North Carolina Newspapers

G. M. BtASI-r.T, I
K. r . BEASLEV. ( ' ""
Tl'ESUAY, SftfBibrr 15, iqnj.
CharfcXM Srm. ink. i
Th news of borribW accident Professor To cscnd Insult Sur-
luai omrml arvt-a luilni front
II it iurredible ul belirt thai in this
day ul li(,hl and honauity any great
uuuilwi 60,000 sum dispatches My
of human beings coulj b massa
cred in dill ije style. If w get th
situation rifcht, Macedonia it de
pendency of Turkey. Ttit Maccdo-
niam arc ehii.luna, auj are charged
by the Turks beiug in revolt, sud
iu (lie pretense of puttiug dowu iuur
Ictliuo the MuliiiiiiiK J.iu Tula are
slauLtciiug ihiitau uiticly fur
hatred if lliriu aud lust fur their
blood. Many of I lie persons being
murJered are from Bulgaria, the ad
joiuiiig State, auj for thia reason Tur
key arid Itulfcana are at the point of
war. lit. A. M. Stark, alio ha Irav-ellt-d
over that country, say that the
hatred of the Mohammedans for the
christian isrwynnd liounds and intense
beyond description.
The last whi.aey distillery that el
Uled in I'nioo county has folded ita
tents and stolen away, auj I'uioo
county is perhaps as clear of liquor as
any county oil! be so long as the ttutf
is made in this Country. To whom
UIuiiks the en-. lit ? Oh, to Ms of
folks. Couimiixius are iuvidious aud
persuualilies are disagreeable. Xlauy
earnest men have worked Hol ly at
the cause, but when the history of it
all is written large space must be given
to the persistent little man large 'li
purpose auJ accumplishuieut who
went as sttaiglit for the Mind timers as
the uecdle to the pole a:id kept it up
steadily, all the time, with never a
tinny nor a stop 1. Hcur Duuii
LaitcaatVr, H. (.'., thu ntoruiug at
U-ATtsrU of ia 1 Laxlotle this ailrr
Muj. J. M. . Kiddle, atSMN iatr
rditur of the Launudrr Ktwirv and
uim) of t lanit known i-itifiM ul
that pliuv, abut and intJautly kill
-d hi little it old fraud n,
linlwrt M-st-korrll.
Th mvue of the awful Irah j
man wu the banks of the CaUvulm 1
river !xut seven auilt-ss front I -111
At au ettrly hour this morning
M.ii. IClddie, amiuiluiiiird liy ln
sou, Jaiueft Kiddle, aud little gniiKl
sou, Koln-rt M.u kemll, went to the
(atamstba river huntiui; MuirreU.
The bova a ere staliom-d at a
eertiiiu tree while Mai. Kiddle
weut mime distance dowu the river
to a cluuip of hickory treesi.
1 hiring Kiddle's uWiuv
Koliert .M.ickoii II i-liiuUtl oue of
the tree aud was tutting in the
ItH'ka w hile Juiikk Kiddie went i:i
a-an-h of miiiirrels.
Muring the alwriiee of young
Kiddle M.i.j. Kiddle returtuM to the
sxt mhere he had left the boy.
Ail he could we uo trace of them
he giippoM-d thai I bey hail pone up
the river. hileenptp-d iu look
ing through the leaven of a small
Inrkorv tree, he aiiw one of the
luaiielies move. Thinking it wan
a Miiirrvl. he xiinted lux gnu at
the .Kt and liivd. To Ins great
horrow what he had taketi lor a
stlirrvl hut little grand iton.
At the rrHUt of the gnu, little
l; dHTt M.u-Urvlt fell to the
ground, a distance of '.'u feet, and
expiivd a few minutes later. The
entire discharge of the gun hail en
tered the child's head causing
death almost instantly.
lieu M.ij. Kiddle realized what
he hail done, ho was coiutilctclv
and let the world run it.nlf; 'l!st41 pswU in this w-ctom, o4 i m'
Isrtter tosimtk kiudly thru harsh- ijUlu-r. big-r hearted or bright
Ijr of our n. i;;hU.r a l fellow er than Mr. baric M. Keilfrara
eitiM-us; 'tis Utt. r 1.1 helt aloug. who travels Ut the Heath Morrow
tetUjH-raiHe ai:t rlu aiu4t aud , Cwtupauv. whidesale rrvirers of
pnwlwill Hi 111 ol ..ka!ier the 1 this place. When be ased to drive
ier rauila -f the country; "li lt I ui the calves and jm saintiuing
the tr to e-M-oi.i.i-, ami l-ll.r f.air lim.-s a .ijv 111 I he limio.l
h.i ""'"mh "f sn-kiug a living and waters of IVar Skin, the for
lilting up Hie country iu all Us .mie ir-aMa known
lim-s of woik ami living. Ill 111 to ,,nl to lheni-rs. r-allesl him
hun ih ..r any nun." -l'm,L." And -fuuk lislfearu"
-I only stopj-ed over to see my, Aud so. IMitor tire.ii is print 1 it wws until he became a nalesmau
Iriemt lot .Moirow sum Jittge uig a pHKt l.s al paK-r lu w hit h , aud a sjHirt and wrote it M.
V. II. Neal. wh.i was iu towu 01:1- eiciy 1n.11 li.u.t iu his tovu adver- s K.-dt'.uin" on the hotel n-tister.
day last week. lixsand which the Ko.le con Now the name has U-eo
eyor lioj te . U tut a Icural Do
bvery MaU Boa Stands for Sat
isfied not to Cull the World
After All Impression ul
tirrat City--A Tanner
Put. Coin In the ILank Hill 4rp
ia Vet .nissed. !
jirtliutatv to his towu take. 11.
Was he really as big as the ; runs a f.uiu near lowuiu.d u..iki
telephone kkI!" asktsl 1'iot. .thing and is ilcMiurd to Ine hap
Townund of Siirvevor liale, asi !"' ever alter having decidtsl
ov ers helmed with iTief He s:il
A contemporary sucgests that there j ,,w lil'el. ss form of tin-
is a revulsion inedu.-ational senluiient W(1, 1,, a M,j.
about to set iu in Ninth Carolina. We .M;ts!cr . lames Kiddle came up
ran imagine iii tlun more deplorable about this time and was horrilied
tin! miiiht take place than this. Hie'nt what be saw. I here Uiweil
over the prostrate tut 111 was his
father tenderly wiping away the
life's UliNik of the lillle telluw who
was then iu death's grasp.
Young Kiddle let! immediately
for Lancaster and informed the lam
ily of the terrible accident. In In
aliHfiiec M 11. Kiddle rvtuaiiied w ith
the dead Isiy.
A convey anse was at nine (lis
patched to the scene and the IhmIv
taken to the home of tin
magnificent labor that has been ei
pcuded in this caue is jut now be
giiiinui; to ;how (1 ullage. The en
thusiasm is but p uetratiiiij the by
ways of the Slate. A suspension at
the fountain head would now be ca
lamitous. It must be lemetiibered
that the uuk hi far has been but to
arouse the people to its iiiipoitaiue.
The wavs and means ate tar liuin
btiii. lipn i.i-.oi.l. .l f tlorA h I u'ilH
n i suggestion of (.tujiping.
the l.ilter tiuishetl telling atsmt
meeting a big snake w hen he was
out survevii'g the day Iw-lore.
The two were alone iu the vault
in the cilice of the clerk of the
court. It was a heart to heart
conversation. The surveyor had
l-cu out the dav belore ami while
niggling through a tangle had
met a large snake, a huge snake,
face to bus1, as the furious rcptilc
sI.nhI shoulder high and struck
venomously right ami leli in mad
dem-d rage at being inlriuli d iimhi.
Mr. liovte susH-udcd his drawing
pencil alse the paix-r as he re
hearsed the blotsT ficciug story.
I'nd'essor Towu-x-nd gently ul
aside a faded bunch of tlowcrs
which he was js iiiadiug hmisi ll
had been a gift to hun. siglusl re
gletfully, and then asked the fatal
tlestloii retsinletl ulsive. Tlie
iiiiagiuatiou of the surveyor w is
justly aroused, and he sjsike hot.
nay. almost angry words.
--iMyoii think." said lie "that
it is fair to ask a man such a iies
t It'll as that f If you Weleellt.lllgl
ed in a briar tint set and a
big snake, a rattle -11. ike a- big a
every thing, were to rise right upi
iu lour hs't ol'yoii and tattle Iike.i .
kel'Ie di 11 111 and tlnow his lo ad
aUnit like a lua-il and his tongue j
out like a wagon h;, and you I
eoul. In t back luck a bit - miinl
that, now, couldn't back back a
bit for the briai-s say. now, ..n
iiuH-rtiiieut M'l ilililer. do uii think
thai you would VI like taking out
a t :i 1 line and piiwiinug an exact
luexsiireiiieut of that snake! I i
would you be willing to say, Willi
out measuring, that lie was of uiiv
particular dimei sions No, sir. I
stiall not sav wiictlier he was as
big as the telephone post of m l
et aiot is ilestiiHMt to lastsiiue lin A fu-tory for whhhMr.
I.'cd learn sold a gieal many cigars,
has crcat.-d a uew nickle siu. ki-r
tlut li e wo ild i-mlil iuu itself. iaul christemsl it -Mr. rnuk."
Ami li.e oth. r editor has also Is- ,tf eomse Mr. Kedlcaru t ikia
(Mine to luol more pleasure lu ' pi iile iu pushing "Mr. I'unk" ami
dess-iibiug a g.ssl bit of iailnll.g when one of his friends smokes a Jf
r ca p. uleriiig or manufacturing -Mr. I'uiik." he smokes to the
A tt u h'-i i,r io,.;i,-bin ll. in ii. l 11. .....I I...... 1.......;..... ..t i
- - C-- " , 111 .10 u ,111,1 l"H IIA..IKW III llir
wriiuig the most oscifutcditoi unoriginal -ruuk."
oil the signs of the liuun.
I -Will no man rise up to take
one of the 1. .11 ." L.l M-
Mr. S. O. Tdair is
most Useful ami aeiive iiieiulicis of
the b.Mid of giadisl sa liiHi) tnis
tec. He is eSserv ant, and has
I' d out what tin- graded m1i.miI
is doing for Monroe. -Ut a
gradisl school." kiuI he the other
d.iy-cxist luacoinuiiiiiity until one
generation can be carried through
the several grades .m l you have
made an liiipieNsiou iij'.ai that
.1.111111110:1 y so dis-p as o never Is
eilaccd." Mi-s;s. t . I rai.k I. iwe and K.
K. Kvans have lately been to .New
oik. There's no oilier place on
earth like New oik, and a man
always i uieini-i'.s is tii-st nnpus
Mr. Il ails went to bnv goods.
1 -li looked," s., ,1 ., -Ilk,. ; g,s,d
I many cvcui-siou ,,,, coin.-1.1 town
j the da I got tin li- ami c; . r, body
I was lui-i iiig to catili bis hi lue.
I bound tiaiu."
I Mr. I... we went to sp.'i.d p.iit of
j his vac.iiioii. -It's no p! i.e to
I rest." be. 1
.lax. S. Helms vestcrdav. "Miv
you have no idea how much the
readers of your paier uuss him.
His common sense so well flavored
his information that his letters
were ulways instructive as well as
interesting and lay near to the
hearts of the weekly uewspaer
l! is a n iiiukal'le fact that of tin
man) thousand packages of Ash
craft's Condition. Powders sold never!
has a li.'isv or mule died of colic ori
blind staggers when tins remedy was
used. Hu n. I , I lie tui ers
!.iiid ready to refund the money if
,.:i animal lilin-r discasa' wlicn
the ponders are n-etl atvordmg to
' tlittst it.iis. Wlicrevcr Aslicraft's
I' .'Utters an' put on the market lliey
arc at oii. e conceded to lie the best.
Th-- pritv flay Is- a lit'lc liigln r. but
ijii a'l'v and nal iin rit is always the
til's! e .n-hleialinii. Sild by Knghsh
lb '!g ( 'ompaiiy.
We Kive the nLJ hauJ to brother
Johnson of Chanty anj Children and
Mrs Marshall of the ('lastoiiia (ia
ittte in tecogmtiuii of the fai t that
they are willing to admit that a news
paper ejitor uuy le.11 11 somcl'iine, be
fore he becomes au editor. Mr. Pu
litzer, the editor of The New York
World, which we don't admire, has
given J.',oto,eoo to establish a school
for prertarini! men for journalism.
Most nf the papers seem to sneer at
Mr, Pulitzer's plan, saving that one
can't leai 11 to be an editor without the
actual expe'ienre. Certainly he can
not. Neither ran a surgeon, says The
Gacttr, be such until be begins the
actual work, hut the law says he's got
to have some mighty good training be
fore be hangs cut his shingle. He
will learn a heap alter lie begins, hut
he's compelled to learu something be
fore. Capt. Chac Price, who conducted
(he cases for the holders of the Stanly
aud Wilkes county bonds on which
payment was refused, is saij to have
received .55,000 fees fur his services
in the cases whereby these counties
have been judged liable for the bonds.
This ia a ueat fee, if the statement is
true, aud perhaps the largest one ever
received in North Carolina. We have
seen it stated that the late lluck
Kitchen once made a fee of $jo,ooo.
Out in Kansas some of the counties
have kept up the old custom of paying
a dollar each for every wolf scalp
brought in, the purpose being to de
stroy all the wolves. It has come out
that some fellows have been running
a woll ranch, breeding them just like
cattle, and turning in the scalps at a
dollar each. This beats the practice
of insuring dead folks and collecting
the money on their policies, a thing
tried sometime ago at Newbern, N. C.
grief striken family.
New a from Rural Koute No. 5.
I ..i i.f T'lf Journn!.
This mule traverses one of du
llest tanning sections of the couu
try. T he patrons siviu to appreciate
the service of the free delivery,
by the way they are putting up
Imixcs. All who desire their mail
carried 011 the route should so ol
der at once.
Mr. W. 1'. I'lyler, who has U-cu
engaged in the IiiiiiIht business,
lias iNiught Mr. K. It. Kislwine's
ginnery, ami w ill lie ready to day
to serve the public, at the same
'We are going after tin- pistol
Inters 111 0111 country, sai.l 'Squire
1. C. Moiitgoiueiy of liulold.
"Why, in the last two weeks I
have tried eight negroes for cany
lllg pistols and six of them vveie
found guilty, and three are now 111
old stand. We lie speak for him a
lilM'i-ul patronage.
Mr. J. N. Price, formerly of
Prut1 & Co., has enlarged his store
house and w ill lie licttcr lii-eiiaied
than ever lo serve the public.
Mr. II. L Price has
up a general stock of merchandise
at lilt' Clin pel (i railed School, We
w ish him lunch success in his new
enterprise. -
The graded school at the Chapel
is well at tended and is proving to
the public that local taxation is the
only means for providing modern
education in rural districts.
Mr. Homec Clark of Wolfesv ille.
w ho has lieen routined to his home
with fever, is restinj( tinder favor
able circumstance for recovery.
.Miss Carrie Porter of Indian
Trail in visiting ul Mr. V. T. Wil
son's at WolfeHvillf.
Miss Mary Parker of Lanes
Creek, while visiting at her uncle's.
.Mr. Jom I'arker, hits lieen taken
down with fever.
Father flur-
The I'nited States transport Kilpat
rick yesterday landed at New York
joi bodies of soldiers who had been
killed in battle in the Philippines 01
had died of disease, two of whom were
from Western North Carolina. When
the transport left Manila, a dispatch
ays, the jjo soldiers on board, sod
their officers and the ship's officers and
crew and 26 wemen on board resolved
to make the voyage a merry one in
stead of a sombre one just because 301
dead bodies were beluw. And they
seemed to have lived up to their (real
resolution. There were band concerts
and dances and masked balls on board
and gay parties at all the ports touch
ad, anj many other devices to drive
dull care away. The soldier boys
went gaily away, and they came back
faily, but the gaiety vaunted itself
above their lifeless bodies.
Parts of Monism, North Dakota,
Minnesota and Colorado are now cor
red with an ic blanket several inches
deep, and gtain is being ruined.
Looks a littl early for even that sec
tion .
Bucklen'f Arnica 5alvt
lias world-wide fame for marvel
lous cares. It var-passes) any other
salve, lotion, ointnient'or baltn for
Cota, Oirna, Burn, Boils, Sorea,
Felons, Ulcers, Tetter, Salt Kheum,
Ter 80 rea, Chapped Hands,
Bkia Eruptions; infallible for Pile.
Cure gnaraDteed. Only 25c. at
English Drag (Vs.
Senator 5imnioaV
Kiirnifold (!. Simmon, father of
I'liited Slates .Senator Simmons,
wits in 11 rile red on his plantation in
Joues county on Sal unlay morn
ing. He went out Friday after
110011 to run olf Hume one who was
minting ou ins laud. The next
morning, hearing shota, he went
again. That afternoon his dead
body was fouud in the wood. It
is thought that he wan shut in the
morning and wounded so Imdly
mac lie eoiiiuu t get out or the
woods, but didu't die till that
afternoon. A secial to The Char
lotfe) Olwerver yesterday said:
It now appears that Mr. 8iin
nions was shot squarely in the face
and chest by a trespasser who was
squirrel hunting on bis land
A negro by the name of Alfred
DauielH has been arrested, as be
ing the alleged murderer, and he
was taken to Trenton ami Itxlgr d
in jail. It is rumored on the
streets here to-night that ft was
deemed necessary by the sheriff of
Jones county to have the prisoner
removed to ..Newbern for sab-keen
ing, and it is expected that he will
arrive on the steamer to-niuht
The people throughout the county
are very much excited over the
affair. The coroner's jury ren
dered a verdict that Mr. Simmons
caiuo to bis death by gunshot
wounds nred from a gun in the
bands of Alfred Daniels, a des
perate negro.
What Is Ufa?
In the lat analysis nobody
knows, but wc do know that it is
under strict law. Abuse that
law even slightly, pain results.
Irregular living means derange
ment of the organs, resulting in
Constipation, Headache or Liver
trouble. Dr. King's New Life
Pills quickly re-adjusts this. It's
gentle, yet thorough. Only 23c at
tuigimn urng vo s.
-I want to set in mail box back
here some where," said Mr. N. W.
Ilraswcll as he walked into The
louiual ollice with a brand new
rural Iris-delivery mail box with
Ins name printed in red It 'lets on
the top. -I want to put il when
this paint can dty. for I've jus:
hail my name put 011 it," he cmi
Once the writer rend ami then
printed au aiticle iu which the
author advocated the naming i.
every farm by its owner, ami the
placing ot the owner's name over
the big front gate. It lent an air
of dignity and importance to the
place, 'twas said. Now, the rural
free mail box does that very thing.
Pack here lives a man who is busy
in the fields most of the tune, ami
the lields 1 1,' back of the W OOl s
from the big riwil, and he natuial
ly tiocsn 1 senium li 01 I lie passing
worm. 1.111 a -stranger passing
along the way sees a name upon
the mail box. I he box cost
money. It has a Mail is
carefully put into it day by day by
a messenger whom the X'atiiui
scuds to visit its humblest cilii-iis.
The Isix is a token of intelligent
citizenship. It sptaks for the man
U'liind the wood whom the
stranger ran not see. Then, again,
it speaks to the man himself. He
walks out and sees his own name
in big letters nivoii 11 well locked
box to which there are but two
keys, tine is in his own pocket.
the other is iu I'm-le Sam's. The
old man with the big old fur hat
mil the .streaming coat tails takes
note of him, is on good terms w ilh
linn, delivers (us mail to lum.
They are on good terms. Both
good fellows and they'll stand by
each other, light for each other.
Editor (ircen of Marsliville paid
The Journal ollice a pleasant call
the other day. In the days when
the iierMonal movements of (lie
editor was the biggest items cf
news this would have been nn
event, but now it is put up only
for the purpose of hanging some
rum illations, as Bill Arp used ti
say, npou. The ruminations run
something like this. In the tur
biilcnt times of the nineties, t
young editors, of which edilot
Green was one, modestly started
out to run the world, or at least
the I nited Mute. Kach was run
ning a country paier as a tool
with which to njierate the nui
verse. Une, no nutter which, wa-
a college graduate, the other w
prolwbly as well prepared. One'
idea was that the world could be
ran successfully only if the ma
chinery were oiled w ith the gream
of partisan populism; the other felt
sure that the wheels would clot
unless slickened with fats of anotb
er partisanship. They both said
hard things and they thonght hart'
things or their fellow citixena.
And the thoughtless or the viciod
or those expecting gain urged (ben,
on and gloated over the ban
words. But by and by each fouiK
that the wheels of I'ncle Sam'i
goverment could run withot tb
oil of either and that the peoph
eould be tolerably prosperous witb
out either of their parties being ia.
80 they became ret respective, ant
said, at last, "behold, 'tis a good
"Tln-ie is u t'ai ini r in tins cmi
ly." aid A Merman ,1. i:. m.u k
vesterd iy " li" lias nevel tl
thing in Ins In.- but farm. 11
has lit. iuu a coiintiy s .
Is-cn a Justus- of 1 he pen.-,
not beig ago he ileposiii ,j
Buggies and Harness lor Sale. I
I have a lot of buggii ami liar-1
iiess, both lieu ami second hand, to!
, be sold ut a bargain for the nexlf
ihiily tl us. C. C. Xikix
111 :
he -i.l!
iii. ik. in io pre
lid was pt..!i , i
.1 . v. 11
e nor
. ,,, -pliJiiu Nj. 91. J.
When in need
of fresh meal
I). Parker.
veai ami tl.,- vi
nee. vv hieh
lis tai m for '
ir belore." I
Among the j -illy i-oadsti 1 . w ho
If j ou desire pure Ice, (Oin-j
bind xviili honest weights and
prompt delivery, phone y.
C.MHKl' 6; W.XI.LAI K.
Monroe's Greatest
S 1. 00 ami 1.50 Men's Shirts at - - - 7. tents
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patterns in white and all the new colored effects, and made of
the finest French Madras and perfect goods. We place all of
these in one lot and make the one special price . 75c.
1.00 Sfjirts at 50 cents.
Lot No. 2. This lot contains 160 dozen of $1.00 shirts; all the
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cleaned up from the manufacturer at one price. This un
matchable value at . . . . . 50 cents
The Best Patterns to the
First Purchasers.
Cheapest Store on Earth.
We have jut received the best ear load
(l horses and mules that ever came to this
town. If you want to buy or swap, come
and see us. We can save von both inonev
and time.
E, A, Armfield & Sons,
Some Valuable
discovered on inspection ol tome
uKI books.
!A Gy Line!
ol the latest styles in
Fobs and H roach Pins
In Solid (lold, (iold Tilled
and 5terlirtj Silver at
prices to suit everybody.
Now is the time to get one that U
new anj up-to-date-
The W. J. Rudge Co.
Some days ago we were look
inc over some old books o( the
old firm of Stevens & l'hifer and
we find (r un inspecting them that
the way in which they conducted
their business was the most ac
ceptable. They treated every
body just the same; there were
no favorites among their custom
ers; they made a small per cent
on their goods and made the same
per cent, on each customer,
Therefore they were very success
ful in business and people put
great confidence in them.
This is our Motto:
We treat all alike; we do not
try to get rich on each customer
wc sell good articles and sell them
cheaply. You can make no mis
take in giving us your trade. Our
goods are the best; we have no
old stock and we sell remarkably
Yours ttuly,
Hill & Bivens.
Dissolution Notice.
I ltvt sKild my ffMrvrr hufn In Mnttrnr
lt lir ! in.4jr ..nwrrjr ViiniiaBitj, mhl. h will
ht- rotHturt,! i.y i hem tn the faiun. AM WlU
III t Mhl I I hp Llnilao Itftmrv
a til l I a.r.Mii!M.iti ilt 1J firm mui hr muI
Im Mhl rtnitir. I. I. HOI AToN.
ix'tHt itiunr it ft, mm.
me. Franklin j
Typewriter, j
The best Typewriter oo tha
market. You can pay more f
lnit yon cannot get a better T
one. Its work is always in I
full view of th operator: I
it is ritnple in construction; anj has stood th test for uun vesrs
proving us durability. The alignment is always perfect, sod the pr.c' 1 '
is 1 75jw to all. For sale by th Monroe Hardware Co.. or anv of "
the offices ot CLTTEK TOWFH e n u.-i u'
Southern Branch ai6 Jenifer Building, Washington,' D. C." j
thing to run a country newHimiiei
Rural Eoute
Give your order for a first-class
Mail Box.
Wc have two styles, in one of which
you can he suited.
Prices are reasonahle. Call and exam
ine them.
The 1-jeath-Lee
Hardware Co.
Wood's Seeds
Ktrmrrs and (ianli-nen who de
sire the latest and fulkw Informa
tion about
Vegetable and Fin Suds
shnnM write for Wood's New
l a II CaUlog a. It ulls all ahont
th fall planuoH of Lcilwc. Cab.
tf and olhir VgUbt crossi
whk-h are proricg so prottUM to
southero growers. Aim about
Crimson Govcr, Veldts,
Grosses and Govcrs,
Stti Oats, What,
Rjre, Barky, etc k
Wood's New Fall Catalog snailed
fre on ljiyL Writ tut IU
Seedsmen, Richmond, Ya.
Opium, Laudanum, Cocaine and all Drug Habits
puii7 tui.u, wunoui pain or on.otton rrom business, leannf sm cravinr
lor irogt or other stimulants. W restore th Derrous and parak-al antems to
A borne remedy
Bauk of Union.
Safe, But Progressive and Liberal.
A modern banking house with every facility for Ihe prompt and
careful handling of all business.
Get one of our Pretty Steel Banks,
carry it borne, deposit your livings and get interest on them.
mwwmMsmmwmnrtnmtiwnmmmnmwiwm ,
I il I .fflA A Iesifi Iff fin A TlITF OrOn
' " -w w WlU V1 Villi tfUT ksTiroDwm.
ConfideBtiaJ rorreiipoodeoc, n.illy with phvician-.. aoliciled. V,nt torU I 4 0X9 Lf9XSUV9 DrOITiO k&tUniUS TtWetl, JS tV fg OR BVerV
Munnauan i nerapautio Association I Kisaai om as tst ia saoatk. Hit ilsnatnrtj. XSmn &ox. 25c
"M suMwaji, Hew fart I
their natural condition became wa remove Uie causes ol diseaw,
prepared by an eminent physician.

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