North Carolina Newspapers

Tl'ESD.VY. December i, 1901.
Mr. Cleveland Wouldn't Be the
The k"' iN-ni'vraU aim have
ImH haunt"! liv tin- nightmare tf
aiHhrr 1-aiiJnUy of Mr. tVxt-ljitd,
mav now laid ivt from the siKni
Mr. Cleveland will never be the nom
inee. In a letter to the editor of the
Brooklyn Eagle last Friday, the two
time ei-iresident says :
"I have wailed for a long lime to
sav gnmelhinj which 1 think should
lie said to you before other. You
can never know how grateful 1 am
fir the manifestations kindly ftvl
in,' i...inl me on the iiart of mv
. -
countrymen, which your iiuti.itiou
has brought out. lour advocacy in
the rjjjle of my nomination for the
presidency came to me as a great sur
prise and it has been seconded in
siieh a maimer bv lVuuvratic senti
ment that coiillieliii thoughts of
i-r-iiltn.l.. mi, I ,liilv have eausetl me
to hesitate as to the time ami manner
of a declaration on my part concern
ing the subject if such a declara
tion should seem necessary or proiier.
"In the midst of it all and in the
full view of even.- consideration, I
have not for a moment been able, nor
um t lt.iu' ;!.. to oin mv mind to
the thought, that in any circumstance
or upon any consuleration, 1 snotuu
ever ax-niti become the lloinintv of
mv tuitv for the presidency. My
determination not to do so is unaltc
able and eonclu.ive. This you. at
least, oujit to know from me, and
kIhiiiIiI ! i?lail if the Kairle wei
made the mediiiiiiof its conveyance
to the tmblic."
The Journal lias always held that
Mr. Cleveland' stronj; iniitit w.1
doing the right tiling at the right
time iimeliuess. This is anothei
proof of our estimate as well as o:
his good ta-tc. Mark you. there havi
kvti hundreds of attempts to ge
him to av something about the third
term sugis'stioii. Hut he was as mum
ns an ovsti r. His sense told
him thai the time to speak had 110
Come. lie knew it would be bad
taste to be declaring that he would
not accept something that, at that
time, seemed certain never to lie of
fered him. So he refused to licet
the here and there sugnesf inns' of hit
candidacy. Hut the movement Ut-
xvanls his nomination has of late
Ix-coinc much more definite, so much
so that to delay further speech -did
he not desire to accept it would em
barrass his party. Heretofore then
has liecn 110 danger of this, therefori
Mr. Cleveland didn't make himself
ridiculous bv ilivhiring auainst it
Of course, there will lie those win
will say that he waited long enough
1o see that he couldn't get the nomi
nation and then spoke, but discount
ing the honesty of a man who lias
never yet proved dishonest, as that
view does, it could not be true, for
the simple reason that every observ
ant person knows that the Cleveland
tide was higher the day he wrote
that letter than it had ever beep, and
t hat it was still setting towards him
S, we prefix to think that he never
had any desire for another nomina
lion, that he intended never to ac
cent it even if offered, and that he
delaveil saving so otilv till such time
as good tiiste should dictate that he
no speak.
Good for Children.
The pleasant to take and harmleaa
One Minute Loiiuti Cure gives imme
dia'.e relief iu all cases of coug.h,
croup and la Krippe because it Uoea
nut pas immediately into the stomach
but takes effect rlit at the seat of the
trouble, It draws out the intlamma
tion, heals and soothes and cures per
manently by enabling the lungi to con
tribute pure life-giving and lite sua
taining oxygen to the blood and tissue!
Dr. Armstrong of Delia, Teias, pre
scribes it daily and says there is no
belter cough remedy made, Sold by
English Drug Co. aud S J. Welsh.
Some Hints to the Wise.
XValhaa Kntrrprix-.
The idea that the main source of
newspaper's income is from its adver
tisements is more or less prevalent
among newspaper readers, out cer
tainly with the local weekly this is not
the case. If the income from adver
tisements in any purely local paper
equals the income from subscriptions,
then we pity both the editor and his
advertisers, la such a case the edi
tar would be living on the verge of
starvation or his advertisers would be
paving very dear for space in his pa
per. And yet the idea above referred
lo has imbedded itselt in the minds of
many readers of newspapers and they
are making it an excuse for the non
payment ot subscriptions, seeming to
think that the editor is after only the
advertising patronaga and regards his
subscription accounts of little impor
tance, la addition to a strong adver
tising patronage, 00 local paper caa be
published with any measure of success
for less than one dollar a year in cash
to represent every subscriber 00 the
subscription books. And ever sub
scriber who fails to pay simply fails to
pay an honest debt, a debt that is just
as honest as if were a grocery bill, or
any other honest debt. This mocb baa
been said, Dot with any special refer
ence to this paper, but to all local
newspapers, and because a great many
people need education along this line.
And every newspaper woald do well to
occaaionlly drop ia a little educational
matter of this character.
Bilious Colic Prevented.
Take a double dose of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
as soon as the first indication of the
disease sppeara an i a threatened at
tack may be warded off. Hundreds ol
people ate tbe reoiedy in this way
with perfect sacceaa. For sale by Dr.
S. J. Welsh and C. N. Simpson, Jr.
Basaett Cane L'p Today.
ni an 1 TW laTMl
Trinitv College, Xu. 7. Pr Kilgo
U attending the North Carolina Con
ference at tioldsboro this week.
Dr. W. M. Moms, a returned mis
sionary from Africa, gave a highly
instructive lecture before the student
body a fear evenings ago.
Contrary to what has been gener-
erallv reported, lr. Bassett ha not
yet resigned. The board of trustees
tthvU Tuesday, IVoember 1st, to
consider thisJeplorabli iffair. Noth
ing definite can be given out till tlic
action of the board is nude public.
Unite a treat deal of interest in
football is being taken again by the
students of tlie college, and an eltort
will doubtless lie made to reinstate
that game in the college athletics
dtirins the com 1111: season.
Trinity is preanng for another
inter-collegiate debate with r.mory
College of lleorgia. The date las not
been set, but the debate mill pos
sibly be in the spring.
Thanksgiving day in itself fur
nished sjiecial reasons to the students
f r gratitude. 1 he coming of a in u-
day is always anticiated with se
cial delight F.ven now Christmas is
mentioned bv the students, esixvi-
allv freshmen, with the avidity of a
six-year-old child that has been labor
ing under the delusion of a Santa
Claus all its life.
llev. Pr. Martin, a very able and
effective preacher of Lynchburg, Va..
is conducting a series of iiMVtmgs at
the First Baptist church of Durham.
The plain goseI, as he presents it,
is having good effect.
Rev. II. C. Moore has been assist
ing the pastor of the Second Baptist
church in a meeting w hich has told
for giwd.
Mr. Hal Adams hits been elected
president of the Columbian Literary
Society. This is one of the highest
society honors. 0. 1. II.
Live Items From Win gate.
C,rm,nult!Ke of Tlir Journal.
Wingate, Nov. 2,s. The union
meeting -f this association met with
the Baptist church of this place on
last Friday at 11 o'clock, with the
introductory sermon by F.ldcr J. I..
Bennett, after which the following
otlieers were ehvted for the following
vear: F.ldcr J. A. Bivetis. moderator,
j. W. Bivetis. clerk.
The pill of churches was then
called and representatives from thir
teen churches were present.
The follow ing were chscn to pre
pare programs for the meetings of
the ensuing vear: F.ldcr D. A Sni
der, I'rof. M.'K. Dry and O. M.San
ders. The main event of Saturday was a
very strong and apjiealing sermon on
missions by F.ldcr V. F. Watson of
The next meeting of the union w ill
1' held at Macedonia in January.
Khler A. .Marsh will preach the in
t rod uctory sermon and Fhlertl. O.
Withoit will preach on Sunday.
At the close of the fall term of the
Wingate School the members of the
literary x'ietics of the school will
discus the follow ing subject : "He
solved, That thcl'mted Suites is jus
tifiable in her dealing with Panama."
Athrmative: W. K. McWhirter, L. L.
Hurley, K K. Sinclair, W. .1. I.ind
sey; negative: J R. MclMidoti, (!. B.
Hairier. H. B. Jones, (1. II. llinson.
l'mf. Pry tells 11 that he has had
a new student to enter school every
week except one since it opened in
Pr. Hall of New York lectured to
the student here on last Tuesday
and to a good audience at night on
"How to get married and stay mar
ried." To those who had the pleas
ure of hearing it was a treat. It was
full of wit, and yet lieneath it all
there was more sound wisdom than
there was wit.
Mr. Jo. M. Criflin of Rock Rest
moved here on last Wednesday for
the benefit of the school.
Mr. R. I). Redfearn of the Polkton
Academy came up for a couple of
days Friday night.
the library of Hie Wingate School
w ill be increased in a few days by
the addition of about 2(X) volumes.
Miss Minnie Fundcrburk and Mr
Rivse Horton spent last Saturday
and Sundav at their homes at and
near Dudley respectively.
On last Friday night Mr. W. J
Itollings gave the boys of the lilad
stone society an excellent address on
society work.
Lanes Creek Items,
CorrNi,n(lpnT of The Journal.
Mis Mamie Little, commenced
school at L'nion school house last
I see that a correspondent on rural
route No. 5 says the people are well
phased with" their mail carrier.
Well, we can say as much for the
carrier on route wo. 1. fcsq. j. ci.
Little, the pioneer mail carrier in
I nion county, worked up Ihi route
and has given the patrons faithful
service, and the people should be
very grateful, for if Mr. Little had
not taken hold ot tne matter very
likely we would have had postofliecs
in this section yet. A. H.
Rector of St. Luke's,
good guauTisa or CHAMBESLAIK'S
Ashhurnham, Ont., April 18, 1001.
I think it is only right that I should
tell you what a wooderlul effect Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy has produced.
The day before Easter I was so dis
tressed with a cold and cough that I
did not think to be able to take any
duties tbe neat day, as my voice was
almost choked by the congh, . The
same day I received an order from
yon for a bottle of yoar cough remedy,
I at once procured a sample bottle aod
took about three dosea of tbe medi
cine. To my great relief the congh
aod cold had completely disappeared
and I wat able to preach three times
on Easter day. I know that this rapid
aod effective core wae doe to yoor
cough remedy. 1 make thia testimonial
without solicitation, being thankful to
have foond such a God sent remedy.
Respectfully. E.A. Laogfeldt, M.A.,
Rector of St Lake's Cntrch.
To Chamberlain Medicine Co.
This remedy ia for sale by Dr. S. J.
Welsh and C. N. Simpson, jr.
The beat line of eajvdiea sold In
the town at Braner ft ilury'i.
Items From Wax haw, R.F.O. No. 2
On Xoember ,-, ta muss aiiw
KoweU gave an iuslrnawutal iuumc
entrrUiuiurut cuiupliuientary to
Mum Florence Godlrry. mho leave
iu a few day for Iredell eouuty.
a Thaiiksi'i vini? diuuer mas
highly enjoyed by nuuiber of
frieuUs aud neighbors at the home
of Mr. J;w. 1L liodfrey. Much bos
been mritteu about uow meuaj m-i
apart by our chief executive a
Thanksgiving should l olwervrd.
In our opinion tne '
v 1.1 iu:iL some one i:lad. 1 hat is
the may the day jut closing n
siut by the uumix r muo ua i me
pleasure of attending the dinner at
Mr. Godfrey". All the family e
eept Spurgeou. h melit West a
few months ago, mere present, m ilh
.. ,,,i..r of tu-iL'litior mho gath
ered to saieud probably the last
Tliauksgiviiig logeiuer. ouoi,;
and talking at mill ma the ino u
ing program. All lul Urougm men
tilled baskets. At VI it .111
iioiiucetl that dinner mas ready.
A long table loadl mith g.nnl
viuuii-li to leinot the iiiim
tile of the very leeblol, w-.i spread.
Thanks were given tor tlie many
tilessiuir we enjoy, mith prayer.
for eontitiued interit in the mas
ter"s work. All were then told to
help themselves. They partook of
the good things till saiiMicu. vei a
lot n-maiued which Wiis sent to
those too old to lie present.
In tl v.-iiiti!' Mr.. I. N. Iliuham.
ehairiiian of the school committee.
talked of the plans and work ol tne nil cuiivsmui: their joy
over a thing so long needed. The
contractors. Messi-s. Uomeli Jie
Maiius. Siiy the building will be
tvmpteted by iK-cetuU-r Till. It is
exjieeted that County Superintend
ent K. F. Beasley mill visit the
school and give an educational
scecli as s.k.11 a the building is
completed. The women seemed as
busy us the men. Horn ex er. a.s to
llieir plans we dare not express our
Time bid us part, xxheu all said
me must have more such social
gatherings, as it bungs us closer
together and thereby gives us pom
er. "In union there is strength."
We regret to give up our good
neighbor. Mr. Godfrey, who leaves
in a fern daxs for Iredell county.
We mish him and his family
much success iu their new home.
J. W. K.
An Old Favorite
He Barked on the Trail.
W alius Knt.Ti.riM'
A good joke is told bx Mr. II. 1".
Bivetis 011 a colored man of tins
community, mho had an untrained
bird dog he was anxious to sell.
The negro had an idea that he might
find reaily sale for the dog in Char
lotte; so he took it up there one day
lor that pnriHise. Nou after arriv
ing in the city a sportsman banter
ed him with "Hello there, do yon
want to sell that dog!-' The negro
trying to conceal his anxiety, final
ly agreed that he might part with
the dog for a favorable ciinsideia
tion. But he knew alx.ut as much
iilrout the nccesiiry utilities of a
good bird dog as the dog itself, hav
ing never licen afield a day iu its
life knew alKiut bunting birds. "Is
lie a good bird dogf" inquired the
sportsman. "Yes, suh. he's a
l.liiiu good on," answered the lie
gro, "Will he hunt up the birds
all right!" "Yes, sah, he limit em
up right now." The would lie pur
chaser appeared very much pleased
with the high recommendations' the
dog was receiving from its owner
w ho still seemed not at all anxious
to part with the dog. "Will he
bark on the trail!' "Yes, sah, he
barks nil right 'noiigh 011 the
trail,"' mil the prompt reply. "O,
you fool ncgTo, I mas just going to
oiler you live dollars for him on
the spot, but if he barks oil the
trail, I would not have him."'
And the negro came b;uk home
looking very sorrowful over hav
ing missed that live dollars that
bad beeii almost in bis grip.
The Lone Star State.
Down in Texas at Yoakum, is a big
dry goods firm of whii h Mr. J. M. Mai
ler is the head. Mr. Ilaller on tme of
his trips East to buy goods said to a
friend who was with him iu the palace
car, "Here, take one of these Little
Early Risers upon retiring and you
will be up early in the morning feeling
good." For the "dark brown" taste,
headache and that logy feeling De
Witt's Little Early Risers are the best
pills to use. Sold by English Drug Co.
aod S. J. Welsh.
100 Boxes Brown's Mule tobacco
for sale at Bruner fi Iluey's. Call
on them and save money.
We will soon be in our handsome
new banking house ami invito our
friends to call on us. Our business
baa steadily grown and we .shall
continue to give our customers fair
and honest service. Call in and see
as. The Savings, Loan & Trust Co.
White Star coffee and Bon Ton
flour are winner. Try them and
be happy. Bruner & lluey.
Country merchants lose money
every time they fail to see us. We
carry the best line of goods suitable
for their trade of any house in the
city. Uruner Jluey.
CXWm la lha aama ta kr lar
yea to S3 sua Wilca Haral
baWiR's Wllca Hai.l SM la Iha
arlfinal and only faraSna. la fact
DaWilt all lha oal Wltca Haral Sam
laat la aaaa im laa aiailiiinianS
Asf OtlMfV M OtWrtaWtajHa-teM tMsV
ttftOM. stfrsMy sWd WOrthtsM
4wrt LVWitt Witc HaWwjlSeilT
I rdftc for Pikts: Bitntt. Bwdtnf,
ItcfaJnt ansi rkrecrtttnar ntaN. AaCt,
unM, Bnirit. Sprmlnt, LainthM4V
Ctiont. aVt. Cvjncitfl Ecacma,
Tatter. SaTI KlMiafJaW iaa. aM gkktt Skit
For sale by English Drag Company
aod Dr, S. J. Welsh.
t Skaaeyteate
IX iha r!!tiur mrtel froaa hakwp.r s wall aaoa-a traar
"portan ' aarana ar1aaaiil, anliv ara csvaraa. anthrossH
mv" Biaaoa a rajlira aia u,i.r.l . la allanllvalr "Ma4
aaiaa ht mar a man tway ba mJ ! mati Ulnar HJ aa4a ami
a au iu, ar llvloial kac lika su a a aaaa "
ST potent, arave, aad rvvrrrixl al-nlra.
My ry noble and apprd sastra .
That I bar ta away this o!l man's daughter.
It ia m, true; mi. 1 hare suarrksl her:
The ri-nr head and rrwat ot my offeodina
Hath (his ritrut. ma nmre. KiKt am 1 la ni apeeck.
And Utile Meat wlih the aoft phrase of praee:
For alw-e thre anus o. mliw bad serea yean pita,
TUI now some nine naunae wasted, the bare aeml
Tketr deaivat aetioa In the tented Held;
And little of this trvat werld in I speak,
M.ire than pertains to feata of broil and battle;
And. tlierefotv. little shall I ra mjr rause.
la speKking U myself- t by your gra.loaa patteaee,
I m ill a n-uiid uuvarnMnsi tale Ut-llrer
X n.y whole course of love; what drurs, what charms,
X U:it""iijurtkin. and what nilnaty nmillc-
1 or au-h iirocwstuig 1 am ohanird withal
1 won his daughter w ith.
Her Tuber lored me: oft Inrlttsi me.
Mill ,u.-at!,nd me the story of my life
r'ruiu vear to Tear; I be battle, stes-ee, fortunes.
That 1 bv pawsl
I ran it throiiiih. even fmm my boyish daye
To the very uiin. nt that he baile me tell It;
YX herein I ixe of m.wt iliaaatruua .ha'hva,
tf moving aivMents by It.asl aud Held;
Ot h 'aoaix's I' tlie ImnitoeBt d.-a41y breach, " '
Uf tiii takrn by the lna.l-nt foe
And .IJ to tr ; of my rsleniition them,
And portaiHV. Iu my travekr'a bit.y
iWlirr n of anln rast and Un Ulle,
limiitb ijuarriea. ria ks, anil hill m ti.we bead touch bearen,
tt wa my hint to speiikl- audi w the prxuvss:
And of the t'annilmls ttiat ea.'h otlir eat.
The Anthnnaiphngl. aud men m beud
I Hi arow iHMimth llieir shoiilib-ra. Tin to hear
Would ledemuna aertounly Incline:
Hut Kt ill ti e bouse affairs would draw her thene"?
VX'lil.-h ever a she iwuld with haate deaiateh,
tihv'il ronie aealn. and with a imssly ear,
iH'vniir up niy liiiure: XXhicb t ul.i'nini!.
Tixik oinv a pliant hour; and f.nmd kI meant
To draw from her a prayer ef eani.l heart.
That I would all my .ltnumi:v dilute, j,
VX lu'is-of by paro-ls thr h.l a,.tii,-ttuiit beard,
Hut nut Intentirely: I did wiant;
And efl. u did beirulle tier ef her t.'iirs,
VX Iii'ii 1 d d enk of soine dltresful stroke
That my youth suffered. My atery l"'l done,
the ciive me for Iny pain wurld of ninlia:
phe won-lii falih, 'twa atr:ini:e. 'ta paasmg Strang;
Twin pitiful 'twas wondr.tua pitiful;
hhe wislied slie had not heard It; yet he wlslml
That h--aven bad niade her such a man: "be thanked me,
And t.n.le mo, if I bad a friend thai loved tier,
1 alumld but teach Mm Imw to tell tuy story.
I And that would won tier. t'l.n t 1j la, bint I spakSJ
T Kho loved nie for tlie dangers I had iaed;
I And t lTd her that she did pity tlie 111;
J This olily ia the witchcraft I hale used.
Rousing Big Bargains
crowd every aisle and counter in our stores. A new supply has just
been opened up for this week. In this way you see we keep the inter
est at fever heat by offering only the newest and most seasonable
merchandise at way below the lowest prices asked anywhere, and in
many instances at about what the average store must pay at wholesale.
1 Iii Dry Goods Store
we have displayed for this week the biggest specials in Dress Goods,
Jackets, New Walking Skirts, Furs, Women's and Children's Under
wear, Notions, etc.. that we have ever attempted. Really, you'll find
more solid bargains to the square foot here than you'll find anywhere
south of the Potomac.
One lot fancy Flannelette, 10c. kind, .... 7Hc
One case oil red and blue fancy Prints, special this week, 3;c.
Regular Shoe Store.
Keep your feet warm and in style by wearing the latest style shoes.
They cost no more than the old styles and inferior ones. Regnald,
Crawford and Washington lien's Shoes, Queen Quality, Euppendorf,
Dettimus & Co's ladies' fine Shoes no better made. See the new styles.
Model Millinery Store.
The exclusiveness, beauty, style and elegance of our new millinery
is well worth a visit. Our busy creating forces are daily making Hats,
and Bonnets by the dozen to fill orders. Biggest trade in our history.
In fact, we have everything that belongs to a first-class department
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Marshville News.
1 .rrr-iH.v.l,.: ..T r e .loii-ti.i'
M.itslivtllr, Nov. ,".ii. Thanks
(! v i njr piissfd oil' vr-rx iti ii-t ty. Hut
tow visitors in town. 110 lights and
not many hunters.
ijuilo niif sum lias Imvii raised
lv tlu ladies of the toxt 11 as a
Tliatiksiiivin' ohVrint: for the dif
fen-nt orphanages.
Miss AlinaSleizall and Mr. Kceet
Austin of Marsliville township were
married in Suitli Carolina last
Su inlay.
The ineieliants are oieiiiiK' up a
line of Christ tints punis to the ile
1.,'lit of Uitli old anil youii);.
Miss Ivuh I'.aliyof Ilih I'oint
spent Friday with Jk M. K. Us.
Miss (ilennie Caudle spent
Tliiltiksjrivinj; at lier lioine at Oak
Mrs. Clnis. liulleile visited lier
parents. Mr, and Mrs. lieu Parker,
last meek.
Messrs. F. L and V. . llarrell
sHMit Thursiluy m ith their mother,
Mrs. Mary llarrell.
Missed Annie .Stewart it ltd Aluia
Marsh sMnt Saturday and Suiulay
in Molina.
Miss Mary Marsli xi .0 i.lleinl tlie
Si-erest-ltivena marriage nt Win
putt1 tomorrow. J.
Money is ticpded for the Anti
S.iliMiti je:trite work in North Car
olina. Sevenil of the delegate
from Fnioii county at the .Slate
convention in July promised i.1(l
from 1'niou county for State m ork.
Tins work is interdenominational.
Will not pastor ami Sunday school
superintendents please take rollec
lions for this good cause f The lo
cal leagues should take collect inns
for this work. It imliviiluals
help to make up at leiLst .M from
1 nion. Make all remittances to
Mr. II. C. Ashcraft, MonriH-, Treas
tirer l'nion County Anti-Saloon
league. He will make acknowl
tiieut through one or more papers.
J. K. W'ai kkk, Pres. 1'niou
County Anti Saloon languc.
Try those ulcesmeet mixed pk'k
eU at liruner & lluey'..
Hi liner & lluey pay the highest
prices for chickens, ngs turkey,
ducks and hotter. Call ami see
them ia all you have to do to get
more money than the other fellow
olTered you.
The Last Call.
The last call to lcliti.iirnts and
those who are earclc alniut pay
ing doctor lull. It will lie your
on fault if your name apiH-ara on
L the ileliuiiient list
One of St, Peter's questions lit
the gate m ill lie. "Have you paid
vonr doctor!"
I'Niny CorsTY Mkihi ai.
Assim I XTION.
Mr. j. H. Wilson of Magill was
shorn ing ou our streets Monday a
line variety of cotton knowu as the
tirilliii I'liland 1-ong Staple. Ile
'ordered enough seed from Wash
iiu'toii to ul. int au acre, and savs
'he will get something like .V'O
, pounds of seed cotton. 1 his cot
ton is worth iilxuit 21 tvnts a
pound, and is used a great deal
lor the tnaniilaeturcoi spool uireau.
Uincasler Kuterprise.
loo Tarls'll chwse for sale by
liruner ; lluey. All me ak is lo
see us.
For Tatliell che-se not some
thing as gHd, as so many will say
when Ihey have not got theTarbell
call 011 liruner & lluey.
The people is what I am doing
and feeding more uow than
ever before.
Just now I am giving them
Oat Flakes, Force, Macaroni,
Honey, nil kinds of Fruits and
Vegetables, and Hams to cook
tlicin with.
J. H. Heiilon's String Beans.
Tomatoes at 10 cents.
I lest It ice at 3J pounds for '.'"c.
Sugar at .1 cents.
California F.vaporated reaches, 10c.
Nice dried Apples ;i for 1!.".
Prunes. Tobacco at any price.
The lt Coll'ee anyone ever drank
from UJ to Oilier things too
numerous to mention.
Goods delivered right now.
Yours for business,
PhODC 101.
The Prescription
of our store keep pace with
advanced medical science.
No matter how unusual the
ingredients of a prescription
may be, we will fill it
We keep the drugs for it
ination are here.
Belk Brothers.
Points ot Low
worth Knowing.
It m ill be several days yet before
you can kill ipiait and not violate
the law. But there are things one
can lawfully do the jcar ruuud.
ltead tlie following ami see what
(host! things are: A tuau has th
right to do as be pleases with his
own, so that he does not injure his
neighbor; therefore any man ha
the right to undersell everybody
else if he so desire. This we do.
F.vcrv mau has the right to han
dle aud sell only the best articles
aud lo tell the public about It,
There are certain things that
can't be done lawfully. For in
stance: The assignee of a mortga
gee cannot maintain au action for
disponing of the mortgaged proper
ty. This m e k uow and we do not
try to do. A man can't pay high
prices for his goods and sell them
to vou cheaply. This we know
and we do not pretend to Aot Be
fere any man or firm can sell right
he must purchase for sale the right
article at the right price.
We constantly guard ourselves
011 these points and therefore we
have a full store of only the best
and most useful articles for every
dav use and consumption, and of
fer them to you at the very lowest
prices. We know you think this
only an advertisement, but if you
think there is nothing in It, come
aud ace. We invite your patron
age and promise you the fullest
satisfaction. No man or lirui can
do more thau this.
Hill & Bivens.
fill Tiiinos Brit
and Beautiful ? ?
Well, why not t May be it is be
cause you don't spend your money
where it will go the farthest. You
should know that we undersell all
because we get the businces to do,
and, besides, you know we furnish
our own money aud do our own
work. 8KK1
Well thia ia easy to explain. We
sell to all alike. Oue man's money
is as good as another's. What we
want is yonr business. What you
waut is to buy your ileal, Cheese,
Candy, Apples, Sewing Machines,
and everything you use, cheaper
than your neighbor who Insists on
trading elsewhere.
Well, there are those who would
appear wise, bnt if they would be
wise tbey would give me a ehance.
at least, to open their eyes. Now
this is a nice ad. We've been of
fered good money to do nothing
but write advertising because it
sells goods, but I say it is tbe
price and courteous treatment.
Let us prove it Hitch npyoor
wagon aud come early. We will
wait for you.
Henry W. Pusser.
Zoar, N. C
Carolina Marble
and Granite Company.
Our business has been more than satisfactory tince opening in
Monroe, and we now have on hand as nice a Stock as can be found
at any yard in the State.
We have just received some new and specially handsome designs,
and we invite the inspection of all pctsons needing anything in our
line. ,
No grave, however humble, should be alloxved to go unmarked.
We can make a job to suit the price you are able to pay.
Call for designs and prices.
Carolina Marble and Granite Co., .
I. E. EFIRD, Manager. MONROE, N. C.
Yards at Statesville, Salisbury, North Wilkeshoro, and Monroe.
Do You
Want a
We are going to manufacture Bug
gies, and in order to get considerable
more room, we will for the next thirty
days close out our entire stock of
at or about cost for tho CASH only.
Our stock is well selected and com
prises some of the latest styles. We can
suit the most fastidious. This , is no
fake advertisement. We mean what
we 6ay, and you can put your money in
your pocket and come to see us. We
will prove what we say.
The Heath-Lee
Hard Ware Co.
C.N. Simpson, Jr.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take La&XrtrVO EtOHIO jjlllino TtUd. (VIJ
dsns Grip
on every

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