1 I 1. v.- V T "sia I ! j J F AUEiiWvniy, j. i). . Murphy, H. C. ! ". Prompt attention eiyc day or night. jg MATFIELD, if. IX, PHYSICIAN AND STJUUE OK , A "aH.IS A f 6y Will attend proinj.tfv J fessional calls. pi . 1 -! - D R. G. G. W1IITCOMB. ICISJEllLSICiASr, :o: Mi Hrnr, X. t!, :o : Wiir Attended All Profession! Call.-, D us.. J. w. & w.oi juttolx; . j PHYSICIANS AND SUE&EONS, ! - Mijuriiv, X. C. ? lOffer their professional services to tic people ofAIurphy am! siiiraumHn cu;p- R. W. S. M COMBS, ; -Hksidknx Dentist, M U RPI I Y, X ( ) I tT 1 1 C A I ! O I . I N . : Haying had Boveral yea;i experi ence in dentistry,- arch 1-4 i tsr nci: prepared to dct any work in'm'v !iI:",, I offer Ay service to t!a- it. aa,!-- of HJ V.. ...,l 3' wuipny jtnu siu roniif tiii'.r coi;::.v. roimsjng to do their v. ik in ti ?Dffice at Phillips Hau. ' - : : . .. J. . 1. : i KY & DILI.ARD, ATTORNEYS AT LAW,' t MURPHY, - 1 X. CAi:'!.I.N-A. V Will practice in the .State -inel !,!;! ! Courts. All business enti usdi.T a th- ; ' transacted with fidelitv" and obs-,'.. a. ; E DMUXI) J. XOUYKlt, A TTORXEY, A T LA W, ' . Murphy. Nciih Carolina. Invcti:atien t,f ;T;u!tl TK'v- ;- specialty. i l JMA Yr lEIil) &. lIKITT-i V MAUXKY, ATT0S.SEY AT LAW, MUBPUY, . - , - '"ST. (L KOl.J'NA. : v.- f . . i i j. ' lrCtice in the -0'.n ts of tl fl i -'t1: ,' t&t& Pistrict and in the -ifeuvi-.d ( at Alhevdlo. . ' The collection of olai'Hstaiuj 11. v er -Mtion of titles to u-ali oftiiiw prompt attention. ', j w. cooprn. r'.f'i v ATTORNEYS AT' LA'Y. A K! HE A 1. K.KS 1 S UKAt.ri: s : . " MiKi ii v, X. Cv Promptattentioit;". .Mi t ti.oc 1 1 on of land title and the (".-He,. c laims. Practice iii i.'K' .:;.ir. , of the 12th district-, .-no M .hy r !!'i;i.i i.n ')' bd Federal courts. Jl.'f Aug. I7th-8S.J .. ' : T HE IIEXXi i .'(Northwest cor. j nop ov, ; A iii U. Mr iuii',. - Xoij;uj'C This well-kiw n housi if n prepared'to accoia:n'':ati3 liif.: " evor. x The tables will al .vaiys - l'c with the i l;::n ed i Very Best the Maxlietl Affords. . 1 li. 1-t-tf . V M' XKPIIY Hl'Gir y.dioOj.. ... i " . ' : f . . . M. Ll'TIIEK MAITNr.Y-lh-i T E Jj. ; Pupils prepared for a pyj.c'.a.s.s in Col; ; lege 'r for practical besmps ,Hti-. FihI I Ciassica1', Sciontilie :ji4 ('oaoiu -ad courses. Instructions ii Sti'.sie . V. t i -. -cnQ.struir.vntal, cif ei 1-v s tirs ;' 'teacherllhese teacTiersj have hau.-m - cessful experience. Uor4 can he hau at reasonable rates. Forgot fid rcfonna tion address the Prim i pat . A. E. TONKIXS? Fire. Life and Accident Insnrsaice; Ao-pnt. -r . mmi n L Aisoi-IXA. Provide for your wife and children by insuring your life.j Insure your house and business, ami sleep well at nitrht. I 1 . My office for the present is the Advance Building-. . . Private Boarding. PARTIES wishing rped comfortable ts -n -m-. r.li nr.ra dated on.re:sonablo tvrns SAMUEL Tennessee Street, HENRY'S, YOUNG - INSTITUTE ia-.iiw.Atkd at McTyivivJ 'i'owi. Co to.. ;. JMl term operts the fiil'f't-. es the last school dly jiu 1 ac o;. term opens the lstjSiluool day in J -r,a ir8 the 20th oif iiinc. ."Tuition one dollarf Pfr moulh, i:i a! ;- i knocks d.o a mu x m ic onb fifty per raoinft. Board c-m l a j r:; skuil n a-CUtTl- i :ir.u -1-- t-'f1-haAlnthe Coliege a-id sol pmate uous l!Catt;,H ijis Sn:;??i- ar'o'.ubiy ia- at seven uouaia.pt' v For further' isa ja;iu;,ra .0 Mails nrrivp ami 1 .--: i t tlu; .Murphy IVhtofiice: Marietta, leaves daily. - " arrives " Inrrett's. vc-s aiiiv.w ' Ivc!::.'iv ;:. (' i-i-v- f.-T 1M lit 1' :: a. m. -! . nr. S : at'. v. !ni: ists o o 4Xj. U'it to iiU : i tH'iie : ft i j is now in c(.U"t ' '-'' 'ri.'r ix-wypap.Tjto vnr- .! Ml j;U!l h:;ve 1-eeU iess !!' oast . time f A round i i . Vlsl:' wi .. ! found. h.- ; ; : Ci'C!- :ilH ! 'O v, :ii o ;ir not i.v ! Y. i!'V ., ii u o A. n.'Hrl! who v .. h' d !; ;KM a smc . '.; The G.-. know cow rat- "Cat a; h-Mumer" v;'.i .-s v.a.;i;;: il U ; 1 1: or Mi-h; ,.s.ti, 1 i -'le: tiicv 1- ive t!i ' oia:a waiov ho-., la r laceiation of Sipa aiid'hi.-. refusal to S.vlr A. a. Snath ;er c e oar Plead .name I i.e iv.a.i ".;: ia il ilea all fail Hen r:i i ak and I ihs iiv drought ii.iVC in alt est -I'e.'iu were C -'.opte; aii-: '-..d f.-r ' ra if iK av '! ':' M i -. . 1a oa ocea'v )U;.- ' ll.i-s we i :VO, nu w h V, Y. ars Ui own i a-j-ati . o of tlie r.ii e aii.einnoy.e x near-lki;u- on vw.ird. wn'.e he W.i laiitvn wal. -i.ru llKfiit- track with a a t. He w;:s - - 1 . CIO". 1- dot. '! I. liCK. Ol WOO'l I Til-...; i i . . i . . ,; i. t.- ,.,n ( ' ' i Mlki ; ..' isii.! ) ;v:-. j j,. !.. U : -. Fii.! Diii-k;..v.-.i vi:.. V. . :. .;;i--.V;-. kiv. t ill. itnii h iv.- i ).'.. Tiu -.'! ajid .r i.i.i . T. .'. .' :.'.v 1. ! ! I C C A ?v1 4 ' 1." PTC:' I, r'OJJUKCTKD WKKKLY Wlic..!, j--rl.?i'. 7;" t.'i H;. Col'!), - !..' ! Ma!, 7w -7r.-. I Jae 1 1 , h So i . 1 :") I l-:i.d, . m Sv.Tl'', j'fjt.lici.s f';."; "i Fri,!i " . , - ;'x) t.:s I.cns. f i-ii ' ' : I " . I . r- 1 -: - ?' Jsi'Uf r :-' . 1 n . ! L1' iic;, r - Jo i . V.'. V !-: ! I IV i ' - , . I I v i . 'M i i v. r' . ' ; i - tJ. i ; Ji. ;;a . I the .-as-auw Kou- jVre chas-, fishing- c-xc-Hrsion next Tuestl? w ill no doubt be an enjoyable pc as the Young Ladies are ;;-ing:to pare lunch with the intwition of be? j gone a;l day. :i ;' vo- thi-s 'vicinitv last week vAuii (la?naxc to', vogeta- thhi. ; ur rliniate not beinjj' subject to s!!-b ;cissitudes it was entirely utu'xj'ect el and no defense ; made agaitt it. 1'"- ! Thf .fnrnhl" lliryb a"li-nl r-naaci v jto day without coTriniencerueht exer- j rises 1 his seliool under the aoie man jageinent of Prof 31. L. Mauuey has j been one of the best ever - taught in this )i;iee and the people here would do Mell to engage hifnthey-serviee (ioveiior Fowle g! -antefl the Vequi ?itii cf (iovemor Gordon, of Geor gia, for Charles Cooper, a negro who is in Asheville jail, chagred with ni'inler committed in Georgia,! Special-Officer W. J. Smith will, take ; C o-er,' a!l papers having been giv- j on - On May :., in Chatham count v. Saily Emerson left her house after ioekjng in her two children,' one three years oM and the other an in fant in the cradle. Oh returning she found the eU-r child in the chimney corner burned to death and the baby m tfatsjes. T,.;:. !.S ickett, a youn.i man re Clayton, Georsfia-attemn- -' suu-Jta- Ke-ay last week.bytak iig twenty-eight grains of inforphine. : e is tiieson ot Hon. W . Pickett . -.. j -. died the d:iy 1etore i lie election :.i which !e would hve been elected I -e.'i:ior of that district. j Vv'hile in Atlanta last week, ye j Advavci: -man called in at J. J. & J. I 'Maddox mammoth grocery estab j !ihmeut. We found these" gentle- mcii polite and courteous. ' JJefore i l'amg-ve were shown through the : x!ok and were surprised at the am- - - -: i t of groceries. They ha ye re l ;r.'i;!v moved into their new quar- ''r and 07, E. Alabama street. e wre verv with ih-' eloquent uian.U'.'i- in which i much impressed and enthimiastic le several speak- ers t;is,-ussel the snbiect ot Sabbath . i; schools dnriinr tlie late Sundav school conference here, and feci it our duty .say something. in regard .totour- i kin;i anvdreiit.ion8 to siTaT det t iee oi moiiiiiiv, we uo ruitiixe its -.-o, . -i : i v. or.iiroiis importance, ana womu en- Jjoin upon the parents of Murphy, yii:) are rcsponsinie lor tne iqesiimes dren to bring them un- dor the noble influences and ' teach- ; nios (U the i-aunatn scuooi. loinn is 'tin- ' ime when their characters are j iuoul del, ami the principles that dis- liiejui-li their after lives are instilled: r. tid t!i" uiideuiahle obligation de ' vlv.-- r.pon you to direct them in ' tin va vonr experience presciibes. iXo otliei-"means exist that are better -a!-. u'.ated to inculcate the virtues vou uuia ii.;ve-iueiu po&str.-s. ; The i:oitii-storms that have ' pre vailed throttghoitt Pensylvania for .evoi al days of last week were caused priiicipaly by tlie breaking through of tlie iargo reservoir of a. rich fi sh ir.. club. Tii? loss of life is extreme iv a'patiina: and brings -to mind the .:O0 'U Is. Five or sir towns completely annihilated, there out two or three houses left in each. The people of Johns town had been warned and appealed to. to leave their houses' and get on the high lands; but their pleading . v, in vain, and how many who- with a r-d!c on thoir face and a "twinkle hs ti-eir eve tliat U'tokened the genti- "it who's afraid" w.ore that look to a. most horrible and watery grve The Iieartrending scenes are be-vt-.iid description. Subscriptions.are I -al rr-ised everywhere to relieve 1 va,rv- voi. A eoi rf spiMidet oone ,,' t ii o lAsdinor ita'ners .says in hn ac count of it uOh! iheLorror and pity 'of it aU." which .sentiments fully a-r-ree with burown f.nd may the God of infinite love and mercy, pity and console the sorrowing and heart bro Un friends and relatives of these 4, oup. sonls,so suddenly taken from them: AN APPEAL FROM AN EDITOR. Warren ton Ga., Clipper. The editors are anxious to get up ihr Toiirver suits, or as much of m. . . , i i j' j them as the .can. We, therefore, ask ..ps!,.ir delinquent sabscribers to do the sfpiare act; Come torward at once a a l plank . down the hartl easli, so : -:ithat we can laj- in our supplies, pv- ' - i ing to the hard tirae onr wardrobe 4V:C I will not be very extensive tbis season; howtveit we hope to be able, to pur- ! ciiase f Jfeash a pair of striped home- sonn breeches and a linen duster each: a couple of straw hats atj. fif teen cents apiece, a celluloid collar, which will be worn by first one j and then the other, two pair of yorn shoes X os. 11 and 13, and possibly 1 few other.-tjiings of minor imjior .an. e. Af hivh, we could only par. ild releive us of lots of pent and add very much ersonal appearance. We feel suicfcat this appeal will move Diose of , our subscribers e us for back rations, and ke up some of these nior- fmd out office besieged duent?. A110E AN OLD CITIZEN- Tli oliettiers of Cherokee coun- l ' We acquainted with him, will bP.)aed to hear of tho deqfh of Ler ,ttle, who resided in Xot- la tovjis ning J born i4 at his home on the mor 27th. Mr. Little was sJies county, but at an arly hd.to Union coiiiity, TT-W ttefIb-l f or a number ' of years, Mhere he enjoyed the friemT ship and confidence of all who knew hirn. About 15 vpars ho-o ho noma to Cherokee county, and has been living in Xotla township ever since. Here, by his industry and labor, he was, at the time of his demise, the possessor of one of the most valuable farms in the cou, ty. The interment took place on Tuesday of last week, and as he had often requested he was" buried at Ivy Log cemetery bv the side of several of his children who had gone before him. The fu neral cortege was followed by nam- ' tiuua HH.-HUS auij a nost oi sorrow ing relatives, who have the sympathy aiHl condemfifricf tlie whole commu nity. He leaves an aged wife and a large number of children and grand children, many of whom were too far away to attend the funeral, but who will hear the sad news with much sorrow. Several of his boys living in Missouri came to visit him thb past winter and it will be some ctfrti fort to them to know that they saw him once before that grim' monster, death, came along. He' had arrived at the age of 82 years; but old as he was, his death was very unexpected and sudden, as he had told one of his boys shortly before he died that' he might go on to the field he felt all right, and in lees than two hours he had passed waj kifM- consistent meinbef-ot thecjhureli and long befor'e his death he asserted that "all was well" he had made peace with his master. From his pure lips the, pleasant smile, By death could not be driven; Ad with the hope of future bliss;p He passed from here to heaven. lie fought a rood firht, a crown he won And, we know that God had blessed. lie gained a promise of Happiness; And his soul passedninlo rest. Heaven retaincth his good wife's treasure The sod only tlie coffin keeps. And many the dear ones who will linger Where their loving father sleeps. SKILOH'S CATARRH REMEDY a positive cure for Catarrh, Diptheriaaud Canker-mouth, it can' be found at M. C. King's Drnc BUn-e. PRECIOUS STONES OF NORTH CAROLINA. The Great Variet' of Mineral Wealtli of North Carolina The ." Sections 'Where Precious Stones, are Most Likely to be Found. From the Chattanooga Tradesman: In the variety of its mineral wealth the state of Xorth Carolina surpass es any other of the Southern States, while not having the vast area or ex- P 1 cellent coal of the states of Tenne soe, Kentucky ;jr Alabama, she has an area of mineral fuel which could o mad of rr.rt nrfliMcal ' "TdJf jbFiii. i m f?t ores 'she "can- -twtiruth clamt a great er variety t hfflmyof those States and certainly, a-greater quantity and better qyaltjien any of them, if not surpassing! all three in the ag-J gregate quAhtrcy of iron ore within her borders. VAt the same time she has a vast area' of primitive rocks wherein is contained a variety and 6pecks otnaneral wealth possessed by neither of the two first States and only in stnall( measure by Alabama. In this areap the possibility of find -, ing the ens -"which all dv era the world adsrii the "possessors of wealth and are thjevyafod admiration of all who dc 9ot 'possess a sumciencj' otl'iMoods to obtain them, knd'jlCent of this formation is greaterjl.JKorlffCaaolina than in rury'of her tui the Atlantic States the possibility i'finding them in quanti ty and ytyicty ' is greater therein. Of; ainie precious stones t?he dia mond li; ioa-iiOst valuable land most soaglit d : the most attempts made'tv i-ut: teit. 'Chemically it is srmplt f-stasei .carbon and can be bornel fndff' intense heat just as coaLisl -ned int' An ordiaary heat. rv m our I Htn actioll . I mrao are thatie will 1 1 Thousands of chemists of greater or j less note and knowledge have tried j to make diamonds by artificial means but no one has yet j successfully imi tated what nature has done in her vast and secret laboratory. The best imitation stone is a parisiaa pro duction made of .silica and oxide of lead. Some of thl'se are made so perfectly that none" but a well prac- ticed eve, can detect them. The com- mon quartz crystals cabled Lake George, California and other named 7 i . diamonds do not deserve the name of imitations, though-some of them are very beautiful and brilliant At present the gre ducing resdon is Sor what are called the that eoiintrv, stone was only discovered in 18C7, is known to have been obtained dia monds which, when cut, were valued at $450,000,000," and there is no doubt that many were obtained of which no record is kept. A late writer on these mines states that the natives would bj-ing. chickens to the mines and make them swallow small diamonds, afterwards killing them and getting the' diamonds, and that a kafiir swallowed a 00 karat stone which killed him. It has generally been assumed' from the neighboring formations in Irazil and. Indm, that the singular rock, itaeolumnite, commonly called flexible sandstone, bore some re'tiori to the diamond but it is not at all found in the south African mines,; and whatever the future may devel op, the diamonds so far .found in North Carolina and Georgia have not borne any specific relation to it. The diamonds of the Kimberly mines: South Africa, are found in a decom posed carbonaceous shale which con tains in its harcl state some mica and imbedded garnets. The theory of their formation is that some internal volcanic action, acting upwards, dis integrated the -caroonaceoous mass and setting free the carbon and me chanically combined water, also caused the sapid to' crystalizel 'Xnto iarwd trtwiY There an : im-' niense "belt of such carbohaceo, mi caceous shale, carrying imbedded garnets, which passes through Wes tern North .Carolina and the Northern- part of Middle Georgia. Wheth-; er this shale is cut through at any point by volcanic strata and suffi ciently disintegrated to admit of, the formation of diamonds from it, is : not known."; That such in possible there can be jo doubt, as the geology and mineralogy of that region is very little kntiwn; only within a few years accessible byr any hut the roughest roads, the scientist shrank from piercing its rough wilds and en- dnrinff the hardships -thereto, lhe geilogy of Xorth Carolina records the finding of I light diamonds within thd limits of jtjiat State, but I know at least one more that was found, Oi was found bv laborers on the Wii- mington, Charlotte & Rutherford railroad in a sgravel cut in Lincoln county, and gjven by the contractor to Hon. Haywood Giuon, then presi dent of the rpad. He had it set in the rough and wore it for many years. There is every, possibility of finding many more in the gravel kden val leys on the east of the Blue Ridge. Four of thesl recorded as found in the State w?re from this region. Mr. J. D. Caldron, of Atlanta, a gen tleman whospent fourteen, years in the diamond fields of South Africa, found one lately in Georgia, and he h i iil- that the gwn in dicatedl should also afforilfmany more", but; thinks the Cherokee and Clay coun4 ty regions off north Carolina, and of Town's and 'Union, , Georgia, , bear more resemblance to the South Afri can fields. .There is a peculiar blue claylike earth" through those coun ties,. evidehty the product of the disirttegratioi of a carburicious slate or shale which he says resembles much tbe'plue earth" which caps the great diamond; beds at Kimberlyj and the strata there like that in the South Africa region is pitched at a steep angle. -With a region entirely unexplored and its mineral wealth practically unknown, who can say that there may not be found by the diligent searlher, diamonds as well as is being 'daily found other and hitherto unnown mineral wealth, as was a few-, years ago found " mica and corundim. Xearlj all others of the precious stones of commerce or of rarer min erals which fire prized by getters up of cabinets, re silicates of alumna or magnesial or of one or the other of those minWals combined with sil- liric aciAcommoaly caUbd silica the ai i tints made by one or another of new oxides of one of another of the. met als. And the cange of them is very large, though they may be narrowed down to rubies, emeralds, amethybt, topaz, opals and garnets. The; open ing of the corundum and mica mines brought to light many of these hid den treasures and the largest ruby in the world was found at Jerks coran- dnm mine, 1 racor county. A rau but handsome , ruby from the sanie;lor cality carae into my possession and is nbw woi?i in a' ring by a young lady of Nashville, Tenri. Some beautiful Si2tcs have also been found and near Springs is a body of jaa- some careful t.i" buttons the wlfr s.-i, ?n the' Wi iddle part ot tfcel ' nindsome specimenC tf nalachite have been found. In many parts of the 'State are found the handsomest of quartz crystals, some containing water and moss. " In Harnett county in the srra vel of the sand hills has been found many- specimens of a transparent quartz, without crystallization, which, when cut, makes a very brilliant and attractive stone. As I have stated, however, the great region possible for the finding of gems is the semi-plateau country lying between the Blue Ridge and the Unaka mountains, and just east of the Blue Ridge. In this former region are the mines of corundum already found and opened and in it aje more j et to be found. Many lo calities are known even more prom ising than those already worked, and more no doubt will be found. Cor undum is an article in itself" of no small value and in great demand, while its finer grade when of brilliant red tint is the gem ruby. It is im passible for anyone to accurately es timate the future possibilities: of this region. Mr. Edison's endeavors to find pb.timim for electric lights caus ed the beautiful new gem of the richest green color called luddenite after it .discovery and thus have in thf past W W-myHHi minc-als, and .a wiir-6thera.be found in the future. In the cabinet: of the board of Trade at Asheville are found many beautiful specimens of beryls, ultramanies and other stones of not large commercial value but . cf great beauty and 'brilliancy. Tlie visitor to that beautiful city of the mountains should not fail to go to see this cabinet, which has been gath ered together through the energy and liberality of some of its citizens. HACKMETACK a lasting and fragrant perfume. Price 25 and 50 cents at King's Drug stove. The very latest news we can get from the Johnstown horror are that the loss of life is more appalling than was at first supposed., A gentleman who was fully competent to judge, has stated that iu Ids opinion the lives lost will exceed 10,000. One man dug the grave and weift through the terrible ordeal of burying the ciiurreu remains 01 ius w m TOPTON. The telegraph line from Topton to Yalleytown-is now being rapidly con structed and in a few davs will be completed.. . .. The finishing touches to the side track and switch at' the new depot of Westfield is being made. The regular mail train, from Asheville will run through to dii- oint n .a few davs." : ."' . ; - s . "' We were -pleased to meet Mr. Stephen Whitakerone of the old land marks of this fect;ion. Mr. Vvrhitaker owns more Jand through here than Carter had oatsJ Besides a god "store of this Avorjd's goods that he. has accumulated by industry, this gerTtleman has a kind word and a hearty shake of the hand for all in tbis day and time we j meet but few such "men as Mr. W'.itaker. Papers say that some capitalists are going to invest a cool million in the marble quarries of - Cherokee county; if such is the case;' then she will have such a boom & he never had before. An investment of such a prodigoVis size would call in shrewd busiuess men from all thet four quarters of the globe; the? Jew and Gentile would wrestle with each oth er for dollars; while ifick, Tom and Harry would make it interest ing with the small boy in jhe way of a good time that would naturally en sue from such an enterprise. Duriner the thunder storm we had one night last week the lightning left its home in the clouds and descended O . ' i j to the eart took possession of the telegraph line, and seemefLw- convei i iuc w lira iiilu osuccv v. trical .henomena that was truly grand and wonderful to look upon. We could not but think of the great honor that is due Prof. Edisflfr for his skill in taming this mighty agent and compelling it to light up the "dark places" of the land, revolu tionizing every othef illurainant and naking his name famous by the in vention. You KNOW WHO. THE REV. GEO. H. THAYER ' . of Bouibou, Indiana, says: "Both my self and wife, owe our lives to Shiloh'i Consumption cure. v THE COMMISSIONERS. The comity ommiijers - mr?T The fojiowfes claims were i paid out of .the cun A. S. Hill, claims of 188 J. W. Pric Robert Ingram . W. M. West W. H. Wilson Henry Green 38.00 5.10 5.10 iUO 5.10 3.50 5.10 2.17 '80.00 1.10 1.10 1. 0 5. 0 5.1V l.'Jo 5.10 James Plenums A.Carroll It. H. Akin, ansiirnee M. C. Cunningham W. II . Hiiirhe J. W. Blackwell. assifriiP P. M.G.Rhea A.J. Leatherwobd W. H. IL Johnson W. Pendegrass Willis Parker Total 138.62 The following other bills were au dited Bulletin, printing juror tickets 5.00 onerin tees Deputy sheriff, fees County physician E. M. Dedver HaneH's printins house 9.20 20.0a 8.15 f 6.80 i- 43.47 Y 4.yo 5.50 4.4t .4.00 J. J. Simons, jailor fees li. W. Itogers J. M. Richardson A. H. Sudderth T. C. McDonald, clerk Total 184.12 Ordered that the Town Couneil of the Town of Murphy be allowed to ', keep all desperate prisoners in tlio j' county jail, provided aid town pay, ! eriL,i 75 Von.Z A' 3 ' 1 That D. T. Sudderth be criren.. credit for $247.56, ; by land bought in l for til e county. '.. . .' 1 That the, Hi waasee bridge is un- safe, and that a notice be posted on l the bridge to that effect. : The following is a statement of the - state and county tax as levied by the , board of Commissioners and Magis- i trates on June 4th. Property Poll. .00 IAI 50 M. for this Stite tax, 25 Pension School 03 12-1-2 18-1-0 04 04 22 .88-2-3 General county tax Pauper Bridge Special Total This shows that the tax year will be a slight inereae over that of last year.' - " -I W. M. West, A. Mc. D. Ilarshawj and P. E. Nelson were elected as the county -boaid 01 educatioa for tlr. ensuing two years. AIIE YOU MADE '; miserable-by Indigestion, Constipation, Dizziness, Loss of Appetite, Yellow skin. SLiloh's Vitalizer is a positive cure. . j To Whom ItTMay Concern. This is to give notice that the "Lanca- . shire Insurance Co.. of Manclienter. Eii- Kland," has riot now, and never has hid, a duiy comiuiaiied aent at Murphy, Norta Carolina, and that any polices- in- sued by L. E. Campbell & Co,, as Agcutx of that Company, are entirely without- authority, and the Ijincashire Im.uranc : t oBipany denies all connection theno-' with, or Uabiltty thereunder.; : i '"..'..-:. : '"-- - HjtT(oir Lek! a-; 3Iarjyt MaylrtifGfiyyrti.-, Explanation of the Ahore i , In explanation to the-cssociatiou cf ray name iu the above notice I have only this to say: that oueFrank King, formerly of Marietta, Ga., but who has been making; Murpiiy his headquarters until about t a- fwceks'ago, has been fraud olently Ucuing J nre insurance policies in tlie name 01 1m E. Campbell & Co., without any authr-;f Uy or knowledge of mino whatever, i 14 haic never been connected with insnr aiice business, and hereby notify .Ijho -.'--. public that all Vepresentations of Frank Ki'ig in the name of the under8imel. i witliout autl o ity, and th; 1 1 wll m be ' reppnsible for aay results tt sairte fie . is a cimsummate fraud and swindle, and. 'j the public should bev.-hre of him. f - r -MuiTply , June 2, L. CAMMiELU FOE DYSPEPSIA and Liver Complaint you have a printed guarantee on every bottlof Shiloh' Vi talizer." It never fails to cure for Hale by M.C. King. . TAX NOTICE. All rerns oworn'2 property, or liable to a poll tax within the corpo rate lim'tsof the town of 'Murphy,, are hereby notified to- list the same with the, undersigned, during -the month of June, 180. - R. II. Hyatt, Sec. and Treai.. Tb4s3ay 17,1889 , j - - A NASAL IN JECT0E free with each hoitle of bhiloh's CatarrKh Remedy. Price 50 ccnU at King's drug etore. 4 - ' AV A. (ili.Vi . jt r - . . . 4f L. - 5 I .'- ' - - " ' ." I -7 v r V (":,- i , r " i - 1 w yn jr r t -g : V-

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