North Carolina Newspapers

One Dollar a Year
From Halie To Florid Pt-n nat
Fame Hat Spread.
A Cmi . I.I. I
ill Ht'n4 Caere pooilewrc Lambert. k..t
Bit tit ia Bow under way, in ha-ated
on the n strive river, which
North Caroliua in known a (be , . . ....
Catawba. It U aU.ttt K utile, from ' . The ""P U,","t ,a"1 '' "f ,
l-.t-, i- u I "'It mule and happy plow bands
O.Htfrle.1 !l,ml, fP.m. n. 1 U.r,. IS A, US miiW fr... l'l.l-r!"' through the Ia.4 rot
MUi'wiBKtarecwiViv-M'aml almut 10 utile from HwilhsiU,u middle -juM brwkii.jj Ilie;
kr catarrh of liw giusuacbi
Mr. OottfrMst llrmntrnrh.
My truulil til catarrh u( tha atom,
aeh, anil your mnllrluv ku perforini
a aiirat'le In my raao, ai the doctor
cuDnullnl said I ouulil But ltva If
stayed la Klurtda. II wanted to wad
r loa huapital In Knosvllle, Tron. II
I had dun thit I would surely liar
died. I took lVru-na aud bow again I
hava life and energy, aud new float and
blid has replaced what 1 lint."
lion. J. I. Itotkin, I'ungreaaman-al-Urge
from Kanaaa, says! "A few bot
tle! of your medicine hare given Bi
Blmoat complete relief from catarrh of
tli itomarh, with wliirh I hav been
afflicted more or leu tor a quarter of a
aentury. Addreea I'r. ItarUnao, Uo
lumbaa, Ohio, for fra book.
The President of the Company Say
that Me Can Furnish Electrical
Power for the Same Price the
Manufacturers Pay for Coal.
Charlotte New-. iMh
lr. V. Gill Wylie, president of
t lie Southern 1'ower Company, re
ceiilly chartered ui.der the laws of
the tStalo of Jtew Jersey, w ith
WK,(HMI capital, arrived ia Char
lotte tli ih morning.
Dr. Wylie was seen in bis oftce
in the Trust building aud anketl to
give the News au interview eon
ccruing the great jwwer develop
meiitH that are uow and will soon
lie uuder construction. Wheu elec
trical power is under discussion,
Dr. Wylie may be counted on to
lie the most interesting talker that
cau be found either North or 8011th.
As soon as the News man enter
ed the handsome offices, Dr. Wylie
seemed ready for the fray. Klec
trieal power is his hobby and the
harnessing of the Catawba in or
der to develop this Kiwer, is bis
jtmbitiou the goal of his life.
"Yon may suy in the News that
the Southern 1'ower Company is
now iu a position to guarantee the
delivery of electrical imwer at a
.cost not to exceed the price of the
icoal used -by the steam plants."
Thus -spoke Dr. Wylie, aud bis
spyea fairly sparkled when he tin
Mied the sentence.
"You kuow, three yearn ago
I came to Charlotte aud told these
cotton mill owners what I proposed
to do, they looked at me us if I was
au escaped lunatic Many of them
thought 1 had lost my reason. I
urn in a position today to make
good all those seemingly extrava
gant Htaten.euts.
"If all the power needed by this
immediate section is not available
just now, I promise that it will be
iu the shortest possible time.
"Today I am prepared to sign
contracts to furnish any amount of
power to new enterprises, erect
their buildings and am ready to
turn their wheels.
"The Houthern Power Company
is uow engaged iu a tremendous
undertaking at Great Falls, ('lies
ter county, 8. C. There we have
three falls of 70, 50 aud 45 feet
We are now at work developing
the 70 fall, and as soou as this work
is completed we will begin ou the
other two.
"This work is now being carried
on by practically the same force
that built and put iu service the
power plant formerly kuown as the
Catawba Power Company. With
the developing of the three falls at
Great Falls our capacity will be
augmented by liO.OOO horse power
this, too, at low water.
"When the work at Great Falls
is completed we will move on up
4 the Catawba to Mountain Island,
' and there begiu the development
of that proierty, which will add
about 20,000 horse power to our
"It may seem a fairy story to
many, but the probability is that
my company will not even stop at
Mountain Island. I am inclined to
believe that we will continue on
np the Catawba even as far as
Hickory, where there ia a fall of
f0 feet that would greatly Increase
our capacity.
"And when we land at Hickory
we will be in a position to turn
every piece of. -Machinery to the
vast area that include upper South
Carolina and the bordering coun
ties of North Carolina."
Great Falls, where the develop-
Mill. It is the purHMe of the
Southern Power Company to dis
tribute the Miwer developed at
Great Falls in the towns and cities
iu South Carolina, or at least as
much as may tie taken. Camden
w ill waut some, Columbia w ill take
10,000 horse poaer. Then, Itl.two
horse power will lie brought to
Charlotte, thereby increasing the
actual amount of horse (siwer to
."-',000 for Charlotte.
It is also the intention of the
company to distribute 10,000 horse
power in Gastouia aud that imme
diate section.
In this connection Dr. Wylie
states that the principal disirili
utiug points will lie Charlotte, Gas
Ionia and Mountain Island.
To complete this gigautic under'
taking the rompauy has now ou its
iay rolls a large force of hands.
The uumber will I si increased just
as rapidly as the help ran lie eu
guged. Another bill undertaking
that will soou be launched by the
Southern Power Company is the
building of a railroad from Great
Falls to one of two points, either
llaacouville or rort Iiwn, S. C.
This will connect with the Chester
and Lancaster at either of the
alsive M lints.
Dr. Wylie statiw that the output
of the plant near holt Mill, form
erly known as the Culaalia Power
Company, has Is-en practically en
gaged. The capacity of this plant
may lie increased by steam power
to the amount of 10,000 primary
and 4, (MM) secondary horse poa er.
The district to lie traversed by
the electrical power fniiu the dif
ferent plants of the Southern Pow
er Company is almut IVi miles in
length and (ill to NO miles in width.
This embraces the valley of the
watershed of the Catawba.
Iu connection with the loss of
power in transmission, Dr. Wylie
states that when his circuit is com
pleted and the different plants are
sending out their electrical forces,
the loss entransit w ill not amount
to more than '1 J per cent. He says
that some people imagine that a
great deal of the power is lost on
account of the distance it count.
With high voltage the loss w ill lie
reduced to a very small per cent.
The oflicers of the Southern Pow
er Company are as follows: W. G.
Wylie, president; 15. N. Duke, fust
vice president; W. S. Iah, second
vice president and engineer iu
charge; Richard It. Arrington, sec
retary and treasurer; . 11. Mar
tiu, assistant secretary and treas
crust, as 11 were. 1 lie corunriti 11-11
the plowman's farewell toui li days
ago. Hut the bottom blades are
begiuning to riia-n, and after a few
days of aaeet rouipauionsliip with
the "Georgia ItalllcMiake'' and the
"Or Swimuiliig I!"!-, fodder
pulling time will sound a clarion
call for the scattered hands. Then
the darkies tiegin to sing on even
ings when the cured bundle are
lieing placed systematically around
the stark-poles by exiwriciiced
"stackers who received the bull
dies from their companions w ith as
much seriousness of puristse as the
mason evince lu constructing a
building from the brick ami mor
tar laid at their feet by the stoop,
iug In si carriers.
This, however, is only intrmlue
tory to the graud chorus. The real
depth of feeling, the sheer ahuu
dou and the proiier selling doei
uot come until SeptemtsT has
touched the cotton lichls and the
great hearts of the maturing bolls
burst withjoy. 1 hat is the supreme
moment aud the beautiful blended
voices of the negro cotton pickers
of the South is a sound, once heard,
never to be forgotten. One can
not find any adjectives to ex
press the wild, untutored tieauty of
it- It is a chant of inexpressible
rj tli 111, w ith a note of sadness and
mingled hojie aud regret, and one
cannot stop without burdening it
with that indetinablo o,ualiliuttion
aud call it weird, lint this at
tempt at descriptiou is arraut non
sense. It has all ticeii said lielore,
and it is all inadequate. If seeing
is laMieving, hearing is the only
poKsible way of knowing what the
sound ucgrocH singing in the cotton
fields in Scptcmlier is like.
lint the opiMirtuuity for satisfy
ing this auditory curiosity is near
at hand. For, are we uot laying
by, and won't fodder wmui be ready
to pull! And theu the towu will
yield its pilgrimage to the cotton
held, the Mecca of the negro of the
South. Then will come days and
uights Riled with song and laugh
ter and the nimble plying of lingers
set to musio that is perhaps a lone
relio ot a long forgotten (ougo.
In the
Unbounded West.
(' H. . m fnartiaa k'tmrr.
Bill Nyc'a Literary rWttuxJs.
Just uow there is heavy eniigra I Relicious Cranks Must Observe th
tiou from the Xorthaeitt acne the rivil 1 1
1 rat allium auvtiuiiir with is-r
religious leei impunity, except health hl.
- - - vi
Z bonier to Cauada. This part f llie iimiii Ua.iart
lHiiuiiiiua stands almost unrivalled In Wiuston tl
there is a
I as a wheat country, and so many crank, one Tom liege, who is of j That is the only thing I ever hav
9 Aun-iiiam XT" n-uiiiigr iiirre llini
il.u.- Miuv .... u l;ii. .. al.u ..rt
. - i. .... iwmii- 1 1 1. iu tin-
I lllsl'IISM-il lilmi fur I uiimlliiii amiei
liieesi isalamloliiiagnilHvnt aliou. The whi-at is sown, grown
iipsiniiiiiiieH, 01 course, nut so is
the South, aud my conviction is
that we have the lim-st iN-opIc, the
tiest men ami women, in the South
that are to lie found any a here. It
is a gtssl atuiuKphcre iu which to
In lairu and iu which to grow up.
We have some line old U'diioncd
ideals of honor, aud a reverence for
sacred things, that the bustling
North aud the brvety West seem to
me to lack.
For one thing, take our regard
for women. A u Oregon young man
whose mother was a Texan ssike
to me alsiut thisdillerence between
the West and the South. "In Port
land," he said, "not one man in a
thousand w ill let a woman go lie
fore him in getting on a street c-i: ;r,
1.. .1 I .:n .1
uh our iu a iiiousuuii in iuKe on
his hat if a woman comes into
aud Blow u - to speak rlivthnncally
iu alaiut ninety days, I am told.
I believe it is said that there
were originally ouly twenty-seven
joke ami that all that we hate in
the world are variations of the
origiual twenty seven. Certain it
is that au absolutely new joke is
one of the rarest of hmuau bless
ings; aud I have a new illustration
of this faet. Out ou the Pacific
Ocean a party of fellow travellers
on the deck were telliug jokes; aud
they were the same stories that you
aud I have heard on the shores of
the Atlantic or on the steamers lie
tween Suffolk aud New York.
Ulhei tb.u vary gfeatly, but you
aisiui me same stories and
1 llMOir lltu ....... i.. U.... L'.
"I .... ... V.. 1-....L
rirmur; win its his lur nmj;
We like best to call
a food because it stand so em
phatically for perfect nutrition.
And yet in the matter of restor
ing appetite, of giving new
strength to the tiasues. especially
to the nerves, its action is that
of a rnedu inc.
SCOTT a BOW Ml, HmhIi'I,
aMi M , N"Tk.
If you are troubled with dizzy
siiclls, headache, indigestion, con
stipation, Hollistcr's Kocky Moun
tain Tea will make vou well and
keep you well. If it fails get your
money back. That's fair. Jl.'i cents.
huglish Drug Co.
Deadly Parallel: Alfalfa vs. Clover.
Ciiuntry Life III Amerli-a.
Alfalfa is ready for cutting n
full mouth lieuirered clover. There
is a strong advantage in dairy farm
ing, since green crops are needed
at the earliest iHissihle mouth in
the Rpriug. After cutting alfalfa
springs into growth more promptly
than clover and a second crop is
produced withiu eight to six weeks.
Clover lasts two years and alfalfa
teu to thirty years. In uew Jersey
the average yield of green forage
per acre was ;Hi,.H0 Ilia, for alfalfa
and 14,000 lbs. for red clover. The
weights of dry buy were ,2"i.S His.
and LOSS His,, and of protein 2,21 1
lbs. and lilti lbs per acre, respect
ively. In tlio same state alfalta
was found to contain 1,IS0!) His. of
dry matter and 2i His. of proteiu
per ton as compared with 1, lilti
11m. for clover. In other words,
alsalfa not only yields two and one
half times us much us red clover,
but its feeding value is much great
er pound for pound.
Fiendish Suffering
is often caused by sores, ulcers and
CAUcers that eat away your skin.
Wm. Bedell of Flat Uxk, Mich.,
says: "I have used Buckleu's Ar
nica Salve for ulcers, sores and can
cers. It is the best healing dreaing
I ever found." Soothes and heals
cuts, burns and scalds. at
lish Drng Co.'s, guaranteed.
If a man runs into debt he must
either rrawl out or stay in. Chi
cago News.
They Appeal to Our Sympathies.
The bilious and dyspeptic are constant
sufferers and appeal to our sympathies.
There is not one of them,however,wbo
may not be brought back to health and
happiness by tha us of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets. These lab
lets invigorate Ilia stomach and liver
and strengthen the digestion. They
also regulate the bowels For sale by
C. N. Simpson, Jr., and S. J. Welsh.
Beware of the red flag. It's an
archy tir au auction. Chicago
Nothing on the Market
equal tu Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy. This fact is
well known to druggists everywhere,
and nine out of ten will give their cus
tomers this prepsrstion when the best
is asked for. Mr Ota.Wittner,a prom
inent druggist of Joplin, Mo. , iu a cir
cular to his customers, says: "There
is nothing 00 the market in tba way
of patent medicine which eqnalaCham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Kemedy for bowel complaints, W'asell
and recommend this preparalina." For
sale bC.N SimptoD.Jr.andS.J. Welsh.
Afraid of Work!
Cleveland evidently hits a kind
of boy that courts the strenuous
life, if the following by "W.U.K."
in the Plain lcaler signifies:
"Did you advertise for a Iwyf
"Yes." Have you answered the
advert isementf '
"I have. But I'd like to know
llrst what you mean by saying you
want a lioy who ain't afraid of
"It's plain enough, isn't it!"'
"Maybe it is, but I should think
you'd rather have a boy that wits a
little afraid of work. Just enough
afraid of it to catch hold of it and
tussle with it, and down it and
jump on it, and get llie best of it,
and show it that it won t get a
a chance to prove too much for
him. That's the kind o' Isiy I
should thiuk you'd like instead o'
the kind that isu t ulraid of work.
Why, I knew a Isiy once who
wasn't the least mite afraid of it,
and he'd rub up against it, and
walk right iuto tlio cage where
they kept it, mid let it eat oil' his
hands, and at the same time never
meddle with it enough to soil his j8 m,t in the Bible.'
one's seat to a woman iu a street car.
I have done this when it made me
so conspicuous I almost felt asham
ed of myself."
But let me not do an injustice to
the Western men. It is not all their
fault uot by any means. The
Western woman seems to have
been trying so aggressively to prove
hei-self the "equal" of mail bv
breaking into his sphere that he
docs uot think of her as U'longing
to any higher sphere. Dow 11 South
the women don't vote not because
the men don't think them good
enough, but liccuuse we think them
tiHigiMsl. And the exiH-rieiice of
I tali and Colorado and Wyoming
and other States where woman suf
frage obtains only gis's to show the
striking htuess oi the toast a man
once proimsed in one of these
Stall's: "Here's to woman - once
our siijiei ior, now our equal!''
So after a Southeruor has Is-en
out West he is moved to thank God
lor the Southern woman and the
Southern Sabbath! And our ob
servance of Sunday is only an evi
dence of our old-fashioned Puritan
faith in God and the Bible. Then
is no doubt but that at times we
have interpreted both with a rigid
and unlovely coldness that has Ism
harmful; but austerest Puritanism
is ever to Is? preferred to any sort
of easy F.piciireauism that never
theless leaves man rudderless ou a
sea of doubt.
In a former letter I mentioned
the Westerner's lack of regard for
Sunday, and reported some s
cilic illustrations. In San Fran
cisco Sundiiy closing is entirely op
tional with the merchant or shop
keeper. Saloons are full blast; the
market stalls are lilwrally patron
ized; the sound of carpenters build
ing wakes you on Sunday morning;
picnic parties march through the
streets with brass bands; and at
night the theatres prolmly draw
larger crowds than the churches.
Church spires not only are not
so prominent in the outlines of
W estern towns as in the South, but
of the churches a large proportion
litre of the freak sort Christian
Science and 1'niversalist churches,
not to mention the Mormons whose
missionary zeal has already ls-en
not iced. SoinelsMly has represented
a thorough-going Athest as saying:
"I can believe anything provided
So it is
fingertips." 'that many jieople who think it
"That's enough, young fellow, jcredulty U) accept Biblical stories
the job is yours." iW true, are yet ready to credit the
I wildest stores of unsavory spirit
Public U Aroused. I ualistsand "in' liuuis." I was very
The public is aroused to a kuowl-1 much impressed by the large mim
ed ge of the curative merits of that ber of fakirs of this sort who adver
great medicinal touic, Klectric Bit- Use iu the San Francisco papers,
tern, for sick stomach, liver and I The reader may think that the
kidneys. Mary II. Walters, of Alt! day iu which the desert claimed its
St. Clair avc., Columbus, O., writes: victims passed long ago. but this is
"For several months I was given not true. The day we arrived in
up to die. I had fever and ugue, I Los Angeles the daily piticrs told
my nerves were wrecked; I could I of three young miners who went
uot sleep aud my stomach was so jout prosiectiiig iu the Death Yal
weak from useless doctors' drugs j Icy vicinity. Wuter failing, they
that I could not eat. Shiu after be- decided at last to separate in their
ginning to take Klectric Bitters I nmd search for it. Two lived to
obtained relief and iu a short time I get water, but the third died of
I was entirely cured." Guaranteed j thirst, and the burial took place
at Knglish Drug Co.'s; price JiOc while we were there.
Facts Are Stubborn Things
Uniform excellent quality for 0Vr quifitr Of I
Ctntury baa ateadily increased the sales of LION COFFEE,
The leader oi all package coffees.
Lion Coffee
la now used In millions of home. Such
popular sucoeaa speaka for itaelf. It is a
aesltlvc irtei that LI01 COFFEE has tha
Confidence of the people.
The uniform quality of LION
COFFEE survives all opposition.
rataa Ita Streaajtk. Flavstr ? QsisuV
Ity to ewcasBCwel IU Oai arrival traaa
ik BUaitatlwas. It is earctsUly resist,
si at ear factories aa4 aeewrctw
a eke la 1 Ik. aale4 paekaf es.
Mel awt caeel agala wata aec4ea
twr wee la the haute. This predate
th oaalbtllty af aslallaratloa er eeataet with (crave. eUrt.
slaat. lauxeis ar aaeleaa haada. Tha ahaetata parity of
UON COHtl la therefore f aaraatcea ta tha caaaasaar.
Bold ealy la 1 tb. parkafr'e. Iioa-Wl oa evary package.
Bave tbeae Uoe-haade foe ralaable prrams.
WOOMO 8PICX CO., ToWde, Ohio. .
At Monerey, I am sorry that I
did not see the famous old cypress
trees L'.ismi years old is their est
mated age gnarled and knotted
evergreens, the eiiilxMlinient ot pa
iiem endurance. 1 am also sorry
that I did not see the Sherman
rose. This is a rose which Gen,
Sherman aud a Monterey girl
planted together long teal's la-fore
Sherman Is'canie unions as a com
iiiauder. " Wheu this rose bhsiius,"
said Sherman, "I will come hark
and claim you as my bride." And
the rose bloomed, but Sherman
never came back; is still blooming,
and Shermi.u is iu his grave. The
woman, if I reineiiilier the story
correctly, never married, and died
a lew years ago.
I have already recounted iu these
columns the story of how I encoun
tered the Spanish sM uking waiters
iu a Mexican restaurant and as
neither of us could "savvy" as to
w hat the other was saying, I could
get misttpm-r there. Mr. Thomas
of Indiana, one of my fellow trav
elers, had better luck - or worse
luck, whichever you may choose to
term it. Here is the ease as he
puts it iu his paM'r:
The writer, with two ladies.
went to a Mexican restaurant and
had a genuine Mexican suiim-r.
The hut tamalc and other teu times
hotter Mtntr, seemed to affect Isilli
head ami stomach, as it was with
difficulty that we were able to nav
igate and one of the ladies was
coin s-l led to call a physician all
the next day iu crossing the desert.
No more Mexican supers iu ours,
1 did not get a genuine Mexican
supper, as I have said, but iu Guth
rie I tried "hot chili," which shares
with the "hot tamale'' the place of
honor in cowtioy aud Mexican
menus. Hot chili is a sort of soup
made of chili pcpcr with enough
IsH-f, Is'iins, etc., to season the pep-M-i'.
Hot tauiale is somew hat like
hot chili except that it is ten times
hotter, is a sort of pudding rather
than a soup, ami is cooked in a
corn shuck. I ate my dish of chili
with some relish, but I balked on
the hot tamale ordered at Santa
Cruz, Oil. not, however, until 111 v
tongue had Ix-eu burned into in
sensibility by the pcpicrs and my
dcsicratc unties had made "hot ta
male" the standi, ig joke against
me for the rest of the trip. Un
common iiituie tor the dish out
West is "hotteVh'l," and I have
no amendment to oiler.
Every man's nature is the pro
duct of mixed ami opposing ten
dencies. 1 do not share at all Kip
ling's cynical Is-lief that
"The c.tainN latljr and Jullt o'liraily
Ait hIhiit umtor their iklir
but it is true that there are bad ten
dencies in every good man which
he must keep lighting, and good
tendencies in every bad man which
call him to Is-tter things.
Hut I am not to argue on this
point; what I have to observe is
that while I think the sweetest tune
in the world is, "Home, Sweet
Home," yet in my nature, too,
there is always a keen response to
'Wanderlust'' of Gerald Gould's
and though at home again,
still feel the cull oi the great world
"lu-ytilld 111. Ca.1 tin unrl-, lyind Hi. Wt
till- Mra,
Ami Kt and W.l the wandt-rluMt Out will
not 1.1 aic ta ;
It wurk. ta air ilk. maitiirwi. ilrar, k bid
aa? guixt-hf?
fur tli. wma rll and tli. tar rail, and oh. the
call nf the kf !
"I know Ritt where Ihe while ruatl runa, nnr
what the Nlir hill, ate,
Hut a Rialt cwn have the nun fur friend, and ftir
hla eulrfe a atar;
And thare'a ati entl uf vnyairlttic when onee Uie
vutee la heard.
rnr the rlrer cwlla and the hwd oalN. and tin.
the rail of a bird!
-Yonder la. Nma korltnn Ilea, and thera by
a If hi and day
The old ahlp drawa t home airaln, the rising
ahlpa aall awajf ;
Aadaume I aiar. bat ffo I aiut,and If awaaak
jm why,
Yoa na (Mil tha Mama oa Ihe aiara and the
, sua and tha while nmd and the k, ."
Danrerous and Uncertain.
For sunburn, teller and all akin and
scslp diseasea, DeWHI's Witch Hsiel
Spire has bo equal, It ir a certain
cure for blind, bleedine., itching and
protrudiof, piles. It will draw the fire
ont of a burs and heal without leavini
a scar, Boila, old sores, carbuncles,
etc., ara quickly cured by tha use of
tha genuine DeWitt's Witch Hani
Salve. Accept bo substitute as they
sre oftea dao(emas snd uncertain.
Sold by En(liah Drug Co. and S. J.
the Seventh Hay Ad vent 1-4 faith,
liege keeM a siuall store which he
citax-rt ou Kuturtlay ( but Halilattb )
and owim ou Sunday. He hay beeu
arretted uia.iy times for violating
the Suuday law, h-tslweu lined and
sent to jail often, but so far as ap
pears be has never paid any fine or
slated lu jail longer tbau a few
days at a time. The mayor seems
to have regarded Hege as a white
elephant and to have haudled him
gingerly (Just why he didu't go
ahead and enforce the law aud let
consequences take care of them
selves it is hard to understand),
the newspapers have giveu him
more uotoriety thau he deserved,
aud strange to say a gtssl main
people have apparently leut their
eflorts toward making a hero aud a
I martyr out of the rouiuiouest sort
of crank. A few days atro Hetre
was arrested and sentenced to (HI
das in jail. He apaaled aud the
suiMTior lourt affirmed the may
or's decision. The rase goes to the
Supreme Court and Hege says be
will take it to the I uited States
Supreme Court. This is a land ot
religious liberty and the Landmark
stands for the widest freedom in
religious lielief. But we have uo
patience with people who come
along and try to overturn existing
cowl it ions li ke Sabbath observance,
which has been recognized for cen
turies. Ihe Jews hold that the
seventh day is the Sabliath, but
.lews have too much sense to defy
the laws providing for the observ
ance of the first day of the week.
If one is allowed to practice any
thing which he may hold is sanc
tioned bv the liible, the Mormons
should uot I (list url cd in theprac
uce 01 iMtiygamy; they Have as
much right to disregard the law
against plural marriages as the Sev
enth Day Adveutist has to disre
gard the law which provide for
the olMcrvauce or the first day ot
the week as the Sabbath.
No nan Eater There.
New- and 1 Ui-rer.
To the Kditor: The story printed
in your patter in reference to a shark
eating a boy near Davis Shore, this
county, is absolutely without any
foundation whatever. The boy uncle
talked with me yestcrdav and said
the boy was very much alive at
1 have been living in Heaufort
since 1S93 and 1 have never known
of a man-eating shark being seen in
our waters during that tune. In
fact, I never heard of any such sharks
here infesting our waters.
Ihe shark found about hen is
small and is afraid of a man or a
boy. I have seen fishermen jump
right overboard when sharks were
playing and scare them away. 1
cannot imagine how such a story
should have been started as the one
published in the papers about the
boy being devoured by one at Davis
Shore, which is about twenty-five
miles from here.
I sincerely trust that all the State
apcrs and other paiiers which have
printed this fake shark story will
orrect the same and as conspicu
ously as the first was published.
story of that kind is calculated
hi damage Heaufort and Morehead
City as resorts. Nothing of the kind
happened and nothing of the kind
will hap(en, I am sure.
Cuts. U Ahkrnktiiy.
Beaufort, N. C.
A Warning to Mothers.
Too much care cannot be used with
small childien during the hot weather
of the summer months to guard agsinst
buwel troubles. As a rule it is only
necessary to give the cliilJ a dose ot
astor oil to correct any disorder of
the bowels. Do not use any substitute,
but give the old f inhumed castor oil,
and see that it is fresh, as rancid oil
nauseates and has a tendency to gripe.
It this does not check the bowels give
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Kemedy aud then a dose of ess
tor oil, aud the disease may be check
ed in its iucipiency snd sll danger
avoided. The castor oil and this rem
edy should be procured at once aud
kept ready for instant use ss soon as
the first indication of any bowel
trouble appears. This is the most sue
eessful treatment known and may be
relied upou with implicit confidence
even in cases of cholera infantum. For
sale byC.N. Simpson, jr.and S.J. Welsh.
trouble with. Health fond will
semi aty pul down to f.,rtv eiirh
iu less inau au hour. A uiau luiisl
have a very strong roust it utiou t
stand up against food which is al
ready prearvd. su that all he has
to lo is to swallow IL
I exercise a great deal iu tin
oieu air. lu summer I follow
lawn mower around for au Imu
each day, and iu winter I take
spin ou the elevated railroad.
I keep a notebook, iu which
write all my lies! thoughts. I then
put the book iu a side pocket of in)
coat aud give the coat to a poor
man whose address I do not know.
I give a great deal to chant v. Lut
try to keep it out of the iiapers at-
ar as possible.
Wheu the weather is such that I
cannot exercise iu the oien air 1
nave a heavy pair of dumb In-IIs ai
my lodgiiigs, which I use for hold
iug the door open. I also beloni;
to au athletic club aud a nair 01
muiau cttilM with red handles. I
owe much of my robust health tt
I do most of my writing iu a sit
ting posture or iu an autograph al
bum. When I am uot eiiLMLi-d in
iliougtit 1 am employed 111 recover
ng trout its eflects, I am very L'en
lal and pleasant to Is thrown
amongst aud frequently submit to
all kinds or indignities, esociall)
from people to whom I aiu indel.t
ed, rather thau reseut it and causi
them pain.
I keep a large nair of brast
knuckles, which I wear 011 my feet
while riding iu a crowded car.
This I like liettcrthau irettinif hit
self upholstered every week.
I uo not Iwlieve iu mixim? 111
tlcohol with literature. Literal tin
with nothing else in it will last
onger when exixised to the ail
thau the other kind.
lu dress exiensively, but not m
as to attract attention. In flu
uioruing I wear morning dress, in
he evening 1 wear evening dress.
and at night 1 wear uight dress.
I have forgotten what book
have helped me most; also what
my favorite passages of prose ami
poetry are. I had the benefit of tin
best of home iiitltiences wheu n
child, and everybody has been verj
a 1 no 10 me, so 1 canuot say definite
wnat it was that brought m
The Only Way.
There is no way to maintain the healtl
aud strength of mind and body escep
by nourishment. There is no way t
nourish escept through the stomach
The stomach must be kept healthy,
pure and sweet or the strength will lei
down and disesse will set up. No ap
petite, lots ot streugth, nervousness
headache, constipation, bad breath,
sour risings, rifting, indigestion, dys
pepsia and all stomach troubles thsi
re curable are miickly cured bv tin
use ot Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. Kodo.
igests whst you eat and strengthen:
the whole digestive apparatus. Sold bj
English Drug Co. and S. J. Welsh.
A mini's ideal womau is always
married to some other fellow.
Ch icago News.
How's This
We offer Oue Hundred Dollars Re
ward fur any case of catarrh that can
not he cured by Hall a Catarrh Cure.
F.J. CHENEY & CO.,Toledo,U
We, the undersigned, have known
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years and
believe him perfectly honorable in all
busiuesa franssclions and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by bis firm. Wslding, Kinnan ft Mar
vin, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucus surfaces of the system.
Testimonials sent free. Price 75 cts,
per bottle. Sold by all druggists.
Tske Hall's Family pilla for Consti
Nelson Bumgarner, who blew tbe
whistle of a threshing engine In
Wilkesboro and caused team to
run away, resulting iu the death of
George I'arwons, waa put under
bond of (700 to answer at court.
Weddington, X, ('.,
Opeus August 21st, 11KI5,
Hoarding arrangements for vomit!
ladies. Hoys' dormitory iu course
of construction. 1'reiiares for the
leading collect of the State. Good
library for school eiii.' establish
ed. ( Jotsi 111 usical ad va ntaires.
For catalogue or further infor
mation, write
C. K. Ci.wmi, A.B., I'rincinal.
Matthews, X. C, It, K. II. Xo. IS.
Trlnltu Park Scnool
A nrt-elaM prpiaratorji at-hcxil. (r
tlnealeauf graduation anvnlrd fur en
trance to Iradlna Southern eollPKeii.
Best Equipped Preparatory
School in the South.
Kai-ully of ten oflleera and teacher.. aeventx Sve arm. I.llirary
cuntalnlna; thtrljr Ihiiuwnd volume.
Well equipped ) muaalum. High man
dartla and modern method of Inntruc
tlon. Frequent let-turea bjr prominent
lecturer. KiprtiM-. eaceedluirlr mod
erate. Seven jream ot phenomenal auc
cm. For catalogue and other lii!,,r
matloil, addn-iM,
J. A. BIV INS, Headmaster,
rWriinc of Tiriah Bible
1-aifc-a.t.r I a-l-r
The Tirth litlileSa w tj held ita
loth annual meeting hint Siil unlay.
Cheat tendaiHv was iiiiiiMtally Urge
aud theadilieeM-s high! eutertaiu
mgaiid inMrueiite. The orator id"
the occasion was the J..V. tieo. .
Atkinson of Monroe. An address
was also u;i,e by the Uev. T. H.
Law, agent of the American Bible
Society. The rolleeliou amounted
to firo.iio. The following were
made In,. memU rs of the Ameri
can Kittle Ss-n-ii - l!... 11. 11, lev. J. . .itpt o.
M. Sander. Mrs. M. A. Sti-ele,
Mrs. Im KohiiiMiii. .Sixteen tier-
wins were made lite ltieiiils rsol the
I ir.ih society.
The old ollieers were re elected
ts follows: It. X. Xisla t, president;
f. B. Xisls-f, vice ni-esidi'til: J. r
Walkup, secretary; T. W. Me.Mur-
ray, treasurer, and It. J. Ih-lk. li.
Deculiar Disappearance.
J.D. liuuyanol Ilutlei ville, (., laid
me iiecuimr ttisapis-arance of his
paiiilul symptoms of indigestion
mil biliousness to Dr. Kimr's Xew
Lite 1'il Is. Hesavs: "Thev are a
lierfiK t remedy for tlizim-ss, sour
Joniaeh, headache, coiistiiuition.
tc." (Jiiaranteeil at KiiL'lish Drtnr
Co.'s; price ,
The date of the meeting of the
Southern Cotton Association, which
is to lie held at k en i worth Inn.
Vsheville, has Isin changed from
August Hi to Septemls-r li.
A little forethought may save vou no
end of trouble. Anyone who makes it
rule tu kerp Chanibeilaiu's Colic.
Cholera aud Diarrhoea Kemedv at
and knows this to he a fact. For aale
iy C.N. Simpson, Jr., and S. J. Welsh.
lievenne ollieers recently can-
tired a 120 gallon illicit distillery
loiumliiis county. The outfit
was making rum out of molasses.
su t this a novelty for the moon
Take Kodol After Eating.
After a heaity meal a dose ot Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure will prevent an attack
I indigestion. No Jul is a thorough
Jigeslaut aud a guaranteed cure tor
ndigestion, dyspepsia, gas on stomach,
eak heart, sour risings, bad breath
nd all stomach troubles. Sold by
Eugliah Drug Co. aud S. J. Welsh.
At lialc igh Friday evening Mrs.
Jas. Warreu, whose mind haslieeu
111 pa 1 red for some time, cut her
hrout with a ra.or, intlictiiig inju
ries Irom w hich she died later.
Sick headache results from a disord
ered couditioti of the stomach and is
uickly cured by Chamberlain's Stom-
cli and Liver Tablets. For sale by
N. Simpson, Jr., and S. J. Welsh.
Lawyers' Directory.
Offices in Savings, Loan and Trust
building, Curuer of Franklin and
Hayne Streets, Monroe, N, C.
Adams, Jerome & Ariuield, K00111S 16,
17 and lis.
, F. Grilhii, Rooms 11 and ia.
Lorenzo Medlin, Rooms 4 and .
Kedwine St Stack, Rooms ( to 10.
J. C. Sikes, Jr., Rooms 3 and 3.
Williams St Leinmoiid, Rooms 14 4 tl.
R. L. Stevens, office formerly occu
pied by Armfield St Williams, in the
s a Magistrate and asks a share of
ihe work in that line in Union county.
Notice of Administration.
I haveqiiallllcl before K. A . Armfleld, Clerk
of Ihe Superior Court tif In ion county. K.C..
aaeaecutorof the lal will anil testament of
Aaron Ahrraft, deecawd. and I hereto; nullf)
all H-rmn. having claim. aKaln.t the elatc of
MI1 deceaaed to prewnt th.iu within twelve
month Inim UOft dale, ar thla nnllt- will In
ule.iH.1 tn liar f recoverr. ln,MN.nii..
dehled to mid elate are hereliy notlSed to
ma.. iniBiruiaie naynienr. lillHulrst IWA
Frank armkiki i. u.r
of Aaroa A.hcraft, dee d.
T virtue ol two aereral morbrage deed. u
a. eieculeil hr Waile H anil duly regl.
tere.1 In office of the KcgUtrmr ll.eil.of I ntoii
aounty. SO .In Beordof Mortgage INvda A K.
page ,a lira page aai. I win aell lor ouih to Ihe
nigneai innoer nf puniic aui-llon, al eourl
hmiMe dour In Monrua. ta aald oounty, oa
Friday, August 25th, 1905,
a tract of land lylna la aa.4 antiary. oa the
wa-ra of Uoe. Creek, adjoining the land, of
T. M. natr. Irene nar.h.Th. A Fowler and
the S. F. Iraat. containing on. hundred
acre., aiore or leaa. and known a. the land con
vered lo aald Wade H. hr Wai. a. Halr
and Wife, K. A. Haalr. hr deed rMr1ti.l la
aaldmWoa In Reoord of Ded. No. SS, al page
;. aw. Sale to be mau to prorli.Mni
ui wn, moriaaiep urflii. 1 ni. win oar of Jtllr
A. U. IMA. C. M.SIMPWIN.Uortawrr.
J)er Ona: I bave solved the
mother-in law problem, just give
ber regularly Hollister'a Rocky
Mountain Tea. It will make ber
healthy, happy and docile as a lamb.
35c, tea or tablets. Eng. Drag Co. firXfiCII lUtdnt N IAU9 KOai
Rocky MounUia Tea Nuggett
k tuy laatslss at katf Naski
rhujs M4aa lasltk mt laaawia Tip.
A anaritte foe CVMipaikiw. ladhraatloa. l.rea
a4 Kldaav Trouakia, hmpieV Kcaana, Impure
Wood, Bad kraalH, SIHRlaS Bowela. Hmilarbe
aad Baafcaetn. ICa aAj BVnuttala IW la lob
ret loraa, SS Oaaia a boa. OmuuM mada br
niwiiiaiaa umm uwawi, laoaw, w ia.
Keep me for your friend, and
you'll never have baking troubles.
The way to a man's heart is
said to lie through his stomach
how easy, then, to keep the
household happy when Invincible
Flour is used in the bread, biscuit,
cakes and pastry. No more
growls about the kind "mother
used to make."
Yours for good bread,
Invincible Flour.
Ask your grocer for it
Henderson Roller Mills Co.
Trinity college
Four Department. Oolleclal. Ciiwd
uate, engineering and Law.
Urge lll.rarr faollltlc. Well equip
ped labotatorlea la all departments of
acleace. Oyainaatuia fuml.hcd wlta
brat apparatua. T. ipenc Trry bhjoV
arate. Aid for worth atadenta.
Youn men wUhlnf to ifndjr
Uw should investigate tha so
perior advantages oflered by
the Department ot Law lo Trin
ity College.
For catalogue and further Infonaa
tloa, addreaa,
D. W. New tool, Registrar,
lima a. . o.

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