North Carolina Newspapers

T 1
local i:mi:&.
.1. K. Morplte.w i ;:l tending
,urr a? Marshall this week.
! varieties of Turnip Seed r.l
p.rpheW A- White's.
Vr Ji.Iim Mo'z.of Lincoln? orv, isvis-
r. htives Here.
linn . C.Avery was in town Mon-
pr !,.. 'J'. Win-ton, President f
(I,,. l nivcr-ity of North Carolina. pas
,.,( through Marion Sunday on in-;
wav fi J i t 1 - J I ounty.
vr.. A-S. Cat ley, of Washington, lb
I va- tin' guest f Mr-'. Cat i at the
mining H"" i v.'-.'k.
,ir , .(, .-m.-d fre-nd Mr C M. f",,r-j..-ni:-ir-
foriii'-rly of North Tor.a ..anda,
' V. 1 1 rx -s r moved tu bo-ton, Ma.--.,
w,.-re I"' "W ri'sih.':j.
Mr-. J. C. MeCtirry, Mrs. Wood mid
ltt;.- ie M. Cranl, aiv visit in g at
Mr M.-Curry's farm at (ireenlee's this
.p.. '( ciopieroi" and "Key Vr-p
Ci -,ir- l ie; best niekei cigars in town
:i: l,,r'lieu tV White's.
pr Jeter and the I'l.roms good
fri'-iiil Krne-t .1. I'u.-h.lwp. of Morgan
tnii. atiie to Marion Monday to join
tlit. Wilmington exrursioii.
j;. v. Han. id Turner, of Ashevilh-,
tr.v.cimg in the interest of the Ashe-J-.iiiale
College, spent Monday
here on his way to Wilmington.
...n-'ant habit, of amusement re
the tone of the in i ml and renders
it totally incapable of application,
. or virtue. W. W. I'ree-e in Well
'V,. h:lV rui.eive.J,tLr,r;.,J,
'' -Capt. The,,, r. ;"r.4j,n
'i ry, a r-,,pv ,l t
1 ik
;r- Yo.?...i-.iv Vt-i';- :: :'
;:r'.;? !. Will Mm-
i Ten. mm nt ,,r ., . ii-i . . i i , . , . -
i." "Inters and memhr, of thea-,.,,. Mr,-::-', thru-! :- ' '- I ' h :
-a on, 1)y i n v i l ,,- V,' :,,,b ! 1? ' " ali: li . . ! h
fa t,;,..,sa,.:!n,,ehm,iesto e.,1:! fati,., ,,, :-, ! :t w
Way to ;-S;ikf
r. r u,
l-" 5 to w. :
i ,
tfb Carolina Ccllcn-3 j
" ARTS. j
Th.. v?xi -: ..ti of fh; Con, Zl.
'-n.,y -ahr,t S,fn!aT in" n t . ! m-t. h w In iV'V .n,: m'V,y ril!)-1 :,f l,.-re au thej iikco
..line r;rn !v:rir-n te. e' :; ! -T:,xk.
-Tt'eiiitens. of th.-i
;h: fl!,ti ;r( ,!,,.!
t O t lie I'V I.M-if i'.... : i . . " '
.... . t'.H!ju. V.t.-P: i:::;:!.. to cxti.ict t!.'
Ih-premmms an- hh,T.x) and the ; nud f-v ral j.air.s d' inricl.ers
Hi., rair i i j rok :; Dr. ',
Vi-rv I : u ! t . r I 11 'IM... l ... . . . ...
..4.... i ii.j i ;.it:!ii;" ni-ni- I . K, , ;
IosihI.: Will he i;;:lde with t he r,, j r. ' , i )-
io! i tran-p.rtat ion of exhibits mid
1 J!
.- ..,1 : T'
I'.. . i.U' il.iSl , i ..
til t !:--i-taiie.'- ui Mr. !
I n 1 .V
:. r ; ' "
y!.!Ji..4-..- !.. in I.i3
tionatau .i:i,!?iiu lh.w r will do t-7 ,rr ,r- , ,...,,
;VYe!,,ja:,ih : , IfV ,rK'UiI DOLLAR IXVKSTKDcan !c mn,l., bv blr
y.i iioi.i.,..Y,r ; Systeraatic Plan of Speculation
i !.;..., -i , 4 ' l" ojn-ratf on a regular xvstrui.
,fi.r..,n. !'.,i-'od t VT'- 1 ,,,rt ,;" Tl" ar- ,:-!'-n- -f '- in all ,n.of the
U vP.S 1YHC VfiilTH r.nrnip-n 'l!,Jt' tr;u.;:(r t!!r,..,.,.t rh:., .
UiL- I'hl i'j f,I!t.
vi-itur-. atnl th-.- town ,f Mor-.rilo:, ' Will M. si
.o.,ne( e,ye;:. rtt.,,-nU-rtan. her vi,:liin f. .11, an 1 v,;h . inie u orin-vi-Jl.r,
w!ii are a--un-1 ,,f .. , -(!i..l . t -i-.i:,.: t i. 1. t tr,;., ,,),,..,
i.ceptiO!i m,,! a p.:i.-,aiit tK:;e.
At '! i,e
liv ,(.!
:. it u"
v tn
f :
lov. 1,
. .MI". l,OlM:i .MCaol.-, ail I ChJet oi Couhi v.-r, li':- y rr-l.bur-s ikosm
i police l'attoii, with sewial dti A:- m ike, r.,.;,e. ,ke".
.f 'J'nith.
.... (J imr in .oi t,... w' i ..I ... I .
' "4 v. Ill HlUiJII iillU
i.isi i.onu. j ; tili, cut Wf st ()t- t0ull llt, H now
Lvervbody knoAs what the u. ekiy awaiting trial before Jiistio; Oraiir.
Atlanta ('on.-: it uijon u. know- that, it! W-.- have nover neon a gr :.:er
is th- L.-.-t. weekly newi, for the ' displav of nerve thr.n was .v
farmer. Iawy-r,d(ctt,r,ni.-r hant, n;e-j Wliiili.-l.l wliii.- the .lt eto;.- were
hanie anil every otlier '"ass d j( rsons, ! cutting, ,u!li.'r nioi jnoi.iii'4 ;it
piildi-hed in the .South. It is only for j the knife J.j "jn ; i.s hc-.a. It is
a limited tine-fliat we can offer the t f.-an.-.l tlu'tt the- wound will prove
Coiisti-.utioii and Keeord v oi:r sp- i latal.
cially low e!i;hhin rate-. The Con.-t i-
tution isso'.n to he i n'ared to twelve j Mr. him-.-Cuthli- rl-o i. f Neli'i. tells
naire-. seen eoliinni.s. makiiiL' e:."-hi v- ! a eiirio-ify it! i ':::!:, '- I nwn-iii p in
four columns of intcre-t in,? matter
each week ; and after Anuti.-t. is:, our
Mi- i i'id ( r u her has heen - no! ifi d
t'e aid i"s at Washington that
iii- j,.-n-itin rl.iim v.ii! he ahowed with
in a f. v. tla-. Mr. Croher n-veives
t hi- .ell-iull by v irt ii-of t he fact that
I ,- u:i- injured while serving as a cadet
,n the dnied Stales Naval Academy. contempbites opening a
I. -ale and retail clothing store in
I i.- seale building corner Main and
,, poi :r. . by October 1st. Ix.ubt
I. alter hi-loii experience in the
Vilmle-ale cbiihin business he can
tnnlli fail to meet with .-neces--.
Mr. M. I'- Tate was in town Monday,
lb- reports crops. 1-c: h wheat ,- !idcorn.
beini; very line down on Muddy
creek. He -ays Hiat hi- ih itrhborbood
w.i- vi-it.-d Salnnlay by a very severe
hi, I -term, and that considerab'e dtm-;i-e
va- done to t h ' e;ro it! crops.
( apt. Kaniseiir's Wilmington excur--i..ti
left Marion Tne-d iy moruin. :ic
cordm e; to appoint ment. uite a nuni
l r of nir eood people availed thein-M-hes
of the opportunity ui seeing the
ocean ami of i.-il itii,' he beautiful city
,1 ilmintoM The Morranton cor
n. I haml furnished nrie- for the ex-
1 liiri our v i -it last week in
tern Carolina we found no! a man.
Ii-mu. rat. Republican or I'h,) ,1,:-!.
tint tine- not l. tvor lie- ire" eoin.i-e oi j in -, I. i 1
mIvi-i at the i. alio of 1 ; to I. n'e were j i--i,er-- f
told by M-vcv il ( )ns ovv 'en! ie!,ci;. woo
are m a po-i : i in tot .: v. her." d t o. v
-peak. that, in that I a !, ounty.
i here i- noi a "irold hu" to be found.
Vci'all Con ey ue.-ire ie close out
lii.-ir larya' tock of dry rood- before
v ni..i Hi"; to 't lieir new stand. With t hat
en, I in view tin y are odcrii!" their en
tire -lock at a discount of :'() per cent.
It oii want to secure bar" lins ca'd on
'hem before the ;oods are one. 'i'hi--p.cial
oil. r i- iiK'.de fortiiiity thiys
specially low i dubbing rat'-.i witli the
paper will be permanently di-contin-ucd.
The Constitution is well worth
two dollars and the lieconl a dollar;
you ;et both paper's a yi r.r if you -ub-scribe
before , u";i;-t !-t.fcr only one
dollar and t bitty cent-, only ihile
nn re than the pri e oi ot.e o;' t he pa
pers. Th" weekly t'o:;-i it urioii ; i.-its
mere home- ;; h w-'ck tlian any oi !.. r
paper published on til" face of the
earth. If is t he h ading champit.n of
the reopie in a!! t!ie conte.-ts in which
they are eiic;a-"ed airaiiist t he exact Ions
t le i. ol a tr.'et- b'';ejl coiCKen
owneil by .Vr Hobl. Mciialiianl. All
t hvee of r i;e h--' are perf ct a:'d v. t il
devei.ip.'d. Jiis chicken-hip d-. es so'iie
tall walking w ith tlcne t'ire-; legs, 'tis
e am eint- .-t..r, , ..
Co::,! ..;.5-l!e fnivfri-fr, ko Cubo. V. h- i.,Ve-ts -x ... 7 , , , ' " ' l''VI 1 ;lr or t,,c
u,c L'r hci ci;, ;u jv.-. , - d..!lari up to:i.W0 to $lo,o or mor
-anii'.r Sct.c,vJ f,r T.acl.t-r. Tuiib n ! ' . i;,U ' a fl W ''''i-Mid.
h,,M. ;"' ' " " l",tin f,! ' whoV amount inve-tcd on any trade, hut ow
,hit'i.M.,u.' ' W"W!u'rt,,tf ,"nrk' ' ri f i 'Tin-s a steady prollt
At last I lUcel t it ont,
I noli'-c! tiiti.-e uboiit.
ho ficvpiti- 1 w r- 'i tiii ? lois of cob..
V. ! i t..,o af..:l.l tntrv.
Wtrr- K b the sa . e I" j
tati-f- our i.ii5ir...-? r.u laoit 3 . vrci c too
o.J, o.' J, ebi.
I ki' Lc l my? eif at orcc
For b-in.4 .-tic ii a,
Then ia lie aptis kej t a g'.c rirg ad , ftd .
My bi. ::.! S3 rij ! atv:.r,
)! ceuri'.- i fpt:: '.0 pay.
Which !;ed;.-.4 tiv hie'pl, the theriiT, vt-r
cl, siitJ. s.-ol-
I'vo', a ii 1 Mi.-. J. T. Cuv. of Salon, Vn t
i itie I, fen t-1 -itt- i i'ri;;ci;oUS at' the Avi.l
eniy b -oi. M- i .e:: bus h r. x'rt-ite !y !'..'-
tUf.. ttC iii .-t-CMI'il the .'hlib'e f t-i v i.-.-f of
t'.iefo txi-il.f nt e-'-? 'in. T!.-y u ; tiachcri
.t' -fji.-A : tJ. pt-i ; tic", ar: A v.iiii the s'liiotl
Co.- I In-u i licr.i our j.-"j.!e, v.iii bu id :.
ii:;o.-ot i' w!.'n.h Marion aud l!v lowc U
Ij!;'i!V i ill 1.4; lru;;'I.
TIjij sellout v. id open on 'le? .feu th .
(.lend er, bcl e i.-rv body that. i,as cbi!-
i; en to lunca'o vixum ;.ri a ir-:M i.-i.t- $t
ol monopoly. st n t I hc-e chibirc a at t!ii my U::ianire:
Th" c.iji-t ;t i.t -on i.; t he 1: '"Lre.-1 aad ! o .'i': .-ctu.ol. K.:.tiitiiv au-i ol scrvatieii
best wiekly r.ewspa.M-r jtabli.-bc.l ;n
America, covering the news of the
world, hav'njr curiv.-'pomlei'.t.s in ev-ry
city in A nieri a, ?; ml in : he capitals of! report in ;' i o full t he del ai Is
of all t he debates in Congress o:i all
have taucl.t this sci ii.e; licit ttiof c p'.iinls
v Iio et.ter .-chi.ol fit tiic be, in nil i et t'.ie
! i mi a;. J atieti-i r-; ubi rly (hiring the t-rm' ii:e 1 Is stand hihe.-t in tili ir
cla.-sci and oislii- ihc jireat.-st sicjc: P3 in
alter bat cssit-i jeiu-o an 1 rva'ion
are i.ot alcnu m cc.-snry to convince us ot
this iac' .; con:.::cn sen jo v, ill tell us ho'.v
pi.-t i' :.'. of public intcre; t. h is the I tru. jL
;'reit Southern weekly new -pa per, and
as t he exponenr of Southern opinion j
and t he purveyor of Sou: hei n news it
has no equal on t he rout ine:.'t.
The Constitution's -pecial features
are such as are tn to be found in any
other paper in America. The Farm
and Fanner's Fepartmont.the Woman's
Department, the Children's Depart
ment, an all under able direction, ami
are especially attractive to those to
whom they are addressed.
lb-member, w e offer you the Kecord
and Constitution from now to
l.-t, for the u.arvi b.-;isy small sum of
o! .id. !' Fit her of lb" papers i- worth
iio !:;r. ou yo-j o;;f o; ne
doiia:- and t Ij other i o -t ;
, on only l b: r; y cent s: U is a. too.-., a
i i . 1 . .
. c io n-d ;io--;!.iy an. v i io p:e
I le- co, nbi r.:'. 'nui pric" so low . were v.,
net sure of sc. uritt"; a k'rey nun her .-f
-ubs. libers ;,i this special rate bc
tweon now an 1 August i-i ' " 1 -5 - t::i-pai-allclled
.;:'( r ouirhi to secure hun
dreds of -lib cribi Siihserite.- now.
The opportunity will not la-i loi:.
There is nothing lhat so advances lie
mate! prosperity oi a town a .'.. od
r i Iced II the j ' .j;de of Maiion and Mc
Dowell neglect i his cp crin-ofy ot loiibln.
up a po d siii. id, t.'iu ir chil-lren in coming
years '.!1 rise up to enrse iheir patents for
Ihia neglect of duty.
Miss Carrie Hudgins, of War-i'i-titon,
i;i visiting her brother, I.
E. Hudgins'i:;.
Miss Mary Mouse, of M;)irir.
villo, Ark., b- visiting her f.unt,
Mrs. J. P. Norton.
Pri's'nlmg Kld;:r Ib.yiewiit oecu
v the pulpit at lit'1 Mi iht-cltst
kuivh jo.-xt uttdav niiit.
The co'.lcti crop in ha-t- rn Caroii":a if
X'.i ib i i t! is yc-nr, coi-Siderir. tli l..t:-r.c.-s
f the seii- '.ai. The people in that
p ut cf the State, or r.ny other pait. have
but lilt: ts to etii' ii'ia to raise tot
ton. The old f..: n.ei - iny it c?tsboin live
'.o ?cveii .cii!3 to raise ii ; an 1 they sell i
for b.ur a;,.'. Jive ten'". II.i'.v can t!..-i
kc'-n cut fdebt when thev lllVf .i fl:
ll.eir coe-jii f...r less ;1. m it co;' th-n,? p
r,d ins a : uii. -j i bn . ii.c.-s to th.-:a tu cul
tivtitp cotton at all; t.-.e t!i:t is about tie
only tiling ' tlo-y can piodi'i c Ftiect-s.-fony.
and ttcy .lo not Want io bo bile. It tl.oy
cculd gst eight and r.inu cents for ilicir
colion, which prices tie-y lif -d to gr t. tiiey
wo a Id be as he; an 1 pro?pi-rt'US as any
peojer or. c-ai'iii. Can it b-i tliat over -p.; o
;hiclio:i ii the cimsi of t!ie low juices oi
cotton, when there are more naiad people
in the v cibl tc-day tlian ivrieocriii it be
for?, ar. i when tie- increase of the world's
1 opu'.-eion IV r ;! o last .!. :o!e has Ween far
greater than the increaje in tin- c itton pio
bictlon? We hava't at. hand the crop sta
t i: tics tor t ho y c r Isfi-t. but in t lie year
's'l Anieica"s pro.liieiin of cotton was
:: rly 3 ,0o!,O0t' oates less than in the pre
vious ymr. Wcve piiees any higher in
--t'.' than in H-2!
'3Ir. 'remarked the Solon. "I
am astonished lo see you in such a con
dition.'' 'i dshun 1" sivrhed the lawyer, "Wa
zer matteri''' is ii-) in t il of exnlaining:,
-A'- 1 I.I.I N KIlY I I.I.I nfi:y
.IXUs .Tlullio I). Kins:
Fashicnal)iO Milliner,
Keeps t he very
Latest Styles
m Millinery ;, Js. Store on Main
-treet, next door to I.on -n Ilmthcrs.
CiJFFNsndHo. N. C.
Pianoforte, Yoiee Culturo, Yiolin
and Art. A sp'-cialist in each de
partment, TraiJiiitr Srliool for Toarlsor.
Atidresr; cjia.S. J. KHOCKMAX,
-?.e,1i-,f; i . 1 Ul,nl s' ?Ul n,ir v"nl n surofssful
nee u J," ,'",r 1,a"-V MarkK Ul"rt fu f n -K I-inter,. Alt
t I5 ;';1 " trading lUt refereneo m rr-
, to p? ami m:,,,-s. ,W furIh .f infril,llion aJ,,rrss
rHOKAS r&CC, r.nttk-r- find Urokers,
- U-L' 2 llialto P.uihling, Chicago, 111.
i;i:r.DN(;s to
It 1:
it v to lot the gn
Ihi.:: io
in h
We have been by several gen
' 'cnieti w ho her t tie Fi i o'.'.i w ill take
pi-oib;.-.-in payment of tih-ci'ipt ions.
I'oall-iicb inijiiirii ; ones we n -ply
that the wi l ta.Ke anythit-g
that can hecatcn. or -old for money , in
payment of ub-cript in din-s. so
1 nng on your w heat, corn, rye. oats,
pea-, pumpkin-, pears, peaches, prunes.
I" klcs. cahhaee, canots, crout. meat,
milk, mutton, lior.-es. cows, .-beep, hors.
pis, -boats, mules, or any other "ge-
I Mvr.Ksi i y v i 1 ni-tT-ity
catalogue for l;'l-." shows IT1
t ink lit -. a- follows : 111 7 in t he ( odege,
"s in the Faw Seliool, -J-; in t lie Mcdi
ul School and ."'. in theSumtner School
lor Teacher.-. The faculty embraces
-"i professor- and instructors. The
'..talogiic contains 1 It page-, is cart'-.
Hilly indexed and gies full in forma-
tion about (be l'nier-ity. Write for j
a copy to President m-toii. 'Impel j
H'il, N.f.
i "When you see a cros- t. X ) op-po-ite
v our name it imfli-ates t hat your
time i- out or about to expire, and ts a
''- -pie-i for you to renew.
Piotty Woairn.
1 be Press ami Carolinian thinks that
'Morganton beats the world for pretty
'1 tic Vowi'i 2i:::i?giit2;:Ji:s
-lb, man bci.-gs citen die from ihe etV,ct- of
iciagination," s:. i d Dr. !'. T. Sin. lair
case, well known in uc.- lie il annals.
.cr i;'. You 'tac!; my condishnn
we;;- r i'li-.ttir wish it'r';
"To i;e piain, '.ir. , you are very; k."
' Y'r horor," responded th itn-briaie
one, after a nio.::e-i;i"s p.attse, " I've been
j" :. -it'.-r liere (. liftet ii years, im'
t I'niV the hr.-t c'r-.-ct ileci htm I e er
Tl'.t"' is I'1;-' in le-'iv over on. I j,,,;.,-, ., , . ,., .,,
etc-;' ii lit! 1"-. , : : t . n . t- ! ' 1 ' it et .-i .hiki ,hikiii.;i a.r rauu':.i! i
t!,o id iti'db-e IS, .'i:.-!l t.
io )d VA
W 1 ;
I Ii.e
has never been given general pnleicity. is
that ot n condemned mnuerer v. hoin the
Itoval Mulicn! Seciet v obtained the cons- nt
of the crown to i x;ici inu-nt npon. He w;o to
have been lialiged but the day betore the
execution he whs told that in. stead ol hang
r.c t;f wis to be bivd to death nt 0 o'clock
in the morriog. At (Put time phy-ichins
enteri.i. Tu-ot-f (f the ti n b inned man
were bandae a o . and his head held ever a
basin of water. A .-h up quiik stiokc with
a knife, li i.ib- v r the t. mt-.e, not sulTu i t
!l.)i 'Vi r, l J l i cai i ne sum, aiei a i o i mv .....
dropped tepid vi nit r, drop at a tin..1, upon
the sni.pos.e.1 wen:;.! and fiein tic ie into
the lajil.. in tWf'dv adi.ntes tile HI..U W::?
uncouseio!!?, :! i in i ' hcv ar-l bsl; b
whs vb . 1. He.- en.-es n.- n lnve. ba 1 a
i.iimc-r.i'.iot'.which thev iol.r-vcd, that t-'.ty
w cul l die at a o Halt; ibic', are i-.v sl.ii:u a
HMLli'v nnon th.5 J li".C;p.d. 1": ei.'0:.ilbn -of
this km 1 :'.:e i.p-t to pr.ive fat il,.u.-I then
they are considered as o c !t una i.yeter
io:? ."St. bonis (i'.obe-l'emoerat. ;
This year'.; v.l;;.al crop is -2o per !.;gg- r tlian lhat oi h;-l y- ar.
;i.e oeamiss-ioiicr oi agri'iulture
N- vt hern ca pitali-t. have hough t
the valuah'le i'rai-.ier gold r.)ine,
tiear Clinrlotto, r.nd will deVeh-p
it oxtensively.
A cotton mill is to he en ch -l at
Mayo halls, near Madison. The
capital stock of the company will
he .sin : .01 io and they will start
with at leant 15,000 spindles.
An artesian well has hef n sunk
to a depth of oTO feet at the insam'
asvlum at (Joh'.shoro. The horitig
isa failure, and the istate geologist,
not giving any eiieouragfoinent ol
su'jces.-, it has hot n stepped.
Arrangements are Wing made
for a convention in PitFhurg, Pa.,
for the study of tit" I Jil ! prophe
cies in i'e'nrd to the second fom
i:,g of Christ.
The Svnthnd - tvs that scdue ot
S ) : E J II 6 X K W A D., X K X 'i' V K E Iv'.
Dic!s!-i:iry of Iis)tciJtc!tS.
L'oi;'o:i 'i'rtii !i.
.-cio-c-o. Ji.-ar Lady Ih tty, has di-
niinis'if d hop knoh dg-; th-st royet '
I 1 I I i I . o i .J -1 ,1 t" b !. I h 1
p-rived us -f intere: t Her", then, i
tee r.uthorii'cd ttictionary el discon
AVhat is creation? A failure.
What is lift;? A hore.
What is'tnnn? A fraud.
What is woman? lhith a
aim a I ore.
What is 1-cauty? A deception.
What is lev"? A disease.
vYhat is marritigf? A mistake.
What is a wife? A trial.
Whf.t is a child? A nuisance.
What is the devil? A fable.
Y.' hat is oo nl? Hypocrisy.
What is c-vii? I)"t. ction.
What is wisdom? Selfishness.
What is happiness? A d-lu-ion.
What is truiid-hip? Humhtiii.
Wh.:tt is gem-rosily? Imhceility.
Wltat is m ir.ey? 'Kvi-rythinu'.
And what is cvervthing? Notii-
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in:ri! -i s will! ' j'H" col i. clt rs t"T I
And Feed Stables.
j For Silver
ilni.iiiit lirms
a :al itidividual-
Thojie-rroes of l.a l'a vet te and Tny-
bir Count tes. l-dorida, are bei:ir hi p: in ,
a state of terror by the enraued white '.
nu'ti of these counties. ?orc t!:a:i a
doen of t heai have been lynched with- ;
in t he la-t few month- for . ti r.-1; i : i
Replying to what he calls "a
sa;:id.- of r !tl hug argumciit"' in
the CharhdO' Oh-iv-r. editor
D- ;;1 of th-' Wilk. -1. vo C!;re:i:-d -.
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there will he tall del t-paying; f JS tAttg XUOCS a hu.sim-ss trip acre,s the m
done if thev carry out th, plan. I 8 dbK - tains, down the valleys, an.
u.niien.- It i-as plain as the hutnpon j uhi(t. u.(iItH.I. ,V!l;ll ,ro Wt. 0.mi 1 it w ;;- Ciditeiii l "H :.t.iiii
a camePs back that Und Ikt Thornton's 1 (v Tv newspaper almost every d.-Cv Oliver lo to 1 and it w . i
t"piainiance with the " oidd" doe.- not tt... j.-kcnir.g .-tory tl at some poor ; 1 ma! ai;i4 w.ib :'-ri:."1 ',')
'!eild far i.ii. ei'li ui'-t ward ti illidtlde i ........ , .., i,., , rlll.,l- n s. . o; ' tt 1- g . t III I 1 e ' Ci 1 1 ' I's el g' .(.
Marion. If be wilK.dect a dozen lrot- . .,,,l..l t.v ...n.. brute of ?i re to. liven synftie.tb'--. .i. .! it -
d to '! s rve it-".! 'i:
'.tl a
haV" to
W Xlll" , .'411.4 '.' " , . , , . . . . , 1
irion. It he will Select a dozen pret- i c.,MIted bv soaie brute of a r.erre. Even
1 1 e, r...,. m .. ..I ...I ...I ii ' i t ... . : !.;.,...; i r ,4 .c,r iii. in p.. Tsi'.a
. l.-.-i t ... - i...i. iv... . M -irb.n. . i- ;.;... o,. ! I nit"-. i;u'S 1 tea - l. t
-4.iiv 1 1 .. ... i .4 ....... - : mull n'i.iiiiini;i me ........ ........ ,
Vie uill i.: - . ill t ,1. I -L ! ' li.'.'-'S
' .ri llllll I'lll iin ...ii, i"' " 1 j - , j
s. -jobldieadcd cane, and watch! , cv. i" t:.. iit r n . t cr it. w : - Ub-
.a ... . . t- i .' Tl vo'-ir u:;in woo :? i.'Os'.aif i,,r h'-t '"i".; ri U'.- 1 uVof it ;t!'it ill.. I:'.' '. :i
' harm that anj jnde or .-4't of juiU't - , i m , . ,.
Oiat may he chosen will decide that , -J.v J'-iU l- 1--; ':!-';. ,'";ia u; , t.nt' U t.nng.Ml.. u a "g ..d .
Han ix.. ,..,i r..fii.-i- lb. n :,!:- ! -sc. s .Uc5 n., l:- -mo-s ; .dii.V be 11 V.e V.i.U.a (but r -o-'-
! Hard ar.,: t'.tit d'.il neck is rr ilrrd ia ;.ny Ati. carv.s.-i:.g it tUttc!'.. ;'.:' 1 ':-.'"
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iti b.j) i Xorth (
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hell il ,-..ti..,t t.i ,-, ..I. re: im ii -4- lli.. l,,-;i-
vr. : r--t i ti u-jj j 'sorii;' anunia i t n i ie t-u iw-ro.r on r i
;;Vv - .-Y"": I .Vcl'.e.vell .... lb i': re the Cb rk.
i"! I -- 4. i - -
v.- - V'". 'ti-i:i' e '- KAvr- froi-i Andrew Yu .at, Admrnl-trator with
t-j ii.e i j' .'. l v. ili atitieiei' of Xoah Yoiint, d cd.
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eJucklefins, -
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bhlce ..'.-I l..i ,. ..n- 1 1 ! ,i .. .. t ... : ., .....i ... , ... i . 1
r, ..- .v . , . . v . j . . .... . iim-i ,i'i in .inn .in o. l.v-'. U
. zrrr: iirTZ LJZTZT" . ". . ! id vegetable p'ants, -prii'.-r bedding cr
-"TH'i;: .U p.ersons running ac- hnlheti- plants, at the iowe-t prn e, can
; a timed '! iggity" p.itt- tu'
j The bri.c.b o:pr;t.-r cjrues lion
of l-v:di.
. iicit tLivg to l.tliv
V.. Ii. W:;!:;;n,H and wife Harriett.
.Irew E':: r Wib-y Elf.;..r-. .J.d.n
Mot'iit a:e! wi.'e 7!?.rgarc Vi!!i.iiii
Yei;:;:. e ;.!:. ib T! t. mas, i f ., i!!rmi.rT.
cv,:, -ec zro -Tilnti t.on-re-Id.t WESTBB1T CLOlllIlT. B-AJCTIC.
I - i r"" ' i r -.-4 i ; Cl-rwCio :-."'. ., ci-:; -e...i,t in ii.e uon a "uiiin-ii ac. m
G-nuliU'd i-vo i ". Se:t; '.ippUi. i -'.rni.ti
L. V. McLxoD,CAsniEt.
mii:vili.i:, x. c
Ml p.ersons running ac- ; ion...... , ....... . ..4 i.... 4 r. 4, .... , .Clil c in selves
- . . . . . ...... 1 ..... I.,- 4. r it T .-.,.. T", ...... t I 1' .
oils with the undersigned are ear-, -ei .-j ..nuiu umu.i.u
o'-tlv reiiii..-t...l in Kti !.. im I,v AiiL'.i Morganton. X. C.
Very resp.cet fully,
McCall tV Conb.-y.
Old papers f.-i -ale at t!:e 1;
IV. 1 nhuitv is like the br:-; Inures
j I'.i! ! ti iiar, the .-jdeaior eta r'.n-
rd of- 1 i or.-, the luli-U- is urc to ' ..r-t .v
j vtry .tion.
I '--...Li.'-d iivj i.iJ:. tro:e I'i-tu i. I il? : ou are leTei.y n. in. .4.1
I i-Ci . Ttt: sCt lid :1-. ilcct', .'tt d r- j.ored to ap; tar Irh ri- the 1111- 1
L.. life cu.Ulr Ux. iVr by dru-L. t dt-rsi-ned at I'.I- :'- in X.C j IlIvNICiXATr.XI STATU
I TO E 01.31. l-tc, ar:- vt-rtr demur to the com- !
jcdl'T. t'7 I?- :t.,a 1 -ut.-s. .,, Ve f.,r a4Bt.t, therein df- riled. ! CAPITAL $50 000
Ibrv ir. the tr. -tn, a:-i crfn, I . .i.,.r.r: ,. i.i.: .-n.rt will 1. tV, o 1
I . .'.r . . ?-.- '..n r r.rrf-t i '. J, .... "... : i . .. itf . .
t.i i-tss ci a.-i.-.t.c rti-.c . - -'' a-r-in-t you !t r tt.e rt-iiei dernanieu 111 u '..ivc Mvh-i.i kci ai'-a xor nanaiin '
SURPLUS $25,000
the Lu5ii.fcss of Merchants
tt--r iir'-i to sir. oUc4rcrr " v.'itn- icvhar..! aa l -eai this :jrd : and others in WesUrn North Carolina. Ifvou have no Bank accoun
aiti p.-r i-orsLyw-usiJ. , ( f Ju,v j-,f. U. It. prire, , . t
... :- - .. I . t , . 'ill llt .1 w. tl. n
yorphew i v. bitf, inui'iiiiii. j ik-r Miit-nor i. curt or tliniu 01 a clung;, we will he giai 10 nave you cvriwuuiiiku u

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