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A mil* oast of the city of Winxton
Salcm there ia located what >■ known
ma the Byorly Dairy. Mr. Harvey
H oxter a young man hail charge of
the Dairy and lived in n cottage nnuM
of throe r'«emn with hi« wife ard two
children aged one and throe yearn.
The houae la not right near any other
residence. On the ft rut day of March
1*14 Mr. Heater wa» working on a
•pot of ground a hundred and flfty
yarda from hia home lata In the af
ternoon preparing the land for a gar
den. Mra. Heater we* huay about her
houae work and waa in her rook room
preparing rapper, being alona in the
houae with her two little children.
In another month >dia would have be
come the mother of a third child.
About the hour of 5:30 in the after
noon of tho above mentioned day Mr.
Jumex Stanley, a xubxtuntial oiUen
of that neighborhood, won delivering
to Mr. Heater a load of poxta and waa
ir the act of unloading them at a point
'J i) yarda from the rexidence, hut in
plain view of the nam*. While un
loading the pout* ha heard the repeal
ed sound of 11 gun at the home of Mr.
Heater. Looking up he saw Mr. He>
ter running toward* the houxe from
hia work and al»o heard arream* a* if
aomeone were in terror. He taw Mr.
Hester run to the houae and up on
the little front porch. He aaw him
run to the front door and then hexi
tate and run to tho window at the end
of the porrh. lie saw him fall at the
window and henrd another *hot at
the time of the fall.
Mr. Stanly ijj«<rkly began to unhitch
hi* team aniTwhile doing thin he saw
a man drexxed in dark clothe* run
from the rear of the house and dix
appenr in the distance. Bv this time
am ther neighbor, Mr. J. B. Robert*,
came up and together they ruxhed to
the home where they had ween Mr.
Heater fall. In a minute they wera
there and >uw Mr. Hexter lying on the
porrh with a bullet in hix henii and
yet breathing, hut unable to xpenk.
They found the front door locked and
burnt it open and ruxhed into the
room. The.e they found Mrx. Hex
lying in tile front room with two
hullet wounds in her cheat and one in
her head, the warm blood wax ozing
from the wound* and the little yea
old child hud crawled up on itx moth
er'* broaxt r i<t it* little hand* were
rt-,1 with tlv life blood of it* dead
mother. The other little child wax
xtinding by crying a* if it* heart
w uld break.
i*uch U 'he itory in brief of what
took place in that home on the ftrxt
day of March. Mr. Hexter wa* car
r"«d to the hoxp tal and died in a few
h'>urx without over regaining con
fer i»m ..exx.
Officer* were on the ground in a few
minutes and a chain of circumstan
t'-.l evidence developed that pointed
t. Ihe guilt of a young negrr Napo
le n 5poncer of that -eetion no strong
ly that his guilt wax almoxt beyond
q'.xtion. So xtrong wax public xen
ti; 'nt against him that hi* attorney*
v •« able to ge» the case tried in
Sn-ry county. Thix ca*e i* now be
ir!? hnird at Tobeon and the negro is
r. rr 'ed by Ji nes and Clement and
the Solicitor is being assisted by J.
ti. Keller. The trial began at noon
V/cdne-day and may take two or three
day of the term.
->inp' i<*on .-ip.mcer win is <narsr»u
with the crime is a younar man of ba<"
r putrfion. He has an innocent look
and one would not take him for the
h-"dr' ed rriminnl that he get* rredit
t< r being. He has served two terras
ir. th reformat' ry and has been
Vncv i police circles about his town
f'.r y< -s. Once he stole a horse and
ne ■ »nr raining it while just a boy.
I'o hn) a had scar on the side of hn
e at appears to a bum. This
j<> prominent as to aid one
ir .itifiyin* him.
The jury that is hearing the case h
maiie up of Me ssrs. R. A. Dons, N. L.
Marion. J. A. Gentry, A. C. Chanev,
J. R. Edmonds. W. T. Crissman, W
M. 'Inrsh. W. f. Hall, J. S. Ifr.llincr -
worth, Luth .-r (ockerham, J. M. Todd
and James Brigf.
There is no positive proof thit
Snencer is the man who commuted
this crime but there is a rtnnit of
cirrum«tantial evidence 'hat U stronc
and points to his guilt no positively
that most people who know of the
fa-M think the riprht * in bem;?
11 led.
ine fcrlitor ft 1 ne News nearn ' ne
evidence that had been before the
court up to the noon hiur on Thurs
day and yet not half the witnesses for
the state had been examined. The
state was developing a string of fact"
something like this: On the after
man pass
h-me of Prof. Daniels a mile or more
n- n of the murder a man passed the
fr->m the He«ter home and fired his
pistol at a do*. Prof. Daniels haled
nim and asked why he shot at the
dc- tv0 fallow at this time was
some distance away, but drew his pis
tol and flourished it in a threatening
manner and went on up the hill. He
was dressed in a dark roat and wort
a cap. An old nejfro woman passed
the home about this time and identi
fied the man who shot at the dog a
Nanoleon Spender. Th!« wa« about
2-"A in the afternoon of the cimc A
little later several neighbors testified
to »eein? a young man pa?« theii
home* further along the road, each
one telling about the dark suit ami
the cap he wore. A little ne<r*a
t M how Spencer had come by tH»
Reformatory and fired off hii pistol
several times and reloaded it in hi)
rr» »nce. later a youn*» man Johr
Ford saw Spencer as be crosaed th«
path in fr'<nt of hint. At that tim<
Snencer was rtinning and had hi* nU
t»l in his hand going in the diractior
«f the ll»-ter home, but yet some dis
tnnee away. Further along he pass—
whe-e Mra. McCantis* lives anil h«n
•iff his pistol and frightened her
Again he wore the dark «uit and rap
He was not following the roads bu
mmm4 ta bo going the paths am
near rut* often going through thi
Wv the noon hour
and we in not able to ptva the tae
luauny further ua thia lueua at The
News i( U Um purpoee at the State
to afcow that Hpifir wont cat la the
lleiter homa and want tn tha back
way and wu moat arobatoly bant oa
robbery. Ha may nave been half
drunk, for tha tesUmuny >huw» that
ha lired off hia jtstal a number at
tuaaa that aftatnoan and several
umaa had it out la hia handa aa ha
paeeed along whara other* law him.
It appears that tha atata will be
abla to ahow that hia tracka want to
tha Heater homo from tha rear and
that ha entered by Um way at tha hark
door. There he found Mra. Heater
in tha rook room and frightened Jier.
.'.he grabbed an old piatoi that wan in
tha rook room and fired .1 at him. the
■•all taking effort in the door faring.
Then it waa that he shot her ui lite
breast, for the blood was on the
floor in the rook room. .She arreamed
and retreated into the front room and
aa aha retreated he ahot her twiea
a<roin The wounda were of »urh a
nature that nhe died instantly. Hear
ing the screams Mr. Heeter ran to the
house, und finding the front door lock
ed, ran to the window and the murder
er being yet in the room with the dead
woman, shot him through tho window
making a dead i hot as the little bullet
hole in the glass shows. Then tho
murderer ran from the bark way and
I'Mapeil. Now the tracks that Spen
cer is known to have m;;do at pointa
where he wi.r seen a number of tiinos
duniig thu afternoon corieiipond ex
actly with tho trarka that go into and
conic out of tho Heater home in the
rna Later when Spencer was arrest -
od he hail on him a pistol, blood was
on his handkerchief ami on his clothes,
hvcrything nointn to the fact that he
entered that home and nhot that wom
an being so nenr her that her blood
spouted on his handx and clothe .
Report has it that Spencer will try
to provo an alibi and thus make hi ,
escape. Mr. and Mrn. Hester ware
both hiirhly respectud young people
and the ofllrinla of Forsyth county are
doing all thoy can to bring the guilty
man to justico. A number nf the FW
iyth officials and Town o(!!cen are at
tending court. The witne^es, twenty
or more, aro people of good standing
in their county, r.nd the defense is not
able tn attack their character or to in
iny way discount their testimony.
'/ Red CroM Work.
nne (from of bed shirts have been
made by the Surry County chapter
and were shipped on April the 18th.
with four hundred many tail bandage*
and twenty four triangular bandages.
The work room i* open every after
noon in the week and additional work
ers will be welcome. A generou*
citizen contributed one hundred d I
'ui a few day* ago and the chairman
has ordered material to the value of
that amount, two grr ■ i of bed
have been ordered. .hone in cha ge
>f the room are Mm. Cullen Merritt,
Monday; Mr*. E. H. Wrenn, Tuesday;
Mrs. Frank Baldridge, Wednesday;
Mm. Mary Armtleld. Thursday; Mr*.
W. E. Merritt, Friday: Mian Mar;
Kranklin Grave* Saturday. .
W hy Constipation In)arie*.
The bowel* are the natural sewer
age system of the body. When they
become obitructed hy constipation a
part of the poisonous matter which
they should carry off is absorbed into
the system, making you fee! dull ami
stupid, and interfering with the di
gestion and assimilation of food. This
•ondition i* nuicWy relieved hy Cham
berlain'* Tablets. Obtainable every
APRIL 29. 30 anA May Ut we wil>
have with us Xt lady corsetiere ta
give apcciairftfting* without extra
i-harpe in Maoame Grace Corset*
"The boat coritt in the world". Don't
fail to dome and have yourself fitted.
W E. Jackson.
HATCHING EGGS at reduced price.
Balance of season, you can buy 15
pure bred hatching egg* for $1.00 f. o.
h. Mount Airy. Whit® Wyandott*,
Fluff Rock, White IAgftom. I keep
only the best pure blood stock. Good
layers, (food payer*. E. J. Mathews,
3 in 1 Poultry Yards.
My two story eight room house 192
Orchard street. "frff# basement,
Good barn, large jf<rd?n. Terms
reasonable apply to W E. Barnard of
the Surry Mercantile Company, or
write to me at 25 West Buffalo street.
Concord. N. C. R. M. Taylor.
MEN WANTED—J2.5U per day.
About twenty good mci are bow
needed at our mine* near Round Peak
poato/Bre in the northwestern part of
the county. Apply^t 'mine or at
t.ffice in First National Bank building.
Mount Airy. Tar Heel Man(rane<e
Company. tf.
MADAME GRACE Corsets fittafl by
graduate corsetiere April 29,10 and
May l«t. No exrta chnrgclfoyiperiul
fitting we want you to know tfte "beat
corset tn the world." W. Ej/ack«on.
POTATO PLANTS delivered In Mt.
Airy at f2.21> per thousand, and 20
rent* per hundred. fihutpaid 12.50
per thousand and 2t>' » r hundred. I
am booking order* lot May and June
deliveries. Mr* MJE. V. Hines, Mt.
Airy, N. C., Route .7T>ox 46. . 2t
AI,L YOU ladiei who want perfect
fitting corsets must net fail to attend
I our special demonstration conducted
by Miaa Sadie MrUtary, April 29, M
and May lata Yorf will hare the great
I advantage la Mn| fitted perfectly
1 with what rt>yahooM «w without
extra chargeU yont ***** W. S
His Store Via Save Ybu Itooey
On Your Shoe nils
We have a store full of
dependable Shoes to suit the
needs of every member of the
Hundreds of pairs of these
shoes were bought at old prices
and we guarantee to give you
better quality and at lower
prices than you will find else
When You Buy Shoes Here You
Get Complete Satisfaction
CALL AT Mounf^Airy Fm«1 Store for
seed corn. V
FOR RENT—nice ftv* room cottage
on Wilson street with all modern
conveniences. UI(o a five room cot
| tage on Taylor'' street, near South
street, nearly mw, water and lights.
E. C. Foy. tf.
A LARGE supplw of seed com at
Mount Airy Fe« Store.
LADIES COMK to nur store April
29, SO arul Mav 1st and have our
tlemonRtraUp tO/flt you with a Mad
ame Gr»f»/oor»l. No extra charge
for this nrrvilfr and you will have per
fect aatisMttinn in your corset or we
will refuaQ your money. W. E. Jack
I will icll for cash to the highest
bidder In front of The Motor Co., on
Saturday, the 27th day of April 1918,
at 2 P. M. the following personal pro
perty to-wit: One Automobfe Truck
belonging to J. H. East. Sal* mad*
to satisfy debt of 188.10 and coat to b*
This April 1*. 1918.
Harrison Motor Co.,
By I. L. HwrtM.
am Grace Goiftets (riven at our
store April V> and May 1st by Misn
Sadie M-Ck'/ n srrnduated Corse
tier®. All' (Wings free and satisfac
tion miaran#ed on your cornet*. W.
E. Jarlyion.
By virtue of the power contained
in a certain deed of trust given by
Chnrlie Pott* to me M trustee, default;
having been made in the payments of
the notes thereby secured I will offer
for sale on the premises on
Saturday Ma) 25 1918
at one o'clock the following described
Reginning on a stake in Dr. Joa.,
Hollingsworth lino and runs west to a J
forked poplar; thence north to post
<>ak in Worth Line; thence With said
line West to a stake- South to a chest
nut, Susan Shropshire* comer. South
on <bim line to a stake and her croner
South to Rctlie Stuarts line; thence
East to James Eavens corner; thence
of said Eveans line East to F. M.
Corn well corner; thence North to said
Cornell line to the beginning contain
ing ISO acres more or less. For fur- ,
ther reference see deed to Q. H.
Wright and Sallie T. Wright from R.
L. E. Wright n id wife Mary J. Wright
dated Feb. 16th 1K96. Rood 44 page
340. Alao deed from C. H. Haynes,
sheriff of date Jane 17 1RI4 book 66
page 179. Alio see deed Sal lie T.
Wright atal t* Charlie T. Potts
Me Mia to sattaf* said note.
C. E. Hutchena, Trustee
To Our Customers
For reasons, which really, there is no need to go into,
but which we will tell you the main one, we are com
pelled to ask every one ordering coal to arrange to leave
cash at the house as we must positively insist upon the
driver bringing back settlement for the bill in each case,
when order is filled.
We all know that when some deliveries are paid for
and some are not that it leaves a loop hol^ff>r the driver
to spend the money and tell us that yrfu did not pay.
When it is cash every time he cannot do this without hav
ing the amount of the bill charged *6 him.
The main reason though that ^started to tell you ia
the fact that the coal shippers as independent as can
be and only ship coal nowadays on a bank's certified
check of C. O. D. bill lading/ttached to draft, which the
buyer has to take up and Ippy for before he can even pay
the freight on the coal. , /
If you do not wish to \My from us on cuah basis, w« are
sorry, but Is something we cannot help and we tni«t that
no one will ask us to extend credit as we can only any
no to such requeata.
C. A. SHELTON - Phone 272

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