North Carolina Newspapers

Telephone N. I.
Tuesday, October 30. I90J.
Mrs. A. J. Greta is in Charlotte
vUitiug Mr. aud Mm. W. T. Hart.
Mr. Herbert Jauie of Hamlet
viaited relative at I'uiouville last
Mr. Ifcivw A mint-Id U in tbe
AVnt buying stock for Artuueld ft
Tbe easn of diphtheria in Moo
roe bare alt recovered or are beyoud
daugrr, aud tbereaie ua new ra.
Judge V. H. heal, iboli hold
Iur court io ( harlot if. rame down
Kit unlay night to intend Sunday
with Mr. R. A. Morrow.
Mr. Warren C. Stark baa been
aptminted Mou roe correspondent
for the Charlotte OIm-i ver and Tbe
Mm. I.illir lUiurvoC ri tifield.
Mo., rame in Friday uilit to spend
the winter with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. W. A. I-ove of I'uion
ville. Mayor R. V. Houston and Messrs.
W. 8, lilakeney and Warren Stark
have liwn appointed marshals for
the Mecklenburg fuir, which opens
ou Mouday week.
Mr. II. Wilson ILigler of Goose
Creek towiiidiip aud Mini Kiuma
Jaue Kason, daughter of Mr. T. L.
Kasonof Marsbville township, were
married in Monroe last Thursday
by Esq. C. X. Simpson.
Dr. Watt Aslioruft has been elect
el second vice presideut of the
Watdiingtou Veteriuary Medical
Association. This is considered
quite au honor, esiecially since he
was elected by almost uu unani
mous vote. ,
Mr. ('ha. A. Turner was mar
ried last Saturday at two o'clock,
iu the parlor of the Commercial
Hotel, to Miss Reside Spate of
Charleston, H. ('., Iter. tieo. it.
Atkinson olliciating. lhey are
boat dim; at the Coiiiiuerciat.
"The Light Hearers" of tbe Meth
od ist church cave an enjoyable en
tcrtitiiinient at the church Sunday
night, under the directum of Mrs.
J. J. Crow, alio had trained the
children beautifully. Mrs. li. K.
I.uiicy also did valuable service ut
the organ.
Mr. Purwood Mcljtrty, who lias
IWd iu Indian Territory for a long
time, has come home to recujteratc
bis health, and is lit the home of
bis father, Mr. iea C. Mcljiity.
lie is quite thin and full of malaria
aud nays lie will stay here long
enough to let it evaporate.
Messrs. R. 11. Rodwine, A. M.
Stack and T. J. Jerome went to
Charleston, S. C, last week nnd
argued the "Itailcy case'' liefore
Judge Simonton on the question of
whether or uot the teinorHry in
junction against the payment of the
judgment be made permanent. The
judge has not yet announced his
Mr. Peter Arant of Chesterfield,
while hauling cotton to Mr. Moses
Walters' gin in ltuford township,
one day last week, lost control of
bis mules, aud they ran away aud
threw li i tn out and drugged him
some distance. Dr. Nance was sent
for to attend him and found that
three. rils and bis arm bad been
broken, and he had also sustained
internal injuries.
The. Honid of Education met iu
called meeting yesterday to con
sider the question of Consolidation
of the Walker nnd the Locke school
districts iu Jackson township. The
two districts were united and tbe
Con nt v Superintendent, with a
committee from each of the old (lis
tricts, directed to locate aud secure
a site. All the members of the
board were present aud other bind
ness of a routine nature was trans
The English Drug Company is
preparing to move dowu to the old
Lee & Lee building tu order that
their storeroom may be worked
over. When this is done it will be
ucrhnps the prettiest place in town
A Plate glass front will lie put in
aud the door will be in the corner
and open to both streets. I in nor
taut changes will also be made in
the interior, including a metal ceil
ing. The work is expected to be
completed by Christmas. The
building belongs to Mr. Fred Helms.
Little Ruth Scales, five yearsold,
daughter of Mr. J. L. Scales, was
badlv burned last Wednesday. She
was in the yard playing with
match and a piece of paper, and
caught her clothing. She ran part
ly around the bouse in her fright,
then to the front porch, where her
mother caught her and wrapped
her in a piece of cloth and put out
the Haines. The little girl wag e
verely burned on tbe side aud on
the face and bad a very narrow
escape from a most horrible death,
Tbe county commissioners have
old the bonds which were ottered
sometime ago and bid off by a New
York firm that refused to take
them. Tbe sale waa made Thurs
dar. according to previous adver
viwiiieut, aud the bonds awarded
to Tbe Hank of I'nion, it Mug the
highest bidder. There were 17,500
worth of bonds sold, the price paid
was 7,1(10, with interest from
July 1st, 1903.
Mr. J. 8. Leonard of Statesvlllc.
who came to Monroe to teach vocal
music, received a notice yesterday
aaying he had been elected by tlie
county board or education or ew
Hanover county to tench vocal
music in the public schools. He
will Dot, therefore, tench here, but
will go at once to New Hanover.
The piau is for biiu to make the
rounds of I he county schools, teach
ing a week in each school. As
there are but a very few public
schools in New Hanover, and aa
the term is seven months, he will
make several visits to each school.
This is quite a novel idea.
Death of Mrs. Jolia C Williams.
Mrs. Miriam Williasna, widow of
John C Williams who died two
year ago, died at the home of her
son, Mr. Lather Williams, oa east
Windsor street, oa last Thursday
turn ing at four o'clock, after a
long illuess. Tbe remains were
buried Thursday afternoon at Mr.
W. K. Williams', iva miles east of
Mra. Williama was bora ia this
county oa April l".'ud, 182X, and
was married to the late John C.
Williama on August 10th, IMS.
She is survived by three Sons and
three daughters. Tbe sons are
Mewrs. E. II., T. J. and Luther
Williama. The daughters are Mrs.
Klleo Lock hurt of Montgomery
county, Mrs. D. M. Sum merlin of
east Monroe township aud Miss
AnuieWilliamsof Mouroe. Messrs.
K. A. Jerome of Wingate, J. A.
Jerome of 1'nionville. and Robert
Jerome of Florida are brothers of
the deceased. One sinter, Mrs.
Eliza Price of I'uionville, survives.
Mrs. Williams spent nearly all
of ber long life near Kock Rest,
moving to Monroe only short
while ago to make her home with
ber sou. She waa a member of
Meadow liraueh church for more
thau half a century. Her neigh
bora knew ber as a most lovable
character, always anxious to do
something to help those about her.
Her mouuuient is in tbe sous aud
daughters she reared aud in tbe
hearts aud loving memories of
those with whom she rame in con
tact. Baptist Church Will be Improved
At a cougregatioual meeting of
tbe Monroe llaiitist church oubuu
day last, it was decided to eularge
the church building by the addi
tion of Sunday school rooms aud
other improvements. The south
wall of the building will be taken
out and the auditorium extended in
that direction, making a large Suu
duy school room and two or three
smaller ones. A uew baptistry will
lie put in und also a rhoir loft. On
the north side a pastor's study will
be added. The improvements are
exiK-cted to cost tt,r(K) and will be
completed next summer. Sttbscrip-
lous on the amount will be opened
next Sunday. When this work is
completed Monroe will have anoth
er very lieautiful modern church
Death of Mrs. W. J. King.
Mrs. Ihiisv King, wifeof Mr. V. J.
King of Waxhaw, died last Wednes
day, after an illness of sixty-three
days of typhoid fever. Tbe death of
this yotinjr wife and mother is par
ticularly sad. She was less than SI
years old, having been born January
2!l, IKHt). She was a daughter ilf
Mr. and Mrs. Hobt. Austin. She was
married December 24, 1WI5. Tim
children survive their young mother.
ne is a little girl seven years old.
the others boys, live and three. The
U sly was buried at Waxhaw Baptist
hurt'li cemetery and the funeral was
conducted by Ucv. J. L. Dennett and
Kcv. . r. aUon. Mrs. King was
most earnest, active and useful
member of the little Baptist church
at Waxhaw. She was of generous
impulses and lino character, and a
evmit christian. She occupied a
high place in the esteem and affec
tioiia of the people of Waxhaw and
all who knew lier, and her loss, while
irreparable hi the little children, her
husliand and relatives, is also great
to her community.
'trreinniltnc of The Journal.
A few miles from Waxhaw last
Wednesday evening, Oct. Hth, in
tbe handsomely decorated parlor
of Mr. E. V. Varbrough's home,
Miss Minnie Yarhrough and Mr.
W. A. Weir of Waxhaw were uui-
ted in the sacred bonds of holy
matrimony. Miss Hassle Smith of
Charlotte, a oousin of the bride,
was maid of honor; Mr. John 1.
Weir of King's Mountain, a broth
er of the groom, was best man;
Miss Annie (rates of Kock Hill, H.
C, was brides maid, aud Mr. W.
8. Walknp of Waxhaw was grooms
man. The ceremony, an imprcs
sive one, was performed by Rev.
J. L. Bennett of Marhhville, assist
ed by Rev. W. F. Watson of Mou
roe. The grauil wedding niarcn
waa played by Miss Cora ar
brough, sister of the bride. Misses
Fannie Mellwaln, Klina Austin,
Laulu Billue and Sadie Locke, and
Messrs. John By rum, Lee Helms,
Iee Weir, Edd Austin. an weir,
all of the neighborhood, and Mr.
John Parks of Waxbaw, and a few
other frieuds and relatives wit
nessed the uniting of this bright
and bappy couple.
I iu mediately after tue marriage
an eleeant supper was served. The
following day the bridal party and
a number of relative and friends
were served an elegant dinner at
tbe home of tbe groom.
Tbe many handsome aud useful
Dresenta Mr. aud Mrs. veir re
ceived attest the good wishes of
many friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Weir expect To be
gin housekeeping real soon in
Waxbaw. where Mr. Weir is in
Pastor' Meeting.
All tbeMstors of the Union
Baptist Association are requested
to meet at .Meadow itraucn tumor
row, Oct 21, at ten o'clock.
W. F. Watsoi.
Mr. H. M. Fnrr, secretary of the
Belmont school district in (loose
Creek the old Simpson beat, to
which 'Sqnire a N. Simpson do
nated 110 on public library
came in this morning to say that
the committee wanted Tbe Journal
to say that tbe people of tbe dis
trict very much appreciated 'Squire
Simpson's tboughlfulness and gen
erosity, and they were exeeediugly
glad to get the library. He says
the k boot nsea water out of the
same old spring that was used half
a rentnry ago, and mat me present
school house is on Dearly tbe same
ait. - '
Cotton ia brining 9.50 on this
market today.
'Squire rWWkorter la Reminded
J OU "Crowd"- The Joys a( the
rkrry-Oo-Rouad Th Mouse ot
Crow Has a Coat I Armi U
the Indifference of Parents the
Weakest Point ia tbe Public
Schools of the County?
The editor of tbe Luuih'rton Ar
gus is a gentleman and a scholar,
and also a philanthropist. Hear
what he says :
"The merry go-round is here and
tbe children, big and little, are bar
ing jolly times, mere many a
nickel spent for rides, but, for our
part, we do Dot think it wasted, as
happy memories are ling stored
against the evil day. A child's
ride on oue of these dashing rhari
ota or careering horses affords more
genuiue pleasure than a mau sthoa
sand mile railroad trip. The yearn
ings of a childhood which sought
satisfaction from a prancing hue
handle bave not Iwen forgotten,
and, if we were able, every child
within tweuty miles should ride,
not to satiety, but euough to give
each tbe thrill and leave his fancy
briniiuiug full."
This is referred to Mr. Q. a Lee,
mho with the writer one day last
week saw the most novel of all
"Hying jeuniea." Some little dar
kies bad secured an old wagon
wheel, put it on a stump aud were
fiyiug around ou it in great shape.
The usefulness of the telephone
is demonstrated every day in a hun
dred little wavs. Let oue who is
nsed to pleuty of them go iuto a
couutry where there are uone aud
he misses them more than anything
else. Here is one of tbe huudreds
of ways in which they are useful
outside of town. The other night
Mr. Tom Ford of this township
went up in New Salem and spent
the night. Next morning his mule
was gone, without having left a
trace behind. He 'phoned all alHiut
and gave a description of the mule.
He could hear nothing whatever of
it aud began to think it had been
stoleu. Pretty soon a man who had
taken it up rode the mule to Win
gate aud there was promptly told
whoso it was and where the owner
could be found.
What do yon consider the weak
est point in the public schools of
l nion countvT was one of the
questions asked the public school
teachers at the examination week
before hist. What do you suppose
was the auswert Almost in every
case it was this: "lndilTcrcuce of
the parents." This would make it
appear that there is yet need
of educational campaigning. The
teachers answered correctly. It
isn't poor school houses, nor poor
teachers, nor poor salaries, nor
short terms it's the indifference
of the parents. If the parents were
thoroughly aroused the other diffi
culties would vanish.
Messrs. Crow Bros, are now buy
ing the ingredients and mixing
their own fertilizers. Thus they
will sell Crow brands. Aud they
are crow brands, too. On every
sack is the picture of a pair of
coal black crows, billing nnd coo
ing with each other. One of the
crows is very fat, that's John; the
other isu't quite so fat, that's Bob.
The fearful story in this paper of
the murder of bis three little inno
cents bv a father made crazy by
Honor is too terrible for human
tongue to tell. Yet the folks who
are very much opposed to the
liquor t rathe which makes possible
such crimes sre called "cranks."
Science lays her hand upon ninny
of tbe virulent diseases that have
for centuries lieen considered iu
curable and they vanish. We have
no doubt that she will sooner or
Inter find the weapons whereby to
successfully do battle with nil of
them. Twenty years ago medical
lecturers told their students that
hen their patients contracted
diphtheria, they might as well no
tify the undertaker at once. Ami
now the disease is Handled wun
comparative safety and certainty,
Xow," said 'Squire Henry Me
Wborter of Jackson, "when you
want to get anything done in
neighborhood in which all are to
take hold and help, like building a
church or a school house, some lei
lows remind me of my old dog
Crowd.' Crowd was a mighty
mouthy dog but he wouldu t light
Sale and True were the fighting
does. Whenever Crowd saw
strange dog he'd fly out after him
like be was going to eat nun up.
But list before getting to hi in, be d
look back every time to see if Sale
and True were coming on close
enough to do the fighting. If they
wereu't, be'd stop, lint ir they
were on band, he'd fly in like any
thing, and . then slip out aud let
them do tbe fighting, on, you
want to watch the iouthy fellows
when the fight gets up."
fertaineA And. in this connection. POWS FOR SALE - Half dona
it might be eU to say that here bJ ol c.tile l sale.
President BUkeney Thinks Monree'uld be denvsistmU'd tbe virtues of;
l. rmrvllai la IWmm 9tU l'"""""! nrrr unw, uu ur rxjl NU Uol4
Death of Mr. Spoiford Moore,
Telegrams todav announced the
death of Mr. J.SpofTord Moore, at 8t
Louis. Mo., yesterday, of pneumonia.
Mr. Moore is a son of Mr. I), F. Moore
of Chesterfield. He had just gone to
St. liouis, where his brother is in the
stock business, having been for some
time at his father s on account of bad
health. The deceased was about 2C
..nM Y,mn(r Mr Kit Mmirp
' . . . . v, ii ,a.,lcino imvalmrnt
who is a stuileniai iirccnviup, came,' - -
5ustaininr, and a the
5tep We rtust Have a Commer
cial Club.
Tu IW EJIiuratTWJuaraal:
The w riter of this article d.-s not
cxiect to impart auy new informa
tion. He is not setting up to be a
mentor for the city of Mroror any
bodv. The object is merely to nn
press a few facts that are patent to
the most unobservant (Mind results
are oftentimes secure I by persistent
agitation for improvement and no
progress can be tlie result of neglect
ed opportunities. This is espn-ially
true, under modern conditions, in the
matter of building a city of much
stability and in preanng its ieople
to meet the vicissitudes of the future.
It is iv4 presumptuous, therefore.
for any citizen having the good of
his town at heart to call public at
tention to existing conditions with a
view to their amelioration or better
ment. With this end in view, let us
make an inventory of what we have
and what we ssrially med in order
to keep abreast of the times.
The growth of Monroe has never
urn of the mushroom vanetv, and it
is well that it has ueen so. There is
nothing so pitiful in business life as
holies blasted and fortunes wrecked
as a result of investments upon false
pretenses or lictitmus values. No,
there has never been a time when a
business here might not prove to
some extent remunerative II jinn
ciously managed, and there has never
been a tune w hen real estate values
suddenly tiartook of the nature so
common in mushroom towns, (in
the contrary, the tendency of the val
ues of desirable real estate here has
always been upward, and no one has
ever found it moonshine onlv or a
wilUV-thi-wisp. True, progress has
not been so remarkable as may lie
tiointcd out in other places, and there
mav be some woefully disapKiiuh'd
tKMplc here, but the lulu's of the
visionary are ever tltvting- while the
fact remains that much has already
been accomplished. How much? It
is often said that the progress of a
people should lie judged by their
public buildings. If that be a safe
criterion, Monroe can defy compari
son with other places of similar en
vironment. Look at her imposing
court house and safely constructed
jail; examine her Kiver house; visit
her splendid graded schools; see how
she cares for her helpless jieople at
the county home, and note well what
has been done in the matter of
liiirches. And after you are satis-
lied that the needs of the future, as
well as the present, have been kept
in view in the const met ion of public
buildings, then you may follow the
thoroughfares to see what a vast
amount of work has been accom
plished ill the building of public
mads. So also, the ieople for the
most part have comfortable and at
tractive homes. Indeed, and in short,
when a citizen of this town travels
abroad and carefully notes the con
ditions existing elsewhere, he comes
back better satished with his abid
ing place than theretofore and con
gratulating himself upon the fact
that his lines have fallen in such a
pleasant little ritv. Notwithstand
ing, however, all tliat has Urn ac
complished in the past and all we
njoy in the present, this article was
inspired not irom a sense oi scii-
coniplacency and all-sulliciency, but
to sound a note of warning hi those
who have invested their money here
and expect to reap a reasonable de
gree of profit as n result of their
confidence. In view of the fact that
many small towns in the territory
contiguous to Monroe have lately
sprung up as marts of trade ; and
when we recognize the fact that
another large slice of country across
the border in South Carolina is soon
to be taken awav, in the matter of
custom, by the advent of a railroad
through that section, I say it can but
lie clear to the most unobservant
that the time has come when efforts,
and strenuous efforts, should be put
forth to devise ways and means for
making the city more self-sustaining.
Unlike zealous Concord and (ias
tonia, we must remember, too, that
we are restricted iu our oiterations as
a trading centre by the powerful In
tluence of our neighlsir, Charlotte;
and fur own benefit we should
adopt the policy that has been pur
sued in that city. Charlotte is not
now much dependent on what is
called the "wagon trade." Her daily
receipt of cotton, for instance, from
wagons are even less than ours, and
vet that city giies forward in .popula
tion and resources by leaps and
bounds, while we go along as if by
necessity and with a very measured
tread. Now, the wonderful growth
of Charlotte in the last decade, the
fact that she i9 already referred to as
the "Queen City of North Carolina"
and the "Pearl of the Piedmont,"
may be traced to a realization by her
people that the city should be self
sustaining. Having come to that
conclusion, they put aside all petty
jealousies and united, as wide-awake
patriotic men should always do, not
only in making their own money ef
fective, but in inviting capital from
i They have succeeded, and that is t
lesson which we must learn if we
would progress or even, hold to that
which we have.
Now. do von ask for 1 practical
suggestion ? Well, the city has been
generous in siending money in some
respects ; it could do no better than,
as many times privately suggested,
to employ a first class business man
to keep in touch with capitalists
I here win
mnmsd tpectaclea.
(-"- v...... M - ' -j -
for all llU without anv of the
' public could be given to know that
Whit o turl
aswcil, liKiiin,
GOOD hunt mails molauri at Hill
NEW Carlloruia I'rachca lorenla per
pound, fine bum ma la mulatset.
cucuanuti, on ltd nuts at VY, A. Stew
ari a. Krrah lot il haan i s ctt. up,
Svtll'i brciiat bacon.
tor ail UU without any .4 the CEED 0ATS (octal.,
comilanu usually inridVnt to club !j Mj bf0WU c. J. Hi
namis. i t.
But wliatever practical te mav - ...
I at r.t.l o.di n.. im- II ILTlfLVING ONIONS fuC sale.
nnrUM rulu ran Mer he attained ! 1Vl l'bou "J J- 1K-
unless the lieoole act in liannonv
with an eye ami la-art for lis? com
moo gtl. If there be anv lu rr h
are averse U any new enterprise lie
cause, forsooth, they do not father it
or mav n4 control it. thev mav be
put down as utterly sellish and un
worthy the resivl due U a progres
sive If there lie any is-rr
who are unwilling to allow a rival in
business and are actuated in all their
dealings bv petty jealousies, then
you may put Uieni down as unable to
rise to the true courtesies and ameut
ties of business life.
If we lie true friends to the com
mon weal and desire to sec the city
protqicr, let us stand together in
unity and the future will be assured
Oct. 19th, l!X)3.
Broke Into His House.
S. lie Ojiinu of Caveudish, Vt
was robbed of his customary health
by invasion of ( lirouic Constipa
tion. When Dr. King's New Life
Pills broke into bis bouse, his
trouble was arrested aud now he is
entirely cured. They are guarau
teed to cure; 25c. at Engliah Drug
(.umpany a.
Rubber Uoods.
Hot Water Bottles 75, 1, (1.50.
Fountain Syringes 75, l, 1. 1.50
Bulb Syringes 40, 50, 75, ll.OO
Throat aud Nasal Atomizers 40,
.-.0, 75, 1.25. Screw Cap Ice Bags
40, 75, ft. 00. Breant Pumps, Nip
pies, Nipple Shields, everything
made of rublier for sick folks.
Phone us to send out samples with
prices attached.
L.Niii.iHit Dut'u Company.
Cotton Seed.
Bring us your eottou seed. We
have first class scale, and ware
house at our store convenient to
weigh and unload. Will pay the
highest market price.
Mi'lUc Mkhi antii.k Co.
Best brands oi cigars, tobacco,
smoking and chewing, at S. R.
Doster s.
Special Notices.
Advertisements will b inserted io
this column at the price of oue cent a
word, caah in advance.
MAGISTRATES are requeued to
file warrant by Oct. aH, 1903.
E. A. Armfield, CCS.
SALE On Saturdar, October 31,
commencing at 11 o'clock, I wdl offer
for tale at auction, for caah, my resi
dence and three adjoiniug lots, situa
ted Id the city of Monroe, between the
S. A. L. Railway and Mouroe Cotton
Mills. All the lots eicept one have
Kood wells and bouses. Parties inter
ested may call on me aud see diagram
of lots or be shown the property,
J. A. Crowed.
IOH tK fur sale a very deniable
builjing lot on south Cbuich strrrt,
6 1 io feet. Call and see me.
W. C. W olfe.
Mudaou's (or Kleish-
nail's compressed yrast.
CALL at S. II. Hudson's aud get a
boa of llradly's candies.
I OFFER for sale vacuo! lot with
good barn, adjoiuing M. I). Myers
00 the South. Call and see me.
W. C. Wolfe.
R. W. H. WAKEFIELD of Char
lotte, N. C, will in Monroe, at
t he Gloucester, 00 Friday, Oct. ajid,
for one day only. His practice is lim
ited to Eye, Ear. None aud Throat.
l v
$ IaER & LEE,
tior rnor? inTrnr? nnnrsr. f.rm' rrtRTTSflnniL I1T
HAVE moved my atoie to the Ste
vens & Plufer building, tieit to
Journal Office. Come aud see me.
S. H. Hudson.
We Haven't...
gone out ol business, mil her are we asleep- Just too busy
opening, marking and scllinfc new goods to write a new ad.
We mu.t, however, tell yuu a few thing. We are full in all
departments of
Fresh, New Goods
Exclusive styles in Drr.-s Uoods and the mu-t popular trim
mings in vogue, and notwithstanding the advance in many
cotton stuff we can give them to ou as (heap as ever.
Calicoes at J', and 5 cents- .Vi inch Cereals at 5 cents
Double told Worsteds 7 cants- Sheetings and Alamance
just as cheap as heretofore. The strongest line of table Linens
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save you some money
Rugs, Portierres, Lace Curtains and White Quilts to please
the most fastidious and not beyond the reach of a moderate
purse- We ouht to be able to interest you in all departments
dive us a look when you need anything that an up-to-date
progressive dry goods store should carry.
NEW MARKET We have opened
up a new meat market in the
Simpson building north of the court
house, aud are prepared to furnish
the best of meats at reasonable
prices. We will also bur pork, beef
cattle, hides aud produce. Thoue
134. Walters & Presley.
A BIG lot of new jewelry just in and
at low pricea lota of it at cost
al Welsh's Drug Store.
REMEMUEK you can get the best
fresh meat at j. 1). Parker's mar
ket. Phone No. 91.
OW ia the time to sow crimson clo
ver. Go to Welsh's for the seed.
WANTED To buy a second hand
saw mill. J. S. DeLaney, or J.
U. Hemby, Matthews K. F. D. No. 18.
LOST A large envelope bearing
name of A, F. Funderhurk, con
taining two land deeds. Finder will
be duly rewarded by leaving same at
journal otbee.
LOST A class piu 'oj engraved on
black centre. Reward for its re
turn. Miss Morris, at the graded
WANTEU-A first grade teacher in
distiict 'No. 3, iu Buford town
ship, j. CLaney, Chin., Hope, N.C.
WE have a few second-band watch
es almost as good as new to go
at a greatly reduced price. Our new
ones are up to dute
W. Fi Cheers & Co.
A good two horse farm
Apply to S. U. Bundy.
FOR RENT Two desirable store
rooms north of the court bouse.
Apply to Mrs. T. H. Simpson.
DETTER prepared than ever to fur
D nish nice turnouts oa short notice
aud at reasonable pi ices.
H. A. Winchester.
BRING your chickens and eggs to
S. H. Hudson, oeit to journal
Want an Increase
ol 50 per cent.
We now have masiy pleased custom
ers who have beau patrouiiing us for
years and we have made arrangements
to iucrease theta 50 per cent by the
first of January, 1904. Our eipeuees
are light and our goods up to the
times. We can sell
Watches, Clods, Jewelry, Spectacles,
Tojs, Fancy Goods, Etc.
much cheaper than you cau buy in
larger towns, Wa have been receiv
ing new goods for sometime, and they
will continue to come in until Dec, ij.
Then we will throw open our doors for
the public to walk iu and speud a few
days with Mr. Santa Claus, and we
will assure you that you wdl be served
in a friendly and business like manner.
We bave bought some goods iu gross
lots and will make special prices to
parties who want to buy aud sell
again. Don't wait too late, but come
To the Public
I take this method to inform
you that my stock is complete.
My motto is to Rive more goods
for the money than my competit
ors. I buy my goods from first
hands, which Rives mean advant
age over others. Coupons Riven
with each CASH PURCHASE.
You get nice China ware free.
Headquarters (or Sewing Ma
chines (or cash or on time with
easy payments. I sell more shoes
than any country store in the
county. Highest price paid (or
country produce, cash or trade
Such as chickens, eggs, turkeys,
geese, corn, seed cotton, cotton
seed, lodder or anything you have
to sell.
On Saturdays please make it
point to come early in the day so
)ou can be waited on belore tne
rush. Kespectlully,
Leaders in Low Prices, Mt. Pros
pect. N. C.
Monroe, N. C, K. F. D. No. 4-
. . . i- 1
up this moruin in rvsponse to a Id- n'nS w u"ua,'. co"'
.L 1 o. I....:. ....; a period o( business stacnat mn, nd
IIUIII M, tltK I,U fw,. I 1. I
hooves this city to invite invest
ments and secure manufarturinx en-
the body
would be here tomorrow
When painting your dwellir.! prises here before that dreaded
11 4 . ... V; . w. ' period sets in ; otherwise our efforts
II and see us (or prices. We, . . , . .nHn,
call and tee us (or prices.
recommend and guarantee Harri
son's paints. S. J. Welsh.
I want )our countiy produce of
all kinds. Sea ma before you
tell. S. L Dotter.
might prove (utile and the attendant
expense an utter loss.
Again, there should, of course, be
organised and well sustained a com
mercial club, with handsome quar
ters, where all possible investors and
risiUng guests may be properly en
Hello, Down There!
Don't take your eye off the main chance! I
Don't miss the. opportunity of your life!
Now is the time and this is the place to a
I buy the newest and prettiest designs in
I Sterllno Sliver and 1847 Boners' Spoons.
For this week only, we will accept the following slip as fifty T
cents on any purchase of one set of spoons, only oue set to a I
customer. Cut out the following cupou: I
Good for Fifty Cents
on one set Spoons at
The W. J. Rudgc Company's.
Ton will do well to call and aee onr other line of fsncy goods.
Something that will make a handsome bridal present in China
and Cut Glass.
The W. J. Rudge Co.
Our Fall Line.
Thv tin niest ( ffnrl ire hare m i' made is now 2
rendu ir uisix vlian . If nn His the attention
o.evert Innji r trim lutrs "rigif. Our nres
' arc (thsnlutt hj "roel: Indian. ''
ft Maonlllcent ftrrayoi Furniture,
Iran and W ood I'u ds, Springs and Jlatirsses,
Jetting Chairs, Haehers, Suits,
0ld lieils, Dressers anil U'ashsfands,
Cradles and Crilis.
e have same Iliireaits that hare never been
' ttJ'ered mi this niarl.'it heair thai arc beauties.
If yon ivant one taii hud Ik Ut v come at once.
)ott mil buy when yon see them.
I'urniture Dealer and Funeral Director.
Store Phone 7; Kesidcnce Phone f4.
No Stronger Agency
in the South.
Companies with Assets
Aggregating Over
Five Hundred Million
Dollars. $ $
Our Line:
Hre, Life. Health, Acci
dent. Liability, PlnteQIast,
and Steam Holler. Surety
IVinds on short notice.
Your business entrusted to
ua uill receive eareflil atten
tion and will he appreciated.
The Peoples' Bank, Agt.
W.M. GORDON, Manager
Insurance Department.
The Prescription
:-: :-: Department
of dur store keeps pace with
advanced medical science.
No matter how unusual the
ingredients of a prescription
may be, we will fill it
We keep the drugs for it
the m:ST, 1-KLSHEST,
and lTKKST.
C.N.Simpson, Jr.
OO0O0-XOC00 0-0 0Oe00K000000
When You Buy a Watch
liost money will
buy. Yon hIho
want to buy at a
stoiv where yon
will got exaetly
what you pay
for. You ninko
no mistake when
' ou buy
JEW km: Y,
-&., of
Jeweler, Monroe, N.C.

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