North Carolina Newspapers

One Dollar a Year
While Suffering From Deprcttioa
Young J. P. Caldwell Jr., Takes
tils Own Ufe by Shooting Him
4ctf Willi a Revolver-No Appa
rent Cause for the Act
dwfaitK OWnrvr. SMS.
J. P. Caldwell. Jr.. Tip 19 year-old
son of Mr. J. P. Caldwell, editor of
the Obsrrver. committed imioiilt' by
t!ntinfc himself lhr.Mii;h the left
irajit ith a revolver, last cninp
jit (UVJ.'k.
Xo raw for th act i known.
Recently iW vonng roan lias U-u
depressed, and m far back ait nix
weeks s lie had said that he in
lendrd U kill himself, but bis re
marks wrt ui taken seriously; as
did hi scto Jo intend that the'
should be taken e,-jonsly.
Ytierday afU'rik .he was up
Vmn wtitil about 5:30 o'clui, lihi'n
lie started home. Ou his way boue
ward he met a friend, to whom he
pood-bye, saying that he pur-1
yd Jo commit suicide. There wai
xiinctlijlhf in his manner that canned
jdjrm, and ttre he wax allowed to
jirun-ed further a ,7ember of Mr.
s'alJU s family was W for, and
(old of wKat had Urn said. TboMrfh
jit wan not iiksgifled that the young
waa tatrtuc,Ml m sed on any
hvi pirjie, kindly (I.rt was
maJe to chance his fnuiv of eind-
and he walked to hi home.unSoudi
Tyyon street, with his relative, a sis-
)Vtht further discussion of his
tmrpoee tlwf W walked through the
La wav. here iiu sndrN wen1, ami
stent to Lis room, winch is o tin
Ma4 Cxf, in the rear part of the
He cliss'd Hie dot. A df"nd later
a piiitol shot ww Bred. A sisw.who
hurriedly ran to the mora, found it
in darkness. She made a light and
f jiiNil br brother lying on his baek
n his bed with Hie revolver lying
y Li id. I'loW'J??;!" rr i",m
nioned, but the young hm 4c4 be
fore they arrived, lie had either sat
on the side of the bed or thrown him
self across it. and had placed the
iU,l Stjwnst his breast and fired,
he t,glMVvt'J.,i.'?i? ,he n,,art aml
causing liHit ih4m
J, P. Caldwell, Jr., was the older
(.ill of Mr. J. P. Caldwell and was 19
years of age lost March, He luiil
spent about two yearn in the navy,
but was honorably discharged from
t1ie service about a year ago. Since
b hl Ixvn in Charlotte moat
p ill tm fr hJ had several at
tiuit ot iIIuim. m4 M 'Hen'd
deal from melancholia.
Jt in neeillona to upeak of how tliis
Ifagedy few ihoiked the family of
t boydilwi flllire community
lm Oi'dwHI hd Vrftib a f;;rniluir
figure hr. n4 had mailt; many
friend, lltt wa warm-li,rt'( Bllu
liUK', with wany lino Md likable
qualiliea; and the pitiful manner of
his passing evoket genoMl P'gri't
and sympathy.
Not a Sick Day Since.
'I wua taktm wverely aiek with
k id uey t rou ble. II rlud all aorta of
medicine, none of which relieved
pie. One duv I aaw an ad. of your
iilcctrfo kiUrii anil iletcruijned to
jry that. 4er Uking a few doxe
ilt rtluve4, 1"4 "o)1" thefeafter
wa Miitirultf cured, and nave not
been alck a day alnee. Xelnhbors
of mine have been cnml of Kheu
mat lain, Neuralgin, Liverand Kid
uev troublmaud tieneral Debility.'
Thia ia what B. F. Hjm of Pied
mont, X. C, write. Only 50c, at
English Druy (Va.
Wilder Whut In the trouble be
tween the Welwtera f
Wobbles IVliyj haven't you
heard t Webster Diet hia wife iu a
dark patwiice of a friend's house
and kiiued her. And instead of
creaming ahe kissed him back.
Wilder- Hhe knew him, then!
lUin.U-lhiiL'a iust It. "Web
tlor f ears" she thought if. was some-
I Shall Not Pass This Way Again.
I hall M m tkh r '
Thr I uU to kW
II ll.n mkW hall HIknM
a.m- wt1 tr, l w
Only IkU nm l !
la ni t- .ixk IimN; w
lit trip lii
TW (am rf III-lM.b xmtfM W;
I a kKr ll tMtr;
Tk Wll wmK 1lrH I MM
111 i4 wksood fci.-r.
Tn rkfr fMhn lWr
An( Mk tklr palkvaM krwktor;
T lih Oi fc.l .Mhfr k M,
Ana mp ihtr winkH lUrnwr;
Jhl Ibe k . kittv to Um
tlw Inpfux- rark uMU ktair
I hall tkl 4A'
It. Iha. all It kk iMk'.
Ma; I aiy life rvW Ji
loHloi alt. r-Uiw frair !
Tlira HI II., Ialluraa(ihr yv
Nv kniarr Lnii ! Milaa.
i.1,1 Hi-apfruilna-aaill-wlO ill
Hi h.i-; k ) ana xiartiM.
to tlw KmT..r Angtmiiis" And MAN WITH THE SS.OOO EAR.
isgain. Hirer honumi and It tit aula j
How They Have Slowly Bcca De- of wheat fr4n a siiicle gram were He Will Begin With the ProceMof
veloped From the Most Ancient tlie K..i-n X.-n.." wtb ll p,rting With It Today.
Hfliriin lit lib,' in- i-ii ihiimij - " '-F hip. ii i Mia.
so stiS tlut tlie stroiii-st u ftiuld j tH. ,. L Xelden will M-rfiinn tin
n4 plow it, but after a wi-t I .operatmn of ear graft nig on Tuemiaj
have w.'t-n it oi isil by a plow drawn J m-it at 13 Twenty ninth stm t, win-re
by a wretehed donkey at one end. a j he tun an nHiiv. . man who has an
Uy weflclj at tlje i4h -r" Tlie anfi- -ar titMyln all , riwiary reipnre
ent pl thais weru kimply a pl' j m-vii h l- n fmind and is willing
T stMSnned w.l with a lnut 4 ; to sen u . Wj.HKl. 1 he nun r
is a wealthy Western miner, h" Iwt
Strenitbens and Restarts.
Eureka Liniment
"scratutiev .1
Is with- vi
equal. A lew 1
Is necessary .vajf
Ffcs Palniglr Post says that ex
mtl VVJf Of aWiM w(iiy br,s (1
ilted in the (hate Museum i live-
Items ol New s.
Jit kUnLsfun, Wayne county, Thurs
day, niill aioji ui Die grist mill of
Frank U. Musgrave cxpM4. .S'ine
of the tlying fragweuu peikkUatwI
Musgrave's throat and head, Indict
ing fatal injuries.
While fulling a tree near Cameron.
Moore county, i'hursdar, a negro w ho
wa tUiiJoyed by the llell Telephone
Company was nit! yij IRe neau oy
a falling limb and killed. Ills skull
was rrusluHl by the blow.
tU VewblU Cotton Mills suffered
'a small Why fr.'!.iym"rning.
The fire started al an thirty !( w
the lanner room if Die mill, but wa
soon extinguished. The damaee P
machinery and building is probably
Sfjtlt) to 3U).
Mr. W. H ; Khf rett'u,,.v
lost his jib DatjouVl Cock ssaun
ner, has closel a contract with' one of
the Imgee) t).itiiti;tl banks in Xew
York city In act so olctof snj ae
cial reprtseiiMtlvs of llm bank
throughout the South.
Joe Hattlu colored, 15 years old,
chg rgiu with criminally assaulting a
while woihi W Um ky Mount last
August, was arrested at Maue!ieter.
Va., last week, lie was taken to IU1-
eigh fur safe ki-eping, as s lynching
was threatened if he was left iu hdge-
comhe iail.
diaries fuHwi'iH, 4 kojo(.ei man
who lived in the I'lkuvilln sec-lion of
Wayne flount.v, wa apcide nlally shot
and killed last wink Ittilmd placed
the muzzle of a loaded gun under his
arm when the weapon was acciden
tally discharged, tearing away Ins
shoulder and killing nun Instantly
pound rock crystallzed from the mud
Hooted on the end of a hog s tail.
Ths mjijiJ pollccM on the hogs tail
and swyeq iii'iu Wi U iMrneo mio
rocs And the tail bad to 1 ampu-
President's D aughter Rides Astride
aalillWUHI Dlialah. Mh.
Miss Alice Roosevelt has discarded
the side saddle and conventional rid-
Ijabit, and now rides in divided
Theannoiincement that Miss Roose
lt was receiving instructions in the
new style of riding caused a flutter
among Vihin(rtonini but thspres-
uieiim uiiiiuiih i aim ,ii. niii -, ii"
hag been teaehlng Miss Aliue how to
sit on a horse in the new way, now
pass through the parks mounted
astride, without causing any more
comment than the presence of the
president's daughter ordinarily pro-
Ml5t liiQjOVelt:s adoption of the
A 1 - 1 II. t
new Milium win uoiiniina. popularise
it in Washington, wIitp Hip pr'i
dent's family exert such an influ
ence. Her riding costume is a modest
one of blue cloth, and she has
changed to the new style ruling iu
such an unostentatious manner that
criticism of her course has been
Washington has been slow in
adopting this fashion, which has
beeq pojmlar in the West for a long
time Miss Mason, a daughter of cx
Suiiaior Mom of Illinois, was the
first woman prominent in Washing
ton society to adopt this style of rid
The House Democrats and the Cu
ban Treaty,
Charlmlr Olarrrtr.
The attitude assumed by the Dem
ocratic members of the lower house
of j'ongirjs towtyd, the Cian. veci
p'rocity treaty deserves iho highest
commendation. 1 hey seek, properly
to amend it Ly striking out the pro
vision that these shall be no further
reduction of the duty on sugar dur
ing the Lie of the treaty, and by
abolishing the differential on refined
sugar, which is in the interest of the
sugar trust But though they will
fail to secure these, smepdmiints they
will vote for thp treaty. ' Their posi
tion is impregnable. ( he treaty is
not what Uiey want, but it looks in
the right dilWtiop: The reciprocity
system is "a piecemeal prooesa, but
it is better than no process at an
and the enactment of Uiis treaty will
be a measure of justice to Cuba and
incidentally of benefit to the people
of the United States. With giwd
reason Mr. Williams, the minority
leader, iJ hU femrkjl to the JjouA
Moaday. bold the' Hepuqlicans fh
sponsible for the fsct ht it is not in
effect today. It is the shame of this
country that this act of Justice ha
Times -The Beautiful Sentiment
Clinging About the Occupation
al Agriculture.
a Itrvili Mania la uaawaia uajaita.
hVeognmng that agriculture Is the
gnUl and mit imsrtant ( ail in
d unifies, and that of all men the far
oer is lb" real tower in this count ry
we send a grimj to hn )1 Hit"
shape of a "pici4l topic" this wtV
on rarra toots. Agsm have our tar
mers been blessid in "basket and
store." Corn yieldej bmntifully
The cotton crop was snmpwhjt short
))'e an thankful that old Caston still
holdk fjaf lI,"; as an agricultural
Evolution In Farm Implements.
In viewing the history of the world,
one of the things tlut strikes tlw
inihii p-euliar tone is, that for
the first 6,000 years m tU Cj-I;' ex
ij-tence, according to accepted chnm
ology, little or no change was mailt
in u ikntkriij of piltivating the soil
or in raring for b puluo of tin
Hmimd, It is true that tliey wure'of
slow growth, but agriculture laggm!
centuries behind the other. wi:ti Hie
single exception, erhaps,of the man
ner of reducing grain to lloiiror meal.
Is fr hek as history runs, we find
mat um) oiiy nieiuiKi or rtiiiui,M((
grain for the oven Was by pounding
it in a mnrtar with a pestle. Tins
w.'iii aiU w and laborious. After many
k?iiiuc.itiM,- ke stt, r nj ;.f Hej
illg betwoeii ktoiuji. ' ii1T'rc
eently has I he roller mill "at' into
Take the sowing of grain fur ex
ample: The first and natural method
wa by iuiiuiriijg (l)i l hy hand
broadcast. ht iueihoi f ui'iiulii il
our Ntvior a theme h( one ol Ins
tiqst, most cxoiisil jind effivtivc
paialilps -" A aowaf miui hili lo
iiw, ow we enjoy that divine psr-
ible !
Agriculture was one of the first in
dustries that engaged the attention
of in,n, fnf w Mil in tii SiV-f d
volume' flint CM, U ui l,
as a tillt'r of the nil, and that Abel
was s shepherd.
Agriculture has been held m the
highest esteem in all ages of the
world huoiv Tin, ii dhl nai'l of
the world's. iNijnifiiioii lias heeii en
gagi'd ill Hiliiig h koil, and today
thf Hil.ulii,il Inieti,! uf f: uli
aru grcaUir than nil iHur rsiioiiibiniid.
1 hs anciKiit ritfj'ptlans were tillers
of the toil Abraham was nn agricul
What were the first implements ?
This is uncertain. Among tlw rulie
f ni,aviiij (ttCej !; xi (ouiid
niiio stone spades. In ancient eg pi
the fanner waiUl for the overflow.of
the Xile, then lie went forth and
sowed broadcast on the slime or nozv
mud and Vaiici Hu iitu'k'niiiiug lit
I Iiu harvest. Among thu lijuMglypli.
ics found in Kgypt u a reppnenta.
tii in resembling' a pick, wlilcli wss
loiibtkws used In preparing the soil
or sowing the seed. 1 lie ancient
recks placed agriculture among the
favored industries.
The olfl'f toij p hi';e of s j;,,lH'
from llisiod, a' (iretk 'wii'ier'who
jescntxa plow consisting oi a snare,
beam and handles. This was slmut
l,W y,rs lieforS ifs. flu
ireeks wow tho hrst to improve sg.
ricultural impleniriits, for they had
hoes, rakes and harrows : and many
minent tlreeks and Romans wrote
'essays on the science of agriculture''
in that dav and time. Pliny siv-
that "four hundred maUi qf s lilAf
irrowu fioni S single seed were will
This Llnimect will remove spavin,
splint, ringbones, and all cartilagi
nous growing, wncii
applied in the ear
lier stages of the
ai&tfU. nd WHIM
lieve the lameness
even In chronic
cases. One of the
most common lame'
ness mong horses
and mules is sprain of the bock
tendon, caused by over-loading or
1 A .knMfl'i I Inimrnt
Llirq qrivini:.
Liniment is also'fcjijensively used
for chronic rhenmiitisrn and for alj
kinds pf stiff joinu
out an
to cure this dis
ease in us wui at
form. Lf ,
.'Uwina t9 the
viAaderful SUtl- cATtif
tsptic qualities, th Pureka Linj;
man! should be Hisd id the treat
ment of all tumors and sores wherji , w ftaTed-we closed the
. i
iron. 1 ney were hi the rudest con
StrU' tiou and eoulj jmiiHnii iHily
ala,ll WQ talw lil.4 'I'honi.ik
Jl'f(lT'll lltviililinl ttiM in (ilpiKl
Agriculturists have lvn slow in
adopting new inventums, eJdiil
are they to the old methsls that have
come down from HiMe times. This
n-ny bve arisen fnm the fact that
aijileiiliiliTi nn iho laal ililiiiy to
have bbor saving tleve. K.verj
other industry had received the al
Uiition and prnfited by the grnlun
of inventors long l'fin' anytsslv
seeluvtl m ili.Mi :! rw
implements for the lathi y'lUld U'
loW prvliHorje man harsti d is
not alloftu 'I ll klUle a hrat liat.d
This ensnii-sh;iKM knife war for
eeuliiiiri l!i!i ull'.V I'Hil U-'tl in har
vesting. We read of the sickle in
the Bible, and frequently iu ins
on harvest, tlray, in his "Klegv in
i C'.i.r.lty Ch'irnii V&I." --iVs.
Otl illil tlw haf l Iu llm rli ll' Jli-lil. 'rtr
Tlie sweetest pastoral idyl in the
Ilibl.' is the slorv of Uulh. as she M-
IdlHl' llil: "Kleer1 'l'.inl!'l ;n llm
tielij of tii'i' iHolluir-lii ttw!" )i'i 111!'
I mleoiiries d'vii'i is n'presniiid
"Willi a -i'U. .Imriiainl l,-li.
hnitm lln Kolili'ii umln.
Au.l tlir Siair tliat fall U-lwraii."
.a!erc,ii!(i the cpulle and sevlhn,
il.lirs lieunllM an. I'M a '''L
tun i lies. Whitney and Ins cotton gin
revolutionised thu production, of i(.
tol. ;lla Hi." liKiligllt llli I lie
world the aenliig lii.k'hlue. laaoc
Watts furnished the world with a
new iKiwer. KoIstI r niton applied
the power of Walts to limitation.
C)T.? II lc.roii!i..j, ie6ignen uhd
linelited thi lli'Kli l i-eajiCr. ,'otIy
the plant of the JlcCormick Manufac
turing Company embraces a town of
itself, and is a suburb of that grc;it
city of the IortlWesl, Ci(Ml, lil
Nlue Aagumeuts for rtisslons
These words are uiighly, coming
us toy do from !nu, Joh'u llurnit,
uiiniattir to Hiamaud for aeveu yeurs
an extensive traveller throughout
tht) fruit
"I. In my experience ax a United
States minister, 110 missionaries
scattered over a land as large as
Iiu lieiuuiii :iuihi) (jiivp iiie lujj
trouLle tliuu U' busfness men or
"'2. Kvery where they go iu ijium
or Itiiruiali, iu China o,r Jauitu,
tliey' tend I" i'' tho umiul tone
of thecouiiiiiinity wlwre they settle.
"Jl. 1 hey are tlie pioneers In eU
iKiallun, siartliig the llrst pruetlcal
school and higher institutions of
learning, teaching along lines Unit
develop the spirit of true citieu
ship iui well as o) rliristiitllitf .
t'l. Tliey ( eve nn l lie. meil ol pa
i 'i , .7 . . r -i
nroud flesh is Dresent. It is both
healing and cleansing, entirely de
stroying all parasites and putre
faction. This Liniment acts as a
counter-irritant and stimulant.
Price 50c. bottle. Sold by
doors of Hpaiu to the products of
Cuba and have thns far refused to
open our own doors Jo them on any
reasonable basis. It is a matter of
congratulation that the LVmccnitjp
party will not. hy say out of iuowa,
Engll8h DrUgCompany jperpetuate the wrong for a day. m
The walking sick, what
a crqy(p( them thefe arc!
Persons who arc thin and
weak but not sick enough
fplupnjc cases," that's
what the doctors call than,
which in common English
means long sickness.
To stop the continued
loss of flesh they need
Scott's Emulsion.-For hj
feejing pf weijkngss, '"they
need Scott's limulsion.
It makes new flesh and
gives new life to the weak
Scott's Emulsion nets
thin and weak pcrsfins o
pfjha rut fnakes,' new,
fich gloqd.. Strengthens, (he
nerves and gives appetite
lor oratna roou.
Scott's Emulsion can be
taken as long as sickness
lasts and do good ail the
THc,r'.$ pew strength,
and fles,h in every dose,
We will be glad
to tend yea a lew
sVmcs free.
B, tan Has IU. aMait la
Sm torai ol kU It aa Ikt
nwi a avny kauk) al
KaiaWaa faa kaf.
SCOTT $ paw.Ni,
" " twn
4M Peari St N. Y.
5. mi tt, aBSntP
triullHin, of individiial resnoiisilnl
! .1.' If...- ,.i- .l. v.l.i..
llj' in urn nenufr 111 mi- iiuiUf
't.i. 1 hey caiiyuii r.loiisive inetl-
ititd liinl siirgimil work, build bos
pitalsand entHiuriige sanitary incus
un, and huvo been the chief
agency throughout Asia to cheek
the spread of discuses like small
pox, cholera, and the l'lngue. '
"i. ihoj' do i'aw "work ol
charity, nud teach the idea of sell-
help ttinoiijr (in; Hiivssyjj otherwise.
numieu (o si it mu mil nu truei
treat ment.
"7. They are helpful in prepar
ing the way for legitimate commer
cial expuusion, and utmost invari
ably precede the merelia'ti thu
peuetratiou of the interior,
"8. They have douo more than
either commerce or diplomacy to
develop respect for American char
acter iinil manhood among the
countless ignorant njUioiijo' Aalii.
(0 'I'lii'-J nrA n u..efK.ot v in the
Asiatic statesmen and people to
provide them with that instruction
and iufoiiuutinil reiinlled to under
take genuine progress and develop
his right ear in an accident
Til tr,!!:er lit become wealthy
sitarw tlN, and h.ia Irl his hair grow
1'Mig, so tint no one uoticcd tliat be
"Va one-sided on ears. Ho is now
retired snd wants to live a civilia-d
life, have his hair cut and go in and
out among his fellowmen without a'
tr.rling attention or nmunent. For
lU fiUllSs 4 Us'niiii two.ivd
man wiii he jih-wd himself iu the
caiw of Dr. Xelden, wlw assun'd him
thaf lie enuld, without nnwh trouble,
have a new ear, provided a man with
the inser-sir'i orir.m of hearinff
CjiiI Ijs Mv lltM would be
willing to Sell t.
Of seven men examined by Dr,
5fi.lti ii. 4it, liaa ImJ'u tlioK H wl'io has
a is-rhil inrot the proper size and
h'iu i iiixious to part with it for
i3,0"0. A siieond man is an alter
nate, in rase the man selected should
lack nerve at the critical momept.
ii, ii. auiiju't w-brU'd l imilHa
inin saya be needs the money. '
lie is short and stout, with hair
turning gray, clean looking, neatly
though lmlv iln'uied e j- farty
,ij. iiifl iin km! bis money trying
io run a restaurant. Now, without
employment, he has a wife and a
four-year-old child dccudcnton him.
Were it not for his family he could
find ciiiiiU'innt out of the uity II
sys hal hii would glily givelsilh
ars laiiiei llwiiseti his rainilv sutler.
It ttil! is' knVim ilitya beforo the
'liiiioii iseoinpleied. Anothersnr-
gixm and s trained nurse will assist
Dr. Nclilen. Both patients Hill be
placid together iu two cots. A plas
ter of pans Ku.J n,iiulli their heads
i lifitl tiiriu together until the ear
Is grafi,
riiarlutlr olwrter.
I;diiin thh iifw agi'ulatioutwhich
... . i. :. i - i j i i . ,i.:
jh hi iui is i uu; ue( ii, u soiiieuiiug
t Is dn-aded. " kilngram of it,"
says i scientist, "would be sufficient
tu dealioy tlie population of l'aris.
granting that they came within its
influence. He explains that they
would feel nothing during their ex
posure to the radium, nor realize that
they were in any danger. And weeks
would wss after their phuw b'r
mis Wooiia n- mM lm'e''
giaduatly the skin would begin to
peel on and their IskIics wogli( be.
(Sun'! oiiii great sore TbsM they
.njh IhkuiIij lil i ud, and then would
din of paralysis Hint congdstion of
the spliml oird, It is safe to say that
gas and electricity are safe from radi
um as a competitor for street lighting
A Runaway Blcyyt,
Terminated nHh ftu'Jgty'wt Pn
the leg f J. i. tncr, of JHmiklin
(.ruve, 111. UdevehipetlaiilubUttiU
uhcr miyicjdjiji to tlottois aud
rumeilies lor lour years. Then
lluekleu's Arulew Sulve cured. It's
Just as good lor Hums, Scalds, Skiu
Kniptious and 1'ilee. 'ioc. at Kng-
lish Irug (Vs.
I i . 'Sai? V I I ;
yony-amt smst, Mtw York City,
fW, writes i
M rVkHB IMBlbaf ud rastorts the
Sroui system, bnlkta ap your vora
out soastitnUoB swd U Jaat what woman
aacd who an afflicted with wnkua ot
any kind. I hear nothing bat pnlaa fox
Perans on all aldaa. M w ( Wk
trrt tf WJ( tsmtlf ksvli saad it and all
uuid by ll aa a wondarf ul health glvar."
Mlat Adalald tlalre.
Early Thsnksvlnf Days.
The following fts n-iia-ttng ih,.
ngin and Imtviikv of 1 Iwnkigiv
.ug l.iy, w!,e h ,m I., ,,.i' ,i,,
(by a (Miiteiii.iiv,n, mil! I. f.,t.u, ,,f
interest at ll is m-ajmii of tl. , :tT:
The hrst nu rd I li.uiksgiin ;t.
ihe llrl.n hvM -.f T.ila ru n I.-,.
Tlw tiist ii.iiii.iwi Kngli-1. l l,.,i,U
giving w.ts on S.i in! r I.V.",
t thedel.-.itof theS.aiiih Ar!i!.id,i
i 1 lu re luve l i-u b it t.. K.iidi'h
j Thanksgivings iu tins a mi, rv Ui,
s on rei.fiwrv iij r,,r i
Insnvery .r tl.e I'niu vof 'uli from
illns. the utitt r. . lime 21 ls:i; f,,r
the (JitM-ii ' Jiibiha..
The Xew Kngland Tlwiikagiv ing
dates from Jf M , .n ,,r hii
'tts Hay ( .oiiy set ap.irt a d.i fm
The tirst nati.ial Tli.n.ksgiviiig
prochiuiatioiis were issui-il by Cnn :
gress during the lU volutionary war 1
The first great American. Thanks I
giving Isv j, held in inj
ll. .ll nvigiutioii of tin. dvlur.i-i
tKin of nvwv. There as .n- mon
national Thanksgiving m ITtl. and'
no other till lMi."l, when President
Lincoln issued a national pru hm-.a
tion for a. lay of th.'inksgo'.n Sukv
hat time the pr.-AlHi has issmd an,
annual ppvbtmatu.n and tlw day has
Is-eh generally ohserved. j
Catarrh a Systemic Matasa
Tatarrh la uaMmue uimnhm. wrable .
sly t kykksoiio trestmaau A remedy , ogeries :
"""" "'"J Klaiihaiil
hs dpnaard Berr eentera. This Is ' '.nxii u-ar ....
what raruns doe Pcruna ImmediaKi'T ' w'
Invigorates the nm eut4 whuiai li'iin-r ii.m,
it. Tltstpy t ji ib uisMta memhrsass, S",,'!""
r""!"i wtB pm fsivfi aw m hbjbj
rsruaa earss ths catarrh whertver lo-
If too do not derive prompt snd iktia.
factory result from the na ot Perils,
write st one to Dr.,, giving
full lUtement of Jttf w and ha will
to tluoaad lo glT yon hi TSlosbl sd
Tloe gratia. .
Addrea Dr. Hextraan, President ot
The Uortnua Sanitarium, Colurnbua, VS
Price of Wild BeM.
Th liult
The f;;i,aiiK lalile will j;ive an
ulna of the value of them- beusts and
their average length of life in men
Tut SHiawm tfiuims Hmi
Alaavt rovorv nioie than ea
prctnl vimi'II generally have
iiit kit over.
Tut StXM-Wl'.lltllS PHUT
We can kbo- vou houses still
in good ci.idmon paiotcd
mary years ago.
Tut SnKm Wiuims Paikt
The cu!.ws are clrarer and
rlcanor tiian any others and
have a wore tating glo..
rue SnKwt-K?iunits pun
It Ukts less S.w t. to do a
given job, and you don't have
to aim as titea.
Tf.i StllKwW WlUltMS PtIMT
Most paints ate sold short
meisiin;. With 4. W. P. you get
a full gallon fur every gallon
you buy.
Disastrous Wrecks.
Carelessness is responsible for
many a railway wrecK 0,111 1110
same causes nip il,'Sn.' ti 11 111 an
wrecks of suliereis ft om i hroat and
Lung troubles. Hut since the ad
vent of Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consuuipt lou, Coughs and Colds,
eveu the worse coses, can be cured.
Hopeless resignation Is no longer
necessary. Mrs. Lois Craggof Dor-
cheater, Mass., is one of the many
whose life was saved py r. Ring's
ew Kiscoyery. great reme
dy is guaranteed for all Throat and
Lung diseases by The English Dr'g
Co. Price Wc. and f l.tJO, Triwl
bottles free,
Mental Process.
Weary Walker Wot do youse
do fer a cold In the bead T
Tired Tatters I lake good
sweat. - "
AVeary Valkff-rWotl lo youse
nieA'uVr tell me dat youse exercise
till de sweat con es
Tired Tatters Jiawj I sets down
iu da shads au' tlnks erbout work.
Wrier Cussed th,e Etiuator.
.Voncof the very fr)wowioiis
when thu wit of htifxis Choate was
foiled, an Incident is recalled when
that brilliant lawyer was examining
one Dick Harton, chief mate of the
ship Challenge. Choate had cross
examined him for over tfi Uauk,
hurling 'iiie.UuUi fill 'the speed
ot a lipid Hi gun,
"Was there a moon that niglili
'e, sir."
"Did you see Itt"
".Nn, sir."
"Then hflw tiid )0 know there
wasa'iuiMin V
t'The Niitional Almanac sutd so,
and I'll believe that sooner than
any lawyer In the world."
"He civil, sir. And now tell me
iu what latitude and longitude you
crossed the equator 1"
"Ah, you are joking f
"Xo, sir. I'm. in earliest aid.
TorK ,!p Suspicious Characters.
Uii-atvrU('tal Aavrrtvu..
f lji Tuesilay afVWom of week
two suuivious hiking characters,
giving their names as Henry Hilde
brand and John I. Farmer, arrived
in Chesterfield "on foot." The many
bank robberies recently committed
in different sections and the warnings
that a set of rascals seemed to lie.
workingthe country," catu4oiii-ot.
fieials, () oft thv n'lei't n't any dan
ger fiuin i.siiH'iackers" and "pick.
r-M-rv", 1 - .ii i
of people suffered tinaupiiilly at the
hands (if pick-isjckels during the re
cent Mtate fair causes officials to be
011 the lookout for these pick-Hickcts.
Farmer and llildctirand were lislged
in jail here and not release 1 until
Saturday morning. They claimed to,
U' from Hanover county,
gave ri'feren??; a UaJiiueud, 'phvr
12 ifW'-ktos and Magistrate limit
nitiaidieit, and the 1111 1 they gave
as rch're.nts rmlinl that Farmer was
oJl rigid and his business dealings
Imd always ben correct. 1 hese men
claimed to lie worth plenty of money,
vet they travelled as tramps, at the
same time demonstrating that tWiv
education was good Teo wo, to
say the 1A10 iuiihiiig mysterious
wymx pin no evidence couut
In' (iiitapieit voi winch to make a rase
Of rou roe, thes! prieea iuv olil
averages and do not apj.iy lo the
trained nuimiils, A well t rained
lion is woiih atsmt e.l,(HNi, ami is
not oil the maiket ut that price.
have the very liest tiger in a11 ihe
world I ciiii sleep wi'.h him, and
he knows even tiling. I would not
take 10,1HK for him. On the other
hand, there arc lions thut vuu ls
lioiight for too. Some tigers, also,
are very cheap, tliuse are the one
lurn tu tmptlvlty. They are not
much good, being degenerates in
every reajtect Their bom's aiv soft
and their brums are iioor. The
great menageries of the w orld won't
take them at all.
Some of the while bear worth
a good deal nim than I have
stated,, kiiittolarly enough, in spile
of their violent change of climate,
they are seldom kick. A tank ol
water und plenty of tlsh is ulsuit
Ml iUni me nuiiv ... J. ,
keep him Iu good order. The price
I name for the Siberian tiger is
also low. I donbt that ordem fm
good Silieriiiu tigers could W alh'd
at that price. They e nue Iwasts,
t renicmiims. n ste ud having
coftt of Wur live or six inches long.
Monroe Hardware Co.,
II. IM.DI K.VKX. Manager.
fur, Life. Aocid'nt, Health, Lia
bility and all classes id Oboallty ln
uraiirr. Only tlie 1 it and strongest
ronipanirs repirseiitril. 1 refpectful
ly mill it your hiiMiirss, asuurinjj
prompt .-in,) rflicieiit attention to all
inallera. Olfipe: Gordon & Thomp
.111 old stand. Phone No. 1.
horses. Hull's. Vehicles.
Ikm't fail to nee lne for homes,
mules and vehicles. I have 11 splen
did line ol each and don't mean to
let nnyliody get ahead of 1110 willi
bargains. If a notion to buy lues
ever crossed your mind, come right
to see lne. C. C. Sikiw.
Sewing M;'liliies, tKt ami
chenp'kt, itt the Monroe Fiirnituro
lf you want to get money, room
to Us. If you want to put your
money where it will ls safely kept,
bring it to us. We will treat you
The Savings, Ijihii Ik Trust Ctk,
Country Produce.
I sell butter, chickens, eggs,
and produce so fast that I can't
buy er.ough. If you have any te
sell don't sell a bit ol it until you
see me. 1 want it.
S. K. Dostkr.
desire an answer
; i inuk more man 1 tau nvr,
'fnihdl 'ou a chief mate and
unable to answer so simple a ques
tion 1"
"Yes, the simplest oneation I
ever was asked. 1 thought even a
fool of a lawyer kuew there's no
latitude at the equator." mi
In the Beginning.
"Which did de Lord make first(
llrnddcr Johnson, do b,cu, W de
"W VWt a" fKg ro'i'es
Hum ue hen."
"Yaisj but de hen comes from de
egg, too."
"Now, see yar, Hrother Jeffa
ersoii ef de Ixird h,ld Made de egg
fust hc'il kil tu make iueiibalor
lo hatch U, a sawmill to get ne
wood to' tie tnciilsitor, a tin mine
fo.' do tin, a wluder glass factory
fo' de glasa, a cottou null fo' de
cotton btittiu', a steam heat in'
plant fo' de heat and a drug store
fo' a thermometer to tell de U'UV
per'ture, besides gettia' ikpwwts
sion of sonue wnTkiu1 delegate to
wcridp 4e4n luduatriea au' taklu'
Jiauoua on de egg not hutch in' at
dat, No, no, llruddor JelTerson, de
Uru duu simply make de hen first,
and Ah reckon he Uidu t make a
Doesn't Respect Old Age.
It's shame when youth fails to
show proper respect for old age,
bnt just the contrary in the of
Dr. King's New l ife ft'il Vy
cut off maladies iiii matter how su
vere and Irrespective of old age.
Dyspepsia, Jaandlee, Fever, Con
stipation all yield to this perfect
pill. 2ta at Koglish Drag Store,
"Mr wlli had a deep-seated cough
for Hire years. I eurchised r
bottles of Ayer's Cherry Pecwral,
Itrf slit, snd ll cured her -
J. H. Burge, Macon, 9(1,
frofesbty yp know of
cough mealclnci that re
licva littlo cought, -fl
toughs, txupt dtep ones
The medicine that has
beta curing the worst of
deep coughs for tisty
ySHH i Ayri Cherry
TtmsaMi ih.rt.n as
raaN T -. ka mjt laka It
Ian . M ka ara 11 ITT"?
Lbik. n. laaa awn ' " "
IM R anil kl W. liH
man fo' a year or two
How's Th-?7
V offer Oris lluuJreJ IVillars re
w.i-.d lor any case of taUnk that cao
uot u cured by nail's vartarra bvr.
K. J. Csssst jt Ca., lropriturs,
Toledo, Ohio.
VVs, th sndeilned, hava knowq
P. I. Cheney lor th psst 15 years.and
belisv him perfectly buuoralile in all
business transactions, and financially
abl to carry out any oblie.atioDS mad
by lhair fi'm. Wsst 1 ica,
Wbolesal Drug(istJurt4o,a
Wilding, Mnss 1 StAiyis,
WhtiltsW tuuasnds, Toledo, Q.
klsH vk la 1 1 a vuia la ajiirrn-
ally, (tiQ directly apos ths bood sad
uiucem surlsc of th system. Price
to. Mf bolti. Sold by sll druggist.
lMtimoolsIs Ire.
H all's f amily Tills srs th best,
You Know What You are Taking
Wbti tos tsks Grove' tasteless Chill
Tooic becain tk toroiul it plainly
printsJ S smy belts showing thst it
at limply roa sad yniuin la a ust
rutin, wo t.ur. wo ear, 50c,
When painting your dwelling
call and act st for prices. VVs
recommend and guarantee Hsrri
son's paints. S. J. VV elsh
I want your country product of
all kinds. Sea me before you
sell l R. Doater.
A Display of Dress Goods
that will bear comparison with large city stocks. Here you
will find Zeibeliens, Cheviots, Granites, Scotch ntxture and
Plaids, Broad Cloth, 5icillians, Canvlfls Weaves, Armours, etc
You will make a mistake If yuu do not give this splendid stock
of Dress Goods a look he hire purchasing. No trouble to show
you these goods, (let our prices and be posted.
a fmt9) Vll J
Fall and Winter
Those appreciating High
Urade Clothing Guaran
teed by the manufacturer
w III do well to see my line
before buying their fall
suit- I have tried to give
the people ol Monroe and
vicinity the very best that
money will buy. Buy
none but St rouse Bros.
Guaranteed. They are as
cheap as others-
5ee my line ot boys' and
children' clothing- I can
save you money-
Sole fluent lor Hamilton-Brown Stioes.
fly lines of Shoes can't be matched in any town- You will
find all ot the Hamilton-Brown Shoes the very best makes;
also the celebrated Hess Shoes for men-
LADIES' WRAPS, all the newest style Don't biy any.
thing In Wrap before you see me; I can save you big money.
Onr Hiiilnem Department
will be on at aur pet departments this season and
we will give nothing but the latest and moat stylish hats
Our trimmer Is young, but old In experience.
On kundrW orw tall ready to wear Dress Skirts from $100,
$1-80, $100 1 IIS 00
New Walstlngs In alt the leading styles, cheapest to best.

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