North Carolina Newspapers

TL'ESDAY. Octuher jo, 1405.
Tillman and havwood Beth Ac
In the aoiuitulof Tillman in South
Car..!'ua, and Haywood in Suilli Caro-
una, the c"le4 harpcned. The to
caws hava a.triilej so much attra
tion, an J ta sj siutncaut, that every
out it interested 111 Ihrra (of out cantc
or auottu-r. The best summiug up of
tlirm is the Lrilowiag- ftvm the Char
lotte Observer :
Contrary tj dictation at the time
of the Uyi.i- jl by Haywood,
the delrnc? cthlttiej, beyouj doubt,
tlil au artiav had firreded the shool
iug and Hayjod i! struck by
Siimnr. It a pr.n-ed just as con
clusively having struck the blow,
Skiiion' a backward niotemeut
and j Hi. t and killed wliile in re
treat. 11. i' j'lry has said that the kill-
A Buncombe Ceaaty Physician,
C raced frwm Drink, Drives MU
V Me from Home and Beats His
Children to Death With Claw
-l-illl rul. Dl. la t'Ssrlultr lihimi
TraiisfontM-u into a ntoustcr after
a Mt&ik h, lr. J V. Jav
physician (4 prvmimmv 111 the north
cru part tf Bunoonx' county. Unlay
drove but wife fnun hnntf.Lrut.tllt
rmirdi'it-d hi thrve rhildn-n. an. I at
u-mptod to burn down his h..iw
The man UvauH violent last nurlit
ami after puns home terribly abiitt-d
his wife. Mrs. Jav had put IIk- chit
tin 11 hi bed. and wait 'iulcaviriii; to
tiinrt Iter husband, when t!u- man
attacked her and dmve her out
the Slie went Ui the hine
Thorns lillnu;ham, tint far from
ttlu-rv she lived, ami there sn-nt tin
night, lu'tunun to her home tin?
morning she fouiitl tier husband 111 a
dongi-mus hhkI. The man was even
worse- than U-forv. Jav was tvntinu
uuuri oirse t in imsi4uics was nu ti 1 1 e 1 . 1 .1
crime. To tins, pehlie opiu.ou .ill not '"" ,"", f,'r Pl.hreaU;U-
absent. It i uot murder in the first ' nninaie
' the whole familv
decree l!ie St.ite yielded that point,
but it was a cn.iie of a loiter degree ;
it was in oft race a-oust llie criminal
Uw, and ali ti e verdicts of all the ju
rits ciir'ot reverse that stubborn fact.
But the ucfrruUnt had family aud per
sonal influence, money, a powerful ar
ray of counsel, au I, iest of all, the
judge appeared fur linn. One of llie
jurorj has t - 1 -. I a Raleigh paper that
the j.iry did not d liberate ou the case
more than two or three minutes aftor
receiving th,; rliar,;e- that the remain-
I Mrs. .lav. however, luiil taken wses
sum of the revolver aud hidden it
fiom her husband. I'urmr the tune
tint Jay was svarehiii; for the pistol
Mr. Jay was enjr.ijtd m pu-ariiiK
the morning meal, at intervals assist
ing the ehililreu to dress. When the
eliihlren had Uvn dressed and Mrs
Jay had finally finished getting
breakfast, Ihe lirutehad worked him
self into a frenzied mood. Failing
in his search for the pistol ho had
ing twelve or filteeii iinuiites it was grilled himself w ith
out the jurors weie occupied in pack
lui; their clothes.
"As in the ie above, the ejpectcd
h.tpi eucJ 111 the Tillman case. Here
the J; 'feiidanl s'lut J. mil and killed an
unarmt-d 111 01 who was ma ki lit; no dem
011M1 it; -n toward him shot him down
without word of wattling. Gonzales,
had lashed his slayer without niercv
It is no wonder that he writhed under
the daily evp isuu- uf his jtetsonal and
otlirial delinquencies. It, in tfie pan
siou excited by these attacks, he had
slain his assailant, a t;reat deal of the
best pub. 10 sentiment of the country
would have bad a measui t of charity
I t him. Kill he was defeated fur the
I'oiuiuatioii t. r tjoveriuir, the attacks
ll mi him ceased, and mouths after
w uds he toi'k vengeance upon his ad-:
versary when the latter had 110 reason
to expect an attaik. A pretense of a
case ol self win made out, but
o carefti! a pa pel as the Vmkville Ell
ij'iuer expu-ssis u.i ditil't that iiiuvh
ol this tt'siu.-umy was pt'ti'ired, and it,
does nut uee.l the cvpiesr-i-'it ot this
(ipinioii fiom aity paier, be it ever so.
e Miscrvative, to lead tfie careful reader
ot the testimony to the same conclu
sion. "lint (.d Al;:n-;ht', lias onpl.mted a
Conscience in the lueasto! every man.
uud their aie tw-i itten, acijintted of
liiutdrr in the tw j Cnclnias within the
past two days, and set I ceo, who will
lif haunted to their gi aves by two white
faces . "
I'.l the h:;ht of tl.i - two ac pilttalf
one feels like savtiii; a hunJi'td things
ut first, and the m xt feeling is oue of
helplessness- the u-elessness iu say-1
ing anything. 1 lieu comes also a fear
that one may say iniht help
along, even to a slight decree, the feel
ing of ilisti iM 1 ( the cult Is that is now
already tun gieat.ciod knows there
j is little eiiuuli 1 cspi ct lor the Uw and
- the cotiits in this couutty already.
Some tunc ago the I'.uluig newspaper
ul the State made llie statement, appa
rently as a matter of common place
Olive Branch Items.
Olive Branch. tH. 17. We have
had a d. Ii-Llful fall m tar. The
leave an- turuiDg a Uutiful red
and gvddea hue. I am (lad the law
of the Suit nrwtev ts the binls. tn
last Sunday afternoon while at
prajer srrvivrs at the Uiptist
churvh, swiet Kinging lum kiug;
birvL lMTelHtl in a tall manitii-aiit
oak near the churvh door, rhatitttl
his merry lay in a low-, soft tune
wbieu made heuveu seem u,t ao far
Mr J. (I. tiriflin and wife ot
Charlotte are spendiue orue time
ith their sou. Mi. lUiter tiriihii.
of this pl:-e. Seetiisipaite n-tltinil
Uee bisn-at Ii!l-1 apaiu in elmreh
lU-v. Mr. Stejiheiiioii will deliver
his last sermon for this Tear nt the
M. V. OiunU at this iilaee Sunday
rrom 1 nd ions look out lor
another cyclone ere
kmc. Some may p t caivM that
estiiied the other cj clone.
Miss Mttnite Siiielair and her
father siH-ut Thiltlay at Mainh
Little Mim Marv linriis and the
wrtter had the pleasure of (lather-iiig-
shells at Wrightsv ille Ileach
this fall.
Miss Ada Thomas, who has Urn
pnte low with typhoid lever, is
reeov en 11 f.
Mueh smt-esvH to llie Monroe
Journal. A Fkii.M'.
a claw liatntin r.
I and with this chased Mrs. .lay
i around the house. The fnlitoin d
wife. fivliiiK tliat her own life and
the lives of her children wciv ill dan
er, went out of the front d.iraini
started for the little gnu-cry stoic,
where there was a telephone, to ask
the neighboni for aid ami to in'ti.'i
the ollio rs at Asheville.
As she reached the Mttilshc turtn'il
ami saw in-r inns' chiblivu staiiilm
ti the top step crying ami t'iz:iii:t
for her return. 1 he mother
f r a moment in helpless agony,
knowing that the lives of her chil
dren m re 111 danger, and know nig
also that she was of hi roasin-ng:h
powerless to shield ami protivt Un til
llcr imlivisioii was of but a stvoiul's
tiuratioll Steeling her heart to the
cries of her hlllc ones, she turned
ami ran with all speed kssillc f. 1
the store. There she hastily told the
torv of the t hililn u's pcnl, ami ac
coitipaiiied by .several men who
chanced to U at the place, hastcticd
Kick to her home The mother h
Urn gone but a few moments, hut 111
that brief space the demon had iloni
ins work, ana as she entered tier
home a signt met her eves such a:
words of no language call describe
Lying upon the porch with the blood
''.iiig from their heads lay her thre
chiidivn. The two oldest were a!
ready dead, while the baby was bare
ly breathing. The 1111 11 who had ac
companied Mis. Jay ten h-rly gath
ered up the little life ess KhIics to
place incin in uie house, nut tiiedoor
was fastened and Jay was calle
titoii to oH'ti the door This he n
fused to do, and declared he would
kill the tirst one who entered. It
was then thought that he had found
the pistol and had barricaded him
self iu the room, ami that (tenth
awaited the tirst one w ho entered.
Hut this was not so The man at
tin- lllolllellt Was liron.oiiiir r..i-c.if.
knowledge, that a negro couldn't get des;n.ctioii. Without waiting am , I h
justice ill the com ti- of North Caioier moment the men hurst in Ihe
lina. Iimutdutely a gieat hue and cry door, and as It sw ung oien, instead
was maile the liouurahle courts of of the crack of a pistol, tin' men were
!,-ent North Carolina had been slan-' greeted with. "Hello boys, collie in. I
dered and Ihe jii hciil eimiue trailed i al" J11' starting a tire to get warm
in the dust. Now let these papers who 1
made Ihe cry slew that a white man ;
of influential family , ne. nry an. 1 friends,
with the best lawyers in the State, can
nut escape justice. Let them also call
for the impeachment of a judge who
makes house1! an instrument in the
escape of the powerful criminal. They
will then have plenty of time to wor
ship at the fert of the blind goddess.
For our part, we think that the North
Carolina case shows a worse state of
aflairs tluin the South Carolina one.
Duwn tliett a member of the political
oligarchy which rules the State had
gotten his neck in danger, and the oli
garchy had to save him one way or the
other. It did it by open trickery and
corruption seen of all men. When the
people get tired of the oligarchy they
have some chance of turning it out.
In Kaleigh the case was different.
There was no political pressure. There
was no judicial juggling iu the selec
tion of time aud place and judge for
holding court. There was only a man
ifestatiuu of the lamentable weakness
or our system which selects the weak
est vessels in the community for jurors
when a capital case is to be tried, and
arrays a battalion of strong lawyers to
bulldoie a weak judge and to make
monkeys out of ignoiant jurors. The
bar has become stronger than the
bench ; the defense side of the bar bat
become stronger than the prosecution
that is, in cases of this kind.j Iu casei
where a belpleas negro without mooej
or friends it diagged from a jail when
he has been since arrest with no op
porlunity to get testimony or counsel,
the State's must noble prosecutiug offi
ter it holy terror, and the tilth
bantling of a lawyer with license yet
warm io bit pocket, who it assigned at
the last moment, without eiperieoca
witnesses.or time for getting either, te
defend the prlsouer, quails before him
The darkey it bustled off to the chair
gasg and the honorable solicitor pock
It bit fee for another conviction.
But why nil ? There it but one re
tort. That is publio opinion, tod b
novel with century slowness. Some
times it never moves.
A Love Letter
Would not interest you if you're
looking for a guaranteed Salve 611
Bore, Burns or Tiles. Otto Dodd
of Ponder, Mo. writes: "1 suffered
with an vgy sore for a year, but
lav nf ltnrlrlen'a Aenirss Hair
cured me. It's the best Salve on I I ot your
earth. 25c at English Drug Go's. I Parker.
ny. .lay was loiind .standing over a
iiuantity of burning clothing that he
had gathered and placed on the tlnor
mar the fireplace. Ihe men rushed
upon him and succirdcd in extin
guishing ine names. 1 lie man was
slightly burned but Hot seriously.
His clothing was covered with the
blood of his children, as were his
face and hands. Sheriff Reed was
telephoned for, and the man was held
until the sheriff arrived.
I'pon nveiving wont of the hor
rible tragedy this morning Sheriff
Ibvd at once notified Coroner Hemp
hill and then left for ltarnardsville
Sheriff Ibvd returned to Asheville
before dark with his prisoner who
appeared to only half realize the ter
rible deed hp had committed. He is
now in jail here. hen asked why
he had killed Ins children Ir. Jav
sun lie jnsi couiil not Help it after
catching sight of their blood. All
Asheville is shocked by Ihe tragedy
lr. Jay is a brother of W. X. Jay
w no lor many years held a imsition
as deputy clerk 111 Iheollice (.f regis
ter of deeds.
Card of Thanks.
As we will lie unable to see per
sonally our many friends, we take
this method of expresHiiigonr heart
felt thanks to every oue for their
kindness and sympathy during the
long and fatal illness of our loved
one, Isaac. 31. Itonils. We shall
ever pray God's richest blessings
on eacn one. uespectruiiy,
J. II. (Vsik,
B. F. Cook,
Mr. M. J. Bon oh.
$100 Reward, $100
The readers of thit paper will be
pleased to learn that there it at least
ne dr-tded disetse that science bat
lieen able to curs in ill itt stages aud
that is Cattrrb. Hall's Catarrh Core
ii the only positive cure now known to
the medical fraternity. Cstarrh being
constitutional disetse, requires 1
conttilutiooal treatment. Hall s Ca
tarrh Cure it taken internally, acting
directly upon ths blood sod mucous
lorfaces of ths system, thereby de
stroying the foundation of ths disease,
tnd giving the patient ttrenith bv
ouuuing up mt contiHuiionand assist
mg nature in doing itt work. Tbe
proprietor! hive to ranch faith in itt
:oralive powers, that tbey offer ooe
Hundred Dollars for toy ctse that it
tails lo care. Send lor list of testi
Donials. Address,
F. I. CHKNET A 00.
Toledo, Ohio.
Bold by druggists, 7oo,
II all 1 family pi lit art ths best
I'rUe Winners in the I'ic and Cake
r?V!.i..nii'i-- .if f J.-u'i:,;
Maishville, ik t. - po d on
Saturday morning. 17th lust., at
the home of Mr. Kobt. Steijali.
Mis Kiiiina Little, sifter of Mrs.
Stegall. Miv Little had Usui mi k
for sometime. Her iviumi s wi r
interred at the cemetery here Sun
day afternoon.
The cake ami pie contest pim
by the ladies of the l'resby tei lau
church came ot) l'liday night.
1 number of U-aiitiliillv
trimmed cakes and pics were 011
exhibition. First prize, given bv
the W. J. Uinlge I n., wasawaided
to Mrs. J. K. IKiwd for hot and
prettiest cake. First prize for lu st
custard pie, given by Lev.t;eo. II.
Atkinson, wits won by Mrs. Sarah
llallmaii. Mrs. Ilailuiau also won
the prize for Ifst Iwouiist pie.
The prize lor liest pie for dyspep
tics was given to Mrs. Ii. A. (Irani.
I'rize for pie made by girl of twelve
tears was won by Miss Floy Myers.
The editor of Our Homo and
sons. Masters liigiaiu ami Itriige,
spent List W ednesday in t hai lotte.
Mr. ami Mrs. Will Leo. Mi s
Wilma Atmficld mid Mrs. Ilinlvui
spent Wednesday of lost week here.
Mr, ( ul Covens, who had au op
c ration performed for cancer some
time ago, w is iu town oue day last
Mr. and Mrs. II. I'. Moore of
I lock Host sjwiit Friday with tela
lives here.
Mi.sses Annie Stewart ami Alice
Marsh spent Sunday at Mr. John
. (irifliu's.
Mrs. K. II. Moore came up from
Hamlet today to sm-i.iI sometime
with relatives.
Ir. lieilfearu brought his usual
crowd to towii today, we judge
from the looks of the mouths ol the
(HHiple on the si reefs.
The st intents 1 if .Marsh t il le A cad
cmv will give a public entertain
ment Friday night.
Mr. ('tuts. Howie of Mineral
Springs spent Sunday here. J.
Firemen's Free Street Fair and
la rework.
The U .ir - fire ttniiany has matte j
ilivnti.ic: ;;. i;i. lvru Carnival
'and ruvnork.: Otnuativ of IAt-i
tieorfia Minstrels.
Twenty eight years is a long tiax
f.T one company lo lw on the roid.
and making neatly the nam trrri
torv seasou aller season. This i-
t!ie iwird of l.'i-.kmls A Triugle' !i-,hu!i for ,t w.s i t.f entertain-jfe
Faaitcu tieortu Minstrels, who :i;,nt. Ugiunuig n.t M.iidav, the
a;.art the opera housetvt. !. lit.aud 1 hciug t tbe 3Lst. There, 5
At every iiioimaiMV tbey are 'a ill l- free shows evert dav and S
gitHled by a packed hou-s. It ever) l.slv is intiUsI The lire" Com- i S
I reibly recalls to Ihe minds uf all (Miiiiiutt.'e will have p.wer lo fe!
old theater fwrs h. n sinular any sa-.w t!ut might be objtv- j
tr.Mipes w. re roiintisl by Ihe tens tionable. The company carries u-n 1
where ii tly only figure m the ,,.d K,ws, su fiw a:tracts.nj an,ti
uii.t.s. u:.d the old saying is forcibly U,,. linesi sham gondolas and the,5
eaiiudttl: "fue survival of the 'aro.-st Fernss wlnvl traveling, and 'i
I a grand military Km I. They ctn-
ou! ihi! You! Vout '! Hl ,I""r p-i"-'i
This is tial uoti.v t., those .l"" """ I"", vh nr 51
fl son 01 Clothes to mu GostoiiiersJs
. 1
Will lo Sold AT COST.
owe aud liave Isvu not lo l and
have made no s.t: isi'jctorv arrange-
rients. th.y will have lo settle
ith lit v att-iriH-v 011 Nov, ntts-r Isi.
mean business. I. C. Sttiix
New Department ."store.
John H. Siinpson v ( o. are now
oieuiiig up then good aud makittg
their ptttce a regular departn. -nt
store. They'll hate etery thing
,'ioiu a iinkel up. Ilig piles of
Missis are rolling 111 every day uud
Ifing opened up.
bite's Is the I'l.tce.
Wl' W.l'l' b-
1 it-rsi-ns ul-,
t 'lllte s ma s-
. WetMiN.l
mi rs to
ant'y 1 ot-...
: ; r. s'.l.-s fact
I- ,v f!csl, moat
1.. I.'.e t.,
or t 1 serve o-r
:i:sfacii We
i' itl-l !!ie lies! '
' ;,. i' -. to K
II Wit;
, t - -Ii
I us-
works is one t tlie lies! ever lre-
s.-nttl. and llie pMp!e in this t icuiity
will sec this 111 all llsetitire'y just as
stvri in the large ritiennf the State
here tios tMiiipany has played
There will l-e ii iieu contest. Votes
,iv one tvi.t c j T.'m' person rviv
mg the laigi-st loimis-r willU-pn'-sriited
with .1 ifl'M diamond ring
The shows include the Itisl IkitiuY
tl.l I'lantatinii. Statue Turning to
Life, and Lunette the Flying lady. ;
Stadium. H.i'y Cry. F.deii Theatre.!
Trip to the M-v'ti ami many others, j
Tlie principal fnv atti'ict ions are the
lirivt rercino, king of the air." Mr i
jLuns N-I.'.er. iu exploits rxtraonli- j
I nary on Ihe high wire.
I Mr W. Judkins Hewitt, represent-j
I tii the company, arrived from Wil- j
ji'iington this morning, where the
Icotiipany is this wis k. and is making
'active preparations
At the top of her memorandna list She seels the offerings of our stores
because she so well knows that they are dependalle. Every day is increas
incr the number of purchasers who have lontr aince realiz! that t hm nst h. H
- (- vwvww
1 ? -1 A a9 a t wJi
usnmenis cnerings oi gooas is ncii in sierling worth and money savings.
Great values is the magnet that draws. Worth makes bargains. They're
here, so every day this week will be a busy day, because we we will offer
"When Wisdom Goes Shopping"
For Dry Goods, Millinery, Clothing, Gents' Furnishings No
ions, etc., now-a-days you'll see the name of
Belk Brothers
Ktery one that 1 have furnished this year is entitled to this offer.
Com- up ami get it.
Not having ti-oiu to carry dry goods, I bate decided to close out my
stock at cost. There are some bargains.
I am making a specialty ,, 1 h ercoitts and Clothing, aud also carry a
nie.' lot o Shoes. Full line of Toko-co and Cigar.
some unusually attractive merchandise at unusually attractive prices. A
review of the values mentioned ought to be sufficient to draw shoppers in
by the hundreds.
Ladies' Walking Skirts
We an- offering some real values in walking
skirts. We have full line greys, oxfords, tins,
greens, blacks at sipular prices, 1.118 k) f 7.50.
Hig values in mercerized underskirts. Of
these goods we have the famous ' Teen" line, the
best made, best quality and fullest made line
that can be found. .See our 8eoial number, 4
rtillles, strop seams. $1 50 quality at 'JH cents,
better quality 1.50 to ?2 ',tS.
Gents' Furnishing Department
One of the iii(st important in our establishment
Men's and boys' neglige shirts, without cw'"
lars, secia!, 25 cents.
1.000 dozen men's 15c. linen follars, 5 cents.
Men's undershirts, gixnl quality, 13 cents.
100 dozen men's I'a and 50 wit string ties
and four-in-hands, job, only 15 rents.
10 cent sox, black, tan ami red, our price 5e.
All the Latest Fall Novelties
in cotton waisting and wool dress goods, and
the most complete line of dress trimmings that
we have ever displayed. Xew I'ersian silk nets,
appliques, pendants and ornaments and hun
dreds of other values that wc are anxious to
show vou.
Belk Brothers.
Cheapest Store on Earth !
My wh de M' lchaudise,
now complete ami I invite t our trade.
VolJis o ollsilioss.
(iroeerics uud lry (!oods isj
Wholesale and Retail.
ii Trie Liiiflsey Grocepu Co..
' successors to C. K- Houston 1
at the old hitiklj Stsnd on Lal avttte Street-
W e desire to call the especial attention ol the farmers to
the fact that they cannot afford to sell their poultry or produce
before sevicR us.
Wo Want to Huy and Wo Pay the Top.
A fine line ol fresh Groceries- Try us.
tug UuSeij Grocery Go.
Confessions of a Priest.
Ilev. ,lno. S. Cox of Wake, Ark.,
writes. "1 or twelve Veals I siillered
from Yellow Jaundice. I Consulted
a number of phvsu ians and tned
all sorts of medicines, but got no
relief. Then I liegan the use of
Kleetric Kilters ami feel that I am
now cured of a disease tint had me
in its grasp for twelve years,"
you want 11 reliable medicine for
Liver and Kidney trouble, stomach
disorder or general debility, net
Kleetrie Hitters, It's guaranteed
by Knglish li ug Co. I inly .Vic.
All our notes, mortgages and ac
counts were due Oct. 1, 'li t, except
some who have U-en owing us for
years mid years unit act like they
thought if they were to Imppcn to
pay these honest debts the world
would Come to an end at once and
then their (bits would lie over for
deceiving people) 1 and it ought to
lie 1. Ve will sav to such who owe
us, we intend to collect from you at
ouch if posmble. To one and all we
will say that me need our money
and hope you will settle at once
and save trouble, etc.
Mi li t K MKhT.tvni.K Co.
a. li:vv.
A Display of Dress Goods
that will hear comparison with large city stocks, here you
will find Zelbvlieiis, Cheviots, (iranltes. Scotch mixture and
I'lnids, liroad Cloth, 5icillians, Canvlas Weaves, Armours, etc
You wilt niiihe':; r.'s'e If you do not Rlve this splendid stock
of Orcss liiHsJs a Imik before purchasing. No trouble to show
you these nods- (let our prices and be posted.
Country Produce
I sell butter, chickens, egR,
and produce so fast that 1 can't
buy enough. If you have any lo
sell don't sell s bit of it until you
see me. I want it.
S K. Dostf.r.
old Iron. J. D.
The People Is
My Business,
and I hava learned that OOOD
00005 at lair prices, honest
weights and prompt delivery is
the only way to please the trade-
Best Cheese,
Good Roasted Coffee from 12
to 25 cents.
Hams from 12 to 16 cents.
I carry a full lint of everything.
Prices and good4 uaranteed. .
K you have - uevet tried me
with an order, now is.he,, time, 1
and you will surely bsj a regular
Rei-ptctfully, ;'f-
Pb ooe to 1, 1
Fall and Winter
Those appreciating High
(irade Clothing Guaran
teed by the manufacturer
w ill do w ell to see my line
before buying their fall
suit- I have tried to give
the people of Monroe and
vicinity the very best that
money will buy. Buy
none but St rouse Bros
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cheap as others-
5c my line of boys' and
childrens' clothing- I can
save you money-
Sole floeni'tor Hamilton-Brown SHoes.
JTy lines of Shoes can't be matched in any tow n- You will
find all of the Hamilton-Brown Shoes the very best makes;
also the celebrated Mess Shoes for men-
' LADIES' VVRAP5, all the newest styles- Don't buy any,
thing la Wraps before you see me; I can save you big money-
' M Millinery Department .
- will be one of our pet departments this season and
we will give nothing but the latest and most stylish hats
Thir trimmer is young, but old In experience.
One hand red new fall ready to wear Dress Skirts from $100,
$150. $100 to $15 00-
New Walstings In all the leading styles, cheapest to bast-
Land Sale.
Hy vlrtui f itVtTf of the titirtr Court,
iubvL l'j t he I'lcrk. in tht oinH'tal iritcwtlliitt
1MHitl.1l "r.llirr K. Hr.rll, ttiituMrKtrit
... J r. It HrN-f!l.(1ttvl, ml W. H Hr
f II r. J Hm-Hfil t ilif untlrrifiii't
1 .,i!itinw(..iiiT mil, ta
Monday December 7th, IWU,
' tliitrt hott ".ot'r in Monnw, N. ',, sw II
tttilslo ti.Mt 'ti. ! itir hiKlirl Mililr. th
f. il. . ititi .li-nln'ti intitt ut ttiM?('ns-lt town-
-'.it.. 1
r ir-t TrsM-t-A.lj.'tnlntT Die- Untfi of Uilll.m
!.!(. W il-.ii Hra-wtll.ttillU Vrtlilit
ii'iitlniiif i.A gtt'ri i.tpr r ). anil
know n tin hunts' (ilaw1 of thr Ulf J. K K.
H'wfll. ilti's-a.i
iMVaintt TraiM Atljoininf h U'nN if H S
I'Tftitn. K, H hi'Mi.n and .ttlicrd. aiot lylniTMii
t'liitMiu-iiii rrts , foiilatnlti liH tm ttort
ttr !. tv-t i fair ami f tcfi.nm; from thatitr
i-siTilwl laiuU KtacrfNfi.frtnl t.j- tht(lwir
f Mm K. Hrawt II, ftilttwr Htainntotf
it I a litkt tijr a n'). Hiram Hrawrll ftirnr, rtinn In Uw N Ma K 1 lo ii r-haiti to a
-iahi- tn m rtit a r ti.. an1 Hraaai l!'
tier . thriii H a1, r U t'tiaiti lo a Ukr in a
li.'til . IhtltiM- M IM'jtt '.iiicliatrta
ttn'iMfM V. HBtrham- lot mkr In W
M rH' lin , tliriK-r M ell1, ! h im cliaittt
'i a alake, V llwH Mnlllw' csiriu r. IhriHt H till
hi- line N. lt V -Ji inviiii fliniii to Haif,
In-oornt-r , thrtit N f' 1 1m clialii
Hit' IraTtntihtsf. coinainiiiht arrcn ttmrr nr
All ttitHiitr uf thr lautl riivrrTil lir Iht
,l. rr W ill W od.
T'-rma; c thir.1 rali an1 l-a'amr In tlirvr
m nth-. w ith ntrrv-i fmm ttav of -alr.
Mil irt'U itci.'U-r.
A. M M VK,
LstabiUhed I87J
Incorporated 1001
Cotton Still
Brings a
Good Price.
! Fall of the year is here. The
; leaves are turning golden in the
i autumn sun. au nature seems
to be shaking off her summer
;;nrb, making ready to go into
; winter quarters. The earth is
i giving up its fruits to its children
and every man should take ad
vantage of the time and occasion
and prepare for winter time.
What is the first thing to do?
Collect what nature gives you
and what your summer's toil en
titles you to and then
What you are obliged to spend
spend it where you can get the
best return for your money. To
save a few cents on each small
purchase means several hard dol
lars in the course of a year, II
you want to be surprised, just put
one rent in a box every time you
purchase an article anywhere and
then count your money at the end
of the year. You will have sev
eral dollars. We save you one
cent and many times one cent
every time you trade with us.
Yours for Saving,
Hill & Bivens.
Carolina Marble
and Granite Comnanu.
Our business has been mere than satisfactory since opening in
Monroe, and we now have on hand as nice a stock as can be found
at any yard in the State.
We have just received some new and specially handsome designs,
nd we invite the inspection of all persons needing anything in our
No grave, however humble, should be allowed to go unmarked.
We can make a job to suit the price you are able lo pay.
Call for designs and prices.
Carolina Marble and Granite Co.,
J. E. EFIRD, Manager. MONROE. N. C.
Yards at Statesville, Salisbury. North Wilkesboro. and Monroe.
11 owing mt fur professional services
ill fiod ths account! with Mr. Pbilip
l ' I. : . I i , i ... n
ivmtivj ui nr. n. vr. russer, ana s
prompt paymaot of all accounts it re
i) nested to be mad to either of tbe
above (enllemeD. A. D. N. Whitley
DLACK Koi!rt, tbe well koowo Jack,
u ii it my ttablai In Monro.
IL A. Winchester
PARRY everything yoo bay la old
U iron lo I. u. parkw.
11 be orrtawful Ijr any pern, com
pny, Arm or corporation in tbe City
oi Monro io tell anv kind ol tie
workt. Any person, company, firm or
corporation violating tbit ordiatoc
shall pay a fin ol fifty dollars
H. C. Asbcraft, See. Bd.
Aldernsa City of Monro.
MOTICE All tbos indebted to th
11 etltt of H, M. Houston-by sot
or account oust come forward tad
msk tettlemiot by lb 5th of Novem
ber, 1001, or the claim will b pul in
tbe baodt of an attorney for collec
tion, Th ettata must be settled by
Nov. 10th. R. V. tnd D. A. Houston.
This is for yon,
If you owe us. Our money must be
collected; and without .any excuse wc
ask you to come and make immediate
settlement. This year there will be
No Exception
to the rule; and if it is your intention
now not to pay, but request us to carry
over your note or account, you are go
ing to be disappointed. Wc arc going
to have our money and you can govern
yourselves accordingly.
The rjeath-Lee
Hardware Co.
Id tta COLO BUST twins do your work"
To Cure a Cold in One Day
. t r
Cam Crip
is Two Day.
on every

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