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Brief Stay Hot*.
Danville. Va.. April «^-TW roua
ty aaat at PiU.yivaoia m Urtlled a*
perhaps it hi. never been before eiace
the war started whan it came home to
the recidenta of the little town what
una of their '— hae accomplished
at the war freat. Quite unknown to
hu parents, Uagkoma Barbour, a
■tripling not fat IS, announced hu
arrival ia New York with M other ha
roaa at the freat Mat home for a brief
vacation by General Perishing because
of work wall dona, and to help boeet
the third liberty loan ia the laet stage*
at the campaign. New York papers
detailing young Barbour1* fighting at
the front were raad eagerly and
proudly by hia mother and father and
three older aona, and other Chatham
people could hardly believe that the
miachievoua schoolboy at yesterday
had been in the thick of thinga on the
Lorrr.ine front, shooting "square
head*" and withntanding German box
he Tagea and other evil ingenuities
born of the war.
Langhorna's adventure* read like a
page of Hrtion and embrace incident*
ranging from running away from
home at the age of 16 to carrying
through a trench the headless corpus
of hi* "buddv" to save him from 'ail
ing into the hnnd* of tile German*.
In April, noon after having left
school he was apprenticed by hi* fath
er. Ennis Bai'nir who i* a house paint
er in Chatham. Hi* yearning for the
a my wan sternly discountenanced by
hi* father who pointed out that at the
tender age of IB he could not do much
for the country. However. Langhorne
slipped away from home one fine day
and came to Danville. How he came
to be accepted by a recruiting officer
ix a mystery for the lad looked hi* age
and wan plainly immature. Still he
gained hi* point and wan accepted for
•service. The first thing hi* father
knew about it was a postcard from a
mi it hern camp where Langhorne wa.;
drilling. The youth was included in
one of the fir it drafts andw as, after
training in France, put in the Lor
raine sector where the American*
took over a portion of the front.
The y ;»h has a healing shrapnel
w 'ind as a result of hin last engage
rr >nt \vh«n 300 Broches trie<l to rush
h,! trench. He was gassed earlier,
bat in reported as being very well and
ec nr to get hack at the Hun*.
Hi* mother and fattier were surpris
ed to ri-ad in the papers that Lang
home had reached America. They
la t. heard from him April 2, when he
said be was in a hospital in France.
He failed to say whether or not he was
wounded or if he was being treated
f nme ailment. They were wor
ried about him
S' FIDS! SfcEDS! We have a limn«*»>
quantity of choica seed bean* from
th*» b*~>t need hou.+e. Varieties of
f F -messee Green Pod, Liphtninjf
v : r. >, Burpee* StrfciKlesf Greene
i «?. (' ant Stringiest* U rean Po<A,
-f Stnnolens Green I.*i re
UK'"'. Pole Beans, NaniV Davi*,
a, ! K K' lrky Wonder. All Our -eed
are fresh and true to name. I. W.
West Drug Co.
HATCHING EGGS at reduced price*
Balance of season, you can ^uy 1ST
pure bred hatching eggs fa' V-M f- <*
h. Mount Airy. White 'Wjyandottet
Buff Rock, White Leghora.' I keep
only the best pure blood «tWk. Good,
layers, good payers. E. J. Wathew*.
3 in 1 Poultry Yards."-^ \
My two story eight room house 19?
Orchard street. Large ba^emenfr
Good bam, large gariten .1 Term.*
reasonable apply to W. E. ftajnard of
the Surry Mercantile Company, or
write to me at 25 West Buffalo\trcct>
Concord, N. C. R. M. Tayhw.
MEN WANTED -$2.<>0 per <ia>
About twenty good men are now
needed at our mines near Round Pealf
postoffice in the northwestern part of
the county. Apply at mine or at
office in First National Bank buildinr.
Mount Airy. Tar Heel Manganese
Company. tf,
POTATO PI.ANT8 delivered in Mt.
Airy at $2.2f> per thousand, and 25
cents per hundred. Postpaid 12.50
per thousand and 2*c per hundred. I
am hooking orders for May and June
deliveries. Mrs. M. E. V. Hines, Mt.
Airy, N. C.. Route 5 box 4fl. 2t
TOMATO PLANTS for sale. Early
Anna variety. Ready iw delivery.
Price 10c per doten. B. By,Edwards,
Mount Airy, N. C.
s Edwards,
« pd.
KOR RENT—nice five room cottage
on Wilson street with all modern
convenience*. Also a Ave room cot
tage oa Taylor etraet, near South
street, nearly new, water and lighta.
E. C. roy. tf.
Anticipating Crtaia la Air
Air WKm Araarica Mar.hal*
R«nl Sir— grtl. Teutons Ex
pand Aviatim 3ar»i' *■
branch Print, Marc.i 16.—Omt
preparation* ar* Maf mad* In Gar
many to mwl th* anticipated criai* in
fighting in th* air whan Um United
State* ia ready to put forth it* raal
■trmfth ia that branch of tho war.
Evidence* observed hara indicate that
Oaimany la planning to foraatall tho
Aaorican effort la thia direction.
Many pilot* ar* undergoing inatruc
tion ia tho (iinun aviation contara
and tho consti uction of airptanaa i*
procaorfing at a paca hith*rto un
known. Many student aviator* have
boon pa*»*<i from the infantry and ar
tilary into th* air nervica.
Until a few month* ago German
aviator* wrra rrrruling almost ex
clusively from th* ranka of th* officer*
Now woulil-l>a-aviator* are accepted
from the lower ran** al*o. Still th*
proportion of ofllrer* remain* almost
overwhelming. many having trans
ferred from cavalry regiment* with
the deHire of living employed In a
branch of the service in which acti
vity ia constant instead of remaining
with the mounted troops whore sphere
of usefulness ha< lieen very restricted
nine the early day* of the war. The
increased pay and allowances accord
ed to flying men have Mmi attracted
many infantry officer* from the ordin
ary line regimenta, while "till others
sec in aviation greater chances of
twing decorated than in the lot of
officers employed in other lira riches of
llie army.
.tifiM hi i irr mi i riiv iioii i nui|n art?
in the interior of Germany, some of
hem government organizations and
other run by airplane con: t ruction
companies. After the preliminary
training the pupil pilots have to pa
a aeries of examinations winch be
come* increasingly difficult as the
training p* ^rer «•>. The entire per
iod of instruction in about nx month
for a pilot.
th»e who intend to become ol
server are put through a spet al
course, which comprises artillery spot
ting, fhoUigraphy, meterology, map
reading and the drafting reports. All
observers are army officer*, those for
the artillery spotting being chosen
from artillery batteries, while for re
connaissance work they are selected
from any other branch of the service.
Bombing aviators form a special
class by themselves and go through a
thorough training a calculating
heighth and distance. They practice
the dropping of missels while seated
on an elevated airplane framework,
heaneafh which is stretched an end
less leather belt running at varying
speed. On this-belt is painted a land
scape. The pupils are equipped with
steel arrow* and directed to drop them
upon certain objects in the land • ape.
Manned by Dead Men
Aero Sails on High.
Britinh headquarters in France.
April 28.—An extraordinary incident
occurred to one of our airplanes a
short time ago. It was a two-seater
and gave battle to an enemy machine
which was shot down and crushed.
After the battle, which took place over
the lines near Arras, our airplane vas
seen going off southwards, apparent
ly only partially under control, and
disappeared. Where it went thereaf
ter will never known, but more than
two hours later the same machine
crashed to earth 20 miles behind our
The petrol tank was empty and both
occupants had been dead some time,
killed by the same bullet. The opin
ion of experts is that the machine had
flown by itself for at least two hours
with two dead men in it until the
"*etro^ was exhausted, having swung
>ff in a great, circle over unknown
lands ba< k to behind its starting place
as b'>ats have been known to sail with
the sheets made fast and a dead man's
hand on the tiller.
A wedding wi:ich was a surprise to
a great many of their friends was that
of Mr. C. C. Matron of Camp Sevier
Greenville, S. C„ and Miss Lottie
Short of Meant Airy Route 1.
Mr. Marion came up on the noon
train last Thursday April IS and
shortly after noon hour he with bride
to be with a few special friends motor
id over to the city of Dobson and
were made man and wife by the Hon.
Mr. Beamer.
From there they went U> the brides
aunts Mrs. W. C. Jackson cf Route 1
Promptly at the hour of 7 o'clock they
were ushered into the dining room
where a sumptou* supper was served
which was very much enjoyed by all
present. Mr. Marion will return to
(amp Sevier, Thursday April 25
leaving hia bride in Mount Airy. She
will make her home with her father
and mother Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Short
until Mr. Marion returns from France.
Tfcey Kara a host of friends who
wish them a long and happy married
life Contributed. ,
Rad Croee lUliaf Work Dm
ImparKMul—Gifta Is Indi
vidual* Co bf Otb*r KwHw.
New York. I*. T.—A dispatch re
cently rlrrultUd throughout the coun
try, dwltriac that the Atlantic divi
sion of tkt American ltd Creee had
announced that tt had been granted by
tha (ianaan War Trade Board an ex
rluaiva blanket authorization far land
ing food, lattara and money to tha
A mar Iran Rod Crooa for tha A mar it an
and allied no Id la ra in German prieon
rampa, haa boon investigated by thu
bureau and found to havo boon nil
stated in aarorml particular*.
Tha iliapatrh laft tha impraaaion
that peraon* in America could sand
parrel* to priaonera in Germany
through the Red Croaa. Thia ia not
the ca*e. The fact* are thtt the Red
Croaa, through ita agent in Berne,
Switzerland, i» lending weekly to
every American prisoner in the tier
man prison camps two 10-pound par
cels containing aaaorted food, cloth
ing, and other article*, such as pena,
writing paper, etc. a* requested by the
prisoner*. The license for this work
was granted by the American War
Trmlp Hoard, anil the Germans hail
nothing to do with it.
I nc iM'ii < tmpiw urs inai it r«
Wi-H thin work u an organization,
mill that families and friends, a< tinr
a* individuals. cannot send parrels tn
tli** individual prisoners. through Rcl
(!ro- channels. The America.! peo
ple a whole, through suh cription
•o the Rod I'rw arc helpinir that
ori'" Won to nccompl'^h thin iwrv-;
ire for the pr" nnori. Hut individuals
arc advised that the cannot expect to
reach tnlii .dual priMMTH through the
Red Cr*
The only exception is in case
where the famil: hii nut heard from
the prisoner, anil ilw> not know where
he is. In pitch cases tile Bureau of
Communication-of the Red Cros* find
the man and send hi uddrers to hi
Families and friend? of the prison—
or-, however, hould not forget that.'
according to Frnn'.im Abbott, director
of the Bureau of Prisoners Relief of
the American Red Crotn at Washing
ton, the ''an, a individuals, rend to
the prisoners one monthly parcel, but
this and all leU< I ttiuj t be .-cnt direct1
to the prisoners, and not through the.
Red Crop*. ■)
The Red Cross point out that it,
would be obviously impossible for
them to take rare of each individual:
case, by receiving and forwarding par
rels, for individual)); and that it i»!
necessary, therefore, for them to do'
their work an an organization, send-1
ing the same amount of goods to all
the prisoners.
It is also pointed out that the arti
cles which individuals can send direct
are re-tricted to a great extent b>
t-hc American War Trutin Board.
Fach letter to an American prisoner
in Germany should be addressed with i
the full name of the man, his rank,
if any, regiment and company, and
thei name of the German camp in
which he is held. In the upper right
hand corner should be WTitten the
words "American Prisoner of War
Mail—Post Free." The lower left- j
hand corner should bear the words:
"Via New York."
The letters should be mailed in the
usual w:iy. In New York they will, be
fore being sent to Get many, be handed
over to the National Censorship
Board, which will examine them under
license from the War Trade Board.
These letters should be written on
one side of the paper only, and should
contain not more than two sheets of
Another Flour Mill is Closed.
Raleigh, April 24.—Albemarle Mill
ing Co.. a flour mill located in Albe
marle, Stanly coutv, has be»n cloned
by the Food Administration* rules and
regulations governing mills. The Al
bemarle mill was using more than 2»>4
pounds of wheat in the manufacture
of 196 pounds of flour and was also
disregarding the Kood Administra
tion's schedule of mill feed prices. The
Kood Administration is right behind
the flour milling industry and every
mill which is found to be violating the
Kood Administration's rules and re
gulations hereafter may look for noth
ing except drastic action. A -umber
of other mill* are unde* investigation
and no doubt other licer will Je re
vnk«d in the immediate future
Conservation, concentration, and
conservation—for the sake of those at
the front.
A Symbol of Health.
The Pythagorians of ancient Greece
ate simple food, practiced tempmance
and purity. As a badge they used the
Ave pointed star which they regarded
as a symbol of health. A red Ave
pointed star appears on each package
of Chamberlain'* Tablets, an I still
fulfills Its ancient mission as a sym
bol of health. If you are troubled
with indigestion, biliousness or con
stipation. get • package of these tab
lets from your druggist Too will be
surprised at the iiutrk relief which
ithey afford. Obtainable imjiikws
The Safest and Surest
Investment on Earth
This great Nation and all its people stand behind them.
When you buy Liberty Bonds you are not giving your
money; you are Lending it and the government will
pay you Four and One Quarter Per Cent interest
Do you believe in your Country ? Have you faith in
your Government ? Are you proud to be an American ?
It doesn't matter who started this
war, t'ncle Sam will finish it.
We must meet sacrifice at th« front
with sacrifice at home. ,
Dr.H.R. Hege
OSrr corner Main and Moore Sl«„
Opposite lli»ka-Kothn V '>rujf Co
OFFICE HOURS: 8 a. n . to It m.
1 p. m to 5 p, m.
State of Ohio City of To! oo,
Lucae County, m
Frank J. Ch«n*y mal- * oath that he
la senior partner of ll flrn of F. J
Chen«r A Co. doing; bu n< sa lr the
Cite of Toledo. County i J aft *e
aald. and that aatd Ann will pay .je
aura of ONB Hl'NL)H fc. ! OLUAH8 for
each and er*ry ca»«- <.f Cit.irrh t^ *t
cannot b* cured by «ne i of ll \I.i'fr'
•worn to before me a«ut aobscrtl ed
In my prea»n««* this tth i- <y cf f>r a*
her A. D. lUl A W ULRA0ON.
(ImI) Notary Fuhtle.
■all'* Clatarrh Cur» !> Iikta intern
ally aM acta throuch lh» t .<>o4 an tha
~1ucou» Murfacra of th« ,«t«ro trad
Mwiaa lariMi of Ik
tar tMUMttk rt»
r i cinir * i
CO T»l(4a ft
■old by all 4ruar •(«. ?!c
Hall a faallr Pill* («< cua>ti(>Atl oa
— . ... ... . -
Itataws B. & I teodatai
We Announce
The Maturity of the 4th Series of Stock April 15th
1918. and all shareholder* in this series can get their
cancelled mortgages or cash on and after this dat«.
dating from the first Saturday in May. Subscriptions for
shares and applications for loans can be filed now; first
payment to be made May 4th.
Sac. A Tv

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