North Carolina Newspapers

    MAIUON RKUOIUX Uh Vuu,n of t:, i.-.
I work a find donated I v tie-
KdKcr aurl Proprietor.
r.iHTH.l at the ostotl're ;n M.trmn as
MCOtld-olaSS L.til tl!lttT.
AD Tisfi ick oni c;oi:s roit t h
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I the nl.M-ncc ct ll.oe-uiior . jf
week there ap-ared m tho !'-.' '' ; t,
. : ... : -li.r l.r. f. .Mi .' .
a comnninr.iuio,, uo-.v. ... .
in$ h-nl : M' u-ion p h jnr :;
Ukcokij." Xov th" alitor of th
Kkcokd d'.- dourly low to 1 ; n-t
riht whn hM U Pim. Tin-ch:irnl-rs
of liis soul ' r!io routm
uully with tin- littl ? m.hj?,
' If 1 ain ri,'M lly ?r'r- imp trt
.Still in tli- riilit to !-taj ;
if lam wronr, t- I my ! :trl
T finl thf !lt r way."'
Ffisi'm t-Tid'-ntly h;tn not r-al
11 ii lawr or in trying to jra-ti !'-
ceptioiiillM.n the readers of 1 1 : I
Whxoiiu Ve? ould not knowi'i:- ) t
h der ive our read-r? for any! :ini
in th'i world, an! w- will not r
inain silent and p rmit anoi her to
do Ho.
The following is Fn-ion's cin
inunicati n cut in-:
4,I noti'-e in tlie last i-.-m of the
Krord an i litorial in regard to
'IVaehers Institutes in whidi you
hi.nri, i he Fusion LeL'i.-lat ii re. as
you term it, with aholi-hiii' the
institutes in tin.' State, lam sor
rv that the editor of our home pa
per should m far 1' iiiinscli as
to make any mch dla e;,. H tli"
editor will take the pains to exam
ine the acts of the Uein- erati Leg
islature of l.SCi, (duipter lit'O, he
will lind that that 1-ody aholi.-hed
the Normal M.hools and virtually
the teaeherH in.-titute as it only
provided for them to he held
the hoard of ducat ion provided a
Kiilahh- dace for them to l.e held
and defrayed all the expeii-es of
hohlimr them, except the Hilary
noil travrlni" exn'l..-es of the J 1 1
htni'-tor iiiploy. d hy tie- State
hoard, and that act has not hecn
dialled. I think it hut fair t: at
een ill" Fuio:i Legislature have
justice and tiiat tli i mat t"r.he n-r-rented
hefore the puhhe. D n
the favor to publish this and oh
liee, Fusion'
First, our correspondent ot "
his base" w hen he r ferred to(du.p
ter I'OO of lh:' laws of 1S5. The
chapter referred to is "an act t
pre nt live slock from running ni
large in the county of (luilforsl'
Now we do wonder what ''live
n :.. r...i" 1..,,. f ,1,,
educatiui in North Carolitia.
can very easily see how the above
act is a militv healthy thim-; for
our corresioiideiit, for he is man
ifestly so "green' if he were to go
to (i nil ford, and there w ere any
:ivo stock running at large, he
wouhl- never rrturn to Mc
Dowell; some hungry ohl ix would
devour .him.
Fusion says that the Democratic
legislature of lSSo abolished Nor
mal schools ami, w ith them, the
teachers institutes. We do not. ask
our ro.'.d ;.'s to take our statement ;
wo want them to examine the law
for themselves. Look at section
L'otiT ( f t lit Code, amended by ilie
laws of 1SS5, and you will lind that
it provides as follows:
"The board of education of any
county may annually appropriate
an amount notcxoi oiling one hun
dred dollars out of the s hod
funds of the county for tin pur
pose of conducting o..e or mere
teachers institutes for said county ;
or the .'ounty boards of ec.ucatit n
two or more adjoining counties
may, if in their judgment deem
proper, appropriate anainotir.t not
exceeding one hundred dollars to
each county, for the purpose of
conducting a teacher-' institute for
iaid counties, at some convenient
and satisfactory point, and the
public, school t-achcr of the comi
ty or counties are rnjuired to at
tend said institutes which lattt r
shall be open also to any teachers
in the county or counties w ho may
be desirous to attend them."
Now turn to chapter 1'tH), laws
of 11, th. act thai abolished the
normal schools and you will find
the act entitled as follows:
"An act to abolish the while
normal schools of the State, and to
provide for holding county insti
tutes throughout the State."
Fusion says that the law that
abolished the normal sohoo!; also
abolished the county institutes.
The above is the act that abolish, d
the normal schools, and the only
act; and the very act that aholi-h-
'd llxi normal sehoo
appropria- i
ted $-1 1)00 for the nurnose t.f l. ihl
indemnity institutes. I his s i.tH-O :
was then taken from the institutes
liy section 8, chaptor laws of
3 89 1 . ami annlied to thesunnort of
"The. Normal ami Industrial
School,'' for whit girls at (ir'M.s.
V.C-0. Jttt th-rc- wjis still h ft for
j p jVahody f:; J. . ti.K vw'i.s
si ill lilt to ;!!! '"'linlv .i ::nl of
odiirnti'-n the riirht to appr pi ia to
$100 f .i- :'. purpose tyr . !uetim:
n:i irist ;'. tile for t I n -fi I of th"
t.-si'-ti'-rs of that ' .:: tv.
i. .
Af: r t! -:s!'ft?;:-!i! d .
S. ch.ii.o of J 1'iws i.!
y ;)
.1.. s . i. .-. r i
!;' e; . : !; 1 i"; '-
ti'iiy :nstlt nt '-to jir ei
:. (; ,K .ini,.:ii(.,i j!V ,i
L:V;7 of
hf.vs of
And !u
i -ay-
so t this (i-:v, I h;t t t!i"
tii-vr l-f en hn re' "!. A i!
of our rend"rs is t hat t h
seel i n 7. !:!!. t'-r i'-V-K oi
of 1 ' J) p: '.;' I.
see that iioL' was the
i n y
thorizin Hi" holding of in.-titute- j
p -al o', l ut ill - -ry loa id of ! 'i-
,tt ion w hieh "i'ti-ioii" sa .-;
ha-4 a ri'i t '"jnovid a .-nitiai l"
j,i;u. f, r lioldin-j- t!i" in.-li'u!
f,.. v j j ;(. ,.x j., ( f ,!, j
dillir I
ta-ti, -x. .nf .V-., Is:..- I - n
i-hed, mid with it, '"Fii.-i
'eIstT Iti Hie Scautr.
There i-; si fasciint ' : i in --l.!:dy-iiiLr
a in ai i. 1 pit'';!'.- ..f a man -u;h
as )li r Dyor y.', -s i:i his ' (', :
Senators" of tJ. "Fnited Stat 's
Forty ""i'ears A'.-' ' a!:l under the
snell one i teinn'ttl tt b-li v
there are no threat men now. 'Dis
tance '::'! enehant lll' llt, ' etc..
and soin i 1 1 i : 1 4 may be credited t
that fact .ie 11 a li'uro is l".-cri-led
and admired faraway, hut it
can le-ver be denied thai Daniel
Webster wns a wonderful man. Mr.
Dyer says :
1 have u distinct rjcol!e.-ti":: of
Web.-teras he looked ti, do-d. time
I saw him. He had b. en ill, ami
several Weeks elapsed allep the se
S i 1 1 O; ( 1 1 1 J ?'t ' S le'.liill lie ore lie
came in I he S -na-e (.'h--niler.
1 whs oecu pv i s :r t!i" rep(,riers:
seat t! en :d'.;!!' d to 1 he v 1: -Jul kTs
of the 1 nt"l liu'eia-t r's c ri.s one
forenoon, w 'hen there w;.s a ood
deal of .noise .,nti l-iMle in t!;e Sen
ale, but no 'e-i 0. j . ,.r (,;. Sud-
denlV Alienee !"M 'ii."n j
ber. I b...ked i;p ;-"ei si W :
1 urned in the din tiwii of ;
w Inch led frem one of tin
! 1 ' i
n aisle j
past the reporters' seat. !
I looked to ee what, it was that
so riveted everybody's attention.
It was Web.. ter. He v.a.s coming
slowly along the aisle, directly to
ward me. 1 knew him, partly from
pictures 1 had s ; -n id' him, but
more from the fact that I felt it
could not be aiivbodv else, for nt
(Me moment i had an univlart ing,
.. t.-.osueh iimn in the world at
t'io same time, ami that this one
must be Webster. He was jiale, w;-lk d l'o.-by ; but the pic
luresipio majesty was; the
overpowering intellectuality was
there. That enormous ami beau
tiful head, those wonderful eyes,
that stately carriage, the Jove-like
front, all proclaimed that the god
like Daniel had ct-me into the
Senate I hu.-e and v.'a.-j advancing
to his scat.
The silence with which Web
ster was received on that t ccasion
w as like the silence w hi'di his ap
pearance in the Senate Chamber,
or his rising to speak, alwavs caus
ed. No 05 her Senator wasever listen
ed to with the r.'.-pect which he
commanded. i,..,, 1,,-nfon :d
dressed the Senate, tla rewas more
tha.n ordinary attention accorded
t him. When Calhoun spoke, he
was listened to with more attention
than lit nton received. Clay was
still more favored than Calhoun,
but w hen Wei st. r ar...-e there was
instantly a solemn hu-d, and the
intense solitude of great and evr
expectation at i nc.. became n g
nant. Information that W( b.-;i-r
was up spread like w did lire, and. th."
Senate Chamber v ns lmmeiliately
packed with eng. r listeners.
Only One
raid His
iva 1 me. ting
At a
tlie van-
g'dist r e.ue-'eil 1 v it msiii who
paid Lis dJit- to stand up. 'id; -v
v . : n-i '1 i
;,! -vV .'"T". 'V-
...... ;i, l ' 1 y lil.'.i 1.1 I n . s
meeting who nas not paid his d-.-bt-
-Til Till Til." I 1 : .a i 1 1 1 i 1 - . 1 1 . I
1.1s arm aloft. "Mv m m
s:thl thetvangeli.,;..;
paid v..urV!-.ts!" -e';,;d L,
-1 have n-.t paei th- in, and 1 ( n J
- 1 ' , , " . .
led pay them. I am t!:e edit
....!.-'. . i .
.i ii':..e v i'ti ir, . :ti:u
et ry in 'iuher .f ihise,-.!regati..ii
i'N's liK for IliV ;tn. 1".'"
In the vi.-inif y of Ih.euct.Wc.-t v.
latnl t. , Ca.. a ii:..-! r; n et:.- ( :in
Oil h.. It. a l.lliie l-a.-h t.r
tlt'.'U. '1 !.e dai tiell :i jdero ; !';;
with'. Is wei rri ii;:'- Pain r.aiiiiai i
it en t he al'e. u-d i trt- and in
no. !
ttays tr
c ; r. at r:
1, !
v .ii j r. :i:.!!y
r . i- t. M;. E
p . a in I i c
a iro!iiiiie:i: i.e-r.-iiant . ;' i;...,n..: o,..-;
J Vt ry highly . ; Cain ibum. and ids n..
j eoei:ucr.dati.n hae had i.iu -h t u
! V ltu "l;'i'sT n wieiv. i rsal
by Merphew .v White. Dru-g. sts.
. Hi is;.:c tat ( .role. 'sioa.
es tells i'i ""h.t he i:.
I r.c'f - it v, !i!:oiit quahlic.ttioti
t!- fir-t principle of our forefath
rs: tint i very i oy l orn in the
w e-rld j-.!i'.M'. I i -put i: tl:" v.av of
maintaining; hitnsojf in huh'-pou-il'-i.c".
N '!:i'';ili'rj which d-s
!:t m ike this its first aim i-i worth
thin''' at nil. fhere. nre but
,f 1
iiv!r!ir. p.s soni one
!.v W'-rkin, hv 5-jninr. i
-r hy St ;;iii:'r. Th.'.-e who io n t I
wor!:. d;-.:i.i-- it in whaU-v-r pr-t- J
i 1 v ia:i':ii:itr" v. c 'i ;i-t', aro !:!,.
I out- of tli. otL. r tv.o. The iracti
J en ii".- ii f nu!t tako rvc '1-
i-nc" of i. iht'l!.-.-.-i-,:.-d. A tro
! !im.-t ! ro. .ti-d in tho .'il l.for.
i it c:m i- iir llowt.-rs avA fruit. A
i man mn-t l arn to stiMid ui; iht
I uoofi own f to r' -o'-ct him-
- i?, t. i iml. : ! ot (.'hsinty
or Af"id lit. Iris on thi- 1-asi.-only
that any su j .-Tt rtir-t ii r of in
n Jl'-;junl cullivation worth havimr
po.sihly h" huilt
A physician of ex p.- rience said
ree.-iitly : I eiY alwavs 5 e iriiid- d
bv vour feeilnu- in ti: maUer of
e;". - ivi - e, for When oee (,-. ii!;:'
taking exercise t!i.. h-n-t, th:1t is
j11"' ':nie ii. ltv: ..-ra ny ie-eo to
1ak" it tie' ne '
A t--"rpr ill's f;
but death i- it ;
A t n'tie is a
fill- theuniver.-
A cross -ord
:m: little tiling,
iittl ' thimr, but it
wit!i trouble,
is a litth; thimr.
but it 1- what stirs up the elephant.
An orange pee! on tlr; siih walk
is a. l::te thin.u-. but it ha
maiiv Lriant.
no it i
A word is a little thimr, h-tit one
word hi's been men's destiny, for
t;ood or for evil.
A spark is but a little- thiiur, but
it can li-ihl a poor man's pipe or
set tie- v,r!il buvni. 'i.
A minute a. little thiujr, but it
is lone; eiiom.di t' ull a do;:;-n
acliine; teeth ir to: t marrit.d ami
have you a mother-in-law.
Fife is ma.!.' up of little things,
l.i fe ib-eif is but a little thine:.
Crnud Mast t Sov reign has i-,-ui
ti a ni.inii'e-to to his oric;. ni;:;.
t'oii and nth" Aliiai.c",
I ' -n'e'r n: r v, r i -rn; ) .' - : d
kind-. 1 ,., i.-s r; .-;.ing ;!.
v. re;es d i l.e mas.--s and calling
iora general hny'ottt on national
bank notes in all dealings between
individuals. The boycott is to go
into eii'eeL S .'itemb(.T 1st.
The students of the Ihiltimore
College of Physicians and Sur
geons the (gher day were treated
to an inside view of a mail's stom
ach at work, ami it is -said to bo
was ev ri' -n. hy means 01 a i:.-x-
iide tube a dimiuulive 'nut
powerful electric light was intro
duced into tlie patient's stomach,
and the lights in the room being
lowered, the darkness permitted
over !,.i)0 students to see the
workings of the stomach. Tlie ex
periment was conducted by l'ro-fes.-or
Julius Friedonwald.
A wealthy citizen of Portsmouth,
Ohio, was captured, a few nights
ago, while in the act of perpetrat
ing a burglary. The police sur
prised him and he surprised the
p'diee w h e 11 they found
whom they had caught. He
owned up and confessed that most
of the bui giarh s committed in
that town for some time were his
work, and gave as a reason that he
couldn't resi.-t the temptation to
steal. For this overt act and ad
mission he will probably be sent
beyond the reach of temptation
The State of Wilkes will ph ase
step to tle'Jat a-z iin. A cow be
longing to Henry Kraggor, of
Stroudsburg. Pa , recent - gave
birth to a creatine that has tlie
body ami legs of a calf and the
front fo t of a goose.with toes and
claws. It also has wings and a.
bill, and feathers on its b.e-nl ii
stead o! :nr. It bleats in the dav
j Ilk- si calf and at night utters cries
j like a g..o... Landmark.
rs in a Louisiai;
nt par
i.-h m.-t and with gr-at unanimitv
' . ' 1
i i't
: i " t I.:it erti-a ami e-tv i
In-' i' nt tie- .Tiler lierel'V ,d. - li -
; e;i!t s -l nn
it. uie iiio-L ri-l:
,!i It stated t!.;;t the ;;r:iss eron of
It.... t. 1
i t ; i s uuiiii .7 iot', y . 'U nit , r.
than tne c-.ttun cr l
that vear.
ton t f (,ur
.1 re I e
! tr- -i-
- had n.ih d.
!.'- ' ::.-. ! .d-
l I ha-i!
art-l.t . a !
f e r.--:;n! it
r I et! the i
t ;:', ry. s;.i;...... r c- : -
i ht h-r. i:.:.u;:i.:!i in
. 1" tuds JO ejC J.r;,.;,, r
1 in reasi.inii !c-!i:;-, a;;.!
. It t .
t .... .
I rt-iit-1 v. I ce. use
j tie- plain j.riated ii-ciit.n Ioi: wed
I Many :: .ether- .::, e . Apr. - -d t !;. : r - in
I ( r,' :-;i!ifu p. f( r tp... jt ..:. , t'
f.-ct.'d. i .-aic by -r p' -v.' wV V.d.
I ,r.
T V Vfll:X r nll-v hUt'(1 11 man UT
' ! calling him a Populist. The jury
a,ul u 'h lir:1!KI:,1!-", I U.ou-!it the oilers u av .,ne,
P"W I'1 "!: Jnn!l r ict oi m"IJ' j ami gave him a verdict for .m
Vl2'M I Have T;i:c.
V.'Lcn I have time so n nnv '',:jr 11!
T.j lift hnj-jii-r r.r:ln:orf fair
Yvt thoe nhes.; live .ire crowJeJ r.iv.
Kiib care;
lilp to f 'u?m from tlif :r low c?:air
7.hen I li.tve lime.
WiiOu I h lve litre iLe fri'nJ I ;tive so w-l!
Hh.iV, knor.- no more litis-.; wca-j- te'AU.
Iil l-'-iiJ her feet ia -!ca?: ut j;i:u nl-
V. :. 5
An! d f r !.ut v..h n'oids of
sweetest pr;i"5P -
When I h ive tine.
i ;
"Lei. JO ) 1n.-
tinu! T! o irier.ilyou l oM
Maj 1
1) - r n l :':
i et ir.t.-iit ;
v( r knov,-
rf:v;!i of itll vour
tli;'.t ro". ?o kinclr
r..( .u,t
To ii.l Yvr wit
-.vp' t ror.ttnt
en y-.'U h.el '.ir.n-.
Now is the tirat ! Ah, friin i. ro longrr
To st-iitt er loving smilrs .tt! wor Is ( f
To '.'. c?." !ircnn whos-i lives are now so
tire ir ;
'1 ie v 'i -V i.ot :,': - to'i hi lie cymiiv
J .w ii te'..'.
Ioin: One Thinv' at :i Tisno.
I ivv'-r could have done what 1
;ave done without th
IV.llHtS OF i
punctuality, order ami indulgence
without tlie dt-termination to
concentrate myself on one suhje.-t
at a time, no mat ter how quickly
its successor should can'-' upon its
h.ei -Is. w hich 1 then lei med. Heaven
r- 0 s l uiii'.' u; 1 write u:i in no spun. 01 ;
j of sett-laudation, the man vno
reviews ins own ilie as 1 no mine
in going on here from page to page,
had need to have been a good man
indeed if lie would bo spared the
sharp e onseioiisne.-r of many tal
ents neglected, many opportunities
wasted, many erratic and perverted
feelings constantly at war within
his br.-.t-t, and defeating h'u i. I
d not hold one naluia! gift, I dare
say, that I have not abused. My
meaning simply i.-. that w hatever I
hav-i tried fo do in life I have tried
with all my heart to do well; that
whatever I have devoted myself to
I have demoted mys' If to ''omph.d"
iv: Unit in yreai alius and in small
L have aiv.iv.s be.-i 1 ' !"'' !;ell! ' mi
n- v !;..' : or i.-- 1
pr-eu ao; lity c m ' tain :mmii'ii
ty from tlie companion-,i;ii of the
steady, plain, hard work iiig quali
ties and hope to gain its end. The ro
is no inch thing as such fulfill
ment on. this earth. So mo happy
talent and some fortunate' oppor
tunity may form the two sides of
th" ladder on which s;.mo men
mount, but the ivundsnf thai lad
der must be made of stul'f to stand
wear and t"ar; and there is imsub
stsiure ior ii;oro.uii-g!.!ng, aro:u!
tah-nt and sine-.j-e ( arn'-stness.
Never to put one hand on anything
on which 1 could not throw my
WiU'l'i :-- If, and never aiVect depre
ciation of my work, whatever it
was. I now find to have been my
golden rules. Charles Dickens.
I.:i!e. in she liny.
P.rown Cm ghid I n;ot your
wife-. She seemed to take a fancy
to me. t
Jones Did she? I wish you'd
met her before I did. lirandon
rol l iiique iitl!i:tl IJf sped.
'"What were vou about to re
mark?' 'Nothing at all, I a.:-ure you,''
replied Willie Washington.
'Tint you look as, if you had
something to say."
"Ya-a ; I'm verwy deceptive that
way, I've thought, myself, that I
had something to say, and discov
ahed aftah I said it that I hadn't.'''
Washington Post.
Winston was- visited bv. a sfTJo.-
' 00.') tire at 4 o'clock lau Saturday,
j The large brick tobacco factory of
j Jones A- Cox was completely des
j troyed, together with ;i large lot of
I manufactured- and leaf tobacco.
m:;c!)in ry. etc. In--urance on
buih'irg and st'-ck 1 H .
A Kr
Msiis s r;i
1 mrr-
m.t be
ried in bloojn,
l;er fault if sh
t w. ar the
rs. It will
' noes Cf'.ntJiiiie
l'tooclics after tne
S oeromony
; TV,,f i Plov ,,,-
Teviis. r-Y.;l v si.r.,1 5, nv.i, fi.r
Tie f wn of Lenoir has ne
dotibl'.d Us popul-tmn within
last live vear.-.
Mrs. K::. ii... x;,
tale n in the nihr
ami the t.:l
n .k h.df a h .ttl"
but l ne r. ;i:-f.
of this rdaee. vi
d!i craii-.idog j.air.s
irri.-. e-i s.. j...
Ma hi. rry -er i'al
th.-n s.-r.t- i,, r,.
; if 1 h ..i a:i ti
V ' (.
t b : !
i i . tie. i !: - -.; and tba.-ri..' a lb -:-e-d;
a:.-.! l .is: .i f r.-E: v d ! i-r. Am :!;.-
e. ei.r ! t c.'i.ji r i.uu o sn-ri ;.-r aOoii
a . k a f J i.:nl I rU-d tdii t -rc.M rcn.ed ie
for di;-.rr!ie-:i but h.-j . g-:ti:.g v.xrs
I . rt 1 i:n th:- s;l-
: ... ..;. - I..- ... t - -.-. , -y t , I
M.'ii'i-. r!t.I r -'ne-jy. Mr.-. M.:ry Sib!
ii:iu-y. Mich. by Mend. civ
n .-. )ri.-'.i:s.
y. !
f ! n::In! Vork.
-.) n;.f;. v!; m; n who v. . m
:"- ii:v! v- n:'nt l!estfl to li-
! r. ntiv that tii'v snotiM ;ir- ;
- -. in.' quosti'Mj frai:k!v I;',r.r,
i t. i t 1 - "
r- : v r v erv ov.-itimr. i" J' .uu ii i -
of filch oihr. Tin? (jii"t:on for
the fir-t ni-;lit i::iv-.e:u'd to he
Lwh-'tlnT a woman onll he (-xrrC-
teJ io- o t u':vz without a ?M-i.ncr
bnt. ami h- took t!;- aHinr.ativ.' :
h lit when he wa la.-t .-etMi l:e h:ul
climh'-tl ui in a hay lit and was
nulling t lit- h;(hl r uj aiir him.
J hi k e r v i i h 3 1 1 1 r r i - .
j C lianiberlain's Cuujrli le.'UH'dy cares
; coW-s. reap rnI vin":''!nr couyrli. It is
i n't safe ami retiatde. Fcr -a'e !y
i Morpliew t'c White, I)niQr?i--ts.
UHiT.i his professional services to
the public, onke: Old Fort, X.
riiv.sicimi and Surgoo;:
Iir virtue ot 1 lie power c or.t iir.cJ in a
01 f j-eje tlee.! exfctitetl l.v A M. I7.!iir on
1 tli-" l.a!i !;iv o( M:v. 1 'a:'.. jh.J rei.-ttif.i
.biy el ymy, 1 'a:'.. ;e.U re-uteie.t
IS-c of the lajrisnr of lire.Is of
i-t i!i
McDo.ifli County, N. C, in Dook No. a, on
i.ajre ie-t, the undt ,r?ij.T.i-J will offer lor
.i.!e at t!e- t-oart l:onc ioor m ..l.eieii, oi
ib. ::i?t !ot:'!;y in Aurti.. he'u g lh- ."ith
.'ay, nt 11 cVioi k pi., to tin; highest Ml h r '
!or i-.-.sii, die !;ueU ue-crii't-'i :i? U( v-: j
li.-frin iir-t on n .ine, No.ili Turner'.-! corner, j
:tu- i on-i.oi 111 15 to n stuk'i 25' !
let. thence ."lc -!-i e;i.--t to a st;ike
l' et.tlieri soii'h o0 'iUen-t -12.") tVet to a 15.
o.tiensoathi.m. ioJt,. , to m t ike
in the td?e of the street on the of
VS'iti". -":'i:S
street, iht-n 2) leet wii'u line or. west 6ite
ofnlock ' A." tt) a t-ti.k-' in i'net, ;hn 2 t
I'.-et etist cotii je with st. eel on south si Je of
I'.loek ".."' iien 1 ii feet soutli 7 west to u
M.-.kef tie n GOO '!'.. t fouth s. .le'. ve;t t-'J
I a i ill'- 5tio'-i, then nortii d c y . ITtui eft
:U'teit o ot-gitu-ifsp. . ot.U'ii.u:-! all I l.i
lots in saiJ bouutiary exteja li'.ock "!).'
-.vhicii coi.tains 3 ioU- nliicii is to he ex
( ij tetl f; on ii;e oaeruti.ins of this iuoit-!a..-e.
'i'1.13 .U-: ciiitfor. is e;VCM re
i.iiiue to the s.irvcy m.itie Ly J. L. New
tf'i tor tl.e Oroli; a I:..;: DVcmeul Coni
1.U13'. 'lhii July lf.'.'o.
.!. II. Atkin, :.!ort-Mg.--e.
ii.i.lit- li.lvou:-! jt
Co. A. lia'iyoiirtop.. )
The ilo .'enfant i'hove r:im'.l 15 hereby
notita-il 10 aiij ear i-etore his Honor, Ju de
o! tlie Siijitrior Coin t at a coin t to 1l- lubl
at the ci.-ur' house in Marion. N. C, 011 the Mo'iti iv ii'-'bre !ir.-t !! oiolay in Sip
nr.U.i,r ls;;;, aial nnsM" eoot:tint of
piaii till vvhiji) will 1 e II-1- 1 in th? olla.e of
tie- L'l-ik of the .Superior t.rt within the
fivsr I'ir-e days of tin- u-rm. otherwise jtel:
i;i ut w . he taken for tlie 1 eliel' demanded
in the cort!.aiiit. (Jivcu under my hand
'his 1st ii.iv cf July l-l-). Ii. !1. i'riee
.1. T. 'V01 j hew, Attorney.
On Monday Aeqtist 1:?, ls'ir,, r.t 12
oVIei k lil.. I will sell :if ll:e f'.iiu r
Iiew-e doer in Marion, N. (h, to tlie
mtii'si iiiuuer ior cisli the followin
lieset ibed real estate to-wit
1st Tract comaing !(;() :u res lying in
Deep Cove on liar Creel . j
2nd Tract ctiUaininr ;.(;n acres more
or less adjoining the lands of YV. 1!. !
;n eiiu e,' Mrs. M. M. Jlnrgin, L. . '
Yilliains and otlie.-s ii being a part of ,
the eld bevy Curtis phue. j
ord Tr:u-r containing1 about 5 acres j
adjoining lands of D. J. A. (Jreenk-e,
11. L. (Jreenlee and ntbers and known !
as the ''Hoover Field."'
1th Tract lying on the South side of
tl.e Catawl-.a river and granted to J. M. !
and V. II. firh-nlee, 'adjoining the
land-; of M. A. Lewis, the Cannon heirs
ami others, supposed to cntain led;
acres. The interest in tins tract to be '
s;ld is a one undivided half.
."th Tract situated on I'axton II ranch
ami adjoining the lands of 1). J. A.
('reenke, L. V. Williams and others
containing twenty-five acres, being'
part of the Oid .VcKntire land.
All of said tracts situated in McDow
ell County, X. C..
This sale will he by virtue of a
dociveof Court for the purpose ol mak
ing.isse's in the hatnN of the Adndn
isf rarer of the estate of J. .'.!. (Jrociilee
i'or further infor-ioa! ion nj'ldy to
Jiti.-. A. Justice Attorney's. . the
unde..-in. i. This Jtily 1- ?r.
11. L. Crcenlee, Coninds-ioncr.
is the
to .tret all sorts
done m
ami at lovv st pri'. '-s.
r.rsiXEss carls, rill
TEE . :V: . E'lv.
;IV. ORDLiiS T.i ilJi;
Aianon Ilecord ,
.1 . . . r . . i.isxr. y.
Itfonicts (it Law
r.iox, - - - - -c.
Will practice in McDowell and ad
j'oiniticrcoiinties. All business intrus
ted to their care will receive prompt
and pains-takinr attention.
& i x w Ji Li 3. v ,
3iok(;axtox, x. v.
Practices in the Courts of McDowtdl,
I.emelr, X'. C.
Clarion, X C
attokm:ys axd couxselloks
MAKIOX', .... X. c
; Practice in the courts of the 10, 1
11, and 12th districts, and t ho Sii-l
preme court of X. C, ami the 1'.
S. Courts of Western District of
; X. C.
. T XT 4 a-
: f ) , , . AlU.UClAN C' (JO
j Xo. 3 Public Nmare, Ashe ide, X. C.
pues and state text books.;
( -
i f rie.S JilJirailltPClI il loiV
I .
as any ol'ior Iiotiso,
vVolicc of l'urjsit ::iivn.
j North Carolina. "l .Suoreine Court
j McDowell County, j Ia Vacation.
Mrs. Xancy M. llolloway and Husband '
JeseiIi V.MIollov.sty, j
YV. , INs .. A. -Vihon and hush.-u.d
J. v'. Nvi! 0:1. .'!.( b. Keesen l.i,.;-t-
..)'.' ;:r; : !. 'I . I. V. . .I.Cres-ls-.SI.i.
i ;:.. 1 ."is ''.e .1 .. I-:-,,.. lanl. ,
Ji. o' Cni.-l.iiHl ami IMward ('res-himl '
heirs at law el K. Witter, itecested.
It appearing frotn the ofTi J.iTit herein
filid thtit a caije of actiou i xists in favor
of phiintill's aaint-t the defetidanls a! ovi
ratntd in relation to real jiroperty in
j s;tatf ami the defendeius are non-resident?
; ol this .state, but have pioperly therein
; which is the sr.l j-ct of this action fjr a
' sale fur partdijn and that the Court has
jurisdiction cf the subject mauerot the ac
lion: II is therelorc ortlered hy the. Court,
oa ir.oiiou i f t J. attorney lor the
plaintiffs, that Mil lie":: tion b-r nunle in Ihr
, I.ccerd, anewspaptr puldi.-htd in
Marion, McIoveIl i.'oieny in 1 State
ior six successive weeks, and 1h.1t liie d.--j
f' ndei.ts be and appear be!., re the Cleik
of the Superior Com t fur s.ed Comity iu
said istiite at his ollice in .Marion, on the
'nx ol "b" I -roxiwo, and nnsw.r or
demur to tli" comf lamt wliich wi.l be tiled
in the office of ?.-.i-J Clerk with'n ten das
trorn (his .late, or plaintiffs will have judg
ment lor the rcliet demanded in Hie com
plaint. June 3rd, lsti.1
li. I'-. I'rice, C. .S. C.
Watch this space.
aswlui & kki.
Do h Wat To Im Vmfi
General Merchandise Store.
Hea.lfjur.riers for HATS. SHOES, ami CLOT II I Xf:. A r.ip .f r.,r. fr.r 'J-
Overall, anJ Shirts till you can't re.,t.
GROCjiRIES OTP .XjJL, kiistds-
Tl.o ,ry lir. '-t grades of CotTce. Agents for Longman Martinez nif
i..i. d i aints, and the c, b-l,rated Ni.Men Wr.gon.
i k-
I ' .- .
Passenor Depart moiir.
Goinr Xoiih
Lv. tianeleu
Krck Hill
Ar. ll.cksbnrg
No -
i. v.:
o ',.m
No. V
8 :r, ,v
VI. 5. s ri
- " jm.
5.12 rn,
C.0) mi
Lv. IVftrksbur
Ar. M.ttion
(ioinr JSonth.
Lv. Marion
" KutherforJton
' J-helbr
Ar. IHcksburj;
No. 3.
Lt. Imicksbur' f f (1 ;,r,
Hook llilb M ::;,,;,
Ar. Uar.iiit-a 12 Z: ; l ,
No. 33. Dinner at Cershuw
'os. 11 fliel Jihnve connection at M,..
rion wit'.i fcouiliern Ri;w.iy.
i. H. Lnmrki!i, v. .,
A. Tripp, liperiiuen.iriU.
I Health
means so much more than'
you imagine serious and'
fatal diseases result from'
triflin ailments neglected. 1
Don't play with Nature's '
greatest gilt healtn.
If you are feeling
out of sorts, weak (
and eetictal'y ex
hausted, iteivous, I
Have 110 aiietae T
and can't work,
beici'i at oscet.-ik- V
.11 ... I.."-,
Me tr-i;;tl -eniiiK
mtici?ie,w huh is
r.i.-.vw.'s hit.
Iters. A fsw lot-
ties cure K-iuht
Cf.mes fr..m the
very first ii..e-rf
lucu't ttiiiu jcur J
pleasant to tAc.
it Cures
f Dyspepin, Kidney cni Liver
ryeurc'g!. iroumes,
Consiipation, 2 food
2 Malaria, Nervous aU.T;nt5
Cet only tlie rennine it has crossed red
lines on the wrapper. All olhers are suh-
fatitutes. Uo receipt of t wo ac. stamps e j
will send set of len Becutiful World's 1
V t-air Views anil book tree.
v i:lvai IX
Dry OtHMj-s and Notions at jour o
m nimmi urn
J'. Erwiv, Rres'r. S. T. I'eakso.v, Ca-h'1 '
I Bitters
Jiurlar Proof Vault, Patent Time Ik
Chrome Sv-nl .Safy for Cash ami
Vaiuahles. Exchange on Xt-w
Vrk atul other Trade
Ceii ter s Enuht
and hold.
.i.UilU.V, , ij . i
Hanking hours 0 a. m. toS p.

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