North Carolina Newspapers

    S. k. STEVENS, M. D.
Calls answered in Jay from English
Pi'jf Store; at night tium roum otei
EulisA Drue. Store, phune 98. OrEct
ovrr post office; phjue a4.
Henry D. Stewart, M.D.,
MONRO. li. &
Service r. ndrred promptly end
bo vstly. Pay call lium Simpson
dru, "phone y. or office iu rear
of t.ordou 4 Thoaipson's iusuiatice
ofr e, 'ph-mc 1. Nilit r ill trom re-J-n
e 'pliaiie, 141 . Otfice hour 10
to 12, . 111.
fl.iv call answered (rum Houston's
dru tcre 111 J oiVire, 'phone .' -w. Ninhl
fru-u Commercial Hotel, phone jjo.
Solicits tlie patronage of the people of
Monroe and surrounding coinmuuity.
C.ilii answered in Jay from English
Pruij St. re: at :itslit from residence
on Church stu-et. I'bone No. 4s-
CMUBisSMM st Ms fcr Satis Carets, il
mri unl u: il 1 JtsCa lot hua
br Uai Ceuij, ui Hour hbi
br Ibni CirtUi. :: :-:
Special attrntioo icivea to taking Af
fidavit, Acluowledtement or Proof of
IVeds, Mortgages, Contracts, Bill of
Sale. Posers of Attorney, Keonncia
Uous of IV) er an J lulieritance, IVp
.itions. Writing auJ Probation Deed,
it jrte,e,e and all other papers, issuing
State Wartauti, Claim and IVIivery
lud Attachment paper. Civil Sum
nions anJ the Colircliou of Claim.
Oitice at M. L. rloar Co s Slots
eat of courthouse. Monroe. N. C.
having located at Union
vdle. N. C. offer his
professional services to
that place an J surround
ing country.
I'niotmilc phone S; Sincerity 4.
Office up stairs, FitjiieralJ Building,
Northwest of Courthouse,
M Miroe. N. C.
tion guar
anteed. OrK'eovel
Prug Co
Will he at Mar-ltvi.Ie. N. C. on first
ami third Monday ol c ich month, and
at Matthews ou sccoud aud
Mutchv. I'houe J j J
mo : . L. .s:r'.i.s c. s:M.s, -k.
Attorneys ac3 Couaselors-it-Law.
: VK- F, n . c
Prompt a!t nf. :i c.iva to ill mat-t-rs
pUctu U'. o:lt l.alids.
Yauatt'im-iit f estate f.-r guard
ian., .id:m:'.'...:i a' 1 i .i:id executor a
pc. a.ty. thatce .
Other eal 1 Couiti;o-:e. i:'ormer!
rccupied I'V t!.e late P. A. Covington.)
1 . l Wit I ! K. W. l.f'MMOSP
viAiiO.:. v c.
Pi ictice in aU the Slate and 1' luted
St 'o-i Lonit-.
l'i mipt atUMti oi eiven to collec
In'; s .111 I law n .u-tii i".
sVIVrMii'i intere-vJ in the settle
iiie t of e-tates, adiiiimstrator, exe
cut n, and ciiai.ii i:i. are especial!)
illVitid tocall -.ri them.
I . utimied and paintalniig attention
will I'e given, at a reasonable puce,
to vl h't; ll l"U-int.
Oillce ui com thoiift' oppofite Clerk'
Relating to the
Public Schools. evti-uJ to the people of
euuimendablr uovement to inrre) turned looiw, they vers nrricil be
lta the size uj nsefulurce of the fure anvther fouoeil mmI Mkcd
prprl to kuore queetiooa. At this eoanril
Ibe tow a as a t ore imiiaa vbom Lw
tijney TrwNe Hakes Toa KieraMc.
Ahne( ewryeeijr who reads nen-
to know et in wwtoenui
cures mads ry Lt.
1 Kiimet'sS",rRoot.
'I ins rTer, kidney, bver
I (k and taJow rtmeHv.
I P It is Um rreat medl
rH esl mum pn at im Bine-
leenta ceuury: c;
. ccveied ader (fin of
1 icnTiiic te-avn sy
1 Dr. Krmn, the eni-
neai a un-y and DiaJ
Cer eciaiie, aid li
papers is snrs
and fvMiuunuitv, a veil as the Bien
WB,MtMk HtJT l'e , bers tf the elhl, the tieorDt of
IllVr-! J tlV MlMir Wlw..! IM 'I-t i
roamoe 1m ln. rt . lKa . per
UM. Or K. r a o Ouih; ! Vf pt
U. -li.y will r:'i I - KJaU'- )
In euuiueratiiitf the things fur
ahull e blinulil lie tpevull
thankful, in hn Thaiikstivina r
niiinThuixi.i) exeiimj:. ICrv. W. V.
VatMn wikI :
'W'e ohoulil thankful f-r the rvvnal that i ue
wonderfully surcessfal la prompity cur-re )u , ur st.ite. There m a Imie
XW Tit Q IVUIU p I" vn j,r,
Bone Pains, Itching, kesboy
Skin Diseases.
Swelllnc. g arbunclea, l'liuple. Sjrralttta
rMtnwirtii if Bi'-ai-c Ulwoa li.qi. N
Mni u I'.. ta t t
-Im v4 rw-' I 't.A b Mnta, tt.-tan
s.-ftt4r kin. l:kral fwlt hot cr Uun, hwk-m i.lua.
R. Ai l r-ua;on tht Slat, I'al.-bra la
M.H1.I1. ffc- 1 . .1, l"in;'.l. or vSrtmr vtuHiMaa.
I .-l-l"-r T..rra S. IBir ra:. -l U ra--a. "ii. u
nrrr I i.-,- t-i :f Trt lbkf. lia W l J-t-n
w tfcl i-.yj wit, Itrliu. .tor lkv I
Botanic Blood Balm, guaranteed
U- .ilrrrT. n 111 wi-rxlanrt lu .1,ti. amI wm ltf
...nor p-. :a m. 4 U ,t-n:, t.l. IIm.1
i . t. n it .H-t vir..T' . n,
isiiS. V I l.-e nr.-: T ' f ll
r::l V K 111 : 4 a-- i. a. tf-ii I.IU-'i. l II S.
1: . J n it. .AKui iuwuai'viaw&Tivii ftlut
form cl kidiietf troub
Dr. Kilmer s iam(-Koot n not rec
ommenled lor erenctnng b 11 if ou hav iniJ
ney, bver or biadaer tri.b. it ul b found
lust the remedy you need. Is has been titel
In 3 many way. In hosp;al work, injr
practice, amcr.f tn be.piessloo poor to pur
chase relief and has proved so racers! in
every case that a special arranf-ifrit hj
been made by wh.rh all readers ol thisraser
no have not alteacy Uied . my hv
tamp bott'e sent ties by mail, a so a book
lellmt more about Swamp-Root and hew to
Ind a-t if you have kuinev or bJdccr tro abie.
When wntir.g mention readi.-.g this fentiou
?ffer in th.s paper ar.d T'C
send your aadress tof k-r:k.:.hra
Dr. Kilmer Si Co.,Pi-f- tU.22:C""iH
er-jr fdly cent and H"
louar sua ar so.d by all good drurgitis,
Don't make any mis.take, tui
rememher the name. Swamp
Root, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
a-.d the adJress. nitifchamton, N
V., on every bottle.
iGtieaD Floor I
lis Bad Floor!
H liil( located
nei v , es to the t
cotiiorv. lli-e.i-hmi-
ls a p' . i i
W. I. Ku-lte Co
.-I v i
I in -N i.
i.i Mom. e otters his
:i and sin l'oimdini;
s ol the :-h mai'h and
i:y. (.Mine over the
r. book stoic Calls
ali viere.l in the ,1 iv born the i'lii;lisli
Irnc stoic or i l i-iib iue, at night Iroui
le-i.b lire.
i ' H II IP.
Adams, Jerome k Armfleld,
Practice in all thu Courts, State and
Federal 1 lie liianaceitieut of estates
tor execui Jis.adiiHiustiat'.rs a special
ty. Caret ul and diligent attention
given to the forocl .sure of mortcages
Hid collection oi claims. Money
"oaiuil without expense to lender. All
i.tigatiun given prompt and careiul
attention. ( Urice east of courthouse.
R.n. Kedwiue. A. M. Stack.
sWorne ys-i- Law,
Practice in all the State and Feder
al Couits, Will manage estates for
Executors, Administrators and Guar
dians for reasonable pay; and will
for'tlose mortgages and uegntiate
loans, without expense to Mortgagees
and Money Lenders. when practicable.
Offices Northwestern rooms, first
floor, Courthouse,
People's Bank
' Solicits your account and bankinR
business. We guarantee ABSOLUTE
SECL'KITV, promptness ami all the
accommodations tliat SUl NU bank
inn will admit of. Interest paid, ac
cording to agi cement, on deposits If ft
fur our stated period. Always ready
for loans on approved paper.
O. p. HEATH. President.
oit l;h'unuBitm. CaHarrH, Fmni ,
-s.. i It i 4 r se4 vTt.t..j w r.9 ,
.1 I-. IV B.K Itawk i ul t u -t
a;.; -tf, A :-. J 1 c:.r iii-s-sunajiatu, I
t -'- t- - ft I ! -ml . S- .-', 1 !M;U'!.t, yteri I
(,, ; ', r ;.-: r. s nt.t y 't m by $itmg ;
l-urv, ;.rA-.y Ui. ; Bun y to ij prti
Cancer Cured
P. tar..' IilOOl K Cfc.-Tt Cf fall K.tltsa,
.? ;r- i Sc. l'-i Jkt. , T'lm-ts, u.f
1 .t" It k..ll,..Viitf I'.AOa-l fc..: .ot. r.
vr f-.--f I-r' t-;. !f J l :t - mui.1
;V, V. j :. ,.u,-, $NocH:-. it:'-' ." tat.
. .kf II," t I-.: ;i:4 I.. ff N
. i:,Mt (!", 3J l-T; rftf li!.) CAhI
I k-
in a. 4.1 t U I
tv a l.t-t Mile l'r fci. f
trMk'bt''- k tlc--l(t. Ilntualf
vkh-n 1 iuuaflr lukra.
If l ctirrJ your bmmji will
I'.irw.l. TmfTt.r.n U
t ll ' 'life I'li't -Hjt Nr"trkl. r..
! '.it T.n' s-"' d"fL'f
lent . I t
i. l-rit t.i i
OS), Iv M4 )u4s1
Sold by C. N. SIMl'SON, Jk.
It's low price is the maker 'sen
cuse fin the inleti.uity of his
pioduct. lad flour is bad flour
mi matter how it is manipulat
ed and juggled in packiug . It
all comes hack to the anif
thing. Hood f! ur nused with
poor will itii iove the (iulity
ot the Mend, hut like mixing
white paint with black, it takes
an awtnl lot of wl ite to pro
duce any etlect Pad or cheap
flour is lacking in gluten, the
nutritious pcitiuii ol the wheat.
It also contains a large per
centage o( the pulverued husk
or shed of the gram. All ot
which you dou t w.ii.t. There
fore, we caution Von to a-k (or
the "Invincil le" brand. This
brand is sold at the lowest
price lor which really fust
class flour ran be sold, and its
puce is the highest you need
to pay iu order to get the best.
Mr Newman, our local baker,
says: "'Invincible" is the 1 can
get fur baking."
Three Times the Yalae of Any Other!
Ageuts wanted in all
unoccupied territory.
Wheeler S Wilson Minsfactarlng Co.,
For sale in Monroe by
By virtue f utitiiuruy ve-tnl In nr hv a rt
.Tff nf (he iif nor f mirt f I limn itnuitT, Ml
tllf lllfil: leTtt-, t'.aU. nf -anl imrt, tn th rf
if R, .1. W . hfHfrn v K I.ilt, tiic uiiilrr
-1'. I i-t.niml.iiiiiir Mill, mi
Monday, December 7th, IW,
-t'l! t.i tllf tnifh"tt iilcMtr fur fniah. m tht t-ourt
ii.iu - tHr in Mniir.H'. V-rrli ( r.'lltin, vmI-
111,1 t f:i't "f I t Ittml in .r ti ir (lif vUy of
.in''f. .-nil tilt iiintr "nf mnif ir If T(if
mtf ftii't Utiiili f intmt- nitty 1m t ti t.y
rfftriMMf iN '.rtmii nKriinrf ile-ftl fr.m -il
K i. I ii.-ti. K. I W Kii!ffrit, rvu i-ter.-.l in
(he K.-ai-i'T - illUf for -ttid t-i tu illy in h.olt ,,
at imui T Tht-r' 1 it-mh, hnif fin uttnl I1.
riif lt mil I1 m rfli' "iilijt'i't u thf tt.htirnis.
ilon of ti'f i-iittrt. Tui VnmU'r- ath. Iwm
H If Mrl.h.SlxiN. 1'i.mniliNii.iM-t
llOU.Kli MIU.S.S
To the Public
I take this method to inform
you that my stock is complete.
My motto is to Rive more Roods
for the money than my competit
ors, 1 buy my Roods from first
hands, which Rivts me an advant
age over others. Coupons Riven
with each CASH l'i KCHASIi.
You gel nice China ware Ire.
Headipiarters tor Sewing Ma
chines for cash or on time with
easy payments. I sell more shoes
than any country store in the
county. Highest price paid for
country produce, cash or trade
Such as chickens, ecqs, turkeys,
Reese, corn, seed cotton, cotton
seed, fodder or anything you have
to sell.
On Saturdays please make it a
point tn come early in the day so
you can be waited on before the
rush. Respect fully,
Leaders in Lo Trices, Mt. l'ros-
pect. N. C
Monroe, N. C . K. F. D. No. 4.
fwmhUdrami HM,n. Te
ska Kidneys east Bladder RIqM
ami that time has u4 loiiR N-vu
pu.'sMHl. lt lit now true that any
earn.M N'.v r nirl who hniMMly
wants an ilm-.ilioii ran pt it.
There are th-uisinils f avctni."
oprii for them. 1 thank ti.xl fr
our rollep"amlsvhiHiK and I pray
tor millions more to put in them,
.md in floits to pi N In ml ur
ieople ami iniprese theui w ith their
duties iu this r-si.ct towanls llieir
The old 1'iiihiHik ta hiHil hiHise in
Vuuee towiislnp. in the ditriet
hu h m .in o. a ith Imlian
I'rail, lixs li n sold to Mr. I. 1.
Pajil. The old W alker whool
house iu .l iikvii township, in the
district in which the people air
putting tip a nice new si liool Iniild
iiir. has tiecu sold to Mr. K. C.
"The man who is ashamed to do
liiuicr.1 work," .slid l;"V. Ir. ,1. t".
Kowe. "has ssiiiietliiiitf wrong with
Ins head, lie instils to N" taken
.ill down an. I pul toootlicr npiin.
No one iiimiN to In? n.-haimil ol
having walked Ih'Iwovii the plow
liandlew. If tliere is any one mvn
pation of man tliaHiiwI directlv iu
stittitod. il is that of latmini;."
Now thai is what the puMic
scliiHils oiirIiI In li-in h tin' i lul.lren
-the dignity and maiilini'v. ol
honest, intelligent work, however
hard, however hiiiuble. Teach them
that I'diicatiou is for the' pmpuM
of rt.ikitiK us better ami inore.iia
ble woikein, not In help us ex ite
Thai. k (iod for the thousands of
i, noble men and women who ate
J !tc;irliiiij; our children. I!ev. N . K
J "Any rural toucher ran ha." i
'niial school libnirv," says Snith
X'eni Kdiiealioti, "if she only wilNto
j have one. tlet the children ii.ler
esl oil tirs) nt nil. I lie etuliln 11 s
X!uiletest w ill si'Ctire the inleresl
tllhe pureiits. Alter this is seemed
'.i public entertainment will help.
XI Then talk to the paiTtits and ak
X ! ioi 11101-1" money. And how is the
'lull way to interest children iu the
X rural library you should liaiet
tIThe liest wav is fur the teacher to
get some of (he books on the library
liMs. I-t the ehlldleli read Ihetw
books. Hi nd some of them to I he
children, bt I hem carry some of
them home. The parents will thus
MHin lieeoiue inleresteil ami tin
rural library will lie easy lo estab
lish." j
A good l-ik is the precious
life blood of a master spirit em
balmed tip on put pose lo a life
lieyond life. Milton.
find lie thanked for gaud hook.
They are the voices of the diMunt
and the dead, and make us heirs of
the spiritual life of the pasl njjes.
Iu the U'st books great men 'alk to
us. Rive us their most precious
UioiirIiIs, mid pour their souls into
ours. ChauniiiR.
A taste for luniks in the pleasure
and glory ol'iuv life. I would not
evchuiiRe it for the glory of the
Indies. (iibson.
After two weeks susiieiiNioti on
aceotiut of the illness of the teacher
Miss I'.iniiia Hunter, the Marvin
school resumed regular work ilRHiu
last Monday moitiini;. Witxhaw
I'.nterpi is-.
Miss Lillian Cuthliertson of
Woll'sville has accetiled a school
near Hve llranch nml left Satur
day to lie ready to open school
Monday mornitiR. Miss CtitlilsTt
son is one of the county's best pub
lie school teachers ami will no
doubt make a good record at ( Miv
Hunch, as she has doiieelnew he re
Wuxhaw Knterprise.
The you nc ladies' society of Wax
haw Institute has on foot a very
When your lungs are tore and inflamed from coughing:.
Is the time when the germs of PNEUMONIA, PLEURISY
and CONSUMPTION find lodgment and multiply.
ic7n,n r?7?
tops the cough, heals and strengthens the lungs. It con
tains no harsh expectorants that strain and irritate the
lungs, or opiates that cause constipation, a condition that
retards recovery from a cold. FOLEY'S HONEY AND
TAR is a safe and nerer failing remedy for all throat and
lung troubles.
Til tatare Said It M Con timptlta - A iinrilm Cars.
L. M. Ruttles, Reasoner, lows, writes: "Ths doctor said I hsd eo
SBRiptioa and It ot no belter until I used FOLEY'S HONEY AND TAR.
It helped rm right from tht start and stopped ths spitting ol blood snd lbs
pais la say lungs snd today I sra sound snd well.
the library. The society is dewr
(His of forming a permanent library
atworiatiou with a regularly oreaD-
ie.1 ineuibershin. .V rumniiltee of
youiiR I ailiea has been appointed
to solicit membership, and they
will rail ou Iheritietutof the tow a
and community at an early date
and explain more fully their plans
for the work. Waihaw Kuler-prise.
This story w ill lie of great inler-
et to the cbililivu. Ibe whole
lkHik, with many good Mori. a, ran
lie Iwainht for fitly reuia :
An Adventure on the Neuae.
nh Cainia Hil.ry tvi.Hy W e Alka
liitliesuuitiierof ITU John Law and several otlier men weut up
the Neue river to explore thecoun
trv. llaron tletirall'enreid, a Swiss
nohleinan. w as in the company. He
hl brought oxer from KngUnd a
urge number of settlers, who had
made home for theniselvt near
the mouth of the river. He wished
whether there were good
place for settlements up the river.
latwsou. who wan the surveyor-
general of the colony, wan also iu
terctcd in the upland country, lie
as interested, also, iu the binls
and auiuials that lived in the
The men carried provisions
tiough to Inst for several weeks.
All along the river they tiotieed
urge Ins-sand tsaiitlful tiow
rs. 1 be lunls also were pieuiiiiii
and pn-tty. Spiirn-ls and foxes
were often seen, ami sometimes tlie
howl of wolves was heard, .loliu
iwsoa made notes of utl thew
things. The white men thought it
is a very beautiful country. Nv
ral times they stopticd, and Law-
son surveyed tin" latins on doiu
sides of the river.
For several days they had goue
on w ithout sis-ing an Indian. Unit
seemed strange, lor the red men
had alw ays before come out tn meet
the white men. They had Invu
very frieudly to the white people.
Hut now not one was to lie seen.
They seemed to have left the coun
try. One dav, however, while the
hite ineu were eating their mid
;iv aieai, tuev saw a party oi iu
liaus watching them from a lull
some distance away. The white
men did not fear them, but they
mid not understand why they
were watched by the Indians. They
did not know that the savages had
.lined a plot to kill all the white
Hople, and were ut this very time
on the warpath.
After linishitig thvirdinner, Law-
sou and his men went farther into
the wihhIs. They wauled to see the
tiiuls-r lands higher up the river.
I or some time they marched on
ilhniit noticing that the Indians
were follow ing them. Presently it
was sccti that a considerable body
of red men w as creeping ulong lie
hunt, trying tn kifti themselves
hid behind trees and undergrowth.
lasik at those nil devils, ' said
InitVenreid. "Just an sure as the
sun shines, tliev mean imsriiici.
Ihui't vou see tliev have iu their
war paint and plumes
laiwson was inile sure that they
were alter scalps.
tes, sir, answered he, "I am
piite sure that we are going to
have trouble, and if we get out
alive it w ill lie a kindness of rrov
ideiice. I think they intend to at
tack us."
la't us then prepare to receive
them, said the baron. "I, for one
do not want to lie butchered with
out doing some damage in return."
As it was nearly night, the party
halted and made a lire to warm
their fiKMl, There were only nil or
eight of them, and it seemed nse
less to resist if the redskins should
make an attack. They felt quite
sure that the attack would come,
but they were in doubt a to how
thev should act. liruflenreid said
that he was going to sell his life as
dearly as he could. I-iw sou said
that he was uo fighter, but would
defend himself to the last.
Soon the attack came. About
sixty of the savages rushed ntnin
them with shouts and yells. The
white men fought the liest they
could, but the Indians ran over
them. Is'iit them to the ground, and
Isiuiid their hands and ariua. Then
thev were forced to travel all night
with these Indians to a town some
miles inland, l'lsitsore and weary
they reached the town early next
day, and were delivered to the
chief in charge.
That afternoon a council of all
the chiefs in the tribe wait called to
decide what should bo done with
the prisoners. Lawson, tint (Ten
reid and the others were carried
into the assembly and made to
stand in the center with all (he
chiefs seated around them. Tbe
king of the tribe from a high seat
ittest loned thcin
'Why did our paleface brothers
come np the river t ' askeu ne,
"Have they come to spy our land
ami take It l mm usi '
'No, indeed," said the baron.
"We are looking for a short way
to Virgiuia. If we wanted your
land we would offer you money for
"Did not Indians ace the pale
face brother with the chain, mess
nring our land ou the river! How
theu, cau he say that be wants not
the land 1"
Lawson told (hem that be mess
nred the land so that be could
draw a map of the country. Then
he showed them one of tbe maps
that he bad drawn. They were
much pleased with tbe map, and
seemed to be satisfied with the ex
planation. Finally they decided
that tbe prisoners should be re
leased and sent home the next day.
Ho Lawson and bis friends slept
soundly that night, for tbey fell
that they wonld be allowed to gn
back home. But a far difletent
fate a aited them.
Oa the aeit day, Instrad of being
had known some time before, and
with whom be bad bad some
trouble. Tbis Indian waa a bitter
eueiny of the white people, and
spoke against turning them loose.
"PaWfaeea bare taken away our
lands," be aaid, "and now tbey are
altar yours. This uaa with the
rhain Birurv and sells to white
men. He is tbe aiau that has
turned our bunting grouuds into
cornfields. I le is the man w ho w ill
measure your laud and plant corn
in the placed where tbe deer and
the squirrel are now found. Would
you rather have the white man's
corn growing opou your laud or
tbe deer aud tbe quail there t O,
Tusraroras, look well to your hutti
ng grounds "
1 his sieech made a deep Itnpree
siou on the savages. Lawson and
his comnaulous were beaten wita
clulst and condemned to death. 1
The council broke np to carry out
the sentence. They were roughly
dragged to the place of execution.
Would vou put a king to
leath t" asked the baron. "Much
thing is nerer done. It would
grieve the Great Spirit."
"A bo is kingr' questioned, tne
Indians, almost all at once.
I am king of fifteen hundred
palefaces, w bo are now looking for
me," answered the haron. "tbey
would nevr forgive their dark-
skiu brothers if their king were
put to death.
The chiefs talked together Tcry
rapidly aud exritedly. There ap
peared to tie two partiea among
them one tor executiou and tbe
it her for turning the priaouers
loose. Finally a compromise was
greed upon, aud the great chief
came to the wmte men ami saiu
ith much earnestness :
'Talefacea, you are in our hands.
We can do with you what seems
best to us. Nothing can save you
from our power. We shall burn
the paleface who has been selling
our laud, but the king we shall
hold as a prisoner to keep bis peo
ple from making war on us. Now
you have heard our decision."
The baron was led away to anoth
er part of the village, aud Lawson
was stripped of bis clothing. 1 bey
then made hundreds of sharietird
light w ood splinters, keeu at both
ends. Thev stuck these spliuters
into the tlesh of poor Lawson and
danced around him w ith delight.
Theu these human devils Isiund
iwson to a stake. They dauced
the war dauce around him aud
sang their dreadful songs. Present
ly they set tare to the splinters ami
burned him to death.
The barou could hear what was
going ou, anil Knew- una tne In
dians were tormenting their prisoner.
Soon the savages came to him
and told him that they bad killed
laiwson. tiraflcnreid was afraid
thev had come for him to share the
same fate. Hut the chief said that
he would lie held as a prisoner, aud
that his life would lie spared, driif
fetirenl s necro man was Iu the
same room, and the Indians looked
at him as if to say, "It is your turn
"King of the paleface," said
the chief, "you ueed not be afraid,
for we will uot kill you. but in
il in n braves want more song and
more dance tonight. Your black
man must be burned."
This waa dreadful news to the
barou, for he was Very fond of the
faithful negro, who had been with
him so long and bail served him so
well. He tried to change tbe red
skins from their purpose.
"This poor fellow," the baron
said, "has never done any barm to
the Iudlans. He came because 1
did. Mpare him and you shall be
"He give Indians fun," grunted
tbe chief.
As uight came on more Indians
came iuto the Tillage. They made
large fires here and there. Home-
times they would yell like madmen,
and the blood of the white man ran
cold aud the poor negro was almost
dead with fear. Finally they came
and seined the negro aud carried
him off. He struggled with bis
enemies, but they dragged Dim
along to the place of execution.
Thf re they bound him to the stake.
Theu they piled up piece of ury
pine wood around bltu and set
them on fire. Then they danced
around the sufferer until death re
lieved him of his agony.
Such things are dreadful to re
late, but tbey happened lone; ago.
before the white people had come
in mirutiera large enough to pre
veut it. It waa against such sav
ages that the settlers bad to con
tend, to make tbis country tbe
home of the white men.
The savages held the baron for s
long time as their prisoner. 1 bey
let him go when be promised tbem
that be wonld not make war upon
them. He kept tbe promise, and
would not join in the war which
the white people made upon the
Indians the next year.
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