North Carolina Newspapers

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Z103"' G- SEPTEMBEB G, 1894:
,p in burke at t nding
t . :ird went to Asheville last
i;ird was in town last
1 1 OKI? SKfllEST.
utity t'ourt is in session
! - -:irt
Jr. left lust week for
of Morsfantoti, was in
tlii- we.-K
Ml I
j. i:. I
( ii.V T'"-day.
,,r :in.l Mr-. F
la-t Sun!.i
i St ivctman ami Will (hooper
wfre in
Tl-' m.e school opened Tin-slay
muriui'K "A " " a - " '
Mr ( : i :- 1 1 . n-nois, 01 ixiiumiih,
;, i i: 1 1 r ri'lat ivi:s lnr
A?:iin in our Comity, inmate or
Count) Jail. 4l4Itr:iul Hnr.
Among the arrivals on the w st
hound train yesterday was a man heav
ily ironed and in theeharge of the (len
ity sheriff of P.urke Comity. The man
thus honnd as a criminal was the well
known murderer Hoke Seerest. One of
thf most cruel, outrageous and brutal
murders we have ever heard, he is
eiiaren witn. Ahout twelve years ago worst scene, it that was "lusion
hi brutally murdered his wile and child Heaven's sake give us a rest.
II. Wood
in Morganton.
a, viMi i
.if J - : 5 !
- Mi -
,irtll"!. i-
J. A. M;
irrfil a'
-J. I..
NilN. In
l :lli- Moore, of 'l'ilihook
i! u in I he city last Monday.
.;,, i. im- Neal has rel urned to
.I :.i I "iid Davis M ilitary .Shoo!.
I i t;iA I'allonlias accepted a
, . . I. i l: with Win. Mcl. liur-
'Iv'i'' .lustii
i-iling h'-r
or tin?
!,,-li.!i left
be gone a
. of Puther
brother, K. J,
( V, was reg
House Wed
p'terday for
;.v r two on
M r. U
)! ;ui .V
- r. n.
Mie SI impt-'on, of l!agli'
i count v. is visiting AJ is
i .
Ihiu MeCalbof the firm of
ilcy, is visiting friends i:
TIIK HAD. poi". IC01V.
They Fuse, Confuse, and tbe
IeopIe I'eriise their Ticket.
'Tis sweet to fuse, but oh how bitter,
I o fuse for oiHce and then not git 'er.
The Kepublican-l'opiilistio-Confus-ionist
Convention met today at the
court house in Marion, and in the lan
guage or Stanley Walton, as applied to
Democrats, "raised h 1' Of all the
political rackets ever seen in Marion
this Senatorial
This is a day of hot competition, and we new anncunee that no firm
shall beat us in furnishing goods at
near Hickory and buried them in a shal
low grave with his own bands. Tin-
trial was mnved from tfurke to McDow
ell and he was sentenced to death. He
secured a new trial and the result was
he was placed in the Insane Asylum at
llaleigh from which ):? escaped, was
retaken and placed in the Morgan ton
Hospital from which he also escaped.
When next heard of he was sentenced
to two years imprisonment in I he South
Carolina States prison for stealing a
cow. He was ii iso charged with com
mitting an assault on a white girl but
was never tried for it. 1 mmediately on
bis being released requisition papers
were awaiting him and he was brought
to Morganton Sunday. The clerk of
McDowell court issued a capias for him
and hence hi presence here.
His trial will occur at the next term
of court and it is to be hoped that he
will meet with his just deserts. The
bones of his dead wife and child, which
are still under seal in the Clerk's office
appeal to the law for justice that has
been so long delayed.
A liiinetby, of Asheville
i!u-oi:ii the city Tuesday on his
1UV t' VlOi.l II.
!-,-. Kt::i!ce and Ardie T. on
anl. ot linrke. arc visiting lneiids and
ii: town.
Mr .1 . MeCurrv and d.-umhtcr
Mi-s lit! :ia, spent .several days at i ret n
hihI ( il.l Fort week.
- Xm-tli Carolina was the first State
in ill'- I nion l establish an institu-
lioi b r the negro deaf and dumb.
Miituii r.ailey, of Uakersville,
p-M"! ti.n.ctli the city i uetfd.iyMiiv ni.s
Wiv loIih'!i t. : 1 1 Scliool, Asheville.
i: "! r llyams left last Monday
Inr il!" where tie goes to accept
a i'i-i! ii.n in the machine business.
M. i. .1. Sinclair, K J.. Justice,
1 . 1.. M. . ( ol .1. !'. Moriln:W a;id
M. A. N- iainl a: tended burke court.
icl lonald has resigned his
Magistrate, to accept the
if the election in Novem-
"The new taritF bill," says the
Philadelphia Press, "will retard the in
dustrial progress of the South at least
twenty yeara." Is not that a very sud
den change of tune, contemporary?
W hen the bill was pending you and
your fellow organs swore by all the
stripes in the textile fabric that it
was a sectional measure, which would
enrich the South at the expense of the
North. At any rate, don't, worry your
self about the industrial progress of
the South. It does not depend on pen
hions ami tariff for it prosperity. -News
and Courier.
A Card.
Notice is hereby given that I am
no longer a candidate for the nom
inati'.m for the Legislature
Thanking my friends for interest
taken. I am Yours Truly,
J. G. Neat..
Mr. u alton, the chairman, made a
bitter speech in which li looked tvild
as a Comanche chief, and talked "dan
gerous." When nominations wert? in order, S.
J lilack, Republican, of Mitchell, J. V.
Morphtfw independent of McDowell,
and A. .7. Dula, Populist, of this coun
ty, were placed in nomination
and Dula were declared the nominees.
nis "riled all the McDowell county
Republicans, and they bolted the con
vention, after hearing Mornhew's
peech in which he said that he left the
naeh'ne Democracy because of rings
and machine trickery, and now he was
about to get into another ring as bad.
lie denounced the whole gang, except.
the McDowell Republicans, who were
ill for him, and said he would fhow
em whether Dula would ever go to the
Senate. He charged some of the dele-
it es with treachery in going back on
bun, and assured them he wouid run as
an independent, and clean up the face
of the earth. When he finished, Mr.
Uu!a vas called for, and then about
one-third of the crowd Dula walked out.
Mr. Newt. Halliburton, the lanious loud
bellowing bull ct Iiurke, nearly took the
root off the bouse with his thuaJcr touts
ind .cyc.lona gestures, in :in effort to prove
that he wus preset'.
Walton called Mornhew a renegade
Democrat, and said he was too fresh, but
didn't state that IMila had recently left
the Democratic party ta search of tt greeu
er pasture and more congenial clime.
John Pool made a zood speech, euloii-
iur Kd. Ji-slice, and we were afraid they
were tiVuig then to endorse our man
order to get him bpat, bin Pool uroctedrd
aad we saw liU point, or we would hate
moved to adjourn
a. :
piiMii.m ;h
. u l-.-hip
Mi-cs .Mice Cuthric and Carrie
-Milb-r ni' Ki t Iiei fordlon, were auto
sruplii'il at tie Hemming Hotel yes-
The ivirular monthly meeting of
ili'' M i i iiur.v Society will be held in
'Ii- Meihudist church on M-onday night
Let eery one attend.
--Tii. iv no time like the present,
W tuiiitiiTow may bt too lale. Insure
nr ll al once. See "ad"' of W. F
"'"il i'.i another column.
- Mr-. VY. Kllisand children,
biirliam, a Her spending some t inie with
''Tli.iivi,!,. .-. :ld Mrs. F. II. Wood
I'ft b.r I : r lupine last Friday.
Dr. .t im. Met 'ampbell, of Yam-ey
P-txsru tin-oiii;h town lotlay en ronti to
M'lraii'.m, hi re he goes to accept a
l'wti-.ii in Hi,. Slate Hospital.
A pVauii party of young peep
Pt In-red all he resideiicu of ii r. M . -
K'wlmn! ;kt Friday evening. Rt'
"CMiin mtiMcaiid pleasant conver
itii'ii v., re indulged in, and
and U. I.. Nichols have font.
ei pan ii- r-hii in the mercantil
I'Nii.,-, and will conduct their bu
n;'ai u,e old stand of McCurry
The name of th- firm will
- Me- r-
"lis We
. sbil'. Kolaud, W. 15. Bank
Mmerior Court. Cant. W
We have just received a large .stock of CI. thing, Hats, Dress GouJsi
Shoes, &c. t5 suit every one, and soil thorn with the
T A X IB1 IE1 O IF" IF1,
A large and general line of Merchandise, Groceries &c.
J. C3-. JS; ICHOJLS &c JBttO.
An ILtIauatiuii.
We cal! the attention of our read-
i's to the letter below. We publish
it in justice to our friend and fel-
v townsman, W. Mel), liurgin.
The letter will explain itself.
W. McD. Ibirgin, Esq.,
Deputy Collector,
Marion, N. C.
My Dear Sir :
Your resignation
of the office of Deputy Collector to
take effect onl he 81st. inst. has
been received and the same is here
by accepted. I deeply regret that
your continued bad health compels
vou to take this step. You did not
isk lor the place wlicn you were
appointed to it by me, and you
have held on. long alter you want
ed to quit, simply because I would
not accept your resignation, tenu
red on occasions neretoiore.
In severing our official relations,
permit me to thank you tor the
courteous and efficient manner in
which vou have discharged the du
ties of your office, and to express
the earnest hope that you may be
peedily restored to your wonted
health. Sincerely your friend,
M. E. Caktkk, Collector.
&t B
I, not a Candidate.
We are requested by Mr. Ii. P-Craw
ford to state that he is not a candidate
fore the primaries for the nomina
tion for the Legislature.
TIic Income Tax.
Some people are under the impression
that the new income tax is retroactive
This is a mistake. The income tax
clause oi' the tariff bill states that from
and after January 1, 1S!)5, until January
1, 1U00, there shall be assessed, levied
collected aiid paid annually a tax of
per cent on the amount of income over
$4,000, and that this tax shall be assess
ed by the commissioner of internal rev
enue and collected and paid upon the
gains, profits p. ml income for the year
ending olst. next preceeding the time
of levying collecting- and paying such
tax. The law cannot go into etlect un
til January 1, 1S!)5, and no income tax
will be paid until December 31, 1395.
This is the status of the tax and it is
ill no sense retroactive. People with big
incomes will not have to pay the new
tax for nearly a year and a half. In
that time they will recognize the jus
tice and equity of the tax. Atlanta
Urins of Interest fn These Hard
Martin Bros sell womens shoes
at 75 cents that others ask isi.l';
Farmers! If you want solid com
fort, durability and cheapness
einbined in a shoe, try the "Stover
Ties" at McCall tt Conley's.
Martin Bros sell the farmers
shoes for $1.00 that others sell for
The biggest, prettiest and best
line of 5 cent calicos ever in town
at Blanton's.
Finest stock of Razors and pock
et cutlery at Jones' Hardware.
Of all the goods, Dr. Jones has
the finest. Go there for hardware.
Clothing, Hats, Shoes, Sifters
Duckets, " Baskets and pictures
cheap at Modd's Variety Store.
lien want substantial and com-
ortable shoes - McCall cc Conley
have them as cheap as the cheap-
Go toMedd's Variety Store for
ill sizes of Fruit. Jars. 1 hey are
the best and cheapest.
Bring us your chickens, eggs,
Irish potatoes and all country pro
duce and receive in exchange cash
or goods at extremely low figures.
McCall & Conley.
Martin Bros, have the largest
assortment of fine shoes in town
at low prices.
For Slieiilf.
I hereby announce myself a can
didate for re-election to the office
of Sheriff, subject to the Demo
cratic primary election. Thanking
my friends for past favors.
I am Yours,
G. II. Gakmx.
Among them are the latest 'theng: in Fine
Dress Goods, known as CdVart Clotii,
1 yards wide, 81,00 per yard.
Ladies Br-ad Cloth; Dress Flannel, Tricot Outings in Attractive
Colors, Linseys 10 cents and upward, Calicoes 5 cents and upward.
Warner's Coraline Corsets, all kinds Veiling, Herculc Brnh!,r Velvet '
Skirt Binding, Black Silk Inserting, and colors (Jimp of Trimmiug
Lace Curtains cheaper than ever. Our Shirts Collars and Cravata ar
unsurpassed, all sizes, all qualities, all prices. We have an elegant
Umbrella for $1.00, worth $1.25. Our stock of Shoos, Groceries; etc., in
complete, as you will always find it. We have a full line Jeans, Cotton
iats. Cotton Yarn, Knitting Cotton, School Books, Domestic, Plaid-i,
Bleeching, Sheeting. Bed Tickimr. etc. etc.
Wilson and Dr. J. M.
nl Yancey, were in town
it tending the Republican
N'"-Uurial convention.
- The
le tow n was scarce of
'lk last Minday, on account
p-iiieeting. Everything passed
'llli' t;N. and onlv a lew skinned
"' report L-d. There were rocks,
pistols in the air.
" 1,1 '-lit- w indow of the store of our
"''I'l iMii- merchant J. C. Nichols is display. The Brooklyn
"'S''iii mltiutiire is presen ed to the
?'"t th.- passer-by and is a pretty
K'a :i,hnise!iieni. The bridge is
llllt"t -.,.o thread, bale snuff, and
"t a
'A I
ia Mr. Nichols seem
"w to display what he has to j fun aheifd
j Eight.
Slower :ind Liime).
The two oratorical giant-j of this
part of the country, lions. W. II.
Bower and IX. Z. Linney, candi
dates for Congress in the Stli dis
trict, met at Morganton last Tues
day and lired their first campaign
runs. Mr. Linnov spoke first, and
in his usual rasping and impres
sive manner, denounced the DeYno
cratic party, and arraigned his op
ponent for what he considers short
comings. Air. liower ionoweu in a
forcible and eloquent speech, de
fending his record throughout in a
manner that but few men can imi
tate, and said that while Congress
had not done all he wished, what
it had done was a great reform and
improvement, over the McKinley
bill, and that the Kepubhc ins and
L...maf flm Viirtherii Democrats
t ...... - .
had worked together to Jnmler the
progress of tariff reform, while the j
Southern representatives mm moou i
chmibler to shoulder to secure the I
relief demanded by the people.
Both Bower and Linney are orators
of a high degree of ability, and
their largo audience was spell
bound for more than three hours.
It is out of our district and we have
nothing to do with it, but there is
for the boys m the
My boy w as takua wi:li a diseiise resem
bling bloody flux- The iii3t thing I though t
of was Chainbeilain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Kenedy. Two doses ol it settled
ilip n:mer and cured hiiu sound and wcil.
1 will answer any inipiirirs rigarJiin;
when stan-.) is enclosed. I reler to any
county official as to my reliability. Wm
Roach, J. I'.jPrinuoy. Campbell Co., TV mi.
For siiIj by Viorph-w fc Ktrt-i tmaa.
. Notice.
Notice is hereby given that bids for
letting the county home will here
t-eived at this otlice till October '2
1S!4. All bids will be under seal, ac
companied with a good and sufficient
bond of 500. The board reserves the
right to reject all bids
J. C. Bitowx,
Clerk of Hoard of Co. Coins
This September 4th 1S!U.
rpHE voters of McDowell Conntv
J- I havi ng b en urged by my friend
some ct the prominent and most influential
men ofoai county toeffer myself before ih
Public for the office of Register of Deeds
aud as there is no political issne in said of
fice I with due respect to all parlies hereby
announce myself nn inL'eeiuleut canci !a e
for the ot Krgister of Dteds. I wi:i
make my campaign with t ie other candi
dates and if elected I-will serve you like a
man and favor yon all I c. mi to all who may
make inquiries conccr. ing my worthiness
and competency are thfci f illy referred to
County Superintendent of Public fnstruc
tton fx-county .Superintendent of Public In
struttion also to the Public St-bcol Com
mitteemen for white race district number
16 wheie I tatghttwo sessions. Citizens
come out and vote fur me and have vour
Deeds niul Mortgages r; gist ered at a lower
per-cent than ever before. Young men vote
for me and have your License issutd cha-iji
J K. Cri:-
hereby announce myself a candi
date for re-elect ion to the otlice
of 'leik of the Superior Court for Mc
JJowell county, subject to the Demo
ratic primary election. With pro-
foundest thanks for past favors, I am
l our obedient servant,
1!. Ii. PlCICE.
J. G. ichols tV; Bro. have jus
received a large and varied stock
of clothing.
To the Democratic Voters of Mc
Dowell Count.
Sin?e announcing myself a can
didate for Register of Deeds my
family has become so badly ahTict
ed that I cannot leave home to can
vass the countv therefore I with-
Boots or Shoes we all must wear,
The good will wear, the had will tear,
Have patience folks and don't be scared
t the riedmont can be repaired.
It. W. Williams.
Wanted : A few boarders, good
board and a plenty of it, good beds
and good rooms lor man ami horse,
on Spring street. Mas. N.G. Rich
Wanted a partner who can fur
nish'from $300 to $500 capital. In
vestment safe and big profits, for
narticiilars address the Marion
An elegant line of dry goods
notions and a lull line ot celebra
ted Red Star Dress Shirts, hats
Jmfs. wroceries tvc. at Martin
Bros. Wi defy competition
We as a firm have dissolved, ami
will run separate businesses after
November 1st, 1894, and all per
sons who are indebted to the pres
ent firm will save cost by settling
with us at once.
Hkmphii.l & Clark.
Marion, N. 2. aug31-4t
Hafsl Mate!!
w have them, Boys and Mens all sizes, all
qualities, all prices.
c I o t il l m g v
We guarantee that we can save yon money on clothing. Call and ex
amine our stock. Wo keep almost everything and as cheap an can Le
bought anywhere. Come and see us. Bring your produce. Bring y wr
cash. Very Respectfully
P. Blaxrfon,
ril O the Democratic voters of Jlc
JL Dowell County I hereby an
nounce myself a candidate for re-election
to the otlice of Kogister of Deeds,
subject to the act ion of the Democratic
Convention. JJesnect fully.
J. C. Jtnowx.
Having been solicited by many of
the good peonlewf McDowell coun
ty, hereby announce myself a candi-
dane for representative in the next
eiieral assembly of North Carolina, to
represent McDowell county. I will
make my campaign for ajreforni in gen
eral taxation and the public school
system. I am in favor of economy in
public expenditures, anil reducing the
salary of state officials. I am ulso in
favor of pensions for disabled soldiers,
and providing homes and physicians
for tge poor who are deserving. 1 ask
the support of good people of all par
ties, and pledge myself to be faithful to
your interests if elected. I am opposed
to making the rich richer and poor
Your obedient servant, -Aug.
fith 1S94. M. L. Dkai.
SouTHEns Railroad Wi st bound train
arrives at Marion tt 1.46, p nt., and leaves
at 1.43. East bound train arrives Ut 4:33,
and leaves at 4;35 p. m.
C, C & C. Railhoad Train arrives at
12:45 p. in., and leaves at 4:4j p. m.
A T the solicitation of fri.mds
t 4. throughout the county of McDow
ell. I hereby announce myself a
candidate for the Legislature, sub
ject to the action of the Democratic
W. A. Cox LEV,
July 24, 189-1.
T" Hereby announce myself u candi
Adate for Coroner, subject to the ac
tion of the Democratic party.
T. M. Dale
KcsiMrars of Flection
Ordered by the court that tin fol-
drtiw from the campaign with man- lowing earned citizens have be;n
y thanks to my friends tor their
Interest manifested for . me.
Yours truly,
Wm. McCurry.
I , .i : ..,fi... .!..:.. regisiiuisti uic fnt-c:uii
for the different precincts of Mc-
s unimproved land for
II. Hester, Union Milis.
J. (i. Nichols & Bro. are certain
ly selling clothing, hats and shoes
cheap. .
Something new, Tapioca, just re
ceived at J. I'. Norton's a fineprepi i
ration for making jelly. 1
DjwellCo. twit: Marion, R. L.
Nichols; Turkey Cove, J. D. Coii
ley; North Cove, W. A. McCall ;
Finley's J. Frank Wilson ; Dysarts
vill, J.W.Tavl -r; Brackets, L. A.
. . ... ..... , ion cy a roruier tenant, va
llaney ; Monttords Cove, m. V il-1 f, temeDt it
son : Lrookea creeK, i . l . L,ytie ; j cu,? n,i j)UrnSr ; can testify to the truth of
Broad River, J. W. Lailiast a; Old jthis. Ko'.liinjiri allmy txjieriectehasfouDd
Fort, A'. M. Goodson: Higgir.S, 1 hsiual foriieiting blis'.ers or buriis F.
J G Price. j E. R.irrrtt, manager Le l?i!epr Seatim-1, L
r , , Kninr, 'Minn. I'ain HjIdi iji stso a urs core
. . j . Vs. jro X, j jijr rheumatism- For sal br XJorphew anJ
Clerk of Board of Co. Coirs. Sjrct-taan,1riiesjjtj.
roret Fire Victim..
MixxK.tPoLi, Minn., Sept. 4 At'.is
patch from Pine City says the number
of fire victims in and near that place
from forest tires will reach at leat 42".
A dispatch from Ilim-kley, Minn.,
dated Sept. 4, says:"'Miis is today
place of mourning. The presenceof the
charred and unrecognizable bodies of
the hundreds of victims of the great
forest fire has saddened the survivors
even more thanthe disaster it.-elf
When rcof ing into our jres?nt boiue I
found a bottle of JharuberlainT3 Pu'U Balm
left by a foruier tenant. Ua tbe la'je) I
was good for
Dissolution Notice.
The public is hereby notified that the
drug firm of Morphew & Streetman,
doing business in the town of Marion
and Uiirnsville, N. C, is this day dis
solved bv mutual consent. J. W. Street-
man having sold his interest in the
above named linn to Dr. (Jen. I. White,
the business will be continued under
the firm name or Morphew & White,
who will pay all liabilities of the old
lirm of Morphew & Streetman.
All debts due Morphew & Strectman
must be paid immediately to either Dr.
Morphew or J. W. tftreetman.
M. F. Morphew,
This Aug. 27, 1S91. J. W.Stbkkt.max,
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tive sketc lies of fitt aud fancy; aud in Hie
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lirure Coward, by Robert I-ouia Stt-venson ;
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Pierce; NineUa, a most pleasinj? story b.y
M. T. C'aldor; A Gilded tin and Between
Two Si is, by the author of Dora Thome;
The Truth of It. by tbe pc.ui;ir writer,
Uujth Conway ; and the Moorthouse Trae
dv, rather sensational, by Mrs. Jane C.; A Heroine, a delightful story by
4rs. ICeoecca II. Davis; Wall Flowers, by
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HnCHKHoLn Topics Pcb. Co.. 1'. O. Dox
Ili: New York City N. V
A lair notice to everybody.
I will within ifle next sixty daya
my entire Stock of Merchandise.
Stock now Complete,
Comprising everything kept in a
first-clarjs country store.
I also have one genuine Fteam
Six hundred acres of ridge and
branch land, one-third well tim
Three good mules, two good
wagons, two good log carts,
A splendid yoke of oxen,
One good dwelling house, larn
and other buildings, on a 4-acrc '
lot at Nabo, N. C.
EveryJiody come and eee me, or
address me at my office,
ICecord and World 1?1..0
Uv snecial arrangement we are en
abled to send you Tint Makios Kkoud
and the New York Veekly World for
one vear for in advance. Old tub-
seri hers who pay up of course are en
titled to this rate.
Pure Kentucky .Ryo- and North
Carolina Corn Whiskies. Wines.
Urandies Export Reer. Chamjagne
Rrandy Reaches, French Rrandy,
at:d in fact; all "Ikpiora 'kept in a
first-dass Saloon.
Orders solicited from adjoining
counties, ... , -: .
,Address the
I desire, all who want eho re
paired neatly and substantially
will please apply to me at thcdrk"
in Marion, N. C.
W.II. Wakefield. -
Thk Rkcoku and Atlanta Weekly
Constitution one year for $1.50.
J. A. MtDSAUroirxetor.
' MAltiPX, X. CV

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