North Carolina Newspapers

One Dollar a Year
A Younf MetUenbtirf Man Wh
Dreamed of the Bvautka mad
Attractions at the Army Came
Horn DUhonaratty But Int-
menttly Happy. It ohm nr.
Display in jr. with nosctx'of shame,
a dishonorable (liliar- fnun the
fiust artilU'ry (if tin- I niUnl Stat
army, Walu r II. Crump rctururj u
lus hmm in Mmiiii Sur kiwnsbip
yvsi.'rdjy m-miuix t rump was .
hippy that he did nut j! k bed
after hi arrival lu-rp fniin New rk
Tuesday night All night long he
diked the atrtvU ; talked with po
licemen or anytxKly who would listen
to him ; and no man who ever re
turned from the wars, bearing hon
ors thick uMn him, ever telt greater
happiness than young Crump felt.
Inn is (kid a country, raid he.
"Charlotte it. the only town in the
world, and I never want to go out
side of Mecklenburg countv again.
Crump is just the sort of man to
point a moral or adorn an old, old
tale. He is SI year old. He stands
six ftvt, two and and a half inches
high and weighs 305 pounds.
stripped, lie has the chest ol a
prize fighter, a small waist, and is as
straight as a North American Indian
He is a perfect physical specimen
and au ideal soldier in appearance;
yet Crump declares that he would
rather die than be a soldier again.
He was not ever thus. When he
was a bov he lived and worked on a
small farm in Horning Star town
ship, and the ambition of his life was
to be a soldier. His conception of
military lite wasdrawn from pictures
that he saw at the village otollice
anil in other place. These repre
sented well-groomed soldier lads,
beautifully dressed in suits of blue,
standing around in easy positions
fit objects for universal admiration.
Crump dreamed of uniforms, of walk
ing behind a band, and being ap-
I 'lauded by a lot of pretty girls. He
new nothing of the world, and he
fancied that soldiering was the easi
est job that was. He had no idea of
the inevitable drudgery that the life
entails. He would have sworn that
a soldier's duty meant being fattened
like a prize pig, and that he would
be paid for carrying a gun aud look
ing pretty.
Before he was the required age
Crump tried twice to enlist, and
when he was turned down he went
home and wept In 18U8 he attempt
ed to enlist as a volunteer in the
Spanish-American war, but his youth
stood in the way. He wept again.
He went back to thn farm and tried
to be satisfied with his life there, but
in vain. Alwavs he saw himself
striding around in that handsome
blue suit. He fell the clarion call to
wear a uniform a call that would
not be disobeyed.
He came to Charlotte last January
and enlisted under CapU V. V. For
syth, who has charge of tlic Itical re
cruiting station, lie was delighted
with the praise that was accorded
his magnilicant physique; he was
tickled to the depths of his big, long
ticket, which provided for his rail
way fare to Fort Slucum, New York.
Ilis northward ride on the train
was the biggest cxcricncc he had
ever known, and he drank in pleas
ure with every breath. He felt his
own imHirtance. lie tin night that
when he reached his destination
everybody would come out and shake
hands with him and say, "How do
you come on, Crump?" And they
would feed him high and e.t him
and would tell him how fine and
splendid he looked in his pretty new
blue suit Crump was quite sure
that these things would happen.
"But my feelings began to change
just as soon as I got to rort Nocum,
he said. "F.verything looked like
jail to me, and nobody seemed glad
to see me at all. Somebody said.
'Come on and get your supper,' and
they gave me a plate of mouldy beans
with molasses on 'em and a lot of
pickles that wis cured only with
salt I couldn t eat a thing, and a
reat big fellow says to me: 'Aw,
you better learn to eat that. You'll
get plenty of it for the next three
That second Crump said he be
came homesick. The next day he
said they beg-in to "train him," and
ordered him around in a way tliat
Is Generally Catarrh of Kld-
i treys.
Mre. at. t. Dealey, Traasarer at the
Reheat Lodge, I. O. a F. writes from
1M Tint etreet, N , MiaaMaolla, Mlaa.!
-Aaythlag I caa a to tell la world
at the atari u of Peraaa I will be only
too glad to do.
I was afflicted for amral yoaia with
kidney traabU which bMaaw quite eerl
oai aad earned aw considerable anxiety.
I aamrf aaaatrWi at esMan tiyhtg (a
S cm tad. tw aatatkg gat ma may
mtnmaaamt laUaf aatU I IrM Pmu
Jc taak mtmm lama lata atoalH ami
maty Ha aattln a effaof a aanaaamat
can, bat lhy were worta mton aa as
auay haodraddollantonM. I sib tally
restored to health, kaow aelther ache
or pala and en)oy lite."
A ri il at eaeOWa tadr letter.
atlas Laura Hopkins, of Washington,
D. O, awoa al Boa. B. O. HopkUu, oat
at tha largest troa manufacturers of
Birmingham, Auk, writes the following
latter eommeodtng Peruna, Bha tays:
I cam cmrfmlty ncomoma Parw
mm lar loftgntloa mat' ereaaacJ rratiMt
mm4 ma a gaa4 taak."
If too do aot derive prompt and satis
factory toanlls from lh nee of Penina,
write at oaot to Dr. Ilsrtman, Klrlns: a
full statement of your com aad he will
In pleased to (Ira yoa his valuable ad
vice gratis.
Addreea Dr. Hartmu, President of
Tha Hartmaa Banllarlam, Columbus, a
s cenis
Eicht cents a pound
what a young woman paid for
twelve pounds of flesh.
She was thin and weak and
mid one dollar for a bottle of
Scott's Emulsion, and by tak
ine regular doses had gained
twelve pounds in weight before
the bottle was finished.
Eight cents a pound
cheap for such valuable ma
terial Some pay more, some
less, some get nothing for
their money. You get your
money's worth when you buy
Scott's Emulsion.
We will send you a little
- - - m
sod Peart Street. New York.
joe and li.oo; sS drujjisU.
took the heart out of him. NoUnly
tatted him on the hack or asked him
about his folks ; and he said lie got
so lonesome he nearly died.
Before he had been at Fort Slocum
a week he had forgotten how to laugh
or even smile, lit) wanted to come
home tliat was the burden of his
song, lie said he knew that he would
be probably caught and punished if
he deserted, but before he had been
a soldier a fortnight be had made up
his mind that ho would desert at the
first chance, no matter if he was shot
for the act.
He waited till he drew two months'
pay, and then he slipx-d away from
Fort Slocum and bought a ticket to
Charlotte. When he arrived at his
home he told all his friends what he
had done and the reasons for his ac
tion, lie won sympathy fnun every
body, and he was given the biggest
sort of an ovation. He revelled in his
freedom, though he knew that almost
any minute ho was liable to lie ar
rested and taken Iwck to New lork.
One night Crump was the guest of
honor at a big affair in Morning Star
township. The entertaiiincnt was
one of a series of functions that cele
brated his return to his home. He
was the lion of the hour.
As the young deserter sat in the
best iwirlor, picking the banjo in the
centre of a gnmp of pretty girls, Col.
Tom Black of the local police force.
accomanied by two or three other
policemen, crept up to the house and
loked in on the scene. A second
later he rapied at the door, which
as opened, and ( rump became a
prisoner, lie (treaded keenly the or
deal that was before him, but he said
that before he went to prison he felt
that il was his duty and his only
pleasure to advise everybody in the
wide, wide world to keep out of the
army. 1 nere am t no lun u us
worse n hell, lie said.
He was taken to Fort Wadsworth.
New York, and sentenced to serve a
term of six months in prison, with a
provision that hve davs should be
taken off every month for good be
rumor. I was the best prisoner
they ever had, said Crump. 1 hey
just couldn't tell me to do anything
I dtdn t do right on, and I was a free
man after five months. Then 1 left
for home.
Man, man, I'm the happiest fel
low that ever was. This here dis
honorable discharge can't bother me.
hv, I m going home. And there s
a girl down there! llan, if you could
only feel aa I feel. Why, they'll
laugh at tins discharge. Olad to see
me? iJlad.' (ireat goodness: There
will never be anything like it It
just seems to me I can't wait for the
Seaboard train to come. 1 hope I II
never see blue any more. I'm agoin'
to stay down there and work with
my daddy on the farm and go to
church on Sundays and pick my
banjo. And ever body II know me
ever where I go and talk to me and
nobody'll order me around rough
and there a girl down there ! Oh,
i- k.
1 III BU iiai'Lir.
So spoke Crump as he stood on
the streets yesterday morning at 4
o'clock and talked to half a doien
policemen who knew him and all
people who stopped to question him
about his experience.- He looked as
healthy as a thoroughbred horse and
just as fit, and be belonged to a
physical type that might have
changed the fortunes of Leonidas at
the pass ; but Crump says heaven is
on the farm, where a girl u and uni
forms are ix.
'Squlra Balks Has Again Put Out
MU Sign la a Humorau
5omewhat Dlsgustinc Card.
'Squire Bailrs, who lives just over
the line from Mecklenburg county and
has made a business of marrying
luauy couples for years, has again
become active. Indignation against
his metliods became so great some
lime ago tliat lie kept quiet awhile.
Now hie is again advertising himself.
The other day IWmaster Hasty got
a letter from the old artist, saying
that he sent some cards which he
would like to have put in the hands
of "cotton mill bosses, popuiar clerks,
etc." The complaint against him is
that his business induces young peo
ple, especially cotton mill oieralives,
to get married, when they slum Id
never marry. The card reads as fol
His marriage fees are as follows:
TftftlHHirMrrt ?! nfitf I'M
T ll iIumt vt a MrrUje-tb! a eotl not
llr t my Krre
Tt All H Inulm end brother Ktsr? Fub
III-. rnr
Tuell Hatuth I'antltuiaa., toM ovrr ill.
Uur wf ul I'p
KYRereonT eir habbibm.
Sweeter Col.rta Pplr' prlve I
K-euiar i iibir mkii. nsiuu-
Kre-uWr AW ArMwrt.. Hn Ti,n. w
S.-milBr crt MarrUNr.alwB-. . e.W
KVtfitlar OuMipllaieMlarji f'rv, nvrlvnl
erflr BOB
Secular Kli'h Man. trtr. never entWr . ai.ut
Hirular Mllllunelrr'. prlrr.eiijrtlitnK n
ernlln Iw.e
In addition, the accommodation of
a livery at your service. All parties
met on short notice and tuken to and
from the depot, IWville, S. C , free
of charge. The t rertion or comple
tion of a telephone line now shortly
with a telegraph office and a rural
delivery will giye you all the facili
ties of communication with the
Squire privately. The maxim of
being married by 'Squire Bailes has
become famous. The quietness of a
noted ideal home in the country
supplied with fine water similarifcs
his genial hospitality, lie believes
in making friends and in keeping of
the "golden rule" and virtue by marriage.
I marry about 305 people a year
now, as my record shows, and I have
have always kept a handv record and
a complete marriage certificate book
of blanks for every couple married
bv me and for the future good of the
thousands concerned. Possibly, I
may be the most well known marry
ing man known of in all your knowl
edge, and marry more ieople than
any man you read alwut; undoubted
ly, it is a bridal tour to those who
make it so. Don't trouble or worry
for license; South Carolina has no
license or any hard questions to an
swer. nv get. married ai Homer
You hardly ever get married but
once, (ienerallr, your tolks will ac-
ually like you better to get some
thing somewhere else. You never
know any more, see anyoody else or
make any more friends at home. Al
ways more lieople get married in
South Carolina to her population
than any of the Southern. Slates.
It is nothing unusual to see a dozen
persons get married at 'Squire Hales
anv Sunday. The better the day, the
better the deed. It is a sacred,
solemn, blessed privilege exempted.
I do love to tie them up as well as
any preacher and be smith sufficient
to weld their hearta, since they are
already joined together in love. Take
pleasure in having Pquire Italics to
wrform your gold and silver wed
dings. Love never dies. Don t for
got to have my marriage certificate
n-corded at your court house the
same as any other instrument of
writing. It is more desirable than
license. W hyf Because you hold the
oriuinal certificate as ready proof
wherever you go. I am prepared to
accommodate even the richest.
(-all anil are me, I am not herd to find,
My fvmuony la eey. Mil blndlim and treat
ment kind.
I am .Hunted tn.Mt ennvenlentlr nn bnth aldet
id the etale line, an !
Eleven mile, mniih nf chariidte, and one we.l
M l-lnevllle V. O., North Carolina.
Incident aad Cam man L
It looks like some of the promi
nent politicians of this Slate are try- A Writer Com plains that It Does
ing to work up a sentiment for Sena-! Not Receive Doe Consideration,
tor Ceornuui of Maryland for the t tt. mii ( Ta, i.mrai :
IVmocraUc nomination for preaident I An "on-n book" easily read, but
not approved by all. is Washington
The law is beginning to assert it- street in the city of Monn. Hi re is
self in the feud counties of Ken- one so Called street, although not
lucky, and the assassins who have heretofore mentioned in the fight pro
been holding high carnival for vears, and coo in the question of extension
are being brought to taw. Curtis of the corporate limits of the city.
Jett, one of them, was found guilty
of tliemurtlerof Town Marshal (Vk-
rell, and sentenced to be hanged last
a a a
The treat v with the Columbian
government wherebv this country
was to have the right of wav to build
a canal across the Isthmus of Panama,
has failed of ratification by that gov
ernment Senator Morgan of Ala
bama, who has worked for the canal
for years, but who fought vigorously
for the Nicarauga route, savs that the
action of the Columbia government
will result in causing the I'nited
States to adopt the Nicaragua route,
which will be the best for it and the
a a a
At the I'niled States arniorv at
Springfield, Mass., a new rille is
being made which, it is claimed, will
be the most powerful gun ever in
vented for font soldiers. It is ex
icch'd to carry five miles, and will
have strength enough to send a ball
through 55 men standing together,
a a
Train robbing has not yet quite
gone out of vogue in the West. Four
masked men held up one in Missouri
one night last week, detached the en
gine and express car, ran up the
track two miles and blew open the
express safe. They then eaeaed on
a a
The farmers of Catawba county
are preparing to have a "sale and
exchange day" at Newton on Novem
ber 17th. I he plan is to meet there
with all their Ix-sl stock and prod
ucts, exhibit them to each other, ex
change and sell, and in all ways
possible to promote the raising of
better breeds, disiiosition of surplus
stock, and the bringing of the people
nearer together.
a a a
Prince Albert, the pacing hero of
a score of half mile races, has broken
the world's record by making half a
mile in one minute and fifty-nine
seconds in New York. Horse racing,
like everything else, is getting down
to fine points. Lou Dillon, a famous
mare, recently trotted a mile in even
two minutes, and holds the record
for trotting.
Thirty or more years ago, Oeorge
Peabody, a wealthy banker of Phila
delphia, left a large sum of money to
aid in public education in the South,
?3,(H)0,IXJ being the amount, only
the income of which was to be ex
pended. All over the South for these
years this money has been of best
service. The will stipulated that at
the end of thirty years the money
should be permanently distributed,
it her in a big teachers college or in
small ones in different Slates. The
time for the distribution has now
conic, and the question of the dispo
sition of the money is being warmly
Eureka Liniment
This Liniment will remove spavin,
splint, ringbones, and all cartilagi
nous growths, wnen
applied in the ear
lier stages of the
disease, and will re
lieve the lameness
even in chronic
cases. One of the
most common lame
ness among horses
and mules it sprain of the back
tendon, caused by over-loading or
hard driving. Ashcraft's Liniment
is a never-failing remedy. The
Liniment ia also extensively used
for chronic rheumatism and for all
kinds of stiff joints.
For "scratches"
Ashcraft's Eureka
Liniment is with
out an equal. A few
applications it all
that it necessary
to cure this dis
ease in its worst
form. -Owing
to the
wonderful and- aaaa '.
septic qualities, the Eureka Lini
ment should be used in trie treat
ment of all tumors and tores where
proud flesh it present It is both
healing and cleansing, entirely de
stroying all parasites and putre
faction. This Liniment arts as a
' counter-rrriunt and stimulant
Price 50c bottle. Sold by
fir. Olenn a Candidate.
Hon. R. D. Glenn of Winston has
issued a card to the people of the
State announcing himself a candidate
for Governor. In the card he savs :
"Having been actively canvassing
the State for twenty-six years, the
leople know me, so I will open no
headquarters and enter into no
scramble for the nomination. I can
campaign for my party and beg
votes for my friends, but it is a new
role to electioneer for myself, so I
will submit myself into the people's
hands, asking them to let my candi
dacy be known, so that those desir
ing to aid me can do so, by seeing
that I get in the primaries all Un
votes to which I may be entitled.
fo be (tovernor of North Caro
lina, is a high and laudable ambi
tion, and I most earnestly desire to
attain this office, as both a token of
the people's esteem and a proof of
their confidence in me.
To Cure a Cold In ana Das-
Take Laxaliea Uruuo Uuimue Tablet.
All drofgials refund the money if it
lai tucura. r,. n, uroee tiros- waij ..AriMmm.Mw
tore u on each bo, ij curs. i English DrugCompany
which sis mi Id be brought in and
made a part and parcel of our town.
We want it incorporated, at least
after "Broom Town," as it is now
recognized by our city fathers. We
haven't the slightest hint, judging
irom the attention paid to this art
by our authorities, tliat this street
was ever on the map.
Unix, citv Aldermen, at your pa
pers, and if vou have a deed for
Washington street, and find it a part
of the city, be just as kind to us as
the golden rile would suggest
Turn to your tax books. If you have
failed to tax us, we ask your pardon
Look up and down the streets near
and dear to you too, you might sep
into some alley-ways close to your
larn or cow houseand with some
few exceptions you and your prede
cessors have nicely curbed sidewalks,
well sprinkled with finely crnshed
rock or better still, the "lx-ar skin"
gravel, suggesting to others that "to
the victor belongs the spoil."
The people of Washington street
have stumbled along over these un-ki-pt
bypaths long enough ; they
have heard the "no money" excuse
for six years, but the good work goes
on elsewhere. Being citizens of this
city, with kindrei interests to all
concerned, we apeal no longer to
the Aldermen of this town, but ask
ich individual to glance at the most
unkept, unnoticed part of this town,
then pass your eyes for comparison,
use your memory for suggestions.
and in other parts note the personal
interest displayed. Yes, charity be
gins at Home, we Know, but there
arc other homes you represent.
If the truth of these statements
need any further verification than by
comparison, bring your bateau or
living machine and come across. It
you come at night we can't meet you;
we carry no accident insurance.
News From Morgan's mil.
Correspondence of The Journal.
Morgan's Mill, Sept 21. Farmers
in this community now are very busy
gathering. Some are afraid the frost
will gather their late cotton and they
will not get a chance at it
The meeting held at Pleasant Hill
last week, we trust, was a success
There were thirty conversions and
sixteen additions to the church. Rev.
S. K. Brock, the pastor of the church,
was assisted by Rev. R. L Davis of
Mr. H. G. Bryant has recently re
ceived license for the ministry. We
wish him much success in his great
J. C. Smith has entered school at
Big Lick, in Stanly county.
School will begin at St. Timothy
next Monday, with Miss Carroll of
Charlotte as teacher.
Mr. J. W. llanes, one of the great
tobacco manufacturers of W inston
died last Wednesday. He left a vast
estate, and (50,01)0 life insurance.
He wat but 53 years of age.
Buck ten's Arnica 5Uv
Ffas world-wide fame for marvel
loos cures. - It surpasses sny other
nlve lotion, ointment or balm for
Cuta, Corns, Hums, Bolls, Bores,
Felons, I' leers, Tetter, Salt Rheum,
Fever Korea, Chapped Hauds,
Bkio Eruptions; infallible for Piles.
Cure guaranteed. Only 23c. at
English Drug Co' a.
Mr. Home Says Cotton Is Bound to
Uo Up.
Htateevllle landmark.
Some months ago siieculaUirs, after
the cotton crop was practically out of
the hands of the fanners, ran up the
price of the staple to 13 and 14 cents
and some of the 9xyulators made a
pile of money. Now that the new
crop is coining in there is, as is al
ways the case at tins season, talk oi
a big crop, and as a result the price
is dropping down. The first few
bales brought 12 cents but the fig
ures range alxnit 10 now. It is a
dangerous thing to advise farmers
what to do about selling cotton and
the landmark doesn't advise them.
Rut Mr. Ashelev Home, a prominent
citizen of the State and a prominent
farmer of Johnston county, has pub
lished a letter in which he argues
that the crop is going to be short, the
simulators and paid specialists to
the contrary notwithstanding, and
Mr. Homo advises farmers to sell no
cotton for less tlian ten cents and to
sell mighty little of it at that figure,
as he feels sure it is bound to ad
vance. The landmark's opinion is
that the weight of the testimony is
with Mr. Home and this is one year
that farmers, unless comelled to sell,
should go slow unless they consider
the price satisfactory.
A Boy's Wild Ride for Life
With family around expecting
him to die. and a son riding for
life, 1H miles, to get Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption,
Coughs aud Colds, W. II. Brown,
of Leesville, Iud., indured death's
agonies from asthama; but this
wonderful medicine gave Instant
relief and soon cured him. He
writes: "I now sleep soundly every
night" Like marvelous cures of
Consumption, Pnennionia, Bron
ehitis, Coughs, Colds and (Srip
prove Its matchless merit for ail
Throat and Lung trouble.
Ouaranteed Lotties SUe and 11.00.
Triitl bottles free at English Drug
nister Col' Win.
Atlanta C.ntllull.m.
Blow, M later Col' Win',
HI, akin' all ile vuhea;
I'lder In de )lRtmvohn,
later In de anbeal
Sen' ft leave, a pranrln',
fldille-lMiw I, on de Ito
(a all ile itali a Oam-ln'.
Srm V,ra iialrl
Jlllitl on ihnv iv;isji.!is l im-li
li had irniiusi il lo inarrv In r. an-l
haunt;, after e.n h of l!n- lirM l-
times uiitiiiii ssfulv triiil liitniniii
suicide. M.irv hwikory, a l!-isi.
servant. . I years ..I.I. it i.e. t - a Hill
and I' atli ii'i-t 1" i,.l 1. r lifr !-
day. and was f nin l il-ad with a -ri-Ji-t
III Iter llli oi It ill !, I,.m,v- wli.T
sin- was t'liipl.iuil I nn i-viim aij.
the wntii.ui i-.niie lu u- fnmi Uu-ia!.
marry a ni. tn limn s!h- had kn'!i
in ht-r native land. She found Ian,
married, with a faiiuH of iwm-IhI
drt-n. and aHnr..lnl
then paid xX) to a
Shoot the Destroyers of Innocent ! Killed Herself Because Citable to l
StatemllW Loadatark.
However, it is not amiss to say a
word abmit the crime of st-dut-tun.
This very grave offence against vir
tur ami morality has grown alarm
ingly in reeeut years. The general
public has little idea of its pn-va-
! lencr. If all the doctors in ahmct
I any community were suddenly tupM
ion the stand and reveal all their in-
fessional secrets tliev would so startle
i lie communities in many oi
them a great upheaval would result.
In former days the man who be
trayed female virtue, if Uie woman
was resin viable at all and had male
relatives wist held a woman's virtue
as dear as life, did so at his -ril.
These things have practically 'lasst-d
away. I nlortiinately the younger
generation of both sexes have loo
often lotase manners, and alas ton
often looser morals. A woman's
name is stained, her life wrecked
The stain is not wiped out with hid
The destroyer of virtue and the
wrecker of homes is not even cast
out of society. .Society is content
with casting out the woman anil the
man is received with os-n arms. Ib
is accounted by himself and llmse
like him as something of a hero who
can number ruined lives as a part of
his work.
The remedy? The law provides
none. It utterly falls down in this
matter. It is a dangerous thing to
advise people to take the law into
their own hands even when the law
fails but we say, and we sav it fullv
conscious of its serious import- that
t!ie betrayer of an innocent woman
mark the word innocent - should he
shot down like a dog w herever he is
found and the man who punishes
him should go scot free.
Humiliating as it is to sav it, il is
nevertheless true that often in such
cases the woman is not always guilt
less. When this is so the extreme
remedy mentioned is not justified. It
is justified when innocent virtue is
betrayed ; and in any case of this
kind the law should be made so se
vere that the wretch who ls-trays
women would pause before he would
take the risk.
juiiuup i iuui
: lis Bad Floor!
a "sch.Ui In ii or - J
Hebrew matrimonial bn-ker. t ar i5
range a marriage, but tin- in!-inliilj
bridegroom withdrew, and the worn J
an liaik carlmlic acid Her life u.i.-IO
saved, however, and when she had' a
saved up another ''Jiiil fnun hi-rjf
.1 - . ... 1 . .1 T
ap-s. sue aaiu nsontii in nit
"schatchen." who secure I a man who
promised to marry ln-r. The engage
ment was announced last Mirk, and
the event celebrated with a party
letter the woman liarmd thai tin
man she was going to marry- had a
wife and three children in K ism.i I
She was found dead tmlnv.
Want to Make Folks Pay Their
Slateavllle Landmark.
A peculiar situation seems to lie
arising in the Mate. In Caldwell
county a few days ago a poor fellow
killed himself, and the only reason
assigned for the suicide is that the
man was worried because he could
not pay his debts. The idea of a
man kiiling himself for a small mat
ter like that! Generally it is the
creditor who is allowed to walk the
floor when the account is due and
he can't collect, and it is the creditor
who is allowed to go out and kill
himself because dcadlxvits have
wrecked his business, while the
debtor sleeps soundlv and never
misses a meal. Furthermore, U-ar-ing
on this subject, we note that the
merchants' association of a town in
this State we don't recall now the
name of the town has adopted a
resolution that the "association use
its influence against the election t i,
or retaining m any olhce of city,
county or State, any man that will
not pay Ins just debts. hat is
this world coming to? Actually going
hi try to keep a man out of otlice who
won't pay his debts !
Roosevelt a Pistol Toter.
Charlotte tttwerver.
The newspaers of the country are
having a good deal of sxrt over the
fact that when, in New Jersey hist
week, a gust of wind blew President
Roosevelt's coattails apart the butt of
a revolver was revealed. Yet who
can justly blame him? At this period
when cranks, lunatics and anarchists
are in wait for presidents, kings and
other potentates each is justified in
surrounding himself with secret ser
vice men and in toting a gun as an
additional precaution.
An Enterprising Mountain Man.
'harlottt- olerviT.
It is rait- that a minister nf tin-GosM-l
and t-si-ial! a innuulaiu
man is so enli -rpriMiig in matters
matrimonial as On- Rev. Mr llvb-rnf
Mitclit-ll county is i-m nn-il to have
Ini-ll. He is credit. -d wilh live In
ing wives, with only two States
he:ird from. This comes verv near if
does not quite succeed in U-ating
ill records.
There it mure catarrh iti this sec-
tiuti o( the country than all other dis
easri put tocetlirr, aud until the Usl
tew years was supposed to he itirura
hie. For reat many years doctors
pronounced il a Inral diseasc.uml pie
uiled !' al rttnrilies, and I v con-
tautly fulling to cine with local treat
ment, pronounced it iiicur.tlile. St-i-
nce has provi u catatth to I t- cm-
btttiitional disease, and then (ore re
aires constitutional treiitiiiriit Hall's
atarrh Cure, manufactured by F, J.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the
only constitutional cure on 1 lie mar
ket. It is taken internally in doses
from lo drops to a teaspoontul, ll
cts directly on the Mood and tnucoiis
urfaces of Hie system. They oher
one hundred dollars for any case it
fails lo cure. Send lor circulars and
testimonials. Address,
Tol.Elic, Ohio.
Sold by druggists, 75c,
Hall a family pills are' the bt X
All kinds of school supplies at
Welsh's Drug Store blank books,
crayon, paper, pens, ink, pencils,
at lowest prices at elsh s.
It's luw pice is the maker's el
r ust- l.,r the iiitriiuiity of his
product. ;.id ft air is bad flour
tiu nulti-r lioer it is manipulat
ed ami jttcKlrd in packing. It
all conns back to Die same
Ihiiii;. i.oi. l flour tuned aitlt
poor ill nrpruve the quality
id the blenJ, hm like niiiitig
hite paiet ith takes
ait au !ul lot of mlnle to pro
dure nny i tlect Ha l or cheap
Il mi is lacking in fcluteu, the
nutritious portiun ol the wheat.
It also routaios a large per
centace of the pulverixed husk
or shell of the grain. All of
which you don't aant. There
fore, we caution you to ask for
the "Invincible" brand. This
brand is sold at the lowest
pticc for winch really first
class flour can be sold, and its
price is the highest you need
lo pay in order lo get the best.
Mr New man, our local baker,
says: "Invincible" is the I can
Ret (or baking."
A Cough
" I hive made I meat thorough
trial ef Ayer's Cherry Pectoral mni
am prepared to say thai for ill dis
eases of tht lunis it never dissp
oinis." J. Early Finley, Irontoa, O.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
wont cure rheumatism;
we never said it would.
It won't cure dyspepsia;
we never claimed it. But
it will cure coughs and
colds of all kinds. We
first said this sixty years
ago; we've been saying it
ever since.
Tarsi abett He U
It aa nee aM a,
Mia. ..Ml-. ar. It a. leu. taa aat
la .ki ti. than t.aa n. na
Lears a wwa bmb. " .r. win.-.
11 IHIOXUad.
Two Convicts Captured In a Loft
Kalrllh rial.
Two convicts, who disapiieared at
the State penitentiary Sunday before
last, were discovered yesterday after
noon, concealed in a loft above an
unused room at the prison.
For ten davs, Kice and Jledlin,
two desperate white men, lay hid in
this dark and dismal place. Their
scheme was carefully laid and when
they went into hiihng sufticicnt food
was carried to last them a week, but
this had been exhausted and they
were in desperate straits. Their
supply of water in a jug had given
out. 1 he loft had become iinsHak
ably filthy.
In spite of their pliKht the men
did not give up and were still wait
int for a chance to sneak nut and
make their escape over the stockade
when they were discovered yesterday
Heath Brothers Dissolve.
Heath Brothers t Co. of Charlotte.
cotton dealers, have dissolved. Mr.
B. D. Heath retires from the cotton
business and Mr. (). P. Heath forms
a copartnership with Mr. John Van
lAndingham, under the lirm name ol
0. P. Heath A Co.
Fearful Odds Aral rut Him.
Bedridden and destitute. Bnrh
in brief was the condition of an old
soldier by name of J. J. Heavens,
Vermlllea, O. For years be was
troubled with Kidney disease and
doctors nor medicines rave him re
lief. At length he tried Electric
Bitters. It pat him on bis feet la
short order and now be testifies
"I'm on the road to complete re
eovery." Beat on earth for Liver
and Kidney troubles and all forms
of Btomach and Bowel Complaints.
Only 00c. Guaranteed by English
Drag Co.
Farm Lands for Sale on Time.
nf mi. M-ii-r ..f hm iN'rlir('otirt of
v. N . limit' nt Hit- taun aIi,pi
i.f 1-Ktn ii. -I T'tut ',iii.ny. il-.-r
k liawv, l- (ilitnnilt. itiil V.
i l o'Ii.ts. ti sr- Hl law t W. K.
i ri'iiiliiiif. I Ut Mitwtij."., I.iiaii tint
m-i'-m.,; . H. Hawiy,
Cotton Still
Brings a
Good Price.
Fall of the year is here. The
eaves are turning golden in trie
autumn sun. All nature seems
to be shaking off her summer
garb, making ready to go into
winter quarters. The earth is
giving up its fruits to its children
and every man should take ad
vantage of the time and occasion
and prepare for winter time.
What is the first thing to do?
Collect what nature gives you
snd what your summer's toil cn
titles you to and then
What you are obliged to spend
spend it where you can gut the
best return for your money. 1 o
save a few cents on each sma
purchase means several hard dol
jars in the course nf a year. II
you want to be surprised, just put
one rent in a box every tune you
purchase an article anywhere and
then count your nioucy at the end
o( the year. You will have sev
eral dollars. We save you one
cent and many times one cent
every time you trade with us.
Yours for saving,
. w..
Saturday. October 24, 9(U(
l llii'i-i.tirt ti-iii-' .nr ii Mi.tiriaf. N r.,auntrt
tlat.M ..f niiV a "il'! t 1.1llt .HTilaJ'll mm ful-
w : I i ii if ii'i'l 1 tit' In I n ion riHitity, hint
I V trin m.hiiii. Mir-hvinf(i'n-tii,in iti
.tiff- "f i.i. tn i rvt-k. Umii'lnl m tin mirth
C. mi.-.m' H.iAi-r lrwl.iil till tMt
tin- tiin.i- ..TI lio". ( IU-1 v.nn (lie iuulh Itj
i tt H i-t hoilit- I ri t i Imtt III IVMsrutlim (f
It'i'k Htt-t) i, mi I"!- w.-l hv theWxIfy J'Uil
ill Irit.'t H'll (' N HlflilMtHi litltil (.tfi"Hl.
'itrtiiini.r s.1 ttiTt' nr It mA lutitt
i-llilf -lit illhjt-t-l li Wnt.. ' rilflit r (t-WT.
'h-riH- f .!.-: i mm- tlnnl t-n-li. nttiai n1r !
Mi-iiri-t t.i, Unt wuh Hi.nivi-it atirrtles,
,i it ..U- hve iik mill- f r. .th tnT' ut utik.llif title
. U rt Tvf Miml m MiivliMtw nnnifj hil
me bei-ii laiil; tin' nil lmt U'tltg smiIiI Ut
r.-ai- Mt-l-a a lififin nil ti. imi i.tdiiMt ol
tiif -ai. I i-tftl.-. Thu St-pi, Ml. iwiil.
TH r. IMiH, JiiAS it TRI HT CHI.
Hv A.lrtTii-. .1,-rmiH- tVt Annll.-ltt
iind 1. 1. Vv illmtiiH. Ait.
ValaabloTarniiuu L..nds fend
Town Lota for Sale.
I wilt "I'll tit I III- ! i ft hntltap tint i r In Vofl-tN-
N (' . on NAM KI'AY.oriHKKlIt.ittf,
I iVuVliM'k in . fur h, to thf hiKhfit hldiVr,
Utt- f..liiv i in .1 1 1 If.) val ntilli' rft rut:
l-t. A fit r in tn Hii'i-M t.. it-htp, li-n mil
utlt of ..t,nef ...ti tat W.ijf in tmu, ptin
utMii: 'iU efii. ninit or lt-. Almut lliw
ir' fin in "ii plm"'. if'KMl (Iwi'llinir anil out
'tit'. Ni-iir Ihf A Unit -luol. Ali ! n the
fiin-Mf M .itui-. t'i- W . drllil. leant!
ii aiHt 1" know. ii the Kruwn Lancy
M a inriii in niiinrn iii niii, ctintkltltni;
Kl iuti -. tin. in or It-, n-thitnihtf the lunn tif
I'l n'.lo It. Ik. .1 H Nn-li a n-l Minnr f unrier-
I'tii k. ti'.l.i lin tn't-n .hvTiiwrpit on thtn lni.
Iln- Inici i iH-nrlv nil Hell Mmtw-rt'd.
;in( A ini.-i .if l,,t-1 in Itiifont twnliin
kitoHii h" lltt- t'vrnti lnic 'Iht-rt In Kola
if or, tin- Irn. t, aIik'Ii iniilNltu t I m il I "ft
Tlt'-ri- in.- In or crt'- of ,N-n liul nn
i t t'iit't , ii li 1 1 I lie I'l' l h li'iiHtlt )ole n tt.
x IhkM iiit..ii till' Utl. Ik nf J. K. W. AllMtlll,
K. . nml uthi'r.
Ii A lot 111 l!ir i-lfy of IMnimie jt wi'itnf
j.u--i tii:.'r ih i hiuI U'tw it'll the tt., ('. A
iml M'. Knllroii'!, mui (ittilitiiniiK Umt
wiv. (i. S. i.KK,
A Iff nt for Mr-. A. A. leHltejr.
Mortgage Sale.
Hv vi nm of n nioi iL'.-ik'e tht'il tu u exfputeil
mi M'pieinU'i lHih. i I.. H K.lilnrt ihI re-
i-..r.. -l in ti Hii'i- of tiir Kfirii'r uf ttfiln(
I in-. ii i'oihiiv In lMik A H. ihu i afa. we III nell
t jiiiLhi iiiu-iitiii, Ht thf eitiirtnouxe dtMir In
on Saturday, October 10tht
1'.;, Mir follow I nf tru-tN nf In ml :
I lr-ll Tl-'lt't ; tjo1l1IMr tile lit inlet nf P. 8.
I tin l. I'fiir I'mu'. I . M Kinir. W. V. Broom,
I K Au-tln. .1 .1. K liiit 4 ti1 ollicrn, cil)UliiliiK
K iiiTi-. niorf or It
ec.. it. I Iihi-i : l in ir it ml ln-lnff In the town
of VVhxIihw. on Hit- North t.h of the rullnmil,
tt'ljoiiiiiiir tin' .t-lry Bitily lot, Nat Md'ntu,
ili-iiit-cd. tun! other. oin known i the It. ..
h:iv. or kllium (till loi. contithiiitK '4 aere,
ni'iivor It n. MiiKltoW, H KATI1 At ('(
Thli fi .t-mlif r "th, liKti. MtirtKaKWt.
Mortgage Sale.
It irltii' of
mi i he ftti ihiv i
V.r I. .in.) r
l-IIT of llfl'iN ft
..f tii'i'iK on (in
ttllctloH ill tin i
tii.ii itri nt't'rt etecutril to nn
.f .'i.nntry. In. yi. Ml lien H,
xtt-il in tht'omivufthe Ketf-
niiity. In Hmik A H
Hill & Bivens.
Dissolution Notice.
hVf lil mv bmpitt itn tn Munnvj-
tsi the l.tniln'V tlrncery t'onijusny. U tt will
for eoiiilitcteil ttjr them In tin future. All M
will te tMht hi the l.uM-ey tiron-ry I'uniM
nd all aoeminl due the ultl firm nni-i ! jwnt
the Maul i . it H niii
(teptemlarr Jlh. Im
Tax Notice.
I will be it the following placet on
the datet named for the purpose of
collection taiet for the year 1903:
Olive Branch, New Salem township,
Tburadty, October 1st, 190J.
Maithville, Marahvilla townihip,
Friday, October 1 id, 1903.
Horn't Store, Lane'. Creek town
ihip, Saturday, October 3rd, 1003.
Irby'i Sloie, Huford township,
Tueiday, October 6th, 1903.
Wailiaw, Jacltton township, Satur
day, October 14th, 1903.
Kedwioe's Store, Sandy MAgt town
thip, Wednesday, October 7th, 1903.
Indian Trail, Vauce township,
Thursday, October 8th. 1903.
I'niooville, Goose Creek township,
Friday, October 9th, 1903.
Mooroe, Monroe township, Satur
day, October 10th, 1903.
Those failing to meet me it the
above named placet and letlling tl eir
taies most setlle at the office by the
first day of December, 1903, and save
cost. Respectfully,
B. A. HORN, Sheriff
Sept. 3, 1903, of Union County.
r I nli.n
1- f mil nrli at imMle
iiirlli.ulH. III Mntirm.,
on 5nturday, October 10th,
ll.'.l. Mw f..ll.t mir ,l,.-,.rll,l jitii nf lanit. ly
mil mi. I Im iiii: 111 tin' ...inily iM nliin. Jhi'Iimiii
li.vwi-hi) 1 llif wni.T. ut UhiIibw i-lvi,
intirili.. Haj.ii.t I'liti'i-li. a.iji.lnliiir
Hi.- IiiimI. ..f I'. KriK.m. H. I. Ilfalli, aiM I. f.
I.hiiiK.i'i'IIIhihI"!' 1 'i ir-ri1.. ni.trr ur ia...
MlHtUntt, HKATH I II.,
Till. i.i'iti-nil..r 7th. li"i:i. M.irlflatteea.
Valuable One Horse Farm
For Sale!
Hy virtue of nn onlt-r of thrt'lerk of the fw
ticrior t'oiirt hi thf Nf!nl I'dweetlin where
iti I.. (V I'luft-r I- plHintiiT anil turifti I'hifer
Alll .illiiTs ure itrft'iHUhl". the naltl caiiw br-
luu for witle of laud fix ignition, I wtll.un
Saturday, October 17th. 1903.
the hour nf full tiHni ti n'rlrtr),, M..atthe
eotirtl'oiite li'Mir tn Monroe, . eiat for
air at (inhlie ai tn fur t-aeh to the hlfhent
l.nti1tr, a pert at n trmt or Nrrf of Unil ite.
i-rilw.l if follow-: l.yniv and ht-lntr In the
stfiie i-fNoiih i 'it ri l Ina. ( nlon Oounty.MaMh
ville tttnhl, on (he wairm of Ry
eiffh, N'ljoitiMiir tin land of M. J H-ini, A.
M t'rowi ll, Irvttiif I'hifer and oiheni. Itenifi A
mrt of tli old Tin nut, tin iti n estate land,
nti.l U'tllK tnoie jMirttt'Uliirlx ripewrllrptl In
.It'fil evei'Utrtl n H.H 1'hift-r an. I w tfe ht U.V.
I'tilfrr on 2int l;i of January. Iwn. rtinrtteil In
H-H'lt .'f. )Nkft' tv of tttttU tu the t.fflce of tha
Ki'tti"ter of Itoptla nf I nton t'oniiiy, N. V., to
whh-h "alii report I rpfertnee in lieretijr natie,
ponlalniiiff fortjr-ftvv aore, mure ur leaa.
The lerntu of le are eaxti.
Ttila Ht'titemlw r Hth. m.
t KAN K AHlHKl n,'..mBililootr.
Ai1nin. Jemme Armtteld. Attya,
fl cool Head
Is very desinble at this season.
Our clean, solid, pur. Ice il tha
best cooling medium yon can get.
In the refrigerator iti laating
quality makes it great economy.
It adds to the cleornesi and cool,
ness of summer drinks of all kinila.
Have oi to deliver it lo your res
idence daily. Ticketi for sale ia
any quantity. Phone 36.
afc, rOaaaya am4 btarter 'tt

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