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One Dollar a Year
AFTER DR. MOSS' EAR. I A POPULAR ACT09 lantfd an ear-was lUtinninetl to
I ,haveanwr.and he knew that hi
Young Charlotte Physician's Curt- MOOBM ft Gallut Soldlsr taj ear was. so hr a he could HI, the
Item ol New a.
oaity Qot Him Into Dig Trouble
with Dr. Nehfcn, the Man W ho
Wanted to Buy a Human Ear
for 15.000.
Chariot liWmf.
"To UH tlw truth, my country rais
ing mal nw rami," said tr. W.
Ilost-a Mos. "I hail a intrntion of
(i.irtinK with niv car, n.-t for $ 5,0(11) or
glO.UJO, but that fcilow made me
tu rvou. and I used to have the mst
terrible m;htin.iri', in w hich I was
strolling around with only one ear to
t!ie I never felt quite eav
until I loft New York."
"What are you talking about?"
said the reporter, who had just drift
ed in.
Then Dr. Moss explained. He had
been in New York for seven weeks
taking a giefidl course in medicine
at the New York Post -Graduate Med
ical Sol joI and doing special work
at Bcllevue II- spital. He became in
terested in what ho read about the
unknown and weatthy miner who
had hot his riht ear and who was
offering $5,0(10 to any man who
would sell him an ear, w hich would
be'transiiosed to replace the n-.emher
that was lost, the newspaers had
a good deal to say stUnit the matter,
and the fact that the man who want
ed the new ear hail refused to dis
close his identity added to the nivs-
tory and interest in the matter.
One day, w hen Dr. Moss was pass
mg the ollice of Dr. A. L Nelden, the
physician who was endeavoring to
buy tne ear, lie yieliletl to curiosity
and sought ailnuttance to the ottice.
He rang, and a servant apiieared and
asked for Ins card. Dr. Jinn hur
riedly explained that he was one of
the applicants who wished to sell his
ear, and was admitted into an ante
chamber. Here he found alxmt lift v
people, men and women ; most of
them seemingly oor, but some being
well dressed and pnwiieroiiS'lonking
All, of course, were volunteering to
sell a right ear for the ?5,000.
Dr. Moss sat down by a pretty girl
w ho didn't seem at all happy. He
engaged her in conversation, and fin
ally asked lier what sh meant by
coming to the place.
"Why, to sell myear."she replied.
i am engaged to a man in the om
country, who is a baker, and recently
he failed in business. This means
the indefinite HWtponoment of our
wedding. I am only a working girl
here. If lean sell my ear for $5,000,
1 shall get enough money to start my
lover in business again, and we can
be married. No ; 1 am sure he will
not mind my being without an ear:
and I have thick hair, as you see, and
can easily arrange it to hide the loss."
In the crowd of wailing folk, Dr.
Moss noted all classes of people, and
was particularly impressed by the
presence of well groomed, good look
ing fellows, who seemed healthy and
capable enough to work to good pur
pose. They were a tired-looking lot.
wearied apparently sad; and all
hoping for a chance to go one-eared
through life.
Afuir waiting for some time,, Dr.
Moss was shown into a 'irivate rooi,:-,
and there fared Dr. Nuldon, a big,
aggressive sort of a chap.
''What's your name?" hit first asked.
Dr. Moss hadn't thought about a
name. "A. J. McKolway of I An
geles, Cat.," he said, after a second's
"Your business?"
''Insurance agent."
Dr. Nc Men felt Dr. Moss' right ear,
measured it, pulled it; grew interest
ed, and then excited. He cried out,
and a young man came from the
next room, lie was a secretary and
stenographer.. "Here ; take down
these answers," said Dr. Nelden,
whose eyes looked jubilation. He
put Dr. Moss through a rigid cross
examination. "You want to sell this here ear?"
he queried.
"Oh, yes," said Dr. Moss, who was
beginning to weaken.
"Why ?"
"flecause because I need the
(foot to tae Froit.
xily ear that filled the bill.
"And you can imagine my relief,"
ho tuvlared, "wlun I saw in the
ncwsmera that Dr Nelden had
found another man with a suitable
ear. I understand that Ncldt n and
his patient and the subject had to go
over to Philadelphia to have the op
eration performed, and it is said tat
Nelden' plan of tnuisoting the ear
is a complete snores. The fellow
who disxei of his ear is about 40
years old, and is a butcher who has
hard luck and is making the sacrifice
for the sake of his family. And 1
am very glad that the wealthy gen
tleman was able to dispense with mv
trilling services, and I koie that he
la satisfied, and may marry, or d.
anything else he wishes to do, con-
Stawell Finally (let Hi nancy.
The new was nt nut from Wauli- ' "-"
ingu recently that Miss Alice R.e-1 The Seaat-ll rotten egg eaxr i at
velt.the i.resident' daughter. rode'l',, -leU. and H. V. Seawell of
hors.laik man fashion -astride. As 'r"'ape will get his t,.V from
tbi fashion i 14 uuoominon in :,be Aboard Air Line railroad, to
some section the new caused null. niltt for rviee a buffer
excitement Now come the Wash-' "u'a or m ot decomposed hen
tngton corresismdent of the Our- ,ru" "ull nul pewon atoppea ul
he thoughtfully
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pulled his right ear over until it
rested close to his n.e and tlien let
it flop back against the back of his
money." was the reply. "Insurance
agents do sometimes need money,
you know." -
Dr. Xelden smiled and said, "I
see." He asked Dr. Moss exceeding
ly embarrassing questions almut the
habits of his great-grandfather, and
was vastly entertained when Dr. Moss
recited his c.xierienee with tliechick-
enMx and measles and mumps and
nettlerash. lie tapped Dr. Moss'
teeth, felt his pulse, and was pro
foundly disturta'd over any sugges
tion of occasional dysepsia or indi
gestion. Ity this time Dr. Mss was
perspiring slightly, and wi.-lied he
hail stayed away.
" 'Tis the verv ear," finally de
clared Dr. Xelden, iu a burst of en
thusiasm. "We must have that ear.
In all the lot, have seen only three'
ears that came close to the require
ment, and yours is the best ear I
have vet examined. Ami you are
sure you want to part with it?" he
added, looking fiercely at Dr, Moss.
"tes, indeed, said Dr. .Moss, as be
wondered if the doctor would catch
him if he hopped out the window.
Dr. Nelden unfolded his plans. He
told Dr. Moss that his patient was a
very wealthy miner, who hal his ear
torn off bv a chain while going down
into the mine. He wore his hair long
to cover the disfigurement, but he
wanted to brush it back and be like
ther folks, or he wanted to get mar
riedor, at any rate, he wished
another ear and was willing to pay
lug money for it.
lie explained his promised meth
ods to Dr. Moss, and showed him the
ittle cots and the plaster of paris
comHisition that were to be used in
the oicration. His patient, said lr
Nelden, would be placed in one cot
and the victim though that word
wasn't used would lie close by in
another cot. The two men would be
bound together by a plaster of paris
cast ; both being motionless for ten
davs. Part of the ear would be cut
off and sewed to the" patient's ear with
cat gut This would grow to the
stub of the missing ear, and then
gradually all of the fresh ear would
bo released bv the cutting nrocess
and, by a natural transfusion of lilood,
would be made to adhere to the head
of the wit lent. Cocaine would be Used
to deaden the pauw Of course, the
strain of lying still would lie pretty
bad, but the !,)(K, just think of it!
And Dr. Moss was very nervous
Kvery minute or so Dr. Nelden would
roach over and pull hi ear and rave
over it, and express his delight be
cause he had at length found the ob-
jivt (if his search. He made Dr. Moss
give him his address a wrong num
ber, by the way and made, him
promise t) return to the office the
next morning. Ho reluctantly per
mitted Dr. Muss to leave his office,
declaring over and over again, in ef
fect, that he simply thirsted to chop
off the right ear of the young Char
lotte physician.
After this interview Dr. Moss re
mained in New York only a few
days. He admits that he developed
a case of nerves, and that he never
again went within seven blocks of
Dr. Nelden's ollice. He had fanciful,
absurd, ideas, and every time he
passed a dark place at night he would
think how easy it would be for two
or three big, strong men to jump out
and carry him away and rob him of
his beautiful right ear.
He began to have fearful dreams ;
in which he would be forever going
to some place, and making a low
bow, while everybody was pleased to
note his large single ear which had
grown to preposterous dimensions.
He tried to reason about the matter,
but with poor success. He came from
Hall county, in Georgia, and all the
hobgoblins and spooks that had been
dead since his childhood were resur
rected and came to his bed at night,
and danced in a circle around the
stump of his missing ear. If yon
see him tomorrow you will observe
that he is thin and pale. He will
say that he worked a bit ton hard in
New York, but if you press bint for
the truth, he will confess that he has
been suffering from a dreadfid case
of ear-ache. ,
Dr. Mom was sura that the myste
rious and . fabulously rich miner
Negr Child Wandered in Woods
for Two Days.
In Guilford county la-J Tuesday
week, Philip ShofTner. colored, was
moving hi household goods and
when he left home in the afternoon
one of his children, a four year-old
girl, followed the wagon without
ncr 11 tier a knowledge, nhe was
barefooted and lnmrlv clad. Her
mother missed her but supposed
the lather hail takeu her with him.
When the father returned at uight
and the child's abseiice liecaine
known a search was begun. That
afternoou a thunderstorm had pre
vailed and coler weather followed.
The white neighbor aided in the
search and the community wasthor
otighly aroused. Thurkday even
ing late the child was found in a
pine thicket less than a mile from
her home, lying under a tree. She
said she had Iteeu wandering
around in the woods ever since she
lost sight or Her lather s wagon.
The sheltering pines no doubt kept
hor from freezing, but it is remark
able, that a child could be exposed
for two days and nights, ecciulI.Y
in the eviire weather of Wednes
day night and Thursday, and eft
ee alive. This one, however,
while very weak and emaciated,
gave every promise of an early re
covery. Revolution Imminent.
A sure sign of .approaching re
volt and serious trouble in vour
system I nervousness, sleepless
ness, or Hloinaeu upset. Kleetric
Hitter will quickly dismember the
troublesome cause. It never fails
to tone the stomach, regulate the
Kidneys and ltowels, stimulate the
Liver, and clarify the blood. Hun
down systems benefit particularly
and nil the usual atteudiug aches
vanish under it searching and
thorough enVetiveucss. Kleetric
Bitter is only oOe. and that is re
turned if it don't give satisfaction.
Guaranteed by English Drug Co.
. ... . i i.
5uperintendents' Districts.
At the recent meeting of the
comity superintendents of the State
at Halcigh, the State was divided
into six districts, each of which
will form an organization by itself.
This district is composed of the
counties of Mecklenburg, Cabarrus,
HUuly, Lincoln, Caston, I nion,
Anson, Wilkes, Alexander, Watau
go, Yadkin, Davie, Iredell, Cald
well, Catawba and ltowau.
Consumption is a human
weed flourishing best in weak
lungs. Like other weeds it's
easily destroyed while young ;
when old, sometimes im
possible. Strengthen the lungs aa you.
would weak land and the
weeds will disappear,
The best lung fertilizer is
Scott's Emulsion. Salt pork
is good too, but it is very hard
to digest.
The time to treat consump
tion is when you begin trying
to hide it from yourself.
Others see it, you won't
Don't wait until you can't
deceive yourself any longer.
Begin with the first thought
to take Scott's Emulsion. . If
it isn't really consumption so
much the better; you will soon
forget it and be better for the
treatment If it is consump
tion you can't expect to be
cured at once, but if you will
begjn in time and will be
rigidly regular in your treat
ment you will win.
Scott's Emulsion, fresh air,
rest all you can, eat all you
can, thats the treatment and
that's the best treatment
We will send you
a little of ths fmul
sion free.
Be am al iMi akMe h
Km In al a kM W a aM
kt al my aula el
409 Pearl St, N. Y.
50c. and fn all dranjbov
lotte Observer atid savs that Miss
Kiawcvctt doesn't ride horseback at
all -astride or in any other way.
The sheriff of Harnett county and
his deputv ,have brought suit f.
!2.iie0 each'against the Norfolk and
Western rail av The ntScers were
transporting four colored prisoners
over this line. I'nder the State law
white and colored people are not al
lowed to rule in the same compart
ment on railroad trains. Theotlieer
wanted to take their prisoners in the
second class coin part men t of the
white car. The conductor refused to
allow this and as the officers couldn't
leave their prisoner they were com
pelled to ride iu a colored eomart
ment with the prisoners. . And this
is the cause of the damage suit,
which failed, as it ought.
The Culan traty measure which
passed the House of Congress Thurs
day has Urn favorably reports! in
the Nmate and there is an under
standing lictwccn the leaders in that
body that s vote will betaken on the
measure iecemicr lut ii. soon alter
the convening of the regular session
of Congas.
Peter Mortensen, the convicted
murderer of James It. Hay, was shot
Ui death in the yard of the Stale
prison at Salt hike City, l lah, Fri-
lay morning. 1 he choice of death
by shooting or hanging is given con
demned prisoners in I'tali, and Mor
tensen chose to meet his death bv
the hulliMe of pHtm gimnU.
("apt. ChristopherColumbus Morse.
the olik-st marine pilot on the Caie
Fear coast, died Saturday morning
it Ins home in Soiithnirt, aged 7?
years. During the war between the
States he was'a daring hlivkade run
ner in the t onfoilrnite service and
distinguished himself for bravery on
many occasions.
A company has lifcn organized at
(oMslmro with a capital of sl(H.-
(KKI, for the purose of leasing the
Atlantic and Norlh Carolina rail
road, the question of leasing the
mad will again be presented to the
governor and council of Stale Decem
ber Kth. A former application to
lease the road was refused.
The Mecklenburg Democrat are-
early in the Held. The central com
mittee of the county has endorsed
Capt. S. B. Alexander for the Demo
cratic nominal ion for corHiralion
commissioner next year. It is urged
that the Piedmont section of the
Stale is entitledjo representation on
the commission.
The Wadcslxiro Messenger and In
telligencer says that while walking
in the IVc Dee swamp in Marion
county, S. C, on Saturday More last,
.Mr. Manmore Johnson of Cuillcgc
township and a friend found two
huge bucks locked together by their
antlers. They had been lighting,
and the oldest of the deer was dead,
and had been apparently for thirty
six hours. The men killed the live
buck, and then got their horns un
locked with the greatest dillicultv.
The oldest buck w as 12 vears old.
The. football teams of the Cuivcr-
sity of North Carolina and that of
irginia played a tierce game at
Richmond on Thanksgiving dav.
Contrary to all expectations Carolina
won in great shaie, the score being
IB to (I. 1 he t lrguua team had come
from a series of victories, and were
much surprised at tlie game. Rich
mond was full of shouting North
Carolinians Thursday night.
Two safes were blown open and
rolilK'd in Durham on Thanksgiving
night. Onlv a small amount was
gotten from each. One was the safe
of the Standard Oil Company.
In the trial of Burton Nix, aged l(i
years, at Columbus, (la., for the kill
ing last summer of John T. Kdwards
in an oats patch w hich was claimed
by each, the jury rendered a verdict
if guilty of murder, with a recom
mendation of niercv. Nix shot the
son of Kdwaid at the lime he killed
the elder man and the young man
died later from the wounds. Nix
was tried for killing the father, and
an indictment stands against him for
killing the son
While out hunt ins w ith a party of
friends Thanksgiving, Kngene Helta,
a young merchant of Henderson, was
accidentally shot, dving instantly.
Robert Crockett fired at a rabbit, and
Belts received the load in his back
In the Thanksgiving intcr-collcgi-
ate debate between Wake Forest Col
lege snd Richmond College, at Rich
mond, the Wake Forest debaters won
the cup. North Carolina was on top
in irgima on that day.
At Staunton, Vs., last week Mrs.
Kllcn Bailey was found guilty of
planning the wreck which occurred
on the Norfolk and Western railroad
at (ireonville last December. The
jury fixed her punishment at 10 years
in the penitentiary. Her son, James
Bailey, and Joseph Kennedy have
been convicted of wrecking the train.
Bailey was condemned to serve 18
years in the penitentiary, while the
jury, in the case of Kennedy, brought
in a verdict of murder in the first
Little Beatrice Petitt, two years
iilrt.ot Asheviiie was burned to death
last Thursday. In trying to put out
the flames, her little brother, seven
years old, was burned so badly that
he died also, even before his little
sister that be bad tried to save.
me ranruiui wauon ( rneiny a
few year ago, just after be had
made a raiupaigu mh'U a a Pop
ulist candidal for lieuteuant gov
The Supreme Court yesterday
evening dismissed the e(ilioo of
the railroad to re hear its appeal
from the judgment of the lower
court. It will be reiueiiiliered that
ou the appeal the Supreme Court
ufliruied the lower court' jiidguieut
awarding l..iUO damage to Sea
well. Then the Seaboard petition
ed for another hearing of the case,
with the result mentioned. The
opiniou of the court tan written
by Chief Justice Walter Clark, and
Associate Justice II. ti. Conuor
wrote a concurring opiuion. Those
opinions were confiued entirely to
the legal iiucMious ut issue, and
did uol in any way take into cob
sidemtioii the actors in the egg
throwing incident at Shelby that
has iM-come of almost historical in
terest. This eiuls it for all time,
as there is nothing in the euse to
warrant au upieal to the I'uited
Stales Supreme Court.
The facts iu the ease very briefly
were these: Scawell had made a
campaign siieeeh iu Shelby a the
Populist candidate for lieuteuant
governor. After his Hrx-ech he
went to the staliou of the Seaboard
Air Line railroad to take his traiu
out of town. It seems that a crowd
of young men of the town followed
the speaker to the still Ion. They
were liberally supplied with eggs
that had seen better days, and just
a Scawell went to board bis train
they let fly nt him mid succeeded
in pretty thoroughly plastering him
w ith the decayed lieu fruit.
Seawell sued Hie railroad for
damage on the ground that tlx)'
were liable fur nut proteqtiug a
passenger at their station ubout to
itourd one of their traius. Some
nice legal points were involved and
the case was fought hard, every
inch of ground being contested
stubbornly. It has beeu in the
court iu one way and another for
several years. It came out on (he
evidence that the crowd that egged
Seaell came out of the ollice of the
station agent, ami moreover that
that olllcial threw at least one egg
himself and urged on the others to
throw eggs and laughed when the
eggs ex plmled uiou Seawell. These
last things were the main fact he
relied upon to obtain damage.
The opinion of the Supreme
Court is entirely upon the liability
of the railroad company to dam
ages for failure to use all means
possible for the protection of its
Fight Will Be Bitter,
Those who will persist in closing
their ears against the continual
reeoiiiiieudutionuf Dr, Ki"U'sNcw
Discoypry for (Vuwiinption, will
have a long and hiltor tight with
their troubles, if not ended earlier
by fatal termination. Head what
T. R. Beall of Ileal I, Miss., ha to
say i 'Uit full my wife had very
symptom of consumption. She took
Dr. King's New Discovery after
everything else had failed. Im
provement eamo at once and four
bottle eutirely cured her." (iimr
anteed by English Drug IX Price
."0c, and Trial bottles free.
A Frightened Horse,
Kiiniiing like mad down the
street dumping the occupant, or a
hundred other accidents, nre every
day occurrences. It behooves ev
erybody to have a reliable Salve
handy and there's none as good m
Itueklen s Arnica Salve. Burns,
Cuts, Sores, Kczema and Pile, dis
appear uuickly under its soothing
ell'eet 2,'ic. at English J)rug CVs,
A Good Cotton Crop.
Winston Hmlltren.
Mr. Duncan Smith of Qoldsdoro
has seven acres of hind on which
he has made twelve bale of cotton
weighing over !i(M) pounds to the
hule,nn increase of two or three over
last year, while the vast majority of
people around have suffered a very
material loss iu production. Mr.
Smith had a small patch well culti
vated, while hi neighbor farmers
had large patches poorly cultivat
ed. The cry is for small farms,
well fertilized, and well worked.
The Floweret.
Ciatrllalr as Tar Jnerael.
Th hwli ,,. l an,1 r.
U ay lh bl li lb yrar ,
Ana u i awn a k hu 4
Witami w-orv lwaina ? a Itwk.
Tl tr1,h-al ma', (..Mre njt,
Tfc full aput'frv rft Ut.
Ha ii ih W, ,kn
With aertanM. itwdvM laO,Mra.
ul lhrellli.f winfa.rMat
H a.. wr4 Om fr.a thv IhI,
A !'1 th t.a nl..r .4 a-tar.
At aim.. ..rf ih j raia.1 drray.
tMt tah ejtral ari.
Well ni nnniWrinf l arna.
Ana atnfltlr,! in ai. brt tn,
Th avail aiMlarw ul ilvr ail ej.
A Costly Mistake.
Blunder are sometime very ex
pensive, (lecasioually life itself is
the price of a mistake, but you II
never lie wrong if you take Dr.
King s New Life Till for Dvsiiep
M'ii, Diuiues. Headache, Liver
or Uowel troubles. They are gen
tie yet thorough, '.'."w. at F.iiglish
I'rng iv.
Caught the Black Bear.
SlatfTlll rriMiiarat 4 tha Chart.,!! Ob-rar.
Mr. J. W. Albea of Harmony suc
cessfully used a bear trap to catch a
chicken thief a few nights ago. His
guineas disapcared so rapidly that
Mr. Albea resorted to a scheme to
catch the thief. Placing a bear tran
under the tree in which the guineas
i mated one night, Jlr. Albea retired
to his bed. A Is ml 11 o'clock he
heard a negro yelling. The negro
had been up the tree, had caught a
guinea and had pulled its head off ;
he came down and was making off
with it when he was caught in the
bear trap. I ndcr promise not to do
so any more, the negro wa "released
and went oq hi way rejoicing.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications, at they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There ii o-jly one way to cure deafiieu
aud (hat ia by constitutional remedies.
Deafneaa ii caused by an iuftamed
roudition of the mucous hum of the
Eustachian Tube. When tin. tube
gets iuflamtd you have a rumbling
aouud or imperfect hearing, aud when
it it entirely closed dcafneai Is tha re.
suit, and unless the inflammation can
be taken out snd (hit tube restored to
ita normal condition, bearing will be
destroyed forever; nine cases out of ,
ten are caused by catarrh, which is
nothing but au iuflamed condition of
the mucous surfaces.
We will give Oue Hundred Dollars
for any esse of Deafness (caused bv
catarrh)that cannot be cured by Hall's
taiarrn lure semi lur circulars, Ires.
Toliuo, Ohio.
Sold by druggists, 75c,
Hall s family pills are the best
nc auction, ui tu nianrnt hiiiotr, ihr follow
tnK (lrM4rllil tracl of land. I tna on Hi walrw
Land Sale.
r virtu of a poa-pr eontaln,! Id a earutn
BlorlaaiiaV,liiutfl bjr U. r. Brook, on Hi
th of Aueum. mm. and reordl In Book Ar'.
part in, the undersigned will, on
Monday, December 14th, 1 903,
at th eourl noun door In Monro, ar-ll al null.
ildr, ihr folio,
na- on Ui wai
ul klhaMMn' Crk and adjoin!! Ih land.
nf w. rl. Hr.Mk. Marffar! Nurar.. J. II. Hlrm-
Inaham and oilier., and bounded a. follows .
Benlnnlna at a dead pine in a. Iiraiu a l) s
hickory and iiemlnmoii. c Brook, cornai, and
run. down .aid liranvh .?t chain, tu a .lone In
ld brand! b loo ulu. and eliu, . K
TtiomH coiner, ihenc wnhni.llii NnS, I
. enain. ut a Hiaie- or a nieaorr ; tnence HSR bv a red oak. douwoorf
and HourwiMMl ; thence Nntu K a.Mi chain, lo
J. M. BirmniRltani'.corner. thru N Sb K ISM'
chain, to a dogwood by a red oak and nine
pointer, mence n it vi a cnallia ant! u una.
lo a hickory In 111 braucU in Ihe olillln;
Ihinio N 4ilU W ami to a .lak by two post
mk. and lilne, thence a 4 W t ohaln. lo a
lakeliy two iMirtlmnion Ire, and no.! oak.
thence MThW ! chain, totlia bliiiilii, uou
talnlna ral aceev Olor or I.,
ivrui. ui aie : a-n.
JAMta K THOMAS, Uortiragce.
Hedwlna k Slack, Ail..
"One of air daughter had a
terrible case of asthma. V tries!
almost everything, but without re
lief. T the tried Aver Cherry
Pectoral, and three and one-hail
bottles cured her." Emma Jan
Eataminger, Langsville. O.
Ayer's Cherry Pcctortl
of asthma.
And it cures bronchitis,
hoarseness, weak lungs,
whooping-cough, croup,
winter coughs, night
coughs, and hard colds.
Turat dm; AaaratfMe, ,
J rw..t ywr aerkw. It a rays taaa M,
lata a., tf b vail few aM
l ufe. H thre Mit lahe h . i ., ...
laataS ana bla. w. .r. wllSnr.
.c aiaaixi..i4taaa.
Don't 3Iakc
a Mistake
While Cottou is sdeveu eeiils jou
tould thiuk as nun h of your dol
lar a you would if it "its Heven
eeut. I'se eeuiiouiy, buy what you
waut aud what you need, lint liny
it at the rilit price. Itou't pet the
i'lea iu your head that you can buy
Walebea, Cloelis. SieetaeleK. Fant y
(ioods. Musical fiiMrtiiuents Kte",
iu a larpe ti.wn rhenper than in
small one, fur if you do you w ill
make a sail mistake. Our store is
crammed full of
Nice New Goods
selwted by ns from the very lalcM
samples and liotijrht at Ihe very
lowest priee. We like to please our
customers and we do it by scllin;:
them good Wa'elies flocks, etc..
at a small margin. Our store is
the nieest in town, so our eustoin-!
era say, ami w e keep it so by keep-1
injr nieo troods and a full iineol'
tbem. ReuieiiilMr us when you get !
reavly to d,. your holiday shopping, i
lor we have something to show you. I
4ny Famish
Sale Bank Stock.
'l on m
lale, ! 11 ii
By virtu of .ii'ht.rity ,,nf, i
Uer. of .i!i!:ihi.-tri,llon ..n n...
W . Bnioui, I will, on
Wednesday, December Oth, om
-ell to 1'ie hlirli.! l.i.ldrr, ai po'.ll.. ,,ucti.
"'U' -e i!...r in M..(lr,.. s r tj..
hare Iu The NavhiK-. I..u ,k 1iii.!C',m,.
lerni. .,f ule: I'a-h. 'I hi. lue i;:li d ,,r
Vovemlier, Ivua.
Al.ll'r? M KRIKIM. A.lnil
, . . ol Hiiith tt. Mr i. iiec'd.
Iteilwlne i siai k. Aliy.
I have toe! Iwocerllflti,.. f ,,...t ,,, X!,e
eopl'. Hank of Moiir., , .h u, Amanda
lawll . name, for .":, and So. i, 11, mi
wn name. f.,r linuai. All ir...n. .r. i,ri..
named airaiu.l iriolina tor in! iriiiic.u...
aveaireaily mail aiipltc.tlou lor
ill. Noveui'lief sn. Ivos.
You Know What You are Taking
Wheu you take (.rove s Taalelrss thill
Tonic because the furmula is plainly
printed on every bottle showing (hat it
is simply Iron and Oniuine iu a taste-
ess form. No Cure, No 1'ay. oc.
When painting your dwelling
call and see us for prices. We
recommend and guarantee Harri
son's paints. S. J. Welsh.
I want your country produce oi
all kinds. See me before you
sell. S. R. Doster.
Best brands ol cigars, tobacco.
smoking and chewing, at S. K.
Duster s.
tae eosagh autat tJ lasaf
5, (MM) Pounds of randy, the l't
made---no vheap, trashy stuir. Cull
and aee lis. Hi uner & Huev.
that comes under the 4". W. 1. label
is good varniah. It means that it's
It means that it's the best var
nish made for the purpose you
It means that it's an honest
It means that it's a uniform
varnish always good, each time
you buy it.
rut your confidence in S. W. t.
S( 1 1. d b v
Monroe Hardware Co ,
1!. lii:i) i:.i:X. Manager.
Kirc, Lite, Accident, Health, Lia
bility and all classes ul l asiiality In
turauce. Only the best aud strongest
companies represented. I respectful
ly solicit your business, asfurint:
prompt and ethcieiit addition to all
matters. Ollice: Guidon & Thomp
son's old stand . Phone No. i.
Horses, flules. chides.
Oon't fail to see me for horses,
mules anil vehicles. I have a splen
did line of each and don't mean to
let anybody get ahead of nio with
bargains. It' a notion to bny has
ever crossed your mind, come right,
to see me. C. ('. Nike.
Sewing Machines, liest and
cheapest, ut the Monroe Furniture)
if you want to get money, como
to us. If you wanl to put your
money where it w ill Ih-safely kept,
bring it to us. We will treat you
The Savings, Loan & Trust Co.
Country Produce-
I sell butter, chickens, eggs,
and produce so fast that I can't
buy enough. If you have any to
sell don't sell a bit of it until you
see me. I want it.
S. K. Dostkr.
Farm Lands for Sale on Time.
Br virtu of an ordr nt Ihe SiinertorCourtnf
I'nlon eounlv, N. e., made In Ihe eaune where-
in The Havlne., l,oan and Tni.t 'oniiaiiy. ad
ailnl.lralorof W K. Hasty. I. tilalntirf, and V
M. and oHier., helra-at-law of W. K. are defendanl.. The Saving.. l,oan and
Tru.t l'oaiiauy, admlnl.trator of W. R.,
deceaned, will, at li o'clock at., on
Wednesday, December 9, 190J,
at the court hou. door In Monroe, M.tV, aifaln
etiMM for le a tract of land denerlhed a. fo.
low.: i.yina anil iina in 1 nlon eounly. Slate
of Norlh I'anillna. Mar.hvllle lown.hiii.un the
walcr of Lane. :reek. hounded on the norlh
by 0. N. ainiiMon'. Bower.' tract, on the ea.l
l.y the land, of Thoa. O on the m liy
W . H.'. honielract fnow lu uh.ium.ioii ul
Xcck L on Hie w.t hy Ihe We.lvy Dun
can tract anil p S aininoll'. laud afurawlil,
conlalmna a acre nin-, or le... aald land
urliia adil .uluiail Mi widow', rlaht of dower.
Term, of .ale i Ona-thlrd, remainder to
he aiH-ured liy bond wllh approveil aurrile.,
imyalil five nionlli. from dale of wl, the title
lo 1 rMirved until all nurchaue money .hall
have been mid: Hit .aid land lilnam.dlo
crea! aMt. wherewilh to pay IndeliteitueMof
me wiu c.iie. i ill. ivwirr .1, iwa.
Ry Adam., Jerome a Armfleld
and S. t, Ally..
Land Sale.
Sy virtu of a decree of th Superior Court,
made hv llie t'trrk, In Ihe .tterlal nroceedliie
enlllled "K.ther R. Bra.well, alnunl.tralrlk
of J. r. I. Hraawell. deeeaaed, and W. H Bra.
well v.. O. J. Bra.well et al.," the underlined
eomailaalunera will, tin
Monday, December 7th, lflj,
atUieeotirt hnue door In Monnw, N. C, aell
al niihlle auellon, to the rttalieat Uditer, the
follow Ina decrl bed land. In loaiae Creek town
.hip. via:
rlr.1 Tract Adjolnlnr the land, nf W illiam
Sell, Wlleon Bra.well. W HU. Medlln and oth
er., containing 1AA acre more or lew, and
known aa the home place vf the lal J. K. S.
Braawell, deeeaaed.
Second Tract Adjoining th landa of
PreMon. V. H Sentoa and othera, and lylmt on
Ch!nu,uln Creek, eonlalniua till acre More
or le... renervtiia and eacauline from Iheahove
dracrllied laud, all aarw. oovared by th dower
of M ra I. araawell, aa follow. : Reglnnlna
at a .vaka by a eiatd, Hiram Bra.well'. eornar.
ana run. ai. na n. ia iu-iw hatn. in a
.tak In a nd by a r. o.. aald Braeweir. cor
ner: thence . seU B. ft ehaine to a atake In a
eld . thence U W S -li chain, toa atake ;
lhanee . at R ski-I'M chain to a atake In W
N.Sell'a line- thence S SH, W. Is uVHai chain,
lo a .lake, Wlleon Mulll.' corner; theiw with
hi. line N. 4a W . M aa-ha chain. Vo a (take.
hl.onrner; thence S.ft! R. IS na-lea ehalna hi
th btnntn. eonuinlna aa1 acre. More or
leaa. Allouuldeot Ut land covered by the
aowarwlll he add.
Terra. : line-lhlrd and balance In three
montna, witn tateeeet rroat dar of Ml.,
Thl. lata Oakibar, !.
a. a asnwiNt,
Resale of Farm Landa,
By vlrta nt aa artier an aarre atari by I
A. Armneld, c. a. t . In a .lelal amcerdlnf
wherein J. t. Tnader, A manna Smfia, t al..,
ar plaintiff, an Boom ala., ar
wew.Wi win, w ,
Monday, DMtmbcr 38tk, 1903,
nyom to ml, to th hljrliwt MMcr. tt jmhb
xt iir Wir sftMa-i tjFnr in !StlJaB, f,.
C, two treto tf hkfM lnl m MIiivi;
lot Tract'titJr4iri Wwr. mnr (f tmt
nhftH to Uh lit vtulf! of AHtMtU I Ml ill. v6
rjinaj s pan in trim mn (una, lyttur I
I'ninn erntT, B. o.. r ldtM trntl. IO.
i w aV'i i nir Mif.t lri4ta.
AM. ita1nT t nari of U KH ('nWr Mut
trtrnt tit m4 cotmt nd lutf. A hill
Imi tad bim of mAA n4 wnj W m
ts mr m
At im mHi t)wiinT.
Trmt of smt rh tviiti tb fmtlnrtst rf)
t4llta( HmwiM Ii-mi Hov(jir n4. IM,
Hd tttl ititw4 ant., all tt purrhaar monvj
ha baea amid. Aapmvxf wmirUr riatrad am
nmriTi yj wrnv. i n mm. vo, mm.
A. . UU. WlUft, Otmawar,
A Display of Dress Goods
that will bear comparison with large city stocks. Here you
will find Zeibeliens, Cheviots, Granites, Scotch mixture and
Plaids, Broad Cloth, 51cillian, Canvias Weaves, Armours, etc
You will make a mistake if you do not Rive this splendid stock
of Dress Qoods a look before purchasing. No trouble to show
you these goods. Oct price and be posted.
Fall and Winter
Those appreciating High
Grade Clothing Guaran
teed by the manufacturer
will do well to see my line
before buying their fall
suit- I have tried to give
the people of Monroe and
vicinity the very best that
money will buy- Buy
none but St rouse Bros.
Guaranteed. They are as
cheap as others-
5ee my line of boys' and
children' clothing- I can
save you money.
Sole fluent tor Hamilton-Brown Shoes.
fly lines of Shoes can't be matched in any tow n- You will
find all of the Hamilton-Brown Shoes the very best makes;
also the celebrated Hess Shoes for men.
LADIES' WRAP5, all the newest styles. Don't buy any
thing In Wraps be tor you tee me; I can save you big money.
Our Millinery Department
will be en ef eur pet departments this season and
we will five nothing but th latest and most stylish hat.
Our trimmer Is young, but old In experience.
One hundred new fall ready to wear Dress Skirts from $100,
II 80,12 00 to $13 00.
New WaUtlngs Id all the leading styles, cheapest to best-

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