North Carolina Newspapers

ie Monroe journal
VOL 27. No. 7.
TLey A.H-reO lb-bore CommUtcr on
IXMMlH Hllll llllliplkeft ill Kulfigh
l.M Friday Afternoon.
r.w.wi jh.mmie jiimsthi I V;. T 1 r . . -
i-ueaches at m knii ii.i.k carter s w uonatwn to the Starvina
ilU'V. "itsMj-c Atkinson IMhereil
Al I lit.E IT IS A "M HTEI5H t.E."
'in (if
representative Prank Limerick's
road bill was roundly denounced in
l)n)..inL 1- . . i
i.ait-Kll uriore me committee on
roads and turnpikes by Major W. C.
nfm last r riday afternoon. He de
clared that the bill was a duplicate
vi me present law with the exception
that it places road construction Into
the hands of the county commission
ers; that it was inspired bv personal
animus towards him. and that it does
iwt represent the wishes of the people
of I'nion county.
Appearing with Major Heath be
fore the committee was Hon. U. L.
Stevens. He. too. spoke against the
bill, his chief argument being that It
was not Justiee to legislate men out
i mure until alter the expiration of
tN ir terms. The terms or the pres
et members of the board of road
bt torate, he said, do not expire
: til Dep. 1!22.
Ma lor Heath was introduced to the
members of the committee by Mr.
Limerick as "one of the most patri
otic citizens of I'liiou rouniv during
the war." The Union county repre
si illative also declared the chairman
i uie roan commission to
his very closest friends.
Mr Limerick was the lone advo
cate of the measure. He raid that
the bill was endorsed by the people
! the county in u mass meeting held
in the court house here sevetal weeks
a.o. and (hat he believed It provided
lor a change that was acceptable to
a majority of his constitutents.
Major Heath, when he took the
floor, paid a tribute to Hon. Tatu
Fiuwie. the vtteran h.eiuhiin.. -v.,.
was chairman of the committee on
roads and turnpikes. Turning to
wards Mr. Limerick, he declared that
the bill was not in accord with the
expressions of those present at the
muss meeting "They voted in fa
vor or a township unit plan." he said.
mere mere isn't a d n chance
made In the present law except that
ii piaces road construction in the or tne county commissioners,
ar.d provides for a remunerative sal
ary of the chairman of that board "
The bill, said the JIaJor. was a Its whole purpose is to
deceive, he declared. "The people
buck home," he continued, "are un
der the Impression that Mr. Llmeii-k
is passing a bill which will place
road construction back into the hands
v of township road supervisors, while
: the truth Is the bill rinp Sllnrtav
than secure a change In personnel." . Mif. ii.
.Major Heath this morning said
that he delivered a letter to Mr. Llm
,erlck from his colleague, Mr. Earl
Kzzell. which In effect, declared his
opposition to the road bill as Intro
duced. "It was evident that the comm'it-t-e
sided with me." aid Major
Ji'ath. "but courtesy1 requires that
tht v yield to the wishes or the I'nion
rnunty representative."
Thrrr Addrese MiikImv ItiKkei i
bill Temii IComII Entertained.
Marshvilte, Feb. 28. I!e. George
Atkinson of Salisbury preached three
splendid sermons in the Presbvterian
church here yesterday. Larue con
gregations greeted him on each occa
sion and he held the deep interest of
nis nearers throughout th
Armenians Is Praised BiT RmWmij d I
.......i nil. XVUlltT;
the state in taves.
would to to the
mu st not i:i:n si: siccou
In the morning he discoursed on the
ineme 1 he Oneness of Jesus and His
Follower." In the afternoon he
spoke to the children. I'rof. 11 L
Higgers presided at thin service and
the children sat In grades as at
school. In the evening another
lar- crowd gathered in suite of a
threatening thunder storm. Uev. Mr.
Atkinson is alwavs welcome tn
.vrarsnville where he is so well known
ami greatly ad in red. As a ...!, to
ne .ia rew equals in the pulpit to-
dio. Mis thoughts, alwavs clear
original and true, are delivered with
sincerity, grace of movement, and
....i ui.. i mmi ui lone wnicn composes
mie eloquence. sirs. Atkinson ac
companied Mr. Atkinson and they
were the guests through the week
end or Mrs. Irene Marsh.
Mr. J. T. Cat-land left Sundav ev
ening lor the northern markets to
buy goods for the J. T. Garland Co.
Mr. and Mrs. John Long were called
to Concord last week owing to the se
rious Illness of Mrs. Longs -q-ter
Mrs. Crooks.
The Marshvilie hiuh ueimni i.,.ti,..t
. .1 . i
mm leain went to K.H-kiiigham on
iiiuisiia .uterinum and defeated the
liockingham highs in a gai ie ol Krv
ket ball. IS to 6. The game was re
ported to be an unusually clean and
altogether satisfactory affair. The
usuors were most cordially received
nun royally treated by their hosts,
uiiu nave nan iiiimv nuu ti.i..,.., ...
say aoout tneir trip since their re
luru. uocKingham has been invited
(o come to .Marshivlle for a game
aim a aaie some time in March has
oeen set.
i ue junior missionary society of
me .Methodist church held a special
meeting on Saturday afternoon. The
ceruncaie indicating their winning a
Place on tne Ko of Honor wnu
sented to them, having been seut to
meir leaner Dy the confeernce secre
mi- in w oiuceis who were
eieciea at tne January meeting pre
siuea, ana tne mission study hour
ery nmcn enjoyed. Afterwards
games ana refreshments wero nw
.A TV . i ....
-u. ine micieiv w ill mu nuv .i...
----- -..v. HIUI-
wun .uaster teve Marsh. A
member. Miss Hester
added to the roll.
Mrs. T. II. Younir nf tnnrn
... " o.rni
with her parents, Dr. and
M .
.! . u. tunlngham spent the
neen-eim wun Mrs. Alice Bivens.
.us Annie Bailey. Miss Russell,
and Miss Plyler spent SaCuday In
.11.. r ... i,oiiie Harrell Hpent th
U'tuilr.iiiwl 1 ...
C. n. Covington made a trip to
.-uui Larouna on business this
would be paid to
as well as hat
In the New Testament the tithe is
rarely mentioned, and such mention
is rather incidental, the references
being as to,,, ..i
was the result of anrf ,.,n
Tlit ..i i. ... i... ... ,-- "..
. .... b..ui- n iu iiueresiiiig
Among the rontribulions
thin, (ar to Mis. Frank Lanev, I niou
county chairman ot the fund for re
lief of the starving children of the
Near, East, was one of fifty dollars
Irom a young lady of the county. Ac
companying this offering was the In-
lurmation that it
n-imi-a. - -- . . - -i. raui. non-vivr .i...
. . UT-llltfllU
lor nothing less than "as he mav
prosper.: He writes in 1 Cor. IS: 2.
"Let each one upon the first day oi
the week lav bv him
ancient : mav nm.nur i .i . .
of setting anart t.n.h nf ! J', "X i.. , oras- " '
i . .. .. .. .... ki.iiih irr IIIU1VIU1IUI svstxiiml o
nir un-uiiie unio uoa should be made and uroi nrtinnma ti. i
tithinu niailw i..iKi.. .7.... ..'.' m" "V 'ogeth,r new here.
.. ,.... , IIUIU .,USa D00K -.J !,.,,.,,......
L.eoia i:arter i .. . ..
... " ",u lnat "lr' time
t-aners donation, expressing i uis. "even-
-,hi, Tuiuier words on ."'" uccoruing to tne h ess ng of Je-
i. ..- ie oi stewardship ra- "an uiy liod which he hath
ther than ownershi thee."
sions looms large before us. coming I "As he may prosper." St I'aul
as it does at a time when much is be- sounded the Christian ml.. .... .
I II IV llumnkl .. 1 , I : . .... ' tnw.-l
.....,.. ,,aps even ur -meu oy ins own conscience
.... ... u! me lornier than the latter. ils ' othet things in the
on the subject of llt-linnrlimi-. I.. lit'l1.
Lie budget system has conn-
JACK Ull.l.lAMs v s sr.
uitmss lot; Tin: i:ii.Lout
na rather inspiring, that although1
the contributor requested that her :
name be not made public we feel that
the personality back ot such a near- '
o modern instance of the
16:17. we
year, at the
man shall give as he is
Kid.lie.1 of Their Sen mil In Hie War
Mrtitlierti ,H. ts, fur ,( '
Home lieiiiioiiiii s. she Saj. TKACH SCIEXCE HKHR
Mrs. George Atkinson or Salisbury
made a splendid i,.il i..,iurrf.,. ......
in the lreshvleri:iii rhi,,,h i..
rore the I'arent-Teacher association,
her subject being "The Efficient
amined b Mr. J i t vi. n, ! .. . .' . AtKinson
defendant, as fnl...u.V ' "c I V Mrs. VV.
o v., , hi-jr ... i-'"''Utly fitted
in a iiuunr lli'ttl me ' e
v. at ii
Ves. sir.
The house bi longs
dcM-a it not?
Ves, sir.
Po you- remember
Mr. Tucker's plant
to the rail-
ing in tne love or t:mi . u ..n ....
" .1 a in
mg and serving.
it lias been said that iiioii.-v is the
"acid test" of us in our use of God's
propi rty. and that Mewardsh
the divine kiiulergaiien methods
oi developing human hfe .u,,l
the giace ot giing i.s God's antidote
lor human seltlsliness. St. I'inil tin..
ie love of money a ven limmineni
i-iii ii.-ii ue wrote uliout the root of
e il.
gt :inul use in the linaiices
uess and even of main I
tional Imsi-
tioh. "as he mav
as pnictical. worUaiile.
The percentai-e of irac-
cames out the obliga-
prosper, and tits in
with the modem budget
also nicely
There has been much d.bate on
till' M'.e.Uioll Whether . jt. js ,.
lir...iory upon the Christian as it was
upon the H-brew. and it mav be due
to this disagn emein and the result
ing confusion in the minds of the
mass of Christian peole that the pro
gress of the practice ol proportionate
giving ban been lamentably slow.
And when we emerge from all the
blinding fog or the disi Mlssiittiht Mil
Assyrian and t-wm. ' ?UUJ, J l "Hl at
nan clay tablets, dating as far hVeir '-i '"-' ' "r uou-given common
as 3Suu It. c.. and fragments or Chl-',V . , ?,ay, Hl U'Ast "'""'T that
nese tradnlnn ...,i . . ... :,n, "('lent rule was not renew led r.
ter all In the New Covenant save as
it may be said to have been set aside
by the higher order. And alter all
we cannot advance from a lower tu
a higher one unless we have been
living under the lowe I one l'li..n
The custom of regarding a portion
ot all property as si t apart is of most
j ancient origin. W e read that through-;
nu tne ancient pagan world the right
of the power that was to a certain
pin i or an possessions was practically
!. -.... II.. . i . -
....... mail? I t'COglllZeU
fore the time of Moses.
tore Abraham.
centuries be-'
and even be-
nese tradition, and the rmtnL ..r 1,.
dia and other lands, give the evidence
or this fact.
In the Patriarchal
Hi In Genesis we see that the portion
iow tome 10 De observed as nuretv a
from his ...ccea-f. h.," 'W...'"? u ',ul ,OIln ,ne two-fold sum
. . me or me cominandnientK in mi.
icnin to Melchlzedek th
Mng of Salem. Later Jacnh i n.ih.
el promised to God. "of all that thou
shalt give me I will surely give the
tenth unto thee."
In the Hebrew nation we ih.
tithe applied to the purpose of their
religion, and provided for in ho i.,.r.
emonlal law. Everv head of a fn,.,iiv
must give a tenth of all his vearlv
increase to the support of the minis'-
lenng tribe or Levi. And the
in turn, were obliged to pav '
of the tithe" unto the Lord
innrn u,a ..... .1 . ... ..
necuiiu leiiin mat was
required of the family head for ih
,Pne,u tiou 10 lov Gtd with our binf. and
io ioe our neighbor as ourself, he
did not repeal the Ten Command
ments thereby, but explicitly said,
upon these two commandments
nang an i tie law and the prophets.'
Can one live under the two com
liiandinents and violate the ten?
is not tne tithe In the New Cove
nant need of its legalism and exalt
ed to the higher Plane of love bi
known t lmr.i irr Sin. lie'
"Watt bed" For Seaboard Through
M hey Hole For liig Sum.
Jack Williams, famous from one
.....i ........
" me county to the other, was
me mar witness for the defendant
yesterday in the case of Tucker vs.
Seaboard. Mr. Tucker is stieing the
railroad foi damages, alleging ihat
nis wood woikiug plan was fired on 1 oon
.... i. o sparnu irom an en-
.mr u. .nil f.t...ri. t.. ..... ! .
. ........ i mi iioi aiion. jack was e-
was intro-
A. Lane as beinz
to address her anrii.
nee on anv Ki.l.i..,.i ,......::
the home. U..fore her marriage Mri.
Atkinson was proninent in state edu
cational circles and was the Stat
supervisor of Home Economic
In the beginning Mls. Atkinson
lot.-d that "The poetry or lite has a
practical side and practical affairs.
(Mm., i-n.ieistood contain an ele
start.,1 by sparks ! e1.,' 'l-'Hofore South
I . .... . '"'''" blessed with
.."i.i.--, mil i ne vVllr iirii ,),,
their kitchens- th..i..r..r m,.
Atkinson declared il LmuJ .,i-
nd priviledge to perform their
IS elliciclillv :w w,uuil.l A
"iUl the ,.:,.M ,.m'gy piissii.l...
A nil these ,-, n.i.r-ks as the basil
. . - ""--..ii i ;m-ii i.ave
i:die;ice lb- ii:r elements flint
i-ie king or an eMicioi.t
he tiist m these is to plan
Tile;,. is no oiim i(ieal
'veryon.' would plan dif
I .ery few can build from
''IT. The shipe and shape
i the number of workers,
the family and th.. f..J
Windows should i,e placed on
sides. If possible mi.l tlw.M
be few doors in order to make
for equipment. Thi ....i...
mem should be SO gl-OUliert tl,u. hn,
On I IP lit. mail., . i 1 '.vc
day Mr. Tucker's plant was burned ? ! shnni.1 i... ..i.. .. J V. tia.'!"
V. Yes. sir. I . V" V . .1 u l"ln"r- r
i j' V cioset should be
i'iaieU ciose by the stove.
Placing these utensils
may be saved. The
luisi- I'laintin, Mr.
i, "j ' beware of M
es. sir.
Was the fire
ilti engine?
No. sir. It started
an engine passed.
turning him over
niinuies nu,,
to the
ami cautioned J.u k to
-. J. C. Sikes. the attu -
e I'l.'iiitilT.
Mr. Vann.
'Watch him."
1 can i iiclp
ney for th
Tinning to Mr. Sikes, Jack
"Tin- more questions you ask
worse I'll g,.(." The ' court
rocked with laughter at thi
said :
car. Iiii!,.
Mtch.-i, .
the begi:
Mr. Sikes ci oss-exaiiiined
U. How much is the railroad
. .'."...". i.i misuse. 1 lilt' SIZi
i. i ney pay me twelve Hundred ' used
thousand dollars for watching and j two
' should
W- ine pay you ror watchin
A. Yes. sir.
ine weather was cold on the
court how you
with your door
Levites was nil the law?
.....ii. ......
a ii-iiin tin iiih h g her lilune nf thn V.....
Then i Covenant nil we are. all we have, all
we do. are God's. Hut unless we set
maintenance of th- f...., " , ...UV ' i""" W". aoine proportlonat.
t..u. rr , "ii.ii ne nave 10 v,oi
"'lei-nigs, 'MMviricn v. we nn t.nt iiL..i
temple, and
besides the
.Ai i i m-iiii in itnlslny Apponl,,,,.
ment j (tiiinty Was Aware or .No.
bleness n Doisl, Sii)s Mrs. ,,mey
ii me people ol Monroe and I'nion
ounty realized ror one moment the
... .i.i. .i i ... ... u.-eu i ney win contribute to
nunanity by helping the Innocents or
.Armenia, mere will be no difficulty
providing ror the orphans allotted
m mis county, according to Mrs. J
Flank Laney. the local chairman or
the N,.ar Eas, IJt.II,.f. ,.i,.f(
dally rood, must be secured lor 3334
tots at Tiebizond. Armenia.
"The Near East Keller," savs Mrs
Lnrny, "hag ror Its task the mitiga
tion or the agomei ol a remnant or
v -etched, starving;, diseased, hope-1--s
orphans made such not bv war,
! 1 'he st diabolical uiassacres
C - world has ever known.
"Its especial mission just now, so
:';! iis North Carolina is concerned,
i.j ;o barely keep alive three thousand ns whose condition is so nit in.
i i- inai no i)ius:i oi
: -Ci" its h li.lness.
' The IIimvi i- Fund does not r.'i.cii
I !'! peojile. l',tiiii:se th - inlt-:n. I ''''!
l!. -ir-h thousand t' on t!:')u; anils' I
not o tin i i. i.i .l I.,,..., .1. . .1I
: .-. :ice 1. 1 sin Mci.iar I'eutur
l.lnco ii aiitl the Thenlei-.
(Krctn the Philadelphia Kecord.)
n nr.i li.ia K . .... . .
. v , -n fceiiiiy appeared n
J. ... . u,r,'n' Lincoln. Man of
vu. o a cierg; man. in which this
'iiio itiini'i-y statement is made
g i ru:' tn it Iresidenfa
ii a inciter on the
"For him at s ich a time the then
i nail no gianuinr, the play no al-
"-iiieni. ue was thinking of the
"uei aays to come, of going home,
t.ou and His unfailing
j'sus tnrist and His
evening of his
mercy, of
iion mere were
costly journeys to the
other religious charges
free-will offerings.
It seems that, counting all thoo..
portions, the Hebrew paterfamilias
must have contributed at least one
fifth, and perhaps one-third nr hi
yearly Income. Of course, this was
under a theocracy, and the amount
Includes what under
s work
to re
alize that all we have is God's In the
final analysis, and that we are but
inietitne stewards of it; Jus as unless
ue uevote some or whut we are and
some of whut we do to specific work
; ror God. we are prone to rorget that
,we must do no less than offer our
selves, our souls and bodies, a holy,
i living, and reasonable sacrifice unto
tt. A . . . .
i ue ii utn is quite different. After
Mt-iniiiK me i re mention a lni...l., r
responsibilities during four years
of Civil War. and seeing right tri-
umpn at last, the President, to re
neve me nervous stra in u-hlxh h.,l
almost DlOKetl h ill down anrt uu.,ir
m uiiiuseiiiein aild divers on went
u me meater in the expectation or
having a hearty laugh at the dmi.
ies oi tin? e t er SoiiHi.n i,
unary in "our
I'nofllclHl Deports IMiice Deaili l.lsf
s High as Flit, Toweiiimii Is
Plmed I ntler Arrest. j
Between thirty and fortv
were reported killed and an unknown '
mumier- injured Sunt :iv nli-hf h..
west-bound New York Ceniral i
-Mnisliville anil
A I ho Matched
angle Debute.
Wesley CIihk-I Are
for liiivcrsliy Til-
Q. You had your door closed?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. Now tell the
were able to "watch
A. Through the key hole.
Q. You mean to say that you saw
Mr. Tucker's plant through a key
hole? A. Well, maybe there was a lumi
hole. .
Q. How much land do voii own In
South Carolina. Jack?
This question seemed to iiifuihite
the witness. He walked down from
the witness stand, muttering that it
was none of Mr. Sikes' business, and
took his seat.
DEV. MIL CO.MLtD'S srmi:
Chapel Hill. Feb. 28. Announce
ment has been made bv C. R. Rankin
secretary or the high school debating
Mnliin xf v ,...v r ...
train crashed Into a derailed MiVh -' hi . Z , . Jl"".-
gall Cetilr:.! I in ot I ..... . . . r" voiiipeie wun
. . , , " it. , ..tiui-niiuiu ill
...mi iiiiiiunti oiiiciais an n nim- h.)
as Duh
American Cousin."
pi ii could over-
i .-riise n li- r
i 1 progress, fi danger Ihat tin
.- t rYfhizoii.l who
! .North Carolina, will be allowed to
::.;.e to death. Money already urn-
n ie has been longer
re Is at prtseiii Unie
S.;'..!i orphnns
are siieoial wiutis
I'aniieiH Make "Mash" ami W.ili r..v
the Still.
The traveling "cominunitv still" Is
ie latest worry of iiriiliiiiiti..,. ....
forreliient officers, s.ivk :i riisii:.t..l.
r. Lotus. I lie polio, "clean-up
'10 not on the trail of nn
(he ("nisive whiskey making outfit. Kvi
and , "'' "' '' I'eraiiilnilatiiig dislillerv
nisi tnscovei-e.l when the police
"Miuu luiene rasiiuale pulling Ii
hair and gnashing his teeth over S
".'i.-:., oi inasii, bewailing the fu-
hum sun ain t here yet." "It
io i me hum," wailed Pastiiiale ns
even been sufhc fnt to ! 1,11 oinceru dumped the m:i!i in n..,
et the agonizing n-eds rrom day j n:M'l V''d. "Why didn't that still
nay. let aione care ror even a oiii; I'asnua e s hiiitli.....i.,.i.JU-
vii tne way across Asia "u alsl' arrested, at whose house 44
oarreig ot mash were found. The po
lice assert the "traveling still" is op
erated similar to the community op-
eiuiion or me tnresning machine In
rural districts that is, going from
nouse to house as needed.
i-;"d has not
-trk ahead.
.Minor and through Palestine the
hungry cry to us for bread Just to
kep alive is the plea or the chil
dren. "We must not get weary of giving
ititil those who are dying or hunger
ire brought to self supply. We can
not do everything but each one can
lo something.
The Department of Agriculture ad-
iMses the use of sweet cream butter
it-cause of Its excellent keeping
. Twenty thousand schools were
losed In the t'nited States during
he last year because of the shortage
if teachers.
A car of alfalfa seed recently ship
ed fro:.i Kansas sold for $8,300.
Lomninga from collie3 and other
mng-naired dogs have been made Into
yarn and garments. The strength
and quality re excellent, fully equal
to that of sheep wool yarn, and the
texture Is soft and durable.
The Australian natives of the In
terior war practically no clothing,
though the seasons are extreme com
pared to that of the coast.
We spend $200,000,000 more for
cigarettes than for the salaries of
all the teachers in the United States.
one of the most disastrous wrecks in
Michigan Central offldi.ta .,i..i
the number of tleinl nt
thirty, while unofficial renni-u nin!iu
the death list as hiirh n nn,-
The towermun of the Micl.i,..,,,
Central was arrested liiim...ii,.t..i..
After the wreck, officials any In., il..,!-
-e(ievMi ne Had left a switch cl
causing the derailment or tin
botind train.
in- -inciiigan (.ctilrnl (rain left
Chicago ai 5.i5 p. m. noun 1 lor To
K'lito, Canada. It was cut in half
i'.v the westbound liver, and both
eiigintM plunged down an einliauk
nieut. Five bodies were recovered near
the debris of the two engines. Fif
teen bodies had been recovered with
in a few hours after, the u-i-..r.i.-
It is believed that virlimlK- i.n r
the dead were in two of the Michi
gan Central coaches which '
mousnt'd when the New York
tral train hit it.
The tracks of the two niirmj.
Intersect here at a sham ani?ie
almost parallel. The Michigan Cen-
the approach in it tH.m.
guiar aenates, preliniinarv to the fi
nal contest at Chapel Hill when the
, winning team will have its name in
scribed on the Aycock .Memorial Cup
These triangular debates will be held
Curing the latter part of March and
, the duals will be held earlv in April
Monroe high is asked to put out
two teams, one to uphold the aflirma-
ne in nn ami one to dei'i-iul
negative eithrr j,, Hi'iiilet or
Wadoshoto. ir it wins both conn
n w i:i ne allowed to semi I
ia:us to t'l-.apel Hill
in the iyi finals whe
negative k "ml i'ie winn
e:un will it,. piti,.ii
other to di : iiie which
i.anie on the Aycock M
All these ili bat's nr.
to p-irii
'II the v ,
i:ig a nil-:
l-g.-lil! 't
shall h.-t
i-'iioi ial
Hh i:s
Cup. '
Tliis Charlotte .Minister Has
and I'reitfhctl for Fifty
lliiill Fourteen Cbmrlies.
Winuale, Feb. 2S. Rev. S. F.
Conrad, or Charlotte, lectured on
"The Life or Christ" at the high
school building Saturday night Sun-
day morning he delivered nn inter
esting sermon at the llaptist church,
and at the evening service he spoke
on "Daptlsts and Baptism." Rev. Mr.
Conrad, who possesses a pleasing
personality, has been Drenching and
lecturing for fifty years. During this
time he has caused to be built
fourteen churches.
Mr. Roy Long, of Midland
vungate usitor for a few days last
Mr. W. V. Tarlton has been elected
manager of the Wingate baseball
team. Mr. Forest Younts will nilni
the team.
Misses Ruth and Velma Preslar. nf
Polkton, were the guests of Miss,
D.troihy Bivens Sunday. j
Mr. Jim Chancy and Mrs. Minnie
Bivens visited relatives in Hamlet!
Miss Netta Liles. head of the music
department ol the high school, left
Sunday for her home at Greensboro,
where she will undergo si n operation.
Miss Liles will be grealelv missed in
the school. We hope she will soon
recover and be able to be back nt
her work.
I Both 11. Y. P. l"s are doing good
work now. both union (r ing to win
the 11. Y. P. l penant which will he
awarded at ll, - end of the quarter.
x:;im;.i's iepo.1 . ho-,, ihat A section
is in the l'-;:ij.
i nt a lew i.,o i-.. da -. t.ui ii tin
cian.ieis cor.te t :t A'ai." Ko
Wiil-ale lm,s a.e busy prt p;
the contest.
many step
u-..l ...0..v
".r,k sunaces was the next of the
rour elements considered This is
VryiJnL"01,ant- T,lew tabl,'- ptc-
V , " "rranged that the lady
or the house can work without stoop
ing and with flexed elbows. Many
Tuel, step and labor-saving device
can now be purchased and should
rorm a part or the equipment or ev
ery kitchen.
At the conclusion of her talk Mrs.
Atkinson was asked her opinion as
Jo the advisability or Home Econom
ics in high schools. She stated that
ir properly taught this course was
nn Important part or high school
work But she insisted that this be
a well - balanced rnnru.i in..i...n.... .-.
only sewing and cooking, hut also a
study of textile, selection or foods
home nursing and child -care The
Smith - Hughes law passed bv Con
gress in 1917 provided a sum or
money ror each state to he used for
no- r.Mension or vocational
eacn state to match the
Mrs. Atkinson said that North
am inn had b-en nior.. than liberal.
A school wishing to open a depart
ment must comply with the follow
ing requirements: (1 ) Supply satis
factory equipment. (2i Ti,..'
,of study must cover two years pref
erably 8th and !ith grades rind must
i meet certain condition,. en t.,.
U , 11 ... Ut
u. a V ""accompanying y,,ar of science
was a lor each year In llm.,.. c
If these condition are met, the state
Pays three-fourth or the teacher's
salary and provides adequate super
vision for the work. The teacher, la
addition, must hand in a monthly re
port to the state supervisor "The
aim or the work Is to est.ihii.h
course that Is really practical. Mrs.
Atkinson was asked, by Supt. Haw
tield to send Monroe a detailed list
or the required equipment In order
tnat all conditions mav ho nrin...t
UltK ...I .U ... ' . -''I'.KU
niK-n tne nign school
is erected.
sum pro-
cl' -
; lo'
Hint Iiiiiiilmh ui ii iii...
To the Editor of The Journal:
An Inauguration dance will be give-, night,, 4. from s , v:
This will celebrate the acco,plsil.
nients ol Woodrow- Wilson s adninis-
........11 ,lll, cer,..-s .it jj,,
I'igiM.-oiis n ign t.i t:ie ,.,-1
' nn. wit!, .,,.,, , v,,.l ii(k.
" 1,1 '"' allowed iii i ,.. Nn tiancing will he permitted.
'lO'Il are I eqll. !.,,
M.iek. ill t;.,. prt-s, nee of I,,, i,
ei snow tn
s lor a
ii'-i ad-
Little Dori.t lliL'e,.,- 1
allspices of the ftate hit Ii ul,..i Mr find l.u I i n; .
debating union and have been taking ''k for the' past few ilavs'br't
place for a period of tight years proving.
The winners of the first debates are' Miss 1,1a Mae Davis, teacher
now very successful men M,.ut f iinhlie aMir,..! h. .
end in Morveti.
Mr. and Mrs. y. T. Shebane
little son, Claud, are visiting
lives in South Carolina.
uorn to Mr. and Mrs. W.
a uaugntor
are lawyers and owe much
i loir ... . ..
p,,n. " iifuti siiccessillily
iie conrw to tneir early training
;niese nign school debates. Over 225
.schools are participants and last
over 80,000 people listened to" the
j debates.
;er oi
s been
is iin-
in the
. ould
our ow n
on February 24th.
same g.'llililn:ili
for the ladies ihat ,M -
n.i.e i,ie other man show
mot In r or sister
It is to be l:oped llmt ,,e par-ms
"Id the oldei peopl,. H , s0()1 LT,.t
' it; the haht, oi attending ths,.
dances lor th - music, the disci; I
and the recreation.
The Monroe orchestra must be
Slllitim-r.i I ii.,. :l .
,,,,, nr can nave a
'iu.ii n'.i.ining, a public
free r.iuslc for everv l..K-
. . .
...uuiers Object to
park and
. . . , ... .m. nl,B.M . . ... ..... " . .. .
.in. . r in mr a n,. i , ...... . . i : - - - . ii .-, .. iv .-i...i .. . i a i 'niai1, .. .. . .. . ,
. - - " m irenriru ... nn i-n . . . , uxi r ui i. Ntr huh nna ---...n 10 uuiii-k nu, ut.
ri kz? ihla?r UmZit ZeZTn ti? -p :! r.?r the ;oc;
.v ut-ru utiranen Thai -.".'iw- . ........ t-. ..-r.. ...i. ii.rit? naa inwn in v .niitiirv or ritto .rn,,j
... . . -"' are tnnae hctvun vi n. h.j i i.w . .. " " " . "
was oiaineo Dy railroad u- i .".nin m.- ana u i'ruo mr sometime. "'"ones at night 1
oroclals for allowing the Michigan !r rii.. ;"d H1" and VaM; Th1 B,,t'9, of Wingate are well , business Is dangerous.
ueniwi ira in to attemn tn ioy: uerov Mem-. "rganizea to work for anh.ri.ti-. ' 1 ne best
head of the westbound train .""al JaoKson springs; and Car- for the Biblical Recorder in th. .t
. . .. . innp I iiifI.Ihi.. ...j -.. . . . .. r. . . .
lew person l v ne at th """""' '" nocKinenam. i vair-necoraer contest Th. tnii...
In auto-
Thls automobile
lion point Immediately hepan
Of rescuing, using lantern. Ii.
chflnernnA In .v.
for any girl 1. her mother.-c,,
nt.rnct n,wt and tennl" tournament
thipl. " ,wf '" "i wnapei Hill on April
search for the dead h.h ini,.
Relief train, .rrl. iii-n' ! debates.
City and Chicago about a., !. .- . . ."" .
ter the wreck, carrvine n. ...! i- li'll. ' "2 "T "? nrst time
doctors. The victims v-e ,..-n " J ,' Jne
Gary and to Michjgan Cl- I . V 'Jn onR Bracn- CaIi
uu io .Miirygan c.t,. fornla, a suburb of Los Angeles.
Ing boys have been appointed bv the
pastor to secure ...h.,i.'i . i
15. the dates of th fintl Joseph Beach. James Sherwood rut'.
tl'iiii .
... ..Miiras, can Biggers
Bright Tucker.
...ion i.oig tilggers la iinnl-l..n l
jine public school during the absence
uiie ui lne teacners. who is surrc
uorn an attack of nnnimnni.
nr JH!rM.V?1Ue of" Alaska's"" salmon
L?f . tS intone vear "en and a
ohfa,;.,8,na, M
The Spokane
. roings oank without
ibars or cages above the counters"

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