North Carolina Newspapers

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ill ll,-
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:i'.mTi:n ok
t boar 'i trniti
l.l.. H i le:l VI
; ; vi' -: u I 4:2.3
.,Tr.-!!.:i iii ri' t-s at
:.' ! !"l p Ml.
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..T.'J jilU
,-... i i I .i!ii::inr, was
.. ; I. .tudii-e i-:b 1
v :i v: !l."f '.hicksbi'irjr,
,!!.!: V.
ii--, but (!
1 doll
.1 Lcn-. ir,
Hi .vt
r tru-i."
; unduy ft r
ill to attend
ovia li
l'ort an. J
for this
',: ,--'r i-'i surveyor.
; i. the position.
; ! ,,r Turkey ('-no,
: -i l.i-. ! n 1 1 The
; i ):N we.-h.
, ;,r: hi.- !: !'-!'
; tir:i,..! i r in V." ;..-!)
!,..e l.een i Still.:?.
. I;- e v.'iil V-ivni'li :t
: V. I!:-.!.
; : ... -so; he le-ji.-s-;.
, -.. ::i ?.!oriIu-.s
.ii:.r, V.'i'; C
r .: i i;t .iiii'l; :' ;. Mo:i-i:'.v
,., v nrl i-oiiven-.
.!, ,.'.. i! i'or register
mini. ! a man of t!:i
I i em a rlver yoinr.r
:r :i'l ri";!il.
I r: I-. v'.-i:-' r.-pw; iScn
: .-!erk ' : -i'! (!
i i . ;l !-l-VT cUiil--
,.; iil::r with .'.!! t in-
. Ti, .;i.:- i-.-i . t ha -ir. yr
s. i 'i i-.-;r-i! y n''t i.:
;: I .:".). -n, i f Veil)
!,':.i;;;-r i I' yniir.v' r-'i-pio
,j ! .,...;; :i '.';t !;ht-;.. f our ,-;, i,.a! opp,,,,,.,,
le.iy t!ie ;lt ,..(! ,. ., ;,. ;r f ,,(
!'.!i;miv,;,re, we re IV r yii t,
IIsvs, who V. ill , 11 y,.u :: rj..,j W;.;.;':, r
a .e h i i.t riii!' (.,.lts (!,.,. , ; j
Hie .i-K li.-I.-.v A,-lt )) ,-fiit
-'...: i.UI.-, ?:.n ',1 T. V. 1 vt !,
.'I" Hi!. 'oUi;y. hl:u We"k ill
viii - of ij ;;,,;.; re-,,-,-, in., IZ
wr. bruhi lo his honi;. o.i -,.0( .;:.!
('!!;. f ti,.v .v. :,, -.
' j me i. ei.. iiev.
; U :r 'v',:" 'li.:ii'ti.:.l tin.- fun.-rai
j ef i.-es. Veexlv;i,l ,;n- sy -UJ,.i; liy t-
t lie bereaved f::i:iiv.
j 1'very ,.,J k. Cut ,:,m-,.
; c.i'i !.o ;.iw.,.,...,i. The fir, t in ..!' :. uu
! !s ho:t-d..,ee This is !'. !:; ! .y ..
i ! ' I' lou-l, eeiijrh. If Ci.iuiihciiaii.'s
i..chIi ' '"''b ' i'i'm friuly ssooiis
lilt: i-hii.l tjccoiuis hij irse or evt-n ulu r Hie
emu': ai.vrloee.l it vt-nt n nt-
,:u!;- -" ;! t-n? hrttij.-s Jor mv ,v
i'iw iv e':.ili;, i!ni-j,!5ts,
Vote i.'i- I a io for coroner, ::!!
.Von V. ill ! e entitled toatU'Il.l the fi! ion i,,.xt Ti.e.-.l;,y. Tile fiiio;,
liberal .roe,..:,.i,, vi f,,,.,,, ;n f,.oili
of I he eouri iioi:se, v. iMi r.-irson Itro-vn
:hi1 Cici? hi til,' fi-m-.t waxoii,
they hei:i the two most inivorljint
li-ure.. T'oe lian:l will play '-we'll
han-( iJrov. i.V c h.uKvsim a fusion'
ti'ee. while the proees-i m iii:
ni:n-eh;ii!( mi." The ol her !u ;:o:i r:nn!i
ilaies v. ill i'oii ,v; the:;it,. the 1 1 !i;ie;il
K";'e y;tr:l of the confusion parly.
iirh-iiond I'ears'iii's! re-nains will lay
instateat A.-h; vi!!e mil il ail a-piriir;
voting niLii can f';v.v:e i:;;oi. them, and
h" wr.nn'tl to iioiti t he vrat h to
c.iine" th.i? si'.vai;--- a v.::o heh-n-s
to every political ).;!! y in e ist nee.
;u:l is liie t none. The seniencf
"v. hat I'll do when ! iro to congress,"
willnoihe written ovr oliiha!
;rave. ft ...-ili l. '-what he ,lid h-f.,re
he wen! !;; ri: i liTC--.." ;'. :.d th:
"he dicil" uii! follow in hireil letters.
Xi'M Ti.'esd.iy will settle the fiiiion
ijtitv-t ion and it oiii(ht to do so when it
is so b"icfi of j.rinciple and eoiniiion
sen.-e as the pre-ent t ll'orl to fuse is.
xm, ln- G, TSZTJ-RSOD-Tr. 1S94
i .fit 2:is;i:s:i; ." nz:v.
?' Hi; l:vizitc ihv "iVir
; newt, vnivcrs, U.:t j-. saoaii-
i I.:-t J-'.-. iirdtty n::i: .j ;...., nr.
1'e; v.-.-w i:-.;-.l,. ;;t !!: :::.. h'-,- I! t.
i.;i t !m.-. (
;i'Ui;;; ;:; ni n; :i,r f ...... j
; vho. to-.-ti.,..- w .'i .James
' :-iiie.i a- .i rohi I v.'i.i
hhifrri'y, Te.i i..
arrest ;.,l on Sumiay after t
l;i'd:M-i!s. ;.!"
d t :
: : few
it !. wanted lo
i d in thelejrir
ai: ! wiiiidrew
. H i,:voi- of
:.-;! i:y Mrs.
:;;..:. i- an eie-
la'de is S!!j-c;-yl
hiir.;. r.Tid
'',: tioc!
S"dtL-lic !5r::ki'.t?x.
.Mis-I'.-. l-ave.;. il:id-ri:;s a:;! i, tilers
:'. '.'ire--' I he p- -p!e ai ti'.e Seli.K.dho: z
;ii r.ciini t fs Mili, on t ho poli i ioal is:-iies
of the day. T'liir.-thiy nijh! Xovemher
i ! I vii. J. S. livsAicr, (.'hainnan
l'i ;:s. I '. x. ' t in.
c li):akl Vassrr.
i:r,i.! "I. Vance, son of the late y'T,:'. -tor, died nt the Mor.aiitoii
! pit?.! oi (;!;. -2li h. in' viiii a jvifte-'
i.:.--.v -pa;-;-. a-.i:i, l.aciojr hv! I p'-si-' !
uii v:iri...:s- .jerri:.".!.-. The re;:. !..;
were .iulenvd in ''! ve- i;io ceM; fery ;;;
Asil.-vil e.
: j-v;i!;.f.;':.T Ji 'j':nvao:h
():: i!i-' ;:'-.:i! !' t' -: h;l
!; 1 It.t;! i '.' '! .!.';' 'f l.eitri.-.
mil i i ; " i -i t':v-. !isin;ni
rrants ,vr. ;
el ;;;!! w.'.s
eorinuttied. I.,-,. JJi, !i.,r, ; ., j.,
M-nio'i Li.-! laliii-day even: . r.'id
in.!!-;! f his- si, :!!;.- was j. (
h. re hy Mr. Cl.r.rli- Kin-, the jn-iiulitr
teie-'Ttpj, operator, ho war; rai: ed ;:t
Mr. Ki!! had h.eard of t lie i:.;irder,
and nfif-r secii' i.-hnrds, nired to
I'l.iir ( iry, niakinr? inoiiiries ahont it.
ile was ir.v.'nplly inlormed' tie;; I In re
H. s ?i0: reward f ,r Jiieh.irds, and se-o:!!-:-;g-a
warrant he w-it in .-cardi of
the tiitir.ior-T, :i-c.:.ipa;:H-l hy iticers
li:n Kiniey a'ld r.o-ii;. Xiehofs Cieh
nrd w:is found at lOo'cloi k Sid wrday
niTht at the I'k'ii.mii.-II, .ti 1. had
retired, whe i t lie rs arrived at his
room. Hi- was ph:.-ed m jail her.- :;nd
wiil he conveyed to Khiti' i.'iiy a; .- wor.
as lh- reiiii.sit it n arri ves.
Char.'ii' Ki;:g- will tret the reward
Richards is a cousin of the man who
waskilk:!. The llristol ourh r says
the only o'j,., i for the mnrdv r was loh
hery. I,ee liieh.-.rds an I Arrant s ;(ot
i;! Wand a watch from t hi murdered
iiiaii. !t was : ;.io.-t cowardly murder,
hein- ca. si d hy a pistol shot in the
hack i:f tl:e iiead.
The in ordered man leaves a v. if-' and
fivt ciiiidien.
The t':t?.:a;iris.
f)n hit Thursday t he county enndi-
dnti s spoke in joint di.-e;!-io!i at'Sebo l:A('K!;TT.-: '.V. C. lhihan , J. I. I.uu-ii
TE.s:i;3 Who :i; In Wafrh Ifit
I'OiJsi in t'S:jcr Usui see
thai the I?aIW?is are In;- r'.y
i n .1 :;: liniffj.
'i !:. fi.' .v, ir.g o'liprisi s a
r. -c J f t!,.? p-.H-hoUlcrs for eti'.-h
vdiii rpn : i - t in McDowell cuu:iy
:i-'i).-iiit d Sept. i.jth Jiy tl-.u :f County Ccir.!iii;;.-ii)!if-r.
TJ;os.- n;..., u.i?! i.hcr with iko r'iri.--'-
tturs ilivittiy finm unci-d arj to bt.-
Li;" tnirvlians of tlio frer? v.A u:i-
:r.:!.i "..! hulloU cf tho pi-ijj lo anl
will sc.- to it that' '-very man liih
or low, rich or oc;r, colciml or
wlii!", w!io is eiititled to vote sh;;!I
vote Ins s'iitiuicnts without feari-i
intiiiiniatton and t avo las voto
".Ui'iiO'l ;.. cnt, Tlvy compriso
!)-, :!in.'"i!ti an i Kepuolicans and
their appointment " r fat'-.s the
moan, misraldo, imputation that
our el-.-ct ions laws are unfair and
ttnj'.'.ot and that they are used for
partizan inir which is !eiug
iiioelaiined hy the enemies, of gov-
rninont and and. .. liolcsomr-
statistics. Read the list and see if
tin '.-o an- not facts.
,i V't'ON', .1. .'.!. ri..y, J- A. Mid)-.:-ild, dom
J. Z. N' t :'iid U"m., rep.
THtX'iV t'OV;": Ziv.u C....1, T I O Tci,
iU-im. 11. I'. HoiistifManu T. !1. fiiHpit.--..
N; d'.TIl roVK: J. E. V.'i! on, Will K.
lirLiv.u, .it-iii. ttol.t. McC-di and (. X.h-juun,
KINhrV: J. V. 1! .iie.v, linvid Dolifon, I.-tn
V,'. .'ini-iu rs n A II. Simi-'ous. i-pji.
I.V;;.i: i'.-Vlhl.!: T J. S t;cr-.ihh.-,W. S
Wndvtr, dcm. J.dia ir.i-in and H. II
Ott S, rep.
0 ' :-
2. r r.
2 in
City. .V fairly hune erowd was iire.-u :-t.
to hear the issues discussed, and the
ho d order wa : preserv- (I.
'-! Justice and Di:Ia, eamiidctes
for t tie senate were :i!so pre.-eni. Mr.
-oistice made a splendid 1 )eii oeral ie
-(ice- h. lie i.. a man of ahiliiy, and will
iMjp, .l.ii!. Wcshy Cjiiik-i- and J. J.
Sjiionse, r"f.
MONTKOilD: V. ii.
ilvr.i. Lvv Morris met
CKPOKiii) Cltid-iK:
U ii', Jiiuv-s Ihigbt,
A. I'. r- Otit-f.i r, rep.
('. C. r.riol!cy, II. M.
; i . r
K xr r; U -r?
-! i: v.rj 3; K3C 323
g3 - 2.0
- J2
c S.CS
r;o 3 i .
Z-TOVnT" 05 THE m.
This is a day o" K.t mpi-tiiion. and
hall ln-at us in fi mis'. in;; go-,,1; at
'w w'a;ol KU:, ti;( no f,rni
ii an a
.in, re;)
M. f . D.tvij and F A. itar.
"itoIiX: .1. W. Py:!t,i::s '.V th:ew. ,h
V." in, II idle -ml .t.i::u'S !! ll.tnd n i
;-. i..-- I ma''. ;
him iuii.i :v a
. 1 !il le:ie eoi
, if pi: a- '.
i i: t ii:i, our
! ': ri.l.
d . v. ho v.r- an
.'.r re ;i: o r of
i- a Ih-iiio-.-,
i ea-i aidavo
;:, ci He is
he::: e to Work
Mr. 1). K.
i Iv.'lgi'.is", i'.ddre: s ahoui 75 o:
ont i:e-ii ii ' de;nocrat.;; at il
wo-d. Mf- to-aek d . oil - of :!!!-uo-:l's
prominent n; :' hants. h'V.i
:t!- i i r : ; :y .-,;. at n.e
r. iit;.::i;is i.v.ul- a vty
he a ci-i dir to our dhtrict in the .-..aatii,-, :;oAl) I.IVK.f: : .1. M. M-uf-pl. Johnson
where he and Mr. (Jardner are si. re to j ....n.ft.i , iL-m. J 15. (ii,;i..i;i and A Jl.
-. Ihith are youu ( men ol ah';li;y i i:t. r. p.
On i'riday i i.e candidal e.. di. . :.- ved o; i, pii;p;-: G.W. .!..-:uUi,y. T. V. II out
the is ue, in tiiee..i:: t house in Miu io:. j ;.!:;!,,!,,;:. J. !!. l!-d-vk and J. I". !!:
t a iartre atNlieiice. - 1 u-.
'i'i.v -.-''.) -:ov.-.l !;a"p. .1 on tlie ;
pr-'seiit system ol' .-iinty tro erunieiit '
: rit ioi.--i t he I)ei!!ocrat ie party !;e-..atl.-
tie' eoainii-:s:.:!'.ers shoved
euolt'-'l er.i erpri-e to hl ' I i ' ') -, i : i -n
hralZ'-sso t::.i pe;:i! eouhi ;;et u.-rc-s
sti-eeii: ;'iout endanger: iii( la-.' aim
propi r:y. Alas, liiat the iro;(ie-si ye
ii.-rty, t ue ih'poldicai.s, are t!riin!o
s' cii a. is; s a'):e st i-aits t t ' ey I ave to
. ;;;;d i-iiin :i sjiirii of caterer:-'.'.
y. r. i rit ha; d made a se; h t o t ! -
Items T E:3lr-.l in T Isose ilas tJ
Siioes! Shoes! ! Sho. -,! ! ! at Me
Call ec Conloy.
New M eliariv.s for l-.-ve chains,
at Swindell's.
McCal! tt Conl-'v wr.-its your peas,
rye, chickens and eirgs; eit!;. i cah
or t rade. paid..
For tine --oa;;s, sta.t-ne-y ete..' o
to Morphew ,t Vv'hite
Sinoke Ciinnoii r.:vll Tohacco.
pijwi free with each .rot pttekage at
McCall & Con ley's.
Lovechains new, neat and p.oony
at Swindell's;.'
(Jo to' hardwaf' store for
the host I argatns in;ii-s ev-r
o:'i'!'"-d m Mari-'.n.
litre i lh ph.-o to I my your
pants'.- W--- !':iv.i t!:T.2 at rreatly
redu 'ed i le. .:. McCit'l t:: C- nh y.
T'lorc i nn v
I V i 1 .111: !!n
I !i -S' ?
a rr.t :'-'
ild.' s
i.e. tu in whfii ne i:p,
-ipl.-s i t' tiernoei'in-y, end
i!: '.-i-ifiuv i:,oo:: -isieu-
mi- i-m iv:. 'A', v.. n.
W !;!, i. oil!
I Willi T;sr
y y-d: ''rit nils Q
V men, i e ml
mc your oar. ii on- q
!o;i,y overbite
(k iui, as did (
An 1 ho n y, f
but to call r
your attcn-
tion to the
assort in o nt &
ol new ae-
si;'us in Cor
lit '.;:;t.
r.Iev;:: :.;id M ili
P!ri!h;-i v.-ci.-. ... :n hy P"e.:iy !:trh:;l
i;-i:::moi-. o!"l'.-:o;eM-:ee. to or--. F.llis
:;ei;oi, d' i,ii(l:'c',i t re-':--.'-ii a c hm-ue
,-r r-el inj.. in Tean. -oo. Tin
iii.-n went to ti:.' hot;.-;' of Meitea and
r-errounded him. Mi -lion's m Siihiey
had r tariedsqimuei hunt i n s( a nd -eci!!;r
ti.e men ,-.iirro-.aded i-i father toid
li:em if ihey put hand.-::- on him he
v.ouhl .-hoot, i"!- handeiiii's were pe!
l' ad he lire.: hi. ri!ie. The hail si ruck
Tom Wright in the ent.-nne; nr-
iweeii the left shoulder hhuh-a nd haei;
hone, p.issing t hroiiah t no laim-. l 'i.
Miiith et!-a -ie.i ti.-' hail hetvotlitho
.eeoml and third rib II ' was very
ihu.uor -.ii-ly wounded, hut -.;'
entertained for his r. eovory. Mcit-m
r..,.ap..-d. !hikersvilh' IC'it.-rpri e.
-. lire in heart of his belief ti j-'riday. :
Vi'e are iiifermed iie refu-ed to divi-de ;
time v, it h one of oar next : en.: tors. Mr.
Jn-ii-.-e. ;
Mr. !l.i. -kharn tnrde a hitter Rop'i".- :
lieaii-l opuiis tic eea !":!.-! on i. ic s-p-i oh ,
:i Safarday i a I !:' ?.'ai'-!s 'eirt hou. e,
h'- a so i-id'a-iiu- to divide tin e, iii-i
evide-ii that the I lep'i id i cans are op-
;, --.! I t lie pi io'e iie..i'in;r lou or.e i
side, ! ha; .-id;- is i-.ioivd is di i !.: ;
o -. :: r a ad hi!'; iv l. i.pofrn--!
re '! ..; ;-. r . ti-u--!' iihi'-k- :
hnoii ale h i i! i'.'-i: of :.i)ny, ai.d kiee.-, ;
how t. draw the .-;cr. res to ii: t! :r
peculiar wa'it-.
Tie- i '..'! n I y o:;adidat':s ..'idre:;:'.',! the
p.-o; le at ili.iii.-' Mill oa .-'.;: iirday. a
,-,:; : i z--d orow-1 W..S pr-'.-' fit. ''St they were at Py-.'tsv ii!-, and
on I'll-" -day won.' at hraekett-'.
T!ie boys are wlmopia em up for
i ,emo. nicy ami ,d a'overnmetit. and
we wiii ! oo t every man on oar ti. ie t,
iu.-h'-iiu the jud:;.-s, s-t ite Troa-or; r
Tate, raw lor. i, ati . an
di-v- ti ' o 'oreiicr I ah
in.- po citeti Hi.'n-.l i:i
id-iii."t('dv ii iiin'e;! in
ir.:..s- s I'-.r r'L a h is iiit.-u-h-l. s
i ili.-.i.V J'.' oi !'..:lm. iiari'd)- u
l s I.. ' ii.e-i-'iii-r ul't 'ie f.oniiy !;:ii
fit A te;i-h -ciie or lien 'jVoI.t.- iniiv
I . f,.r,.. le. it. A t :; ii '. f rt-.t iin-. -lisn. or
!.fi,i.-'-i:a - lii t'-'l V'i' Si-v.-re ! ilia of il
(-urn rr st -i d .ri,i.-;' v re! vim! llo
s a-; I ridc.l i i n n. !, f? ii 1 i- lii.i-i uhi-i-mr.licsii.-
I. is ! I t- ? :.! for A r i i:i iv
Klgin, Wi'.ltliain atot
Stan;!ail Watches at
J i:st in
New York
No v. eof st uaih-ling idong in tin
dark; when you can hay tin-cel.-I.
rated l)i!v 1ititi-in for;!! cintsat
ycCull Coiih
' We have just red ived a Iarg . siocrk of lclhi'ng, ij Us, p.-es.s (ioods
S!: (!-, ti' -. t i-tiit every onc, !! tle-m v, itli the
T j X IF 2J1 O IP 1P
A hipc and genera! line tf McJthandite, (roeerics Ac
C I L L A X I) s i-: i: us,
ANrOUNGEriiErr. ;
We a: e reipiesteii to .no.ctiiic V .
iibso!i as an indcpcie.i l.t eaii-
didate for the Legislature.
THE voters of Melmwiil (oi:.;-..
I having-been aredtiy lay fr. n...-.
auiil; nl tlie u umii,..' ninlia s o.i Y. ni ;0
ci'.e.i of om oi u it : to idh r ir si l! '-i 1,.:-. tie
Public f.T i!i (dlicr ..f la-i.-icr ..,' I -. ,
and lis tie rr is no pcht :c I irtsnt- i.i r .: I t
1 i.ii .Ilk- icsjn . o :di pa.' iff ic : -i y -r.ivPi-.l an iiHl.'pcniifiit cm' d -mu-
tor lilt- c-.1.ct ol K.islcr vi P, iii. I .
I.e My CHnipui:. v. nil .r oilu i i .!i
il.ilcs :iad ifeietl.d 1 will s.ivi- v u i n .
and fiiroryoii nil I en to ftl! '
inquirio conn r-iu woi dniiss
and conpetf ncy m e i lii-ei fi.l'y rcl'i , r t
iluiiuty Siipfriiilfinh-:it ut r-.ih if i,i-i-i..-
lior. ex conaiy .Siipf-i iiiti-iid. nt nl I'll!: I P
striicfioii ulsoto lie- Publio Sclioi.l -
mil K-i lai n for wl,i-e riii-.- ilisiiic. i." r
tU tt Ii fi V I tut ;1,! Ico iisuis l :: !
come out and vote for nn; unj lotvc yti.r
D-M-HSatid Morl;(:i S r crcd al ..
per cent :li;i!i ncr In f.,:t . Voiiiv; ne i. v. ;
for nie ;-.iJ lnui voiif Lienor i-:sie d i 1 j ,.
Ih-fpi i tti; ';. "
J K. r..,l:
In- p:-oi.i,i iv : it'.-to.i iVl-t L II ini.l -e's
i.i w-iii ii h. J -. can- in ;st..-tt ,.ei, -tldi-d
u! 111 i ii.m- ( t in : ise i i , lilt- I. i'ui- ;i:ei
l,nii.: s -In. ild rc-. i.e i-mi-.iii iti; tivnt
ia - n I.-fji-r tin- mills in'1-i.i..t- svvi, Ihn,
w loch c:in eii'y lie d jn;- whvu I'.tin Ii dm
!;f ( -nt .- i 1 - A ? in I'lrwil neiy b" enr.-d
i don-it lu i-oiniis se, i , A tm'ihl. p:i:f
corn ii'-e.- le H iii-vcl by s-'pp yii'r u twit-i
ii .1 iv .,r n wck or t-.v.i A J mi.c ii-ick in.iy
'.,( ciiii- 'i nn ! s(-v.-i-il i! -vs ol' Vihuii.i- 'i.r.i-
;:ve i cr m i. in llir i1u or i-lw.-e. r- Ii v
, 1 ivVn.'ii on oi ( :i diicter i ii!. !'i',cn-
,i i-.-io ; :c ..!, - nn ! y on wiil ii-v, r
1-. - i-. i -: f f- "t.y. Mo.-piicw St -t-oi
i oi 1-.
Special oii'er ! " he New
for .i'-l. 10 i ir y.-ar.
Semi-Weoklv World ai.d Iincoi.n
We are rce'iving Mir t
stock of dry g iods and notr :is.
1 .-ought at lowest prices, and will
h' sold on same Lusis. Wo invite
a com jiaristm of goods and .rices
wilh an. vlioi'.v.aCoiiie and see.
McCall S: Cotih-v.
Martin iiros s
. 75 :'onts Mht-.t
;i:i!ii;!:s shoes
rs a-!; l.-2
I am prepared to receive Taxes for
the. Veil- is'.H. iieiiiem'er t he eiecti,.!!
do i'i Ta:-:e-4- Tli.t law refjiiires t?a
above ia : a'! lo he in my hands hy the
it day id' .lantatry 1 ;:(.. Those hi ar
i i-a s -Ut i'axe-: am! ;i, v a"e not a i'o-v
in n M in lie:, mast set t le a! oiiee or t v. ill
he forced to make tho money for ,i u.
livery person !;v th--o taxes am i
i.e sett ied. So you will save cost hy
doin j; ...... ';. jr. (J.mmwn, Siioriif.
Is oi i'-ro. a:-" ci-rtnm-hin-",
hids an ! shoes
CJ: io:l!Cs ?2a;?!- Xcw.
And at reasonable prices. I color
clothing ooth gentlemen and ladies
J!.,,,,- el the. irivei ? of Il.i-.svil!.'-. lied- g'"'. an-; i..:i,niur miikiui-h
a-:ii iicv. r wi:l o .i a i, :!!. i-of Cieidu r-; and i :i,so I. no.... 1'epa.ii amtelo.ui
Iain's 'oa-h K.i:::- !y ; (tic iu M-c, - ys j'... i.lo.-t delicate fahri '. (iive Ul-J'i !:-.,:n. t..e 'ci.iiMe m.-ic. u:it ol t!..- , I . .,, , .. j . ,1
J. C. Nich.
ly selling eh.
Something u-w, Taiiioea, just rf
coivedt't J. 1'. Norton's a fin prejia-iat'e.-ii
for makiii:; jt iiy.
Martin IJros soil th" farmers
shoes for -i- J . KJ tin t others roll for
The Piggest. rett5e-1 a:ul l-st
ii.e of oeont calicos ever in town
at iIi;nto ;'s.
Finest stock of I'.a.r. ors and nock-
t cuthiv at J00..J5' iiari.-.arc.
p!.i.-K. iiik io inc iy ii. is io-'.-:i 11 . . "
v.-.iuc t.)i colli; nn i H'oi-.,-) 1.1 cl.iidroii i'
fc-.v l.lot'il.-lS liO kiiu- it-- oirili MC v.-i;
'.iiartj Le -vitliotn it. Per S-.if by ilur
a n i-inm n
sit je M 111s,
Lace P i n s,
S t i e k
Scarf pins,
to be Iie.d for
small cash at
Svi dell's.
last Tiiiirsday i'oarson an.M'raw
fcrd the candidates for (.'impress 111 the
n n h district spoke at P- .rnsviilo. Scv
....1 1 1 1 were nresei.t to
erai ii .,.-., 1 - 1
hear tlie joint disoiis-ioii. and the a-e.iai
sapply oi' corn jniee was on the -rounds
lo enthuse and eirivoa the occasion. A
rop.orl from some i.roent -av liiai the
j,,;.-;. dowod freely arid tho rosea was
that r-are.svillohada hidiij.!." inv.inch
cvei-al aien werov.-ry hadly hun. Mr.
Pearson ti"' Uopablh-an oandidat- w.-..-
i-peaking in fr--t of ' 1
when the light oommenoed. e eoiii-
menoed to yell for ( rawfor.i and others
for Pearson. The tight .-.mmom-ed. A
jdst.dshoi was h. ar l teringoiu. P
wa- in the hands of a man by the isaaie
i.i' l-ailey and the ball struck a man by
name of PvObinsen jtist above the eye.
V. helher or not the wound is of a seri
s nature we do not know. Ha i ley
v.- --; immediately arrest-d. Otlior iai ii
w'laoe names we cannot leara were out.
hit with rooks, sticks ami hra-s ktia -ks.
'I I -s oeds liielir-t campaien imht in
Yam- 'V county and was ore of the
bloodiest -eon in year !aroyrsv:.l.'
d; i: --i -i
S. V
Marion. N. C.
at Swi.i-
iiini " .oioi.ivi, t In the Suierior,
A few choice de-dims i
Prao.-l J'.oss Watch Ca-d.-H's.
ii miy S Court Fall Term.
Roland, et. iix., Sarah
Roland, W. id wards, et.
i::c . I.iio.inda Iid;.rd.:. ot. :.!.
SWits-l vs.
Cratus I'a'ley. Lndasky!i-v.
Cr; ihiiiev. (irover
li!unton ts reeeivnig tivw gooosj p.:;iev. Mitiie Ik.iioy, Pan-y
lav. Prices that defy c nip..- Ihiiioy. vl ah
1 "i; ""' i.e-:i il'.-...i- llii Hi vn Hill lllrxl-
I ;,. !,., in ai-liivi ici"i.a sis .iV.or,. !.:,
t.o to -M r, m.'W ct o illo- ,. ; j in-:., S;,;iv.i.irCiirl6f
the "Figaro tne l..(-yt ) cent cigar : v,. (.,.v comIly t0 5Pt an.i diimc
m li)-.ii. !i;.: in cTluiii io-cu n ti ci-riiun tr.irt uf
(Jo to A. lotiltko-V OC Son lor lis- i:ia t v.-i;:ca t.i ot-a-aunais h iv. income
-i;.,-a," the Pest o cut cigar ;) ' io-i.s m: I hic!. ae,d was i3,r,n,,.erly i,.l
: i ;;,.!' .'.' v nin-li-: a 1 ili " a.u-1 .ieb-n'i.ints
t . .... it :
will l .itl'.e i- tt'. e n -li' O t!i4ttl:t-y arc rr
S -." W. P. Wanton .S Id; Stock ot .j-Oreil to ni-p-ur si t I be text term of ti.e
l;;..V V.ltiPr i?-.-i.!s. V.-Ills J.O.V tail!; . ,... vior Loot of Pina-v coht.t. to I e
prices. J he .', on tie- tali i.-i 'y the 1st M
d-v in at the Couroioii't-
ol s.iiJ conoty hi U irisvihe, X. C.,:ind :ei
ser or .hiuur to I he cciupiaint ia said ac
lion, or the pVnitiiT id apply to liie ; jim t'nt; re'.b t deri-. tod id 'n si 1 ce'.i'
A select liiie of ladies and p nts
watch chains, fresh from t'ae fac
tory, at Swind- H's.
W iid-m's la r'.; ami el-".Mtit st.M-k
of drv L'o-.ds. notions. Loots, shoes This lStis Jay .it tsOI.
and hats is attractini: the a: tent ion j W. H. n'XKS,C. sc.
of alt th-peopl?. Call and e f.-r j Ru.lgi?& WatM.u. J.iiicc i Xvii-U
VOlirso'.f. ; Attorney fur j.biiatiT.
Of all the ooods, Ir. Join s has
tiio tiii'-t. (i tlu-Pi ior ioi rd war.-.
Clotiuiiir, Hats, Shoe,,, Sifters
Puckets. Ihii-lais and pictuas
ch--ap at M.-dd's Variety Store.
'Whv in th.; world didn't you
i-uv th'.s-- sh"es from McCall ic
Coidcv, and sav ' nionev?"' Tl.ey
L-.-.-o the host m.i.. at t'.i" lowest
ri.-es. Aisn full shjck dry ;o,
and notions m.s arrived. Lnni; us
tii plod i.;t . nd iv; ir-. d pnoi
JdeCali o; C nhy.
do i ) M- ddV Vati dv Store for
:dl sii ;m of Jars. I lev an
tlie h -st and ch'-a:--.-d.
Tar. IP:-oai and Atlanta V.Y. h!v
Cen .titiilion one year fori.-).
Martin I.ros. liave th" lanres
as r;a: tit -f tin ? in;.-s in town
at lo.v prices.
i;ek!r d trip-- at J.P.Noi ten's.
Go to A. ii. Gilkey it Son's for
fresh French candies.
Ha villi? been solicited bym-'v f
the pood people (if Mel rowel! ( i u: -tyj
hert-Dy ai l, ounce iiiyM-11 a v. :o..i
da no for loproselil at i". e inll.e ':..!
p;enoriil assembly of Ni,r;h CtuoP: .-a ie
repr-seit .Moliowill eotm!y. 1 will
make niy campaign for a reform in ; on
oral taxation and -t he puloio : . it- I
system. I am in favor of io.m ;t. it.
public expenditures, and ndia in;. :1 .
salary of ;;t:ite i-tiiciais. I;m -i.. or
favor of pei sioiis lor (hsahlei! solc.e. I ,
and proviilinj;' lii.iiii-s ai,d j hi-a ia:
for tife jioor v. ho are ih-ser ii.. I trk
the support ef ood piople o. n'I j ar-
ties, aim pledge mysell In lie ,, oil, !l,i lo
your Pdcre.-ts if e ieot.d I am eppt sod
to makinif liie rich richer and poor
Year (.hedii nt r rvat,
Alls", 'i'h I Slit :-l. P. I-kai..
JVoIi-- oi' i-i.:ic S'tn ul;it:r.
Tin; county catii.r-tes wiil ad-di'Cfe-5
th-" citizens of McIh)V.eil
County at the following times and
places, to wit : Cove, Teef-a'ay Oct. ;.'!. P'-'ii
XorthCove, Wed nt'.- !ay :' t. '
Xi-bo ity, Tlnntiay
Marion, Pridy "
liiirias Mill, l-ati.rday "7. '"
Kysartsviile, ilomlay " :
Lracket u illi'; "
ir-ujiar Hill, Wednesday " hi-
( ro.-ke.M.reek, Thurdny Xov 1. "
P-road Itiver, Friday ' u'.
Old l'ort, Saturday "
.J S. ! vs.-.!.r, ( i airi!..-.!!,
I lorn. Iix. 'oin.
J. L. Mo in; : n. Chain". an,
i!c:. Iix. oai.
means so much more than
you imagine serious and
fatal diseases result fromf
trifling: ailments neglected.
Don't playwidi Nature's I
greatest gitt health.
I Bitters
Ifyonarefeelinjc- ,
have no appetite ' ,
mcdicine.which is,
?Jn?lA I t- .
ties cure-bene6t
verjfirnt'dwe-S '
W,t tai four,
tertk, and ll'a
It Cures
Kidney and Liver
will send set of 1n Beautiiul World's
Fair Views and book tree. W
The cuma.illciiii-n u! iii.- varinas j-.-ln,..
disuiois ol the county are r-p:es.t-l i.
1 ,;ve m,y of ihc public school tiii.r..; t o
..nt lur nxt v.-iir ni.t.I ta" u ;oi
liun in Jitiu oy next.
J. F. ilonaoov, County Su:
A V:r:iis!sr-
The law rvpiires that ail residents!
our vil ae shall Mep tin-ir premiM-s
clean. The marshal will hereafp-r ;.l-
tentl to those whose-.m to iiion- i he
law. II. A. Chki-;;;, Said, of I:cnhh.
opi'.isi r-; rc.-.TOFFioK,
Kct'l-s on litiud wiiis'vV
Jiaiiilirs. wiii- .s etc.. )T t'm
hot I Kllil V. X. II. JI MM AR
SONS 'Old 'onr a t-pccitilty
?;!isic rico its now v. '.is!;y
lTpar! clJii.? to th. formula ot
t mi. v:i. a. i: ajimomj,
rto;t. !. t .
Ii. liMlat.K'Mory at i
.3t.iJlK. !r,.in Hi.- nrmai.
I.LIMI. t.i. in l'i"
II,..- n,l il. I !.'!
Of :. Ii-lir;.
TMTME, tmm - t t,-r t fei.M
of tuet-te. iAiil-i cf li.f -?-.
OT.tlUVC f.-om tl.i-'iv.-.:; fi,.-dinasri
of ii nvari,-.
J:i-h"H-. tl.S.
-tl l !.-! i.ri-H h a
it 'i (Win :r .,l I,.' I --. niil iliv
1 I, ;;!. 1.0 if lii-n piru.
I nrli.i.rv i -.i r. tu n. nni.n.Mi,n.n
Ilt cuid anI VoiIl .$!.(
Iiy special arratm-emenr we nr.- cn
r.!ih'd t send ymi I n:: M i:ns Km om
ami the Xew Vorh Weekly W.-rid for
on.- year lor $!.".) in H-I.Uice. t.dtt stib-
riti.-rs h pay vu -l ootirse are en
titled to this rat.-.
Pure KriiUuliy Hye ji.'id North
Carolina Corn Yv hi.-ke-s. Wint.
I'.randit-s Ilxjwirt Ih-or. ('haninacrne.
Urandy I'euches, FretM-ls lirr.ndy,
and in f;.ct, nil liquors la pi in a
lirst-cla: - Sah .on.
Orders soli. it-d from adjoining
Addn-ss the
JJAGLi; Ji Alt,
of tt,! xpultivi- f-,ri.- .,1 llr,.,l-l;lo li,r l.n-l
o j,rthtaltJC Kfti'.n llirli....iw ,lnrrnn
it In muscular tr miii so l r :.'1i-r: In-
' . cr--rt .o.r nf vi- i .! p-ople,
' aid itii-r R-l at ..i t ..- nn-l rtlr'iv--1- rr.
Wbe'e lorni ilrmc-)-!-. nr.- i..-t im ("I'l-il
' with the IIn,m.r, Anini: l l.r"vi t.-y
will I mullci. l,.c-0,i-r Kill, all nitn,
nttiratureon the.ji-j. ct..ri r i i-t of pritf,
' THE COtr-TIBI 1 CO.,
Always Cores.
Botanic Blood Balm
To Grat f?em Jy for the sp
cure of Srr-fuU. Mn-uosntiia
frvai tbe rrpvirirtion or an
r. r.o usJ
anj iii continual use for nfuen years
sanJ nf cratrf jl r-orl a Sc
it ii r-v fir the tst t up 1
Piiriiwr ever oilered to ths worli.
rich fclool. and
heatir.; properties.
eminent ihyiicun
ircess iiA 40 years.
If r.ct fceyt by your local aruS?iit. stnl $io
r a Urge bottle, or $s-co far six botCes. aaJ
s-iicii.e will ti sent freleht paid by
I BLOOD BALM CO., Atlanta, Ga.

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