North Carolina Newspapers

Tcirphoac No. !
Tuesday. September 22. 1901.
Cotton told todaj at 10.63 and
Miss Alice Stark ha entered the
Pretdntrnan College at Charlotte.
Mu Mary ."urefoy, Mr. Levy's
new millim'r,arrived Huuday uight.
Mr. Claude Binner left Saturday
to begin a course la Trinity Col
Mr. J. I. Stewart, regwter of
deeds, who baa been very wck lor
aoroe time, U getting better.
Mr. V. O. Wolfe meat down to
Chesterfield yesterday to help for a
few days lu the new bauk there.
There will be prrncliing and bap
tiling at Mill Creek cluirch on next
Huuday by Rev. M. U. L. Preelar.
Mr. aud Mrs. Archie McLarty
and Mr. T. C Lee weut to Char
lotte Sumlay to are Mr. J. II. Lee.
Mr. V. E. Lot-khart in baying
cotton in the Iliiuon building, uext
door to Hikes' More.
Mrs. Hosa Blakeney of ML Car
niel has retnrned home after spend
ing sometime with her daughter,
Mr. Hloau.
Mixa Kate Itlakener, daughter of
Mr. 1". R Blakeney of ML Canuel,
boa eutered Littleton Female Col
lege. Mrs. (). M. Norwood has return
ed to her home iu Charlotte after
vUitiug Mr. W. II. Norwood and
aud the Mi Norwood.
Dr. and Mrs. V. C. Houston and
Miss I'at Adams of Concord drove
through the couutry to Monroe
Saturday and returued yesterday,
Miss Bennett, who will lecture
tonight in the Me'hodist church,
arrived this morning aud i being
entertained by Mrs. W. . Lee.
Messrs, K. Col well, Jr., aud E.
(1. Lea, iusuranee men of Urceua
boro, are spending the week in
Mr. Zcb Faulkner, who wiw
takeu to Charlotte sometime ago
for an operatiou, is expected home
touigliL He is doing uiceiy.
lie?. Mr. Kohinson of Steel Creek
preached iu the Presbyterian
church Sunday, and Iev. Mr. At-
kiusou of Monroe preached at Steel
Dr. E. T. Halstead, the veteri
narian, who spent lost week in
Monroe, will bo here again on the
2.Mh and 2tb, at Sikus' stables.
See his announcement elsewhere.
Many people from L'uioa eountj
have van ted Boek River Spring,
in Stanly coanty. This property.
hieh ia a 36 room hotel, has
beea aold for i.KOO, which waa a
very low price. It is aaid that the
new owners will much improve it
Ua October the first the Western
Union telegraph office will be
moved into the Slack building.
Miuth of the McKae Mercantile
Company. The, rear ot the build
ing will tie occupied by the Mon
roe Bottling Works.
At the opera house on Friday
night of this week a big temperance
rally will be held. Everybody ia
invited, whether for or against
temperance. The program will
eousist of aongs, recitations and
speeches. The committee ia en
deavoriug to get Mr. J. . Uailey
of Raleigh to apeak.
Jamea Lowery who was shot by
W. T. KUer at A I tan sometime
ago, was bound over to eonrt by
hsur. Flow yesterday on a charge
of assault with intent to kill. And
Kixer waa bound over by Eir. J
C. Laucy for carryiug eoueealed
weapons. Both of these eases are
parts of the shoot tug scrape referred
to above.
Mr. Lovic Price, son of ex Sheriff
A. J. Priee, died at the home of
his father in Saudy Ridge towuahip
last M ednemlay morning. He bad
been sick onl y about one week, with
tvphoid lever. He was twenty
three years of age, and a robust,
fine looking young man, the very
picture of health aud vigor. He
was a niemlier of the Methodist
church, aud those who knew him
well speak in unqualified praise of
his character and virtue, lie gave
fine promise of being a ui.wt useful
man to bis community aud county,
aud his death is a sad loss. The
body was laid to rest in the ceme
tery at l'uioa church ou Thursday.
Joe Mathesou, a white man who
works iu a mine neat rail,
went to a hardware store here Sitt
urduy and bought a pistol. Then
he druuk cider. Then he begun to
flourish his pistol and cleared out
all the darkies alstut Perkins'
blacksmith shop. Down about the
railroad he tried his new pistol,
and was pulled by the police.
Mayor Houston fined him . aud
costs for each of the shots, and he
was bound over to court by 'Squire
Flow for carrying concealed weap
ona. Matheson accmcntiy miicu
his brother about two years ago
while out bunting.
The Way of a Bad Negro.
Jim Mrnwey, a heavy act, black
negro, five feet high, and weighing
165 pounds, waa discharged from a
six months' term on tbe chain gang
Messrs. Wulters & Pressly have last Friday and proceeded to make
opened a new market north of the things lively at once tn Handy
Col. Carr'a Farm A Tt- Where
the People Take Things Easy A
Stranger With a Good riemory.
Railroad From Jcftersoai to Mou
re Hamlet a Tough Place
Flaw School Work at Indian
Trail -Putting by Plenty of Hay
What Will Hon roe Do?-A
Long and Well Spent Ule.
CoL Jnliaa 8. Carr of North Caro
lina and Col. RobL L. Aberacthy
of Rive Bend,(taton county, hare
compromised their little diSirul-
tiea. Ia a mile of iiuisboroanu in
twelve Miles of Durham, lies
Col. Carr'a magnificent tkroneecbee
farm. It is an eight buudred acre
tract of red elay hills, and was an
old ante-bellum estate, which lol.
Carr purchased thirteen years ago
aud converted into a great Morn
and grass farm. He built great
barns on tbe most modern plans.
His stable cost f 12,000. Iu the
basement were the stalls for the
inulea, Tbe first floor was given
over to tbe horses, and the third
was for teed. The horses were
given clean board noora, wmcn
were scoured daily, and the balls
were filled with comfortable chairs
and the walls adorned with pic
(urea. The cow barn was built on
the name scale, with a marble
floored dairy attached! Other
housM of leaser importance were
placed here and youder. i ifteen
buudred dollar horses, five bun
dred dollar cows aud two hundred
dollar hogs storked them. A fiue
half-mile race track was opened,
and the banks of the little Kuoree
river, upon which tbe farm lies,
were made into pretty drives aud
walks. A costly dam supplied
water for the water works and a
poud for the fish. There are ten
acres of chicken lots, each yard
with its house being given to a par
ticular breed. Every gate post
supported a pigeon box, turkeys
roamed the fields and flocks of
handsome peafowls were not want
ing. A mineral spring by the road
side supplied water for whomso
ever would drink. Fields of alfalfa
and other rich forage plants
Three years ago Gen. Carr em
ployed tVl. Alieruethy to manage
the farm for a term of years. The
Colonel's effort were very disap
pointing to the owner of the place,
aud ho was discharged .He brought
suit in (Jaston couuty for 4M,:ttH)
unpaid salary. Gen. Carr brought
a counter suit for 15,000 damages
to the place. Both sides were mar
way this aide of Jefferson. "WW Te Spry OU tVo, and Other Ba
lk is ruevd get to running through ford items,
and puts the farmers of Tm-sUt- ! iw.- rw J..,
field in reach of the great mar Allan. Sept. 21. Bufordishold
kets," aaid at gentleman tbe other joe her owa if not surpajcting any-
day, 't benlerfield county is going township in tbe couuty ia the way
lobe an eastern on.n laroiiua. of general improvement. She has
Special Notices.
AilvertMemeat "dl be inierted ia
this column at the price ol on ceut a
otd, cash ia advance.
fAXTEU-Firil grade teacher lor
t r
. 1 ! - - ... . . 1
Ibey can grow any si no of iruta ;t0 special tax arbool districts and VW Mil o,on School in ioce
Ai)til to I. C. hoard, sec am lh "Nlh ilixt I kiilw Ihr ,.l,i rlnuv. N II.
down there.'1
another ooe to be voted on at trin loaotbtu.
I it V on the 2Mb inst. I bone tbe retarv. Cleooe. N
We have our arbool building goud eple oi said diatrict will
rapidly," aaid 'Squire ( show their public spirit ia votiug
for the special tax to supplement
the public school, thereby securing
for tbcmselves a ermaueut school
for their children. It will improve
the value of our property aud show
to the public that we are going to
J. LV Broom of tbe Indian Trail
district Saturdav. "Mr. A. B.
Haywood is our foreman, aud be is
pushing the work. Our house will
be according to tbe plans aeut out
by the State Sueriutendeut, and
will cost about 1,000, five hun
dred of which will 1 borrowed
from tbe Stale aud tbe other has
been subscribed by citizens. There
will be no cost to the county. We
will have a nice house, a big school,
aud we want good teachers. We
waut to have a big rally and dedi
cate tbe school bouse when it is
'Tve already put up 20 two
home wagon loads of good hay aud
have several more jet to bouse,'"
said 'Squire W. II. Austin of New
Siileiu yeeterday. "Mr. F- B. Pus
ser and myself have been mowing
ou slutrea w ith the neighbor, be
sides gathering our own stuff. 1
have known two horse loads of bay
to sell in Monroe for nearly s.
Ours cost ouly the gathering, as it
is all meadow grass."
''The papers ought to often np
on tbe fearful conditions that exist
at Hamlet," aaid a geutleiuan yes
SALESMAN anted lu look after out
interest ia loiua aud aJjareui
coualiri. Salary or ctsnimiioo . A J
drru The Victor Oil Company, Cleve
land, Ohio.
MOlluTrO DEBTORS. I'artie.
It uiu me tor pruleuiunal aervicet
I fcn.l It, .rrnlinll tttfh lr ft:
P - i.u uc mitT ro) WLilley or Mr. II. W. I'usscr, and a
of tbe time. Let us all eoiue to- prompt payment ol all atcouut is re
getheraild Vote this special tax. Itlquraitd to be made tu either ol Hit
is ouly giving it to our children in above lentlemen. A. 0. N. Wbitlry.
Itttt it.u i.C M.ltk,w,t i,,n ititiitMll, lit
, . . wa 't V-.U- I-'U, .... iiiihe
court house. Mr. W alters is an
exierienred mint man and thor
oughly understands the busiueea.
Ridge township, lu which his home
had heeu. Ou Saturday morning
he visited Mr. Wilrism Fowler's
I ...Uiiuu.Iaii tnli mathsarvul fin
Sir, N. B. Helms, who has been ""'".r ..1' "l.lT"',:
Ulliuis s rt .auaao ux.
lit Averaslsiro for some time, re
turned last Tuesday sick with
fever. He W uow at Mr. W. il.
Glcnu's ami is very sick.
a vacant tenant house on the place,
and destroyed them. Then he
nuslied down tbe chimney of the
house and weut on. He seemed to
Kev. V, F. Watson left this he beut on destruction, for coming
morning for Dallas, Gaston county, in Mr. U. II. Howie s field, be
where, tomorrow night, lit the Bap- Uniashed up a great number of mel-
list church, be will unite in mar- ona and left them on the ground.
riago Mr. Fred II. Kobiusou and f lieu he weut into a tenant house
Miss Dueue Durham of that place, ftud stole a suit of clothes and a
Mr. and Mm. T. J. Sliaunon are Going to Mr. II. L. Prit-e's
sending soinel ime in New York. Il', be went iuto Jim Ivey's
!i ...i,i k. xtis, house and stole another suit of
A lie weiu HWUIIIIHHlllU ..
Kthel Moore aud little daughter, cwtbe and a rawr. Ou Sunday
who will spend the winter with her Constable Bivens ami others tried
-- ... a a4nl. 4 lk A Hnf. Kill Wtllll nit
sister in ilmingtoii, 1X1,
Mr. M. C. Bivens of Marshville
townsliio was operated upon last
Saturday for some foreigu growth
in the left side. Dr. Armneld,
Dees and Monroe made the oiiera
tion, which was successful and the
patient is doing very well
to eatcb the negro, but could not
come np with hi m.
Last winter alassey was sent to
the chaiu gang for breaking into a
house at the Howie mine
Mr. Lee Improving,
Mr. Jas. II. Lee, who has been
extremely ill for ten days, is some
Mr. .I1Ul A. Davennort and Miss M"""- He is at St. Peter's Hospi-
T .w.vV Wnlft. iluntrMnr of Mrs. IUI in uwirioiie, wnere lie nascar
W. C, Wolfe of north Monroe, were Wednesday morning, ao
married bv Rev. W. F. Watson ou companied by Mrs. hn Dr. J. 1 .
Suudav. The eoimle left for Ham- aiouroe, wessrs. u. o. ie, a
they will make their
S. Ie, A. II.
McLarty, W. 8. Iee, Kev, M. A
Smith and Mrs. J. F. Carelock.
He waa taken sick on Sunday
night before lust, tbe trouble being
roll stones and an obstruction of
the bowels. His life was about dis
paired of, but now it is thought
that be will get well. Mr. Lee was
never strong physically. A few
years ago he passed through a most
let, where
Mr. Ell Presley of Monroe town
ship mid Miss Lillic Smith of Goose
Creek township were married at
the residence of the officiating mag
Istrate, 'Esq. A. J. Furr, last Sun
Mr. F. M. Sutton of this count v
lately sustained quite a loss in the severe attack of typhoid fever and
d.wtriiciion bv fire of his saw mill two years ago his ankle was accl-
aud planing mill which he had set dentally broken. He has hundreds
np at Osceola, S. C This was ma- of warm friends who most deeply
chinery that he was accustomed to sytupatbiae with luiu in his sutlei
move about, and tbe loss was about log.
uuu flits Bennett to Lecture.
Mr. B. It. Watklns has bought Miss Belle Bennett, president of
the interest of Mr. 8. 11. Hudson (oe Woman's Home Mission So
lo the Star Cafe and wilt conduct CH.ty of tbe M. E. Church, South,
tbe business in the future. Sir. I will address the eougregation at
Hudson will soon move bis atocit reutral Methodist church at 8 p.m
of groceries to the room next to today, on tbe work of tbe society,
Messrs. Hill & Bivens, in the old Misa Bennett is an unusually fiue
Stevens ft Phifer building. specimen of Christian womanhood
t i n v whiiiot, whn has from every standpoint, aud is emi
.-' !.-..!-.... n the neutly qualified forand thoroughly
i ., r i. ri.m.iv f..r Bvirttl cousecratetl to her work. A rare
If CI I VI a IX. whim J w- . . ... . m at
r.ve1 la Ilnionville for 1" " "or ir mm fDO neBr
:K.L.n.ri,i.r,ir.ninthiit ber. The congregation and com
localitv. His announcement p. munity in general are cordially In
m elsewhere. Dr. Whitley is a vited to be present.
eon ol Mr. Philip Whitley, oue of
M. A. Smith.
the best farmers of the couuty, and qo you Like the Bitter Tasts
baa enjoyed a good practice at his Quinine?
lormcr location. Do yon like to take pills and
Mr. D. M. Summerlin of east capsules t If not, bny Quiuol, the
Monroe township tells The Journal only preparation in which quinine
w w week he found unite a sulphate la tasteless. Costa no
number of peculiar worms In a web I more than tbe quinine iu powder
In the centre of his cotton field, form. Yon don't have to prize
Tliev wereeJjout an Inch long and open tbe baby's month to ret hi
i.iuvimr havoc with the cot- to take it. Children like it but
ton, destroying all the -reaves on don't cry for it, Prepared and sold
th aiuika nd in some iustaiices by hniflish Drug to. 1'rlce a
cutting hole iu tbe bolls.
The li year-old son of Mr. 8. D.
Howie of Sandy Ridge township,
who has been Buffering with white
swelling for long time and was
only able to go about on crutches,
fell from a wagon oat u may
Go to Collins & Biggert or
shoes, trunks sod hits.
Eggs are bringing twenty cents.
Best brands ol cigars, tobacco,
the smoking and chewing, at S.
heel passing over the diaeaaed leg Doster f.
It Li.. II ud.HikM. fTllAI
aim ore..u " r ... . . niomrn -,.11 Vnn
luiu t.Mnm ham annvrMl severe v "
1 1. mi ,..i,i,i.iw, innir timelmonev oo clothing: mens sum
. - 1 1 .
before b can walk again. iirom j wp.
ding their wituessea. This week
that ran not be taken away from
We have seven public gins and
eight saw mills operating in this
township. Nearly all the creeks
aud blanches on the public high
ways are bridged and those that
are not, the siitt-rvisors will see
that they will tie iu the near future.
There is a spirit of improvement
going on iu tbe way of improving
and building residences aud out
Cotton w ill not av erage but little
over a ball crop, yura is some
better, sweet potatoes aud sorghum
cane good.
Mr. J. P. Bclk and family go to
Marion, N. C, this wiuter to live.
Mr. Jas. Edwards and sister will
live at their place next year.
Mr. Jos. Lowery, who was shot
FKESH HAMS at uSc. per pound,
try one. J tut received a nice lot
( Sift 's bams and breaklast bacon.
I'booe jot. W. A. Sleart.
ENT My place in Buturd tumnitnr,
aud make money farming auu
j. V. Richardson.
Monroe, N. C.
rOK KENT Thiee room cottage ol
1 Cronell
street, itli city water
M. L. Flow.
E now bave the nicest poik tau
lage, freah polk bants and steak:
that you ever saw, Pbuue ua No. 6
II. i. line.
terday. "That pla-e is a regular at Allan some time ago, is going to
Sodom and Gomorrah. The State I otter to get Ir. Jiailey to apply
Anti-Saloon Leairue onebt to turn his x ray to locale the bull iu hi:
all its forces imon it at once. There thigh.
are seven bar rooms there, and it is I was struck some time ago by
a great meeting place and the worst tbe activity and fearlessness of two
kind of teniitlatious are coiistantlv old men, Dr. . H. Uribble and
before all who go there, esiiecially T. C. Kulianks, Sr., at a working at
EW MARKET We have opened
up a uew meat market in Hit
Simpson building north of the courl
house, aud are prepared to furnish
the best of meats at reasonable
prices. We will also buy pork, heel
cattle, hides and produce. Thoue
Walters & Presley.
TTOR RENT Five room cottage oo
College street. Mrs. A. Levy.
A BIG lot of new Jewelry just in aud
at low prices lots of it at cost
al Welsh's Drug Store.
voung travelling men. It is foolish
to say that these conditions cannot
be broken up. They ought to lie."
T. C. Euhuiiks, Jr.'a. They could
go up and dowu the ladder and on
the nsif and place shingles as well
as twenty-fiveyear-old men. They
are 7.1 and 72, respect ivelr.
Mr. J. W. Bi lk, son of Mr. P. It.
Iielk,.,nd Mrs. Rhoda Met 'ask ill of
ingute will lie married Scpteiu
lier 22nd. J. C. I
n town in PRICE and as good
as the best in yUALITV. All wurl
guaranteed. V . OKuura, at oguuru t
Mr. T. P. Dillon sold a large hill
of furniture this morning to a
party from below Jefferson. This
is stated, not as au advertisement
of Mr, Dillon, because he does bis
jtamt t nil I'npt iuime (til rui la at i
vei v ii U"iiit wii l'J " "M I a a . . - - r.. i nt t la.l.
k., r.sw, ....aa Aff.,i..j., ALeuer rrom kcv. w.lui.c
will Ul tun rui jnerJ vi iiunruiu iiigi
the remarks of a thomrhtful citi- 'orr,-pon.irn ..t thr j..ur.i.
zen. motle one dav last week. He Pincville, Sept. 14. I have just
said: "I wonder if the people of closed a gisxl mcetiiig at PleuKant
Monroe know that their last trad-n alley lor tiiui grand
INE pigs for sale. Five room house
with basement for reut. Am selling
goods too. N. S. Ogburn.
ST RECEIVED 3500 lbs. good
Tobacco. Will sell it at 22 S, 2j
and joc. lb, J. Shute & Sons,
Col. Abernethy went dowu to Hills-
boro, aud the matter was settled,
both sides withdrawing their suits.
Ou Thursday of last week the
riter drove over Oconeechce farm.
The people say that Gen. Carr has
lnrgely lost Interest 111 it, ami mere
no stock of consequence now ou
Mr. Carr paid 10,000 for it
thirteeu years ago, and has since
speut barrels of money on it. There
some great fields ot line corn
growing ou the rich mini. But
that corn will not yield so much
per acre as the fields which Mr.
M. Gi ilhn bos near Monroe win
ve this year. The stalk and fruit
of the Oconeechce com looked to
be about like that of Mr. tiriitiirs,
hich the writer saw two days be
fore, but it is not planted nearly so
Ever been to Hillsboro, that dear
old town where time and its muta
tions are as nothing t No cleverer
people in tbe world, and they are
satisfied. There is practically the
same number of population, so a
gcutlcman tells us, that there was
century ago. it tney gain 1101,
neither do they lose. The same
town clock that called together the
ro visional Convention of In
still does duty. The bell has a hole
worn iu it as big as a peck measure,
to be sure, but 'tis good yet. The
local editor takes off two weeks
durinir the year, one iu summer
and one at Christmas, and gives
his natrons ouly fifty issues a year.
They'll be as well off a hundred
years hcuce as if they were recciv
1112 lift v two, says ne. 1 ue couuiy
has never had but one register of
deeds, for the simple reason that
the man who was elected when this
offlce was created, in lSbN, still
holds it. Tbe town is yet using the
cobble stones which Corn wul lis laid
in the streets.
"Didn't there used to lie a mau
iu your town by the name of C. M.
T. McCaully!" said a stranger to
the editor the other day, "10 tie
sure there was," waa me repiy,
'one of the best men our county
ever had, now ueaa mese years.
Whv 1"
"Oh. nothing. I just wanteu 10
know if my recollection had played
ue a trick. I used to be mailing
clerk on Joe Turner's 'Sentinel' at
Raleigh just after the war, aud I
thought I remembered sending a
paper to that address," answerea
the stranger.
Mr. B. a Montford of New Han
over county nas ueen speiiuing
some time in Monroe with his sis
tee, Mrs. Antoinette Beaslcy. Mr.
Montford is a truck farmer, located
five miles from Wilmington. "I
had a lettuce bed lu the early
spring," said he, "comprising less
than one-eighth of an acre. I aold
the lettuce from it ror f 1, snip
ping it to Philadelphia. On lees
than two acres, embracing this bit,
I then planted Irish potatoes, sell
ing my crop for 120, most of which
was also shipped to Philadelphia.
On tbe same ground I then planted
corn, which is uow eight and teu
feet high."
That ia the way the truck grow
ers of the east farm, and that sec
tion ia destined to become very
The new railroad being built
from McBce to Monroe has reached
Jefferson, and tbe company la bar
I Ing eroseties placed on the right of
ing stronghold is slipping away
from them with every crosstio that
is being hud ou the new railroad
through Chesterfield county from
McBee to Monroe t Well, it ia
We once had an immense trade
territory. This has been cut off a
little at the time until now Monroe
is tint nble to command anything
even like the county, while several
counties formerly traded here,
for that grand old man,
Stough, who is the pastor. 1
preached the last sermon yesterday
and came up for pruver. It was
a great pity to close. While I was
there iu the Lord's work Dr. Nance
brought me a little Isiy baby. I
went home to see him. He is fiue
looking, just like his pa. I named
hi iu Stough, after the grand old
man that I was working for wheu
he came. He has got every mark
This narrowinir down of trade of a preacher, and has one specially
good man, a good nose, lie was
crying aloud when I got home. I
put my hands ou him, got dowu on
hit knees and dedicated linn to
God. Told the good Lord to take
him and let him live to a good old
age, and prayed to God to make
great mini out of him, but if it was
liest for bun to die, the Ixird s will
be done.
I will preach here till next week.
Tbe fourth Sunday iu this month 1
am to lie at Caxton, Ga., to begin a
meeting. I held a meeting here six
years ago. A great ninny of the
children have grown up since. My
home is with Brother Stough.
My bitby may be au editor when
areas is Inevitable with tne in
.crease of railroads, and has hap
pened to all towns. What shall we
do ulsiut it f Why there's but oue
thing: Go to work to make the
town self-sustaining. Let us get to
making things. Towns that have
reached a certain stage of develop
ment grow of their own weight
Monroe hasn't reached that point.
We must make it grow."
Dr. T. W. Redwiue of Wolfsville
was in town yesterday. An observ
ant man met the reporter alter a
conversation with Dr. Redwiue and
said: "There is a gram! old man
one who has lived a model life, n
high toned useful one. I'nostentii
tious and modest, be lias never at
tempted fo make a display, but his
neighbors know that he Is pure
gold. He has given years of faith
ful service to his section, has lu the
by-gone years stood friend and
counselor and physician in more
than oue crisis. It is a great thing
to have lived a long life mil of use
lie grows up.
If he is I am satis
J. W. LlTTI.K.
Bishop Hood to Preach,
Ti the Killliir iitThr Juuroal:
Please announce that lit. Rev
J. W. Hood, D. D., I L. D., senior
bishop of the A. M. K. Zion church
will preach at Union Springs Suu
day, October 4th, at 11 o ciocK
We extend a cordial luvitation
to everybody. Reserved seats for
whites. Yours for God and Zion,
W. H. C01.TKANE, Pastor.
ft. D. N. WHltlGU, M. D.,
having located at Union
ville, N. C , offers his
professional services to
that place and surround
ing country.
Unionville phone 8; Sincerity 4
Don't Believe
all you see or hear about low prices. See
the goods for yourself and don't take any
body's word about their value. Some
things are clear at any price. We believe
our prices are as low as can be found any
where for goods of the same quality. But
don't believe it just because we say so; we
invite inspection and comparison and will
be satisfied with your decision.
We are constantly adding attractions to
our stock. The latest a lot of new, nobby
things in Ladies' Neckwear, Table and
Sofa Pillow Covers.
Girls and boys going away to school will
find new fall goods adapted to their wear,
and anything you need in hot weather
o-nnAa o almnet Vftlir riTOTl Tirice. If VOU
i gUVUd U. W jv X "
don't believe it just try us; we are deter-
mined to ciean up siock ior iau.
Ice phone 36.
rompt delivery and honest weijlit,
Lailieu wauace.
U7 "EN you want
u I',
BETTER prepared than ever to fur
nish nice turnouts on short notice
aud at reasonable pi ices.
11. A, Winchester.
EMEMBEK the best meats in the
city are sold by (.adieu & Wal
lace. Phone f.
OR RENT 6-horse farm 70 acres
estra fine corn and cotton lauds,
3 ',' miles east of Mouroe. L, Medlin
t IfHEN iu town stop at the Star
VV Cale for a nice meal or a luniii
Price to suit .
K.K. Watkms, Manager.
1 at once a few more teachers for
fall schools. Good positions are being
filled daily by us. We are receiving
more calls this year than ever before.
Schools aud colleges supplied with
teachers free of cost. Enclose stamp
for reply.
Americas Ihoheks' association,
J. L. Grsliam, LL. D Manager, 151
154 Randolph HIU g, Mempnis, 1 cum
PARKY everything you have in old
U lroo to J. V. Parker.
WE deliver Ice to our customers at
any hour night or day in case of
sickness, r hone 30. lauieua wauace
T1EMEMHER you can get the best
U fresh meat at J. D. 1'arker's mar
ket. t'houe No. 91.
A NICE MEAL maybe had at Hie
Star Cafe. Good cooks and nice
service R. R. Walkius, Mauager.
MOW is the time to sow crimson clo
11 ver. Go to Welsh's for the seed
nl-ACK Knight, the well known Jack
U is at my stanies in nionroe.
II, A. Winchester
Mail Boxes!
Buy vour mail
a- '
I boxes from us audi
save 50 per cent.
! Monroe Hardware Co.
11. KEDFIiAUX, Manager.
Our Line:
No Stronger Agency
in the South.
Companies with Assets
Aggregating Over
Five Hundred Million
Dollars. $ $
fire. Life, Health, Acci
dent. Liability, PlateQIajis,
and Steam IJoilcr. Surety
lionds on short notice.
Your business entrusted to
us , ; eccive careful alien
tic 1 .1 will he appreciated.
Peoples' Bank, Agt
.H. C0KD01, Manager
iasnrance Department.
The Prescription
x :-: Department
Call for Welsh'i cheap Crockery.
Horses! Horses!
Veterinary Surgeon,
and Animal Medicine Specialist,
From Hereford, England,
Begs to Inform the public generally that he will attend Monroe, N. C
At C. C. Sikes' Stables,
A. A.
Uooda Coming In.
We wish to call the attention
r.1 n fr!n.1a In th fart that nur
goods are pouring in on every Friday and Saturday, September 25th & 26th
tram, tveiymine in tne worm
you want in the Dry Goods,
Clothing or Millinery line. Come
and see. Watch (or our big ad.
next week. A. Lew,
Report to the North Carolina
Corporation Commission
s ut f na eoNMTioa or ths
NIINKHI, !.('.,
at th eWwe of iHmltms on the fth ar of
ttrptrmlwr, lira.
Kn Rrr.H.
LnaiM and mcuiitt. 1.4jil w I
Overdraft M'uml
rurnlturt a it. I rtilun-
Due fmai Bank! and Mankrri,
Hold Cota.X
SUYrroln,lrlu.llll minor rurrrnrjr
National Bank and o.hrr V. .
Capital t4;s
I r.ll,l.lrd Pnt
Mrlilrnda I'npald,
XoiMand bill' ndlrMRiHl,
Tim Vrtlftral-a af Orpwll,..
IwMtl wliiert torbrrk,
tlrawnd t'rrtlnMtMof IVpMlt,.
But to Ranks aad Bank,
total, !-.
And will remain 2 days only, for the treatment ol Lame and Sick
Horses and Mules- Bony and other Enlargements 01 long aiana
ing successfully treated and removed without leaving any
mark or blemish. Specialist In the castration of Rig
Horses. Horses carefully examined as to soundness.
TERflS MODERATE. n Kin fas I Kfai-fcKtrcs,
n, ij.i.i..,! h.. I.i.l. rntiimed from Eneland with a new supply of Veter
inary Instruments aud Appliances by the best London makers, Messrs. Ar
qold & Sons, West Smithneld. Everything up-to-date.
ol our store keeps pace with
advanced medical science.
No matter how unusual tbe
ingredients of a prescription
may be, we will fill it
keep the
drugs for it
C.N. Simpson, Jr.
Law in
, ,.
. tt.sisjas
I. W. S. Makrnrr, IfMtilrat of Th But of
t;lrai. do anh-mnlr nwtmt that lh av ata-
ltl la nf to Ot of nir know! and
Mlof. w. BIJtaENBT, rrpldnt
OoaaicT attainf:
t. C. Cot,
I. Ri.raa,J Mrwton. '
1. X. tc, )
worn to and aalwrrtanl Mora awjaU Wtk
dai of aaawainr, nwa.
M. U flow, notary raklla.
TH6 mm Grocery 60..
(successors to C- E- Houston)
at the old Whitfield SUnd on UFayette Street-
We desire toall the especial attention ot the farmers to
the fact that they cannot afford to sell their poultry or produce
before seeing us.
Wc Want to Buy and Wc Pay the Top.
A line line ot fresh Groceries. Try tu..
TH6 Linflsey Grooeru 60.
When You Buy a Watch
lx-Ht money will
buy. You bIno
waut to buy ut a
Htoro where you
will get exactly
wbut you pay
for. You niiike
1 no mistake when
v on buy
&e., of
" LJtl
Monroe, N. C.

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