North Carolina Newspapers

This is the fate of sufferers from Kidney trouble, as the disease is so insiduous that often people have
serious Kidney trouble without knowing the real cause of their illness, as diseased kidneys allow the
impurities to stay in the system and attack the other
organs. This accounts for the many different
symptoms of Kidney Disease.
You begin to feel better at once when taking
as it stimulates the heart, increases the circulation
and invigorates the whole system. It strengthens the
urinary organs and , gives you new life and vigor.
TWO SIZES 50c and $1.00
Chicago Bualnee Wan Cured
Fete A Co.. Chicago, O ntlcmeii: ANiui vear aeo nw he alth bessa
14 fill, I lost esa and never frit well. The doctor ihouchi I bad sromatb
and liver trouNe, hut I became convinced that mt Shine vs mere the cause
of nt ill health and commenced tasmf t-OLtTS MONET CURE. It in
creased m appetite and made me feel stiwnerr, and the annovinf symptoms
disappeared. I am no sound and veil. J. K. Horn, I JJ4 Diversey Blvd.,
Chicago. June 1 1, 1902. Curj H, wife
E. C. Tatkins, aeitoa of the .VrthodiatChurch, SprlnjUeld. Pa., writes:
Mr wile his been ver bad aith bidnev trouMe and triod several doctor
without benent: After latins, one Sortie of FOLEY'S kir.MY CL'KE aa
iniKb. belter, and completely cured after taking four bottlct."
One- Bottle, Cured Him
A. H. Pavit, Ml. Sterling, la., write: "I a$ trriiMed with lidnef
complaint tor about two veara, but a one-dollar bottle ot FOLEY'S KlD.NtT
CUKE effected a permanent curt."
MOSKCfc, S. C.
Calls ansurreJ in Jay from English
Pt'.ii; Store; At ntclit Iroin room over
Kiujisli I'rni; Storf , r-lionr 9S. Office
over pi"t oMu'c; I'tiont ijS,
Henry D. Stewart, M.D.,
HOMtoK, S. C.
St-moe-i it-nliir-l promptly ami
hoiip-lly. H.iy rahs It im Simpson's
Jnii; hture, 'p1' mr or ..irni- m rear
ft tlot.l'ii A Tlii'inpsuii a insurance
nlhce. j li -r-.i- 1. Nicl.t rails ti. 1111 rei
lJciice 'pliuiif, i(i. 1'ihce hours 10
1 1 1 ;. a. 111.
liy edit-- .iu-.urttl U.1111 H'Uiiitou's
ilruc. slore aii! oilier, 'plioiw --! Niiilit
1 1 01:1 C011lliHTcl.1l II II I, 'plume io.
Wifwi -..! 1 1
M iiSKOK, . C,
SulifiU Hie im'.i :un;e t ti.e people of
M01110" aiul s irioiin.hui; n ionnniilv
Calls ris'vcve.l iu l iv 11 1111 Ktiiilish
Pnu Si. re; .it iu!it 110111 nsijeiice
on Church street, rhnne V. 4S.
O.lice up, I i!;;ei .il.l HuilJiiiK
Suitlivu- t C ' ;T"t li .'.iso,
Me.r. N. C.
D!- N liar.
Will l.c .it M irtiiviilf, N. t.,011 first
an.l tl.u .1 M ih.!.i 5 of c.u li month, 1111J
at Matthew 3 on second and fourth
Mondays. I'lione :jJ
Kotir. L. MMt-i j. 1, s i k 1 . , JH.
Attorneys and Counselors-it-Law,
M.-nk-p. N. c.
Prompt utteiition sivcti to all mat
ters placed in our
MaiMCPiin nt ut estates for cuard
iari, a.lniimt: afoi and executors a
specialty. Ch.irtes 1 ea-onahle.
(ill;, c last ol Louithoue, tl oriiierly
orcii ie.l by the l. A. Covington.)
F. c. miii.yms h , w. ii;mmond
Practice in all the State and t'uited
States Courts.
Prompt atltnlion nivcn to collec
tions and general law practice.
Wr Persons interested ill the settle
ment of estates, nduiimstiators, exe
cutors, and cuaidiaiis are especiall
invited to call on them.
Continued and painstaking attention
will lfr tiven, at a reasonable price,
to all letal business.
Ottlce in courthouse opposite ClerVf
Residence Phone, No, 274,
Having located in Monroe oilers hit
services to the town and surrounding
country. Diseases of the stomach and
Imwels a specialty. Office over the
V. J. Kudse Coa hook stole. Calls
answered iu (he day from the English
drug store or residence, at night from
Adams, Jerome & Armfield,
Practice in all the Courts, State and
Federal The management of estates
or executors, administrators a special
ly. Careful aud diligent attention
given to the foreclosure of mortgages
and collection of claims. Money
'oaned without expense to lender. All
.ligation given prompt and careful
attention. Office east of courthouse.
R.B. Redwine. A. M. Stack.
Practice in all the State and Feder
al Courta, Will manage estates fot
Executors, Administrators and Guar
dians for reasonable pay; and will
foreclose niortr.Kes and negotiate
loans, without expeuse to Mortgagees
and Money Lenders, when practicable.
Offices Northwestern rooms, first
Soor, Courthouse.
People's DanK
1 Solicits your account and banking
business. We guarantee ABSOLUTE
SECURITY, promptness and all the
accommodations that SOUND bank
ing will admit of. Interest paid, ac
cording to agreement, on deposits left
(or oar stated period. Always ready
tor loans oa approved paper.
a P, HEATH, President
Land Sale.
Hif liV the fle-lfc,. 111 I til -Nt.'5i 'at '
fiiini.ii f'-lfir V BrfH, mtmlli Mml ri
..M r K HrsiHl.flviMl,aiMi W H Hr-
11 v K . )- Hraxwt-li -( i.,v itir uiKtTi;nl
.iMinill"!irr. til. on
Monday, December 7th, !MU.
m I'tf it.iirt iti-uH lir in Miitinr, N r . m-H
t iiui ic aui'iixti. tin hiwiir-i l.i.ttfcr.
( !. tug 'ti-MTi'srHl lan.U In iimwf Crs-t k l.ttst 11
K f-t TrtM'l the lawl f
"wtl, ttlJ.n H M-rli V nil- M- iilii: it...lli
rr-, r.,fitltmiJ l-kl eV'Ct'M III..1V r lt-a. I
k'iwit a th' homi- t aWf t( Hit- hit i K fi
rlitt-wfll. tttifjw'it. 1 ra.-r A.lj.iiHtm th Uil.U H S
I'-i w-on. K H fVntti i n.l (Jif ri. mul 1 hh( km
l'tllllli'ltl t'r. fe, t1"itlllC 1' MTfm
ir ic.. n-wrv ua ami -' tiaj fri-m I li- !
iii'M't-iU' 1 .niil" f, wrfi ti-wrvtl i-v I ti-r
..f Mr. K K li-a. It. at f.ii'.-irw ' H-ifMiirn'f
i -!;tk I i r..t. Hii-siii H --ll - .-..rnrr
H'l't rti'i- ltt ii'iv N I .t lt'i-h:ti t..
"tHhf :tt i r.K() tiv h r o . Hrv ' vt
iir Um-ih K -U i-hsnii-ti' a -lkt tti
r . i til. in-r S .rt4'", t rVs-liat i-htiintii U
MH-n.-t- 'j K. n .it-lttt filial 11- ( at -lik III
ti;- :.n.- it'.. W iKi
Thoanand II ft re Kidney Trouble
and Don't Know it.
I , ik
S.iinrtl.iv A'istin llil'iard anJ
Mow To Fim4 Ont. J .Kli ( 'll;tp:iiail. t 'liv. mm .f I'hrS
Wl t boftlt or cenmon fu$ wMh your , t r!iM V II , w th
r in .i Imiiv. Whiii- :wr w.n
wttf and let ft s:&nd twnty-four hours a
ae&ment or aet
In- ll aTS
1 .'irin li' J,
HtlPil t st-h HI
f K I IV R. .If. ,i
.Monday. December 7th, IWU,
; 1.. -it.- h.z'u l.i. 1 I. T '..r iM.'i. itt
. ..rlh
tiing u:j-ci an
unea!'hy condi
tion cf the kid
neys; it it stains
your linen it U
evidence of kid
ney trouble, too
frequent desire To
pass it or pain in
the back, u alrc
convincing rrool that the kidneys and tUd-
tter arsojtcl order. a.
What lo Do. i
Thrre is eorrfirt In the knowleifS se I
Ci'.en (KDressed. trut Dr. k:!mr l Swami l1'1
,. ! Kjct. tne c'fat k:dr.e rtrv.tJy fuil.lU ev-rv
ii,-r. iii.-n,-. tti I Mh in curing t;n tn li.e
''", '" " i tack, k dievs. liver, b.aoarr and every part
i of ine unnary fasure. It corrects irbiiu
1 to held mater and scalding pain in casing
i it. or bad effects following use ct i.o-or,
wine or ter. and overcomes that unpleasant
I necessity cf competed to gi cf:n
; during the uay. and to get up mar. tin es
i d inng tne night. Themiidand the ei-ra-
crur.ary effect of Swamp-Koot Is scon
j rot i.-cJ. It stands the highest for us n
, derf jl cures ot the most uisiressirg caoU.
i It you need a medicine you should have ine
; beit. ;d by druggiits in 5)c. ar.d $1 . sues.
You nay have a sample bor.le cf this
; Wvnoert .l discovery f "7 i -
I and a book that lelisaJT-f
' mnm ftSiliil o cent ST . nif 1 . '..
... ....
: ll 'llif IHM
i itits i
I T!ii y .ct,.
H-..III. wh"
h.ifl,t II
j tiit- ,i;im !
; Sttlll' 'I'"''
t. i: t l.-.t !,.
i.;.i:i I
I . f t:
ml i'
!iU ;i !
i! l:aut-
rvil 1 y
i 111':, tin-
i;ib.. ! K ll
i , . i
i I'h. r.ia ini'v f.M "'it "V r
i I tin in oui-d i!:o i '! i r
it .-f tin- U.a'y and t'!
li.ul a li,'t;;iiii. aiicirpiiil
illi.ird. Tin' l.ilti r u, i
iy i!'" ii!n.".!i' tiiid ;r i In
ilrctt I. is puti'l .uvl .i!
i !i..t itit.i t!,' ct'i.iii. i !
.ill .111-1 lil.ikr llir w' .n
III .'X'. 1,1.! ill
iti hi
.ii '
' I.
A M -I . K.
I iisi'iii-.). -tier.
'-t..l n nut- ''
-f I tiK-n ,-.1
l.ii-.. the
a I-
mi; 111
:t;.. f!..
::i ha mu; i
.ui !.n ,1 .i a.ii 1 1 hi:
imllrt i r.vivd t'li.ij
iiil'.h'tnm ;i w.'Uiiii
l,r ,! ,! Si,l;,i.lV. Mil!-.
,it 1 Vs'i rli.-: I.
Judite I'ritchnrJ to .tarry.
or iifr iln-
-., 'i! 'li,' ' .-1.1m: nil I-
u-ir'tftt" ii.,',t ir.."t
. K--.ll. itfu. r,'fc'l-r. -,t n
-.tuny l-i ll.M-1.
.1 !
fl I.. I
II II M.-l t Mi.
absoluiely (tee by mail. Ji. J
address Dr. Kilmer & nmerfs-wti..
Co., Binphamun. N. Y. Wnen writing men
tion reading this generous offer in thu pper.
Don't make any mistake, but
" ; rem :m!cr the nunie, Swartip-
j Root, Dr. Kilmer's Swatnp-Koot
1 1 was
III,.', I,
.1,-Vrl' I
iar:ii-il Moiii a r
that S.r :nl:iv m,
in W ,i-!.uit,iii. .liiil.'
lialil v, i U iimiTi, d I-
ton. ,
and i
Farm Lands for Sale on Time,
t in-.
,1-n.v. N
vim.-. 1 .
not ,.f
i-ril-r nt ih,- -iili
. iua- in ihe
'i ,'tii'l I rii! i miii imi in .
K Hi,-lv i. i.;!i,lllt, ;i.l K
I 11 ,- mi-1 rv '.. If. ,1 ,.( H . K
lit-:, !,-- .1, ftli.Uilt-. Tli- svli,j.. I .-tin an.l
in-i t i.tnlirt iv-.l-lliiiiil-lrnli.t .if tt K Hi-l.
I.-,-. i...,l J..V'..-k HI ."ll
Wednesday, December 0, l(U,
Ml t . ,ci'l
and the aildress, l!ini;h.imlon, N.
Y., on every bottle.
I W.i
l.i II : .a t a S.i an f ntv. Tin
to In' is a .f V;isIi,Iil;
t!ll.-::i;li Iwr tu-t in r asa N'orili
li!u..:i an-i In t f.uln r a ii iiu-
Mil' Is a Vi-l.lli. Su'lrtV U'oM'.all.
s iu, Hv and 'Ha
;aj' nl iv a nu- om
.1 fit 1' !!: ri, 11;.-1V, lia' ',lll' W ill
N' H VtK for a In iff uoililini
.liniiii' rnlrliard's iliilios tli
s'liis ti i-l a i"iii; iti'Sfiioi' nmi
iiiinh a
,n i irf Ii.
( -.-, f.n uif it i-pii'i n imiil tU'-rrilspif .i- f .i
w- I viiu' 8ihl triiiti in I iiixii i-t.titiTy,
.'f VrMt ' afni Mn'-lmllr tnliii
((':'I lam- i ri-. k, ).inn(i--t i-tl tli
i. r N ,Hitni.'tr- Ht'We-r.- tm.-t, uti tli-
llif l.iinl'1 "f T'if f H-iy. !! Hit .,uth
M ll M.i-li '. im I'm 1 y tlii'.--l,y I Mill , j
fiiiiirm i kin f S !iiifMiirn laud tifi re-nut. I j
ntaiiiitT!f mti-1 ni-Tt- .ir lt. iNn,
! : ii if -i I -ii ! js t-l t 1 1 1 riK.'tt nf .)i'. r. j
IVriii. itf -mi' : i tne f h i ri I'jt-it. re infill' tr t j
)n e.-ti!"'l ) '-oinl tnih Hnivfl -nrftir-. 4
wtHl'l' 11 f imnitlt fritin ilHle nf nlf, tin title i i
r., 1m l-f't-rvfii Hinii rtl! ilitfli ill. .tlty hill
'ie l.-fii aht the -kht imitt Itfintf Vstlit .) I j
Mt-Mte ti.--tf It wiie if it h tt mv irtitetiiettne 'f 1 3
the Nt.) f-trtlt- Tn- ' M. lvfl. ! j
Til t. s WIM.v ln.HN 4 (K( hT 1 o, j j
Hv X.tnm. -It-n.-ne A Anulifi.t j
n.l K ' Aiiyv , j
ft d7n7 wnTtlcu. M. DJi
having located at L'nion
ville, N. C, offers his
professional services to
that place and surround
ing country.
I'nionville phone 8; Sincerity 4
lareuaef aafst
Notice to
the Public.
I will at my tort at oar,
N. ('., all my sttM'k of general mer-
chiitKlise flieaiier than can lie
iMinlit elsewhcro.
I hcII the very lient people and
thin is the hunt advertising known
to the trade.
With ability, pluck and jhtw
reranee I know no competition.
Old Joler was a hard
' old dog to die,
but die he did, and so must high
prices. Here she corneal
20 llm. Granulated Sugar for one
dollar, net canh.
IB ll. eood Oreen Coffee for
one dollar, net rath.
Fish! rwh! Fish! They must go,
lltiys' and Men's Suits
full. Boys' 8tiiU8, !Sc., 91.15,
1.45, 1.85 and 2.2X Others will
ask vou 9Hc.
2.."0 and .1.00.
Men's Suits awfully cheap.
Hanitary tlothine in ereat pro
fusion, y
We want your trade and don't
wind paying the editor to tell von
about it Sewing machiuea cheap.
Uenicruber we have the gooda,
so come one and all. Wt guaran
tee beat and kindest attention.
Henry W. Pusser.
Zoar, X. C.
Te Curt a Cold id ena Daw
Tike Laxative Brosno Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if it
fails to care. - E. W. Crore's aif na
ture is oa each boa. aj eeota.
Call (or Welsh's cheap Crockery.
When in need of fresh meat
phone No. 91. J. D. Parker.
cneap Flour
is Bad Flour!
It's low price is the maker'ari
cuse fur the inferiority of Ins
product. liaJ flour is bad flour
no uuttrr how it is nuuipuUt
r,l and jiiKi;lcd ill packiui;. It
all cotnt-s back to the same
thine. Good flour mixed with
poor will improve the quality
ot the lileud, but like inuiin;
while pai nt with I1U1 k, it takes
an awful lot of white to pro
dure any effect, bad or cheap
flour is lackiuK iu (luteu, the
nutritious portion ol the wheat.
It also contains a large per
centage of the pulveri.-ed husk
or shell of the grain. All of
which you don't want. There
fore, we caution you to ask for
the "Invincible" brand. This
brand is sold at the lowest
price for which really first
class flour can be sold, and its
price is the highest you need
to pay in order to get the
Mr. Newman, our local baker,
says: "Invincible" is the I can
get for baking."
-.1 .in
-1 'n.l.
Y lulcu-r in. iv Inn 1' In ch vottr
evvue ill Hie 11.1M for iml iiavin
j:..m .'lor. Jnii have Utile excuse
lbi jcar I'm nut w-tllin jour ae
X , ('until. Anv ilm-tur thai is lit to
j practice iiu-ilicine is worthy of a
! standard measure nl' ineilical ethics
J 1 on ll IK(I t of I lie pei
Ki'i'ii iu 11 1 i iil wiiir relations to
i jour plivsician ami leiiieinU'i your
I liisl duly is to pav li t in.
I ' l.t. M. A.
1 Vou Know W hat You are Taking
W lu-u v-iu I ike Ijiove s 1 uti lc Chili
Tonic because the f'un.ula i;i p'aiuly
print-d on every buttle :.lii'ili(, that it
is simply lion and Juiniiie iu a taste-
ess foiin. No Line, No l ay. 50c
When painting your dwelling
call and see us Lr We
recommend and guarantee Harri
son's paints. S. J. Wki.sii.
Country Produce-
I sell butter, chickens, eggs,
and produce so fast that I can't
buy trough. If you have any to
sell don t sell a bit of it until you
see me. I want it.
S. K. I'ostkr.
Host bramU oi cigars, tobacco,
smoking and chewing, at S. K.
Land Sale.
By virtu of powr mmatnn) tn a cert. in
nmrtsfsw Ami ciwuirrl lv I) t Brm.k mi !!
Kh r AnHUtit, mid rfnlt-d In bk AK.
pn'f Ik, the miiWrmirnotl will, vn
Monday, December 14th, 1903,
it th wtnrt hmi-s dcor tn Mnnr., tfl t utih
lir iirlliii. t tht hitrhsm hiddrr, th f.ll.w
liiK iIctIIkthI irtt-t ttt IoihI. Itiiijf n the ntrr
of Krl)sU(1n'i f'rwk aiiit stljniltiir (lie Iniii
f W H ttriMk, MarsTni r. J. M Rirm
Inifhiim nii othtrai. and Kmnttfil a folt' :
rU-sfhiMlna- at a drad pinr in a lranh try a
hicln try and pprxlrnmoit.l' Hrosko' rirnr. atit
niiu down naid hraiiffa a TArhatnti ta tn In
Mid hranrli by two pirifw atiid flin. M V.
Tlnaa' rtmr. lhmN wlih h ! it n X m", I1'
IT rhain u a ttakt lit a hickory . t Its-mi n mv
lVt:. rhami In a mk )y a rrd k.
and atMtrwcod ; ihfiifM NHI T.n:m ftiiiint-
J H Hlrminsrham'si t?trnr , tniif x IT U
rhaina a linswmut hy a rrd nak and ttlnr
)ntlntfr; llttMK N H M a rhaina and -iM 11 tik
in a hickory In tb hranea In tit oldlln.
thnr N H U a takf Ity two ual
iiakand jtine; thn B i W 14 rhaina to a
ntakr lif two ptni mnsua lrw and p"t naa
tlirnra H Ta W Achln HiUn tffninmnjr, cou
laminar M met mr itf Iftm.
TtrniB of nalv ra-'h
lUdwlne ttuok, Attya.
New City Ordinance.
II la Arrtalard thai Hph'w. IvWraph
and alpetnas Hrt wtrwa hraftr mM-d
withla tha rnra,raMt Hmiu ntf ih nty nf Xmi
n nhstd b tla(Ht nn ntnnrta at twat rtr
firs fft aluiva th untajnti ftnd pmpsH
t rrb4 t prrnt aaisrinaT. All waraotia,am
uanlsa, flrai. cnriMiratlonsi or mtiiu Tlolanitv'
thm amtiiianca ahall pay a Ina mi (wwaty-fiw
Paaawd thl tad day oi HfnTmlaw.
mm. ( B4rl o Aldma City Monmr.
New City Ordinance.
ft ahall h wnlawfnt 1W any prnxm, enn
ny. nnqinratlfwt sr flrwi nr thir airnta to ))
anyaltVrat or mr th aia uf kj
iirli annn. r)auaity. firm or por.ra
ttn, or to ta4ih any plac tr ti
U i4 viAmr SKlthln t Hm MinsnMI. Hftelr. ,ti f
f Cirf nl 4nr. A of WaHMw, nMnfaWMy. Bra M
eryoratiii r ntr'ni 4Una irn rn(iaut
hail Mjf m pouaity of twrnty flra d ttlar.
M.r AftlK'KAPT,
Sm. a aVnJ f AliVrmra City ol Moaru.
Bon Paint, Itching, fee a boy
Bvalllara, C u-tn-ttv i'liuplra, Brrvsfala
rwrwsukfm:yciirtiltytaiinv BaUala hU4 (win, a
sVatreya tl aUf roiaoa la t! blood. r , t,jrt
arhan4 pa a la fcraea, bavk aM Mmi, itrian
rWWty Wta. Inland ftrtt bat thin. Bwu;, tt i tir4
Rmngi and Dumpa oa ltt ftk'a, MH rairtaat i
Hnajta, tnra l v-4, rii;-W r - nMwaa
Coppsv-O'larM Btor mli an R-ltv ail wulowa. of
rrmsta, I laraoaa-ypart ot Mm lMlr,Uf f t-y
atawa laUing eat, I' alaan- laa ar hoLt, takf
Botanlo Blood Balm, guaranteed
tn ranarva ttw worst and nm o tamir4 o,m wtwfw
aorton, iHUPnt bu t. imi and but wiva f.L limit
allama,ainaR;itw-la asura,ridiissltwt-lliaf
atakta ksoM pqra anl rt-h. ampHrly rlaantrinr tlsa
antira ao-ly l:ia a rlswa, IwaJdy a,tutkta. B. B. R,
bw cmr htmnAo(mmmmt Btead lMaoiama anar
aaaratag t Ut ataaa.
Old RbtMiWfeltaa, Taiarrli, Fraawi
ar aaaard ay aa awfi4 K eonduwa at tt
aUoaB, B. B. TL mm lUwkmg mm! Bpunntj, hrhlnf
and aeralrutc irM and Pkmi aim BlssnaisMaam,
Caiatrhi Ivila sUl tVaK Bcaa, t iptNni, Waftst
ft:wir, foul rwttftncB4faof Erfswi by ftrawj
fsbaaMby Moad aaavly toaffMad aatta,
Cancer Curnd
Roups Blaod BaUi tatsw iMia at all Kuvta,
rw M wallliCT, fcaita burr, lawanra, aglf
tlaa, B atlaltawttruantd liMiMlWTfl
ar wm tarssar arrfactia. If fm hu a psmtrt
PtoyK Wavt, tfMlltac. SeeUn. Bt-acinj raaaa,
taka Btaasl Jlilta ad lf Wi daairvrar Br.ara Jay
b"li mmm l arwwr. Kny arrrli bosMaW tmaa
f tmnm ptmd hy tabin Botaata Blaod fialaa.
Bay lav- bmii sW I
aaraMarls)(. lultl at sill
m4 HraAaaatri.B.lUtalaawkstr.
rmn lAta r4Ttif awa(ttr tAkteai,
r mm tywrvd) T wmmmmg milk
fU axxl a'tO titaw Trfflf iTtoatssHnrym
C .tiri.ivd i-f fti-B p 4ta rarrtcM, BFrfU,.t.i
Wetl fcutma jd trit prnrim-., fi Jv r-T'-t-.rnri,'
6ma f W'B B sssln
tsf H-H H, fsw4 inaii,- mmt tra hy
-lsjf IttaxsA bsttsa Cm., AiMMlavOaw ihTIr ytf
.1-1 f.- itmtx aanaa, awl uaa
Almost Kill Its Inventor While
IteU Making a Test.
ll.ircy Millt-r. a Cirm baud who
,,rl tor J. I- Kt-j uoUls, a jirxw
H-nus f.iruirr at tVtlar I'oint.
U v ui iU-s of l-rr, m ax spunkrU
a!uit to tlt-ath by a nun-hine of
111 II (Mlltf IVAIMV.
Milter, u U au inventor, 1U
ri-ii-l a "tiKithrr help" uuu-hiue.
It i-iiiisti. of a sa-rH-ii of tibouu-
cr-.ii'h to le act iu each room of
i In- lioii-.. in r?!.iiig a button
any oih of the ,hoiHt:iaha le
nel lll i-iill out: "Niip that,
l:,b-rt, ami lie a tfiiod IwxT' tr
ill -lloiit : -If j.hi aren't a iT'xxl
Uiv. tuaiuiiM mill vhiii von!" The
i.- U aorkrd b i-li-lrn-ilv and
in Mipixw-d to n-lu-ve the niotlu-r
of niiirli ruiiiiinc to aud fro arti-r
li.-r oiUiiinj;, ami to m.ilc the Ut
l.-r U-h.ive.
M iller ha alsoa rluntiil pank
ini; attat hiueiit. The iieniou lo lie
o,.iuked t strapitl tUt down oil a while a stroii(t binlwootl
pmblle olo-rated bv au eleetrie Ditv
tr il-s the woik. Two dials con
tiol the iiifrhainsiii. tlu the dial
are pi uiti-d ai's from 2 lo Hi, no
that the Ion of the blown rau lie
ii'Ciilated auMrtliiie to the age.
u the tt her are the words, "lirjht.
fur. gin, hard. Reriowt, lo cor
r.i.ptid with the otfeuw for which
ptini.shiiieut iK to lie iiitlirted.
Miller had hni.shiil the mechan
ism I:lsI nilit. and after vainly at
tempt t ng to secure a friend to try
it, had lilinx lf strapix-il down on a
hoard while a nuiulier of friends
oiM-ratcd the woi li.i. The paihlliiif;
wiui started at aj;,' 2, slight, aud
gradually turned on until hl-c Hi,
serious, w ns n-ai lied.
Miller was by thia time roaring;
for nu rcy uml promising to lw
'oihI, w bile the onlookers were roll-
HiL' on the tiiMr doulilrtl tin iu
l.iuliti-r. not knowing that Miller,
the inventor, had Ix-en terribly
M tiler's st teii(;th w as rapidly fail
ini; hen his li ieuds noled his con
lit it hi, but not Mil; familiar with
the machine were unable to make
it slop.
Jl iller li.ul lost rouse musness
when sottiiMiie released the buckels
of the straps which held him dowu
and rescin d him.
Millet's fust act on tvpiiiiind his
senses w as to destroy the "mother'
The (inmblinif Business the Most
Popular Part of the I'air.
1.1., ,'--!bi,.i iii tii r!,- ilid,-r,rT
li aw what conclusions yon will,
aiuc, iiioiali.eaiid pivacli, and yet
you in list admit that the pimbliui;
machines were the most popular
part of the fair. The races were
j;ood. the lice nlli actions were
aliow par, the bull and the pump
kin w ere there iu all their glory,
the Ferris wheel ciieled round and
round, the pri.e pi j; disported hi ni
sei I, the wild woman choilh-d iu
her iiUf; but si ill men tuiniaj glad
ly away and lost money at games iu
w Inch tln-y (I ul ii t stand one cliancc
in twciily lie to come out winueiD.
The free, enlightened population
went tip against skin gn hick, the
most notorious devices of the fakir
nils', mid smilingly and happilv
sh ut hiiiiilrciU upon hundreds of
dollars. Any tinker game would
liae liecn fairer and more honest.
and everybody knew this to be
true; yet society, which holds tip
its liunils in horror over a '.'.I rent
lijnil seven up or set bark, hov
ered, eagerly rloos', lo the fakifs
and smiled lHiiiguly while nxiiie
went to thieve and admitted
thieves. If li'lllnjj the simple, bold
truth is criticism, then this must
he criticism, though it is hardly
intended as that.
killed Over a Stew Other Item
At a colored "fcstihtile" one night
Last week, iu the I'nmus stvtioa of
law-aster iHinty. Jack lila. knhni was!
shot in the head and instantly killed
by Thump Watu, both rulonsi.
The fuss starti-d over a pot of rhwk
en stew that had mysteriously dwap
pcareil. Watts,, who wait chief ok
and boss of llm "f.-stibu'e," on miss
ing the delu-ioiia st of strw, bcir.iu
rursiiiK and tiring his pist.4 into the
overhead rt iling. AUml that time
ltiackmon Uk up the quarrel and at
oniv divlared his intentions to break
up the wliole affair, when Watts
tiirtH-d his pist4 on Itlackmon and
blew out his brains after chasing
him away from the house. Watts is
in jail at I.tncasler.
Mrs II. F. Hivens has a lemon tree
aU,nt two years Mi tiiat has this year
Urne two hue lemons, oim-4 wttH-h
is now riie. Tliey are as nicely,
formed and well niaiunsl s the rej
ular Florida lentoiL I
The Wcddinhm circuit sent up a j
clean sheet to the annual conference
at High I'oint, all the assessments
and .ibligatioiis lcug paid in full.
Uev. M. II. Iloyle. the preacher in
charge, was very highly gratified at
lieing able to carry up such a favor
able report of the work. The Wed
dington ctn-uit is cmi",-d of Wed
diugtun, l uion and Wesley (.'1js-1
churches, and they never do things
in a half handed way.
The A. W. Heath (Vs store was
broken into some time Tuesday night
by an unknown thief. An entrance,
was effected bv prising up the win
dow in tliemillim-ry departinenL 8c
far two valises, several pairs of shoes,
a few shirts and other small articles
have been missed. There is no cine
to the iilenlilv of the thief.
tosetasmalasava4 bsalstaags
All kinds of school supplies at
elsh s I'rug Store blank books
crayon, paper, pens, ink, pencils,
at lowest prices at elsh's.
I want your country produce of
all kinds. See me before jou
sell. S. K. Dosttr,
sjares 01 S rreTesrts fassela
The Confederate Veterans.
I'r.-tfirivr lrm,-r.
The lonj: gray line of Con federate
veterans at the recent enraiiipiiient
in luiieigli was a sight to stir one s
bloisl. It is well if one ran appre
nate the deeper significance of
such a spectacle, "you cannot see.
the mountains near," fcmt'iuou
truly siiysj and we often wonder if
the younger men of the .South real
ize the largeness of the civil war
rcali.e for how li.any thousands of
years it will loom large iu the
world's history until it finally lakes
its place in song and storv with
the mightiest contlicts of ( i recce
and Koine. lint the applause of
history comes too late ; and while
they are yet with us, we should see
toil that the survivors of the titanic
struggle between North aud South
receive an earnest share of the
glory they have earned, llalcigh
honored Itself in houonng the vet
King, rU-nelik', New flint.
Twttis cn,Hiiil,m.
King Meuelik of Abyssinia, pro
posing lo lake advantage of the scl
ent i lie methods of iniutinir coin
which prevail in the civilied
w orld, has just impoited from (ier
niany au outfit of machinery lor
his mint, which is to lie set up at
his capital, Addis Ababa. The last
stage of the long Journey of this
machinery will be by caravan, and,
mom u will be occupied in thus
traiisMrting it from the nearest
railway station. It is said that
Menelik, who for several years has
had a limited silver eoiuage circu
lating in his kingdom the coins
were struck for htm In France has
accumulated mora than 110,000
ponnds of gold bullion, besides a
still larger amonut of silver, await
ing the arrival of the minting ma
To the Public
I take this method to inform
you that my stock is complete.
My motto is to give more goods
for the money than my competit
ors. I buy my coods from first
hands, which gives meanadvant
ar;e over others. Coupons given
with each CASH 1TKCHASE.
You get nice China ware free.
Headquarters for Sewing Ma
chines lor rash or on time with
easy payments. 1 sell more shoes
than any country store in the
county. Highest price paid for
country produce, cash or trade
Such as chickens, eggs, turkeys,
geese, corn, seed cotton, cotton
seed, fodder or anything you have
to sell.
On Saturdays please make it
point to come early in the day so
ou can be waited on before the
rush. Respectfully,
eaders in Low Trices, Mt. Pros
pect, N. C.
Monroe, N. C, K. P. D, No. 4.
Commissioner if Dwdi for Sooti Ctrtllu, ll
mi Urol 11: tlsi 1 Jostles tflMPMM
for Udioi Cwntj, ui Notirj Public
for Ktflb UroliM. :: ::
Special attention riven to takior Af
fidavits, Acknowledfement or Proof of
Deeds, Mortgages, Contracts, Bills of
Sale, Powers of Attorney, Reooncia
tioos of Dower and Inheritance, Dep
Ofitions.Writinc and Probating; Deeds,
Mortjiages and al otier papers, isfuiot
State Warunts, Claim and 0sliery
and Attachment papers, Civil Sum
mons and ths Collection of Claims.
Office at M. L. Flow Co.'s Store
east of courthouse, Monroe, N. C.
I LJn-vrfll JS -r i-S BP1 I' a
llm Tina tii Ytlae of hj Ottieil
Agents wanted in all
unoccupied territory,
lliseler I Illsoi lunTictarlnJ Co
For sale in Monroe by
The . J.EudqeOo.
INSURANCE roimmtniTCfej
Sold by C N. SIMPSON, Jr.
Fire, Life, Accident, Health, Lia
bility and all classes of Cssuslitjr In
surance. Only the best and strongest
companies represented. I respectful
ly solicit yoor business, assnrint
prompt and efficient atttntioa to all
matters. Office; Gordoa A Thump
son's old stand. Phooe No. 1.
aafces Usassr swat mmtw mM
- ' ' -
I ANs-CetdUrlVpatauonrorAs-similatmf!
8a? Fort and llftfula
1 hag te bkHctB anllVwi-rs is
rrotnotrs KjeslioitChferfur
nesa and tVsi Coalatns netihtr
Opaum.Morptune ewrXua-rdl.
Not Narcotic.
A? ,1 i Ii "SA
ast jw-
Aperfecl Rt-medy forConslipa
lion. Sour StotKKh.DiarrlioMi
Worms j'onvutsioiis Fewnsh
nraa and Loss or Sleep.
Tat Swale Sinlurt of
For Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
of AAtf
1 . flUiP
For Over
Thirty Years
Exact totr or wrappcs).
Bank of Union.
Safe, But Progressive and Liberal.
A modern banking house with every facility for the prompt and
careful handling of all business.
Get one of our Pretty Steel Banks,
carry it home, deposit your savings and got interest on them.
V ;
yy,"" v, . ':-.ji ':'.-5.-? ' Aj?
rs - a
Do You fnow What It UotU
I rt!itvf a wrin (f 1 -I- Ira mum drink m
Uoti, ami rwlnatata man tt hii Uimt aixl Imilitr,
j For full artliauliira, ,iiria
j (iKl:KKllllltO. N. c,
Our FaU Lme.1
The greatest eff ort uv liair ever made m iiqu
ready for inspection. It merit tin attention
of every buyer who buys "right. " Oar priees
are absolutely "rock bottom. ' '
ft Maonlilcent Array o! Furniture,
Iron and Wood Beds, Springs and Malresses,
Dining Chairs, Jloekers, Suits,
Odd Beds, Dressers and Wash stands,
Cradles and Cribs.
We lutve some Bureaus (hat hare never been
offered on this marliet before that are beauties.
2 If you, want one you had better come at once.
t . I ... - Jl
jou, i'it ouij uni'i you SIT incut.
Furniture Dealer and Funeral Director.
Store Phone 7; Residence Phone H,
sssssee-eee -e..
No Stronger Agency
in the South.
Companies with Assets
Aggregating Over
Fve Hundred Million
Dollars. $ $
Our Line:
Fire, Life, Health, Actl
dent. Liability, PiateOlasa,
and Steam boiler. Surety
Bonds on short notice.
Your business entrusted to
os will receive careful atten
tion and will be appreciated.
The Peoples' Bank, Agt.
I.I. GORDOX, laiiger
Insirapct D(partnet.
I lvasttoodthi
bottle. Dm
H ats
Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic
has Hood tha tett 25 yew. Averaa Ahnoal Sties over One and a Ha! MUTtta
losUittracortoriwTtttrPtoyoq7 No Core, No Pay. 50c
t June1 w mrmy aH at a Tea, Ct, ea C-o' Kert ILoo. LKw Kit.

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