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    Mount Akf News*
WmmH Mn. N. C. tUnk H. ItU.
frof W. N. Hutt. of Raleigh, .pml
■ hw days bar* tkli wtak vliittaf the
orchard* in this a*Kiofi.
Mr. John L. Banner mad* a buaineea
trip to Charlotte Tuesday.
Col. J. S. Ball haa want I y bought
from tha Marian Muaie Houao ana of
tha latent makaa of tha Graphonola.
Mr*. H. C. Ellett of Princeton, W.
Va., In tha huast of har stater, Mrs.
Charlae Price In thia city.
Miaa Nellie Shelton of Wertfleld
waa a »sitor in thia city yesterday.
Maaara. John Marion and Gaaton
Chriatian are * pending a few daya
I in Greensboro on huaineaa.
Atty. W. F. Carter laavea today to
visit hia son, Lieut. Edwin Carter at
Camp Jackaon, Columbia, S. C.
Mrs. W. R. Bright of Washington,
N. C., is the truest of her daughter,
Mrs. J, H. Carter, on Rockford
Mr. Joe Davis has built a nice nix
room pottage on the lot a mil* South
of the city where his residence was
burned a year ago.
Mr. Ned Bolt of Camp Jackson is
the gue«t of his mother, Mrs. U. A.
Bolt, called here by the death of hia
aiaiter Mr*. Roy Poore.
Mrs. W. J. Edward* ar.d children of
Pilot Mountain are guest of Mrs.
Edward's parents Mr. ar.d Mrs. P. D.
Webster on South Main street.
Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Wright of Win
ston-Salem spent the past week end
with Mr. and Mr*. John Sobotta in
^ this city. , f I i
Mrs. W. L. Reeee and daughters.
Misses Gertrude and Edith Reece, and
Mrs. Sallie Folger of Dobson spent
yesterday in this city shopping. /)
Evangelist and Mrs. McLees of
Chatham. Va., were the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. John Sobotta during their
stay in this city,
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene McCracken of
' Winston-Salem spent the past week
with Dr. and Mrs. E. M. Hollings
worth in this city.
Mesdames E. C. Biveru and P. L.
Hawks left the first of the week to
▼iait their sister, Mrs. A. S. Mitchell
in Petersburg, Va.
Miss May Robinson student of
Greensboro College for Women will
spend the coming week end with her
parents Mr. and Mrs. U. L. Robinson
in this city.
Dr. J. T. Smith and Mr. Rufus Cook
of Westfield passed through this city
yesterday enroute to their homes
from Camp Sevier whf e they each
visited a son who in in training:. J
Mr. Herbert Foy has recently pur
chased the home on Rawley Street
from Mr. J. D. Sargent next door
west of Mr. Sargent's home. This is
• splendid piece of property and Mr.
Foy will make it his future homey y
Mr. J. S. Rose who curries the mail
between this city and Dobson is pre
pared to transfer passengers between
the two towns and those who desire
the scrvice can secure transportation
to other parts of the county during
the hours he is at Dobson between
10 a. m. and 3 p. m. ' '
Prof. Eufus Mosley, of Macon. Ga,
is in the county visiting his mother
who lives near Burch station. He
came up and spent Saturday and Sun
day with the editor of The News and
g while here visited some of the largs
V" orchards in this section. Prof. Mosley
it one of the most learned men who
have gone out from the county and
U interested in a small way in the
orchard business.
Next Sunday afternoon at 3:30
o'clock in Central MethodUt Church
Rev. Geo. D. Herman will baptize all
infant*, children, or adults that may
be present for baptism. He requests
! all parent* desiring their children
:lk*ptixed, be on hand at 8:30.—Re
M«nbcr 8:30 U 2:80 old time. The
Act of Congrees to turn all clock*
and watchea forward one hour foes
into effect Sunday morning March
Slat. Thi« act applies to church aar
vieM aa wall a* buainaea.
^|Mm ntanwl Mwfcy tnm a rWt
to i riarl i m la Btckary.
Mr*. Jafca Far aa4 Mlaa Lacila
Hajrnaa Ml Tuaadajr to attaarf tka
Bapttat wart *t*aa at Aabavtlla.
Mia* Lilly Mar Oaorga kaa ra
tornad froai a *Urt to ratotivaa in
Mia* Helen Carlan of Lambaburg,
Vs., apant the week end with "fnenda
•nd relative* in tfcia city.
A daughter waa born to Mr. and
Mm. Karl Hinaa at the r homo near
thia city.
Mr. and Mm. Gaorga Bailey have
returned from a ahort »lay in Graaru
Mrs. George Hardiaon of Wimrtati
Halem wan the guext of her iiiiiUr,
Mm. 0. C. Abaher in thia city laat
Miaa Bertha Bell and little Miane*
Belle and Sarah Bent Graven will
leave tomorrow to upend Eanter in
Red Croaa Benefit pipe organ re
cital toniffht at Central Methodist
church. Mr. Raymond Browning of
Greeniiboro organist. Silver offering
at the door.
Mr. B. V. Holcomb left thin morn
ing for hi* home in Roanoke, Va. af
ter apending a few day* with hi*
daughter, Mr*. E. M. Hollingsworth
in thi* city.
Mesdumes Thomas Hayriea and
Iri* Porter Whitlock left Wednemlay
for Hot Spring* Ark., to take treat
ment for rheumati*m.
Rev. Walker of Greensboro a*»i«t
ed with the singing during the McLam
meeting at the Pre*byUrian church
in thi* city. While here he wu the I
guent of Mr. ar.d Mr*. T. N. Brock.
Lieut. Governor Reynofd* accom
panied by Mr. A. V. West of thi* city
spoke recently at *ix or eight point*
in the county in the interest of the;
War Saving* Stamp, he wa* heard
by good audicnce*. '/
Mr. and Mr*. Boyd Nelson and
children who live near Pilot Mountain!
spent Tuesday in this city shopping!
and on business. ' / •
Mrs. Geo. D. Fawcett ha* returned
from a visit to her sister Mrs. E. 8.1
Cook in Fayetteville, Mrs. Cook is
recovering from a fall from a car, in
which accident she had the misfor
tune to have her Jaw bone broken.
Prof. Britton of Guilford College
will xpeak at the Friends Church,
Sunday morning at 11 o'clock in the
interest of Guilford college. The
.evening service will be an Easter pro
gram given by the Junior Endeavor.
Everybody welcome.
Don't forget the pipe organ recital
at Central Mclhouist Church tonight
for the benefit of the Red Cross so
ciety. Prof. Raymond Browning of
Greensboro comes highly recommend
ed and an evening of pleasure is as
liured. A silver offering will 1* taken
at the door.
Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Galloway of
I Charlotte ai«' visiting relrnvai in this
Tli< V' l.ia. s Mi- ionary ->K-iety <>f
! Centra! M. L. Church meets Monday
,:fUi noen In - |j»rl«ir of the
church. M"'. T. I1 .limison will have
charge of .ho literary program.
Rev. Turn P. Jimison leaves thv '®*t
of the week to begin revival services
at Brevard street Methodist chi r~h
in Charlotte.
Mr. Eugene Smith has returned
from a business trip to Winston-Sal
I Among those from out of town who
attend the funeral of Mrs. Roy Poo re
yesterday were Mr. and Mr*. M. F.
Hicks, Mi«a Lillian Hicks and Mr. and
Mrs. John W. Moon all of High Point;
Mrs. G. F. Wright of Galax. Va.; Mrs.
C. E. Kellam of Biicoe, N. C. and Mrs.
C. E. Collins of Ararat, Va., and Mr.
Ned Bolt from Camp Jackson, Colum
bia. S. C.
, /
On March 16, Walter Joyce and Jen
nette Sutphin at the reaidence of G.
W. Hiatt, E*q.
On March 20, Haiiten Collina and
Rati* Baldwin, at the reaidence of
Walter Sutphin. G. W. Hiatt, Esq..
— —
By lUr T. R. Kte«.
Thori are itvtril tiling* rf laapor
Um which I doaira to bring to Um
attention of aur ftopU
1. Mr. J. K. Henderson, of Kimi
villa, Tmui., H«cnUry of The Lay
awn's Miaaionary Movement of The
Southern Baptist Convention, will ba
in Mount Airy Saturrfny ami Sun
day, April |he nth and 7th. Ha will
deliver aeveral addraaaaa at Tha Firat
Baptist Churrh. Many of ear pao
pla will ramambar that one of tha
■trongaat addressee delivered at tha
trrcat Lay man's Convention at Greens
boro a littla ago waa dalivarad by Mr.
Handaraon. I hava aakod him U> da
' $
livar that uma addresa hare. Hia
coming ought to ba a bleaaing to all
tha churehaa.
2. Rev. W J. McGlothlin, D. D.
LL D., Profeaeor of Churrh Hiatory
in Tha Southern Baptist Theological
Seminary, LouiavilU, Ky., will da
liver a aeries of addrcsaea at The
First Baptist Church in Mount Airy
in June, ProhrMy 22nd-2f>th. 1 have|
heard this series of lecturers and un
hesitatingly ray that it ia the great
eat series of lecturers I have ever
heard. I sinecrcly hope t' at our peo
ple wijj fully nppreciate this great
opportunity and avail themselves of it.
3. There will be special meeting*
at Antiock Baptist Church Friday and
Saturday, April 5th and <lth. Servicea
will begin at 11 e'ciock each day and
there will be a morning and afternoon
scaaion and an hour for lunch, which
will be served on the ground. At
each seasion there will he an addreas
or aermon by Rev. C. H. Durham, of
Winaton-Salem, and one by the writer.
It ia hoped that the people of that
community will attend in large num
4. ine meeting uui nas just rioseo
at the Presbyterian Church ought to
be a blessing to thia entire communi
ty, Rev. Mr. McLeei., the visiting min
ister, ia an unusually fine preacher.
The meeting was well attended; but
what a pity it ia that a minister of
such wonderful gifts and one so con
secrated and sound in faith should
come to Mount Airy and so many peo
ple who need the help of such services
as he held should be indifferent to
5. Beginning next Sunday morning,
all church services will be one hour
earlier, sun time, than heretofore.
It is exceedingly important that the
services will not suffer because of
the change. Surely our people will be
sufficiently religious and patriotic to
give full and loyal support to this
6. It is rumored that an Easter Bali
It is a shame that, at a time like this,
when the whole world is in tears,
when our men by thousands are fall
ing in battle, when all who know (iod
should be calling on Him, our com
munity should be shockcd with revelry
like that; and it is nothing short of
bla.- pliemy to connect tho resurrection
of our Lord with the revelry of the
modern dance. tat us all hope and
pray thr.t those who participate in
that t-ort of Viing will be considerate
enmi?h to call it off.
/ y Very Fine Aeolian.
The Marion Mu-ic House has re
cently sold a very fine Aer>!ian-Vocal
liun machine to Mi, John Iianner of
this city. This is a machine that plays
any make of records anil is one of
the finest and highest priced talking
machines that ha* been made, in fact
it is the highest priced machines that
has ever been bought in this city and
the music it renders is of a high order.
It is equipped with a graduj)fa- for
controlling the tone.
a graduate
Paul Allred
Want And Srale Column.
Ellrin SiiV,«■»' in the past
few day* to Rfe^|T. H. Kin* and Mr.
Henry Woods.
For Sale cheap Chevrolet Touring
Car been driven lfiOO milts.
Also have 1917 Ford roadster been
driven 600 mile*—will trade for 1917
Tourirg Car or sell strrijrht.
Twr More 1918 W|fin Tourinjr car*
will a*|iv<? Monday or Tuesday of next
arrive »
"Everytime you lickja War
Savings Stamp you lick a
Men and Boys
We can nave you money on your Clothing: for Men and Boys. We bought it
over a year ago. and we have got the goods at prices that are right. Our goods
were bought before the heavy advance, and it* still advancing but we are prepared
—just come in and see what we have to offer you.
We have over 50fl suits of Boys Clothing and our Clothing cases are just as
full as they will stick with Men's Clothing, and they are all of the finest quality, but
at good old time prices—not war prices.
The money you can save here on a suit is the very thing to put in Savingi
Stamps, and a fine investment. Come and see our line of Clothing and Furnishing
Goods. Our store is chocked full of bargains.
Make our store your stopping place when you come to town. You will find
your neighbors at our store buying Clothing for men and boys, because we have
the goods and prices are lowest.
Lundy's Clothing Store
Mrs. J. K. Reynolds Pastes.
Mr. J. K. Reynolds died of diabetes
this morning at her home on White
Sulphur Spring road nge sixty-five
year, she had been in declining health
for about two years. Before her mar
riage she was Min Mamie Strother
of Marlboro county South Carolina.
Mr*. Reynold* wax a loyal mem
ber of the Baptixt church and has a
wide circle of friends, as Mr. Reynolds
was for many years in the hotel bus
iness being proprietor of Central
hotel and later owner and propriety,
of White Sulphur Springs.
The funeral will be conduct*! at
the home tomorrow afternoon at two
o'clock by her pastor Rev. T. H. King.
She is survive! by her husband and
one sixter Mrs. Dunn of Lumber
Bridge who has been with her dunug
her Inst days.
High School Debate.
The triangular lti^h school debate,
which i 1 held cnch vcur un ler the bu«
pict.t of the State University, will be
held on Friday evening, March 29.
This year the Mount Airy High -choo!
and the State Normal School wili dis
cu'.k the question of compulsory arbi
tration of industrial disputes between
labor and capital. In the hifth school
auditorium at 8 p. m. Eugene Spar
ser and Kred Folger, representing the
Mount Airy school will uphold the
affirmative side of the query, while
Agnes Jones and Oito Brockman, re
presenting the State Normal school,
will uphold Uie negative aide of the
Dewey Winfrey and Honry Sprinkle
will fro to Greensboro to uphold the
negative side of the query there.
The qublic is invited to attend this
debate and thus encourage these de
bater!. Last year Mount Airy was
represented in the finals which are
held at Chapel Hill.
Hatching Eggs!
Single Comb Rhode Island
Rods and Buff Leghorn*, $1.00
for IS.
Mount Airy, N. C. Route i
Birthday Dinner.
Mr. P. D. Webster celebrated his
50th birth day last Monday having
with him on the occasion several of
his life-long friends to share the hap
py occasion with him. Those present
were Z. T. Smith, G. C. Welch, Dr. C.
A. Baird, W. W. Burke, J. A. Martin
and J. D. Smith. It was an elegant
old time dinner r.nd wu much enjoy
ed by those so fortunate as to be
Help Win The War.
Cut the high cost of living with a I
two story garden. Where you plant
irish potatoes rake the ridge lightly *
and plant the following: Mustard,!
kale, turnip-, radishes and such .'mall;
vegetable* as mature early. Thus j
you get two early crops ofT same land.
W. K. Kiger.
Third Liberty Loan to
Be Three Billion Dollars.
Washington, March 26.—Three bil
lion dollars with all oversubscriptions
will be the amount of the third Lib- j
erty loan to open April 6 and the
rate of interest will be 4 1-4 per cent, i
according to a detailed statement of
Secretary McAdoo, published here to
day. Bonde of the third loan will not
be convertible into any future loan al
tho tjiose of the first loan, bearing 3
1-2 per cent interest and those of the:
second, bearing 4 per cent, may be
converted into the new bonds.
The maturity of the new bonds is
yet to be determined but it was stated
that they would be for a long term,
probably between 20 and 30 years.
Secretary McAdoo plans the establish
ment of a sinking fund to absorb
bonds thrown hark on the market in
order to aid in keeping the price at
German* Still Bombard Paris. <
Berlin, Tue*day, aMrrh 26., via
London.—The German* hare not bait
ed their long range bombardment of
Pari*, according to an official state
ment from general headquarters to
day. The announcement nay»:
"We continued the bombardment of
the fortress at Pari*."
Was a
Mi*. F. M. Jooea, el
Pslrr, OkbL, writes:
"Prom the due 1 en
tered lata wewaahnod
. . . I looked with dread
(rom one month to the
next I suffered with my
back and bearing-down
pain, until lite to me waa
a misery. I would think
I could not endure the
pain any longer, anc I
gradually got worse. , .
Nothing seemed to help
me until, one day, . . .
] decided te
The Woman's Tonic
"1 took lour bottles, ''
Mrs. Jones goes on to
•ay, "and waa not only
{really relieved, but caa
truthtulty say that I have
■o( a pain. . .
" It h»a mow bee* two
years sine* I took Cardui,
and I am sttU la g ood
health. . . I would ad
vise any voaM or gift
to use Cardui who la t
saflercr Irooi aay tomato
trouble "
H you sutler pain canned
from womanly trsuble, or
H you led Mm neod ol a
food stuaglhaolog tonic
to build up yournaa -dowa {
system, laka tha advieo
ol Mis. Jones. TryCar
dni. It helped bar. Wo
believe It win help you.

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