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1 State U,.r4r). I
One Dollar a Year
: m Mends
Siiid Customers
S3 S3
To get a customer to buy once is something like fail
ing off a log; but to get one and keep him requires a little
backing with good goods, right prices and fair dealing. N
We have tried to pay some attention to there three
requisites to a pleasant and prosperous business and have
succeeded in gaining so many new customers, and keep
ing the old ones, that our business has grown to such an
extent that our present store room, as it is,, is not large
enough to hold the
Incre&sing Stocks?
N While more room is being made, up stairs, down
stairs, and in the cellar, we will have to
fove' Out 0
temporarily, but will be prepared to wait on our friends
without interruption, a,t
Lee & Lee's Old Store,
two doors below Lichtenstein 6 Flows.
About the Itvst of this week of tfie first of next when
yoi? cpni? tP e ul &n3 fta4 u 2one' onft think we have
gone out pi business, but re ust getting ready to STAY,
Don't forget where to find us, 'til we get back, Lee 6
Lee's Old Store, opposite M. C. Broom's, and perhaps
some will know the place better by being across the street
from where the Dispensary used to be.
English Bmi
The Passing of One of the Moot lis.
teresting Industrial 11 cures in
th Mat -H Changed From a
Hillkxialrt to a Pauper, but He
Never Pressed HI Friends. Mi-rrrr. Utb.
A telephone message Stated
lU V. T. lllackwell died last night
at 11:15 oYknk at his home in I Mir
iam. He had stricken with
paralysis last Siinl.iy, and no dojie
was entertained fur hi recovery.
Me dii'J at the home of dis mother,
Mrs. K. F. U!.u kttvll.
So da oiir of the strangest
hmiI mod interesting figures in the
industrial history of X-rth tir.iiia.
t'ol. lllackwell wan tli'' son ( Jaims
I,. lllackwell, and sieiit his early life
lit Person county, ror a gd many
years he peddled tobacco for a livcli
h d. Shortly after the aar he and
den. Julian S. ( air and .las. K Ihiv
orgnliied tho firm of W. T. H'.ack-
well & t .., which was destined to
lieemne the largest tobacco concern
jtl the Smith, if II it in the world.
i'ltiq fit-in, Was successful from tie
lirst, and Haunted its great bull in
nil parts of the universe even, on
the pyramid:) of Kgypt, it was de-
elared at one time. Tlie fame of the
Hull I ii ham tobacco became world
wide, and money flowed into the cof
fers of the three organizers. They
sH'iit millions in advertising; had
men to i? through the shops of I .on
ion and other great cities and ask
for the tobacco, and devised other
schemes that made their wan s in
Icinatid everywhere.
Soine fifuvn years aw Col. Dlack-
we II sold out his interest in the com
pany to (Jon. Carr and several North
ern mi ll. Me received a large amount
his interest, being paid )20.UIO
merely for thcua-uf the trade-mark,
tlie cilelr.tc4i hull.
In t day wlmont his fortunes, were
swept sway. There wan a tiuaiieial
rash in Durham; tune mercantile
Iiiiuh failed in 21 hours and hun-
Ireds of individuals were sensibly or
sciioiislv depressed. hen the (lav
of reckoning came, it was found, to
list1 a current expression, that "lllack
well w.m on everyliody' paier." lie
had, from his view-Hiiiit, endorsed
for his friends. Iis generosity ruined
linn - ruined him openly and noto
riously. He pressed nobody, hut the courts
pressed Ii tin - took till fiat he had to
satisfy creditor, excepting only the
pitiful SlKt, which stood for nine
negro cottages and one small roof,
.here a white man might live unpre
telltio,!y. Tlmt was over a dozen years ago.
DUckwcll, changed from millionain'
to pauH'r, soke no word of bitter
ness. "1 remember," he said, "w hen
eople used to rush across the street
to spenk to me. Now noliodv notices
me." lie laughed. Philosophy had
(nine with his adversity. Hut he
never pn-ssed his friends; though he
remembered that half the real estate
in lMirhain had Urn his and had
been lost by the big hearted use of
his pen.
.ud lie dieil a. pauper. lAira
itaiiy year Ik f' ire hij) death he had
no lnuiness with aiiyboily, and no
li hIv bad any biisiueas with him.
lie walkini tho streets unnoticed,
except when some resident pointed
at the shambling figure and marked
the man whose hundreds of thou
sands had been dissipated in a day.
Hut lllackwell never pressed his
friends. With the passing of time
people forgot to identify him with
I'm great bull that he had painted
almof i forgot that his. worif had once
lieen law in a ounmuuily, but no
mo oyer forgot that, no matter how
wretched ami inilioverished ho be-
iime, he never even tried to press
his friends.
The humor of the average man is
so drv that he has to pay for the
Irinks in order to gel others to listen
Ui it I lucagii News.
"I not ices," said I'liele Klien, "dat
man who is stubborn as a mule
generally ain't near as sensible."
Washington Star.
(lM trtt. TtUkari SaUh. m Milt.
PtDttiMor Tsltuunt Smith, lrinrii4l
BUoub Blh Srhool, Silown, Uk, wrIM :
With moeh plMMira I Keomawnd
Ptnuik to all who nsy b raffenn kk.
any tooobto of lb roipUawr oigMu.
I (ityt IwM Uuua II la nj tmij tor
IM put Svo or sis you sod Bod It to
bt llmoat o oousrbold aereoslly. fVro
aa Is tralymgimmi catsrrt ntiy aas)
grotrml tomk ami will do aff lift Is
claawd teen a (a mmatmctunrt. "
Cslarrh is InHsiBBlilw ol um mnmwa
in pw buna. It msy bs In ths booods
BMmbrsas lining ths sjrsa or ths pelrlo
ontsos, throat, stomach, Uvsr, bowels or
Catarrh is eatarrh, whsresef luosled.
ferima suras ssurth whsreeer loratrd.
Psruna is ao Interns! remedy) aol a
(ocal applieatioa.
Cstarrh Is a systemic dlssasa, aol a
ocadiseao. If Pfrun will cure cstsrrh
a oa.i plana l will sure it la soy uilisr
pises, UjOus Veruus Is a sysiemlo turn
Uy, t reaches ths dlssass through Ihs
siroalatioa la sach oriaa. It ersdlcatsa
ths dlssass by si.dicsUB It Iran ths
It yon do aol dsrlTS prompt and ssu
Isolory results from ths uss of Peruna,
write at once to Dr. Rsrtmso, Hiring a
full statsment of your esse and he will
be pleased to fire yoa his Tslutbls sd
lc (rstis.
Address Dr. Hsrtmsa, President of
Ths Hsrtman SsniUrlom, Columbus, 0,
More Fool Negroes.
Kvvii intl oiirTr.
Tho bulk of Uie negroes, educate 1
and uiitxlucaU'd, conduct themselves
in such manner as to deserve com
mendation, but there is an element
that seems to lie never happy except
when doing some foolish thing, as
those Boston negroes who busy tlieni
sclves denouncing Hooker Washing
ton becaimc he puts industrial edu
cation above o!ilics. There is a like
sort of uegroes in Norfolk, w ho held
a meeting in that city on .Monday
night and burned a negro editor in
elligy. It secms.that the negro edi
tor Joseph K. Dickinson - visited
Philadelphia with letters from (lov
er nor Montague, Hislmp Randolph
and others soliciting funds to build
a negro orphanage. While in Phila
delphia he was interviewed ju, lhi
North American and said
"The, Snuh it. Ihe negro's best
friend It isa mistake to believe that
thev want to hang us and burn us
and run us off the face of the Mrth.
They hang and burn w hite men, too.
lhere is less inborn antipathy to the
neirro in the Smtli than there is m
the North.
"I am sorrv that President ltoose-
veil invited Hooker T. Washington
t trail Powders are fed to horses
and mules, marked Improvement
wilt he seen after Ihe first few
doses. There is no doubt about it.
The Powders, acting directly on Ihfl
digestive, first thoroufhly
cleanses the stomach and bowels,
correcting all disorders, and then
good healthy appetite comet nat
urally and surely. It Is the most
powerful tonic ana appemcr on
the market to-day, and when once
used horsemen will have no other.
Ashcraft't Powders produce that
silky sheen of coat and hair so
admired by horse fanciers. The
Powders fatten but never bloat.
Always high grade and put up
in doses never in bulk.
By the use of three or four dosei
a week your horse, or inula will
not be. subject to cpluj or any dis
ease. (( l"S stoniatu anu uvci.
..i w. mm u hiiM Uitt it) III erv
miullu. rrm-nUf H IMS S s
kl.l una thai tu tea-lne Uie lr
m i ,h hitrmt lhr ikiaM of A-
iiKlM Sim lll!Bll. T PII" lfnd
fn. th lr.1 Ire nJ ll nll sained
ftlftr l .ta IS JMl jfrtS M,?'M
the aniwt tM . ' .
ana p wmm hwr " -
Klhe tnimm) wurllr I
ul ih swa s
ai? toM an .riieK.-c.c.aikaa,utT
u. MMM. M. (' "
Ask for Ashcraffs Condition
Powxlcrs. Package 25c Sold by
English Drug Company
dine with him, and I am still
more sorry thai rni. asmngton
accepted the invitation alilmugli he
is a very good friend of mint), and 1
hare, hia view s in most things. 1 hat
incident stirred up a great cuinnio-
lion in the Ninth. 1 he whites don t
think w e are as good as they are, and
wo aren't, either. We couldn't be
expected U) lie. We won't be as good
as they are until we have chinned
the same ladder that they have
That mav lie half a century, or it
may lie a century, and in the min
time the negro should lie content to
take a back seat. I am a Kepulili-
;in. but I am free to confess that the
Republican politicians in the South
have done us a harm in their
attcmpt t befriend us They have
encouraged, tV nuiv ignorant ne
groes, to fainiliarilies and presump
tions that have enraged and disgust
ed Uie white people. I am in favor
of an educational qualification of en
franchisement, and 1 am in favor of
Jim Crow cars and waiting rooms,
e should tie as inconspicuous a
possible until we Icaru enough U lie
For these sensible and true utter
ances his intolerant negro neighbors
held a red-hot meeting in Norfolk,
denounced Iickrson,and concluded
by burning him in effigy. They
could have been better employed by
helping Pickerson In raise money U
shelter the necdv orphans of their
SouicthiiiK ought to be. done to
those Texans who are sending siteei
mens of the boll weevil to their
frieuds in North Caroliua. That Is
one wavy of Introducing the peta
Into the eotton flelds of this state.
It la traditionary lore that tbe Brat
Kneludi sparrows were sent or
brought to this country as curiosi
tie just to let it lie seen how they
look and art As a rtwnlt they
hare taken ths eouutry and become
nnapenkable nuisances. Charlotte
The flan Who Has Iteen tiurninf
Rockinxham by Decrees at Last
a.a-a nffliaMHiwrul 1.. . an. . rrr.lulii
It is praitually .vrlain that tlie
erso who set lire to the Hotel Itieh
moud aland two months ago ami
later to ihe Watson building in tins
town, destroying in !ith luvs s.uic
nine or ten stores, the I Intel lt i
moiul and the II ink of INv l-e an.l
a ii'iiiiln r of private aiartmeuts, ha
at last been discovend.
There was ground to U-liete all
along that the lin-S were of itierlidi-
ar- ornriii. and Mayor W. N. Kven it
went t.ilt.ilngh aft'-rllie laM lire and
si-eured fii'in Insurance t'onnniSMoii
er Young 4he si nin-s of a detn tive
He at rived in toiui Thurstlay
in.! this ninrniiig landed tin- man
Suspicion rested on Ihiirv II
Smith, a man of tery Unl etiaraeter.
and the detective had lai-n keeping
track of his lii'iveuieiits iinlil last
night. AUiut one oVI k the detei--tive
and an assistant, Mr. .1. M Hun
sin ker, from a place of e.aici alnieut,
saw Smith strike a match and ! lire
to the rear dir of Arrcnson A Su-s-man's
dry ijm,!s store. This is in
the blth'k of biulding nu the s. nth
side of Washington st:i I, own d t.
.1. W. Hriginan
After applying t!ie m.ileh Smith
ran awav. The tin- then went out
In aboui fifteen minutes he returned
mil tried his hand again.
This time the tiaims I van to
rated hold of the building illld the
letirtivr put it out with his over
coat. He then went after the chief
of police to effect Smith's ai n -t.
While he was gone, and in about
twenty minutes, .Mr. harh s Ander
son, a clerk in Hrigiiian's bir. nlm
was on watch from the rear of the
bar, heard another mated strike, ami
ran out to see Smith running away
from Arrenson Sussmau's luek
diKir, and the door on lire. This lime
he had saturated a ruswp'r in
kerosene oil ami jiluvk it under tlie
bottom of the door. Audenn had
no trouble in putting the tire out.
not before the door was charred,
Watch was kept the rest of Ihe
night, and Ninth was arrcsiiii earlv
this morning.
In the preliminary hearing this
afternoon the Slate was represented
bv Mr. A. S. lKiekcrv, tow n attorney.
ami bv Morrison it Whitlm k. The
lefendant was represented bv Messrs.
John P. Cameron and W. M. Kellev
The defendant was held under a
UI,UMI l.ilul hi answer to the net
term of the Siicrior Court, whirli
he was unable to give.
Ninth has lieen known lor a long
tune to Is' a very dangerous man
He was sent to the iH-iutetitiarv tn
or three years ago for the larceny of
a loiintaui pen, and it was generally
know n at the time that he committed
a iiiiiiiIk'V of petty thefts about town
Atur serving a lew months in the
State's prison, he was pardoned by
Cioyerniir Ayeock, uihui petition of a
large number of the people of the
town, This petition was gotten up
out of sympathy for his aged mother.
After his return he went into the
mercantile business and up to the
time of his arrest was running a lit
tle store in the town.
liivctitly he had some trouble with
a brother of Hrigman, tlm owner of
the buildup occupied by Arrenson
Si Salesman, and had bitter fivlui
against Hriginan on account of it.
A few days before the recent lin
which burned the Watson building
Smith had some trouble with (iutli
rie & Co., in w hose store the lire ii
Your Hair
"T ta- i
lalirir, cut taj, (
;o my fci r wss
I purchased s
l.i'ir t ". snj
.. .. S 1.4 II 1 'il, um J
v.l -In, ; ..' ! uilR OUJ." V
Mi l ft nr.u- ! I (:s, 111. U
Perhaps u:r mother
haJ t!i:i hair, I i:t thnt is lj
no reason wl y you must
lo ll'.ri:!!i h': with hair
starvtJ hair. If yea want 5
I i . a a . " at I'
io.v, ii;nr, rccu it
with AyiVs H.;?r Vigor,
anJ make it rich, dark,
and heavy.
J ' tl A Instil-
Ml Ilt.ll
' s'ltr
1 'VtttttSaSt
: i le t !- iiatis
hi e. A till rii
. i,.r, !l. Mam.
said to have originated. A few davs
la'fore the l.llllllim of If. lei ltl,-
niiuid he had Ipmlile nith West
Hros., who a furniture store in
me the rooms under the hotel.
They r l us il to let him have a pair
f pants without p-viin for them.
lat-ame erv angi v. anil remarked
thai he Mould p.iv them. These cir-
iillistatnes anil ol hers caused the
iillalllluoiis ' pillion heie that .Ninth
rispohsilile f..r sll the tires we
ive had n-cenllv.
Doesn't Respect Old At
It's a shame when youth fails to
show proper respect for old age,
but jiwt tbe contrary In tbe owe of
lr. King's New Life Tills. Tbey
rut off maladies no matter bow se
vere and lrresieeliye of old age.
Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Fever, Con
stipation all yield to this perfect
pi lb 230. at English praf Bore.
Loss of Flesh
When you can't cat break
fast, take Scott's Emulsion,
fVhen you can't eat bread
nd butter, take Scott's
Emulsion. When you have
)ccn living on a milk diet and
vant something a little more
nourishing, take Scott's
To act fat you must eal
fat Scott s emulsion is
great fattener, a rea
strencth tfrver.
Those who have lost flesh
want to increase all boay
tissues, not only fat Scott's
Emulsion increases them all,
bone, flesh, blood and
for Invalids, lor con
valescents, for consumptives,
for weak children, for
who need flesh, Scott's
Emulsion b a rich and com
fortable food, and a natural
Scott's Emubion for bone,
flesh, blood and nerve.
We will send you
a free sample.
nrs (M tMt afctsrs
k t tana ml ilakdissa
a wraaar si tvwy MUs
m Eawanaa ymm say,
scon l BOWNE,
409 Pearl SL, MY.
I 3
Put Away l arming Tools Now.
A nn ..i in e..:?m,i. - Kuiui wria.
The season of actixe fiirm oiienr
lions is drawing to a close. Nme fall
I plow mg is on the iirograni, and the
"in harvest will soon U- over, hut
the mower, the hinder, corn planter
nd cultivators, garden tools and
iihcr implements should ! hoiiseil
for the winter. A farmer is known
hv the imiileiiiiiits he keeps, and
still more so h the manlier ill which
he keeps lheiii. The lu st inyeslinent
ii a farm is a shed room for tools.
Nothing pays so well. How nianv
his n Adani are housing their fartu-
machinen' on the lei' side of a
harhwiiv fence or at Is st under a
oitoiiwood tiii-y The sun and w ind
uid rain ale pii-ling the paint olT,
nicking the wood and rusting the
n parts. .Maehinery well cared for
ts twice as long as that of Ihe
hiftless agrarian, and the satisfac
tion ol using sharp, clean tools lit
gixHi repair more tlniii pavs lor ctieap.
I U 1 1 1 1 H -1 .
Petrified Man In Court.
lilt ll'itll' lll.'MK )'.
Charlolte people are not suririw'd
Ui leant that the peirtiicil man that
exhibited in this city riH-eiitly
liecome the ohjeet of litigation,
phenomenon, as it has lieen
termed, was alleged to have lecn dis-
uvereil on the farm of A. 1$. Sitlon,
in Henderson eoiintv, last spring. A
oinpaiiy was oigani.eil in Asheville
to purchase ami eMiiliit the curios
ity, the purchase price lieitig Ji'.ViOO.
I he yeiilure was not a success from
i stuiiiipoiht. unit tin. illy
the slm kholdeis U' to realize
hat lots of other people already
knew that they Were cUuljitnig a
fake. Then suit was instituted
iigainst Mr. Sittoii. who "discovered''
mil sold the freak, the indictment
U ing drought under a charge of ob
taining inotiev under false pretenses.
Mr. . I. van Ness, who made a
photograph of the same pet rifled man
hen ' he was cvliilutcd in ( har-
itte four or live years ago, is in
Asheville to testify in Mialf of the
plaintills to the suit
Not a Sick Day Since.
I was taken severely sick with
kidney trouble. I tried all sorts of
medicines, none el' which relieved
me. One day i saw an ad. of your
Klectrie Killers and determined to
try that. After taking a lew dosen
I felt relieved, tutd soon therealler
was entirely cured, and have not
lieen sick a day since. Neighbor!
of mine have lieen t illed of Klieil
mat ism, N'c uraliiia, l.ivcmnd Kid
ney troubles and I ieneral iKbility."
This is what 1!. F. Huns of l'ied-
mont, X. t' w rites, llnly ,'t)e. nt
Knglish Uniy t'o s.
Re Careful of Feelings ot Others.
t. K. IV lia in ).aiti!r1oii Koliamian.
Io not wound the feelings of your
fellow man unnecessarily. Try stu
diously to avoid it. Wounds art
too lasting. . . . The eareles
and reek lew dealer with tlie feel
ings of dis fellow men by uels of
eoniniisMcin and omission is doing
a more painful and lasting work
tlmii lie may think. Many a sting
uiirescnled and unseen by the er
petrator, suffers a penalty therefor,
for a cause later which lie judges to
lie mysterious. As the child han
dles no more the prickly plant tlmt
has stung it, so our fellow man with
draws from the hiinmii brother w ho
even under tlie cover of smiles and
protestations of innocence das sent
a painful spear to tde heart
Disastrous Wrecks.
Carelessnesa is responsible for
many a railway wreck and th
same causes are making humai
wrecks of sufferers from Throat and
laing troubles. Hut since tde ad
vent of Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption, Coughs and Colds,
even the worse eases, ran be cured.
Hopeless resignatiou is no longer
necessary. Mrs. Loi Craggof Dor
chester, Mass.; is one of the ninny
whose life was saved by Dr. King's
Xew Discovery. This great reme
dy Is guaranteed for all Throat and
Lung diseiuHtfby The Kuglish Drug
Co. Price 60c, and 1.00. Triak
bottles free.

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