The ton ii ullicvni are having
gravel li.mlt-tl from I lie nearby
Hi ks mul limmiii mill plm-ed ou
the streets mound the Kijiiare.
From nix lo tt'ii wagon are haul
ing daily.
SM-;ikiuK of ih-iu-Iii'S, well, they
lire line in this eoiinly. Mr. J.W.
IVesJey of liotw Creek township
sent The Journal some nieti ones
l;it week hut they were not as
large an Mr. Chaney'a.
The i-onductor Howie referred lo
in the in t icle elsewhere dcsei ihing
the wieek at Saluda, is Mr. Tom
Howie, Kin of the late Mr. II. It.
Howie of Monroe. Cajit. Howie
was not hurl.
(lu 1'iidav morning of tliis week
thi' ieole of the ik-iIiIhii IiimhI of
High Hill lire leijiu stcd to meet
iiml clear elf the eeiiii'lery, mid iu
Hi.' siftfitiiMiii the t liun li grounds
w ill l cli-rivtl oil.
Mr. Ji'in- Unison, n well known
firmer of e:it Monroe township
who has completely lost his sight,
It-It this morning for Charlotte to
see if any thing can lie done for him.
The Iroiilile is an internal cataract.
Mr. Hoiacc li. Clark, a capable
anil energetic young man of Sandy
Hidgc, lias n position with the
Savings, l,o.m and Trust Company.
Mr. Clark has Im-i-ii previously cm
ploycil by C. Ill (Hint ' Sous of
Mr. .1. C. l'letchcr having sold
his insuiaiice business, will not
longer occupy the room in front of
the photograph gallery. Mr. Hale
will have the room painted and
furnished iiml use it as a parlor for
the Im'Iu lit of his customers,
Mr. V. C, Austin, who was op
eiatcil on for npH'iidicitlH iu Wil
mington, came home Thursday
night, accompanied by his sister,
Mrs. 1. M. Ccaslcy, win as with
him during his stay. He is gel
ling on nicely and expects to soon
lie out.
Will Harris the Mecklenburg
desperado, is still at large. It was
rcpoitcd by a former friend of liar
lis that the latter was iu Charlotte
Saturday night and n whole block
was surrounded mid guarded till
daylight Sunday morning, when
Harris was found to lie somewhere
Mr. I. A. Tedder of Charlotte,
four! stenographer for I'liion coun
ty, is to Is' married today to Miss
Madge McQueen of Morven. The
Charlotte bar of which Mr. Tedder
is a member, presents him w ith a
chest of handsome silver. Mr.
Tedder lias many friends here w ho
w ish him much joy.
Tom Sikes, a darke well known
ill Mint town, lias just told ('apt.
Fletcher good bye for the lilth
time. Although Tom has served
live terms mi the roads, his whole
service has aggregated only nine
months. Tom holds an unique
reputation. All his sentences have
(sen given for lighting, mid it is
said by those who know him that
he won't tell a lie,
A eorrcspuiideiit at Indian Trail
w rites that an iinti saloon league
was organized there Friday ami
that Mr. S. .1. Howard was elected
president, liev. J, .1. MrlCiidim
aecrctury, and Mr. I. A. Honey
cult treasurer, Ihcse ollicers com
potting an executive committee.
'I he next meeting is to ls held at
Indian Trail in the Methodist
chinch at ten o'clock on Sept. 5th.
Stiuire Win. McWhorler, one of
the gallant old soldiers of Jackson
township, look a trip to Jit. Holly
last week. This is the lirst time
thai he has Is-en on a railroad train
since he rode one a part of the (lis
tance home from I'oinl (.ookoiit at
the close of the war. The Stiiire
is a mighty good but lays no
claim to being a traveller.
Mr. Jack Fowler's team of horses
ran nway this morning, starting
near the depot, and stopping near
the English drug store. hen they
stope.l they went sprawling on
their backs ou the brick pavement,
having run into the large tree on
the corner, ripped the harness off,
and turned a summerset. Though
receiving a most severe fall, they
were not seriously hurt. No one
was in the, buggy wheu they ran,
. Mr. T. L. I-ove, the new mail
"carrier on route Xo. 2, any that
there will h a meeting of the rwi
dents of that route at 'Squire Sam
Helms' on next Tuesday afternoon
to lnsect mail boxes, samples of
which w ill be on the ground. The
rule rtMpiire all persona who get
their mail from the carrier to put
tip metal hoxca, with locks, anil do
two families can use me same ttox
unions they live under the tame
F.ven lion May la going on
(lough's Hapid Flyer to Wiliuiug
too Ang. 21. White people only,
Mr. X. U. Kuwll again le I
route proprietor of the ( omnierrittt J
ll!t. ami the name will hereafter!
I llu. ii n.... I
Mr. Yano SernW, ana of Mr. a
M. Secret of Monroe lowimhip.
died last Thursday morning after
an ill ue of ten week of typhoid
lever. He
Mis l.iiie Laney of Hud ley, S.
C, is visiting iu Iowa.
Mrs. C. F. Iuwe is visiting iu
Mrs. J. P. Mouroe u vlsitiug ia
was tweuty two jriu1,,Cauiden, 8. t".
Mr. V. I. Flow is in New Yotk
Boy's Let Cut Ott by a Train. A Desperate Netrn Cautht-
William lUker. a young while . riiiw
The Trinity UUtrkt Arplies far an l of Trail, rua over Helore day this morning, in
Election- Three I'cvommenda-. lr,B r'riday nioruiug awl his the txtrtnie southwest ol I umber
i. i u -ii:-- i left h-g and hut right loot were land county. Deputy bhenfl Min-
, l.lly uiat.gUsl. I p until ymtrr-, ,ehu. l"oiie. Slate Mathi!li9 BET CCCi 0i"lr'lS CLOT?:
Committeemen. Jday nitwuiog lie h.l ih rallied AvtnU 4nj othters H jIii.c iu !l ' itncnnrtT''
A raiiesi nieeiing oi mr isuru oi ioiisii.-s. alt Ihhil-Ii the Iri! hl n ...i .,... i v.. X
irtlm-atioii was held yestertlay, the l miii.ulalt-d sit hr knee ami . . TO
piiiH-.,! p..r,-e l.-..,g to till the ,e L" . which wtho.ighl nuecl .' , ''" ! J
i t 'liatla-laM sail ii.. tij ..r-i... . ... . delving inc it ana milling m-io
-led.iy nv corn licker and pU- for Wa da bu'S f r"l J iitleeiUcu. All the memUm of v i',,,! J ,"M. Vresl.vt.-ri.iii ficers tl,e ' -jX
Mr. Claude Kowc b.ut relumed llie Issinl, Jlr. t. It. Aslirralt, Hsi,iiaUH harlotte. He is a ..i!SnK outuwi Known as un;n
htoue from lUleigh. ! rhairiiiau. ami Mcms. J. X. Price (lf r. J. ", lutrr of Indian Trail. : "''lie Hind" ail I waii'cJ I i ?
ami J. W. liiveus. wi re prrs. nl, ith soiee s.mpaiiiou.x the hoy i year in K.Uoii 6
and an entire day mas consumed in lavii,.. near Hie railr.sid anil i ami M.Kire rounlies. The
iransariiiig ine misincss. i as tlw nitmiig freight went up t n-, trainpud f r n tic
.ppil.-a it.iwior i.Ms in.m me j;l, ,lry Is-gan swinging on tlie sallll jtlt,.j bv . n!v llisUstl'
Nate itimis lor s. .,.s...(Mrs tl.,llltf Jlor, ,,1Hll,hw and, , btm car Jlunit!
housrs were eudorsisl from Hie In ,M.,. imi.iui' As the tram U- -i ... . ' . ... . . ......
ban Trail, the Trinity and the ' ,,.r u,,,,,,,,, i,,,,,, "'I'' u ".I
v ., . . , , . ,-. . , i n .use. lie lives on ruprv creek
lor III. lit.... lllil,.rl,.l,:.l..v . 11
I and the olhcrrs had tu break J wn
in the Triuitv district was eudorsetl. .... " i ...... .. i., ....i i'.,. the d.ior. The was si
A new roloretl st lusil district ir f...i .fi-urfullv manL-lin them. 1 "r thry crept in. t;iul:lig Kay in
as formed to v Its-atetl Is-twcen tui suileiinif lad'was taken on toll corner, with a titiilt over In
tin- Mivv ami llie rintauel Charlotte ou the train and put in
phia districts in Lim-s Creek. 'the Presbyterian Imspital. Liter
The .New lloN dial rid iu liuford o the leg was ampulattsl at the
township was d'M.Iinii.'d, wnl it knr .n.l the f. rese,l. It was! Ke,hc, ,,. nil,e tl( lhl. ,,,
. . ..i i not iiniiigiii ior a long lime uiai
district U- given their choice in the (.re as any Iiok of Kiviug his
selection of the si hools w hick they life, but at this anting h is chances
should use. are better. His parents are at the
The following commilleeineii I hosi.ital with him.
were appomicii in piace oi inosc
tol lot in' is done past in dia cum
try," Mid a tlaikey who heanl
Judge Cook's charge to llie grand
jury. "I'se doue U-en up au' herd
de jadge read out de piulmi-iits.
t orresanudeuts will please get
their k-tters in by Friday for the
paiH-rof the following meek. When
tiicy cane iu later than this they
are likely to be h-ft mrr till anolli
er week, which makes llieui ttsi
A telegram received here this
morning said that Mr. J. M. Heath,
a prominent ritucu of Luu-uster
Hied in .New imk tins morning.
lie went there last week to Is- op
crated on. Mr. Heath is a nephew
of Messrs. II. P. and A. W. Ileal h.
and at one time lived iu Monroe.
"a-h," the faithful old horse
that for twelve years has been run
ning the delivery wagon for J. K.
Simpson & Co., and llelk lii-os..
dnpied dead this morning, lit
mus a faithful horse, ami hail been
lu this family since he was live
years old.
The following tcincraiice rallies
w ill Is- held August '.''.'ml: Allan
School House, Kt-v. W.F. Watson,
Col. II. i. Hotchkiss: Fairfield
church, Itev. A. Marsh, M. II. I try,
Mark Austin. S. A. Stewart: Wes
ley Chapel, Itev. M. A. Smith, O.
C. Curler, J. X. Price; Pleasant
tirove, liev. M. H. llovle, Itev. I.
F. Slucy. W. II. Phillips. K. X.
Xisbet. J. II. Wai ki:k, Pres.
Two days before the farmers' in
stitute was held here, the gentle
men holding it were in Ids-king-
ham, the home of I nitt-d Mutes
Marshal Henry C. iHa-kery. Mr.
Iits kery, w ho is short and fat and
round, was put down ou the pro
gram ol the institute for a speech
on "Iss-f production," ami Dr.
Wat Steele came near breaking up
the mis-ting by declaring that Mr.
DiH-kery's sulips t sliould Is'i-haug
ctl to "Is-ef consiimptioii," as his
knowledge wits likely (o be more
etensie along this line.
Don't Bdieve
Mail Carriers Appointed.
The following mail carriers for
the new rural routes to start from
this ntlicc on Scpleinlicr lirst, have
U-en appoiui'il:
lioiile No. L', T. I.. le.
lioule No. :,.!. II. Mills.
Uoule Xo. 4, S. II. It.ei-s.
lioule Xo. .'). lloratv II. Claik.
lioute Xo. li, laiKayette N'cresl.
The substitutes who mere named
by the carriers are W. A. I.nvc, S.
li. Mills, .1. P. lingers, II. li.
Clark. Yaiin Scrrcst. The latter
has died since the apilicutioii for
the appointment.
Mr. II. II. Chirk has moved to
Monroe and w ill not accept. Mr.
A. C. Pciiegar was the applicant
for this route who mailu Hie next
highest mark and it is presumed
that he will lie appointed. The
appointments were made according
o grades made at the special ex
amination held some months ago.
s previously announced the
People's Itauk has established an
insurance Real I'M ate Department,
iiml the linn of (ioi'tlnii & Thomp
soii having Is-en dissolved, Mr. W.
M. lionlon has consolidated his III-
Mlinnce interest with the People's
tank, carrying with him his old
'timpiiuies and is now manager of
this department. See ad. elsewhere
in this pa nr.
The easiest way lo ruin ft good
machine is to use cheap gummy
tdl. Perhaps you have hud some
xpericuce witli your machine in
this respect. The more you oil it
the worse it runs. Suppose you
try our remedy. Clean up your
machine, wipe olf all old oil and
try ''Crystal Itrami machine oil
nothing else. You will Is- surpns
ed ut llie difference if you have
bien using cheap oil not necessa
rily cheap in price hut iiuality.
Crystal ltraml is absolutely pure,
clear sperm oil ami positively w ill
not gum, lie sure you get "( rystal
llraiul." hsiil.lKii Hut u t u.
Yoti can't alford lo miss seeing
the gi and oltl ocean iiml taking a
surf bath, (iough s hxciirsioii.
Attempt to Wreck Train
ltst night a dastardly nllempl
was made to w reck Xo. ,'tS, one of
the Southern's vcstihulctl trains,
just outside the city limits of Char
lotte. A switch near the new mill
Is'iug erected by the Highland
Pink Manufacturing Coaipitny, mils
the scene chosen for the awful wt rk
of destruction. llie lock was
broken and the switch opened, lif
ter which the light wasc xtiugiiish
One of the nortlibnrd through
freigh train, No. 72, was running
aheud of Xo. UH and ran into the
oiien switch. As soon as the eu
giiiccr found that he hud left the
main line, he reversed the engine
and applied the breaks. Owing to
the fact that (he traiu wan not run
ning at a high rate of speed it was
possible to stop it before any dam
age was done. It Is thought that
the parties who wrecked the train
at (iastonia in the same way are
the same who made this attempt.
The last excursion of the season
ia (lough's, which leaven Monroe
at 7:20, a. in.. August 21st. For
white people only, ltonnd trip
only f 1. 1 5.
Bugles and Harness for Sale.
I have lot of buggies aud har
ness, both new and second band, to
be sold at bargain for the next
thirty days. C. C Hiked.
Don't fail to go on Cough's ex
c union to Wiliuingtou August 21.
Leave Monroe 7:30, a, m., next
Friday. 91.78 for ronod trip,
Mr. Clyilo Morgan of Chailottr
spent Sunday w ilk his parents here.
M iss t Jert rude I la v is of t hai lot te
is visitiug Mr. C. T. llullinati.
Mr. tiuv Ihiniels of Xewls-ry, 8.
C. spent Kit unlay and Sunday in
the city.
Mr. Frank Ogburn of High
Point is visiting his father, Mr. X
S. Oghui-u.
Mr. Julian Mcl.nrty of Ss-mi'r
is visiting his father, Mr. J. M.
McLirty in east Monroe tow nship.
Mr. I. like and Sam Johnston of
Mecklenburg ss-nt Sunday iu the
Miss Alice (i. I hi vis of Atlanta
is visitiug her aunt, Mrs. C. T
('apt. and Mrs. II. T. Williams
and Miss llcsfie Davis are spend
ing the week at the seashore.
Mrs. J. a Hasty and father. Mr.
J. M. Stewart, returned Friday
uight from Jackson Springs.
Mrs. Jennie lhivis will leave to
morrow for New York to buy mil
iiuery for l.eeJi
Mr. J. K Xisls-t of Alts-marle
has Ihvii spemling several days vis
iting in the county.
Miss Aleine Fletcher, who has
Is-en visiting in Wilmington, re
tinned lioiue Sat unlay night.
Miss Amanda Kindley of Anti
is-h is visiting Miss l.illte Pressmi
of I'nionville.
Mr. uml Mrs. Ilerls-rt Harrier of
TeniicsNi-' are visitiug Mrs. Har
rier's father, M:y. I.. I. Andrews.
.Miss Willie I lean Itiveus of Tex
as is visiting her cousin, Mr. T. J.
Mrs. W. II. Norwood went to
Charlotte this liioinuig to spend
two weeks.
Mrs. J. II. Funderburk and lit
tle daughter of laineaster are visit
ing the former's sister, Mrs. O. C.
Mr. Jesse I'.. Clark of The Char
lotte Xems came down Saturday to
take in Pleasant drove camp meet
Mr. J. M. Cook ami family of
jliicaster county visited relatives
in lliilonl township mid .nonroe
last week.
Mrs. W. A. Kxansof HoriislNiro,
S. C., returned home last wis-k af
ter isiting Mix J. C. Fletcher.
.Master John Fletcher iiccompaiiieil
her home.
Explanation of Professor Everett's
S. J. F.vcrt-lt, wlni was last
year principal of the .Mouris' (irad
ed School, has recently been much
criticised for mi alleged breach of!
faith iu throwing up the piincipii'
ship of the Salisbury schools, to
which he had been elected, to ac
cept the sitpei iliteliilcncy of the
Oxford schiHils, to which he was
afterward elected. The Salisbury
correspondent of the Charlotte Oh
scrversays that Prof. Kvcictt will
go lo Salisbury, and that the mis
uiiderstamliiig is as follows:
Prof. Kvrrctt had Is-en olTt'retl
the Nuperintendency of the Ox
fordgraded schools and telegraphed
Siiperinteiident (liiflln, "Would
you accept under ihe circum
stances!" The answer was,
"Think not; the Imard refuses to
release you." Prof. Kverelt was
leaving for Oxford when the tele
gram was delivered, and glancing
hastily over it, gathered from it
the meaning that the hoard would
not refuse to release him. He hail
nreviouslv stated to the Oxford
iHianl that ins answer to their
proposition would be in the form
of a telegram directed to himself
from Salisbury. He accordingly
forwarded the telegram to the
hairmau of I he Oxford board, who
read it correctly nnd ut once en
tered into correspondence with
another part v. Meanwhile Prof.
Kverett went on home under the
impression that he had Ist-n re
leased from Saulisbiiry uml hail lie
ceutcil Ihe Oxford oiler.
nil you sco cr ho:.r
body's word about
1 L )'.!'
low pr
.1 do'
:v v.t
es. See
ke any-
:e. Some
Sintly linlge districts.
A l'titiouforal.iC4llaxel.Htioii,Hrm.!,vv jri,H hs (-uiight kiiii
head, slits fur his cvts, and
double barreled gun in Ins hanJ
The parties were su close to-
Jeffries lieats Corbett.
sail I'iim-i..-.. S(s-i: inh.
James J. Jeffries, champion
heavy-weight of the world, played
with Jim Curls-It for nine rounds
ami a half touight, and then Cor
Is'tt'a seconds motioned to lii-ft-rec
Cianey to stop the tight in order to
saw their man from needless pun
The end raiim shortly after the
iM-ginning of the tenth round when
.It lil ies planted one of his terrific
left swings on Coils-It's stomach.
The man who compii-rcd John I..
Sullivan dropped to the lloor iu
agony and the memorable scene ut
Carson City when I toll Fit.sim
iiioiis landed his solar plexus blow
mas almost duplicated. This tine,
however, Corls-ll struggled to his
feet ami again faced his gigantic
adversary. With hardly a mo
ment's hesitation Jetl'ries swung
his right and again landed on Cor
Is'tt's stomach. Jim dropftt to
the lloor, and then it mas that
Tommy Kyuu seeing that it was all
over, motioned to lictrec lirauey
to stop the punishment.
After the light Corhilt said: ""I
tlid my Ih-sI ami lost. I fought
the best I knew. Jclliies mas too
big for me ami he is the Is-st mail
ill the win Id. If the public is
satislietl with my light I tun. I
am glad to give Jclliies ull the
credit thai is his due. I have no
personal feelings in the matter. I
have fought my last light."
Wood's Seeds
K.tnuers uml (iurilctieni who de
sire the latest and fullest informa
tion about
Vegetable and Farm Seeds
slioitl.T write fur Wood's New
Fall Catalogue. It tells all alxnit
the fall pliuilini; of Lettuce, Cab
bag and olh.r Vegetable crops
mined art) proving1 no profitable to
fouthrrn growers. Also alxmt
Crimsoa Clover, Vttches,
Grasses and Clovers
Seed Oats, Wheat,
Rye, Barley, etc.
Wood's New Fall Catslomip mailed
free on request. Write for it.
Seedsmen, Richmond, Va.
Holy Angel in th: l.ock-up.
ShuiIhth dm-- Sns-UI liil'lurlntli nl-M-rvt-r
Fldt-r Monday, Thomas Per
son mid two women one known
as St. Anne ami the other as Holy
ngel, had the spirit move them
to trouble on Pennsylvania, avenue
yesterday afternoon. They began
preaching loudly, uml Marshal
llillchay, with the assistance ol nn
extra policeman, Huff. Chin field,
interfered, and as a result J-.lder
Monday and Holy Angel spent the
uight in the lock up. They were
taken U-fore Mayor Ferguson this
morning and assessed with the
costs -i each with a promiie
to keep quiet from now on. They
call themselves Seventh Hay Ad-
veutists. -
Road Work Progressing.
J,ITerM,n l'rmMtnilriMT la ChrolerSrld 41
.rttr. Work on the C. M. &C. .rail
road is progressing rapidly since
Mai Adams has taken hold. He
is working about 6o hands every
day and pulling (or Jefferson with
might and main. It won't be
long now till we can go to our
doors and care to our "heart's
content" on the train and view
the crowds ( spectslors that will
be there.
who were appointed at the July
ints ling ami refused to accept:
Hist. Xo. 1. Itelh fu'ld -M. A.
(iiillin, in place of F- J. Itiveus.
Xo. 'J, liroom's Joel Moore and
Hartley Privett, in place of A. F.
Helms and Martin Privett.
Xo. 2, Kock liest W. F Fun
ilerburk, ill place of Archie Me
Xo. II. Tjudall -It. C. tiorilon,
in place of Virgiltioiilou.
Xo. It, Xorlh Monroe Pink
Cook, ill place of J. II. Itoyte.
X.i. li. J '.lack Jack -A. S. Cad
dy, iu place of T. P. Little.
Xo. :l, colored, Xicey Orove
AIh- Stiirdiviiut, in p!ae- of Kolnie
I.m;k t KI KK.
Xo. 1, Ctsil Springs J. C. linker
and J. X. Slurdiviinl, in placi' of
A. F Kiishsng ami .1. C. Iliiggins.
Xo. ii, Jenkins C. I). Slegall,
iu tdace of A. 11. Jenkins.
Xo. S, llelk-,1. 1. Hendricks,
in plaiv of J. W. Thomas.
Xo. 5, Mt. Pleasant - lllair II"' "
and Alexander Oslmrne, in place
of II. C. Ii.iv is and vacancx.
Xo. li, Mt. Springs T. A. Wil
liams in place id . I. K. (ii illin.
Xo. ,s. Allan C, C. Lowery, iu
place id l. C. .leiikius.
.1 A KSii.
Nn. '.', Jackson Foivst-H. M.
.McCain ami Samuel Cat ter, iu place
of U. T. McCain ami J. li. Simp
X.i. .!. Walkup - W. p. N'ts lcy
ami T. Ii. Xisls-t, iu place of Alii
son Simpson uml ,1. II. Wier.
Xo. (i. Walker -.1. I). Coitfrcy,
in place of Wm. Crow.
Xo. S, l.-H-ke -W ilson Clontz, in
place of Henry McWhorter.
No. 1, colored, McCain (irecn
Mi ll.miel, in place of Jas. How ard.
Xo. it, colored, Mcllwaiiie lien
Craig and Press Craig, in place of
Monroe Heath and Calvin Coving
Xo. I, coloied, Waxhaw Milton
Helms, in place of K. W. Massey. '
Xo. li, colored, Havis 11. W.
Mclirifl', in iilaceol'C. S. White.
Xo, 4. I.ils'rly, colored Henry
Shropshire, Sam Morrison, Jas.
vam i:.
Xo. 1, Mill Crove-J. T. Trull,
in place of ' 1C Itiggers.
Xo. , Center (irove W. K.
Icmmoml ami T. A. Hitch, in
place of P. C. Stiusou and W. II.
Xo. It, IL'tl lianls-J. I. liar
gett, iu place of 11. II. Ilt'iiton.
Xo. 'J, Hudson, colored Cyrus
Houston, Jerret Jackson, htl Mc
litMisK ITDKK.
Xo. 1, Jerome J no. Crow
ell uml J. II. lieekliain, in place of
J. K. illiams and . II. Helms.
Xo. .1, Stump llill-W. M. Sell,
C. W. Williams, .1. W. llargett.
No. 7, Pleasant la-vel S. L,
Mollis, in place of J. A. Austin.
m;v si km.
Xo. 2, F.uto I,. M. Williams, iii
ulace of J. I'. I. it lb- I
No. li, Olive liiant h J. C. Car- do like most others, gradually go
raway and J. M. Hums, in place of, up on their goods, but they con
lvir. Itaiicom and M. C. Traywick. linue to si II so chtaply that ev-
No. S, Holly-II. V. Stiitcn and rrvboilv wlo knows them and
George, Itrewer, in pli if C. W. lcl, evur trJdei at their store con-
Niinpsmi nun w . I.. Parker. (jnlIM ,Q (lo SOi anj ,hry cannot
io. l", ..iisiiu li. Ji. l lisser, ill
place of J. T. Hiisiks.
rested against M magqan's st jm
arh, but (ailed lo lire owing to us
lusty condition. Kay surren
dered after blows over the head
(roni the handle cl a revolver
His wife, F.!iabclh, was also ar
things arc denr at ay r? (.. V.'o believe
Von will miss the trip of your
lile if you fail to go lo Wilmington
next Friday ou Cough's excursion.
Ibiiiml trip from Moons. os't
1.T.V Iji-aves Moiirts-at half pas'
seven o'ebs-k Friday luoriiinj.
You can
get its- at
Phone :tii.
Cadieu A I
Special Notices.
Advrittst-Siriits will be insert J is
tins culuinn at Ihe pure of uur rtul a
word, cash iu ajwnce.
PIG LOSt-Slraynd from TyinUII
place, lilat-k buw pie, an erkulj.
Suilahle reaaril for return.
John I ei it.
A I EW inuie of Ihe khi luity In k
eti lia.e not hrrii ivru away. All
slid pay our dollar, whether in ail
vauce or arieais, will rrreive a taker
A nice buuKjr will he given ay fire
FUR SALE - at aiu tiou at the court
house dour in Monroe the Mil day
ul Srptriulier, t fine nurrrl mare, tiv
years old, the properly of the late J.
I). Kushini;. E. I. Worlry, Ailmr.
olJ hat pill
Hetwern Tymlall platt and
Camp t.ioiind-a
Finder will be rt-ij-
LOST- l ast Sunday inorunir, he
twern J. E. V. Austin's resulriire
and I'rebliylrnan chilirh- Ixo tlul
dii'n'f. capa. Ketiiru to this ullire and
Kct tuituhle reard.
ANTEU-To ijood men lo wurk
llie iuMiiaut-e. Will paynaUiy,
luion llrlit-volrnt Life Insuiaiiit' to.
NOTICE is lu-reliy i:nt-u that a cash
di-pont is iripiirt'd at time td sit -
UliK for all work at Hale's gallery.
No eirrptioti will he made to Una rule
regardless of financial standing.
T?OK KENT 3 room cillae on nil-
lege Rtieel. W. M.l.ordou
ASON'S Fruit Jaisuud Ituists' urn
crop turnip seed, at Siiupstiu's
h ug store.
BLACK male pig impounded. The
owner can get it by paying for llus
notice and calling on Chas. Jours uii
Mr, Ed Stewart's farm.
"Have You
' No; I have been here all day
and have just ftarted over to Hill
& lovens' to do tny little traJing.
I cia get better bargains over
there than anywhere else in town.
"You see those (ellows started
out to selling real cheap in order
to get a trade worked up and then
when they got a good tiatle from
nil ovtr the county they did not
Free lee water and good order
on Cough s excursion.
S. R. Doster has just received
lot of-nice Hams.
and will not go tlsewhere.
"A great many think their ad
'Hello, Kill! I'm going with verting in the papers is their
my best girl on Cough's Hapid Uest advertising, but I am suie
t.'i.. n ... xi-: ..... . . . . v . .-
riyer to iiiniiigiou tngtisi .int.
Come mid go. If you don't you'll
always regret it. Just think, only
1.75 round trip."
You Can't
Beat Me
in flour, coffee, sugar, molasses,
candies, elc. The most complete
line of tobacco in town; any price;
only one quality that is the best.
Best vinegar 2oc. per gallon.
Two loc. bottles fresh EAGLE
Have you tried "Our Wend"
Coffee? If you havn't, try a
pound. Those who use it are
still praising it.
Force, Grape Nuts, Postum
Coffee, Oat Fakes always fresh.
Everything guaranteed to ev
erybody. Prompt delivery.
Bring your country produce
here (or best price.
Phoot soi,
their goods and prices advertise
them more extensively than any
thing else."
What better advertisement do
we need than the above?
Yours truly,
Hill & Bivens.
of the latest styles In
Fobs and Broach Pins
In Solid Gold, Hold Filled
and 5terllng Silver at
prices to suit everybody.
Now Is the time to get one that is
new and up-to-date-
t AMI EN in town stop at
VV Cale lor a nice meal or i
rices to suit
K. K. Walkins, Manager.
our prices are as low as enn bo found any
where for goods ol h' s-nuf quality. But
don't believo it just bec-m e xve say so: we
invite inspection and coaipruison and will
be satisfied with your decision.
We arc constantly adding attractions to
our stock. The latent n lo of r v?, nobby
i things in Ladies' Neckwear, Table and
3 Sofa Pillow Covers.
Girls and boys goin-i away to school will
0 find new fall goods a da pied to their wear,
t and anything you i.ccu ,u not weather
1 goods dt almost your own price. If you
don't bciiove it just try us: we are deter
mined to clean up sto:k ?'cr fall.
Xaee SZj Xee.
No Stioi:tr l-vry
in the Scuth.
I 9
uur Line:
The Peoples'
Companies with Assets
Aggregating Over
Five Hundred Million
Dollars. $ $
.it.-. IK-alth. Accl-
Ji'iu I i : .-ui r . riiitedla.ts,
iintl Toiler. Surety
lio n!-, on shoit notice.
-!. J to
Bank, Agt.
W.K. OOHDOK, Kjnaser
In.nranct Department.
'.','''?':" v.' " - ' ' "OS
' V ' ' ' '' ''' ' t j ' '. j
Do You Know What H. Does?
fall schools. Good imsitiotit ale licinc
filled daily by lis. We are recemiij,
more calls litis year than ever liefer.
Schools and culler supplieil mill
teachers lice ul ru.t. tnt lose ilanp
for reply.
Ami Kit s ItArtiESi Assot UTliK,
J. L. Uraliam, I.L. 1)., MaHict-r, ljs-
1 54 Kamlolpli HIJ R, aleiiiplni, laut,
ANN1NG "oLTl lT Tlis Knit
C'anniiii Outfit is the clieapssl,
most conveuieut aud reliable- rsinur
on the iiiarket, Everything complete
lor only 5 oo. l or sale hy J. U.
Benton, Monroe, N. C .
CAKKY everything you have iu old
Iron to J. D. Parker.
REMKMIIEK the best iiimIs in tl.a
citv are sold hy Cadieu & Wal
lace. Phone 30,
Eive or n young Jf 1 ey u ilk row .
for sale; also four younc Jeisty lifif-
eis, from Petli'ays ir;itt-red hull
I . II. Simpson.
WE deliver lie to 0111 culolilil
any hour uislil or day 111 cae ol
sickness. Phone ,h. Cadieu A Wallace.
EM EM HER you can get the host
fresh meal al J. I). Paiker'i mar
ket. Phone No. 91.
5 -piirj" Do You Know What M. Does? 0
Ihe Slur 3 lCC- CV ' H
lllldl. 5 lLLLL I . " X
$ Tin: !vi".i-'! ky iN'nrnTt:. g
I CURE ';':!,'V-,:'K;,-S;':,. .A,
ilMtj hi 111 in 1 1 11 11 11 f r ' iTriiinrrT-nTTrrBrMaiia
Whn Toa Buy a Watch
MCE MEAL maybe had at the
nod coo
HEN you want Ire phone 3').
Star Cafe, Good cooks and inn
service K. K. Walkins, .Manager.
UfHEN you want Ire phone
Prompt delivery and honest weight
Cadieu & Wallace,
OK KENT. My four-room house on
College itreet. Mrs. A.Levy.
H you desire pure Ice, com
bined with honest weights and
prompt delivery, phono 3C).
Cadiku & Wallace
Farm Lands for Sale on Time.
Mf tiHiw f in nnrr of the' HnpsTtorrmif i of
I'niiitt NMinu , I r., mail in in- -niw itt-r
In Thr Kiuii, .in h1 Tnil r.iniity. i
niiiittrmtr of W H H-ir. I i.laliitiff . mut
Hi- and iiihrro. ht tm-Nl Ian f W R
Hlv,arrilfTntUiil. Th Kavlntr-, Rtul
itH-aru. m til, mi ii fim i. m.t m
Saturday, Sept- 19. A. D., IW,
at th rtitirt hme dianr In Nmtrt, N V .airaln
tnt ! a travt of Unit (rrtlipd fail
low' l.jrlnff ami laftntf In 1 nlonrsnnty,Ntali'"f
norm I anMiiw, aiarwiiTitii- iiu'iiii, mi snr-
atr of iJinM rrwh, lunVl on IFtt north
hy V. H. ftimtwiiti'i Hnvrro' tract, on th ra-t
th taint 41 TttiM. r. Ha-tv.on the amtth !r
K Hmit'i homf tmHinow In v
Urrk MaalTl.nn th tl hy th
Ion of
Mnitwiinill!.N. MmiMon Iftnd atorMahl
(Hntatninit M rrm morr or . M land
bring mta u tijrt tn wiihit rurni m oowtr.
Ttrm (f Orre third eh. rf matniW-r t
tw furHl hr bond with ant-nivH aurrllrs
pstyaMp flvr month fmn 4"' Mk.thr Milr
ta i lm nMrTNl unlll alt Mrha mon whall
hmvr hrfti paid; th laud tw-lni mA to
fml a re wnere wnn tn par 1 n'finmivrsw oi
U Mid fMlAi1. in I AUfUsi 1 1, iws
By AHamt. Jmtrr A lrmlW"li
and ft.C. Uluai, AUya,
L?4yj mi vi:i.s l:l; sr
Monroe, N. C. I
I HMWLUitri." njtHuvmoMwm fiat1
iirtiirtrtiiiraiiMit'iiiiiMiitiiii!!MtiMri'i.iiiiiiiiiii:iii.tiMniMiiiiMiMi ' o it 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 m
s. i$lakiim:v,
t resident.
Bank oi' Union.
Safe, But Progressive and Liberal.
A modern banking house with every facility for the prompt and
careful handling of all business.
Get one of our Pretty Steel Banks,
carry it home, deposit your savings and put interest on them.
"Let the COLD DUST twln do your worlr"

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