North Carolina Newspapers

l.'cphone No. I.
Tueslay. December 21 I9QX
rr4 tutUm t.nUv lit,;.
Mr. llaiid Rram-r U hom from
Triuily to h-im1 the- holiday,
Maxtor Webb Heath U home
from Iirliuouut for I hnstuwa.
Mr. J. J. Uwlwr will Kin-ud
('hrMma in l.ileMilh.
Mrs. IS. C, Fed tram will leave
tomorrow to kn-u1 lirinlnnu in
Rv. J. G. Galledge mU u to
aoaoaix that presvehim day at
Roanoke ban bren r hanged from
the lint to the fourth Suuday, but
be will not te there till the fourth
Suuday ia January oa aroottiit of
bis wife llluvm. Mr. (Jullfelfie
will preach at Aew Hope on the
find 8unUav in January ami the
ri&turday before.
The MethotlW Sunday sxhool
will have a hristiuis tree in the
opera bouse on Thursday evening
at t uUK J lie ItaptiNt Sunday a-liool
win nave oue ou rndav uielitat
iimrhiirt-u, while on Thursday at
i leruoon one will be eiveii at the
I Manse for t!m primary clasaea of
MimsKfli Fairley .m returned the Pirsbyteruu church,
in ivare iiiMiune 10 speuti luriNt
Mr. Fred Carroll of Monroe wan
married last week to Mini Virginia
Aiken of Abbeville, H. V.
IJev. W. F. Watson preached at
Marshville Sut unlay ou foreign
Mr. m. u. miiiiwiii, alio now
lives in 'Joldslioru, ia spending
t hllstuia.1 in the comity.
l!ev. J. V. Little ask The Jour
lial to Hay that he will becin
meeting at old Waihaw rliim-h ou
uristiuas day.
Mr. Charles Helms has aold his
house in the MK'auley annex to
Mr. 8. T. Moroni, and moved back
to the country.
Judge Ilurwell of t'barlotte wan
in town for a. short whilethisoioro
inc. ''Monroe baa made more im
provement than any town I know,"
lie said.
Fred Williams, aon of Mr. T. K
illiama of east Mouroe, U a niiu
rod who goea after the wildest of
game, lie has shot and killed six
crows rereutiy.
AlifW Kltie Stewart of Henderaon
lias come to Monroe to ee her
luother, ho ia very low with pneu
liuiiiia at the home of her sou, Mr.
V. A. Stewart.
Mr. II. II. Adams anil lii entire
family will leave for Concord to
morrow to aiiend Christina with
Mr. W. C. Houston. Mrs. W. J.
Kudge lias already gone to Concord.
Mr. Krviu Stark, from the A. A
M. College at liulcigh, and Miss
, Alice Slack from the J'rcstiytcriau
College lit Charlotte, came home
this morning to spend the holidays.
Mr. J. 1!. Coble moved his fam
ily last week to Abbeville, S. C.
Mis. (i. II. Meur.s, who Iiim Iteeti in
Abbeville for some time, baa re
turned to Monroe.
Mr. ltajinonil Outeu urn sisters,
who have lieeii living four miles
aoiitli of Monroe, have moved here.
Mr. Oiitcn has a position with Mr.
M. Waller.
lr. Watt Ashciiitt, who ia now
taking lecture in Washington City,
will be iu Monro' tomorrow and
will remain till January 4, with
the except ion of I )cccmbcr :!(, wheu
be ill lie in Wadesluuo.
Mr. II. A. Winchester, who has
for aoiuetime been running a livery
liimitieaa here, will uiovu to Par
tington, 8. C, to open a stable in
Mr. K. I. Hriflln and Miss Leila
Phifer, and Mr. F. K. Helms and
Misa C. L. Fowler, all of this coun
ty, were married Sunday by Ksi.
J. C. Manguiu of Chesterlicld coun
ty, 8. C.
The uiembera of St. Luke's Lu
theran church are making nice im
provements on the interior of their
building. A pretty chandelier is
being put iu along with electric
The Journal ia ropicsted to an
nounce that liev. J. F. Davis, the
pastor, will preach at Hopewell, iu
(ooe Creek township, on Chl isJ
puis day, und that Hev. Edward
jyong, sou of 'Squire W, (). Long,
ill preocb Ihere oil ueit fJnnday.
Mr, B, J lwry recjueatii The
Journal to ay that he ia very grab)
ful to ull who assisted him with
good words and deeds on the occa
sion of the tragic death of his mm,
Mr. Paul Lowry, who was killed on
the railroad some time ago,
I'iuk Kllis, a good colored citizen
of (iooae Creek township, has sold
his land and all his goods and will
leave tonight w ith his family for
Trenton, X. J., to live. He has
two daughters there working as
bouse servants, and has himself
pent some time up there. He ex
pects to work as a brick mason,
A very kind hearted christian
gentleman has put at the disposal
of Messrs. Ilruner & Huey twenty
packages of confectioneries for
Christmas distribution. If yon
jfiuiir pf some teserving children
who wilrmihaljly not be visjted
by Did Santa, kiuilly mention the in
to Mr. Ilruner,
At a meeting of the directors of
the People's lluuk, held last Tues
day, a semi annual dividend of 3
per rent, was declared and $1,000
was set aside to the surplus fund,
making this fund After
the paymeut of dividends on Jau
nary 1st, there will be 5,500 undi
vided profits oo baud.
"The Baptist Messenger," a neat
little paper, published monthly,
baa made its appearance. It is pub
lished by liev. W. F. Watson, and
Mr. K. 8. Watson is the business
manager. It will be devoted to the
work of the liaplist denomination
throughout the 1'iiion association,
' and ita motto is, "Missions) educa
tion; temperance."
Mr. A. T. Broom, who left a leg
on a Virginia battlefield some forty
years ago, started to town the other
morning from his home twelve
miles from town, starting out ahead
of the wagon which bis boys were
driving, expecting it to overtake
biru. As the wagon didn't catch
bim he kept "pegging along," till
be found himself iu town. No won
der such men could march three
days at a time without food forty
years ago.
A young snn of Mr. W. (!. Ho
ard, the niachiue man, iu knee
trousers, went up on top of the new
Itedwuie & Slack building the
other day and rut one of the huge
steel bars in two for the workmen
with the ease of a veteran. The
boy who rau do something is in all
kinds of demaud these dajs.
An infant child of Geo. Brewer,
colored, ho lives ou the Cold Miue
road uoith of town, was burned to
death last Fiiday. It was out where
they were burning trash and fell
tutu toe ore.
There will be a Christmas tree at
Stewart school house. New Salem
townsjiip, next Saturday afternoon
at 2 u clock.
Mr. A. M. 1). Wbitley, who has
Keen attending school at Hut her-
ford College, is at home for the
There will be a Christmas tree on
Friday at 2 o'cha-k at Trinity
ennrett, in liutord towusbip.
Death of Mrs. Rom Blakency.
Mrs. Itosa Blakrney, widow of
the late well known Jack lilakenev
of Chesterfield county, and mother
of Messrs. W. a lilakeney, 1. R
Bliikeuey aud 1. B. Itliikcnev, died
at the home of her daughter, Mrs.
ictoriii Sloan, iu Monroe, at seveu
o clock last night. She had U'eu
sick but a few days, of pneumonia.
She had lieeti living in this county
leas tluiu a year, and lu Monroe but
a few weeks. She was 'i yuan old
and a native of Chesterfield county.
I he funeral will Ite conducted
from the residence by I)r, Howe at
today. The remains will be
buried here. The pall bearers will
la- Messrs. K. C. Winchester. Dr.
I. W. Neal, W. C. Wolfe, A. M.
Slack, J. J. Crow and J. K. Sliute.
For a ihhiiIkt of years Mrs.
lilakeney had been living with her
sou, Mr. V. S. Blakeuey. heu
lie came to Monroe last fall he 1st-
gnu building an elegant home lu
the eastern annex for himself and
his mother, Mrs. Blakeuey iu the
meantime making ber home with
others of her children. Mrs. Blake
uey was a member of the Metho
dist church at Five Forks in Ches
terlicld county, and was a woman
of strong character and pious life.
.Not only were ber children and
grandchildren much attached to
her, hut a large number of friends
and neighbors as well.
Road Working.
"What are your plans for road
woi kf was asked of Koad Commis
sioner Thos. K. Williams yesterday,
'Our purpose," said Mr. Williams,
'is to go ou with the grading until
all the principal roads iu the town
ship are projierly graded and
straightened to the township line.
All work is being done on a per
manent basis. The work that we
are doing will never be to do over.
The road beds that are uow being
made are expected to be here at
the end of the century. Two more
years will be necessary to complete
this work. Then we expect to go
to macadamizing. Nature has done
much for Union county. You may
say that our roads are good for nine
months of the year. Just as soon
us possible the worst places must
be made good for ail the year."
Money on Cotton.
"Several people have made moot
ey on spot out ton buying the cot.
tou itself and holding it," said s
denier yesterday. "Now," he con
tinued, "I know a man who has
just made 11,'jtM) by buying and
holding one hundred bales of cot
ton, the mere rise in the market
giving him this profit. To bold
this cotton required the locking up
of at least t.,UH). But suppose he
had put this capital in cotton fu
tures! Since to handle futures you
have only to buy margins and not
bulk, bis profits would have beeu
It's no wonder that people put
their all in a veuture where the
profits are alluring and so easy if
tbey come. - The idea of making
a day without effort is alluring
to some men, while 1500 or .",000(
or ten times as much, is qecessary
to fire the imagination, of others,
The dawding prospects at greater
thau the fear of ruin, and so cau
tion is thrown to the wluds. Home
men taste aud stopj but the rule, is
to go on. On every tongue today,
particularly In the South, the word
cot tou finds a constant place. Cot
ton ! up, np I fortune, fabulous
profits I
At a meeting of the stockholders
of The Savings, Loan and Trust
Company today, resolution was
passed authorizing the directors to
increase the capital stock to an
amount not exceeding 125,000. The
subscription book is now open at
the office of the said company,
where those desiring stock can
enter their subscription at once.
Deoembar 2i, 1003,
B- B. REDWMKyPrea,
F. II., Cashier. ;' . -
We koowxtf a man who went to
the doctor for some medicine) aald
be prayed too bard and thought be
"overreched" himaelC JNW
"over-rech" yourself eating Christ
mas and lave to call la the doctor,
send as your prescriptions.
. . . English Drug Co.' '
Florida oranges car Just arrived
20 sent par doses and op,-- '.
Brunor A liaey.
Ooe of the isost delightful social
eveuts of the season took place at
the home of Mayor It. V. Houston
but Thursday eveuing. It was the
celebration of the twelfth auoiver
aary of the marriage of Mr. and
Mrs. Hooatoa their "lioen wed
ding." Nearly two hundred iovi
rations were scut out, but of rvurse
not all of the iuvited guests could
be preseiit, but an exceedingly
large and happy uumber asnruiblrd
In honor of the occasion aud to par
take of the charming honpitulity of
the nappy host aud nostcm. t rom
six to eleven the house was a aeeue
of pleasure. At the door the guests
were welcomed by I apt. . A.
Lane and Miss Margaret Keid Hous
ton. At the parlor door they were
received by Bev. lr. J. C Kowe
and llev. Geo. II. Atkinson aud
presented to Mr. aud Mrs. Houston
"the bride and groom" who re
reived the greetiugs aud congratu
lations of their frieuds uuder a
pretty canopy. Ou the left of the
host and host cm tbe guests were
received by Mrs. Lydia Beid Fuu-
derburk of t'barlotte, Mrs. Auder
son of Charlotte, Mrs. 1). A. Cov
ington, and Mr. aud Mrs. Kufus
A rm held. In the parlor Mesdaiues
II. K. Lauey, ilson Griftm and
J. F. Lauey presided at tbe piano.
rrom the parlor Mrs. J. J. Crow
aud Mrs. Mildred Heath Hargrave
couducted the guests to the adjoiu-
ing room, where Mrs. O. 1. Heath
gracefully presided at the punch
bowl, with ber assistants, Mrs. L.
i Bickett and Misses Maggie Crow-
ell aud Katie Fairley. Iu tbe din
ing room Mesdamcs A. N. Sample
aud W. A. Laue received, aud an
elegant supper was served. From
tbe dining bull tbe guests were
takeu in baud by Misses Margie
Williamson aud Allie Welsh aud
conducted to the coffee room, where
Mrs. J. M. Itelk, assisted by Mrs.
II. liichardsou and Mrs. A. L.
Oood Roads la Sandy Ridge.
R F l No.5.l- il Mr Hugh
H keziah, son if Mr W. T. Kenan. 1
will move Ui Anson county next week !
Utake cl.arge .if one 4 Mr T. J '
Sluunon's (arm lie will have a
ou the Jsth wist. if Ih-j. j
hofis.rn, fodder, anniui: (! ani
buiiarliold and kil. Ii. n (uniilnn-.
His father will go r.ii him.
t'apt. S ti. IhiWM' went UiCln-sler
last Kri'lav to -e his an. Mr. II It
Howie, who is very ss-k. He re
turned Friday nij;ht and say his s4i
is some better, but is still right sick.
Mr. It. II. Howie returned from
Federal Court at Charlotte last Fri
day tiiK'it. He was on (l.e grand
jun-. He says lie enjoyed his slay in
Charlotte very much", but did u.4
enjoy his two hour walk from Stouts
Friday night.
Mr. F. II. Winchester and family
visited friends and relatives in Wax'-'
haw Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. J. B. Price killed Hi.e nice
hogs last week.
Mr. C. T. Winchester and Mr. J. II
Frice, overseer, have been doinir
The Courage of Uttk Boy.
Absolutely Pure
Cool Spring Item.
I'nrrwiMiiKlrnt 4 Thr Jmrnal.
Marsliville, K. F D. No. 1. IVf. IX
( hristinasisnearlv here and theclul
some road working for the last " a"' talking alsmt old Sant
wrk or two. One would almost
think the chain frang had tsvn up
here in some places. Samlv Kidin-
lias impnivcd wonderfully in the way
of good roads under the new nail
law. It is said that the chain gang
win grade the tlloughbv nd to
the township line, mar Mr. S. (1.
How ie's, during the coming summer,
which will lie a great help to this
community in pelting to Monroe.
When this is done, 1 would suggest
that the road lie called the Graded
School Mad,
Chrltmt li nimlnff ik mgtln llh all it
An' time ui Hi It la little (trlic
ni Cluua sill M!, nMind with prrwiti
! thi- urn.
nd nr mft r Hi, and T..i all nlaiU mit
nrr, i,nr.
Marshville Items.
Corrv.pmiai-ni- i.l Tie J'lUrtiNi.
XI irsilit-ill.. lk.u. Ql Tll.. l: I
Mouroe nerved pretty little cui of; C 'C 7 ' " ..V" "Zl
fT. MitM lawitt lli.Hl.toll Blllll 1 . . ." " " " V V1
a 1 .1 , . ; "ff" 4 u Mil v xnmin l j nun )1
ueicu Jieuiu piuiseu tieiipeiiuiiii lw,.. n;i,, Tl. I. ...:n .
" iiiU'nnl lini ittii u .i.xiii w..m
The presents of linen were very ' " " " "
i r i i a . viMm ii
UUL't 111 llUniLNT HUU KIIOWtHl lUHItt n
I Bt 111 l Ittll. fill . ill U .11 I I lUUil' . , s i . . . - ii 1 i i i n
w !..! I -am! .vu.i.ii, nil) ill lll'iu I UlXltlt
wu Hix-ncu iii aim siturir niirh mi.. ,li. ,1.,,, t,i
. ' sc" "" Mill .iiltll 1 1 1 LI 1
cot granna ons on ...e occurn nre; ia jn ,, fr .,;.,,
ui tue tweiitn aiiiinemarj 01 tiieir
wedded life. 1 heir marriage twelve
and their "linen wed
closing exercises of Marsh-
A treat
years ago
ding" each occurred on a Thurs
day, and nothing better could be
said than that the last occasion was
as happy us the first.
The fire laddies enieved a moid
sumptuous baiujuct at the Central
Hotel hist luesday evening. A
great many of their friends were
present also, as guests, and about a
hundred and twenty-five plates
were served. Col. and Mrs. A. M.
.'rowcll were siccial guests.
There was the greatest abund
ance of good things to eat and
many basket fills left. Messrs. Da
is Armlield, J. F. Correll and A.
Tliere will lie a public Christinas
tree at tulboa Christinas night.
Mm. J. v Wilhclin of Mouimc vis
ited Mrs. .1. K. Ilailev last week.
Prof. It. X. Xisbei of Wuxluiw is
visiting friends in the village.
MeMis. Marcus I'liifcr and Xuma
Marsh returncil from the State I'ni
versity Saturday.
.Mr. Brier Ashrraft came liomc
from Wuke Forest for the holidavs.
liev. A. W. White of Itohcs 's.
C. was here today.
Mr. F. L Aula weut to UiK'kitiir-
ham Weilnesday.
I Dr. Wm. Ferry of Taxahaw was in
town today.
Miss F.thcl Moore came home Fri
;nay night for the holidays.
Only three more davs (ill Sanla
comes, and then we lioie to
see every Ixsly happy. ,1.
Xf llitvlat VMM tlio (WllllfilittaiA -lm ...
... j ".V. -".ciaus
uau cuarge oi me. urraugcnic iiin,
aud Mr. Cary Horu prepared ami
superintended the supper. The A Costly Mistake.
liremeu ask The Journal to say. Biuiiders are sometimes verv v-
that they ui especially indebted to pensive. Occasionally life itself is
Mr. A. M. Crowell, Mrs. F. B. Ash-, the price of a mistake, but you'll
craft and tbe Misses Caldwell for j never ho wrong if you take Dr.
King s New Life Fills for Dyspep-
( l.ius. ( hristmas is ccrtainlv
happy time for the children, and ia
mils should try to make them enjoy
it as well as itossiliic.
Mrs Mary Ann Ashcraft has been
rit;!it sick iliirin the piLst
Miss rroiua Morgan is also on the
sick list, but is improving.
A terrible epidemic of colds has
struck this community, and one can
hardly hear himself talk in the school
room on account of so much ctmgh-
Messrs. W. T. and Z. V. Morgan
have recently put iu 'phones. We
have two telephone exchanges in this
community anil the 'phone business
is getting somewhat lively. II
The Lone Star State.
Down in Trui st Yoakum, a big
dry goods firm of winch Mr. I. M. Hal
ler ia the head. Mr. Hallrr on out of
tin trios East to buy roods said to
IticuJ olio was with him iu the palace
car, "Here, take one of these Little
Early Kiseis upon retiring and you
ill lie up early in the morning feeling
good." l or the "dark brown" taste
headache and that logy feeling De
Witt's Little Early Kisrrs are the best
pills In use. Sold by English Drug Co.
DJ b. j. Welsh
The finest line of chocolates and
crystali.ed I mils ever oll'ered iu
the town, at Ilruner & Hucy's.
Fenny goods a sccialty at M. C.
Broom's. '.'(HI boxes on hand.
(let a few dozen of those line Dill
pickles, ut Ilruner Jt Hucy's.
See Flow for Xiiias goods.
Big lot of raisins, lies, currants.
etc., for Christmas cooking, at M. C.
Broom s.
their kindness.
A uumber of young gentlemen
gave a bumpiet iu honor or their
lady frieuds at The Gloucester last
evening. The occasion was a very
happy oue aud those preseiit speak
of it in the highest terms. Mr.
Sample, the proprietor of the hotel,
completely captivated the guests
with bis spread. Those present
were Mr. J. C. Hikes, Jr., and Miss
Allie Welsh, Mr. I'M Crow anil Miss
Alice Scales, Mr. James OriHith
and Miss llallie Horn, Mr. Charles
Bedfearn and Miss Florence May
nard, Mr.' Karl B, Fowler aud Miss
Margaret Crowell, Mr. Gleun Wolfe
and Miss Katie Fairley, Mr. Davis
rmfield aud Miss Claire Ramsey,
Dr. S. . Stevens and Miss Klsie
Bamsey, Mr, W. V. Crowell and
Miss Kate Budge, Mr, Sikea won
fame as toast master, aud 1'rof.
Fowler proved himself a veritable
Chauney Ih'pew,
Good Hogs.
Mr. J. K. Funderburk of Dudley
killed oue last week, eight months
old, that weighed 2!2 pounds net.
Austin Itlvers, colored, of east
Mouroe township killed oue last
week, nine months old, that drew
the beam at 300 net
Mr. W. W. Alexander of Mineral
Springs has killed twoeight months
ours that netted 4!3.
Several neighliors of west Mou
roe township killed their bogs one
day last week. 'They all killed the
same day and all the bogs were
about the same age, seventeen
months. Mr. J.F.Oortlou's weighed
;t:i."i pounds Mr. Hugh Keziah's,
XiX; Mrs. Fannie IVLancy's, :)L5 ;
Mr. W. Alexander's three, !KJ0
pounds alnet,
Wife, if your husband smokes tbe
ouly way to make bim stop is to
chop his head off. Kven that might
not stop him j and while smoking
is a bod habit, the treatment is too
severe. If be will smoke, buy bim
a decent pipe Christmas, and pre
sent it with the sincere wish that
be will do all his smoking here on
earth. Ferhapi he'll think about
it, while be smokes, aud who can
tell what buying a pipe Christmas
may lead tol Of course, we have
a fancy line of pipes. Our line of
hair brushes, combs, infant brushes
and other infant articlei for kids,
Is big enough fur Baltimore. We
couldn't begin to describe our line
of holiday perfumes. Tbey will
aiaks your aense of smell hilarious.
Drop in and examine them.
English Drug Co.
Medical Fees
Are fifty cent a mile strictly, and
one dollar more to double the regu
lar fee for night work. It will be
fortunate lor you If yon pay your
bill before the deliuquent list Is
printed In January, and no doctor
will top' to question your credit
.. , . 'Union omnmr
Msdical Assot-UTioft.
eiisia, Dizziness, Headache, Liver
or Bowel troubles. They are gen
tle yet thorough, g.v. ut Knglish
Drug Co's.
Wastki 1 want to buy geese,
for which I will pay the highest
price, ulso for chickens and birds.
S. H. lhister.
Our big lot of jell ies, mincemeat.
apple butter, etc., are ready for
Christmas purchasers.
M. C. Broom.
See our handsome Furniture; get
prices and you will chuckle over
the bargains. Monroe Furniture
(iililw' ami Moyster line candles,
iu boxes, for less money than any
body will sell them to you. ,
Bruiicr ft 1 1 ue y.
Try those good soda crackers at
5 cents per poiiud by the box, at
M. C. Broom's.
For lamps, lanterns, chimneys,
globes, burners, wicks, cans, tin
wares, oils go to Flow's.
Oranges, apples, nuts, raisins,
candies at Flow's.
Santa Clans can get his supply of
candy, mils, etc., ut M. C. Broom s.
Pure laf Ijird.
Folks who like pure home made
lard can gel it I'n.iii us. We have
it put up in buckets front live to
ten pounds, at 1JJ rents per pound.
This lard is put up by a good
housekeeper In Monroe, and is the
very nicest and liest that can lie
iKinglit. Z.White,
See our show case of fine candies.
It's iMvxiiCy. Brunei' & Huey.
X. O. Molasses at Flow's.
at 5 cents a pound at
Boyster's celebrated line choco
lates and bon lions, in boxes, at
Ilruner & Hucy's.
See 8. K. Dostrr for your Christ
mas randies, nuts, fruits, etc.
One pound of tine candy for tve
ceuts at Flow's,
We huvo line pitted cherries;
pineapple, grated and sliced; green
tiage plums, white and black; Cal
ifornia cheilitis olives; pickles,
sweet, sour, in bottles and loose ;
fresh buckwheat ; maplo syrup ;
Ualston's Breakfast Food ; Health
outs ; Premier out Hakes, loose and
lu packages. Xo ured wanting for
anything to eat. Call np Ilruner &
Huey aud they will send it on quick
Candies, candies, cheap, cheap
at Flow's.
Xmas is Coming !
Everybody wants something good
to eat. Burner 6 Huey have it.
We have the best line of Eatables that was ever
offered in the city and at prices no one can meet
Our store is full of all kinds of good things.
Fresh from the grower: Haisiua, Currants, Citron, Figs, Dates,
Prunes, Xuts, Apples, Oranges, Coroaniits.
Our Jobbing Department is Full and Complete.
Country merchants will find the largest stock of Oranges, Ap
ples, Cocoannts, and Candy from the plaiu stick and ja-nny goods
to the finest liue of French randies and chocolates ever iu the city.
One thousand Cocoannts. .V), boxes Oranges,
50 barrels Applrs. ftO Tarliell Cheese.
. 100 boxes Tobacco, 1000 boxes Sardines.
25 boxes Soda Crackers. 10tK cans Salmon.
25 cases Pick les, Sauces, Ketchup, Mustard, Olives, Salid Dress
ing, etc., to select from.
5000 lbs. Candy and Nuts must go in next few days.
50 barrels and kits of White Fish and Mullets,
One hundred barrels Flour. 50 kegs Soda.
25 cases Baking Powders.
One thousand pounds Boasted Coffee from the cheapest to the
very finest grade. Breakfast Cocoa, Tea and Post u in Cereal.
We cannot begin to mention all the good things we have. It
would take half of The Journal. All we ask is for yot. to come to
see as or call us on Phone 41, and yon can get what you want.
Yours for business,
Charlie Vernon, the eight year-old
son ul Jlrs. laen croon, residing'
1 seven miles from the citv, fell thirtv-1
five feet down a rrk lined well, and l
when the slamw-d neighbor had
sent a man huriiedtv down to brine
; up hissuppM-dly drowned and iiuii-
..i. ..i i ..I., .i... . i - .
IKicu ii,uh- lout- onv was HH-1
nearly half way climbing out to life
and iighl. He said Ik- didn't "h..
k-r" because he didn't Saul to fright
en mamma. The boy 's pri-n-int- !
mind and connive i soitH-ihiug re - kid fallen beadf re
most down the well, missing tin
I bucket, which hiiu suspended, and
plungtd to the,m through tt-n
feet of water, his hat being left Mick
nit; iu the mud. so great was the
force of his "hold up." Wlien hi
arose to tin" surface, he iinmcdiatt-lv
grafted the well cliain ami began to
climb. A small cut on his hand and
nw torn clothing was all the apia
rent injury he suffered by his icy
and -rilous eierienoe.
He was drawing water; il was
nearly dark, and being cold the little
fellow was in a hurry, so he was
throwing one hand high over tin
other to bring the bucket up rapidly
he lost his balance and went head
foremost to the cavernous depths
Bilious Colic Prevented.
Take t double dose ol Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Kerned)
as soon as tlx first iudicatian of Ihe
disease appears aud a threateued at
tack nuy be warded off. Huodreds ol
people use the remedy in this wa
itli perfect success. For sale by Dr.
. J. WelsU and L. N. bimpson, Jr.
fio to Flow's pr pipes, suulf and
BET 8MB, lOTICJfS. ClCTto, GISTS' n:r.:i!i3cs, HiT
:We Timnlc
Yo 11:
for your kind Words and ap;m-eiatioii hi.vvu by a very p-nenlis
al Milage, tltir goods nave conn- ami gone :u,. uuaiiilliey have
come and we im He ymi AtJAlX to come and relieve our' over
flowing shelves in ull departments.
New Goods Arriving
nearly all the time keeps us it a iy autl anvioiw to serve you.
Among the latest arrivals ymi v, ill lunl new wool good Stcl
tons, Cbeviols N-rges, Snow tl. ike Suitings .Niks I'm- waists,
coats and skills. Xew Il.-.iti liml mid iuem-ritl Waist ings
from 15 to ."it cents the yard.
Misses' aud Indies' Cloaks from m cents to H I.ini among
these some very el. -rant L'anueiits.
A lot of Ijidies" Neekwt-tr that lias calletl forth tiie warmest
praise and is going like hot cakes.
The liest line ol Kid tiloves we have ever show n to s-l from
t,i ct'UU to l.5i, an espceially ;ikm value for 7.1 cents.
We can't give prominence to all. but our Men's Clothim? and
Shoe Departments ure worthy of ii.
A new lot of M
Special Notices.
Adverliseuients ill be iuserled ic
this column at the price of one ceut a
word, casb lu advance.
rX)R KENT Two farms, just out ol
1 town; ooe known as the Kroadacrr
tract, the other the Louis Lilly tract
Apply to Mrs. D. A. tovuntou.
'OK SALE Two Jersey calves, male
anil female, Jas. A. Caldwell.
" IIKIS1 MAS will soon be here "sea in.
U Cuttou is bringing twelve and a half
ceuts, which makes us all feel Rood
aud lliaukful. Now, why not think of
the loved oue laid away in the new
made grave and present that one with
titling monument ? The Carolina
Marble & Granite Co. will be glad to
ake yuur order and make lust such a
job as you may Belect.
NOTICE I am preparing to leave
Monroe. All who owe me must
come up at once aud rettle or they
II have to settle witti my attorney.
Henry A. Winchester.
tn CENTS pays for Our Home one
UU year and gets a chance at a fio
sewing machine. Write for free sam
ple copies. Address Uur Home, Marsh
ville, N. C.
WANTED All the seed cotton I cau
eeti am navine from iW tois:
ud at cents per bu. fur cotton seed;
Iso buying but cotton and cotton
seed. Cotton seed meal and hay for
sale, I. il. Nath, at old court house.
HEAI'EST and most up-to-date
grocery store iu Monroe. Set our
d. elewhere in this paper.
Uivens & Helms,
IT ANTED A good cropper, with or
VV without stock. Good, large
house, seveu miles south of Monroe.
11. G. llotchkist.
POK KENT a or j horse farm, very
nue laud, to parlies Willi ineir own
stock. See me quick; V, miles east
I Mouioe. L. Medliu, K. V. U. No.
Mouroe, N. C.
rOK SALEAII kinds of wood on
ianucneap. l., aieuun, k. r , v.
1, Monroe, N . C
AKM FOR SALE-1 will tell for
cash or for part cash, payable iu
several successive years, i acres of
laud 5 miles from Mouroe, with new
bouse, new barn, and oue horse farm
open on it. Possession can be given
at once. Frauk Armfield.
POR SALE A good family mare.
J. J. Miadd.
COR RENT Two desirable ttore
rooms north of the court house.
Apply to Mrt. T. H. Simpson.
BRING your chickens and eggt to
S. II. Hudson, nest to Journal
CALL at S. H. Hudson's tod get a
boi of Headly't candies .
Now's the Time! iS?
We have overstocked ourselves in
the Jewelry Department this faJl,
therefore we shall do business for
the next ten days. From December
I5th to December 25th, we will, for
cash, give an extra
10 per cent
iscount on the following goody:
Brooch Piny, Cuff Buttons, Chains,
Lockets, Solid Gold Watches and
Rings, Fobs, Hat Pins, etc. U So '
now is the time and this is the place.
Do business.
Don't Blame the Cook if 1
Your Bread Is Poor,
owing nit for proiessional services
will find Ihe accounts with Mr. Philip
Whitley or Mr. H. W. Pusser, and a
prompt payment of all accounts it re
quested to be made to either of the
above gentlemen. A. D. N. Whitley,
CALL at S. H. Hudson's for Fleish
man's compressed yeast.
The best Line of
. on earth
for the money.
loiiroe Hardware Com pan j
Hut In the future buy rrvlnin Tutt'iit ri.uir. II is tin- lsst
fltiiir tluit ran ls rt)dur'd by lii.Hlfi n niafbiut'iy uinl nothing
but the linest wheat grown is ustd in its niuiiiihiHui-e.
Just mrived: New t'rop Out Flukes I'lcned Hiu kwheat
Flour, Mountain ltiiekwbeat Flour, NVw Macemoni, .strained
Honey, Imported Syrup, 1'in Money I'iekles
If you want the linest eup of rolli-e ymi ever drank, try a
puvkatre of Premier ColVee, an. I licsiilrs gel'tiiif; the lims rollee
you also get a Uotl-ers Silver After liinner t'oiVee Spoon in ev
ery put'kiifie,
liiHM'ivetl every wii'k by express Nunnally's Fine ( limsilales
and lion lions. Fresh fakes Criiekein anil Wafers received
each week.
tug Liodsey GroGery Go.
will soon be here and you will want a nice prei
ent for your friend or relative. There is nothing
more suitable than a handsome piece of furniture.
We have Rocking Chairs, any style, from 75c. up.
Rugs, Centre Tables, Pictures,
I Lamps, Musical Instruments, Ex-
tension Tables and Room Suit.
The biggest and best tine of Bed Steads and
Mattresses we ever had.
Furnltura Dealer and Funeral Director.
Store Phone 7; Residence Phone S4.

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