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MONROE, N.C., TU ll Y OCTOBER 6 1903
One Dollar a Year
Why Macedonia Rebels.
riwi " Th Maeed-Kma Kninlr," hr -a
ertraa BWa ta Ttl'fcei;. ' I the Aaliea
NMalhi antra u( ira. hir HD-ita-r.
Si far an iw-re nut race and euw
p Ihi'rr iii inUtlly ut miu'h to
cIh.wc la'twtvn llulpli uin homitatljl
ami Turkish im-ciilar. lm IkIi
Ltml u Unite s'-iiihtw and
rajiiM appiar every lioro. It u rany
to make a ras fur i-itht-r iuV Thr
irnl exti-.-is.ii an luitloittiUiJIy by
il'wk'm. .v.tlnnc can fx.tju.vruU'
ml no 'nl that can bt printed
can dcscrilic, the uie and hrnr if
the jiasi ix month in M.ntiKmia
fmni Turkish tnmpa, regular and
irregular. Nut all u told in
true, but cikinh is true In make
worse horrors tlian any man dare tell
Hut Tin kish oppression lias this
about it that it lirvetU marines.
There is a righteous insanity whk-h
iresion must breed if freedom is
U be won. (iiuii Russian policy as
it now stands, and there i no pros
pivt in any course but the hoiieles
Klriijytle into which the host of young
lluljraria ha Hung itself headlonir.
a though life were the least f
earth goods. Turkish administra
tion has suffered the loss which (
Diet all thing Turkish under the
present Sultan. Much once escaiied
the old rude mctliods. As the ma
ehine improve it grind the more
mereiles.'.ly. The Macedonian far
mer pavs a lithe ot iz; er cent., an
iniHTial tax of 15, and faces an ex-
Nrt duty of 8K,rcent., per cent.
ill all. Ilcad tax, license. nutl taxes
w ith no nds and all the various
imiost, from 35 to 15 per rent, of
the produce of lnlr, are swept into
the gatherer s or. worse, tax farmer s
hands. Heavy taxes exist in all Con
tinental r.uroK', witness Italy ; but
nt least then1 is legal security. In
Turkey, while there is peace ami
much prosieri!y for many, ami
steady grow th of wealth and imputa
tion, there is never aeriirity. This
oppresses like a nightmare. More
than once. I have seen the immigrant
from Turkey in this country who
there had enjoyed some ease, posi
tion and wealth, and who here was
vainly struggling for a hare, hard
lircliluaxl, and, when I spoke of the
contrast, have Urn instantly lold
that this was a small prim to pay
for the men1 sense of security under
law and freedom from' arbitrary
Strenuous South Carolina Sheriff.
lrunltum atrtatt.
Nuluilu' slier i IT la a strenuous
man. He believe that uny white
man ha a right to kill a negro
without being rulled to account. A
few day ago he concluded to re
move a negro that was in the way.
lie had no trouble in getting rid of
him. A warrant was issued for
him, but he refused to go in his
own jail or surrender the keys to
the coroner. The sheriff, of course,
was released on bond, but he claims
that the charge of murder doe not
disqualify him for the duties of the
office. The coroner haa apjiealed
to the tioveruor for advice Can a
ahcriir indicted for murder, al
though rcleaacd on band, discharge
the duties of office and act a sher
iff during bis owu trial t This is
the question.
Confessions of a Priest.
Ilev. Jno. 8. Co of Wake, Ark.,
writes, "For twelve year I aufTeretl
from Yellow Jaundice. I consulted
a number of physician aud tried
all Wirt of medicine, but got no
relief. Then I began the use of
Klcctric Hitter and feel that I am
now cured of a disease that had me
in its grasp for twelve year." If
you want a reliable medicine for
Liver and Kidney trouble, stomach
disorder or general debility, get
Klectrie Hitters. It's guaranteed
by English Drug Co. Duly 50c.
Appendicitis from Moustache BIN
A recent telegram from Sioux
City, Iowa, convey the Informa
tion that while operating upon a
man In that city for appendicitis,
the surgeons found in the nppcu
dix a number of hairs which
matched the palieut's moustache,
(but were different from the hairs
- ou hi head. These were pronounc
ed the direct cause of the attack.
After reeoyering coimcioiwiieaa,
Snyder acknowledged that be had
a habit of continually biting the
ends of his moustache.
Scott 'Emulsion is the
means of life and of the en
joyment of life of thousands of
men. women and children.
To the men Scott's Emul
sion gives the flesh and
strength so necessary for the
runt nf rnnsnmntinn and the
repairing of body losses from
any wasting disease.
For women Scott's Emul
ion does this and more. It is
a most sustaining food and
tonic for the special trials that
women have to bear.
To children Scott's Emul
sion gives food and strength
for p-rowth of flesh and bone
and blood. For pale girls,
. I I :,t,t.. Cea'a
tmulsion ts a great help.
stand for frMmpl.
rrvTT BOWNL Chemteta.
Ana. i ari atraat. New VoraY-
. BOe. nd il.OOl CUldruMlita. j
Public (Opinion.
Local Taa a Big Investment.
Nl.editllle N..aae.
There are lot of imnile who hurt
their own financial interest by U-iug
i too nellish. In this age of education
'and pnpvs people want to live
I w here they ran have acres to a pl
scliool. They will pay more for land
near a pt-rnMnrnt vlnl. If you
have no children to educate it will
' pay you a big er cent. Ui vote a sk
cial tax and establish a ermaneiit
'school in vour borne district. It will
cnliance the value of your land. If
you don't believe it. just go into any
section where they haveagood
and price the land and vou'll be coii-.........I
(Uatof Um Hodara t alon, of MlMoori, WanU to Drown fcm.
wrtua from 403 WhltMy BuUdtaf.aUo- 'i-h N' l obmr.
e city, Mo, follow i I It is reported Unit some folk in
" AsWBwaaiwtejfc;ldeigh. who have a cotton string
fat from atrers Urmia, tm ntmH at '!' l'e bat-kbone i in all
MfJmfulmxMtat. I took ikn SomIm tnie men, hesitate to vote for a dis
i Atraaa. to a Morl llmtlwMcmaf' K-nsary Uvause they are afraid they
phuty mtarW, W to-4f Im tm may '" the trade of I few aloon-
-. ' - - - nn-iicrs' li is also la ken mai mere
mat la mYllH." K & VAVOHN. U" nien in olhce in llileigh and men
If too do not doriT prompt and alu- 'lu wish ollice. who are either as
factory ratolta from in oa of Partus, dumb as oyster or lighting for the
arrtte at one to Dr. Ilartnua, rtTiog a bars, because they are afraid toof
foll Ulemot of your east and ha will ' fend the saloon vote!
bt plamd to ilr. yoa bl Ttluabl ad- u j, MtsiMe that there are a dozen
""'"" . 111 te fe Hows of that strine in t ie
roikI ritv of ludciL'h? If so, sonic-
Incident and Commc i
In reipoiiv to an invitatio u .
tlie llraix h Nornud tVllcgc . .
at liie Itlufl, Ark , in the e n. o'
Si.iiIh rn lour by him, form r l'i
dcnttiroverCh-vt laihi hat .i"..
folkm to IVf. I.aac Fislk'
tal of the mllcge :
"The n-ports in tlie pn-s i... .
ing that I intend soon to o -
to the Swith are enlirth
foundation. I have had n
tent ton, tlMnigh I know th. i
enjoy sinh a trip. If it
that I were to nuke sis li a . .
aune U the State of Arka .
not kno of anything lli.
like better than l ay a
1 -it
A Uaston County Farmer Talks to
brother Farmers in a Most Fn
tcrtainlnf Way.
Hie ideal Imhih nmst U- in tlie
Hut nr. It i iniIv lh-r- that one
'in have the sum-nndinc-i th:it an
in Incite to quiet and l-ace and
i v l in tlie delights that nature pn-
' -(.ry one of us tires of arti
.t No matter liat the attr.M--i
v I-, then1 coiik-s a time w hen
v loiij?-r please us. We turn
Three Brothers Die Toirether
Electric Chair.
Cl.ll.Uir.. N. V.. In.Htlrk. l-l
Without f-ur iu their facra or a
falter in their HterH, Wills, Hurt on
aud Fred VanWormer weut to the
electric rhuir iu tlintou prison nl
IMiiueiuora aud paid the priiulty
oi Ilirir erinie at drecmlale on
t'hrit mas eve t wo years Ago. The
yoiin men, nothing; but Us.
whose iiivht rides iu Columbia
comity terrorized tbe eaeeful far
mers for yeans who gradually de
veloied from mere inixhief mak-
ic n. Met retreat to pna-ure a rest I ers into thieves, and from thieves
"' !!"' Lials and ierpleities of . iutobaru burners, until they wound
i ;.. life, and mi city resident up their riot on carver in thede-
AddraM Pr.IUrtmtn, PmldeBtof Tha
Bartnua Bultarlom, Oolamtxu, 0,
Dowie's New York Trip.
KrlttMh. W U , II-iwIfIi.
IVwie's followers are sacriticiiii;
much to raise funds to aid the New
York invasion trip. Manv who can
not p an giving money to send oth
er, itiose wlio liave not monev
liave given various kinds of pncrty
to lie sold.
People have already txvn assigned
to place in throe of the Sectal
t nn ns. ideal ticket are sold for the
entire stay in New York. Itowicitcs
an- being detailed for difTcn-nt duties.
such as guard work, kitchen and
dining room and nursery.
r.lnah Hospice at ion t ity is to
! turned into a big nunterv, where
children of K'rsons who goriast will
lie cared for.
Held HU Skirts Wronf .
Witliurn, Mam., hi-paloh.
hti'sscd in hi sister' best dn's
and picture hat, Arthur Diitlerlly of
41 Ibx-k stnrl, Uiwcll, IlitU-d atsuit
the st reels of Wobiirn last night, at
tempting to llirt with some of the
gav young men of Wobum, and was
am-sted by 1'atnilman Walsh, who
guessed his identity fnmi the way
the young man held his skirts.
In vain did Ilutterlly crnix the pa
trolman hi let him go. "No woman
ever holds her skirt like that," said
Walsh. "You hold it as if it was hot
on the inside and you had to hold it
awav from you. A woman just pulls
it around to one side if she's a young
one, and if sties married she gratis
it with both hands, one on each side.
Come along, young mini."
Maggen-tl by the nthcer know
edge ltutterlly, who is in hi teens,
confessed that he had done it for a
joke, lie got a night's lodging in
the police station.
Saves Two Irom Death.
"Our little daughter had au al
most fatal attack of whooping cough
and bronchitis,'" writes Mrs, W.
K. Halivand of Armonk, N. Y.,
"but, when all other remedies
failed, we saved her life with Dr.
King' New Discovery. Our niece,
who had consumption in au ad
vanced stage, also used this won
derful medicine and to-day she is
perfectly well." IH'sperate throat
and lung diseases yield to Dr.
King's New Discovery as to no
other medicine on earth. Infallible
(or Coughs and Cold. 50c. aud
I.IK) bottles guaranteed by Eng
lish Drug Co. Iruil bottles free.
Sharp and Flats.
Mr. Illington Herbert, you are
bn-aking my heart! Only think of
their finding you at 3 this morning
hugizmga lamp iot!
Illington My dear, it surely isu t
possible that vou are jealous ot a
lamp pout? New Yorker.
"Mr. Mills," said the spokesman
of the workingmen s committee, "we
have come to tell you, ir, that we
want shorter hours, and
"Very well," interrupted the busy
manufactunT, "we'll begin right off
with shorter dinner hours." Phila
delphia Press.
Mr. Nextdoor (to little Willie, who
has been invited to dlnnerV W hat
part of the chicken will you have
Willie r
Willi (earnestly) Rome of the
white meat, part of a wing, a piece
of the second joint, some shilling, tlie
gizzard and some gravy, please
Mamma made me pnvnise not to ask
to be served more than once. Judge.
"What a queer fad Mr. Dashing-
ton has started since returning fnun
her latest visit to (South Dakota.
"IX) you mean the Popular society
favorite who has had so many di-
"Yes. HI has had her wedding
ring put on a chain and is wearing
them as a necklace. It is awfully
fetching, too. New York Herald.
Broke Into HU House.
8. Le yuinn of Cavendish, Vt,
ih robbed of bis eostomary healta
by invasion of Chronic Constipa
tion. When Dr. King's New Life
Pills broke into bis bouse, bis
trouble was arrested and now bo is
entirely cornl. They are guaran
teed to core; 25c. st English Drag
bodv ought to spit on them and
drown them.
The Color Line in Indiana.
Hrwn mt t iWrtir.
The school boanl of Princeton, In
diana, refused to admit a Filipino to
the public schools, because he was
not white. The "color line" sei-ms ti
flourish in Crumpackcr's State.
Labor Unions Trying to Force the
suir-KTltlr landmark.
Some time ago, as was noted at the
tune, one Miller, assistant foreman of
the government printing ollice at
Washington, was cxelled from a
lalmr union hi which he belonged
and then, on demand of the union.
was removed from his place in the
government printing ollice. In a
very short time Miller was nMiistated
bv order of President ltoosevelt, the
president declaring that the fact that
a man did or did not U'long to a
union should not prevent his Iring
eligible to government employment
for which he was otherwise htted
All fair-minded ieople applauded
this diclarat ion. Hut tliclnlior unions
have not let up on the matter. They
are yet trying, in one way and
another, to force the pn'sident to re
cede and vield to their demands.
l'he incident has attracted atlention
thnmghout the country and some
Kepubhcan politicians are frightened
lest it may result in turning the in
fluence and votes of tlie lalmr organi
zation against the Republican party
in the next campaign. W hope the
pn-sident will stand firm, lie is
right in this matter and on this issue
alone the country would sustain him.
Not to Disturb 15th Amendment.
It is a pleasure to learn that Sena
tor K. W. Carmiu-k disavow any in
tention of agitating the question of
n'pcaling the fit unit h amendment in
Congress. Such action would merely
result in a lot of talk which we of the
South are already tired of. There is
no likelihood of the fifteenth amend
ment being repealed, and really no
need of it, for it is a dead letter in
practically every State where its pnv
vision would amount to anything if
carried out.
On Barrel of Liquor Enough for
(lantonla Hurtle.
A Charlotte doctor avs one barrel
of whiskey is enough for that city's
need for a w hole year. If Charlotte
would cut her supply to that quan
tity, she would do a blessed thing
for her neighbors. There would be
fewer citizens of other town figur
ing in her police court, and fewer of
them bringing drink home with
them sfler a day in t harlottc.
"Just throw me half a dozen of
your biggest tmut," said the man
with the costly anglers outht.
"Thmw them !" exclaimed the as
tonished fish dealer.
"Tliat's w hat I said," replied the
party of the first part. "Then I'll go
home and tell my wife 1 caught
them. I may lie a poor fisherman,
but I'm no liar." Chicago New.
No Hair?
"Mr hair vi filling out very
fist and I was (really alarmed. I
thta triej Arr'l Half Vigor and
bit hair atopped filling at once."
Mr. C. A. McVav, Altundria, 0.
The trouble is your hair I
does not have Hie enough.
Act promptly. Save your
hair. Feed it with Ayer'g
Hair Vigor. If the- gray
hairs are beginning to
show, Aycr's Hair Vigor
will-restore color every
st att mm. as tnm,
If tear amer """ "ire'T r
mm u will
fm Win. H xl H
f rW MrM ! nl.
NtlM mmm
A Mr Ma,
Mr. Rolicris, tn-asuren ' 'I i.i
ted Slates, has submitted t "i Va.'J
Shaw hi report on the ci .j at ,,t, .-t
the Tn-asurv, June 3(1, IS .1, ai.d ii-
oH-r.itioiis during the -i-
vear. Tlie total net revel ies nf the
year were 5(iO,3;Mi,C7l, !uera.v
4 l3S,i).SJ,43!l over the vearpnv.J
ing. and the total expenditures $5M,-
Ott'J.lKl". an increase of i35.7t2.m.
Thcsuridiiswas 1 .2.7.("7 as com
pared with !I1,2S7.3"3 in l'Jtr. In
the ret-eipts IImtc was an incn-ase of
iipuanls of (i.KMMXI.OU) fnun cus
toms, and a falling off of over ll,-
(XKl.tKitl from internal n'venne. the
latter lieing the result of ligislation
emu'Utl with that ohjvt. On the
side of the expcndituri'S there was an
incn-ase in every imMrtaut aciimnt.
except H'iisionsand interest, in which
there were slight savings. The ex
icnditurc for the two military de
partments, which together amounted
to I!II,237.55I. forming by far the
heaviest oiitlav for anv single pur-
isise. were upward of xiM.IKKl.tHH)
gn'ater than the year Is-fore.
-J o
While making iiieasurements in a
dii'p trench in a public street in Co
lumbus, (!a., Wednesday afternoon,
Superintendent of Public Works It.
L. Johnson anil a negro workman,
Iliad Smith, were killed bv a mass
of dirt caving iu on them. The alarm
was given immediatelv and a force
of workmen was sent to rescue the
men. While this force was at work.
a coim cave-in loiiowett, immng
seven or eight men. Mavor Chapiiell
ordered the hook and ladder truck of
the lire department to the scene with
several firemen to help in the work.
Quick work saved the live of live
workmen, w ho were dug out of the
trench, but two of them are fatally
& 0 o
A delegation of Jacksonville citi
zens, headed by ("apt. C. K. (lamer,
president of the hoard of tmde, will
'all on President ltoosevelt this week
to present an invitation to him to lie
present at the celebration of the re
liuil ling of the city of Jacksonville.
luring the week beginning Novem-
lier 2nd. It is believed the president
will accept, as there has Urn talk of
his touring the South.
Former tioveruor Hogg delivered
a Mtvh at Dallas on Wednesday to
the farmers of Texas, advocating that
they organize thoroughly for political
purMses. He declared that every
other element of the business Hipu
lation of the I'nited State was or
ganized for political purNse except
the farmers, and if they bore the lar
gest sirtion of the government snp
Krt their only hoie of procuring
anything like cqunl benefit was to
come out boldly in solid organiza
tion and use their inllutaice to the
fullest extent in political affairs.
A Salisbury' sfial to the News
and Observer say that the numerous
wreck on the Southern Railway are
making a serious impression on the
engineers and other employes of the
nad, a a result of which a number
are known to have resigned their
isisition. I wo men running out
from SH'iicer went to the bank at
which they do busmen yesterday,
and drew what money they had, say
ing they were going to quit the mad
while alive and go to farming. Thcv
said thev pniixwed to invest their
money iu stock and farming imple
ments; that running on the railroad
ha gotten to be too serious a prob-
em for them.
A Love Letter
Would uot interest yon if you're
looking for a guaranteed Salve for
Sorea, Hums or Pile. Otto Dodd
of Ponder, Mo., writes: "I suffered
with an ugly sore for a year, but a
box of liucklen s Arnica Salve
cured me. It's the best Salve ou
earth, 'itc. nt Kuglish Drug (Vs.
September Weather.
Olr mr Ih alrarth early fall
n on int (winn it inr iwmiii- nrrva,
ana th Mvlrl f thr nul In II, .Mtlilpii guil
Ana th ennifl ,f thr IranV tirra.
There 'a never a anuml an near In
A theenttf an autumn tale.
When the brant-he rn-ak aud the Ihuniteni
An the rain neau.h.wn like hall.
-CirTelaiM rlaln Dealer.
$100 Reward, $100
The readera uf (Ida paper will be
pleased to learn that there ia at leaat
one dreaded diaeaae that acience haa
been ants to cur in all ita ataaea aud
that i Catarrh. tUII'a Catarrh Cure
ia the only potitive cure no kuuwn to
the medical Iralcrnity. Catarrh being
a conatitulional diaeaae, retjuirea I
conatttutionat treatmeut. Hall's Ca
larrh Care I taken internally, acting
directly upon the blood sod mueoui
aurfacea ot Ih ayalein, therebf da
Irojing the f onndatioD of th diaeaae.
and giving Ilia patient strength b)
building up the eonititution and aaaiat
in nalura in doing ita work. The
proprietor hava ao nincb faith io itt
cui alive powers, that tbey offer oat
Hundred Dollar for any caa thai il
fail to can. bend tor iiat of taati
aoniatk Addrraa,
P. J. CHENEY 4 00,
Tolsuo, Ohio.
Sold By druggists, 75c
Hall I family pilia sr th beat
, '. , mim-m ut into tlie rural districts
I , J t'H ai-e not constantly praising
-.u-e tin advantages, and quite
f U it ri 'it a desire that some dav
he-, i. a I able to own a home in
.he iv irtrr. We don't believe that
oin i ht'pleappreeiatetheirhium
.i m-h as Jiey should ; they fail to
y ' p! u-urmtliat surround them,
i d mi. ii ou talk about "how nice
it is lo in the country" tliev
sem to see the dark side of the pic
ture. Country people need to culti
vate a higher appreciation of their
Miilion and should do more to make
their homes attractive than tliev do.
If tliev would go to work to do more
along the line of ornamentation thcy
would soon conclude that their lots
had lieeli east in the most pleasant
plates. In travelling around over
this coiintrv we often see line large
country homes built right out in the
otu'li held without a tree or bush
aliout it. Such a place never looks
comfortable to us. We can't help
feeling that it must lie the col lest
place in winter, with nothing in the
way of a wind-break alsmt it, ami
the hottest place in the summer w ith
no shade uniiind about it. More at
tractive to us is "the cozy, vine-clad
cottage, humble though it may be.
set back from the road half hidden
by trees" and shrublierv, with a lawn
of Some sort of grass (though it lie
Tab grass i, looking comfortable to
iccupauts ami inviting to the passer
by. When it is to be sold, a ready
buyer is more easily found for a
ln-autifiil country home than for an
iinsightlv one, and will imv more
for it.
A farm house without shade and
fruit trees is indeed a desolate and
tinelv place to live, and sometimes it
is the cause of our Ixiyn and girls
leaving the farm.
There is no prettier sit and no
more euiovublt place to live than in
a cimfiirtable farm house, surround
ed by heuulifiil shade trees, and in
such a home the farmer has a happy
family. 1 he women folks have their
flowers and are contented, and the
Isiy and girl have no desire lo
leave such a home. A farm house
without shade trees is indeed not an
enjoyable place to live and to rear a
The St. Imis Republic says: "The
lest met ion of our forest trees the
past twenty-live years without replen
ishing tlie waste, lias caused such
widespread disaster by stream ami
flood that our Agricultural Depart
ment at Washington has made sev-
ral effort not only to restnun the
iHnple from such further waste, but
to demonstrate its imerative needs
for agriculture. It has licen clearly
lcmoiistnitcd bv scientilic researeh
that our land should be covered w ith
tnt's from one-fourth to one-third of
the area to he fertile and to fulfill
the conditions under which farming
may lie carried on with success."
"This is a time," savs the Progres
sive Farmer, "when every farmer
should live at home. North
Carolina soil will produce sufficient
wheat for our consumption if proer
ly prepared and cultivated. The
man who raise his own cotton, corn,
w heat and hogs is indeis'lident. He
can easily and at little expense beau
tify his home by planting flowers.
setting shade trees, etc. lliere are
manv other advantage in farm lift'
w hich are foreign lo a great extent
to citv life quietude, fresh, invigor
ating air, pure,.w holesome water and
genuine health and rural far de
Ills-rale, cowardly uiiirder of the
one mail who bail stood ley them
for years, llicir niiele, IVter A.
Ilallelibaek, weut to their deaths
in the way they mid they would.
'-I want to die g-a::ie," said the
young boy Fred lo Warden Ieyo
Wednesday afternoon. '"We'll all
die game," chimed in Willi and
Iturtou from their cell. That's
the way they tlied died game. No
hand helped any one of the trio to
tbe chair. It wits not necessary.
Willis walked into the death chain
ler at 11:.'M o'clock, head erect,
shoulders thrown back, jaw set.
lie went to tbe chair, sat down,
aud exactly ity seconds later his
soul had been scut into eternity.
As Willi died so died the others,
game to tbe very last.
This triple execution was as suc
cessful a hiieh a thing could lie.
To snuff out these three live it ,
look just fotirteeu minute and
thirty-two seconds. The official
time make it a little longer than
this, but the official time include
al most two minutes during which
the medical w itnesses of the execu
tion examined the body of llurtoii,
the last to die, w bile it was still iu
the chair.
Warden IVyo acted with the
greatest promptness in carrying
out hi plan. A fart a one IsmIj
had been released from the straps
ami carried out of sight the signal
for tbe next boy was given, aud
instantly iu the death chamber the
noise of a heuvy bolt being thrown
back could Ire heard, followed by
the creak of a door as it Rwung
back, then the sound of slowly ap
proaching footstep and low inon
otouon chanting of a gray haired
little rreuch priest, to whose re
ligious teaching and influence the
boys owed much of the fortitude
which kept them up no well nt the
last. The courage of Willi, ad
mirable a it w as, w as not subject
ed to nearly the strain that the
other hud to undergo.
All kind of school supplies at
Welsh's Drug Store blank books;
crayon, paper, pens, ink, pencils,
at lowest prices at elsh s.
For fertilisers especially pre
pared for small grain see Collins
Country Produce-
I sell butter, chickens, eggs,
and produce so last that I can't
buy enough. If you have any to
sell don't sell a bit o( it until you
see me. I want it.
S. K. Dostkr.
! ANtSchibk- Pre psralioii for As
similntinC thfl'ixx)aiu!i:cJiil:i
! wig uVSkiiiairhs aril LVwcljti
rromok's Dilation .Clverful
ness and Rest l ontdin neillrr
(hmun.Mnrphine norMurrol.
ii .'
f7wW luaae
laaiijr Am
Aperferl Hcnii'dy forfonstini
lion. Sour Stomiich.lJiarr.iv.i
Worms .( 'onvitlsions lewn .'.
nrss nod Loss or SLc '.r.
For Tnfin s nd Children.
The Kind Yen Have
Always Bought
Bears the
FacSuntk- Sit-un'urf ui"
- w r .
For Over
Thirty Years
Exact copv of wrapped
For siding the digestion, creating
appetite and for giving life, vigor
and strength to horses and mules,
the best remedy of all is
Condition Powders I
Stockmen who a
have used, with
indifferent result, con
dition powders recom
mended equally good
for horses, cattle, poul
try, swine, etc., will find
in Ashcraft's a remedy
beneficial to horses and
mules only. It is not
cure-all, but invalua
ble (or the purposes
Ashcraft's Condition Powders
ra prepared from the formula of
practical veterinarian of over 30
years experience, and when once
used, horsemen will havt no other.
"Tl Ii l eertlfy tkat wa kaea law aeUlaf
Aakaraft'i baeillej M a aaaiher o yeara,
an that tker kin Km aaleeraal aatWaa
ttoe.. Taa afreet Sntira ant laeorvormle la
their naaalaetaea, aad aaeh remeilf la
elallr arepare laf Uta 4laeaaa t wkrek II M
In lea-ted la ear. Man 7 al oar aaalomen kar
lac aaed Aheraft' Remeaiea fnr year will
are aa atkar-SMULmN DBCO CO, Maatva,
Ashcraft's Powders fatten but
never bloat, the jtalr becoming
sleek and glossy. Always high
grade. Price 25 cents. Sold by
English Drug Company
We havo just mr ived the host car load
of liorsos and mules that ever came to this
town. If you want to buy or swap, come
and see us. We can save you both money
and time.
E. A. Armfield & Sons.
Valuablo One Horse
Tor Sale!
When in need of fresh meat
phone No. 91. J. D. Parker,
When painting your dwelling
call and see us for prices. We
recommend and guarantee Harri
son's paints. S. J. Welsh.
B iff in nf mi 1 ir.l.-r 1 if IV f lerk nf
rinr I'ourt in tin SiMfini l-r.n-i-.ln;ir !.-
inl..' ritlfff it- ..iiHtlT Hint 1 lutrlt'-i rtntrr
nnil iUit rt tlt lrthtatit-, tlif M.ii-I cnti-f !
Ilitt fr kiiIp of Uml (ur purtitioti, 1 will, mi
Saturday. October 17th, XM,
the hour of ti!' U-inf 14 nVt.-'k, M.,l ttt.
nrHinil-r ut MiririH, N I ., i'n.r for
rtftlfnt I'lilihc aiK-ti'tti frit int'li to I lit- h.L'h.-t
IiuMit, h I'l-riitiii (tiw't or iinrn'l f iutnl ilt-
riU'tl n- fi.llt.Hs: l.jinL' hihI U'liiir in IN'
tliit of;irtli t itioiiiiH, ( rtlim Couiil . M t -h
vtltf nii-hti. on th- MttiiMt. f Kity Furl,
H, mljotiitiiit !h liin-l ).r I H'-lm.
y -wcll, 1 1 tut; I'hifi r Hint ulii.'i,, mu n
IMrt of I h- iiht Tliolim! nlllti t'-tiilo titil-.
Mini U'linf nit.ri' m H it il.trH iIitiik ,1
ili-etl I'Vfilhtl liv H, H I'lufiT niwl wifi
Infer on -tint i!v of .latHntrv, I,.. r.-.-.
look 3". imtfc Mtof tl Ii in th' mtli
Kt'tfiMler of of I ulna I'onniv, S rr, i
li It'll wit'l t'-iinl rcfi-rt-iift' t hi'n-l. mini'
'ttitlittiniiK foriv-llvi' Hen-, nn irv m lt"-.
The term of mv n-lt.
Thin M htt'itiU i llili.
r'KANK A KM I I Kl.l, t '..tmiii.ini r,
Aitonix, Jeiontt A Antilii lil, A(t-.
Sale of Farming Land.
Br lrtuof atithorliy ronfrrird on nic lr the
ritrk of tht Mtitarrlor Court, In niatH-tsi I pro
rwtltliat tittllutett lf J. V. r.unlur, AtnamU
Mmllli ntl other. ftKmt K. M. mulor aim I
Uherw, I will, on
Monday, November 2nd. IVtU,
eipoMt to !e n the rilirheit lihliler, at thr
niuri iomisx door in me ion oi tninw", i .,
I he folliiwMiB ilfiMTtlar'tl iHet-s? of Mnv of mntl.
In tu titled anil iItmtIUI ftilluw-: Heiflniiintl
at a riN'k y a w o mil ioKoiNl, Mi-Korn
inter, and run with I of hl line- N I41. K
WM rhallix to a ill? ot tone; l,eii-e N it,1.
A wn t'haiito to a nrk; Uo-nt-e n. iV. r. 7
hinn to a roi k In a ltu-h, ihence S .'iW
H rii chain lo a "take ttjr a mall wet ifum, I.
It. Tlunii)wm'H(sinier. Ihemt with htn line H
14 W . IU 43 t-hatn to a lllfkory Uf a in tie. theni-'
N. 1U. W. fhaln to a "lake tit a roail. K-Mier
rtiarne' corner . thence Hh her line H 44 K.
n chain io a n o , ner cornrr. ai"o a rnintt-r oi
thetiomer; thenoe with a HlIC of thedt.iaerH
kj K. ii H'hhai to a "lake on lite N K hlr o
a Matt, a rtoer comer In J. K Ton. lor line
tht m wiin aui line n. m r. i wciiriik to a
iake. ul ronlr' corner, thence H .m It "T
chain t the tietftnnlnj. containing forty-three
4 4:1 1 4re more or lc-w. Anal alo a renialinliT
n the ft .owlnar ile-crlfil iraci, -uiiet to the
ltfeetateitf Amamla Hoilth In the followlitu
tract: HVtfiniiiita- at a n o., ricntcr Maywotui a
ctimcr, Ihence with ner line, cn'i-in the rati
n Mil ami m"inn her corner ft. n , Itt Achahi
Hi a Ptone . thence . fcl W 7 'hin to a I'lle
Mtonea; thence ft. Mt K. t tehani lo a n-k In
the mjrface, naturally. J, f Haleai comer
thence with two of hi line N. Tfl'. K. II 17
haln to an eltn n a meatw ; lite nee H Ii
hi hatn Uia roi-i . thence N.l't K m chain
to a alake: thence N aft W " n rlialn lo the
hewinnina?, contatnlnt v?ll, acre more or If.
Itfiiiaf a isart if the Kll on.Uir lamt.
ivrma 01 mif s-oie mini can a no tne re
mat mter on a ereiHt of it month, a ith lntetrt
at iercent. from itale of ale.
llita nr won oay 01 rwuirnnrr, iss.
K H HKI'W ) NK, t'oaiBilswIoncr,
Red win A Htack, Ally-.
Union County Bonds for Sale.
The County Commliiner nf 1 nlon county,
c . win. am 11 11 iinn i m ot tne utn iut
(c tolier, 1t. receive acated hi. I for the tuf
phae of aerent)-Hc UnUof I'nfon cininiy.ol
the nVnoniinailoR 01 one nnmiml ttiiarei'it.
hMrtnat li iMTcent. Interest ner annum. iav
a We annnafly n the Bmt day nf January of
each year until they mature, ninnm ten yea ra
ana one (en in m win ninn reiteenta'ic innii
ally al the opt Ion of the H.aarii of Commlsi
en. The coupon are receualletn ia ment
tuniv laiea. Thee bond arc l-urd under
an act of the Ueneral Aaaemlaly nf rorih Cari
llna. authortttiiBT their laue to fund the rur-
renl IndelttedncN of I he cvtunty, ralinc! on the
lath flay u( lehruary. 1t, The Uard reajen ea
the rta-ht tu rrject ant and all Md, If wot aatia-
fatfWry A J. HKI M h f. Chairman
Hoard County lmmlloiMra.
J M PTItWAHT, Clerk.
Tina IA(h day of Nepteai1r, limt.
Valuablo Farming Lands and
1 own 1.01s lor aaie. t
Mortgatt 8al.
By Tlrtae of a deed to a eteci
mi fteirtamher imh. 1n. h I. B KUbert and re
rnr4e4 la the ofhee of the lteatler of ieela of
Cnl.aanninty la ban A II, we a. we will well
atpwMtwawcttoat, M (he court lioaae aknr In
on Saturday, October 1 0th.
inar ti
riratTeact: AdJotntrtaT the land of P. I.
Da?ta. Peter Crmlar. L. M. HI ner. . C. Broom
i. 1 A 01 la. J. J. K Ii.r a! oihara, atiBtatainii
Ii acrea, woe or tetm.
tteeottd Tract! l.ytn and belny In the town
of Waihaw, am the North atdr of the rallriaai.
a-t)Mnin th Wctey lUMy Int. fimt MH'ala,
deceased, and othera, nod knew a a the t.
flvtr Etllaon (illl lot. cnntatninsj V acre,
mnr or leaa. MoRRim. HkATH a CMt..
Tfata awaMbr Ith. Ma. MwUmimi.
1 in 11 a
. 1
i,', 1 in .
cneap Flour
is M Flour!
1 will -M-ll aMSi- .-uur! h..n- .l....r in ,.ii
n. N f., on h. I I Ki U . 111 TuHt K :ll.l.n'.i.
al U .i'rl"-k III . for 1 it-li. Iu llir liirlii-.l l.t.hlt-v.
till- f'llli.vuiitf .li -.-i ll. il Hli(ti.ii- r.-Hl .-tn I.-:
l.t - A I.riii 111 Hiil'ii'l ii-IiM'. I' ll mil
mmlli nl lnlirii.-.iin I'.hhI n.ti.l. i.i
lalilinil SI! ai-r.-.. tinin-nr I.--.. A-.. in itlhr,
linr.-larm nil i.l -.-: c-mi ilwi-lluiy nnil mi
Iiiiiim-.. St ar tin- --ii.H.I, .1 lli,
f.nii.iifl.i'ii. M Uni-y. Ilr. W II 1 . 1 1 1. Mi- .ml
titlu-r. aim In klniall a. Hit- Hrowii l.uni-'
Slut A IHini III ntlliinl lim ii -HI I- iiIh 1 it I hit
ai-rt ". 1111T1' or Ii ailj.n in ni: tin- inn.!- of
I'lin-ilo Ki'lh. J K Vi-ii Minor 1 uiiil.r
Imrk. iiol.l In,, tk-i-ii ilti- iM n-.l on flti-litn.l
Till, trarl in-arh till wi-ll iiiitl.-r,.,.
aril A irai-l of IiiikI In Hur.iiil lown.lilti
k una n a I'll- I'v roll Mini-. Ilii-re . i, c,.l.t
Inllii-mi tin- tim-l. uhlrli i-oiitiiiii- iiUiiii ...
am-.. 1 In-ri- iit-i- In or u hi-ii-- of oj.rn lnin on
Hit. f rin-t. anil nit-tt-1 h leimiti
Till. Hm-t ailjoin- tlie laliil. of J. V Vi . Alt-tin
K. Kill. HI mi. I oih. r-
tlh -A lot in llii- city of Mo:ir..f i.i.t
tin. iia..i-iiir'r iti iiot nun i.-ihi-i-ii lit.
N.amt 'M'. kallroail. ami i-oiitiiliilnir al.n
l',a-n-ii. i. I.l K,
rtm in nir r.. a, a i-auey.
Aii-tm. Z
I .-.l of J
It's Kiw piicc is Hie makcr'acx
ciise or the infeiiotity of hia
IH oilurt. Had flour ia bad flour
no matter how it in inaiiipulat
cil ami juulrJ in packing. It
all comes liaik to the name
lliini;. Gomi) flour mixed with
pour will improve the quality
of the Mr-ml, hut like mixing
white pnint with hlack, it takea
an a!ul lot of while to pro
ilure any ellert. Had or cheap
ll'iiu is lacking in ;liiten, the
null itious portion ol the wheat.
It also contains a large per
rentage of llie pulvrriaed huak
or shell of the grain. All of
which you don't want. There
fore, we caution yo'i to ask for
llie "Invinrilile" hrand. Thia
hi and i.i noiil at the lowest
piice for which really matt-lass
tl nir tan he Hold, and ita
price is the highest you need
lo pav in order to get tlie bent,
Mr, Newman, our local baker,
says: "lnviudhle" ia the 1 caa
get for baking,"
FarniLands for Saloon Timo. IIEXDEllSON
H? virtue of an order of the Sinierli.rC.uirt of
Cuion county. N C. in tote in the crtii-' w here
tn The Hanitr, I nan and Tni-t i-intkittv. ml
mml-lralor ul K Ma-tv,i- pUintirt, mm r'
M. Miy and other, lu tr. m i t ,.r V . K
Hn . are d-fi iidrit, Thr t, n:-. I hh and
Trioil Comjiany. admlnltrntr of . K. Ila-ty.
ilcti'ad, U'oeiock in , on
Saturrfny, October 24, 1Q(U, '
at the court hmi-e door tn Monroe, V c.. aim in
eieoee for ale a lrm-l or land derrtM a- fol
low"; I.Ylnif a'ol Ulntr In I iimn eouniy, si a if
of North Carolina. MnMivilletn u-htp.oii the
waterof Ijinea Crtfli. U-umted on the north
hy C N-HimMin' M"wrr" trad, on tin ca"!
I n the laud" of 1 lion. C. Hastv.ou the sa.uih l.v
W R H-tT . honw ra'l tn..' in in..,ion of
Meek Hrt-tv t, ou Ihe w't h the .U hull
can trad and C. N. iimiim'it In ml Mt-"i--alt,
coutainina w crci n.orv or U-. nid Und
IrtiiK Milii oulijit't to w t't. a rik'nl of di-w er.
Term- of tv. tlnc-lhird cah. rt n.aiod. r to
le aecured hy bond with wpjf-n -tin-tut.
pay a Mr five month- lum ilmi of itale.'he tttlr
ItiW rrwrwil iiimI all i-'m-tivt nn.ney hall
have tsven mld : the -alii hind l-littr nld I"
create a-ori when-with to mit Inirehledni'-ni of
the aaitl ctatc. T l-w-t. ill, IwW.
By Adam. Jerome A Annrteld
and K. C. Hilllaai. Atty.
CooiDilssltmer o( Dndt for Soulb Carolioa, Ii
Morta Caroliu: list i Justice of the Pact
tor Unloe Countj, and Nutirj Public
for Norib Urolint :-: ::
Special'attention Riven to takinj Af
tdavila, Acknowlcdfement or Proof of
Decda, Mortgage., Contract., Hills of
Sale, Powers oi Attorney, Keouncia
lions of Dower and Inheritance, l)ep
oailiooa, Writing and Probating Deed a,
Mortgage and all other papers, iaauing
State Wananta, Claim and Delivery
and Allarhment papers, Civil Sum
mon! and tbe Collection of Claim.
Office at M. L. Flow Co.'. Store
east oi Courthouse, Monroe, N. C.
. e .
Mortgage Salo.
Hy vlrlur of a nmriaaire il.-e.l eeeiilr. In tl
01111,1,1.111.1, of,rj-, (Me,, i,y J MlllruP.
Viril. mul ivron,,..! the olllt-e ill Ihe Kef-l-lt-rof
lis. for I ii i. ,n eoiintr. In Hook A h
of it,-,,, I., on mv.-e a;:,. , i .11 -( ,,ulille
aui'tioti ut tl- 1-ourtliou.e tlo,r In Moiinie,
on 5aturdy, October 10th,
lun. llie piere of land lr-
mir mi. I U ,ic mi llie I-. 1) .if I nlon, Jai kKut
loan-liip. on tt,o air of Haxliaw ereel,
near llie Minim H, rlnmh. a,l),illllli(
'In- I. n, l of r. Hnaini, B II Healli, a'1,1 . K,
oui,. tiiiit.itnitir I. , .ere,, more i,r le.
MKKii , HKATH ri.,
Till. M.,ntettil.r 'III, lw. Murtaafeea
Fire, Life, Accident, Health, Lia
bility and all clanaea of Carnality In.
urance. Only the beat and (trooat
companie. represented. I reapectful.
ly aolicit your bnaineee, anurlng
ptonipl and efficient attention to all
matters. Office: Gordon ft Thomp
son's old stand. Phone No. I.
Ufc Klalwer ana) BleaMer RlfM
eVaree Bete'aH FVinaU rwieU ,

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