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One Dollar a Year
Tribute to An OM School Teacher.
Where are all my wbonl BMim!
hrho auwrs " hry arr tlirvf '
Many of them have rrucml over
lu river, vhile kiuiv save moved
ay to IikI.ui( UimU, and a very
few others ar jni4 waller! brrr
autl ilirrr. ily trarht-ni I Ikiiik,
are all dnd exurpt our, the truer
able A. T. M.rsli,uu moved from
lhi rouuty to AlrxiiiuVr rouuty
several years, lu mr opinion be
is one of the brat mm lUat t'aion
ruuuly ever raiwd. A mau of very
fine roinuiou and snort noble
lulitio and a f Uaraeler without
lileiuUh. Having served with bim
tlimiiL'h the war 1 know there tu
no more true and faithful soldier
thaa be. May heaveu'a blnsunpt
attend him iu his derliuing years
and when be is called to mm over
the river, may be find swet-t rent
od the other shore.
Two of my teacher loot their
lives in the war. One wan killed
ut Mauatwas, the other died in pris
on. I never bad a whipping at school,
hut there was a time when I thought
I ouht to have had one. I thought
so theu aud I still think so. land
another boy were seated side by
side iu the school room. The other
Ixiy had oceiiMou to vacate bis scat
tor a short w hile and rrueNted me
to let no oue take it in but absence.
Well, as soou as he was away, just
out of mischief, 1 occupied bis seat
myself. He was aoou bark aud
commenced wrangling for bis seat,
which I stubbornly refused to sur
render. The teacher, seeing the
disturbance, demanded an explana
tion. The other boy explained the
whole matter. I felt sure that I
would get a w hipping, but, instead,
be called the other boy up aud
gave him a severe whipping. Why
he was so put tint I never could un
stand. There was a boy in one of
the schools that I wt tended whom
we will cull Hill. He was a slov
enly, dull, halfwitted fellow and
it w as real amusing to hear his odd
and ipiaiut expressions of speech.
Often in the evening just after
school was out, just out of mischief,
I would invite Hill home with me.
His reply would invariably be,
"Oh, no." I kept up the invita
tion until one evening wheu' he
scented to take the matter into con
ttitleratiou, so he said to his young
er brother, "You take tie bucket, I
believe I'll go."
1 then begun to haul in, and
said, "No, Hill, you needn't go; 1
don't wau't you to."
"Oh, yes," he said, and started.
Hio back, Itill," I said, "I was
just joking.
"Oh, un," be suld. Ho I bad to
proceed on home with my unwel-'
come guest.
I had an older brother in the
school who owned a fine little pen
knife. Ouo evening after school
was out be had his knife out whit
tling and said: "Hill, what will yon
give me for my knife!" After a
little hesitation Hill drawled out,
"Well, I believe I'll giveou a la
ter." My brother, just for fnu,
agreed. Itill had an older brother
standing nearby watching the ne
gotiation, and seeing the Initio
about to be eonsumated he sprang
forward with the exclamation,
"You Hill, you goiu' to give a later
for that knife!" and snatched the
potato from Hill's hand. 1'oor Hill
died iu later years a most horrible
death. C. K. Hkown.
Wingate, X. C.
What Is Life?
In the lat analysis nobody
knows, but we do kuow that it is
uuder strict law. Abuse that
law even slightly, pain results.
Irregular living means derange
ment of the organs, resulting iu
Constipation, Headache or Liver
trouble. Or. King's New Life
Tills tiutekly re-adjusts this. It's
gentle, yet thorough. Only iMc. at
Kiiglisb Drug Co's.
I want your old Iron. J D.
For putting in prime condition
any horse or mule the best of all
remedies is Ashcraft's Condition
Powders. These Powders are won
derfully effective because they cre
ate appetite, the digestion is made
perfect, worms and parasites de
stroyed, and the system cleansed
of all gross humors. The Fow
ders fatten but never bloat.
Ashcraft's Condition Powders
' are wrapped in doses. In fact, in
their preparation the same care is
used that a druggist would exer
rise in the filling of a physician's
prescription. High grade and real
merit is the first consideration.
Ashcraft's Powders consist of
mall doses, prepared from the
purest and hiehly concentrated in
gredients, that have been found
beneficial to horses and mules.
Ashcraft's Condition Powders
. always high grade are not to be
classed with the many bulky, good'
for-e very thing powders now on the
market. i
Ask for Ashcraft's, the kind put
op in doses, and good for horses
and mules only.
"Hsrlne trM sunr lilt. fntls Pew.
Sn, I A.H-r.ll Um knt Dm
aurkrt. I ! pirmmn I rniHn
lh.,a ui my Uwn 4 mmmm, U.CiUr
XlX,HKk.f, M.C.
Price ?5c packs ge Sold by
English Drug Company
The Murderer of firs. Beaver Pays
for His Crime en the Scaffold -
Felt Sure That He Would (Jo to
pmal h Tk Cksilum liWrnn.
Stalesville, rVpt. 10. Wilf,.rd
Koarlioro was hanged here today,
for killing JIM. lieavrr. He was
put on the scaffold at 1J 06 o'clock
aud as be did not want to make
any public statement Sheriff Sum
mers threw the trap at VIMS
o'clock. He dropped six feet aud
four inches. His neck was broken
and bis ceasrd to heat in six
oiinutea and the physicians pro
nouueed him dead in 1.1 luiuute.
After the trap was thrown there
was one or two alight contortions
of the bxly. His mother nor any
ot his relatives wanted bis body
and it waa exprrased to the dis
tributing board at lialeigh touigbt.
The execution was couducted in
the jail yard. There were two or
three thousand people here to see
the execution aud wbeu the pris
oner was put on the scaffold the
crowd tore dowu the improvised
enclosure prepared by the sheriff
to make it more private. A por
tion of the fence was also brokeu
dowu by the crowd. Some weut
so far as to yell. Ilousetoiis, win
dows and other elevated place
were used by them iu their eager
ucns to see it. Everybody seemed
satisfied when it was over.
Koseboro Mid he slept very well
last night and ate a very hearty
breakfast this morning. He ex
hibited no fear that was visible to
the public when he was taken to
the scaffold. lie joined the church
during his imprisonment and ex-
pretwd satisfaction that he would
be saved. A large number of wo
men witnessed the hanging.
ICosclMiro uiunlered .Mix IMvie
Heaver, wife of Mr. Adolphns
Heaver, a farmer of Cool Springs
township, on Thursday moriiiiig,
July .'til. Mr. lieaver and young
son were iu Statesville that day,
having left Mrs. Heaver at home
alone. They returned home alxnil
dark that evening and found the
dead woman s lxxly iu nu unused
well at the rear of the house. It
was evident from an examination
of the lxxly when it wastakeu from
the well that she hud beeu brutally
in u rd red aud circumstances con
nected KoHelxiro with the crime.
The coroner's lniuHt held the day
following couliruied this.
Two duys after the murder sher
iff .Summers arrested Koseboro iu
Polk county, where be was at work
with a squad of railroad hands.
He was kept fcp juil in Charlotte
until Weduesday, Aug. 1'.', wheu
he was brought to Statesville, tried
by Judge Alleu and sentenced to
be hanged.
During lioselxiro s four weeks
imprisonment here, awailiug his
execution, his conduct has pintJed
those who fretiueiitly saw and talk
ed to him in bis cell. A few days
after be was put iu juil he confessed
that he had killed Mix Heaver;
said he choked her to death. Hut
wheu questioned as to details con
nected with tho crime' his memory
was blank. He claims that he was
drunk and did not know what he
did. His mother said he was not
drunk as she could detect w hen he
went home, shortly after he com
mitted the crime.
A Cow's Tail Curtailed.
Mr. W. N. Davis' Holslcin Jer
sey family milk cow is minus the
major portion of her caudal ap
pendageand thereby bangs a nar
rative. Saturday the row was
tethered out to graze in the thin
patch of woods near bis slaughter
pell, Just outside the southern lim
its of town. In the afternoon the
negro man who has charge of the
slaughter peu found the cow still
grazing, but over two feet of her
tail was banging to a small pine
tree nearby. The treo bore marks
of having gone through astreuuous
tussle and it is supposed that the
cow, having wrapped her tail
around the tree, in her efforts to
extricate herself pulled her tail in
two, a rainer unusual nappeuing
indeed. The protruding leaders
and ragged edge of the hide pre
clude the supposition that it was
cut by some pcrsou and placed
around the tree. The bark was torn
off and the tree had evidently been
pulled close to the ground. Mr.
Davis has had many years' experi
ence with cattle but this is the lirst
accident of this kind that be has
flulberry Trees (or North Carolina
! Farmers.
, The two paitt se-.ison's experience
in silk growing in .North tarolioa
have proved a most gratifying aur
rrss. It has demoust rated that the
j women and children of the Htate
may by light aud iulerestiug work
during six weeks ot early summer
earn, whdoui interfering seriously
j with their ordinary duties, from
m io no. i Dose w no caa uevoie
more time to the work rau earn
'even more.
To place silk-growing npoa a
peruiaueut basis, we must increase
the output of silk ctxtxins so as to
attract to the State silk revlers autl
weavers, thus creating a home mar
ket for the product of the silk
worm. The first aud most necessary step
ia to iucroase the available supply
of silk-worm food. We must plant
aiulbery trees uutil each farm suit
ed for this kind of product bas at
least 100 trees. Every farm hav
ing dry soil, lying between Colds
boro aud Asheville. ran successful
ly Krov mulberry trees and pro
duce silk.
In order to encourage the plant
ing of the mulbery, the State Ito
partmeut of Agriculture will dis
tribute during the full of HHi.l,
among the farmers of North Caro
lina, rtxited seedling trees in lots
of :A) and 100 of the varieties best
suited for feeding the silk worm.
Not more than 1K) will be seut to
oue pcrsou. 1 hose w bo want more
will be supplied at actual cost
prices. We do not recommeud the
planting of more thau KM) trees by
any oue lornicr. KecipieuU ol
trees will be required to pay post
age or cxprcsxage ut the ntto of
one rent per tree. This amount
must lx enclosed with application.
Send stamps or money order not
bank checks.
Trees will be delivered during
NovemlxT. w hich is the best month
for planting in this State. Full
directions for planting and caring
for the trees will l sent to each
We scud out only seedlings of
the hite .Mulbery Morus alba.
About one-half of each lot of trees'
will beur fruit. The fruit of seed
lings is for the most part of xxr
table quality, though excellent for
poultry und bogs. The trees grow
rapidly while young. Their roots
spread widely near the 'surface of
the soil and will prevent even steep
lull sides from washing. e rec
ommend that farmers plant seed-
llug mulberry trees Vi x 12 feet
apart, allowing the plants to branch
low and grow iu shrub form. I se
the licld as a run for Hiultry or
hogs aud allow the children of the
family to have tho leaves for feed
ing si!k-wormsaa a means of rais
ing pocket mouey.
Applications will Imj tiled iu or
der of reception. Order now.
Address applications to aud make
money orders payable to the under
signed, (iKKtl.H Mt-CAKTHY,
Biologist, N. C. Department
of Agriculure,
Haleigh, X. C.
Jurymen for Next Term of Court.
The following jury has been
drawn to serve at the term of Su
perior court which convenes in November:
W. A. Higgers, W. II. Presson,
M. A. Mullis, W. K. McManus, C,
M. Hrooni, J. A. Jones, II. 11. Ed
wards, K. 11. Pusscr, J. V. Trull,
James B. Cox, J. K. Htxiks, It. C.
Nesbit, II. 1). (i rilli n, a A. Rob
ertson. K T. Huney, C. Leauder
Helms, W. II. A. Kluttz, H. J.
Winchester, Jas. It. Huticom, 11.
A. Mullis, E. J. Griffin, J. H. Sul
livan, J. J. Moody, II. R Hhute,
J. S. DcLancy, Ellis M. Griffin,
W. V. Simpson, Jas. V. Mills, J.
C. Huggins, H. A. Norwood, T. H.
Ijles, Milt N. llivens, W. Mur
phy Starues, W. W. Luney, C. II.
Kichardson, J. E. Ritxim.
Peach Seed.
StatriTillr Un.lmark.
The Chronicle says a negro who
came to Charlotte the other day
with peach seed for sale was very
much surprised to find no market
for them. Peach seed find ready
sail ou the Statesville market at ft
per bnshel. Mr. It. V. Rrawley,
who advertised in the Landmark
for 1,000 bushels, has bought great
quantities of them.
Young Farmer Near Wingata
Shows Ip With No- 131, the
Lucky Ticket in the Buggy Con
test. Mr. J. I. Carelock, a young
farmer wbo lives near Wingate, a
graud-ton of the late Krvin Medlin,
1 proved to lie the lucky man in The
Journal's buggy routest, having re
ceived numlier t.'tt, which bap
Mnedto Iw the lucky oue. Mr.
iCarelock was naturally very proud
good buggy already, but says be
thinks that he'll sell it aud iur the
Umirual buggy. He is '.'4 yeurs
old, and has leeu married about
two months. He w rites the follow
ing letter:
To the Readers of The Journal:
This is to certify that I held
ticket No. 1.11 in The Journal bug
gy coutest, and that the same has
been redeemed with a pretty and
well built buggy of fine quality. I
was very happily surprised to find
that I was the lucky man. I had
only one ticket, and if I remember
correctly, I paid for my paxr on
July lttb and received the ticket.
I think that if all the other ticket
holders knew how proud I am of
my gtxxl luck they would not feel
disapixiiiited. With lest wishes
for The Journal, which I think is
a splendid paxr, I am,
Very truly,
J. L. Cakixock.
Wingate, X. C.
Cotton's New Disease.
sib-ilk e.-i.
Mr. J. L Hanks, who cultivates
an extensive farm alxuit leu miles
from ltaleigli, brought a large cot
toil plant to the agricultural de
partment for inspection by the
Stain chemist. It was a well tie
veloxd plant but hud Htaited dy
ing on several of its principal
branches. Mr. Hanks said there
are great quantities of cotton in
his licltls and on a iiiuulx r of ail
joining plantations atllicted as this
one is. After examination the
Stale Chemist found that it is in
fected with niihciicoal or cotton
fungus. They attack the plant,
caust the leaves to dry up and
shed and the bolls in many in
stances to ut least partially decay.
It has a tcudcncy to spread aud
evolution of crops is about the only
thing that will rid a held of its
Dr. Kilgore, State Chemist, said
that a similar germ, or at least one
which has a similar eliect on the
plast, has attacked tobacco in
Granville county und in portions
of Durham and Wake, counties.
It is known as tobacco wilt. It is
a li.ulerial disease and causes a
plant attacked to wilt in a very
short time. Considerable damage
is Ix'ing done by it iu infected lo
calities. This disease is beiug dis
cussed now in all farmers' insti
tutes helil iu tobacco wet ions.
Personal Items tram Ward law.
The farmers are very busy in t lie
fields th is week, rottoo pick i ng s nd
fodder pulling are the most im
portant topics of con vernal ion
amongst our people.
kHss Helen Hoyle is visiting at
West Spring, 8. C, this week.
Mr. N. S, Matthews returned
from Hickory last Tuesday.
Mrs. l J. Heck of Sauford. Fla.,
is visiting at Mr. Hunter's.
Mr. aud Mrs. Albert Howie of
Mineral Spring visited at Mr. A.
J. Price's last week.
Dr. J. W. Stephenson and son
spent a few days last week at Mr.
W. j. Hudson's.
Mrs. K, W. Leiumond and chil
dren ret a rued home Saturday.
A protracted meeting la la prog
ress at Weddingtoa. Rev. Mr.
Hoyw Is ably assisted by Rev. Mr.
Stacy of Waxhaw.
Miss GuKsie Hunter returned
from a few days visit to Pineville
Miss Jessie Matthews left last
week for her borne near Concord,
where she will euter the Sunder
land school.
Misses Mantle Hoyle, Mary Mat
thews, and Hula Price leave next
Monday for Greensboro Normal.
They have our best wishes for suc
cess iu this year's work. X.
Qrim But Effective.
I'htrMlf Chnuik-lr.
Two negroes who are employed
as porters on Southern and Sea
board Air Line trains, resective
ly, met ou East Trade street the
other day und engaged iu a discus
siou as to the number of passengers
hauled by the two roads. Hit Sea
board darkey described at length
the heavy passenger traflic of his
road, saying it excelled all past
records of railroads iu the South.
The Southern employee wailed un
til his friend was through aud then
squelched hi in by saying:
'Shah, nigger, you dou know
what you're talking 'bout. Why,
we kills more folks ev ry day deu
Miiir road hauls."
The Negra Lradcrs-
! - .f w . . .
im juouroe journal writes iciu
Tax Notice.
I ill 1 at the fuiiuouii; iji t s u
perately and sensibly in the IsMie 'he Jl,r nmd -r t'ic u!jo o!
of last week on the nameless crime, jconecuu iars lor me veai u, ,y.
Dr. Stagg Has a Wish.
httrlotli OUM-nri-r.
Rev. Dr. John W. Stagg is nuth-
iug if not practical.
A little while ago Mr. It. O.
Alexander, whose religion enters
into every detail of his life, showed
Dr. Stagg over bis magnificent
home in Dil worth. After all the
rooms and porcelain bath tubs bud
beeu duly examined, Mr. Alexan
der said:
'The Iml gave me this house,
Dr. Stagg. He gave it to me be
cause I am His servant, aud asked
Him for it."
'Ho did, did He," replied Dr.
Stagg. "Well, I wish you'd ask
Him to give mo oue, too.
Sewed Up His Heart.
'hlraitu 0lti.i, "th.
An operation on the heart of
Matthew Plowman, who was stab
bed in a light with James Coruiett
Saturday, may save the man's life.
At Mercy hospital, where he was
takcn,physiciaiis took out his heart
and sewed it up. Theu oxygen was
administered continuously and last
night be was said to have a possible
chance of recovery. Plowman was
stiihlxMl with a bread knife in the
left breast. The wound almost cut
his heart in two.
Bucklcn'S Arnica Salve
Has world-wide fame for marvel
lous cures. It surpasses any other
salve, lotion, ointment or balm for
Cuts, Corns, Rums, Boils, Bores,
Felons, I'lcers, Tetter, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Chapped Hands,
Skin Eruptions: infallible for Piles.
Cure guaranteed. Only 25c. at
English Drug Co's.
Where Human Life Is Cheap.
Chriu IHatmr,
The press dispatches from Con
strnliuople assert that from 30,000
to 40,000 people have been massa
cred by Turkish soldiers. There
are doubtless but two places In the
world where such things could oc
cur without causing a atir in the
Balkans and In C hina. The world
has becoota to regard am aa life
in these countries as exceedingly
Ts Cure a Cold ia on Day
TW Ltutiva Bromo Quiaias Ttblets.
Ail drufnitlt nia4 the money if it
(ails to cor. K. W. Gran t ii(U
tur it oo ssch bos. s$cots.
Like the running brook, the
red blood that flows through
the veins has to come from
The springs of red blood are
found in the soft core of the
bones called the marrow and
some say red blood also comes
from the spleen. Healthy bone
marrow and healthy spleen
arc full of fat.
Scott's Emulsion makes new
blood by feeding the bone
marrow and the spleen with
the richest of all fats, the pure
cod liver oil.
For pale school eirls and
invalids and for all whose
blood is thin and pale, Scott's
Emulsion is a pleasant and rich
blood food. It not only feeds
the blood-making organs but
cives them strength to do
their proper work.
SCOTT a BOWKW. rtuhii
(ushntsm. IwwYwfc.
Took Nothing But His Watch.
Now Vtirk Triliulie.
'There is un old negro living in
Carrollton," relates the Hosworth,
Mo., Star Sentinel, "who was taken
ill several days ago und railed in a
physician of his race to prc-scribo
for him. Hut the old mau did not
seem to be getting any better, and
dually a white physician was call-
d. Stxm alter arriving Dr. S
felt the darkey's pulse for a mo
ment and theu examined his
tongue. 'Did your oilier dK.'tor
lake your U'mperatiiret' he asked.
( dou t know, siui,' be answered
feebly; 'I aiu't missed nothing but
my watch as y it, boss.' "
Money Couldn't Allure Him.
..Iilnutmi Kmi,
Iowa has a minister who made
the greatest sacrifice hit ou record
by turning down an oiler to play
liuseball at .1,000 a year in order
to retain bis pulpit at a salary of
Ought to be Contagious.
Unnvlllr KtniTtor.
At Charlotte a white man has
been sent to Jail for drunkenness
and failing to provide for his lam
ily. Ob, if that kind of justice
would only become catching anil
spread all over the state.
Sometimes Soap Instead of Per
(laatonla tiMrilr.
It is reported in the paiMrs that
the perfumery bought for the King
of Englnnd this summer cost over
!MM). Many people need things
they don t get, but bavn t yon ob
served that there's oue thing of
which it nisy be safely said that
the folks who need the most usual
ly get the most! It's cologne. Rut
it is a most deceptive ftiucy this
yearning after perfumery; so many
people imagine they want cologne
when what they really need is
Postmaster Railey of Raleigh,
who is paymaster of rural free de
livery carriers for North Carolina,
savs the Payroll for august was
17,000. There are 367 routes in
the State.
li ring your cnicnens snu eggs ana
ret hiehest Drices in cash or trade.
We buy tbeiu. M. C. Rroom
Our Ice House is opposite I I
Lockhart & Co.'s store. Phone
- .L . . - - Vt .
us waen yon wsni ice. no ju.
Fearful Odds Against Him.
Bedridden and destitute. Such,
in brief was the condition of an old
soldier by name of J. J. Heavens,
ersailles, O. For years be was
troubled with Kidney disease and
diH'tors nor medicines gave him re
lief. At length he tried Electric
Hitters. It put him on bis feet in
short order and now he testifies:
"I'm on the road to complete re
covery." Best on earth lor Liver
and Kidney troubles mid all forms
of Stomach and Bowel Complaints.
Only ftoc. Guaranteed by English
Drug i n.
War Between Turkey and Bul
garia Coming.
Clt-vrltml Star.
It appears that there is no way
to avoid a war Mweeu Bulgaria
and Turkey. The bloody and
cruel Turk has carried on a war of
extermination in some of the pro
vinces in unci I ing insurrections,
snd there is every indication that
war will be formally declared be
fore ScptemlxT ends.
Qently Breaking the News.
WAihaw Knlentrtiw.
Somebtxlv has lust discovered a
germ to which bacteriologists nave
iriven the name of "hook worm,"
mid have declared it to be "the
germ of laziness. " So hereafter
when you may wish to intimate In
mild und inoffensive terms that
vnnr iieiirhtxr is not verv enerectic
j . .---n "
or Industrious you can merely re
mark that he has "Iiook worm
and everybody will understand.
"l htvs used your Hslr Vlfor
for ivt yctrs and sm frettly
plcttcd with It. It certainly r.
Mores the riginal color to gray
hair. Itkeept myhilraoh." Mrs.
Helen Kilkenny, New Portland, Ms.
Ayer's Hair Vigor hat
been restoring color to
gray hair for fifty years,
ana it never fails to do
this work, either.
You can rely upon it
for stopping your hair
from failing, for keeping
your scalp clean, and for
making your hair grow.
a M t tMlh. AS HoUl
If rr trecrlst ensM wpplf ym,
mh! w on iur awl ill
yovtWrttte. S Mn bw jrl Um aM
f Mat mm esirf aSk-. AMim,
4. C- AVKH CO., yMU, turn.
putting the blame for the preva
lence ol the evil Uxm the educated
and influential uegrors who, in
stead of Ubiug their power to sup
press the evil among the brutal
and vile, sx-ud all their strength
and iullueiice denouncing mob law.
They, as the Journal well says,
have the matter iu their own
hands. The newspapers rau not
reach the rapitu, for they do not
read newHjiaprrs, but the leaders
among the uegroes are iu close
touch with all clamtn aud are per
fectly able to make public senti
nient so strong that the evil will
be greatly leasened. if not entirely
suppressed. But these leaders
rarely say a word against the crime
for which so many negroes are
lynched; on the other baud they
intensify race hatred by assailing
the mob, which will continue to
kill every negro who lays his bru
tal baud UKiu au iumx-eut woman,
and they are eutirely sileut alxuit
the crime which causes the de
thronement of law, which we all
deplore. This, to us, is the most
di.scou raging thing about the edu
cation of the negro. If cducutiou
made him morally stronger or let
ter there would be far more hoix
lor the race; instead of that, how
ever, it seems only to give hi in
shrewdness enough to save his own
bide, without tilling his life an
inch higher than that of the low
level of the ignorant and degraded.
With all the money sicut on the
education of the negro and ull the
facilities that have Ixs'U given hi in
for enlighteument, the crime con
tinues to increase aud the moral
force (if there he such a thing)
among the educated has not been
arrayed ou the side of virtue and
purity. Education, whet her uniting
white or black ixopk, that is un
touched anil uiifhitstencd by re
ligion, is more of a curse than a
A Boy's Wild Ride tor Life.
With family around expecting
him to die, and a sou riding for
life, 18 miles, to get Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption,
Coughs and Colds, W. II. Brow n,
of Leesville, Intl., iudiired death's
agonies from asthama; but this
wonderful medicine gave instant
relief and stxin cured bim. lie
writes: "I now sleep soundly every
night." Like marvelous cures of
Consumption, Piieumouia, I iron
chilis, Coughs, Colds and Grip
prove its matchless merit for all
Throat and Lung troubles.
Guaranteed Lotties ."xic and 1.IHI.
Trial bottles free at English Drug
You Might Need a Doctor.
You have cotton to sell at a
good price. You can pick cotton,
pull (odder, cut and sell hay, sell
iruit, chickens and eggs and pay
your doctor. There aie various
ways to pay your doctor if you
really want to pay him.
Pay day has arrived again.
Another delinquent list will
soon be printed, and you don t
want your name on it.
It is just as necessary to pay
(or a doctor's goods as it is to pay
(or a merchant's, a preacher's, or
a lawyer's. U. C. M. A.
All kinds of school supplies at
Welsh's Drug Store blank books;
crayon, paper, pens, ink, pencils,
at lowest prices at elsh s.
When painting your dwelling
call and see us fur prices. e
recommend and guarantee Harri
son's paints. S. J. Welsh.
Notice to Teachers
Notice is hereby given the teach
ers who take the examination in
tK'tober will lie required to stand
au examination on the new text
book "Agriculture for Begin-
uers" at the October exaunna
lion. The text book can lie had at
State depositories Monroe, Mars
villeand Waxhaw, for tiO rents.
The new text book must be taught
in every public shool in the county.
R. F. Bkami.f.v, Supt.
Married 6J Years.
SUtmvtll Landmark.
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Ilaith
cox, of Trout man, Iredell rouuty,
aged rcectively H. and S:t years,
are now in their sixty-third year
of married life, have seven chil
dren, three sons and four dittigh
ters, and their family circle has
never beeu broken by death. The
venerable couple are yet bale and
hearty aud have fair promise of
several years longer in their earth
ly pilgrimage.
There is mors catarrh ia this sec
lion of the country than sll other die
eitee put toftether, sod until the last
lew years was suppoaed to be incurs
ble. For s f rest many years doctor!
pronounced it s local uitease.enil pre
ecribed local remediee, sod by con
lastly (ailior to cure with local treat
trenl, pronounced it Incurable, art
eace hat proven catarrh to be a coo
ttiluHooal disease, snd therefore re
quiree constitutional treatment Hall'i
Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J
Cheney ft Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the
only constitutional curs on the mar
set. It is taken iolercally ia doses
from lo drops to s tea spoonful. It
acts directly oo the blood snd mucous
surfaces of Ibe system. They offer
ooe hundred dollars for sny case it
(ails to curs. Send for circulars and
tealitaooials. Address,
Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by druggists, ?3o.
Hall I family pilli siw the best
Dine IlKin'h, Nt Silt in luai.-liir.
ThuisJm, tk !..!. ! isr, r.
Utliitlr, Mji-IimIIc I.ii?I,i',
t iiJjv. Octolicr inj. If).
Horn & More, L-ant-' Cret-k tuwu
ship, Si'.uiJ.y, r.l, i ,03.
hli' Stu.r, Itiifui.l timnliip
1 oeuUy, t), t.ilwi Ml,, ijoj. T
Wailiaar, Jjrlson t.ioustop, Sitlll- i
day, Octoher 24th. I'.j.
Kcd. lie's Slme, Sjmly KiJ;t town-
ship, Wednesday, (K tulier 7th, J
Indian Trail, V'juir tuutit.
Thursday, I Irtohrr Mh. 19" t
I'uioiivillr, (joose Creek tuuliip, : X
Friday, Octolier 11,0 J. T
Uotirue, Mnr.e tjuliip, Sjtur-1 4
day, October lolli, Iijoj.
Those failing to meet me at the
above named places and wlthm; their
taxct aiust settle at the oliix by the
first day of Uecemlier, Hint, and save
cost. Re:-pectfullv. 1
li. A. HtlKN, Sheriff j
Sept. j, 1903. of I'utoii Couuty. 1
Valuable Farming Lands and
Town Lots for Salo.
iOfieap Flour
is Bad Floor!
1 iii -n at 11,.. i
f N. f . ..11 M I I Khn
I l.Y!..-k Mi . f..r.,-h.i
tlir t..l(-. i.ii' -I. M fi'. .1 v.
1- - A 1.. 111 in liu!".. t i.t M..i,i.....i. ; . H
rAiiiiiiif T.i wr. .. m.-ri-
U..r. (arm ..11 ni.iM- t.
i.-.. .l-..r 1
m T'.KI-K..
Hi. tin.11!.
.:i-i.:.. in
I. A I.
I .!. :.!
M II.. .i
r U II
. II,.- lir.
Imr flu-. M 1
Olrr Itll.l I. I.IK.W II -(lim-.-
ill. I. A '.mil ill h if-.r.i I..
S. 4,'IV.. tin . t i.t I. --, adj..
I'lirv.ii, H. Ik. J It Vi-'i a
1.111k. '."Ml.. ii.n......
I hl irwl I" 11,'nrU ;i!l Mi'li 1111
nl. A lra.-l ..( Ian. I in :ii
kn. 11 B tl.- Ci r.111 M -i.. II
iitlti,' on On ttM.-l. w' ,..ii
m-r,... Thi-iv an- In ,.r li .i-r
tin. 1 ta't. ami ili."i-t a i.-nai.
Iti! irai I a.lji.iit. th l.ili.l. ..I I
H HII..H ami iil'ii r
4"i -A I..I III tin- .-!! ..f Mi, III
tin- wM-ni;i-r il. ..l .ni l l.-lu.i
X. ami I'. I . Kallr,l.l. ami -."
1'4 i-iv.
At. Ill l..r Mr.
It's in piue li the niaker'sei
1 u i' lur the iiii-ii. inly of hie
1 ;n Jut t. l ad fi iur is bad flour
11.1 111. itier hum it is nuuipulat
c.l ami jni;U-d iu pat Ling It
ll tutiirs bark lo the same
tliiut. li.u.J fljur uoktd ill)
poor will iMpiove the quality
1 ! the bli-n I, tint like mmuf
Hinle (Mint ilh takes
u a w : ut lot of ohito to pro
duce nuy ttfect. liad or cheap
Hour is larking iu glutea, the
utilriliuus purliou oi the wheat.
It alsu cuutains a large per
fiilake of llie pulverized husk
or slii-ll nf II, e crain. All of
hiili you dun't aut. There
lure, e cauluiu you lo ask for
the "Iuvinnl,le" brand. This
lnai,, is uuKI at the lowest
I'tKi fur uhirh really first
tUss fVuir ran be suld, aud lis
I'M' r is Hie lntlicft you need
In 'JV 111 uiilt-r tu get the best.
Mi., our local baker,
say: "liiviucilile" is the 1 can
Kit lor baking."
11.I1 1.
.1 ,
Mortgage Sale.
H ttrttlt t.f h timru-tu-e it. cl i.t ii t-cfu
tit sfii'int-r lth. l-'.w, l. I. h K'.i- rt aii.l
iMt-tl 1.1 tilt otl if it the K' L-l-l' ' I-
tituti omul v lit I-., A I'. iwkr- '.V. w n ,
t (iiil.ln- siih'Uofi, til 'li- ou'l!f:i-' '.-r
on Saturday. October 10th.
)SiU. Itir f. ill.. tl-lH"- ..f taHI.I
HM Irfl Ai!...litM!.' I..H.U ..f l
l;t l", IVIt'r ('rai.v I, l Klfi. -. l 11' -
.1 K All-Mil J .1 K J'lJ 41. ( ill ii!.i i'l
iM'ri'. itt'irv ir
t-iiii.l l rn,-t l. uin mi.l i- in. in t lii-
.f t)lM. mh th.- Nitriii -.t' -.f f -v -hi.--.
Ij.'tlillltr ll'f W t'lf) Hu it. N.i- M.- ; Hint uilit-r-. Hint kinw n it- Hi I'
vl-or Klllatui !'.' rtii v ,t-
m.ifv or !. Mi'KKuW, lir..IM4iu
.viii'tiU-r Ttli. !- M..iii:,iL''
. Ml tli
aR of Mil-
..f Mu
ni) Thur-.lflv, tin- JlHi !n
it 12 uVI.M-k. in . at Un is. km
f M.-i-klt itt.tittf mt. i s t mi'lM
'tHMt, A HI m II l. 'III' lllk't.'-l i 1.14
licaiit-llitn. tin- f..l!M liii. -l-i-lv -
1 1 1 t iit nurv- f lilt i' t' Hi rtl'H'K
tllHMTl-IHl UIIh1 H.I ilk l ntiH,.!!,.
'( (lie r mi I m1 or otn1 $l'ni
iur- its'i tiif.
it ut'iii v utirtri ot i tu f;itiiirti
ir-t Nuiioiiiit timtk i-f (.itMomn. , r . of t
.ir vstltif if our tuiihttvtl tf.iMUH.i tl..lint
Kk'liit-sn of tin- mhitni --V
w I'li'.liuoni l i li i ittt Miiimi'ic : ut Hi i ,
N ' .of tin- ivtr of !
.J-MiMiM inl tit' - l"'r -liit'"
4i I t it lif litt- of Hir ritptln!
Itt AUi'li Hiir.1)tr r..mimny. ri.m l, J
f UM- itsv of :n' ininm-il (fi''
Tttftity -hrtrf ,,f tin. 'rtinttl Io.-i
MONKOE HAKDWAki: COMPANY of nit-Mi 4iti" ( iiisi mi, it.
jira jut .hare.
ItTlllf "I -Hlr ' il-it .
II S I'll KK
Kwtltor 'f tlit W Ml of .Unit- J. Mm. iltn-M
Kt )l. , IW
Mortgage Salo.
Hv vtrtur of n tn.i
lit itif Imv of i . in
to.1. anil rt-.-..t
f IH-".! for I "tu
if tlfftt. oil tHaft' 'T-i.
ttili'I loll Ml t tie court ho
on 5aturdny. October KHh,
IWW. thr ftillowiiiir .tfMcrilsi lt of ln.l.!y
ua Hint It'tiiif Hi Un fount) ol l ntoii. ,H'fcoti
lown-ht,. on thr tiltT of UhxIihh rh'-l,
tlfHr Illr WHHAW IhUI-I rmi r-ii. n.ijoi in -iu
i' IH Hi 11 of I ll-Hllirmio I-
nutiic. wntHinitiif Wt4 'ti'-. niotr or h"-.
MnKKtiW, II h VI It X in ,
Tlit Hi-t-mUT tUi. Mortirw.'-'-
General Insurance.
l ire, Lite. Accident, Health, Lia
bility and all ot Casuahly ln
. .i.ilicc. duly the best and strougest
" I' itiit-s n-pn-senti'd . I resperllul-
ly -ni.i il v ,iir ,.iti linage aud guatan-
j ti e prumpl ami t-tticiint service. Of
j lire ut : t ut cdui thouse. I'ltoue No. I.
Mortgago Sale.
Exocutor's Sale of Stocks.
.f (
i ii i i.
v'l, Ut
o -.
I ."til I 1
kraL!' iltHJ li- rup i K it'll It'll
t( i t Hk mi.l Iiim iff tin
I i.t ..i.i.-t hi tlif ofliii
i of 1 ni.ttt rounl- 111
ill -t il ' iitil-IicsiuctUiiI
r in .niti, N v..
oi) Stptember 28th, 1 9(13,
l!M - or t-HPI'ft '.r Irltl't HH fooA:
-t I i.M-t It.'unitiiiif ut m (ii ut itum lijr a
i . iiitit i Ktk mill tiin rvil itnki, fonniT
t .1 W Mn-'n--t. r . i-tiriif r. iii runt Willi
nit N K I" i lnini mill ttiili.crinluic
i tii'i l 'i n jio-t on li liv h nut j.! , iwi hlrko
uixt iw.- Miih r omK. Hit-mi N lrtik K. .fi
i.-hm.I mr link-, i ro-tpjuit Hl-art
tl.r.t- f.f n,ik -upltiiK, otif nil
w ji'.-i .;ik (t. in it in nt mi olii tl'Ui;
H . l ihiMt- Hii-t T hllk Iti rtMl
i r ivik Hint f.rtir mi tmk . thrns
IllHI'. l'IO"ltnt N -lllHlt iTtttll'll tils.
.1 link. ..ui.. i hickory;
r- ... rimui-. croo-iiii
lliK two emtslt
t-i k of
.l ,
t.f thr
lift -I I
riit.-.l I
v. m. 'a .t Miii.-ti v
i Ut.--.tin-.'. .(tin- Kit' .
iM ii n . in (took A It ;
Will - l Hi .Hl.lU-
toor in Moiii-.H',
! I-
ml I Ufl : Its IMtllull..' HlHt"1
i"lk, 1 .1 It ti-hot t ft II- tWO
ii li-t'l W Mii-ltt -ift Htiii ru lies ittt
h V K. .(7 i-imui. him I hiikt. cnsssi
- r .rk lo n mut. i ottk ty m ! r
r 1 ' 2 I'Uik jiM-k-4. Htffir tlif- hvi"loll
liirluuii- to ii ttisVli jtu'k hy ft
ii. t . o in 1 1. t:n I m o '-lic k jm-kn . iht'iM4
1 1 ' i n i m 1 1 1 ii -timl! rs-.i ottk l.y h Ini'k
,1 ,tlli ,,,, th--illt' H. I.t . Tt'tlHHlP
; wU n rt .I t.jik l y h nmtrr k anil
tt otilt-, ' 'Mi I'l.niiT of the tlrl trad
(tuMH-f w . i Ii mn 1 1 in of "Hi'1 snirvry of
imc; h tfi K titiis ami
to tit i fi- ....t .nk -ilnif- hv a tol ttalt
wr WNt. r-o(,k.. Iliriitr IVS W rhalllsl
Mill,- t-:o"iint HUii t-n-fk mHin to I hi
tn. if th'- I"h'I- ftiutaiiilhsT Wl'a
in. i. or ti- . U'luu thr irnri ttmvi'yfii
II C toll U!it Will' t" l M Ht-fM-t Oil
l-Hi. i-;; .r. HKATH.
Aii"i.-t iMh. liM Mortifi.
Notice of Eloction.
.1 J.y
Uiuinli ii
,.! f Ii
K.ltlt Hllo
!,. .1 i
w I in-
U Ii i ii I rim
Dissolution Notico,
I havr "ohl niv pfro't'r' iti-rn4 In Monroe
to tin- I.iihIm y i.r.nfty I'oiniuiiiy, wlix-h will
i. it.inhii-lt il l.y Iht'ni in tin- riittnt Ml I.KI
III iMtot hv Ihf t.iriil v i.fMi rv t'omiHiny
ait.l nil mttut tit lut' I In ol.l lii tn nni-t inl
. tht'-aitl i'oiiMtnv. . T II M r i ' N
Htjilf tuU-r Ttli. Ivl
discovered on inspection ol some
olJ books.
nv fourth of tht
Mxtt liutrtft. No.
Ittifont lowiiiliin. th
oi ttfiirii Hrt i'.ifiiy 'Ntfil in
i. hi, i'iittort'il )y tht I oti a u Hoard tif
i. it ti onliTt'i) that an HtM-tioti In
i 1 1n- tii ili of M-iti iiihtr, In nalil dl"
t Tiniliv n ltoti hni'. to aitt-rialn the
il ( Ho- M...i.j ttit', w ht-t!itr thfrr ohall
it- l.-vo .I in -,ii. t tlturici a -,M'aiNl annual iti
ol ii.ti iiioir Uihii it'iitt on tlif Iini ihi valua
ll.'li o' iro(n i iy. unit not lli'trr lliall rs'llt on
the lo -it;til('iii'tii tin' iill llr H'h'Mil fuml
Alin-li hihv I ii.lH.ithtnil to atrl liMrtrt hy
r.-iuu ttoi'i,o K'hii-Httoti. in cam? hi'1i a
i-i..f tu i- oit .. n-l tt i- fiinhiT oriU-rftl that
i.. M Ih'M'v U' Mi'ii'iinii'il Ki'trt-lrar. and thai
It I l"ik iiti't K r. )i.f-tsp aitoinltt .tiitlitfM
f. .r -..nil i it-fi ion Iti hH nMMH't) isaiit rlcotltoi
-Its 1 1 Ix-lit ii rr.Uir'. liv riin)tr 4 of 1jih
ot linn ..!itiB u'-f it Trnitv t'himl hnuur.
J M MKW AKT. l itTk tu Hoftnl
of ( oiuny roiiiiiilx-ioiieni.
Some days ago we were look
ing over some oM books ot the
old firm of Stevens & Thifcr and
we find from inspecting them that!
the way in which they conducted
their business was the most ac
ceptable. They treated every
body just the same; there were
no favorites among their custom
ers; they made a small pec cent,
on their goods and made the same
per cent, on each customer.
Therefore they were very success
ful in business and people put
great confidence in them.
This is our Motto:
You Can't
Beat Ble
in tlour, coffee, sugar, molasses,
candies, etc. The most complete
line ot tobacco in town; any price;
only one quality that is the best,
liest vinegar 2oc. per gallon.
Two ioc. bottles fresh LAGLE
Have you trieJ "Our Blend"
Coffee? If you havn't, try a
pound. Those who use it are
still praising it.
Force, Grape Nuts, l'ostum
Coffee, Oat Fakes always (rcsh.
Everything guaranteed to ev
erybody. Prompt delivery.
liring your country produce
here (or best price.
l'lione aoi,
We treat sll alike; we do not
try to get rich on each customer;
we sell good articles and sell I hem
cheaply. You can make no mis
take in giving us your trsde. Our
goods are the best; we have do
old stock and we sell remarkably
cheap. .1
Yours truly.
Hill & Bivens.
fi 6001 Head
Is rerjr desirable st this season.
Our clean, solid, pore Ice is the
best cooling medium you ess get. ,
lu the refrigerator iti luting
quality makes it great economy.
It adds to the clearness and cool
nesa of summer drinks of all kinds.
Hare as to deliver it to yoar res
idence daily. Tickets for sals ia
sny quantity. Phone j6. .
UkM Kiskters as tftasMar UaM

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