North Carolina Newspapers

G. M. Bf. ASLtY, I
It. r . BEASLEY. i
TIF.SDAV. Srp.emter i, noj.
Justlinc With the Courts.
It will U' ivuieinUiwI that Joo. II
Tillman. e l.ii'nt. n.uit Cuivi-mur (
Riiith Cintliua, nu-t X. t5. IIhotiW,
frit'rf thv Columbia Stato.and shut
him dcul without a word from the
Luu-r an. I in a maitiM-r lliat has btx-ti
di-si'rik-d as ivl.l U.mthil in lite ex
1 1 vine, Iho nv-atHn U'in that
(niulis ii.iii m-MTi-lj iTilM-isiil Till
man in lus imiiT. lillman is a
ivphrw f S.,nai r Tillman, ami il
lias Urn frtvly niliot"d that he
woultl fs.-aK' any puuishim'tit what-
rvrr. Tin- Columbia Stale, owiitil
;in. iilitiil by tin- lirolliers of lh num. lias U'h.m-il a.limr
a lil v and 111 iiu uav snuvat U
I'lvjiiiluv iiblu'tinuii against Till
1 . , ,
man. mil 11 s k.c iasi .vt 111 a
in.! serious way o( what it allcgm is
piin? on. l,iiu'iilinj; a long edito
rial as to the il I tils of what it calls
an attempt in jiijlc with the courts,
il say :
"We are of l!i ise who have clothed
the judiciary of South Carolina with
a cl.wk of veneration. We have had
pride in itsabilily, honored its iiitt'j;
ntv and defendeil It from the assaults
of the Kiitii i.iiis Smlli Carolinians
may still maintain respect for thai
branch of the government, but we are
not without evidence of the most au
dacious attempt to iulluence, by v
litical pressure, the tribunal on the
incorruptability of wlneh the eop!e
have staked their lives and liberties.
For Hod's sake, do not shake their
contidetii e iii the courts .'"
The sptvilicationsaii'lliat a scheme
was planned and executed n hereby a
.Mr. (!.M v, who is not only very close
ly 'allied by ties of friendship and
oilics" to the Tilliiiaus, but is in
S'liator Tillman's household known
as "Cousin Frank." was assigned as
the judge to hold the h'ington term
of court which was to try .1. II Till
man. I lie excuse for tins appoint
ment was flint the bar of Lexington
had unanimously aked for the ap
pointment of Mr li.uv Hut it
turned out that the whole of fins liar
had ben retained as counsel for
Tillman' N'otw I'li-ianding the State's
protest, the trial of Tillman was
commenced at Irxington yesterday,
with .luiige (iaty presiding.
TIM PubUsWs mad U StibwiV TALKING
Our readers will agree that we
bav taever wtrruti ttVra with shop
talk. They will, therefore, wr are
sure, excuse us for indulging in a
bit of it no. We know quite well
1 hat it is not the custom of up-to-date
journalism to intrude upon its
reader w ith anything connected w ith
its business. If the publH-ation is
making money, welt and g"ol. that's
the publisher s business. If its -ing
money, that is likewise to be
kept to itself. But we aspire to be
only county weekly, and therefore
do as we please.
Nut ' I raid a Little Bit.
Aliout the most vigorous piece of
llea.-.paper l''.nglih we have mrn for
some lime is from the Augusta Chron
icle, which paper the bar-rooms of
Augusta llirc.ilened to boycott U
faiisc it advivated raising the license
f.v from X to sl.(HK). Here is
what the Chronicle says :
'Ttoycott? Ilovcott and lieilainneil
ail 01 ymi : h iiat, in (iikI s name, is
the average bar-room worth to a re
spivtalile newspaper, anvwav? What
are 1 hey worth to any other business
enterprise of this or any other city
vt nai are inev wonn to me coniliiu
luty as a whole? Ilovcott tlicl'linm
icle.ehy And while von are almul it
why not boveott e ery drv unIs mer
chant. every shoe merchant and every
clothing merchant, who agrees with
the Chronicle:1 ISoycotl them? W hy
mere imi 1 a one lliaf ilocsn t lose
every year a hundred tunes more
legitimate trade, through the failure
of some Kir wretch to provide him
self or his family w ith proper cloth
ing all of his money goes to
your dives for drink, drink, drink
than all of your dive-keepers and
their IicIk is ami their friends spend
with these merchants in ten vears
Ilovcott ! I )o you dare stand up and
draw such a weainiii against decent
public opinion when you are costing
every legitimate business enterprise
in this community dollars where von
lire spending dimes with them?
In his speech here the other night,
Jlr McCall said that when he ran
1 for the mayorship of Charlotte the
t'nion county folks living in that
town turned out in surprising num.-
Nth and voted for him. We don't
know how they vote away from home,
but we do know that then1 is many
a son of I nion living without our
borders, and just as soon as they get
over the "homing wpek at Greens
boro, we are going to start up a re
union for self-exiled natives of this
On the first page is a paragraph
from the. Charlotte Observer refer
ring to the report that one Hyder,
claiming to be a preacher in Mitchell
county, had five wives. This man
and the fifth woman claiming to be
his wife are now under arrest at Ma
rion, says an Ashevillc prcial, on the
charge of having murdered their
baby, five month old. The puzzle
to us ii why people countenance such
creatures as this enough to make it
profitable for them to pretend to
Smie years ago when cotton was
bringing live oeiits or thereabouts,
jnd everything else was cheap in
i.p'tmrtion. including blank news
paper and other supplies mvessan
in the making of a newsjiaper. we
began the custom of sending The
Journal to those who paid in advance
for seventy-five ceuLs Simv then
even thing has gone up and the
paper has !n enlarged and iiu
proved, but until this fall we con
tinned the priivnf seventy five cents)
in advance. 1 his fall we quit it. ami
have since tieen taking no advance
subscription except at the regular
price of one dollar. The paier that
we are making cannot be made for
Ibis it hurt us? Not with am
sensible man after the matter was
xplaiiicd. Only one man has .put
le got mad Uvause we couldn't
make an exception in his case and
said he would have all his neighbors
to int. Rut so far the neighbors
haven't done so, and the man is
doubtless ashamed of himself before
now Sensible neighbors don't act
at the suggestion of a man who has
We are not Niasting when we say
that the men who subsenlie for this
paper and pay for it do so Uvause
they like to read it. And we U-hexe
that uinety-iiiiie out of a hundred of
them w ill agree with us thai its tiftv-
two visits each year are worth one
dollar. We are proud of the list of
names of Cuion county ieopc that
stay on our lumks from jear to year
Some of them have lnvn with us
from the very beginning We want
them to stay. There arises a certain
attachment between the publisher of
and the suhscrilicr to a county pa r,
though thev inav never nun ! face U
face. The editor knows that th.
subscrils r is fond of the paper lie
cause he keeps taking it. and he 111
turn lieeomes fond of the man whoi
fond of him. Thai's human nature
Then the paT has a character of
its own which' the suhscrilier l
comes lo Know, ami the two tuvoini
old friends.
It is about come to the point that
a fellow feels skittish whenever he
gets on a train. Even if he isn't
uneasy, he is a prudent man who see
that his life insurance is on straight
before he boards a train.
1 tie journal, vvc icei sure, 11.1s
made some improvement as time has
jogged along. It amis to make more
The ambition of its publishers is t.
inaKt it an ideal nome paiier. one
that will interest lis readers ami lull
its tow n and county in every mssibl
wav. it wants to lie a worthv ilw
er 111 the county of its habitat. Il
wants to fairly and fully represent
the needs of its locality. It hasn't
come up to the full mark of this Ingli
calling yet. but it is endeavoring to
climb. Any help that its readers and
subscriber can give without incon
vciiienee to themselves will be apple
ciatcd. All item of new, a bit of
criticism or a word of encourage
ment, or a good word to a worthy
neighbor who doesn't now take it,
would not lie out of place. Mind,
we said a word of criticism -- we
meant il, too. We have never fancied
ourselves perfect.
When this paiier was established
over nine years ago, ieople said that
it cou 1.1 11 1 go. that there was no room
for it. Hut like most enterprises of
a worthy nature, it has made a place
tor itseir. It believes itself Mav t
lie eniovinir the resnect and eonli
leiice of a great number of the lies!
citizens of the countv. It certainly
has their upxrt. Il is yet looking
tor men like unto those it has found
It is not making anv siieeial effort t
get new names, but new ones n
coming all along. They are welcome
enough. The kindness with which
we have been treated by all was al
most a surprise to us we hardlv
knew there was so much of this irreat
quality in the world.
The White brothers of Concord,
who (hot and killed young Bussell
Bherrell in the p renew of bis
mother ia Rowan county after
charging him with ruiuiog their
niece, an account of which we gave
last week, waa admitted to bail by
Judge Brown taut Saturday. N The
bonds were $23,000 each and were
quickly made up.
- .... 1 , ...
.ow, we nave nad our utile saw
not because there was any particular
necessity lor it, but just Uvause we
felt like it. We haven't dunned anv-
body, either, liccaiise we did not feel
like it. Ti true that there are some
name on our books that lielong hi
people who haven't yet done whal
they might in the way of paying, but
we are expecting them to "come it
yet. If there be one among them
who has carelessly gotten behind and
cannot now catch up, we would he
glad to have him toll us no : at least
come in and talk about it. One of
the improvements that we expect U
make sometime is the commencing of
all our subscriber to pay in advance.
Bishop Hood to Preach.
The District Conference of the
A. M. E. Zion Church will convene
at Mount Calvary A. M. K. Zion
Church September 2flth, and the
anniversary or the birth of John
esley will be celebrated at Zion
Hall on Friday. It will be a irreat
occasion. The ministers of the city
are invited to the conference, and
also to toe anniversary day on Fri
day. Rt Her. Bishop J. W. Hood,
u. u., u U U., will preach at ML
Calvary A. If. . Ziou Church.
Monroe, N. C, October 4th, at 7:45
p. m. uur wnite friends are in
vited to come out and hear him ,
reserved seats will be provided for
mem. r. u. McCain, Pastor.
For fertilizers especially pre
pared for small grain see Collins
4 Biggers.
Go ta Collins & Biggers (or
shoes, trunks and hats. -
When ia need of fresh meat
pbona No. 91. J. D. Parker.
"What building m that f ' said a
stranger who was driving va er tow n
one day last week to see w hat man
ser of village this he.
"That's the eouiily home."
"To lie sure wot. nghl here ia the
suburtM of tow 0 !" ami surprise (ell
with every word.
Most of the county homes art- put
back in the country, niauy of them
iu the poorest place to tie found, as
if the w-ant help rendered the 11 11
fortunate were a great burden and
should be minimized as much a.
Mible. The CbeiderhYM Adver
tiser of last week contains a long
article di-scrihing a visit to a poor
tliud woman who had been thrown
upou the public charity by her
worthier people. She had Uvn
given some training at a sehool for
the blind to kmg as her poor father
lived ami managed to pay for it.
but he bad died, and from pillow
lo pMt she had Uvn kicked lUuit
bv her lieolde, and at last siiovwl
oil lo I he county home, which the
eorresHudeiit says is Mluated in
Hie black lands. All these year.
and lor the to that she h;s lovix
iu the home, she has begged pit
eously for a new hook with raised
letters for the blind. Only the one
book that she had at school Inks she
po?wtil, and now, at thirty years
of age. she yet reads it. In her
helplessness lor all the- years,
her whole desires have centered
in haviiiL' just one new hook, and
this Iteing dctiied her, alt wa
w ithheld. Now, 110 one would eon
tend for a moment that the count v
of t'hcNlerlifld, or some of the gtsid
rilieus thereof, would not have
provided this poor creatine so small
a Usui had the matter Us-11 brought
to light. The kivjicr of the home
was the culpable one alter the c.e-e
came under his care the xuut is
the carelessness and iiidnlorenoi'
that many counties show their 1111
fort unities.
"For several days now." slid a
visitor lat Saturda), "I have U-en
noticing the stock on the streets ol
Monroe. I have lieeii iu a good
many small towns, bill I have never
seen a place w here I lie horses mid
mules averaged up so well as they
lo here. The scarcity of soriv
stock is noticeable."
I 'id you ever think aUmt the w ay
people talk over the telephone 111
Monroe: 1 aney yourselt meeting
a stranger on the street and saying,
"Who are you !" lie inform you
that he is Mr. blank, anil you pro.
cccd to tell Ii 1 111 your business ith
out stating who you are or whal
right you had to wink him up and
demand bis name.
Ihlt this ihjiisI the style most eoui
munly used iu telephoning about
here. The 'phone rings. You rush
lo it. "Who's that I" is the de
iiiuihI. Now. you don't know who
is asking the ipieslioii, what blisi
lies be Inks lo ask it. or whether he
want you or not, and 11 man who
carts anything for the little niceties
of common intercom1 doesn't like
to lie sandbagged in that fashion.
anyway. II x nil knew it was a
Uisom Irieud who was talking, ou
would reply, "This is John : how
are you, old fellow f" If you knew
it was your neighbor's stable boy.
you would say, "This is Mr. Sound
So, what do you waul!" lint not
lieing able to rccoguie voices al so
great a distance, especially when
they are Hi range ones, and not w ish
ing to give oil. 'Use. and Hot know
nig whether the first citieu of the
town or a coon delivery Uiv is al
the other end, you com prom ise by
merely saying, "tins is lilank.
I his way ol opening up the eon
versa! ion w hen one person calls up
another, which is so prevalent in
Monroe, is utterly wrong, not to say
impolite. Suppose I call up some
one. Iu the hist place, I am the
one seeking informal ion, therefore
the one to lie accommodated. In
the next place, I am beginning the
interview ; I know who is talking
at this end and I know who is want
ed at the other end. The person
answering the call know neither.
I therefore have no right to demand
that he shall proclaim himself lie
fore I tell who 1 am and w bom I am
seeking. Then, worse still, most
people not only demand that the
party answering the call shall tell
hi own name, but they w ill, hav
ing found it out, proceed with the
conversation without telling theirs,
leaving him to guess it or go in
ignorance. This would do as a joke,
but as a propositiou of common
sense and good manners it is bail.
Wouldn't it lie just a easy to pro
feed in this manner, when you
make a 'phone cull and it is an
swered at the other end by a
"hello! " from some one w hom you
may not know and who certain v
doe not know ymi I just say :
"inis is .Mr. lilank ; I want to
speak to Mr. Mo ami So." Then, if
the one at the other end i the man
Give us a rest on "Who's that f 1
'Cotton has thrown up the
a 1 v. -aur m-tyM I ' . . . ,1 ...... k.. O aw.. it . . L -II I . -. . . ..... - . I
nun me rmrLb '" , v "s " nt hi iiavk nlS wlhc. 1
can tne proier one. ur, 11 yon are j
too dirtidrut t put a "Mr." km, Pnttai rvhavior aa I'm
your uaitie, w hit b it loproiier to do, ' .. . . . , ,
jiistsav- ertliy Huhaml and Tather.
. - I l'ti"ttr II -1rr. -te.aiatl,
-This is John Muith (or Bill! lhl. rnrt r , wouuul
Joiwa or h;"ever name you go ,rj,lfJ -lrllliM- , nxtm OB
by f; islbat 3h. Uvmmr ithesresKKl Hour vt the Wilkinson
iu lining ypMrruay anernoon.
The nioitt fnerd (he si reel, and tlie
people on the udewalk across the
up the .i..., .,1. o,. ,...i..
s,m.,ge " Mid Mr. J. II. tiriltiu ofi,,,,, mmtmmnirtmtmau.
t:m..; an uie growing mil 11 win ,a llul(VIUll - ,h.
. .. , , - -
placed under arrest Henry
. .1 .1 . . ! Moore. The woman that he had
"There is one tiling that a .-olloii ,.,.,. v hu
weigher earns, said Mr. I. t j xhe ,w ,h, iu W
bickett. who ULuiee the sttv! w of lbr Clwa that ruslietl np
yards ,. ih, M.u.roe ,.!atr..ii.i. ., , for ,,'.
-and that is a beal.hy ap ,iU Ml.n tJW.ullni ,he vr.
tile. And after eating a live 'ramUh of the Manufacturers' Club,
o cl.H-k breakfast, and doing with ;,,, the rillr,k,,w Ulh Mrt
out dinner til, late in the artermsm. of , iW fur
ur uorsii i pmeior any "' i icaeies, ,1 .
I nsh H4t.ies and hhs and .. . , . , . . f , , ,
1. 1 1 . . 1 1 . .
oar..,, am, w.i on , are .. ....., , mM Wlk m , ,
enough for I...,, jn uu hw wm
.vim .nr. i.ickiu iiem uioii ins
The alarm was given and soon I 1
Bargain Getters
Bargain Givers
of all kinds of Dry GooJs. Buyers just back from the
Eastern markets, where their purchases have been great
er than ever before. Our fall purchases dato back from
the first of last December and especially of nil kinds of
staple goods. Wo got in right on tho "ground floor."
dinner bucket, the size ol which -well,
that's bis husiiH-s.
Kver notice how hungry the gro
CfiAiiicti f Monroe alwax seem for
chickens and eggs and country pro
ducef Not a one of them that ad
vertises at all but that wants you
to briii!; hi 111 these things. And all
the year "ronud gixnl prices are
paid. KgJTs for iustaiH-e. Used
ollen lo go U ggiiig on this market
during the summer at live cents a
doen. Now it is a rarity lor them
to go less than twelve and a half.
List wivk the price went to twenty
cents and w ill not go under that
U'I'ore next spring. "Why do these
splendid prices hold out so well f"
the reporter asked Mr. W. .V. Iluey
of Criiiier .V lluey's.
"Thole's the irret," replied Mr.
Iluey, pointing to a buy of eggs
marked "liieshain Jamison,
Hamlet." "These men buy bun
drills of dollars' worth of this
stull." be com iniied. "nol only in
Mmiroe, but nil iiiniig the line,
clear into the mountains. Thai
keeps the pre -sup. We never have
a surplus. Cut Hie best pait of it
is thai nearly all ol the money that
comes this wav goes into the hands
of the w omen and child: eu. When
a man sells you eggs and chickens
and you ask him if he wants trade
101 1 iiem, nine nines out 01 leu me 1 , ... .1; ... ui,: ...
......le - .11 I-. .V.. II.... I... I I-""" -"
, 'i'I'V 1 ' .1", in' i" i...; in'
the old woman,' or the children.
This is a side income an. I furnishes!
many a dollar lor the good wives'
to siend upon themselves and chil I
'Ksi. W. A. Chancy of (loose
Creek is a school committeeman.
, . ,. . ; 1 i line 111111 iigain lie 11111 111111, see
;u.rf,u' "u,, ''V"'" " ing lo act unconsiiously. or by i
young children to school. "I am I ,,,,, "
ready for si hool to U'gin now," he
remarked Saturday, "and run sev
eral months, too. We've got to
have Im ei schools. This thing of
each school district voting to help
its own school is the thing, and I
U'lieve that il sill spread all over
I nion colliily. It just nerds some
one to start the work mid talk and
explain it to the people in each
Mr. ,T. C. 1'iesley of lioose Creek
says thai he can beat 'Squire W. II.
Vustiu in the hay business, lie
says that he has already nut tin
thiity -two loads of hay, none of
which weighed less than 1,,'iiKi
poum.s: ,nai ne ,as iwelve acre llf .,.,,,,.
nunc 10 t-111 ior iiuuseii, ih-siiics
cutting for his neighbors. He has
sold seven loads in Monroe mid fed
four mules all the year.
Place Not Supplied.
i':i;l-l -Or 1 ' t-r.
Mr. Jjs. S. Helms asked The
Monroe Jiurnal: "Will no man up to take the tu.e i f Hill
Arp?" Maybe maybe not
I 'nil Arp w as a fireside philosopher.
Hy the light of a small kerosene
lamp.or maybe, by that Riven out
(torn the fireplace, the father of
the family read his letters aloud
after supper while the wife knitt
ed and the children sat around
with their hands chsptd about
ihrir knees There is a common
understanding that the world
dosen't miis anybody very bine
that somebody rises up and takes
the place of ths biggest man that
was ever barn. Cut there is one
dead man whose place has never'
been supplied liill Nye. '
irons ami other appliance. Mr.
MiNire bad advertimsj himself as a
hat cleaner. Mrs. Moore did all
the work and did it well. Mr.
Moore spent all the niouey. That
was the story that was told in a
few words to the police.
"He asked me for a dollar, t'
said Mrs. Moore. "That was about
all I bad, but I gave it to him.
He drank more, and came iu and
asked for hi diuner. I gave it to
hi in, and then he arose ami began
to strike me."
I Hood trickled slowly from her
nostrils. Her white drew had
U-en toru at the shoulder, and her
tlesh bad leen lacerated by finger
nail. She sank iuto a chair and
bowed her head and looked hope
less, miserable.
'ailing,"said Mr. Moore, who
was very much excited and plainly
under the influence of drink.
Oh. stop it," said Policeman!
Torrenee, "and come 011 here with
"hailing," cried Moor again,
as be walked toward his wife.
Then Torrenee and Yuudle grubbed
him by either arm and seemed pre
pared for a rough house.
Moore broke away fur a moment,
"I say," he said, "hasn't a man
rights and privileges in hisowu
lioiiie? llarling, dress a soou us
) mi can, mid darling come down to
and testify for
Mrs. Moore didn't eveu look up.
Her little son, Harold, a bright
little chap of lour years, ran to her
and, catching hold of the piece of
torn tlivss that fell down to disclose
her tlesh, jealously arranged it so
Ihn' il hid Ins mothers injuries.
l ime mid again he did that, sec 111
st 1 net.
The policemen carried Moore
from the room.
Harold grew wide-eyed with
fright. "Mama," he said "they
11 ix' taking In 111 away
He made a break for the door
and was caught and held bv a re
porter. Iu a frenzied little way he
j rushed for the window uud tried
to open it so he could see Hie last
of bis father, and again, for hisown
safety, be was pulled back. He
came to his mother mid once more
covered the wound on the shoulder
and complained uUml the cruel
handling of hi father.
I "It's all over uow," said Mrs.
.MiKire, w ho seemed lo lie a woman
"My husband did
badly iu Augusta, (ia., and we
came here and were doiuir well
I when be again began to drink. I
j begged him not to do it, told him
j that this was a small place and that
j if be iM-enme dissipated it would
; ruin bis business, but he paid 110
attention to me. He has sicut ul
most everything we had and I dou't
know what to do."
Mrs. Moore said she wished to
return to lier people in Savannah,
declaring that they had said that
they would gladly welcome her if
she would leave her husband.
I.V Coy Heavy Kihhed Hose at . 10c
u down Boys' extra heavy two in one riliu-d
)ie, sues 6 to 10 . This bargain should be
of interest to every mother; a regular 15c seller
w hile they last at 10c
New Fall Dress Goods Novelties in
Cotton Goods.
Fresh arrival of all (he novelties in heavy cot
ton fabrics, including the heavy figured mer
cerized cotton Madras in white and colors; fleece
hack I iqmw and Madras in white brocades and
colored figures; also newest of all the Table
Itamask effects in white mercerized Madras.
Fall Novelties in Wool Goods.
Some of the new fabrics in Wool Soods we have
that w ill be very stylish for fall and winter wear
are a full line of Camel Hair in the two toned
effivta, including the black ami grey effects
which are csvially smart Full line of smooth
surface fimd including close woven Sergio,
Venetians, Craniles, Seolian plain and metallic
Mohairs; Itrnad Cloth. Henriettas, Cashimeres,
Special Value in Table Linen.
We have a limited quantity of 70-im h Table
Damask, 75c quality, absolutely all linen that
we offer while it lasts at " 50c
1.25 Napkins at $1.00
50 dozen more of those $1.25 all linen Napkin
Sheet Special.
72xOO bleached Sheet, splendid quality domes
tic but with seam at 39c
Another lot Ms'JO bleach Sheet, good quality
domestic, without seam at 50c
Belk Brothers.
Cheapest Store on Earth 1 Wholesale and Retail.
Hurt In a Runaw ay.
C..rn' of The J'Smtat.
Marshville. Sept. 28.-Cotton is
coming rapidly and the farmer are
ssettling their accounts and buying
their winter supplies, And there i
no U tter place than Marshville for
high priced cotton and low priced
Mr. llerUi'l Iowciyof While Store
hapieiied to a very painful accident
at the cotton platform Thursday.
While wailing for hi cotton to ls
unloaded his mule became fright
ened and ran. throwing Mr. lowerv
under the wheels of the wagon and
bruising h 1 1 11 up right badly.
Dr. J. A. McKac of White Store
was in town Saturday.
Mrs. A Marsh returned last
week from a visit to her areiit in
l.indsford, S. C.
Mr. Henry (intlin of this place ha
taken charge of a railroad section
near Wilmington and will move hi
family in the near future.
Dr. Watt Ashcraft of Monroe ient
last 1 uesdav here.
Mr. K. II. Moore of Hamlet was in
town Thursnl.iv.
Mr. Frank Harrell and MissCullie
Marsh siicnt Sunday with Mr. Har
rell' mother in Lines Creek town
Mr. Citurge Marsh, travellingnale-
man for Allen Hardware Company
of ( harlot te is in tow n todar.
Prof, and Mr. Dowd and Mis
Annie Stewart siicnt Saturday in
Recently a cow belonging to Mr,
H. J. Wall, of Waltown, gave birth
to a calf iu a pasture, and Mr. Wall
not knowing that the calf had been
Unn, had the cow driven to hi lot
and confined. Tenjdays later the
rail wits round In the pasture alive,
but very weak. It was brought to
the cow, w hen it went to sucking al
once anil I now, or was at last ac
counts, doing well. Wadesboro
Messenger and Intelligencer.
I desire to thank the people of
.Monroe for the good patrouage ex
tended me during the summer, and
to announce that I am making
especial preparations to give them
a good fall aud winter service.
will have on baud constantly the
U-st meata obtainable, and will
have a nice market and a prompt
ana good service. Ii. .. W bite.
The Fcople Is
My Business,
and I have learned that QOOD
Q00D5 at fair prices, honest I
weights and prompt delivery I
the only way to please the trade
Best Cheese,
Good Roasted Coffee from i:
to 1 cents.
Hams from 12 to 16 cents. -I
carry a full line of everything
Pricet and goods guaranteed.
If yon have never tried mi
with an order, now it the time,
nd yoo will surely be a reRulir
customer. ......
Respectfully, . '
Pbooe sot.
Tti6 Sweiiest, Most FasWonable
and Best Fitting
ever shown in Monroe for Fall and Winter
1903, is now pouring in at the
Clothing Establishment of
-A. LEVY.-
The High Art Clothier.
The Fall styles are now ready, and the
new lines include the very finest it
is possible for expert tailors to make.
Our Dry Goods and Millinery Departments
are also just what they should be.
Sale of Farming Land.
Hr virtue of kulhorltjr nittfrrml mi m ttjr th
irri ih inr nu)rir e.tun, in a )M-ital pri
tw1ln lii.lltinil hjr J K. c.mik.r,
smlih and iitlirra. utin.t a. M. Cuntlor and
.Hlirrs, I will.
Monday, November 2nd, I90J,
ei.Mr In Ml to the hlrKMt bl.l.lrr, it thf
r..urt li.iu ir In lit ti.wn or M.mria, N. e.
llir MlMWlntf rtVMTthert l.l-v or imtvr) ir land
hi.iinil.! and dewrllrd a- fulli.w.: ftrtfiiiiiiua
al a rn-k It. a w o and d.wiNMl, MrK.irlr'.
.-.truer, arid run. with a ..r hi. line. N. II1, R
I" admin lo a pile ol .tone.; Inenre N ;.
H a, ,-haln. to a r.ll ; thence N. It J (al
rlintn. to a t,H-k In a dlu-h; thenee ft UK,
II .1 chain, to a .lake hjr a amall aweel rum, i.
I Th..mnii'. corner. Ilicn.-e Ith hi. hue M.
II W I U eham. lo a hlck'ir hvatilne. theiica
V HL, W. chain, loa 'lake In a Mad. K.thrr
M.ariie.' corner; thenee lth her line S 4 W.
" chain, to a 11. n .her corner, alMt a corner of
ll.e , thence llh a line or the .lower ft,
bi K. HI H chain, loa .take on Ih K. al.let f
a p..l, a dower rainier In J. t. e.mdor'a llne
thenc with wld line N. K. t ahaln. bi a
.lake, wld t'omhir'. corner , themar w m K au,
chain, to the henliinliiit, containing Ion jr. three
IU. acrea mnreor lew. And alaa a remainder
n the I, .owina- rte-crlhnl tract, mihject to the
lirce.tatenr Amanda Hoillh In the r.illowln.T
tract: Mdrtnnlim al a D. n.. He.ter H.vwood .
corner, tl.cncc with her line, cnaMlnir the rall
road and pa..lna hereorner M tkf W. la alchalt a
to a .tone . ihcntar A nl W T ehalna to a nlle of
"lone. . thence 8 MkX l.chaln. to a rock la
the eurface, flaturallr. J. V. Kate, comer,
1 hence with Iwo of hi. Hum N W. Il It It
cnain. tat an elm in a rocwoi.w ; thence II Ta v..
alchaln. lo a nek ; thence N at. K It chain.
to a Make; thence N a.fia rliatn lo the
netflnnlnv. eontalnlrtt II S acre aoire or a.
loa a iari iw ine r.n r.untor land.
Term, of aale; line third ca.h and lha ee.
atalmler cm a credit of II monlha. with III reel
at n per cent from Hate of vie. .
ini. in m .tar or FtepreralRir, WW
K a. HriiwUcCoamlaalnim.
Redwln 4 mark. Atlya.
Personala From Wanllaw.
Correapnailcacr of Tim iournal.
Wanllaw, 8eit. I'fi. Owing to
the droiiKht crops in thin aection
are nearly pitlieml, but furmcru
are in kixmI heart ao long aa they get
ten centd for ctiltoii.
Mini Helen Hoyle left Mouduy
fr Wilmington, where she hn.s
t.ikfu a ptMition aa toacher iu a
graded school.
Mi Tearl Rodman ftHnt lust
Saturday and Hi! inlay at Waxhuw.
MifM FltMMie Trice ia nHiidiiig a
few weeks Willi her parents, school
having siiHpentled at Weedey t'liiiH'l
ior work.
Mr. Will Hchell, formerly of
Charlotte, haa enter-il the Wed !
dington School. j
Mr. Victor Hunter haa taken a
poaitiouaHNuleNiimn with Mntthewsl
McManus at Van Wyck, tS. ('. j
mix xx 111 l(ctwluehruipurcliiMcd
a lot here and will move sometime
111 me uear miure. nf JOU tver w
Mauler Joe Hiiilmm Is recovering'
iroin a liglil altactt or lever. I 777T "
Mi-a Iteula I'rii-e will leve Tuea- W . . RE,-?,L!?rTb? ch"p:
Lit. r... ii,a,tii..iu v.... 1 .. t iu town 111 I KILE autl cowl
day for theState Normal at (.reens- ,h, jn CH AL,TV, A olk
' x- 'uruleeil. W. Oburn, at Ovum's
Buggies and Harnesi for Sale. "'.
I have a lot of luiiririea anil ImrJ Our Ice House is opposite I I.
iieai, both new aud accoml hiiml, to1 Lockhart & Co.'s store. Phone
he sold at a bargain for the next iu when you want Ice. No 36.
thirty days. C. t". Sikeh. i . Cadi eu & Wallace.
W. C. RAPE hat accented a po
sition with Hit new Union countv
lilt inauranre company. See him and
take a policy. This ii a hoina com
pany and (uroiihci the cheapest ia
urance that can tie haj. Now is the
lime for our people la joiu.
CUtSCRIHF.RS tollie-Ladieallome
J Journal," Saturday Evening Pol"
"The American M-seiirr," "biblical
Recorder," "North Carolina Hiplial,"
pleae rive your aubicripliona lor any
of the above uamrd p.ip-rt 1 1
Mim Hiillie Helk.
owiiiK me fur prufcssioual aervirei
ill find the account! with Mr. Philip
Whitley or Mr. H. W. Punaer, sod a
prompt payment of all accounts is re
quested to be made lo either of Ilia
above gentlemen. A. I). N. Whitley.
WHEN you want Ice phone jiS.
Prolltnl delivrrv anrl limia-al tkil,t
j Ca.lieu ft Wallace.
WE now have the nicest pork sail
use, freah pork haul! ami steaks
Phune ns No. 66,
H. I. While.
This is for you,
If you owe us.
collected; and
Union County Bonds for 8alo.
Th rmnty rnnmlitnfninf 'tm rotifit,
MC.. will, until UoX.wk nf thrlMh UJ
krh(M nf .Mfta.r-lv lmi i nUm etsuniy, t
i ovi-xiiniiukitofi nc oi4 HtMvarwii(Niarfrli,
tmrtrui alt wrt itanl. Iul4r nr n nil wm. nv-
M KHnHkllr nm lh lrw dar nt Juuirraf
" ymr until llw mftlun, rvwnlnv ln r
nrl mw-Mili ii nid faitcifti nWnt4t an sir
mty ai tht nnN uf ih l-rn .if rr.nalsa.ii.
r Th iHipin(i mr nmttl im pmymmt f
fniilf UiN. Tha bnt an lu4 Vr
act ut the Unrml AMrMhlf M MuTth lro
l.n,, titithriitnir ihetr Imm to tnnd th tmr--nl
imliM(Hlntai if ihiMintf , ratirWd nm tn
tuh rU rmrr. IM. Th Imard Mrvt
the rtM lo tpi m mnA all hhfai. If imi etl
fttnr. A. (iKiMiKii. rKatrmaa
a M KTK W AH T. rr.
Tt.t Utt Q$ vl $pttt M.
'' . ' ' ' . 11
Our money must bo
without nny excuse we
ask you to come and make immediate
settlement. This year there will ho
No Exception
to the rule; and if it is your intention
now not to pay, but request us to carry
over your note or account, you are go
ing to be disappointed. Wc arc going
to have our money and you can govern
yourselves accordingly.
The Heath-Lee
Hardware Co.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Tel.. LmttVO ErcrSO; L
l ww mbim t s tils ai it m Hk i!natnr. SxZr
klTwwIeay, .
on tverv
T .w

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