North Carolina Newspapers

. V. BEASLEY. I ---
TUESDAY, November M. 90J.
It is nai.l tlut the Preident will
urj in hi;) annual message to lm
pvs. tlwt smiie step be taken by tlx
national government to improve the
public highwaysof the country. This
would lie a hiijs1 iindcrUkin. but if
some of the many channel of useless
eenditiiresiof the government were
dammed up, there would be plenty of
money to spend for useful purposes
like this. The useless expenditure
of money in the government printing
olliee alone would, if turned to the
gid roads movement, earry it a long
wsv each year. M illi ns of dollars are
spent wh year in printing wholly
wort hies stufT. There will, however.
lie some objection to the idea of the
general government undertaking to
improve the country road, w hich, of
course, belong to the several State.
Hut from ancient times the construc
tion of gxd roads has been consid
ered a proper subject for national
effort, and we no present day rea
son why the I'nited Stales should not
undertake it.
It is stated that Mr. S. F. Hurtt of
New Item lias gone to Massachusetts
to secure a iniinber of Portugese
lalmrcrs to work on farms in the vi
cinity of Xcw lx ni. This may be the
first tap in the negro's death knell as
the exclushe farm laborer of the
South. He has almost a natural
inononly of this work, and did he
care to make himself steadv. etlicient
Southern Congressmen are urging
President Roosevelt to demand in his
message to Congress that something
be doue by the government to exter
minate the bol1 weeTtl w hirh is doing
every year so much damage to the
cotton crop in Texas, and, like a threat
eniug cloud, hangs menacingly over
all the cotton States. The national
Secretary of Agriculture has given
out a very hoicles view of the dan
gers from the boll weevil, seeming U
think that there is no remedy to be
used against them. But there must
beoue somew here, and somebody will
find it Meantime, the Texas folks
who are sending sample of the wee
vil to their friends in other States
ought to be put in jail for a lime.
The decision of the Ohio Supreme
Court placing its approval upon the
right f Christian Scientist to refuse
to call a physician to treat a minor
child, is in the interest of liberty of
parents, but rather detrimental to the
children. Charlotte Chronicle.
You plug the spike square on the
head, dear friend. Yet mie folks
seriously argue that the Stale has uo
right to protect the children by forc
ing the parents to send them to school
or forbidding them to hire their chil
dren of tender age to cotton mills.
Anybody can see that the Chester
field folk are proud of their new
hank and are going to stand by it
They took time by the forelock and
arrested the fellows who were stroll
ing about looking for a bank to rob.
To be sure, the men hadn't robbed
or tried to rob a bank, but they might
have wanted to.
Marskvlll News.
Charity and Children is holding up
fur the"nlil tim 4inirim' itvwI.t ulm
and reliable he could hold his job in-' ..... , . i.
Now you are talking ' The "do, so.
definitely and command better wages
all the time. Hut he does not care
to do these tilings, and it is only a
question of time till his shiftlessness,
carelessness and increasing incom
petency will put him out of his job
Of course, he will held it ill a way a
long time yet, but his days are mini
liercd unless he repents. No race ran
get along as mere ground eiiinlvrcrs.
for, me, ray, do" artist is not to In
left out w hen it comes to giving the
boys and girls good courting opnr-tuuitics.
1'nder Tainnianv "New York will
le hell with the lid off," savs Rev
lr. Parkhurst. As a hot phrase
maker lr. Parkhurst is pushing close
up to Kev. J W. l.ittte of I'nioti
Italian I ji homers Penned l' In a
Small Shanty Are Roasted to
While over 1"0 lialun railroad
MarshvilW. Not. S3. -Rev. B F.
Fiachcr p. cached in iba Metlkdjst
church last night Mr Fineher was
pastor of this circuit for four years
and has manr fneud here.
There wrtl be service at the BaHL l k shantv near
iiMeiiunu II...-.. .uj. , laih, IV. on the IVmiivIvaiiu rail
Mr. Y. It. Marsh will have a fam
ily reunion at his old home one and
a half miles south of fc.wn Thanks-
rivmi: day.
The em house of J C. Bailey i
Si caught on fire last Wednesday
night. A crowd soon gathered and
extinguished the naines. It is not
known how the tire originated.
Mr. Philip (Jntlin moved to this
place last week He will live witn
his son, Mr. K. C. C.nftin, for the
Mrs. J. C. Marsh visited relatives
in Charlotte last week.
Mrs. W. 1L Wilhott of Ansonvilie
is visiting at Rev li O. Wilhott'.
Miss Alice Marsh h is been en
gaged to teach at the Stewart schi'l
house. School oietied Unlay.
Dr. Hall w ill hvture at the acad
emy tonight : subject. "Kvolutlon of
the Woman."
Mrs. J K. Ashcraft of Atlanta vis
ited at Mr. II It Marsh last .vk
Messrs. J F. Kwkuiks and K. V.
Marsh sH-nt Sunday at O. K., S. C.
Misses Kate Steel and Lillian
Cuthliertson of Waxhaw wen- iu
town Saturday.
Mr. II. i. Asherafl has sold his
house and lot mi Main street to Mr.
Thomas Smith.
The workmen are laving the foun
dation for Mrs. Irene Marsh's new
residence .1.
The Cleveland Star say that some
of the folks that voted against good! . . . T " V, '
. i . ,, . Public 5chool Note.
4tm.-. lit .'ur uir U'UllMII 'S OI lilt I i , , .
' j A good many teachers and com-
con ,n a nvem ci.vtion. are now ; mitu,.nl,.n lave , v,,t ,,, , ,lt,ir
wanting another chance to vote for teachers' contracts. This should U
good muds. To l.e sure. We have all done at once. The law forbids the
seen m-onle nut ilwuxelv. nrainst I'ayineut of any teacier's vouch.
, it unless this contract has been proper
... , , lv tilled out and sent ill to the county
eriucai inoiuent merely mi account oi superintendent
some picayuiiish reasnii not worth a
straw. But mighty few of us are big' The State superintendent savs
etioitgh to forget our prejudices and "rnday. iVvmU-r lSth. has lieen
., 1.; i,,.. c . . . .i hxed as the date for North Carolina
. day this year. The interesting pro-
or morality is at stake, and here the readv ilisirii..oi.. i.
people nv ott on little tangents in am anxious that everv public scl
every direction: we lose sieht of a shall celebrate this day
great cause Ixvause a little snvk of
this year." .lust as soon as the
tiriummm nre rtpti-iwl l.v tlu pmnitf
piejmnce or MHisiiness gets into our sl,erinU'nilcnt, they will lie sent out
ryes ami ilnves out any larger vision, to the teachers. This dav can Ik'
.. Ti 1 . . made very useful. The teachers who
in. vvius inoiupson, i ne rignt- ari. wiillg t t m, ran make it
Hand Imwer ot .Marion Hutler during, good opHrtunity U) invite out the
that worthy's regime, and Secretary ! parents and let them sin how the
of State under his dictatorship, was Sl'1""'1 K'.'11""! n, and show their
in Raleigh the other day, mid gave , inWn'1 111
o.n me iniorma l mat lie would. The six new rural libraries that
resume the practice of medicine in; have lieen arranged for this county
Onslow county on the fust of Janu- h&! lieen ordered and will lie placed
iiry. Thompson was the sharpest of j J"st s""n M they arrive
an me conspiiators excciit mitlcr
liimself, but since his overthrow h
lias dmpled completely out of sight.
We have often found ourselves won
deling what had Ixvome of him. On
account of an uuforseeii turn in busi
ness, tmder an out of date law, a great
ileal of money went into his hands as
fees while he was Secretary of State,
and like the others of the leaders, he
made his excursion into the domain
of power pay.
It is very unusual, when bank otli
cials succeed in carelessly or crimi
nally wnrking a bank, that they go
out and slim it themselves as did the
president arid cashier of theCarmh
bank last week. The directors of the
bank have made an assignment of all
ils business, and say that there is no
doubt of its complete solvency, only
nobody could lie found that would
biko the presidency after the tragic
self-deatructi'.in of the former otlicers,
It seems that the dead otlicers were
connected with a cotton mill and the
whole bunch were interested in cot
ton futures together.
From an article elsewhere in this
pajier, it w ill be seen that the fanners
who send fine stalks of-grain or other
products to their county paper are
not without warrant of distinguished
precedent. Diny, one (if the great
Roman writers, says that four hun
dred stalks of wheat grown from a
single seed were sent to the Emperor
Augustus, and some enterprising far
me'r sent three hundred and forty
stalks from one grain to the Emperor
Nero. What the bloody old rascal
did with it we are not told.
There are oulored men working in
Monroe at three dollars and fifty cents
a day. They are not practicing med
icine or law, or preaching. They are
laying brick. And in the South to
day the demand for good bricklayers
can't be supplied. Of course, it takes
first class mason to make three dol
lars and a half day. But there are
thousands of less skilled mechanics
in demand at good wages. Unskilled
labor is becoming to be no labor at
all in point of wages. .
"The evil that men do live after
them, the gixil is oft interred with
their bones, says Shakespere. But
sometimes folks hear of the good
tilings we do and we don t know how
they hear of it; it's just a way a good
deed has of becoming known. South
ern Education, published at Knox-
ville, lenn., savs :
"Mr. C. X. Simpson of Monroe, X.
C, recently contributed I0 for
rural school library in Belmont
school district, (loose Creek town
ship, I'nioti county."
! O O
The action of the teachers at Rock
Rest in asking the patrons of the
school to contribute a small amount
hi buy magazines for the school
Ought to be followed by a good many
teachers of the county. For 50 cents
a month three or four of the best
magazines could be placed in the
hands of the school children each
month while the schools run. Any
teacher could raise two dollars for
this purrnise. The magazines should
circulate in school and in the homes
also. If you can't raise f 2.00, one
dollar will buv some. (Sood maga
zines can be bought at the book
store for ten cents.
Live News From Sandy kid Re.
C,'nvMi'!'!iv .'1 Thr J"urnl.
R. F. IV Xo. 5. Xov. 23. -Hog kill
ing is the order of the day now. Mr
T. M Winchester killed one last
week that weighed .111 munds tlct
Prof lalrymple killed his pet mam
moth black pig that netted a little
over HO munds. Mr. R. II Howie
has also killed some nice ones. Cap!
S. i; Howie has a whole pen full of
tine one to kill.
Mr W. T. Keziah. who has Uvn
right sick, is m. proving slow lv.
Mr. E. A l'inniotid will move in
a few days to Mr S W. Stewart's
Mr James Presley has recently
moved to dpt. S ti llouie's.
Messrs. .1 M. an l A II House. .Ir.
and family went to Charlotte today
to visit their father, Mr A P. II .'ise.
Sr. Mr J. M lions.- took a lot of
nice turkey to sell fur Thanksgiv
ing Mr T. A Pavis of the Vance
neighborhood siolit last Friday night
in the neighborlioml.
The Wesley Chapel graded school
ojx'ned on the Kith mst. with about
fifty pupils.
The members of Wesley Chapel
are delighted at Kev M li. II . v ie s
return to the Weddingtoii circuit for
another year.
We had a light sprinkle of sleet
last Saturday night about il o'clock
jii. .i. ti.r..iK i.....i.i .
T. Polk place and will move to it
Mr. F. II, Wolfe of Monroe was at
the chapel Sunday
Mr. II. 1,. Price slnpiied sonic nice
mammoth black tugs to Mr. .1. C
Hutchison, in Mecklenburg county.
last wii-k Mr. Price say he has
the liest hogs in the county, they
make the most meat with the least
feed, and he savs they will fatten at
my age. He says he cannot half
supply the demand for pigs.
Mr. hditor, since our rural route
has lieen established we have no
trouble in getting our mail. Our
pa.ers give us fresh news even' dav.
ind not like it was before, three or
four dav old We iM the Jaily
puiiers the same day they an' print
ed, and really, we are almost con
vinced that we are living in town ;
all we like is a railroad and street
cars and electric lights and a few
other little things, you know. Bv
the way, Mr. Pcnager, our mail car
rier, is giving general satisfaction:
he is clever and accommodating ami
Iocs all in his iHivver to give the na
trons of the Mute good and faithful
road early u-lay the budding caught
lire and before the foreigners c.dd
esi-ape at least twenty-seven were
burned Ui death, an J a score or more
were seriously injured.
The men wen- tniploje-d by Me
Mcnamtn & Suns, on the IVunsyl
v.ima railnud improvements between
l.illv and Portage. There were '
on lite job. alt Italians, and in the
s!iau!y which was hinted I2," of
them were sl.vping The shanty was
aUmt l'' feet long, one story in
height and built in the usual s'vle
of such .piarters. The eastern cud
" .is devoted to the cooking and eat
ing, while the men slept in bunks
like surdities in a can. in the western
end. Tlieie w is only one dir at
each end and the windows wene few
:.nd small.
The tire i sii p. d to have start
ed from an overheated stove in the
. astern i ud. The building burned
I ke tinder, and the rhmcs were ux.n
the men ln-fore any of them were
Then began a struggle for the out
side, and hie Thev foiiglj mid
raiulled for the dmrs. the weaker
U ing crashed down and trampled.
Othirswere rusted I,. death there.
Those who fought for the .U.r
wen- in the wildest sort of ialiie
They fought and kicked, an.l among
'.hose who csc.i'd theie are many
who War marks ..f the fierce strife
which !. k place in this Untie for
life. A few got out of the small win
dows, munis clothes and with their
imli. s cut from broken glas
Many of th.we who died managed
to go! out. Tin V had their savings
of v., us in their trunks, winch were
left Whin, I them in the building
II. memWi'iig :!,i f,irt as s.'ii as
they go! nii'si.le th.-j fought j;it as
hercelv to got ha, k. A few succeed
ed but f'r the sake of their hoarded
treasure they gave up their hvvv
tine eye-witness says he .Ins i)"l
iK-lieve that- a single man of those
who returned succeeded in getting
out again. Ill the rums todav some
of the Corpse were close the
hooped Umds of 1 h. ii- trunks and
melti d gol'l and sih. r w hich had
Urn kept 111 those rivep'acle indi
cated tint t h. y had fallen and died
with their treasure in ih.ur ani s
The bodies were all practically
burned to An Italian who
looked .it thoni l.ilay and who knew
. very in. in in the shanty, was unable
to identify a single one.
ltruner Huey pay the highest
prices for chickens eggs, tuikevs,
ducks mi. I butter. Call and see
thrni is all y.m have to do to get
more money tliau the other fellow
otl.'red Vou.
Thanksfivlng Day Camlaf.
ll nla' . tftABfcnvla . Mi IW Mlmi
th. l a 1.
If r I r'm hl' wll. lkC
II a. attM-i trni
)n, lb mf.
11 rn- That I .'r ha uMrClliu llkASfiaa
I-iii... l. :
Rousing Big Bargains
crowd every aisle and counter in our stores. A new supply has just
been opened up for this week. In this way you see we keep the inter-
a.AMiv rlXur. est at fever heat by offering only the newest and most seasonable
P. I lf HM 4KU.
. r '-.! ,mi IUIm m ttM
tat h wfch
K nurh iran mf.
I- .- hir ir frtv,
ll mrti that I iff tM( aa4lal4 Ua a flil
luanlfcVtt'M '
rrak L tABt4.
merchandise at way below the lowest prices asked anywhere, and in
many instances at about what the average store must pay at wholesale.
Tn Thv frnnrle Sfmn
For TarWII thrw-aot some- A J wvikj I'VJ.
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One lot fancy Flannelette, 10c. kind, .
One case oil red and blue fancy Prints, special this week,
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The people is what I am doing
and more now thuu
ever before.
Just now I am giving them
(hit Klakex, Force, Macaroni.
Honey, all kinds of Fruitaand
Vegetable, and Hams to cook
them with.
.1. II. Ilent. n's String Iteans.
Tomat.ies at ! rents,
liest Kiee at .'tj poutids for 2.V.
Sug-ar at 5 ernts.
California Kvaptirateil reaehe,10c.
Xiv dried Apples 3 for '.'."i.
I 'nines. Tobacco at any price.
The bctt Coll'ee anyone ever drank
from 1-1 to '.'.. Other things too
iiuiuerous to mention.
(ioods delivered rijlit now.
Yours for business,
Phuue 201,
The Ikst Yet.
I have just shipped to mv stables
iu Monroe a cur load of the finest
.u..i..5 i lt.itt rin
brought here. All I ask is tor vou
to Kive ine a trial before Vou buv.
I II do the rest. C, C. Sikix
For new crop Mailed raisins, cur-
units, citron, tigs, dates and prunes
in on liiiiuer iiuev.
Don't 3Iakc
a Mistake
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I should think as much of your dol
lars as you would if it was seven
.e nts. I se economy, buy what you
want and what you need, but buy
it al the rilit price, lion'tpet the
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Belk Brothers.
Just Out."
Have you ever given it a thought! When you receive nil in
vitation to some friend's marriage the first thing that comes to
your mind is
jS? What Shall I Give? j?
Country merchants lose money
every time they fail to see us. We
carry the best line of goods suitable
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city. Iiruner A lluey,
We will soon be in our handsome
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Thanksgiving Specials.
Always studying the wants of
our customers, we bare made a
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Thanksgiving, listen :
Pork hams of all sizes.
Sausage all pork or mixed.
All nice cuts of finest steak.
'Phone la your orders at once
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yoo. IL Z. White.
100 Boxes Brown's Mule tobacco
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Wants a Hand Bad.
'il.rlott. olwerv.r.
An Io-va farmer who has had tnm
ble securing lalx.r, has advertised
the follow inc terms as an induce
ment :
Wages will 1. (! a dav. Break
fast will he served in bed. W'orkiiur
noure will lie from It) a.m. to 2 p.m
All heavy work will Is- done by the
boss. Cigars furnished free. Any
hand working the entire season can
have the farm.
This offer is made with an under
standing of human nature, and com
menting on it the New tork Com
mercial thinks that he is in no danger
oi losing his larm. He knows well
enough that the better the farmer
treats his "hired men" the less thev
appreciate it, the shorter time they
stay with him. Thev don't know
when they are well off. No ambitious
applicant for a job there will last
"the season" out. The craft isn't
built that wav.
A Bit of Qood Farming.
WtalKirr MMiiirr anH lnlf.:.if.nrrr.
Mr. John T. Wall of Walltown is
one of the county's most nnisnemus
and progressive young farmers. He
makes Ins hog and hominy at home,
but in doing this does not find it
necessary to neglect his cotton crop
He has two acres of highly improved
land, near his residence, on wich
he made four bales of cotton last
year, which averaged 510 pounds to
the bale, I his year be has also gath
ered and had ginned another four
bales from the same two acres. The
last fonr bales ho has not vet sold.
so does not know what they weigh,
but they are heavy bales.
The land on which this heavy crop
was made was fertilized with four
sacks of guano, 40 bushels of cotton
seed and a good coating of stable
5,000 Pounds of candy, the best
made no cheap, trashy stuff. Call
and see as. . Braner ft Haey. J
Now, that quest ion is very easy to answer when you come to
Headquarters. If yon will call and sec the largest and hand
somest line of
i Sterling Sliver.
I Cut Glass and French
Hand Painted China t
you will have no more trouble when you receive an Invitation.
Our mammoth stock of Holiday goods is now readv for vonr
The W. J, Rudge Co.
Don't Blame the Cook if
Your Bread Is Poor,
But in the future buy Porcelain Patent Hour. It is the best
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but the finest wheat grown is used In its manufacture.
Just arrived: Xew Crop Oat Flakes, Prepared Buckwheat
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If yoo want the finest eup of coffee yoa ever drank, try a
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ery package.
Ueceived every week by express Nannally's Fine Chocolate
and Bon Bon. Fresh Cake, Crackers and Wafers received
each week.
TH6 Lindsey Groceru 60.
Points ot Law
worm Knowing.
It w ill lie several days yet before
you can kill quail and uot violate
the law. But there are things one
can lawfully do the year round.
Bead the following and see what
those things are"! A mau has the
right to do as be with his
own, so that he noes not injure his
neighbor; therefore any man has
the right to undersell everybody
else if he so desires. This we do.
Kvery mau has the right to hau-
die and sell only the best articles
an.l Iu tell the public alxiut it
Tlllo WE IKJ.
There are certain things that
can't be done lawfully. For in
stance: The assignee of a mortga
gee cannot maintain an action for
lisposing of the mortgaged proper
ty. This we know ami we do not
try to do. A man can't pay high
prices for his goods and sell them
to you cheaply. This we know
and we do not pretend to do. Be
fere any man or firm can sell right
he must purchase for sale the right
article at the right price.
We constantly guard ourselves
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have a full store of only the best
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day use and consumption, and of
fer them to you at the very lowest
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only an advertisement, but If you
think there is nothing in It, come
ami see. w e Invite your patron
age and promise you the fullest
satisfaction. No man or firm can
do more thau this.
Hill & Bivens.
Established IH7J
Incorporated 1001
Carolina Marble
anri Upani r nmnnnn
uuiiu vuiiipuityi
Our business has been more than satisfactory since opening in
Monroe, and we now have on hand as nice a stock as can be found
at any yard in the State.
We have just received some new and specially handsome designs,
and we invite the inspection of all persons needing anything in our
No grave, however humble, should be allowed to go unmarked.
We can make a job to suit the price you are able to pay.
Call for designs and prices.
Carolina Marble and Craniie Co.,
I- E. EFIRD, Manager. MONROE, N. C
Yards at Statesville, Salisbury, North Wilkesboro, and Monroe.
fill Tilings Bright
and Beautiful ? ?
Well, why not t May be it is be
cause you dou't spend your money
where it will go the farthest. Yon
should know that we undersell all
because we get (be business to do.
and, besides, yon know we furnish
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work. BfcET
Vt ell this is easy to explain. We
sell to all alike. One man's money
is as good as another's. What we
want is your business. What you
waui is 10 duv vonr Meat. I'beesa.
Candy, Apples, Sewing Machine.
and everything yon use. cheaiier
man your neigoDor who insist on
trading elsewhere.
Well, there are those who would
appear wise, but if they would be
wise they would give me chance,
at least, to open their eye. Now
this it a nice ad. We've been of
fered good money .to do nothing
bnt write advertlslns beeaoM it
sells goods, bnt I aay it la the
price and courteous treatment
Let u prove it Hitch npyonr
wagon and come early. We will
wait for yon.
Henry W.Pusser.
Zoar, X. C
This is for you,
If you owe us. Our money must be
collected; and without any excuse we
ask you to come and make immediate
settlement. This year there will be
No Exception
to the rule; and if it is your intention
now not to pay, but request us to carry
over your note or account, you are go
ing to be disappointed. We are going
to have our money and you can govern
yourselves accordingly.
The Heath-Lee
Hardware Co.
To Care a Cold in One Day 1
iwMfciwHiim . Tib ligmtar. St?jfrvv box. 25c. I

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